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BOYFRIEND BEAR (f-solo, voy, toys, exhib)

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on: November 04, 2020, 03:11:39 PM
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. This story does not contain any sexual activity between adults and minors.

I've written some stories at Chris Hailey's ASSTR archive over the years, but it seems like that site isn't updating anymore, so I looked for alternatives and found KB. Hoping to post some more stories soon, although editing them to adhere to KB rules and formatting takes up some time. Thanks for reading; I'd love to hear what you thought.


Boyfriend Bear

It began one warm summer evening in the confines of the Franklin’s small home. Kelly Franklin was worried about her husband. Jeff was rarely late for dinner, and she hadn’t received word from him regarding his delayed arrival. The willowy dark-haired woman wiped her brow as she watched out the kitchen window. The longer she waited, the more nervous she became. And when Kelly Franklin was nervous, she started pacing.

She paced out of the kitchen and into the living room. There was no sign of her daughter. The thirteen-year-old had been cooped up in the house all summer, and Kelly was worried about that as well. She continued her march of habit, through the living room and down the hallway, stopping outside the girl’s door. It was white wood, and covered with a handmade sign that read ‘Evelyn’ in fanciful cursive. She had helped her make it earlier in the summer.

That was fun, Kelly reminisced, her mood lightening as she recalled the excitement of little Evie upon the successful completion of the sign. She was a small, pleasant girl who faced the world with curly dark hair and a curious smile.
Her daughter’s door was closed now, but not all the way. A tiny pinprick of light ran up the side where the door met the frame, and the latch had not clicked into place.

Normally, Kelly would have pushed the door open, calling, “Evie, dear? It’s almost time for supper, so go and wash your hands.”

Something stopped her now. She listened, waiting for some unknown sign, for Evie to call out, “Come in, Mommy!” But no noise penetrated the white wooden door.

What a strange feeling. Staying silent, she pushed the door gently inward, and stepped lightly through.

The room that greeted her eyes was the same as it had been since Evelyn redecorated it in June: pale green and white walls with a few decorative posters, a dark wooden desk on the right side of the room, and in the center, a large bed cloaked in a white bedspread pockmarked with tiny pink flowers.

And in the center of the bed was Evie.

She was lying down on top of the bedspread, her head facing away from the door, toward the headboard on the back wall. The light-haired girl was clad only in her matching pajama shirt and a pair of plain pink panties.

She must have fallen asleep waiting for dinner, the poor dear, Kelly thought. But that wasn’t it, because sleeping children don’t move — at least not like this.

Kelly stared as if in a stupor. It somehow reminded her of a video she had seen in high school about a rocket gearing up to blast off into space.

Evie let out a little exclamation of breath that broke her mother’s daze.

She took in the rest of the scene all at once. Her daughter’s wriggling body, her dark blue pajama pants strewn to one side of the bed, her hands sandwiched underneath her. Her little fingers were poking out from between her thighs, seemingly splayed in every direction at once.

Kelly’s hand rose to cover her mouth as she watched.

Evelyn hadn’t meant to wind up on her bed like this. She blamed boredom. One minute she was dancing around her room, the next she was collapsing face down onto her bedspread, and before she knew it, her pajama bottoms were off and she was straddling her hands as they gyrated beneath her.

It felt so good. Evie knew there were other things she should be doing, like helping mom with dinner, or cleaning her room, or studying the Bible verse her father had assigned for the week. But deep inside, she knew that none of those things would make her feel like this. So she kept doing it.

Jeffrey Franklin frowned as he opened the front door and walked into the kitchen. The smell of a delicious dinner was on the air, but his family was nowhere to be found. Where was his loving wife? His dutiful daughter?

“Dear? I’m home.”

I’ve told her I like to eat at six, he grumbled in his thoughts. He folded his coat and carelessly draped it over the back of his chair at the dining room table. Seeing no sign of Kelly or Evelyn, he took a quick detour into the kitchen, stopping to stand over a pot on the stove. After glancing from side to side and seeing no one, Mr. Franklin quickly opened the lid, reached a finger into the soup, and licked it clean.

Kelly didn’t know what to do. Or rather, she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to rush forward to the bed, take hold of her daughter’s hands, and yank them out from between her bare legs. She wanted to tie each of Evelyn’s hands to a bedpost so she couldn’t touch herself even if she tried. She wanted to teach her a lesson in modesty, wanted to spank her as hard as she could while reading 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 in a very loud voice.

That’s what she wanted to do.

But is that what she should do?

As her daughter rocked atop clenched fists, Kelly considered. What would Jeff want her to do? Some sort of intervention, surely. She grimaced, considering what her husband’s reaction might be. Though their religious beliefs were shared, he was often the one who waded into the stricter stream of Christianity.

What did my mother do? Kelly was surprised to find herself thinking. She was resting one hand on the doorknob for support now as she watched Evie enthusiastically humping her hands.

Did I ever do this? Surely not…

But she suddenly found herself uncertain.

That one night…

Summer camp…

At the sleepover…

Mrs. Franklin shivered away the thoughts, frozen with indecision.

Evie was nearing the edge of something. Her breath came in short gasps now. She buried her face into her plump pillow and rolled her hips against her hands, which she clenched into little balled-up fists.

She had no idea why this friction felt so good, but she wasn’t about to stop and question it now.

The tip of her thumb pressed into her panties particularly forcefully, causing her to give a little cry of pleasure.

Evie hoped nobody could hear her. Did God hear her? Was he watching her even now, in the supposed privacy of her own bedroom? Omnipresence could only go so far, right?

She uncurled her fists and let her torso sink down into the bedspread, pressing her palms against her panties until she was sure they had somehow passed through the thin pink fabric and melded with the folds of skin between her legs.

Daddy says he’s always watching me, Evie remembered, somewhere deep within her mind. But maybe he’s looking away right now?

He heard something.

A cat? But the Franklin’s didn’t own a cat.

Jeff replaced the soup lid as sneakily as he had opened it and crept stealthily toward the noise. It had come from the direction of Evelyn’s bedroom, he was sure of it.

A few more moments and he was descending down the hallway, keeping his ears open. His daughter’s door looked to be open, but who was–

His breath caught in his throat; it was his wife, Kelly, standing there in the doorway. Not an intruder who had caused his young daughter to cry out in pain or terror.

He breathed a sigh of relief and joined his wife in the doorway.

“Honey,” he began, but stopped mid-sentence when he saw what it was that held his wife’s attention.

There, lying on the bed, was his precious, innocent daughter. His eyes took it all in: her bare legs, stretching toward each corner of the bed; her hands, pressed tightly up against her panty-covered crotch; her dark blonde hair, mussy and sticking up in the back.

Hearing him, Evelyn’s head shot up, her hands sliding out from underneath her as she rolled onto her side.

His wife appeared to be in a daze at first, but she recovered rapidly, stepping toward him and placing her hands on his shoulders as if to push him away from the scene he’d walked in on.

But Jeff wasn’t a man to be pushed and prodded. He knew what he’d seen, and he knew something had to be done.

What is he doing here?!

Kelly’s eyes widened as she turned to see her husband standing in the doorway behind her, his mouth agape as he looked past her to their daughter’s bed. Her mind raced and her body moved as if on its own.

“Welcome home,” she said, her voice hoarse after keeping so silent for the last five minutes. She tried to form her lips into a smile.

Jeff tore his eyes away from his daughter in order to meet hers. His face wasn’t hard to read.

“What–” he stammered. “What is going on here?”

Kelly swallowed, trying to regain her composure. “Evie and I were just about to start supper.” She gave a slight incline of her head, “You were late getting back. I was worried.”

Is he buying it?

And what exactly am I trying to sell?

She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and tried to lead him back into the hallway. He hesitated, clearly still processing what he had seen when he walked in.

“But she—”

“We’ll talk about it later,” she gave him a pointed look. “Right now, our dinner is waiting.”

After a long moment, he relented, allowing himself to be guided toward the kitchen.

“Yes, we will talk about it later. I wouldn’t want the soup to get cold.”

How did he know I made soup?

Evie sat up sideways and folded her hands in her lap in an effort to hide her panties as her father gawked. It was an awkward situation to be sure, and she was afraid he was about to burst into a long sermon or lecture. She didn’t know what it would be about, but she knew that look on his face: righteous indignation.

And when did mother get here? she wondered.

