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The Naughty Babysitter (Exhibitionist, fb+)

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on: December 12, 2020, 07:20:15 PM
The Naughty Babysitter (Exhibitionist, fm+)

Summary - Four rambunctious boys learn how to be very naughty with help from their sexy young babysitter. (This is a rewrite of a story once published and then removed from this site).

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life - really. Don't do it. Ever. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't destroy other people's lives!

“Kids!” Helen Hilliard yelled, “Come meet your new babysitter!” Helen held open the door and the scent of a warm, spring evening swept into to her suburban home. Sixteen year-old Kristen Steward shyly stepped inside the foyer and Helen immediately noticed how young and pretty Kristen was. She experienced a pang of jealousy thinking of husband’s reaction to their new babysitter, but Kristen was experienced, came with good recommendations, and could drive a car - always a huge plus when hiring a babysitter!

Kristen was still dressed in her Catholic school uniform; plaid skirt, white blouse, white stockings and black patent-leather shoes held in place with a single strap. The young lady stepped aside as Helen closed the door behind her. Kristen kept her eyes looking downward beyond her firm, developing breasts. She set down her book bag and briefly met Helen’s glance once again. She smiled shyly, showing off her perfect white teeth behind her full, plump lips. Her long, dark hair framed her pretty face and bright brown eyes. They both looked up suddenly, hearing the stampede of pounding feet coming down the hallway.

Four energetic boys rounded the corner and stopped abruptly, crashing and pushing at each other. They stared at their cute babysitter in surprise with their mouths hanging open. Their old babysitter had recently retired and moved to Florida. Good riddance! She was old, mean and had bad breath. This babysitter promised to be lot more fun!

“Kristen, these are my boys,” Helen said proudly, gesturing to her children. “John and James, the twins, are the youngest, Kevin is the middle child, and Paul’s the oldest; say hello to Kristen, boys.”

A cacophony of loud greetings assailed Kristen’s ears. “Hi, Kristen!”, “Hello!”, “How’s it hanging?”, “Nice to meet you, Kristen!”, and “Do you like video games, Kristen?”

“Hi John! Hello James, Hi Kevin; hanging good, thank you, Nice to meet you too, Paul!” Kristen said, giggling, smiling, shaking hands and nearly laughing out loud, thoroughly enjoying the boy’s enthusiasm. “And, yes, I LOVE to play video games, John, or is it James? What games do you have?”

“Yaaay!” the boys yelled. James and John took her by each hand and tugged her into the living room to show off their video games and explained the subtle differences between the two of them.

“Kids, show Kristen around while I finish getting ready!” Helen told her young boys. “It looks like you will get along just fine,” she said to Kristen and smiled at her brightly before walking down the hall to towards her bedroom.

The boys showed Kristen their video games and then dragged her thru the house. “Here is the kitchen! Here is the bathroom! Here is the guestroom, where you’ll sleep if you ever stay the night!”  Then, they led her to their bedroom. Two sets of bunk beds lined opposite walls. “Here is where I sleep!” Paul said proudly, showing off his lower bunk. Since he was oldest, he got to choose his bed, of course.

“We sleep here!” John and James said, pouncing on the other bed. “Sometimes we take turns sleeping on the upper bunk, but mostly, we just sleep together on this one!” The twins happily bounced on the lower bed.

Kristen noticed that Kevin seemed a little distant. Typical middle child, she thought. She decided to cheer him up. “This must be your bed, Kevin!” Kristen said, patting the top bunk above Paul’s bed. She impulsively climbed on the stairs and bent over the top rail, spreading her hands on the wrinkled bedspread and slapping her hands on the firm mattress.  “It’s a nice bed! What a view you have from up here!” she said cheerfully, looking out the large window. “You can see everything!”

The boys looked at her long legs encased in her white stockings. They followed the curve of her legs upwards, past the back of her knees, past her soft thighs and stopped and stared at her panty covered butt. Kristen seemed oblivious to the scintillating view she was providing the young boys.

James and John climbed off of their bed to get a better view and brazenly peered up her short skirt. The brothers were always talking about pretty girls and breasts and stuff, and now, there was a real, live, pretty girl in their own bedroom!

Paul was still on his bed and quickly bounced over to lie on his back and stared openly through the ladder rungs at the spot between her legs, ever so curious. Kevin was still standing behind Kristen, his head craning upwards. The boys had never seen a girl’s panties before, at least not up close, and never on a much older, sexy teenage girl!

“Wow, Kevin, I bet you lie in your bed and stare out the window all night long!” Kristen said innocently, looking out the window for a long while, as if she found something interesting to look at. She rocked her legs back and forth; first putting her weight on one foot and then the other. Her ass cheeks twitched with each deliberate motion. The bed creaked. The boys stared.

“Kids!” Helen yelled from the kitchen, “Kristen! We are ready to go!”

Kristen slowly climbed down the ladder. The boys all turned away guiltily and avoided her gaze. They pretended they had not been peeking at her panties, except John, who stared at Kristen with his eyes wide and a huge stupid grin on his face. Kristen smiled back at him and tousled his hair before leaving the room to find her benefactors.

Kristen was introduced to Jim, Helen’s good looking husband, before he left to start the car. She gave him a shy, demure smile before he left. He was very handsome, but Kristen really didn’t care for older men. She preferred younger guys. She had her share of furtive make-out sessions with boys her own age and she experimented with an older male teacher, but found them too demanding, rough, and essentially unappealing. She wanted to tease them while maintaining her innocence, to be in charge and stay in control. Younger boys provided those opportunities and they were ever so very grateful.

Helen provided Kristen some final instructions for the night; bedtime, snacks, emergency phone numbers etc, before Jim’s impatient horn honking interrupted them.

“Go…, get out of here…, have fun! Stay out as late as you want! And, don’t worry about a thing! I know how to take care of rowdy, young boys!” Kristen told her.

The door slammed. Kristen smiled. She looked at the four anxious faces staring at her. They looked at her pretty face, her white blouse, her straining bosom and her long legs.

