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Mr. Right Stuff, General Chuck Yeager, Dead at 97

msslave · 51

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Online msslave

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on: December 08, 2020, 12:54:33 PM
A personal hero of mine and the man who showed the first Astronauts what it meant to have "The Right Stuff", has passed at 97. There's some barriers you just can't break.

A World War II ace pilot, Chuck Yeager went on to fly experimental airplanes and became the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14,1947. 


My first memories of General Yeager are from the 1950s when he and other test pilots were flying the X-15, a rocket plane that flew over 60 miles into space. It led the way to the development of the space shuttle and was launched from under the wing of a B-52 bomber.

His career includes flying over 300 different airplanes, commanding Air Force Squadrons and returning to combat during the Viet Nam War.

In this age of media stars, bloggers, vloggers and social media "influencers", take a few minutes to read a bit about this most remarkable man.

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Reply #1 on: December 08, 2020, 03:28:53 PM
To live to be 97 and accomplish what he did, knowing the odds of dying performing those feats was high, is utterly amazing.

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Reply #2 on: January 01, 2021, 07:57:48 PM
Wow, I actually thought he had passed years ago. I remember playing an old computer game, Chuck Yeager test flight or something like that. It was 1994 and I thought the game was amazing!

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Reply #3 on: January 01, 2021, 10:38:58 PM

There was a piece on him on a news program or something recently.  Dan was watching it.  I was half watching it.  I can't remember where we saw it.  His life was an incredible story.

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