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on: December 02, 2020, 12:19:03 AM

I wrote of a couple of things that are disturbing to me and I even feel a bit embarrassed by posting it, but felt it needed to be included in the story to give the reader a feel of where his mind was.  And more importantly to give an idea of where my mind was, where it went, and what type of person I became because of it.  I'm leaving some things out of our story, like the original ending that I had written because it was without a doubt the worst experience in my life. 

I included some dialogue for the telling of the events that are not exact, but it does express close similarity to what was said almost 25 years ago.

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I was 22.  Jake was 27.  We met at a bar when I was out with friends.  He approached me and we talked for a while.  We danced a couple of times. Before nights-end I had given him my number.  He even dialed it before I left the bar to make sure I picked up.  I answered.


"Sorry but I had to make sure you didn't give me a fake number because I'd drive myself crazy thinking about you for the coming months."

I looked back into the bar and he was standing there holding the phone to his ear.  "Goodnight Julie, I can't wait to see you again." I smile and blew him a kiss.

He took me to nice dinners and spent money on me. He had a house, a nice car, a real job and a good paying one at that. Meanwhile, I was still working minimum wage jobs and trying to save up enough money to move out of my parents house. 

I had only had one serious relationship before Jake and for the most part was sexually inexperienced.  Intercourse prior to Jake was with 3 other guys and had always been in a bed under the covers. I guess my sexual experience to that point would best be described as what some call 'Vanilla Sex'.     

After our first date I told Jake that I wasn't sure about going on a second date because of the age difference, and hadn't really been in a serious relationship, especially with someone older.

Jake had put me at ease when he said that we would just 'Play it cool' and get to know each other.  And over the next couple of weeks we did just that.  He wasn't pushy with sex, in fact, he never tried more that a kiss. He didn't act like I was younger than him when we were talking or doing things.  I did feel out of place when he took me to a party at his friends house where all the couples were in their late 20's.

At one point, I told him I was starting to have deeper feelings for him, and I was.  And he told me that he wasn't really sure because of our age difference.  I was thinking, 'WTF', that's why I didn't want to date him. And now after having feelings for him, he turns it around and uses that on me.   When I asked him what it was he just said that there are just some things that gives him pause.  I pushed for more detail.  "Your age just shows."  I told him to lets just try it for a while more and see where it goes.  I just really like him at this point.

And from that point on, he used "Your younger age just shows" as a way to get me to do things that I wasn't completely comfortable with.  And some of those things ended up being extremely humiliating to me at the time it was happening.

The following weekend we were standing in the middle of what he called his living room.  He had his arms around me as we hugged and kissed. His hands lifted at the hem of my shirt and I allowed him to pull it over my head. I had worn my lacy sexy bra in anticipation of things going further between us. I started to lift his and he told me to wait a minute.  He kissed me softly and asked me to take off my clothes for him. I just nodded. I assumed we would both get naked together but when he stepped back and sat on his couch to watch me, I realized he wanted to watch me take off my clothes. 

The lights in the room suddenly felt so bright.  Almost every light was on.  I was in the middle of this large room, the curtains to the window that faced the street were drawn, but the entry door had a small glass window at the top of it.  It was highly unlikely someone standing on the porch could even see in without standing on their tiptoes.  There was also a window to the far side of the room where his kitchen table was.  Outside that window was his driveway, and opposite that was his neighbors house and a window.  But there was a sheer fabric drapery the window.  Enough for privacy but not to block out light.  What I'm trying to say is that this wasn't something I was at all used to, especially getting naked for him the first time.  It just seemed so foreign to me.  It was not romantic at all.  Almost doctor office-ish.

"Take off your clothes, Julie.  I want to see you," he smiled.

It wasn't my first time being naked for a guy.  And I had already decided that I was going to sleep with Jake the next time he made a move, so I proceeded.  I removed my shoes.  Unsnapping my shorts, I lowered my zipper and shimmied the shorts down my legs and stepped out of them before folding and placing them on the chair. I picked up my shirt that he had taken off and discarded to the floor, folded and put it with my shorts.  I stood there in my bra and underwear.  I could feel the heat in my face. Breath, I thought.  He sat expectantly as his eyes looked over my body.  I felt so extremely vulnerable. I moved to sit down with him.  He stopped me and told me "all the way, lose you bra and panties."  I undid my bra and removed it.  I lowered my underwear, folded them and set them with my clothes. 

I stood for a second with my arms folded in to cover my chest while my legs were slightly crossed, then  moved to sit with him but he stopped me.  Jake grabbed me at the hips, having me stand directly in front of where he sat, between his spread knees.  His eyes moved from my face to my breasts.  His hands came up and touched them softly.  "Beautiful," he said, cupping them.  His thumbs rubbed over my nipples until they stiffened a bit.  His eyes lowered as did his hands down across my tummy and his finger tips lowered into my pubic hair.

"Julie, you really need to trim this up," he said almost disapprovingly.  He grabbed some hairs between his fingers and pulled gently, stretching them to their full length.  "Baby, girls keep their pussy's short or even shaved.  This is just..."

I stepped back from him, feeling like I was about to cry.  I had never felt so embarrassed.   I turned to get dressed and he pulled me back to him by my hand. 

"There is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sorry. Come on..."  He pulled gently at my hand and I sat down on his one leg. "It's okay, you just need to trim it down."  He held me.  I had actually started to cry.  He wiped away my tears telling me again that he was sorry. His lips came to mine and we started to kiss.  We were soon laying on the couch making out.  His hands caressed my body everywhere but between my legs.  He got up and I was thinking he was going to get undressed but instead he turned some lights off and laid back down with me.  We just kissed and laid there holding each other.  With the lights off I felt better, even if I was naked and he dressed.