“You are a lot prettier than Mrs. Kaplan!” Kevin blurted out and then immediately turned a bright shade of red. He looked at the ground in embarrassment.  Then he looked up and stared at her breasts. They were heaving up and down as Kristen chuckled at her newest admirer.

“Why, thank you Kevin,” Kristen said, noticing the object of his stare. She pushed out her breasts just a little more.  She looked around and noticed every young boy was staring at her firm, round breasts. She waited a few moments before Paul finally looked up and met her eyes and bemused smile.

“Did you all stare at Mrs. Kaplan’s boobs too?” she said grinning at their imminent embarrassment. The boys immediately looked away, shamed at being caught staring at their new babysitters breasts.

Kevin, however, took offense at the notion of ogling Mrs. Kaplan’s tits. “No way,” Kevin replied, “She’s old and smells bad!”

“And, I’m young and…what?” Kristen walked up to Kevin and pressed up against him. His face pushed into her chest. He looked up between her heavy globes and stared at her pretty lips and dazzling eyes. “Do I smell good?” she asked, hugging him and squeezing him into her soft, warm body. Her long, dark hair tickled his face.

Kevin took a deep breath. “You smell great, Kristen!” he said, looking up at her smiling, white teeth. She smelled clean and perfumed. Her breath smelled like bubblegum and her hair smelled like berry flavored candy. She let him go and took a step backwards.

His brothers were so jealous! “Can I smell you again?” Kevin asked, wanting to squeeze and be squeezed into her bosom again.

“Sure you can!” Kristen said.

“No! We want to smell her too! You already had a turn, Kevin!” John and James yelled. They both hugged their new babysitter around the waist and sniffed deeply. “Yeah, you smell real nice!” They couldn’t really discern anything special about her thighs and skirt, but they didn’t want to let her go either.

“Smell her hair!” Kevin said, “It smells like candy!” The twins excitedly jumped up and down to smell her hair and Kristen squatted low to let them fondle and smell her long, fragrant hair.

“It does smell like candy!” John and James said.

“Do you want to smell too, Paul?” Kristen asked the oldest boy. He was standing a couple feet away, trying to act cool and mature. She stood up slowly. The twins let go of her hair and Kevin tore his eyes away from her cleavage.

“Well, maybe a little,” he said. Kristen walked up to him. When he shyly looked down at the ground as she approached, Kristen quickly popped a button on her blouse. She stood before him with her arms wide, and the globes of her breasts peeking out from her tight blouse.

“Ready?” she asked. Paul jerked his head up and found himself staring at her cleavage. Kristen squeezed him tight, pressing his face into her breasts. He looked straight ahead, staring at her exposed flesh and glimpsing her lacy, white bra. He tried to look down her cleavage, having a perfect vantage point, and nearly forgot to smell his sexy babysitter. He inhaled deeply. Kristen wiggled her chest a bit making sure Paul got a good whiff of the sweet perfume she had sprayed between her soft, pale breasts before she arrived at the house.

Kristen finally pulled away and smiled at Paul. He stammered, “You..., you smell really good, Kristen, and soft too!”

“I smell soft?” she teased. “Oh, you mean my breasts are soft!” Kristen squeezed her breasts in front of the astonished boys. “Yes, they are very soft! Thanks for noticing, Paul!”

The way she said ‘Paul’ made him fall in love with her. Each of the boy’s felt very special being around her. They never had a girl offer to let them smell her before. Kristen felt loved, desired, and very, very sexy!

“Can I smell you again?” Kevin asked.

“Of course,” Kristen replied, opening her arms invitingly.

Kevin ran up and stood before her. He stared at her breasts and got up on his tip-toes to get a face full of tit like his older brother. Kristen bent her knees to lower herself and pulled Kevin’s face between her breasts. Her white blouse scratched his chin, and her soft flesh cradles his cheeks. She looked around at Kevin’s brothers as they stared at him pressing his face into her cleavage and turning his face to the left and then to the right, wallowing in the heady experience of sweet smelling feminine charms.

Kevin finally pulled away. “They are soft!” he said, starting at the place his face had just been.

“Hey, you’re supposed to smell me, not feel how soft my boobies are!” Kristen cried in feigned indignity.

“Our turn!” the twins yelled. “We want to feel ‘em too! I mean, we want to smell your boobies too!”

“Let’s go sit down first, boys,” Kristen said, leading the boys into the living room. She sat on the couch.

“OK, your turn John and James. One last sniff, OK?” The twins jumped on the couch on either side of the young babysitter and pressed their faces into Kristen’s tits, rubbing their cheeks on her full, round breasts, feeling her softness.

The twins pulled away and sat next to Kristen. They both took a hand and began to touch her palm and play their fingers upon her delicate hands, wrists, and painted fingernails. They were so excited, they didn’t know what to do with themselves! The played with her hair and smelled it’s candy-like essence again. Kristen’s shirt was stretched by all the attention. Her bra strap and a lacy encased breast were becoming even more exposed. The boys had never been so close to a pretty young girl before. It made them feel funny, a little bit dizzy, and for some reason, their wieners started getting hard.

“You are cool babysitter, Kristen!” Paul said. The other boys all agreed. They stared at her cleavage.

“You like looking at my boobs, don’t you boys?” Kristen said. The boys all jerked their heads up; again caught and shamed at being caught.

“It’s OK, you can look at them,” Kristen said, pushing out her breasts again. “I don’t mind if you look. I know you are probably very curious about girls and boobs and stuff.”

“You don’t mind if we look at your breasts?” Paul said, using the most grown up word he knew to talk about a lady’s tits.

“I’m used to it, Paul. I’ve sat for a lot of naughty, little boys before. They are always trying to look down my top, look up my skirt, or even do other naughty things…,” Kristen ran her finger up and down her cleavage. She opened her legs a little, relaxing on the couch.

“Didn’t they get in trouble for trying to peek at you…, and the other things they did?” Kevin asked, “…those naughty boys?”

