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MintJulie · 126265

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Offline MintJulie

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Reply #30 on: December 02, 2020, 12:34:31 AM
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          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
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Offline HppyHrryHrdn

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Reply #31 on: December 08, 2020, 02:25:02 AM

HppyHrryHrdn Stories

Author's note: All the stories below will require a minimum of twenty minutes to read(some hours). But I think it's worth every minute.

Flight # Covid-19 (MF, Mf, ua, first, anal, oral)
A researcher and Covid survivor travels overseas on a flight he won't forget.

Bunko (fF+, 1st, drugs, reluc, voy, anal, oral)
A girl discovers there is more to Bunko than dice. Her Ex enjoys watching her learn as he learns too.

Nip Tuck (MF,FF, first time, nc)
A married woman goes to the doctor to improve herself, but there is quite a high price.

Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA,mf,Fm,first,Alcohol,inc,ff,reluctant,BDSM,blkmail,mm)
A long story of a boy's adventures after finding a hideout and a girl that wants to turn it into a sex club.

Experimenting On Sister (mF, inc, nc, MDom/f, bro/sis)

A brother is tired of his overly smart sister.  Experiments on her to find out how her brain and body truly interact.

Red Dick 2022 Update (MF, rom, nc and con, Size, 1st time)
Same story as above with grammar and spelling corrected. Plus some minor scene adjustments.

No Doors (MF,ff,mf,inc, bro/sis, rom)
Family life can get complicated when you share a room with no door. A brother and sister navigate family and friends along the way.

Stowaway (UA,MF,rom)
John gets more than he was expecting on his move. The question for him is the girl just a hard-luck case that sneaked into his car, or a young lady sneaking into his heart.

The Companion  (MF, 1st, oral, alcohol, rom)
Joe enlist his daughter's roommate as a travel companion.
« Last Edit: November 04, 2022, 04:01:44 AM by HppyHrryHrdn »

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a thought is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

For a list of more of my stories, click here

Offline DiscipleN

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Reply #32 on: December 13, 2020, 08:08:39 PM

Stories by DiscipleN

Wrought a Slave, Out of Mom (F/b, incest, mDom, coersion, reluct, slow)

Kane's Cum Bucket Bitch (F/dog, beastiality, training, dog dom, trainer dom)

Tricks Behind the Door (incest, mom-son, whoring, Halloween, mDom, cult, spooky)

Watch Forced - [NTR, bullies, rape, bondage, cruelty, bad poetry]

Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]

Minding Others (mind control, slow, incest, reluctant, plot, mom/son)

Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten [age regres, alt mind, inc, mom-son, slow]

27 JAGed Pills  Chapters I, II, & III [mF, mf, inc, ms, fat fetish, cons, hung]

Activist Teacher in Africa [inter, mF, rape, school]

Black Harvest, White Seeding [interracial, rape, demons, boys, women]

Broke, Fat, Black, and Ugly [slow, nc, rape, oral, interracial, mdom]

Chained and Spanked Mother [m/s, inc, bdsm, oral, anal, spank, rough...]

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 1 [m/F, inc, nc, rape]

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 2 [m/F, inc, nc, rape]

Fold, Spindle, and Mommy-rape Part 3 [m/F, inc, nc, rape]

I'll Be a Mommy's Uncle! [Fm, inc, regression, x-dress, reluct, slow]

Incubus by Day (MF, fant, nc, magic, D/S, rough, oral, anal, beast)

Kathy Andrew's Neighborhood (mF, underage, m/s, ...and everything else, really)

Little Chain Gang Bangs [straight shota, teens and women, rape, reluctance]

Perchance to Dom, Chapter I & II

Son Don't Sow What Came Over Me 01 (Fm, inc, d/s, mast, reluct, cheat, cuck)

Son Don't Sow What Came Over Me 02 (Fm, inc, d/s, mast, reluct, cheat, cuck)
« Last Edit: May 31, 2022, 06:37:38 PM by DiscipleN »

Offline MintJulie

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Reply #33 on: December 28, 2020, 01:40:21 PM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by rache (Rachael Ross)