After our make out session was over, we laid talking for a bit and I eventually said I needed to get home. I got up and picked up my clothes and was going to walk into the bathroom to dress. He told me to let him watch me put my clothes on. I hesitated, but I did.  After I was dressed, he stood up and walked me to the door. When we finished kissing goodbye, he asked if my pussy would be prettier for him the next day. I nodded and promised him it would be.

The next morning I went into my parent's bathroom and took my dad's clippers back to my bedroom.  I tried a few different clipper attachments and before long had shortened everything to about a half inch.

That night Jake took me out to a movie and at one point  leaned over and whispered in my ear asking if I had "cleaned things up for him."  I nodded.  He smiled and said he can't wait to see it and pulled me closer.  I laid my head on his shoulder, happy that I made him happy. It felt so special to me that I made him happy. I said to myself I'd do anything he asked if it made him happy.

We went straight to his house after the movie and upon walking in the door, he shut the front drapes and sat on the couch.  I went to sit next to him and he told me he couldn't wait any longer and asked me to strip for him.  I did.

When he saw the results he smiled and pulled me to stand in front of him.   "I like it," he said excitedly, "do you like it?"

I smiled and told him I did.  He was running his fingers through my hairs like he did the previous day and was looking very closely at my sex.  The tip of his index finger traced up and down each lip and then he grabbed some hairs and pulled to the sides, opening me up.  My heart immediately dropped into my stomach at his action but I didn't back away, I just let him do it.  He made a mention of my clit and began touching me. Like the previous night I felt so vulnerable standing in this open room with all of the lights on as he touched my sex. I looked toward the side window but it was dark.  I think someone could see through if they were outside of it. 

Jake mentioned how hard my nipples had gotten and with his other hand he touched one and played with it.  He was soon playing roughly with it by pulling and twisting it and then moved to my other one.  I just stood there allowing him to do what he wanted.  His fingers down below kept touching and it wasn't long before my orgasm approached.  Jake slid one finger up into me and touched me just right as his thumb continued to manipulate my clitoris.  I came standing there in front of him.

I still hadn't recovered from it when he stood up saying, "That got you nice and wet."  He quickly removed his clothing and grabbed my hand.  I expected him to take me to his bedroom.  Instead he walked me behind the couch and had me bend over the back of it,  instructing me to spread my legs for him. 

I had never had sex like this before.  The few times I had had sex to that point in life, I had always been on my back with a guy on top of me. 

Jake's head touched my lips and nestled between them.  I hadn't even seen his penis and didn't know what to expect when he began sliding into me slowly.  Never having sex like this, it was different.  He took his time and worked his length into me.  When his full length was in, he began stroking in and out of me quickly.  After a couple of minutes I couldn't take it much more.  I said I was uncomfortable and asked him to stop.  I started to stand up. He backed out of me.  Turning around I looked at him and then down at his erection.

"Let's go into the bedroom," I suggested, "I'd feel more comfortable there."

He said something to the effect of, "See, we both thought you were too young and inexperienced for me."  Then he added, "Are you a woman, or are you an inexperienced child?"

I stared at him for a moment and said, "A woman."

He took me by the hand and led me back around to the front of the couch. "Then get on all fours like a good woman."   

I hesitated for a moment before dropping to my knees and leaning forward onto my hands.   

"Spread your legs, Julie."

I moved my legs to the side and he got behind me and entered me.  I quickly learned that arching my back allowed him to enter me more comfortably and soon he was going full force, and it was feeling really good.  I had an orgasm shortly and was approaching my second when his arrived. He gripped my hips firmly at the side, holding my bum tight to him.

We were both breathing hard and when he pulled out of me, I crawled over to the couch and laid on it.  Jake handed me a box of tissues and he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  I quickly wiped things up and put the tissues on the floor. When he returned he had a smile on his face and his erection was at half mast.

"You definitely are a woman," he said smiling. 

I half smiled back at him.  He felt so comfortable walking around naked in front of me.  He sat down in front of me handing me the water.  I sat up and drank from the glass, finishing it.  He set the empty glass on the side table and pulled me close to him, hugging me.  "That was good, Julie.  We're going to have a lot of fun together."

We had sex once more that night.  This time we were in his bed.  He had told me to get on my hands and knees again.  He had me lay with my face in his pillow so that I gave him 'better access to my pussy', as he describe it. He told me it was okay to scream when I came.  That he liked it when he makes a woman scream. And I did that.  Letting out my emotions as I O'd seemed to make it better for me also.  Jake lasted about twice as long as earlier and brought me off about 4 times in the bedroom.

After that I had to leave in time for the midnight curfew my parents had set for me.  I know, 22 years old, but their house, their rules.  I got home and was laying in bed thinking about how great the sex was. Being inexperienced, I had never had more than one, let alone 5 or 6 orgasms in one night with a guy.  Even the uncomfortableness and humiliation I had felt being naked for him as he played with my body earlier in the evening, I was smiling about.  Now that we had done it, I assumed all that uncomfortableness would be behind us.
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I didn't see Jake for the next two days because he was busy one night and I had to work the other night.  We had talked at one point and he told me he hoped to spend the whole day with me on Saturday.  He told me to decide on something to do after he took me out to breakfast.

