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on: November 01, 2020, 06:44:11 PM
“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
   Down to a sunless sea.”

-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

My name is Avery Harper, MD, PhD, and I’m not afraid to die. In fact, I was in heaven. Since I was a young woman, I have studied exobiology, actually only possible biologies, throughout my twenty-year career, ever since I became a grad student. It was only possible biologies, as far as I knew, until yesterday, when I got a call from a friend at NASA, and a quick trip via T-38 to an Air Force base in Nevada. Why I was tapped, I still don’t know. I heard some things I don’t quite recall about some of the papers I wrote.

My friend, Doctor Bertrand Lane, was waiting for me in front of the hangar. After a few minutes to freshen up in the restroom, we were whisked by car to a large hangar near one end of the building complex that comprised the base. Inside the hangar, which was literally the size of a football stadium, was a luminescent hemisphere, a large dome, mostly green, but with flecks of color that would wash over its surface.

Bertrand assured me that the hemisphere was a perfect semicircle. Inside it, he informed me, was a being that had traveled here from another star, and who now presumably wanted to communicate with us. So far, the hemisphere had allowed in some but not all machines with cables. The researchers had been hopeful the alien or aliens inside would be able to use these devices to communicate. Measuring devices were universally rejected. Machines that had been pulled out came back wet by an inorganic nutrient solution that was similar to seawater, but infused with oxygen. It was a fascinating liquid with valuable properties. It was keeping the researchers busy. So far there had been no other contact. Men in space suits had tried to enter the hemisphere, but they had been rejected, just gently pushed out before they could see or sense very much of anything.

Still, I had to attempt the obvious, so I also suited up and attempted to enter the hemisphere. To everyone’s surprise, especially my own, I was allowed in without incident.

The inside of the hemisphere was filled with the aforementioned nutrient liquid as we had hypothesized. The aforementioned three or four waterproof machines were sitting by themselves. In the middle of the hemisphere was a teardrop-shaped being, mostly orange, but with other colors that moved slowly across its surface. I say “being” because it was moving slightly and because it was apparently the only other thing in the hemisphere, so I assumed it must be the alien in question if there was one. Perhaps it was only a system that allowed for communication with the real aliens that were located elsewhere.

I approached the being and attempted to make physical contact. I touched its surface, and it shivered and shimmered, profoundly beautiful. I pushed at it slightly, and it yielded as if it were a flexible bag of water, that consistency. I pushed it harder, and it gently placed me on my back, like an Aikido throw. It was not violence, I was just on my back, and it flowed over me some. I had the strong sense that the being was going to maintain physical control of our interaction, but not in a malevolent way, more as a practical matter, and who was I to judge its needs at this point?

The being let me up and I left the hemisphere, much to the relief of everyone assembled outside the hemisphere. There was a solid day and a half of debriefing followed by a solid week or so where I brought underwater cameras and other measuring devices into the hemisphere with me. The atmosphere in the hemisphere appeared to be healthy for humans to breathe even though it was liquid. I’d heard about this before, where mice were able to live in water that had been infused with oxygen once they had gotten over the feeling they were drowning.

I begged and begged, and finally they let me enter the hemisphere in a wetsuit, without the space suit and limited air supply. I did so knowing it would feel like drowning, but confident that our analysis of the fluid was correct, and wanting a chance to connect more directly with the being. It was frightening at first, and it took me a long-suffering minute before I could bear to start breathing in the water. The being came over, perhaps to comfort me. It touched my hand at first. Its touch was warm and electric, profoundly sexual, even though it was just touching my hand. I was still gasping and thrashing out bubbles. Water was spilling uncomfortably into my lungs. I hardly cared about the pain all of the sudden. I was immediately diverted and aroused by the touch on my hand.

The being then covered my face with its hot, electric surface. The feeling was intensely sexual, better than all the kisses I’d ever received on my lips, face, and neck all at once, and especially those kisses I’d received while I was making love and close to climaxing or actually climaxing, thousands of kisses. My hips jerked forward reflexively as I climaxed in my wetsuit without even being touched down there.

The being probably couldn’t tell. It was just more jerking around from the quasi-drowning process as far as it was concerned, so the effect was privately mine to enjoy. I myself might have written it off as some kind of near-death response to the quasi-drowning if that was all that had happened. Even so, I can remember feeling vaguely embarrassed at that first orgasm from the being while I was fighting the overpowering urge that I was drowning at the same time.