Note: Rachael passed away at a young age (early 30s) and is no longer with us. A complete list of stories she wrote before her untimely death can be found at the Rachael Ross Archives

The stories below have been posted on Kristen's Board. Click on the title to read.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April Fools Story 2009

Blind Date (F/M, Rom, CD, Toys)

A Trick of the Light

Wishes Like Girls (M/f, No Sex, Fantasy)

Six: The Adventures of a Blue Girl in "Close Encounters of the Heart" (m/f, intergalactic romance, oral, first)

Traveling Man (M/F, Romance, Christmas)

CIS: A Taste of Denim (Teen Angst, Clothes, Public humiliation)

Reasons Until After (fff/m, teen, rom, reluct, oral, cd, cheerleaders, angst)

Predators (f/f romance, see note)

NIS - Pieces of Sam (F/f, f/f, first, romance, lesbian, oral, petting, masturbation)

How of Why (FF, Rom, Mast)

Babysitter's First Time (M/f, Consensual/Seduction, First, Romantic)

Fuckface (M/f, Incest, Rom, Teen, Spank, WS, Oral, Slut, humil)

Dancing (M/F, [Bro/Sis] Incest, Rom, Reluc, No Sex, Slow

My Mom The School Slut f/m, incest, oral, science fiction)

Dick (M/f, police)

Betsy's Best Intentions (m/f, incest, rom, first)

Naked in School (M/f, F/f, f/f, Best, School, Alleged Humor)

JPJ09 - Petting Janey (F/Dog, F/F, Reluct, Incest, Best, Etc)

Goddess(m/dog, oral, intercourse, petting, bestiality, rom)

Dogsmith (F/Dog, M/Dog, F/F, Bestiality, Romance, Toys)

Practical Women (F/Dog, Romance, bestiality)

My Gay Dog (M/F/DOG, Romance, Oral, Anal, Humor, Jealousy, Bestiality)

Miss Blind America (F/Dog, Some Sex, Some Humor, a Big Disclaimer)

Dare: Book I (Dog+/F, Fantasy, Magic, Bestiality, Romance)

Dare: Book II (Dog+/F, Fantasy, Magic, Bestiality, Romance)

A Brief Guide to Dog Sex

Practical Woman (F/Dog, Romance)

Cuckold by the Dogs (F/Dogs, Cheating? Bestiality)

Miss Blind America (F/Dog, Silly)

Dare (Dog+/F, M/F, Romance, Fantasy)

California (Cowboys, Horses, Poker, Bestiality)

Did you ever... (a comment, not a story)

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          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
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Offline MintJulie

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Reply #34 on: December 31, 2020, 04:45:47 AM

Grendel's Tales

Long Works ... in small bites.
All of these are or will be novel/novella length but posted in small digestible bits ... none of them is complete, yet.  Currently posted are two tales in two different universes.

A Masochistic Princess of Mars A line by line rewrite/extension of the classic Princess of Mars by ERB which is now in the public domain.  John Carter and Dejah Thoris are both quite different in this than the original.  MF, Mf, FF, Ff, sn, tor, inc, alien, best.

How I Snuffed Your Mother Written with bedeyes.  My/our first Club Murgatroyd story, probably not the last.  This one finishes at nine updates!  MF, Mf, FF, mF, mf, Incest, BDSM, SC and C snuff, hanging, other asphyxia, impaling, drowning, electrocution, beheading, poison.

The Snuff Games Written with Lexifoura and bedeyes.  This is actually the third Club Murgatroyd story; I will probably post the second sometime.  The story of two families and a D&D game.  This is the kind of thing I intended when I started posting here at Kristen's Board.  Though the main tale is about adults there are whole plot lines that involve underage persons.  The plan so far includes: MF+, Mf+, M+F+, M+f+, MM, F+, Ff, f+, mf, mF, Mg, mg, bg, fg, g+, bb, uateen, inc, intr, w/s, reluc, nc, rp, v, bi, tor, best and snuff of course; C, SC, and NC,including hanging, strangling, bagging,  electrocution, beheading, poison, and exotic methods which destroy the mind but leave the body alive.  I am positive there will be other types of snuff and likely other codes a swell ... and eventually transgender characters.  And yes you read that correctly, this will be my first foray into Gay sex. 