“Oh heaven’s no! Not by me anyway! For getting a little goofy and silly over a pretty girl? It’s perfectly natural for little boys to want to peek at a girl. Didn’t you ever see your dad stare a cute lady, or didn’t you ever try to see your mom naked?”

“John and I saw her boobies once!” James said excitedly, “We came in the bedroom to ask her something and she didn’t see us until she turned around. Her breasts were all round and jiggly. She covered them up and yelled at us to get out of her room!”

“I saw dad staring at a pretty girl at the beach, once. He kept looking at her butt until Mom made him stop.” Kevin said.

“I heard mom and dad, uh…, ‘doing it’ before,” Paul said, trying to sound grown up in front of his sitter. He had a vague idea of what his mom and dad were doing. He heard his mother moaning and their bed creaking. It made his dick hard. He had even jacked off listening to them.

“Doing what?” Kevin and the twins asked.

“Never mind about that,” Kristen said, changing the subject, “Want me to tell you a secret,” Kristen whispered.

“Yeah!” “What?” “Tell us!” the boys said, getting closer to her.

“Girls like to look at boys too!”

“They do?”

“Yep, remember those naughty boys I told you about? They used to run around in just their underwear all the time! Sometimes, they would pull them down and try to make me look at their butts!”

“No!” said John and James, imagining flashing their pretty babysitter their naked butts.

“They didn’t!” said Paul, thinking that being a naughty boy might be a lot of fun! “Did you like looking at their butts?”

“Well, they had very cute bottoms,” Kristen admitted.

“Did you see their wieners too?” asked Kevin. His wiener was getting stiff in his underwear right now!

“Well, I shouldn’t say,” said Kristen “A girl shouldn’t kiss and tell!”

“You kissed them?” exclaimed Kevin.

“That’s not what she meant!” Paul corrected his younger brother. “You didn’t kiss them did you, Kristen?” he added.

“Well, I’ll just say that they were very, very naughty boys. I think they were my favorite boys of all time…” Kristen looked off into the distance and smiled.

Kevin wanted to be her favorite boy! She was very cute and made him feel funny inside. He wanted to see her breasts and butt and he wanted to show her his hard wiener too! His brothers were thinking the same thing!

 “Are you sure they didn’t they get in trouble?” Paul asked.

“Well, of course, I never told on them!” Kristen said. “Besides, I kinda liked all the attention!” Kristen smiled at them and wiggled her boobs. “They were very good boys, just very naughty too! But, if their parents ever found out what naughty, sexy, things they did to me, they would probably be spanked really hard and sent away to reform school forever!”

“Forever?” asked Kevin.

“Reform school?” the twins asked.

“Yeah, that is a really mean school they send bad kids to, where the teachers can spank you, and you have to eat really bad food.” Paul said, knowingly.

“You boys would never tell on each other, would you?” Kristen asked, bending over a bit and squeezing her breasts together with her arms. Her tits looked like they were about to pop out of her shirt!

“No!” the boys said, “Never!” They all said, nodding their head in agreement.

“Cross your heart and hope to die?” Kristen asked.

“And stick a needle in our eye!” they replied in chorus.

“And you never told on them either?” Paul asked. He was used to his brother’s trying to get him in trouble all the time, so he was being cautious. “Promise?”

“Cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die-and-stick-a-needle-in-my-eye!” Kristen said. When she crossed her heart, her breasts jiggled under her finger tip.  Kristen looked around and the boys. They looked deep in thought, occasionally glancing at her breasts. “Do you guys want to play video games or something?” she asked.

Silence. They had other games in mind.

“Can you tell us more about those other boys?” John and James asked, pressing their faces into her breasts.

“Yeah, what else did those naughty boys do?” Kevin asked, climbing into Kristen’s lap and stroking her long, black hair. He looked down at her tits.

“Oh, the things they did to me!” Kristen said fondly. “Besides running around in their underwear, those naughty boys would sometimes grab my breasts or my butt and say ‘Beep!’ like my titties and butt were a horn or something! Oh they would surprise me!”

“What else?” “What else?” the twins asked. This was exciting! They stared at her breasts wondering if they could ever get the nerve to grab Kristen’s boob and feel how soft and squishy it was!

“Oh, they were always stealing my panties and bra and hiding my stuff. I would have to be so careful when I looked around for my things, so I wouldn’t show off a naked boob or let them see my ‘hooha.’”

“Your ‘who-hah?’”  Kevin said? “What’s a ‘who-hah?’”

“Her girl-parts,” Paul said knowingly.

“Girl-parts?” James said quizzically, looking at his brothers.

“Boys and girls are different down there, stupid.” Paul said, pointing down to his crotch.

“Girls don’t have wieners?” John said, surprised. He knew girls had boobs, but he assumed boys and girls were the same otherwise. He was now very curious now about what a girl might have between her legs!

“How did they steal your underwear?” John continued, wondering how to he could take them and maybe get to see her ‘hooha.’

“You mean my ‘bra and panties?’” Kristen asked.

John nodded, “Yeah, your ‘bra’ and your ‘panties.’” He blushed, still nodding. Girls even had different names for their underwear!

“Well, I like to take them off when I pee, so I don’t get them all messy.” The boys agreed with her, not really understanding, but knowing that girls are complicated; their mother was always in the bathroom, like, forever! Who knows what weird girl things she was doing in the bathroom for so long!

“And, those naughty boys followed me and tried to peek at me while I was peeing!” The boys eyes grew wide, imagining how their babysitter might pee with her unimaginable ‘girl-parts’.

“Well, one of those naughty boys took them off the counter when I wasn’t looking!” Kristen said smiling and looking at John and James, then at Paul and Kevin. “I’m so silly that I usually forget to lock the door and I always pee with my eyes closed.” Kristen face was a blank expression. She looked dazed and confused. “Uh, what were we talking about?” she asked.

“We were talking about you peeing and the naughty boys that took your panties!” James said, helping their silly, forgetful babysitter.

“Oh, yeah!” Kristen said. “They took my panties and my bra and hid all of my other stuff too! They were so naughty wearing just their underwear with their hard, little wieners poking out, and spying on me while I looked for my stuff, and playing the ‘Beep’ game with me! Oh, they were so bad!”