As her parents retreated from the doorway, she hurriedly pulled her blue pajama bottoms back on and ran a hand through her shoulder-length hair to tidy it. It was a fruitless effort. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror mounted on her wall as she climbed off the bed.

Looking back at her was a small face framed by blonde hair that curled a bit at the ends around her shoulders. Her hair always seemed to curl down here or stick up there. It never cooperated. She didn’t mind, though.

“Evie! Dinner!” came the sound of her mother’s voice down the hall.

“Coming!” Evie called back.

With one last tuck of her hair behind her ear, she hurried from the room and followed her father and mother to the dinner table.

They were having soup tonight.


After dinner, Jeff cornered his wife in the kitchen while she loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

“What was that?” he asked, throwing his arms in the direction of Evie’s room.

“What was what?” answered his wife, giving him a wide-eyed, innocent look.

He knew better.

“You know exactly what. When I walked into her room, Evelyn was—” He couldn’t bring himself to say it. “She—”

“She was…?”

He grimaced. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him. “She was,” he cleared his throat gruffly, then looked around and lowered his voice. “Pleasuring herself.”

She looked up at him in mock astonishment, “What?”

“Don’t act so surprised,” he admonished. “You were there when I came in.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, putting a hand to her mouth. “I had gone in to tell her that supper was ready, and—”

“It’s unacceptable,” Jeff set his fist down on the counter a little harder than he’d intended. “It’s not right. It’s immoral, and indecent, and—” He searched for words, “And I shudder to think what Pastor Karl would say.”

Pastor Karl had become their new spiritual leader last year. He was a younger man than their previous preacher, who came from the West coast with jet skis and four-wheelers in tow. Since he’d arrived, Mr. Franklin had found himself much more interested in religion.

“Dear,” Kelly said, placing a soothing hand over his and speaking in a smooth voice. “There’s no need for you to worry. I’ll talk to her about it, and make sure she knows that it’s not something for others to see.”

Had he misheard her?

“Not something for others to see? More like not something for any young lady to do!” He was getting angry now, he could feel it rising up in him. “You tell her that, make it clear that any behavior of this sort will not be tolerated.”

“Of course, dear, I–”

“Nevermind, we shall do it together. As a family.”

“Oh, do you think that’s really necessary? It’s more of a thing for her mother to talk about; a delicate matter, you understand.”

“There’s nothing delicate about it,” Jeff raised himself to his full height; he was enjoying having the moral high ground. “It’s not something to beat around the bush about. We will have a meeting. This weekend. After church. And that will be the end of it. Do I make myself clear?”

Kelly hesitated only for a moment before nodding, “Whatever you say.”

On Friday morning, Mrs. Franklin woke up and resolved to talk to her daughter herself. It wasn’t that she wanted to undermine her husband.

I just think this particular matter calls for a one-on-one conversation between us girls. He wouldn’t understand; Jeff’s always been very manly, even as a boy.

She glanced over at the alarm clock beside the bed.

It was still early.

I wonder if Evie’s awake yet.

Beside her, rhythmic snoring came from her husband. Kelly let her mind wander as she gazed at his sleeping form.
He was a good man. A good spouse. And a good lover, most of the time. Back when they were young and first getting to know each other — that had been an exciting time for both of them. The start of the spark. Was it fading now? She shook her head. Of course not, they still found ways to make love, scheduled blocks of time when Evie was out of the house or asleep.

Her thoughts drifted back to her daughter, to the scene she’d unknowingly made herself a participant in. Why did she do that?

Kelly couldn’t remember the last time she had done anything dirty without her husband there to guide her, teach her, show her the way. How did Evie know what to do?

Without really meaning to, she slipped her hand down inside her nightdress.

Evelyn wasn’t scared. Not really.

But her parents had been acting strange recently. Her father avoided eye contact, and when she had managed to catch his attention during dinner last night, he looked away and started tapping his foot on the floor very fast.

Her mother was the opposite. Evie had felt her staring at her multiple times over the past few days. When she turned her head to meet her mother’s gaze, she would find such a loving, haunted look in her eyes that made Evie think she was about to break into tears.

The nightmare had been the last straw: a fiery, rancid-smelling terror starring a God-like monster with eyes all over its body that never let you look away.

She wasn’t scared, but she thought her parents might appreciate some company as they waited for the sun to rise.
Clad in her purple pajamas, Evie tiptoed along the carpet toward her parents bedroom at the end of the hall.

Kelly inhaled deeply as her hand danced underneath her nightgown , a long, gasping sort of breath

So this is what it feels like.

Sex with Jeff was fine, but it wasn’t like this.

She was close to losing herself when a sound brought her to attention.

She froze.

Was that the door creaking?

“Morning,” came a groggy voice from beside her.

Kelly blinked as her husband sat up slowly and stretched.

He turned to her, a goofy grin on his face.

It vanished in an instant.

Her hand was still between her legs.

Kelly forced herself to move, rolling over on her side away from him.

But it was too late.

A moment passed, and then he was scooting toward her.

“Hey,” he said. “There’s no reason for that when you’ve got a man like me.”

She listened as he fumbled with his pajama bottoms.

“I’ll give you what you really want.”

Kelly winced as he took hold of her and drew her close.

Evie was scared now.

The noises coming from her parents bedroom told of a struggle. Animalistic grunts accompanied the sound of pillows being tossed about and the bed frame complaining about whatever was happening on top of it.

Curious despite herself, Evie peered through the cracked door again.

She still couldn’t see much.

Just shapes moving underneath the bedding.

Suddenly the sun peeked in through the window and she could see her father on top of her mother, groaning like a ghost. She couldn’t see her mother, except for strands of her hair splayed out across the white bed sheet like storm clouds in a blank sky.

She made a mad dash back down the hallway.

Safe in her own room, away from whatever demon had taken over her parents, she hoped they would be okay.

Nervous and excited, Evie crawled into bed.

But though she usually wasn’t awake this early, going back to sleep was out of the question.

Twenty minutes later, Kelly kissed Jeff goodbye as he headed off to work for the day. It was a chaste peck on the cheek. She told herself that she had given him enough passion that morning.

It wasn’t like him to demand sex on a whim like that — perhaps their daughter’s behavior had more far-reaching consequences than she’d anticipated.

Oh, Evie.

She resolved to talk with the girl this morning, but was now too early? The sun had barely risen and this was the time when she usually began preparations for breakfast. But Kelly found herself in an inspired mood, ready to find the words that would endear herself to her daughter while communicating her husband’s wishes.

Best to get it out of the way before breakfast.

Evie inhaled sharply, staring down her body. It was almost like watching someone else’s actions as her hand roamed over her white panties patterned with little pink hearts. But the feelings welling up inside of her felt very first person.

Clutching the bedspread with one hand as the other pressed into her panties, each poking fingertip elicited pleasure.

With a little gasp, she sank back onto her pillows.

Kelly didn't know exactly what she was planning on saying, but she knew that she would find the right words in the moment, handed down to her by the divine.

She passed through the kitchen and the living room, and turned the corner into the hallway. Evie’s room was within her sights, the door hanging open, which was odd for this early hour.

Since when was her daughter an early riser?

Mrs. Franklin decided that it didn’t matter; now was the appointed time and even if her little girl had to be awoken and was hardly conscious, she would say her peace.

Now she was at the door.

She made to step inside, and—

Oh my God.

Evie could feel her face flushing, but this felt too good to consider stopping. She paused for a moment, patted her covered pussy softly, then again, a bit harder.

She gave a little moan and resumed rubbing, circling her fingers in tight motions over her underwear.

Her body pulsed beneath the thin fabric.

She kicked off her pajama bottoms, which had been hanging around her ankles, and turned onto her side so she faced the mirror mounted on her wall.

Evie regarded her reflection. Messy blonde hair fell across her reddening cheeks, and her mouth was open in a little ‘o’ shape. She still had on her Disney pajama top, but the bottoms had landed precariously on the edge of the bed, one leg reaching towards the floor. Her fingers were like a blur between her legs, picking up their pace with each step that brought her closer to—

To what? she wondered.

Kelly couldn’t believe her eyes. Or rather, she didn’t want to.

Coming to her daughter’s door, she had been filled with such hope. Now, she felt foolish for thinking a few sage words could fix all of their problems.

Evie was at it again.

She frowned as she watched her daughter’s fingers flying atop the new panties she had bought her last month. They were white with tiny pink hearts printed in a pattern across the cotton fabric.