Four Sigma: A Tale of the Sigma Partnership The world of The Sigma Partnership was the first of the three independent snuff oriented worlds that I have created so far, the other two being The Changing World and Club Murgatroyd.  It is very much like our own, save that rich and powerful men are even more depraved and get away with even more than they do in RL.  Fourteen episodes have been written ... so far ... the tale is not yet complete.  This is the story of a man on his dream vacation.  First person.  In addition to the usual themes this one also has some mind control in it.  Again some W/S for dominance sake and racial epithets.  This bastard is the nastiest of my protagonists, so far, so if you don't like it rough this is not for you.   OTOH it does start sort of slow ... so you might try the first one and see if you like the bastard.  So far MF+, Mf, FF, Ff, sn, tor, inc, inter, humil ... I am sure there will be more codes ... will try and warn you when the time comes.

An Affair to Die For This story takes place in the universe of the Sigma Partnership but farther into the future than the other.  It is co-written by bedeyes and so contains more truly consensual sexual violence than is usual.  Written first person with multiple POV.  Includes adultery, incest, rape, slavery, torture, and murder ... and, as I implied, more romance, and consensual and semi-consensual snuffs than are usual in my work.  It takes place in the Sigma Partnership universe but farther into the future.  Oh, and it is currently a work in progress ... but enjoyable none the less I hope.

Short Works

Olympic Dreams A tale of the 2012 Olympics in London.  This story is essentially a consensual hanging but in the build up there are other types of asphyxia carried to unconsciousness, one true NC scene, and mentions of semi-consensual and non-consensual sex and death.  MF, S&M, CON, SC, NC, SN

New Year's Resolutions Two short tales for the season.  NC rp tor sn and SC best(K9) tor rough sn with mutilation and an extra helping of tit torture for those who like that ;)

A Snuffmas Carol: A Changed World Story 2143 Written with bedeyes.  MF, Mf, Mg, FF, Ff, Fg, mF.  A young woman is taught the value of consensual snuff in a single night by visiting spirits.  Incest, w/s, cons, preggo, brutal, tit torture, asphyxia, saw, decapitation, neck breaking, stabbing, electrocution, poison.  Very, VERY rough!!   

Second Degree Gang Activity: The Changed World 2261 Special authorized double appearance by jennyisrons.  A girl, her mother and many of her sisters are brutally executed because they did not realize that the eldest two daughters had become criminals and thus did not turn them in.  Snuff, Rape, torture, brutality, mutilation, humiliation, misogyny, degradation, bestiality, incest, sex with under age females, water sports.  I think that is everything ....

And again ... a shorter tale ... in the Changing World saga ....
Epiphany: a Changing World Story 2065  MF Mf mf mg sn rp tor nc sc c inc?  A young man takes advantage of his college summer break to visit the family of his HS sweetheart and clean up some loose ends ... so to speak.  Asphyxia (manual, bagging, hogtie) and lots of knife work of various flavors.   

The Citizen Wakes: Changed World, Mon 5 Aug 2402 MF Mf Mg Ff Fg FF sn tor uateen  An older man frozen in death wakes to a new young body ... a totally different world than the one he 'died' in.

The Citizen Feels Death: Changed World, Tue 6 thru Fri 9 Aug 2402 MF Mf Mg Ff Fg sn tor rp NC SC C inter uateen The Citizen continues to learn about his new world, plans his near term future, and as preparation for becoming a full Citizen gets to feel ... and enjoy a tween cunt dying while impaled on his cock.

