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Reply #75 on: July 09, 2021, 03:40:00 AM
69: Monday Oct 19, 2043, 0900 hours CST: Countdown

"Colby my darling, how was your week of wedded bliss?" asked Zach.

"I'm looking forward to... let's see... 52 weeks in a year... ten times a year for the next 100 years more of this," Colby chuckled. "Yeah, in about 50 years, I'll be like, yeah. All night with a mechanized robot with a baseball bat for a dick? Bring it on! I won't even feel it. I've had my Zach reaming me to the size of a zeppelin hangar for the last 50 years."

"So I'm just preparation for our future robotic overlords?" said Zach.

"If so, I'll be prepared," kidded Colby. "I think I'll be walking funny until next time. Did you know the staff secretary, when she sees me, now greets me with 'Howdy cowpoke'? That's on you, buddy. Oh yeah, and the women around that office have started asking, 'How can I learn to walk like that?' I tell them it's a trade secret because you're all mine. Mine and, you know..." She had a touch of sadness that was gone in an instant. "I can still feel it in my tits from when you got me back-"

"Yeah," recalled Zach, "You started laughing, so I started laughing, but it was serious, and-"

"But after Berte you started making stuff up!" Colby laughed, "THIS is so you don't mess with Texas! THIS is to free the penguins!" They had a laughing fit together. "But tit slapping moratorium. Ha ha. Tit slapping armistice. I'm a reformed tit pacifist."

"Ha ha me too," agreed Zach.

"So I'll make sure all of Trigonometry knows the rule," smirked Colby.

"The rule?"

"Of how to treat you at the dinner table," said Colby.

 "I thought that was ours," said Zach.

"It's clear to me you need it, and things like it, to stay healthy," said Colby. "Or not 'need.' More like it's a good way to keep you healthy, keep you all tuned up and purring."

"Purring," said Zach, "got it."

"Well, I'm off," Colby said.

"Um," Zach said. He didn't even know why. Or he did. Colby had put the image of Anming in his mind. She bent over his dining table with a humiliated, reproachful look and hesitantly, obediently exposed herself. There was Colleen slipping down her slacks and panties. She bent over his table with bedroom eyes and a sweet smirk. In his mind, Berte dropped her drawers and bent over with a confused look. She hadn't quite followed Colby's reasoning. She didn't quite know what to expect. Then was the vision of Aanya. She bent over and exposed her firm copper bubble buns, purring, waiting passively for her mock-rape. "Um," he stood up to face her. The hard-on straining in his pants was obvious.

"Zach," Colby said, shaking her head in wonder at his horniness. "Okay," she said. She stepped over to her usual fucking spot at the dining table. She slid her jeans and panties down to her knees. She rested and adjusted her front and head on the table for comfort. "I'm still slick from our morning, uh, however many times. Could you be quick? I have a 10 AM at the base." She was careful for his feelings. "I don't want to rush you, lover. It's just the demands of work."

Zach stepped around the table to behind Colby and unzipped. She was right, she was drenched. There was a little white showing, but mostly, it seemed, her own juice. He pushed into her with delight. She made a sound between intense pleasure and receiving a swift bear hug. She turned her head to the side. She knew he liked to see her face during. He hiked up the back of her blouse and ran his hands up onto her back. He delighted in the look and feel of her dark skin against his pale hands. As he enjoyed pushing and opening her wet tightness, he thought of their next hundred years, as she said. Her need for this time between them.

It stabbed him in the chest suddenly, that he couldn't really provide her with a happily ever after. Her one-on-one was not a permanent home but a time share. His reasoning sacked him again, how he would never provide what she needed. She was perfect, and he was a cheating dirtbag. "Honey," Colby broke in, "Are you crying?"

Tears squeezed helplessly out of Zach's eyes as he rapidly approached his crisis. She was with him. She whimpered and quivered out another orgasm. He felt so at one with her. She was his everything. He wanted to give... everything. His hips smacked and locked against her ass. He lovingly placed a thick dollop of his best deep into her womb. He sighed. More tears. He didn't want to tell the truth. She knew it anyway. "It's just that I love you so much," he said softly, apologetically.

"Honey, this isn't goodbye," Colby scolded. "Call if you need me anytime, even in the middle of the night. We'll go somewhere private and take care of you, okay, no questions asked."

Colby was treating Zach's desire for her like a physical addiction. She wasn't far from wrong, he supposed. She misunderstood his tears, which was just as well. He felt the lie between them though. "I'm sad that I can't give you everything you need."

"Honey, you give me absolutely everything I need," Colby argued a little too stridently. "Do you think I care about those other bitches? Well, they're friends of mine, actually, so I'm glad they get to be satisfied. But you get what I mean? I'm fine. I'm solid. Put it out of your mind, baby. Is this why you were crying yesterday afternoon? Oh, sweetheart!"

Actually, Zach had been crying yesterday afternoon because Berte left town. "It was related," he replied. He had a deeper web of lies wrapped around trying not to hurt Colby. He unpinned her from the dining table. He caught most of their product in his hand as he pulled out of her. He washed his hands in the sink as she arranged herself. She gave him a peck on the cheek. He heard his apartment door open and close. Duty called. She had been more than generous. She was more than generous. She was perfect. And he didn't deserve her. Sooner or later, that fact would catch up to them both. For now, for as long as he could, he resolved to ignore the problem.


Trigonometry decreed that he would spend the next week without a wife. Instead he would focus all out on getting Michaela pregnant. Time was short. It was long past time, in the entire crew's minds, to knock up the Bulgarian. The crew must complete their collection of babies.

To this end, Zach began his week by having lunch with Michaela. "Ayana did all tests possible," she reported. "Called in fertility specialist to look as well. Was convinced it must be man. Ayana showed slides of all your many happy creature. She threw up hands, too." She smiled and added, "Ayana even did orgasm response test. Was thinking something wrong with cervix or muscles during the fuck. But no. Tenting fine. Cervix contracts very strong. Should admit many healthy sperm. So we all throw up hands." She smirked. "At least got couple really good orgasms out of it."

There were a couple of young coeds at the table next to them. In the loud coffee shop, they were furtively glancing at Michaela and muttering back and forth. No doubt Michaela's talk of orgasms had caught their attention.

"So what should we do this week?" asked Zach. "I'm at your service."

"We should be scientific," said Michaela. "Use principles of animal husbandry. Horse breeders know, little details can make big difference. Notable that you look at one of the ones I give choker to, all baby eyes. Us, good friends, but..."

"The best of friends!" Zach assured her, not knowing what she was driving at. "You know I have the utmost respect for you. And Anming, I know she wouldn't be making the progress she is without your help."

"Da, da, da, good friends," Michaela confirmed. "Most men, shitbags, but you, you are example of all best men. Great doctor, every dream of father. Are everything dead mother, bog da i pochiva dushata, would want husband. Okay, we think great, but back to subject, Zach. Baby eyes, but not same between us, good friends but not LOVE. Love is ingredient, too."

Michaela turned to the coeds, who had been a little too obvious in their efforts to overhear. "It has been only fuck friends between me and this stud, but now I want baby." The girls laughed with embarrassment. Michaela continued, "I tell him stud, pump me with huge dick. Like this girls." She indicated Zach's length with her fingertips. More nervous laughter from the coeds. "And woof," said Michaela, clenching her tiny fist to somehow give an indication of his girth. The coeds were blushing. Their eyes were locked on Michaela, definitely not Zach, definitely nothing below the neckline.

Michaela continued with her captive audience. "Make orgasm deep inside me, many deep orgasm, can't describe, then he waits another orgasm and boom!" The two girls jumped slightly. "His hot fluid is everywhere, everywhere inside! So much pressure!" The coeds were blushing deeper. "Repeat two or three times, many orgasm, boom! Fluid everywhere. Repeat. Orgasms. Boom! But after," here Michaela shrugged, "fuck off stud, is time for nap." The girls exploded in peals of laughter. Michaela and Zach joined to a lesser extent.

"So my idea, so my idea," Michaela calmly repeated, bringing her audience to order. "This week we handle stud just like breeding stallion, yes? Stud has many wives." Incredulous looks from the coeds. "Yes, many," she assured them. "Is like when they bring a new girl horse for stallion to fuck. First, stallion, smells his own dear wives, yes, wives get him all ready and loving. Then boom! In strange girl horse. Knocked up success."

"What exactly are you proposing?" Zach asked. The coeds were clearly wondering the same thing.

"Like I said," Michaela told Zach, turning to him. "Gather all possible wives. Make baby googly eyes and chase, get close. I hips up, keep myself on edge of orgasm waiting, and then boom, you enter, we orgasm, hot fluid injection. Then start over. Then I get thick fertile semen from you chasing wives with googly eyes. At last moment, boom, down into my pussy again. Body no time to react, must shoot good fertile stuff into yours truly. Understand?" This all with appropriate hand gestures.

"Well, good luck, heh heh," said one of the coeds. The two backed away from Michaela and scampered out of the coffee shop.

"When do you want to do this?" asked Zach.

"All week," said Michaela.

At Michaela's suggestion, Zach called around to muster what wives he could. Colleen and Colby were quickly onboard. Given it was her esteemed coworker, Anming was mortified. She knew Michaela was a regular sex partner of his. But the thought of being in a sexual situation together with her was embarrassing. She knew it was important to Michaela. Moreover, she drew great pride from being an obedient wife. She would serve.

After those three, there were conflicts. Aanya was off somewhere with Aarav. Berte was with Ben. Michaela thought of Charisse but immediately rejected the notion. Zach felt a pang of sadness at that.

A phone exchange with Khushi revealed new wrinkles. She said, "Zachary, I think I must entertain other lads for now. Ayana is suspicious of our love. She believes we should be romantic only with each other and see others for sex only. I don't believe the same. I feel something special for you, Zach, something we haven't fully been able to explore. I don't think I could make love to a man I didn't have feelings for. I'm not one for casual sex like Ayana." Clearly, Khushi had things to work out with Ayana before she could participate in something like Michaela's scheme.

Zach called Becky. "I'm so sorry Zach," she said. "My dating service has me running around every evening this week. They're really pouring it on. They think it will be easier for me to land a man before I start showing. They are calling me all the time, too, and watching me like a hawk. They are the best service in town, as you know. I can't afford to piss them off. Their rules are very strict about ex-boyfriends. I know you're not really an ex-boyfriend yet, but you know. I still don't want to piss them off. Give me a week to make arrangements, would you, dear?" So, no Becky this week.

"That's everybody," Zach told Michaela.

"Not so fast," said Michaela. "I know about other bitches. You must take break from bitches. All semen HERE," she said, adamantly pointing to her crotch.

Reluctantly, Zach called Beatrice. "Sweetheart," he said, "I've got surprise crazy things going on all week at work. Centrifuges and things. Look it up. Absolutely we'll do it next week, all back to normal. Love you. Tell Eric I'm sorry. Bye." He used the same excuse with Emma. Michaela nodded in satisfaction.

The five of them arrived at Colby's house at dinnertime. Colby began singing and cooking for the group. She had been out of her own kitchen for a week, and it was good to be back. Colleen was assisting, buoyed by Colby's ebullient mood. They were joking and laughing together.

At the table, Michaela and Anming were locked in an incomprehensible discussion about their work. It was something about whether certain properties of space-time could or could not be asymptotic.

Zach had a chance to sit back. He enjoyed being in the room with these four beautiful, powerful, fiery women. Colby was in a rare mood. He dared to hope their week together had something to do with it. She looked animated, fulfilled, more beautiful than he'd ever seen her. And Colleen, so youthful, a decade younger than Colby or himself. Yet she was so commanding, a superhero, archetypal. He watched her joke and laugh casually with the mortals around her. Anming, serene and so perfectly beautiful in the middle of her intellectual blizzard. No this, because that. And Michaela, the tiny fiery redhead. So interesting, so exciting to see her here in Colby's kitchen, knowing what was coming. She was bobbing and weaving with her logic looking for a weakness in Anming's clearly controversial thought.

As the five of them neared the end of the meal, Colleen prompted Colby, "So, the new rule."

"What about it?" asked Colby. "Straightforward."

"Well," said Colleen with a grin, "there's nothing like a demonstration. Would you mind?"

"Well, I'll show you a little, but I've just had a week. So really I must give it to somebody else." She stood up, staggered a little. "Plus, I'm still limping."

Colleen chuckled, "That you are."

"Well, it's simple. You just brace yourself against the table. Zach gets the picture, don't you?" Zach nodded. He noticed that Michaela was watching Colby with a grin. Anming was shielding her eyes from the sight of Colby. She didn't want to admit what they were talking about into her senses. Colby continued, "You can shake your butt a little if you want to be clearer." At this point she gave her ass a delightful little wiggle. "But already-" At this point, Zach stood up and began to move around the table. "But as I said, somebody else- Zach- Zach!" Colby ducked out of the way. A giggling Colby ran out of the kitchen, chased by a laughing Zach. The sound of running and squeaks and shrieks erupted here and there in the house as the chase continued.

Presently, the shrieks and running ended abruptly in the living room. The three women went there to investigate. A panting Zach was laid out on his tummy on the couch. Almost hidden, a panting Colby was trapped underneath him. "Zach, you just had a whole week of me!" To the women, she cried, "You don't know what it was like!"

"Oh it must have been horrible," Colleen chortled.

"Good time to start," said Michaela. There was just enough room left on the long couch for her to sit. She fished a small vibrator out of her purse by the couch.

Anming turned away from the scene, said "dishes" by way of explanation, and left the room. Colleen grinned and went to join her.

Michaela sat down, twisted her vibrator on, and began to play it under her skirt. Zach started fussing with Colby's clothes and his own, half wrestling. Colby was giggling, not really resisting. "Is auspicious," Michaela enthused. "Colby first wife to achieve knock-up." Zach didn't mention it had actually been Berte, but perhaps Michaela meant the first of those assembled.

Colby complained between orgasms, "You're going to cripple me!" She and Michaela were right next to each other on the couch by then. Both of them barked reminders to Zach to transfer as he approached his crisis.

Zach pulled out of Colby. Smoother than any of them expected, he moved over to Michaela. He plunged into her tight, slick womb with barely a break in his rhythm. Michaela began orgasming like a champ as soon as he entered her. In a few strokes, he gushed and squirted with a groan, filling her with his hot semen. "Feels like love semen," Michaela gurgled to a grinning Colby. They high-fived each other with glee.

"Go again?" prompted Michaela.

"He's always ready for a second time," assured Colby, then she groaned, "but for real, girl, I am wrecked."

Michaela spanked Zach on the side of the leg. "Up now! Kitchen," she ordered. "Grab fresh wife." Holding their clothes enough to walk, the couple left for the kitchen.

Anming protested but obeyed. She covered her eyes so she didn't need to see her colleague Michaela as matters unfolded. Zach bent Anming over the dining table. She only needed a brief little kiss and suck of oral before she orgasmed. She was poised, thirsty and wet for more. Despite her protests, she was evidently juicy with thoughts of this night's plans. She whimpered pitifully and orgasmed as Zach entered her and opened her joyfully. Right next to her at the table, Michaela braced herself and prepared with her vibrator. Part of Zach's first dose dripped lazily from her onto the kitchen floor.

Another transfer. Anming was left shaking and whimpering from a lack of that final hot satisfying flood. Instead, Michaela, poised right next to her, got it intensely. She moaned in orgasm and thorough satisfaction as Zach's penis filled her again and shot its straining intense cargo.

Colleen was next to serve as proxy. Through the evening and deep into the night, the wives rotated. Michaela was skilled at teasing herself, but fought sleep to continue the process. Zach began dropping asleep after every orgasm, but the next wife would rouse him and begin her teasing work. They were relentless on Michaela's behalf.

The next day, Zach was dragging. He was hugely grateful he had canceled Beatrice and Emma for the week. It would have been way too much.

The morning had stopped at Colby. As the dinner meal finished, Anming, without prompting, quietly covered her eyes and bent over the table. Michaela rushed to fetch her vibrator. Colleen and Colby dealt with the dishes.

All in all, it was a grueling, harrowing week for all of them, especially Zach. There were very few accidental discharges. Michaela became increasingly confident of success, her tiny womb always flooded and dripping with "love semen" as she termed it.


The following Monday, with great relief, Zach settled into a quiet week living with Anming at his place. As with Colby, Anming began her tenure by sniffing and poking around. These women could get territorial. Zach had been so overburdened the past week, the couple did no more than cuddle the first night. Even through getting up in the morning, Zach let Anming out of bed with no more than a hug.

The next day, Zach kept his date with Beatrice. "I want you to make it up to me," she texted him in the morning.

"I'm at your service," Zach replied.

"I want Eric to watch us," Beatrice texted. "I promise he will only sit quietly in the corner. I want him to be able to see it in person."

"Okay," said Zach.

He arrived at their apartment for the rendezvous. It made better sense to meet at their place. His wives were now living at his place on a regular basis. Beatrice answered the door, and behind her was a blushing Eric. She dragged Eric by the hand into the bedroom. Zach followed. He was going to let this unfold however Beatrice arranged.

They discovered there weren't any chairs in their bedroom. Eric went to fetch a dining room chair. Zach suggested, "He could just sit on the edge of the bed. It's a big bed." Beatrice shook her head no.

Eric returned, set the chair as far away from the bed as possible, and sat. He hadn't said a word to Zach to the point where now it would be weird. So Zach just tried to ignore him. As was their custom, Zach got on the bed with Beatrice fully clothed. Their shoes came off. They started kissing and touching each other.

Beatrice straddled Zach and rubbed his back. "So you had a difficult week?" she asked.

"Yes. Up all night, night after night," Zach said. "This feels wonderful. I think I might fall asleep."

"I want you badly, Zach, but your past week sounds brutal," said Beatrice. "I'm okay if you just want a massage. Eric and I can see you Wednesday."

"No, I think I'm up for something," said Zach. "I got a good sleep last night. The best sleep I've had in a long time, in fact."

"However you are is fine," said Beatrice.

As the massage continued, they lost articles of clothing until they were naked. They switched to Zach massaging Beatrice. She made wonderful moaning noises as he massaged her. Soon he was hard. He nuzzled between her legs with his tongue, lips, and fingers. He suckled her nether lips and tongued her vaginal opening. She grew more excited and pumped her hips. He zeroed in on her urethra and clitoris, licking and sucking them. This sent her crying and moaning through a series of violent orgasms.

Zach couldn't stand to wait any longer. He came up for air and made to penetrate her missionary style. As he did, he glanced over at Eric. Eric was ejaculating neatly into a tissue. He was beet red. His eyes were locked on them as he jerked his hips against the tissue he held. Zach turned away from him and pushed into Beatrice, who bleated with pleasure and difficulty as he filled her.

Zach couldn't last long. Beatrice got in three or four more swift crying orgasms. He locked into her and filled her with a massive load of hot semen. This was the longest he'd gone without ejaculating in years. The hot wet fullness of his ejaculation felt special to her. She vibrated with pleasure and moaned.

Zach wanted to show Eric. He pulled out of Beatrice. A hot white flood of semen followed swiftly after. He saw Eric was jacking furiously again. Zach asked him, "Do you want to clean this up?"

"Uh, sure," stammered Eric. He approached the bed as Zach gave him room. He pressed his face to Beatrice's vulva and eagerly licked and sucked up the semen. Her hands flew down to caress his head as he sucked her. She shuddered and cried out in her most powerful orgasm yet. Having Eric's mouth take over for a while was really ringing her bell.

"Oh yes, cum on your husband's mouth, push out that spunk," Zach said. He figured that part of her excitement was that he was watching them.

At this point, Beatrice was fairly well cleaned up. Eric continued to suck on her clit, and she continued to orgasm spectacularly. Eric was frantically jacking himself as he pleasured her. "You should take a turn," encouraged Zach. "Go ahead and finish in your wife. You're close."

Before Zach had finished his sentence, Eric was on top of Beatrice and excitedly pushing in. Eric thrashed in her with wild sexual abandon, so close to orgasm. She shuddered and cried out lewdly. Just as he groaned and ejaculated into her, she opened her eyes and stared into Zach's eyes. She held Eric close as he jerked. Her eyes remained locked to Zach's, a look of pure excitement. Her eyes fluttered shut as she cried out in orgasm again. It was red hot to see the couple enjoy each other and the situation so thoroughly. Zach was hard as a rock again. "My turn again, okay?" he asked.

From then on, Zach and Eric tag-teamed Beatrice several times. They sucked out each other's cum, giving her more orgasms. Or they splashed into the other's leavings as they saw fit. Semen was splashed all over Beatrice's lower half and the bed. Beatrice was held in a state of near-perpetual orgasm from this. For two hours they had her repeatedly, back and forth. When they were done, she waved them away with a groan and fell dead asleep a moment later. Zach left to return to his apartment as Eric tidied up.

That evening, after dinner, Anming was puzzled that Zach wasn't forcing himself upon her as she might expect. She felt his forehead and clucked at him, believing he must be ill. She fed him cold medicine and tucked him lovingly into bed. After about an hour of sleep, he woke up refreshed, remembered the lube, and startled her with his ardor. After this, she was quietly thankful to see him return to his normal relentless pace.

Amidst Anming's constant pleading that it was dirty and disgusting, Zach had occasion to ask why she pleaded so. Clearly she enjoyed his attentions. "My husband," she answered, "you own my body and soul. I say yes to you with every part of me. Yet my mind retains the desire to point out the difference between normal civilized behavior and what we do. It allows perspective."

Zach still didn't quite get it, but he nodded as if he did. Next he asked, "About the other day, about your other needs. Are you getting them met?"

"Please my husband, let's not discuss this," Anming insisted.

"Are you getting them met, and in a healthy way?" Zach asked again. "As your husband charged with your happiness and well being, I must know these answers in some way."

"I will not speak of this," Anming sighed. Finally, she offered, "Speak to my physician." By this, she meant Ayana.

Ayana was happy to meet with Zach. She had obtained permission from Anming to answer his questions. Ayana began by saying, "Anming is seeing both myself and another therapist while she's here on Earth. On Mars, it will be me for real-time discussions, but rest assured. I'll be backed up by a stellar group of rape trauma professionals."

Ayana continued. "Anming knows the rape was not her fault. She knows this consciously. Emotionally though, feelings of guilt, helplessness, worthlessness, and so on, they persist."

"As I mentioned, we're doing therapy. Her gentle and normal life with you, Zach, is very important to her healing process. Even though the five wives is a little unusual, it appears to be within good comfortable boundaries for her."

"Now getting punished, avoiding any serious or permanent injury of course, is important for the time being. It is a kind of pressure or guilt release valve for her. The punishment greatly reduces her self-hate for a time. This way, she can function happily and comfortably in her relationship with you. For her own mental health, she needs to compartmentalize these two things."

"She was seeing the woman, as you know. Now we have moved her to a much safer alternative of a professional, ah, disciplinarian. Our plan for the mission and Mars is to have Alexis perform this service. Alexis is very capable in this respect and has readily agreed to this."

"I'll have to remember to thank her next time I see her," interjected Zach.

Ayana continued, "That's only for as long as Anming needs. It's our hope that Anming will heal. We expect she will grow the confidence to leave this punishment behind for the most part. There will always be stressful times. Nobody can ever be completely and reliably rid of such things. But trust me. Things will get better and better for Anming."

"Thank you so much, Ayana, for all you're doing for her," said Zach.


On Friday, Zach had just gotten back to his office on base after double penetrating Beatrice with Eric's help. She'd orgasmed particularly poignantly with him in her vagina and Eric in her rectum. As he was relaxing for a moment, he got a call from Khushi. "Are you free this afternoon?" she asked.

"I can make myself free," said Zach. "What's up?"

"I have a hotel room. With Ayana's blessing, I'm spending the night with... well, no matter. I've checked in early, so I have three hours before I'm to meet... my dinner date. Can you visit me?"

"Certainly," said Zach. "I'll be right over." She told him the hotel and the room number.

When Zach arrived at Khushi's hotel room door, she leapt naked into his arms. In short order, she had him stripped down and was excitedly riding him cowgirl style on the couch. She figured they shouldn't use the bed, lest her official date wonder why the bed was all messed up. Her marvelous dark-tipped copper jugs mesmerized him as she rode.

She expertly worked on him for her pleasure. Her orgasms grew more and more intense. She was shaking and holding her breath tightly, turning a dark shade. Both her nipples erupted and squirted a clear salty fluid onto him. Her right tit really let loose, and her left one leaked too, but more weakly. It was colostrum. She had started to lactate.

Khushi interpreted this first squirt of hers as a confirmation of her firm and undying love for Zach. Zach reiterated that he felt the same. However, the last thing he wanted was to cause friction between her and Ayana. Khushi resolved to discuss the matter with Ayana. They continued to make love until Khushi had to start preparing for her dinner date.


Starting Monday November 2, it was Colleen's week. Colleen was overwhelmed with last minute work. They discovered some tasks she could offload to him, and that was good. Aside from this, lots of massages and TLC in the evenings and mornings were in order. Zach had never seen Colleen in such a vulnerable state. He really felt their relationship was getting deeper, that she could share this with him. He loved taking care of her. He resolved to continue taking care of her even after their week together was over, right up until launch.

In their conversations, Colleen's fears came out for the first time. She was afraid of losing control of the mission while she was confined to the bubble for the sake of her fetus. She had all kinds of fears, both reasonable and unreasonable. She would talk about them and cry softly into Zach's shoulder. Zach didn't try to argue or fix them, he just listened and comforted. Zach was reminded how very young Colleen was. And so much responsibility. Nobody but her could do the job. She would surpass all expectations. Her fear was part of that process. Zach felt honored that for the first time she was able to express it at an emotional level with him.

Colleen was extremely gregarious and charming, so it didn't take long for her to meet Zach's neighbors. This included "THE Beatrice" as she called her. When she arrived for the evening before Zach, she would wander down the hall to converse with Beatrice.

On Wednesday, Zach and Colleen learned that Michaela had gotten her period again. Their mood was somber at dinner. While they were cleaning up and Colleen was about to assume the position, the doorbell rang. Colleen went to answer. It was Beatrice. She had a liquid measuring cup in one hand. In a singsong, they greeted each other like forever buddies. "If you don't mind, darling," said Beatrice, "I'm here to borrow a cup of semen."

"Certainly!" said Colleen cordially. "Come in, come in, come in!" She shut the door behind Beatrice. "Certainly not in this, eh?" Colleen said, taking the measuring cup from Beatrice.

"No, that was more of a prop," said Beatrice. They laughed together.

"Zach, take off your clothes, dearest," said Colleen. "Where do you want him? The bed?"

"The couch is fine," replied Beatrice.

"The bed is much more comfortable," insisted Colleen.

"I shouldn't impose," insisted Beatrice in return. Zach carried Beatrice to the bed and removed her clothes and his own. Colleen watched from the bedroom doorway with a smirk, arms folded.

"Actually, you're helping me with a chore," Colleen told Beatrice.

"You don't say- HUH!" said Beatrice as Zach dove his tongue into her wet pussy.

"Oh yes," continued Colleen. "The wives have decided that every evening Zach should have it at the dinner table."

"You don't say... Ohmygod Zach right there!" cried Beatrice.

"Yes, like a dessert course," said Colleen. "So you see, your timely inquiry saved me a dinner chore. Though I wouldn't exactly call it a chore."

"HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH!" cried Beatrice, not exactly in reply. She was being railed fast and hard by Zach.

"Zach hasn't been drained in hours, I don't think," said Colleen.

"HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH!" Beatrice's cries continued.

"He should have good volume and deliver it pretty quick, I'd say," said Colleen.

"HUH! HUH! Ohyeah!" Beatrice gurgled, "He's close, he's close, AAAAHHNNGG!!"

"Oh," said Colleen. One hand strayed down to her crotch and gave it a rub. "You got a good one."

"HAAAAH... He's still cumming... Ohyeah, ohyeah, ahhhh..."

"Well, you really got quite a load," said Colleen, giving herself a few more rubs, like scratching an itch.

"Yes," Beatrice enthused, "a good little quickie... or BIG quickie."

"I'll get you a paper towel for your panties so you can carry all that home with you," said Colleen helpfully.


That Thursday, Aanya showed up at Zach's office wild-eyed. She was angry and looked half out of her mind. As soon as Zach grabbed her and held her, she burst into uncontrollable tears. "What's wrong?" Zach asked.

"AARAV! Buh-huh-huh-huh-huh!" Aanya cried.

"What about Aarav?" Zach asked.

"KHUSHI! Buh-huh-huh-huh-huh!" Aanya cried. Uh-oh.

"You mean, Aarav and Khushi?" asked Zach.

"YES! Buh-huh-huh-huh-huh!" Aanya cried.

"What? Did they tell you?" asked Zach.

"NO! Buh-huh-huh-huh-huh!" Aanya cried. She shoved her phone at him. On the screen was what looked like a copy of a text/image/video chat with Khushi from Aarav's phone.

"How did you get this??" Zach asked.

Aanya abruptly stopped crying. "I broke into his phone," she said guiltily.

"You know that's illegal," said Zach. Aanya looked away. Zach set that point aside. "Did you two have an agreement not to see other people?"

"Well, no," said Aanya. "Aarav knew about you. He said he didn't care."

"What about him from your standpoint?" Zach asked.

"I knew back in India he saw... people. I didn't care. But KHUSHI!!" Aanya fumed. She was right, it was pretty bad. A coworker, a delicate relationship. Shame on both of them. Especially given Aanya's innocence at matters of love and her past of ugly betrayal.

"Okay, you shouldn't have this," Zach said of Aarav's conversation with Khushi. He copied it to his phone and deleted it from Aanya's. "It would only serve to aggravate you. I will give it to Colleen. I expect that she will call you both in for a talk. You've committed a serious crime. I think we can keep you from getting kicked off the mission if you behave. Go back to Colby's house and stay there until either Colleen summons you or I do. Will you do this?"

"Yes," Aanya said passively. She was genuinely afraid for the future of her carefully engineered bacteria, fungi, and other fauna. She wanted Mars to blossom with life. Her own future was much less important to her. She left his office to go straight to Colby's house.

Zach called Colleen's office, but she was in a meeting. He would have to wait about 15 minutes to see her. Zach began to wonder whether the material Aanya found was anything more than a little flirting. Considering her innocence and history, Aanya could easily be overreacting.

He looked at the thread. It started with Khushi sending Aarav a copy of the selfie they took with a nice note, "Such a pleasure to meet you!" Perfectly harmless.

Aarav's response was flirty. "My face has never before been so beautifully and warmly framed." He was talking about her breasts.

Khushi responded, "I couldn't stop them. They wanted to get closer!" Then a heart emoji. That's where the first exchange ended.

The next day, late morning, a text from Aarav, "Hey beautiful! What are you up to? GF gone off to work. Really bored. Need to unpack, ugh." By GF he meant Aanya of course.

"Just got out of the shower after my workout," replied Khushi.

"Mmm! I need a local gym," texted Aarav. "What do you recommend?"

"I go to a boutique gym here called Buckley's. I'm doing well with them," Khushi texted back. Then, a photo from Khushi. She was in the bathroom with panties on, that was it. She had a nice distinct camel toe. She had a towel in her hair and was right out of the shower. One arm restrained her breasts and hid her nipples. Technically, no more revealing than the beach. But there was no mistake. Her look was seductive. The selfie was red hot. "As you can see," she concluded. To be fair, Khushi's resting face was seductive. Mostly naked like this, she could be nothing other than red hot.

"Just what I need! I am going to pot," Aarav texted. A selfie of him. Big smile, t-shirt up showing tight abs.

"You look very tasty to me," replied Khushi with a big heart emoji.

They flirted a little longer that day. Suggestive, but not dirty talk. A few more suggestive photos, but no nudity. More approximately daily exchanges, escalating to nude photos, and remarks like, "I'm wet for you," and "I'm hard for you," respectively. Khushi sending a video of a sexy striptease, including the pussy-popping vertical splits move. Masturbation videos. Mutual masturbation video chats. Did everyone persist their video chats these days? It was a bad practice in Zach's opinion.

Videos of them having sex. Several videos. Who would film this? Oh right, he's a movie actor. And he sent them to Khushi as well. Insanity. He peeked at the first one. Khushi's characteristic shriek of pleasure as he entered her. The shake of her ass a moment later at the conclusion of her first orgasm under him. Scrolling to the end, his globby creampie running out of her. Another in a hotel. Another in a public park. Another in a beach cabana perhaps? Their whole affair had been very graphically documented, it seemed. Well, movie actor. This was indeed about as bad as it could get.

To their credit, there was significant discussion of Aanya. How she was such an innocent, such an angel. How they needed to protect her at all costs. How they could never live with themselves if they hurt her, and so forth. Aarav's justification was that Aanya was so inexperienced. He craved a more worldly, seductive woman at least every once in a while. Also, his relationship with Aanya was technically an open one. They had each tacitly condoned the other having other partners. Khushi's justification was a list she'd made in middle school of men she would never say no to. She sent an image that looked authentic. The list was in curly pretty middle school girl cursive. Aarav's name was third on the list. It was fate, she concluded.

With relief and a raging hard-on, he turned both the evidence and the matter over to Colleen. He went to the nearest restroom and rubbed one out thinking of Khushi. He felt a little guilty peeping on her nasty private affair like that. Now all four of them were criminals, at least morally. His ejaculation seemed to put the matter emotionally behind him. He was done with it now unless specifically called upon.

At the dinner table that evening Colleen had alluded to how horrible it was refereeing Aanya and Khushi. There was more to come the next day. Aarav was on a plane back to India. A service would pack and ship his personal items. She was not pessimistic of the outcome, though, more just exhausted by the work. When she was done unburdening herself, mid-meal, she abruptly stood up and bent over the table. Her message was clear.

Zach hastened around the table and caressed her lovingly as she relaxed. He slid down her slacks and then her wet, gooey panties. Her crisp spicy smell wafted up, intoxicating. She was glistening slick, dripping, and open. Her lips and clitoris were straining erect. She had apparently thoroughly researched the affair. He was sure she didn't want to discuss it. He knew the feeling.

Without delay, Zach thrust into Colleen and began taking his pleasure. After only a moment, she orgasmed spectacularly and kept orgasming. Over the next while, he creampied her twice without stopping as she continued to shake with intense orgasms. He got the vibrator out from its hiding place under the flowers of the dining table centerpiece. She teased her vulva with it excitedly as he penetrated her anus, her copious juices easily slicking the way. She spun up into an even higher level of orgasms. Even though he had just ejaculated in her twice, the pulsing tightness of her anal sphincter swiftly drove him to a third crisis. He barked and grunted as his overtaxed balls squeezed everything they had left, one good squirt, deep into her rectum.

Colleen was semi-comatose, resting head and torso on the table. He saw the look of serenity on her face. It seemed to him that the guilt over her arousal at her delicate research had been alleviated. He gently patted a clean towel on her and gently pulled up her panties to hold it in place. Now she didn't have to fuss over herself. He arranged himself, washed off the vibrator, wiped their drips off the floor.

Zach returned to his meal, gazing at the stunning Colleen drifting further into slumber. Her job had been beyond crazy before this other thing had blown up. He ate as quietly as possible. By the time he had finished the meal, she was fast asleep and snoring gently. He put some plastic wrap over the rest of her meal and put it in the fridge. Quietly, he tidied up around her. He read some medical journals there at the table with her, wanting to stay close.

There were a few hours of her crashed asleep on the table and him reading next to her. He figured it was time for bed. Gently, he lifted her in his arms. She roused and kissed him as he carried her to bed. He undressed her. He made love to her a couple more times where she fully roused, made noise, had orgasms. Then they both fell into a deep sleep.


The week starting Monday November 9 was designated a Becky week by Trigonometry. "Is this practical?" he asked Colby when she called to inform him of the plan.

"Do you think we don't check, baby?" Colby chuckled. "She's playing hooky from her dating service. It's all arranged. Now, go cripple that bitch. Sic 'em!" Colby's attitude continued to concern him. It would hold until after launch, though. Colleen didn't need more to worry about at the moment.

At work, Zach became Colleen's unofficial quartermaster, freeing her from overseeing those duties. He ran around base, visually checking and confirming various supplies and shipments. He was already good at logistics. Although technically it was not doctor stuff, anything that alleviated Colleen at this point was very much his business.

Zach felt so natural welcoming Becky to stay at his place for the week. They'd done this for years. Other women had recently been in there organizing things their way. First thing, the entire apartment was reorganized back to the Becky way. She didn't ask permission. She knew he knew women had to do this. He didn't resist or question it. He was no dummy.

Despite needing things organized her way, Becky was open to the ever-evolving traditions of Trigonometry. She had been wearing her choker proudly. It was the talk of the courthouse, the mystery of what Becky's choker meant. As soon as Zach arrived for dinner, Becky stood up and bent over the dining table. With a grin, she dropped her panties and flipped up her little hentai schoolgirl skirt. "I heard about the new rule," she giggled, "Fish taco appetizer!"

"It's usually the dessert course, but I'll take it now, thanks!" Zach said. Becky was wet and ready, perhaps having greatly anticipated this nasty new tradition. He pushed into her without delay. "Oh! I've missed you so much!" he marveled.

"Me too," Becky breathed. "I feel our baby growing inside me." She was panting, her excitement growing rapidly.

Over the week, their lovemaking grew more fervent than ever before. They were on the honeymoon they would never have.

Around the middle of the week, they were walking through downtown in the evening. Becky spotted one of her suitors, quite a tall and handsome fellow, though older. He had poor eyesight as well, apparently. They ducked into an alleyway without being spotted and had a good laugh about it. Becky knew her dating service had figured out she was breaking the rules. She would deal with it later, she said. Their blissful week continued. They tried not to think about the future much except to talk about the baby.


In his office that afternoon, Zach called Khushi. "I'm free now if you want to show me that thing."

"Ayana might spot us over near your office," Khushi said. Ayana's office was near Zach's. "When I brought up the matter of seeing you again, she went ballistic. Ever since then, it seems like she’s having me watched. It’s lunchtime. Come over to the fabrication plant." Zach had a nice walk all the way across base to the fabrication plant.

Zach knocked on Khushi's office door and she answered. Silently, she let him in and shut the door. "I suspect Ayana has someone in the building who spies on me," she said, “but everyone is out to lunch now.” Zach was about to say something when Khushi threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. The kiss turned passionate, then sloppy. When they came up for air, they were both panting and wild eyed. "I mustn't," she said, "but a kiss is just a kiss, right?"

"Sure," said Zach, "right."

Khushi grabbed Zach's hand and pressed it onto her tummy. Then she slid it lower. He was confused. Did she want him to ignore what she’d just said and finger fuck her? It was moving in that direction. Then he felt it.

Khushi's baby, their baby, kicked his hand. He was really a father. They smiled at each other like lunatics and kissed softly, romantically. Something would have to change about this Ayana thing.


The week starting November 16, Michaela was again fertile, but Colby put her foot down. "I need my week with my man," she stated in no uncertain terms. "You can let that Bulgarian skank waste more of your sperm in your own free time," she told him. And so that's the way it was.

Michaela was a pessimistic person under normal circumstances. These were incredibly trying circumstances for her. Zach did not try to cheer her up. Nothing could be more apt to get Michaela fighting mad. Despite her pessimism, she kept their dates and did what she could. He knew she would. Their dates were not as playful as they once were. They were not grim, they had fun, but the whole matter had an air of desperation about it.

Zach and Colby were having the best of mock-monogamous relationships. Later in the week, in the evening, Zach was reading a medical journal. Splash, all over his face, chest, and journal! He sputtered out of his reverie to see that Colby had bared her tits and given him both barrels. Oh no, it was an impish Colby, now armed with built-in colostrum squirt guns!


November 23rd was Anming's week. At the end of their first dinner together, when Zach put his fork down, Anming reacted immediately. Even though she had a few bites left, she stood up and bent over the table. She rested her head and torso on the table, squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. He rose, and she whimpered in fear and excitement. He knew she anticipated and wanted his attentions. But he also knew that as soon as he touched his mouth to her lady parts, she would object. She felt obligated to call it dirty and disgusting. "Can we just stipulate that what I'm about to do to you is dirty and disgusting? Can we be done with the running commentary?"

"My husband?" she whimpered, confused.

"Should I gag you? Is that how I solve this problem?" asked Zach.

"Please, no, my husband," said Anming.

"Then what? I'm well aware you think it's disgusting for me to put my mouth on your vulva," said Zach. "Message delivered. May we move on, or do you have to say it every time?"

"It's not me," argued Anming. "Society thinks it disgusting. You, when you were a child, would have thought it disgusting. It's objectively disgusting."

"I agree," said Zach. "When I was eight, if someone had told me that later in life I would suck on a girl's hoo-hoo, I would have said, 'EW!'. Now do we have to belabor this point between us?"

"But it's dirty," Anming argued. "There are many germs, as you well know."

"I well know that any moist surface on or slightly in a human is covered in bacteria. But there are good and bad bacteria. With healthy humans like us, good bacteria greatly predominate," Zach said. "With strangers, one must take great care. But with lovers like us, we basically share all the same germs. Even our immune systems are intertwined. So, 'dirty'? I don't think so. Not unless it's dirty for me to touch my tongue to the roof of my own mouth."

Anming was silent.

"So will you please stop?" asked Zach.

Anming seemed to be having an internal battle. Finally, she said, "Yes, my husband."

Zach walked around the table, got on his knees behind Anming, and pulled down her Capri pants and panties together. She had a bit of crust in her panties. "Mmm, looks like you might have been thinking of me."

"Michaela likes to tease me now," said Anming.

"Tease you?" asked Zach.

"Ever since... hmm... that week... she describes how you most recently... hmm... tried in her. She talks about the number and strength of her... hmm... moments. And she also describes your... hmm... finishes, with volume estimates in milliliters. She makes disgusting sound effects and hand gestures. She laughs and insists that I blush when she tells me these things."

"Should I speak to her about her behavior?" asked Zach.

"Please don't, my husband," said Anming. "I only speak of it because yes, I have been thinking of you. Thinking... hmm... it's better by far than she describes."

"Thank you," said Zach. "That's such a sweet thing to say. I try to please you. I love you to the ends of the Earth."

"It's accurate, my husband," Anming said. "I'm not... no. I am perfect as I am. I love you with all of myself. Aah! Rrr!" Zach dove in and tasted Anming's sweet fragrant vulva that spoke of her day and layers of anticipation. She was making new noises, he suspected, to stave off her usual automatic complaints about dirty and disgusting. Old habits were hard to break, and she wouldn't be perfect. Zach felt so grateful to have Anming.

For the almost the first time, their lovemaking was devoid of Anming's complaints. It was as devoid of words as it had been their first few times together. Then, she had been too timid to say practically anything. This time between them was serene and energetic. Anming made her sounds of joy and satisfaction. When he could hold back no more, Zach made joyful and satisfied sounds as he finished in her.

The rest of their evening passed with barely a word passing between them. There was no need to talk. Anming mulled over her equations, and Zach studied his medical journals. When he deemed it time for bed, he lifted her from her chair and carried her to bed. There was no need for Zach to fruitlessly coax or cajole or for Anming to complain and resist. Zach undressed her and made love to her. The only noises from her were ones of pleasure and release. He finished in her vagina twice and then excitedly lubed her anus. He asked her, "Would you use a vibrator to help your pleasure while I use this part?" He was rubbing a lubed finger into her anus.

"No, my husband," Anming replied. "Use me as you wish, and I will gladly serve."

It seemed they were speaking at cross purposes. Zach deemed it a discussion for another day and proceeded without the vibrator, twice. Despite Anming's stated intention merely to serve, she had more than a couple powerful orgasms. Not nearly as many as vaginally, but more profound. Maybe her earlier response was just her polite way of saying she preferred to do without the vibrator.

As the week continued, their relationship got ever more serene. Zach was sure she was speaking to Ayana and her therapist about these things. They were being helpful. She seemed at all times to remember that she was worthy of love and capable. It seemed that the discipline must be working, too. He never saw any marks on her body. Nothing but the occasional bruise she may have gotten just by bumping against her desk. She did come to the dinner table wetter on a few days. Sometimes her bottom looked a bit spanked. This could just be Michaela's teasing and sitting in a hard chair, though. He didn't want to make anything up. Whatever regimen was working, and that's all he cared about.

Anming seemed more confident and joyful than ever during their quiet times together. When he wanted her, he would quietly take her. He would then wipe and restore her to more or less her former state unless it was bedtime. She never fought or complained any more. They always had great joy in their lovemaking and made great sounds together. He felt calm, quiet, happy and satisfied like never before.

The only time they spoke one evening was when Anming asked, "What size is our baby?"

"Our baby is about the size of an almond," answered Zach.

At this answer, Anming smiled and re-engaged with her equations.


One day around lunchtime, Zach dropped by Colby's garage to give her a square of chocolate. "Yum," she said as she savored it. "And feel this." She put her hand low on her tummy. It moved. "That's your future son or daughter," she said, smiling and falling into his arms.

"When did this happen?" asked Zach.

"Just this morning," said Colby. "All the wives felt it."

"I'm so happy," said Zach. This led to kissing, which led to him giving Colby head on the warm hood of a Humvee. Then Zach took her up against the Humvee. It seemed a lot of their off-week sex was in her shop. Still, for a quickie, Zach found it quite satisfying. The baby was dancing around afterwards. They seemed to like it too.


Every week, Zach mock-raped Aanya in the mud. Charisse almost always slyly watched them and masturbated. By now she knew that he knew she was peeping and didn't care. In fact, he thought it was pretty hot. Aanya didn't seem to notice. Since Aarav left town, she and Zach had increased the frequency of their mock-rapes in the mud to three times a week.

One muddy episode, they lay in post-coital stillness, Zach still fully buried in Aanya's womb. Aanya was coated in mud, and Zach was heavily splashed. She moaned, "Ohhh... you hurt me you rape me..." which was her way of saying he'd done a good job. Zach heard behind him and to the side Charisse's little stifled gasp and grunt. She'd successfully finished off her little voyeuristic session.

While they were washing the mud off themselves, Zach asked, "What's going on with Aarav?"

"He's history for both of us," said Aanya dully. Presumably she meant her and Khushi.

"How's it going with Khushi?" asked Zach.

"We're close now," said Aanya. "She's been sending men at me, perhaps by way of apology. Some of them have been interesting."

"Well, that sounds positive," said Zach. "Are you going to do a week with me?" he asked, given the new Trigonometry plan.

"Not until after launch," Aanya replied. Zach was fine with that. Three times a week was enough of her for him in the short term. He'd rather she explored as long as she stayed safe. He knew she would stay safe.


One afternoon, Zach got a call from Ben, his mentor from Portland who Berte was seeing. “I had to tell you Zach,” Ben said, “the baby moved. She’s so happy.”

Zach wondered a moment why Berte wasn’t calling him, but then, that was Berte. “How is Berte doing?”

“She’s so happy, Zach,” said Ben. “She’s getting to be quite the psychic, or something. She keeps telling me that she talks to Jenny in her dreams. She says it makes her happy. It’s weird, but I don’t think it’s bad for her. I think it helps allay her concerns about what will happen to me after she leaves for Mars.”

“You’re the expert, Ben,” said Zach. Then, more seriously, “Are you going to be okay after Berte leaves for Mars?”

“We’ll correspond,” said Ben. “I’ll be fine. In fact, it looks like I’ll have an immediate problem to distract me. What Berte doesn’t notice, but I can’t help noticing is this. Women are circling me like piranha. It’s a little frightening.”

“Women you know?” asked Zach.

“Some, like Jenny’s friends who are widowed or divorced. But women of all ages,” said Ben. “Berte keeps getting invited to these physics events at the local university. Interesting how all the women researchers over there want to stay in touch with me. They range from Berte’s age to my age; it doesn’t seem to matter. And, it seems, every eligible woman at my college. I think it’s me being seen in public with Berte. You know what a knockout she is. It appears I’ve gained a reputation. Undeserved, I assure you.”

“I don’t know about that, Ben,” said Zach. “You’re a hell of a catch.”


On the last day of November, which fell on a Monday, Colleen was supposed to take Zach over from Anming. At lunch, Colleen had a different idea. "You and I have the rest of our lives together," she said. "You should really spend your last two weeks on Earth with Becky."

"You are a treasure," said Zach. "I'll do my best to repay you."

"You already are, quartermaster," said Colleen. "We'll figure the rest out on the way."

His kissed her passionately right there in the lunch place. People noticed it. Reporters probably noticed it. He didn't care.

Becky scrambled to rearrange her schedule. Her dating service sent her a nastygram saying they were firing her as a client if she didn't desist. Becky said, "Fuck 'em. They're going to break a contract with a lawyer? I don't think so. I'll pay them some money after you're gone and they'll calm right down."

"What about the suitors?" Zach asked.

"If they're not patient and persistent enough to survive on their own for two weeks, they're not for me," said Becky.

Becky and Zach spent a romping fun two weeks together until launch. They didn't think about anyone but each other and the baby. They didn't think about any time but the present.

The most surprising thing that happened was that Anming married Becky in a civil ceremony. It took about an hour at the courthouse. Zach found out about it afterwards. At first, Zach was very confused, and all Anming would say was, "Because we are both Trigonometry, we were already married. We just made it official." He started to see the reason of it quickly, though. Among the crew, only Ayana, Colette, and Anming had no relatives to come to the sendoff. Only blood relatives and legally married spouses could attend the ceremony. Colette was already legally married and wanted to stay that way. Ayana was concerned about offending Khushi. This didn't prevent her from making all kinds of raunchy jokes about a wedding night with Becky, though. Anming was the most logical choice, being part of Trigonometry. Plus, Anming really wanted to piss off the Chinese government, and boy did she ever!

Notes of gratitude and condolence came to Becky from every member of both crews.

Anming said a beautiful thing at her civil ceremony with Becky. Zach saw the whole thing on video afterwards. "We will all carry Becky with us in our hearts forever. I'm so happy we're officially wed."

Jason, Aiden, and Ethan sent a nice card. Mateo sent a separate, more personal message. The part Becky would let Zach see said, "I regret not being able to get to know you better." Reciprocal oral sex seemed plenty thorough enough knowledge to Zach, but he was biased.

Colette sent a card that said, "I know what it is to leave the one you love best behind forever. Be assured that you will continue to be loved and missed deeply. Flowers caught in amber never fade."

Colleen let the gift of the extra week speak for itself, and sent a card that simply said, "Enjoy."

Michaela's card said, "Restrain yourself from strangling the little crying and pooping monster when it comes out. We don't want to have to fly all the way back to Earth to knock you up a second time."

Khushi sent Becky two pairs of adorable baby booties, one pink and one blue.

Ayana sent a card that said, "But for prior commitments, I would have reveled in teaching you the heights of sapphic ecstasy that you can now only imagine in your wildest dreams. Talk to your dating service! Maybe you can still cross this off your list. XOXOXO" This enclosed with Khushi's baby booties.

Charisse sent Becky her collection of crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors, solemnly informing her they were good for her baby.

Aanya sent Becky a toe ring.

Alexis sent Becky a book entitled, "Speed Dating for Predators: How to Land Any Man in 30 Minutes or Less." The title page had a note from Alexis, "With deepest respect from one predator to another."

Colby gave Becky her stunning geodesic dome vacation home that Zach and the wives had once used as a retreat. This was an exorbitant gift, but not really from Colby's perspective. The house and all the surrounding land were valued at twenty-three million dollars. Colby was worth billions. Her note enclosed with the deed said, "I wanted this place I love to go to a person I love. Enjoy it."

Berte's card read simply, "Sorry! Love ya."


Zach's goodbye with Emma was poignant but brief. They had both known it was coming for some time. They gave each other one last long hug and promised they would email. Maybe they even would.

To wrap up his time with Beatrice, she made him lunch at her place. Eric arrived to join them. Beatrice broke the news that she was pregnant. She didn't know which of them was the father.

The doctors had told the couple it would be a miracle if Beatrice ever got pregnant. The problem was a congenital malformation of the fallopian tubes, a birth defect that prevented her eggs from being fertilized. They could have gotten some of her eggs surgically removed and done in vitro fertilization, but had decided against it.

The couple was beyond overjoyed that Beatrice was pregnant. They would let Zach know who was the biological father, but they didn't want anything from him. Regardless, Eric would raise the baby as his own.

(To be continued)
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70: Sunday Dec 13, 2043, 0800 hours CST: Liftoff

Zach met his driver at the curb in front of Becky's apartment building. They were all being driven to the base hours ahead of the launch today. NASA wanted to make sure that nobody got lost at the last minute. This time, they had to launch at exactly 3 PM to make their rendezvous with the Interplanetary Vehicle flying by Earth.

Mars Colony Mission One crew was launching from Johnson Space Center in Houston. Mateo's mission, Mining Seventeen, was launching from Cape Canaveral. They would rendezvous at the Interplanetary Vehicle.

The entire crew met for breakfast at the launch pad facility. Afterwards, they all had a pre-flight medical exam. Blood samples were taken and quick-tested for diseases, drugs, and anything else that could affect performance. Urine samples were taken and tested for the same purpose. They all had eye exams and hearing tests. They all had mental well-being interviews. Zach overheard Berte laughing loudly during hers. They all got electrocardiograms while on a treadmill. These medical tests took a couple of hours to complete.

By then, it was nearly time for lunch. They gathered in the launch pad facility dining hall. Zach sat near the middle of the table.

To his right was Michaela talking to Berte. They were talking about the men Berte had experimented with in recent months. "Of the men, Ben was my sweetheart, aside from Zach. Ben seemed to know everything about me. He said I was like an electric shock to him. His dead wife Jenny came to me in my dreams. The more I enjoyed life, the more Ben healed. Jenny taught me that. The enjoying life part, I control that. I'll carry that with me, from her, forever."

"Oops! Hah, the little fart is punching me again," Berte said. Clearly she was talking about her baby. Zach hadn't had the chance to feel her baby move yet. He saw Michaela looking at Berte's baby bump with real longing. "It wants me to eat something." Berte wolfed down another deviled egg. "There you go," she said to her tummy.

Berte continued, "Ben gave me confidence to see other men as well. Some of them were sexually gratifying. I want men like Ben and especially Zach, who understand me some. Long term, I mean. Short term, enthusiasm is good. I like when they look at me with hunger. And ejaculation. I love it when a man lets loose some really thick jets. But thick or thin, fire-hose or drips, it's the only moment a man communicates clearly about anything."

"Great wisdom in this," nodded Michaela, her eyes fixed on Berte's baby bump.

To Zach's left was Aanya talking to Charisse. They had been overseeing the loading of seedlings onto the excursion vehicle even as they had undergone their medical exams. They were splitting up assignments for unloading the seedlings into the various hydroponics bays after docking. Amazingly, the two of them had both escaped the bubble along with the three engineers and Zach. Everyone else in the crew had to go into the water bubble to protect their fetuses from radiation.

Across from Zach, Ayana was flirting with Colby. With knowing little glances at Zach to make sure he was paying attention, Colby was flirting back. Ayana knew Colby was just teasing Zach with the flirting, but she didn't mind. The more casual Colby got with their flirting, the more likely Ayana might sometime steal a kiss or two.

Also across from Zach, Colleen was talking to Anming. Anming was describing the new serenity she'd found with Zach. Colleen was listening and asking questions. She was intrigued and interested to try just being quiet like Anming and Zach had been.

Directly across from Zach, Alexis asked him, "So did you leave them crying?"

"I tried not to," Zach said. "Becky is doing fine. She'll be at the meet and greet."

"We'd better hope," snickered Alexis. "She's got power of attorney for all of us. She'll be running all of our personal finances here on Earth. If you piss her off, we'll all suffer. Then I will have to do something drastic to you."

"I'll keep that in mind," said Zach.

"How about the others, like your neighbor lady?" asked Alexis.

"It turns out she's pregnant," said Zach.

"Why am I not surprised?" said Alexis. "Was this planned?"

"They thought she could never conceive because of a birth defect," said Zach.

"A likely story," snickered Alexis.

"Regardless, it's fine with me if she keeps the baby. It could still be her husband's," said Zach.

"You mean she didn't keep her husband's little weenie locked in a cage while she was banging you?" remarked Alexis. "Where is her sense of fun?"

Zach was about to mention that Eric's weenie was a fine size, but then he thought better of it. He didn't want the voyage filled with bisexual jokes from Alexis.

"How about that young contortionist?" Alexis asked. "Should we be checking your luggage?"

"No, she gets sick even on carnival rides," said Zach.

"Well, that's a relief," said Alexis. "Now Zach..."

"Yes?" asked Zach.

"I'm feeling extra horny already," Alexis confided, her voice lowering. "I'll be in the bubble, but I don't care. Have provisions been made for a girl getting a proper zero-G railing?"

"Berte says she has an idea for something, but of course, we've never tried it," said Zach.

"I'll be the first guinea pig. Squeak, squeak!" said Alexis.

"You're as tight as a guinea pig," said Zach.

"You're a sweetheart," said Alexis. "I won't ask how you know the guinea pig part," she added with a snicker.

Lunch was soon over, and they proceeded to the dressing room. There was joy among the women. Bras came off, especially off the big jouncy tits of Berte and Khushi. All bras went into the trash forever, accompanied by yowls and yips from the feisty crew. They were ready to fly, and even during the 2g burn, they were adamant. No bras were coming any of the way to Mars. Zach smiled at their universal enthusiasm. Tits out? Check. Gloriously beautiful, excited women? Check. His penis swelled helplessly.

It was easy for NASA to adjust the women's space suits at the last minute to accommodate their baby bumps. These space suits had been designed specifically for the colony missions. The crew would need them for excursions on the surface of Mars after they landed. Accommodating pregnancy was a major factor in their design.

Anming undressed next to Zach as before. "This is where we really connected for the first time," he said.

"You felt no connection at the airfield?" asked Anming.

"I did, very strongly," said Zach. "But for me, that encounter is colored with the misunderstanding. I thought you didn't like me. So then I tried to set aside my attraction and give you space."

"At that point, my sutures had not been removed for long," Anming smiled. "I was feeling very fragile. Yet, your pull was strong. That's why I was so abrupt with you. I'd seen pictures, but," she said. She slipped out of her wet panties and looked up at him. "You're just so incredibly large," she said, stroking his chest. "From that moment on the airfield, I yearned to feel your weight on me, crushing me, spreading me, consuming me. Then you left me messages, remember? Again and again. It drove me crazy."

"And this," she said, looking at his cock. "When I first saw it in this very place, I was terrified and felt unlucky. I saw Colleen on that first day in orbit and cried bitter tears to her, saying it was impossible. She assured me that she had taken it all, up to the hilt. She'd enjoyed it very much, and I would too. I hardly believed her. She assured me that you were a most empathetic lover. After that, she sent Michaela to speak to me. She made me look at her... well. You know it is tiny, like all of her. She said, yes your penis is magnificent, and she'd also had it very pleasurably both her places. I was embarrassed but reassured enough to imagine it might work for me."

"That night, I had a dream of being taken by a giant badger. Not with pain, but with pleasure. In Chinese fairy tales, badgers are a symbol of joy. All the pain and hurt was crushed out of me like a juicer. I was thereafter determined to lie with you as soon as my fragile health allowed. It was what I wanted, my version of healing."

"I remind you of a giant badger?" asked Zach.

"My husband, I'm speaking earnestly," Anming scolded. "I did die after all, in a way. I died and was reborn utterly yours. It wasn't merely the physical. It was a certain easy innocence you have, so joyous, so open. You filled me to bursting with it as you filled my vagina to bursting with your penis. I could barely experience the pleasure of either."

Colleen coughed gently next to them. "Time to get dressed, lovebirds," she said. "Down, boy," she ordered Zach's tallywhacker, passing her hand over it like a snake charmer. It didn't work. At any rate, the duo returned quietly to donning their flight suits and space suits.

Zach was still a bit uncomfortable in his space suit when they arrived at the sendoff for the families. His sisters were there, looking a bit teary, even though the three of them didn't see much of each other these days. Emily's hug was longer than ever before. "You stay safe," she ordered him.

"These sisters?" asked Michaela, coming to greet them.

"Yes, Michaela, these are my two sisters, Emily and Madison," Zach said, making the introductions.

Michaela punched Zach's arm with her tiny fist. "Is hard worker, this boy of yours," She told them. "On our project, we work and work and work. Still not done. Never gives up."

"What are you working on?" asked Madison.

"Sorry, is classified," said Michaela, and wandered off.

"What an interesting person," said Emily.

"Well, she's an astrophysicist," said Zach. "They're eccentric. And speaking of astrophysicists." Anming approached them. "Anming, these are my sisters, Emily and Madison."

"Yes, m... hmm... Zachary," said Anming. They all hugged. She offered, "Your brother is... hmm... well.. thank you for giving him."

"He's very well-behaved," interjected Colette. "He would turn himself inside out to help any one of us. Sometimes it's almost painful to watch. Oh, I'm Colette, by the way, geophysicist. And this is my colleague, Alexis."

"What a maniac he is!" said Alexis, "A lot of fun! One time we were out riding motorcycles in the desert, and just on a whim..."

"Yes, heh, fun," interrupted Colette.

"A maniac?" said Emily, "That sounds like Zach when he was young."

"This crew makes me feel younger," Zach offered.

"Boundless energy," Charisse offered, having just walked up. "He's been tested." She smiled at Zach.

"Everyone seems to be ganging up on Zach's sisters," offered Colleen. "It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"This is Colonel Colleen Bruno, our mission commander," Zach said to his sisters. Then to Colleen, "Madison. Emily."

"I have a question," said Madison. "With so many women, and only Zachary, is it hard?"

"Ha ha!" said Colleen, "It's hard all the time!" There was laughter from the assembled women. "But Zach keeps it in check. And to your question, no," she scoffed, "Who needs them, right?" Polite laughter from the assembled women. "Zach is an exception. He's one of us. He knows how to work seamlessly in a family of women, thanks to you two, I'd guess."

Zach politely backed away from the whole group of them. They seemed to have something to say to or get from Emily and Madison. The women kept laughing and joking together. He didn't have to be involved. He bumped into Charisse's parents, the Roberts, Jedidiah and Lilac Rainbow. "Oh, hello again," he said, shaking their hands.

Lilac Rainbow confided, "I never thought our little flower would actually go to a whole other planet with no plants and no men." She then startled, "Present company excepted, of course."

"Oh, well," said Zach. "Mars will be covered in Charisse's little cacti. She'll make her own garden. And as for men, in a few years, there will be more men."

Lilac Rainbow couldn't hide a look of worry for her daughter. Like daughter, like mother, Zach supposed. Zach glanced at Charisse's father Jedidiah, who smiled knowingly. "I worry," Lilac Rainbow almost whispered.

"Don't worry," said Zach. "We all love your daughter and will do anything to take care of her. My entire job, and Ayana's, is looking after the physical and mental health of the crew. We're certain your daughter will be fine."

"You mean," Lilac Rainbow said, "you'll give her all the sex she requires to stay healthy and happy?"

Zach blushed. "Yes," he said in a low tone. "It's all being taken care of."

Charisse's mother continued, "You know, she needs to be handled firmly every once in a while."

"Yes, ma'am," said Zach.

"You don't need to be formal with me, Zach... Zachy," Lilac Rainbow said, caressing Zach's neck and ear with one hand. "So, my big strong Zachy will be plowing my little girl, like, really hard?"

"If she prefers it, m... Mrs. Roberts," Zach stammered.

"Please, call me Lilac, or Lilac Rainbow." Charisse's mom was massaging his arm now, feeling his bicep. "Yes," she said, "you can hold her down nice and hard, can't you? And choke her. Remember, she needs a good choke now and then." She said it as if she was talking about Charisse needing to bundle up in cold weather. "Oh, and remember to call her a slut. She likes that."

"Will do," said Zach.

"Oh, I feel so much better now, so relieved." Zach saw a smile cross Lilac Rainbow's face, and a look of arousal. "You are quite a stud," she said as her hand casually descended to take stock of his equipment. He noticed that for nearly sixty, Charisse's mother was a fine looking woman. Another glance with the husband, who inclined his head towards his wife with another smile. "Hard to tell with you in a space suit," she fretted. "Can you disrobe for me? Just a quick peek."

"I'm afraid we're not allowed," Zach demurred. The couple politely wandered off.

Colleen approached Zach, tightly holding a blond woman in her mid fifties. The woman was stunning for her age. Colleen made introductions. "Mom, this is Zach. This is my mom, Jessica."

Zach shook hands with the mother. "Jessica, yes."

"I've heard a lot about you," said Colleen's mother with a knowing smile.

"Good, I hope," said Zach.

"Oh," Jessica responded with a snicker, "the rigorous testing you had to undergo."

Zach glanced a bit uncomfortably at Colleen, who smirked at him. "Your daughter," Zach responded, "she flies by the seat of her pants." They were all grinning now.

"Well, you have to have a good feel for the stick," retorted Jessica. "Colleen's father was a helicopter pilot. He died in the Ukraine conflict in 2030. Colleen was devastated. She always seemed so serious, even after her first mission. Now, I see that she's truly happy."

"That's good to hear," said Zach. "We'll all take good care of her." Spontaneously, the conversation ended in a tight three-way hug. Colleen's mother smelled wonderful, much like her daughter. It amazed Zach that Colleen wasn't sporting a stepdad. The embrace broke, the moment ended, and mother and daughter wandered off arm-in-arm towards Anming's position. Anming was talking to Becky. Zach was tempted to follow them.

Zach turned around to confront Colby and her family. There were introductions all around. There was a mother Jen, a father Mike, and a brother Ryan. Colby's mother was a few inches shorter than Colby, and was still in great shape in her mid-sixties. Both of Colby's parents had been professional gymnasts and stunt people who had invested their money wisely. Colby's older brother was the tallest in the family at 5'11". He was an investment banker. "I always knew my daughter was a risk taker," said Mike the father, "but this."

"Well, it seems she had conquered Earth," Zach said politely, with a smile.

"Could you point out Becky Baines? I understand she's here," said Ryan, the brother. Zach pointed her out, and Ryan set out towards her. She and Anming were talking to Colleen and her mother. It was probably something to do with the powers of attorney.

"Are the relationship wars over?" asked Jen, Colby's mother. "First it was the Indian woman, then Colby was presented." She continued, "Of course I knew it all along."

"Mother," said Colby, "it's more complicated than that."

"So you keep saying," said Jen, a little frustrated. "Yet you could have any man on Earth..."