Kelly had found them perfect at the time, a cute design for her innocent girl. Now she felt sick looking at them.
Evie didn’t seem to have noticed her mother’s intrusion from her position, stretched out on her bed, lying on her side.

Her helpful hand ceased its rubbing and moved upwards.

Kelly remained just outside the doorway as her daughter took the panties’ waistband in her hand and pulled, making a form fitting second skin over her small mound.

Material moved against flesh, causing her to cry out.

She sounds even younger when she moans, Kelly thought humorlessly.

She watched her daughter pull her panties into a wedgie, wriggling the tight fitting fabric against herself. Her head lolled and the fingers of her unoccupied hand clenched the bedspread as if holding on for dear life.

When her hips began rolling in rhythm with her hand, Kelly knew it was no good.

She couldn’t continue, not now. Not while the bed creaked and the bedspread shifted and the girl groaned.

Kelly turned. She felt stiff, as if she was unthawing after being frozen in ice for years.

Her daughter’s noises followed her down the hallway as she walked back to the kitchen.

By the time Sunday rolled around, Evelyn had put the events of last week in the back of her mind. Her parents seemed like themselves again.

Her mother called through the bathroom door, “Don’t dawdle or we’re going to be late!”

Yes, that was definitely her mother.

“I won’t,” she said, reaching over to the tub and turning on the faucet.

The water rained down like a waterfall from a storybook. She watched it dreamily as she undressed. By the time she pulled off her last pink-and-white sock, the bathtub was steaming invitingly.

Evie knew that the best way to get acclimated to the hot water was to immerse herself in it entirely. She stepped over the smooth white wall, sank to her bottom, and spread her legs out toward the waterfall.

Her hands curled in her lap as the warm water rose around her.

After a minute, she laid down on her back and scooted down so that she was directly beneath the faucet.

She squeezed her eyes shut as the waterfall cascaded between her legs.

“Are you ready?” Jeff asked his wife, annoyance creeping into his voice.

She shook her head, distracted, searching for some piece of jewelry on the nightstand.

“I told you I have to be there early today,” he reminded her. “Pastor Karl said he would meet me before the service.”

That got her attention.


“We’re going to discuss—” He tilted his head toward the bathroom, where their daughter was currently preparing for the sabbath.

“Oh,” said Mrs. Franklin, pausing with her hand halfway inside a dresser drawer. “Are we?”

“Well, we are,” Mr. Franklin clarified. “Karl and I. Not you. If we get there in time, that is.”

Kelly’s face fell, but she recovered quickly.

“I’ll go see what’s keeping her.”

Evie relaxed into the warm water and let it cover her all the way up to her chin. She would’ve liked to have remained beneath the falling water forever, but their bathtub could only hold so much water at once.

She exhaled, spreading her arms and legs wide to see if she could float on the surface. She willed her body to rise, blocking out everything but the water and her natural buoyancy.

Just as she felt herself starting to ascend, her mother’s sharp voice pierced her concentration.

“Evelyn? Is everything okay in there?”

Startled, Evie sloshed up to a sitting position before answering.


Her mother wasn’t convinced. “Are you sure?”


“Are you out of the bath yet?”


“Then get out; we’re going to be late.”

“But I still need to use soap,” she protested.


Evie could sense her overbearing presence, could practically see her leaning against the locked door, tapping a finger on the wood.

“Well, hurry it up,” Mrs. Franklin called. “I want to see you dressed in five minutes.”

As her mother’s footsteps faded away, Evie sighed and reached for the soap.

“Well?” Jeff asked as his wife returned to the room. He was straightening his tie in the mirror above the dresser.

“She’s still in the bath,” Kelly said, attempting a rueful smile. Kids, am I right?

He didn’t think it was something worth smiling about. “Of all the Sundays to be running behind schedule,” he muttered, plopping down on the edge of the bed.

He watched his wife finishing her own preparations.

“So you wanted to meet with the Pastor?” she asked offhandedly as she selected a pair of purple pumps from the closet.

“No, dear, he was the one who suggested meeting,” Jeff scratched his forehead. “I called him yesterday to discuss our situation, and—”

“You told him about that?”

“And he said this wasn’t the first time a thing like this has happened in the church to girls of a certain age. In fact, he said he has something to give us that will help. Can’t imagine what it is, but he’s bringing it to church this morning.”

Evelyn liked using soap.

She sat on the edge of the tub with her feet in the water and took the pure white bar in her hands, rubbing it until big frothy bubbles formed and started falling into the bathwater below.

Then she ran her hands over her body, starting with her feet. The feeling of soap squeezing between her toes usually made her giggle, but she didn’t want to give her mother the impression that she was dilly dallying should she happen to overhear.

Her legs were next. She spread soapy bubbles up her shins, across her knees, and around her thighs. They made her skin feel so smooth.

Plus it smells nice, she thought. But I’d better hurry.

She moved on, lathering up her fingers and rubbing gently between her legs. Little wisps of hair, so blonde it was almost transparent, were starting to grow, so she decided to clean extra thoroughly here.

Only her feet were in the water, but she felt warm all over as she worked her fingers through the sensitive folds of skin that comprised her vulva.

She knew it was called that because her mother had told her so, a long time ago. She patted her vulva and frowned, remembering. Had there really been a time when her mother had talked freely of such things?

As if answering a summons, she heard her mother’s footsteps fast approaching.

She finished quickly, running her hands over her stomach, up her chest, and around her neck and shoulders, finishing on her ears. Everyone always said they stuck out a bit too far, but that just made them easier to clean.

“You should be getting out by now,” her mother called.

“I am,” Evie answered, splashing herself off and reaching for a blue towel from the rack.

“I’ll be in the car,” came the sound of her father’s voice, a bit gruffer than usual. She could hear him walking out the front door, very stompily.

She stepped out of the tub and onto the bathroom tile, working the towel around her to dry herself.

“Evie?” her mother sounded a bit different now that it was just the two of them.

“Hang on,” she called, searching for the pile of clothes that she suddenly remembered had been left on her bed.



“I forgot my clothes. They’re on my bed.”

“I’ll get them,” said Mrs. Franklin, almost eagerly.

While she waited, Evie rubbed the towel vigorously around her head before using it to dry the rest of her body.

She examined herself in the foggy mirror. Her blonde hair looked like it usually did, as if she had just walked through a windstorm. Her chest was as flat as it had been last Sunday, her pink nipples standing out due to the cold that comes after a warm bath. But her body was clean and bright, scrubbed free of any impurities.

Satisfied, she sat down on the edge of the tub, a hand falling to rest casually between her legs. She absentmindedly stroked her vulva as she awaited her mother’s return.

Kelly felt a shiver run up her spine as she stepped into her daughter’s bedroom. Sunlight streamed through the windows, making bright patterns on the floor that reminded her of the patterned panties Evie had been wearing on Friday.

She stood alongside the bed, tracing her fingers over the bedspread. The pile of clothes lay folded neatly on the bed, but she took no notice.

She went to the laundry hamper, digging past soiled shirts and wadded up socks until she found them. The pink hearts seemed to sparkle in the sun. If she expected to find worn creases or damp stains, some evidence of illicit activity, she was disappointed. Held to the light, they looked just like any ordinary pair of panties.

Becoming aware of the absurdity of the situation, Kelly quickly stuffed her daughter’s undergarments back into the hamper.

She lifted the folded clothes from the bed — a pair of dark pantyhose and Evie’s favorite Sunday dress, a sleek black frock — and took one last look around the room.

Just a short while ago, the walls had been covered with drawings. Kelly wasn’t sure if her daughter’s talents with a crayon were above average or not, but the girl loved to make pictures.

Now they were gone, replaced with a few pop culture posters.

She sucked her in breath.

There, on the dresser, was the watercolor painting the two of them had made together during the summer. Back when her little girl still felt like her little girl. She had ended up doing most of the work — Evie apparently preferred to work in the medium of Crayola. But it was a memento to a memory that she would hold on to for years to come.

Kelly left the room with a slight smile playing across her face.

Without realizing it, Evie had stroked herself into a deep satisfaction. She looked into her lap and was surprised to see her index and middle fingers had formed a ‘V’.

She closed her eyes as a spasm coursed through her. She had to take hold of the edge of the tub to keep from falling.

Her mother would be back any second now; what was she doing?

Evie took a deep breath as her fingers rubbed against her nub one last time.

When there came a rap on the door a few moments later, she had recovered her senses.

Evie accepted the bundle through the cracked door.