          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
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Offline MintJulie

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Reply #35 on: December 31, 2020, 03:30:14 PM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by Cats_Whiskers

The Predator (f solo mast, Mf anal)

The Family (MF, Mf, f+M, M+Ff, M+f, Inc, Piss, Anal)

My Flight To Singapore (M/F)

Weird Island (M/F, M/f/g, m/F,  f/f, incest, beast, bondage, drugs)

Elementary My Dear Watson (MM) Story requested by Frustrated_Girl

My Sister Michelle (M/F, reluctant)

Heaven or Hell (BDSM, Bondage, Anal, Water Sports)

          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
Version 9.2
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Offline Rainwater

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Reply #36 on: January 28, 2021, 08:41:06 AM
Rainwater's Stories

Picture me sitting in the corner of my bedroom, my chair pulled up to a cheap table, typing away at my laptop by the light of a small desk lamp.  As far as background music, it's got to have some emotion or I'd just as soon have silence.  I am a night owl, and if the words are still flowing and I am eager to finish an idea or even a chapter, then I will do so.   The main thing I want to do, in the long run, is be true to the characters, and if they begin to run away with my original idea for a story, turning it into something else, so be it.

I plan to write a great variety of stories here, but I would say that the common theme that will tie them together will be the element of the forbidden, such as underage stories; stories involving cheating, blackmail, and hidden desires; stories involving rape.  Other kinds of stories may be included, but descriptions and story codes will always be given in any case. - RW


The Wrong Kind of Attention - 15 year old Emily is getting a lot of attention these days, from her Mom's boyfriend and from the couple next door.  Who is to say whose attention is wrong or right in the long run when Emily with her raging hormones can't decide for herself?  Work in progress... 57 pgs 25332 words

The Ordeal - Our narrator, Johnny, has got himself in a bit of trouble and he's been tied up and taken to an unknown location.  Oh, one might expect to wake up in a cold basement surrounded by hardened henchmen to beat the information out of him, but Johnny wakes up blindfolded and naked in the company of two young teenage girls who seem determined to tease and sexually torture the information out of him.  Work in progress... 12 pgs 4406 words
« Last Edit: June 11, 2022, 11:23:53 PM by Rainwater »

Live while you live for you're a long time dead.


  • Guest
Reply #37 on: March 17, 2021, 06:33:58 PM

Stories by DurtyDurtyGirl

Coming of Age - (NC, MmF, Humil, Incest. Mdom. uateen)

Home for Christmas - (NC, MFF, Incest (kinda) )

« Last Edit: March 17, 2021, 06:56:00 PM by MintJulie »

Offline MintJulie

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Reply #38 on: April 17, 2021, 05:59:17 PM

          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
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Offline MintJulie

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Reply #39 on: April 27, 2021, 05:00:09 PM

Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here

Stories by fnord

fnord post 01: Backdoor in Black (MF, interracial)

fnord post 02: Rental Rump Humper (MF, oral, anal, prostitute)

fnord post 03: Oriental Butt-Boning (MF+, interracial, oral, anal, cheating)

fnord post 04: Road Trip Rear-Ending (MF, interracial, oral, anal)

fnord post 05: While the Girlfriend's Away (MF, interracial, cheat, oral, anal)

fnord post 06: Rump Romp With Rosa (MF, oral, anal interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 07: Steam & Cream (MF+, oral, anal, interracial)

fnord post 08: Black Booty (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 09: LBFM (MF, oral, anal, interracial, bar girl)

fnord post 10: Givin' the Dog a Bone, v1.0 (MF, oral, anal, best, bond)

fnord post 11: Black Anal Encounter (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 12: Doing the Club Scene (MF, oral, anal, toys)

fnord post 13: Audition, part one (MFF, oral, anal, interracial)

fnord post 14: Being Neighborly (MF, oral, interracial)

fnord post 15: Hot Hooker Heiney (MF+, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 16: Swap Club (MF, oral, anal, ws, interracial)

fnord post 17: Hooker Sandwich (MF, MF, MMF, oral, anal/dp, prostitute)

fnord post 18: Junkshop Jennie (MF, oral, anal, prostitute)

fnord post 19: Doggy Style (F/dog, FF, lesbian, best)

fnord post 20: Prospect (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 21: Cheating on Uni (MF+, interracial, oral, anal, cheat, sleep)

fnord post 22: At the Movies (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 23: Saved by the Belle (MF, oral, anal, sneaky bastardry)

fnord post 24: Pit Stop at the Club (MF, MM+/f, oral, anal)

fnord post 25: Short-Time Anal (MF, oral, anal, interracial, bar-girl)

fnord post 26: Making Bail (MF, oral, anal, cheat(ish))

fnord post 27: Psycho Bitch Girlfriend From Hell (MF, interracial, anal, nc?)