"Actually, money can buy surprisingly little of real value," said Colby. She took Zach's arm, and they walked away, straight into Khushi's extended family.

Khushi appeared to be in the midst of trying to explain the importance of her relationship with Ayana to them. Ayana had fled. Khushi's father spoke up, "Here's the man who can clear the entire matter."

Zach had forgotten how massive Khushi's mother's tits were. They were massively massive, stammeringly massive. They were eye magnets. "You did your duty, young man," she said, inclining her head towards Zach. Her mammaries quivered ever so slightly as she spoke.

"But that doesn't change anything," Khushi insisted.

"You will raise the child?" the father asked Zach pointedly.

"Foremost, this is Khushi's child," Zach told the entire family in his most authoritative doctor voice. He did it well. "I will be there at every step, every way I can gainfully contribute."

"Which will be so much, Zach," Khushi said with relief.

"You should all enjoy each other while you're here," Zach implored. "You can argue with your daughter about her choices at a distance."

"Well spoken," said the husband. Colby and Zach left them to walk over and speak to Ayana across the room.

On the way, Colby stopped Zach and said, "I know that after we dock you'll be busy with setting up the bubble. With getting everybody comfortable and settled in there. The work will no doubt take you far into the night." She continued with a smirk, "I don't know about Ayana, her loss. But you'll have five other women in there who... if they're feeling anything like I am at the moment..."

"I can take a break," Zach assured her. "I can come see you. You're precious to me. So precious." He stroked Colby's face and kissed her lightly. She seemed distracted with her thoughts, understandable at the moment. He hoped these were not jealous thoughts she was wrestling with.

"I was thinking. You shouldn't have to," said Colby, looking intently into Zach's eyes, a hand on his chest. Before he could offer more reassurance, she continued, "I should follow Colleen's advice, and dip a toe into the lifestyle. She said it would help me understand you better. She said our relationship was so strong, she wasn't worried."

"You mean the open thing?" asked Zach.

"What else?" Colby confirmed, looking away a little despondently.

Zach regarded her. "Honey bunny, if you want to-"

"It's not about what I want!" Colby kept her volume low but emphatic. "It's about reality." She grabbed him and bumped space suits. She looked at the floor. "But I'm old school. I can't do it unless... you know about it at least. I don't think I need your permission."

"You have it anyway," Zach assured her in a voice equally low. "But don't do it because you feel you should, or to re-balance the scales with me, or reassure Colleen. That's not open at all."

"Then what?" Colby whispered unhappily.

Zach suggested, "There will be times in this mission when you'll be feeling super horny. That might not be tonight, or it might be. For whatever reason, I won't be available. Instead of just pulling out that amazing hi-tech vibrator of yours, get some male help to scratch that itch. It can just be to scratch an itch. It doesn't have to be more profound than that. And it doesn't have to be all the way. I'm sure any of our guys would be happy to go down on you, no strings attached. They all seem generous. This can be on your terms."

"It wouldn't feel right, leaving them hanging," Colby said.

"I like your sense of fairness, but don't do anything you don't want to do," said Zach. "That's not being kind or fair to anybody. It's certainly not anything these guys want to do, having it be a matter of fairness. That sounds like something that might turn into regret. Do it out of friendship, sure, or even love."

"Don't talk to me like I'm your daughter," said Colby, frustrated. "I know all this."

"Fair enough," said Zach. "If you want me to sleep somewhere other than our cabin tonight, put a sock on the door."

Without another word, they walked up to check in with Ayana. "It's fine," said Ayana. "She introduced me. She did everything she could. She was very brave. Now she should just enjoy her family." Ayana seemed fine to Zach, strong. He could tell that Khushi's admission to her family had meant much to her. Ayana gazed intently, calmly, and lovingly over his shoulder at Khushi. He hoped the couple could continue working things out. Ayana's love for Khushi was obviously intense. He wanted it to thrive.

Colby and Zach met Aanya's family, who were a happy bunch, but sad to see their daughter leave. They were now satisfied that Aanya's public service announcement had been a good and worthy thing. They asked about Aarav, but both he and Colby pleaded ignorance. Anything shared about that matter should be done by Aanya herself.

They went to speak with Becky. Anming was with her. "I hope my brother didn't give you any trouble," said Colby.

"Oh no, he's delightful," said Becky. Zach guessed the interaction had been somewhat confrontational. Becky looked like she would find the matter enjoyable either way. Ah, lawyers. The four of them hugged tightly.

"We must all send baby pictures," Anming insisted.

"Videos!" said Becky.

"Agreed," said Colby.

"Thank you so much for the place in Colorado," said Becky. "I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but soon."

"Say hi to the place from me," said Colby.

It was time for a final wave goodbye and for the crew to put on their helmets.

The twelve astronauts rode the elevator up to the hatch on the excursion vehicle. This was the same excursion vehicle that had taken them to orbit for the dry run. NASA liked to use vehicles that were new but had been proven in space. This vehicle had been up to space twice before. Once, Colleen and Mateo had taken it up to orbit and back. All systems had worked perfectly. The second mission had been their dry run mission with all twelve crew. This was the third flight to orbit for this excursion vehicle. This time, it would be flying a lot farther than Earth orbit.

They climbed up a ladder at the center of the cabin floor to reach their seats. Seating was as it had been for the dry run mission. Colleen sat in front with her co-pilot Colby. The second pair of seats went to Khushi and Berte at the engineering stations. The third pair of seats were Zach, and sitting next to him, Ayana. They sat uncomfortably on their back for fifteen minutes while everybody checked everything. The main engines started and they were underway.

At two gees for ten minutes, the launch vehicle pushed them into Earth orbit before separating and returning. Once they were floating in zero-gee, Khushi remarked, "They warn you about needing to pee, but that rocket ride pushed out all my milk. I'm afraid my upper body is completely wet."

"Me too," said Berte.

"Yep," said Colby.

"It's natural," said Charisse. "We'll all dry out."

"Holy crap, guys," said Aanya, holding the midriff of her space suit.

"What is it?" asked Colleen with immediate concern.

"It feels weird," Aanya said.

"Are you in pain?" Zach asked, turning around to look at her. She didn't look pale.

"It's just..." said Aanya, "I can feel my baby move!" Her crewmates broke out in cheering and relief. Zach, Ayana, and Colleen started breathing again. Miscarriages during launch were theoretically improbable, but there wasn't much data on it.

Colleen and Colby couldn't see Mateo's excursion vehicle ahead of them. It was on nearly the same course. They had them on radar. They waited in zero-gee for forty five minutes to reach the correct spot in their orbit around the Earth. There was another ten minute burn at one gee to put them into the path of the Interplanetary Vehicle.

They waited five hours for the Interplanetary Vehicle to come up behind them very slowly, relatively speaking. Relative to the sun, they were traveling at forty-two kilometers per second, which was twenty-six miles per second.

During this five hour stretch, the crew read and slept. The other excursion vehicle with Mateo and his crew slowly became visible to the naked eye ahead of them. "Out-of-state license plate," called Alexis.

"You're a child, Alexis," said Colleen.

"I'm so bored," said Alexis. "Can't we have sex with Zach, or each other, or anything?"

"Let's eat now, instead," said Colby. And they did.

After cleaning up from the meal, it was time to pee. Alexis said, "Whoever puts the most pee into the bag, as judged by Zach, will get him first after we dock, okay?"

"You will beat us," said Michaela. "Or you will cheat." There was agreement from some others.

"You girls are being no fun," said Alexis. "Style, then. What about style?"

"What is good zero-gee peeing style versus bad?" asked Zach. Alexis smiled cryptically.

"One space suit off at a time," insisted Colleen.

"Don't worry, mama," said Alexis. She set herself to spinning.

"Please, please don't," said Zach, trying to keep up with the gyrations of her vulva. "It will go everywhere."

Alexis stopped herself. "Well, that's what I meant by style. It would be fun if I could do that while peeing straight into the bag."

"It would be a unique talent," Zach agreed.

With an evil grin, Alexis squirted her last few drops wide. Zach had to chase them.

"There's nothing more fun than watching Zach chase some zero-gee pee-pee," said Alexis.

The other women were thankfully not nearly as creative in their styles of peeing. Zach held the bag for Anming. He could see that she was fighting embarrassment, humiliation, and disgust by showing him her bodily function so starkly. He looked her in the eyes calmly. He glanced briefly to check that everything was on target.

Anming was done. She said, "I'm sorry, my husband."

"Everything about you is beautiful," Zach replied. "I like watching you fight through your feelings to make yourself comfortable. I don't know why. I find it very attractive."

Anming had restored her panties and was donning her flight suit. "Perhaps I'm lucky to have a husband who is such a pervert. You can tolerate the sight." She wrinkled her nose. "And the smell."

"Your mild smell is another sign you're healthy," said Zach. "That's a good thing."

The Interplanetary Vehicle crept slowly into view, looking huge. At its center was a cylinder like a regular rocket. From there, four spokes radiated out to a wheel two hundred meters in diameter, or six hundred and fifty-six feet. This was the wheel they'd be living in for the next six months on their trip to Mars. It had a square cross-section ten feet or three meters on a side. The habitat was six hundred and twenty-eight meters in circumference, or over twenty-one hundred feet in circumference. This wheel spun, providing centripetal force to match Mars gravity, thirty-eight percent of Earth's.

Colleen played the Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss as she went in for final approach. Their excursion vehicle had to match the spin of the Interplanetary Vehicle. Over the course of a half hour, she approached from behind to dock. The ion drive was off so that they wouldn't be accidentally subjected to radiation from it.

Colleen and Colby did an initial check of the Interplanetary Vehicle's systems. Zach and most of the rest of the crew set up the bubble in the central core. This cylindrical central section of the ship was weightless. Each of the four radial arms led out into the habitat ring at four evenly spaced locations. From the weightless core of the ship, they traveled on ladders "down" to the habitat ring.

Charisse and Aanya focused on unloading the seedlings. They found that all the hydroponics bays were packed and overgrown with fresh food. This was a legacy of previous missions, and a happy thing. Many of the seedlings had to be set off to the side. There was no immediate room to plant them.

The bubble was an invention of Zach's to protect the fetuses. Most were too young to risk the harm that might be caused by radiation during the trip to Mars. Once a fetus passed eighteen weeks of gestation, it was relatively safe. Before that age, both mom and fetus would stay in the bubble.

The crew set up the bubble in the weightless central area of the ship. They pumped water they had along for the mission into the plastic structure. Berte had designed and fabricated it based on an idea of Zach's. It was a living space with outer walls filled with water to a meter of thickness, about thirty-nine inches. Water was a very effective radiation shield. This was all that was needed to keep the moms at radiation levels equivalent to Earth. For the most part, water was not used as a radiation shield out (or down?) at the habitat ring. This water, weightless at the center of the ship, would weigh tons at the rim of the ship. Water was far too heavy to provide shielding at the ring.

Once the bubble's outer walls were filled with water, the women who would be staying there climbed in. They were Ayana, Colleen, Alexis, Anming, Michaela, and Colette. Ayana was in for nine days, a short stay. Colette was in for twelve. Colleen's stay would be a month and eight days. Alexis would get out the day after Colleen. Anming would be in for a month and a half. Michaela, guaranteed the longest resident, might already be pregnant or not. She would have to live in the bubble for eighteen weeks after she conceived, whenever that was. Her fetus would be undetectable just after conception. To minimize risk, she should stay in the bubble the whole time.

Since many stays were so short, many of the effects of zero-gee were not a concern. Michaela would have to have a regular exercise regimen. Once the bubble had cleared out some, there would be room.

Gravity and recycling were only a hundred meters away in the habitat ring. Thus, most of the worst logistical pains of zero-gee would be alleviated. Meals would be cooked and brought to the women in resealable bags. Waste would be carried away and recycled for them. Their clothes would be laundered for them. They would still have to use wet wipes to bathe.

The bubble was partway set up. The mining mission crew was docked and getting situated in their quarters. After they moved in, they pitched in to help set up the bubble. They started by cooking dinner for both crews and distributing it.

Colleen had assigned both crews quarters to begin with. She had put Zach with Colby. Colleen herself was sharing her quarters with Anming. Berte and Aanya were sharing. That was Trigonometry. For the Breeding Bitches, Alexis was sharing with Colette and Charisse with Michaela. Ayana and Khushi had quarters together. Of the mining team, Mateo was sharing with Jason and Aiden with Ethan.

Many women were living in the bubble to begin with. It was a lot emptier than it would usually be in the habitat ring. Colby and Zach were both in their cabin. Charisse was alone. Berte and Aanya still shared their cabin. Khushi was alone in the cabin she would share with Ayana. The mining crew was still packed into their two cabins. For the next nine days at least, five men and five women would live in the habitat ring.

Perhaps the outer walls of the bubble should have been made opaque for privacy, but they were all transparent. The thick wall of water distorted the view. It might turn a naked woman into an abstract painting when viewed from the outside. Just as often, the woman would be clearly visible. Just as well, the women wanted to stay dressed during their stay. But it complicated changing clothes and performing the bodily functions, especially sex. To facilitate this somewhat, the women decided to turn off the lights in the core during their nighttime. They chose to align with the day duty shift.

By midnight, the bubble was set up well enough for the time being and the lights were shut off. Zach climbed down to the habitat ring to finally put away his personal stuff and to check on Colby.

It was now pitch dark in the core, with only a few diffracted reading lights on in the bubble. Zach used his phone flashlight to squeeze around to Radial Arm A1 and climb down to the rim. He cycled the hatches of the bay in the antispinward direction. There was Exercise B, which would no doubt be a familiar haunt. It looked a little more used than on the dry run vehicle. A little more loved.

Zach passed by Head B2 into Recreation B. There, he was mildly surprised to find Colby and Jason alone together. They were involved in a deep discussion, speaking softly, their heads close together.

"Baby!" Colby noticed him immediately and leapt to her feet, almost grazing the ceiling. That Mars gravity was back. Jason looked a little uncomfortable, but smiled at Colby's infectious enthusiasm. She almost bounced off Zach, but was quick to grasp him with both arms and legs in a desperate hug.

It was fairly obvious to Zach that the two had been engaged in a conversation about possibly having sex. He didn't want to make this uncomfortable for either of them. It seemed his ill-timed appearance had already done damage. He shouldn't ignore Jason. He shouldn't offer Colby to Jason, either. Addressing Jason, Colby still clutching him with both arms and legs, Zach said, "How are you two settling in?"

"Wonderful," reported Jason. "Spectacular. I feel light-headed," he offered, referring both to Colby and the lighter gravity. He had a big smile, being friendly. He wandered over and shook hands.

"She has that effect on people," said Zach. Colby slid down him, stood on her feet, and smiled at both men. "Everyone deserves to know and love Colby." He figured this was enough encouragement for both of them without being embarrassingly overt.

Jason looked relieved, relaxed. That was good. "Well, goodnight," he said to both of them, and walked away spinward.

"You came," Colby said, dragging him gently with both hands towards their quarters.

"I did," said Zach.

"Are you all depleted?" asked Colby.

"I'm not at all depleted," said Zach.

She had already set up their room beautifully. "Welcome home, baby," said Colby, shutting the door behind them.

Zach woke up hours later. Colby had been a little wildcat, crying out orgasms constantly. They'd done it over and over again. The combination of the launch and her conversation with Jason had wound her up tighter than he'd perhaps ever seen before. Now she was snoring gently, in deep sleep. He'd fucked the hell out of her. Even he was a little sore. But he was hale enough to have a raging erection again.

Zach didn't want to wake Colby up with it. He'd probably crippled her as it was. He thought of the women along the rim. Charisse undoubtedly had at least one man in her bed at the moment. Khushi wouldn't pass up this chance away from Ayana. Aanya and Berte? He checked his phone for the time. Rats. They were on duty.

Zach took a walk around the rim. He greeted Berte in Control A. The ion engine had resumed and they were going places with increasing speed. She was preoccupied, so he left her alone. Aanya was zipping around Hydroponics Bay B1 looking very industrious. She was also clearly not to be messed with.

Zach climbed up to the weightless core. There were probably six desperately horny women floating there in the darkness. The problem was not annoying all the others. The problem was zero-gee sex.

Zach pushed his way through the door held closed by water pressure. It reminded him of a giant vaginal opening. Zach worked his way by sense of touch to Michaela's sleeping bag. She roused as he touched her. She knew why he was there and unzipped. He nestled his head between her legs. She smelled desperate, fragrant. She patted his cheek, almost a slap. It was her way of indicating enough cunnilingus, or in this case, skip it altogether.

They were able to zip up the bag most of the way with both of them in it. Her tiny legs and feet fit snugly around his waist. Gratefully, he pushed into her. She was very wet and very ready, vibrating with just the feel of him. She orgasmed almost immediately, biting the hem of the sleeping sack with a little snarl to mostly keep quiet.

They started to move, at first gently. As Zach's force increased, the velcro holding the bag to the wall started to fail: rip, rip, rip. He held as still as possible and forced the tiny woman onto his penis with both arms. She orgasmed again with a shudder. This time, she couldn't help a soft moan.

They started to get some kind of resonance with the bubble wall where again the velcro started to give way. Zach was close, though, so with a final r-r-r-r-iip! He locked his hips into Michaela and splashed her well-stretched vagina with a good dollop of hot semen. Another soft moan from the Bulgarian. In the pitch dark, she could feel her strong and thoroughly stretched vaginal muscles clip him once per second, hard. Now softer. Now quieting as her long orgasm ended. That was Michaela. She liked a hot batch in her.

Their first bout of zero-gee sex had been reasonably successful. But now they were hanging off the wall of the bubble by only a thread of velcro. Zach gingerly unzipped the bag and climbed out. He pressed the bag's velcro back onto its mating velcro on the wall as best he could.

The conditions were crowded and difficult. He could already hear from the women's breathing that some were waiting for their visit. So, he decided to feel his way around in the pitch dark. He would at least provide a hug and a kiss to all concerned, or more if they wanted.

He felt a leg in a sleeping bag and it tensed. Even Ayana would not do that. Navigating gently, without touching, he knew by the sweet smell of her face it was Anming. "Am I disturbing your sleep?" he whispered.

"Never, my husband," Anming whispered in response.

"Why are you tense?" asked Zach.

"It's my turn to... hmm... serve," she whimpered very softly. "My crewmates will hear."

Zach never knew if he was torturing the poor woman. It seemed the more embarrassed and humiliated Anming was, the harder she'd orgasm. Yet, it seemed to Zach to be real humiliation and embarrassment, cruel perhaps.

"I'll save you to last," Zach said.

"No, no..." Anming whispered quickly. "No." Her bag unzipped.

Anming was nice and fragrant. By the smell of her hands gripping Zach's head tightly, she'd been playing with herself, too. She tasted wonderful. She jerked with excitement until her hips gave in and rocked rhythmically in orgasm. "Please enjoy yourself," she breathed almost inaudibly, "please enjoy yourself." This was Anming's current method of telling him to cut out the vulva licking and get to the vagina stretching.

She was delicately built, but taller than Michaela. Her legs didn't really fit around him with the bag zipped up. He got into her with the bag zipped up partway, one of her legs dangling out. They had to use all four arms and one of Anming's legs to keep them reasonably together.

It was quite a sedate bit of lovemaking for Zach. He didn't want to rip her bag off the wall. Even so, she was squeezing him to herself and orgasming hard in rolling choked-off whimpers.

Zach couldn't hold back. Rip. Rip. Rip. R-r-r-r-iip! The lack of purchase was maddening, but the semen was delivered. Anming seemed profoundly moved. It was more of a mental game for women. This was a special event. He was moved that she was moved. It was so frustrating for him to not have a surface to really push against.

They ended up mostly out of the bag, swinging through space. Except for Anming's heel having a death grip on his buttock, they would be spraying semen all over the inside of the bubble. Zach was an idiot who hadn't thought of towels. Anming produced one she had used earlier to wash her hair. They got it sopping up between her legs. They zipped her back into her bag. He fastened her bag more-or-less securely back to the velcro on the wall.

He went back to feeling around. "Hi, Zach," Ayana whispered. "I'm afraid you're going to strike out with me." Coming up to face her, he could smell her wetness. "Keep going through those hens," she encouraged. As he passed her, he heard very faintly a vibrator start buzzing again and then muffle.

She was entertained by this. That was hot. He was still all confused by his crush for her. He'd actually knocked her up, which had been insane. That's how he knew her scent, was from those times. Now she was getting off on the other women's noises and so forth as he took them. In a way, he was making love to her again by proxy, it felt like. At any rate, it felt like a nasty little secret between them, for the bubble only.

Colleen was unzipped and waiting for him. As he went to hug her, she whirled him around. She had his penis in her mouth and his face right at her crotch. He dove in. That's right, he thought. She had probably done zero-gee sex more than a few times before. She had it all worked out as she put him through his paces. She had this strap thing he could hold her hips in. He could use all the power of his arms and hips to push into her. But he still had nothing to push against. As he moved desperately in her, she tightened an elastic strap around them both. It required more and more strength for him to pull out of her. The same force made his thrusts into her more and more forceful and satisfying.

At the end, he couldn't fully suppress a moan, it was just so good. He was buried in her good and tight and letting it out. What a release after all that frustration! There were shushes and giggles from the other women. It was so good, so good.

Zach woke up an hour later. Colleen had attached him to the wall of the bubble with a strap around one ankle. He had lost all his clothes. It was still pitch dark. There was movement nearby him. It was Colleen, and the other one brushed away his hand, Ayana. They were eating each other out. At the moment they seemed near the peak of excitement, based on his hand on Colleen's buttock. He left them to it.

Continuing to feel around, he found Alexis cuddled close to Colette. They had been playing with each other, too, but were pretty sleepy at the moment. "Clean all that pussy juice off him," Alexis whispered to Colette. "Balls, asshole, everything. Any dried cum, leakage, whatever. Clean."

Colette went to work very effectively. Her touch was magical. Soon, Zach was shuddering and could barely hold back. "May I?" he squeaked to Alexis.

"Sure," muttered Alexis, half asleep.

Zach grabbed Colette's head desperately. Her throat opened for him expertly as he pistoned his penis into its tightness with lustful mania. It had been some time since he'd felt this magical throat. His toes curled as he unloaded what semen an hour's rest had afforded him. It went straight into her stomach. After a minute, he realized she was suffocating and released her. It was scary how she didn't struggle even as he was literally killing her.

He floated, empty, for a while in the bubble. He heard the muffled sounds of excitement and crisis fly back and forth between Ayana and Colleen nearby. He jerked awake as Alexis grabbed one of his wrists and gave it to Colette. "Get him ready," she whispered. A moment later, his limp penis was being expertly savored in Colette's mouth.

Alexis sensed when Zach was ready enough. She popped him out of Colette's mouth, and with a little fussing, zipped herself into her bag with him. She slipped him in and grabbed him tightly with her legs. As he began to move in her, she whispered to Colette, "Hold us." Colette reached into the bag and held them together, one arm across Zach's ass. "This is called the Three Dolphin Club," snickered Alexis. "It's a real zero-gee thing."

In the pitch dark, Zach relished being able to push against Colette's firm grip as he fucked Alexis hard. Alexis was hissing softly at regular intervals, orgasming. He quickened and shortened his strokes.

Just as Zach locked his hips, Colette thrust a slick finger into his anus and pressed hard. He couldn't suppress a moan as he unloaded explosively into Alexis's tight pussy. There were giggles, chuckles, and shushing from the other women.

(To be continued)
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71: Solis, Makara 15, 231 2130 hours OST: 'Tis Breakfast Pirate Season

Zach woke up in the darkness and weightlessness of the bubble. It was relaxing to sleep here! He remembered being zipped, half asleep, into Colette's sleeping bag. She was probably cuddled up with Alexis. He unzipped and felt around to orient himself. He found Colette and Alexis first and whispered to Colette, "You can have your sleeping bag back." He felt around more and found an empty sleeping bag. He knew he hadn't backtracked, so he suspected this was Ayana's bag. She was probably snuggled up with Colleen, if last night was any indication. He wandered toward the probable location of Colleen's bag. That was the last known location of his clothes and his phone. He found a bag full of women and got his hand gently smacked. It must be Ayana. He hunted around that area gingerly for his clothes for half an hour, but couldn't find them.

Naked and without a phone, Zach extruded himself out the opening of the bubble. He knew the approximate location of radial arm A1 from the mouth of the bubble. He crawled over there. He found it. There were some small indicator lights glowing on the bay door 100 meters down the radial arm.

Zach climbed down the ladder to Radial Arm Bay A1. He went through the antispinward door into Exercise B. From there, he stopped to shower in Head B2. Now sporting a towel around his middle, he walked across Recreation B to his quarters. Colby was still snoring gently and peacefully in their bed. Her phone said it was 4 AM. They were supposed to be on Martian time, but they could figure that out in the morning. Exhausted and depleted, he joined his chocolate wife in bed. She was his heart, his life. He fell into a deep sleep.

Hours later, Colby gently shook him awake. "Oh baby, it looks like I just about killed you last night."

"No, you were wonderful," Zach declared groggily.

"I feel really guilty now," said Colby. "All those poor women in the bubble got nothing because I hoarded you last night. I just couldn't stop myself. But ooh, I'm paying for it. I can barely stand up! I hope they haven't all killed each other."

"You know, after you fell asleep, I did make it back there, or up there?" said Zach. "But I got lost. It was pitch dark. I lost my phone and my clothes."

"You lost your clothes?" said Colby. "Just what did you get up to, you nasty, nasty bad boy?"

"I fell asleep," said Zach. "When I woke up, my clothes were gone. I was strapped by my ankle to the wall of the bubble. I think it was Colleen."

Colby grinned, "Did she use you for her pleasure?"

It seemed like a good-natured question from Colby. For gosh sakes, they'd shared Zach in the same room before. They were dedicated to sharing him as wives. Maybe he shouldn't be so concerned when Colby asked about other women. Maybe it was healthy. Certainly the situation and his still-fuzzy brain, suggested honesty. "Thoroughly," he said. "Clearly she had encountered zero-gee situations like this before. She had... equipment."

"Sounds ominous," Colby grinned.

"You know, I never know whether to mention my experiences or not," said Zach. "I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt us. I know it's a sensitive topic for you."

"It's simple, baby," Colby replied. "If I ask, I want to know, or I think I want to know. That's a Pandora's Box I open and I am responsible for. Otherwise, I basically know what you get up to for the good of the crew. You know and you can trust that I approve of what you do. Generally, I'd rather be spared the details. But if something really important happens, baby, important to you, I want to hear you. I want to help you work through it if it needs working through. That whole thing about whipping Colette, for example. You shouldn't have faced such a difficult situation without my help."

"Be careful, because I should never lie to you, tell you an untruth," said Zach. "I'll answer your exact question to the best of my ability. I will lie to you by omission, I suppose. I won't offer more than I have to unless you ask for more."

"That's perfect, baby," replied Colby. "Now, do you love me the best?" She had a devilish grin.

The question put Zach in a serious mood. He had thought about this carefully. "Here's what I'm going to tell my children. I love all their mothers all equally and passionately, and I will until the day I die. All the moms, including you, are going to have to settle for that answer too. And it's the truth, as far as abstract things like love and truth can ever be described."

"Good answer," Colby said. "Let me rephrase the question. Who do you bring the right amount of chocolate to every single day?"

"Only you, my darling! Only you," answered Zach. "Ohmygosh! I lost my only chocolate bar! I had it in my pocket. It'll probably be days before we dig out the box we brought."

Colby's eyes widened in mock horror. "We need to get up there right away and get back my chocolate!" Zach threw on his scrubs. Colby said, "Skirts are impractical for zero-gee." She put on some tan yoga pants, a purple pullover, and flats.

They left their quarters. Zach had crippled her a bit. Colby walked gingerly and looked goofy, like she was riding a steer. He scooped her up, threw her over his shoulder, and ran, both of them laughing, to the radial arm bay. Once they were through the hatches, he ushered her up the ladder and followed her.

The lights were on in the core. Zach's clothes were floating around outside the bubble, scattered. He checked the pockets. He retrieved his phone, but the chocolate bar was gone.

There was a meter of water damping any sound between the inside of the bubble and the outside. People inside the bubble couldn't hear outside and vice versa. Zach pushed through the bubble entrance until his head was inside. "Did anybody see a chocolate bar?" he asked.

"We ate it," answered Colleen with a smile.

"We want breakfast!" said Alexis. "Please."

"I needed that bar for Colby," said Zach.

"I know," said Colleen, smiling, "But I know something you don't."

"You know where the box of chocolate bars is," said Zach.

"Bingo!" said Colleen, "And I might be tempted to tell you, for some breakfast."

"This is..." said Zach, "you're holding those chocolate bars hostage! You're breakfast pirates!"

"And a bath! We want a bath!" said Alexis.

"You got semen all over everywhere, Zach," said Ayana, looking around with distaste.

Zach pulled himself back out of the bubble. Colby asked what happened to the chocolate. He filled her in on the situation. She seconded the notion that the bubble women were indeed breakfast pirates. They set off for Galley A.

Colby and Zach cooked breakfast for eight. That covered the six in the bubble and the two of them. They took their breakfasts into the bubble to chat with the others.

As soon as Colby's head popped through the entrance, she said, "Wow... it smells like a used condom in here."

"Exactly!" said Colleen. "We need to figure something out. Well, more than one thing."

"Berte's the designer, but she's piloting the ship," said Zach.

"I'll switch places with her," said Colby.

"Better yet," said Colleen. "Find Mateo. Have him pilot the ship and you two come back with Berte."

After breakfast, Colby and Zach went down to Radial Arm Bay A2. They went out the spinward hatch and walked spinward to Cabin A3, Mateo and Jason's cabin. Nobody was there. They walked farther spinward looking for Mateo.

They found Aiden and Jason sitting and playing cards in Hydroponics Bay B2. It was an odd place to play cards, since there wasn't particularly anyplace to sit or play. Aiden was perched on a planter's stool. Jason was sitting on a wide board between two buckets. They were playing cards on the part of the board Jason was not sitting on.

"Do you know where Mateo is?" asked Zach.

"He'll be here any minute, I mean really," said Aiden, looking at the time on his phone.

"Okay," said Zach, looking at Colby. She looked back at him and shrugged.

Colby said to the guys, "We need him to run the ship."

Jason looked up at them and then stood up. "Is it urgent?"

Colby waved him down. "No, no, we can wait a few minutes. What, is he taking a shower?"

"Ahh... no," said Jason, sitting back down.

Sure enough, a few minutes later Mateo approached them from spinward. "Oh, God, guys, she still wants to keep-" He saw Zach and Colby. "Going. Oh, hi."

"You," said Jason to Aiden.

"About time," said Aiden, slapped his cards down, and brushed past Mateo heading spinward.

Charisse's place was adjacent, fifty feet spinward, Zach thought. That had to be it. Three of them! And they looked tired. "How long have you guys been...?" he asked.

"Hours," Mateo said to Zach, sitting down heavily. Colby looked around uncomfortably, getting the gist.

"I hate to pull you away from your recreation time," Colby said. "Colleen requests you pilot the ship while Berte looks into a few problems with the bubble."

"Nothing serious, I hope," said Mateo.

"No, just some minor adjustments." With that, the three went to relieve Berte. This accomplished, Zach, Colby and Berte climbed up to the core to discuss the bubble with its occupants.

Once the three had squeezed their way into the bubble, Berte said, "Here's what I propose. We take all your stuff back out of here. Then we throw three hundred liters of water in here with you along with some mild detergent. Then you can clean the inner walls of the bubble to your hearts' content. You can also have a good bath yourselves. You need it."

"Thanks to Zach," muttered Ayana.

"That's surprising," said Berte. "I thought you only nailed him to get pregnant. Now I'm confused."

"Darling sweet," said Ayana. "It doesn't mean because I partook. Merely the proximity was enough, in zero-gee, to pollute everything. Not his fault. We didn't think it through."

"I should have foreseen it," said Colleen.

"Berte, honey doll," said Ayana, "I willingly concede that Zach is a total sweetheart. I consider him a good friend, but I'm not sexually attracted. I know that disappoints you. It shouldn't. We can maybe be closer friends because of it. When sexual attraction is removed, friendships are that much better, I think. Frankly, I don’t see how Khushi remains sane, being attracted to both genders."

"Really? Well, okay. I'm happy for you and Khushi. And us," said Berte. Without missing a beat she continued. "We'll take out the dirty water and put in another three hundred liters to rinse everything off with. Then we'll take out the rinse water. We'll turn down the humidity and turn up the heat on the air recycler we're using. The place will be dry half an hour after that."

Six hundred liters of water sounded like a lot. But the astronauts knew that even a quick shower used sixty-five liters of water. So, six hundred liters was not a problem from a recycling standpoint. In Mars gravity, a fifty liter canister of water weighed forty pounds at the rim of the habitat. It would not be a problem to carry a dozen such canisters back and forth.

"You mean, we'll be naked?" asked Anming, glancing at Ayana and then away.

"Yes," said Berte.

"You display your body proudly, remember?" said Zach.

"Yes, my husband," Anming replied resignedly.

"What about the other problem?" Alexis asked Berte. "Zach said you had ideas."

Berte began, "Yes, I-"

"My husband," said Anming, "Surely you have something better to do while we discuss... hmm... logistical matters."

"Yes, fuck off, get lost," Michaela seconded, waving her arms at him. "Should be surprise." Zach and Colby left to do their morning workout before they were due on duty at 10 AM.

At 2 PM there was an all-crew meeting in the bubble. Only Colby was not in attendance, since she was piloting the ship. She had an audiovisual connection into the meeting though, phone to phone with Zach. Colleen called the crowded but clean and fresh-smelling bubble of people to order. "Okay, first the time change. As you all know, ground control has been operating on Darian time since before the countdown. This was so that we don't have to switch official timekeeping methods during the mission. So officially, we're already on Darian time."

Colleen continued, "In Darian, it's Lunae, the equivalent of Monday morning. It’s the 16th day of the month of Makara at almost 0730 OST, or Olympus Standard Time. It's Winter on Earth, but on Mars, it's the middle of Spring. By the time we arrive, it'll be the middle of Summer. If we're lucky, the temperature when and where we land could be as high as a balmy 70 Fahrenheit or 20 Celsius. A perfect summer day, not too hot."

Colleen said, "We all can switch our phone clocks to Darian time. Let's do that now. Okay. The way I propose we deal with the six and a half hours of difference in the time zones is this. Each of the next three watches are ten hours instead of eight hours. And you, Zach and Colby, will take the extra half hour. So, Colby and Zach will be on duty until 1400 OST today. Khushi and Charisse will serve from 1400 OST until midnight. Berte and Aanya will serve from midnight to 1000 OST tomorrow. Watches will begin at the usual times thereafter. Any objections?" There were none.

Colleen continued, "We need to figure out holidays better eventually, but we don't want to miss Christmas, do we? No we don't. So we'll celebrate Christmas Eve on Makara the 26th and Christmas Day on Makara the 27th this year. That’s synced up with Earth. We'll have to start thinking about double holidays or something. Every Martian year is about two Earth years long. Should we therefore have two Christmases? Invent new holidays? We'll have to think about it."

Colleen continued, "Oh, and mining crew, plug your ears. Just kidding. Another insemination week starts for Michaela today. Let's all give the hard working couple the... space... and... the encouragement I guess... to do what wants to be done."

Mateo raised his hand. "I can speak for my crew in saying we are not scandalized, and good luck to Michaela this week. And I have another matter I'd like to discuss."

"Go ahead," said Colleen.

Mateo continued, "I'd like to request that Jason and I shift to the night watch. I further request Ethan and Aiden shift to the graveyard watch. The bubble is on the day watch with Colby and Zach. This spreads us out more on the shifts. I think it gives us better coverage for helping with this and that."

"This and that, eh?" said Colleen. "Okay." Zach believed she had picked up on what he had. Colby was the only free range woman on the day watch, and she was being monogamous to Zach. The mining crew was splitting up the other four free range women, or chances at them, at least. "And speaking of insemination, take it away Berte."

"Fucking in the bubble is messy," said Berte. "Also, Zach, or whoever, can't get much leverage in the weightlessness, leading to less satisfying fucks for both participants. To alleviate these problems, I've designed the fuckspace. As you can see, it's filled with water and permanently attached to the wall. The two lovers squeeze into it from the top and put these straps over the opening to keep them in. There are slots on both sides for the woman's legs that should accommodate a wide variety of positions. There's a hard surface on the bottom for Zach, or whoever, to push against. The water pressure in the fuckspace pushes the two lovers together gently but with a force equivalent to Earth gravity." She pulled down her pants. "Zach, get undressed and help me with a demonstration-"

"No, no, no need, Berte," Colleen interrupted. "We'll try it out later and let you know if it needs any adjustments. Thanks for your dedication to workability."

Mateo raised his hand sheepishly. "It looks a little complicated. We might need a demonstration. Yes. I think it would really be good to have one."

Colleen looked at Mateo with exasperation. "Meeting adjourned."

That night, in the pitch dark, Zach used the fuckspace for the first time. First, he felt his way over to it so he could be sure to find it. A woman was enveloped in it, snoring softly. It was Michaela.

The combination of Michaela's nice, tight, yearning, expert snatch and the fuckspace was something else. Her legs were spread wide. She was taking him all the way right from the start. He rammed her hard with intense satisfaction. It was better than just Earth gravity. It was like plowing into a woman curled up on a couch. There was all this leverage and nowhere for her to go but just take it.

And take it Michaela did, with increasing noise, despite the slight muffling effects of the fuckspace on her. Zach also finished with a loud moan. He felt like everything had been shaken out of him and into Michaela. At first there were titters as Michaela had begun to moan and carry on. By the end, women were climbing over to feel what was going on. He never thought he would ever experience force and traction like this ever again. He wasn't sure he ever had before. The contraption was genius.

Colette climbed in next. Zach was a bit more depleted than usual by his extraordinary release with Michaela. Colette coaxed him expertly. Soon she was asking Alexis to orgasm almost constantly. Sometimes Alexis said no, and Colette's body violently strained against the pleasure. One time, Colette gave in under the strain. Her scream was piercing and deafening. Zach had never experienced a woman so unhinged in orgasm. Afterwards, Alexis assured Colette would be punished severely for her unauthorized climax.

By the time Zach made it out of the bubble, he had been absolutely crushed. He had experienced some of the best orgasms of his life.

Communal washing and bathing became a daily ritual in the bubble. After breakfast, it was time to clean all belongings out of the bubble temporarily, splash around together, and get clean. Colby put in the water and took it out. Zach carried water up from and back down to the rim two 50 liter containers at a time.

Ayana seemed perpetually horny in the bubble. Her favorite time was when they all had to get naked and splash around at washing time. Alexis and Michaela, deprived of men, were easy and biddable targets for her lust. Colleen was surprisingly interested. Colette was aroused by anyone who could use her, and Ayana could do that. Ayana loved it when Alexis ordered Colette to service her.

Anming was separate from this sapphic mayhem. Yet Ayana was well aware Anming had taken a lesbian lover back on Earth. She tried her best to woo Anming. She teased her and tried to tempt her. She knew Anming was into embarrassment and humiliation, so she tried that angle as well. She ogled her as they undressed to bathe. She openly and verbally admired Anming’s physical attributes. During the scrum of daily bathing, she once, laughing, let go a little tinkle on Anming’s breasts. Outwardly, Anming’s reaction was negative. It was inconspicuous and easily explained away as an accident. That night, Anming confessed the matter in a whisper to Zach. Clearly it had affected her in some inscrutable way.

Khushi wasn’t holding back either. During the nine days Ayana was confined to the bubble, Khushi seemed to Zach to be gluttonous with the men. She and Zach usually saw each other during his duty cycle. During this time Colby was busy piloting the ship and would be none the wiser. Sometimes they saw each other twice or even three times in a day.

From the abused look of her holes, Zach suspected Khushi was welcoming more than him between her legs. He was often restless during his sleep cycle, traveling between Colby and the women of the bubble. During this time, Khushi believed him asleep. He discovered that she often had movie dates during this time with the men of the mining crew. It got so that he would tiptoe over to Recreation A to see if she had anything going on. Recreation A was next to her cabin but on the opposite side of the rim from his. Berte and Aanya, who were on duty at this time, were always busy and away from there. Any other members of the mining crew were invariably in or near Charisse's cabin.

The movie nights always started innocently enough, if he caught the beginning. But if he returned about a half hour in, the couple was invariably and obliviously petting. Mateo and Jason inevitably had their heads under her dress. Her hands were trying to hide the bump, or often just holding on for dear life. Ethan and Aiden were definitely more of the tit sucking and finger fucking persuasion. To their credit, it appeared the mining crew all had a fairly strict "Khushi comes first" ethic.

One afternoon, Zach was having a snack in Galley B, not his usual haunt. Charisse wandered in wearing only panties, looking for breakfast. "Good morning," said Zach. "You're looking wonderful." She had a nice baby bump. In his opinion, it made her even more beautiful.

"Where have you been?" Charisse asked.

"I've been around," said Zach.

"Don't be coy," Charisse said.

"I thought you wanted me to leave you alone," said Zach.

"Not at all!" argued Charisse. "Didn't I tell you last time we talked that I'd be available any time you needed me?"

"I don't need you," Zach lied. "Or at least, I don't need you unless you want me to need you. Do you want me to need you? I got the impression you didn't. I love you. I want you to have the life you want. I want you to hang out with the people you want to hang out with. If that's not me, I should live with it."

"You visited the greenhouse three, four, five times a week and never said hello to me," Charisse fumed.

"You're angry about that?" said Zach. "It seemed awkward for me to drop by afterward, covered in mud, and ask. 'Did you enjoy the show? Were you able to bust a nut?' Especially since you'd made it clear you wanted to be left alone."

"On the contrary, it should have been a big clue, you numbskull!" said Charisse. "Do I have to lead you all the way to my cooch with a trail of bread crumbs?" She stuffed her half-eaten slice of buttered toast into his mouth.

Zach grabbed her, grabbed her tits, pushed out and held her down on the galley table. Her belly roiled under his hand. Charisse sneered, "Little bastard loves it when mommy gets nailed."

She didn't fight as he slid her panties off and spread her. Her vaginal opening looked red and angry, like it had just won a twelve round prize fight. She had been hammering that mining crew to within an inch of their lives.

He felt guilty. He had a tube of medicine for that. It wouldn't deaden the pain, but it would help the abrasion and swelling. Gingerly, lovingly, he applied it with a finger. "What's this about?"

"They're nice enough men," Charisse said softly, defensively. Her anger was gone.

"I know they are," said Zach. "What's going on with you?"

"Nothing," Charisse insisted. "Thanks for the cream."

"My pleasure," said Zach. He put the tube back in his pocket. He bent over to retrieve her panties from the floor.

"You goddamn motherfucker!" Charisse cried. She lifted him off the ground. In the Mars gravity, he was maybe 80 pounds, and she was strong. She slammed him down on the galley table, nearly breaking it. She yanked down his scrub pants. He was naked underneath. Down her throat it went, obviating all conversation or reason.

Zach was summoned out of a deep sleep by his special ringtone for Colby. "We've been off duty for half an hour, lover. Where are you? Those bitches down in the bubble don't know either. Colleen hasn't debriefed you. She's concerned about the problems with the third stage of Waste Recycler B."

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep," Zach said, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Charisse writhed around him like a warm python in the dark of her cabin. "Uh, in a random stateroom."

Colby, concerned, "Have you been getting enough sleep?" Then the dots connected for her. Curtly, she added, "Go talk to Colleen and then meet me in Galley B to fix dinner for the bitches."

"Will do," said Zach. Oh fuck, Charisse was sucking his cock again. To Colby, "Sorry, love."

"It's cool," Colby sighed, when obviously it wasn't entirely. It broke Zach's heart. She said, "You gave me my square of chocolate at lunch today." She hung up.

"Echh Aaa Oo Paggh," Charisse gargled around his cock.

"What?" asked Zach.

Charisse disgorged him. "She's sure got you trained," said Charisse. "I'd envy her if it wasn't so cruel."

"She wants me to need her," said Zach.

"She'll never be satisfied with you," said Charisse.

"I know," Zach agreed painfully.

Zach called Colleen to let her know he'd fixed Waste Recycler B. When he got to Galley B and saw Colby, he whirled her around and hugged her to himself fiercely. He didn't ever want to let go. He reminded himself of his big sister Emily.

Colby said through the crush, "Baby, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to sound upset. I know you're up at night, you work hard. You're probably tired all the time."

"Shh," said Zach. "I love you so desperately. I love you so much."

Colby wrapped her legs around him. "I've got it for you here," she soothed, misunderstanding his thoughts. "I've got it for you right here."

The next morning, Zach woke up with a positive ache for Berte. With all the pandemonium around the launch and the bubble, it had been building up unchecked. He texted her, "Any room in your bed this evening?"

Berte texted back quickly, "Sorry, nope :-)"

"Perfectly fine," Zach texted back as quickly as he could.

Zach levered himself slowly out of bed. What was he thinking? He'd had Charisse to exhaustion yesterday. Colby went out of her way to be a mink with him last night. And he'd had Alexis and Michaela after she'd fallen asleep. Still, he had an itch.

He called Aanya. "How's my favorite love bird?"

"Trying to save as many seedlings as possible," Aanya puffed. "Let me put this down."

"I respect your work, you know that," said Zach. "Can I waylay you?"

"You're stronger than me," said Aanya. "It's not like I could stop you."

"Is that so?" said Zach.

"I've been cheating on you since the launch with Ethan," Aanya taunted. "He's so sweet and romantic to me. He sleeps with me every night. It reminds me of Aarav at the beginning."

"Aw, that's great," said Zach.

"You shouldn't say that. I'm your wife," said Aanya.

"I'm sure he knows that," said Zach.

"But he hasn’t figured out yet about... what else I need," Aanya said. "I've been such an evil slut to you, Zach."

Zach found Aanya in Hydroponics Bay A5. He'd brought some toys from his cabin. He threw her to the deck and held her there with his foot in the light Martian gravity. He ball gagged her before she could emit more than a few surprised squeaks. He knew from his time with Colette that Storage A5, directly spinward through Air Conditioning A, was fairly private. The sounds of the air plant masked a fair amount of noise.

It was time to see what Aanya would think of the full Colette treatment. He trussed her hands and threw her onto an empty shelf at the right height. As she struggled, he tied her legs far apart to the opposite risers. She was more limber than he expected.

He teased her through her panties with a handheld vibrator. As she looked desperate, shaking, almost about to orgasm, he whipped her across the midriff with a soft leather whip. It was through her dress as well, but it stunned and woke her up. "Don't orgasm yet," he ordered her, still pressing the vibrator to her creamed-through panties. "You're not allowed to orgasm yet." That got a whimper out of her. She started shaking and he whipped her again.

Zach stopped teasing Aanya to cut off her cream-coated panties. Then he inserted the buzzing vibrator and whipped her again so she wouldn't cum instantly. He knew her body. Her writhing, sounds, and drooling became more intense. He had to whip her faster and harder to keep her from orgasming. "Now you may orgasm," he ordered, and removed the vibrator. She shook like an epileptic fit. Her eyes rolled back. She squirted a little fountain and kept shaking as it puddled on the deck.

The shaking stopped. Aanya looked disoriented. Bending over her with an intense passionate eye-to-eye gaze, he said, "I’m not a bad man. I'm even going to leave your cunt fresh for your new boyfriend." Zach rocked his lubed cock roughly into her anus, straightening the curves of her rectum abruptly.

"RR-pp!" Aanya choked through the ball gag as Zach took her ass furiously. This roughness was driving her wild, but it wasn't his favorite. He enjoyed how much it excited her. He stopped to feel her anus clip him as she writhed with an orgasm. Starting in her again, she got tighter, and tighter, and tighter, and tighter. She let go, writhed, and screamed as best she could through the gag.

Zach entered his short strokes. He held Aanya immobile so he wouldn't pop out at the last moment. He arched with all his strength. Heat filled her rectum.

Abruptly, he cut her hands free, removed the ball gag, and left, leaving her tied spread to the shelf. As he was leaving, he heard someone else coming down the corridor. He ducked behind a shelf to see what would happen.

Mateo almost missed seeing her. He passed her location, then abruptly stopped and backpedaled. Another pause as they regarded each other. "Sexual mishap?" Mateo offered.

"I'm fine, heh heh," said Aanya, trying desperately to reach either ankle to untie it. "Consensual, I assure you."

"Well, not a gentleman," said Mateo.

"How do you know?" said Aanya.

"May I help?" asked Mateo.

"I see how you're looking at me," said Aanya. Zach could hear by the tremor in her voice that she was still near the height of excitement.

"Excuse me?" asked Mateo.

"I know what you want to do," said Aanya.

"Help you?" asked Mateo.

"Before untying me," said Aanya.

Mateo pulled down his pants. He forced her creamy slit open wide with his raging hard dick and pounded her. Aanya cried out and thrashed in orgasm as hard as Zach had ever seen, maybe harder. He didn't want to spoil the moment for either one of them by betraying his presence. He crept away silently, leaving them to be consumed by their mutual passion.

Around 4 PM, Zach was in the middle of resetting a sediment trap in Waste Recycling B. He got a text from Berte. "Sorry. He's asleep now. I can meet you if you want."

"Relax. It's your sleep cycle. A lot is riding on you. Stay with him." Curiosity killed the cat. "Do you mind if I ask who the lucky guy is?"

"No, I don't mind. You're my husband," Berte replied. "I would never want to hide anything from you. I remember what a problem it was with Anming. It worried us all." She didn't answer his implied question. She always answered quite literally. And wow, could she text quickly.

"Who's the lucky guy?" Zach asked.

"Aiden," Berte replied. "He was very enthusiastic. Colby told me in the ball pit he'd be good, and he was. Woof!"

"Excellent," said Zach. "Tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow, I promise. Goodnight, my lovely husband," said Berte, and that was that.

It was Lunae the 23rd, or as they'd gone back to saying, Monday the 23rd. Ayana finished her stay in the bubble and rushed to sleep with Khushi. Luckily, Khushi had anticipated this. Their quarters smelled fresh and clean with all clean bedding when Ayana arrived. Zach's trysts with Khushi abruptly ended. He didn't even catch sight of her except between 6 PM and 2 AM when she had to pilot the ship. Ayana, when he saw her, looked radiant.

Thursday the 26th was Christmas Eve. There was a big party in the bubble around 2 pm, when everyone but Colby could attend. The party doubled as a getting out party for Colette.

Everyone was mildly stoned on marijuana wafers. People got tired of trying to dance in some reasonable way in the zero gravity. Everyone but Khushi was terrible at it. The subject invariably turned to the fuckspace. All the bubble women had tried it, being that Ayana was not technically a bubble woman anymore. Charisse, Khushi, Berte, and Aanya had not tried it. With Colby's permission, Zach offered that he and Colby had tried it late one night. To Zach's surprise, Jason And Mateo both said they had tried it. They were avid fans. Ethan and Aiden had not tried it.

"Berte, your invention is a treasure! You absolutely must feel it," said Colleen.

Berte grabbed Zach's hand and floated him over to the fuckspace.

"There is a privacy curtain now," said Anming with relief, and drew it shut behind them.

Alexis had taught Berte to be verbal. From behind the curtain, Berte said, "I'm ready for you. I'm ready, yes! Hmm, yes, then, lick it if you want to. Yes... yes... ah! Come on and make love to me! Yes, aah! Yes I like it when you suck it. I'm ready, love! YOU calm down. I'm ready for your sweet love, Zach. Oh, you're gonna make me cum! OoooooAH! Nnnn! C'mon!"

There was a sound like one person pulling another person across the bare surface of a waterbed. Berte said, "Wow, that's a tight fit. Yes I know my legs go there. Aah-hah-hah! In-yessss! Go go Gawd yes! Fuckin' pound me stud! Gawd yes! Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-YEAAAH!!"

That was the first of many orgasms for Berte. There were lots more like that over the next ten minutes. She became incoherent. Zach was somewhat used to the enormous pleasure afforded by Berte's invention. Now he could last in it more than a few minutes. On the other hand, Berte was getting the top of her head blown off. She was singing musical notes heretofore unheard. At his culminating roar, she made a sound that most closely resembled an accordion being crushed by a truck. Then it got quieter, except for an occasional moan or swear word as they came down from their high. He loved his leverage, but even more, he loved an excited Berte, and she’d been hyperbolic.

When Zach pulled the curtain back, he faced a much more sober crowd, all focused on them. A sea of squirming women was punctuated by sweating men with evident hard-ons straining to get out.

"Yes, you," said Aanya to Ethan, dragging him forward. They pulled the curtain shut behind them. Lots of soft sighs from Aanya. Then an emphatic "OH-ohhhh..." as she orgasmed. Zach guessed oral. There were a few more of those. Zach was liking this Ethan guy. He was no speed runner. Then there was fussing. "I think this goes... here," said Aanya softly. Rhythmic sounds gave way to Aanya saying, "Huh... huh... huh... huh... yes pound me lover! Oh so deep! Oh how you delight me! Oh... Ethan... EEEEE-TINNNNN!!"

It went on and on, Aanya getting more emphatic as Ethan found his leverage. Zach considered how the intercourse between two particular lovers was so unique to that pair. Aanya was entirely different with him. His heart swelled with joy at hearing her unique delight with Ethan. Or, he thought, chuckling, EEEEE-TINNNNN!!

Colby saw Zach was deeply moved by something. She hoped it wasn't torment, hearing Aanya's pleasure with Ethan. She hugged him tightly, trying to remind him there would always be her.

Charisse and Aiden took a turn. They both looked blasted, changed, when they came out.

Khushi looked longingly at Jason until Ayana pushed her into his arms. Ayana looked restless as she heard Jason wring pleasure out of a moaning, mewing, orgasming Khushi with increasing vehemence. Zach felt Colby squirm with a particular desperation against him as she heard Jason's pleasure in Khushi.

It was late in the night before Christmas, after Zach had made love repeatedly to a desperately horny Colby. The couple was awakened when their cabin door cracked open, letting in a sliver of light. "It's your secret Santa," whispered Colette, "from Alexis." Colby turned their lamp on low as Colette closed the hatch. Colette's costume was red, furry, and revealing. It jingled as she moved. Gently, she slid into the couple's bed on the other side of Colby from Zach.

"What can we do for you?" asked Colby sleepily.

"Ma cherie," said Colette, stroking Colby's chocolaty rich cheek. "I'm merely here to provide a little Christmas spirit." She began gently massaging Colby. Colby, already relaxed and still a bit stoned on cannabis wafers, purred and accepted. Zach added massage oil from the drawer to Colby as Colette continued massaging her.

Soon Colette was up against Colby's front kissing her, and Zach was spooning Colby from behind. Zach kissed the back of Colby's neck and felt both women's breasts. His hands moved lower.

Colby stirred and said firmly, not upset, "Our bed is for us." Zach's hands stopped. She said to him, "It's okay, baby. Go if you want. Just not in our bed."

"It's Christmas Eve," said Zach, nuzzling Colby. "I'm staying."

Colette offered, "Perhaps a rain check then, mon cher?" Zach nodded. "And you, ma cherie, perhaps when the stallion is not in the paddock, the filly will be more playful?"

"Maybe another massage," said Colby, stretching luxuriously. "Definitely another massage."

"Until then," said Colette, and jingled as she rose and softly left their quarters for her next destination.

(To be continued)
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72: Wednesday, Aquarius 11, 231 0400 hours OST: Bubble Drain

It had been two weeks since the Christmas celebrations. Zach floated up into the core one night to find it transformed into a wonderland of evocative lighting. The bubble glowed softly from many points within. He saw that the lights inside resembled flowers. They glowed pastel colors that cycled.

As Zach pushed into the bubble, he saw the lighting's profound effect on the inside. He saw everything. The light was gentle, inspiring. It was barely enough to see by, like what he imagined fairy light would be. Colleen and Alexis were snoring softly together in Alexis's bag. It must be lonely for Alexis now that Colette was out. Michaela, who was usually waiting for him asleep in the fuckspace, was curled up in her bag. Anming was asleep in the fuckspace.

Zach floated silently over to Anming. She was sleeping peacefully. The fuckspace was transparent and filled with water. He had never simply observed a sleeping woman in it. Before this, it had always been dark in the core at night. His throat caught and he teared up. He hadn't seen Anming like this, really ever. She was a goddess of ancient Chinese legend. The goddess of space-time, fields, and quanta, all. One hand floated above her head. The other rested on her exquisite tummy. She was here waiting for him. By the enigmatic smile on her face, she was perhaps dreaming of him. Her black tribble punctuation of a bush was clearly visible. Her delicate vulva was hidden by her neutral leg position. She was a mysterious invitation.

Zach gently kissed Anming's face. Slowly, she roused, sighed, and stretched. She arched her back, toes pointed. As he gently drew her out of the fuckspace, he kissed her reverently: neck, breasts, tummy, and thighs. They floated together in the open space of the bubble.

Zach turned her around and nuzzled between her thighs, gently suckling. Her scent had exotic sharp overtones with a baseline of electric desire. He tasted here especially the brilliant thoughts that electrified every pore of her body. More, more, more, but gently, on her clitoris, so electric. She shuddered, still half asleep, her body filling and arching with excitement as they floated. One tiny hand gripped onto his tumescent cock for stability as they floated and slowly spun.

Anming puffed, breathed, and arched. She hissed and gritted her teeth as she climaxed, determined not to wake her crewmates. After that, she relaxed and breathed, "My husband."

Zach spun Anming around to face him. "You're so beautiful, floating asleep in this gentle light," he whispered.

"The lights were my idea," Anming whispered. They softly bounced off one wall of the bubble. "For my trouble, the others made me… present myself like a dirty slut."

"You've never been here in the thing for me before," Zach said. "Sweetheart, it’s not being a slut. When you offer yourself, it's a very special gift to me."

"I’m happy I fulfilled my obligation to please you, my husband," Anming said meekly. He appreciated that she was actively avoiding arguing with him about her peeves. Normally, she would be compelled to point out the crass nature of awaiting him naked and ready.

"You've pleased me so much," Zach cooed to her. "I want to taste your beautiful body with my mouth all night. You have a certain electricity in you that goes straight to my brain."

"Please enjoy yourself with your dutiful wife," Anming whimpered. She was modestly informing Zach that she yearned instead to be railed like there was no tomorrow.

Zach pushed off and flew with Anming back over to the fuckspace. He held her tightly to him as he shimmied them into it. She looked up at him intensely, teeth gritted, expectant as he thrust her legs through the slots. She was the greatest mind who had ever lived. In this moment, she was entirely his own shy, modest, submissive prize. He rocked into her wet tightness with utter delight. She grunted shrilly with the effort and pleasure of opening for him.

Anming was fully wet and tented. Her tiny quim, amazingly, was now a familiar hostess to Zach's raging cock. He had enormously good leverage this time especially. He slammed into her with relish, shaking the whole bubble. She squeaked with the effort, filled and opened completely. "EEErrrr!" she strained, orgasming for him. She knew it pleased him for her to feel the greatest pleasure. She tried to do it for him often.

Zach took in the sight of Anming naked, glowing, trapped upon his straining ardor. He beat out a song of love on the back wall of her vagina. She responded frequently with the mewing cries of orgasm, like a bird or a baby. Her electric smell and taste filled his senses, drove him past the brink. "RAAAAH!" he wailed, startling the other women awake. Anming's nails dug into his shoulders as she joined him in the oneness of orgasmic bliss. There was stillness.

Colleen woke up covered in wet. Anming’s baby-like cries of orgasm had made both her teats pump out a healthy supply of colostrum while she slept. She supposed she would have to wear noise canceling headphones to bed.

Anming shimmied to the entrance of the fuckspace. Zach grabbed her. "Where are you going?"

"My husband, it's our treasured wife Colleen's turn to share bliss with you. I can't-"

Zach grabbed Anming by the hips and pulled her down on his rigid spreading cock. She gasped in unexpected surprise. "I'm not done enjoying you," he moaned. Her slick tightness, splashing with semen, yielded again and again to his romantic ramming. In feeble resistance, her hands pushed against him, denying herself an unfair turn. He loved feeling her nails gently dig in as her resistance collapsed into burning need. Her tight womb fluttered in delight as she completely surrendered to his pounding passion. "EEE! Rrrrruh! Hnnnn!" She thrashed against him and snarled as animal lust overtook her.

This time Zach took longer as Anming racked up a multitude of shrill squeaking orgasms. She didn’t want to disturb her friends, but her body was out of control. It did what it must to express the pleasure convulsing her body.

Anming gurgled in anticipatory delight as Zach entered his short strokes. Her tangy scent of excitement intertwined with the clean scent of his fresh semen. She was so beautiful in the soft light. Her ass, taut with excitement, felt so good gripped tight in his sensitive hands. Plumbing her tight fluttering pussy was overwhelming. He locked, extended into her fully. The hot thrust of his juice splashed into her as he moaned in delight and she shrieked. They floated, catching their breath.

"Sounds like you're killing each other over there," Alexis teased. “Plus my milk is now everywhere.”

"Yes, Anming sucking our Zach dry like vampire," said Michaela.

"And so greedy, again and again," teased Colleen. “I lost count of your orgasms, Chinese wife.”

"He made me," argued Anming.

"No is a word," said Colleen.

"I obey and serve my husband," Anming insisted. As she said it, Zach's penis was still filling her to bursting and ever so slowly relaxing inside her. She felt overwhelming satisfaction at the declaration, the oneness. With the fulcrum of Zachary's ardent love, she was confident she could move the universe.


The following day around noon, Colette walked into Medical Bay A where Zach was working. "How are you doing?" he asked. Without a word, she dropped to her knees, fished his penis out of his pants, and slipped it into her mouth. He grabbed onto her head in surprise and for stability. He looked over his shoulder guiltily. Colby was right around the corner from them in Control Room A. Plus, Aanya, Berte, Ethan, and Aiden were all wandering around somewhere at this hour. This was a very public area, and he wasn't sure he could keep quiet. He gasped. Should he tell her to stop? But it felt so good. Too good. He decided to hold on for dear life and try to make as little noise as possible. He wouldn't be able to last long.

Mere moments later it seemed, Zach hissed and grunted as he ejaculated down Colette's throat. The ghost of Christmas present had finally caught up to him. Gasping, calming, he whispered to Colette, "To what do I owe the honor?"

Colette wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and replaced Zach's penis in his pants. She stood up and placed his hand on her baby bump. He felt a gentle kick. "Thank you, Zach," she said simply. He leaned in to kiss her passionately, and she let him. She would let him do anything sexual he wanted to with her, for all it mattered. "I'm glad it's you," she said with an enigmatic smile. She made a phone calling sign at the side of her head, like, "Call me." Then she walked away.


A few days later, Zach woke up with a raging hard need for Berte. He must have dreamed of her. Quietly, so as not to disturb Colby sleeping beside him. He texted Berte, "Can we meet? I'm missing you terribly."

Berte texted back, "I'm piloting the ship now, so nope :-)"

"How about 10 AM when you get off duty?" Zach texted desperately.

"Have to look at the fusion bottles and the ion drive," Berte replied. "Need to keep my hands on the wheel, figuratively speaking, during my watch. But somebody still has to service the fusion bottles and ion drive, else we'll explode."

"I appreciate that," Zach texted back, groaning to himself. Colby stirred and he put a lid on it. "Tonight??"

"Aiden has dibs on me at bedtime," said Berte. "I've just taught him to switch and finish in my butt. He's very excited about it. So am I :-) He's really good at pulling my hair as he does it from behind. Woof!"

"I'm happy for you, honey," texted Zach. He was, in a desperate sort of way. "I guess you're all booked up," he texted. He almost burst into tears.

"Not at all," texted Berte. "What with the butt stuff, Aiden will be all drained and out cold by 3 PM, 4 PM at the latest. I can meet you then :-)"

Zach texted, "We can meet in A1, Colleen's and Anming's quarters. They're empty at the moment. 4 PM?"

"You've got it, lover :-)" texted Berte. Zach smiled. He was not an infant. He could wait.

Later that day, around 5 PM, Zach was naked and snuggled up to Berte, feeling so complete and perfect. They had fucked like wildcats for an hour. She was full of his semen. Both holes. All was right with the world. He was suckling colostrum from her right breast, relaxed, listening. She said, "You're right that it would take a lot of water to shield the habitat ring, about 8,800 metric tons of it. It's not because that mass on the rim would cause it to tear apart. That only amounts to 11 kilopascals over the inner dimension of the ring. In contrast, the strength of carbon fiber is typically 228 gigapascals."

"No," Berte continued. "The problem is the gyroscopic effect." Zach remembered his college physics classes. Of course! "You see, angular momentum must always be conserved. That means, practically speaking, we have to fight the spinning of the ship to turn the ship. The heavier the ring, the harder it is to turn. That's why the ring must be as light as possible. Otherwise, it would cost way too much energy to steer the ship."

Her right teat was pretty much empty. Her left was shooting little droplets into his face that seemed to squeak, suck me! suck me! He paused during switching nipples and said, "Next question: Why did you just name your breasts Frustration and Depression?"

"A friend of mine, Sheila, did it first," answered Berte. "I just thought it was cute and fitting. They're two things I struggle with as well. So, say hello to my little friends."

"Not so little," said Zach as he latched onto Frustration. He purred as the colostrum let loose down his throat. It tasted like quite the opposite to him.


That evening, he was looking down at beautiful Colleen as they made love. She was having an enjoyable moment. He watched with delight as her breath caught and she tensed in orgasm. Her right breast gave him a good healthy squirt of colostrum in the sternum. Since they were weightless in the fuckspace, it shattered into little droplets that flew in all directions.

Acting swiftly, Zach dipped down into the fuckspace and latched onto Colleen’s right teat. He gently pinched her left nipple to try to prevent it from going off in parallel. He got a good strong latch on her right. The colostrum came hesitantly, but it came.

Fifteen minutes later, Colleen’s breasts were dry. She enthused, “Mmmm, I feel better than I have in weeks. Now fill me with your cock again, Zach... UUNH! That’s the ticket! Fuck me stud! Oh fuck yeah!” Her nails dug into his back, holding on for dear life. He pounded the living hell out of her from his position of firm leverage.

“Don’t wear him out,” chuckled Alexis from her sleeping bag.

“Yes, save cream for us,” said Michaela.

