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What Happens In Las Vegas

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on: May 11, 2016, 05:58:46 PM
When I was new to Kristen's Board I had told a version of this story in the "Best Fuck You Ever Had" topic.   In that writing I did not go into great detail about it like I have in my telling of the experience below. 

When I became a moderator, I removed that May 11, 2016 post.  I had second thoughts about having posted it.  So I took it down, moving it to a non-public portion of the board.  Basically, I didn't want anyone thinking poorly of me.  But recently I changed my mind and am now reposting it.  As I said above, this writing has more detail than the original.



Now on our third day in Las Vegas, we sat by the pool.  The Nevada sun felt so good.  All three of us were happy to get away from the Midwest weather.

We had spent very little time in the casinos.  A black jack hand here or there, a pull on a slot machine, a quick roll of the dice.  But none of us came to Vegas to gamble.  Not living close to each other any longer, we just wanted a girls weekend where we could get together on the cheap and in a warm place.  Airfare round trip was less than one hundred dollars each.  Splitting the room three ways was $200 more.  For $300 each, it was worth the money.

We had enough sun for the day and slipped on our swimsuit cover ups, packed up our belongings, and headed back to our room.

We all took a nap.  Two in one bed, one in the other.  A couple of hours later, we slowly woke and took turns showering and getting ready for going out.  The previous two nights we just went clubbing. This being our last night we had decided was the night we were going to get most dressed up with our fancier dresses.  We all were wearing pretty underthings.  My lace and bra were matching and each constructed of a combination of nude colored lace and satin.  Crystal and Jill both went braless. 

The first bar we went to had a line outside, the taxi driver suggested another bar.  We told her we were looking for a fancier place with dancing and a singles crowd.  She asked if we were looking for a place that guys might be more willing to buy us drinks.  We said we were.  She suggested a place at one of the casinos.  We weren't really sure about it until she said that the casino was hosting a conference for investment bankers with most of the crowd seeming to be in their 20's to early 40's.  She also told us some congressmen were in town and staying at the same hotel also.  And off we went.

Within a few minutes of walking in, three different groups of guys had offered to buy us drinks.  We declined each of them.  We had just found an empty high topo table to stand at.  Within a minute, a very good looking guy in a sharp suit walked up to Crystal and asked if he could buy us drinks.  He was more around our age, and we accepted the offer.

A few minutes later we were speaking with the guy and 3 of his coworkers.  We later found out that they were all younger than us by a year or two.  The three of us were  26, the guys ranged in age from 23-25 years old.  They were in town for the financial planning conference and were being put up in one of the penthouse suites by the firm they worked for. 

After a couple of hours of dancing and talking with them, Crystal was getting very close with her guy friend and when he suggested they go up to the suite, Crystal told Jill and I that she didn't want to go alone.  So, a few minutes later we were all on our way upstairs.

Their suite was amazing.  It was like you might see in a movie.  Three large leather couches surrounding a coffee table, a fully stocked bar, a piano, four bedrooms.  What they didn't tell us is they were sharing the suite with two of their bosses.  Each boss had their own room and these four guys were sharing the other two rooms.  We found this out when their bosses came in about an hour later.  They said hello, chatted for a bit as they had a drink and soon left.  Over the next hour, we talked over the too loud radio and played a couple of drinking games.  The guys were trying to push drinks on us but we resisted. 

After a time, Crystal disappeared with her guy into one of the rooms.  Of the other three guys, two of them were getting too drunk.  The other guy, I'll call him J.J., was keeping his cool and was actually the nicest of the bunch in my opinion.  He was more laid back and mature than any of them. 

J.J. excused himself at one point to use the restroom and disappeared into the other bedroom.  It was at that time I thought to myself, "I'm in f'ing Vega and I need to get laid tonight."  I made eye contact with Jill and signaled to her my intention.  Though I felt bad about leaving her alone with the two drunker guys, I knew she could take care of herself.  She gave a slight nod as I got up and went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind me.  The light had a dimmer switch.  I lowered it to almost 20 percent. 

I surveyed the room.  There were two single beds and two leather padded chairs in the room.  Some clothes were tossed over the back of one the chairs.  The bathroom door was closed.  I reached behind me and lowered my zipper and wiggle out of the dress.  I folded it and laid it on one of the beds.  And I waited.

I could hear the tinkling of the pee slow to a trickle on the other side of the door, then the flush.  The water to the sink came on, then turned off.  I imagined him drying his hands.  I fluffed my hair while sitting on the edge of the bed in only my bra and underwear.  The door opened.  It took him a moment to notice me in the dim light as he walked out.  When he saw me, his eyes looked up and down my body.  My belly did a flip inside.