fnord post 28: Sleeping Bootie, part one (MF, oral, anal, interracial, sleeping)

fnord post 29: Table Games (MM+/FF+, oral, anal, interracial, bar-girl)

fnord post 30: Anna, part one (MF, MF, oral, cheat)

fnord post 31: Givin' the Dog a Bone v2.0 (MF, oral, anal, best, bond, nc)

fnord post 32: Lot Lizard (MF, oral, anal, prostitute)

fnord post 34: Sleeping Bootie, part two (MF, MFF, oral, anal, cheat, sleep)

fnord post 35: In the Doghouse (MF, oral, anal, best, voy, bar-girl)

fnord post 36: Cynthia (f/dog,uateen, voy)

fnord post 37: Mile High 01 (MF+, oral, anal)

fnord post 38: Anna, part two (MF, oral, anal, cheat)

fnord post 39: Farm Girl (MF, oral, anal, best)

fnord post 40: Suzy, part one (MF, oral, anal, voy)

fnord post 41: Another Hooker Story (MFF, oral, anal, prostitute)

fnord post 42: Li Jin (MF, oral, bath-house, interracial)

fnord post 43: Black Massage Parlor Fuck (MF, oral, anal, interracial, massage)

fnord post 44: Lust Action Hero, Episode One - Origins (MF, oral, anal, movie)

fnord post 46: Dog Lover, part one (ff+, uateen, best/dog)

fnord post 47: I Like Fundy Girls (MF, oral, anal, virgin)

fnord post 48: First Hooker (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

fnord post 49: Audition, part two (MF, oral, anal, interracial)

fnord post 50: Banging Mama-san (MF, oral, anal, interracial)

fnord post 51: Nano, Chapter One: In the Beginning (MFF, oral, anal, scifi)

fnord post 52: Dog Lover, part two (f/dog, uateen, best)

fnord post 53: By the Numbers (MF, oral, anal, interracial, bar-girl)

fnord post 54: Busy Weekend, part one: Homework (Mf, uateen, oral, sex, toy)

fnord post 55: Jung (MF, oral, anal, interracial)

fnord post 56: Black Florida Hooker (MF, oral, anal, prostitute)

fnord post 57: Designated Driver, part one (MF, anal, nc)

fnord post 58: Sleeping Mom, part one (mF, uateen, oral, incest, nc)

fnord post 59: In the Treehouse, part one (mf, uateen, oral, anal)

fnord post 60: Gwen, part one (Mf, uateen, oral)

fnord post 61: Ass Only (MF, anal, craigslist)

fnord post 62: Crusing Ho Row (MF, oral, anal, interracial, prostitute)

Shard - a snippet

fnord post 63: Gwen, part two (Mf, uateen, oral, toys)

fnord post 64: Bathroom Quickie (MF, oral, anal, cheat{ish}, craigslist)

fnord post 65: Curiosity, part one (Mf, uateen, oral)

fnord post 66: Behind the Barn (MF, oral, anal, craigslist)

fnord post 67: Haley's Comet (f/best, uateen, mast, voy, toy, dog, ana)

fnord post 69: Student Nursing, part 1 (M/F, asian, manual, oral)

fnord post 70: A Pack of Smokes, a Dark Alley, and Thou (MF, asian, oral)

fnord post 71: After the Show (MF/F/F, oral, anal, cheating)

fnord post 72: Mom to the Rescue 01 (MF, oral, intercourse, cheat[ish])

fnord post 73: Birthday Party Aftermath (Mf, uateen, anal, nc)

fnord post 74: Who Wants to Fuck the Babysitter 01 (M/f, uateen, hj, craigslist)

fnord post 75: Big Weekend 01 (MF, oral, craigslist)

fnord post 77: Working Piece 10 (MF, interracial, oral, more to come)

fnord post 79: Taking the Hint (MF, IR, hooker, oral, anal)

          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
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POY 2016

Offline MintJulie

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Reply #40 on: May 09, 2021, 03:28:25 AM
Thank you to PurpleShoes for gathering the info to provide this member's stories here.  This was a huge undertaking as KitKat has a large amount of stories published to KB.  Thank you very much!  Woo for you, my friend.