I wasn’t completely devoid of sexual experience. In my 42 years, I’d had a couple of boyfriends that had lasted a couple of years apiece, a smattering of shorter relationships, and several almost universally unsatisfying one night stands. When one is a researcher in an outré field of research as I am, one gets nowhere without constant work and dedication.

None of my boyfriends were ever comfortable with me putting my work ahead of them. I guess that was the sort I tended to pick. At any rate, relationships had always gone the same predictable way for me, and though I still got the itch sometimes and went on the dating sites from time to time, I had pretty much given up on relationships and decided that sex wasn’t all that important either.

I felt the being exploring my eyes, ears, nostrils, and my gasping mouth. Gasping for nonexistent air, I sucked the being partly into my mouth and climaxed profoundly at its touch. It was as if my mouth had immediately become a sexual organ, my tongue a giant sensitive clitoris for the being to gently lick and suck on. I thrashed and expelled the rest of my air in a flurry of bubbles with a howl, which was just a loud moan underwater, and an uncontrollable seizure of ecstasy that went on and on. At this, the being gently let go of me, and it was over. I floated down and away slowly, still panting and thrashing in aftershocks of ecstasy, breathing pure nutrient fluid.

Soon after, I emerged from the hemisphere and fell to my knees hurking and vomiting nutrient fluid out of my lungs. After a much more painful readjustment to air, I sat there still, and the research staff thankfully left me alone. I was trying to get my story straight, because I was not going to tell any of these nice fellow scientists about the multiple orgasms I’d just had.

It didn’t turn out to be hard. I even described the being’s touch as pleasurable, and described how it helped me to adjust by helping me expel the rest of my air. I pled ignorance as to how exactly the being had helped me with that, saying that I’d just expelled the air shortly after I inadvertently sucked a bit of the being into my mouth. The debrief was done by the end of the day.

The next morning, I again prepared to enter the bubble. This time, I made the transition without much struggle. Sensing somehow that I was not in much distress this time, the being just waited in his normal position at the center of the hemisphere. I now thought of the being as male, although I knew nothing yet about the sexuality or reproduction of the being. I assumed it likely that the being didn’t even know how his touch was affecting me. At any rate, since he had come into my mouth the previous day, I had thought of the being as a male.

Breathing the nutrient solution was similar to learning how to scuba dive. You just had to trust you were not drowning even though you were breathing underwater. And breathing the fluid was slower, but just as satisfying. Water is slower to pump in and out of your lungs.

Once I was calmly and slowly breathing the nutrient fluid, I unzipped and shimmied out of my wetsuit then removed my underwear so that I stood naked in front of the being. I bounced over to him, using the bit of negative buoyancy I had in the nutrient fluid to drift me back down to the floor of the hemisphere so I could push off gently forward and so on. Soon, I was standing lightly within arm’s reach of him.

I wanted so badly to immediately jump on the being and hug him to me tightly with my arms and legs, but I still had a little self-control, a little self-respect. I didn’t know what message that action on my part would send, and I wanted to send a message that would ingratiate me. I didn’t know what that could be, so I hesitated.

The being shifted colors slightly and extruded a pseudopod towards my mouth. I opened my mouth wide almost helplessly in response to its approach, remembering the ecstasy I’d received there the previous day. As the hot, electric pseudopod reached my lips and face and slowly pushed into my mouth, I arched my back and thrilled in ecstasy, thrusting my tongue forward to meet it. As my tongue thrust into the tip of the hot electric appendage, I felt it: my tongue was a giant clitoris being sucked on, and I climaxed and thrashed powerfully at once.

The appendage kept coming into my mouth, kneading and sucking my tongue and filling my mouth with pleasurable pressure. I climaxed and thrashed more. The heat of the appendage was about as hot as I could tolerate without feeling discomfort from the heat. It was my mouth and face, but it was reminiscent of this one time a nice gentleman with just the right thickness of cock had fucked me gently and slowly then faster and faster for a long time. I’d had multiple climaxes under him that night. His cock gave me an exquisite amount of stretching and pressure with his thrusts, and his girth and angle caused him to rub both my clit and the roof of my vagina with just the right amount of pressure. This was that, except times ten, and in my mouth.