Anming’s heavy-lidded eyes gazed over at the writhing, excited lovers. She muttered softly to herself in Chinese. “Fuck our wife with all your prowess, my husband... yes, fuck the top of her head off… yes, the feel of him filling you… yes, the delicious pressure… yes, good, good, so very good...” In the depths of her sleeping bag, she helplessly touched herself closer and closer to a massive orgasm.

As Zach and Colleen rested in each other’s arms, Alexis floated over. “I’m feeling antsy tonight.”

Zach looked at Alexis with sleepy contentment, his face at her tit level, with a smile. Uncharacteristically, Anming cried out piercingly like a bird or a hungry baby as her powerful orgasm overtook her. Hearing the sound, Alexis’s breasts unloaded a deluge into Zach’s face, drenching him. “Now I’m awake,” he sputtered, and the three of them laughed. There was definitely some extra bubble cleaning to be done tomorrow morning.


On the next day, Sunday, the fifteenth of Aquarius, Michaela began a new fertile week. This time, she insisted on, and Colleen granted, extraordinary powers. She required Zach to spend every afternoon with her, all afternoon. The three other women must turn away and play loud music in their headphones. Anming often already did this while the fuckspace was being used during their awake period.

On her first fertile afternoon, Michaela was waiting anxiously for Zach in the fuckspace when he arrived. He remarked to her on the other women turned away, listening to music. “Have you suddenly gotten shy?” he asked.

“Yes, my darling,” Michaela said. “Is just for us. I missed you. Yes, I miss you when you’re gone from me, Zachary. You’re breaking down my resistance. Please make gentle romantic love to me. Please fill me with your love- ahh!”

Zach had drawn her out of the fuckspace and had his mouth lovingly on her vulva. He needed a moment to think, and performing cunnilingus was a good time to think deep thoughts. Michaela had never been this way with him. It was probably some angle.

At the end of the afternoon, Michaela talked to Zach about how he filled her with joy. She smiled a lot, which was particularly disconcerting. Michaela never smiled. He wondered whether he was losing his mind.

When they were decent, they roused the three other women out of their corners. The instant the others were present, Michaela reverted to exactly her usual sullen and gruff self. She even told him to fuck off as he left. He was left perplexed to say the least.

Zach noticed something about Michaela in addition to this weirdness. Instead of watching and masturbating as she generally did, she began turning away. If during the day, she would turn away and put on headphones. At night, she would be turned away and sleeping with headphones on.


One night, Zach was wandering around the ship after Colby had gone to sleep. He heard up the corridor the distinctive rising tones Charisse’s excitement at getting railed. Sure enough, in Hydroponics Bay A2, he spied that Mateo had Charisse up against a low table and was hammering her. He’d heard that they spent the night together nowadays.

They looked well suited. He’d be the last one to complain about Charisse and Mateo getting snuggly together during their sleep cycle. Apparently, their passion even overflowed that. Here they were, making out like wildcats in a public area of the ship. This time was the equivalent of their evening recreation period. Could it be true love for Charisse? Zach felt just a tiny pang.

In addition to that pair, Zach heard that the mining crew had acquired some overnight companionship. Jason was reportedly sleeping alone. Zach heard rumors from Alexis that Jason was successfully making the rounds during his waking period. Zach knew that Ethan and Aanya were constant sleeping and sex partners, as were Aiden and Berte.

Ayana was allowing Khushi to enjoy the mining crew as she saw fit. Zach was forbidden, and so far, Khushi was obeying Ayana’s restriction. The stated reason was that Khushi should only be romantic with Ayana. The rest was supposedly just sex. Zach hoped Khushi could keep a secret. He knew she would never sleep with a man she didn’t care for.


“Is this really the real you?” Zach asked Michaela during their next afternoon together. She was acting strange again.

“Is really me, Zach. Falling in sloppy love for my Zachary,” Michaela answered. “Can I call you mine? I’m helpless. I want your romantic touches. I want so badly to carry your baby deep inside my womb. To bear you healthy child for you. To serve as mother of your child. I yearn deep in my womb, Zachary. Desperately, I need your lovemaking.”


Just because Berte and Aanya had regular sleeping partners didn’t mean that they didn’t hook up with Zach. A couple times a week without fail, the women would get with him. With Berte, it was often after Aiden had fallen asleep. With Aanya, it was either then or during her watch when she could get away from Ethan.

Michaela continued to behave in the oddest way with Zach. He had to admit, he loved it, though. It was like she was a whole different person, smiling, laughing. The new Michaela was a person he was beginning to crush mightily on. He caught himself daydreaming about her. She was definitely someone to wonder about these days.


One evening at 6 PM, at the changeover meeting with Ayana, he was struggling with himself as usual. They covered emergency care on the ship in twelve hour shifts. Zach was 6 AM to 6 PM. Ayana was 6 PM to 6 AM. They had one meeting a day at 6 PM to go over anything. At the end of the meeting, he always struggled to not mention Khushi. His exclusion from her life was a matter for them to work out, not his concern. This evening he failed to keep quiet. “What’s your concern regarding Khushi seeing me every once in a while? She loves you very deeply, you know.”

“Romantic monogamy is a normal thing, Zach,” Ayana replied. “It’s the normal thing even with open relationships. It’s certainly what I prefer. I believe it to be healthy and constructive in a committed relationship.”

“Have you thought about whether it’s working for Khushi?” asked Zach.

“She doesn’t mention you,” said Ayana. “It seems as though she would if it really mattered to her.” That’s where their discussion of the matter ended. He didn’t put any weight into her statement that Khushi didn’t talk about it. Maybe she didn’t want to start an argument every time they talked. He could understand that. But if Khushi didn’t mention him, why the resistance? At any rate, he knew it had been a bad idea to talk to Ayana. He shouldn’t compound it by discussing the matter further with her.


On Michaela’s last insemination day, she actually began to cry real tears at the thought they could no longer be “honest” with each other while making love. Zach negotiated successfully with Colleen that the sessions should continue unchanged. He argued that Michaela’s ovulation cycles might just be a lot less predictable than other women’s.


The next day, when Zach went to visit the bubble late at night, Anming was already asleep in the fuckspace. Michaela was turned away as usual, probably asleep. A faint tinkle of music came from her headphones.

Zach took a minute to gaze at and admire Anming’s naked form. Her smooth skin. The little tuft of fur protecting her modesty. Her baby bump was now unmistakable, his baby. She stirred and stretched as he drew her out of the fuckspace to snack on her cute slot. He pulled on her taut, pert breasts as well, but they would not yield anything yet. Still, he enjoyed the feel of them in his mouth.


Tuesday evening, Colby was friskier than ever. “Zach, baby, Colleen’s getting out tomorrow. I know she’s been missing having you and sleeping with you in a regular gravity bed. Now she’ll have you until Anming gets out. Then Anming will have you for a week. After which, we’ll rotate.” She gave Zach a serious look. “Now sweetheart, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your sweet chocolate whenever and wherever. I’ll be sleeping in our room. Off duty, if I’m not already at our place, just call me and I’ll come running. Even during our watch, I won’t be at the helm any more. If you really need it, I’ll take care of you, baby. You know I will.”


Wednesday was a signature day. This was not only because Colleen was getting out of the bubble. It was not just because she would take over from Colby as his official day shift wife. It was because the pregnancy test showed that Michaela was going to be a mother!

The excitement at this news could not have been higher, for both crews. It was a Khushi level of excitement. Khushi had been the first. Now Michaela was the last. She still had to spend eighteen weeks in the bubble. But it was the beginning of freedom.

At 2 PM, a pregnancy party was thrown in the bubble. Mateo graciously took over the controls so that Colby could attend in person. Because these were steely-eyed missile mamas, there was loud music. Because these were pregnant women, there was no booze. Because these were women, there was mandatory chocolate, the good kind. There were cannabis wafers, but not more than three per woman. Amid the loud music and chocolate floating around, there was a wild light show on Anming’s system. There was bad zero-gee dancing and bouncing off the walls. There were loose droplets of flavored seltzer water splashing everywhere.

Michaela and Zach had a muted conversation tucked away in a corner of the bubble. She began, “I’m not entirely googly-eyed girl I’ve shown you, Zachary. Was not exactly lie, but...”

Zach’s heart sank. “I was suspicious,” he said. They looked at each other.

“Is not entirely lies,” explained Michaela. “Just not way I usually say. I believe the end justified the means, no? My theory that you had to feel love romance at the moment of shooting to fertilize my egg proved effective. I know the evidence is far from definitive. Was time for desperate tactics, though. Will you be okay? I do not want to injure delicate Zachary heart.”

Zach nodded, but didn’t make eye contact. He was processing it. “Of course, Michaela. I’ll be fine.”

“For example,” said Michaela. “You know when I say ‘fuck off’ means I loved, and I’m done. If did not love, would simply say ‘don’t come back’. Is just not in me to say by nature ‘fill me with romantic man cream’ or some such. Smiling, to me, is for once-in-lifetime special occasion like this. Watch. You see, I just smiled actual smile. Now I am done until give birth.”

Michaela continued, “Listen: I have no desire to own you like wife does. That’s good for you, Zachary. But I did have actual yearning deep in womb. Wanted baby, yours. You are rare acceptable man. Fragile, delicate American, true, but bad traits will probably not affect child. Yet, child must have father. Want to make sure, will you be okey-doke?”

“I’ll be fine, Michaela,” said Zach. “You know, you didn’t need to play me like that. You could have just confided in me, shared your hopes and dreams.”

“You still don’t get,” said Michaela shaking her head. “Have no hopes, no dreams. If assume worst, never disappoint. Sorry for hurt. Please forgive and continue to fill me with your stiff man meat when I need. Okay, now will fuck off back to party.” And she floated away.

After this conversation, Michaela climbed into the fuckspace. Because of risk of unwanted pregnancy, she had mostly steered clear of men other than Zach. Now, she shouted over the din of the party for the mining crew to come enjoy her freely. Jason was the first to climb in. He didn’t draw the privacy curtain shut. He was sleeping alone at the moment, so he was the most freewheeling bachelor among them. Soon, the grunts and groans of Michaela’s orgasms punctuated the dance tunes.

Berte watched with delight and at close range as a grimacing Jason busted a nut in Michaela’s pussy. Berte waited breathlessly until, groaning, Jason slid out his softening wet sausage and unleashed a splash of seminal fluid. Berte moaned with the erotic thrill of it. “I love a good dismount,” she whimpered.

Since Jason was done, Berte pushed an astonished Aiden towards the fuckspace. She insisted her lover and sleeping partner service her friend on this, her special evening. Aiden stammered and tried to argue, but Berte was adamant. They finally agreed they would draw the privacy curtain, but Berte would be inside to watch the whole thing and cheer them on.

While that was going on, Ethan and Aanya were having a conversation with Colleen and Alexis. “Even at two to one,” Colleen said, “that leaves half the crew without a lover if we practice monogamy.” She wasn’t going to point out that, given her commitment to Zach, Aanya wasn’t monogamous anyway.

“It’s up to you,” said Alexis. “But since men are hardwired to spread their seed, I sense Aanya’s feelings are dominating here. Now Aanya, it’s simply not fair of you to hoard men. When you arrived, we shared Zach with you, didn’t we? He was right there when you landed to love you and help you. And where would you be today without that? Similarly, you need to let Ethan roam more freely and contribute more broadly. It doesn’t limit the love you share. It doesn’t impact all the nights you’ll spend cuddled in each other’s arms. C’mon now, be generous with your crewmates.”

Aanya had Ethan tightly by the arm and looked him in the eye. Ethan looked back innocently. “You want to, don’t you,” she declared, half joking, half hurting about her correct assessment. “You’re just a slut,” she half-joked, and went to tickle him.

“I’m not a slut, you’re a slut,” he joked back, and the tickle fight and silly argument commenced.

The tickle fight died down, and calmly, they looked at each other again. Then she pushed him away. “Go,” she said. “Close the curtain.” Again, half-joking, half hurting.

Zach was hurt in his heart witnessing this exchange. At one level, it was heartbreaking to see Aanya’s struggle. It reminded him vividly of his own heartbreak with Colby. There was something of human nature in monogamy, just like jealousy. It couldn’t be denied, or swept under the rug. It had to be confronted, honored, discussed.


That evening, after the wild party, Zach began his first night sleeping with Colleen. They were in the cabin she would share with Anming. Colby slept alone in the cabin she shared with Zach. It was good to have some real privacy with Colleen. It was good to have some real gravity, or at least its equivalent. It was good for Colleen to be able to shout out things like, “A little more up angle! Yeah, just like that!” She hadn’t been comfortable being sexually verbal or making urgent sexual requests in front of everyone. It had seemed to her too much a blurring of lines.

After Colleen had been thoroughly fucked into satisfied submission and was dead asleep, Zach went prowling. First, he made a beeline for Colby’s cabin. He had to admit, he was addicted to that yummy chocolate woman worse than crack. He would do anything for her. This was why it was such a good thing that she was the strong one about sharing him. Now he rushed to her. His mind, his heart, his body, his soul was missing her down to his toes.

Zach cracked open the door to their cabin silently to check on Colby. Loud noises of struggling and heavy breathing confronted him. “Mmm baby! You’re working me right!” Colby growled. Zach had heard enough. He silently closed his and Colby’s cabin door and walked away.

His eyes teared up with pain. He didn’t own her, he told himself. He didn’t own her. In fact, this is what she probably felt whenever she noticed he was engaged elsewhere. It fucking hurt.

And he was being a child. This didn’t mean she loved him any less, wanted him any less, wanted to spend her life with him any less. In fact, she was valiantly trying something to help their relationship. This was something she hadn’t sought. This was something both Colleen and he had encouraged. He ought to be thankful and happy she wasn’t having an awful time of it so far.

He really needed to grow up. He sat on the Recreation Room B couch and held his dizzy head in his hands. His face was wet with tears. His chest hurt sharply. And he had argued to Charisse he was not a jealous man. It was all about expectations. Expectations.

At the same time, he needed to feel his feelings. He sat there with himself and felt the sting sink into him. This is how it had felt in the hospital when he’d learned his parents had passed on. The sting reminded him he had not even begun to have feelings about never seeing his sisters face-to-face again. He had not yet begun to grieve never again experiencing the bustling open air of Earth. There had been so many places he never went.

Ironically, there were women all over the ship who were probably hoping for Zach to visit. He resisted the notion strongly even though it would be in some ways a comfort. He wanted to give, always give, always cherish. At this moment, he felt empty, hollow. The healer had nothing left for anybody but himself.

He slowly walked back to the cabin he presently shared with Colleen. He got to the door and cracked it open silently. Listened. One couldn’t be too careful. She was sleeping peacefully. Gratefully, he swept into the room and closed the door silently. Trying not to disturb her, he slipped into bed. She stirred, mewed quietly, and rolled over. He drifted off gratefully.

In the morning, Zach texted Colby. “I missed you painfully last night. Work out together?”

Colby texted back a few minutes later. “You bring Colleen. That little girl needs to get back in shape. I’ll bring Jason. We’ll make it a foursome.”

Was this her way of breaking the news? He thought he’d jokingly inquire. “Did my little girl get some BBC last night?”

Colby texted back brusquely, “Meet you at Exercise B.” That was it. She would not be baited.

Well, Colby could share in her own time, or not. It was none of his business. It had been agreed that Trigonometry did not have to disclose dalliances with the mining crew. It was just like Zach didn’t have to disclose dalliances with the Breeding Bitches or Khushi. By the agreements of his marriage, it was literally none of his business.

At the workout, Colleen must have sensed his need. She flirted with Jason shamelessly and diverted him, leaving Zach and Colby to confront each other. It was awkward between Zach and Colby. They each seemed desperately in love, but also irked with one another. It was a like a loving couple who’d had a big falling out the previous day. In a certain sense, they had. Their interactions were not easy. Zach felt relief when the workout was over and he could escape to shower with Colleen.


Alexis was getting out the very next day. Another party had been planned before the first had also become a wild pregnancy/fertility party for Michaela. Both crews were still dragging by the 2 PM start time. Even so, everybody got themselves there. Alexis had demanded Mateo’s presence, so Colleen was manning the helm.

Even though people were a little more sedate than they might have been, any party MC’ed by Alexis was bound to get wild. “Now it’s time for face painting!” said Alexis. “But this isn’t face painting like you remember. I need a brave couple to be first.”

Zach looked toward Colby, but she was looking away from him towards Jason. He looked around for Colleen, then remembered she was driving the ship. Berte said, “Us!” She was holding Aiden’s hand. They floated over to Alexis. She whispered something in Berte’s ear. Berte nodded once and smiled. Then the three of them pulled the fuckspace curtain shut for privacy.

A couple of minutes later Aiden moaned loudly and kept moaning until he ran out of air. A minute later, Alexis drew back the curtain. Berte was naked, beaming, and had droplets, wads, and streaks of cum all over her front, especially her face. More cum was slowly floating or spiraling away behind them. Aiden was naked in the fuckspace, but sideways, with his penis pointing out one leg hole. He looked shattered. He was catching his breath and his eyes were shut, as though he was still in the throes of some ecstasy.

Zach quipped, “This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fuck me sideways’.”

“What on Earth did you do to the poor man?” Colby asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to find out?” asked Alexis. “Who will be the brush for Colby’s canvas? Don’t be shy.”

Zach looked over at Colby, but she was still looking towards Jason. As he was surreptitiously watching them, Jason raised his hand and winked at Colby. Colby turned away and forced herself with great effort not to burst out laughing. She might have explaining, or more likely lying, to do. New love was so cute, Zach thought. Even though it was between his main squeeze and another man, it was still cute. He sighed. His heart was weird. Zach raised his hand, “I will.”

Along with Zach, the mining crew with the exception of Aiden had all raised their hands. Aiden was still in the fuckspace and out of touch with reality. The other three men smiled shyly and apologetically at Zach.

"Wow," said Alexis. "Well, I see a gangbang in Colby's future."

"In your dreams," said Colby, glaring around at the men, Zach included.

"Well, just pick one, if you insist on being a prude," said Alexis. "You could have been blanketed instead of just painted. Your loss."

Colby had no choice. She had to, unless she wanted to shock the crews. She had to, despite their recent friction. "I pick the lovely, the scrumptious, the talented Zach."

Alexis snapped the curtain shut behind the couple and ordered Zach, “Assume the position. You saw it.” Zach disrobed and crawled into the fuckspace sideways as ordered. His semi-erect penis pointed out of one leg hole as Aiden’s had. “Okay canvas,” Alexis said to Colby, “Strip and get in front of that fire hose. Just right approximately your center of mass. That’s it.”

Alexis bobbed down and snatched up Zach’s cock with her mouth. She gargled it all the way down her throat. Zach thrilled twice, once to the sight of Colby's naked body as she disrobed, and once for Alexis's extraordinary cock sucking.

“Hey!" said Colby, objecting to whose mouth was getting to be where.

"You have to be ready to receive," Alexis told her sternly. "Else I would not be required to be your poor servant."

Colby smirked at her. "All right. What other surprises you got for me, you nasty bitch?"

"Just float there," Alexis ordered. "And try to be encouraging... to Zach." Gloop, Zach's penis went back down Alexis's throat. Zach thrilled to the taut slickness. He helplessly strained forward to get farther down it while blushing with embarrassment because of Colby.

“C’mon, baby,” Colby growled, “don't you want smack me with your sperm? I know you've got some anger over some petty thing.”

Alexis disgorged Zach and stopped her right there. “Nastier,” she said, and hrrruk! Down went his penis again. Zach definitely felt toyed with by these women. Oh God, he was going to lose it down Alexis’s throat.

Colby started to sway back and forth and sing a made-up song, "Don't you want to paint my booty! Yes you do! Don't you want to paint my tummy! Yes you do! Don't you want to shoot it down my throat! Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah! Don't you want to bulls-eye my pretty pink pussy! Woo!" With this, she spread her legs and her vulva with her fingers. She knew that the sight of that pink leading into the chocolate perfection of her drove Zach out of his mind.

Alexis coughed Zach up again and began frotting him with one hand. “Good! Good! That definitely got him more excited! More! Nastier!” Still frotting him vigorously with one hand, she moved out of his immediate view, over to one side. Of course, the painting Colby part. It was time for her to get out of the way. He was indeed desperate for Colby at this point, emotional. He had to calm down. It was only a game. Time to have some simple fun with the woman he loved. To enjoy the present. To enjoy how she'd looked at him as she'd spread her tight, moist pink cunny. Oh God, he was close.

Maddeningly, Alexis’s hand slowed down. “Stop tempting him,” Alexis ordered. “Get in position.”

Colby shut up and tried to line herself up on Zach’s likely ejaculation zone. She could follow orders, even from a skanky slut like Alexis.

“Okay, ready?” said Alexis. Colby was his angel hovering right there. He was so close, so close! Zach strained mightily, trying to get just that little bit more sensation from Alexis’s teasing hand. But the fuckspace held him tightly back. Zach was not expecting a slippery cold thing to thrust up his ass! Oh it was buzzing! “ARRRRRRRRR!!!” Zach shrieked.

Strand after strand of semen shot out. Colby was the surprised goalie. When she got blasted explosively in her face, she floated up to instead coat her tits. Nearly blind, she kept floating up. A nice fat wad splashed onto her bush. But then Zach just shook as if he were a spring loaded gun that was out of ammo. The buzzing thing went away, leaving Zach a shuddering wreck.

“That was what the OTHER leg hole was for,” Alexis chortled.

"Holy fuck, Alexis, I'm blind!" Colby sputtered, floating helplessly. Her face and hair looked like a bukkake party. Her tits had caught some nice thick strands that led down her belly. The contrast of thick white semen on her chocolate skin was truly magnificent. Her bush was well drizzled, as if an overexcited teenager had just barely pulled out of her in time. In short, she was extremely well-adorned.

Alexis threw the curtain back and gestured, “My masterpiece.” Colby’s elaborately decorated body got a loud ovation and catcalls from the crowd. She was sputtering and blind. Alexis held her aloft by one ankle to keep her from spinning off somewhere random. Zach groaned, half-conscious in the fuckspace behind them.

Mateo exclaimed, “Look at all that! The glorious contrast! That's intimidating. She looks like she HAS been gangbanged. How are Zach’s balls not the size of softballs at least?”

“Wanna find out?” Alexis chortled.

Mateo turned to Charisse and asked, “Would you be my canvas?” She smiled shyly and seemed genuinely touched by the invitation. Hand-in-hand, they floated toward the fuckspace.

Colby floated randomly away, trying to recover her eyesight. Anming mercifully handed her a towel.

Alexis climbed to the top of the fuckspace and unceremoniously pulled Zach out of it. He floated, slowly spinning away in a random direction, groggy. She snapped the privacy curtain shut behind Charisse and Mateo.

“You’re stealing the fun part,” Charisse said from behind the curtain.

“It’s my party,” said Alexis. “Now be still, canvas. Oh I can tell he LOVES you. He’s already quivering to shoot onto you. I’m going to have to go slower.”

At this point, Mateo groaned in frustration.

“Get ready,” warned Alexis. “I’m not going to be able to hold him much longer. Girl look at that expression. I’m afraid he’s going to cum just from looking at your titties and bush. What have you been feeding this man?”

“Titties and bush,” Charisse snickered.

Suddenly, a high keening sound erupted like a large predatory bird being slowly crushed in a pneumatic vice. Zach suspected it was Mateo.

“Wow, this is fun, like running through a warm sprinkler,” Charisse giggled.

Alexis pulled back the curtain to reveal Charisse decorated with curlicues of semen on her face, her belly, and even her thighs. There was a round of applause.

Next, Alexis basted Aanya with all of Ethan’s vital fluids. Aanya sported an admirable coating. She looked as satisfied as the cat who ate the canary when she floated out.

It was down to Jason. But who would be the canvas? Colby was out of contention, still wiping Zach's cum out of her burning eyes. Anyway, it was mere conjecture on Zach's part that Jason had been the one “working her right” last night. It’s not like he'd stayed around to make a positive identification. Khushi looked willing, but she was being held back by Ayana. Evidently Khushi had been showing too many signs of fondness for Jason.

“Nobody?” asked Alexis in frustration. “Well then, I’ll have Colette do it. Colette?” The curtain closed. A few minutes of stimulating anguish for Jason followed, ending in a long yell from him. Colette emerged looking regal as ever, wearing the pearls of semen adorning her body like fine jewels.

“All right,” said Alexis. “For this next trick, I require two men willing to go behind the curtain with me. They must be prepared and willing for ANYTHING.”

All the men responded with feeble groans or protestations of “No!” from their various positions scattered around the bubble.

“Okay, I guess we’ll wait to play the next party game,” said Alexis.

Zach was drifting, eyes closed, trying to recover somewhat. “I like you better this way,” Colby said right next to him.

Zach opened his eyes to regard her. There she was, floating, wrapped in a towel, holding another towel. “As opposed to what?” he asked.

“As opposed to this morning, where you seemed to me excitable, rude, and on the warpath,” said Colby. “Just how did I manage to put a kink in your tail?” She tried to wipe some of the semen out of her hair.

“You first,” Zach groaned.

“Okay sure,” said Colby. “Don’t you know that the term ‘BBC’ is derogatory and inflammatory?”

“Obviously not, since I used it in a joke. Not very funny,” said Zach.

“The term was used, correction is still sometimes used to demean black men,” Colby told him. “To characterize them as animals, only useful for perverted sex.”

“Now that you say that, it makes a lot of sense,” said Zach. “I’m very sorry I said it. You won’t hear it pass my lips again unless it’s in reference to the Bountiful Baking Collective.”

“Your jokes are stupid, Zach,” Colby said in frustration.

“The British Broadcasting Corporation?” Zach said.

“Stop it before somebody hears,” Colby said. “But it leads to a larger issue. There’s so many ways we don’t even speak the same language.”

There she was, putting distance between them. He’d been in this place on the merry-go-round of their relationship before. “It’s true I’m not a perfect man,” said Zach. “But I love you so much it hurts. It hurts.”

Colby looked at him with alarm and said, “Your turn.”

“Nothing in particular,” Zach demurred. “Just missed sleeping with you, not sex necessarily, just asleep together. Last night I felt like dying. I was up in the middle of the night feeling hollow inside, completely hollow.”

“Sweetie honey!” Now Colby was upset with Zach. “Why didn’t you text me, call me? We could’ve hooked up easily. I’ve got your sugar, baby. Always. Haven’t I made myself clear?”

“I regret that now,” said Zach. “You know how it is sometimes at night. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I got back to sleep okay.”

“Baby, if Colleen doesn’t take really good care of you tonight, I mean thoroughly good care, and you don’t call me, I’m going to literally kick you in your ass at our morning workout tomorrow. Multiple times. Until you evolve sentience.”

“Understood,” said Zach.

Colby floated away. Now that she’d sealed the deal with probably Jason, Zach knew what was next in Colby’s playbook. She would avoid anything in private with Jason for at least a week to see what his response was, ranging from ignoring her to ballistic. It wasn’t a bad idea for women actually, Zach supposed. It weeded out the guys who weren’t that into her or were, on the other hand, lunatics.

It meant that for the rest of Colleen’s week, Colby would be one very hot wet kitty. She’d be daydreaming about Jason all the time but staying away from him. If Zach didn’t rail her often and regularly, she might explode, and we couldn’t have that. However, by the time Anming got out, she would probably start being too busy for Zach. He sighed.

Regardless, from now on, he couldn’t just wander into Colby’s private spaces. Like any civilized human being, he had to call ahead. He had no right to know what she was up to with the mining crew. Which meant for his own sanity, he should never barge into whatever she might be up to.


The next day, he helped Colby and the bubble babes Anming and Michaela to set up zero-gee exercise equipment for them. It was high time Michaela started hard workouts to keep her strength and bone density up. She had another eighteen weeks to go in this place. Anming should join in while she was here.


That evening, after Colleen had been thoroughly loved and was fast asleep, he texted ahead to Colby. As he had guessed, she was jumping out of her skin with sexual excitement. When he arrived, she was naked on the coverlet, spread, and showing a very wet, very flushed pink pussy. It was no time for preliminaries. He quickly undressed and plunged his already hard cock into her. He'd missed the hell out of her. He'd grieved her. It was as if, body and soul, he wanted to reclaim her. If anything, she was more of all that. She orgasmed shrilly from his first few strokes in her.

Zach continued to visit Colby every night after having Colleen. Then, appropriately, he would go back to sleep the rest of the night with Colleen.


Charisse had Zach waylay her in the Hydroponics Bay next to her quarters. Her request was specific in every detail. This was a blessing for him. Some of it was some really fucked-up shit. It was good for him to be able to follow instructions and know this was exactly what she wanted. He gagged her and hogtied her in ways so specific and elaborate he’d had to practice them multiple times.

Colby had been his practice dummy, since she’d been adamant she wanted to help with all his most difficult relationship problems. That part had been fun, her wondering what the hell he was up to, and him not telling her.

Once Charisse was properly trussed, he raped her nice and hard in the vagina while choking her unconscious. When she woke up, he was raping her in the ass even harder and practically pulling her hair out by the roots. After he unloaded his semen into both her holes, he unloaded his bladder onto her face.

Here, Charisse’s plan had just said “aftercare.” Zach untied her gently and carried her to the shower, where they rinsed off together. He toweled her dry and then carried her to her quarters. There, he gave her a gentle massage. He kissed her gently and reverently over every inch of her body. They cuddled and kissed together.

“It’s Kumbha now,” Zach said.

“Is that so?” said Charisse.

“That’s the Martian month it is,” Zach said.

“I thought it was a state of mind. This moment feels very Kumbha to me,” Charisse said.

“How right you are,” Zach agreed.

Eventually, Zach became aroused. Charisse spread for him and they made gentle romantic love. After he had ejaculated into her, he sucked and licked up the semen running out of her vagina so she didn’t have to jump up and take another shower. She’d been about halfway through an arousal cycle when he’d finished, so he got her there the rest of the way with his mouth. When she fell asleep in the aftermath, he took his leave.


Anming and Michaela were waking, sleeping, eating, and working together in the bubble. This concentrated time together yielded great advancements in Anming’s universal models. It was a happy and productive time for both women.

As far as lovemaking with Zach, they didn’t want to disturb their sleep. In the morning, the pair would take a break from their theoretical work. Anming would play music in her headphones and face the wall while he railed Michaela long and hard. In the afternoon, there was another break. He would return and rail Anming long and hard while Michaela turned away with headphones on. Michaela saw the positive difference this privacy had on Anming’s spirits. Anming felt less restrained. As a result, he railed her as long and hard as he did Michaela. This was a new freedom Anming was feeling.

On Sunday, the eighth day of Kumbha, the day came for Anming’s departure from the bubble. There was a party where everyone assured Michaela they would visit often. Alexis offered to MC the party on Anming’s behalf. Foreseeing the extreme sexual games she would favor, Anming said hell no in the kindest way possible. “Thank you for being so thoughtful. I forbid you to go to such trouble.”

Zach considered whether he should stop bothering Colby every single night. It was clear she'd needed it desperately so far since that fateful evening. He figured, when he thought about it, he shouldn't change his routine with her. It would only make her suspicious that he knew about her presumed affair with Jason. That first night with Anming, after she was asleep, he texted Colby, and she was as hot to trot as any time before. The night after, she pleaded tiredness. The baby was weighing her down. She promised she'd be ready for him again by their next week together. She'd been driving herself too hard lately, she said. It was probably mostly true.

When Jason decided to switch to the day shift, it was the last bit of evidence Zach required to conclude Colby and Jason were definitely lovers on the sly. None of his business. And if he were in Jason’s place, he wouldn’t stop at Colby. He’d be going after all three of his wives on the day shift. Again, none of his business.

Mateo stayed on the night shift. The rumor was that Mateo had a threesome with Charisse and Alexis every night. It sounded plausible to Zach.

On the graveyard shift, Berte continued to bed Aiden while Aanya took Ethan. Colette seduced whomever Alexis told her to.

Only Michaela was left in the bubble. It was lonely, but Zach visited her twice a day, giving her a nice railing both times. Anming often came to work with her, and knew to avoid Zach’s visiting times.

Michaela knew how much Zach loved her lovey-dovey version. Because it was just the two of them, she began to do it for him when he visited in the afternoons.

One morning, she spoke to him about the process of getting into character. “Step one,” Michaela said, “forget world is crap. Step two: forget that you and I are both shits. Step three: Forget that all relations get worse over time and end in hurt, pain, and remorse.”

“There is hope,” said Zach, almost defensively, upon hearing this.

“Bring me cup of hope and I’ll believe,” Michaela responded.

(To be continued)
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73: Monday, Kumbha 9, 231 0800 hours OST: Tell-All

Anming watched her dear husband Zachary sleep. He was a certain way while she watched him dream deep in the night. He had that stern doctor’s face. His fingers moved. His body jerked as if he was rushing places to save lives. But in the mornings, his dreams were very different. He had on his pleasure face. His body would rock gently with the rhythms of lovemaking. He was doing this now as she watched him.

She wondered which of his many wives her virile husband was enjoying in his dream state. She peeked under the covers. She was not surprised to find that his penis was wonderfully turgid. It was quivering against the bed sheets as his hips gently jerked. This was easy to see, for he shamelessly slept naked. He required her to do the same. With this excitement in his dreams, she knew he would require her as soon as he awakened.

Zach opened his eyes. Anming was in bed right next to him, quietly watching him. She looked elated. He knew she was happy to be back to a more normal life. She was in a normal bed with gravity. It was completely private here, just her and her husband, as things should be. She saw how he was looking at her and what it meant. Soon she would even know how many times he would need it and in what holes, all by his look.

She lay down on her back and positioned her pillow squarely under her head. He drew back the covers to bare her nakedness to him. She didn’t flinch. She was prepared to take his cream in whatever hole he desired. Or she would take it in her mouth if he desired. With a submissive glance, she unclasped her arms from her breasts and put them above her head. She spread her legs, knees up.

Zach now felt such a synchronicity with Anming. Whenever she was with him, everything was so easy. She anticipated his every desire and fulfilled it in her own stylish way. She never breathed a word of complaint. She was still the fearful, shy, eccentric, traumatized, brilliant woman he knew. Yet there was a deep trust and quiet between them. If it was him, it seemed life was deeply satisfactory.

Zach positioned himself between Anming’s legs and checked her. She was moist, but, he wanted it to always be perfect for her. She wet three of her slim fingers on her mouth and moistened her vulva for him. “I beg you enjoy me without delay, my husband. Then we may go together and piss.”

He rocked into her gently, lovingly. He wanted to give her moisture a chance to spread out and make the way slick for him. She closed her eyes and gripped her hands together above her head as he filled her deeper and deeper. It was still as exciting to her this morning as the very first time he’d entered her. Perhaps more so, because she had no concerns about her own ability to accommodate or satisfy him. She was left merely with the challenge of being with her pleasure. It consumed her as he took her and filled her with his virile sex organ. She thrilled as he pumped with lust and excitement for her. She could feel it in her heart and soul. It coursed through the blood in her veins as he took her.

They’d had a discussion about using the lube. Anming had confessed that it made her feel inadequate as a woman whenever Zach resorted to it. It sent the message that he didn’t believe she could produce enough moisture for their unions. She produced plenty of moisture. He stopped using the lube. Either he believed she was wet enough, or he would perform oral sex on her until he did. She allowed it. She allowed him anything without complaint, including him putting his mouth on her dirty holes if he wished it.

In her quiet between precious orgasms, Anming looked up into her husband’s shining face. His face twisted with the anguish of peak passion. Her whole body tingled in anticipation. And it came like a crashing wave. His unrestrained thrust and cry of pleasure. He jetted his hot cream into her, filling her to bursting and expressing his deep satisfaction. She gurgled with satisfaction and orgasmed as she felt this. It was the peak ecstasy of her life to feel this. It reminded her of the night he’d put their baby in her. It was a premonition of her future where he would fill her with many more babies. Here and now they were one soul, one body, one.

Anming had only a modest bump so far. Some of her crewmates were swelling like pumpkins. Berte was the biggest. Although she was Anming’s dear wife, sometimes the girl’s coarseness disturbed her. Berte called her unborn child “fart” because the first time she’d felt him kick, she thought she had gas. Aanya had about the same size belly as Berte. She called her unborn child “sadist” for reasons Anming did not inquire into. She understood from the others that the kicking could get uncomfortable. She suspected the name was connected to that. She prayed to her ancestors that her son would quicken soon and kick hard and strong. She was confident she would bear Zachary a son.

Anming was upset when Ayana the lesbian resigned from being her therapist. Ayana told Anming she had fallen in love with her and was no longer the impartial ear she needed. It was true the lesbian had been eager to comfort her and had at times inappropriately touched her. She had paid it no mind. They had made great progress together regardless. Now the task fell to Colleen. Ayana emphasized to Anming that if she ever felt an urge for sexual comfort from a woman, she would be overjoyed to serve. Anming thanked her politely for her offer.

On Anming’s weeks with Zachary, his prolific and debauched desires became most intense off duty and overnight. But he could and often did desire her at odd times. She carried salve with her constantly to stay prepared for his next onslaught. She was quietly extremely proud of Zachary’s virility.

On weeks she was not with Zachary, she felt not loneliness but relief. At any rate, he took her several times even on weeks he was ostensibly with another wife. Even during her off weeks, he enjoyed her more times than any of her monogamous boyfriends had ever done. She knew it was not just her, either. She was confident her virile husband was putting his cream into every one of his female crewmates. She would bet that even the lesbian Ayana required or at least accepted a regular dose from him. For what woman could resist the feeling of her husband’s large penis invading her? Who would avoid his hot cream warming her deepest soul?

Off weeks, Anming also suffered her punishments from Alexis. To pay for Anming's guilt over her own rape, Alexis would whip her, choke her, and degrade her. After each punishment, Anming knew she was again prepared for the sublime joy of her union with Zach.


On Wednesday around 2 PM, Zach got a text from Alexis, “You have to come and feel this!” He arrived at Alexis’s and Charisse’s quarters. They were resting there naked in bed, a pleased-looking naked Mateo sandwiched between them. Sure enough, Alexis’s baby had quickened. “This is YOUR doing, buddy!” she teased. Zach sat on Alexis’s side of the bed to feel the gentle kicks through her naked tummy. She teared up very uncharacteristically. They kissed passionately. She, always in the mood, reached into his scrubs for his dick.

“Join us in a foursome?” Mateo invited generously.

Zach looked down at Alexis. She was the sassy, confident instigator, as always. She was also the pregnant woman wanting to be reassured. And he wanted to assure her that the man whose seed was growing in her was good and close. He agreed to stay and make love with them.

Mateo had been getting jumped by these two insatiable women since the middle of their recreation time ten hours ago. Frankly, he was a trouper for satisfying them both almost every night. On the other hand, their skill at handling men made it always a pleasure and never a chore. He still had some spunk in him, since they had rested. He went once in each of the women, and Zach went twice in each, which made the girls purr. Both girls wanted some DP, which the boys eagerly provided. The girls were excited and elated to have two men since they were usually in short supply.

The weirdest thing was that the women wanted the men to kiss. They wanted to see the men touch each other’s dicks and do a little sword fighting. Mateo and Zach were decidedly not into any of that. However, Alexis and Charisse staring at them and jilling furiously was very motivating. So they did a little bit of each, to the great pleasure of the women. At the end, gaining masturbatory inspiration from the flushed ladies jilling and cumming repeatedly, they ejaculated on each other. That made both women cum furiously.


The two hours around their sleeping and waking times were sacred hours for Anming and Zach’s time together. They discussed news of the ship and of Earth. They planned their future together. They made love.

Because of this routine, Zach suspected that Colby used these times to diddle with Jason. Soon there came a day Zach wasn’t listening to his better angels. He decided to plant a video camera in the quarters he shared with Colby and film her during this time.

Late that same night, he viewed the footage in his private study with the door locked. At the start of the tape, the cabin was empty. After a while, Colby arrived from the shower wrapped in a towel. She patted her hair dry and lay naked on the coverlet on her side reading. Zach stroked himself idly as he watched a naked Colby lounge on her bed. She looked all beautiful with her big baby belly and reading her book. There were a couple of interludes where Colby rolled over on her back for variety. Here he could more clearly see her beautiful face and her black fuzzy motte. He started to get hard watching her innocently reading.

He fast forwarded some. After about twenty minutes of reading, there was a knock on her hatch. She let in Jason, also straight from the shower, with a towel around his waist. Colby shut and locked the hatch behind him. They stood and kissed for awhile.

Wow, it seemed like some men got handsomer with age, and Jason was one of these. He looked interesting, like he’d been places and done things. He was in good shape, too, for his age. He was envious that at 5’2”, Jason could look the 5’1” Colby right in the eye. He could just kiss her, versus having to bend over like a giraffe like Zach did. That had to be fun for Colby, too. Thinking about things to come, Zach realized they could also fuck face to face. They could kiss while fucking without twisting into weird pretzel shapes. Zach had to face it. He wasn’t the ideal lover for Colby from a physical standpoint.

Now they were laying on the coverlet together, Colby nude, Jason still with the towel. “Tell me about your day,” Colby asked.

“My day? I was just messing with a bunch of drones...”

They talked for a while about their respective days.

“How is the little monster treating you?” asked Jason.

“He hammered his little heels on my liver all day,” groaned Colby.

“Just remember, even this, your first baby moving inside you, it all goes by so quickly,” said Jason. As Zach recalled, Jason had three grown daughters back on Earth. “They pop out, and all of the sudden, they’re going off to college. You’ll treasure these times.”

“Oh yeah, I feel the love,” Colby said somewhat sarcastically.

“Did Z bring you your chocolate?” Jason asked.

“Of course he did,” said Colby.

“He really is a nice man, a caring man. I have a lot of respect for him. I hope it won’t hurt him to find out about us,” said Jason.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Colby said. “I think he might suspect at times, but he doesn’t know. I shouldn’t invite you to any more of our morning workouts, I’m sorry to say.”

“I understand completely,” said Jason. “I’ll be headed back to Earth in two and a half years. Zach and others that follow will be your permanent relationships and fathers of your children. In the meantime, I’m happy to serve as your convenient and fun spice on the side, Colby Lincoln.”

“Well, Jason Tyler,” said Colby, “time to spice me. Mamma is very horny.” She opened Jason’s towel and took his sizable penis into her mouth. Because of Jason’s short stature, it looked huge!

Colby worked on Jason’s penis for some time while also masturbating herself. This was different from Zach's lovemaking with Colby, which was just the opposite. He usually went down on her, and this generally made him so excited, he wanted to go straight to penetration after she was satisfied with her oral.

When Jason was hard, the couple lay on their side. Jason spooned Colby and slipped his cock into her from behind. At the moment Jason entered her, Colby moaned a slightly different tone than Zach had ever heard from her.

Zach, beating furiously to the video, orgasmed explosively and ejaculated all over his study floor. He continued to watch Colby with Jason. Now she was cumming a second time in as many minutes.

The couple’s position made room for Colby’s rapidly swelling belly. Jason’s cock was plenty big and long to reach deep in this position. In contrast, obviously Zach couldn’t just lay on Colby, but he never did anyway. He held himself off. So Zach and Colby still fucked from the front.

Jason continued to fuck Colby spoon fashion to her great enjoyment. He went on and on, lasting far longer than Zach usually did. In contrast, Zach popped off a lot and did it many times. He knew as he got older, he’d probably perform more like Jason. Colby seemed to be greatly enjoying the contrast in their two physiologies.

Zach ran the video forward. There was an hour in this position with Colby cumming every couple of minutes. She was a hot, wanton little strumpet for Jason. New love was very exciting. It was hard for anyone to compete with the novel feel of that new dick or pussy.

Then Jason started to get close and switched positions. Colby stayed on her side as before. Jason picked up one of her legs and straddled her on top. This gave Jason a lot of depth and leverage while keeping Colby and her big baby belly nice and cozy.

 Jason pumped faster and faster, with greater and greater excitement. He tensed, snarled out a massive orgasm, and ejaculated deep into Colby’s womb. It was visceral, what the man felt in Colby that excited him so. He saw Jason’s ass muscles tense and pump as he unloaded in her. The scene was so familiar, and yet unknown to Zach. He had to admit it was very beautiful.

Beautiful also was their aftermath together. They kissed and touched and stroked each other. Jason rubbed Colby’s tummy and said to it, touchingly, “You’re going to have such a great life, little one. You’ll have such a great mommy and daddy on a new planet. It’ll be the greatest adventure ever. I’m just telling you now, we won’t be sympathetic when you say you’re bored. Not ever.”

Then Jason kissed Colby’s belly again and kissed her mouth passionately. He dressed in his clothes and left with his towel over one arm. What a class act. Colby was completely cared for here. Zach was envious of Jason. Zach wasn’t envious that Jason had enjoyed her instead of himself, though clearly he had. She wasn’t anyone’s possession in any case. Zach was envious of how good a job Jason had done showing her a great time. Zach was intimidated by how good a lover Jason was.

He erased the video from the camera’s memory, the only copy, and returned to bed with Anming. It had been morally wrong to record the video and peep on the lovers. Zach wasn’t sure what the impact on his psychology would be.

He’d been excited watching their coupling, very excited. Knowing Colby, it was so interesting and exciting to see her with another man. It was too bad he couldn’t remove the intimidation factor.

Zach knew Colby must see fine qualities in him that he didn’t see himself. It was up to others to choose to be with him. And Colby was a keeper. She was finding positive, by indications empowering, ways to live with the open marriage thing. Enriching even, he’d have to say. That had to be a positive thing for all concerned.

Then why did he feel so rotten?


That afternoon, Anming caught Zach at a bad moment. “What is troubling you so much today, my husband, my Zachary?” Concerned, she grabbed his face in her two hands and touched and rubbed him lovingly.

“I... uh,” he stammered. He didn’t want to tell the truth, but he needed to stick close to the truth. It was all about Colby’s rejection of him. “It’s just that I asked Colby if I could visit her several nights back. She texted back that she was tired. People get tired, especially pregnant women, I get that. But then she promised to be ready for me again by our next week together. Our next week together! That’s nearly three weeks from now! I can’t relax when she doesn’t want me-”

Anming scowled upon hearing this. She leaped up and left the galley without another word. Zach didn’t like the look of this. He chased after her.

Anming found Colby on the floor of Control Room B with the components of the backup Precession Suppression System, or PSS. Colby saw Anming stomping down the corridor at her and said, “What’s got you in a ruffle?”

“You neglect husband!” Anming fumed. She was so pissed, she was forgetting grammar.

“What? What?” startled Colby. She addressed Zach, who had skidded up behind Anming. “Tell her I’m here for you any time, baby.”

Anming continued, “You say sick! Reject three weeks!” Wow, she was angry.

“You misunderstand,” said Colby, trying to lower the temperature. “You misunderstood me, baby,” she told Zach very innocently.

“You say?!” Anming challenged.

“I said I’d see him during our next week together,” Colby admitted. “I didn’t mean I wouldn’t take him if he needed me. I’m always available for that.” She looked over Anming’s shoulder at Zach. “Tell her, baby.”

Anming was calming down. “How is he supposed to take such a remark if he only lives to please and satisfy you?”

“Well, I-” Colby stammered.

“Whenever Colleen strays, our husband is calm and fulfilled,” Anming said.

“Anming, we’re not having this conversation,” Colby warned.

“Whenever Berte and Aanya sleep with their gentlemen, our husband is happy for them,” said Anming.

“Don’t do this with me. I’m warning you, Anming,” said Colby. She locked eyes with Zach. “Okay, right here and now, if I’m so neglecting you.” She pulled down her stretch pants and panties, kicked off her flats, and spread right there on the deck. She was wet and ready. She’d been thinking of her next dose of Jason. By the look of it, hadn’t showered from the previous.

Zach crawled on all fours to get a close whiff and taste of Colby’s offered holes. “No baby,” she warned him. “This is for you. I want you inside me now.” Colby looked pleading.

As he shucked his pants, Zach had a moment to think. Was it his intention all along to punish Colby, shame her? Did he want to shame her for doing what he and Colleen had begged her to do? Of course not.

He left her dignity intact, as intact as being fucked on the deck of the control room could leave it. He loomed over her, grabbed her legs wide, and speared her messy dripping snatch. “Ohuff!” she exclaimed. It was always a punch for her to adjust to him, especially when he was this forceful.

“You were thinking of me darling,” Zach lied. “Why didn’t you call?”

“I was gonna call, baby,” Colby lied. “I’m in the middle of work.”

Zach fucked Colby hard on the floor while Anming watched with frustration. He was trying to finish so that they could all leave this awkward situation. He looked at Colby, desired her. She was distracted and doing this to prove a point, distant. He didn’t care, he still loved her with every single piece of himself. What was he going to do? As he got close in her and felt a oneness soul to soul despite the circumstances, he burst into tears. He couldn’t bear losing her. Colby became genuinely worried at his state and stroked her hands on him as he worked in her. She cooed, “It’s okay, baby, I’ve got you baby. Everything is going to be heaven. I’m right here, sweet darling. Always here what you need...”

Zach strained into her. His orgasm gripped him. Tears and snot flew. He was bawling, desolate. It was not pretty. He unloaded his hot cargo, and Colby purred. She had handled him, handled the situation. The dangerous conversation had been derailed. He knew this, and he didn’t care. Even under these crazy circumstances, in the aftermath, buried in her slick tight quim, he was at peace.

Anming said pointedly to Colby, “Even though a man never sees, he knows.” It sounded like a cryptic random bit of Eastern philosophy. Zach knew it was Anming scolding Colby for what in Anming’s mind was an inexcusable infidelity. He didn’t want that. It would just sour Colby on their open marriage faster, push her away quicker. He had really screwed this up. Matters were getting worse. He was becoming a burden to Colby.


On Monday, Kumbha the sixteenth, two things happened. Colleen’s baby started kicking, and Zach moved to the graveyard shift to be with Berte and Aanya. Feeling Colleen’s baby move made his day. Colleen was ecstatic.

At 10 AM, instead of starting his day watch, he joined Berte for what was effectively her evening relaxation period. She was in her study working on a new fuckspace that would go outside the bubble. “Just finishing up,” she said, because she needed her hands to work.

“Don’t hurry on my account,” said Zach. “Be satisfied with your work. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Berte giggled. “You Americans and your perverse national units of measurement.”

“They’re a source of national pride,” said Zach. “If Alexander Graham Bell couldn’t get us to switch to metric, nobody can.”

“Who’s he?” asked Berte idly.

“You don’t know?” Zach said. “He’s the inventor of the telephone.”

“Johann Philipp Reis invented the telephone,” said Berte.

“What, who?” asked Zach.

“Look it up,” said Berte.

Zach did. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

“Americans!” said Berte. “Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile- hah hah!” Big belly laugh from her, delighted, Zach assumed, by the weird units.

“Are you done?” asked Zach.

“Done enough,” said Berte. “I’m all talked out. I’m on my last mile- pfffft! Hah!” She led him by the hand to Cabin B3. This was Ethan and Aiden’s assigned quarters. She shared it with Aiden while Ethan slept with Aanya.

“Where is Aiden going to sleep?” asked Zach.

“I have something special planned for him this week,” Berte texted and giggled. “Colette is going to make him her bitch.”

“Oh no!” said Zach. They laughed. Berte pushed him onto the bed, fell on him, and kissed him.

She straddled him and worked her thumbs. She texted, “I have plans for you too, slave of the week.” She tittered. Her phone now said everything she texted so he didn’t have to have his phone handy to read it. The machine voice was a sexy female voice, but not Berte’s.

Rubbing his belly with her nethers through their clothes in a rocking motion, she continued. “Yes, Alexis and Colette sat down with Aiden and me. They got a sense of him, so they can wow him this week, not terrorize him. Then we kicked him out and thought up plenty of surprises. They’re going to videotape some of it so I can watch it and masturbate. Then they’re going to videotape THAT and show it to Aiden in bits and pieces as a reward. Especially the parts where I cum watching him get handled by other women.”

“Why do you need rewards for Aiden?” asked Zach. He was getting stiff and desperate from the slow and steady rubbing she was doing through their clothes.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Berte texted and giggled. It was clear that was all she’d disclose.

“I’m getting pretty desperate for you, sweetheart,” Zach said.

“All right, just fine,” Berte said. She stood up and yanked down her stretch pants and panties. She sat and planted her moistening bare vulva on Zach’s mouth with a sigh. “Work it!” she grunted, giving her haunches a little twist to seat herself properly on his mouth.

She texted, “I hear that our fearless commander finally tried Jason on for size. She had a pretty satisfied look on her face. Woof! It was about time! I tried some of that juicy dark meat early on! I know he’s really old and stuff, but he’s such a caring lover. He reminds me of you and Ben. I think it confused him how much I loved sucking his cock. Is it a relief to have some help on the day shift, my love?”

“Mmph,” Zach offered, mouth full of Berte’s rocking, sliding nether lips and clitoris. It was just as well. Relief wasn’t the word, and he didn’t want to get into it.

“Colby’s looking pleased of late,” Berte texted. “I can imagine her guiltily going back and forth between the two of you,” Berte thrilled. Excitement quivered in her loins. “White meat! Dark meat! White meat! Dark meat! Woof!” Her thumbs stopped and her hands flew down to grab his hair and yank it toward her snatch. She orgasmed hard on his tongue and sucking lips. “UUNGH!” She splashed her yummy juices all over his face.

Quivering atop her Zach mouth saddle, Berte resumed her texting. “So happy that Michaela’s finally knocked up. Good job, Zach! We were all pretty worried. I figured her baby hotel had just plain seen too many tenants. I don’t know if that’s a thing.”

“Mmph,” said Zach, offering his expert medical opinion.

“Aiden and I don’t understand each other at all. That’s okay, because we just stick to the sex. We get along great as sex buddies,” texted Berte. “I like a man whose weight can press me down as he fucks me, woof! He’s good for when you’re not around, because we all keep you pretty busy, I know. Max was the best with the weight. Woof! What a monster! Hang on-” Berte paused her thumbs. “Mwaaahah!!” She shook out an orgasm on Zach’s face.

She sighed and continued. “But Max is like that painting that grabs your attention in the art museum. You know if you had it at home, it would soon become a tedious annoyance. You’re just the right amount of woof for me, Zach. Maybe it’s about that first time when you took my virginity. It was so overwhelming! It was better than I’d ever dreamed! It was because you understood me. You and Ben are the great ones at that. Mmm, Ben.” She stopped then and whimpered, shook, quivered. She was unloading, getting her thoughts and emotions out. Things she wanted to confide to him.

Berte resumed brightly, “And the other thing about Max is he lasted forever! Some girls like that I guess, though I can’t imagine why. I like a man who responds to me. Who shoots his cum excitedly when I love him good. Scout was good at that. So excitable! And you’re good at the coming again and again part. And then waking up at night again and again and splooging in me again! Looking forward-” She stopped. “Nnnnnghh!” She groaned and orgasmed on his mouth with a satisfied twist.

“More than any man, you exhaust me, which is wonderful! At the end of our weeks, I’m exhausted! I’m bowlegged and feeling like I never want to see a dick again, which is perfect! And you understand me like Ben. I feel so blessed that our love is so perfect. With Aiden, it’s very fun fucking, but with us, it’s lovemaking, like you said. I feel less alone when we do it.”

Berte put down her phone. “Okay, now!” she said. She pulled down Zach’s scrubs and boxer briefs to his thighs with his help. Then, mouth watering, she gobbled and throated his rigid hard-on excitedly. She picked up her phone again and texted, “Cum for me Zach! Release in my throat, lover! Splooge in my slutty throat!” She could text without even looking at her thumbs or the screen.

Zach was not tracking much of that. “AAAAUUUGH!!” He wailed out his release, sending splash after splash down Berte’s throat.

“Aaah!” Berte showed Zach his last few squirts of product rolling around on her tongue. She then swallowed them down as well with a big smile. “Okay!” she said happily, and carefully opened and stretched her tiny but extremely slippery and ready puss firmly down onto him. She started excitedly riding him, her phone on his chest. She resumed her texting. “After three weeks of mostly Aiden, woof! You hurt so good! Mmm yes. You know when you have me the couple times a week you do? The sting of it distracts me for a day. Reminds me I’m your little wife, lover. Brings back vividly whatever shout you made when you did the damage in me. Woof!”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” said Zach, now that he could talk. “It’s good to hear you think of me. I think of you, too, as you know. Not too many days ever go by before I wake up with a visceral need for you gripping me. Sometimes it’s so hard to wait from the morning until you’re available.”

“Sometimes I miss us all in bed together,” texted Berte. "But it’s not so much that I’d give up this concentrated time with you. I’m a fan of just the two of us. Look at Ayana and Khushi, the fireworks between those two! Ayana, mmm. I admit, I like to get some regular head from her. Her tongue is the best! I think it’s her dedication to pussies along with having one herself. Anyway, when she has me down there, spread and panting and all hot, she keeps trying to get Khushi to tag in and taste me. But Khushi resists. I think she’s trying to make a point with Ayana about her need for men, but let's be honest, for you. She’s trying not to muddle that argument by tasting all the pussies Ayana offers her.

But when Khushi gets all bothered on Ayana’s tongue, Ayana has pushed my head in there after hers a few times now. Khushi doesn’t say no then! In fact, she orgasms like a filthy lesbian slut on my tongue, on my little baby kisses. But you already know Khushi’s a filthy lesbian slut, don’t you Zach?” She paused her texting and her ride to orgasm on his cock with a moan. He felt her vagina thrash slickly at one second intervals as she orgasmed, thrash, thrash, thrash.

“Uh-huh,” Zach moaned. His brain was not working.

Berte resumed her texting while driving. “And Alexis, don’t get me started! What a slut! She’s always trying to rope me into a foursome with her nightly fuck buddies Charisse and Mateo. I keep telling her it’s too many women! Unless it’s you, Zach, give me a break. They’re going to kill the man. I think she’s trying to make sure she ropes in plenty of strange for Mateo. She thinks if she doesn’t, he’ll wander off elsewhere. Yeah, innocent new girls for that pair to pin down and spread for Mateo. Let him have his filthy way.” Berte paused to orgasm, “Uunghh!”

Berte’s hips and thumbs resumed. “And Alexis is always asking me to throw some abuse of Colette into my day. She says she likes I’m not hung up about it. I’m not averse to dropping by and whizzing on her every once in a while. They always have a plastic sheet ready. Sometimes it’s simpler than using the head. It’s getting crowded now that everyone’s out of the bubble, LOL. I don’t get it, but I believe Colette gets something out of it. Don’t whiz on me, Zach. It’s not for me. Save your pee for Colette. Or Charisse! What a filthy slut. I love her so much. She makes me giggle. She likes men, but she’s willing to teach me anything. She’s being a good friend. Speaking, or I suppose texting of friends. I thought Aanya and I were going to get a lot more time to chill on this trip. We’re ostensible roomies and all. But she’s always under Ethan, or you I suppose, and I’m always under Aiden or you. Work, work, work!”

Here, Berte chuckled, still rocking her hips. “Aanya really took the thing with Aarav very hard, Zach. I hated to see her cry about that. I’m glad she made up so well with Khushi. I wanted to hide when I heard about that part. I don’t like people being angry with each other. And speaking of angry, Anming’s been getting upset about my potty mouth. I try to be less filthy around her, like saying ‘cooch’ instead of ‘cunt.’ She doesn’t seem to appreciate it, though. Now think of her, our shy devoted flower, succumbing to the allure of Jason. That huge fat black member stretching open her slick tight Asian cunt. Wouldn’t that be something to see? Her whimpers of delight and guilt as she orgasms shamelessly. Woof!” At this point, Berte paused to orgasm with a moan. Zach ejaculated hard up into her pulsing snatch with an “UUUUNH!”

Berte purred and laid down on Zach’s chest, and texted. “Does the thought of Jason’s valiant black dong ravaging Anming’s pussy really make you squirt? Or is it just me?”

Zach decided to be honest. “As a fantasy, it’s hot. In reality, I’m not sure I could cope.”

“I don’t understand,” texted Berte. “Jason is a dreamboat. Anming deserves a good railing more than anybody. She’s lived through so much ugly stuff. Why wouldn’t you be happy for her, like you are for me when I get laid?”

“I don’t know,” said Zach. “I’d like to react the same with Colby and Anming as I do with you other wives. I wanted you and Aanya to reach out and experience the wide world while you had a chance. For Colleen, I think it was always understood between us that she’d sample other men occasionally. I'm not sure why I feel differently about Colby. She's so upset about the non-monogamy, it seems like it would be self-destructive behavior for her. To be honest, I was uncomfortable about open marriage as well early on. I guess I still am, or I wouldn’t be having mental problems regarding Colby and Anming. It hurts me just thinking about it, much less the reality.”

Berte abruptly jumped to her feet. Cum splashed liberally on his belly and on the bed she shared with Aiden. She spoke to him, “I’ve gotta pee. No, a BM! Be right back!” She threw on his scrub shirt, which was like an ultra miniskirt for her, and fled out the cabin door.

Zach found a towel that looked like it already had some dried Berte and Aiden on it. He wiped himself off. It seemed Berte had hit a social snag, like after the first time they’d made love. Of course! She must know that Colby was railing Jason. Berte had realized Zach didn’t know about this. Secrets made her vastly uncomfortable. For all he knew, Jason or somebody else was railing Anming as well. He understood how that would be unpleasant for Berte to contain. He’d just said he didn’t know whether he could cope with such news. That was an extreme emotion for him.

Zach’s phone beeped, and he fetched it out of his pants. It was Berte. “I sampled all of them. But now I feel bad, like I hurt you.”

Zach texted back, “No, doll, your intentions were clear at our first meeting with them. If I’d been upset by your behavior then, I would have told you. I asked you to go after men for your own edification. The mining crew wasn’t excluded from that. No surprise here. No hurt.”

“Then why is there hurt with Colby and Anming?”

“There isn’t any hurt. They haven’t done anything as far as I know.” Zach was lying in Colby’s case.

“I don’t want to be involved in your relationships with our other wives,” texted Berte. “This is the part I thought would be hard, and it is.”

“You don’t have to be a part of it,” texted Zach. “Let’s leave them out of it. This week is about you and me. Let me solve my own relationship problems with them. I don’t need your help. Come back. I miss you. That’s our current relationship problem.”

Berte texted, “You understand, I won’t talk about them. I won’t answer any questions about them.”

“It’s better not to gossip,” texted Zach.

“I’m learning that,” texted Berte.


The day shift awakened to the news that electronic copies had arrived of Aarav Acharya’s tell-all bestseller. It recounted his torrid affair with Aanya and his torrid fling with Khushi. On first peek, the book was wildly inaccurate. It represented that both women were hopelessly in love with him and catfighting over him to this day.

(To be continued)
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74: Tuesday Kumbha 17, 231 1100 hours OST: Steely-Eyed Missile Moms

Colby texted Zach and called him when he didn’t respond right away. “Considering what happened, we need to stay closer, baby. I really didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault,” said Zach. “When we’re apart, I miss you so terribly. I should never have told Anming what you said. But she was worried about my sad disposition. I didn’t want to lie to her.”

“It’s my fault,” said Colby. “My words to you were poorly chosen. Sometimes I feel like, carrying this child, I’ll never have any energy again. I love our baby, though. Don’t get me wrong. And the fucker waits until I’m half asleep and then wham, right in the kidney. We’ll have to have a conversation about that once they come out. Seems they got your annoying sense of humor.”

Zach chuckled, “That is a problem.” Then he was more serious, “What happened on the deck, I felt like I needed to do it to end the… controversy. Don’t get me wrong, every part of me needed you badly. But I don’t want you to ever feel the need to just handle me. I don’t want your pity.”

“Zach, Zach!” Colby insisted. “What are you talking about?! I was daydreaming about you. I was hot for you. I was juicy for you. I told you that at the time. You saw it yourself. I was going to call you. It’s just that I had the aux PSS out all over the deck.”

Zach knew she was probably lying about who she’d been daydreaming about, but maybe not. It wasn’t like she was done with him. It wasn’t like she didn’t love him anymore. He sighed. “I’m sorry I felt like you were pitying me. I’ll try not to think that way. It’s just our different love languages messing me up again.”

“I’m calling because you haven’t been calling me,” said Colby. “I want you between my legs often, my lover. But I’m also trying to get enough rest so I can handle this giant baby you put in me. So I want to know every day when you give me chocolate when we’re going to get together and do it next. We’ll have plans all the time, do you get me, mister?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Zach.

“But let’s plan. Don’t come waking me up spontaneously in the middle of the night just now,” Colby added. “I need my baby sleep. You understand, baby.”

“I understand,” said Zach. He understood it paved the way for Colby to sleep with Jason all night instead of worrying about Zach. Zach was hurt emotionally, but thought it was a good thing. He didn’t want to be something feared and avoided. He wanted to give them the space to do what they were going to do anyway, but resisting him less.


Later that week, near the start of their sleep cycle together, Berte was riding Zach slowly, lovingly, and sexily. There was frantic knocking on the hatch. “Come in!” shouted Berte.

Anming sprang into the room and blanched. She was glued to the spot with one hand over her mouth in shock. “M-my husband, my darling fellow wife, this one is abject-”

“What’s going on, Anming?” asked Berte.

“I can return later...” Anming insisted.

“Tell me pretty please,” Berte insisted.

“My baby is moving,” Anming confided tearfully.

“Bring that belly over here!” insisted Berte, still riding Zach and taking his dick deep.

With embarrassment, Anming sidled up to the bed.

Berte reached out and felt Anming’s belly with one hand and her own with the other. “They’re both kicking!” Berte smiled. “Feel, Zach!”

Zach put a hand on each belly. Sure enough, whomps on Berte’s belly. Her baby was older. Definite bloops from Anming’s belly. Strong for some first kicks.

“I know why my kid is excited! Ahhhhh!” whimpered Berte, as she settled and orgasmed with Anming’s and Zach’s hands on her.

That was all Zach could take. “OHHHH!” he shouted, liberally seasoning Berte’s pussy with spunk. Anming cringed further, seeing such an intimate moment between the two.

A moment of quiet passed, feeling the babies whomp and bloop. “I’m so happy,” Zach moaned. “I love you so much. Both of you.”

Berte said, “You should fuck her now, Zach. You’ve only splooged the one time so far since lunch. You can go again right away and give Anming’s baby a nice warm punch right back.”