I stood up.  J.J. looked up and down my body again and got a smile on his face.  He undid his belt as he walked toward me.  I tried giving him my bedroom eyes.  J.J. took my hand and wrapped his belt around my wrist, cinching it.  I realized what he was doing, and looked at him with a straight face for a moment, the corner of his lips slowly turned up into a smile, and a moment later so did mine.  My thought process was that my friends were right outside the door and if anything bad started to happen, I could scream.  He put his hand on my hip as if to spin me and I turned around putting my other hand behind my back.   J.J. wrapped the belt around that wrist a couple of times and somehow secured it.  I struggled a bit, but not very forcefully.  I'm in Vegas, I wanted to get lucky, this could be fun I thought.  But it was my first time of being bound in any way, so now realizing my hands were behind my back, I was a bit apprehensive even though I was accepting of him doing it a moment ago.  I felt very vulnerable.  With my arms as they were, I realized how far my chest was pushed outward.  My skimpy bra left little to the imagination.

He turned me around and inches from my face said, "So you want fucked."  He kissed me lightly on the cheek and brought his lips to my ears and whispered, "Well, you're going to get fucked."  He backed away and looked down at my chest.  His finger tips gently reached up and ever so slightly touched across both breast.  Each index finger found my nipples and he caressed them through the material.  Then the thumb joined in and he pinched them and pulled on them.
 Letting go, I expected him to relieve me of my bra but he didn't.

J.J. walked me over to behind the chair and bent me over the back of it.  I had a flashback to my boyfriend positioning me similarly 5 years earlier, but that time my arms were free. I resisted a bit, but with my arms behind my back I couldn't put up too much of a fight.  It was just going to be uncomfortable.  Bent over as I was, I tried to envision my lacy panty covered butt sticking up to him.

He reached over and turned the light switch to full light and the room brightened, now it was even more similar to my experience 5 years earlier.  I felt his hands on my bottom.  He was caressing both cheeks softly with his hands before moving to the sides of my hips and the underwear.  He pulled downward on them.  I tried lifting up so they were not trapped between the chair and my stomach.  He took my movements as a sign I was trying to stand up and pushed me back forward.  Pulling downward on my underwear, they eventually came free.  He wiggle them down my legs until they dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them.

His hands did not return to me.  I could hear clothes rustling.  I was imagining he was undressing while looking at me.  I asked him to dim the lights.  I didn't need my girly bits on full display with bright lighting.  He ignored me.

Then he was beside the chair on the opposite side of the direction I was looking.

"Tell me what you want," he said.

I turned my head to look at him.  He was naked but his lower body hidden by the plush arm of the chair.  I looked him in the eye for a long moment.  I looked at his muscular and almost hairless chest.

He asked again.  "What do you want?"

"Fucked," I stated plain and simply.

He smiled and slowly stood up.  I got my first look at his penis.  He was fully erect with very little pubic hair.  He was slightly above average in length, but larger than average in girth.  The thing that was unique to him when comparing it with other guys I had been with is that his penis had thick veins protruding outward around the shaft.  I had never seen anything like it.

With his erection was eye level to me, he remained there letting my eyes drink in what was going to be inside me momentarily.

"Please," I whispered, averting my eyes and looking up at him.

He walked behind me and I felt his hand between my thighs.  He touched his foot to the inside of my foot, indicating he wanted me to spread my legs.  I stepped outward with each foot.  His finger tips whispered against the tender skin of the inside of my thighs which made me spread for him a bit more.

"Can you take the belt off please," I asked.  Suddenly starting to feel uncomfortable after the fact, plus my shoulders were hurting.  He didn't respond.

His fingers began touching me.  It didn't take long before he found wetness.  He rubbed my fluids around lubricating it around my folds.  A slick finger found my protruding clitoris and soon he was massaging it ever so gently with a finger and thumb.  I released a loud moan.  I wanted this so bad. I was ready for him.

No sooner had he removed his fingers, the head of his erection touched me.  He rubbed his erection around to lubricate the head.  He was doing it longer than he needed to.  I think he was teasing me, but it felt very good.

"You might want to spread your legs a bit more.  It might be more comfortable for you." 

I was already on my tiptoes with my legs spread and the only way I could do as requested was lift my feet from the ground.  I really couldn't do that. 

He entered me with just an inch or two.  I let out a long moan, much louder than I had meant to.  It had been so long since I had someone inside me.  It felt much larger than what I was looking at moments ago.  I would need to spread my legs further before it was done. 