The appendage filled my mouth and started to thrust down my throat. My gag reflex activated, but I was also thrashing especially hard in orgasm with the pleasure of having my esophageal sphincter firmly and deliciously forced open, so somehow it wasn’t that bad, a continuous swallow and coughing that went nowhere and ecstasy that went everywhere. Soon the being sensed that I needed to breathe the nutrient fluid to continue living, so it opened a passage for my breathing while continuing to thrust down my throat and esophagus with incredible, indescribable hot stretching pressure and stimulation that made me orgasm with every inch.

I kept moaning and thrashing as the appendage filled my stomach and stretched it so excitingly I could barely climax hard enough to respond to the unbelievable stimulation, the fullness. By this point, I was orgasming and jerking continually and my eyes were fluttering or tightly closed. My hands were touching the being, and I was receiving an electric contact high from this as well, but it was almost forgotten as my complete sensory world was focused on the hot appendage slowly, firmly, and inexorably forcing its way down my throat, esophagus, and stomach and stretching and opening up my whole body with an overpowering stretching and sliding feeling. I was feeling deep feelings of love for the being as well. I didn’t know where these feelings were coming from.

I felt a pop deep in me and thrashed with an especially strong crisis as the appendage firmly forced open the pyloric sphincter at the bottom of my stomach and penetrated my duodenum. My entire body was becoming a throbbing, aching receptacle of endorphins as the being continued to penetrate and fuck his way down my digestive tract at his own inquisitive pace with his firm hot electric appendage ever sliding all the way, pressurizing, and thrusting forward. As the appendage firmly thrust deeper into my guts, my feelings of love for the being and comfort from the being grew in the midst of the seemingly infinite rolling orgasms.

At around this time, I started helplessly squirting and shitting out the contents of my digestive tract as I came. The being was already covering my ass and catching it somehow, because I felt him tingling there, and I could vaguely feel him gently sucking it out of me as it came.

I could not even really feel that at the moment, as I was completely focused on and orgasming from the sliding, pressing, roiling pleasure of the appendage fucking its way through my small intestines. I had another especially powerful shuddering feeling as the appendage pressed past the suspensory muscle of the duodenum into my jejunum. I could feel all of my body thoroughly as the appendage opened it, even though I knew full well I had no nerves consciously available to me to feel this. Then it was down and over and up and down, walking a long winding road of ever increasing orgasms as more and more of my insides were slickly and hotly rubbed and pressurized wide open.

There was a long period of this: feeling the roiling pleasurable pressure up and down and across and up and then back as the appendage took me and opened my small intestine further and further, inch by inch, pressing from the jejunum to the ilium at some roiling ecstatic point and continuing, rolling jerking orgasm after rolling jerking orgasm. I would have been screaming myself hoarse, except the fluid didn’t really respond to my slowly fluttering vocal cords. It just came out as moans greatly muffled by all the appendage roiling past. I was feeling hotter and hotter too as the appendage filled more and more of my body core. The nutrient fluid was on the cool side, so although I felt I had a temperature I was getting so hot, it wasn’t that disturbing.

After what seemed an eternity of ever-increasing deep screaming rolling climaxes as the being increasingly fucked his way through my small intestines, I got a tense, shaking, thrilling orgasm when the appendage popped through and firmly opened up my strong ileocecal sphincter and started to fill my large intestine with hot, tingling stretching pressure and gratification. I thrashed in unlimited pleasure as the appendage pressurized and fucked upwards into my large intestine along the right side of my body, slowly across under my sternum with electric pressure, and then down the left side of my body pressing forward inexorably as the orgasms came and came. It was a kind of seppuku by orgasm.

Then I felt a familiar excitement as the appendage reached down towards my rectum and closer and closer to my familiar sexual core. I wanted to scream dirty exhortations to the being to fucking bugger the hell out of me, which I’d only rarely found pleasurable in the past, but my lungs and vocal cords wouldn’t really work. As his appendage pressed down and down, with the ecstasy came a familiar intense feeling of desiring and needing to let out a good, extremely satisfying BM, and I responded by shitting the tip of the appendage out of me with glorious twisting pleasure, but just the tip of the iceberg with intense roiling sexual intensity fully and thoroughly pleasuring and pressuring the full length of my alimentary canal, twisting and roiling gently as I twisted transfixed in perpetual rolling orgasm.