Stories by KitKat

Lacy's Legacy continues (MMmm/f, first, ped, oral, cheat, rom )
(Note: This is one long post of Parts 20-26, which are listed below as individual posts)

Electra's Lotus (MF, 1st, v, rom, war)

The Weekend by Forgetfulish & KitKat (M/f-teen, voyeur, first, ped, oral, anal)

Lacy's Legacy (Thanksgiving 3some) (mmf, teens, 1st, reluc, mast, oral, voy,)

A Renaissance Romance (M/teen f, romantic, ped, first, cream pie, preg)

Rock Gods & Baby Groupies (Mf / Mff teens, drugs, alcohol, threesome)

You like my little sister?' (Mf, teen, ped, mast, first, oral, cream pie, rom)

The Apple Of My Eye (MF, rom, mast, vouyer)

Sexy Sleepover (mmf teen, m dom,first,alcohol,oral,reluctant,bondage,voyeur)

Naughty Little Natasha (Mf/ff/mf/Mm,teens,ped,inc,mast,spank,oral,drugs,DP,3way,

~ Secret Lovers ~

Lacy's Legacy Part 1

Lacy's Legacy Part 2

Lacy's Legacy Part 3

Lacy's Legacy Part 4

Lacy's Legacy Part 5

Lacy's Legacy Part 6

Lacy's Legacy Part 7

Lacy's Legacy Part 8

Lacy's Legacy Part 9

Lacy's Legacy Part 10

Lacy's Legacy Part 11

Lacy's Legacy Part 12

Lacy's Legacy Part 13

Lacy's Legacy Part 14

Lacy's Legacy Part 15

Lacy's Legacy Part 16

Lacy's Legacy Part 17

Lacy's Legacy Part 18

Lacy's Legacy Part 19

Lacy's Legacy Part 20 (Mf, teen, ped, rom, vouyer)

Lacy's Legacy Part 21 (Mf, mf, teens, ped, rom, cheat)

Lacy's Legacy Part 22 (mf, teens, drugged, rp, v)

Lacy's Legacy Part 23 (Mf, teen, ped, rom)

Lacy's Legacy Part 24 (Mf, mf, teens, ped, 1st, vouyer, cheat)

Lacy's Legacy Part 25 (Mf, MF, mf, 1st, ped, alcohol, swap, vouyer, oral, rom)

Lacy's Legacy Part 26 (Mf, teen, ped, rom)

Anything For Ally (Mf teen, rom, cheat)

Virgin For Sale (M/f-teen, ped, rom, kidnapped, voyeur, first)

Who Likes Spanking Stories?

Girl Scout Cookie Cat-fight (ff-teen, wild catfight, voyeur)

- Burning Desire - (M/f-teen, ped, v, rom, more codes later)

Her Name Is Dallas (mf-teens, first, mast, rom, more codes later)

-Lacy's Legacy-
(Note: This is one very long post of all the parts listed above, 1-26)

Sexy Summertime Sex Stories

Overexposed & Under-Prepared (MMf, teens, ped, alcohol, nc, v, rom)

"Dude, you like my mom?" (Fm-teen, ped, affair, voyeur, cream pie, preg?, rom)

Xmas & New Years Sex Stories
(Note: These are not all KitKat stories, but she highly recommends them.)

Miami Vices! By CJ & KitKat (M+ FF, cops, drugs, v, gangs, more codes later)

A Pluck From Cupid's Bow (mf-teens ff-teens, first, rom)

Patience, Arkansas - by KitKat & Army of One (Mf-teen, western, ped, rom)

Valentine's Dreams Come True: The Husband's Fantasy

After School Detention (Mf-teen, ped, reluc, spank, oral, rom)

KitKat's Picks (Gay, Bi, Trans Stories from the Kristen Archives)

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Stories by TheCommander

I am not a good writer but I love it to read a good story. But sometimes it hits me and a story flashes through my mind, staying there for some time. If that happens Iike to share this around to you. It maybe takes some time between the stories to get a new one but I promise to share the good ones to you...