“Be quick,” her mother told her. “Your father isn’t a patient man. Do you want help?”

“I’m almost done,” said Evie, stepping into the pantyhose and pulling the dress over her head. It was very soft and velvety. Wearing it was one of her favorite parts about going to church.

“Evie, dear, I—” her mother started to say.

Evie opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

She looked up at her mother, “Ready to go?”

Outside, they found the car already at the end of the driveway, its engine idling angrily. Mr. Franklin sat in the driver’s seat, drumming his fingernails noisily on the steering wheel.

“Sorry,” Kelly apologized, sliding in beside him and putting a hand on her husband’s arm.

He grunted a response and the Franklins were underway.

If Evelyn picked up on the prevailing mood, she didn’t show it.

“How do I look?” she asked her father from the backseat.

He glanced halfheartedly at her in the rear view mirror and gave a nod of approval. “Fine. Just fine, dear.”

Kelly cleared her throat, waiting for a matching compliment from him that never came.

Ten minutes later, Mr. Franklin pulled up to the Willow Falls Community Church and dropped his family off at the curb. While his wife guided their daughter into the building and out of sight, he searched for a good parking spot. Parking was like a complicated game of chess with the entire congregation playing at once, and Jeff had never been good at chess. Or tight parking spaces.

By the time he hurried inside the nondescript building, he was ten minutes late for the meeting.

He caught Pastor Karl in his office just in time.

The tall man stood, reaching to shake his hand.

“Welcome, brother Jeff. I was praying you’d make it.”

The two men sat down with the pastor’s oak desk between them.

“So,” said Pastor Karl in his slow, melodious voice. “Tell me more about this trouble with young Evelyn.”

Jeff cleared his throat, almost wishing he had invited his wife. “Of course. And you said you have something for us, Pastor?”

After dropping Evie off at sunday school, Kelly had to hurry to make it to her women’s Bible study group. The current speaker paused as she walked in, trying to make herself small and unnoticed, which was impossible in a group of seated church ladies.

As Kelly listened to the group getting into a lively discussion about King David and Bathsheba, her mind wandered to more pressing matters.

Jeff would be meeting with the pastor now. She hoped he wasn’t planning to reveal too much of their thirteen-year-old daughter’s personal matters.

It really isn’t any of his business, she fumed silently. So what if she’s curious about herself.

She stopped. Was she excusing Evelyn’s behavior entirely now? No, of course not. Lust was a sin, after all. Although she had no idea who the object of the child’s affection could be.

Regardless, she decided that these men were making a mountain out of a molehill.

She met up with her husband in the lobby before the service started.

There was a small bundle in his arms, which he held out for her to take. On a usual day, she would have done so automatically. But not this morning.

“Here,” he hissed, dropping the keys into her hands when she didn’t grab the bundle. “Put this in the car.”

A quick look told her he was in no mood to discuss it, but she was in no mood to accommodate his mood. “What is it?” she asked, making no effort to keep her voice down as fellow prisoners shared greetings all around them.

“It’s for Evelyn,” was all he would say.

Annoyed, but also curious, Kelly accepted the package and made for the exit before anyone else could accost her.

Once she was safely outside, she headed for the parking lot, examining her mysterious cargo as she went.

The bundle was actually one of the church’s branded paper bags, with the top folded over to keep its contents hidden. It wasn’t heavy; it felt almost ethereal, as if the only thing inside was a blessing from Pastor Karl himself.

Kelly found the car, and wondered where to put the item. Her first instinct was to place it in the backseat, but if it was as secretive as her husband’s tone suggested, maybe it belonged in the trunk, away from Evelyn’s prying eyes and curious fingers.

The only way to know for sure was to find out what it contained.

Glancing around to make sure she was unobserved, Kelly unfolded the bag and reached inside. Her hand found something soft and furry. Her eyes widened as she pulled a stuffed animal into view. A teddy bear, to be precise. It was pure white, with beady eyes and a black snout.

Why was the pastor giving Jeff a toy?

Then she spotted the tag attached to the creature’s arm.

Boyfriend Bear, it read. Purity is a battle. Help your daughter preserve her body and soul by cuddling this bear instead of a boy.

There was a Bible verse printed on the back. Those who are in Christ Jesus do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit — Romans 8:1.

Kelly swallowed a lump in her throat, put the bear back in the bag, and deposited it inside the trunk of the car.

The Pastor’s gift wasn’t meant for her husband.

It was destined for her daughter.

Back inside the church, she found her family seated in the middle of their usual pew, about equal distance from the pulpit up front and the sound system in back.

She noticed Jeff had left plenty of room between himself and his daughter for her to sit.

That was alright by her.

She entered the pew, greeting a few elderly acquaintances politely as she made her way to her place. Evie smiled at her and pulled her legs up onto the pew to let her pass. She suddenly felt like she could forgive every single sin committed if only her little girl would keep on smiling at her like that.

To her right, Jeff leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Did you find the car?” His breath was hot on her skin.

She gave him a slight nod and turned to face front, where Pastor Karl was calling the congregation to attention.

Evelyn was bored. She usually didn’t mind Pastor Karl’s sermons, but today’s message was particularly long winded; he went on and on about temptation and lust and purity, words she had heard in church before, but that held no special meaning to her.

She glanced at the people around her, a risky move mid-service lest one of the elderly congregants catch her eye and look disapprovingly on her distraction.

Mr. Timothy was sitting several feet to her left. He was a deacon in the church, and when she was tired of listening to the words echoing from the pulpit, she liked to look at how hairy his ears were, which made her feel better about her own.

His eyes always shut tight as he paid rapt attention to the pastor’s words. Either that, or he was sleeping, Evie thought.
Sleeping wasn’t high on her list of favorite activities, but it sounded nice at the moment.

Her velvety dress enveloped her like a warm blanket, and though the pew wasn’t exactly comfortable, the cushions had been replaced last month for ones with slightly more padding.

Evie put her hands together in her lap, letting them nestle into the folds of black velvet.

She turned her eyes to the right. Her mother looked like one entranced, watching the reverend unblinkingly as he proclaimed that believers must stay on the path of purity.

Evie twisted on the pew, her folded fingers falling deeper between her thighs.

She clenched her legs together and felt a tingle run up her spine.

Her breath caught in her throat and she made a little choking sound. A little guiltily, she moved her eyes around to check if anyone had noticed. No one had. Pastor Karl was working himself up to make a point now, and his righteous indignation seemed to be taking up the attention of everyone else in the congregation except her.

Cautiously, Evie moved her left hand to the pew cushion beside her. After a moment, it crept under her dress. She held her breath unconsciously as it came to rest on her left leg. The pantyhose felt smooth under her fingers. She ran her hand down to her knee, then let it come back along the inside of her thigh.

As Evie’s left hand headed for her lap, she used her right hand, which was still in the open air, to hold the dress steady over her lap, a kind of shield to prevent anyone noticing what was going on below.

Her eyes shut just like Deacon Timothy’s as her fingers found her special place.

Kelly yawned.

She couldn’t help it.

While Pastor Karl was in full force this morning, raging about the immorality of modern culture, her heart wasn’t in it.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the bear locked in the trunk of their car.

Why had the pastor given them a stuffed animal? A so-called Boyfriend Bear?

Did he really think Evie’s behavior stemmed from want of a boyfriend? She had barely begun middle school. Homework, chores, and art dominated her mind, not kissing and hand-holding and boys.

But, she told herself, he is our pastor. If he thinks it will help…

She glanced to her left, at her daughter, who looked very proper sitting up straight in her black dress.

Her eyes closed, and Kelly hoped that Pastor Karl wasn’t boring her too badly. Embarrassing her father in their own home was one thing, but falling asleep in the middle of the church family was another matter entirely.

Evie tried to stay quiet.

With her fingers pushing into the springy nylon material, it wasn’t easy.

She bit her lip as she pressed her palm against the crotch of her pantyhose.

It’s not like she had planned on doing this. But the ideas coming from the tall man in the pulpit were big and complicated, revolving around things she hadn’t experienced and concepts she didn’t understand.

Occupying herself like this was much better. And it’s not like there were many other available activities in this situation. Any sign of distraction would warrant a reproachful stare or a sharp nudge from her mother who sat just to her right.

Luckily, she couldn’t see what was happening underneath the dress.

Evie began rubbing in earnest, slowly at first, but then picking up speed until her fingers were stroking back and forth across her pantyhose at a steady pace.