“Oh no, my fellow wife,” argued Anming. “It is your week to bear the incredible burden of our husband’s ardor. You must suffer mortifying orgasms as he explores your dirty holes however he desires with his tongue and mouth. You must take his virile penis again and again in your dirty holes or mouth as he requires. You must suffer many more mortifying orgasms as he thereby prongs you to satisfy his delight. You must take his hot floods of semen...”

Anming abruptly ended her description of Berte’s wifely duties. She pulled her Capri pants and panties off over her flats. She lay on her back on the bed next to them. She covered face with her hands, spread her legs out and up, presenting her holes, and gritted her teeth.

“Go get her Zach!” cried Berte. “I get to feel her baby during and watch the dismount at the end.”

“Please, I beg you, close the hatch,” Anming whimpered through her hands.


Zach’s week with Aanya began on Monday, Kumbha 23. At the 10 AM end of their graveyard watch, he found her in Hydroponics Bay B2. He walked quietly up behind her and grabbed her off her feet, spilling a few plants. “No, I’m not done yet!” she cried. That was her workaholic talking.

Mock-raping Aanya when she was great with child like this presented a unique set of challenges. Zach went down on one knee and laid the captured woman on her back on the deck. He grabbed an ankle and yanked her panties off with the other hand. He held her up by one leg as he rained down spanks on her brown bubble butt. The blows were hard enough to sting and make an awful noise, but they were harmless. He had learned that pinking up her cheeks like this helped her get moist and excited for the mock-rape.

Zach carried Aanya tummy down by her wrists and ankles and walked antispinward toward her cabin at B1. “Zach, for heaven’s sake- ow!” In the light Martian gravity, this didn’t really hurt her. It just looked like it should.

Zach said, “Are you done for the day? Or do you want me to tie your legs apart in the storage area again? Leave you for anyone to find?”

“You wouldn’t dare you r-. You very bad man!” Colleen had made it clear that shouts of rape were unacceptable in the open areas of the ship.

“Ethan all cleared out?” asked Zach.

“Yes,” Aanya replied.

Zach threw open the door of the cabin Aanya normally shared with Ethan. He threw Aanya down on her back, panties around ankles, onto the bed and shut and locked the hatch.

“RAPE!” Aanya screamed in the airtight privacy. Zach pounced on her and placed her ass up and face down on the bed. There was plenty of room for the baby in between. He pulled out his cock and spread a little lube from the bedside on it. He stabbed the length of his penis into her tiny pucker. This elicited from her something between a groan and a cry. He pumped away joyously.

Aanya struggled and cried, giving herself a lot of tension toward her orgasm. She climaxed with an animal sound as Zach continued to enjoy her tight anus. As she continued to squirm and fight, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back sharply. “You rape me!” she moaned. He put his other hand on her throat and choked her. Her hips bucked as the asphyxiation hit her. He released it and she orgasmed again.

As Zach’s orgasm hit him, he pulled out and sprayed the back of her dress with his semen. He left her that way and went to Head B1 next door to wash off his penis.

A few minutes later, Zach plunked himself down next to Aanya on her bed. She was still resting on her knees and face, basking in the afterglow, his cum soaking through her dress.

“So where is Ethan staying this week?” Zach asked.

“Colette’s got him,” said Aanya.

“Oh no!” said Zach.

“Yes, she promised not to break him,” said Aanya.

“She’d better not,” said Zach. “We don’t have any spares.”


Berte confronted Colleen in Control Room A in an uproar, “What do you mean we skip Saturdays!”

Colleen was taken aback by Berte’s vehemence. She replied calmly, “It’s only three Saturdays over the whole year. A year that’s twice the length of Earth’s year. It’s four Saturdays only every ten years.”

“But my cartoons!” Berte whimpered. “Sitting in my jammies in the morning! Forgetting the world because it’s the weekend! Gone! Ripped away from me!”

Colleen argued, “But we work every day-”

“It’s the thought!” Berte growled, cutting her off. “The feeling! The expectation that every week, I’ll have my Saturday!”

Aanya stormed in right behind Berte. “You strumpets are ones to complain! While you all get full weeks with Zachary, I lose a whole day and night! A night where he would have forced me and spanked me and raped me and choked me and fucked me! Give me that Saturday back, why don’t you!!”

"Aanya," scolded Colleen, "We've talked about not saying that word in the public areas of the ship."

"I don't care!" shot back Aanya, incensed. "Rape-rape-rape-rape-rape! I NEED BACK my DAY of Zachary's CHOKES and SPANKS and DICK in my HOLES, RAPING ME HARD!"

"Mock-rape," begged Colleen, palm to face in aggravation, "please at least say mock-rape."

"Rape-rape-rape-rape-rape!" shouted Aanya.

"Cartoons!" whined Berte in harmony. "Flannel long johns with back doors!"

Thus, the holiday of Saturday Week was born. It would fall every Martian year on the first week of Pisces. The entire week through the following Saturday would be treated as much like Saturday as possible. Everyone would call every day Saturday. If they had to be more specific to avoid confusion, they would say “the Saturday replacing Monday” or the like.

To assuage Berte, and because it was fun, she got to wear her jammies everywhere, even while on duty. Her boyfriend Aiden and husband Zach loved this part of the celebration. It meant they could bend her over, unsnap her back door, and have her at a moment’s notice. Other crew could join in the wearing of this traditional festive garment. Many did for at least a day or two. A lot of back doors were unsnapped that week.

Cartoons were shown every morning in Recreation A. Both crews were encouraged to drop by and watch at least one or two. These were graveyard watch mornings, so from 10 PM to 2 AM.

It also meant that all of a sudden, Aanya’s time as Zach’s official wife got extended by a whole week. Ethan looked only mildly upset at this news as Colette led him away by his choke collar.

It also pushed back Colby’s week of sleeping with Zach. He saw that Colby tried not to look overjoyed at the prospect of an extra week of honeymooning with Jason. Zach completely understood the thrill and urgency of new love intellectually. He had to calm down. It didn’t mean that she didn’t still love him just as much. It seemed to him she truly looked forward to and loved their times together. He was confident she wasn’t faking her many orgasms with him. In fact, she seemed juicier, more sanguine, juxtaposed between “white meat” and “dark meat” as Berte had crudely suggested. That should be enough for him. He knew that for Colby, it wasn’t the sex anyway, or not mostly. Jason was a charming, fun, erudite man to hang out with. Having a more regular sexual and sleeping partner available to her than Zach was just an extra benefit.


At the end of nearly two weeks of sex as rough, passionate, and surprising as Zach could conceive, Aanya was still not done with the mock-rape game. She also now allowed him to give her significant aftercare where he would bathe and massage her. She in turn gave him as much regular cuddling, kissing, and romantic lovemaking as he wanted.

He tried to mix it up some, but reliably he would mock-rape her in the middle of her morning bathroom routine. He would also mock-rape her near the end of every workday, sometimes bringing ropes, gags, and toys. The rest of their lovemaking, which he tended to enjoy more, was tender and passionate.

He did enjoy how much she relished a good mock-rape. She wanted to be overpowered and thereby relieved of guilt for enjoying the perverse play involved. She wanted it to be rough and passionate, not the sedate coercion of her actual rape. Humiliation or embarrassment wasn’t a turn-on for her. It was really the being controlled and the rough play that did it for her.


On Pisces 9, Zach transitioned back to the day shift and took his place with Colby in their bed. They had been having urgent daily sex, some of the best sex they’d ever had. It was almost as if she was trying to convince him of her loyalty. Or perhaps she was trying to convince herself that her life with two men was best for her.

That very afternoon at 2 PM, Colleen gathered both crews in the bubble for a talk about their future on Mars. Mateo piloted the ship and was in attendance by video.

“NASA has always planned for us to strive for self-sufficiency. However, that approach is dangerous. Despite NASA’s well-meaning, our survival won’t be a national priority if it comes down to it. If we pour all our energies into broadening our production base, we’ll still likely fail to be able to produce key failing components in our colony. And will Earth spend the money to supply these? It’s certainly not in their economic benefit to do so.”

“I don’t think NASA has faced this issue squarely yet. We all have to, because our lives are on the line. Given our lives are on the line, we have a unique perspective. I think this unique perspective has yielded exciting new choices. I believe these choices put us in a far superior position compared to NASA’s plans.”

“I’d like to thank many of our crew that contributed to this plan. Colby, with her wealth and entrepreneurial skills is key to the plan's success, as you’ll see. Alexis and Colette have contributed phenomenally to our thinking. And many of you others here and there. You know who you are.” Zach didn’t. He’d been out of the loop on this.

“We propose a course of action that focuses not on self sufficiency, but on profit. Why profit? With wealth, we can buy and stock more necessary key components. We can buy or build our own spacecraft to transport those components. Colby has freely offered her vast wealth to the Colony.” There was clapping and cheering for Colby at this announcement.

Colby said, “It has been clearly shown that in a peaceful society as we hope ours to be, by default the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Eventually, this leads to instability and collapse if not corrected. I didn’t want to hasten our colony’s instability by having me and my progeny own the vast majority of the colony’s wealth. So I’m giving it away, all of it, to all of us. It’s an investment in a profitable future for all of us and our children ad infinitum.” There was more clapping and cheering for Colby. Zach had never been prouder of her. What kind of ovaries did this take? Big brass ones.

“If we’re unanimous in our decisions today, we can begin construction of our own excursion vehicles on Earth and our own interplanetary vehicles in Earth orbit. We’ll all own equal shares in the company owning these ships, our own transport company. That’s the transfer of wealth I’m proposing. We can incorporate and begin construction this month, which is not a moment too soon. That’s why it’s important for us to have this talk and these votes now, today.”

“We’ll charge ten million dollars for a round trip to Mars. Vacation expense for the two years on Mars is another ten million dollars. The total is twenty million dollars per person. That’s about 50% profit, a reasonable margin. With our new interplanetary vehicles, I project we’ll net in the area of two billion dollars per voyage. The tourism business will not be our most profitable business. But it is an essential business, as you’ll hear in the rest of this talk. Back to you, Colleen.”

Colleen said, “In the early years, mining will be by far our most profitable business. Luckily, we have two of Earth’s finest geologists to talk to us about our, heh, prospects. Take it away, girls.”

“First of all, let me explain Colette’s appearance,” said Alexis. “It’s extremely difficult for Colette to speak of her regular accomplishments in regular circumstances. She's been trained well to be businesslike in normal businesslike situations. This is not a normal business situation, as you'll soon discover. Today, I'm requiring her to own her accomplishment. This will be extremely difficult for her, even in front of a crowd as forgiving as us. And her accomplishments have been extraordinary.” She hit Colette hard across the ass with a leather belt. “Haven’t they, you little shit?”

“Whatever you say, mistress,” said Colette meekly.

“So please forgive our unusual presentation,” continued Alexis. “Tell them your biggest little secret, doll. I’m ordering you.”

“No, mistress, I can’t,” Colette wailed.

“I’ll turn you up until you do,” said Alexis. She worked a control in her hand, and Zach heard a buzzing he hadn’t noticed before. “It would help humiliate Colette if you all would clap, hoot, catcall, whatever, whenever she orgasms.”

Colette whimpered, “No… mistress… UGH!” The crews erupted in cheers. Zach yelled, “You came like a dirty slut!”

“Very well… HNNNH… rubies… AHHHHH,” Colette managed.

“How many rubies did you find, you worthless whore?” Alexis asked.

“At least twenty five kilograms… AH! So far…” Colette squeaked.

“And how much are rubies worth, my sweet?” asked Alexis.

“I caaaan’t!” wailed Colette. Alexis viciously whipped her with the belt and turned up the vibrator control.

“Obey my order, slave!” Alexis yelled in her ear.

“TEN MILLION DOLLARS A GRAM!” Colette shrieked, and then rolled up in a ball and burst into tears. Alexis turned the vibrator down.

“That’s a quarter of a trillion dollars worth she’s found so far, for those of you who are bad at math,” said Alexis. “And that price won’t go down. Natural rubies are preferred in industrial lasers, all kinds of uses.”

That got some applause for Colette. Zach yelled, “Colette’s our favorite worthless cunt!”

“That’s wealth that will be owned by our company,” interjected Colby. “Our own ships will transport it back to Earth. It’s dangerous to place wealth like that into NASA’s or anybody else’s hands for safekeeping. This is another reason why we need to own our own spacecraft. Nobody will even know about this cargo until it’s safely on Earth in the hands of our trusted brokers.”

“You’re a good little toilet,” Alexis cooed gently to Colette, grabbing her by the ankle and bringing her close. “You please us. We’re willing to keep you. Now tell the nice people about some of your lesser finds.”

From behind her hands covering her face, Colette said, “Well, there’s Palladium, thousands of kilograms of it so far. It’s worth three hundred and fifty dollars a gram.”

“Palladium is used as a catalyst in a number of devices, most notably the carbon capture devices stabilizing Earth’s greenhouse effect,” Colby explained.

“And there’s Rhodium at three hundred dollars a gram...” The list went on and on of all the valuable mineral deposits Alexis and Colette had found.

In the end, the colony crew adopted the resolutions. The mining crew was paid handsomely to not disclose or interfere with their plans.


Soon, it was Friday Pisces 13.

“Every month has a Friday the thirteenth!” Berte lamented.

At around 9 AM, the Interplanetary Vehicle lurched like it had been hit by an earthquake. Something was dreadfully wrong.

Berte was piloting the Interplanetary Vessel from Control A. It was an hour from the end of her watch. Aiden was there with her, trying to engage her in a flirtatious conversation she was not having. The vessel shook, and all kinds of alarms went off. Aiden fell out of his chair and sat on the floor in shock. “Close that pressure door!” She shouted to him. She activated the ship-wide address system, “Hull breach! Close your pressure doors! Hull breach!”

In the bubble, Michaela heard a bang, and her ears popped. Even before Berte’s voice came over the PA, she fumbled for the emergency adhesive patch. She used it to seal the bubble’s squeeze-through doorway airtight from the rest of the core. Once sealed, she looked up the radial arms and saw that Radial Arm B2 had received a serious hypervelocity impact. Based on the size of the exit hole, she figured it had been a carbonaceous meteorite that had disintegrated. That’s why the exit hole was much bigger than the entrance hole. The entrance hole wasn’t even visible from her perspective.

“Michaela, what’s your status?” Berte cried out over Michaela’s emergency phone channel.

“Okay for now,” Michaela answered cooly. She had always expected to die in space anyway. “Bubble airtight seal holding. Damage to Radial Arm B2. Looks like significant meteorite impact. Exit hole perhaps twenty, thirty centimeters in diameter. Hard vacuum now throughout core, no doubt. Lost some air from bubble before patch. Have perhaps couple hours before air in bubble too stale for life. Nice knowing you. Should have known better than to get pregnant.”

“Hang in there,” said Berte. “We’ll rescue you.” She adjusted the belly of her space suit. Being the pilot of the ship this duty cycle, she’d brought it with her. Aiden didn’t have his, but that was okay. Control A led to Radial Arm Bay A1, which doubled as an airlock.

“Have no choice,” said Michaela. “Will hang.”

“Roll call,” said Berte. “Colette?”

“Here,” said Colette. She had been in her study working. When the impact happened, she went next door to her cabin and shut the pressure hatch. Now she was adjusting her space suit.

“Aiden?” asked Berte.

“I’m right here,” Aiden reminded her.

“Say it loud and right into your phone!” Berte growled. Aiden was not going to mess with the rules!

“Okay!” said Aiden. Then into his phone, “Here!”

“Colleen?” asked Berte.

“Here!” said Colleen. She was pissed. She had been caught in Jason’s cabin riding him to another orgasm when the impact happened. He had his pressure suit in the room, but she didn’t. They couldn’t open the pressure door for fear there might be a problem with the air outside the cabin.


“Here!” said Zach. He and Colby had been showering together when the impact happened. They knew something was wrong. They climbed out of the shower and looked at their phones. There were air pressure warnings for the core. There were structural warnings for Radial Arm B2. Berte came over the ship wide address system declaring a hull breach. They locked the bathroom pressure door. The protocol was to sit in there naked with their towels and sweaty gym clothes. They didn’t have pressure suits.


“Here!” said Ethan. He and Aanya had been in Hydroponics Bay B5 when the impact occurred. She had been working and he had been watching her bubble butt as she worked. They took shelter next door in Cabin B3, the cabin Berte shared with Aiden. Neither had their space suits there.


“Here!” said Ayana. She and Khushi had been sleeping together in their cabin. They got up and started adjusting their pressure suits as soon as they felt the impact.


“Here!” said Aanya. She was sheltering in Cabin B3 with Ethan.


“Here!” said Khushi. She’d been asleep with Ayana.

“Berte?” asked Berte. Then she shouted, “Here!” She was a stickler for protocol, especially in an emergency.


“Here!” said Colby. She was stuck in Head B2 with Zach.


“Here!” said Mateo. Charisse, Alexis, and Mateo had been asleep together when the impact occurred. They were barely awake when the warning came through from Berte. All three usually slept together, so all three had their pressure suits there. They began putting them on. Mateo finished first then helped the women make the adjustments needed to accommodate their larger bellies.


“Here,” she said. She was trapped in the bubble and quickly running out of air.


“Here!” she said. She was with Mateo and Alexis.

“Anming?” asked Berte. “Anming! Anming?! Okay, who is ready to move?”

“This is Mateo. I am,” he said.

“Find Anming!” ordered Berte.

“Yes, ma’am,” Mateo said without hesitation. Alexis and Charisse had their suits on and sealed but were still fussing with them. He opened the cabin door and left them to it.


“Here!” said Jason. He was in his cabin with Colleen, trapped there because she didn’t have her space suit.


“Here!” She was with Charisse and the just departed Mateo, adjusting her space suit.

“Only Anming is missing,” reported Berte. “Find her, Mateo!

“This is Charisse. I’ll go help Mateo find Anming.”

Berte said, “I need a pilot in Control A so that I can go assess the damage to Radial Arm B2.”

“This is Alexis. I’m on my way!”

Mateo strode antispinward from Cabin A2, which he shared with Alexis and Charisse. They strode through Hydroponics Bay A2, Waste Recycling A1, Storage A1 and Hydroponics Bay A2, finding nothing. He knocked on the door of Cabin A1, Anming’s cabin. He received no knock back, so he opened the hatch. The cabin was vacant. He searched both studies, the galley, medical bay, and Head A1. All were empty. He retraced his steps spinward.

Alexis had to go all the way around spinward to get into Control A. She had to use Radial Arm Bay A1 as an airlock. They were taking no chances. Aiden was trapped in Control A without a space suit.

Mateo met up with Charisse. They continued spinward looking for Anming. They peeked into both A2 studies. Anming could be laying unconscious somewhere. They strode through Hydroponics Bay A3, Storage A2, and Laundry A to arrive at Radial Arm Bay A2. They cycled both rim hatches and continued spinward.

Alexis did the full airlock cycle in Radial Arm Bay A1 to expel any pollutants. She entered Control A and said to Berte, “I relieve you.”

Berte said, “I stand relieved.” She climbed into the radial arm bay to cycle it and enter the vacuum in the radial arms and core, which were presently open to space.

Mateo and Colette continued to search spinward for Anming. They traversed Storage A4 and Hydroponics Bay A4, arriving at Cabin A3. Mateo knocked on the door and put his suit helmet to the metal. “Anybody in there?” he shouted.

“Yes it’s Colleen! And… Jason!”

“Colleen, you slut!” kidded Mateo.

“Fuck you Mateo!” replied Colleen. “Bring me my fucking space suit!”

“Attagirl, Colleen!” cheered Charisse.

After searching both studies, Mateo and Charisse proceeded spinward through Hydroponics Bay A5 and Air Recycling A to Storage A5. No sign of Anming. After finding nothing in Hydroponics Bay A6, they reached Cabin A4, Ayana and Khushi’s cabin. The couple were just emerging from their cabin, clad in their space suits. Khushi especially was huge in the adjustable space suit the women had. “This is Khushi and Ayana. We’re available,” Khushi called to Alexis.

Alexis ordered, “Khushi, proceed to the core to help Berte. Be careful, it’s a vacuum in there. Ayana, find Mateo and stick with him to help Anming if she’s injured.”

“Mateo just arrived at our location,” said Ayana. “Proceeding with him.”

Mateo and company proceeded spinward through Recreation A, past Head A2, and through Exercise A to Radial Arm Bay B1. They cycled the rim hatches and proceeded through Control B, Head B1, Medical B, and Galley B. Cabin B1 and its studies were empty. They continued through Hydroponics Bay B1, Storage B1, Waste Recycling B, and Hydroponics Bay B2 to Cabin B2. Colette was outside it in her spacesuit, making adjustments. They collected her and continued through Hydroponics Bay B2, Storage B2, and Laundry B to Radial Arm Bay B2. No sign of Anming.

They proceeded through the rim hatches through Storage B4 and Hydroponics B4 to Cabin B3. Here was where Aanya and Ethan were holed up. They were fine, so the search party proceeded through Hydroponics Bay B5, Air Recycling B, Storage B5, and Hydroponics B6. They were at Cabin B4 with still no sign of Anming. Cabin B4 was empty, as was Recreation B. Head B2 contained Zach and Colby. Exercise B was empty. The party cycled the rim hatches on Radial Arm Bay A1 to join Alexis and Aiden in Control A.

“No sign of Anming in the habitat ring,” reported Mateo to Alexis.

Alexis blanched. “Don’t tell Zach. Not yet. We have to find her, Mateo. Some sign.”

“What other parts of the ship have air pressure at the moment?” asked Ayana.

“She’s not in the bubble,” said Alexis.

In Radial Arm B2, Berte said to Khushi, “Bring up the rest of those hull patch plate and power conduit segments. And look for a spare telemetry hub.” Khushi turned around to revisit core storage, where these things would likely be found. They had already gotten Michaela a portable air cleaner. Michaela was safe now, at least until she ran out of drinking water or patience. All three were unaware Anming was still missing. Berte activated her welding torch to do the inside weld on the next hull patch plate.

“It’s a long shot,” said Mateo, studying the ship schematic. “The forward and aft fusion reactor bays both have intact airtight doors. These indicators show they have good air pressure.”

“What would Anming be doing in one of the fusion reactor bays?” asked Aiden.

Alexis, Charisse, Mateo, Ayana, and Colette all glared daggers at him. “I’m going up there,” said Mateo, and left to cycle the radial arm bay airlock.

“Alexis,” asked Zach over the intercom, “is everybody accounted for?”

She knew he was asking about Anming, since she was the only one who hadn’t answered. “We’re not done searching the ship,” Alexis said with a grain of truth. She wasn’t going to issue the all-clear for the habitat ring yet. She didn’t want everybody, namely Zach, tearing up the place desperately looking for Anming. Perhaps Mateo could find some sign of the poor woman in the core.

Indeed Mateo had found a sign. A woman’s deck shoe was wedged between the bulkhead and a storage locker. It had no doubt flown there at high speed during the explosive decompression, and had wedged there.

(To be continued)
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I have more of this story to post, but it doesn't appear anyone is interested in reading more. In my book, no comments = no interest, since there's not any other way to gauge interest on KB. Well, there is views for the entire thread, but that could all be chapter one for all I know. So, if anyone is reading this story, please let me know.

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75: Friday, Pisces 13, 231 0800 hours OST: Galvanized

Anming awakened, refreshed, and sore in her private areas. She had received a visit in the middle of the night from her virile and insatiable husband. He had texted her beforehand. She pointedly assured him he need not. She would rather be awakened by his warm giant body crushing her to the bed than by her phone.

By the time he arrived, she was gushing for him. He delivered to her orgasm after orgasm in many forceful strokes. Only when they were closer than two nightingales in flight did he release his cream, and they visited heaven together. With barely a pause, he repeated the experience. He lasted twice as long, and sent them both even higher into the stratosphere.

Always, it seemed her dear husband was a dark challenge to her morals and sanity. He turned her over, and using their moisture, used her dirty excrement hole as well. As usual, she had to bite her pillow not to decry his actions as vile. Even so, she suffered many unwelcome but extremely powerful orgasms from her husband’s perverse use of her. Secretly, she craved it with guilty intensity. She must discuss this matter honestly and openly with Colleen, both the good and bad.

Upon rising for the day, she showered his clinging scent and cream off herself as well as possible. She ate a light breakfast. She proceeded up to the core via Radial Arm Bay A2 to visit and work with Michaela. She had gotten fairly dexterous on the radial arm bay ladders. She was climbing up while holding her computing tablet and a travel mug of coffee in one arm.

There was a bang that burst her eardrums. She, along with her tablet, coffee, and shoes went flying up the radial arm bay and smacked into the bubble. Luckily, she didn’t hit her head. She bounced off the bubble and found herself gripping the hatch lever of the aft fusion reactor bay. There was explosive decompression happening. She cycled the hatch, got inside, and managed to close the hatch after herself.

Only when she was calming down, safe in the fusion bay, did she reconstruct events. In her experience, it had just been a terrible loud bang that disoriented her. When she regained some sense, she was gripping the fusion bay door hatch and pulled herself in. In the confusion of decompression, it was blind luck that set her upon the fusion bay door hatch. Surely the bubble had saved her life. If she had struck the metal walls of the core at the speed she was yanked up the radial arm bay, it would have surely killed her. Or, she would have been sucked bodily into space, or piece by piece. She shuddered.

She had lost her accessories, her shoes, and her phone. She felt disoriented and dizzy from her head injury. Her ears and nose were bleeding slightly. Her baby was kicking strongly, agitated but healthy. For this, she breathed a great sigh of relief. She tried to rest, hoping rescue would come soon. She lashed herself to the hatch handle by her belt so she wouldn’t float away. She tried to sleep.

She was awakened by three distinct knocks on the hatch. Before she could answer, there were another three knocks. She had nothing to knock back with. Luckily, there was a small tool cabinet by the side of the door. She got out a wrench and knocked back. Soon they were knocking excitedly back and forth. As communication, it lacked subtlety, but communication had definitely been established.

“Anming has sealed herself into the aft fusion bay,” Alexis told Zach. He started breathing again. Colby had been holding him. He had started shaking several minutes ago, fearing the worst. He started to cry long and hard with relief.

The rest was cleanup. Although the PSS had to be rebalanced, the repairs to Radial Arm B2 made it stronger than before. Berte and Khushi sealed the breach with new hull plating. They repaired and replaced the power and control conduits that had been damaged or obliterated. Mateo was the hero of the day. After finding Anming, he went EVA and did all the outside welds on the hull plates as well.

Being quite pregnant, a general anesthetic was out of the question for Anming. It was only minor surgery to replace her blown out eardrums. Zach performed the surgery with Ayana assisting. By the end of a few weeks, her inner ears would heal the rest of the way themselves.

Aside from necessary functions, Zach would not leave Anming’s side. He repeated to her in joy and amazement, “Your survival is a great miracle.” Colby argued to Anming that she should therefore start her week with Zach now. Despite her near-deafness, Anming understood Colby’s meaning. Anming argued, “Please, fellow wife, I haven’t the strength to serve our husband as he should be served. You know, as a wife should serve. Please continue to serve as the receptacle of his ardent love for a few more days at least.”

“Well, I suppose so,” said Colby. “I’ve never been a receptacle for ardent love before.” She rolled her eyes.

Anming understood that communication well enough without hearing. “But you are!” she shouted at Colby. “Don’t you understand?! You’re the main receptacle! The rest of us are pale shadows in comparison!”

“I don’t know about that,” Colby told her. “He was shaking like a leaf when he feared you were gone. He was so upset, he couldn’t cry until after he knew you were alive. I said... he couldn’t cry until after we found you!”

“Colby,” said Anming, “If something happened to you, the very heavens would weep but to reflect Zachary’s sadness over it.”

“I’m not sure if we’re admiring each other or Zach in this conversation,” said Colby.

“I should rest,” said Anming. They left her to sleep.


That evening, Colby and Zach shared a pleasant dinner with Anming and Colleen. Jason begged off, saying he had already eaten. He’d been doing that a lot lately. Zach knew it was likely awkwardness around the undisclosed Colby triangle. Nevertheless, he felt it would be weird not to ask after him. “What’s with that guy?” he asked.

Anming was trying to follow the conversation, but her recovering ears were still mostly deaf. Zach knew sign language, but Anming didn’t. She wouldn’t have learned ASL in any case. She sat there looking confused. Colby glared pointedly at Colleen. Evidently that was some kind of signal. Colleen said, “I’m trying to calm him down about it. He’s no doubt concerned about us being caught together in his stateroom after the meteor strike. I tried to explain our open marriage, but it’s hard for these guys to understand. Where he’s from, people get killed over being found dallying with another man’s wife.”

Zach announced, “I’m done eating dinner, by the way.” Colby rose, pulled down her stretch pants and panties together, and bent over the galley table. This was their rule. If a stranger had been here, they would have gone somewhere private right after dinner, but this was family. Colby moved her plate over in front of her. She still had a few bites to finish while Zach had her.

Zach proposed, “Maybe I should talk to Jason?”

“No it’s fine, it’s fine,” Colby and Colleen implored on top of each other. Colleen said, “It’s my business. I can handle it, Zach.”

“Just offering,” said Zach. He stroked the head of his cock in Colby’s copious, copious juices. This was too much excitement to be meant for any one man, he thought. Not that he was complaining. She must be getting off because she was secretly doing the both of them. He’d be the first to admit that having something exciting on the side could really rev the engines. At least, that was, as long as it didn’t crater the primary relationship. Thus, open marriage. Though, for open, their marriage sure seemed to have some closely guarded secrets.

“And thank you for offering,” Colleen told Zach graciously.

“I’m concerned about you, baby-- UHNNN!” said Colby. Zach thrust into Colby’s wet snatch and was now taking her.

Anming tried to act nonchalant and kept eating her noodles.

Colleen observed them openly and smiled. Colby was ignoring the rest of her meal in front of her. Her eyes were fluttering. She was already nearly comatose at the huge feel of their husband. Colleen knew that feeling, and she was getting quite damp thinking about it.

“How are you concerned about me?” Zach asked Colby, thrilling to her slick, toned vagina. It was apparent she was doing her kegels, or the equivalent. A lot of them.

“The way you reacted to Anming’s disappearance,” said Colby.

“Well, she was almost certainly dead, honey,” said Zach. “Should that be nothing?”

“No,” said Colby. “But space is a dangerous place. Mars is a dangerous place. You’re deeply involved with umpteen women and their children. I don’t want you folding like a house of cards if one of them gets hurt or dies. The rest of us will need you, Zach.” She was gritting her teeth now, close to orgasm. But it was clear she felt strongly about this.

Zach stopped thrusting, much to Colby’s dismay and frustration. “I reserve the right to be absolutely torn to shreds if anything happens to any of you or to any of the kids,” Zach said. Colby opened her mouth but Zach preempted her, “And, and, keep living a healthy and productive life to honor them. It’s like when my parents died so suddenly. I felt I had nothing to live for. And I still feel like I have nothing intrinsic to live for. I live to serve and contribute. Usually I can include myself in that along with everybody else. That’s my intention. That will have to be enough.”

“I’m satisfied,” said Colby. “But not, um… please keep going with... Zach, please,” she grinned sheepishly.

“I’m going to wrap my heart around yours so tight, Colby Lincoln, and all of you,” Zach said. He gripped her ass cheeks firmly with both hands. He pumped deliciously in her, feeling the tension quickly build in her entire body as she reached for her orgasm. “Mmm. I’m putting all my cards on the table. Everything for you.” He felt her pussy quiver and grip him as he pushed in. So delicious.

“What?” asked Anming.

“HE LOVES YOU!” Colby shouted at Anming. “Christ!” Colby screamed and orgasmed. Zach gripped her shaking ass tightly and kept pumping faster. Anming smiled and nodded with a look of gratitude. She had a hand up shielding her eyes from the view of Colby and Zach carrying on.

“Everything,” moaned Zach as he orgasmed. He locked into Colby. She whimpered as his hot pulses of semen bathed her insides. They were quiet together. Deeply joined.

“I had missed seeing that,” said Colleen.

“Now all this about all of us owning parts of ships and things,” said Zach. “What parts will I own?”

“Colby will be the CEO,” said Colleen.

“Just heard from Becky,” said Colby, eyes lazy, big smile, in that just-fucked place of satisfaction. “I am the CEO as of today.”

“She is the CEO,” said Colleen. “So ask her about that stuff. It’s above my pay grade.”

“Now what exactly do I own, my chocolate treat?” Zach asked.

Colby laughed. “I have to say, this is the first stockholder meeting I’ve had where the stockholder questioning me literally had me by the cunt. I’ve had meetings that felt that way, in a bad way, not a good way like this.”

“Is it a hard question to answer?” asked Zach.

“Hah hah. You are feisty,” Colby smiled. “No, baby, you don’t own parts of spacecraft. You own shares of stock in the corporation. The corporation owns the spacecraft. The forms have already been issued. Really, you are distracting me, baby. You’re staying quite hard. Are you going to do anything about that?” Zach started ramming her again, much to their delicious mutual delight. She thrilled, “OH! Ohyeah!”

“Is there a protocol for the frequency or duration of Zach’s… um… dessert?” asked Colleen.

“These are too many protocol questions all at once,” Colby whimpered. “Whatever he wants, UGH! Unless you have to get somewhere, get on duty. He doesn’t get fat on THIS kind of dessert. Keep dishing it out, honey. Seconds. Mmm. Thirds.”

“My favorite dessert,” moaned Zach. “So what can I do with these shares of stock?”

“Well, you can vote for things the company does,” said Colby. She let out a big whimper as she suffered a petit mort, and her ass shook. Zach reestablished his grip on each of her bouncing bottom cheeks. “Not everything of course, but the big decisions. That’s how I plan to run things.”

“Mmm. Like I have any expertise in voting with shares of stock,” said Zach. “God, you feel so good on my cock, Colby Lincoln.”

Colby lost it. “Pahahah! Another thing a stockholder has never said to me before. Well, at least not during a meeting. She winked at Colleen.” To Zach, she said, “Don’t worry. You’ll know what you’re voting about. Oh honey baby...”

“So I own… more responsibility?” asked Zach, stopping his thrusts. “That’s a funny kind of ownership.”

“You own the stock, baby,” said Colby. “It’s more than voting rights. You literally own a portion of the company. Keep going!” She implored.

Zach resumed his firm thrusts into Colby’s loins. “So are the shares valuable?” he asked.

“Umhm. Absolutely they are. Oh baby… don’t stop… oh honey…. UNNNNGH!” cried Colby.

“How valuable?” asked Zach.

After Colby regained her composure, she said, “Well, we, ask the stockholders to decide how valuable.”

“Sounds like some kind of elaborate circle jerk,” said Zach.

“Hah hah! It can be,” answered Colby. “Practically speaking, a company is worth at least as much as its assets. So our company, Gemicore, Inc. will soon be worth at least, let’s say half a trillion dollars, and you own five hundred thousand shares. Eight million shares are outstanding. That comes to your shares being worth at least thirty-one point two five billion dollars, Zach. Oh you feel so good in me baby!”

“God, you’re tight. I think I’m starting to get close,” said Zach.

“Mmm, that’s okay, baby,” said Colby. “Just put it in me any time. That’s my baby.” Her eyes were closed, enjoying his deep thrusts. Her smile was beatific.

“Yes, deposit your virile cream in her, my husband,” said Anming. “So I can take my hand down and eat my noodles in peace. And, I'm aware, so you can enjoy heaven while seeding her quivering loins. But it's hard when I can't hold my bowl.”

“Are we disturbing you, Anming?” asked Colby, then realized she couldn’t hear. “ARE WE DISTURBING YOU?!”

“Absolutely not,” Anming replied. “This is a good rule you’ve made. Our husband must have many, many occasions to release his virility in us. Whenever, in fact, he might not be already completely satisfied. If not, with so much virility, he will undoubtedly stray and have to put it elsewhere.”

“And he does even so,” said Colleen. “You know that, right?”

“Oh baby,” Colby moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“Established fact, commander, if I read your lips correctly,” said Anming. “Who could resist his virility? I suspect even Ayana. I suppose I meant, stray even more than suits him. This would be tragic.”

“Well, I have noticed her belly swelling,” Colleen joked.

“Okay,” said Zach. “Hmmm… hah… ohh! Rrrah! Unh! RRRRRAH! Unnnn! Huh.”

“Mmm… Ohhhh...” moaned Colby. “Your hot sauce is hitting me good, lover.”

“I mean, for more than procreation,” said Anming. “Who could resist his pressureful stroking of everything inside, including one’s heart and soul? Who could eschew his hot jets of deeply satisfying cream as he orgasms?”

“Not me!” Colby moaned. “Oh God that’s so good. Catch it… catch it… thank you darling.”

“You’re making me wet, all of you,” said Colleen.

“So you like my financial briefings?” said Colby.

“Hah hah, yes,” said Colleen, “and also watching the Zach fucking you part.”

“Watch your language, commander,” said Anming.

“Hey, your hearing is improving! Sorry. Ahem. Watching Zach have his manly virile way with you,” Colleen said. “So how about it, Zach? Are you boinking Ayana on the regular?”

“A gentlemen never gossips,” said Zach.

“Intriguing,” said Colleen. “How much of your semen have you washed down the galley sink?”

“Lots,” Colby moaned, still resting on the table in afterglow.

Anming was watching the conversation carefully. “When I serve him at the table after dinner, it’s all over everywhere. On my clothes. On the floor. Everywhere,” she moaned. “So profligate...”

“Okay, so I could theoretically sell one of my shares to get the money,” said Zach at the sink. His scrubs were still down around his ankles.

“Actually, you can’t,” said Colby. “The company is privately held.”

Colleen rose to put her dishes in the sink. As she did so, she gave Zach a little spank on his taut muscular ass and whispered in his ear, “Visit me tonight?”

Zach nodded to Colleen and smiled. He liked her horniness. It seemed they hadn’t gotten a chance to really connect lately. Later would be a good start on this. Much better than wandering around wakeful and mopey. He continued his reasoning to Colby. “So then we’re back to, how can the shares have a price if you can’t sell them?”

“That’s a lot more complicated question than it sounds like,” said Colby. She stood up from the table, caught the rest in paper towels proffered by Zach.

“Try me,” said Zach. He pulled up and tied his scrub pants.

“You just can’t, okay? You wouldn’t want to sell your shares anyway, Zach,” said Colby, pulling up her panties.

“But then we’re back to, how are these shares worth anything?” asked Zach.

“Well, we don’t have to use all our profits to grow the company,” said Colby. “We could vote to distribute some portion of our profits among the shareholders as dividends. The more shares you own, the more money you would get.” She pulled up her stretch pants and adjusted them.

“We could vote to give ourselves money?” asked Zach. “Let’s do that!”

“It’s not that simple,” said Colby. “If we invest the profits in growing the company, we’ll have more profits later on, which is better, right?”

“Well, at least I’m starting to see why being able to vote is important,” said Zach.

“Hah hah! Good,” said Colby.

“This all sounds very complicated,” said Zach. “Just tell me what to do.”

“Okay, don’t worry about it,” said Colby. “So did you get your questions answered?”

“Only with more questions,” said Zach.

“That’s life,” said Colby.

“I learned something,” Anming piped up.

“Yeah,” said Colleen. “Just let Colby do it.”


Later, as Zach and Colby were about to shower for bed, she stopped him at the door of Head B2. She grabbed him tightly by both hands. She had a serious look, a frightened look, into his eyes. “What is it, darling?” asked Zach.

“I want to tell you,” said Colby, looking up into Zach’s eyes, deeply in his eyes, “I’ve been going to bed with Jason sometimes lately.” She looked embarrassed suddenly, looked away, regretful. “There you have it.”

“I had suspected,” said Zach. “Guys don’t transfer to the day shift for nothing,” he joked. He tried to smile, reassure her.

“Anming was right,” said Colby. “Even though you didn’t know, it was tearing you up inside, eating you up. I’m so sorry, Zach.”

“Nothing to apologize for!” Zach hastened to say. “Colleen and I asked you to, practically demanded that you try on the open marriage thing. I hope you didn’t do it just because of that.”

“No, I like him, think he’s cute,” Colby wiped tears that were streaming down her face. Relief? Just emotion? “But you’re right, it’s linked. The day after you had that talk with me, I sat Jason down and basically told him, ‘My husband and wife want me to bang more people, and well, you’re pretty cute.’ And he was like, ‘I completely don’t understand you people.’ It took some convincing. He’s a good man, Zach. And he wishes us the best as a couple.”

“I know he’s a good man. I trust he’s a good man,” Zach said. “I bet he takes exquisite care of you when you’re together.” In fact, he thought guiltily, he knew Jason did.

“He really does,” Colby said, smiling as she looked away in embarrassment and wiped more tears.

The crying was unnerving Zach. “Look,” said Zach. “He’ll be around for a couple of years. Two and a half almost. If you want to live with him-”

“Oh-no! Huh-no!” Colby threw both her arms around his neck, climbed his body to hold onto him with all her strength. “No Zach! It was just as you asked! The last thing I want is for anyone to come between us! I love you, baby! Love you to death! Don’t ever think I want to go!”

“I’m sorry, calm down,” Zach said. “Me too. Absolutely me too. It would absolutely kill me. But you know, I would live. I want you to be happy more than I want you for myself.”

“You don’t have to think that,” Colby insisted. “Don’t ever think it. But I understand. You’re a good man, Zach Carson.”

“Well, it’s good to know about it for sure,” said Zach. “Kind of a relief. You know that you were under no obligation to ever tell me. The mining crew had been cleared by us to not even go on the event calendar. It would have been just too busy! Heh heh. Would have resolved some scheduling conflicts, though, I bet.”

“Stop talking, baby,” said Colby, still latched onto his front like a frightened child. “You know that doesn’t matter. I’ll stop seeing him if you don’t want me to.”

“Don’t tempt me,” said Zach. “What should I say, that I don’t want you all to myself? I think we were crying about that a few months ago, it was so frustrating. Let’s not empower my jealous feelings, which will soon subside, if I have anything to say about it. Within the constraints of our open marriage, this should be about what makes you the happiest. Let me deal with my own feelings.”

Colby climbed down from her death grip of him to hold him around the waist and press herself to him. “I went about this all wrong,” said Colby. “I should have been like, ‘I’m thinking of doing this.’ And you would have said, ‘Great, go for it.’ And afterwards, I would have said it was great. And you would have said, ‘Great.’ And we would have taken the journey together. But instead, I cut you out. Cut you out of my life. ‘Cause I was ashamed for you to see me try it, to be honest. Or something. I don’t know what I was thinking. That would have been the worst. For you to have seen me try it, and for it to have been terrible. That would have been the worst. That’s how the calculus started. And then once I knew it was good, I was afraid to tell you. As if you would be mad about it. I was a dummy. I didn’t think about it. I just worried.”

“Sometimes, discretion is a good thing, I’m pretty sure,” said Zach. “Secrets don’t last long in these tight confines, though. Any scheme depending on secrecy around here is probably a weak one. That said, I had no clue about the infinite wealth and spaceships and corporations thing. Wow. You ladies got me there.”

“Hah!” said Colby. “You were too worried about whether I was banging Jason or not. That’s right! It was all an elaborate distraction to protect you from knowing about your billions. You’re welcome, Zach,” joked Colby. “I banged Jason for you, to cover up our other conspiracy.”

“Wow, you really went the extra mile,” joked Zach. “Or has it been a mile yet?” Zach thought for a second. “It has certainly been at least a mile. And here.” He held Colby’s hands in his. “Seriously, this sounds meaningful to you. From my impression of Jason, I think it would have to be. I want you more than anything to be free, to be free to do it if you want it. By the rules of our marriage, which are fair ones, you are in fact free to do it. Don’t let me or anyone, I’m thinking of Anming, shame or deter you from finding your happiest situation in our marriage. That wouldn’t be fair to me as much as it would be unfair to you. It would make the marriage unstable. Okay? Let’s shower.”

Colby kissed Zach on the chest. He awkwardly leaned and twisted down like a giraffe eating off the low branches of a tree. Kissed her passionately mouth to mouth.


By the following Monday, the end of Colby’s week with Zach, Anming agreed to attempt her week with him. She still felt frail. But her near death experience had filled her with a certain urgency and intense lust for life. She was ready for him at the end of their watch. She appeared in the medical bay, saying, “I’m here to serve you, my husband.”

Zach had been holding back from the healing, dizzy, mostly deaf Anming the past few days. He didn’t want to add handling his physical desire to her burden. It would be uncool to interrupt while she was trying to think with a fuzzy brain. It would be even more uncool to wake her when she was trying to sleep and heal. He wasn’t an animal. He restrained himself and bided his time.

Now the biding was over. With relief, he confessed breathlessly, “I want you now, right away.”

Anming looked back at him with confusion. Her swollen inner ears were still recovering. He had thrown that desperate bit of information at her at fastball speed. No matter. He turned her around partly with one hand and smacked her on one butt cheek with the other. She got the idea immediately and kicked off her flats. She pulled one limber leg through her Capri pants and panties. She faced away from him and bent over the surgical table. As she settled, her pants and panties fell slowly down her other leg to settle at her right knee. He checked her. She was brimming with wet and slick. It seemed she was always at least moist for him, but this was more. She’d been holding herself back from this, too. She was very excited and ready. Zach smiled.

Zach missed the smell and taste of Anming more than anything. He got on his haunches and pressed his mouth into her vulva, nose to anus. She was more fragrant back there than usual. It was a treat for him, because she always kept it so clean. To get a little whiff of her soil off her visually clean asshole was interesting. She smelled healthy, fragrant. She was eating more protein, good. She was handling pregnancy really well. They had worried, because of everything, and the abortion, even though it had been very carefully done.

Who was he kidding? She was more than ready, and she was quivering in that frustrated way she did. She quivered when she wanted his dick badly but was letting him do his oral or whatever thing regardless. She was so obedient and patient with him. He stood up and slid down his scrub pants. Boing! He was urgently hard already. “I want to see your face,” he told her. She was turned away and couldn’t hear him.

He grabbed her up, spun her around, and sat her on the surgical table. She looked at him, surprised. She recovered quickly and spread her legs out and up, offering him both holes. He met her gaze and nodded up at her. She got the message and pulled up her blouse, displaying her swollen titties to him along with her holes. Mmm, just for him. What a sight! They bounced with milk in the low Martian gravity. Her dark brown nipples were getting big and ready to take their baby’s hard suckling.

He rocked into her with infinite satisfaction. She lay back and closed her eyes to feel him. She was satisfied she’d seen to his logistical requirements. Now her only duty was to orgasm for him as often and passionately as possible as he enjoyed her.

“You’re so wet, tight, lively!” he enthused. She couldn’t hear him, but Colleen did. She peeked around the corner from Control A with a smirk on her face. “Oh, sorry,” he smiled at her shyly.

“What are you sorry about?” she smirked at him. “Keep doing what I hired you to do, mister. Pound out orgasms for that girl in that tight Asian pussy of hers.” She made a nasty gesture with both hands. She made part of a circle with one hand and put a great big fist up through it. “Enjoying it? Make her the happiest woman in the universe yet again, or so she reports. You’re doing great, tiger, with all of us. Keep up the good work. And don’t forget to thank me.” With a flip of a wave, she disappeared. He would definitely have to look her up and thank her later that night. Thank her for herself, especially.

He looked down to see that Anming was looking at him. She must have felt his distraction in his movements. He made intense eye contact with her and redoubled his thrusts. Her eyes fluttered shut again as she orgasmed with a growl and a whimper.

He was getting close now. She milked it out of him, so fast. Oh, oh couldn’t hold it. He locked into her intensely, with a quiet growl. He didn’t want to alert everyone up and down the corridor to come running to the medical bay. She hissed when she felt his semen shoot into her. It was so perfect. He could settle between this woman’s legs forever. This tortured big thinker. She was so sexy, she and her big ideas and horny orgasms and tight puss-puss. Perfect. Her fluffy back tribble motte. He fluffed it a few times with his fingers as he relaxed in her. Squirt! Oh, there was another bit of semen. Yum.

Anming rested up on one arm. “Such extreme pleasure I feel under you my husband, my lover. I’m happy to serve you anytime, anywhere, even in this embarrassing place. Was that Colleen?”

“Yes,” answered Zach, nodding so she couldn’t mistake his meaning.

“I must apologize to her later for the naked spectacle,” Anming said.

Zach thought to describe the conversation to her, but their communication was so limited because of her hearing.

“Being your wife and mother to your children is more important than anything,” Anming said, smiling shyly. “But it’s not the reason I was saved from death. Every time you cream in me I’m inspired to be your wife and bear your children. It’s burned into my soul, and part of me. No, my rescue from death must have another meaning. I believe I’m destined to solve the unified field paradox in my lifetime.”

(To be continued)

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76: Friday, Pisces 17, 231 2300 hours OST: Terminal Event

Anming was indeed inspired that week. She enjoyed her quiet time together with Zach and their sex more than ever. But she tired easily. After one time, he found that if he just waited a few minutes and held her, she would fall asleep from exhaustion. Wanting her to recover, he waited for her to happily drift off. He was left to wander the ship horny.

One of these times, he was passing Colette’s cabin when Alexis precipitously opened the hatch and dragged him in there. “Zach, you look perfect for this, and I see you’re already erect.” Both women were naked. Alexis had changed her hair color to be half violet and half red. It gave her a more diabolical appearance. Alexis had Colette tied in what could only be described as a stress position. Her legs were tied behind her, heels to ass. Her arms were tied behind her and to her feet, which looked pretty uncomfortable. There was a bag over her head, but he would recognize Colette’s body anywhere. “Please enter and fuck her, please. Get ready to stop and pull out when I tell you.”

Zach enjoyed Colette’s very wet and responsive pussy. As churned her powerfully, her excitement quickly rose. Alexis had a hand on her thigh. Just as Colette was going to be able to cum, Alexis said, “Pull out.” Zach obeyed. From the bag over Colette’s head, there was a scream of frustration through a gag.

“This is going to be good,” said Alexis. She got down on the bed and spread her legs, showing Zach her bare shaved pussy. Her vulva was open and brimming with moisture barely contained by her fat stubby labia. Her nasty excited smell wafted up to him as she stirred her moisture for him with two fingers. “When I pull the bag and the headphones off her, you enter me and take me until you cum and ejaculate in me, okay?” Zach nodded.

Alexis removed the bag from Colette’s head so she could see and the headphones so she could hear. Her gag remained. Zach entered Alexis in a single stroke. “UUUH!” Alexis responded. “See slave, I have him now. I deserve him, so I’m getting the strokes that would have released you from your torment. Oh, they feel so good! Pardon me while I cum on Zach’s big dick JEEZ!” And sure enough, he could feel Alexis clip him. “And now, I can feel he’s close. I’m going to get my insides bathed in the hot jizz you could have enjoyed. C’mon, fill me, Zach!”

“UHHHHH!” Zach moaned. Evidently Alexis knew where everybody was on their arousal cycle pretty perfectly.

“Oh yeah, he’s shooting in me, slave. I can feel his hot jets… there’s another one… pent up tonight Zacky? Anming not emptying your buckets?”

“She’s still injured and recovering,” said Zach. “She tries, but tires easily and falls asleep. I don’t want to wake her.”

“Listen to what a sweet caring man he his,” Alexis told Colette. “Good thing I don’t allow any of that here.” She undid Colette’s ball gag. She slid off Zach, catching their product in her hand. She sat the whole mess down on Colette’s face. “Now clean me out, slave. Nice and clean. You see, I am somewhat merciful. At least you get to eat the cum you could have had. It’s still pretty warm. Now fuck her again, Zach. Just a few strokes. Now pull out.” Colette emitted a muffled wail from under Alexis’s vulva. “Now tease her with just the tip. Rub it on her clit. Now stop.” Another wail.

“I’m pretty excited to have her the rest of the way,” said Zach. “Could I?”

“Do you really want to?” asked Alexis.

“Yeah, I haven’t cum in her for a while,” confessed Zach. “I’m pretty excited to do it.”

“Okay, but I can’t let her cum,” said Alexis. She climbed off Colette’s face and ball gagged her again. She put the headphones on Colette’s head, and then the bag. She grabbed a rope that led to the ropes binding Colette’s arms and legs behind her. She put a hand on Colette’s thigh, then told Zach, “Okay, enjoy her, tiger.”

Zach pressed into Colette’s wet and ready pussy. Almost immediately, her needy cunt gripped him desperately. Alexis yanked on the rope and Colette grunted in pain, her orgasm thwarted. He didn’t feel right about this, but Colette felt so good inside, and he was so close. Alexis yanked at the rope again, producing another grunt of pain from Colette. Maybe if he finished up quickly, he could spare Colette any more of this torment. He closed his eyes and focused hard on how good she felt and how badly he wanted to creampie her. He felt another jerk from Alexis and heard Colette grunt in pain around her gag.

This went on for minute after minute. Pretty soon, he was taking too long. Whenever he himself felt he was just about to climax, he felt the jerk again and felt Colette grunt and writhe in pain. He threw up his hands. “I can’t do this,” he said. He pulled out of Colette and started getting dressed.

“But Zach, you were almost there,” said Alexis.

“I wouldn’t have liked myself if I’d gotten there,” said Zach. “I know she kind of needs it, but I’m sorry, I’m getting really creeped out by this. It was fine when we were edging her, but this, ugh. I’m really sorry. To both of you.”

“It’s fine Zach,” said Alexis. “Thanks for listening to yourself. We don’t want to emotionally scar you. Here,” she pulled off Colette’s hood, took off her headphones, and removed her gag.

“What’s wrong?” asked Colette.

“Zach is too disturbed by seeing you hurt, you know, to edge you,” said Alexis.

“Aw,” said Colette, “You’re such a sweetheart, Zach. I’m fine, and it was good for you to stop when you weren’t feeling comfortable. And I’m fine.”

“Having you getting hurt linked to my sexual performance in any way really gives me the heebie-jeebies,” said Zach.

“Perfectly understandable,” said Colette. “I’ve always known you weren’t any part of a sadist.”

“Don’t worry about it, sport,” said Alexis. “But don’t leave. I’ll stop punishing her. You can make eye contact and make sure she’s enjoying herself while you fuck her.”

“Okay,” said Zach. He pulled his scrub pants and top off again. He was limp.

“Climb up and enjoy her throat. Get hard,” encouraged Alexis. After a minute of this, Zach was hard and eager.

“Yes!” said Colette as soon as Zach pulled out of her throat. “This will be so good,” she whimpered.

Zach rocked into Colette’s dripping wet crack in a couple of firm strokes. “Oui! Tellement! Tellement! Je meurs! AAAAAAAHH!!” She thrashed in ferocious ecstasy against her bonds. He’d never seen her orgasm like this. Alexis must have been edging her for a very long time. Hours of careful work had no doubt been ruined by him. It was like he was enjoying a fine whiskey. He enjoyed her slick tightness, fucking her at exactly his favorite pace. He felt her quiver and thrash helplessly in orgasm again, tightly bound as she was. He smelled the spicy slutty scent of her pussy merged with Alexis’s.

“RAAAAAH!!” Zach yelled, and ejaculated into Colette with extreme satisfaction.

Colette joined Zach in extremis, clipping him hard, “AAAAUUUUUH!! La chaleur!!”

“Hah hah hah!” said Alexis. “I think you made her forget English, Zach. Don’t worry. I’ll teach her again after you leave.”

The three said heartfelt goodbyes. As Zach turned to wave on the way out the hatch, he saw Alexis pick up the belt. He shut the hatch quickly. Maybe she’d just been moving it. Best not to make stuff up. Whatever they did clearly worked well for both of them.

Zach left Colette’s quarters still a little shaken. Once Colette was already suffering, Zach had felt obligated to continue, optimistic it would be quick. At least he could be grateful that he was no longer in charge of Colette. He could be grateful that Alexis was able and suited. He felt exhausted emotionally and physically from the experience. He took another shower then joined a sleeping Anming in their quarters.

An hour later, Zach was awake, hard, and dangerously horny again. Anming slept on peacefully. Gently, he slipped out of bed, slipped on his clothes, and left their quarters. He figured Michaela was always happy to see him. Well, happy was never the right word for Michaela. She was welcoming, more like. He headed up Radial Arm A1 to visit her.

Zach found Michaela and Charisse sleeping together in the fuckspace. They were wrapped around each other in a very sensual way. He gazed at the women’s naked bodies.

Charisse was pale as ivory everywhere now. She had lost the sun-kissed appearance she’d had on Earth. She was neatly shaved, with everything on display. Her face bore a hint of her stunning Miss America smile. She still had that generous meaty ass of hers. The folds of her pussy were stuck together. Her anus looked greasy and a little roughed up. Her one lock of white hair drifted free of her crew cut in the weightlessness.

Michaela was petite against Charisse’s Miss America stature. She looked flushed when juxtaposed with Charisse’s ivory skin. In sleep, Michaela’s face bore what Zach would describe as a happy scowl. Down below, her meaty pussy lips were slightly parted.

Zach couldn’t for the life of him figure what they had been attempting to accomplish with such a strange arrangement. Charisse’s ankle rested against Michaela’s cheek. Charisse’s head was partly stuck into one of the leg holes.

Zach poked his head into the leg hole and kissed Charisse’s crew cut to wake her. He whispered, “Would you two enjoy any company, or should I let you rest?”

“I think we would like company,” Charisse whispered in reply. “We’re always awake enough for you, Zach.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” said Zach.

“I’ve been thinking,” said Charisse. Her thousand watt smile blasted forth.

“About what?” asked Zach.

“About you being in love with me,” said Charisse. “About encouraging it. Maybe it’s the baby affecting my brain, but it doesn’t seem so ill-advised as it once did.”

“Have I finally convinced you I can stay away if you want to be rid of me?” Zach joked.

“I’m serious,” said Charisse. “Was I trying to keep you from getting your heart hurt by me? Was I trying to keep myself safe from another good man who could never accept me for who I am? Both have already happened between us.”

“Not irredeemably,” said Zach.

“You think so?” said Charisse. “Then I’d like to try.”

“How should we go about it?” asked Zach.

“I think I want… a week,” said Charisse. “Like your wives. I see them, Anming and Colby especially, parading you around during theirs. They look smug as kittens in milk.”

“You want to be smug?” asked Zach.

“No, I want to... own you. I want to… yes… show you off,” said Colette, her smile shining, her eyes sparkling, mesmerizing him. “But just for a week. To see if I like it.”

“I’ll set something up,” said Zach.

“Will all end in tragedy,” Michaela piped up from above them.

“Don’t listen to her, Zach,” said Charisse, eyes flashing. “Fuck us. Fuck my throat while I scissor her some more.” She grabbed Michaela’s wrists, and with a flip of her hips, they were grinding pussies. “It occurs to me I’ve rarely tasted your jizz. I guess I’d better learn all about it if I’m going to be your wife. I have to be ready to blow you off while I’m healing from our baby reaming me out like a large bore cannon. Mmm. I love how this little bitch’s fat cunt lips kiss my clit when I grind her just right.”

“Dyavol!” shouted Michaela, “Fuck you! UGH!”

“She doesn’t swear at me like that,” said Zach.

“She likes it a lot,” Charisse confided. “Now grab my head. Ahh! Gug! Gug! Gug!” He held her head firmly at the edge of the fuckspace leg hole. With this leverage, he fucked her throat slow and deep. When he got close, which didn’t take long given Charisse’s magic throat, he held it in. Charisse squirmed and trembled.

“What are you doing to her?” asked Michaela.

“Choking her with my cock,” Zach replied.

Michaela redoubled her grinding on the shuddering Charisse. Suddenly, Charisse’s legs shot out straight and she managed to choke out, “Rrr! Guk! K! K! K! K! K! K!” as she had a massive orgasm. Her face was purple when Zach pulled out. Charisse gasped and coughed. She’d orgasmed quite hard. He knew she loved a good choke during her orgasms.

As soon as she’d recovered, Charisse encouraged him, “Put it back in, Zach! Cum in my throat, in my mouth, all over my face. I want it! Guh! Guh! Guh! Huh K-K-K-K!” Another orgasm thanks to Michaela’s grinding. He was getting close.

He continued to slam Charisse’s throat. As she shuddered again, transfixed in orgasm, he lost it and shot a big wad right into Charisse’s stomach. He pulled out some and filled her mouth with another shot. A third wad hit her in the nose and stuck there, dangling. She choked, and some of the cum ran out her nose. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Oh fuck! No! Yes! Okay!” Charisse said, pretty disoriented.

Zach squeezed into the fuckspace from the top. It was not built for three people, especially not if one of them was Zach. He was after Michaela. He wanted to give her tight, wet, and excitable cunt a nice long ride on his just-milked but still stiff and willing cock. As Zach scooted and positioned himself between Michaela’s legs, Charisse got pushed down and under Michaela’s feet.

“Take me, you fucking bastard!” moaned Michaela, and that’s when Zach rammed his penis into her splashing slot. It immediately grew three sizes, along with her heart. “Ai-ugh! You menace bastard!” she cried. Or maybe she’d said, “You men are all bastards!” He had her face crushed between his chest and the straining fuckspace wall as he rammed her. She called to Charisse, “Are you okay down there my little fox kitten?”

“Ugh,” Charisse replied.

“Ugh! I will finish off this crazy-- ugh! Fuck me Zach!” Michaela moaned.

Zach figured Charisse could survive underfoot in free-fall while he pleasurably lengthened and widened Michaela’s tight snatch for her. “UGH! UNNNNN!” There was a favorable review right there, in fact. He had some staying power. Widening her was a losing battle. She was only getting tighter. “RRRRRUH!!” shouted Michaela in another orgasm. This time she sprayed girl cum all over the insides of the fuckspace, all over Charisse. Now Charisse’s hair would smell like kippers in mango sauce.


The next day at breakfast, Zach had Colby, Anming and Colleen gathered around the table. “Charisse wants a week with me,” said Zach.

“It goes without saying,” Anming commented. “Even so, we can’t indulge every one of our crewmates. We would hardly ever get him ourselves.”

“Just for one time, to try it,” said Zach.

“What is she up to?” said Colby, immediately suspicious.

“It’s great news, I think,” said Colleen. “Her thinking has really evolved. I think she’d long since given up on measuring up to any man’s moral code. But then she met Zach, who’s a total slut himself, hah hah!”

“It sounds like there are no hard objections,” Zach said.

“It’s your choice, Zach,” said Colleen. “We don’t own you. That said, it should be after the existing cycle.”

“Why is it that new people always have to go in front of me?” complained Colby. “After my next turn, if you please.”

“No problem,” said Zach. “After your next week.”


At the end of their daily meeting, Zach chuckled and said to Ayana, “There’s something that Anming made me promise to ask you about. I think you’ll find it pretty amusing.”

“Anything Anming has to say, I think it will be very charming. You know that, Zach,” said Ayana. “I guess it’s ship-wide knowledge now that I have a terrible crush on her.”

“I know how that is,” said Zach, referring to his own terrible crush on Ayana.

Ayana ignored the reference. “Well, out with it,” she prompted.

“She’s certain that all women must enjoy my attentions as much as she does,” said Zach. “So she made me promise to ask you whether you want another tumble with me.”

Ayana chuckled, “Two falls out of three, eh?”

“She’s a loon,” chuckled Zach.

“I don’t know,” said Ayana. “You’re a good man, Zach. And everyone wants to be desired. I admit that your passion during our inseminations helped. If you’d been bored and staring off into the distance, it would have been truly ick.”

“I know you’re crushy on her,” said Zach. “That doesn’t mean you have to adopt all her viewpoints. You’re scaring me. You’re yanking my tail, aren’t you?”

“Actually, I’m serious. It was easier with you than it would have been with anyone else I can imagine,” said Ayana. “Can’t you take a simple compliment?”

“Well,” said Zach, “thanks, then.”

“I have a counteroffer for Anming,” Ayana smiled.

Zach’s brain short-circuited. “Wha huh?”

“If she’s involved, then yes,” said Ayana. “I’m talking about a threesome, Zach. I’ll do anything either of you want of me as long as Anming, hmm, allows my attentions. None of us has to do anything we find particularly distasteful. And before you ask, Zach, you penetrating me is not distasteful to me. To make it better for me, if Anming would divert my attention while it’s happening, so much the better. Fair enough?”

Zach suddenly felt hot all over his body. He swallowed and said, “That’s an interesting proposal. I’ll relay it.”

Later, when Zach and Anming were cuddled together after their bedtime sex, Zach tried to communicate Ayana’s response. “Ayana answered you,” Zach said, then repeated, “Ayana!” Anming nodded. “She wants a threesome. A three...” Zach held up three fingers.

“Certainly you can have her three times, my virile husband,” Anming replied. “Does she mean three in a row? My, she is greedy. But it’s understandable, since you’ve been neglecting her and have not even asked. Don’t make a woman come to you and beg, my husband. Leave us women a shred of dignity, I implore you.”

Zach shook his head. “Ayana!” he shouted. “You!” he said, tapping Anming’s chest. “Me!” he said, tapping his own chest. “Together!” he said, interlacing his fingers.

Anming stared at him a moment, dumbfounded. “Three all together at the same time? I suppose it’s not too hard to believe. I admit your wives have sometimes indulged in such behavior when overcome with passion. I suppose, given her obvious fear of men, she must need my support. Understandable.”

Anming thought, then continued, “Well, then. You must relieve yourself in Ayana’s womb, my husband. Repeated times, as much as will slake your thirst. That should satisfy her, also, more than she can imagine. How long has it been since you had her?” She paused to feel his forehead. It was as if she feared he would develop a fever if he didn’t have Ayana.

“You know she’ll!” said Zach, and licked the web between his index and middle finger to illustrate. “You!” he said, tapping her chest.

“Oh,” replied Anming. “I can tolerate such behavior, don’t worry. It’s exciting to think that if you flood her lesbian womb enough times with your cream, perhaps it will change her attitude towards men in general.”

Zach shook his head and did a face palm.

Later, Zach sat on the bed watching a big-bellied Ayana with her face and fingers between an even bigger-bellied Anming’s legs. Ayana made gentle, worshipful love to Anming with her lips and tongue.

Anming sighed and groaned. She didn’t want to give Ayana the satisfaction of knowing how much pleasure was enveloping her. Finally, Anming moaned, “You’re making me question… haah… whether I’m an impostor with men. Whether I’m actually a dirty lesbian, to be reviled, after all, just like Caine accused...”