She looked at her little charges, smiling widely and then stared blankly at the wall. “We had such fun that day,” she said, taking a deep breath and sticking out her breasts. “Aaaahhhh,” she sighed, as if she was remembering her favorite, naughty, little boys. She spread her legs and closed her eyes, as if she was sleepy. She scratched an itch under her bra, pushing more of her breast out from under her bra. Her hand accidently pushed her blouse open some more.

The boys stared at her. Paul impulsively sat on the floor in front of Kristen and turned his head sideways to peek under her skirt. He could see her white panties! He stared to get closer but first looked up at her face. He saw her looking down at him and smiling, she wasn’t mad at him at all! She turned and looked at the other boys peeking at her breasts. “Hmmm, I’m beginning to think you guys are all naughty little boys too!”

The boys shook their heads enthusiastically in agreement. They all wanted to be naughty boys and see  and touch Kristen’s girl-parts!

“Oh, we are going to have such fun!” Kristen said, taking a long, deep breath.

“Beep!” said John, grabbing Kristen’s boob and grinning wickedly. He had been staring at her soft breast, seemingly forever, and wanted to touch it so badly! Whether it was her deep breath and her expanding bust line or his hard little pecker and the strange feelings coursing through his body; something made him impulsively squeeze Kristen’s pretty breast!

“Oh!” said Kristen surprised at having her breast grabbed and squeezed.

“Beep!” said James, grabbing her other boob. James always copied his older twin. The two played with Kristen’s soft flesh, not wanting to let go. Kevin and Paul watched their younger siblings enjoying Kristen’s breasts. They were determined to enjoy a feel of her soft body too.

“Oh, you naughty kids!” Kristen said standing up to free herself. “I bet you are going to be just like those other naughty boys!” She put her hands on her hips and glared at the impish twins. She began to fidget and pressed her legs together. She bounced up and down. “Oh! I have to pee!” she said. “Stay here, I’ll be right back!”

Kristen turned and began to walk quickly away, but not before giving another bounce, making her breasts jiggle and squeezing her legs closed again.

“Beep!” said Kevin, and grabbed a hand-full of Kristen’s panty covered fleshy ass-cheek as she walked by.

Not to be outdone and feeling left out, Paul, being the oldest sibling and feeling the full weight of leadership responsibility, grabbed both of Kristen’s ass cheeks and yelled loudly, “Beep, beep!” as he groped her. He had never touched a girls butt before. Kristen’s ass was soft and full under his fingers.

With a shake of her ass and a flash of her white panties, Kristen gave a laughing snort and quickened her pace to the bathroom, giggling the entire way.

“What do we do now, Paul?” Kevin asked his older brother. The four gathered around and began to conspire.

“Yeah, what do we do?” John said, “I want to see her ‘hooha’!”

“Me too!” said James.

“Everyone wants to see her ‘hooha’,” Kevin chided, “But, how do we do it?”

“Quick, take off your pants everyone!” Paul ordered. “If she looks at us, she will have to let us look at her too!”

He dropped his pants on the floor. His wiener was stiff and poking at the cloth of his underwear. “Shirts too!” Everyone complied. “Now, follow me, let’s take her underwear like those other boys!”

The brothers got in a line behind Paul. He heard their giggles and turned around to shush them. “Shhhhh! Be quiet!” They tiptoed down the darkened hallway, dressed only in their socks and underwear, their little peckers firm with anticipation, and marched towards the bathroom.

Kristen sat on the toilet, waiting patiently. Her bra and panties were folded neatly on the counter near the door. She had left the door cracked at least three inches wide. The bright lights of room glistened on the shiny porcelain and her spread legs. Her skirt was bunched up in her lap. She heard the boys trying to sneak their way down to the door. Boys were never quiet. She waited with her eyes closed until she heard them at the door. When she was sure they were peeking, she let loose her urine stream.

“Aaaaahhhh,” she sighed as she loudly tinkled into the toilet.

“She’s peeing sitting down!” John whispered. They boys were huddled by the door, peering at Kristen intently.

“Is she pooping?” James asked in a hushed voice.

“Shhhh!” Paul said. They was staring at her intently, hoping to see some of her naughty-parts, but her skirt was in the way! The thick stream finally ended after a few extra splashes, some loud drips, and another contented sigh.

Kristen grabbed some toilet paper and reached between her legs to wipe her pussy. Kevin stared, thinking he glimpsed part of her pale flesh behind the wadded paper.

“Hurry, get them, Kevin!” Paul whispered, “She’s almost done!”

“No, I’m scared I’ll get in trouble! You take them, you’re the oldest!” Kevin whispered back.

“No, you!” Paul retorted, “I won’t tell!”

“No, you!” Kevin replied, “It was your idea!”

John reached his arm thru the door.  He was not going to be denied! His shoulder pushed against the door as his small body reached in, pushing past his older indecisive brothers. The door swung open wide with a loud bang! Kristen turned to look at the boys in the hall, in feigned surprise, covering her crotch.

John grabbed his treasures and the boys fled, giggling and laughing as they made their way back to the living room.

“I got em!” John said, breathing heavily, holding up his trophies. He wondered why Kristen’s panties were damp. Certainly not pee, she had taken them off first!

“Hide them!” Kevin yelled, “Quick!”

“Where?” John asked. He held Kristen’s underwear up to his nose. They smelled like perfume and had distinct girly odor about them. Not like pee at all. He liked it!

“Under the couch cushions!” Paul ordered. “Quick! Kevin, get some of her other stuff!” John hid the underwear and the boys raided her book bag. Kevin handed out the items and the boys scurried around the room, hiding Kristen’s possessions around the living room.

“What’s this thing?” James asked, holding up a small, pink vibrator.

“I don’t know,” Paul said. “Some weird girl-stuff, probably.”

James shrugged his shoulders and hid the plastic object in a drawer.

Their dirty deeds completed, the boys sat down and waited for Kristen. “This is so much fun!” Kevin said, bouncing on the couch, his pecker so hard it almost hurt.

