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Always A Bridesmaid (F,F)

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on: November 01, 2020, 01:01:07 PM
In another post, I made the confession that "before the age of 42, I had 3 female sexual encounters.  Each of them just a one time thing."   So I figured I would write about them.
The first one was Key West, a few years later, this story took place.....

"Always A Bridesmaid"

It was the year 2000.  I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding being held 5 hours away in Chicago.  I had no boyfriend at the time and went by myself.   Another bridesmaid, Lisa, was single also and Chrissy (the bride) suggested we share a hotel room to save money.  Saving money when you don't have any was huge.  This wedding was costing me a small fortune already.   I didn't really know Lisa other than a couple of meetings in the months prior to the wedding.  

We were the only two bridesmaids without a date there and also didn't know many people at the wedding other than a couple of other friends.   Both of our groomsmen we stood up with had a date.   So it was just her and I.  

We had a GREAT time dancing together and had quite few drinks.  The reception was at the hotel we were staying at so we were not too worried about how much alcohol we had.  After the wedding we helped the family clear centerpieces and some other decorations before going off to the hotel bar with a few other people that were not ready for the night to end.

It was another couple of hours before we get back to the room and we are both pretty loopy from the alcohol.  I was so happy to get the shoes off finally.   Lisa asked me to help her unzip her back.  Then we both turned around and she got the zipper down on mine.   What I wasn't ready for was her hands coming up to my shoulders and sliding the straps off and lowering the dress to my waist, freeing my breasts to the room.  I turned around pulling the dress back up over my chest.  She had a questioning look in her eyes.  And we both just leaned in and started kissing each other.  Our tongues found each others.

The kiss didn't last long before we stopped and looked at each other for the longest time before realizing we were going to keep going.  We undressed and stood in the middle of the room kissing for the longest time with our bodies pressed to each others.  Lisa said, "I'm not gay."  

I responded, "Me neither."  

"I have never done anything like this, I mean with another girl before."  

"Me neither," I muttered when our lips separated briefly.

We got in bed.   We just rolled around under the sheets for the next hour kissing and pleasing each other with our hands.   I felt so in control of her as I leaned up on one elbow looking down at her beautiful body while my fingers played with her sex and she squirmed around telling me how wonderful I was making her feel.    I loved watching her face as she O'd.  After that, I loved the way she touched me as I just lay there, surrendering myself to her.  We cuddled all night waking up at times and kissing and just rubbing each others backs, stomachs, chests, legs, etc, before falling back to sleep again.   Oral sex briefly crossed my mind, but I had never done it to another girl before and I just didn't get up the nerve to try it.

The next morning, with the alcohol having worn off, it was a bit awkward as we both got ready.  Just before we headed down to breakfast to meet everyone we were about to walk out the door when Lisa said "were not telling anyone, especially Chrissy."

I shook my head saying "Oh god no.  F*ck no," I said laughing, "Of course not."  And the next thing I know, we were making out again.   That was it, a few minutes of kissing with her pressing me back against the door to the hallway.  

When the kiss ended, I said, "I really had fun last night."  She told me that she did also.

Then we went back in the bathroom to touch up our lipstick before going down to breakfast.  A few hours later I was on a train back to Detroit.

I just told Chrissy (the bride) about Lisa 4 years ago.  She was super shocked by it and telling me that Lisa is the last person on earth that she would have expected to hear had done that.

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Reply #1 on: November 02, 2020, 12:23:21 PM
You tell stories very well. Thank you for sharing.

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Reply #2 on: July 23, 2021, 03:55:24 PM
It's a very sexy and fun story ... spontaneity is really hot. Have you ever seen Lisa again, just socially?