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My Step Mother Affair (M/F, Incest, Step Mother, Step Son, Oral, Anal, Size)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real

               My Father had left early this Afternoon for a Business trip, so the only ones Home were myself and my Step Mother, Susan. My Father had remarried after my Mother had died of Cancer a year ago, Susan was my Mother's best friend who came in to help take care of her during the last stages of her life. Susan and my Father developed a great relationship after she died, I never objected when he asked her hand in Marriage because she was willing to do anything and everything to help my Mother out and respected that. I also, too, fell in love with Susan because of her kindness and her undying gratitude towards my Mother, but that love has grown into something deeper. That night, after Dinner, Susan and I decided to watch one of her favorite movies. The movie was good, but my mind was more on something else. Susan wore a blue dress with shoes to match, she wore a sexy pair of grey pantyhose over her gorgeous 45 year old legs. 
Her blonde hair smelled of strawberries and jasmine, it was making my 18 year old dick rock hard, I just wanted to give it to her right there on the couch.

             My right hand got bold and started to rub her left knee, feeling those sexy pantyhose, my hand ran up and down her left leg. I could Susan breathing heavy, I could tell she was getting turned on by all of this. Suddenly, Susan pushed my hand away and said to me under her breath, "Stop, we can't keep doing this. We need to stop betraying your Father." I replied, "He doesn't have to know and he will never know." Susan pushed me away from her and took off upstairs so I eventually followed her after turning off the movie and locking the Front door. Once I came upstairs I could see the light on in my Parents bedroom through the crack of the door. I looked inside and could see Susan standing in front of the mirror that rested above the dressers in the bedroom. Susan was now wearing only her sheer cream colored bra and her grey pantyhose. I could see that she wore no panties under her hose and I could see her beautiful hairy pussy. I love her hairy pussy and I wanted it again, so I went into my room and stripped down to my underwear with my big cock bulging through the fabric.

            I went back to look in at Susan as she was brushing her blonde hair that reached down to her neck line, I slowly walked in as she continued to brush. I pressed my hard on up against her nylon covered ass as I heard her gasp. I wrapped my arms around Susan's waist and started to suck on her neck, my left hand started massaging her left breast outside of her bra while my right hand rubbed her pussy outside of pantyhose as I pushed my hard on still against her ass. Susan couldn't help herself but to reach around and grabbed me by my dick, she squeezed my cock hard outside of my underwear then she yanked it down to free my cock.

             "I'll let you Fuck me again, but after tonight no more", Susan hissed at me under her breath and dropped to her knees to suck my cock. I was so happy to have her beautiful mouth wrapped around my cock again as she sucked my dick I ran my fingers through her bleached blonde hair, then eventually I started to mouth Fuck her with my cock until Susan started to gag on it. I couldn't take it anymore and had to have her pussy that I picked her up off the floor and put her down on the bed, ripped the crotch out of her pantyhose and shoved my 10 inch dick up her hairy dark pussy. Susan groaned out loud as I Fucked her wet bush, my cock was getting coated in her juices as I slammed her hard upon my Father's bed.

               The room was filled with the sounds of us Fucking, it was the best sound I love to hear everytime I Fuck my Stepmother's pussy. I bet Dad doesn't make her pussy feel this good. A few minutes later, I turned Susan around to put her up on all fours, I ripped her pantyhose more to expose her sweet asshole. I grabbed some lubrication out of her dresser drawer, I squirted it all over her asshole and then all over my prick, and I shoved it up her ass as she screamed out in ecstasy. I Fucked Susan's ass with as much of my dick I could get in her asshole, it felt so good to be inside of her tight poop chute. Susan's cries echoed all over the room and down the Hallway, if my Father came Home we'd be caught in a matter of seconds.

                I kept on pounding Susan's sweet ass until I felt like I was going to blow my load, so I pulled out and blasted my cum all over her torn pantyhose. Once I finished, Susan and I kissed each other then she made me leave still reminding me that this was the last time. I of course didn't believe her for the last time she said that to me we were back at it again just now. After taking a shower and getting into bed I laid there in the dark thinking about Susan and all of the times we've fucked before. My cock was hard again, but I left it alone and tried not to think about my Step Mother. I didn't know what time it was but I woke up to what felt like a blow job, of course it was Susan sucking my dick, just wearing a pair of satin panties and pleasing my cock in the morning.