Her mouth opened as her middle finger traced circles across the slick nylon. She shut it before any sounds could escape.
She didn’t know what her parents would do if she interrupted the sermon, but it wouldn’t be good.

Jeff couldn’t concentrate. He kept replaying Pastor Karl’s message in his head. Not the one he was preaching now, but the one he had given in his office an hour earlier.

This is a dire situation. Your daughter has been tainted. She must cleanse herself of impure thoughts lest she give Satan a foothold to take over. It’s good you came to me while her soul can still be saved.

He stared unseeingly ahead as he tried to piece together this puzzle. How could Evelyn have come to this precipice? His own little Evie, the girl who used to sit on his knee and draw childish pictures of unicorns and rainbows — tainted?

He collected his composure and hardened his heart. Protecting Evelyn from herself would require patience and discipline. But Pastor Karl had showed him the right words to use, pointed out scriptural passages to emphasize and prayers to utter. And then there was that stuffed bear…

She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, not here, not now.

But Evie didn’t want to stop.

These feelings welling up inside her were almost spiritual. She was a religious zealot on the verge of enlightenment, and her holy place was between her legs.

The pantyhose was thinner than a pair of panties, and it amplified every touch. She tapped her button and the material tickled down to her toes.

It was all she could do not to cry out.

Without warning, Deacon Timothy’s head swiveled in her direction.

Evie froze with her fingers pressing into her pantyhose.

Their eyes met, and her heart skipped a beat.

The elderly man’s mouth morphed into a wide smile.

She returned the smile as she began to move her fingers again. He couldn’t see what her left hand was up to underneath the dark velvet.

The moment passed as quickly as it had happened.

She became immune to everything around her. The song books stacked on the floor, the shifting of feet fallen asleep, Pastor Karl’s droning voice — all faded away as her fingers frolicked beneath the safety of her skirt.

Kelly was ready to call it a morning.

Pastor Karl was running long already, and he showed no signs of giving up the microphone.

Beside her, she could practically sense Jeff’s anxiety. He had crossed an ankle over his knee and the foot suspended in the air twitched every few seconds.

Forgetting the events of the past week for just a moment, she reached out and took his hand in hers, giving it a light squeeze. He hesitated for a moment, but then returned her gesture.

Satisfied, she turned her attention to her other side, hoping to give a similar reassurance to her daughter. No matter what obstacles they faced, be it drama at home or lengthy Sunday mornings, they would get through it together.

She studied her daughter’s face.

Her blonde hair seemed to glow. A strand of it had flown into her mouth, which was slightly ajar. There was an unnatural flush on her cheeks, too. Kelly hoped she wasn’t getting sick. It was a tad too warm in the room, and Mr. Timothy had gone into a fit of coughing last week.

Worrying as mothers are wont to do, Kelly extended a soothing hand for her daughter to take.

Evie relished the feeling flowing through her as she rubbed her fingers against herself. They were settling into a consistency that caused her breathing to become short and fast.

The more aroused she became, the harder it was to avoid arousing the suspicions of those around her. She tried to keep her eyes pointed straight ahead, but it was difficult to stay focused when her fingers were causing these feelings.

Suddenly, something moved on her right.

Startled, Evie cast a glance toward her mother, who she saw was holding out a hand to her.

Had she been found out?

She considered pretending not to have noticed, but no, that might draw further suspicion.

A small smile played across the woman’s lips as she waited for her move to be reciprocated, and Evie breathed a sigh of relief. This looked to be merely an innocent motherly gesture.

Her secret was safe.

Her right hand left its protective place on top of her skirt and met her mother’s hand.

As her mother gave her right hand a gentle squeeze, her left hand continued writhing between her legs.

Evie managed to return her mother’s smile with one of her own before her fingers forced her to focus.

Mrs. Franklin held her daughter’s hand for several long seconds, and Evie found she didn’t mind.

This was nice.

Her daughter’s hand felt warm inside hers, and Kelly cherished this moment of mother/daughter affection that was only going to become more fleeting as Evelyn approached her teenage years.

She must have held onto the small hand for a few seconds too long. It broke free and returned to its place on Evie’s lap.

Mrs. Franklin frowned.

Her daughter’s right hand now rested demurely atop her skirt, but the left hand was nowhere to be seen.

Evie’s eyes suddenly darted downward, and Kelly followed them.

Surely, she wasn’t— she wouldn’t— not here.

The flushed face, the staccato breaths, the five-fingered absence.

Kelly sucked in her breath as the clues came together.

Now, watching closely, she could make out subtle movements: the exposed hand tensing, hips rolling rhythmically, and even the twitch from something in her lap beneath the black dress.

Yes, while God’s word touched souls, her daughter had been touching herself.

This was getting to be too much for Evie to take.

She crossed her legs, hoping the change would alleviate some of the pressure building up inside of her. It made it worse, squeezing her hand tightly between her thighs and causing her palm to press against her most sensitive areas.

She stifled a gasp and tried to adjust her hand, but it only stimulated her further. She could feel a warm dampness spreading across her crotch.

She uncrossed her legs and clenched her fingers, catching the fabric of her pantyhose in her grip and pulling at it haphazardly.

Evie knew this had to end, but it was too late to turn back now.

A shudder racked her small body as her fingers curled, and in exaltation, like a saint singing praises, a high-pitched sound pierced the air as Pastor Karl closed his sermon.

Kelly was mortified.

Just when she was beginning to see her daughter’s side of things, she went and pulled a stunt like this. Masturbating for all the members of the Willow Falls Community Church to see.

Luckily, the service and Evelyn had finished at the same time, if you could call that luck. Some of the parishioners who did hear the young girl’s exclamation probably assumed she was very glad the preacher had wrapped up his poetics.

She had rushed out of the building with Evie as quickly as possible, ignoring the ignorant girl’s protests about saying goodbye to her friends first. Some of Kelly’s wrath cooled when she realized her daughter couldn’t grasp the seriousness of the situation. She shepherded her wayward child in front of her like a lost sheep. Jeff followed behind them, muttering under his breath all the way to the car.

The car was quiet for the first five minutes of the drive home, but the air crackled with what was left unspoken.

Finally, Jeff could stand it no more.

He glanced in the rear view mirror, then leaned over towards his wife and hissed, “What in hell was that?”

He waited for a reply, and when it didn’t come, he continued.

“If that was what I think it was,” he fumed. “We are going to have a discussion about—”

“Calm down, Jeff.” She shot him a pointed look. “We will. Tonight.”

Both parents were pacified for the remainder of the trip, but inside, their minds raced.

Their hopes rested on the wisdom of Pastor Karl and whatever a stuffed bear was good for.

Evie wasn’t sure how to act.

She had wanted to apologize for the distraction, but her mother hustled her outside before she could find the words.
She got the feeling that both her parent’s eyes were constantly watching her in the backseat, but whenever she tried to meet their gaze they turned away.

So she scrunched herself up and put her head in her hands, trying to pretend this was all just a bad dream.

But that was hard to do, since the crotch of her pantyhose was still a little damp.

And no matter how much she tried to regret her actions, Evie found she couldn’t make herself feel sorry.

Nothing that made her feel so good could be bad.

At home, the Franklins sent their daughter inside to change while they met by the trunk of the car to confer.

“Tonight,” Mr. Franklin growled. “During family devotion, I am going to lay down the law.”

“Yes,” Mrs. Franklin conceded. Regardless of the sinfulness of her actions, Evelyn needed to be reprimanded for her ill-timed activities.

Her husband popped the trunk open, revealing the paper bag containing the bear.

“I hope this works,” he said, running a hand over his stubbled face.

“What is it for, exactly?”

His wife reached for the bag, but he beat her to it, taking it under an arm and closing the trunk.

“You’ll find out later tonight.”

Kelly went inside to check on Evelyn. She was still upset with her, but thought that her husband’s icy attitude might be taking things too far. She didn’t want her daughter to think of her as an enemy.

She found the girl’s door closed, nearly knocking it down in a frenzied panic.

Was she—?


Her daughter’s muffled voice called out from behind the barrier, “I’m changing!”

Kelly calmed herself.

This is getting too much for me to take. I’m losing it.

When the door opened a minute later, Evelyn stood before her mother having changed into jeans and a pale yellow t-shirt imprinted with some corporation’s logo.

“What?” she asked, looking up, her bottom lip quivering as if she expected to be scolded.