The being began to withdraw the way he’d come in, and I knew he needed to do this for me to survive. Even with the cooling effect of the nutrient fluid surrounding me, I was feeling very feverish and faint with his heat filling me to bursting and the exertion of continuously straining, jerking, and moaning in climax. Even as I was still climaxing continuously, I was feeling increasingly nauseous, which I suppose is not surprising when one’s entire digestive tract is being opened up and stimulated as he was doing to me. I was dizzy bordering on unconscious, and still orgasming hard with every inch he retreated from me.

As I felt the being’s appendage retreat through my small intestines, I began to feel a terrible sense of emptiness and aloneness, and I stopped cumming and began to sob uncontrollably. I suppose my body had gotten somewhat used to the overpowering stimulation of having all my digestive system ravaged by him. As my body increasingly became mine instead of his, the pleasure in me was still extremely intense, but the relative loss of stimulation was too much for me to bear. I knew but didn't care that he would have surely killed me if he had stayed fully penetrated in me for much longer.

As the being fully retreated out of my throat and mouth, I was sobbing uncontrollably. He hugged me tight, and I felt the orgasmic stimulation of him across the front of my body, especially my nipples. I still felt so alone and separate from him. In desperation, I grabbed him with my legs and began to hump my vulva onto him, and immediately as my actual clitoris touched him I began to orgasm, and I gained some comfort from this. He didn’t appear to mind this, and I’d like to think he even understood it. As I was now having climaxes continuously and was somewhat comforted, I reasoned with myself and forced myself to realize that this intimate feeling of being so completely filled and used by him would have ended either way, either with him retreating as he had or with my death.

Slowly, I was able to separate from him and choke down my sobs as I returned to the world of deadness and aloneness. I looked at the dive watch on my wrist. It had only been a half hour since he’d begun to take my mouth. Even so, my world and I were transformed and focused within that half hour.

I was drifting in the nutrient solution, utterly exhausted, uncaring. I drifted off to sleep for I don’t know how long, and awoke with urgent pangs of hunger. My body was eating itself alive. Slowly, with great stiffness in all my muscles, I crawled sadly away from the being and put on my underwear. I didn’t have the strength to put on my wetsuit, so I just dragged it along with me as I slowly pushed my way out of the hemisphere.

When I was partly emerged, Bertrand dragged me out the rest of the way. It was dark outside. He told me they’d been extremely worried because it had been twelve hours without hearing from me. I croaked that I desperately needed nutrition. Six protein shakes later, I was starting to feel towards normal, but was still very nauseous, sad, and alone. I begged off being debriefed until I could recover somewhat. Secretly, I also needed time to get my story straight.

A couple of days later, when I was fully awake and alive but still in painful, lonely withdrawal from the being, I told my fake story. I told them that the being had investigated my digestive system with instruments, and it had not been painful. It had even been somewhat pleasant, but it had been extremely exhausting, and that’s why I had returned so drained and hungry. They investigated me and saw that indeed my digestive system had been disrupted but was getting back on track, so my story checked out, and they were all happy. They thanked me profoundly for being so brave and allowing such a thing, and I told them in turn that it had been my pleasure. They had no idea how much.

It took me four days to get back on my feet and look healthy enough for them to let me back into the hemisphere. On the morning of the fourth day, I dove excitedly back into the hemisphere to return to the being, my love and now the focus of my life.

I threw off my wetsuit and underwear and swam desperately over to him, my mouth already wide open for him. I wanted him to take my guts so badly, so badly. But the being had other plans. He slapped a tendril onto the slit of my vulva and the pucker of my anus. Immediately I began to buck in continuous orgasm as he firmly spread my inner lips and fully stimulated the stretched surface extent of my vulva.

Then I screamed and shook with shocked delight as he began to penetrate my vagina. It was all the ecstasy I’d ever felt from all the times I’d ever been penetrated all combined in that one penetration. Then it got better. My birth canal began to fill and stretch with overpowering delicious pressure, and the electric thrill of him fully activated every nerve in my pelvis.