Saturday arrived and he called telling me to meet him at a Denny's type restaurant that was a half mile walk from his house.  When I arrived, he was already on his second cup of coffee.  As we talked, Jake asked what I wanted to do.  I told him the Detroit Zoo sounded like fun and it was only 2 miles from his house.  My sister actually volunteered there as a docent, but she only worked weekdays.  Jake told me that the  zoo sounded like fun and that he hadn't been in years.  He asked if I was up for bike ride after that.  It sounded like it would be a fun day.

After we finished eating, he got in my car and I drove both of us down the side street to his house.  When we walked in he said that he couldn't stop thinking about me the last couple of days and couldn't keep his eyes off of me all through breakfast.  I blushed.  My face turned redder when he told me to get out of my clothes.

"We'll have a quicky and then go to the zoo," Jake stated.

He pulled his shirt over his head and I hesitantly followed suit.  When he was naked, he sat on the couch and watched me finish taking my bra and underwear off.  I had no sooner set my bra and underwear on the chair when he asked me, "How about a blowjob, baby?"

This was something I had never done in my life.  About 4 years earlier I had kissed a boy on the tip of his penis and taken the head in my mouth.  I would never have called it a blowjob though.

Jake sensed something was up.  "You have given a blowjob, haven't you Julie?"

I said, "No, never."

He just stared at me.  I thought he was going to get upset for a moment.  Then he smiled and said, "Well, you're willing to learn I assume."

Feeling my face get redder, I just nodded, though a bit reluctantly.

Jake smiled and spread his legs invitingly.

I stepped forward and knelt down in front of him and was getting my first up close look at him.  I wasn't so much afraid of doing it to him, it was the fact that I had never done it before and, well, this was our second time together sexually.  I didn't know if I was ready.  He slid his bottom forward to the edge of the couch so that he was more in a laying position.

"Just stroke my cock and put it in your mouth.  Just don't let your teeth touch it."  I reached forward and took his semi hard penis in my hand and began stroking.  I felt him hardening up more.
 I leaned forward and took his head in my mouth.  Over the next 30 seconds he had grown completely hard.  Jake told me my lips looked pretty wrapped around his cock.  He then began giving instructing telling me me that I needed to bob my head up and down on it, and to take it in further.  He told me how hard to squeeze him as I stroked, and told me to use my tongue, and so on and so forth.

After a few minutes he cupped my face in his hands and lifted my head away from him.  I looked at him with watery eyes, not from crying, they were just watery.  He smiled and leaned forward telling me it felt really good but I needed more practice.  He gave me a kiss and said, "You did really good for your first time, I'm proud of you."

As I smiled at him he told me I would be like a pro in no time.

Jake helped me up and then leaned back into the couch again and said, "Since I fucked you last time.  It's only fair you get to fuck me now."  He pulled me forward and I instinctively put a leg to each side of him.  I found myself kneeling facing him with my legs on the cushions to each side of him while sitting on his lap.  My sex was back about 6 inches from his erection.

I just sat there.   

"Go ahead, put it in you and fuck me."

I realized what he wanted.  Again, being so inexperienced, I had never considered this was a way to have sex.   I slowly reached down and grabbed a hold of him and scooched forward so I was above him.  I touched him to me and found things a bit too dry, even though there was some residue from my mouth being on him.

"Play with your pussy and get it wet," Jake suggested.

And yet another thing I wasn't comfortable with, but I acted as though I had done this a million times.  I reached down with my other hand and began playing with myself as his eyes watched my fingers intently.  I was soon lubricated enough and put his head to me and slowly took him in.  With a bit of maneuvering by me raising up and lowering back down a few times, he was soon fully in me. 

"Oh man your pussy feels so good, fuck me good baby," Jake told me.

I lifted up and lowered back down.  Slowly at first but at his encouragement I began going faster.  I had my hands on the back of the couch to help with the task.  With my chest eye level with Jake, he told me to lean closer to him.  When I did, Jake took one of my breasts in his mouth.  A minute later he switched to my other breast one.  And back and forth he went as I got lost in the whole experience, enjoying it immensely.  This was only our third time having intercourse, but I was thinking this was the best sex I have ever had in my life.  I was absolute loving the feeling of it all.  I was wishing it could last forever.

My happy time was approaching and Jake told me to 'let it out' and scream like I did the other night when I screamed into the pillow.  He leaned back and said, "Scream for me Julie", as he grabbed both my nipples and was pulling up and down mimicking my own up-down motions.  This triggered my orgasm and I screamed loudly from the excitement my body was feeling.  The sensation seemed to last forever and I continued being vocal.  I just as quickly lost all strength and came to a stop atop him.  I leaned forward into him completely exhausted, panting in his ear.

Jake held me to him telling me what a 'great fuck' I was.  I recovered over the next couple of minutes and he said, "You still need to get me off though, then we can go to the zoo."  I tried lifting and lowering on him again, but that weak effort lasted about bit a few seconds and I told him my legs were too tired.  He helped me off of him and when I stood between his spread legs, he said, "Well now is a good time for another blowjob lesson."

I told him I couldn't do that knowing the wetness on his penis was from me.   

And Jake played on my feeling inexperienced to guilt me into it by saying the same thing he did a few nights earlier about me being too young and inexperienced for him.

I didn't say anything else and dropped to my knees in front of him.  I took his wet member in my hand and began stroking it before leaning forward and taking him in my mouth.  I had tasted myself before, so I wasn't completely surprised or even repulsed by it.  He gave me no further instruction as I did what was asked of me in my prior 'lesson'.   30 seconds into it, my taste and smell were no longer present to my senses.  It was a few minutes before his hands went to my head and said, "Good girl, suck that cock baby.  Make your man cum."   A moment later I lifted my head off of him just in time as his juices shot up in the air, coming down on his stomach and almost landing on my hand before I pulled it out of the way.   Jake began yelling at me.

