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Author Topic: Dennis 2  (Read 159 times)
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love sucking cock

« on: October 12, 2020, 05:30:32 AM »

I was his first, he'd whispered to me

WHAT was I thinking, a wonderfully attractive male, unabashedly gave off sexual vibes like I'd only seen from Lorraine, my best female lover ever.
She would look at me "with eyes that burned like cigarettes" light one up and french inhaled deep drags until she touched my hand one day during a visit.
Then I knew we had to have a date.

With men, though, they gave off entirely different sex vibes. Some were like straight guys dabbling, never looking at men as lovers, they were just cocks, or more advanced, asses, but few wanted to "kiss like lovers do"  
They wanted another to handle their kit, or needed the real thing up their ass. Some guys must have started early, like a pharma salesman maybe 10 years my junior who wanted my joint throbbing one out, "fill me up man!" he'd shout time when we had a regular bed, he had red stockings and some of his wife's underwear for to soil.

Then Dennis again. I was volunteering at a local theatre, in the boxoffice. Dorr opened, bell rang and he was right there. We were literally meeting again after a considerable absence, 20 years, but he was older...and better. slightly slimmer, better condition and coif, and the same voice to melt you. He spoke, recognized, then a continuous smile and eye contact throughout the ticket transaction, during which I had to ask several identifying questions. But that was all, either or both maybe wanted to assess the consequences of taking this next-level. I sure didn't want to intrude his life, nor did I want to self-ident that aspect of my personal life there. It was left at that, nice encounter, we'd exchanged kind yet knowing salutations, end of.
He called the boxoffice one slow day, perhaps he passed by this main street feature and you can see who's on duty, then called, said this is Dennis and "I wish I could be under the counter sucking your cock". That was it, oh, ran into Dennis, his 3 boys, in a local grocery store, just said Hi. Three years later he was dead from a rare cancer.   
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