          "I thought you didn't want to do this again.", I said to Susan. "Shut up and enjoy yourself.", Susan said and went back to blowing me. Her head bobbed up and down as my dick filled her mouth. I just relaxed enjoying my morning blow job until I got a face full of pussy. "Lick it, Jason!", Susan hissed as she was sitting up on my face, I obeyed and buried my face into her hairy bush. As I did this Susan rubbed her clit hoping to make it squirt and enjoy her pussy being licked by my wet tongue. Eventually she did squirt all over my face coating it with her juices, which in turn she brought her face to mine and licked off her own cream from my face like she was a Dog greetings me with a kiss. Next thing I knew my cock sank inside of her pussy and we were fucking again.

               "You filthy minded Boy, fuck me good and don't stop until you cum in me!", Susan said as her dirty talk filled my head with wickedness and sin for my Step Mother's pussy. I did what I was told and gave her what she wanted. I kept up the pace and fucked her harder, faster as she cried my name out loud until I came in her hairy twat. She collapsed upon my chest, both of us panting, we finally kissed. It ended quickly as she grabbed her panties to put them back on, she slapped my cock to say, "Go take a shower, Pervert!", then she left my room. Damn her mood swings.

               That day continued as normal, Susan and I acted like Mother and Son for the most part. I did the lawn, washed my clothes, washed her Car and my own. I went back inside for Lunch, Susan didn't want anything from me sexually, we still remained chaste throughout the remainder of the day. Susan had went off shopping while I cleaned up the garage that I promised Dad that I would have done before he came back. I was just enjoying a bottle of Coke while watching TV on the couch when Susan came walking back into the House and straight to the Living Room. I really didn't pay much attention to her, but did greeted her when she came Home. Next thing I know, Susan threw her black high heeled foot next to me on the couch. I looked at her leg encased in suntanned pantyhose, she wore a white dress with black stripes, under her skirt she wore a half slip that had a slit up the leg.

               Lifting up her skirt, I could see she wore a pair of white full brief panties outside of her pantyhose, this made my dick jerk so without saying a word to each other I felt up my Step Mother's leg until I reached her panties. Suddenly after I started to pet her crotch she slapped my hand away. "Wait, Baby.", Susan said taking her right leg down off the couch. Susan grabbed her skirt and raised it up above her waist, she rocked her hips back and forth like she was swaying to music in her head. "Now, Baby.", she hissed as I rubbed her panties again as she kept her swaying going. Just then I grabbed the waistband of her panties and slowly rolled them down revealing her hairy pussy exposed in her crotchless pantyhose.

                 Once I got her panties off, Susan undid my jeans lowering them down with my underwear freeing my erect cock. Susan impaled herself upon my thick cock and milked me for all the cum I could give her. As she rode my cock I held her in my arms to keep her from falling off. As our fucking continued, we kissed each other and we let each other know how much we loved each other. I couldn't take it anymore and blasted another load of cum inside of her MILF pussy. "I guess you're going to get your Step Mother pregnant you Naughty Boy.", Susan said with a laugh. "Keep sitting on my cock and I just might.," I replied as Susan slapped my face. "Prevent!", then she jumped off my cock, grabbed her panties and went upstairs to her bedroom. I looked up at the sky and said out loud, "Mom, you have one crazy friend."

                Around 5pm, I took it upon myself to make Dinner. As the food was cooking Susan came back downstairs to see what I was making. Wrapping her arms around me she asked, "What are you making for Dinner?", when she was asking me this she was squeezing my dick as she pressed herself up against me. "Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Oh God why do you torture me so?", I said to Susan. "You're mine to do with as I please, Baby. Don't you want to feed me this cock for Dinner instead?", Susan replied as she undid my jeans again lowering down my underwear again. Squatting down she pressed her face up against my ass as she squeezed my cock, then started stroking it with her right hand. I moaned as she jerked me off in the kitchen, then I turned around and started to mouth fuck Susan.

             I pumped her mouth like it was her pussy as her mouth made gagging sounds because of how long and thick I am. I couldn't hold on any longer and blasted her with my cum. She got up, lifted up her skirt, dropped her panties so I could fuck her bush. As the food keep on cooking my cock was punishing her quivering toosh, I couldn't help it I needed that pussy, I craved that pussy, I wish I was Married to it instead of my Father. Just then I gave her another creampie and watched it ooze from her hairy cunt. "Thanks for Dinner my love!", Susan said as we kissed.

The End

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