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Author Topic: how do we fix this ?  (Read 151 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2020, 01:53:48 PM »

I’m going to agree with eater on this to a degree.

Prior to the internet most people who managed to get something printed and read had some credibility in what they were writing; again, I say most.  And those that read the printed word took some effort to do so; they bought books or newspapers, and they tended to be educated and interested in what was true regardless of how that truth made them feel.  Social media makes it easier for lazy readers to read.  And lazy readers tend to believe what they want to believe without any credibility threshold or interest in real fact checking.  And any fuckwad can write something on the internet.

But the solution isn’t banning the internet or censoring it, it’s better education.

i agree that education and laziness is a big part of the problem but i also see some role parents play in this. our original ideals and political leaning or interest at all used to come from parents, and along with it came a certain measure of balance and discretion if not respect. the breakdown of the family and lack of supervision since cell phones and the internet is allowing kids and younger adults to get deeply into opinions of others with no parental guidance, where before the kids would leave the room or adults didnt get into things in front of kids, at least until they had a chance to tell them separately what its about,with balance,and share their opinions and views along side of "the story".
when my oldest was growing up i used to answer his questions by telling him whats "the story" telling one side then the other and end by telling him "my view" which was usually part of one side and part of the other side.
and colleges used to do similar in educating, as well as news anchors reporting.
now nothing is like that. everything is extreme one side or the other, the unbiased or balanced does not exist anymore, and too many parents are not there to insert the diplomacy.
either because of broken families or just from kids and parents living totally disconnected lives.coming and going from the same house but not even really 'knowing' each other.
look at the families in public sitting in places while they are all on their phone and not even talking to each other. surely if they do that while 'out together' its even worse at home.
in the latest example of media manipulating what the left is allowed to hear in order to control their thinking and viewpoints facebook & twitter & google all blocked access to or deleted accounts related to the breaking news about hunter bidens newly discovered   e-mails talking to foreign governments about arranging access to joe biden in exchange for millions of dollars and faked employment at a ukraine gas company to cover up his payoffs to gain access to his father joe biden.

why anyone would approve of having their information filtered by unknown persons or organizations for whatever reason is beyond me but democrats seem to enjoy or at least argue in support of the censorship and what they are allowed to see...or just deny it happens in the face of obvious proof.
if there was something truly bad about trump I WOULD WANT TO matter what and be very angry at any news network or media that tried to manipulate me.

"The era of Gaslighting"
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