“Shhhh! Here she comes!” said Paul.

Kristen peeked around the corner. “Uh, boys,” Kristen said. “Did you take my bra and panties, like those naughty boys I was telling you about?”

“No!” they all said giggling.

“Not us!” someone said.

“Not me!” said another.

“I got a boner!” said John, to no one in particular.

Kristen walked into the room slowly. She was dressed as before, but the boys knew something was different - much different! They looked at her breasts and noticed how much better they could see them now. She had tied her blouse under her breasts and only a couple buttons now held them in place. Her firm tits pushed against the thin material, unencumbered by her bra. Her cleavage was pronounced, and they could even see a hint of her pink nipples and areolas thru her thin, white blouse.

“Hmmm,” she hummed. “And all of you just in your underwear…” she said sadly, shaking her head at their antics. She looked down and saw her near empty bag. “My stuff!” she exclaimed. “Where did you hide it?” She crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them up and making them swell. She tapped her foot impatiently. Receiving no response, she said. “OK, stand up! NOW!”

The boys jumped up. Kristen tried not to smile. They looked so cute in their underwear with their hard, little peckers sticking out! “Line up!” she ordered. “Arms out!” she said. The boys complied. “Now turn around!” The boys did a slow spin and Kristen watched their cute butts and tented underwear dance before her. “Bend over!” she said. The boys bent, wiggling their butts at her. “Hmmm, not there,” she said, running her hand over John’s butt, then James.

“She touched my butt!” John said to James.

“Mine too!” said James.

“You’re lucky I don’t spank your little butts, for playing naughty tricks on your new babysitter!” She ran her hand over Kevin’s, then finally Paul’s, before giving each butt a firm pat. “I had to check to make sure you weren’t hiding anything under there!” Kristen said. The boys giggled.

“Hmm, where could my stuff be?” she said thoughtfully. Kristen bent over the couch to peer behind the cushions. She saw a glimpse of her white bra strap but pretended not to notice. Her breasts dangled freely under her blouse and her skirt rode up on her ass. “Nope, not there!” She stood up straight and wiggled her breasts absentmindedly as she pondered where her things could be. The boys stared, hypnotized by her jiggling flesh.

She strutted over to the table and bent over, much more than she needed to, and opened the drawer. “Ah-ha!” she said triumphantly, “My favorite toy!” Kristen held up her vibrator and twisted the base. Her pink vibrator began to buzz. “Aaahh,” she sighed as she rubbed it against her cheek, then her neck and finally slipped it between her breasts, plunging it up and down a few times before turning it off. She walked to her empty bag and bent over to put away her vibrator. The boys got a good, long look at her naked ass cheeks! They could even see a hint of something else between her legs!

While Kristen was bent over, she surreptitiously undid another button on her tight blouse. She turned and saw the boys staring at her, feigned surprise, and quickly covered her butt with her hand. “Oh!” she said, as if just discovering her indiscretion.

She walked back to the couch and got on the floor. With her back to the boys, she started to bend over low to peer under the couch. She stopped herself and reached back to feel her naked butt as it became exposed. She quickly turned around and looked at the boys face to face, pretending she just caught herself before she put on a sensational show. Smiling with satisfaction, she bent over to peer under the couch. Her breasts dangled and swayed. They boys caught their breath. Kristen put her head on the carpet and felt under the couch. “Ah-ha!” she said as she wiggled about. She pulled out a text book and sat up quickly. A fat titty popped out of her blouse!

“You can’t fool me!” she said shaking the book at them until the other breast became free. She shook her book and her breasts at the boys. She paused and let them stare for moment and then followed their gawking gaze down to her breasts.

“Oh dear!” she said, stuffing her wayward breasts back into her shirt. The boys were so please she didn’t button up her blouse again! Craftily, Kristen pinched both nipples as she tucked in her boobs. Her hard nipples poked thru the thin material. “Oh no!” Kristen said, “Without my bra, you can really see my nipples!” She stuck out her tits and pressed her blouse against her breasts with her hands until they were pressed tightly against the material. Her perfect breasts may have well been completely uncovered, for all the good her blouse did to hide them from the young boy’s stares.

Kristen’s pussy was wet. She loved to tease horny little boys. She glanced at their straining cocks, please with her actions.

She stared to look under the rest of the couch but stopped and told the boys to move away so they wouldn’t see her butt again.  “Now stay right there, you naughty, naughty boys!” Kristen ordered. “Don’t be getting behind me just to look at my butt!” Kristen stuck her ass in the air and wiggled about searching under the couch again. She heard giggles and footsteps running behind her, as she expected. She kept her legs closed but kept wiggling her naked ass at the horny, inquisitive boys. Kristen triumphantly pulled out another text book. Again, her breasts popped out of her blouse. Again, she pretended not to notice.

Kristen looked around and was surprised to see the boys missing. She turned around as caught them staring at her ass. “Boys!” she said in surprise, “I told you not to move! Were you looking at my butt?” Her naked breasts jiggled. “Such naughty, naughty boys!”

Impulsively, John rushed up to her and grabbed her naked tit! “Beep!” the little boy said as he goosed her.

“Beep!” said James, grabbing her other breast.

“Beep!” said Kevin, grabbing both of her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers and gave them a firm pinch. Her nipples were the only part of her pretty breasts available to him.

“Beep, beep!” said Paul, pushing away his brothers and groping both of Kristen’s breasts.

“Oh, boys!” Kristen said as Paul continued to squeeze her full, fat titties. “What other naughty things are you going to do to your poor babysitter?”

“Kristen, look!” John said. He bent over and pulled down his underwear. “Look at my butt!”

James did the same. “No, look at my butt, Kristen!” he said, wiggling his ass back and forth.

In competition, John pulled apart his ass-cheeks and said, “Look at my butt-hole, Kristen!”

“No, look at my butt-hole!” James said, spreading his cheeks wide too.