Ayana rose from her delicious slow tongue and lip pleasuring of Anming’s clitoral area to reply. Still stroking Anming’s g-spot and sensitive anal ring with her fingers, she replied, “You don't have to question your sexuality. You only have to consider whether your sexuality is as strictly defined as you think it is.”

“You, also,” Anming argued, “You must be affected by my Zach’s ardent desire, his loving thrusts.”

“Speaking of that,” said Zach. “I’m getting really, really excited, ladies.”

“Our kind of loving, women’s kind of loving, is not the desperate goal-oriented frenzy of the rutting male animal,” Ayana argued. “It’s a long, intense building of truly being with, a human and sentient activity. That said, I’m sensitive to your desperate urges Zach. If you’d be so kind as to let me continue with Anming as I am, feel free.” She wagged her lean, muscular bottom in his direction. “My rectum is prepared as well, if you’d prefer it.”

“Wow, choices,” Zach thrilled, now behind Ayana and excitedly stroking his penis in her oily ass crack. “Which do you want?”

“Enjoy yourself, Zach,” said Ayana. “I’m focusing on Anming. Rest assured your activity won’t be unpleasant to me. It’s in the context of my face being buried in Anming’s succulent snatch, after all. In fact, your animal rutting may even cause me to orgasm. But in the bigger picture, for me, it’s part of me loving Anming. So just enjoy yourself.”

Zach was so excited, he only had a few functioning brain cells left. He was definitely not prepared to unpack what Ayana was babbling about. He thrust and began to stretch and open up Ayana’s juicy pussy. He knew it was due to her enjoyment of Anming, and he shared that. He felt close to both women’s excitement as he stroked deliciously in Ayana. He was trying to not jerk her around as he greatly enjoyed her. It would disrupt her work on Anming.

It was seeing his sweetheart writhe in joy and orgasm on Ayana’s tongue. It was enjoying the tight, quivering grip of Ayana’s forbidden cunt. He groaned and shook in enormous orgasm. As gently as he could manage, he relieved his semen into Ayana’s willing lesbian baby hole. It was such delicious and incongruous satisfaction his brain practically exploded.

“Well, good,” said Ayana to Anming. “Now we can enjoy each other in peace for a little while at least.”

“Haven’t you received my husband ever before?” Anming challenged. “He’s hardly just begun! Fill her other hole with your voluminous and fertile cream now, my husband. Didn’t you hear her beg you for an assault on her dirty excrement hole? Conquering it with your massive manhood will broaden her sexual horizons indeed, heh heh.”

Zach firmly but lovingly pushed into Ayana’s anus. She stopped licking Anming and said to her, “This will be good preparation. I was hoping you’d be willing to anally fist me later? Your delicate hand and arm should feel glorious in me.”

With a moue of distaste, Anming replied, “We’ll see. Now please,” she whimpered, and desperately pulled Ayana back to her near orgasming vulva.

In the end, nobody’s sexual opinions or attitudes changed much. Ayana remained pretty darn lesbian even though she had several powerful orgasms while Zach was enjoying her. Anming remained conflicted. She confessed with humiliation her attraction to women during her orgasms with Ayana. She openly cried out her heterosexuality fiercely whenever Zach took her. As for Zach, his love for and enjoyment of both women never wavered.

The lovemaking back and forth between Anming and Ayana was endless. It fascinated Zach how adept Anming was at it. Perhaps it was natural ability. Perhaps it was her time with Caine. Certainly Ayana’s excited response was the thrill of having a new woman to play with. That Ayana was a goddess of female desire and delight was beyond question.

Ayana, being very persuasive, got Anming to anally fist her for an extended period. Zach had never seen a woman orgasm so frequently or passionately before. It was outrageously hot. Ayana barely noticed when Zach ejaculated all over her belly and Anming's arm. Anming, a look of concentration and resolve on her face, churned Ayana tirelessly to halfway up her forearm. It took everything she had to overcome her distaste of touching Ayana's soil.

Much of the time, Zach lay and watched the visual feast of the two women pouring their love and excitement into each other. Whenever he became urgently aroused, he took with permission an accessible mouth, cunt, or asshole for his pleasure. He usually took two or three turns in various holes and then calmed down again for a while.

This continuum of loving, sleeping, and fucking lasted all night and into the morning. Zach was never able to truly get into the complex flow of the women’s lovemaking. The waxing and waning of it, from his point of view, mystified him. It seemed to him he was an outsider to the world they created together, though not an unwelcome one. He tried to absorb from the women what lovemaking could be if freed from the agenda that, as a male, underscored his every breath and thought.


“I relieve you,” said Alexis.

“I stand relieved,” said Colleen.

Zach caught Colleen as she passed by and bent her over the plotting table right there in Control A. Alexis looked on with amusement. “Zach, what are you doing?” Colleen chuckled nervously.

Zach took a pair of trauma shears and swiftly cut Colleen’s flight suit and panties through the crotch. Pinning her head to the table, he ripped further, giving himself unfettered and unobstructed access to both her holes. He stirred her cunt opening with his dick. It was juicy enough. He thrust in to the hilt, eliciting an “UUUH!” from her.

Thus pinned head down and transfixed on his cock, Colleen heard, “You’re off duty now, wife. Until you go on duty again at 10 AM tomorrow, you’re my woman, period. No decisions to weigh. No concerns to mull. No cares to disturb. You are sensation. Just being enjoyed, and enjoying. Giving pleasure I want. Taking pleasure I give.” Zach began fucking her firmly.

Alexis, quietly standing by the main control console, quietly watched with a look of excited amusement. As pleasure from Zach’s fucking suffused Colleen’s blushing face, her hand crept into her waistband.

“Zach,” Colleen chuckled, “shouldn’t we- OW! Nnngh!”

Zach had spanked her ass hard. “Don’t talk. Feel.”

In fact, Colleen had been so stressed lately. After launch, being stuck in the infernal bubble. Once out of the bubble, her ship, her command in disarray. Then the terrible embarrassment of the accident, where she’d been caught fornicating and Mateo had saved the day. Every decision her responsibility, however opaque. How very much she’d denied herself the option of surrender, surrender, surrender. She shrieked, “HYAAAA!! My Christ!” Her orgasm shook her like a rag doll and everything splashed on the deck and her destroyed clothes.

“Wow! She’s a squirter!” enthused Alexis, coming closer to watch and jilling faster.

“She only does it when she needs to,” moaned Zach. “You’re gripping my dick so tight and slippery, my wife, my Colleen. The pleasure. It’s coming soon, darling.”

“AAAAUGH!” Colleen cried in a loud orgasm, stronger than the last. Colby had arrived because of the noise. She stood quietly at the edge of the control room, watching the couple. Anming, also alerted, walked up to join her. Scowling, she grabbed a large dinner napkin from the galley and placed it gently over Zach’s hand holding Colleen’s head to the table. She sought to spare Colleen embarrassment, but now it looked silly.

Just as Anming placed the napkin on Colleen’s head, Zach locked his hips into her. “RRAAAH!!” His feeling was so fierce, his release so utter.

A moment of hushed silence with the couple. A squeak from Alexis as she shuddered and tried to orgasm as softly as possible. Colleen heard it and knew if she scolded Alexis for masturbating on duty, Zach would spank her more. She would deal with it some other time.

Zach stroked some lube from his pocket on and into Colleen’s pucker.

Anming, back watching with the others, grimaced as she watched this part.

Colleen managed, “UUUUUH!” as Zach forced his entire cock through her tight anal sphincter.

Anming covered her eyes, swore something in Chinese, and added, “in front of everybody.”

Ayana and Khushi showed up to the crowd, as did the men, Jason and Mateo. Charisse was tucked away somewhere in the back trying to look over or around the others.

Colleen, however, was unaware of the crowd that had gathered during her ecstasy. She could only feel herself held down tight and Zach’s penis deliciously punishing her back door. Ever since puberty she’d lived for this feeling. It was the hefty cock stretching her everything in painful pleasure. It was the firm control of her body as he dominated her and used her for his sport. And more than all this, it was his powerful demand that she banish all thoughts but of him and the powerful pleasuring he was giving her. She moaned long and low as a deep thrumming anal orgasm shook her whole body.

Zach, enjoying Colleen’s tight anus more than ever before, was delighted his plan was working so well. It had been so long since he and Colleen had really connected. It was all his fault. Before launch, there had been too much serious work. After launch, she had been in the bubble. There, he’d felt the demand to spread his attentions around fairly. And since the bubble, worries about Colby with Jason and its implications had turned him into a zombie.

This week, he wanted to focus only on Colleen. Give her a real break from her demanding duties. Give her a home and a man to cleave to and feel secure with. In short, truly become for her what she’d originally asked of him as a lover, “I want us to keep each other up all night. I want you to make me forget I’m in charge of all this. I want you to make me your slave for an evening. I want you to kill me with this great big dick of yours.”

“I’m getting close, sweetheart,” Zach was forced to blurt.

“Haaaa finish me off!” Colleen whimpered. “Give me another.”

“Sure thing, sweetheart,” Zach continued, taking her now with intense focus. “Any pleasure my lady wants, she gets.” The pounding continued as Colleen’s overwhelmed body tensed, relaxed, and tensed harder. Finally, “UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” from the bottom of her guts the orgasm came to set her ablaze.

Satisfied, Zach let himself go, and a moment later, locked his hips tightly, “RRRRRAAH!!” In his extreme enjoyment, he nearly climbed Colleen and the plotting table in his intense joining. He ended up with one knee on the table, bracing, his hips quivering as he unloaded. He sprayed shot after shot of his life force deeply, forcefully, and satisfyingly into her lovely ass.

Zach was panting in ecstasy, and Colleen was deep in erotic reverie when the applause started. At first it was only Alexis, but then the entire crew that was in attendance joined in.

Colleen’s eyes went wide as she realized every waking member of the crew was here. “Is this going to undermine my authority?” she complained. There was laughter.

“Like Zach said, you need a real break Colleen,” said Alexis. “You need to stand down.”

Anming piped up from the crowd. “Dear commander, when off duty you must obey your husband. This is your precious week to enjoy and sate his enormous thirst for you specifically. It is your solemn duty this week to give yourself to constant doses of his virile seed. Thus, you can be serene in your between times with only a few touch ups. For your own good, surrender your concerns and bask in your husband’s care.”

“I will, Anming,” said Colleen, “and thank you.”

With that, Zach gathered Colleen up in his arms. Amidst applause, he carried her towards Head A1. As he passed Charisse, he told her, "Your week will come directly after Colby's." She nodded in recognition. He shut the door.

“Can somebody bring me a mop?” asked Alexis.


The next day, Jason passed Zach in the hall. Zach turned around and asked, “A moment? I want to thank you for taking such good care of Colby.”

“That’s generous of you, Zach. I’m glad Colby told you,” said Jason. “The situation as it stood made me very uncomfortable. And, as for getting into the whole thing in the first place, who could resist her?”

“Nobody,” said Zach. A quiet moment of meaning passed between them. “I remember her before the selection. Her workshop was right next door to the medical clinic where I worked. She was always so calm, saying ‘Everything will work out fine.’ And we kept our distance, because, you know. The last thing you’d want is to get involved with someone else in the selection pool. Either you’d go or they would. It would be brutal. Then the day after we were both selected, I visited her at her house. She threw me down on her entryway rug with one of her Aikido moves. She said, ‘Is it okay if I love you?’ I learned she had been crushing mightily on me for months. I never felt luckier in my life than in that moment. Since then, it’s been volatile. She’s already kicked me to the curb once. You seem to have no problem meeting her shifting and exacting standards.”

“Let me tell you this, Zach, and I want you to hear this.” Zach could tell Jason wanted to  take him by the shoulders and shake him. Such gravitas in the man, he didn’t seem a foot shorter. Jason continued, “I’m her piece on the side. She likes me just fine. She loves you, really loves you. I can tell better than anyone, wouldn’t you think? Never doubt it. Don’t lose her by default.”

 “Thank you. I’ll do my best,” said Zach. He added, “I envy you the time you have with her.”

“I envy you the life you’ll have with her, the children,” said Jason.

“For the time being, I’m glad she has us both,” said Zach. And they shook hands and left it at that.


It was Monday Mina 2, and Zach was running his week with Colleen up to the last moment. She was due to relieve Berte in a couple of minutes. He was having Colleen on  the surgical table in Medical Bay A next door. They were face to face, eye to eye as he fucked her. He asked, “Are you sore enough now to remember me?”

“I’m sore in both holes, but I don’t need that to remember you,” said Colleen. “You’re not just a big dick to me, Zach. Or even just the father of our kid. I love you, lover boy. Never more than just now. Thank you for this week. Keep trying to outdo yourself; I can use it. You make me happy. Oh Christ, I can feel you. Let’s finish together. I’m ready. I’m ready. Ohhhhmmm.” With a reasonably quiet grunt, he ejaculated into her. He sighed with satisfaction.

Colleen was dressed and there to relieve Berte on the dot. “I relieve you.”

“I stand relieved,” said Berte. She looked over at Zach’s face, then back to Colleen. “Does he have a funny look?” Berte asked the commander.

Colleen glanced over at Zach. “Oh-oh.”

“You’re my wife, too,” Zach said to Berte. This was the beginning of his transition to the graveyard watch and his week with Berte. He patted the plotting table. “You deserve no less.”

“She certainly doesn’t, mister,” said Colleen. “But our control room shouldn’t smell like a whorehouse and need a swabbing every hour. Take it indoors, kids, please. Too much of this behavior, Zach, and people will start showing up to your shift changes for the entertainment value.”

“Sure thing, Colleen,” Berte giggled. She grabbed Zach’s hand and dragged him antispinward over towards Radial Arm Bay A1. “Byee!” Then she backed him out of Colleen’s sight back into the privacy of the instrument bay. She pulled his head down towards her face with a giggle and gave him a deep wet kiss. The kiss was filled with all her passionate honest uncompromising love for him.

Zach sat down and pulled Berte down into his lap in the secluded corner. They kissed ardently, unhurried. They had sixteen hours until the next graveyard watch. He was not worried about the circadian transition. He could count on her to fuck him to sleep, ample sleep, over that period.

Zach slipped up Berte’s pullover to expose her magnificent titties, recently nicknamed Frustration and Depression. They were more massive with milk than ever. He latched onto Depression and the colostrum urgently sprayed down his throat. She sighed and shared, “Ohhh I need this. Since you started sucking me, I’ve started to feel painfully full at odd times in my off weeks. So now I make Aiden suck ‘em dry from time to time. Now he’s a good little, or huh, big nurser.” Frustration was leaking a little in anticipation. Zach pulled a hand towel out of his pocket and held it to the other girl as he relieved the pressure on Depression.

Once both teats were lovingly drained, Berte slid off Zach’s lap, slipped out of her stretch pants and panties, and showed him her brimming wet pussy and prepared anus. “They’re so sensitive,” she whispered. “Your sucking nearly made me cum. C’mon you motherfucker, I want your dick while it’s still wet with her. Oh yeah, I heard you over there. Made me want to touch myself, but I waited, waited for this. Thanks to our darling commander, longer fuck for me,” she growled.

In a swift frenzy of passion, Zach pulled down his scrubs and crouched over Berte. His penis was plenty stiff, even to open her tight little puzzle of a pussy. And the way was slick. Lovingly he stirred, lodged. She bit her finger to keep from crying out as he entered her. He pressed, slid into her slick tightness, rocked her open wider and longer. Before he was even fully lodged, she writhed and mewed softly in orgasm. She was a hot little kitty this morning.

The nice hard deck surface made up for the Martian gravity. He slid in, pressed her hips to the deck, and enjoyed his length in her thoroughly as they locked eyes. She was giving him her famous eye job, a nice steady one. “You know I can hear you over there,” Colleen called. Berte giggled. Her eyes fluttered shut as she writhed again in orgasm, pinned tightly to the deck.

They finished passionately and quietly, and being quiet made it more intense. There was no way to scream the pleasure out. It was all bottled up, bouncing around. When Zach had given his gift, and they were tittering together about something, Colleen said, “The mop is over there, if you don’t mind.” They dressed, gave the floor a wipe like Colleen asked, and went to bed in Ethan and Aiden’s quarters. Ethan was with Aanya as usual, and Aiden was with the Breeding Bitches again for the week.

They had a quick dinner in Galley A. They had it to themselves. Berte upheld the Trigonometry tradition of bending over the dining table at the end of the meal. She did it with a giggle and a wiggle of her substantial ass. Zach loved gripping her ass. He had her in her anus, because Berte loved it, and he hadn’t had it yet. She’d prepared it before her shift began. It was all cleaned out, lubed, and awaiting his arrival. With a touch-up of lube from his pocket on her pucker, he slipped in smoothly and with delicious force.

Berte was no longer gossiping, but she was still a voluble texter. “You still don’t understand much about Anming’s work, Zach. What makes her so important.” Her phone now spoke everything Berte typed in real time in a pleasant woman’s voice. The woman kept going when Berte made the occasional mistake. It would say things like “’s-backspace-backspace-backspace...its grandeur...”

“I know she’s supposed to be the smartest person who ever lived,” Zach said.

“What does that even mean?” texted Berte rhetorically. “Anming is standing in a particular place in history that nobody else can look from. From the vantage of her deep understanding, she has a reasonable chance of solving the Unified Field Paradox. That’s huge, Zach. You just know her as your quiet and dutiful wife, but her work could change everything. Literally everything.”

“Not my love for you,” said Zach, giving her a good spank on one cheek.

“Aww! Stand by,” Berte texted. She had to stop to have a nice juicy orgasm.

“I’ll bite,” said Zach. “What is this paradox I should appreciate?”

“Let me try to explain it in layman’s terms for you,” texted Berte.

“You’re aware your tight ass is driving me crazy and I currently have only a handful of functioning brain cells,” said Zach.

“All right, finish up your desert, then,” texted Berte. “Leave the custard in me, though. Seriously, it’s that bad for you? Seems girls have a few more functioning brain cells at the end. I suppose that’s for avoiding nine months to eighteen years of lost expectations in the bad old days.”

“Oh sweetheart, I love you so,” groaned Zach.

“Aww. Likewise, you great big fuckbeast,” texted Berte.

“UHHHH!!” cried Zach, locking into her and squirting the custard she’d ordered. “RRRRR!”

“Okay, mmm, that was great,” texted Berte. “Okay now. Are you ready to listen?”

“Sure, okay,” said Zach, down on his elbows and nuzzling her neck.

“The unified field model has been a holy grail of physics since Einstein,” texted Berte. “I hope you know who he was.”

“Yes,” said Zach. “Ee equals em cee squared.”

“And so much more, Zach,” said Berte. “Not only did he relate mass and energy, but he unlocked how the three spatial dimensions we live in relate directly to time and gravity, among other things.”

“But not as smart as Anming,” said Zach.

“Who cares?” said Berte. “Science isn’t a footrace. But stop changing the subject. Much of the universe is understood in terms of his General Theory of Relativity. This theory depends on gravity having no fine structure. It states, in a nutshell, that gravity is merely a continuous bending of the space-time continuum where the gravitational force we experience is because time slows down the more space bends. Things naturally seek their lowest possible energy state. This is why stuff falls towards the center of a gravity well. This was the model of space time and gravity developed by Einstein and proven countless times since then down to an astounding exactitude.”

“I got completely lost there,” said Zach. “Please take it from the top.”

“Einstein said gravity bends space,” said Berte.

“You mean like gravitational lensing?” asked Zach.

“That’s an example,” said Berte. “Continuously bends it smoothly. No aliasing like when you’re looking at poor resolution monitor. Infinitely smooth. Got it?”

“Sure, makes sense,” said Zach.

“Okay, let’s move on,” said Berte. “Quantum mechanics says that everything is made up of bits of things, at least when it’s observed.”

“How about when it’s not being observed?” asked Zach.

“Then it’s just a probability of something,” said Berte.

“Okay,” said Zach.

“But everything is made up of bits of things, including mass, the property of matter related to gravity,” said Berte.

“All right,” said Zach. “I’m starting to see the problem. Things can’t both be made up of bits of things and be smooth.”

“That’s close enough, Zach,” said Berte. “That’s what Anming is working on sorting out.”

“When I have that kind of problem, I just warm it up,” said Zach.

“What do you mean?” asked Berte.

“Like butter. It’s bits, but then you heat it up, and you can spread it smooth,” Zach giggled.

“I will choke-a-bitch!” Berte yelled, chasing him around the dining table to tickle him.


Around 3:30 PM, when Berte was down for her sleep cycle, Zach awakened from his short corresponding nap. He was always restless during the sleep cycle for several days during the transition from day to graveyard watches. He looked at Berte’s beautiful sleeping face, childlike in its innocence. He got up gently, put on his scrubs, and left her sleeping.

The night shift was off duty and awake at the moment. That meant Charisse, Alexis, and Mateo could probably be found together, as could Ayana and Khushi. Sleeping were Aanya and Ethan, no doubt together, and Colette and probably Aiden. Then there was Michaela down in the bubble on duty working with Anming. Colleen and Colby were also on duty.

He found Charisse, Mateo, and Alexis playing strip blowjob Foosball in Recreation B. They looked well advanced in the game, so he let them be. He called Anming. “How about dinner when you get off work?”

“Certainly, my husband. 6:30 PM in Galley A?” confirmed Anming.

“No, I was thinking more private. Galley B?” asked Zach.

“As you wish. So you have an urge?” asked Anming.

“Yes, a great one for you,” said Zach.

“Berte is treating you properly?” asked Anming.

“Very much so, but she needs sleep, and I’m wakeful,” said Zach.

“Is she allowing you complete freedom?” asked Anming.

“Yes, absolutely,” said Zach assured her.

“How many times have you orgasmed since she took you over at 10 AM?” asked Anming.

“A gentlemen shouldn’t say,” said Zach.

“I’m responsible for your well-being,” insisted Anming.

“Six,” said Zach.

“Six? In the last six hours? And you want more?” Anming asked incredulously.

“I want you,” Zach said. “I’ll be more ready. I’ll sleep more before then.”

“Michaela is asking… Michaela is now asking if you want the both of us,” said Anming.

“Nothing would please me more,” said Zach. “But she can’t come to Galley B yet. Tell her I will try to come visit her after we’ve had a chance to catch up.”

“Catch up how much?” asked Anming.

“Thoroughly catch up,” said Zach.

“Yes, my husband,” said Anming. “I will attend you in Galley B at 6:30 PM.”

After that, since everyone was more or less busy at the moment and his date with Anming was set, he took a cannabis cube, the kind that was high in CBT, and cuddled up with Berte. Those cubes knocked him right out. He was asleep within minutes.


Aanya’s week started with a nice, juicy mock-rape on Monday, Mina 9. He overpowered her in Hydroponics Bay B6. He gagged and blindfolded her before marching her off to a secluded spot in Storage B5. There, he tied her up tightly and cut her clothes off. He used a voice modulator to make his voice sound like not his, a creepy man’s. Then he used her repeatedly in all three holes over the course of three hours. Sometimes he paddled her or used a light whip to spoil her orgasms. Sometimes he choked her to enhance their intensity.

When he was done, he was exhausted, and she was one seriously used little fucktoy hanging limply there. He cut her down and carried her to the head for a pee and a shower. She relieved her breast pressure by milking herself in the hot spray. They walked to their quarters where he gave her a massage. By the end she was dead asleep. Of course, throughout, he'd taken great pains not to stress her baby any more than a difficult workout would have.

Zach endeavored to continue the week like this. He gave her one passionate lengthy mock-rape a day that was over the top and at a random time. He focused on the aspects she loved. One aspect was the passion and intensity of the sex. Another aspect was the control and removal of her agency. This helped her with the self-blame or guilt from wanting the choking and so forth that she loved. Many sexual things she loved like anal sex were reviled in her home society. Doing these in the mock-rape shielded her from the guilt of the acts somewhat. It was a good thing that her consensual non-consent was easy to forget at an emotional level.

Their other sex, which Zach himself enjoyed more, was also passionate. Aanya served him desert at the table like the other wives. But perhaps this was the most outre romantic sex they had. A lot of it was just talking about their future, giving her oral sex, having her missionary style, and other things he loved. The mock-rapes seemed to settle her really firmly during the rest of  their time together.


Colby’s week with Zach started on Monday, Mina 16. A lot of things happened that day. When Zach came by to accost Colby at the end of her watch, Jason was there joking with her. Zach walked up to Jason and shook his hand. “I relieve you,” Zach joked.

“I stand relieved,” Jason chuckled.

“Enjoy her,” said Jason.

“I will,” said Zach. "Very much. I mean, look at how her tits are growing. That belly!"

“I’m not a sex toy!” complained Colby.

“Oh you aren’t, are you?” said Zach. “We’ll see about that.” He chased her in a tickle fight down the corridor. Then his medical alert went off. Khushi had gone into labor for real.

(To be continued)

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77: Monday, Mina 16, 231 1800 hours OST: Trifecta

Khushi’s baby was properly positioned. All there was for Zach to do was be in attendance in case things took a bad turn. Ayana was interested in doing everything. He made it clear to her she should be there primarily to comfort and encourage. If dilation or fetal heartbeat or anything needed to be checked, he could do that stuff.

Khushi had a very quick birth. She started having regular contractions after she was fairly well along in dilation. Everything was done in about an hour. Khushi gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He came out wide awake, not very upset, and seemingly curious about the world. His skin was much paler than Khushi’s. More like Zach, but he knew that would probably change. The boy’s eyes and lashes were as dark and beautiful as his mom’s. He had a surprised looking shock of dark brown hair. He did his Apgars, drained Khushi’s teats, and fell promptly asleep, as did Khushi. Zach was hugely thankful Ayana was an excellent nursing coach. Often that was the hardest part.

After Khushi and baby were thoroughly tucked in, Ayana spoke to Zach out in the corridor. “We’re not shutting you out, Zach. Visit anytime you like, but don’t feel obligated. We’re a normal couple with a normal baby. Day-to-day, we don’t need or want anybody else’s help to care for him.”

It was clear that Ayana’s plan for Khushi’s child was to limit Zach’s fathering purely to the biological. It was fine, for the time being, until he had a chance to talk to Khushi. He said, “If you need anything-”

“I know how to reach you, Zach,” Ayana assured. “This is your evening recreation, right? And a Monday, too. As I understand, you have a wife to get reacquainted with. Who is it this week?”

“Colby,” answered Zach.

“Mmm, Colby. She’s the only crewmate I haven’t had the pleasure of. I’ve had so many wet dreams about her,” Ayana confessed.

“Understandable. Who wouldn’t?” Zach offered amiably.

“If she ever feels the desire to convert me to hetero sex like Anming did, sign me up,” said Ayana.

“Ha ha, I’ll keep that in mind,” said Zach. “Wow, ten for eleven. All in all, I would say you’ve been extremely lucky at finding crewmates willing to play with you.”

“I can’t complain,” said Ayana. “Anming was sooo sweet,” she growled. “Having you rut at my tender holes all night was a small price to pay for that sweet nectar. If you two ever want a rematch...”

“It’s all about what Anming wants, as well as I can decipher. So I’ll let you know,” said Zach. “You are definitely not blaming me for your ass hurt, though. That’s all you.”

“Ha ha, fair enough,” said Ayana.


Zach found Colby in Recreation B. She was all dressed up, sitting wearing a fetching short navy blue skirt. A lemon yellow top covered her giant belly. She looked ripe and citrusy. She was engaged in deep discussion with Jason over cannabis smoothies. “Oh… Zach...” she said. “Don’t you have to go back? We were just talking.”

“I can see that,” said Zach. “You are pretty stoned.”

Colby panicked, “Is Khushi okay?!”

“Khushi is all done,” Zach said, sitting down with them. “She made it look easy.”

“Will you have one?” asked Colby.

“A baby? No thank you,” said Zach. It was kind of a lame joke, but Colby and Jason collapsed in hysterics. They were stoned.

“No a smoothie!” Colby squeezed out between hysterics.

“Thanks,” said Zach. They composed themselves, such as it was. Colby shook the thermos, then poured him a smoothie.

“So, deets,” said Colby.

“It’s a boy. Six pounds ten ounces. Very healthy,” said Zach. “Did I interrupt a discussion?”

“Not really,” said Colby. “Cannabis makes me babble on about seemingly profound things.”

“It wasn’t babble,” insisted Jason. “I thought it was very poetic.”

“Watch out for him,” said Zach. “He’s a charmer.”

Colby giggled, “You don’t know the half of it.” She stroked Jason’s face. She leaned forward as if to kiss him and then sat back, remembering Zach was right there. She was stoned and feeling very affectionate. It wouldn’t have bothered him much if she had kissed him. After all, they all knew that she and Jason were doing a lot more than that in private.

They’d probably both justifiably assumed Zach would be gone all night. Jason was trying to maintain decorum around Zach, but he was stoned and now disgruntled. “What if I am a charmer?” said Jason. “Isn’t it time for you to bend your wife over that Foosball table and stake your claim? You wouldn’t want to treat her unfairly compared to your other wives.”

“Well, if you insist,” Zach joked, which got a worried glare from Colby. “But no. That was a particular thing for Colleen’s benefit that got out of hand. I didn’t realize the noise would attract literally everybody.”

“I was stunned to be walking along and then see something so sexual and primal,” Colby purred. “It made me wet. Don’t get any ideas though, Zach. Not being on show for the whole rest of the crew like that.” She said it like she wanted to work her way up to exactly that.

“But now, it would be just me watching,” Jason coaxed, teased. “Nobody comes by here.”

“Oh no I just couldn’t, Jason, wouldn’t,” Colby giggled. Her preference was clear, but she was also clearly excited by the idea.

Zach picked her up and carried her over to the couch. “Zach! Haha,” she panted nervously. He laid her down and pinned her hips there gently but firmly with his body. He kissed her then, deeply, wetly. During that kiss, Jason came over to sit on the floor next to Colby’s head. He stroked her hair. “Zach, please,” she moaned.

“What?” Zach said. “I’m just saying hi.” As he kissed her, he felt her body. She was stoned. She felt excited to him. Her body was presenting, her hips cocked forward and grinding against him. She and Jason had been talking, probably had been just about to go to bed. Zach’s hard cock was pressing on her bare leg through his pants. He needed her!

He broke the kiss again to feel under her skirt. “Zach,” she said soberly. Her panties were wet through. She writhed when he touched her there. He moved her panties to the side and plunged in one finger, felt and stroked her g-spot. She struggled, writhed under him, “Can’t.” She stiffened, arched tight against his pinning weight, “Oh ho!” Climaxed. “Uhhhh! Huhooooooh!” she whimpered. “Please, baby, can we...”

Zach moved off her to remove her panties. She mewed, “Please-” Jason got on his knees and kissed her deeply on the lips. She grabbed him around the head. She allowed Zach to remove her panties, made it easy. Zach pulled down his scrub pants. He positioned himself and stirred his cock head on her wet, slick vulva. This was so hot. So hot! Jason and him having her together! They would keep her up all night!

Colby pushed Jason back. “Guys, no!” she said adamantly. Zach sat up, sat back away from her. He was so hugely urgent he’d barely heard her. Jason looked surprised, rebuked, and stoned. Colby was just lying there, unmoving, looking confused. Her legs were still spread where Zach had left them. One heel was stuck atop the back of the couch. The other was dangling off the couch. Her skirt was up, displaying her tousled muff and wet, open lips. Her juicy little pink bullseye was on full and yummy display. “Not like this,” she said softly, looking away.

Zach was embarrassed to have crashed their party like this, uninvited and unexpected. It had been crass. He also felt beyond desperate now, jumping out of his skin. He stood up and pulled on his scrub pants over his raging, bulging erection. He didn’t even want to sort this out right now. He had no brain cells left anyway, beyond what it took to follow simple instructions. He walked off spinward past Head B2. “Zach,” Colby called hesitantly after him. He kept walking towards the radial arm bay. Michaela would sort him out, no questions asked.


Three hours later, Zach woke up suddenly in the fuckspace with Michaela. The emergency signal on his phone woke them. He climbed out quickly, hunting in the faint light for his floating clothes. It had stopped by the time he fished it out. It had been Colby. As he looked at it, a text message came through from her. “Where are you?”

Zach was now feeling calm enough to deal with whatever mood she was in over this. He had misjudged her and the situation terribly. Maybe he didn’t know her at all. “Where should we meet?”

If text messages could sound hurt, hers did. “Home. Come home. Home to bed. To our quarters. Where else?”

“One for the road, nai-skup?” Michaela was out the top of the fuckspace, holding onto it with one hand. She held her wet labia apart to flash him. “I want it again, dearest honey,” she said, smiling sweetly at him, playing her lovey-dovey persona to attract him.

Michaela must know that otherwise he was out of there on other business. It seemed she did really, really want it again. She was insatiable tonight. They’d already done it three times. But it was two really, because his first had been lightning quick. Even so, she’d enjoyed it, the semen meant for Colby. There was nothing she liked better than a nice big shot of hot semen up in her. It didn’t matter how quick. No doubt that’s why she’d loved getting gangbanged so much back on Earth. She’d have to wait several years to have that on Mars, the poor woman. “Sure,” he said, and climbed back in with her.

Michaela thrilled and stretched luxuriously as Zach entered her needy cunt. She stretched her stubby legs and tiny feet apart out their opposite leg holes. Good reliable Zach began railing her nice and hard. From her perspective, he was the best fucker of the men along. Lucky, because the others probably wouldn’t be around too much after landing. Oh, here was one. She moaned out a nice big long satisfying one.

Zach would be an even more precious resource once they got there. She considered her options, because she would need her daily visits, morning and evening, ideally. Zach was so softhearted, though, of course he would comply somehow. They’d better send more men soon, or Zach would die young. Nobody could keep up with all these demanding bitches and not suffer for his health. But maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to get him. Just to keep him visiting here, she’d had to smile more than in her entire life before. Her cheeks actually hurt sometimes. It was gruesome. Oh here was another one. Oh, yessssssss…

“You will visit me on Mars, yes?” Michaela asked.

Zach replied, “Mmm. Huh. Sure, uh, yes. Oh Mihuhuh… oh honey...”

Here it came. Zach never called her a nickname unless he was out of his mind and just about to cum. He knew she hated it, but he just couldn’t help it by then. Privately, she had come to enjoy the silly names Zach grunted at her at the end. Some men cried, which depressed her, and Zach rarely did. His strokes shortened as his body demanded release. She pulled her legs in from the holes and dug them tightly into the sides of his rippling muscular ass. He beat the holy mother out of her cunt with his giant dick. He was never gentle at the end, too excited. She would hold him in her tightly from now until his balls were drained dry.

“RRAAAAAH!!” Hot jets forced their way relentlessly throughout her fully stretched cunt. She bet the baby could taste this one! So hot. So filling. So… she moaned out another one and squirted a little. Sometimes that’s all it took to set her on fire. Something to remember until she could manage to lure him down here again.

Zach jerked out of her, sending her into quivering aftershocks. His spume poured from her tingling battered hole. “I’ve gotta go,” he muttered, and crawled up past her.

She thought of swallowing Zach’s dick for him as he went past and delaying him longer. He could never resist her oral skills. But instead, she would have mercy on his busy schedule. She was too good to him. “Fuck off, then,” she muttered bitterly as he dressed and left without another word.


When Zach arrived after showering, Colby started crying. “What did I do to deserve this, baby?” she wailed.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” Zach said, and meant it. He was an idiot. “I missed you and was so hot to start with you this evening. I got carried away and catastrophically misread your signals. Jason did too, I think.”

“Not that,” Colby bawled, “you and every other woman on the ship!”

Zach was caught off guard with this line of reasoning. She was suffering about the open marriage thing. And he had probably brought it up to her by dawdling with Michaela. Or maybe it would have happened anyway, the crazy bint. Well, okay, it was white lie time. “I’m sorry I got delayed. I had to handle some things for Ayana because she’s busy with Khushi.” It was close to the truth. Michaela would have been nearly as well handled getting fisted by Ayana, he figured.

“What things?” Colby challenged.

Zach was prepared. It felt a bit icky, but he reminded himself she’d asked him to do this. “The temporary vacuum in the core damaged some containers. That’s been cleaned up, but we’re making sure.” All true, essentially. Just not so urgent.

“Well...” said Colby. That took the wind out of her sails. But she tacked effectively. “I said I didn’t want it, and you pinned me down, him too.” She became shrill, agitated, “I pleaded, but you held me down anyway, and you made me… made me show him! And then he kissed me while you got ready to show him more. You were both acting crazy, like wild animals, not yourselves.”

Well, this was upsetting. “Nothing he hasn’t seen before,” Zach jibed, feeling pretty abused. “But you’re right, I’m a monster. I’ll go now. You can turn me in tomorrow. I need some sleep.” He turned around to leave.

“Wait,” said Colby softly. “I didn’t want it like that.”

Zach didn’t turn around. “I know that now.”

Colby said shyly, “Not us all stoned. Not in public. ‘Cause I would have woke the whole crew while you were showing him. And he was showing you. And I don’t want you to make me. I want you both to be sweet like usual.”

Zach turned to face her and asked,“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I don’t know,” said Colby. “What am I saying?”

“That you want us both at the same time,” said Zach.

“Well, not exactly the same time,” she giggled. “Just one of you in there is bursting full.”

“Well, you do have two holes down there,” Zach pointed out.

Colby frowned. “No, not that. I want you to show him, and him to look at me. And then the other way.”

Colby thought for a minute. Maybe she thought he looked disappointed? “I’m not saying never. I’ll do the mouth and… some, if you guys really want it.”

“Well, set it up, then,” said Zach.

“You set it up,” Colby giggled.

“Are you kidding? I barely know the guy,” said Zach. “Where did you leave it with him?”

“I sent him away to sober up. I was pretty angry,” said Colby.

“Well, I should fix that at least,” said Zach. He texted Jason a priority override message, “All is well. Everything resolved happily. She wanted some things and didn’t want other things, is all. She will tell you about it tomorrow.” Then he said to Colby, “I texted him that you’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

“No! Now that I’m not stoned to the gills, I’m embarrassed,” said Colby.

“You don’t have to talk to him about that,” said Zach. “But the guy needs to see you’re not angry anymore. You sure scared the crap out of me. Not that I didn’t deserve it, but still.”

They sat and regarded each other for a minute. Zach had nothing more to say. He was thinking about where he should sleep tonight. She’d made it clear she wanted him to stay. He was not sure it was a good idea for either of them.

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry for scaring you,” said Colby. She sat up in bed and held her arms out to him. Her breasts were irresistible, swelling with milk, nipples tight and erect. “Come to bed, baby,” she implored. “Let your chocolate bunny give you the sugar you need.”

“You don’t need to do that.” Zach hated it when she handled him. She used his addiction to her to manage him. She thought it was her body he was addicted to. But he really did love her, and it was being so hard right now. Michaela had just drained him. Colby had just put a scare on him. This was a rare moment he just wasn’t in the mood.

“Baby, I want to,” Colby said. “I’m sorry about all that.”

“No you don’t,” said Zach. “Let’s be honest at least. I’m sorry I interrupted your bonus evening with Jason.”

“I’m not going to lie and say he wasn’t hoping for something. But you know you’re my number one man, baby,” Colby argued. “I was hoping for you.” She sounded genuine. What was he doing? He didn’t want to be jealous anyway. There was nothing to be jealous about. If he really believed Colby didn’t want him, wanted to hurt him, he should leave her and divide her time among the others. So what was it going to be? He realized she had expended as much energy managing him tonight as he had expended managing her. He needed to start being a man instead of a pussy. Demand what he needed. Be clear about what he wanted. Take what was given. Or leave.

Zach undressed. Colby breathed a sigh of relief.

Still, it riled him. She’d never dressed that way for him. But that wasn’t true. That first afternoon, my word. He’d never been body-thrown by a woman dressed to the nines. “I want you to dress up for me,” he told her. “The way you looked for Jason made me jealous.”

“So that’s what it was,” Colby smirked. “It didn’t seem you ever responded to that kind of thing. And the way you dress… I thought we were the casual couple. Painter’s shirts. Workout clothes. But you see how natty Jason dresses. I try to harmonize.”

“Understandable,” Zach offered. He sat on the bed and lifted the blanket to climb in. He was transfixed by the sight of her smooth dark skin. Even grossly pregnant as she was. Even with the little stretch marks that now marked her lower belly, well-earned carrying his child. His cock helplessly grew turgid at the sight of this woman he loved.

Colby grinned at his rising cock. “You really wanted to rape me on that couch, didn’t you? I’m still waiting. You want to rape your black bitch just like your little Indian skank? You want to show her who’s boss? She won’t fight any more, you'll see. Unless you want her to. Here it is. Take it as hard as you want. You want to fuck my ass hard, don’t you? Hand me my wand and the lube. Spank me. I’ve been your bad, bad cheating bitch, Zach. Punish the fuck out of me.”

Makeup sex was better than regular sex.


The rest of the week with Colby was a mending one on both their parts. She stayed close to Zach and looked for ways to show her devotion to him. He treated her like the queen she was, the queen of his world. She mended things with Jason but apparently didn’t tell him what she wanted to do with them. The next day, Zach brought her two squares of chocolate. It was a sly way to remind her of her horny wish, what she’d said she wanted. And he kept it up. “You’re going to make me fat,” she said. “Well, fatter.” She already looked like a balloon ready to pop. After the week, he switched back to one square. Her special chocolate had to last two Earth years, or a Martian year, without resupply.

That day, Khushi named her boy Aaron.

Colby’s week ended and Charisse’s test week began on Monday, Mina 23. That morning, Zach woke and had sex with Colby. It felt especially intimate as she shared her horniness over the idea of Jason watching them do it. Colby orgasmed readily under Zach describing how Jason would get excited and touch himself while watching them. Her plan was that Jason should spill his seed on her face as Zach ejaculated in her vagina. By the end of her narrative, punctuated by her own frequent orgasms, Zach did ejaculate into her vagina. He filled her to the brim. He loved watching her sidle up to her idea and gain courage, all while orgasming fiercely under him.

They were resting afterwards. Zach asked Colby to describe what she and Jason would do together when the men switched places. She shared that she was excited to have Zach ejaculate on her face, perhaps multiple times, while Jason did it to her. The idea of Zach finishing on her face while Jason finished in her vagina made her restlessly horny.

After describing all this to Zach, Colby was revved up and grinding her vulva on his bare leg. He suggested she masturbate while having her fantasy about how Jason would be inside her. She got started with her high-tech vibrator. Zach got on his knees and started masturbating himself over her face. She orgasmed harder and harder grunting out how Jason would feel in her. Zach would be watching them just like this. It was a big turn-on for Zach to watch Colby’s shrill excitement and orgasms over this.

Zach hadn’t jerked himself off in so long, it felt weird to him. Colby orgasmed harder and harder. Finally, she arched her back off the bed and opened her mouth in a raw animal cry. He filled her mouth with his semen and spent the rest on her face and chest. She gritted her teeth, swallowed, and had another long shaking orgasm on her vibrator after that.

After morning sex, they showered, worked out, and had breakfast. Their breakfast conversation turned into Colby giving Zach more of an education in financial, economic, and business matters. The beginning of their watch completed their week of wedded bliss.

Zach spent the first four hours of the day watch working. At 2 PM, Charisse woke up, got his text message, and invited him to her quarters. She’d slept alone after having sex with her usual partners Mateo, Alexis, and Colette. To her great pleasure, Jason had also joined the fun. It had been eight hours since then, and she needed a good fucking to start her day right. Zach was happy to oblige.

When Zach knocked on Charisse’s hatch, she answered it dressed only in that Miss America smile of hers. Looking up at him with a conspiratorial grin, she shut the hatch after him. She got on the bed and rolled onto her side, showing him her sexy back and ass. Then over her shoulder, hit him with that Miss America smile.

“What are you up to?” Zach asked, dropping his clothes.

Charisse rolled onto her back. Hands on thighs, she pushed her bare mound up at him. “Feeling playful,” she sang. Boom, that Miss America smile again.

“Well, my week is starting out right,” Zach enthused. His cock filled, an exclamation point for her beauty. She rolled away from him on the bed, shook her ass at him again. She lifted a cheek, showing him both holes, wet vulva, oily prepped anus. She lifted her cheek a little higher and looked over her shoulder, making sure he’d noticed the anus part. Zach swallowed. His cock was straining hard already.

Charisse smiled. “Zach, you’re always so easy,” she giggled. “So ready to go. All I have do is a little dance and show you my holes. You forget all about my huge unsightly elephant belly and have a huge fucking cock stand. I love it! I mean, I haven’t even touched you. Never change. Scratch that. When you’re ninety, I might have to touch you before you’re ready to hammer me. I bet not much. I’m planning for the long term now.”

Zach was touched by her statement like Cupid had just shot an arrow through his heart. “It’s a date then,” he said. He was actually tearing up. And he wanted badly to fuck her, all at once.

Charisse lifted her leg. “Maybe when I’m on my side like this? Even with Martian gravity, it’s a heavy load.” She started singing a little made-up ditty, “Oh I’m gonna get Zach’s big dick now! Oh I think he’s gonna show me how! To cum, cum, cum, on his big fuckin’ dick!”

This is why he loved Charisse so much, this way of hers. It seemed much of their time together had been rushed and practical towards her needs. One of a milling set of desperate Breeding Bitches needing quenching. This was different. He was loving this, and he could see she was, too.

Charisse rolled onto her back, knees up, legs spread, presenting snatch in the standard form. “Or this if you want. But hurry soon, Zach.”

Zach loved Charisse rolling around and giving him a show, but he wanted to hurry too. He drew her to the side of the bed. With a couple of firm hip thrusts, he filled her vagina deliciously tight and commenced to pound her. She gasped with excitement, regarding him with bedroom eyes.

Her vocalization started with a low grunt, being opened. Now she was singing notes of pleasure, higher and higher. He felt the tension rise in her body and her cunt as she sang to the top of her range. Then she crashed into orgasm. She was hot and ready as he’d ever seen this morning. And a little different. Could it be the beginning of daring to love, he hoped? Her eyes regarded him with intensity as he pounded and owned her slick cunt.

Round two immediately followed round one. Drooling cum from her pussy, Charisse got on her knees and shoulders in triangle position. Her baby belly filled in the triangle. It was obvious what she wanted next. It took ten slow firm rocking thrusts to straighten her rectum for her while she said, “Yes! UGH! Onmygod! I always- UGH!” Here, she reached back with both arms to spread her ass cheeks wide. “Forget how big you are! Ohfuck! Yes fuck my asshole! Fuck me Zach!”

Afterwards, she was all smiles. She stood up on the bed and stretched. She bent over and showed him her dripping holes proudly. “Yes, thoroughly fucked!”

“Only the beginning,” promised Zach.

Charisse jumped on her bed as she shared, “This whole lovey-dovey thing, I dreamed of it as a child. I could never make it work. Not that men didn’t want to be in a real relationship with me. But it seemed I destroyed a few. And it hurt too much to destroy these people I cared about and not be able to help it. That’s why I decided to stop getting close to men and opted for convenience only.”

“What made you want to try again with me?” asked Zach.

“There are the practical reasons,” said Charisse. “I want my child to have a father like I never had, a real one. Not one who lives somewhere else. That was my secret dream when I first spread my legs for you, actually. That’s always my secret dream, unless it’s a gangbang or somebody’s husband. But I was afraid.”

“Your father never lived with you?” asked Zach. “Your parents seemed like a close couple.”

“They’re amicable, but they’ve never been a couple. My father Jedidiah has always been devoted to me, just the same. They always came to my things together. I’m very grateful for that,” said Charisse. “That’s one of the things that motivates me in the father department. I had enough of a father to want to get it right for my little one. But I had that dream long before you came along. What really started me on this now is having confidence I won’t damage you. I’ve been very afraid of doing that because of how much it would hurt everybody on the mission and all our kids. Risking it required me to be certain of this. I’ve watched you.”

“Charisse, you’re so thoughtful,” said Zach. “You should have a husband.”

“People have actually told me that,” said Charisse. “Before now it’s been annoying.”

“Congratulations,” said Zach. “Welcome.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” said Charisse. “I think I’ll be hard on you, maybe impossible. I’m willing to let you be the judge of that. You have your other wives to go to for comfort if I hurt you. I think that even if I’m so hard on you that you stop wanting me, I won’t hurt your life too badly. You’ll have them.”

“I want you right now,” Zach said, and they made love again. This time it was spooning, and loving and gentle, as gentle as anal sex can be construed. He didn’t want to break the moment by going to wash. “Can I get you a vibrator or something?”

“No, I like this,” she said, cuddling in his arms, sighing. Near the end, she had a really deep one. Her baby was doing back flips after that.

Charisse lay in Zach’s arms and said, “I think you can be mine as much as anyone’s if I let you. And that’s a lot for me already! For starters. The relationship that is, not the sex.”

Zach chuckled at this.

Charisse continued, “You’re the kind of nice, optimistic, high-quality man I want. I don’t want a man who accepts me because he has no other choice. I don’t want a man who doesn’t really care about me and therefore doesn’t care that I go with other men as a matter of routine.”

“Do you want me to care about you going with other men?” asked Zach.

“Please no,” Charisse said. “Let’s talk through any jealous feelings, though. I’m ready to help you though it.”

“I’ll try to be low maintenance about it. It’s not like I don’t know what I’m getting into,” said Zach. “You fascinate me, Charisse.”

“I don’t want to be so cynical about men, about myself, about relationships,” she said. “I don’t want to subject my little one to all that growing up. I used to hate my mom for being that way. Then I hit puberty, and I finally began to understand her. Most of the boys in my middle school had me as their first.”

“I thought I could be better than her, succeed with relationships where she’d failed. During my university years, I hurt several young men. The more I tried to hide my activities, the more I would hurt them. So I stopped hiding my activities. And men lined up for sex, which was good, and didn’t want more, which was better. So I settled on the same formula my mother had.”

Charisse continued, “Then you came along. You said you were in love with me. I was skeptical. I still am. How can anyone fall in love so easily? It’s abnormal. I thought once you got to know me better, you’d stop your foolishness and keep your emotional distance, like a good boy. And you have, or it seemed like it, but not because it was what you wanted. It was because you saw well enough that it was what worked for me. You loved me enough to leave me alone if I preferred it.”

“I like the past tense on that last part,” said Zach.


Ayana came to Zach and complained, “I’m a wreck. I’m working all the time, or the baby is up and Khushi needs to sleep. Khushi seems to be doing okay with it. But I’m withering.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Zach. “How would you like me to help, because before...”

“You know what, Zach?” said Ayana. “I give up. It’s clear to me that Khushi needs to love at least one man and one woman to stay healthy. I don’t want her to leave because she’s lacking needs. I want to be her one woman. She’s been an angel to me, but I know she’s dying to see you all the time. I’m going to stop being cruel and let her have you. Please share nicely. And please help.”

“Wow,” said Zach. “That is an about face.”

“Motherhood will do that to you,” said Ayana.

Zach took the request to the day shift wives. Aanya and Berte deferred to their judgment. “Really, Zach?” said Colby. “Another one? Really?”

“This is great news,” said Colleen. “Until something like this happened, there would have been more pain and volatility in their relationship. We’re much better off without the drama. This is a windfall, actually.”

“This is getting crazy,” said Colby. “I might need a double share of Zach’s time, or some other arrangement.”

“Our duty is to obey our husband’s wishes, and our commander’s,” said Anming. “The decision is easy.”

“We’ll think of something to restore your time with Zach, Colby,” said Colleen. “You’re the number one wife, and we all respect that. So is it unanimous?”

“Yes,” said Colby.

Zach kissed Colby passionately and told her, “I don’t want to spend more time apart from you either. We’ll find a way.” He also hugged and kissed Anming and Colleen.

“Tell Khushi and Ayana they have the week of Ares 16,” Colleen said, looking at the calendar in her phone.


The uniqueness of Charisse and Zach’s time together wasn’t about the sex, though the sex was great. Charisse didn’t know how to have sex with a man she could keep. They tried to learn together what seemed automatic to Zach. Their conversations about what she wanted and what she was going through to bury her ghosts were deep. These conversations led to even more profound sex, which in turn led to more profound conversations. There seemed to be no limit to how deep they could go. Zach was engaging with things about relationships he had never considered. There was so much sex and deep conversation between them that neither of them had the inclination to have sex with anyone else. This unprecedented behavior of theirs caused some concern among their crewmates who expected both to be prolific. Not just concern, but fear that the bee had found his one and only flower.

Regarding their new arrangement, Alexis crowed, "Hah hah! I knew it all along."

During their watch, Zach sat with Charisse as much as possible. He enjoyed it so much he decided to try it with his other wives as well. He was around while she moved from plant to plant and garden to garden, nurturing all her little plant babies. As she worked and sang, he would sit nearby with his laptop and work. She could kiss him as she passed by him in the garden. They shared random thoughts together. They discovered they shared a love of classic literature. Since she hadn’t read it, Zach began reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being to her as she worked. He sat with her in her gardens as often as he could. If he had to check systems or people, he would go do that for a few minutes. But he always came back. There were always more reports for him to write while she gardened.

Off duty, they shared breakfasts and dinners with Alexis, Ayana, Khushi, and Mateo. Charisse bent over the table for Zach morning and evening, telling the others it was a solemn Trigonometry tradition. She was lying about the morning part. Alexis watched them and masturbated unless Ayana got annoyed with her for not helping tidy up. Khushi sometimes masturbated too. She nursed Aaron after meals, and between the nursing and the visual stimulation, she couldn’t help it. Mateo generally had enough sex a day, so he was happy to clean up after the others. One evening, though, he had Charisse suck him to orgasm while she was bent over taking Zach. Khushi orgasmed particularly hard while nursing and masturbating that evening. She pulled Zach down to her and breathed hotly in his ear, “Be ready for Ares 16.” That was the glorious day they’d start sleeping together with Ayana’s blessing.

Other than meals and workouts, it was a honeymoon for Zach and Charisse. They spent their remaining recreation hours in their quarters talking and having sex.

Sadly, Charisse and Zach’s first time together lasted only two days. It was for a good cause, though. After five hours of labor, Berte gave birth to a healthy eight pound one ounce baby girl on Wednesday, Mina 25. She had her parents’ blonde hair, but just a wisp. Her eye color was gray blue but would probably change. Berte named her girl Anna after her mother as she’d planned to. In the corridor outside, Charisse told Zach, “I enjoyed my two days owning you. I liked our whole time together. I liked showing you off at dinner, dressing you. For whatever reason, I enjoyed not having any other men for two days. I got some concerned text messages.”

Zach laughed, “So did I.”

“You didn’t either?” Charisse asked.

“No, you were all I wanted,” said Zach. “They can wait.”

“That is truly frightening, but I feel strangely okay about it,” said Charisse. “Will we finish our week or have another after the dust clears with Berte?”

“Do you want to?” asked Zach.

“What impression have I left you with, Zach?” said Charisse. “Yes, I want it. Clear? Yes.”

“Well, I didn’t want to crowd you,” said Zach. “Your wish is my command.”

“That’s so great. I’ll have to get used to that,” said Charisse. “Have fun with Berte and the baby.”

Zach and Berte slept while the baby slept. Berte mostly just slept, recovering from the birth. Zach often stayed close but took breaks from visiting while they slept to work or reacquaint himself with his wives and other crewmates.

Mateo had to switch to the graveyard shift to pilot in Berte’s absence. Charisse grabbed Berte’s usual squeeze Aiden to substitute. The Breeding Bitches had some experience with Aiden from Zach’s former weeks with Berte. They were able to use him hard enough to barely satisfy themselves without breaking him. Zach had a chuckle thinking about it. He bet that none of these renowned mining engineers ever imagined that on the way to Mars they’d be mostly fucktoys. He didn’t hear any of them complaining, though.

Only three days later, on Saturday Mina 28, Aanya gave birth to a seven pound eight ounce baby boy. Her labor was an eleven hour marathon. Zach and Ayana tag-teamed each other. Aanya stopped progressing until Khushi came to talk to her, which was Ayana’s idea. Aanya identified, discussed, and alleviated her fears during the conversation. By the end of the conversation, she was more dilated and kept dilating. By the end of the labor, the baby was coming fast. They had to use techniques to slow it down and prevent Aanya from tearing.

Aanya had names ready to go. She named her boy Ares for the month he was almost born in. Ares had pale skin, at least for starters, and strikingly dark hair and eyes. He had fantastic eyebrows.

Suddenly, Zach had his hands even more full with two recovering wives and their newborns. Three mothers and babies, really, because Khushi and her baby also needed help, and Ayana needed respite. Colette pitched in to help him in the around-the-clock activities. She did everything from washing the nappies to draining Zach’s balls when he got too pent up. She enjoyed being useful. She especially loved it when Zach was overtired and just needed some convenient sex to fall asleep. She orgasmed hard, because it was good for both of them. She loved being used as a convenience, and so found Zach's desperate use of her very satisfactory indeed. Other crew brought the new moms meals or helped other ways.

The blur ended for Zach on Ares 16. The week had been promised to Khushi, and as a respite for Ayana. Excitingly, enough time had passed since Aaron’s birth that Khushi was feeling sexy, vaginally sexy again. Ayana was overjoyed to have the week off. She planned to work her way through the rest of the crew to assuage her nervousness about Zach taking thorough care of Khushi.

Transitioning from the graveyard to night watches, Zach came to wake Khushi at 2 PM. She was asleep, nude, with Aaron sleeping in his crib nearby. Zach gently roused her. She stretched and sleepily spread so he could enjoy her holes with his mouth. As she jerked and awakened from the pleasure, Zach got to check out how she was healing. Her vaginal opening looked good as new. He slipped in a finger and found her to be not much looser than she had been. She was still recovering and looked to be on track for a speedy one. “Been doing your kegels?” asked Zach.

“All the time since the birth,” said Khushi. “Double time since Ayana told me she’d let me have and keep you. Triple time anticipating this morning.”

“I can tell,” said Zach. “You’re recovering quite well. It’s sad a lot of women don’t have the patience.”

“It takes dedication,” said Khushi. “How often do you do your kegels?”

“Not as often as I should,” said Zach.

Not disturbing baby Aaron was paramount, so Zach gave Khushi a rolled up hand towel to bite. He then went back to licking and sucking her with much glee. She allowed a few minutes of this activity, orgasmed, and then said, “Zachary, I’m concerned the baby will wake. Please have me. I’ve been waiting so long to feel your cock and strong pulses of semen deep inside me again.”

Acceding to her wishes, Zach rocked into Khushi without delay, saying, “Does this feel okay? Tell me if you have discomfort.”

“I always have discomfort you are so big,” said Khushi, “but much more pleasure than discomfort.”

With that, he was fully nestled in her slickness. First gently, then with increasing firmness, he enjoyed her warm welcoming vagina and embrace. It felt so much closer to lie on her. Everyone else was huge right now. That she was slightly looser made her feel like he was having a whole new woman. Her vagina didn’t choke the blood out of his cock, as she often had, especially near the end. Instead, the friction was different, and her excitement still very lively. Men are always suckers for variety, and so it was that he felt himself getting close. Very close.

Khushi bit her rag and dug her heels hard into his buttocks as she orgasmed again. He entered his short strokes. Khushi’s body was gripping, stroking, pleasuring him, teasing and eliciting his seminal offering. Almost…

Then Zach’s medical alarm went off. He couldn’t stop. Baby Aaron woke and began crying at the scary noise. Reflexively, Khushi’s hand shot out towards the baby and both her brimming knockers shot out milk like squirt guns. In the midst of all this distraction, Zach locked his hips rigidly into Khushi, groaned, and filled her deliciously with four great big shots of cream.

Freed of his imperative, Zach went for his phone to see what was up. At the same time, Khushi, released from underneath, went to comfort and feed Aaron with her still dribbling titties. She used her hand towel gag now to catch spraying milk.

On Zach’s phone was the message that Colby had gone into labor.

(To be continued)

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78: Monday, Ares 17, 231 0030 hours OST: Inside Out

Colby gave birth at half past midnight into Ares 17 after a harrowing ten hour labor. She pushed out a healthy baby girl. She was a big baby for Colby's size, especially for a first baby, at eight pounds, four ounces. The baby was healthy, well developed, and vigorous. Her eyes were a depthless dark brown to match her mother’s. Her skin was the beautiful color of coffee with lots of cream. At eight and a quarter pounds, there was no doubt any more what had made the delivery so strenuous.

Ayana was there to help mother and baby nurse. Zach desperately needed to replenish himself after the long harrowing delivery. He raided the galley ravenously for a quick  meal. As he ingested the calories, he thought. Now he was just as desperately craving sexual release. Given his exhaustion, convenience was key. He could just lie down and masturbate before sleep, but a more thorough release was probably available.

He called Colette, who should be getting ready to go on duty. She was eating breakfast alone in Galley B while the men ate together in Galley A. She routinely serviced them in their evenings after their watch. It gave them good sleep. She was happy to accommodate Zach’s urgency.

Zach arrived moments later. As he dropped his scrub pants, Colette rose, bent over the dining table, and flipped up her short skirt. As required by her slave contract, she wore nothing underneath. He grabbed her skirt, holding it in place, and thrust into her expectant vagina firmly. As always, she was ready for use in either hole.

She noticed that he was exhausted, cranky, overtired, and in desperate need of release. “How long has it been?” she whimpered between strokes. His perfunctory attitude thrilled her to the marrow.

“Only ten hours,” he replied, “but it was a desperate, hardworking ten hours. It was hard for me to see Colby struggle so. But never fear, mother and baby are fine.”

“That’s not all,” said Colette. She felt from his demeanor that something else had happened.

“The call interrupted me right in the middle of making love to Khushi. It was the first time in I don’t know how long,” he said.

“Oh Zach,” said Colette, knowing how this must have stung him.

“Now the week I’d planned to spend with her is on indefinite hold,” he said.

“Still, it’s such a good thing Ayana is letting you in,” said Colette, trying to cheer him.

“There is that,” he said. With a grunt, he orgasmed and released his pent-up ejaculate into her. Colette, surprised and thrilled by his horny unexpected finish, was brought within a whisker of climax. He waited a beat to enjoy her welcoming feel. He pulled out and forced his glistening and stiffly erect penis into her tight and well-prepared anus.

As Zach opened Colette’s tight muscular asshole, she spilled into a strong shivering climax with a low moan. She knew Zach preferred his women vocal. She tried to be vocal for him. It was against her training to be noisy.

He straightened her rectum out rapidly. Soon he was slapping his balls wetly against her inseminated pussy as it dripped and bubbled out his cum. “Oh, your butthole is so tight on me, Colette. It’s magnificent.”

“Thank you Zach,” she said shyly. “And you have a magnificent cock to fill it. I want to thank you for wanting me so badly the other day. I should be punished for saying so, since it spoiled hours of my senpai's careful edging of me. But I thank you. It was the most ecstatic few orgasms I’ve had in a long time.”

“You’re very welcome,” said Zach. “You know I love giving you pleasure.”

She didn’t correct him. Her focus was always his convenience. He should know by now that what she liked best of all was to be used like a bathroom fixture. It thrilled her to be used just like he was right now doing before bed. It was sublime. If asked, she could now perform an orgasm on command for him. But he was tired and distracted. He wouldn’t ask her or tell her to orgasm. So she held it in. She could never describe the thrill of this to normal people.

He stiffened and grunted again. She felt his penis throb and spread warmth in her backside. She had to focus not to climax at that point. He relaxed for a beat, and then withdrew his cock to rinse it in the sink. It felt like he’d abruptly left two wet empty holes in her. It was heaven.

“Thanks, Colette,” he said. He waved as he tied his scrubs and walked off towards the head to shower.

“You’re welcome, Zach,” she called after him, content and humming with erotic intensity now. “Take care.”

For Zach, the next six hours were a blur of waking and sleeping with Colby and her newborn. Whenever the baby awakened, he would hand her to Colby to breastfeed. Once the hungry little beast had drained both tits, he would check her diaper and change her if needed. He’d make sure she was all burped, which she always seemed to be. Then he would tuck her back in her crib. Once, Colby wanted to keep her next to her, and that was no problem. He checked his girl’s diaper and found it didn’t need changing. He had an eye out that mother and baby were getting good sleep. They went through a couple of feeding cycles. These girls wanted to stay close together.

At 0630, Zach felt well rested enough to pay a desperately wanted lovemaking visit to Khushi. He left Colby and her baby sleeping snug as two bugs close together. Once outside the stateroom, he called Khushi.

“Zachary.” She spoke softly to not wake the baby, and was completely chuffed to hear from him. “We had settled down to bed, but it’s no problem, we’re flexible, right?” Evidently, Ayana was right there. “Come right over,” she whispered lustily.

When he arrived, Khushi greeted him at the hatch of her cabin and let him in, all smiles. Aaron was sleeping peacefully. Ayana had cleared out. Zach whispered, “You know, she could have stayed if she wanted to. I’m comfortable enough with her.”

“No, Zachary,” Khushi whispered back. “Ayana wants this, but she is getting used to the notion of you being a permanent fixture in our lives. Consciously, she’s there, and I’m so happy that she is, but emotionally, she’s struggling. She’d rather not think too hard about it for now.”

Zach began, “If I can do anything-”

“We’re all well aware of this, Zachary,” Khushi interrupted. “Well aware you’ll turn yourself inside out and upside down to solve everybody else’s problems. I believe we’ve caused you enough distress and work. I’d instead rather have this opportunity to make you the happiest of men.” She smiled shyly and shimmied her hips. He felt for the first time the intensity of her love and devotion to him. It was something that must have grown while she’d been locked away from him in Ayana’s rhetorical castle.

He kissed her then, and she kissed him back with double the ardor. The kiss got excruciatingly horny, abandoned, slobbery. Zach came up for air and pleaded, “Undress for me.”

Before Zach could reach the waistband of his scrubs, Khushi dropped her robe and stood naked before him. She was a bronze goddess with glorious milk-swollen knockers. Her pudenda sported growing stubble. “I know you prefer a touch of hair on your women,” she whispered lustily. “I spoke to Ayana about it, and she won’t mind. A little thing to show you I’m serious about us.”

“I love little things,” whispered Zach.

“Then, here,” Khushi said, dropping to her her knees before him and slipping down his scrub pants. She took his half erect cock and slicked it with spit from her mouth. She worked it deeper and deeper into her lively throat. Zach’s cock filled out and grew stiff readily. She disgorged him and lay back on the bed, offering either hole to him. She whispered, “How may I please you?”