“Oh,” Kelly said, her hands twisting in front of her. “Nothing. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Evie didn’t know what to think.

Earlier this morning, she’d thought her parents were back to normal, but ever since the drive home from church they were different, whispering behind closed doors, giving her short, meaningful looks, and trying to hide a paper bag behind their backs.

Could all this stem from her disturbance at the end of the service?

Surely not.

I bet nobody even heard me, she told herself. And even if they did, they’ll forget about it by next week. I’m already starting to forget.

It was a lie.

She could still hear her ejaculation vividly, reverberating around the still sanctuary, reaching to the far walls and bouncing back at her in a distorted, echo-y shriek.

And there was no way she could ever forget the feeling that had caused her to cry out.

In spite of herself, she reached between her legs, her fingers eager to bring the blissful sensations back.


Evie shook away the impulse and decided to distract herself by watching cartoons in the living room.

Jeff stalked around the bedroom, trying to remember the pastor’s exact words, the specific phrasing the man had used. If he was going to put an end to his daughter’s disrespectful behavior once and for all, he needed to practice.

“Your body is a temple,” he began, stopping to stare at his reflection in the mirror. “And God wants it to remain pure, that is, God wants you to remain pure.” He checked his notes. These were delicate matters to discuss, and he had never been a sensitive man.

Perhaps he should delegate some of tonight’s duties to his wife.

Plopping down on the side of the bed, he ran a hand over his stubble and considered this.

Yes, he was the head of the household, the leader of the family’s spiritual lives.

But two voices were better than one.

Kelly bustled around the kitchen, getting dinner ready.

It was always a big task to complete by herself, but tonight’s events seemed to require a perfect meal to set the stage. Evie helped sometimes, but Kelly would rather keep her daughter’s hands away from the food for now.

Besides, she was watching some silly cartoon in the living room.

Kelly had gone in and checked on her a half hour earlier, just to make sure that everything was in order, that the TV wasn’t broadcasting filth, that Evie was sitting far enough away from the screen — that her hands were both plainly visible.

Seeing that there was no cause for concern, she gave her daughter a tight smile before retreating to the kitchen.

She prayed tonight would go according to plan.

Who’s plan?

The Pastor’s?



Shouldn’t they all be the same?

She shook the philosophical musings off and began stirring the soup.

Evie laughed along with the TV show, but her heart wasn’t in it.

She couldn’t get away from the impression that her parents’ dour mood was her doing somehow, and she didn’t know how to undo it.

When her mother came to check on her, the replies that came to mind immediately were full of snark .

No, I’m not dead, Mother.

No, I’m not watching R-rated movies.

Yes, I’m sorry about earlier.

She was thirteen-years-old; plenty old enough to take care of herself.

Didn’t her mom see that?

But she resisted the urge and simply smiled back at her.

When she turned away and disappeared back into the kitchen, Evie thought she looked more aged, almost like her grandmother. It left her sad somehow.

Maybe she feels sad about me growing up, too, Evie thought.

She decided to go lend a hand with dinner.

Switching off the TV, she pushed herself off the couch and headed to join her mother in the kitchen.

“Mom, can I—” she started to say.

Her father’s commanding voice cut her off.

“Kelly, come in here,” Kelly’s husband called from the bedroom.

She glanced at her daughter, who had been about to say something, but her duty to tonight’s devotion overruled her motherly curiosity.

“Yes?” she asked, stepping into the bedroom and wiping her hands on her patchwork green apron.

“I need your help,” her husband said. “You’re her mother, and Pastor Karl said we should present a unified front.”

“That’s good,” she replied, a little icily. “But I’m in the middle of cooking dinner, and—”

“It won’t take long,” he said, taking her hand and leading her deeper into the room. “And this is more important.”
Kelly couldn’t disagree.

The soup was delicious, but Evie found it hard to stomach when the atmosphere felt so awkward.

Her mother hardly touched the dinner she had spent an hour preparing.

Her father, on the other hand, slurped it down like this was his last supper.

No one spoke much, and when they did, they were simple and monotonous phrases like  “don’t forget your homework for tomorrow” and “it’s going to be cold next week” and “would you please pass the butter?”.

By the time her mother started clearing the table while her father went to retrieve his Bible, Evie was so glad dinner was done with that she forgot to be nervous about tonight’s devotion.

In the brief interlude between the events, she took off her jeans and t-shirt and pulled on the white nightgown her mother had bought at a thrift store two years ago. It was getting a bit short, she realized as she bent over and caught a flash of pale pink panties in her mirror.

The appointed time had arrived.

Jeff cleared his throat and called his family over into the living room, where he was seated in a tall burgundy armchair.
Evelyn chose her usual spot on the couch, sitting with her legs crisscrossed in front of her.
His wife came in last, eyes moving back and forth between the rocking chair next to him and the couch cushion beside their daughter.

In the end, she chose to position herself in the rocking chair, but scooted it closer to the couch.

He nodded at the two of them and opened up his gold-trimmed Bible to Galatians chapter five.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free,” he began, becoming more confident as he went on. “But if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law.”

He paused, looking up to make sure the girl on the couch was paying attention. She looked back at him with wide eyes, a curious expression across her face.

In a flash of inspiration, he asked, “Evelyn, will you read the next part?”

A flash of uncertainty. She was rarely allowed to touch her father’s heirloom Bible, much less read from it.

She came over carefully and took it from him, cradling the book as if it were a baby.

“Go ahead,” he prompted once she’d sat back down. “Read from where I left off.”
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This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. This story does not contain any sexual activity between adults and minors.

Oops, didn't expect this to get split in two parts, but here we are.


Boyfriend Bear (Part 2)

Evie swallowed.

“The acts of the flesh are obvious,” she read. “Sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery.”

Before she could continue, her father held up a hand. He looked like a teacher springing a pop quiz on an unsuspecting student.

“Again. Read it again.”

Her mother shifted in her rocking chair.

She took a breath, and another shot at pronouncing the unfamiliar phrases.

“The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery.”

In the beat that followed, her parent’s silence became somehow strange. Was she getting the words wrong?

“Sorry,” she said, eager to correct her mistake. “I don’t know these words. What does ‘sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery’ mean?”

Her father slumped backwards, seemingly stalled by the inquiry.

Her mother coughed, looked at her husband, then looked back to her.

“Well, Evie,” she said. “Those are more, shall we say, grown-up words.”

“Grown-up words?” she asked, looking back and forth between her parents.

“Yes, dear.”

Mr. Franklin snapped back to attention, “But they’re important for you to understand. This verse is saying that there are things we shouldn’t do.”

She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes, trying to see what they were trying to say.

“We must remain pure before God,” her mother elaborated.

“Pure? Like pure maple syrup?”

“Evelyn,” her father barked in rebuke.

“What?” she asked, folding her arms across her chest. She hadn’t meant it to be funny.

“Purity means not doing things that the Lord might consider unclean,” her mother tried again.

“Like what? Like a sin?”

“This verse commands us not to commit sexual-” Mr. Franklin’s eyes boggled as he saw his daughter forming another question. He changed course, “Or rather, not to commit— romantic kinds of sins.”

“Romantic?” Evelyn sucked in an excited breath, “Like kissing?”

Up until a few months ago, she had never really considered the idea of romance. Kissing was something adults did on television and she found it rather disgusting. But recently, she had been thinking about it in a new light. Her parents had kissed a lot on that fateful Friday morning when she’d peeked into their bedroom — surely that wasn’t a sin.

“You’ll understand it more after another verse,” her father said. “Read 1 Corinthians 6:18.”

Dubiously, she complied.

“Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

Her voice wavered when she came to the word sexually, but her father seemed pleased.

“Now Thessalonians 4:3-5,” he said, clasping his hand in front of him as if in prayer.

“For this is the will of God,” Evie read. “That you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God.”

“Evie,” her father said after a moment. “This is why remaining pure in body and mind is important. So you see, you must obey God’s holy word,” he finished.

He smiled at her. It was the first time he had done so in days. And she couldn’t bring herself to contradict him.

“Yes,” she smiled back. “I see.”

“Excellent,” he said, rubbing his hands together like a bowler who just knocked down all the pins at once. “Now your mother has something for you.”

Kelly wasn’t so sure about this.

But her husband seemed resolute, and the Pastor had given it to them, so it must be good for something.

The attention was on her now.