Inspired and horny, Kevin couldn’t contain himself. “Look at my wiener!” he said, pulling down his underwear. He waved his small, hard cock at his babysitter. His hairless balls looked so cute! “My wiener is hard, Kristen! Look at my hard little wiener!”

“Nice dick, Kevin,” Kristen told him.

“Look at my dick!” John said, turning around. He learned a new word for his penis today!

“No, look at my dick!” James said. The twins kicked off their underwear and humped their hard, little dicks towards her.

“You all have very nice dicks, boys,” she said, then turned to look at Paul, “Don’t you want so show me your cock too, Paul?” Kristen asked the oldest boy. His hands still held her naked breasts. The other boys pushed their straining little dicks at their cute babysitter.

“Uh, well,” he said, “Not really, unless you want to see it.” His cock was so hard! He wanted her to see it!

“I do.” Kristen said. “Of course I want to see your wiener…, didn’t I tell you that girls like to look at boys too? I’ll tell you what, if you show me your cock, I’ll let you and your brothers see my ‘hooha.’ It’s only fair, after all.”

“You will?” Paul exclaimed. Kristen nodded. The other boys gathered around Kristen and Paul. Paul quickly pulled down his underwear. His hard, throbbing cock was pointed at her. Kristen was pleased. It was a nice sized cock and his hairless balls were round and full. Kristen wondered if he could ejaculate yet. She wanted to find out. She wanted to feel him with her fingers and taste him with her mouth. She licked her lips and stood up.

“Now, where are the rest of my things?” Kristen said, biting her lip and tapping her finger on her cheek.

“Hey, no fair!” Paul said, “You promised!”

“Yeah, you promised!” Kevin added, his underwear still around his ankles.

“Yeah!” the twins said, rubbing their hard, little dicklets.

Kristen shook her breasts as if dismissing their concerns and walked towards one of the big chairs in the room. She pulled up her skirt, nearly exposing her entire ass. She dropped to her knees and pointed her butt at the boys. She bent over. Then, she bent over some more. Then even more! With her ass up in the air, she wiggled her butt. “Now, where is my stuff?” she said. She spread her legs a bit. Then she opened them wide!

The boys crowded behind her, tumbling and falling to the floor next to her upturned ass. They stared at the thin slit between her legs. She waited a moment and then sat back on her knees, holding her school calculator in her hands. “Found another one!” she said softly. “I wonder if there is anything under that chair?” she stated, then started crawling over to it.

The boys followed her closely, nearly touching her round ass with their inquisitive faces. Kristen repeated her slutty actions once again. She pushed her ass back to the boys and wiggled. She pushed back even further. Her ass opened up and the boys could see her pink, delicate butt-hole. She spread her legs and her slit appeared. She spread them more and her pussy-lips spread apart, glistening with her moisture.

She peered under the chair, as if oblivious to her love-struck suitors. Her cunt was freshly shaven, with all of her diminutive, sparse hairs cleanly removed. Nothing obstructed the boy’s view from her juicy little cunny!

“Wow,” John said, “A ‘hooha!’ That’s what they look like!” He pushed his face into her crack and sniffed her cunt. “It smells better than her panties!”

“Let me smell!” said James. Kristen felt another face against her crack and heard another sniff. She giggled and wiggled.

“My turn!” said Kevin. He pushed his nose into her crack and breathed deeply. His nose pressed into her gash.

“Oh, something is tickling me!” Kristen cried, and wiggled her ass again. Kevin pulled back, surprised by the wetness on the tip of his nose. He stared at the wet gash below Kristen’s pretty little butt-hole. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to taste it!

“Quit hogging all the ‘hooha’ Kevin!” Paul said. He pushed his brother out of the way. He grabbed both of Kristen’s ass cheeks and pushed his face closer to her cunt in order to get a good, long look at her mysterious, female-girl-parts. He stared at her wet crack, somehow expecting to see something else, like a flower or a dainty pair of girl-balls. He sniffed her essence. It made his head swim! His cock was so hard it hurt!

“Nothing under here!” Kristen finally replied, shaking her ass one last time and climbing back up from her position on the floor. She stood up on shaky legs. She pressed down her skirt and seemed to not notice that her breasts were still hanging out.

“Thanks for letting us see your ‘hooha,’ Kristen,” Paul said sincerely, “And your butt-hole and your boobies!” He now knew more about girls than every boy in his class at school!

“I don’t know what you boys are talking about? My hooha, butt-hole and boobies? Shame on you! I was just looking for my stuff, you naughty, naughty boys!” She smiled and slowly grabbed her breasts and pushed them back into her blouse like it was the most natural thing to do in this type of situation.

Kristen demurely sat down on the couch and was immediately swarmed by the four, naked and horny boys. They fought and pushed each other to see who would sit on her lap, their hard penises dancing like little swords. John and James snuggled close to her on either side and Kevin sat on her lap. Paul sat down in front of her so he could peer up her skirt. Kristen spread her legs for him, just a little, to tease him some more.

“Wow, you are a really, cool babysitter, Kristen!” Kevin said, lying against her breasts and smelling her perfume. John and James pressed their faces on the sides of her boobs and Paul peered up her skirt, wishing he had his flashlight.

“Thank you Kevin, I think you guys are cool too” Kristen said, staring at her admirers with their hard little penises. She was proud of her handiwork. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was so wet! She suddenly noticed her breast were uncovered again and put them away.

“What else did you and those other boys do, Kristen?” Kevin asked.

“Oh, we played ‘Truth or Dare’ and we played ‘House’ and we had some amazing tickle fights - I’m very ticklish - and sometimes we played card games or guessing games. Oh, they were so naughty! It seemed like no matter what game we played, they would play tricks on me, just to see my ‘hooha’, or even,” she whispered, “They would try to make me touch their wieners!”

“You touched their wieners!” John said, wishing Kristen was touching his wiener right now! “How did they trick you into doing that?” he asked breathlessly.

“How did they do it? Well, shouldn’t say…“ Kristen said. “You boys are so smart; you might be trying to trick me into telling you how they did it!” Kristen pressed her hands into her lap, hiding her pussy from Paul’s view.