“You’re doing the ass now?” he asked. “I recall it used to give you the heebie-jeebies when we first met.”

“Ayana likes ass play so much, I’ve grown quite used to it,” she explained. He touched up Khushi’s anus with lube from his pocket. He rocked into her tiny coppery pucker and gently, firmly opened up her rectum for his sex. She exclaimed, “Oh gosh... oh my word... I didn’t think… so big...” He could tell she was struggling to take his girth without waking the baby.

“Should I slow down?” asked Zach.

“No, no,” said Khushi. “Please enjoy it. I’ve worked hard on it. The cramping is subsiding. I’m glad you chose this way. I spent time preparing, hoping you’d try me. Are you pleased with it?”

“Yes, very much. You seemed interested in me trying it out,” said Zach. “In fact, this is so stimulating, I fear I won’t last long.”

“I’m happy,” said Khushi. “Please squirt. I’ve never felt it before, and I want to. Squirt your seed in my backside, lover! I know there will be more times. You’re an early and often kind of man, Zachary. I delight in making you lose your cool and pop off in me again and again.” She smiled. Her eyes danced.

And she did make him pop off, again and again. Three times in a row, all into her rectum. It appeared enjoyable to her, but she especially wanted to feel him growing excited and finishing. She didn’t want the distraction of her own excitement during this episode. She marveled at the feel as he shakily let loose his hot fluid in her. The feel, as she described it, was exquisite. It made her feel powerful.

They visited the head together, Aaron in a sling. He washed his lower half thoroughly. She expelled his surprisingly prolific ejaculate comfortably into the toilet. Afterward they returned to her quarters. He had her three more times, this time in the vagina. Now, the stimulation was so intense as to make multiple orgasms unavoidable, and she had several. Between times, as he was slowing down, they laughed and talked about anything. They joked about the stupid made-up details from Aarav’s book.

Zach returned to Colby’s side around 0830 and lay down with her to rest.

At 0930, the three were awake and the baby was nursing. Colette came by with a wonderful breakfast for them. She asked to hold the baby and was thrilled with her. Her nipples let loose and soaked the front of her shirt, which gave them a chuckle. “What’s her name?” asked Colette.

“I think it’s Mina, after the previous month,” said Colby. “I’m rolling it around in my head, making sure.”

“Mina’s a great name,” commented Zach. “Or perhaps Mocha.”

“She’s a girl, not a spaniel,” Colby said.

“As I said, Mina’s a great name,” Zach replied.

They finished breakfast and walked the short distance to Head B2 for a shower. Zach held the baby in his arms while Colby showered, and vice versa. Understandably, while she was showering, the baby fussed about the lack of mama’s touch.

Afterward, it was back to bed for more nursing and a nap for the three of them. “I’m feeling so wonderful about being a mom,” Colby told him. “Thank you for Mina. Thank you for how you’re taking care of me.”

“You did all the work,” said Zach.

“And come to think of it, what am I thanking you for?” chuckled Colby. “You put a bowling ball up in me.”

“Sorry about that,” Zach smiled.

“She’s so healthy and curious,” said Colby more seriously, smiling at the babe in her arms. “You just keep on putting in those bowling balls. I can take it.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“You know, those first few times you came by the motor pool, I was already imagining our babies,” said Colby.

“Weren’t you worried they’d come out all pasty?”

“Hah, I have enough melanin for both of us,” said Colby. “For my beautiful cocoa-colored Mina. And now she’s here, just like I dreamed. I’m so blessed.”

Zach woke up an hour later with a hard-on he couldn’t do much about. He got up quietly, leaving Colby and Mina to sleep more.

He went to check up on Berte. He found her in her quarters with baby Anna, working on her pad. The baby was healthy and gaining weight quickly. Berte was recovering nicely. “You’re getting your meals, everything?”

“Yes,” Berte texted from her pad. “Colette was just by with dinner. Earlier, Colleen held Anna while I took a shower. Anna LOVES Aunt Colleen.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Zach. “Call me or text me any time you need anything.”

“You’re busy with Colby,” said Berte.

“You’re my wife, too, and Anna’s my daughter. Call me,” said Zach.

“If I need anything, I will,” texted Berte.

They kissed romantically. Anna woke up and needed to nurse. Zach left them to it.

He looked in on Aanya. Their boy Ares was healthy as an ox. Mother was healing, but clearly had a way to go. Aanya’s labor had been even longer than Colby’s. As they concluded their checkup and talk he kissed Aanya passionately. She wanted two, three, four kisses. She glanced over at Ares, asleep in his crib, and then snarled softly to Zach, “Rape me in my ass please. I need it.”

“You need to heal some more before that,” Zach whispered. “Have you got a vibrator? Have you been masturbating?”

“Yes, Michaela gave me one,” said Aanya. “I don’t use it for that. I’ve never done that. It’s unnatural.”

“Says the girl who likes to be mock-raped once or twice a day,” said Zach.

“I don’t need to do it myself,” whispered Aanya firmly. “I have men. I have you.”

He hadn’t meant to start an argument. “Suit yourself.”

“Can’t you do anything?” begged Aanya softly. “Stick in a finger? Either place? Oral me? I’ll be such a good girl and cum so readily. Then I can sleep.”

“Do you have any pain when you make BMs?” asked Zach.


“Okay,” he said. Aanya got out her vibrator. Zach put some lube on it and on her clitoris and hood and lips around it. “Put it on your clitoris,” he said, and she did. She didn’t look happy about it. Then he put her on her side. He spread her butt cheeks with one hand. He teased her anus with his tongue, and she responded urgently. She had a powerful orgasm and cried out. Ares woke up. She said to him, “Stay.”

She nursed Ares to sleep and put him in his crib. Aanya whispered, “I want you to do it, to.”

“What?” asked Zach, “Have an orgasm?”

“Yes,” breathed Aanya. “In my mouth?”

“Keep playing with yourself,” he said.

She deep throated him and choked herself repeatedly on his cock, which gave her shivers. Aanya’s head was the best. With a grunt, he shot two big dollops of semen into her mouth. She showed him half of it, swallowed it down, and smiled. “Thank you,” she whispered. She snapped off her vibrator and snuggled herself into her bed. Zach pulled on his scrub pants and left her there to drift off.

He got back to Colby’s stateroom. She was awake. He gave her a square of her chocolate. Colette arrived with lunch. Colby ate as she nursed. There was a knock on the hatch. It was Jason. “Could I see the baby?” he asked.

“Jaaa-suuun!” Colby held her arm out to him excitedly, baby on teat, and gave him a kiss on the lips. Not an out-and-out tongue kiss, but not a peck either. Zach was kind of happy they felt more comfortable in his presence. It remained a bit awkward among the three of them. Zach believed it shouldn’t be, and tried to deal with any such feelings in himself. It seemed Jason and Colby were doing the same.

“Her name is Mina,” Colby said, beaming a wide smile. She held the baby up. “Say hi to Uncle Jason!” she cooed. Jason took and held the baby. Clearly he was a past master at it. Not a surprise, with two daughters. Mina calmed instantly for him and looked at him with fascination.

Zach took the opportunity to leave and get some work done. When he got out into the corridor, he texted Colby. “Text me if you want me to stop working and come home. Otherwise, I’ll be home when I need to rest.”

Zach got ninety minutes of work done. Then it was time to wake up Charisse with as much lovemaking as she needed in the morning. Plus, it was a kind of honeymoon time for the two of them. Her desire was even more pumped up.

“Zach, if you can, I want you to wake me every day like this,” said Charisse.

“We’ll give it a try,” said Zach.

Zach went to check on Colby. She was dozing, with Mina asleep in her crib. As soon as he appeared, Colby sat up and whispered excitedly, “Jason is so good with Mina! She already adores him. You wouldn’t believe how effortlessly he can change a diaper! Just boom! He’s such a great daddy, Zach.”

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said Zach. “He’s the most experienced parent on board. There’s nothing like clinical expertise. He’s more qualified to handle these babies than any of us.”

At 4 PM Zach met Khushi for dinner in Galley B. It was easy for Khushi to request that Ayana dine apart in Galley A. Galley B was quickly becoming the galley where sexy things might happen during meals. This afternoon was no exception. Even before they sat down to eat, Zach took Khushi bent over the table. Aaron was rocking in a sling on her chest, drinking from one teat. The baby seemed to pay no attention to his mommy crying out and shrieking in orgasmic pleasure. Her milk gushed out strongly during sex. Between the rocking and copious milk supply, Aaron was one happy and satisfied little dude.

Anming was there fixing meals for the new mothers. She was distracted by Khushi’s cries. “Zach-ree-ah! Huh-AAH!” Khushi cried out a long string of Hindi punctuated with more cries of “Zach!” Anming was even more distracted by the rhythmic slapping noise. It signaled that Khushi was taking Zach’s virile cock firmly and balls deep again and again in her cunt. An erotic shiver ran through Anming at this thought. She grabbed the meal tray and headed off spinward to deliver it. She breathed a sigh of relief as she left the urgent distraction behind for a time. Hopefully, Her virile husband would be done enjoying his latest bride before she returned to pick up the next meal.

“RRRRAAH!” Zach’s spume splattered hot and deep into Khushi. Her eyes crossed and she gurgled her intense satisfaction at his finish. They rested. She shifted Aaron to the other teat. She braced herself in anticipation.

He realized, of course, she wanted it again without stopping. He half suspected Berte was going around to the crew making them promise to insist on this. Just as well. He wanted them to know the service was available if wanted. He withdrew halfway from Khushi’s thoroughly basted cunny and resumed.

Slap! "Huh!" Slap! "Zach!" Slap! "Mmm!" Slap! "Ugh!" Slap! "Haa!” There was a hoarse string of Hindi, in rising tones. Aaron was swaying in rhythm to the strokes, latched onto the teat. Mommy’s milk was gushing again, so he was in hog heaven.

While they continued their enjoyment, Anming came and went with another tray.

Soon Zach was finished again and resting with a vast look of satisfaction on his face. Aaron was full to the eyebrows with milk and conked out. Mommy was not far behind. “Zachary, you murder me with pleasure!” she moaned. “You ruin other men for me! Never change!” With that, they sat down to their meal.

Soon Anming returned from her delivery. Zach caught her looking over at him a few times with heavy-lidded eyes. She was one horny kitty, though she was keeping quiet.

Zach stood up and grabbed Anming from behind, breast and crotch. “Pull down your pants and bend over,” Zach whispered to her.

“Please, my husband,” she whispered. “I couldn’t bear intruding on Khushi’s bliss.”

“Your quarters at 9 PM, then,” said Zach.

In more normal tones, Anming said, “As you say, my husband. I’ll leave this tray for you to take to Colby.”

“Thank you, I will,” said Zach.

Anming left to return to her work with Michaela.

“She wants you, doesn’t she?” Khushi said.

“Yes,” said Zach. “She doesn’t want to intrude on your happiness, though.”

“That’s sweet,” Khushi said, “Let’s meet daily for this meal if you can.”

“It’s supposed to be our honeymoon,” said Zach. “Nothing could stop me.”

Zach brought Colby her dinner and held Mina while she ate. Mina was a little fretful seeing him. “You should have seen her with Jason,” she said.

“I get that I’m unworthy,” said Zach.

“That’s not really it, Zach,” she said, looking at him quizzically.

After this, the three rested together until Zach’s wristwatch pulsed on his wrist. It was time to meet Anming. He left quietly and showered on the way. He had brought Colby’s dinner directly to her, so hadn’t had the opportunity to shower after Khushi.

Anming let Zach in. She was fully dressed as she had been when making the meals. Her eyes were shyly downcast, as if they’d never met. He decided to have some fun with her. “Why did you call me here?”

Anming ignored the question. “My husband, I’m so happy you’ve arrived.” She turned away from him and shut off the light, throwing the room into pitch dark.

“Light on,” said Zach impatiently. She wasn’t going to get away with hiding herself away from him. The light came back on, dimly. She was still turned shyly away from him. “All the way up.” Her hand trembled, but she complied, and turned the light all the way up. She was playing the embarrassment game pretty hard tonight, and this after coming on to him earlier. She must want some real discipline tonight. This should be fun.

Instead of undressing her while kissing her, as he usually did, he stood apart. “Remove your top,” he said sternly. She faced him and complied, eyes downcast. Her dark tan nipples were erect, her breasts bulging with milk for her coming child. Her belly was huge and round. She carried the extra weight effortlessly in the Martian gravity. Zach said another silent thank you for the banning of bras. “Your shoes and socks next.” She sat on the bed and removed them, looking at the deck. “Now your leggings.” She complied. Still sitting, she exposed her slender, flawless legs and white cotton panties.

“Spread your legs,” he said. She trembled, hesitated. “Spread them,” he ordered again. She complied, trembling, still looking at the ground. Her breathing was agitated, excited. There was a big wet spot on her panties. “Look at that nasty wet spot on your panties. You really are a nasty slut, aren’t you?” Anming was silent, trembling, sighing. “Remove your panties,” he said. Anming seemed to not be listening. “Take off your panties,” he repeated sternly. Slowly, trembling, she complied, and then crossed her legs, looking away, trembling.

Zach took her panties from her before she could lay them aside. He held them to his nose, filling his senses with Anming’s inimitable musk. It had been percolating fiercely between her legs all day, and had that rich smell. He wanted to spread her and force himself on her that very instant. To Anming, this was a husband’s right, was it not? He could do it. He wanted her so badly. But he could control himself, wait, make it better for her.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered. Anming fidgeted. “Open your slutty legs!” he ordered. Anming buried her face in her hands and burst into tears. Immediately, Zach dropped the pretense and knelt next to her, held her. She flinched at first, then relaxed. “What’s wrong, my love?” he asked softly.

Anming sobbed. She said, “Since the incident...” This is what she called the explosive decompression in the core she’d barely survived. “Since the incident, the nightmares have returned. Often, I’ve been alone. Like during the rape. And then what you said tonight. And the bright light. It was too much like what he said. I’m sorry, my husband. I know you are not him. But my body is so very afraid.”

“Isn’t Colleen sleeping with you?” asked Zach.

“She is often away,” said Anming.

“Away?” asked Zach. “At night?”

“She has so many duties throughout the ship,” said Anming. “She has no able-bodied engineers, and we approach Mars.”

Anming was apologizing awfully hard for Colleen. That was beside the point. “I’m sorry, my love,” he said, hugging her fiercely. She was so competent, so controlled, so obedient, so Anming. It was easy to forget, and he had forgotten, damn him. She had all too recently suffered a long period of brutal sexual torture and rape. “I had no idea you were suffering.”

“I know you didn’t,” said Anming. “I wanted to be strong, to be obedient, an able and healthy wife for you. You have such a difficult time with all these new mothers and babies to care for. I didn’t want to add to your burden. And now I have.” She burst into tears again.

“Sweetheart,” argued Zach. “You are the most precious thing to me. If you’re having nightmares, you need to tell me.” Saying it, he knew it was futile. Anming needed to project the able, obedient wife, the perfect wife in her mind. It was that or bust, and at the moment, it was bust. “What can I do?” asked Zach.

“Kiss me,” she sobbed. Zach did, and though her sobbing stopped, her hot tears flowed from her face onto his. She lay back on the bed, and he followed. He dragged her fully onto the bed. She lay on her back and he faced her, arms and legs holding her close. Still kissing him, she tugged at his waistband. Without a word, he tugged off his clothes and returned to hugging her tightly, skin to skin. They kissed passionately.

As they kissed and she continued to cry, Zach grew erect. His intention was to comfort. But the feel of the smooth skin of Anming’s hip and haunch sliding across his loins excited him wildly. This seemed to be part of Anming’s plan. She lifted her near leg and maneuvered as if to push onto him. He helped her. His cock head found her tunnel.

“Erase his presence,” Anming moaned. She was tight as ever, but splashing wet and slippery. Urgently, she impaled herself as best she could, and he thrust to meet her fully, wrench her open, fill her. She grunted in satisfaction into his mouth, between their flicking tongues.

Zach broke the kiss and rose to top Anming, turning her on her side. He pounded her swiftly, fiercely, urgently as her body demanded. Her angry, desperate sobs renewed and redoubled as he took her. He trusted she was doing what she needed and stayed the course. He thrilled in her loins. Laughing, crying, or any way, her delicate body could bring him to orgasm again and again so swiftly. She was intoxicating.

“Huh! Huh! Huh! Arrrrrr! EEP!” She shuddered, a full-body shudder.

“RAHHHH!” He poured all his love, his healing energy, his semen into her. He filled her with the hot wet warmth of his love. They were still. Through his hand, he felt her baby moving, excited.

“How do you feel?” he ventured softly.

She answered quietly, sleepily, “Whenever my entire body is stretched like this on your giant prong, he never existed.” She fell into a slumber, drifting, utterly relaxed, and exhausted.


Zach, with Anming in tow, entered the quarters he shared with Colby. Mother and baby were nursing, cuddled together. “Anming has been having nightmares, sweetheart,” he said. “I invited her to sleep with us.”

“That will be fine, baby,” said Colby. “I’m sad to hear it, girl. Why didn’t you speak up sooner?”

“I’m abject,” said Anming, “with apology for not confiding in you, my dear, true, and close sister.”

“You’re damn right,” said Colby. “We’re sisters. Don’t forget it.” Colby was feeling the calming and happy effects of nursing Mina. Not that she would normally have been less welcoming, but she was ecstatic at Anming’s arrival. To Zach, she said, patting the bed next to her, “Here, baby, cuddle up next to me between us. We’ll need to get a third bed in here tomorrow,” she chuckled. So they all cuddled in close and fell asleep.

“Baby, baby, baby,” Colby whispered, rousing Zach. He realized he was straining erect and had been dry humping her hip with increasing urgency. She felt his rampant penis gingerly and said, “It’s time for Mina to nurse anyway. Why don’t you put this to good use, baby. I have my vibe right here.”

“Sweetheart, you need to heal,” whispered Zach.

“Not me, silly. I’ll watch and nurse and play with myself, okay, baby?” said Colby. She nodded in Anming’s direction. Zach looked over at Anming, who was sleeping peacefully. “You know you want to ravage that innocent graceful China doll of yours,” Colby whispered. “Open her up. Erase that aloof expression of hers and make her whimper with pleasure. Put your jizz deep up in her. And get on the other side of her, would you baby? So I can watch you do it.” She held Mina to her breast. Her vibrator clicked on, and she moaned gently.

Anming was asleep on her left side facing Zach and Colby with her big belly. He gently lifted Anming’s right leg and straddled her, checked her. She stirred sleepily. She was juicy and slippery from their earlier times together. He didn’t wait for her to awaken, and urgently lodged his cock head in her slippery hole. Gods! She was every bit as tight as she ever seemed to be. How tightly it opened! But for the slippery juice forced out as he pressed his advantage, he could imagine her vagina had never before taken a cock.

Anming whimpered sweetly and awakened to pleasure. Slowly, Zach lovingly forced her slippery slit into a wide straining O of acceptance inch by straining tight inch. Watching him open Anming for his pleasure, Colby moaned and shuddered in orgasm, holding Mina tight to her breast. Her orgasm played out, Colby switched Mina to her other breast and continued masturbating.

As Anming awakened, she startled as she realized her surroundings. “My fellow wife, I’m sorry, I’m abject,” she whimpered.

“Anming girl, relax! I love seeing how much you please our husband. Now do your duty,” Colby told her with mock sternness. “Yes,” Colby groaned, “Serve our husband. Satisfy him completely. I’m watching to make sure you do.” Colby rocked with her own pleasure as she reached for her next climax.

Thus freed from some concern, a guttural animal sound of pleasure burst from Anming, “Urrrr! EEP!” Her hips jerked in pleasure as Zach held her tightly to him.

Colby said, “You let it all out, girl. You’re beautiful.”

Zach was lost in pleasure as the women had their dialogue. It was becoming increasingly nasty. Colby muttered, “Yeah, take that big cock, you dirty slutty theorist. There’s a unified field for you.”

Anming shot back, “Rut on your pleasure toy, you bitch dog of ten thousand whorehouses.”

Colby said, “Oh yeah, he’s getting close. Breed her, Zach. Nail her fuckin’ pussy to the bed, baby! Ahh!” She was orgasming in waves on her vibrator now, more and more intensely, as she watched.

“You hah!” cried Anming, as she felt Zach reach his short strokes. “Oh my love! Take me! Use me for your sordid pleasure! AHHHHH! EEP!”

“RRRAAAAAH!” cried Zach in orgasm. He bathed Anming’s insides thoroughly with hot semen.

“Ooh, baby!” Colby cried, shaking in a final long orgasm on her vibrator.

“WAAAAAH!” cried baby Mina, who’d had enough of the cries of everybody orgasming. Luckily, Mina was placated with a teat, and all soon returned to a restful quiet.


And so the days progressed, with Zach now sleeping at night with both Anming and Colby. He moved a third bed into the room so there was plenty of room for everybody. Mina soon fell in love with Auntie Anming, giving Colby welcome respite. Anming being right there at night, Zach was hornier. During each of Mina’s nighttime feedings, he would almost always put a load into Anming. Colby would watch and masturbate, or if she was feeling tired, face the other way and doze.

Anming complained constantly to Colby that Zach was beating her womb to a pulp. Despite this, she seemed more relaxed and happy than at any time in recent memory. She continued to spend her watch with Michaela in the bubble. Her recreation and sleep time she spent happily with Colby and Mina. Zach made a mental note. Despite her solitary nature, Anming should never sleep alone. At least, she shouldn’t until her rape was only a distant memory.

Zach continued to check in on Berte and Aanya daily. Both women were, apparently strong, happy, and pain free, but both were recovering slowly from their births. Aanya’s labor had been long and hard, so no surprise there. Berte’s slow recovery was more perplexing.

Zach continued to wake up Charisse with sex every afternoon at 2 PM. Charisse was insatiable, and usually wanted it several times upon awakening.

It was everything Zach could do to muster a nice hard ride for Khushi at their regular breakfast/dinner at 4 PM. She usually got one nice long railing as she nursed and orgasmed, which suited her well.

Not wanting to lose touch, Zach and Colleen got together for sex and conversation every other evening or so. He didn’t press her on the Anming issue. Clearly she had more than enough critical concerns.

This routine continued for about a week until Wednesday Ares 25, when all hell broke loose. Zach and Charisse were resting in post-coital bliss together. He had awakened her in her favorite way and nutted in her. She told him how horny she was feeling and how she felt like going and going. Then she started having labor pains, hard, regular labor pains. She’d had a couple of false starts, but there was hardly any doubt this time that she was in labor.

A few hours into Charisse’s labor, Berte fell gravely ill with flu-like symptoms. Zach turned Charisse over to Ayana so he could look after Berte.

Upon imaging Berte’s uterus, Zach confirmed his diagnosis of Postpartum Endometritus. This is when some placental tissue is left in the uterus and becomes infected. There was no fooling around with this. He started Berte on IV antibiotics immediately. Sadly, this affected baby Anna’s digestion, but everyone’s digestion would improve once the series was complete. As a result, the ship suffered its first bout of truly stinky diapers. It was a small price to pay for Berte’s healthy and speedy recovery.

Colette sat with Berte, ready to alert Zach to any changes. Zach returned to look in on Charisse’s labor. It was progressing wonderfully well. Ayana was happy to remain available and sit with Charisse.

Zach was just in time for his meal with Khushi. Before they even started preparing the meal, Zach bent her over the table and had her passionately. “What is going on with you, my premee ladaka?” Khushi grunted as he took her enthusiastically from behind. His hands roved, enjoying her ass, her breasts. In response, her milk shot into baby Aaron’s mouth as fast as he could drink it.

After a groaning, forceful orgasm where he overflowed her creamy cunny with his seed, he sighed. “Charisse has gone into labor,” he told her. “Berte has fallen ill, but we know why, and she’s on the mend. That’s since 2 PM.”

Khushi chuckled, “I’m surprised you were able to make it here.”

“I had to. I needed to,” said Zach, roving his hands on her luscious curves under her sari. “This is being so good for me,” he moaned, and started up in her a second time.

“What, did you not finish in Charisse?” Khushi asked. Zach startled. “Yes, I know your visiting schedule thoroughly, my big rutting bailon. All pent up?”

“Only once,” he moaned. He couldn’t keep a secret while enjoying Khushi’s tight vaginal embrace.

“With you like this, no wonder she started labor,” Khushi giggled. Zach, her excited breeding oxen, relentlessly churned his first offering out of her onto the galley deck, preparing to fill her with another. She gritted her teeth and orgasmed as baby Aaron enthusiastically suckled to keep up with her squirting teat. It seemed Charisse’s loss was her gain. She’d take it all gladly. She was so happy Ayana had relented. She was in heaven.

Eventually, Zach was reasonably sated and Khushi was a limp rag. Baby Aaron was all full of milk and dead asleep. She staggered back to her quarters for a good long nap. She put a clean dish towel in her panties so she didn’t drip all over the deck on the way.

Zach called Colleen. “Berte has had a complication, but she’s getting IV antibiotics now, and she’ll be fine.”

“Yes, I heard,” she said. “Thank you Zach.”

“Charisse is in labor,” said Zach. “Everything is progressing normally.”

“I’m aware,” said Colleen. “Why are you calling, Zach?” She always had his number.

“I want you this evening,” said Zach.

“You know I’ve been very busy,” said Colleen. “We saw each other just a few evenings ago. It’s not that I don’t want you, Zach, I always do. I haven’t been seeing anyone else either, this past while, in case you were feeling jealous. It’s just that I’m so busy.”

“You need to relax,” said Zach.

“I understand,” said Colleen. “The insatiable Charisse is suddenly off the table. Ergo, it’s time for me to serve it up and take her creampies.”

“Not all of them,” Zach demurred. “But you really do need to relax.”

“I sleep to relax,” said Colleen. “I read a good book. When I want more pleasure than my body can contain and get slightly crippled in the process, I see you. Different categories.”

“Thanks for the positive review,” said Zach. “Please?”

“Very well,” said Colleen. “My quarters, 2200.”

“Every evening?” begged Zach.

“You savage,” she said, and sighed heavily. “Very well. On one condition.”

“Anything,” Zach promised.

“You finish me off every evening with a nice hard ass pounding. Put your hot juice deep in my rectum.” Her voice lowered to a whisper. “Make me your anal slave bitch.”


“Yes, and say the usual things,” panted Colleen.

“Like, how you’re my dirty little cum dump?” asked Zach. “How you’re made just for sheathing my dick?”

“Yeahhh...” Colleen breathed urgently.

Since Colby and Anming had each other to sleep with, he arranged to sleep with Berte. He wanted to stay close for a couple of days in case there were any complications.

That evening, just as Zach’s semen was boiling in his first bout atop Colleen, his phone beeped. He finished in short order, “Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! RAAAAH!”

Colleen, resting on her side underneath him, finished together, “Hah! Oh yeah Zach! Uuh! Uuh! Uuh! Uuh! AWWWWW! Hah! Ohfuck! Ohgod!” She always forgot how magnificent it was for him to cum hard and deep into her cunt. Lately it felt like he was getting even deeper. In the stillness, she felt her baby dancing in excitement and pleasure.

Zach looked at his phone and saw Charisse had given birth to a healthy baby girl, seven pounds, six ounces. He dressed and promised Colleen to return for her anal. He sped off to see the new mom and baby.

The baby was lively and healthy, and scored 10 on her Apgars. Charisse was beaming. Baby was suckling well. Ayana handed off to him. Charisse was thinking of the name Vrishika. She considered the prettiest sounding Martian month that wasn’t already taken. Alexis was happy to stay the night with Charisse so Zach could attend to Berte. She had instructions to call Zach if anything came up.

When Zach got back to Colleen, he found her under her blanket. Her vibrator was whirring on high. She was shaking, panting, grimacing, and red-faced. When he pulled back her covers, he found she had inserted a butt plug. He rocked it out while she continued to vibe herself and orgasm. He pushed into her anal canal, firmly straightening it.

For Colleen, this was about surrender and subjugation, giving up the control she normally was called upon to assert. It brought her back to her undergrad and midshipman days. Then, she was often some instructor’s or upper classmate's sex toy. But always her ass or mouth. She saved her vagina for her eighteenth birthday. She used to tape it shut with medical tape. Since she’d grown out her bush for Zach, she’d given up that kink for the time being. She missed it.

Zach cried, “Sweetheart, take it, take it deep!” He unloaded into her rectum.

Colleen whimpered and shook in orgasm with him. Nobody could give a good hard ass fucking like Zach. So intensely satisfying. “Totally worth being your spillover bitch every evening,” Colleen moaned in pleasure. “I’m going to fall behind in my book club, though.” She grimaced.

His commitment to Colleen discharged, balls thoroughly drained, Zach showered then lay down gently beside Berte. Mother and baby were both asleep. He was careful enough not to rouse them.

After Berte was out of the woods, Zach stayed with Charisse and baby Vrishika. The mining crew was not uninvolved. Mateo spent time waiting on Charisse. Aiden often saw to Berte. Ethan looked after Aanya. And Jason waited on Colby, much to her delight.

Michaela left the bubble on Sunday, Mesha first. She had been exercising diligently, but she was still weak. Regardless, she was dead set on throwing a bubble emergence party. The festivities were two hours long, from 2 PM to 4 PM. It appeared everyone shared Michaela’s strong opinion there should be a party. The graveyard shift crew went to bed late.

The command deck was monitored in half hour stints by Mateo, Alexis, Colleen, and Michaela herself. This was to insure they all had ample time to enjoy the party. Alexis was, of course, the master of ceremonies.

“All right animals and girls, listen up!” Alexis shouted over the many conversations already buzzing in the party. “Our first game is an icebreaker. It’s called ‘Who’s the Best Kisser?’ In this game, each of the mining crew will make the rounds kissing each of the women. Then each of the women, by silent ballot, will vote for the best kisser. The winner will be announced when all votes are in. But here’s the kicker, and listen carefully. Each time you are kissed, except for the guys obviously, you must consume at least one cannabis wafer. So it’s kind of a drinking game as well. Sorry you’re not included, Zach. The organizers, consisting of the Breeding Bitches, felt it would unfairly skew the voting. Okay, off you go!”

Zach was sitting next to Charisse and holding baby Vrishika so Charisse could enjoy a few minutes of respite. She was enjoyably giggling conspiratorially with the other Breeding Bitches about these games they’d developed. Mateo walked up and interrupted Charisse with a rough and passionate tongue kiss. He held her hair tightly with one hand as he kissed her and choked her with the other. After he was done, he asked, “Was that the kind of thing we were talking about earlier?” Charisse smiled at him and nodded. Zach was sitting right next to her, so he heard Mateo’s whisper over the din of the party. “You know I’d pee in your mouth if it wouldn’t attract too much attention.” She beamed at him. She opened her mouth and put both hands under her chin as if to catch a urine stream. Then she blew him a kiss as he backed away to go kiss the next woman on his list.

“I'd bet that kiss got high marks,” Zach smiled at her. Charisse smiled back and nodded. Zach added, “Sounds like you’ve been training him.”

“He doesn’t know all the knots and things. He tries to please me by doing some of my kinks sometimes,” Charisse said. “He’s very sweet. He struggles with some of the same things you do, sweetheart, and with less experience. It’s fun to get an occasional random this or that from him.” The only real domme they had on the mission was Alexis. They were lucky to have her. It was a good thing, though, Zach thought, that Charisse was cultivating her options. For Charisse, being dominated occasionally took the bleakness out of reality and made it shiny and exciting.

Zach turned to Khushi, who was sitting on his other side. “We’re on for our four o’clock?” he asked.

“Certainly, my love,” said Khushi. “I’m trying not to get too stoned by this game. I need to dance after this.” Baby Aaron was laying calmly in her arms, examining the milling, chattering people around them with fascination.

“Oh that reminds me, I need to eat another cannabis wafer,” said Charisse, and wandered off toward the food table. Luckily, baby Vrishika was asleep and didn’t, for the moment, miss the near presence of her mom.

Michaela walked up to Zach and got on her knees. “Apologies from Breeding Bitches for not including in game,” she growled. She stroked his swelling penis through the fabric of his scrub pants. He turned to Khushi to see what her reaction to this development would be. She was busy getting a deep-tongued kiss from Mateo. It was a pandemonium of kissing and happy chatting and laughing all around them. Occasionally a baby would fuss and get a placating teat.

“Ass up,” Michaela ordered.

He looked over at Alexis. “The least we could do,” she said. “C’mon, don’t be a party pooper.”

He opened his mouth to say something, he never found out what. Michaela popped another cannabis wafer into his open mouth and pressed on his chin to shut it. There was no fighting the wishes of the Breeding Bitches, especially with a sleeping baby in his arms. Delicately, so as not to wake baby Vrishika, he raised his ass off the chair. Michaela tugged his scrubs down to his ankles and latched her mouth wetly onto his swelling cock.

Soon Michaela was grunting and choking. She pumped Zach’s straining cock farther and farther down her throat. He sat as calmly as he could manage. He closed his eyes and tried to remain calm and enjoy the blowjob. Inevitably, he helplessly tensed and raised his hips as Michaela’s mouth and throat pleasured him. This disturbed the baby, who fussed.

Michaela disgorged him and said, “Here, give. Time for me to try.” She lifted her black knit top, took little Vrishika, and put her to one teat. Vrishika knew the routine. “Ow! You sadistic monster!” Michaela grunted, but not harshly. Feeling a baby suckle for the first time was an overwhelming feeling. Vrishika was now happy as a clam given the new source of milk, or colostrum at least. She dug in quite enthusiastically. Michaela didn’t have her milk control down. Her free teat dribbled Zach’s leg with colostrum. Baby pacified, Michaela returned to forcing her tiny spitty mouth and throat onto Zach’s cock.

Soon afterward, Zach groaned long and hard. Legs shaking, hips straining, he surrendered all his available seminal fluid down Michaela's gullet. The part she managed not to swallow, she showed him in her open mouth. Then she swallowed it with a smile. “We all love you, our precious Zachary,” she said with real affection.

Michaela stood up holding Vrishika tight on her teat atop the ledge of her huge tummy. “Now feel unbalanced,” she said. “Will take her for while.” She gently took the baby off one teat and put her on the other. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Vicious little goblin!” she complained, though not unkindly, as she walked away.

Zach’s attention was drawn to Anming moaning behind him. She was across the room telling Jason in a shaky voice, “I can’t, I reserve it for my husband.” Jason was kissing her neck and had one hand under her party dress. By all appearances he had hit pay dirt. Her hips were pumping in ecstasy as she whimpered and complained quietly. Her speech was a little slurred. She was quite stoned and extremely horny. Well, he had left her alone to go tend Charisse these last several days. As he watched, her legs shook, and she grunted in orgasm as quietly as she could manage. As soon as she recovered, she pushed Jason away, slowly but firmly, and he backed off.

Anming stood up and straightened her rumpled clothing. Zach turned away nonchalantly, trying not to let on that he had seen the exchange. This was different from a situation where he himself had pressed her to explore her sexuality. When he was the cause, she never blamed herself. In her mind, obeying her husband, however depraved, was always virtuous and trumped all other concerns. She must feel bad about this, though.

He didn’t want to exacerbate her self-destructive and morality-driven self hate. He would feign ignorance. He expected Colleen might have some vigorous therapy to do. Alexis would likely have some vigorous whipping to do as well. The poor woman. He’d as much caused this himself by inviting her into his bed then abandoning it to help Charisse.

Anming’s strong nervous grip closed on his hand and he turned to look up at her. “My husband,” she whispered urgently, “I beg you to cripple me between the legs with your ardor.”

As nonchalantly as he could manage, he answered, “Certainly.”

She nodded nervously and grimaced. “Privately, away from here,” she added hastily. He saw she suddenly dreaded the possibility of being taken right here in front of everybody. Luckily, he knew this was a time she needed comforting, not boundary stretching. He stood up, holding her hand firmly, and led her away. The party was raging in Recreation B. He took her into Colby's quarters right next door and shut the hatch.

Anming’s hand reached for the light switch and faltered. She compromised by turning the lights way down in brightness. This was fine with Zach. The lights off was a holdover of her prudish upbringing. The low lights were a way for her to distance herself from the circumstances of her rape. Bright lights overhead were a reminder of the torture room.

He helped her off with her dress and undressed himself while she removed her underwear. She climbed under the covers, again reflexive modesty. He pulled the covers back to expose her nakedness. She didn’t resist, but looked at him expectantly. He checked between her legs, and she was gushing wet. He decided to spare her the usual fretting over cunnilingus and push directly in.

Although she would allow him practically anything without complaint, she did fret about him going down on her. Previous lovers had rarely done this to her. She felt the area was dirty with her juices, which she considered unsanitary. She was of the opinion it was debasing and humiliating for him to do it. He loved it, though, and usually did it anyway. She orgasmed readily and frequently from it, despite her objections.

He put her on one side and straddled her. He held up her leg to gain access to her vagina. She orgasmed twice as he opened her up slickly and deeply in this position. She was on a hair trigger. Nothing aroused her more than situations like what had happened. It had embarrassed, humiliated, and greatly aroused her to be coaxed to orgasm publicly. Everyone who cared to notice could have noticed, including her own husband. It was nasty. It was slutty. It had whipped her into an erotic frenzy. Her growls and shrieks came furiously as he pounded her. She would grapple with her self hate regarding it as soon as she fully recovered her senses. Hopefully Colleen and Alexis could help her grapple successfully.

As he took Anming, Zach said, “My wife!” a lot. This reassured her. Also “You’re serving me so well!” He didn’t say it more than usual, for fear of activating further guilt over the matter with Jason. With a roar, he ejaculated deep and hot. Her tight hole squeezed and pulsed on him wetly.

After a momentary pause, Zach rolled Anming over to her other side and took her a second time. His first load squirted out of her around the edges as he filled her. As he gleefully punished her orgasming cunny, a desire came over him to take her anally. He would not do it this time. His intention here was to comfort. Though she was growing more comfortable, it was something she had never experienced until her rape. It was confronting for that reason, though she orgasmed readily from it. Though tolerable, he couldn’t see it as comforting at this point, so it was off the agenda.

Zach had a long satisfying time plowing Anming’s tight womb and listening to her ecstatic growls and shrieks. With a satisfied roar, he unloaded a second time in her overflowing vagina.

They rested for some time together, in and out of sleep. He roused to return to the party. She said, yawning, “Please give my excuses."

"Sure thing, but I'm leaving the hatch open. That way you'll hear the sounds of the party and know you're not alone. Join us later if you want." She was already dozing, sleeping off the cannabis wafers she’d consumed.

Zach returned to the party. He noticed that Colette was laying on her back between Colby’s legs. Jason, sweaty, was pumping furiously away in Colette’s dripping vagina. Colby was masturbating and watching them intently. Colby said to Jason, “Your dick feels so good in me, baby.” This must be playacting. Colette whimpered, and orgasmed. The pleasure wasn't playacting.

“You're getting close, aren't you baby? Go ahead and finish, any... time... you... want. Stay in and give it all to me,” Colby growled. She'd just made herself orgasm on her vibrator.

“What’s all this?” Zach asked an onlooking and furiously masturbating Alexis.

“There you are, Zach,” Alexis moaned. “We planned a special treat for the four women who are currently too baby-ripped to fuck. Colette is standing in for each of them and getting fucked in the women’s place, under her direction. You should have seen how Berte begged Aiden to ass fuck her at the end. Colette took a nice big creampie up her ass in her place. Yummy! Berte is good with her nasty taunts.”

Zach nodded. “Colby picked Jason, eh? I’m not sure if this is good news for me or bad.”

“I hope you’re joking, Zach,” Alexis said. She paused to moan and orgasm on her wand. “You know Colby loves you all to hell and back.”

“I know,” said Zach. “But look at him go. How long has it been?”

“Over half an hour,” Alexis purred.

“Exactly. And look how often Colette and Colby are orgasming. It’s intimidating,” Zach said.

“Hah!” said Alexis. “You’re intimidating. You two must have a mutual intimidation society. Calm down, Zach.”

“I am calm,” said Zach. "I bet Jason won the kissing contest"

"That he did," said Alexis.

"Intimidating," concluded Zach. "And he's the best baby wrangler we have."

"That's not all he can wrangle," said Alexis.

“Get ready,” warned Colby. “Here it comes! Put it in me, baby! Put it deep!” Colette flinched and orgasmed as Jason’s squirts hit her insides. Colby followed suit. “AAAAH!! Hah! Hah! Oh that feels so good deep in me, my sweet baby!”

Intimidating and red hot, he had to admit. Zach applauded along with everyone else.

(To be continued)

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79: Monday, Mesha 2, 231 1800 hours OST: They Should Make a Musical

“Thank you for agreeing to help me, Zachary,” said Khushi, smiling sweetly. “It’s my first day back at work, and there’s so much to do. Berte and Colby are still out, so I have everything, and the work has been piling up for weeks. We need to get this done quickly.”

They were up in the core to drain the water out of the bubble and stow it. They pushed their way into the interior. Khushi sniffed and wrinkled her nose. “It doesn’t surprise me that Michaela would leave a rank smell in here.”

“Come on,” said Zach. “Be nice.”

“We must wash it out a second time,” said Khushi. She clipped her sling carrying baby Aaron to the top of the fuckspace. She unzipped her flight suit and pulled off her shoes.

“What are you doing?” asked Zach.

“Haven’t you ever cleaned in here before?” asked Khushi impatiently. “You’d better take off all your clothes or you’ll get them wet.”

Zach shrugged and started undressing. Floating there next to the fuckspace, Khushi pulled her flight suit off her shoulders. Her knockers flew free to float deliciously in zero-g, swollen with milk. Her dark brown nipples were hard in the chilly air. The sexiest thing about her, about the moment, was that it was entirely candid and innocent. Without even noticing, she next revealed her pudenda and thighs to him. She pulled down her utilitarian white cotton panties along with her suit. Popping out the hem of her panties as she struck them down was her sprouting black bush. She was growing it for him, just because he liked it, just to show her devotion.

While stunned with her curvy bronze beauty as it was revealed, Zach was trying to keep up. When he pulled down his undies, his dick made an audible slap as it sprang out erect against his belly. Khushi’s eyes landed on it and she paused. She regarded him for a long moment midway through pulling her clothes off one ankle. She licked her lips. “That won’t do,” she said.

“What?” said Zach. More urgent instructions from the harried engineer?

Khushi looked over at the sleeping Aaron and then back at Zach. “You’ll never be able to work with that. Here...” She floated over to him and grabbed his dick to stop herself. She bobbed down on it with her mouth. With the other hand, she slid an index finger between her engorged dark vaginal lips and stroked herself.

Zach twirled her so that her glorious pussy with its dark lips and pink bullseye presented to his face. Gently, he moved her hand to the side and wetly tongued and sucked her. Slowly, he worked his way from clitoral hood to urethra and back as she shuddered in pleasure. “Oh Zach, UUUH!” she cried. Aaron was perfectly calm in response to her cries. He’d been hearing them a lot.

“Zachary, I need you,” Khushi whimpered. “Let’s get in.”

He spun her back around and they squeezed together gently into the fuckspace. She spread her glorious legs out the leg holes, impossibly wide. She was so limber! He stirred his cock head in her juices and pushed deliciously into her warm channel. She clutched his firm ass, dug in her fingers, and orgasmed, shrieking out something in Hindi.

Aaron noticed his mommy’s cries, made sucking motions with his mouth, and complained gently. It appeared he wasn’t bothered by the noise. He simply knew his mommy’s milk flooded out strongly during sex. She often fed Aaron during sex. She reeled him in and put him to a teat. Whether he thought it was the dinner call or associated the noise with a good meal was unclear.

Zach and Khushi cradled their suckling child between them as they kissed and continued their lovemaking. Zach felt his semen boiling and entered his short strokes, pumping himself into her with desperate intensity. He moaned as he poured himself and his soul deep into her pulsing womb. She gritted her teeth and growled something no doubt very nasty in Hindi. She orgasmed wetly on his dick with a moan.

Panting, curious, Zach asked, “What did you just say at the end?”

“I was half crazy with lust. I’m embarrassed to say,” said Khushi.

“Now I have to know what you said.”

“You won’t be offended?” asked Khushi.

“After that orgasm, how could I be?” said Zach. “People say all kinds of fucked up shit during sex. Whatever gets you over the top is fine.”

“Okay...” said Khushi. “I said, ‘Paint my open cunt, you pasty-assed mother fucking son of a donkey.’ You see? I didn’t want to say it.”

Zach was delighted. “Even with you translating what you said, I can’t imagine you saying such a thing with the emotion you did. I think of you as such a nice girl.”

“I am.” She switched Aaron to the other teat and smiled. “The nicest girl who ever learned how to do the vertical splits and pop her yoni lips open in the face of a man.” She giggled and looked at him with some anticipation. "And you really are endowed like a donkey."

Zach realized again he wasn’t picking up on all the signals. She was tensing and angling her pelvis forward, waiting for another bout. Through Berte or some other influence, his crewmates universally expected a double shot from him now. It was his own fault. He grinned and started pumping.

Khushi’s breath caught and her eyes fluttered shut with pleasure. One of her hands caught his ass cheek, the nails digging in. Her other arm held Aaron firmly to the teat. She moaned nastily and said something that sounded even viler in Hindi. It was too nerdy to ask her everything. He would simply have to use his imagination.

Zach awakened from a doze after their third bout in the fuckspace. A priority message had come through his phone. He gently slipped out of the fuckspace past sleeping mother and baby. He retrieved his phone and saw it was from Alexis. She was asking for a video chat. This was her watch. While he was keeping night watch hours, he worked for her. He brought her up on video. “Hi, Alexis.”

“Why are you naked?” she asked.

“We’re cleaning the inside of the bubble,” said Zach.

“Is that Khushi behind you asleep in the fuckspace?” she asked.

“Ooh… yeah,” answered Zach.

“Well, not only cleaning,” Alexis snickered.

“Depends on how loose your definition of scrubbing is,” he retorted.

“Is it going to be stowed before Colleen wakes up?” asked Alexis.

“I’m quite sure we’ll be done by then,” said Zach.

“Good,” said Alexis. “Report to me in Control A when the job is complete.”

“Sure thing,” said Zach and closed the link.

Late in the night watch, approaching 1 AM, Zach arrived in Control A. “It’s done,” he said. “Khushi has now moved on to servicing the ion injectors.”

“I know,” said Alexis.

“Why did you want to see me?” asked Zach.

“I think I have a medical problem,” said Alexis.

Zach grew immediately concerned. Alexis was well along in her pregnancy. He rested his hand on her tummy, felt her baby move restlessly. “What is it?”

“Horniness,” Alexis snickered. “The bigger my belly gets, the hornier I get. Is that normal?”

Zach breathed a sigh of relief. She was just kidding him. “It’s not abnormal.”

“I think the case is so serious it may be fatal if not treated immediately,” said Alexis. She grinned and lifted the front of her faux black leather miniskirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. Her labia peeked moistly out of her slit.

“We can’t do this again,” said Zach. “Colleen will kill us, or at least court martial us. You’re piloting the ship at the moment.”

“Colleen’s asleep,” Alexis pointed out, grinning. “Anyway, I want to be the first astronaut drummed out of the service for having sex on the bridge of a NASA spacecraft during duty hours. It would be a singular distinction. And what are they going to do to me as punishment, send me back to Earth?”

“Colleen would be angry enough to find something worse,” said Zach.

“It’s out of your hands,” said Alexis. “You’re working on my watch under my orders. Now, get on your knees and lick it.”

“This is workplace sexual harassment,” joked Zach.

“You know you love it,” Alexis replied.


Zach continued to work a night watch schedule and use Charisse’s quarters as a home base. He tried to cover Charisse and baby Vrishika’s every need. This way mom and baby could relax and mom could heal. But there was one obvious need of the new mother that couldn’t be satisfied, her insatiable need for dick. She was used to it twice a day at least. “I’m going crazy, Zach,” she whimpered.

“You’ve been using your vibrator, right?” asked Zach.

“Hours and hours. It’s not enough,” she complained.

“How can I help?” asked Zach. “We need to keep your genital area as clean and undisturbed as possible.”

“I don’t know,” said Charisse. “Anything would be better than this. Here.” She crawled on her knees over to Zach and pulled down his scrubs and undies. “Cum inside me, Zach. Cum down my throat. Choke me with your splooge- UCK!”

“Enough talking,” said Zach. “Let’s try it and see.”

At the end, she pulled it out and splashed his cum over her face and breasts. Sensuously, she rubbed his cum over as much of her face and body as it would cover.

“Can I get you a towel?” asked Zach.

“No, I want to smell it,” said Charisse. “I think I can fall asleep now. We need to do this more. I’ll text you.”

“And I’ll come running,” said Zach. “I bet some variety would help. I can probably get the guys to drop by your place and unload every once in a while.”

“Sounds wonderful. You’re so thoughtful, Zach,” said Charisse.

“Well, I know you, my little orchid,” said Zach.

“A floral reference, even,” she purred. “Okay, well, you organize it. I’ll text you when I’m thirsty for another dose.”

“I’ll arrange it,” said Zach. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get handled every time, and with as much variety as possible.”

Charisse smiled and drifted off into happy dreams. As usual, to aid her slumber, her vibe was on low, still gently tickling her genitals as she drifted off.


Later during their sleep cycle, Zach awoke restless, and Charisse was dead asleep.

First, Zach thought of Khushi. But by cordial agreement, Ayana had Khushi to herself that night. So far, everything was working well in his sharing arrangement with Ayana. It was being good, by all accounts, for all three of them. He got as much time with Khushi as his busy schedule would accommodate. Ayana was also getting plenty of Khushi time, with the welcome addition of time to cat around more broadly. So both women were getting their relationship itches well scratched.

Zach thought of his other fuckable crewmates. Alexis, the only other woman on night duty, would normally welcome him with open legs. But currently, she was busy having all-night sex with Mateo. Now that Michaela was back to pilot the graveyard shift, Mateo was newly back on the night shift. Alexis was making a point of welcoming him.

Graveyard watch was off limits. They were on duty. Despite Alexis breaking the rules, Zach himself would do his best to honor them.

That left the day watch. It was their morning recreation time. Colby was still healing, but Colleen or Anming might be available. He texted Anming. Always succinct, Anming texted back “Galley A.” He headed there.

Jason and Colleen were seated across from Colby and Anming at breakfast. Zach sat down at the foot of the table. Colleen asked, “Shouldn’t you be asleep now, Zach?”

“I was restless,” he answered.

Anming stood up from the table, eyes downcast. “I will humbly serve to calm you, my husband,” she said. “We may retire to my quarters nearby.”

“Don’t leave on my account,” said Jason. “I’m family now, aren’t I? And don’t you ladies usually serve him right here at the table? I believe Colby invented the practice, didn’t you? I understand that it symbolizes your respect for Zach. How far you’re willing to go to take care of him. I think it’s quite a beautiful practice. Don’t change it on my account.”

Anming sat back down in her seat, eyes still downcast. She gritted her teeth, no doubt trying to steel herself to do her duty despite putting on a show for Jason.

Colleen stood up and unzipped her flight suit. She shucked it off her shoulders and pulled it down and off one leg, along with her shoe. She bent over her breakfast. “Right here, Zach,” she said.

Zach stood up and walked around behind Colleen. He bent over, kissed her neck lovingly, and checked her wetness with his fingers. She was a little moist, but not ready. He got on his knees and bent in close to take in her clean scent. He ruffled her blonde muff with his fingers. He teased her vulva to excitement with his lips and tongue. He gently wet her inner lips with his tongue and tugged them with his lips. He licked and tongued her urethra and around her clitoris. As she vibrated with sexual tension, he wetly flicked and teased her throbbing erect clitoris with his tongue. She moaned out a long shuddering orgasm as he drank in her juices.

“You showoff,” Colleen panted with a smile. “Get to your business.” Zach slipped down his scrubs and undies. He stirred his raging erect cock in her slippery juices and rocked firmly into her. Despite her snappy tightness, she accommodated him swiftly. It was a matter of expectation, he supposed. As he pumped earnestly in her delicious cunt, she moaned low in orgasm.

The rest of the table had finished with their breakfast. Anming was turned away, dealing with the dishes. Colby and Jason held each other. Perhaps it was just Zach’s horny imagination, but perhaps they were doing more. Only one hand of each was visible. It looked like Jason might be rubbing Colby’s button under the table. Colby perhaps had her hand on his, wondering whether she should stop him. Mina fussed and they separated. Colby put her to the teat.

“Well, I should go,” said Jason. “It was nice having breakfast with all of you.”

Colleen moaned out another orgasm and shuddered. Zach was not going to last much longer at this rate. A good thing, because Colleen still had to finish up her breakfast before Anming could clear her plate.

“C’mon, Zach. Yes, there you go,” encouraged Colleen as Zach entered his short strokes. “Let it all out, Doctor. Oh feels good. Let’s cum together, darling. Oh-OWAAAH!”

“RAAAAH!” growled Zach. He basted and blasted all his cum deep into Colleen’s slick, teasing, and forcibly upsized twat. The upsizing was only temporary, though, Zach knew. Even a baby pushing through there probably wouldn’t make her any looser. Those pussy muscles of hers could milk the semen out of him like nobody else. So satisfying. He sighed. Suddenly he was very sleepy.

He looked up to see Anming bent over, looking embarrassed. Her skirt was flipped up and her panties pulled down. “My husband,” she said, “I despise my earlier cowardice. I  am now ready to serve. Please take me forcibly and without lubrication. I deserve to be punished for my behavior.”

Zach slid out of Colleen’s slippery slot, catching their product in his hand as best he could. As Colleen redressed herself, he washed his hand off in the sink and spoke to Anming. “My perfect wife, it’s not cowardice to be modest. Never let anyone force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Scratch that. You need never let anyone but me force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. I’ll guide you.”

Zach came up behind Anming and felt her. She was gushing wet. “Take you without lubrication, eh?” Zach chuckled. He rocked into her, opening her tight nervous vaginal canal easily given the slickness of it.

“Ugh!” Anming croaked as Zach rearranged internal organs already beleaguered by her growing baby.

“Watching me enjoy Colleen got you worked up, didn’t it?” Zach said. “You naughty little slut!”

Anming groaned as Zach’s cock continued to ravage her. She managed to grunt out her excuse between his forceful thrusts in her. “My husband, UGH! As a wife should, your virility excites me, UNNH! Watching your muscular ass ripple powerfully as you take our wife, OW! Watching your back and legs pump as you endeavor to fill her with your cream, AIEE! Why shouldn’t it gift me with the slickness to enjoy this heaven myself, NNNH! Why shouldn’t it fill me with resolve to enjoy you myself no matter who looks, HUH! And I am! HUH! So very much! HUH!”

“Knock her up twice, Zach!” Colby cheered, moving baby Mina to the other teat. Colleen had her mouth full, finishing her breakfast.


“We should have been throwing parties all along,” Alexis told Zach gravely. She said it as if they’d forgotten to scrub the air supply.

“We’ll have to always remain vigilant,” said Zach. He tried to match her air of seriousness and not burst out laughing. He’d had one too many cannabis wafers. The cannabis Charisse had grown in Hydroponics Bay B5 was outrageously potent. “Upon landing, a serious party schedule must immediately be drawn up. The consequences of unfun are too great.”

“There’s medical stuff about that, right?” asked Alexis hazily.

“Oh yes, people are healthier and live longer if they have regular fun, and not just the bed kind,” said Zach.

“Also the bent over the dining table kind, eh tiger?” she joked, smacking him on the ass.

“So what are we supposed to be celebrating?” asked Zach.

“The theme is ‘Summer Fun’,” said Alexis. “It’s the middle of summer on Mars.”

“Yay, dust storms,” said Zach.

“Those don’t come on Mars until the end of summer,” said Alexis.

“Well, that explains why you asked me to wear my ratty swim trunks instead of my Lawrence of Arabia outfit,” said Zach. “Who picked this music?”

“It was Khushi,” said Alexis. “They’re from her collection of late 20th century American classics. This one is called… let me see… Rock Lobster.”

“It’s catchy,” said Zach.

“Dance, Zach,” said Alexis. “Have another hot dog.”

“What are these made out of?” asked Zach.

“The food preparer does most of the work. I think the raw materials are pinto beans, oats, a bunch of different seeds, different seasonings,” said Alexis. “Do you know they used to make these out of pigs back on Earth?”

“The pets?” asked Zach. “Ew!”

“I thought doctors weren’t supposed to be grossed out by anything, Zach.”

“Well, you were wrong, Alexis.”

The room darkened, because they were now listening to a classical music concert. Later, there would be fireworks, video ones at least, on the big screen. In the semi-darkness, everyone was cuddling up under blankets. Zach saw that Charisse and Vrishika were alone and went to cuddle up with them.

As the music played and the fireworks streaked around on the screen, Charisse leaned over to Zach. “I want your semen spread on my face and up my nose so it burns. I want it on my tits. Could you, I don’t know, get ready? I can duck under the blanket for a minute and catch it when you’re ready.”

“I don’t generally masturbate to classical music and fireworks,” said Zach.

“Let me tell you then,” she said, freeing and stroking him with one hand under the blanket. “Let me tell you what I’ll have you do to me once I’m healed. I want to find a way for you to play hide and seek with me on the ship. The idea is, you chase me down and catch me. Then I want you to carry me somewhere, a storage area perhaps. I saw an interesting stress pose recently. My wrists are tied behind my back, like I’m your prisoner. Facing a pole, you bend me all the way over so my head is pointing down. Then you tie my wrists to the pole to keep me bent over that way. You bind up both my naked tits really tight and tie them to the pole as well. You fuck me nice and hard, maybe a couple of times, in the pussy. You strap a vibrator to my pussy. Then fuck me nice and hard in the ass a couple of times while whipping my ass and tits. Oh yeah.”

“I like how you think,” said Zach. “I know this is the kind of thing you like sometimes, though I’m into gentler stuff.”

“Oh, but I’m not done. I know you’re a great big nasty voyeur, Zach. So then you’ll line up all the men. They’ll churn your jizz out of me and put in their own as you watch and jack off. It will drip down onto the deck and run down my legs. As each man cums in me, as he pulls out, his cum will splash out of me because I’m all full. Mateo and Jason and Aiden and Ethan. They’ll all orgasm, ejaculate in me, and pull out. You’ll whip my tits and ass until I agree to take you all again. Then all five of you will take me again...” Her description got nastier and nastier as she smiled, watched, and jacked him.

“Hmm… huh,” answered Zach. His hips were thrilling and thrusting in Charisse’s hand. She ducked beneath the blanket. Within a minute, he stifled a moan as she caught his ejaculate with her face and breasts. She surfaced with a triumphant smile, painting and spreading his cum gleefully across herself in the semi-darkness.

Soon after, baby Vrishika grew restless amid the gaining din and flash of the fireworks show. Charisse had to leave with her. Zach escorted them back to their quarters. Other moms and babies had also left or were preparing to leave.

After Zach tucked Charisse and Vrishika safely in, he decided to go see Khushi. He had seen her leave the party with baby Aaron. At her quarters, he indeed found her at home alone with Aaron. She greeted him with a kiss and let him in. They lay on the bed and kissed while he gently fingered her and stroked her vulva to a couple of nice orgasms. In the midst of their petting, she admitted to some soreness from the day before and begged off intercourse. Her consolation gift was a literal booby prize. She gave him a spectacular boob job that ended in him grunting and shooting onto her tits and face. After kissing and petting her to another whimpering orgasm, he took his leave to return to the party.

Zach returned to the party. He saw by the firework flashes in the near total darkness that a lot of bumping was going on under the blankets. Everyone seemed to be occupied having sex. Nearest him, blanket cast aside, Ayana had a painful-looking grasp of Colette’s hair. She was holding Colette’s face tight to her cunt. Ayana was bucking her hips into that face. She was orgasming with a series of grunts.

It was easy to see that it was Aiden that Alexis had under her. She was riding him reverse cowgirl while they tried to watch the fireworks.

Colleen and Mateo were cuddled face to face under their blanket, kissing and whispering to each other. They were necking and perhaps doing more under the blanket. It didn’t appear that they had as yet moved on to intercourse.

It appeared that Michaela had already enjoyed Ethan once. They were both disheveled. She was down sucking him to another cockstand.

Anming and Jason were laying together under a blanket watching the fireworks. Colby had been with them earlier, but she’d had to leave with baby Mina. It appeared at first glance innocent. As he watched, it became evident that a subtle contest of wills was taking place. Anming’s eyes closed, she whimpered, and her hips pumped. Her eyes opened and she sat up whispering to Jason, scolding. She then looked around furtively, seeing whether anyone had noticed her orgasm.

Seeing everyone else otherwise occupied gave her relief. She orgasmed on Jason’s fingers a second time as she sat there, this time with a louder whimper. Again, she turned to him and lay into him in a whispering tone. She did not, however, remove his hand or remove herself from her seat next to him.

She sighed and lay down. This time she really let loose. She sighed and quivered. It was so erotic and horny Zach practically died. At the end of this, she was breathless, laying next to Jason. Quickly, he moved his hips up to her face, pointed his dick into her gasping mouth, and unloaded a couple of thick shots of semen into her mouth. This surprised her, but she swallowed them with a moue of distaste. Then she sat up, stood up, and walked away spinward, teetering, disheveled. Her bikini bottoms were halfway down her thighs as she staggered hastily away.

Zach was hiding on the antispinward side of the room, peeking through the threshold from the corridor. He guessed Anming was headed toward her private quarters at A1. He set off antispinward, the long way around, to meet her there.

A minute later, Zach got a text message from Anming. “My husband, I need you.”

“Where are you?” he replied.

“My quarters, A1,” she texted. He had guessed correctly.

Zach met Anming at her quarters. This was the place she ostensibly shared with Colleen. It wasn’t Colby’s quarters, where she had been sleeping and spending time most recently. She was wearing her bikini. The bottoms had been pulled up into place. It appeared she had stopped by the head to wash her face. It looked scrubbed. She let him in, then shut the hatch. “My husband, I...” she looked tortured, upset.

“What can I do for you, sweetheart?” he asked.

She wiped a tear, “My husband, I need to be punished, and Alexis is unavailable. I beg you-”

“Can we talk about it?” asked Zach. “Maybe it would be healthy to talk it out?”

She grabbed him around the neck, pulled him down and kissed him fiercely with full tongue. The toothpaste and mouthwash had washed away or masked the taste of Jason’s copious load. “I know you don’t enjoy punishing women, even if they deserve it,” said Anming. “Alexis told me this, but please. Perhaps just a little? I can’t live with myself for a moment longer.”

“Perhaps talk a little, punish a little?” asked Zach. “Get it out of your system.”

“My husband, I don’t want my, bad hmm… thoughts… to intrude on our happy domesticity. Part of my punishment time with Alexis is to fully confess my… hmm… bad thoughts. A good wife should always be completely honest and forthcoming with her husband. But right now, I am a bad wife,” she said unhappily.

“You feel like a bad wife, I think you mean,” said Zach.

“As you say,” said Anming. “You’re so sweet and good to me.” She kissed him fiercely. He tasted the toothpaste and mouthwash in her mouth. It reminded him of something else. Was it wrong for Zach to be turned on by this? Now, it appeared, both of them were feeling guilty.

Well first, he needed to sort himself out before he could help her. “Now, let me collect my thoughts for a moment,” he requested.

“Certainly, my husband,” she said. She held his face in her delicate hands and stroked his cheeks.

Was it a wrong thing for him to be sexually excited by this situation? That is, seeing his overly loyal, decidedly monogamous wife misbehave? Was it wrong to enjoy seeing her candidly cheat, at least in her own mind? Orgasm on another man’s fingers? Take another man’s load into her mouth?

Certainly it wasn’t wrong for him to be sexually excited by practically anything, as long as it didn’t hurt others. Jason certainly hadn’t been hurt. Anming seemed genuinely disturbed in the aftermath of this. Clearly she’d gotten herself into the situation deeper than she intended. She took care of herself and walked away, though. But nobody had forced anybody to do anything. She’d swallowed that cum willingly. Okay, he was not going to feel bad for enjoying the sight of that.

Now if he had eavesdropped on them where they had an expectation of privacy, like he had with Colby and Jason, that would be wrong. This was not that. They did this in a public area of the ship. Nothing to feel bad about there.

It probably wasn’t the healthiest of sexual expressions for him. Anything that had him slinking around and peeking around corners couldn’t be all that healthy. But now he was splitting hairs. He had nothing to feel guilty about. Moving on.

“Okay, let’s do this,” said Zach. “Will spanking you work?”

“Whipping with this is preferable,” said Anming. She went to a drawer and retrieved a short stick with a bunch of leather tassels on one end. “It hurts more and damages the skin less. These are the despicable things I must learn from Alexis, my husband. It’s only appropriate for me to learn these things.”

“Okay, I’m going to pull down your bikini bottoms and whip you with this,” said Zach. “You’re going to tell me everything you’re feeling guilty about. And I will just listen. I won’t argue with you.”

“Everything would take forever, my husband,” said Anming. “Certainly I will say many things that are bothering me greatly. Yes, please just listen and whip me with no comment.”

“Fair enough,” said Zach.

“A slow, even pace is good,” Anming said expectantly.

“Oh, right,” said Zach. She wanted to get started. He pulled her bikini bottoms to her knees, then turned her to the side. He began gently at a slow pace. He increased the force until she seemed to be getting the right amount of pain. “Okay, confess.”

“My husband, I always begin any- AH! -of this with a confession of my guilt- AH! -in the matter of my own subjuga- AH! -tion and impregnation in my home coun- AH! -try. You westerners call it rape. I know- AH! -it is rape. I know it was not my fault- AH! -but I feel guilty that in my arro- AH! -gance, I didn’t believe I would ever- AH! -be arrested. In my arrogance, I- AH! -believed I was special, untouchable. AH!”

“Also, I felt pleasure under him. I- AH! -even orgasmed. In this way, my own- AH! -body was complicit in my subju- AH! -gation. With so much loneliness, I grew- AH! -to secretly look forward to his at- AH! -tentions. Pain or pleasure, it made no diff- AH! -erence to me. In these and many oth- AH! -er ways, I feel complicit in my own- AH! -rape.”

“Now, AH! To the matters at hand. You may whip my- AH! -legs and back as well- AH! -if you wish. AH! I’ve had lustful thoughts of infidelity- AH! -with the mining crew. Specifically… AH! Specifically… specifically… AH! -Jason. But more than Jason, all of them. AH! But almost always Jason. AH!”