"What in the fuck was that?  For fucks sake, finish what you started," as he began to sit up.  "Look at the fucking mess you made."

For a moment I was shocked by his anger.  But realized why when he said, "Fucking swallow that load.  What the fuck."   And he got up and walked out of the room into the bathroom.  I was left kneeling there in the middle of his living room.  I started to cry.

I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom.  And then Jake walked back out, saw me crying and came up behind me.  "I'm sorry," he said as he reached around me and wiped some of his residue off the fabric cushion.  "I was just surprised that you did that.  I'm an asshole.  I'm sorry."

He rubbed my back as I wiped the tears away. 

"Come on," he said, and helped me from the floor.  Once standing he led me by the hand into the bathroom.  He reached inside the curtain and felt the water of the shower.  Pulling the curtain back, he stepped in and held out his hand.  "It's nice and warm. Come on," he said. 

I had never showered with a guy.  But I stepped in while telling him I didn't want to get my hair wet.   He said I wouldn't.  In the shower, he stepped into the spray as I looked at the back of his body, at his fit body, his gorgeous non tanned butt.  He turned around and let the water spray his back.  He leaned his head back into the water and I took in the front of his body and his softening penis, it was so beautiful in it's arched position.  I was thinking of the joy it had brought me numerous times in the last few days.  Grabbing a washcloth off the shower head, he lathered it with soap and washed his chest.  I watched.  He caught my eye and asked if I would wash him.  I nodded and took the cloth from his hand and washed from his chest to his belly, then down into his pubic hair making sure to get all the semen out of his hairs.  Then I wrapped the cloth around his penis and washed him.  He leaned forward out of the spray and began kissing me as I reached between us washing his male parts.

When our kiss ended Jake said, "I'm sorry I yelled.  But no more making messes, okay?  You're not a little girl anymore.  You need to swallow for now on."

I just nodded at his request.

We got out of the shower and dried off.  I walked out with a towel around me to get my clothes as he styled his hair. 

"Just put your underwear on and come back in here," Jake said as I walked away.

I did as he asked and hung the towel up on the shower curtain rod next to his as he looked at me in the mirror.  "You're so sexy in just your underwear," he said.

A few minutes later we were both dressed and on our way out the door to the zoo.

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Following our zoo visit, we returned to his house and went on a short bike ride around town, he took me to a little known ice cream shop and we had a cone in the nearby park. 

When we got back to his house, I left pretty quickly because I had to work in a couple of hours and Jake had to go to his parents for a birthday party.  He said he wished I could have gone with him to meet his family.  That made me feel good.  He asked if I would come by the next day and I told him I would.

The next morning I called Jake and we agreed on me coming over about 1:00.  It was a yucky rainy day.  He said we'd hang out inside and watch a movie or something.  I imagined 'or something' to mean we'd be having sex.

When I got there I walked up to the porch under the umbrella.  It took him a minute to come to the door.  He let me in and told me that I don't ever need to knock and to just let myself in because I was his girlfriend.  This made me feel great.

I walked in and he offered me a drink.  I noticed he had a beer.  I said no thanks and he said he could make me a vodka and tonic.  I passed again.  We chit chatted for a few minutes about different things including the weather.

I asked how the family birthday party was the previous night and he said it was good.  I asked whose birthday it was and he surprised me by saying it was his.

"Yesterday was your birthday?"

He smiled and said it was actually Thursday, but the family celebrated it on the previous day.

"Why didn't you tell me?  I didn't even know." 

He just laughed and said, "You never asked."

"Well, I didn't get you a birthday present.  I feel terrible."

"You didn't know and it's not that big of a deal."

I still felt bad about it. 

Jake said, "I have an idea of how you can make it up to me," and before I had a chance to respond, he reached over to the side table and grabbed a decorative gift bag with tissue paper coming out the top.  He handed it to me.

I asked him what it was and he said, "My birthday present."

I was confused and said that my birthday was a month away.  He reiterated, "It's my present.  But something for you.  Open it."

I was not really following along.  But reached in the bag through some tissue paper and pulled out the contents of the bag.  Wrapped in the tissue paper was a sheer black bra and matching thong underwear.  My face turned red.  "Oh," I said.  Now it all made sense.

"I told you I love seeing you in your underwear, so I went to Victoria's Secret this morning and picked these out for you."

"Thanks," I said, feeling my cheeks heat up.  "They're pretty."

"Go try it on."

My heart sank.  I couldn't try on the this particular thong in my current condition.  I said I would wear them for him some other time.

By the reaction on his face, I instantly regretted saying it.  I quickly recovered and explained that the thong wouldn't look that great on me right now.  I said I would try on the bra though.

"Julie, I want you to try both on for me.  This can be your birthday gift for me.  If you need to, my razor and some shaving cream are in the medicine cabinet.  You can use them to touch things up."

I was shocked at his suggestion but didn't show it.  He had basically just told me to go in and shave my pubic region differently so that the underwear would fit properly.

I just looked at him.

"That's all I want for my birthday, is for you to put those on for me today."  He smiled.

I nodded and stood up, taking the two garments with me into the bathroom.  Before I shut the door Jake said, "And come out wearing just that."