The stories will be added just with the newest at the top and not be sorted in any other way.

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Interested in other stories written by me? Click here to get a full listing...

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Here is a list of the stories I have posted here:

Autobiographical (true stories):

Camping (MMF): my first time with two boys

Engaged (MF, mast): being engaged, and (relatively) chaste

The Lake (MF, watched): a man watched us have sex at a lake

The Affair (MF, catastrophe): lies, damn lies, and deceit

Doing it (F, solo, mast): how I masturbate

Dreams (F, hints at M+F): how I came to share sex stories

Insatiable (no sex): why I am here:

On the car (MF): an incident with an American visitor

The Tribute (M, F, mast)


Bachelor Party (M+F): my fantasy after meeting a bachelor party at a hotel

The Photographs (M+F): my fantasy after builders found nude photos of me

Pole Dancing (solo): letting go for charity

Meeting Vicky (MF): fucking a young man met online

Softly (MF, hints at M+F): more a poem than a story:

Interactive Adventure Story (M+F): a reader-directed erotic story

Interactive Story #2: (M+F): a walk in the night

Orcs (M+F, nc?) a fantasy about orcs

Beach Riders (M+F, nc?): confronting a biker gang

Bus Ride (M+F): I ride the football team bus

Showers (M+F): I go in the 'wrong' showers

Sucking (M, F)

Sunbathing (M+F)
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Try me...

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Stories by
Sailbad the Sinner


Adventures in Horticulture - Emily goes green, and she likes it.   ©2021  76K
1)   Adventures in Horticulture - Girl meets plant for cross-pollination(?). Emily house-sits for her botanist neighbor and gets seduced by an enormous flowering plant.  ©2010  29K  (horror, humor, Fsolo, non-anthro, mc)
2)   Herba-Mistress - Sometimes Emily gets the salad; sometimes the salad gets Emily. ©2021  47K  (horror, humor, Fsolo, non-anthro, mc)

Angel in the Dark - What does it feel like when a pro falls in love? The celebrated “Angel” is about to find out. This is the sequel to "Dana and the Angel of Lost Girls".  ©2017  75K  (les, prost, rape)

The Charm - A 13 year old boy's discoveries in sex with the help of the strange sexuality of his teacher who taps him for her needs. ©2004  89K
1)   Caught by Teacher - Charlie has a crush on his teacher and she uses it to ensnare him for her plans.  46K  (mF, mc, 1st, teach, sch, Fdom)
2)   Freed by Mom - The continuing story of Charlie, introduced to a unique sexual practice by his teacher now relenting it for his stepmother's arms. What will their future hold?  43K   (UA, mF, Fdom, oral, rom, FF, mother, son, teach)

A Charmed Life - The life of a woman given a special gift, which changed her entire existence. ©2010  203K
1)   The Capture - Youth ever-lasting has a beginning. She recalls the night a mysterious stranger implanted her.  18K  (FF, mc, hist)
2)   The Change - The morning after her strange encounter.She learns the capabilities and function of her special gift.  25K  (FM, mc, hist)
3)   The Legacy - The precautions the gift imposes and the lonesome legacy of eternal life in a mortal world.  12K  (nosex, hist)
4)   A Night in a XXX Arcade - Back in the present, she prepares for her plunge. Collection time at a XXX arcade.  27K  (MF, pornThea, Fsolo)
5)   A Discovery - She encounters something she never expected in all her years.   22K  (FF, pornThea)
6)   The Story of Fantine - She brings her new friend home and she tells her tale.  24K  (FF, FM, mc, Hist)
7)   Find Love - A relationship erupts out of necessity. She consummates a love that can last forever.  36K  (FF, rom)
8}   The Rescue - A sudden tragedy.  She must reinvigorate her love or lose her chance for happiness.  40K  (FM, mc, pornThea)