“I fantasize that he lures me with that- AH! -syrupy voice of his. I dream of kiss- AH! -kissing his big fat lips, wet kisses. I- AH! -dream of giving him my mouth, my breasts. I- AH! -dream of giving him my fertile hole to- AH! -touch and lick. I dream of taking his seed- AH! -in all my holes. Painfully in my dirt- AH! -hole. Especially in my mouth. AH!”

“I know these thoughts are wrong. They plague me es- AH! -pecially now so that I can’t sleep. Col- AH! -by has now invited Jason to sleep- AH! -with us in our bed at night, you see. It’s- AH! -hard not to dream of him with the smell and- AH! -heat of him right there. He has been a per- AH! -fect gentleman. But Buddha protect me- AH! -I sometimes don’t want him to be. AH!”

“I have now made my confession,” said Anming. Hearing this, Zach stopped before he landed the next stroke. “Now I want you to hurt me, mark me, cripple me with your virile passion.”

“I was hoping you’d ask for that,” said Zach. “If you weren’t, I was. Can I ask you for something?”

"Anything, my husband," said Anming.

"Would you join me in Charisse's quarters at night? I know this involves a change in hours for you," he said.

"Gladly and with relief, my husband. Michaela and the others will understand," answered Anming. She smiled joyfully. "I had hoped you might ask me."


Zach was about to pin Khushi down by her wet pussy when there was a knock on her hatch. Zach covered his crotch with his shirt and went to answer it. It was Ayana. Even with the covering, she noticed his straining erect penis and looked pointedly away. “Forget something?” he asked.

“I’m tired,” said Ayana. “And I’m big as a whale. Once the men were situated for the night, there aren’t any women to sleep with.”

“My darling love, I want to sleep with you,” Khushi insisted from the bed.

“Thank you, love, I had that idea, too,” said Ayana. “Can I stay here?” she asked Zach.

“What about my night with Khushi?” asked Zach.

“Don’t leave, stay,” said Ayana. “Stay and keep staying. We both want to sleep with Khushi. I realize that avoiding each other makes it harder on all three of us.”

“You said it made you feel sick to think of me with Khushi, much less witness it,” said Zach.

“I’m sick all the time anyway these days, and plus I may have exaggerated,” said Ayana. “You’re a fine man, Zach. You know I think that. And I need to warm up to things. You know that.”

“Well, come on in at least,” said Zach. “It’s cold in the hallway.”

“My loves,” said Khushi, “it would mean the world to me to sleep together with both of you.”

“Whatever Khushi wants, she gets,” said Zach. “But I’m concerned. I don’t want anything to backfire on us. Our present arrangement is working.”

“I agree,” said Ayana, and hugged Zach. “I promise to be a good bed mate to you, Zach. I promise to make it good for all three of us.”

“As do I,” said Khushi.

“Me three. Okay, well, okay. I can drag in an extra bed tomorrow,” said Zach. “Do you think we can fit into the double bed tonight?”

“Let’s try,” said Ayana. “I don’t want to rearrange the bedroom tonight.”

“I can’t say I’m displeased to find an additional woman in bed with me tonight,” said Zach.

“I certainly don’t want to seem unfriendly, Zach,” said Ayana. “But you know I like women.”

“I’m merely saying I find you to be pleasant company,” asked Zach. “There are no obligations here.”

“Think of me as another man in a threesome with Khushi,” said Ayana. “That said, it was not my intention to crash your party tonight. I know Khushi has been missing you and anticipating this night. I don’t want to let her down, or you. I might participate some, if both of you welcome it. I’ll probably just sleep. I’m tired.”

“I’m fine with whatever either of you want to do tonight,” said Zach.

“I’m excited,” said Khushi. “It’s wonderful having you both here.”

“Before you arrived, I was just about to, um… make love to Khushi,” said Zach.

“Don’t let me delay you further,” said Ayana. “I’m sorry for interrupting the two of you.”

“It’s okay,” said Zach. “I’m happy you want to stay with us.”

“And I’ve botched things up. You’re drooping, Zach,” said Ayana, concerned. “Not your usual hardness I remember from the insemination… and stuff.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Zach. “I get excited very quickly.”

Khushi held Zach’s now hardening penis in her hands. She knelt and directed it toward her mouth. Ayana turned away from them. “I’ll be over here,” she said. She lay down at the edge of the bed in an attempt to give them as much room as possible.

Khushi used her skilled mouth and throat on him. Within a minute, he was erect and straining hard. With great excitement, she lay back and spread for him. As he rocked into her, she sang out, “EEEY! UNH! Oh you’re SO big, lover!”

Zach watched Ayana flinch as they started. He knew that women could be very territorial about their lovers. He appreciated the struggle Ayana was putting herself through to share their bed.

Khushi’s wet excitement grew, and soon she orgasmed under him with a guttural squeal. Zach enjoyed so much just covering her right now, laying on her. She was his only lover that was not either out of commission or big as a house. She was big and fit enough to take his weight, and he was making the most of it. He lounged and luxuriated his weight on her, thrusting hard. He noticed that Ayana had quietly rolled over. She watched Khushi hungrily as the latter was pinned, shaking, and whimpering in ecstasy under him.

Zach couldn’t stand it. “RAAAAAH!” he cried as he speared Khushi’s vagina with one final desperate thrust. His nether organs went to work pumping, pumping, pumping semen into her as he moaned in ecstasy. They fell quiet.

“It’s fascinating,” said Ayana. “The general consensus among my friends was that men can’t do it more than once. I’d never had any men before Zach. And Zach was trying to make it as painless as possible for me. So he only injected his stuff once and got out of there. I was recently in an FFM threesome and found out guys can have more than one. It made me feel a lot less sorry for them and their partners, I have to say.”

“Oh yes,” said Khushi. “I suppose it doesn’t get around to you. Zachary especially can continue tirelessly. His cream appears boundless as well. He’s a marvel.”

“Ha ha, don’t oversell me,” said Zach. “I’m here to try to sleep some, too.”

“How long does he have to wait?” asked Ayana.

“Oh, he can usually go again right away. In fact, get to work, Zachary!” said Khushi. “UGH! Yes! There it is! Yes, in fact, Berte made me promise to accept no less than two times in a row from Zachary. You hear that, my stallion? Never again less than twice! Ahh!”

“She seems pretty smug about it,” said Ayana. “Shall I shut her up, Zach?”

“Be my guest,” he replied.

Ayana threw one leg over and straddled Khushi’s face. Ayana’s back and lovely ass were on full display. Khushi’s whimpers did quiet down considerably, muffled as they were by Ayana’s vulva. Khushi did good work with her mouth. Ayana’s backside quivered in delight.

“Would you mind turning toward me?” Zach asked. “I’d prefer a face to look at.”

“I don’t want to look at you while I’m cumming, Zach,” said Ayana. “Nothing personal.”

“Just a preference,” said Zach.

“It’s really no problem, I guess,” said Ayana. “I’ll just close my eyes. It doesn’t bother me that my naked body excites you, Zach.”


On Tuesday, Mesha 10, the crew got a copy of the Bollywood movie based on Aarav Acharya’s tell-all book. It was a wildly imaginative and fact-challenged account of his relationships with Aanya and Khushi. The Breeding Bitches insisted on a viewing party with all the trimmings set for the very next day, 2 to 4 PM. Mateo graciously agreed to watch the show from the bridge and pilot the ship so Colleen could attend. Alexis wanted to watch with Mateo, but Colleen persuaded her otherwise, citing the electrical hazard semen posed.

Zach remained on the night shift, sleeping some of the night with Charisse and some with Khushi and Ayana. They had to get up a few minutes early to get to the show. Alexis and Mateo were sleeping together on the night shift. Mateo went to relieve Colleen. An extremely antsy and horny Alexis regretfully went straight to the viewing party in Recreation B.

Zach cuddled up under a blanket with Khushi and baby Aaron. Ayana went off to look for someone else to cuddle with. The movie began.

The actress playing Aanya was a woman by the name of Riya Patel. Aanya hated the choice and jeered at the beginning of the opening scene. Khushi quietly insisted to Zach that Riya was pretty good. Riya portrayed Aanya as a very stiff and formal person in this opening scene. She wore a uniform intended to be a NASA flight suit. It was even more flattering, skin-tight, and revealing. Before the TV interviewer even got through half of his first question, as the opening credits were still appearing on the screen, Riya stood and burst into song. It was in Hindi, but there were English subtitles.

Riya, portraying Aanya, sang, “I’m dead inside.
The dean of my university
He took my virginity
In a most improper way.”

The interviewer, cameramen, and other men chorused at this point, “Women shouldn’t be treated so badly!”

Fictional Aanya continued, “We need to stop this,
In fact, sex is wrong,
And love is a joke,
A big, fat joke on all women.”

The men: “It’s awful she’s been hurt so badly.”

There was a dance break here where the men on the set try to console her. She pushes them all away.

Fictional Aanya sang some more: “I need to go to an empty planet,
For only it can hold my empty heart.
Mars sounds pretty good.
That’s why I signed up.”

The men warned, “Don’t run away from love, or it will only bite you harder.”

Fictional Aanya: “All men are despicable.
We are an all-woman crew,
We don’t need men to thrive,
There’s artificial insemination.”

The men warned, “Ha ha! The joke is on you.”

“I guess you don’t exist in this version, Zach,” joked Khushi.

“That’s revisionist history for you,” commented Zach.

“Are you my little test tube baby?” Khushi cooed at Aaron.

The woman portraying Aanya was gorgeous, sexy, and a wonderful singer and dancer. The story bore hardly any resemblance to what actually happened. It was catchy, though, and the dancing was great.

The next TV interview portrayed in the movie was another singing and dancing number. This time, it was a duet between Riya, the woman playing Aanya, and Aarav, who was portraying himself in the movie.

Riya, as Aanya, stood on her chair and sang, “There must be justice for women!
Men must be banished!
Love is nonsense!
It’s just to control women!”

Aarav, aside to the camera sang, “She’s so passionate,
But she hates men so much,
I dare not share my attraction to her,
But I can think of nothing else.”

Riya/Aanya: “There must be justice for women!”
Aarav: “But doesn’t justice include the heart?”
Riya/Aanya: “Men must be banished!”
Aarav: “But doesn’t justice include mercy?”
Riya/Aanya: “Love is nonsense!”
Aarav: “Allow me to prove you wrong.”
Riya/Aanya: “It’s just to control women!”
Aarav: “Why then, do you already rule my heart?”

Riya and Aarav circled each other in a dance break equivalent of a contest of wills. “Aw, I can’t help it, that’s kind of sweet,” said Zach.

“There are so many good songwriters in Bollywood,” commented Khushi.

What followed was a Montage of the actors excitedly visiting the notable sites of Delhi.

There followed another singing and dancing duet. Riya/Aanya sang, “Am I getting sick?”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “I think I have a fever.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “It’s getting more serious!”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “I’m sweating all over.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “I feel like taking my clothes off!”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “I feel sick when I think.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “Think of this night ending.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “I think I need to lie down.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “Lie down next to you.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “Lie down in my hotel bed.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “With the covers pulled up.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”
Riya/Aanya: “Just you and me.”
Aarav: “Could it be love?”

“That’s not the way it happened!” Aanya shouted over the applause. This was met with hoots and jeers from her crewmates.

There were some scenes of Aarav meeting Aanya’s parents and family. They were not Aanya’s real family. They were some famous comic actors. What followed were many very funny scenes of Aanya’s family desperately trying to impress Aarav, the famous movie star.

“I need to go pee before I piss myself laughing,” said Alexis.

“That’s surprisingly accurate to what happened,” Aanya marveled.

Then there was another montage of the couple touring the city. This time they were kissing and groping each other. One or more of Aanya’s onscreen family kept appearing in the foreground trying to steal the shot.

There were some scenes of the fictional Aanya meeting Aarav’s parents. These were actually Aarav’s parents, who were famous movie stars in their own right. They portrayed themselves as perfectly charming.

Out of fictional Aanya’s presence, the parents warned their son not to get too involved. They reminded him that she was going to Mars. His heart would only be broken. They warned him to by no means go to bed with her. It was inappropriate for him to marry her if she was leaving. A baby out of wedlock would scandalize their family. Aarav insisted to them that he was a helpless slave to his love. He promised to wear a condom.

Fictional Aanya’s mother met with her. Fictional Aanya got quite the opposite advice. The comically portrayed mother urged her to get with child by Aarav. Such a child would make fictional Aanya’s family rich and famous. There was a song and dance routine accompanying this.

Riya/Aanya: “I know you won’t approve.”
Fictional Aanya’s mom: “Spread your legs for this movie star as soon as possible.”
Riya/Aanya: “My heart compels me to be with him.”
Fictional Aanya’s mom: “Wiggle your hips and entice him to mount you.”
Riya/Aanya: “It’s not just his wonderful smile.”
Fictional Aanya’s mom: “Make sure that he isn’t wearing a condom.”
Riya/Aanya: “It’s not just the way he talks to me so respectfully.”
Fictional Aanya’s mom: “Make sure to keep all his baby juice inside you.”
Riya/Aanya: “It’s the light shining in his eyes.”
Fictional Aanya’s mom: “See him right away, for this is your fertile time.”
Riya/Aanya: “When we speak of the future we can share.”
Fictional Aanya’s mom: “This may be your last chance to get knocked up.”

“Wow, Aanya, your mom was a hard sell,” guffawed Alexis.

“Shut up,” said Aanya. “She didn’t act like that.”

The scene where fictional Aanya and Aarav were to consummate their relationship started whimsically. Aanya’s fictional parents snuck into the hotel room and stole all the condoms. Then they vandalized the condom store down the street so the police closed it. They were a hoot.

Inevitably, the incredibly horny couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The inevitable happened tastefully offstage. Initially, they were shocked by their own behavior, appropriate given India’s social mores. But they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

To save her true love’s reputation, fictional Aanya decided to flee back to Houston. There was another duet, but with fictional Aanya on a plane back to the United States. As he sang, Aarav wandered the bleak and empty-looking streets of Delhi.

Riya/Aanya: “My love, I care about you so.”
Aarav: “How could you just leave?”
Riya/Aanya: “I don’t want to ruin your life.”
Aarav: “My love burns me so deep I’ll die.”
Riya/Aanya: “I must flee far away.”
Aarav: “Do you want me to chase you?”
Riya/Aanya: “Don’t try to follow.”
Aarav: “My love for you compels me to follow.”
Riya/Aanya: “Maybe I’m pregnant.”
Aarav: “For our baby.”
Riya/Aanya: “Maybe I’m not pregnant.”
Aarav: “And for you.”
Riya/Aanya: “I’ll disappear on Mars.”
Aarav: “I can’t simply forget you.”
Riya/Aanya: “Nobody will ever know.”
Aarav: “This can’t be the end.”

Aarav chases fictional Aanya back to Houston. There he finds Aanya at a wild dance party with her astronaut friends. Many astronaut women dipped under the table. It portrayed the comical expressions and mock orgasms of those that remained seated. Aanya, happy to see him and mad with lust, pushed Aarav into the women’s bathroom.

Fictional Khushi was played by Bollywood superstar Kiara Devi. Khushi cheered when she appeared on the screen, approving the choice. Fictional Khushi deftly locked fictional Aanya in a bathroom stall and had a red hot song and dance number with the protagonist.

Kiara/Khushi: “I want your phone number.”
Aarav: “Who is this woman?”
Kiara/Khushi: “I want a selfie.”
Aarav: “What kind of magic does she hold?”
Kiara/Khushi: “I want to see what you’re packing.”
Aarav: “I can see all her attributes shaking.”
Kiara/Khushi: “I want to make you happy.”
Aarav: “She’s driving me crazy.”

There was a dance break with some extremely suggestive and sweaty grinding.

Kiara/Khushi: “You don’t want a farmer.”
Aarav: “I’m so confused.”
Kiara/Khushi: “You want a party girl like me.”
Aarav: “I’m so perplexed.”
Kiara/Khushi: “Don’t get trapped by that moron.”
Aarav: “I feel so abused.”
Kiara/Khushi: “I can set your heart free.”
Aarav: “I’m utterly vexed.”

“Less hot than that actual party,” Zach commented.

“I did not climb up his leg like that,” Khushi insisted.

There were many more scenes and dance numbers after that one. Zach became increasingly distracted from the movie. After all, he was making out with the real Khushi.

The song and dance number with fictional Khushi sealing the deal with Aarav was extremely hot. It had a version of Khushi’s real life standing splits move, except with panties on. It was still red hot. Kiara performed the move ably and looked gleeful doing it.

Aiden commented loudly, “Khushi can actually do that.”

“We know,” said Colleen.

“Don’t rub it in,” said Charisse.

The scene where fictional Aanya finds out Aarav has cheated on her with fictional Khushi was suitably heartbreaking. Directly following was a catfight between the fictional Aanya and Khushi. In it fictional Khushi makes the point that Aarav wouldn’t have strayed if fictional Aanya hadn’t rejected him and run away.

This comical and action-packed struggle between the two women for Aarav ends in a massive catfight on the launch gantry. Each woman insists that she’ll be the only one to carry a baby of Aarav’s to Mars. The women are both knocked out by the crew and taken along. The last scene is Aarav crying and waving to the rocket as it flies away.

“I have to admit it, she sings and dances better than I do,” commented Aanya. “This wasn’t as awful as I expected. Completely wrong, but entertaining!”

(To be continued)


PS: A brief guide to babies born to the Founders crew so far. Five out of eleven babies have been born.

Khushi bore a baby boy, Aaron, on Mina 16, 231.
Berte bore a baby girl, Anna, on Mina 25, 231.
Aanya bore a baby boy, Ares, on Mina 28, 231.
Colby bore a baby girl, Mina, on Ares 17, 231.
Charisse bore a baby girl, Vrishika, on Ares 25, 231.

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80: Thursday, Mesha 12, 231 0600 hours OST: Just Roll With It

Zach returned to Charisse’s quarters. She was sitting on the bed with Anming and nursing little Vrishika. They’d been talking. Both women looked up at him somewhat sternly.

“Everything okay?” he asked, undressing to match their nakedness. “Are we all ready for bed?”

Anming sighed. “My husband, Charisse has begged me to mention to you my slight difficulty with your libido. I agreed to do so,” she said. “Every night, you’ve been availing yourself twice at bedtime, twice in the morning, and three or more times during the night. Even offering you both holes, I’m often sore in them both during my workday. Please understand, it’s never unpleasant to be under you. And you know I’m ecstatic to have such a virile husband. I remind you that you have many other means of calming your loins. There are always women who need to feel your hard penis fill them, your hot ejaculate. Mmm. My point is, perhaps you might spread your seed more? Perhaps before bed? Perhaps upon awakening? I am happy to continue to serve as you desire. I love waking up in your big strong arms and having you close at night. I would prefer less attention. Too much of a good thing is, well, too much.”

Zach realized immediately he’d been thoughtless. He’d forgotten Anming’s stoic nature and her desire to accept anything from him without complaint. In his intense and unremitting desire for her, he’d been beating her tiny vagina and rectum to a pulp. He sighed. He hated being clueless. It was just so good with her. It was not just her normally lean body. Even painfully inflated as she currently was, she was irresistible. It wasn’t just her always slick and impossibly tight vaginal canal. It was her way of saying “No, no, no!” while her body said “Yes, yes, yes!” He sighed. But, he must agree. He didn’t want her to be unhappy. He said, “Thank you for speaking up. And thank you so much Charisse, for getting her to speak up.”

“Sure thing,” said Charisse with a smile. “It’s the least I can do for our revered second wife. I want to contribute however I can to building a life with all of you.”

“You are definitely contributing, Charisse. Thanks also for letting Anming stay with us and fend off her nightmares,” said Zach. “Anming, you know I have both Khushi and Colleen twice every day. Of those who have opted in as wives, that’s everybody who is able-bodied at present. Soon, other wives will be healed enough to relieve some of your burden. That will be in a few weeks only. Perhaps I should sleep in different beds until then? The last thing I want is to hurt you.”

“Please don’t, my husband,” said Anming. “Charisse and I have been enjoying your presence during our sleep cycle. If that’s the alternative, I’m happy to continue serving as I have. Perhaps Charisse can help you more with her mouth?”

“Anming, I greatly enjoy having you in the mornings,” said Zach. “How about I try to settle myself before coming to bed each night? That should help some.”

“As you say, my husband,” said Anming, nodding. “Thank you. And now.” Anming lay back and spread her legs. “I know you were expecting my warm vagina at bedtime this sleep cycle. I’m not feeling sore. Please avail yourself with no further distraction.”

She looked restless, itching to be railed hard. She moaned, “Avail yourself fully. Let all your libido out in me, please, my husband. Don’t hold back in the least.” The talk had evidently started her engines. Once Anming got started, she was always a quivering screaming multiorgasmic animal of lust.

Zach was grateful for Anming’s recovery. Many women would have become frigid after being sexually tortured as she had been. It was all too common, unfortunately. She was an exceptional woman who deserved life and lovemaking on the most ideal terms for her.

His penis was already throbbing hard. He reached for her and kissed her mouth, kissed her throat. He positioned his face between her legs to tease up her juices. Charisse switched on her vibrator and played with herself as she watched this. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, “Give her all your libido, Zach. Mmm!”


“What brings you to my humble abode?” texted Berte. Her phone spoke out the words for her.

“I hear you’re making baby carriages,” said Zach.

“I am,” Berte texted.

“Charisse heard about your baby carriages and sent me to fetch one,” said Zach.

“Did Charisse explain the price to you?” texted Berte.

“The price?” asked Zach. “No.”

“Those of us who are healing are desperate for some attention,” texted Berte. “The price is to… hmm, let me think. This time it’s tongue my asshole while I masturbate. I’ll tell you when I’m done.”

“Seems like a good cause,” said Zach.

Berte was dressed for success. She flipped up her miniskirt, revealing her naked holes underneath. Zach got to work rimming her. It was pleasant work.

“Mmm, you’re good at this, Zach,” texted Berte as she grunted in pleasure. “Aiden was by earlier to fetch a baby carriage for Khushi. He’s good with his mouth as well. Keep going. Keep going. Yes. And more. Yes very good. I’m having another. Thank you Zach. Please continue. Yes. Very good.” Her phone's calm monotone delivery of her little text comments during her excitement were such a bizarre turn-on. He barely heard the phone speak them over Berte’s loud whimpers, grunts, and moans. Berte always had a new way of driving him wild sexually by being so uniquely herself.


Zach knocked on Colby’s hatch. A minute later she opened it. She wore a powder blue gym shirt and nothing else. It came down far enough to barely cover her slot. Her hair was wild. “Did I wake you up?” he asked gently.

“Not quite,” she yawned. He saw that she held her high-tech vibrator in one hand. So it had been a different kind of interruption. “Hmm, I was hoping you’d drop by. What made you think of me, lover?” She regarded him calmly and expectantly with her dark brown eyes, her head cocked to one side. It was that CEO look of hers. It always made him feel like she could see right through him.

“I’m here to give you a medical exam. Ayana is feeling low energy today and has been having random labor pains on and off. She’s due any day now. I’m taking over her rounds today,” Zach explained.

“So it’s a house call, is it doctor?” Colby said, licking her generous lips with her little pink tongue. She yanked him into her quarters and cycled the hatch after him. She climbed up on the chair where she sat to nurse Mina and stood up on it. “Do you remember our phone conversation after we were both picked? How I wanted you to play doctor with me?”

“Yes,” he chuckled. “But I’m sorry to be a party pooper. This is a professional thing for me. If I got all wrapped up in trying to fulfill your horny doctor fantasy and made the tiniest oversight, I’d never forgive myself.”

She danced for him on the chair, arms over her head, swaying her hips back and forth. “C’mon, doctor baby, examine this. Are my hips working you right?”

Zach chuckled nervously. “Yes. Now let’s get the exam over with, and then I’ll be able to concentrate on something else.” Despite his need to be professional, his eyes were drawn to her slender chocolate brown legs. The only reason why that little gym shirt covered so much was that Colby’s legs came all the way up to her ears. Well, that was an exaggeration. But they were at least half her teeny height.

She saw him ogling her and quirked her mouth. “Eyes up here, doctor,” she said. “Up to here.” She tugged her shirt halfway up her midriff. Her belly was toning up nicely postpartum. Her slot looked, hmm, nice, and tight, and lonely. Her slot peeked open tantalizingly as she parted her legs for balance. Her short black muff looked ripe. It looked like she’d trimmed it, no doubt in preparation for the big day. “Do I look healthy enough to you?”

Zach’s cock was filling with blood. “Seriously, heh heh. This is a kind of torture.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had a female patient come on to you?” asked Colby.

“Yes, but you and I are emotionally connected,” he explained. “And I miss you so badly, Colby, sweetie. So badly.”

She stopped dancing. “Okay, I can see I’m being mean. I’ll be a good girl.”

For good measure, he pulled out the checklist for the exam and began to go down it scrupulously.

“Hasn’t a woman ever come on to you during an exam?” she asked.

“Kinda,” he said. “But you know the drill. Exams are nervous matters on both sides. The more interested a woman seemed in those situations, the more nervous I got. So it is not sexy.”

As he continued his exam, she asked, “So have you ever made love to a patient?”

“No, never a current patient,” he said. “As I said, just a wrong context for stuff like that for so many reasons.”

“So an ex-patient, then?” she asked. “I bet you had ‘em lined up in the hallway.”

“I wasn’t in the habit of fucking my patients or ex-patients,” he said defensively.

“You know what I mean,” said Colby.

“If a woman expressed an interest and wasn’t just idly flirting, I would tell her we would have to get her a new doctor before we could contemplate anything like that,” said Zach. “It’s a bright line. You can’t be romantically involved with a current patient. There are all kinds of reasons to be scrupulous about it.”

“Baby, you’re blowing all kinds of holes in my pervy doctor molestation fantasies,” said Colby. “Okay, at least tell me about the best one, the best girl you ever picked up that you met through being her doctor.”

“Well that’s easy,” said Zach. “But it’s not a particularly happy story.”

“Why?” Colby grinned. “Did she dump your ass?”

“No, she died,” said Zach.

“Oh, shit! I’m so sorry, honey!” Colby jumped up from her sitting position on the bed, grabbed him, and hugged him around the chest tightly.

“It was a couple years ago,” said Zach. “I’m a firm believer that grief changes a person for the better. I’d dealt with grief already with the death of my parents. Getting to acceptance with that tragedy helped me in grieving her. But I’m probably not done. It was so hard to lose her.”

Holding him tightly, Colby said, “Tell to me about her, baby.”

“I’d love to,” Zach said. “Her name was Aubrey. Aubrey Grayson. I don’t think anyone who ever met her will ever forget her. She lit up a room like you wouldn’t believe. And she was gorgeous. Chocolate brown skin, very similar to your tone. In fact, I remember when I first met you, I thought, ‘She reminds me a little bit of Aubrey’. Not just your look, but your spirit. She was only twenty-five when she died. I was twenty-nine at the time.”

“She’d been exposed to a high dose of radiation, which is why she was seeing me. She had leukemia. Her bone marrow had all died. She was getting blood transfusions while we were hoping a bone marrow transplant was taking root. In retrospect, I think I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her. She was captivating. But I fall in love a lot. I can stay professional.”

“She was otherwise healthy, so I sent her to a renowned leukemia specialist across town. He was better than me in treating this exact situation. But she wanted to keep seeing me, but now on a personal basis. I went through the whole thing with her. I was worried that it was not me she was interested in. That perhaps I represented survival. And she told me, ‘No, my interest in you is about living my life, and not giving up. And if I can choose anything, and I can, I choose to want to get to know you better’.”

“I was satisfied with that answer, and she wasn’t my patient anymore. So we met for coffee, and we ended up in bed. I was worried that she was expecting my aloof doctor persona, and not the flesh and blood man who was already smitten with her. But she wasn’t surprised. She knew it all already somehow.”

“Regarding her treatment, nothing worked. In three months, she had to stay in the hospital. I suspended my practice to be with her there. In four months, she was dead. She taught me to never hesitate to fall in love, trusting in tomorrow as little as possible. Never fear love. Feel it, always. Find every way to express it appropriately. Fill the world with it. We need more people like she was.” When Zach was done with his story, tears were streaming down his face.

“You would have stayed on Earth,” said Colby.

“In a heartbeat,” he said. “I’m not sad anymore, exactly. She wouldn’t want me to mope about it. I got to meet her. It was all good.”

The two of them finished the exam with only a few words exchanged between them. Zach was using the checklist now because he was feeling so emotional rather than his earlier problem of being distracted by Colby.

When he was done, Colby asked, “How am I doing, doctor?”

“You’re doing great,” he began.

“So am I all ready for action, perhaps? Early?” she asked hopefully.

“You have to understand, you’ll still be healing for a number of weeks,” said Zach. “It’s not a bright line. There’s no reason to move the date I gave you, the 17th. I know it’s frustrating, but it’s about giving your body a break.”

“I would just about chew my arm off to feel your dick in me right now,” she said.

“I feel you, and if it’s any consolation, I’m attracted the same way,” he said. “But my feelings as your husband and as your physician are in complete agreement. We don’t want to beat the heck out of your body. We want to be good to your body. And that means the 17th. It’s a good compromise.”

“Yes, doctor,” said Colby petulantly, but she understood.

Mina cried out for some milk, and Colby fetched her out of her crib. Zach packed up his tools. He sat on the side of the bed to give Colby a passionate hug and kiss goodbye.

Colby said, “I wanted to have another discussion with you, Zach.

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

“I know you wanted to keep Anming close to you,” Colby began. “She’s one of the few wives available to you presently, so I don’t blame you. But for a few nights, before she left to reunite with you, she spent the night here with Jason and me.”

“Yes, she told me about that,” said Zach. “It made her feel a bit uncomfortable, I gather.”

“That’s just Anming being Anming, baby,” said Colby. “She’s going to call anything that’s a little sexy uncomfortable. Jason was a perfect gentleman.”

“She said that, too,” said Zach.

“You see?” said Colby. “But what I was trying to get to was, well. Here’s how I figure it. If getting comfortable with this open marriage thing we’re stuck in is good for me, it should also be good for her. And Jason’s a wonderful man, you know that, Zach. He’s gentle, respectful, the complete package.”

“You’re talking about-”

Colby put a finger on Zach’s mouth and continued. “So, therefore, I encouraged Anming to consider taking Jason to bed. Just to try out the open marriage thing. In the spirit of that.”

“What was her response?” asked Zach.

“Anming flatly declined, claiming it was disloyal to you,” Colby said.

“Sounds like her,” said Zach.

“But that’s just it, Zach,” said Colby. “I want you to encourage her. She needs to hear the arguments from you. By your own reasoning, it’ll be good for her.”

“I’m not as sure about that as you are,” Zach said. “Remember, here’s a woman who’s still recovering from a horrible rape and torture. We should feel grateful she felt comfortable at all around any man. It’s understandable if she’s not ready to have a succession of men between her legs.”

Colby scowled at Zach. “I’m not talking about a succession of men. I’m talking about Jason. There’s nobody sweeter, excepting you, of course, baby. You really don’t think it would be good?”

“I think if she were willing to try it, I’d be all for it,” said Zach. “Remember, although Colleen and I encouraged you to experiment, that’s all we did. We didn’t say who or what or anything. Maybe she’s simply not attracted to Jason. Women can be odd that way.”

“Oh, she’s attracted to him, all right,” Colby smirked. “They got hot and horny with each other a few times while I watched. She just wouldn’t let him go all the way. The first time, she had an orgasm on his fingers and then stopped him. The second time, she had an orgasm on his mouth and then stopped him. Both times, he finished in my mouth. I didn’t want us to tease him.”

“You shouldn’t be asking me whether this is a good thing for Anming,” said Zach. “You should discuss it with Colleen, who’s her therapist, and with Alexis, who’s her… uh… trainer.”

“But you wouldn’t be upset if she did it?” asked Colby.

“Not if she’s truly interested in doing it,” said Zach. “After all, we have an open marriage. It would be a double standard for me to say otherwise. Even so, I think any kind of coaxing or cajoling would be wrong. And in my opinion, inviting Jason into her bed, even though he was no doubt a gentleman about it, was wrong. Too pushy.”

“I just thought,” said Colby. “I wanted him there. And he’s a nice man. I knew he would treat Anming right. I suppose it was too pushy. I chased her away, didn’t I?”

“Kinda,” said Zach.

“Okay,” said Colby. “I’ll talk to Colleen and Alexis about it, then.”


Colleen was all naked, wet, and ready to go. He had just spent a magnificent time tasting her vaginal juices and teasing her to multiple orgasms with his mouth and fingers. He was naked too, and rock hard, looming above her on her nice firm bed. She lifted her legs and made impatient coaxing motions with her hands, desperate to have him inside. He stirred his cock head around on her tight, abundantly juicy slot. His medical alarm went off.

“Oh for Christ’s sake!” he yelled, falling off to the side. Gritting his teeth, he fetched his phone and looked. Ayana was in labor. This couldn’t be wrong. She knew what a labor pain was. “Why does this always happen to me?!” Zach cursed at the roof of the cabin. As he did it, he realized the roof pointed in no particular direction. Fuck it. Heaven was at the top of all gravity and pseudo gravity wells, and that was that. So he was cursing at the fusion bottles.

“Why does this always happen to you?” Colleen chuckled. “Are you serious? It’s because you’re always having sex with somebody, Zach. Now get over there. Ayana needs you. It’s not like another doctor is going to show up.”

Perhaps because she’d spent so much time coaching other women to relax and let the birth happen, Ayana’s labor was short and went extremely smoothly. An hour after going into labor, she popped out a healthy and quite loud baby girl, seven pounds, one ounce. After consulting with Khushi, she named her baby Gaia, after the Earth. It was 11 PM on Sunday, Mesha 15.

Zach called Charisse. “Ayana has just given birth. I should stay over with Ayana and Khushi tonight. Please let Anming know. Oh she’s there? Good. She wants to talk to Khushi?” Zach was confused. “Okay.” He handed his phone to Khushi.

“Hi, hello, Anming,” Khushi said, smiling. “You know- what’s that? Will I have enough time to… okay, certainly. And in the morning? Yes, too. He hasn’t killed me yet. And during the night? Not a problem. Several times you say. Many times. Well, I’m sure I can handle it all. Yes, certain. Well, he might use my breasts. No, usually up inside. Well of course. No problem. Don’t worry, now! Goodbye.”

“What was that?” Ayana asked.

“Anming wanted to make sure I could handle all of Zachary’s virility,” Khushi chuckled. “She’s so sweet and looks after you so well, doesn’t she, Zachary? Does she ask all your bed mates such questions?”

“I don’t know,” said Zach. “But I do know that she takes handling my libido very seriously.”

“Quite,” said Khushi. “I am also to inform you that in the event you break my holes or otherwise incapacitate me, you should march straight over at any time and ravage her instead.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Zachary chuckled.

“Where do you find these women?” Ayana chided.

“Oh, yeah, the Nobel Committee picks ‘em for me,” Zach joked.

Ayana, baby Gaia, Khushi, baby Aaron, and Zach slept fitfully and at random intervals over the following twelve hours. While Ayana nursed Gaia, Khushi often nursed Aaron and always handled Zach’s relentless horny erections. Khushi knew incredibly well how to milk every ounce out of every coupling with Zach, both for herself and for Zach. Ayana was too tired from giving birth to participate in any way. She pronounced their lovemaking beautiful, always encouraging of anything bringing such obvious joy to Khushi.

Well into Monday afternoon, Zach was awakened by Ayana moaning long and low in orgasm. First he noticed she was nursing baby Gaia and thought, she must really get off on nursing. Some women did. But then he sat up and saw that Khushi had her mouth between Ayana’s legs. “It’s okay, Zach,” said Ayana. “She using a dental dam. Oh darling, you fuck me with your tongue so well!”

Khushi chuckled, “Hah. Minty.” And she went back to work.

“Yeah they’re… hmm-hmm-AHH! Flavored,” said Ayana.

“Well, I suppose,” said Zach. “Obviously you’re not in any pain.”

“Far from it!” Ayana barked, and shuddered her way through another orgasm. Little Gaia was having a bumpy ride on mom’s chest, but seeming to enjoy it. Baby Aaron was checked out in the crib.

“And no risk of infection,” said Zach. “Great idea, doctor.”

“Thank you, doctor… GNNN!” replied Ayana.

“Seems like you’ve been holding out on your crewmates,” said Zach.

“Had to… UNH! ...test ‘em,” replied Ayana.

“Yeah, sure,” said Zach. “You didn’t bring enough for everybody, did you?”

“This crew?” Ayana laughed. “Do we have enough room on board?”

“Very funny,” said Zach. “How many can you spare?”

“Ten?” squeaked Ayana. She was tensing up everywhere.

“I’ll get them from you later,” said Zach.”

“Kiss me,” said Ayana.

“What?” Zach asked, confused.

“Kiss me now, Zach!” Ayana fairly shrieked. So he did. What, he was going to pass up sucking on Ayana’s sweet mouth and tongue? Never. He was mystified, but she kissed him back urgently.

The kiss went on for a couple minutes, then her tongue went rigid and she spat him out. “UUUUUH! UUUUUH! Ohgod!” she wailed, shaking all over like an earthquake. Aaron woke up and complained. Khushi went to fetch him and put him to the teat.

“What was that all about?” asked Zach.

“I wanted you to ruin my orgasm, Zach, so it would build up more,” said Ayana. “And did it ever! Thank you, buddy!”

“You’re welcome, buddy,” said Zach. “It was good for me, too.” He didn’t know what his shifting role was becoming in his little nuclear family with Ayana and Khushi. Things were developing well, though, from his standpoint. He could roll with it.

“That was red hot, you two,” Khushi beamed at them, relaxing and nursing Aaron. “Watching my two favorite people in the world trading tongues rings all of my bells! And I’m a Hindu, so I have a lot of bells! Could you two kiss each other more in the future?”

“Sure my love, whatever you want,” said Ayana sleepily.

“How could I say no?” Zach shrugged.

Khushi beamed. “Next time, I want my vibrator handy.”

“Actually, I’m feeling rather urgent from that,” said Zach.

“Good,” said Khushi. “Get on your back.” Khushi straddled him and impaled her tight, slick, juicy yoni on his rampaging cock. It felt so damn good.

“Oh yeah!” Ayana groaned, watching her. “Fuck that fuckin’ drone. Fuck him ‘til he’s pregnant. Where’s my vibrator?”


As Zach was working, Anming called him. “Did Khushi perform satisfactorily?”

“Yes?” said Zach. She called about this?

“Twice at bedtime? Twice in the morning? And at night?” she asked.

“Check, check, check,” said Zach.

“And she always had time and was ready to accommodate you?” asked Anming.

“Yes,” said Zach. “You needn't worry.”

“And Ayana? She’s satisfied?” asked Anming.

“I suppose so,” said Zach. “She’s a lesbian, darling. She doesn’t-”

“Don’t make her beg,” Anming scolded.

“She asked me to kiss her earlier, and I kissed her without hesitation,” Zach said.

“What did I just say?” scolded Anming. “You must promise me, next time that you see her, take her forcefully.”

“My love, she just had a baby,” said Zach. “It isn’t indicated.”

“Hmm, that’s true, isn’t it?” said Anming, gears turning. “Well, while she’s healing, fulfill any of her sexual needs without making her ask. Else how will she ever get a husband if you don’t help her, Zach?”

“I’ll get right on that,” said Zach. Apparently, Anming still believed that Ayana needed straightening out so she could get a husband. Because perish the thought that a woman could make do without a husband. That’s what Anming had grown up believing. It really was entirely well-meaning on Anming’s part, however misguided. And he was just the man for the job. Some of the social situations in which he found himself were truly bizarre. Here goes. “Darling, you know that Ayana feels sexy only towards women and not towards men, don’t you? She’s been that way for as long as she can remember. She’s not likely to change.”

“I understand that,” said Anming, as if to a child. “Just make sure she doesn’t suffer, Zachary, doesn’t have to beg you for it. Will you do that?”

Zach sighed. “I promise. Is this why you called me?”

“No,” said Anming.

“What can I do for you?” asked Zach.

“Please come to see Charisse and myself. Do you have time now?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Zach. ”I’ll come by right away.”

Anming opened the hatch for him excitedly. “Come in!” she welcomed. “Charisse has something to tell you.”

Zach entered and Anming closed the hatch behind him. “Hi Charisse,” he said.

“Hello, my husband,” said Charisse. Those words were shocking and mildly scary coming out of her mouth. “Thank you for coming.”

“My pleasure,” he said, not knowing what to expect. “I’m all ears.”

Anming looked expectantly at Charisse, who said, “Well, here goes.” She cleared her throat. “I am my husband's favored pet. I am beautiful beyond imagining. Displaying my nude body proudly, I am desired by all lovers of women. I own and know my own exquisite mind and power of choice. I own my exquisite self. I give my exquisite body to people I exquisitely choose, especially Zach. I'm here for Zach whenever he wants to feel loved, and I know he's here for me to love.” Charisse faltered. “And here’s the hard part.”

“Go on,” prompted Zach.

Charisse continued, “Zach owns my exquisite soul. Zach owns my exquisite spirit. I am content in my exquisite perfection.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of responsibility, especially when given by you,” said Zach. He was moved. “I’ll do my best to do it justice.”

“Thank you, my dearest husband,” said Charisse. “You’re so sweet.”

“We’re honest with each other, and we communicate. I trust we can live our lives as we choose without fear of harming the other,” he said.

“I’m betting everything that you’re right, my husband,” said Charisse.

Zach would have to get used to the whole “my husband” thing coming out of her mouth. He supposed she wanted to emphasize to herself the surrender in her pledge. So be it.

“I have a theory. Anming checks up on whether my virility is being handled. I think it’s because she wants me to drop by and make love to her,” said Zach.

“I don’t think that’s correct, Zach,” said Charisse. “In about a week, she’ll be itching for it badly, but not so far.”

“Then why does she check, do you think?” asked Zach.

“I know why. What she misses is sleeping wrapped in your arms, Zach. She lives for that. So if you’re not with her, she wants to make sure you’re not suffering,” said Charisse.

“Well, it’s not suffering, exactly,” said Zach. “Well, you know how it is. I think you’re a lot like me in this respect.”

“Not right now,” Charisse chuckled. “Only talking to Anming has kept me sane, I think. I fantasize about having a cock in me all day, a big juicy cock like yours. I dream about it all night. I’m going insane. I’ve tried every masturbation tool on the ship. I need a human touch, something.”

“Well, I do have these,” said Zach. He pulled out the ten flavored dental dams Ayana gave him. “These are all I have. Nobody is more deserving of them than you.” He handed them over. You have plenty of options. Colette is extremely good, I hear. You probably have a lot of willing tongues. I’d be happy to drop by.”

“Don’t worry yourself, my husband,” Anming interjected. “I will handle it.”

“Are you sure Anming? I know you don’t care for-”

“She is our wife,” Anming interrupted. “I see and feel her suffering deeply every day. And you are far too busy and likely to get even busier. I said I will handle it!”

“Okay,” said Zach. “Don’t flip them over or reuse them.”


Bedtime was six in the morning for the night watch Zach was on. He arrived close to the hour at Ayana and Khushi’s to join them in their sleep cycle. Oh yes, and to enjoy Khushi with all the requisite lovemaking, since Anming might check up on them later. Khushi answered the door. “I’ve been told to send you straight to Colby, to wake her up.”

Zach remembered that this was Colby’s official day to be considered recovered for the purpose of sexual activity. Six in the morning was her wake up time. Clearly she had arranged to waste no time. Fair enough. He had a few minutes to walk around the rim to her quarters before it was six on the dot.

At the stroke of six, he knocked crisply on Colby’s hatch. After a minute, a sleepy Jason answered, yawning. “Excuse me, I just woke up. Yes, welcome. Today’s the day, isn’t it? It’s all she’s talked about.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Zach.

“Are you kidding? It’s good news for me too,” said Jason. “But this is your time, for the two of you. You’re the king of her heart. Let me dress quickly and get out of your way.”

“You’re leaving?” asked Zach.

“Quit it, Zach!” called Colby from inside the cabin.

Zach smiled and called to Colby, “You mean you haven’t-”

“I will end you!” Colby scolded.

“All right, all right,” relented Zach.

Jason said diplomatically, “I don’t know what that exchange was about, so I will leave it right there.” He let Zach in, dressed efficiently, kissed Colby passionately once, and left.

Colby’s nude body looked exquisite as she sat at the edge of the bed. She regarded him excitedly with her dark brown eyes. Her dark brown nipples were larger now than before pregnancy. Her areolae puckered around them just as tightly. They looked phenomenal in the Martian gravity, but when have her shapely B-cups ever not looked phenomenal?

“Are you okay to fuck me right now?” she demanded.

“Absolutely,” he said.

She pulled back the covers, lay on her back, and displayed both holes. She spread her slot with her fingers. It was dripping wet. “Then fuck me now, Zach, I’m serious. You know I orgasm best in missionary. Fuck me hard right here and let me cum,” Colby pleaded. “I need to cum on your dick so bad, baby. I need your hot jizz all up me nice and full.”

He got very erect hearing such plaintive begging from the normally calm and urbane Colby. He knew she was plenty healed enough that it wouldn’t damage her. He reasoned that if she felt pain as he entered her, she could always change her mind. Without a word, he slid down his pants and crouched between her legs. She held her legs up and as wide apart as she could manage. Her body quivered, anticipating the pleasure she would receive once he drove his penis into her.

She was so wet that his cock head made a squishing noise as it encountered her love hole. He rocked into her gloriously. It was Colby, Colby under him! Colby pierced on his cock! Hopefully forever now, he never wanted to be anywhere else but here, between her legs. She was his life. She was his everything! She grunted and puffed as she took his weight.

“Thank youooooOOOOH!” she cried in wet pleasure. Mina piped up and complained. Zach didn’t blame her one bit. It had sounded like mommy was getting stabbed to death or something. With incredible restraint, he slid out of her. The needs of their children must always come before theirs. At least, until their children were much older.

Zach carried baby Mina over to her mama, and she latched on. Zach positioned himself again between Colby’s legs, his penis, straining, glistening with her juices. “Any pain?” he asked. It was the time to ask. Once he was in her, it would be that much harder to stop himself.

“There’s often discomfort when you start, Zach,” said Colby. “Not really any more than usual, really. Now c’mon, baby, get in here, and let me cum like a woman for God’s sake. Open me! Make me cum on your painfully big cock! I want it deep in me so bad,” she growled. “AAAAAH!”

Zach fucked Colby and she screamed and cried out orgasm after orgasm. Mina didn’t appear disturbed in the least. The milk was flowing, and in fact, the teat Mina was not on was dribbling. At any rate, happy kid, ecstatic mama. He was feeling fine. So exciting to be in Colby once again! Her diminuative twat was, if anything, tighter than ever. Looking at her orgasming face as he plowed her was one of the great joys of his life. She was making an amazing recovery. Though, not so surprising, considering her great fitness and physiology.

Colby mewed out orgasms big and small. Her pussy quivered and clenched on him. Her slippery cunny teased him. He was forced to enter his short strokes. He couldn’t hold back. A tidal wave of semen was rising in him, for his homecoming between these legs.

He crushed her hips firmly underneath his, plowing straight down into her. “RAAAAAAA!!” He locked his hips to her and unleashed a torrent. He shuddered in massive delight and shot stream after stream of semen into her. He just kept orgasming, and his semen shot out again, two more strong wet pulses. “NNNNH!” he cried. It was almost painful, his emptying was so complete.

He held himself up firmly so as not to collapse onto her and the baby. His post-orgasmic bliss was great. Instead, he leaned slightly back and fell off to the side. Semen splashed out of Colby’s mommy hole to splatter artfully across the bed. Its flow slowed to a gloppy dribble.

“Thank you Zach,” Colby croaked. “That made me right.”

“Are you sore at all?” asked Zach.

“Certainly no worse than if I’d spent the whole night with you and you were at me the whole time,” said Colby.

“That bad, huh?” asked Zach.

“But in a good way,” said Colby.

“So maybe we should wait a week to do more,” said Zach.

“No way, mister!” insisted Colby. “The 17th is my official day, and I’m having you all day, all night, twice at bedtime, twice in the morning, end of discussion.”

“But darling, Ayana-”

“Khushi insists she can handle Ayana,” Colby informed him. “If anything happens, she’ll call you instantly. End of discussion.”

“Don’t you think I-”

“Get that fat cock back in my pussy and start pumping,” said Colby. “It’s Berte’s rules: two ejaculations in a row is the minimum number.”

“Doctor Lincoln has spoken,” said Zach. “Is this part of the Trigonometry rule book?”

“Damn straight,” said Colby. “Uuuuruh! Okay!” This as Zach pushed into her.

Much later, Zach got Colby all tucked in to bed with a towel between her legs. He gently placed a sleeping Mina, now full of milk, back in her crib. He got out a new blanket for their bed. They’d totaled this one.

“Zach, working with our wives, I’ve devised a new sleeping schedule for you,” said Colby.

“Darling, we’re due to land not long from now,” said Zach. “Colette is giving birth any day. Perhaps a new schedule is premature.”

“Perhaps,” said Colby. “We’ll see. But I’ve been waiting for this Zach. We all have. Now, I’ll have you on Tuesdays, like today, and on Fridays. Berte’s big day is tomorrow, so she’ll have you overnight on Wednesdays and Sundays. Aanya’s first day is Saturday, so she’ll have you Thursdays and Saturdays. And you’d better rape her hard, Zach, really, really hard. She told me to tell you that. And Anming is Monday night.”

“What about Colleen?” asked Zach. “What about Khushi?”

“Whenever, Zach,” said Colby. “This is a sleeping schedule.”

Zach shrugged. The first wife had spoken. Given the pandemonium likely to occur between the present moment and landing, he was dubious the plan would ever go into effect.

After visiting the head together for a pee and a quick shower, they settled down to another long nap.

Two hours later, Mina awakened, and they made love twice again as Colby nursed. “Aren’t you feeling pretty hurt?” Zach asked, worried.

“I’m orgasming, aren’t I?” Colby insisted. “I want it. I need it. Missionary again, Zach! Yes! Get in me! Aaaaaahh!!” So, they went a third time. Her loins were on fire for him. How could he complain much about that?

In another two hours, Mina awakened. Colby climbed on top this time and rocked sedately to several orgasms while nursing Mina. “Oh, it feels so good to have your dick deep in me, Zach! Oh, God, how I’ve missed it!” When he popped off, her next orgasm was close. She barely paused before grinding it out on him with a low cry of “Baby!” She wouldn’t stop until he’d helplessly popped off for her a second time. Then she grudgingly relented and climbed off his softening member, dripping white.

“I don’t care what you say,” said Zach. “You’re going at it pretty hard. I don’t feel comfortable going further until I give you another pelvic exam. I want to make sure you’re not beating yourself up internally.”

“Okay, sure,” Colby said. She was resting, blissfully nursing Mina. “It hurts so good Zach. I’m not saying that to be funny. I can feel your cock again now like it’s burnt into me. I feel whole again. It feels so damn good after so long without. I had no idea I was so addicted to your cock, Zach. I should really get some counseling.”

“What does it symbolize to you?” asked Zach.

“Not from you, lover,” she groaned.

“Sorry,” he said. “That was unsolicited.”

Zach’s medical alarm went off. It was 11 AM on Tuesday, Mesha 17. In the message, Colette strongly suspected she had gone into labor. "Gotta go," he said to Colby. "Looks like Colette's in labor." He threw his clothes on and closed the hatch gently after himself.

(To be continued)


PS: A brief guide to babies born to the Founders crew so far. Six out of eleven babies have been born.

Khushi bore a baby boy, Aaron, on Mina 16, 231.
Berte bore a baby girl, Anna, on Mina 25, 231.
Aanya bore a baby boy, Ares, on Mina 28, 231.
Colby bore a baby girl, Mina, on Ares 17, 231.
Charisse bore a baby girl, Vrishika, on Ares 25, 231.
Ayana bore a baby girl, Gaia, on Mesha 15, 231.

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81: Tuesday, Mesha 17, 231. 1100 hours OST: Getting Close

Zach walked from Colby’s quarters at B4 spinward around the rim to Colette’s quarters at A2. As he walked, his thoughts were drawn back to Colby. Wow, she had wrung him out thoroughly! Seven times in five hours! Owie! Much more of that pace, and he’d be the one confined to bed rest!

Zach knocked on Colette’s hatch and heard her cry, “Enter!”

He closed the hatch behind himself and asked, “How are you doing?”

“Wonderfully!” said the knockout and very pregnant French brunette, looking pleased. She lay on her back, nude, her belly huge. Her long slinky legs were stretched out on the bed. She was relaxed. Her eyes were closed. There was a towel under her. “Fluid came out. Water broke?” she asked.

“Likely,” he said, sitting at her side and feeling her belly. The baby was well-positioned, head down.

“Here comes one,” she grunted. He held her hand as the contraction wracked her body. Unlike any woman he’d ever assisted, it appeared she was enjoying the contraction. A woman’s contractions used the same muscles as during sex, but for a different purpose. It seemed that the mix of pain and sexual stimulation was arousing to Colette.

“Looks like you’re having fun,” he commented.

“Yes, very much,” she moaned.

Then the contraction was over. Colette sighed. “If this continues,” she sighed happily, “I will need to ask for permission.”

“That stimulating, eh? Well, then, I suppose I have good news for you. You have hours of this ahead of you. At least three hours, maybe more.”

“Mon dieu!” she exclaimed. “I will need to ask for permission many times, Zach.” She looked excited, expectant.

“A lot of women stand up during this part of labor and walk around,” he said. “It helps the labor go faster.”

“Is a longer labor dangerous to the child?” she asked.

“Not with me here to monitor the situation,” he said. “There’s no hurry. Listen to your body.”

“Therefore, Zach, I have a request, if you don’t mind,” she said. “Do it to me. Please use my body to slowly have your baby.”

“I see nothing wrong with that,” he said. “You’ll want to stay quietly lying down like you are.” He didn’t think there was much risk of Colette tiring, however slowly she took the birth. She was in excellent physical condition.

“Oh thank you, Zach!” she said. “Am I your brood mare?”

“You are my best brood mare,” said Zach. “I filled you with my baby juice whenever I wanted and knocked you up, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” moaned Colette. “You knocked me up so forcefully with your baby juice. It worked!”

“Sexy talk aside, are you excited to become a mom?” asked Zach.

“Yes, very much,” said Colette. “My husband and I had dreamed of having children for years. We dreamed of having me take surrogates and breeding me like a farm animal.

“This colony program was a dream come true for us. To get in, as we all did, we had to commit to a serious intention to have a family. I enjoyed the waiting before selection, not knowing what man or men my husband would breed me with. We originally planned a competition. My husband would enlist several suitable men to compete to impregnate me with their child. A paternity test after the fact would determine the winner.”

“Sorry to let you down.”

“Oh, no. There was some concern between us when you were the only man. My husband was pleased with you, and for me, it was even better. When Colleen encouraged us all to breed with you for practical reasons, it made me very wet. That aspect of no choice and everybody going along, that I would be one among many mares, felt delicious to me. And you proved to be such a powerful and horny stallion, Zach. I’m so proud to be propagating your genes. My husband is also very pleased.”

“Well, I’m still sorry you didn’t get all those hunky astronauts fucking you blind trying to knock you up. I know you would’ve had fun with that,” Zach said. “Are you concerned about keeping your sexual predilections a secret from your children?”

“I don’t see why it would be harder for me than for any parent,” said Colette. “I plan for the child to know that you’re the father. They should know I’m married to a man back on Earth. They’ll know that I have a close relationship with Alexis. The Alexis bond can be explained to them simply as a friendship. Later it may be appropriate to say more. You being the child’s father will be normal to this generation, though might need explaining later. The bond of love between my husband and I, the child can understand any way they choose.”

“You’re right,” he said. “I’m an idiot for thinking otherwise.”

“No, it was worth thinking about, Zach,” she said. “Rest assured I already have.” She grunted, “Another comes.” The contractions were about fifteen minutes apart. She writhed and grunted for about a minute as if she were receiving cunnilingus. Despite wanting to stay cool and professional, he couldn’t help getting aroused watching her.

Between contractions, they chatted amicably about the mineral deposits she’d found on Mars. He was relieved that she didn’t appear to know any more than he did about being a shareholder in the company they’d formed. “Luckily, my husband is conversant in these matters,” she shared.

A third contraction came, and the vibe in the room switched immediately from chatty to intensely sexual. Near the end of the minute, she was straining, reaching. Then she sighed.

“That looked like it felt nice,” he said.

“Mmhm,” she moaned.

Near the middle of her fourth contraction, she asked, “Please, Zach, may I orgasm?” Asking for permission to orgasm was not only a condition of her slavery, it excited her.

“You may.”

“UHHHH!” she cried. “Uhumm… mmm.” She became disoriented. The orgasm, or reflections of it, continued to the end of the contraction.

At the beginning of her next contraction, she asked, “Please, Zach, may I touch myself and orgasm?”

“You may.”

She reached down with her hand and flicked her fingers roughly across her clitoris. The orgasm was almost immediate. “UHHHH! Mmm…” The contraction ended. “How is the baby?” she asked.

He had his ultrasound on her belly. “The baby is doing fine. Strong heartbeat. I’ve heard about women orgasming during labor, but I’ve never witnessed it before.”

“I can’t see how a woman like me couldn’t orgasm. The mixture of pain and pleasure is incredible! More perfect than I’ve ever felt!” she sighed contentedly.

They talked or merely rested, or played games on their phones between contractions. The contractions themselves were getting longer and more intense. As each contraction came, with Zach’s permission, Colette rubbed her wet button and climaxed gloriously. Soon she was reaching close to a second orgasm by the end of these contractions. She was sweating.

In the third hour, contractions came more frequently, every ten minutes. They were reaching towards a minute and a half in duration. Colette was soon able to bring herself to climax twice during these.

Despite his recent extraordinarily satisfying time with Colby, he had a raging erection. What man could resist? It was inexplicably hot to watch a woman be so sexually excited by labor. For any other woman, he would ask before relieving himself in front of her. For Colette, it would steal some joy from the event, so he didn’t. When her next contraction started, he climbed out of his scrub pants, displaying his erection to her. He began to stroke himself.

“Please Zach, use my body any way you choose to satisfy yourself,” the French slave begged. “I can use my hands on you if you please. What do you want to use Zach? I’m your plaything. UH! May I climax?”


“AAAAH! Je meurs!” Colette cried. “Hnnnn… again?”


“AAAAHAHAHAH!” she bawled in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The contraction ended. He stopped masturbating before reaching orgasm. If he was going to cum, he wanted to cum along with her. He didn’t feel it urgently yet.

He checked the baby. The fetal heartbeat remained strong.

She said, “Please, but we are not handling you.”

“Where is your vibrator?” he asked. “I want you to orgasm for me often. Please masturbate for me. I think they’re beautiful.”

Zach got the vibrator and spread lube on his cock. Like many lubes, this one was antibacterial. She stroked him with her hands. He waited ready with her vibrator in case another contraction started.

When he was almost about to pop, another contraction started for her. He put the buzzing vibe on her clit. She asked for permission immediately. As she writhed in powerful orgasm, he jetted out a hefty load onto her face and breasts. This appeared to excite her even more. Her face turned beet red as she writhed and struggled her way through two more permissions and orgasms. Then the powerful contraction was done.

Zach got a towel, but Colette asked, “Do you mind if I continue to wear it? It arouses me to give birth with your spunk on me.”

“It won’t hurt anything,” he said. The baby’s heartbeat was strong. He checked her cervix and found it to be dilated about three centimeters. He noticed an odd shininess to her anus. “You’re not prepared, are you?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “Alexis requires it at all times. I’m used to it, Zach. Some women wear makeup and touch it up during the day. I do too. Similarly, I lubricate my anal canal every morning and touch it up throughout the day.”

After ejaculating onto Colette, he calmed down sexually, but couldn’t help continuing to watch her with interest. She continued to tease him, stroking the vibrator lasciviously over her wet hole. She asked for sighing, whimpering orgasms between contractions. She grunted out requests for moaning, writhing, powerful orgasms during contractions.

At around 3 PM, he called Khushi and canceled their regular 4 PM liaison. She was happy to hear that Colette was having an easy labor. She told him that if he needed sexual relief after he was done attending Colette, he should call her. He neglected to mention showering Colette with his semen.

After witnessing another hour of Colette’s orgasms, he struggled to remain somewhat professional. He was rock hard and desperate. She could see it on his face. “Please Zach,” she begged. “Permit me to fellate you to satisfaction.”

Zach didn’t see any harm, so he began fucking Colette’s slobbery throat. He made sure she had plenty of time to breathe between thrusts. “You don’t have to treat me gently, Zach,” she insisted. Then she quivered, for another contraction began.

“You may orgasm freely while I’m fucking your throat,” he told her.

“Guk!” she replied, which he interpreted as “Thanks!”

He always orgasmed quickly when thrusting his hips and enjoying her expert throat. Soon he was dribbling all the seminal fluid he could muster out between her greedy lips and tongue. She showed it to him, then swallowed the glistening white mess with a smile. “Thank you, Zach,” she gushed. “Thank you for relieving yourself in me during this special time.” He could tell she really meant it. She was such an exceptional and beautiful woman. He understood her and also didn’t understand, and it was all right. There was nothing wrong with her enjoying labor so much.

The hours of labor continued, and the contractions and orgasms mounted. Colette continued to be extremely aroused. She asked for all kinds of crazy things. “Zach, please fuck my cunt, please!” She was not usually this demanding. “It’s so nasty to think of your spunk going up me to slick the way for the baby coming down.”

“I’m not going to do that,” he said. “The cum might get into the baby’s eyes. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like being born with cum in my eyes.”

“That makes sense,” she replied unhappily. “But then, you must bugger me. Yes, bugger me just as the baby’s head is peeking out of my cunt. It will be glorious!”

“I’m not going to do that either,” said Zach. “It would put additional strain on your vaginal entrance, and it might tear. No, we’re not doing that.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she frowned. “Oh, oh, this one!” Another contraction started. “I want to push out, Zach. Like they said. I want to push out!”

“No, not yet. Let me check,” he said. She was dilated eight centimeters. “Don’t push yet.”

“Oh it’s so intense!” she exclaimed, vibing herself and orgasming. The contractions were three minutes apart now and getting longer and stronger. Her orgasms also got more intense. “It’s so hard not to push!” she cried.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Zach, who was rock hard and raring to go again. “If you can wait until I say so to push, I’ll fuck your asshole, okay?”

“Oh thank you Zach,” she whimpered, orgasming. “You can do it anytime you want. I’ll be good,” she promised.

Colette behaved herself through another ten contractions and many orgasms. Zach measured her cervix to be at ten centimeters. “Okay, now you can start pushing,” he said. “And like I promised, I’ll use your ass for my enjoyment.”

“Merci, merci, Zach,” she moaned, orgasming on her wand. “UGH!” She was beginning to push.

This had to be the oddest thing, Zach thought to himself. He pushed his raging cock through her tight slippery anal sphincter into her rectum. As he did, blood and amniotic fluid dribbled out of her vagina onto him. He then commenced his thrusting. It felt nasty as hell. They were both extremely excited. This felt closer than he had ever felt to truly making love to Colette.

Colette was out of her mind, making grunting animal noises and writhing. She kept the vibrator pressed to her clitoris. He slid in and out of her ass with increasing horny pleasure. “I can feel it!” she screeched. “Put your jizz deep in my bottom, Zach! Unload yourself! Spunk me! Aah!” With this, she orgasmed again and writhed. He was driven to the brink and groaned deeply as he felt himself turned inside out by his orgasm. He gave her one dollop of everything he possibly could. This time, he was utterly spent.

Shortly after this, Zach called Colleen and canceled his 10 PM liaison with her. She was happy to hear about the progress of Colette’s labor. He told her the official version and left out the nasty sexual things.

Colette kept pushing and orgasming. The baby’s heartbeat remained strong as they made their way down the birth canal. About an hour later, Colette gave birth to a healthy six pound twelve ounce baby girl. It was 11 PM on Tuesday, Mesha 17.

Zach called Anming and Charisse and told them the good news. The bad news was that he would now be changing to the graveyard watch to care for Colette. It was somewhat of a relief to Anming that he would not be bothering her incessantly at night. He promised to drop by every day at 6 AM as their sleep cycle began. He could catch up with the two of them and enjoy Anming’s sweet cunt while Charisse watched and masturbated.

He set an alarm and slept like a rock for four hours. He hadn’t slept in 34 hours. He’d done a full day’s work. Then he’d been with Colby for five hours nonstop when he should have been sleeping. Then there had been Colette’s twelve hour labor. This was the way a doctor’s life went sometimes. Zach was used to it.

He dragged himself out of bed at 3:30 AM to bend Khushi over her dinner table at 4 AM. There, he canceled their 4 PM dining and lovemaking sessions. He had to move to the graveyard watch to monitor and sleep with Colette. He’d now be asleep, or at least trying to sleep, during that time. Khushi understood. She also knew how hard Zach was working now that Ayana was temporarily off the duty roster.

He came deeply twice into Khushi’s pussy, which she now expected, nay, demanded. He checked mother and baby and found them both in excellent health. Then he made his rounds of the ship, as he hadn’t had a chance to do the previous day. He checked the other women and babies of the night watch: Ayana and Gaia, Anming, Charisse and Vrishika, and finally Alexis. The day watch was still asleep. He could look in on the graveyard watch women at his leisure since he was now on that schedule.

At 6 AM, he called Colby. She didn’t answer. He left a message. “Hey sweetheart. Since I had to assist Colette in giving birth yesterday, we didn’t get to hang out much. I was thinking we could hang out for a bit today and you could accompany me on my rounds. I”m due to meet up with Berte for her day starting at 10 AM.”

Colby texted him back half an hour later. “Sure, swing by, and we’ll go.”

He knocked on her hatch. She opened. She had Mina in a sling on her chest and was all ready to go.

“Not so fast,” said Zach. “Part of my rounds are checking you and Mina.”