I went in the bathroom, closing and locking the door.  I held the underwear up and noticed how small the triangle patch on the front was.  I couldn't believe I was about to do this for him.  I turned on the water to get it hot and started to undress.  He knocked on the door and asked if I needed anything.  I said that I did not. After 15 minutes, and me trying the underwear on and taking them off a few times, I had finally shaped my pubic hair region so nothing would show outside the thong.  The area was now no larger than 2" upward and 2" across the top.  I had shaved off about 75% of what was there minutes before.  I looked at myself in the mirror. Though barely, my breasts could be seen through the sheer fabric as could my lower region.

I cleaned up everything including picking every little hair out of the razor and opened the door.  I walked down the short hallway and found Jake sitting on the couch.  His eyes took me in as I stood in the shadows of the hall.

"Wow, Julie, you look fucking beautiful.  Come in here so I can get a better look."

"The drapes are open.  Can you shut them please." 

Jake got up and walked to the front window and closed the drapes.  He walked back around and stood in front of the couch.  I walked over toward him.

"You're so beautiful," he said as he embraced me and began kissing me.

A minute later we broke the kiss and we sat down.  "I made you a vodka tonic," he said reaching forward and handing it to me.  I thanked him and took a sip.  Even though we'd had sex already and he had seen my body, I felt uncomfortable sitting there as I was.

After, I had a sip from my drink I set it down.  He pulled me to him and we began kissing.  It was a few minutes before he had taken off my bra.  I expected the panties to be next but instead he stood up and started undressing.  When he removed his underwear he was already hard.

"Part two of my birthday present," he said. 

I scooched forward on the couch and was about to stand up to take off my underwear but he said, "you don't have to get up, you can take care of me right where you are."

He stepped forward a bit and his penis was right in front of my face.

"Lesson #3," he smiled.

Great, I thought.

I took him in my hand and fondled him for a moment before taking him into my mouth. 

Jake was complimenting me but also telling me I need to take more of him in my mouth.  I did, but not by much. 

"Now don't make a mess like you did yesterday, you left a little stain on the couch because of it," he said while brushing the side of my face softly with one hand.  "Show me you're a woman."

Of course he was expecting me to swallow his ejaculate.  My lips and jaw were tiring and I picked up the pace with my hand stroking him.  It wasn't long before he gave a bit of a warning, "Okay, get ready."  Followed by, "Swallow it all this time."   

My stomach flipped in anticipation of what was coming as I continued to stroke.  "Use your tongue, lick my piss hole," he said.  My tongue had no sooner come upward when he grunted and warm snotty liquid coated the roof of my mouth.  Then I could feel it on the back of my tongue.  With each quick stroke I gave, more pulsed from him, it was everywhere in my mouth.  Years earlier I had eavesdropped on my sister and her friends talking about BJ's, and the consensus was to just start swallowing, so that's what I did.  I just started swallowing.  The initial shock was over and I had survived it and I thought to myself it wasn't that bad.  I started to back away but Jake stopped me.  "It's still flowing.  I'll tell you when you're done, get it all," with a gentle hand at the back of my head.  And for whatever reason, whether I was proud of what I had accomplished, of for some other reason, I locked my lips behind the head of his penis and began sucking and licking his head while stroking him again as though I had done this a hundred times.  And I swirled my tongue around the head and occasional would like his opening making sure to get all of him.  I felt so in charge as he groaned at what I was doing.  When he moaned my name, a surge shot through my body.

As Jake was slipping his underwear back on he told me, "That was the best blow job I've ever received," he said.  He looked at me and our eyes met.  "Seriously, I mean it." 

I smiled as I put my bra on.

We spent the next four hours laying on the couch watching a couple of movies and both of us falling asleep at some point.  When we woke up, I looked at my watch.  I needed to leave in a half hour to get to work.  Jake asked me to give him another blow job before I left.  I rolled off the couch onto my knees and serviced him as he laid there.

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Jake asking me to do things I wasn't comfortable with became a game to him at times.  Almost like a dare.  As I said previously, he would chastise me when I didn't do what he asked by saying I was too young, or that he should date someone more experienced or open with sex.  And eventually, I would cave in to his requests.  And part of the problem was that, after the fact, I either didn't mind doing them, or in some instances I got turned on by it.  And he realized that.

As the weeks went on, he started asking me to do things outside his home.  Here are a few different things asked of me.


He liked me to wear skirts and dresses, saying I looked pretty in them.  I wore skirts most of the time we'd go out.  I was in a skirt once at a restaurant when Jake asked what panties I was wearing.  When I told him, he told me to go in the bathroom, take my underwear off, and come back to the table and give them to him.  He would also have me undo another button on a shirt or dress.


While visiting at his parent's house he took me down in the basement under the premise that he was 'looking for some of his old things'.  Once we were in the basement we had sex, he started to pull up on my shirt to undress me.  I said I didn't want to with his parents in the house.  He insisted and I eventually gave in.  He wanted me from behind and I told him to be extra quiet.  As soon as we started he gave me a sharp slap on my butt cheek, making me yelp.  It was the fist time he had ever done that.  He did it a couple of other times.  When we came back upstairs, I was happy to see his parents had gone out to sit on the backyard patio.


In a park at night, we found a non lit section that had a picnic table. We sat at it and he had me lift my dress and he removed my underwear. He had me turn his back to me and he undid the back of my dress and undid my bra. He left them sitting on the picnic table for someone to find the next day. We'd walk back to his house and have sex with the dress bunched around my waist.


In an almost, but not entirely empty movie theatre, he had me go down on him. Not to completion, but just for a couple of minutes.
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It was about a month into our relationship that I found a joint on a shelf in Jake's living room. I asked Jake if he smoked marijuana. He said he did sometimes. He thought I was mad until I said, "Well toss me a lighter." I told him I had begun smoking in my senior year of high school, but hadn't since we started dating because I didn't know if he would be okay with it. So we started getting high together.