She gave a little smile and brought the bear out from the bag beneath her chair. Its black eyes and nose seemed to gleam with a heavenly aura underneath the fluorescent lights, and its fur was as pure as white snow, unblemished.
Her daughter did a double take. Out of all the things that could be inside that bag, a stuffed bear was not on the list of possibilities she’d imagined.

“It’s for you,” Jeff told her. He motioned for her to take it.

“A teddy bear?” Evie questioned. Hesitantly, she reached for the creature.

Kelly let her have it.

“It is a reminder for you,” he said gravely. “To always keep yourself as clean before God as its white fur. Whenever you get those urges, it will be there to keep you on the path to purity.”

Evie was inspecting the bear, turning it over in her hands. The tag attached to its arm said it was called a Boyfriend Bear.

“What’s this for?” she asked, finding a slit in the creature’s back.

“To put things in,” Kelly told her.

“Letters to your future husband,” Jeff specified. “Notes and little messages you write can go in there until the day of your wedding.” He grinned at her, “You could even put some of your drawings inside. It does other things too, when you squeeze it, like come to life and sing Bible verses.”

Evie couldn't get past the wedding part.

“My wedding?” she said, incredulous.

She turned to her mother, who looked uncomfortable.

“Exactly,” her father clapped his hands together. “This is a gift to make sure you keep yourself holy until that special day.”

“Which is far, far in the future,” Kelly said.

Her daughter relaxed. She sat the stuffed animal in her lap and its head reached to her chin. It was on the large side for a teddy bear, about two feet tall.

The intervention was coming to an end.

“So,” Jeff turned his full attention on his daughter, gesturing with his hands. “What do you think about all that?”

“I think,” Evie said, “I’ll name him Tobit.”

It was almost midnight, but Kelly found she couldn’t sleep.

She tossed in the bed, trying not to wake Jeff, but unable to find a pleasant position.

And she was worried about Evelyn.

Afterwards, Jeff seemed to think it had gone splendidly, puffing up his chest in that way he had of showing off his pride.
“That’s that,” he said.

But she wasn’t convinced.

The meeting had been filled with long verses from the Bible, written in words that wouldn’t mean a thing to Evie unless she understood the concepts behind their veiled implications. Lust? Purity? Sexual immorality?

Memories came to her from the previous week. Evelyn’s fists buried beneath her, her fingers flying across her white and pink panties, her passionate cry emanating from the pew.

But her daughter was still young. She didn’t even know about sex yet. So how could she be expected to know all of her parents’ expectations about purity?

Kelly sighed, and quietly pushed herself to a sitting position.

She stood, tiptoeing noiselessly from the room and into the hallway.

Maybe a warm glass of milk would put her in a sleepy state of mind.

She watched the glass rotate around in circles inside the microwave. The machine gave off a small bubble of cheery yellow light that felt a bit eerie surrounded by the dark of night.

When she tried to taste the milky white liquid, it burned her tongue. She recoiled.

While she waited for the glass to cool, her mind kept returning to her daughter.

How she’d squeezed the girl’s hand as her cheeks flushed from what was happening hidden beneath her dress.

Before long, she found her feet returning to her daughter as well.

Just while the milk cools off, she thought. To make sure she’s okay.

The house was quiet as she crept towards her daughter’s door.

It was also nearly pitch black, but as the person responsible for keeping every inch of it clean and tidy, Kelly had the layout memorized and made her way easily.

When she reached Evie’s bedroom at the end of the hallway, Kelly paused.

She listened for any sign of what was going on behind the door, which was open, but just barely. Only a hairline, not large enough to see through.

She hoped to hear something like snoring, but only silence met her ears.

Maybe I’ll just peek in, she told herself. Just in case.

She wrapped her fingers around the door and pulled, cautious not to make any noise that might wake her sleeping girl.

Luckily, the door cooperated without creaking, opening up several inches so she could see.

Kelly peered through the cracked door.

A night light plugged into an outlet on the wall gave off just enough luminescence to make out a shape curled on the bed.

A surge of affection (and relief) washed through her as she took in her daughter’s still form, sleeping with her hair sticking up every which way from her pillow. The teddy bear — what had she named it? —lay near the edge of the bed, like a guardian protecting not only the girl’s purity but also her sleep.

Satisfied, she was about to shut the door and head up the hallway when the sleeper stirred.

Kelly went motionless.

She didn’t even breathe as her daughter rolled onto her side and reached out to draw the teddy close.

As Evie brought the bear to her chest, her hand crept between her legs.

With eyes adjusting to the dim light, Kelly watched the girl squeeze her thighs together, grinding her hips against her hand.

Evie wanted to sleep, but her body rebelled against her.

She lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling, playing over the events of the evening.

We’ve never had a devotion like that before.

And why had her parent’s given her a teddy bear of all things?

If they had asked her first, she probably would have politely declined the gift.

I’m getting too old for stuffed animals, she thought maturely.

But in the darkness that descended around her bed, she realized she was glad of the bear’s comforting presence. It was nice not to be completely alone, even if Tobit was only a stuffed bear.

Her tossing had left him dangerously near falling off the bed.

She rolled onto her side and reached a hand around the bear, bringing him back to her. His white fur took on a divine quality in the nightlight’s glow, and it was so soft, the softest fur she’d ever felt.

His tag had said he was a Boyfriend Bear, whatever that meant.

Evie sighed happily into the warm white plush.

If she ever did have to have a boyfriend, Tobit wouldn’t be a bad choice.

And then her hand was between her legs and she was pressing it against her panties as she squeezed her thighs around it.

Her fingers clutched the teddy tightly as she began humping her hand.

She went on like this for a few minutes, sometimes rubbing with her fingers and other times being content with the pressure caused by her clenched thighs and rocking hips.

She couldn’t seem to establish any kind of rhythm, not like she had in that pew sandwiched between Mr. Timothy and her mother during church.

Her humping became more hesitant.

After one more twitch of her hips, she stopped, rolling over onto her back and letting her hands fall to the bed beside her.

Kelly couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched her daughter place a fist between her legs and begin to rock against it.

Evie’s eyes fluttered and it seemed like her entire body was in motion, her head squirming against her pillow, her fingers combing through the bear’s fur, as her lower torso gyrated.

The only sounds Kelly could hear were her daughter’s soft movements amidst the bedsheets.

The hem of her nightgown had ridden up around her waist. By the nightlight’s glow, Kelly could see flashes of pink panties as her daughter jerked.

A few times, Evie slowed her body to near stillness, and Kelly would feel a surge of elation before being disappointed as the girl’s fingers took the opportunity to start circling atop the pink fabric.

Just as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped for good.

Evie twisted onto her back, looking up at the ceiling.

Though she was no longer distracted, there was no danger of being seen. Kelly knew that the darkness of the hallway made her invisible, an unseen spectre creeping around the edges of a campfire.

Looking at her daughter’s small, still figure now, Kelly told herself she must have been seeing things. Evie hadn’t done that, not after their intervention. After going through the events of the past several days, she must be experiencing visions.

Or maybe I’m asleep right now and this is all a dream.

Evie stared up at the ceiling.

Her body called for her to continue, but her mind was confused.

Spinning from everything her parents had said, by the cold language of the Bible verses she had read.

The sexually immoral person sins against his own body.

That was what it said in the book of Thessa— something.

But what did that mean?

She wasn’t sexually immoral, was she?

Of course not, she decided. I don’t even have anybody to be sexually immoral with.

And anyway, how immoral could sex be when it’s what made babies? Without some sex, she wouldn’t exist. Neither would her mother or father, and probably, neither would the person who wrote that verse in the first place.

The “sins against his own body” bit was even more puzzling.

How could you sin against your own body, against yourself?

She had been doing things to her own body.

But then, that couldn’t be a sin against it, because she wanted herself to do it. It wasn’t the devil taking hold of her, it was fireworks going off and ricocheting around inside her.

And besides, that verse said “his own body”. And she was a girl.

So that was settled. She hadn’t been doing anything wrong. And she wasn’t in trouble with her parents, because they had given her a cuddly teddy bear as a gift.

She was ready to heed her body’s call.

Her fingers trailed down her nightgown, headed towards her private place; and this time, they weren’t satisfied to stay on the surface.

Evie’s eyes squeezed shut as her hand slipped under the waistband and went to work beneath her panties.

Mrs. Franklin remained frozen as she watched her daughter’s hand disappear underneath her pink panties.

I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. She repeated it like a mantra, straining inside her mind to fit the scene before her into the post-devotion picture.