“No!” they replied. “We wouldn’t do that!” The boys exchanged knowing glances with each other.

“Hmmm,” Kristen said, “I guess, I can trust you boys, right? You are not saying it because I’m just a silly girl and you want me to touch your wieners, right?”



“Tell us!”

“Yeah, tell us how they made you touch their wieners!”

“Well, OK,” Kristen said, surrounded by adoring boys and hard little wieners, “We were playing a game called blind-man’s-bluff, that’s where you are blind-folded and can’t see anything. You have to feel around and try to catch someone! Well, when it was my turn, those naughty boys started bending over in front of me so I would accidently touch their naked butts and then, they started sticking out their wieners at me!”

“Wow!” Paul said, thinking of his cute babysitter touching his hard wiener.

“I know!” Kristen agreed, “And, while I was blindly feeling around, touching those naughty, naked boys, they would grab at all my girl parts!” Kristen told them conspiratorially, “And I couldn’t see which naughty little boy was doing it!” She shook her head; pretending to remember the naughty things those boys did to her. “Oh, they were bad, but we had so much fun! One time, I had even had my mouth open like this,” Kristen opened her mouth wide, “And one of those boys put their hard little wien…” she stopped, “Oh, gosh! I shouldn’t say any more about what those boys did to me!”

The boys looked at each other.

“I want to play ‘Blind-man’s-bluff!’” both John and James cried.

“I want to play too!” said Kevin.

“Well, OK, but you boys won’t play any tricks on me, right?” Kristen said.

“Oh, no!” the twins cried.

“We wouldn’t!” Kevin said, crossing his fingers behind his back.

“Here, we can use this shirt to use as a blindfold,” Kristen got up and picked up one of the boy’s discarded articles of clothing. She made sure she bent over low to show off her pretty ass to the boys.

“OK, who is going to be ‘It’ first?” Kristen asked.

“Not it!” all the boys cried at the same time.

“You’re ‘It’, Kristen!” Paul informed her grinning broadly, “It’s the rules!”

“Kristen is ‘It!’” Kevin cried. John and James clapped and jumped up and down, their peckers bouncing.

“OK, why am I always ‘It’?” Kristen whined. She put on the blindfold.

“Make sure she can’t see!” Kevin yelled. He couldn’t wait to have a real girl touch his wiener!

“Nope, I can’t see a thing,” Kristen lied, making sure she could peer under the loose cloth. She stumbled against a chair and watched little feet scurry about thru her field of vision. “You better hope I don’t catch one of you, because I might give you a big, sloppy kiss!”

“Eeeeek!” the boys screamed, “Cooties!”

“One, two, three, GO! Here I come!” Kristen said. She began to walk around, lurching at thin air and feeling her way about. She touched one boy on the shoulder and heard a shriek. She touched another and saw Kevin’s body and hard pecker slip past her arms. She watched John and James shake their naked asses at her, a few steps away. She reached out to them and they ran right into each other!

James got away but John stood still as if he was momentarily stunned. Kristen felt his squirming flesh and grabbed him tight. She pulled his naked body against her. “I caught you!” she cried, “Now you have to give me a kiss!”

“No, no!” John screamed. Kristen picked his small body up and held him tight. His hard pecker pressed against her. She put her lips on his and kissed him deeply. He struggled a little but felt her hands grabbing and rubbing his soft ass. He fell limp and kissed her back.

“Who’s next?” Kristen said, setting John’s body on the couch. She never offered to give up her turn to make John ‘It’ after catching him.

She felt around and saw Kevin shaking his ass at her. She grabbed his butt cheek and touched his balls before he slipped away. “Almost caught someone!” she cried.

James planted himself in front of her and waved his hard dicklet at her. Kristen swept up her hand and touched it, then grabbed on to it. “What is this?” she said, fondling James’ cock, “Is this a finger?” She stroked it a few times before saying, “Hey, wait! Is this someone’s wiener?” She cupped James’ balls and declared, “It is a wiener, oh, you naughty, naughty boys!”

James felt really funny. His wiener felt so good with Kristen touching it. He was sad when she pulled away.

“Beep!” John yelled and grabbed a handful of Kristen’s breast. She turned towards him and saw him run away. She felt a hand slide up her ass crack, under her skirt, barley missing her wet, horny cunt. She spun around and saw Paul dart away quietly.

Paul quickly returned and grabbed at her breast from the side and Kristen felt her blouse give away and her breast flop free! Another grab from the other side soon followed, grabbing more of her blouse than her tit. Kristen felt the cool air on her other breast. Her nipples hardened.

“Don’t tear my shirt!” she cried. She undid the remaining button. “There!” she said as her shirt fell open. The boys stared at her naked breasts and soft, smooth belly. She took advantage of their stillness and reached out to touch Kevin’s cock. She grabbed it. “I bet this is another wiener!” she cried.

“You are lucky I don’t pull your little wieners right off your cute little balls!” she said. She began tugging on Kevin’s hard cock, pulling his skin over his sensitive cock-head, as if she was trying to pull it off. Kevin involuntarily thrust his crotch at his babysitter. “Maybe I will pull it off!” she said, jacking his cock over and over. Kevin watched Kristen playing with his cock. He stared at her breasts and pretty face. His balls began to tingle.

“Unnnhg!” Kevin grunted. His cock felt funny. Something was happening! “Kristen, I, unnnhhhh, Kristen, ungh, ungh, ungh!” A warm, weird, wonderful feeling emanated from his balls. His pecker felt so good, but something strange was happening to him. Whatever it was grew more and more intense! His legs began to shake. He tried to pull away, but Kristen held him tight, jacking his hard little pecker until he felt the world exploding. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” he grunted as the feeling spread over his body. His knees buckled and he fell to the floor, rolling his hard cock into the carpet until the tingling went away.

Kristen pretended to trip over him and fell on the floor. She began to crawl around with her breasts hanging out and her naked ass and wet slit on display. She reached out and grabbed onto James’ dick again. “Another naughty wiener!” she cried and began tugging on James’ hard little cock too. She reached for John’s cock too. “Another one! Maybe I can pull both of them off those little, naughty balls!” she said.