Smoking pot lowered my inhibitions. The uncomfortable things he asked of me, I was much more willing to do with him.

A couple of experiences come to mind. I'll write about one here and another one in the next chapter. This took place on a 4th of July weekend. So I'm thinking we had been dating for about 2 months at this point.


His parents were out of town and Jake suggested we go out to their house and use their pool over the upcoming weekend. He suggested we stay at the house for the weekend and I agreed as it had been about 5 days of high 90's or triple digit weather and the weekend didn't appear to bring any relief. The pool sounded great. His little brother, who was my age had stayed home while the parents left town. Jake told me he had called and spoken with his brother, Peter, and he was told that he would be at a friends all day on Saturday, but would likely be around the house on Sunday and Monday the 4th. Peter was a nice kid, but kind of a non social. He didn't dress nice like his brother or keep his appearance up. His hair was always disheveled. But he was a really nice and very smart. He had earned a full ride scholarship to a university in Michigan.

Jake had been purchasing a lot of lingerie for me to wear around his house over the previous month. One night he gave me a string bikini as a gift. It was the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen in my life. While my body was in the best shape of my lifetime, I had always worn more modest two piece bathing suits. After opening it, he suggested I try it on, so I modeled it for him. I felt naked in the thing. t was basically strings no bigger than shoe strings with tiny triangular patches to cover my boobs and down below. In the back, the string disappeared between my cheeks. I told him I wouldn't wear it around other people, and would only wear it with him and him alone. He said that was fine and told me I could wear it when we went to his parents. Knowing it was just going to be us, I agreed to it. But told him that if his brother was there when we got there, I wouldn't wear it. I took two spare bathing suits in my beach bag for the days that his brother would be there.

After the 45 minute drive to his childhood home, true to his word, we arrived to an empty house. Jake changed into his bathing suit while I went in to the bathroom and changed into the bikini. Walking out into the backyard I felt very exposed. They lived on a large property with no rear neighbor and the houses to both sides were a couple of hundred yards away. Woods to one side of the property and high hedges to the other side of the pool made it seem very secluded. I started putting sun lotion on and Jake told me he wanted to do it. Standing in front of me, he ran his hands all over my body. I struggled with him playfully as he pushed the material of my bathing suit aside as he applied the lotion.

"Stop," I said, covering myself back up.

"We're all alone here," he replied. "Do I have to get you high to get you in the mood."

"I'll be in the mood tonight in bed," I promised him.

We were in and out of the pool a couple of times over the next couple of hours to cool down. I was enjoying our time just laying on towels in the grass sunning ourselves and talking.

His brother appeared from the house, startling us both. I said hello to Peter and asked him how he had been. I laid there feeling embarrassed by my being basically naked in front of him as we all talked, at least I was laying on my stomach.

About 10 minutes later Jake made the comment he was afraid I might burn, and sat up next to. He began to rub lotion on me while he and his brother, who was sitting in an Adirondack chair to the side of me, continued their conversation. I was startled when Jake untied my bikini top at the back and at the neck and dropped them to my sides. "You don't want tan lines there," he said. I said nothing as I laid there, but was not happy that he had done that in front of his brother without asking my approval.

A bit later, Jake excused himself to go into use the bathroom. Peter followed him saying he was going to get his bathing suit on and join us. While they were gone, I took the opportunity to tie the strings back up on my top.

A few minutes later they both returned. Jake said, "Peter gets high too, Julie," as he lit up a joint. They both sat down in the grass facing me. I continued to lay on my stomach but was up on my elbows as we passed the joint around. Even though his sunglasses concealed his eyes, I could feel Peter eyeing my body. And even though I had met Peter a couple of times, I had never really paid much attention to his fitness. Sitting in his swimsuit I could tell he worked out often. He was in better shape than Jake was. His looks didn't seem to match his body at all. After our first meeting a few weeks prior, Jake had told me that he didn't think his brother had ever had a girlfriend.

It wasn't long before we were all having a good time and laughing with our buzzes going, I had relaxed quite a bit and forgotten about the fact I was in such a skimpy bathing suit in his brother presence. Jake excused himself to refill my water and get us all drinks and some munchies. This left Peter and I out there alone. We made small talk while waiting for Jake to return. I asked if he had a girlfriend. He answered No. I asked what he did for fun. "Nintendo." I asked where he worked. He didn't, he was just focusing on his studies. And so on. It was tough dragging conversation out of him. I made a comment that I work with a couple of friends and if he stopped by I would introduce them to him. He asked, "Are either of them as pretty as you?"

I laughed. "You're as smooth as your brother."

Peter produced a baggie of weed and a pipe from the side table of the chair that I hadn't noticed him set there and start filling the bowl.

"So you basically like Nintendo and pot," I said with a laugh. He just shrugged and said, "Yep. About it," he said.

I was already too far along in marijuana happy land but partook in more anyways. After a couple of hits between us, Jake came back out with the snacks and we all dove in like we hadn't eaten in weeks as we finished off the very large pipe filled bowl of pot. I laid my head down on a rolled up towel I was using for a pillow and closed my eyes. I told Peter that he has some potent pot. I was now very very buzzed.

Peter mentioned to Jake that I was going to introduce him to some friends at the restaurant. Jake, who knew some of the other waitresses, suggested I try and set him up with Becky and he added to his brother, "Because she's got a killer body." I didn't realize Jake had been checking out my coworkers the few times he was visiting me at work. He told me to try and hook him up with her.