She couldn’t see what was going on between Evie’s legs, but she could tell the girl was enjoying it. A contented smile played at the corners of her mouth, giving way to form a little ‘o’ shape as her fingers slid against her.

Kelly could hear her now, sharp little breaths and the occasional gasp as Evie’s fingers found their rhythm. The outline of the hand pulsing beneath the panties looked strange to her in the night, like an alien creature making love to her child.

Something seemed to harden inside Kelly as she gazed at the girl on the bed. Her underwear seemed to vibrate as her hand picked up speed. She bucked her hips and a tiny moan issued from her mouth.

For a moment, Kelly wondered if the noise had come from between her own open lips. She couldn’t take it. She didn’t want to watch any more of this.

By the time Kelly returned to the kitchen, her milk was cold.

Evie was feeling it now.

Her fingers were stroking around in tight circles at a steady pace.

And just like that morning in church, she sensed it building in her, rising up like a glass of the sweetest lemonade about to overflow.

A foreign sound came out of her throat and she couldn’t stop it. It seemed to echo around her room, but she didn’t care. Her parents were probably sound asleep by now anyway.

Her fingers rubbed up against her nubbin, sending shockwaves of pleasure that rocked her from head to toe. Her lower torso thrust into the air. The hem of her nightgown fell higher, revealing her belly button. This wasn’t like before; this time it was even better.

She reached for support and found Tobit.

Evie hugged the bear against her heart as she fondled herself to a finish.

She kept her hand buried inside her panties until the last fireworks had faded.

Once it was really over, she rolled onto her side, cuddling up to Tobit’s reassuring presence. She ran her hand over him, unconsciously transferring the last traces of her body’s natural lubricant onto the white fur. She smiled as her fingers curled into the slit on his back.

Five minutes later, Evelyn was fast asleep.

Sunlight was streaming into the room when Kelly woke the next morning. She rolled onto her back, letting the warm rays fall across her face as she returned to the world of the living. Monday. Breakfast to make, a husband to see off, and a daughter to—

The events of last night came flooding back to her, each sickly sound,  every irregular movement.

It was a dream, she told herself. It had to have been. Because the plan, the one written by their pastor and her husband, had been executed perfectly. Evelyn had seen the error of her way. Been chastised for behavior that was only natural for a child of her age.

Kelly’s thoughts were interrupted by her husband.

“Morning,” he said, turning over to face her.

Despite being the first day of the work week, he seemed in much better spirits than over the weekend.

“We did it,” he told her, a gleam of accomplishment in his eyes.

He yawned, not expecting a response. Good, she didn’t have one to offer.

If Evelyn could understand their lectures, could read those verses, and still continue with her immoral actions — maybe they weren’t so immoral.

A dream, Kelly reminded herself.

But she’d never had a dream like that before.

Jeff rose out of bed and stretched. “We won’t have any more trouble after last night,” he said. “A complete success. I think she realized the importance of purity.”

This time, he waited for a reply.

She sat up, looked away. “Yes. I don’t— I’m not—”

He came over to her side of the bed and reached for her face. At first she was scared, but his hand slid down her cheek in a tender gesture. He lifted her chin to look her in the face.

“It’s done. You don’t have to worry your head about this anymore.” He must have seen something in her eyes, because he continued. “Here, I’ll show you.”

Before she knew what was happening, Kelly felt herself being pulled to her feet and guided into the hallway.

“No,” she tried to say, but the letters got caught in her throat. She twisted in his grasp, attempting to pull away as he led her towards the room at the end of the hall: Evelyn’s bedroom.

She wasn’t ready, she didn’t want to look.

“It’s alright,” he whispered in her ear. “Just a little peek and you’ll see our daughter sound asleep, as pure as an angel.”

Kelly panicked. She pushed him away, but his resolve was stronger than hers.

“Blessed are the pure in heart,” her husband said, “for they shall see God.”

But when they reached the cracked door and peered through, what they saw was anything but holy.

Evie woke up feeling refreshed.

The sun was shining in through her window and it gave the room a golden glow that basked her in happiness.

Tobit was lying next to her.

Giggling, she grabbed him, bringing his fluffiness to her face and nuzzling her nose into the warm fur.

Her parents had brought her a boyfriend and now everything would be okay.

She tickled him, hugged him, kissed him.

Together, they rolled across the bed. Her nightgown rode up, revealing her panties. But she didn’t mind Tobit seeing them.

Evie found herself sitting on her knees, face flushed.

Somehow, the bear had ended up beneath her.

She reached down and made him give her a little nuzzle with his nose.

It felt nice, so she had him do it again.

“Oh, Tobit,” she breathed, gazing down lustily at the bear’s snout tickling her panties. He didn’t stop, so she closed her eyes and let the sensations pulse through her.

Her hips twitched and suddenly she was riding the bear as if he were a horse, rubbing herself up and down along his length.

His hard round nose felt especially good, and when it bumped against her most sensitive area, she couldn’t help but give a little cry of pleasure.

Evie didn’t worry about her parents anymore. They had given her Tobit, and she was making the most of the gift.

She leaned back, placing a hand behind her for support. As she continued grinding against the stuffed animal, her other hand found its way into her panties and began stimulating her sex.

The movements of her fingers combined with her rhythmic rocking on top of Tobit  was more powerful than anything she’d ever felt before. Evie threw herself into it, puckering her lips to prevent herself from crying out. Her eyes squeezed shut and her stabilizing hand clenched the comforter in a death grip.

As she bounced on the bear, her fingers massaged around her vulva. One of them brushed her clit, making her gasp for air.

I can’t take much more of this, she realized. She was approaching the finish line too fast. She wasn’t here to sprint; this was a long distance race.

Evie took her hand out of her panties and laid down on her tummy with Tobit still underneath her. She reached down, adjusting him into a more optimal position so that his smooth black nose could come into contact with her nubbin.

Keeping a hand on the bear to hold him in place, she began thrusting her hips heartily.

Rocking on the bear’s soft body applied a delightful pressure against her vulva, and every time his hard snout bumped her special spot, she grunted, sounding almost like an animal. Perhaps Tobit was rubbing off on her.

She rotated her hips, circling atop the stuffie so his nose pressed a pattern into her panties.

Evie pushed her face into a pillow to muffle the cry that was sure to come.

Kelly heard her husband hiss an obscenity.

She didn’t blame him. He had been utterly unprepared for the scene unfolding before them.

She, on the other hand, remained quiet, calm, and collected as she watched her young daughter humping her teddy bear.

She found herself strangely untroubled by each thrust of the girl’s hips as she pressed her small body against the stuffed animal.

Above and slightly behind her, Kelly could sense the reaction in her husband. His body stiffened like a matchstick that was about to be broken in half.

A muffled moan came emanating out of the bedroom, and Kelly smiled as hot air came out of her husband in a wheezing exhalation.

Her daughter’s pink panty-covered butt stood out like the bullseye at the center of a target. She wriggled it at them as she rammed her pussy against the teddy bear, the Boyfriend Bear that was supposed to be a teaching tool, not a toy.

Her thighs sandwiched the teddy, grinding against it. They almost looked like they were fucking, Kelly mused.

Evie must have squeezed it in just the right way, because the bear suddenly came alive beneath her. It started singing about chastity in a rumbling mechanical voice, its body vibrating along in time to the music.

As Evie sank into her sheets, the bear continued buzzing between her writhing legs.

Her high-pitched cries joined with the song and created a symphony of pure sound that rose gracefully through the air.

Kelly thought it was the most beautiful music she had ever heard.

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Oops, thanks for the help mods.

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Reply #3 on: November 05, 2020, 02:23:24 PM
This is a very well written story, erotic without a lot of graphic detail. Well done.

I also appreciated the way it was presented with excellent grammar, spelling and punctuation.

There was one discrepancy I noticed. Early on it says

The raven-haired girl was clad only in her matching pajama shirt and a pair of plain pink panties.

but after that all references to her hair color describe it as blonde.

Looking forward to more of your work; and welcome to KB.

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There was one discrepancy I noticed. Early on it says

The raven-haired girl was clad only in her matching pajama shirt and a pair of plain pink panties.

but after that all references to her hair color describe it as blonde.

Hah! Yep, I had trouble deciding what hair color to give her. Guess I'd better fix it and make her 100% blonde.

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Best story i have ever read!

I love reading about girls starting to explore themselves. my god, that was amazingly written.