Kristen felt a small hand grabbing her breast and another larger hand feeling her ass. “Hey, that tickles boys! I told you how ticklish I am!” Emboldened, the hands felt her up even more. She looked and saw John groping her breast while she rubbed and played with his cock. Before long, she felt James shudder and grunt and then John began to moan. The twins experienced their first orgasms together.

She felt Paul’s hand exploring her wet gash, fingering her clumsily. “Hey, that tickles!” she cried laughing. She spun around and positioned herself in front of Paul’s hard cock. Four inches of hard, straining boy-pecker greeted her. She opened her mouth and said “Hey!” and fell forward. Her lips wrapped around Paul’s throbbing member. She pushed him down to the ground as she pretended to fall and sucked him gently. “Oh, you naughty boys!” she said, “putting your nasty things in my mouth! I’ll show you! If I can’t pull your little wieners, I’ll suck them off!”

Kristen began to suck and lick on Paul’s cock. She stuck her ass in the air, showing off her naked cunt. Her breasts dangled from her perfect body. “And, don’t tickle my titties and my hoo-ha!” she said, ripping off the blindfold and turning her head over her shoulder, “Especially not with my favorite, special toy!” She paused to admire Paul’s hard cock before licking and sucking it once again.

Kristen felt tiny fingers immediately spreading her gash and then heard Kevin’s voice behind her saying, “Get her toy, John! Tickle her titties James!” Kristen smiled and wiggled her butt. She heard the familiar buzz of her vibrator and felt it tickling her nipples. It was replaced by James’ tickling fingers as he began playing with her breasts.

Kristen felt her skirt being flipped up over her ass. The vibrator pressed against her crack and poked her ass-hole. Then she felt it buzzing around her gash. She sucked on Paul’s cock in ecstasy.

Paul grunted. He knew what an orgasm was, and this was going to be a big one! He humped his babysitter’s face a couple times and felt his balls tighten. Kristen felt his cock lurch in her mouth and felt the sweet-boy cream explode in her mouth. “Mmmmm!” she moaned, feeling her cunt twitch. She rolled his cum around her tongue and felt another spurt splatter against the back of her throat.

Paul gave her four more hard spurts, thrusting his hard cock into her sucking mouth and grabbing on her head before falling down onto the carpet.

Kristen began to squeal and rolled over on her back. Her breasts lay on her chest, firm and upright. She began to groan. “Oh, boys! You are tickling my hoo-ha and my breasts!” she cried. “Don’t tickle me by sucking my titties! My nipples are so ticklish!”

John and James immediate began to suck her nipples, latching onto her sensitive teenage breasts. Paul rolled over at sat up to stare at Kristen’s cunt and watch his brother Kevin playing the buzzing vibrator against her naked pussy lips. Paul reached over and ran his fingers over her soaking wet cunt. He found her hooded clit and rubbed it experimentally. Kristen moaned out loud. He touched the area again and she moaned louder. Realizing the cause and effect, Paul rubbed the top of her hoo-ha some more and heard Kristen began to pant. “Ahhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Boys!”

Kevin played the gently, buzzing toy around Kristen’s pussy and watched the tip of the pink phallus disappear! He realized the vibrator was slipping up inside of her! He pushed it up her some more and watched it slowly disappear into her hoo-ha. His eyes widened.  Paul’s too. The brothers realized that their dicks would probably fit in that warm, wet hole!

Kevin watched the toy slide deeply into Kristen until only the ridged base was left. He was sure it could go deeper if he pushed it some more, but not wanting to lose it, he pulled the vibrator nearly out of Kristen’s mysterious hole. He grabbed the slippery toy tightly at the base and heard the buzzing get louder. By turning the base, he could make it go faster! He turned it all the way up and pushed it back in Kristen’s hole, then back out again. This was fun! Girl-parts were fun to play with!

The twins sucked Kristen’s tits and groped her flesh. Kevin unknowingly fucked her with the vibrating cock and Paul occasionally found just the right spot, smashing her clit and sending electrical shocks thru her body.

“Oh! Unnnghhh!” Kristen moaned, arching her back as her orgasm began. The boys watched her heaving body and tickled her faster; wanting to hear what other sounds she might make! Kristen began grunting and shaking.  The tingles spread over her thighs and up to her belly. The twines sucked her tits hard, and the tingles seem to connect her gushing cunt to her taught, sensitive nipples. Kevin felt her pussy gripping the plastic toy firmly as he pushed it in and out. They watched her pussy leaking slippery cream as her thighs began to twitch.

“Aaaaahhh! Aaaaahhhh! Oooohhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Kristen cried, her body shaking. “Nnn-nuh-nnn-nuh-nn-huh!” she grunted as the stars exploded inside her head. “Oooohhh-ooooohh-oooohhh!” she panted as her pussy spasmed. Her orgasm rolled over her time and time again. She rocked her head back and forth with her eyes shut tight. Her legs squeezed together rhythmically as she came. Finally, she had to clamp her thighs and put her hand between her legs to protect her throbbing clit from Paul’s manipulations and she pulled the thrusting toy from Kevin’s curious fingers, as the feelings became too intense.

Kristen curled up into a ball in front of the astonished children. The buzzing of the vibrator continued as her toy danced upon the carpet. Kristen panted like a dog for a while, then finally rolled over onto her back again, and then over to the other side where the buzzing noise was coming from. She reached over and grasped her toy and turned it off before setting it down beside her.  She flopped back onto her back again, breasts free, and her legs bent at the knees and spread wide.  Paul and Kevin stared at her wet, swollen pussy and John and James stared at her heaving breasts and pink, extended nipples as Kristen caught her breath.

“Whew!” she said with a heavy, satisfied sigh. “I told you I was ticklish!”

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So it appears I have a new favorite babysitter story. Where were the Kristens when I needed a babysitter? I had to deal with the Mrs. Kaplan's instead. Same goes for the teachers back in high school  :emot_sad:

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