The sun was beating down on me and I really wanted to get in the pool, but didn't want to in front of Peter. But I did anyways, standing and walking into the pool. I just hung out in the pool for 5 minutes to cool down. When I came up the steps of the pool, I could feel Peter's eyes on me immediately and he watched me the whole way back towards them. At this point I figured, it was his brother and I was too stoned to care. I sat down on the towel and ate some more of the snacks before laying down on my stomach.

Jake made a comment about putting on more sunscreen lotion after being in the water. I said I was fine. A moment later he was kneeling beside me rubbing lotion on my shoulders. His hands moved down and rubbed some on my back. I was relieved he didn't untie the strings as he had earlier. He proceeded down to my butt cheeks and spent too much time rubbing the lotion around. His fingers caught in the string between my cheeks and it gave a tug. The string pulled tight in my bum and carried around to apply pressure underneath me.

His hands finally vacated my bum and moved to the back of one of my thighs, then my calf, and when he arrived at my foot, he lifted it and massaged my foot and toes for a couple of minutes. He knew how much I liked that. It's a heavenly feeling for me. I moaned telling him "thank you" and to never stop. A good five minutes later and he moved to the other foot and spent an equal amount of time massaging it. I moaned again at how good it felt and asked him to keep doing it. He eventually proceeded to apply lotion to my other calf and the back of my thigh until his hand bumped against the bottom of my butt cheek. The whole massage and lotioning of my body, and the quiet, had put me into such a relaxed state of mind, I wish it could have went on all day. I actually thought that I wish his brother wasn't present because it was all very sensual to me.

Jakes hands were on the inside of my thighs next. What I hadn't realized is that when he had lifted my feet to massage them prior, when he laid them back down he had guided them outward a bit. Spreading my legs a bit.

His hand rubbed upward on the inside of my thigh, only stopping when a finger or thumb bumped into my crotch area. I didn't react thinking it was an accident. A split second later two fingers were reaching under me and rubbing my labia through the fabric.

"Jake, don't," I said. So as not to let on to Peter what he was doing I added, "That tickles." And I tried moving my legs together. His hand was there preventing me from doing so.

He kept rubbing through the fabric. As I said, marijuana lowers my inhibitions and his actions were starting to feel good. It began to get to me. I couldn't allow him to do it for long, but I took comfort imagining Jake trying to be discreet about touching me there with his brother present. I let out an involuntary moan and quickly coughed to try and disguise it.

One of his finger slipped under the material of my bottom, pushing it to. Jake continued rubbing softly up and down my labia. My mind fought with how to react to this. Should I have jumped up, letting his brother know that Jake had been touching me, or remain still and hope he didn't progress things further. Regardless, it felt fantastic. This continued for a few minutes as the two talked about the Detroit Tigers. I was getting very aroused by his actions. A moment later a slippery finger entered me.

My head shot up and I gasped. "Jake, stop."

His other hand tapped me on the butt with a light spank as he said, "Just lay there and enjoy it."

He pulled his finger out and slid it back in, deeper. The ease and slickness of his penetration made me aware of how wet I was. I know he was thinking the same thing.

I glanced up to Peter who was still sitting in front of me. He had no expression on his face as he returned my look. I just assumed he was stoned. Both of us had sunglasses on so no eye contact was made. I laid my head back on the rolled up towel afraid of how far Jake would push this.

Jake's fingers alternated between slowly rubbing my labia and penetrating me. I tried to block out in my mind that Peter was sitting two feet in front of me. I tried not to react. In my mind I reasoned that Peter couldn't really tell what Jake was doing to me. And it began to feel as wonderful as the foot rub I had received minutes earlier, only on a very sexually pleasurable level.

It wasn't long before another finger entered me and Jake's penetration of me became much more aggressive. He was driving the two fingers deep inside me, actually causing my body to rock forward ever so slightly. I tensed up trying to anticipate each inward push so that I could stabalize my body from the slight rocking forward motion it caused. It was of no use though. I couldn't help reacting to all this. My body began to flinch and involuntarily jerk with each deep thrust. With the previous rubbing of my labia exciting me, and now this penetration, it was really beginning to feel good. I was still fighting to keep from reacting while Peter was there, but he wasn't stupid or that stoned. I'm sure he knew what was going on.

I felt a string from my top pulled at the back, and then at the neck. I lifted my head and was shocked to discover Peter had moved from in front of me and was now kneeling next to me. I wondered how Jake had untied my bathing suit while doing what he was doing. My answer came when I noticed the strings in Peter's hands. I also realized that from his new vantage point, he knew Jake was driving his fingers into me from behind.

The fingering continue with an occasional stoppage as he pulled out to spend some time massaging my clitoris. My hips were having trouble remaining still now.

I mumbled a request for Peter to go inside. First to Jake. Then to Peter directly. Jake's answer to that was to pull the strings on both sides of my bottom, grab the fabric between my legs and pull it from under me.

"Jake," I yelled bringing my head up.  I was now completely naked laying in the background.

He slapped me sharply on the cheek and told me to grow up. His fingers returned. The assault picked up and he quickened the pace.

"Her pussy is a sloppy mess" and that "she gets off on this shit." He made some other derogatory remarks.

I told him to stop. He told me to roll over.

"Not with... I can't with Peter here."

I felt a sharp slap on my bottom. "Roll over."

Hugging the towel to me, I rolled over. Jake pulled the towel from my hand. There was no fighting him, I knew I would lose. Kneeling to my side was Peter looking down at my nakedness. I covered my boobs with my hands as Jake pushed my thighs open and deeply penetrated me with the two fingers.