“I’m fine, Zach,” Colby said irritably. He knew darn well that she and Jason had probably been at it ever since he had left to attend Colette. It was fine. He didn’t want to embarrass her further by pulling out his speculum and examining her raw, cum-filled pussy. He did a quick fully clothed exam of mother and baby and left it at that.

Oh, what the heck. “I hope you’re still not embarrassed about Jason. I know you guys were probably going at it like minks while I was with Colette.”

“Not minks,” said Colby. “You beat up my vagina bad, lover. But no, not embarrassed. Just kind of a Trigonometry golden rule. Need to know and all that. But lover, you know that if we had a choice, you’d be my one and only, don’t you? You know I love you desperately, baby.”

“I know that you do, as I love you,” said Zach. “It’s just that, I don’t know, maybe we should talk about it more? Or maybe not. Sometimes it seems uneasy between us.”

“You know it’s just the messed-up circumstances of our marriage, not between us,” said Colby. “And I promise, I’m never going to keep anything like that from you ever again. Once it started, it was a nightmare! I should have known and trusted you’d be understanding. I will never doubt you ever again, baby. That’s what you really need to hear, isn’t it?”

“It’s a good thing to hear,” said Zach. “I know you work hard on our relationship, sweetheart.”

“And oh, about that,” said Colby.

“What’s on your mind, sweetheart?” asked Zach.

“You know that after landing, in about three weeks, the mining crew will be halfway across the planet. We probably won’t see them again,” said Colby.

“That’s right,” said Zach. “That’s sad for you and Jason. If you want to take more time with Jason-”

“Listen to me!” said Colby. Zach shut his mouth. Colby looked embarrassed, conflicted. “They’re all going to be gone in a few weeks, and...” Colby sighed. “I’ve been flirting with Mateo...”

“Yes?” asked Zach.

Colby screwed up her face at him. He wasn’t making this easy. “Can I please fuck him? Get it out of my mind.”

“You don’t need my permission,” said Zach.

“How difficult are you gonna make this?” Colby whimpered.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said. “You have my complete and unconditional permission.”

“Thank you, baby. I love you so much. I treasure you so much!”

“You know I love you too, sweetheart. Thanks for trusting me enough to tell me. Now, here’s how I would like us to work together to complete my rounds. You call the next patient, while I do the exams.”

They visited Colleen, the only other day watch patient at present. Zach did a whole examination. Her pussy was a bit worse for wear and adorned with semen. From the stress, he’d guess Jason. Colby probably couldn’t notice these details, though, luckily. She probably expected Jason got around. After the accident and Colleen being found with Jason, she must. He hoped it hadn’t caused much friction between them.

Just Colby and Colleen were it for the day watch these days. Anming was sleeping with Charisse on the night watch. Zach was currently on the graveyard watch. But really he was the ship’s physician twenty-four-seven. Ayana was out of commission at present.

Zach and Colby next called on Colette. The two moms cooed over each other’s babies. “I’ll name her Mesha if that’s all right with you, Zach,” said Colette.

“That sounds like a great name to me,” said Zach. He checked both mother and baby, and they were doing fine. “I’ll be back with you at 10 AM, hopefully with Berte in tow,” he said. “Are you going to be okay in the meantime?”

“I could use a shower, actually,” said Colette.

“Colby, could you assist her with that while I visit our next patient?” asked Zach.

“Surely,” said Colby. “In that case, I’d better send you to Michaela next.” She said it with a wry grin.

It was common knowledge that Michaela needed a good hard fucking at least twice a day, ideally. Clearly, Colby didn’t want to cunt block the hugely pregnant Bulgarian if she needed to avail herself. Or worse yet, Colby didn’t want to stand around and watch while Zach plugged that needy hole.

“Got it,” said Zach, and left. No further explanation needed.

Not surprisingly, Zach found Michaela to be healthy, dripping wet, and exceedingly horny. “All watch, waited for you to pass by bridge and satisfy me, but no,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” said Zach. “I was delivering Colette’s baby, then a short nap, then catching up on my rounds.”

“No sorry, no excuse,” snarled Michaela. “Get in and stay in until satisfy!” She climbed up on her table and lay on her back. “Yes, right into pussy, yes! Nice and big this way! Yes good stretch, wonderful! Okay all slippery in and out? To the balls? Oof! Yes! Okay, squeeze legs together. Ufh! Good! And push legs hard against belly. Hard, Zach! Ugh! Yes!”

Zach held her in position on her table and fucked her as hard as he could, the way she liked. Many moaning crying Michaela orgasms later, Zach began to receive low priority text messages. “Other bitch need you. No fret. Over soon. Ugh!”

After getting another fairly thick rope of Zach’s white slime in her, Michaela relented. “Fuck off,” she told him. “No more sorry. No more excuse. Do or don’t do, then fuck off.”

“I didn’t know you were a philosopher, too,” said Zach. He pulled up his scrub pants and left. She lay exhausted on the table, his cum dribbling out of her.

Zach and Colby met up to see Aanya. She was even more wet and horny than Michaela. Mother and baby were healthy. “Your day where you’re cleared for sex is coming up in a few days, Saturday I believe,” he said. “The good news is that it looks like you’ll be ready.” They left it at that.

Last, they checked Berte. Mother and baby were healthy. Zach asked, “You are hereby cleared for sex.” Berte let out a whoop that startled Anna. Berte and Colby hugged. “Colby has it all planned out, as you know, for you to be my bed mate tonight. Are you excited?”

“Yes, ecstatic,” texted Berte. Her phone spoke the words for her in an unexcited way, but the way one corner of her mouth turned up conveyed her urgent enthusiasm. “Aiden is at least as excited as I am.”

“Good to hear,” said Zach. “Please come to Colette’s quarters at 10 AM and hang out with Colette and me. Bring any games you want to play. Colette loves your games. We have a second crib in the room for Anna.”

“All right,” texted Berte. “I’ll gather up Anna and our things and meet you over there at 10 AM.”

Zach called Colette. “As we discussed, Berte and baby Anna will be spending the night with us.”

“She’s settled with the idea of having sex in front of me?” asked Colette.

“Any worries about having sex in front of Colette?” Zach asked Berte.

“No,” said Berte. “In fact, she can join in, as much as she’s able. I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Did you hear that, Colette?”

“I did,” she replied. “So it goes forward.”

After Zach and Colby left Berte’s quarters, he said, “We have a few hours to hang out together. What would you like to do?”

“How about a visit to Rec B and a nice cannabis smoothie?” proposed Colby.

“That would put me right to sleep,” said Zach. “I have a young, active, and voraciously horny big-titted German woman to satisfy before I can do that.”

“I’m aware,” said Colby frostily.

Why had he said that? Had it been the Mateo thing? He really needed to check himself. He knew how Colby wanted to be treated.

When they got to Rec B, Zach sat Colby and baby Mina down at a table. He made the cannabis smoothie for her the way she liked it and brought it to her. “Thank you, baby,” she said.

“Here’s your square of chocolate for today,” Zach said, giving it to her.

“Mmm, perfect,” she said. “Come back to the day shift soon, baby. I have this for you.” She grabbed his hand and pressed it onto the crotch of her stretch pants. He slid his finger up and down her cameltoe delightedly.

“Colette should be healed enough right around the first of Taurus,” said Zach. “I’ll be back then. But until then, we’ll spend two days a week together, right?”

“Count on it, baby,” Colby smiled. All was forgiven. Also, the cannabis smoothie was doing its work.


At 10 AM precisely, Berte knocked on the hatch of Colette’s quarters. Zach answered it and said, “Welcome, welcome.”

Berte texted, and her phone spoke, “Hi guys! Nice to see you, Colette. Congrats on the baby girl. Look at her, she’s wrinkled.”

“Hello, Berte,” said Colette. “Thank you. And thank you for agreeing to sleep with Zach under such unusual circumstances. I need the support.”

“Worry not! We’ve all needed our postpartum support from Zach,” Berte texted. “As for the unusual circumstances, heck, we used to sleep with Zach eight to a bed. You remember that, surely. Women bawling out and cumming at all hours; it was great fun. Very horny. I was always super ready by the time it was my turn. Even so, I think each of us having Zach to ourselves for a while is better. But maybe we should have a reunion every once in a while. I learned a lot of nasty, dirty things to say in bed during those times.”

“Yes, I remember,” said Colette. “You all shared your bed with me. I’ll never forget your generosity.”

“You,” said Berte. “You’re delightful.” She laid the sleeping Anna down gently in the crib. Then she lay down in the bed and hugged the nude Colette to her tightly. She texted, “It doesn’t seem we’ve seen much of each other lately. I miss watching you play your fun game.”

“You mean slavery?” asked Colette.

“Ya, that,” said Berte. She switched back to having her phone speak for her. “I guess you play it with Alexis now, but I don’t see you doing it. Not like when we were all sleeping together. Where you were charging money and getting yourself all gangbanged and stuff. Fun times.”

“Assuredly. Yes, I suppose it is a game of sorts. As much as anything is a game,” said Colette.

Zach joined them on the bed. He hugged himself to Berte’s back as Colette was hugging her front.

“Wow,” said Berte, grinding back against Zach’s erect penis through their clothes. She started texting again, and her phone spoke for her. “All of a sudden, I’m afraid it won’t fit anymore! It’s easy to forget the scale of Zach’s dick. Aiden’s is smaller but fills me just fine. Many of my other lovers have been a little or a lot smaller. But I know Zach is not too much. Maybe it’s because he was the first to get in there. I mean, I knew his dick was big even that first time because of all the men I’d sucked off at the lab. But for some reason, I was calm.”

“You were no doubt calm because Zachary is an excellent lover,” said Colette.

“Thanks, Colette,” said Zach. “That means a lot coming from you.” He undid Berte’s pants and slid them down, and then her panties.

Berte sighed, mumbled, and groaned while Zach continued to undress her and himself. He stroked his bare cock against her naked butt excitedly. She texted, “You know, it’s not bedtime yet. I thought we were going to play a game. I think Zach is about to enter me. I’m so excited, because it’s been many weeks since I’ve had a man’s cock in me. Also, Anna broke my cunt, but she can break my cunt anytime! Well, you know what I mean. I’m happy she’s here. Zach says my cunt has healed. Oh, yep, he just checked me and found out I’m all ready to go. He’s not going to wait and go down on me.” He pulled her towards him by the hips, bending her to provide better entry.

“Congratulations!” said Colette. “I can’t wait until my cunt has healed.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry to rub it in,” texted Berte. Her whimpers and moans grew more excited as she typed. Zach stirred himself in her wet, thrust in a tentative inch. “Any minute now. There he goes! Thank you Zach! Yes, feels great.” Then she cried out in a loud voice, “Oh you’re so fucking big, daddy! Oh stretch my little pussy! Fuck my nasty slutty cunt! AAH!” She continued to vocalize inarticulately while texting, “I’m quite aroused, Colette. Would you mind if I kissed you on your mouth and breasts? I invite you to do the same to me. Standby, orgasm.” Vocally during this time, she sounded like, “A-HAH… AAAAH-HAH… EEEEAH! Mmmm! MMMMPH! MMMMAAHAH!!”

“UGH! Hah! UGH! Hah! UGH! Hah! UGH! Hah!” This vocalization from Berte continued as Zach fucked her spoon fashion from behind. At the same time she texted, “This is wonderful! I’m sure I’ve never had a nice chat with a girlfriend while getting the top of my head blown off by Zach’s big fuck rod. Standby, orgasm. Oh yes, that was a good one. So how’s the baby? How did the birth go?”

“Well, er...” Colette was dealing with Berte’s incongruous communication style. Here was a woman grunting, moaning, and cumming on Zach’s cock. At the same time, she was calmly chatting by text message, eyes completely closed. “The birth was wonderful,” Colette replied uncertainly. “I orgasmed quite spectacularly throughout.”

“No shit?” texted Berte. She would have seemed more incredulous if her eyes hadn’t been squeezed shut. Her mouth was slack and moaning in ecstasy. “I wish I could’ve done that. Now we’re both envious. How did you manage it?”

“You may not know this, but certain pain arouses me,” said Colette. “I orgasmed once spontaneously. After that, I asked Zach’s permission to masturbate.”

“That’s very thoughtful towards your baby,” Berte texted. She moaned Zach’s name over and over while having a big orgasm. Her beautiful ivory skin flushed deeply from the abdominal strain and strength of her orgasms.

“Also, Zach became aroused and availed himself of me during the labor,” Colette said.

“What, serious Doctor Zach fucked a patient during delivery?! Hold a second while I cum hard to that mental image.”

“No, I asked him to have me vaginally, but he refused. Said it wasn’t healthy for the baby,” said Colette.

“So what did he do then?” texted Berte, grunting and whimpering, stretching towards her next orgasm.

“Well, I gave him a handjob. I left his semen all over my face and tits while I gave birth,” said Colette. “I could smell it as the baby was coming out.”

“That’s hot,” texted Berte, groaning in orgasm.

“Then he ejaculated down my throat,” said Colette.

“I love it when he does that to me. I mean, he didn’t during labor, but next time, I’ll demand it! Talk about a morale booster!” texted Berte.

“Exactly!” agreed Colette. “And he promised me if I could keep from pushing during the time I shouldn’t push, he would fuck me in the ass during the pushing part. And he did.”

“Oh God! Orgasms to that,” Berte texted as she cried, “EEEEEAHHH!!” and climaxed with a shudder. She continued to grunt and moan excitedly, “Just so nasty to think about Zach ass-fucking you while your baby was sliding out. Nasty!”

“He did,” said Colette.

“God, I wish I could see a video of that,” texted Berte as she groaned her way through another climax.

“As it happens, Alexis records everything that happens in my quarters,” said Colette. “She uses it to quickly check whether I need to be punished. You have my permission to view it if you have Zach’s.”

“UUUUUUNNNH!” cried Zach as he jetted his hot heart and soul into Berte’s snappy and slick mommy hole.

“That sounds like a ‘yes’ to me,” said Colette.

“Let’s play a board game now,” Berte texted brightly as she moaned out her final orgasm.


Zach woke up at midnight with a raging hard-on. Berte was gone, probably off somewhere eating breakfast with Colette and the babies, since they were also gone. It was good to see that Colette was already up and about. Berte’s sweet pussy fumes lingered in the room, and it was driving him crazy. They had fucked like minxes all night, but still, his body craved more. He slipped out of bed and into his clothes.

Colleen picked up her phone sleepily. “Bruno.”

“Got company?” asked Zach.

“Carson!” she said angrily. Then, more softly, “Hmm… Zach my love, it is the middle of the fucking NIGHT!” she was trying to be gentle with him but wasn’t quite managing it.

“You didn’t answer my question,” he pointed out.

“No,” she sighed.

“I’m almost there,” he said.

“F… hmm… okay.” She closed the call.

Quite a wet and horny hour later, Colleen rested in his arms. “Zach?”


“I’m very busy right now organizing the landing,” she said. “And also, I need my sleep. Can you hold off on your next visit for about a week? I know Colby and Berte are both back online. Surely that’s plenty of available pussy to keep you occupied in the meantime.”

“Your wish is my command,” said Zach. “But surely you don’t think I’m interested only in the sex.”

“No, just being flippant,” she said. “I know you care, Zach. By ‘pussy’ I really meant ‘companionship’ because I know you care about them, too. My time is just so tight right now. I’ll have plenty of time for you after we land.”

“Fair enough.”


After breakfast, during graveyard watch, Berte accompanied Zach on his rounds. She had Anna in one of her baby carriages. She also wore a sling in case she needed to nurse. “You’re going to fuck a fair number of your appointments, Zach, but I’ve tried to space those out in the schedule,” she texted. Her phone dispassionately repeated everything she typed, a little too loudly for his liking. “You know how much I love to watch a good dismount. Try to make sure your semen spills out when you dismount. Don’t push it all the way in as you ejaculate. I love watching your penis throb as you ejaculate into them. I never get to see it go into myself.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” said Zach. “I remind you these rounds are to make sure everyone is healthy during this critical time.”

“I know,” texted Berte and her phone bawled. “But, c’mon, what’s not to love about a good dismount? Anyway, we need to hurry.”

“We do?” asked Zach.

“Oh yes,” said Berte. “My online scheduling system informs me that you need to boink Alexis as soon as possible. Here, this way.” They walked spinward toward Alexis’s quarters.

“How do you figure this?” asked Zach.

“First priority is the night watch crew. They will only be up until 6 AM,” Berte texted. “I know you have a meal and a fuck with Khushi at 4 AM, so I’ve scheduled her then. You’ll need some semen for her, so you need to fuck Alexis right away. Remember to do the checkup first, or you’ll get your speculum all goopy! Hah hah!” Sex was all fun and games to Berte. Not a bad attitude, reflected Zach.

“Why don’t we do Alexis afterwards?” asked Zach.

“Because Anming is expecting you at 6 AM. By then you should have recovered enough from Khushi to have some more semen,” explained Berte. “We’ll check both Anming and Charisse at that time, since Charisse can’t fuck yet.”

After her exam, Alexis got full cunnilingus until she couldn’t stand it, then two loads in the cunt. Alexis insisted she was already ready, but Berte insisted on the cunnilingus. She didn’t want Zach developing any bad habits. Berte masturbated and approved of Zach’s performance. There were thanks all around. They quickly moved on.

By Colby’s new schedule, it was one of Aanya’s nights. The problem was, Aanya wasn’t cleared for sex yet. He was going to get a considerable sexual workout with Berte’s whoring him out at two hour intervals. Even so, he didn’t want to go all sleep cycle, 2 PM to 10 PM, without anybody.

Zach and Berte caught up with Aanya in Hydroponics Bay A1. “Are you sure you should be working here?” he asked.

“I’m not working,” she said. “Merely checking on a few cultures. They’re like my other babies.”

“Well, let’s check you,” said Zach.

“Yes, I got Berte’s form,” said Aanya. “I know I’m not officially cleared, but I prepared my asshole nevertheless. See Zachary? It’s all slippery. It would be so easy to push into.” She dropped her pants and panties and showed off her oily anus. The crotch of her panties was wet and had crusty, though healthy-looking, product on it.

The scene reminded him of that first time she’d dropped her drawers for him in the cargo plane. The actuality of that matter had been tragic. She’d been a woman who’d had her sexuality ripped away from her by coercive rape. His memory of the scene was overwhelmingly emotional, though. It was of the hot horniness he’d felt as she'd exposed herself and bent over submissively for him even though they'd just met.

And this time, now, was a kind of full circle. Here was a woman who sought pleasure on her own terms. It was a kind of completion. It was such a shame to have to turn her down for health reasons.

“It’s not in the schedule,” snapped Berte. “If Zach goes in, I doubt he’ll get back out without leaving a little white gift. He needs to save his semen for his checkup with Anming at 6 AM.”

“At any rate, please check me, Zachary,” smiled Aanya. She put Ares in his sling. He could keep suckling, and she had both arms free. “Check anything, doctor,” she added suggestively, sitting up on a workbench and spreading her legs. “How deep will you like to check?”

“I don’t want to get your hopes up,” said Zach. “But we know you’re close to recovered. How do you feel? Any pain down there?”

“Not for a couple of weeks,” said Aanya. “Take a look.”

Zach joked, “Well, you’re ready for something.”

“I’m so ready,” said Aanya. “Clear me, doctor. Clear me nice and hard!”

“It’s cute, the stuff you’re saying,” said Zach. “But this really is a serious medical exam. Normally, Ayana would be doing this, since we’re married.”

“Do anything you want, but I won’t fake any orgasms for you,” said Aanya. “I insist on only real ones for my husband.”

“That’s very nice. I’m serious,” said Zach.

“Fucks for you are not in the schedule,” Berte insisted to Aanya. “You must be cleared medically and sign up in advance. Zach does not have the semen for any unscheduled fucks.”

“Now spread your legs,” said Zach. “Good. Both heels up on the bench. These plastic speculums aren’t so cold, and they afford a better view. Wow, you have tightened up very nicely. Verrry nicely.”

“Thank you,” Aanya moaned. She was quite excited and pent up. “Maybe you can help loosen me again now?”

“That’s what we’re checking,” said Zach. “Hold still. There. Still comfortable?”

“I’ve never been excited and had one of these in,” said Aanya. “It feels nasty. Where’s my vibrator?”

“Hold on a minute,” said Zach. “Let me move this around and look around a little.”

“Feels good,” said Aanya. “Now you’ll have to help me climax after this.”

“Gladly,” said Zach. “Hold still. Be calm. Be calm. Okay, you look good.” He collapsed the speculum and gently withdrew it.

“What does that mean, good?” said Aanya. “Will you fuck me now?”

“Remember, you have weeks to go to recover fully,” said Zach. “But you’re only two days away from the date we set to clear you for sex. And, I have to admit, you’re healing faster than I anticipated. I can’t in good conscience forbid you from having sex today.”

“I demand it now, Zachary!” Aanya shrieked. “I can’t wait another moment! Now!” Ares, sensing his mother was agitated about something, started to cry. While switching him to the other teat, Aanya said. “I’ve been waiting so many weeks. I have to have it now!” She raised her legs, displaying both holes to him. “Now! DO IT!”

“This is unscheduled,” insisted Berte.

"Sometimes, relieving a patient’s suffering is more important than the schedule,” said Zach, undressing quickly. Then, to Aanya, “How do you want it?”

“Any way!” she insisted. Then she said more calmly, more invitingly, “Any way. But I suppose in the vagina first. I want to know it still works.”

Zach got his face between her legs and did a smell and taste test. She was very excited. She smelled and tasted like a healthy woman a decade younger. “Very nice.” She was quivering. “Seems like you want to get right to it.”

“Yes Zachary, please hurry!” she whimpered.

He stirred his cock head in her juices and pushed it into her tight vaginal entrance. She’d been doing her kegels, that’s for sure. That was one great thing about being a doctor to astronauts or a husband of astronauts, either. They took excellent care of themselves. “Push in!” she cried. He rocked into her. “AH! AH! AH! That’s it! Oh Zachary! I missed you inside! AHH! AAAAAAAAH!!” Her body shook in a strong orgasm as he began pumping. “I’ve wanted this!” she cried. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Ares was not used to such a bumpy ride. After several minutes, he complained. Zach thought it was probably time to finish up. He’d been ready awhile, given Aanya’s excitement was through the roof. He’d been able to hold on because Aanya so clearly wanted to continue. “I’m going to finish,” he warned her.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh! OOOOOHAAAAH!” Aanya cried. “Hunh!” she whimpered, “Very well. Fill me!”

With a grunt, he climaxed and filled her vagina to bursting with hot semen. “UUUUUHHNN!” she moaned when she felt this, and climaxed again. She was aflame. “Good, it still works,” she gurgled.

As they rested together, Ares now calm, Zach asked, “Would you meet me after duty, 10 AM, and sleep with me tonight? With Colette in her quarters?”

“She won’t mind?” Aanya asked.

“No,” said Zach. “We’ve discussed it. With the schedule Colby made, she’s expecting you all to stay over.”

Zach slid out of Aanya with a splash. “That was unscheduled,” said Berte. “But still, I like a good dismount. Congratulations, Aanya.” She turned to him. “We need to hurry now. We only have a few minutes to make it to our meal with Khushi, and it’s halfway around the rim.”

Khushi insisted Ayana had already taken care of preparing her thoroughly for Zach’s penis. Even so, Berte insisted Zach give her at least one orgasm with his mouth before commencing. As Zach had assured Berte, he had no trouble orgasming twice in a row in Khushi’s tight toned yoni quickly enough to keep to the schedule.

They next checked on Ayana and baby Gaia. Both were fine. “You certainly prepared Khushi wonderfully well for her fucking, Ayana,” remarked Berte.

“Thank you, Berte,” said Ayana. “Any time you want some more of that sugar yourself, just drop by.”

“I might do that after 10 AM when I’m done helping Zach on his rounds,” said Berte. “Watching him check up and then fuck these women is making me horny. He’s only fucking the ones that are cleared for sex, mind you, and not even all of those. But even so. I can’t masturbate hard enough to entirely scratch the itch.”

“I expected no less,” said Ayana, smiling at them.

It was good to check in on Colette and make sure she was doing fine. Baby Mesha was healthy and hearty as well. Colette’s milk was coming in strongly, and Mesha was enjoying it.

From there, they visited Anming, Charisse, and their babies. “Welcome, my husband,” said Anming, ushering Zach and Berte into the quarters she currently shared with Charisse. Turning to Berte, Anming said, “I have performed the disgusting and degrading procedures you outlined in your memo.” Turning to Zach, “My husband, I’m prepared… hmm… in my dirty bathroom hole, if you wish it.”

“I would like it very much. Thank you,” he said. It seemed to him that she had taken such care, it would be a shame not to partake.

He checked Anming and her fetus. When he was done he said, “Darling wife, would you prepare yourself further by masturbating with your vibrator while I check Charisse?” Silently, Anming got her vibrator, spread her legs, and tickled her clit with it.

Charisse and baby Vrishika were healthy. Anming was orgasming on her vibrator by the time Zach was done with the checkup.

“I insist, Zach,” said Berte. “Don’t skimp on the cunnilingus, no matter whether you plan to take her vaginally.” Zach licked and sucked Anming to some astounding wet orgasms since she was already well stimulated.

He put Anming on her elbows and knees, baby bump in the triangle, and entered her vaginally from the rear. While she screeched in spectacular orgasm, he took her twice vaginally. Anming’s excitement and cries of pleasure were contagious. Berte and Charisse looked on and masturbated.

After his second ejaculation into Anming’s vagina, he switched to her anus with a series of firm pushes. Being prepared for the intrusion, she did well with this. She grumbled only a few phrases in Mandarin. She was masturbating with her vibrator as he did it and quivering near orgasm. Her face had an expression of disgust on it. But he knew she often orgasmed well when pushed to such extremities.

Even after unloading in her twice vaginally, it was fairly short work to orgasm in her tight anus. It was like an oily vice. Anming didn’t orgasm this time, but she said it gave her good feelings and was not a chore, merely an abomonation.

After Anming and Charisse, it was time to check Colleen. She and her fetus were doing fine. She looked overworked in more ways than one, but he didn’t comment.

As they passed Head B2 on their way to Colby’s, Zach stopped for a shower to wash his cock. Berte said, “The next half hour is for checking me and Anna.”

He dried off from his quick shower and examined them. Zach observed, “Anna is healthy, and you are healthy and very aroused.”

“We have no time in the schedule,” Berte texted.

“Nonsense,” said Zach. “Text Colby and tell her we might be a few minutes late.”

Berte whimpered and texted as Zach licked and sucked her nether lips and love button. “NYAAAA!” she cried in satisfied orgasm. “Mount me, stud," she moaned as she recovered.

He rocked into her tight wet pussy and thoroughly enjoyed it as she cried out multiple orgasms. She was so horny and energetic that he was driven quickly to orgasm. The moment he ejaculated into her, she pressed the send button on her phone. “I’m more concerned about the schedule than I am horny. Let’s get going.” They pulled up their pants. She put some tissues in her undies to catch his product.

They arrived at Colby’s hatch right on time. She and baby Mina were both healthy. “I prepared my ass just like you specified, Berte. And while I was preparing it, I realized I haven’t had it up the ass in a long, long time. And I want it bad, baby. Would you?”

After cunnilingus, Colby stimulated herself with her vibrator while Zach pushed firmly inch by inch into her anus. Once he was in, he pumped her slowly and firmly as she stimulated herself to a series of profound moaning orgasms. He finished twice in her this way as Berte watched and masturbated.

Finally, it was time to visit Michaela. She was another crewmate who had specifically requested lovemaking. “Use your good words with Zach,” Berte insisted by text. “No telling him to piss off.”

“But darling babushka,” said Michaela. “Is way of me not missing him too much until next time.”

“I understand,” texted Berte, her phone voicing it eerily. “Curse him out all you want, then.”

(To be continued)


PS: A brief guide to babies born to the Founders crew so far. Seven out of eleven babies have been born.

Khushi bore a baby boy, Aaron, on Mina 16, 231.
Berte bore a baby girl, Anna, on Mina 25, 231.
Aanya bore a baby boy, Ares, on Mina 28, 231.
Colby bore a baby girl, Mina, on Ares 17, 231.
Charisse bore a baby girl, Vrishika, on Ares 25, 231.
Ayana bore a baby girl, Gaia, on Mesha 15, 231.
Colette bore a baby girl, Mesha, on Mesha 17, 231.

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82: Friday, Mesha 20, 231. 0200 hours OST: Reentry Heat

The next day, Zach took Aanya with him on his rounds. They used Berte’s scheduling system. It kept them on schedule checking their crewmates. It gave him sufficient time to rest between the women who expected sex. It gave him enough extra stamina to make love to the few more women who decided on the spot. Aanya stayed with him and masturbated happily as she watched him take her crewmates. They had enough time left over to check in on all of Aanya’s beloved bacterial, mold, and fungal cultures.

Zach’s Friday recreation time and sleep schedule belonged to Colby. She did him a great favor by coordinating with his graveyard sleep schedule as much as she could. She was used to napping at all hours, anyway. She was still wakeful during the sleep cycle since it was during her usual daytime hours. She tried to lay there with Zach and Colette and quietly read, but she could only be so quiet.

Zach felt her presence near him strongly, even while asleep. He woke up more often than usual. Sometimes he found himself already pressing or thrusting his straining erection against her as he awakened. By the time he was awake, he was impossibly urgent. His loving was quick, fierce, and passionate, almost a continuation of the dream state. Colette often roused, especially near the end, and fingered herself gently as she watched.

Colby found it gratifying, but exhausting. Zach seemed to desperately crave her that night. She felt good about giving herself to him. She switched to reading erotica and vibed herself to a climax here and there. Thus she stayed prepared and juicy for his next fierce needy ravaging. He was like clockwork that sleep cycle. It was comforting, his fierce sleepy lust for her. It made her worry less that her time with Jason and Mateo was eroding her relationship with Zach.

Resting cuddled between Colby and Colette, Zach asked, “Have you confessed to Jason?”

“No,” said Colby.

“Time is running out.”

“I’m aware.”

Colby went on his Saturday rounds with him. Berte’s scheduling system used the Latin phrase “Coitus post consultatio.” It indicated tastefully when their crewmate wanted a good solid railing to accompany her wellness visit. When Colby saw this come up, she either stayed behind to help a crewmate or went ahead to visit with her next crewmate. It was disturbing to see how often this came up in his schedule. It would be even more disturbing for her to stand there and watch him do it. It amazed her that he could be at her all night and then do something like this the next day.

Saturday recreation and sleep cycles were Aanya’s. To celebrate her recovery, Zach had long planned an elaborate mock-rape for her. At his command, she spoke to the mining crew about her penchant for mock-rape. She believed he merely wanted to embarrass and humiliate her. The mining crew learned that Aanya consented to and enjoyed these mock-rapes. Secretly, he enlisted their help.

Zach started Aanya’s mock-rape by binding her and carrying her to Storage Room B5. He tied her legs apart, gagged her, and blindfolded her. Then the men arrived. Each of the five of them enjoyed Aanya at least once in her vagina and once in her anus. When Zach wasn’t participating directly, he whipped her, extending her orgasms, or choked her, bringing them about.

Aanya quivered in orgasm frequently and made guttural animal sounds through her gag. Blindfolded, she didn’t know which man or men were taking her. It was a blur of thrusting dicks, sending her to new heights of mock-rape abandon. She had never imagined a mock-rape could feel or be so disgustingly perverted. She could feel the semen spill out of her holes constantly as she was railed. She was in heaven.

Monday Mesha 23 was Anming’s first night with Zach on Colby’s new schedule. She came over and slept with him and Colette. She gritted her teeth and handled his virility all sleep cycle, orgasming too many times. Although he’d been checking in with her daily, they both missed sleeping with each other. It was challenging for her, but she’d truly missed being overdosed by his savage loving virility.

The next day, they both had their own duties to perform. Anming could not accompany him on his rounds. She had work to do with Michaela.

He couldn’t keep his appointment schedule purring along so well without an assistant. Embarrassingly, he dropped in on Colby at an inopportune time. Mateo was there. It was obvious they had been in the middle of something. Their clothes were hastily thrown on. Mateo was obviously hard in his pants as he left them. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and she didn’t need lube for the speculum. She was gushing wet. He apologized for the intrusion as soon as the exam was over and left hastily.


Zach was anxious to see Colleen again. The day her requested waiting period was up, he called her at 6 AM. He knew she always woke up on the dot.

She answered, “Carson? Oh… yes. You’ve been waiting patiently, haven’t you, lover? You must have missed me, to be calling me at the earliest possible moment. I’m so sorry to have made you wait, Zach.” It sounded like she covered her phone hastily. Zach heard her in the background saying, “No, you have to leave. No...” Then she returned to the phone. “Just give me a few minutes to wake up, lover. I’ll see you at 6:30.” She closed the call.

Zach felt a bit hurt or jealous from the exchange. He tried to be philosophical about it. Colleen was a woman who liked a little spice on the side. The terms of their open marriage were well-suited to this. She demonstrated her long term commitment to him with her huge belly, swollen with their child. These other men, he knew darn well she didn’t prefer them. It was just that they were all about to disappear, probably for good. No more spice on the side for at least two years, for her or any of the women. In this context, Colleen’s behavior made perfect sense.

Zach was sure there was a feeding frenzy for the mining crew among his crewmates. It was only eleven days until the colony crew landed at their base south of Mons Olympus. The mining crew were headed instead for a landing site just south of Elysium Mons, forty-six hundred kilometers to the east. It was unplanned and unlikely that the two crews would meet in the seven hundred and eighty days they would share on the surface of Mars.

Zach knocked on Colleen’s hatch at 6:30 as requested. She answered it naked, let him in, and shut and locked the hatch. They kissed. The room stunk of her excitement and a whiff of semen. She rubbed her hands on him as he undressed. She did it as if she missed him. He was being too hard on her, and on himself. She probably really did miss him. He needed to lighten up.

“I’m looking forward to settling down on Mars with you, Zach,” Colleen told him, looking deep in his eyes. “You know that’s what I want.” She had evidently picked up on his sourness and assumed correctly he felt abused by her. “It’s the right thing to do, but it’s hard to be apart from you so much,” she said. “Anytime you’re feeling lonely, you call me, okay?”

“Okay,” he said. He didn’t know quite what to say to that, but he figured it was a safe answer.

They kissed again. As soon as his pants fell, she stroked and pumped his half-erect cock with one hand. She stole some slick goop from her overflowing pussy, her own mixed with somebody else’s. She stroked it onto his cock to masturbate it slickly. She got down on her knees and put some of his penis in her mouth. As she tongued him, she expertly stroked his shaft with her hands. She was getting to be a better cocksucker. She’d been getting a lot of practice, he guessed.

She fell back on the bed and opened her arms and legs. “I’m ready for you, lover.”

He got down on his haunches and sidled his face up to her vulva.

“I’m already ready.”

“Berte insists, you understand.”

Colleen nodded and looked away, blushing. “In that case, go ahead.”

She smelled and tasted like a skanky, slutty, sweaty version of Colleen compared to the usual clean one. She hadn’t had a chance to shower between men. He tasted the semen, fairly invisible on the outside, but still coating her vaginal entrance. It was kind of voyeuristic, and he felt himself harden. Colleen was quiet, flushed. That, too, was a turn on. So strange that a thing could be so disturbing to him on one level, and yet, a turn-on.

What was healthy was to talk about it. “My attitude is uncalled for,” he told her. “I’m trying to correct it.”

“It’s my fault, Zach. I cut you off. You were hurt. I was selfish.”

“I’m the one who’s being selfish.”

“Shut up while I explain this. To me, Zach, sex with you is an addiction. It’s so fucking pleasurable I can’t get enough of it. I want it badly, and I want it all night long. But like all addictions, there’s a downside. I climb out of bed the next morning with a very tender crotch and usually a very tender anus. I walk around like a cripple, and don’t even want to think about sex. If another man approaches me during that time, I want to choke him before emphatically telling him no.”

“I wish I didn’t hurt you. It’s not my intention. Perhaps more lube?”

“You don’t get it, Zach. The pain of it, the punch of it, is part of it for me. The incredible pressure. The incredible force deep in my vulnerable insides. It does something profound to me, Zach. Especially up the ass. I’ve had a lot of men in my ass, but none of them come close. It’s not your size, or shape, or athleticism per se. It’s all that and the love as well. I feel your love coursing through me-”

“-I really do love you, Colleen.” His eyes filled with tears.

“I know you do, lover. I feel your love coursing through me, and your childlike delight in me, enjoyment of me. All those hearts and rose petals coupled with the extreme force throughout my body just does something indescribable and, like I said, addictive.

“I’m very busy right now, with limited recreation and sleep time. You know I think the mining crew are all sweet men. I wanted to give them, and let’s be frank, myself, a good sendoff. The problem was that there were many inconvenient bowlegged gaps in my availability. And I got frustrated. And I’m sorry.”

Zach replied, “I forgive you, and I get it. I already got it, but not entirely. Thanks for explaining a little bit more about my place in your world, sexually at least. I feel more confident in our relationship now. And you should know that you’re so-”

Colleen put a finger to his lips. “Shush now, I know. Fuck me, Zach. I want my fix. I want it hard. I want it now. And then in the ass.”


On Sunday, Taurus first, Colette was healed enough to sleep without a doctor’s supervision. Zach returned to the day shift.

On Tuesday, Taurus third, Colby returned to work. It was also her night with Zach. Right before bed, she spoke to him. “I was thinking baby, now that we’re all on the same schedule again.”

“What is on your mind, sweetheart?”

“I told Jason. I told him about what I realized I’d wanted that day.”

“That’s great! We’ll all be parting ways in a few days. Don’t leave anything unsaid.”

“I was thinking, if it was okay with you… hmm...”

“It’s very okay for you to think, sweetheart. In fact, I demand it.”

“Be serious. If you agree, I’ll invite him to spend the night with us on Friday.”

“It wouldn’t be just a fantasy anymore. Are you sure you want to?”

“No, but I’m sure that I want to get you and me and Jason together. I’ll see how I feel then.”

“I approve and agree. Anything you feel like doing or not doing with us is fine with me. Make your dreams come true.”

“Okay.” Colby hugged herself nervously. “Would you call him, Zach? I don’t think I could even hold the phone at the moment, I’m so nervous.”

“Sure, but you have to talk, too. We’ll both invite him, okay?”


“Jason, it’s Zach. I’m here with Colby. I understand that she recently told you what she wanted to have happen that night everything kind of blew up.”

“She did.”

“I believe we want to invite you to meet with us Friday night after work,” said Zach.

“Yes, Friday after work,” said Colby.

“And hang out with us and see what Colby wants to do.”

“Sounds great. 6 PM at Colby’s place, then?”

“Recreation B,” said Colby. “I predict I’ll need some liquid courage.”

“And be prepared to spend the night,” said Zach. “Anything might happen, including and up to that.”

“How probable, do you think?” asked Jason.

“Based on how excited she gets when she talks to me about it, I’d say fairly probable.”

“Probable, Colby?”

She giggled, beaming. “Maybe.”

Zach closed the call and asked her, “Are you excited?”

“C’mere,” she said, and jumped him.


The next day, Wednesday, Berte returned to work. But more importantly, Charisse was cleared for sex.

Zach was back on the day shift, so it was no problem for him to show up just as Charisse’s sleep cycle ended at 2 PM. Anming answered when he knocked on the hatch. “She’s been restless for hours,” Anming confided. “I’ll hold little Vrishika. You’re well rested I trust?” She shut the hatch behind him and pulled off the blanket. Charisse was naked and vibing herself to orgasm. Anming cried, “Apply your fearsome virility thoroughly, my husband! Break her Caucasian counterculture twat!”

Charisse smiled her Miss America smile and spread her wet cunt lips for him suggestively. “Yes, plow my blooming flower, my dear husband! Ooh, it feels good to call you that!” She cried out excitedly as he rocked into her.

“Feeling okay?” Zach checked.

“It feels SO GOOD ZACH! GOD how I’ve missed it!” She sang excitedly in rising tones.

Vrishika fussed when she heard her mom’s emphatic tone. Anming put her to her own breast. “I’ve been nursing her too, Zach. She likes it. It feels good.”

“AHHHHH!” Charisse reached a crescendo and an orgasm. Her scales went faster and faster. They grew in volume from whimpers to cries to shrieks. Her face was beet red, her brow pulled down. Spittle flew from her lips as she shrieked.

Zach held her down tight as he pumped his semen deep into her. So satisfying! Charisse glowed beatifically in the pause after their mutual orgasm.

Anming, masturbating furiously, spanked Zach’s ass. “Ravage our wife’s thirsty cunt a second time, my husband! Give that freaky flower child’s cunt no respite! Get to work!”

“Wait, Zach. I really need it next in my asshole, from behind, hard, while you pull my hair.”

He rolled her over to find her anus oily and prepared. He gripped her crew cut fiercely enough to make her wince and drove his cock powerfully into her quivering little pucker. She took it with an overwhelmed grunt. Her excited scales began anew.

“I will prepare a warm washcloth for our husband,” said Anming. “This way, his plundering of your holes will be virtually uninterrupted.”

“THANK YOU!” Charisse shrieked, then orgasmed again as Zach plowed her firmly. He pulled her head back smartly in his grip. Her back bowed, presenting her anus for his deep, excited thrusts. He stood up to a kneel and nailed her even harder and deeper. She climaxed again with a moan and decorated the bed with a tiny spritz of girl cum. His balls went splash, splash, splash, against her dribbling, pulsing cunt.

“Here it comes.” Zach grunted and strained his last few short strokes.

“Yes! Plant it deep!” Charisse screeched to the ceiling.

“UNNNNNH!” Zach grunted as he unloaded. “UNH! Uh!”

All was still for a moment.

“Mmm, oh thank you, Zach. You plant your seed in me so well! Anming, I can take the baby while you wipe him, if you don’t mind. My teats are suddenly bursting!”


On Thursday, Zach had his weekly visit with Colleen. This time, they didn’t say anything, but not for lack of trying on Zach’s part. During their lovemaking, Zach thought it would be nice to tell her how much he loved her. She’d said it was part of her whole experience of being solidly railed. So he started by saying, “Oh Colleen, I- Ow!” This because Colleen hit him in the arm. Not this time, apparently. Well, he was flexible. He shut up and fucked her harder.

Afterwards, as they rested in each other’s arms, Colleen said, “I want to keep flying, Zach.”

“Then keep flying.”

“You don’t realize the implications.”

“So, tell me.”

“After about four years, I’m going to be gone for two out of every four years until I’m sixty-five or so. That’s a lot to ask of a husband. And you’ll have to raise our children. But you’ll have a village for that, especially Colby. It’s a lot to ask. I hope you’re not angry I want to do this.”

“As long as you’re off actualizing yourself, I’m satisfied. I’ll miss you. Will you come back to me?”

“I’ll always come back, Zach, always. You satisfy me so well, lover. I never want to lose you.”


The next day, just after the end of the day watch, Colby met with both Jason and Zach in Recreation B. Zach and Jason greeted each other with a friendly handshake and an exchange of pleasantries. She made them all cannabis smoothies, then sat down shyly and quietly between the two men. Things got quiet. Baby Mina slept on peacefully in her baby carriage.

Colby was dressed simply in a green blouse, stretch pants, and deck slippers. She was a foot shorter than Zach at five feet one inch. Her short tightly curled locks hung down and framed her doll-like ebony features. She smiled shyly, radiantly, framed by her full lips. She was three years older than Zach, but looked good enough to be decade younger, in her twenties. It was that perfect, dark, glowing skin of hers.

Jason looked natty as usual in a cream turtleneck, slacks, and loafers. His hair was close cut. He was an awfully nice looking older man. He was only slightly taller than Colby, but his presence made him seem taller. He was black as Colby, maybe a little darker. Close cut hair. A noble face with a strong nose. About a decade older even than Colby, so, mid-forties. He’d had a rough and tumble life, so he looked his age, and therefore, distinguished.

Zach was sketchily dressed in scrubs and deck slippers. People told him he looked handsome and intelligent. He was awfully pasty compared to these two, especially since he’d had no sun in six months. His eyes were a nice blue, though. And he was tall, lean, and muscular.

Zach rubbed Colby’s back as she sucked down her smoothie. He nodded to Jason, who was thereby encouraged to join him in touching her. She didn’t look at either man, still evidently feeling shy about the whole thing. The look of pleasure and happiness on her face from their combined touch said everything, though.

Colby leaned towards Jason and kissed him. The kiss grew passionate. She turned to Zach, her eyes pleading, and kissed him. She needed reassurance. Their tongues tussled for a while. They kissed each other passionately, lovingly, reassuringly.

Without a word, Colby left the drinks behind. She led both men gently by the hand to her quarters adjoining the recreation area. Zach pulled Mina in her carriage gently along behind them. Once they were all in, she shut and locked the hatch.

She sat down on the bed, looked up at both men, then down shyly. “I’ve never done it with two men before.” She looked up at them. “You need to be really nice, like you usually are, both of you. I mean, I don’t know what I mean.”

She looked up at them. “That last time, I wanted the two of you badly. I was also frightened and needed to talk about it more. Then you,” she nodded to Zach, “started acting like a caveman and you,” she nodded to Jason, “helped him. It felt wrong, and I stopped it. Don’t act like cavemen, is what I mean. Ask a lady.”

Colby continued, “You’re already hard, Zach, like always.” She smiled at Zach’s bulging scrub pants. “And Jason, baby, you want to spend some time in my mouth, don’t you? But first of all, I want you boys to strip for me.”

Jason did somewhat of a strip tease while he took off his clothes. It was goofy and delightful. “Oh, yeah… oh… yeah… yeah shake it!” Colby cheered. “I should have put on music.”

Zach just wiggled his hips a few times. It was quick for him to get undressed. “You need to wear more clothes next time,” Colby complained. “And Jason, uh, classy. Yum. Yum to you both. Now, you see what I have to deal with? Zach is always ready.” Sure enough, Zach’s penis was straining at attention.

“Now you undress for us,” said Zach. No shoes were allowed on the bed, so she had already kicked off her deck slippers. Colby stood up and pulled her blouse off over her head, revealing her bulging titties with dark erect nipples. Full of milk as they were, they were at least a size larger than usual. They looked huge on the tiny woman. Next were her stretch pants, revealing her long legs.

Now she was wearing only her sky blue panties and a luminous wide-lipped smile. She got on her knees on the bed, butt towards the men. Then she slowly slid her panties down to reveal her anus, wet with lube and clearly prepared. Next she displayed the sweet dark folding lips of her snatch. She popped them apart with her fingers to reveal her glistening wet pink. “As you can see, I’m ready as Zach, but I suppose you want to use your mouth on me, baby.”

“I do,” said Zach.

She lay down on the bed on her back and pulled off her panties the rest of the way. She was newly shaved bare and smooth. Jason climbed on the bed up toward her head. She grabbed his limp cock gently when it came into range and began to stroke it.

Zach spread and grabbed Colby’s legs and put his face between them. He smelled her musky, excited aroma. She smelled a bit more like cannabis and spices tonight. He lovingly pleasured her dark labia and pink jellyroll with his tongue and lips.

“Ugh!” she said, then her mouth was full of Jason’s cock. She sucked it, stroked it. She quivered from the pleasure Zach was giving her with his mouth. It made her suck Jason with urgency. Suddenly, she popped Jason out of her mouth and sang out a high note in shuddering orgasm. After a deep breath, she went right back to bobbing wetly on Jason’s penis.

Mina slept on in the stroller. It seemed she was now so familiar with her mama’s orgasmic cries that they were a comfort. It helped that she was sleeping much longer between feedings.

“Be my guest if you want to go first,” said Zach to Jason.

Colby disgorged Jason again. “No, I want you to go first and him to watch. Well, not just watch. This is fine, baby. I’ll suck you,” she said to Jason.

Two moments later she cried out in orgasm as Zach rocked into her excitedly. Then all she could do was cry out and hang on for dear life to Jason’s semi-hard cock. Zach opened her slickly and stroked his cock in her tight lively mommy hole with extreme enjoyment. Jason bent down to kiss her as Zach fucked her.

Colby’s hips twisted and thrilled under Zach’s battering hips as she kissed Jason. She orgasmed frequently, gasping into Jason’s mouth. Her bucking legs and hips were held still only by Zach’s pinning arms.

Zach knew it was Colby, but since he and Jason were both on her, it felt vaguely impersonal. It felt almost like he and Jason were fucking some random smoking hot black chick. It was sexy, but he wanted to feel connected.

Colby seemed to sense this. She put a hand on Jason’s chest to sit him up and grabbed his semi-erect penis. She looked up at Zach and coaxed him with her hand down to a position covering her. This was how they usually finished in missionary. Looking down at her, he felt completely connected now. She looked up at him expectantly.

Zach moaned as he pushed his love into Colby. “UUUUH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” She whimpered in climax with him as she felt his hot flood. She beamed her brilliant smile up at him.

In the stillness that followed, Colby sucked Jason’s cock back into her mouth and stroked it towards hardness.

“Mmm, I get to be next!” said Jason.

Colby popped him out to talk. “Zach usually goes twice in a row without pulling out. It’s a rule Berte made, heh-heh.”

“I’m fine to step aside. Jason can go.” Zach pulled his erect cock out of Colby’s tight snatch with a splash of cum and juices. He rested on his haunches then lay down on his side next to Colby as his penis softened. He felt satisfied. It was good to let Jason make love to her for a while.

As Jason patiently and firmly pumped his cock into Colby, he kissed her deeply. Zach was envious that Jason was only slightly taller than Colby. Jason could fuck her and kiss her at the same time. Zach could see her muscles flex under Jason as she felt the pleasure of his loving. What Zach had stolen before, they were now allowing him to see close up and in person. They were showing him everything. Colby was at a higher pitch of ecstasy.

As the couple continued to make love, Zach couldn’t help but reach out to stroke her arm, her leg. His hand resting on her hip felt her pump as she climaxed under Jason. Their unbreakable kiss made their tussle quieter.

It was so beautiful, so arousing for Zach to watch Colby pleasured to orgasm after long orgasm like this. Inevitably, his cock filled with blood as he watched them writhe together passionately.

Zach crawled over to the other side of the lovers. Here, he could lie on his left side and masturbate while observing them. He jerked gently on his cock as he watched Colby strain and buck again in orgasm.

It didn’t take long, once he was stroking himself, for him to feel urgent. He got on his knees. Perhaps he could ask Jason to move for a moment so he could cum on Colby?

Colby saw him there and broke her kiss with Jason. “You want my mouth, baby? C’mon don’t be shy. C’mere.” Jason made way, continuing to pump in her.

She used her hands and mouth on Zach’s penis. She pulled it in and choked on it. As she did, she orgasmed, and it slipped in further. He could feel her whole body shudder around his penis as she orgasmed.

That was it. His semen sluiced into her throat. As he backed up so not to choke her, he went again in her mouth. Then he withdrew and splashed out a third one on the lower half of her face. Her cummy smile was radiant as she strained again in orgasm under Jason.

Stunned by his erotic reverie, Zach lay down beside the lovers. Jason fucked Colby all the more vigorously with her cum-spattered face. He used a finger to shovel the cum off her face into her mouth. He said, “Eat every drop, filthy slut, taking two men at once!”

Between orgasms, Colby retorted, “Feed me his cum, you nasty motherfucker!”

Zach rested happily next to them, watching them enjoy each other, watching them kissing. Jason pumped at his steady firm pace. Under him, Colby orgasmed harder and harder it seemed. She was on fire.

Jason started looking urgent. Zach helplessly became rock hard and urgent again himself, seeing this. Jason looked over at Zach and then at his penis. “Holy fuck, how often can this guy pop a boner?”

Colby struggled to form words before orgasming spectacularly with a moan. “He-he’ll be at me all night, lover. When he gets worked up like this, HNNN! I’ve had him do me ten times overnight.” She whimpered in orgasm, took several sharp breaths, and continued. “He takes longer and longer, where you start out that way.”

As Colby orgasmed under him, Jason told her, “I get only one or two chances, doll. I want to do something special now.”

Jason slipped his fat penis out of Colby’s snappy twat with a wet slurp. Immediately, she shuddered in orgasm and expressed a splash of girl cum onto the bed. She curled up into a ball, continuing to moan and shake.

“Here,” said Jason to Zach, wrestling Colby onto her knees. “Let’s have her do you cowgirl.” The men helped her climb onto Zach and impale herself on his penis. The first several inches slid up her wet cunt easily. She tightened on Zach’s last few inches with a grunt. This was more! “Hold her there,” said Jason. Zach held Colby tight to his chest while her snatch continued to squirm and thrill on his cock.

Jason came up close behind her and held her hips.

“Now wait one damn minute,” said Colby.

“I’ll go really slow, and you’re all prepared.”

“I said I wasn’t-” Colby blurted. Then she confessed, “I’m frightened.”

“I’ll go very slow.”

“Stop if I tell you to.”


“UGH! Oh Christ that’s a lot!”

“It’s just the head-”

“Holy fuck, Jason! Oh- OH! The pressure! Holy Jesus!”

“Should I stop?”

Colby wavered. “No. OH! Christ! I didn’t say ‘Go’ either!”

“Calmly does it,” said Zach.

“You can say that next time YOU have two giant dicks in you!”

“Is he in?” With his long arms, Zach felt. “Wow. You go, Jason, and I’ll hold still for now.”

“Oh… fuck! Oh… you fucking motherfuckers! Fuck me! Christ!”

“It’s going in and out more easily now,” said Jason.

“I’ll start moving now.”

“Holy fuck! Holy Christ! Wait!” Colby cried out and shuddered in a long orgasm. At first, Zach had thought they’d hurt her. When it became obvious to them both that she’d had her pleasure, they continued. Jason fucked her ass in long, slow strokes. Zach fucked her cunt in rapid forceful jabs. Colby confirmed their choice by orgasming wetly again with a cry that emptied her lungs. She shuddered soundlessly as they continued to fuck into her energetically.

Colby came like a juggernaut, nipping and squeezing Zach under her, twisting as she climaxed with a cry. He felt her slick wetness splash his tummy. He felt every stroke as Jason thrust into her rectum, which was just too goddamn weird. It felt like Jason was very excited, like he was about to pop. He was making little grunting noises, too. It was so intimate, feeling it with his own penis. He felt Jason pump his fat cock into her with increasing abandon.

Zach was surprised by his own climax. He grunted and unloaded one squirt and then another into Colby’s splashing puss. It was pulled out of him, teased out. Both of the others felt it, evidently, because they jerked. He saw Jason over Colby’s shoulder. He gritted his teeth and then moaned as he pressed firmly into her ass. Zach could feel Jason’s cock pulse, one, two, three, four times deep in Colby’s ass. Then Jason shuddered and coughed, and he was done.

Colby collapsed back onto Zach’s chest. It was stillness and quiet, then, except for heavy breathing. Colby said, “We couldn’t have planned this! Oh my fucking God, I’ve never, I mean, oh my God, baby. Jesus.”

“You’re a filthy slut for having one man in your pussy and another in your ass,” teased Jason.

“Says the degenerate with my shit all over his dick,” retorted Colby.

“Well, I guess I’d better go wash, then.” Zach could feel Jason sliding out. Colby’s body fluttered and shuddered as he left. Jason threw on his undies and left.

Colby rose to a sitting position on Zach, braced herself with her hands, and started moving her hips. She smiled down at him, as if to say, “I know you can already go again, so I’m not even going to ask.”

“Was it good?”

“Fuck! I never imagined!”

Zach existed in a haze of pleasure as Colby rode him. She paused to orgasm, pumping her hips helplessly. Then she resumed her ride. She brought herself off over and over with her slow ride. She slickly pressed down on him, opening herself wide.

Somewhere in the haze of this pleasure, Jason let himself in and lay down beside them. His eyes closed, and soon he was asleep.

Zach’s semen slicked the way for her to fully press and deliciously open herself on him. She was so fucking tight on him, stroking his pole with her quivering open twat. She pressed her extent fully down on him, stroking, squeezing, teasing.

She was shuddering, getting close, when he popped off in her with an urgent squirt. He shuddered all over, and she joined him in orgasm. When they’d finished, Colby pulled a cooing Mina out of her stroller and nursed her. Zach fell asleep holding mother and baby.

As Colby predicted, Zach awakened more times than usual that night. His fierce pounding enthusiasm could not help but elicit orgasms from her each time. It seemed every time he had another squirt for her, he woke up hard and desperate to deliver it.

One time in the middle of the night, Jason woke up, too. He was erect by the time Zach was through and replaced him in her slippery slot. Zach fell heavily to sleep only to wake up much later to intense moans from both Jason and Colby. Jason was finishing in Colby, grunting and grimacing. Both of them were drenched in sweat and must have been going at it for a long time.

Zach was as hard and desperate as usual upon awakening. As soon as Jason rolled off, he thrust into Colby vigorously. She took it with a weary groan. More orgasms were then wrung out of her exhausted sweaty body. Zach took longer than usual, but eventually finished with an intensely satisfying thrust and squirt. He slipped out of her cummy cunt with a squish and rolled over happily to resume sleep.

Zach awakened when he heard Colby say, “It couldn’t work as well as it worked last night. How do you even want to?”

“I would get it up again for that,” Jason said.

“I thought it was delicious, too, lover, but give me a break. I was up all night.”

“How many times?”

“I lost count.”


“And you, too. How did that happen?”

“I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s what Zach usually says. And I need to work today. And Zach usually needs it twice when he wakes up.”

“Twice more?”

“At least. But I love it. I can’t explain it. I love giving it to him especially when it’s not easy for me. It feels really giving.”

“Mmmph,” said Zach. He was rock hard and couldn’t bear to quietly eavesdrop any longer.

“Speak of the devil,” said Colby, handing baby Mina to Jason.

Zach spread her and entered her.

“Ugh! You need your chocolate girl bad this morning, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes!” he moaned into the pillow as he thrust urgently.


On Saturday, Aanya went back to work.

On Monday, the eve of their landing on Mars, their crewmates bustled about the ship. They were packing the excursion vehicles. There was not only the one carrying the colony crew and another carrying the mining crew. There were several unmanned computer-controlled excursion vehicles carrying various supplies for both bases.

Anming stayed out of their way. She began her Monday recreation time with Zach up in the core, in weightlessness. Mars was clearly visible through the telescope there even at 1x magnification. It was as big as her thumbnail at arm’s length. At 1000x, given the stabilizers, she fancied she could see traces of their base just south of Mount Olympus.

As she observed, she felt a hand stroke her ass. She flinched in surprise. It didn’t feel like her husband’s hand. “Darling, I invited Jason to view with us.” Sure enough, when she looked behind her, it was Jason. He was smiling that winning grin and stroking her ass through her stretch pants.

She should be angry at him and slap his hand away. She found she couldn’t, not given that smile. Instead she scolded him gently. “Please desist. Such touching is only for my husband.” She was even more embarrassed that Zachary was right there, watching the exchange.

“Does it feel good?” asked Zach.

Anming looked at her husband. It couldn’t be! “Yes...” she admitted.

“Then allow him,” said Zach.

“As you wish, my husband,” said Anming. Inwardly, a nasty sexual thrill filled her at this instruction. She was allowed! Still, it was perverse and wrong. She sighed. Jason’s smile was captivating. She was resigned to her husband forcing such activities upon her to “broaden” her. They were embarrassing, humiliating, and often unsanitary activities. Zachary had saved her soul, and so he owned her, body and soul. That was that. Everything she did now, even her chase for the Unified Field Theory, was for him, and happily done.

Shyly, she turned back to the telescope to view further. Jason’s hands stroked her loins maddeningly. She tried to feel confident about the new attention. Her husband wished it. And given her husband wished it, she was free to wish it also. And she did wish it, and not just for her husband’s sake, she admitted.

Did this mean she was a filthy whore? Certainly not! Her husband had ordered it. Her conscience remained completely clear and pure. It must continue to remain so for her to retain the will to live. Her husband gave the premise, and Colleen and Alexis helped.

She had dreamed of Jason’s touch. She had even allowed... improper things. When she had faltered like this, Alexis had punished her, absolved her completely, removed the improper mark from her. Those matters were forgotten.

As she observed the surface of Mars, she felt Jason’s hands rove teasingly over her own surface. She felt his hands lovingly caress her body through her stretch pants and knit top. He rubbed her huge belly and felt her baby kick strongly. That part was comforting. Her baby could feel that she was excited at Jason’s touches.

She glanced over at Zachary and saw him watch Jason appreciatively. Her husband’s excited, approving gaze reassured her. She was finding this extremely enjoyable, comforting, exciting. She was actually becoming quite wet.

As she stayed shyly glued to the eyepiece, Jason kneaded her swollen breasts through her knit top. He stroked her sensitive nipples. It sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine that made her arch her back and press into him.

Jason gripped her ass cheeks hard as if he were about to penetrate her. She thrilled. She had to work desperately hard to remain passive. Then he stroked between her legs. He caressed her well-trimmed bush and lady parts through her stretch pants and panties. This was too much. She whimpered with the pleasure of it and blushed deeply. She drifted away from the eyepiece, telescope forgotten.

“Should we retire to our quarters, my wife?” asked Zach.

“Yes, if you please, my husband.” She was desperately horny now. She needed Zach’s virility to thoroughly douse the flames of her passion. She quivered.

“Shall I ask Jason to join us?”

“My husband, if we could have privacy, I have a matter.” This was the euphemism she used in public to convey she needed his lovemaking.

“Perhaps Jason could join us and help.”

“I live to please my husband,” said Anming meekly. “If my husband wishes anything, I will comply.”

“I’m asking, would you find it enjoyable if he helped?”

“I find it enjoyable to do my husband’s bidding, no matter what.”

“You’re ducking my question. So I’ll ask another. How often do you masturbate?”

“My husband, that is such a personal question in front of our guest, and with people wandering by.”


“At least once a day,” Anming admitted, blushing deeply.

“And how often have you thought of Jason while masturbating? Jason and his thick black dick, which I know you’ve held in your hand?”

Anming hesitated, blushing. She would not lie to her husband, and she must answer such a direct question. She sighed, and whimpered, “Countless times.”

“So I gather you find him sexually attractive?”

“Yes, my husband.”

“Are you wet right now?”

Anming gritted her teeth. “Yes, my husband.”

“You’d like to know what his thick dick feels like inside you, wouldn’t you?”

Anming was speechless. After a brief pause, she hid her face in her hands and nodded once, abruptly. She kicked off to float over to Radial Arm A2. Zach and Jason kicked off to follow her.

She led them to what was officially Mateo’s and Jason’s quarters at A3. It usually lay empty since both men were in constant demand as bed mates. Anming was embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to know she was with Jason, not even her dear friend Charisse.

She had been planning on bringing Zachary back to the quarters she shared with Charisse. Her newly recovered fellow wife could have helped her deal with Zachary’s insatiable night time virility. Now, to protect her reputation, she would have to handle both these virile men all night by herself. She had no illusions that if she lay with Jason, Zachary would give her any respite.

Her dirty cunt, probably both her dirty holes, would no doubt burn for days after. It would be a delicious discomfort, though. With Colleen and Alexis’s help, she was getting stronger since the rape. She could handle her husband’s perverse desires now, no matter how he made her “broaden” herself. And in the deepest, most secret part of her heart, she wanted Jason. She was dripping wet for Jason. She knew that she would not be able to help orgasming. She would make embarrassing, unflattering noises for him. She would grunt and orgasm for him shamefully and repeatedly.

Once the three of them were safe from view in the privacy of Jason’s assigned quarters, Anming lodged a mandatory protest. “My husband, I feel compelled to mention that what we are contemplating is perverse and unnatural.”

“Noted,” said her husband simply. He never argued anymore.

Zachary turned the lights low, how she liked. They fell on her in a flurry of excitement, both undressing her and themselves. Their passion was fierce, but their touch was gentle. She could have fun with this. She could. “You’d like me to have fun, wouldn’t you?” she said to Zach.

“Please, darling, we shouldn’t do it unless you enjoy it.”

“Well, hmm… enjoying it is not the same as having fun.”

Now they were stroking, kissing her naked body. Both men were all over her, poking, stroking, both penises rubbing lewdly against her. She froze up. “I’m afraid!”

The men stopped immediately. “What is it, sweetheart?” Zach asked.

“It’s too much like the incident,” she said.

“How about if I just lie over here while Jason makes love to you?”

“You would enjoy that?”

“I would. I think I would always enjoy watching you enjoy yourself, or have fun, or both.”

“Then what?”

“Then I would take my turn,” said Zach.

“Lord Buddha, no. That’s just how it was.”

“We could let you rest for a while, then-”


“Then what?”

“I don’t know, but I should try to do more for the two of you,” said Anming. “If I was their communal bathroom fixture, surely I should be yours. But I’m afraid.”

“This is not about you lowering yourself. This is about you enjoying yourself, having fun.”

“Two men are a lot to handle. I have no experience except when I was forced. And then it was not handle, but suffer, survive.”

“We don’t want that. It’s enough for you tonight just to accept another man intimately overnight. I’ll leave you two to have fun together,” said Zach.

“But what about you?” asked Anming. “I want to please you both. But not one in the mouth. That also has bad memories.”

“Another time,” said Zach. “Like I said, this is enough for tonight, my wife. Don’t worry about me. I’ll get myself handled tonight. Now, will you completely, thoroughly handle Jason?”

“Yes, my husband.”

“Satisfy him in every possible way?”

“Yes, my husband.”

“Hold nothing back?”

“As you say, my husband.”

“And Jason, she has nightmares. Can you stay with her all night? Make sure she’s comforted?”

“It would be my great pleasure,” said Jason.

“I’d rather find a way to handle you both,” Anming fretted.

“Next time,” said Zach. “Baby steps, okay?”

“Very well, my husband.”

Zach threw on his scrubs. “Then I’ll leave you to it.” He heard Anming whimper in pleasure behind him as he shut the hatch on his way out.

(To be continued)


PS: A brief guide to babies born to the Founders crew. Seven out of eleven babies have been born.

Khushi bore a baby boy, Aaron, on Mina 16, 231.
Berte bore a baby girl, Anna, on Mina 25, 231.
Aanya bore a baby boy, Ares, on Mina 28, 231.
Colby bore a baby girl, Mina, on Ares 17, 231.
Charisse bore a baby girl, Vrishika, on Ares 25, 231.
Ayana bore a baby girl, Gaia, on Mesha 15, 231.
Colette bore a baby girl, Mesha, on Mesha 17, 231.