Dana and the Angel of Lost Girls - A pretty, young woman with questions about her sexuality goes on an adventure to test her flesh.  ©2009  114K
1)   Looking for Love - A detailed story of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who struggles with a world that does not come to grips with her dual sexuality and sets out on an adventure. Chapter 2 and 3 are where this story gets rolling.  41K  (MF, slow, herm, prost)
2)   The Magic Night - The continuing saga of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who tests the masculine side of her sexuality with a seasoned pro - a lesbian call-girl. They experience a night neither will ever forget.  47K  (FF, herm, 1st, oral, pett, squirt, prost)
3)   The Morning After - The closing story of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who spends a fabulous morning in the arms of her first lesbian lover. Is it love? Dana's life will change for good.  29K  (FF, rom, herm, tears, oral, squirt)

Lab 18 - Miskatonic Institute cloned a dinosaur from fossil DNA but so far only a male and they have no way of studying his mating behavior without a suitable surrogate. Sexual congress defined in dry scientific terms.  ©2004  16K  (best, ScFi, voy, exhib)

Ovi-Surrogate - Inter-species sexual relations on the outskirts of the Amazon.  ©2004  60K
1)   Ovi-Surrogate - A lonely woman escaping her past in the deep Amazon becomes the unwilling(?) link in the procreative process of strange, alien forest creatures. 27K  (mc, ScFi, horror, Zoo, non-anthro, bd, best, preg)
2)   Ovi-Sister - A companion story to Ovi-Surrogate, Shelly finds she is not alone in her service to the strange, alien forest dwellers. She witnesses another young woman providing for their reproductive needs. 34K  (mc, ScFi, horror, Zoo, non-anthro, bd, best, preg, voy)

Rose Red and the Great Wolf - The bedtime story of Little Red Riding Hood that your granny did not want you to know.  ©2017  27K    (best, were, horror, Zoo, non-anthro)

The Stone Man's Wife - Childhood games take on new dimensions for a young girl when she is caught trespassing by The Stone Man. He takes her to her limits, where she longs to be.  ©2010  60K    (UA, b+f, Mf, bd, size, reluc, ped, rom, preg)

Storm Bringer - A phantom creature haunts the nights of women who live in this lonely, prairie home. From beyond our dimension, Yog-Sothoth reaches to sex up lone females to the point of exhaustion.  ©2010  61K    (horror, best, voy, Fsolo, non-anthro)

Violett - A girl narrates her experiences in pet-sex.  ©2004  97K   
1)   My First Orgasm - A pubescent young girl's narration of her early adventures in the wonderful world of sex. Her faithful bulldog helps out.  14K  (UA, 1st, fsolo, best)
2)   I Return Pleasure - A teen girl's narration of her adventures in bestiality continues as she learns to help her dog enjoy their trysts.  14K  (fsolo, best)
3)   I Get Mated - A teen girl's light-hearted narration of her experiences in bestiality advances with her first dog fuck.  19K  (FF, 1st, Fsolo, best)
4)   I Get Ganged - Our happy heroine's narration of her experiences in bestiality finds her as a grown woman and still enjoying man's best friend as a reliable sex partner. This time with multiple partners.  20K  (pornThea, gang, M+F best, Fsolo)
5)   I Star in a Sex Show - Our daring lesbian's narration of bestiality enters the world of exhibitionism as she describes dog sex before an awe-struck audience.  29K  (FF, best, exhib)

What is Frot - Augie is a very horny teenager whose sexual desperation leads him to a tremendous discovery during a visit to a porn theater. He has a dick-to-dick encounter with a stranger and it makes him want more.  ©2009  32K    (mM, 1st)
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For all of my stories:
The only thing an author can ask is for a note from the reader.  Favorably or unfavorably, what do think of my work?

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A Cum Maidens Tale: Brie
A multi-part story.

Leader of the pack > UA, incest, beast, gangrape, preg, public, m+F, Mm+F mm/Ff>

The Nympho Diaries  The Protege <UA, incest, MMMF, mmmff/f F/f M+f Public, firsttime>

Cryptid  Crisis > UA, fff, Mf  ff, MMMf,  canine, bigfootpublic

Oh cum all ye faithful < UA, incest ff, mff, mmf M+ff MMMM+ff , Fff,  beast, public, rape,

I know who you did last summer < UA, Beast, Incest, K9+f, Ff MmmmF, public,

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For a link to my stories, please click here