I tried reaching down to push his hand away. His other hand grabbed mine. It was no use.

As his fingers drove in and out, and with Peter watching it all, a 5 year old memory suddenly flashed in my mind of laying on a blanket on a sunny day in the middle of a cornfield exposing myself willingly to a boy similar to how I was now on display for Peter. I liked the effect I had on that boy 5 years ago as I masturbated while showing him all of me. An unexpected surge shot through my body thinking of Peter watching now. I knew it wasn't right, but it still excited me.

"He's already seen them, show him your tits," Jake said.

Another surge of excitement coursed through me. I thought about it momentarily and moved my arm out of the way. As I exposed myself, I opened my eyes.

With him watching, it was putting me over the edge.

"Not in front of him," I gasped one last plea, knowing I was seconds away.

That plea was ignored. I moaned trying to hold back as long as I could.

"Just let it out," Jake said. "You know I love to hear you scream when you cum. Show Peter how loud you are when you cum."

And it started. I gasped loudly which was quickly followed by a mind dizzying moment that included sharp intakes and exhales of breath and every nerve in my body being electrified. Then I loudly said "Oooh" a number of times in sync with his nonstop fingers.

I finally panted out, "Stop, please." He moved his hand away from me, but still held my legs open at my thighs. Jake leaned down to put his mouth on me. He licked me with the flat of his tongue causing my hips to buck involuntarily. My hands went to his head and I tried to push him away. His lips covered my clitoris and sucked lightly for a split second causing another jolt to my body, and he backed away

I brought my legs to together and rolled on to my side, reaching blindly for my bathing suit that wasn't even within reach

I just laid there recovering, while trying to wrap my head around what had just transpired. Jake had gone too far. This wasn't the same as taking my underwear off in a restaurant. Or having me undo an extra button on my blouse.

Emotions overcame me and I began to cry. When he realized it, Jake leaned down over me and said, "That was beautiful, don't cry."  The tears were flowing steadily. He leaned in closer and kissed me on the cheek and said, "I love you." It was the first time he had ever said it. I reacted to it by looking at him wondering if I had heard him correctly. I should have called him out for doing what he had just done to me, but instead I replied, "You love me? Really?" He nodded. I smiled.

He kissed me again and said, "You don't have to say you love me back, but I just want you to know."

"Well I do. I love you, too," I said.

Our moment was interrupted by Peter making a sound. Jake then told Peter I was upset about what just happened and to make it up to me, he said, "You saw hers, she gets to see yours."

That too was shocking to me. But it must not have been to Peter because he dropped his bathing suit right there in front of me. For a 'shy' kid, he wasn't being very shy. And I noticed he was longer and wider than his brother. But he was also completely erect, and it was from what he had just watched.

Jake told me he loved me again and kissed me. I kissed him back. The thought of Peter standing next to me took some of the luster off of it. When our lips separated Jake said, "Get on your hands and knees. I have to have you right now."

I didn't care that Peter was there, I got on my hands and knees with my back facing him as he stood and removed his bathing suit. A moment later he was behind me and entered me.

"You're still so fucking wet," he said as he grabbed me at my hips as he both set the pace and guided our movements.

I saw Peter sit down on the chair to my right. I glanced in his direction and noticed he was pulling on himself. I quickly looked away. But with everything going on I couldn't help thinking of him watching us. I was up on all fours and realized he could clearly see my breasts hanging freely below me. A tingle shot through me at this and I moaned. A moment later my orgasm came out of nowhere. Catching me so unexpectedly I screamed. Then the rush of warmth and tingle attacked my vaginal area and I screamed again. Jake said, "I love you, Julie."

My next scream included me telling him that I loved him. He didn't stop and kept up the rhythm. I heard Peter make a noise to my left that sounded like a grunt. I forced my eyes to stay forward but 10 seconds later my curiosity had gotten the better of me. I turned and looked toward him. He was holding himself in his hands and ejaculate was oozing out of him. I later discovered some of his spillage on my towel that must have come from his initial spurt. 

Peter stood and walked into the house.

Jake finished in me and held me there on all fours.

"I really do love you," he said.

I crawled forward, turned around and kissed him.

Peter came back out after cleaning up. He was still naked. I grabbed the disheveled towel I was kneeling on and haphazardly wrapped it around as I walked into the house. After cleaning up, I put on the more modest bikini in my beach bag.

I walked out and discovered both of the guys were still naked. Jake could see my questioning look and explained, "We used to swim naked all the time as kids, so we're used to it."

I felt so awkward with Peter now, knowing what he had just witnessed. The unsocial kid surprised me though by saying to me, "What was the name of your friend that has the killer body?"  He asked as thought everything that had just witnessed, never happened.

"Becky, according to Jake," I answered

About a half an hour later, Peter lit up another bowl of pot. We smoked it. Before getting in the pool, Jake told me to take off my top. I started to protest, but stopped and thought about what Peter had saw earlier. I took off my top and got in the pool.

The next day, Peter had 2 friends over and Jake cooked for them. It was another hot day and we were all out by the pool that day. We smoked more pot. Jake took me into the house and we had sex. Getting ready to go back out with Peter and his friends, Jake suggested I go out in my new bikini. I told him I would never wear it again. He didn't push the issue. We rejoined the boys. I felt Peter's eyes on me most of the rest of the weekend.

He came into my restaurant a few days later and I introduced him to Becky who said she'd go on a double date with Peter, Jake and I. We had fun. Becky and Peter dated for a few weeks, but that was it. She said he was too 'handsy'.

His brothers mentorship probably had something to do with it.

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