As the being continued to fill me so satisfyingly, I could feel the internal length of my clitoris writhe in extreme delight, a lightning rod for hot energetic sexual tension. My arms and legs flailed to grasp and and my mouth to lick him, but he was holding me off as he fucked me this time. My arms and legs flailed at nothing as my howls of ecstatic excitement and frustration at not being able to grab came out as low moans in the nutrient bath.

The being continued to fuck into me firmly and stretch my birth canal to its most satisfying extent while at the same time pumping orgasmic energy into me like a fire hose so that I was locked in energetic rigor and shivering with ecstasy. He reached my extent so that my birth canal was fully stretched in every extent as open as pleasurably possible, hot on its whole surface so I could feel his giant engine of ecstasy pressing everywhere inside me and filling me completely, and the electric energy extending out from there everywhere, as if there were a hundred men loving, licking, rubbing, and sucking my clitoris along its length and shape inside me, very energetically and very continuously.

But there were new levels of ecstasy beyond even this as I felt him firmly dilate my cervix and begin to penetrate my uterus. The discomfort of having him open me in this way only firmly and deliciously punctuated the glorious orgasmic surrender of giving him my uterus so stretchily and pleasurably in this way. I felt also the familiar sensations of menstrual cramps, but they only added seasoning and richness to the overwhelming waves of sensation I was experiencing, awakening me to his filling, stretching, and pleasuring of my uterus in waves, cementing his full ownership of me and my unbearable desire to be owned and bred by him if it was possible.

A few mammals must experience a dim reflection of this experience. I remembered that boars have a slim prehensile penis they penetrate directly into the uterus of the sow and fill it to bursting with semen. I was now the being’s sow, and I was so shaking for him to breed me, fill me with his babies, whatever that might be, fill me completely, use me, seed me. Then I passed out.

I awoke with an angry scream of despair wet on the floor of the hanger when they injected adrenaline directly into my heart. I guess I must have been pretty out of it. They then strapped me to a gurney and carried me away sobbing from my love to be washed, strapped into a bed, fed intravenously, and sedated.

While I was still strapped into the bed, they told me that they had seen me fuck the being via a remote camera they had placed in the hemisphere and heard my continuous howls of ecstasy even muted as they were by the nutrient fluid. They told me that my objectivity had been compromised and that they would find somebody else. Two days after that, I was on a commercial flight back home to Seattle, feeling completely empty and in despair.

The dismissal came with a pile of research money. That, along with some powerful antidepressants, helped me get back on track. I came off the antidepressants very quickly. I had to stop taking them after only about a month. Then I missed my period. The pregnancy test showed me as being pregnant. I began remembering things I had never directly learned about the being.

From this knowledge, two things are clear to me, leading me down a risky path. The first thing is the gestation period of the being’s child I’m carrying, which is thankfully short: only another five to eight weeks. The second is that in another week from now, the baby being inside me will develop to the point of beginning to stimulate me from inside my womb. This means that I’ll be cumming continuously not for just half an hour or so as before, but for a month to seven weeks before I give birth.

I’ve set up tubes within the reach of my mouth to give me water and nutrition enough to last that time. I have straps to strap myself down with so that I won’t jerk myself out of bed away from my sources of water and nutrition. These preparations make it at least remotely possible I’ll survive the ordeal. You might be wondering why I don’t contact someone at the base and tell them what has happened. I can’t allow the chance that they will decide to hurt my child.

There are three ways this could go, as I see it. 1) The stimulation could become bearable after some days or weeks so I could begin to function normally through the rest of the pregnancy. People’s nervous systems are relative mechanisms, so even given the intense stimulation, this is possible. 2) The stimulation could remain debilitating, but I’m able to function during it well enough to get sufficient nutrition and hydration from my setup to survive. 3) I’ll die.

I have a monitor set up to call 911 if my heart stops. I don’t know who will respond. I’m leaving this record of what happened to me in case I don’t make it. If you find me, and my baby is alive, please take care of it. I won’t risk letting them have my baby. Please honor my memory by keeping my baby away from them. I’ve been to heaven, and my baby is a gift from heaven. My name is Avery Harper, MD, PhD, and I’m not afraid to die.

(The End)
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I can envision it now: "Pseudopod II: Disco from Dusk to Dawn." No dead bodies, two breasts, one beast, multiple aardvarking, appendage-fu.