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Author Topic: Tell me how you'd use my wife  (Read 67 times)
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« on: November 17, 2020, 04:00:10 PM »

I collect stories on what other guys would do to my wife. I got the idea by reading stories on Kristen's asstr page, as my kinks cover most of them. My wife on the other hand is like only vanilla, but has recently got into exhibitionism to the point where she can get off on other guys looking at her naked or doing sexual things with me.

She's also seriously devoted to me (which I obviously love), and isn't remotely interested in other guys. This isn't helpful to me when I have gangbang and dogging fantasies I want to satisfy, where she's taking a great deal of cock and being filled with other guys cum.

So I started writing stories to fulfil these desires, and it works.

But then I discovered discord. Now, I joined for a normal reason, but found NSFW and 18+ servers and found lots of guys to write stories about what they'd do to her in exchange for her nudes. I love the thought of other guys getting off on her and I have a very active imagination, so I can imagine that all these guys are doing those things to her.

But everyone is so restrained and nice most of the time. So I decided to make my own server that I invite people to and they can do RP about her (I call it that, it's more just storywriting) about all the things they'd do to her.

PM me if you want to join in, because I love this. Also put this in this part of the forum, because the limits I give for people into really dark and depraved stuff is that they can do anything, even rape and impregnate her, force bestiality on her and publicly humiliate her, and the premise is:

"After talking online for a while, I decide to let you use Louise in real life. I arrange a meet with you alone, and I tell you about my #uhc-limits (not hers), give you our address and a cut key, and tell you that you can drop by and use her whenever you want, and it can be in the middle of dinner, in front of anyone in the house or anything you want. You can also take her with you for up to 2 days whether she wants it or not, without any warning (a week between occurrences) and if you arrange it with me beforehand, you can also take her for up to a month, but you have the responsibility to feed her only (real food, but you can make her eat it however you want)."

Also this is her:
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