J.J., with his hands on each of my butt cheeks, backed out of me and then slid in again, a bit further.  I groaned this time.  Part pain, part pleasure.  He pulled back a third time and slid into me furthest yet.  I tried to open my legs more but couldn't without lifting my feet.  He sensed this.  His hands left my butt and reached down around my sides to the front of my thighs and lifted upward.  My feet left the ground, my legs spreading around him.  He held me so my legs were about parallel with the floor.  I was teetering over the back of the chair with my legs spread wide and he entered me fully.  I yelled, a mixture of both pain and pleasure.  He felt so large.  It had been some time since I had been with a guy. 
The way he was holding me, I slid forward a bit over the back of the chair, my head now touching the seat cushion.  I bent my knees so my heels touched the back of his arms or upper shoulders.   J.J. began rocking back and forth into me slowly, each time giving all of himself to me.  His thickness was stretching me further than I had been in a long time.  The protruding veins of his penis massaged my inners walls.  I had never felt anything like it.  It was so wonderful.  I didn't bother hiding the pleasure I was feeling as I screamed.  They were the kinds of screams that could be perceived as screams of pain or pleasure.  These were screams of pleasure, it felt utterly amazing.  They were the screams you hear from actresses in porn films and believe she's faking it for the camera and viewer.  But I was not faking it.  I was receiving what I considered the best sex of my life.

There was a knock on the door.  "Julie, are you alright," Jill yelled through the door.  I could hear laughter from the other side of the door also.  The two friends I assumed.  I could no longer hear the music playing, just their laughter and Jill's concerned voice.

"Julie," she yelled again.

"Tell your friend you're fine," J.J. grunted to me as he continued thrusting in and out of me.

Through screams and pants I managed to say I was fine. 

I must not have been very clear, because I heard the door open.   "Julie," Jill asked.

I screamed, "I'm fine."  And a moment later Jill closed the door.  I can only imagine the view she had with me bent over the chair as I was, with his beautiful naked body having his way with me between my outstretched legs.  Later that night when back in our own room she said it reminded her of the two person wheel barrow races at picnics.

It was a couple of minutes later that my orgasm arrived.  I was not holding anything back as I screamed my approval.  I could again hear hooting from the guys in the other room.  When my orgasm subsided, J.J. pulled out of me and guided my feet down to the ground.  He put his hands on my biceps and pulled me into a standing position.  Turning me around he kissed me.  I was still panting from my O.   I breathed heavily as his tongue invaded my mouth.  My shoulders ached.  Pain came to my abs from balancing atop the back of the chair for the previous couple of minutes.

"Take the belt off," I panted pleadingly into his mouth.

He ignored me and only smiled at me.  Grabbing the belt binding my hands, and his other hand at the back of my hair pulling back a bit, more roughly than he need to and causing me to tilt my head upward, he walked me over to the bed and said, "Kneel on the bed."

"Please, the belt is cutting my wrists."

"Get on the bed, and maybe I'll take it off."

Feeling both legs pressing against the side of the bed, and my face still tilted upward, I got first one then the other knee on to the bed.  He helped me lay down with my chest and head pressed to the bed, my bottom up in the air.  I then realized I was kneeling on my dress.

His hands went to my bottom and massaged each cheek, and at the same time spreading me open.  He stepped forward and I felt the tip of his penis pressing into me.  I arched my back, giving way to him as he entered me fully in one slow steady motion.  As I spread my knees outward more, I again asked him to remove the belt.  He didn't. 

J.J. began rocking back and forth into me again, grabbing me at the hips and pulling me to him, driving his full length into me each time, my bottom into his hips.  It was a slow and steady rocking motion.  I was back in heaven in no time feeling the veiny erection hit every single nerve inside of me.  I could either bite my lip or continue to be vocal.  The listening audience on the other side of the door knew what was going on so I didn't care.  I screamed joyously as he had his way with me.  I was even louder as my orgasm arrived a few minutes later.  I could hear the guys in the other room cheering me on again.   

J.J. backed out of me and with my head turned toward the door, watched him walk over to the door, open it, and stick his head out asking someone to toss him a water.  I rolled on my side watching him, looking at his very fit naked body as he took the water and backed away from the door.  His erection standing proud.  I had definitely picked the right guy, but I wondered how much more I could take.  I could feel my face burning with heat.  I could feel the sweat on my face and my messed up hair from first the cushion, and now from being face down on the bed.

J.J. returned but without closing the door.  It was ajar by about 8 inches.  He stood in front of me with his erection just inches from my face.  My eyes never left it as he took a long drink from the water bottle before putting the cap back on and tossing it on the bed.  He then maneuvered me back up into a kneeling position and entered me again.  As he did this, I alerted him that he had left the door open.  He didn't respond.

I was back in happy land not caring the door was opened.  I began voicing my pleasure at what I was experiencing once again.  I heard a commotion outside and it was Crystal and Jill talking loudly, clearly upset.  They were telling the guys they were pigs and one of them walked over and closed the door to the room.  I don't know how much longer it was before O #3 was approaching and he pulled out of me.

J.J. rolled me over onto my back.  My arms were killing me beneath my back the way I was laying.  He grabbed me at my ankles and pulled my legs up and apart into a 'V'.  He entered me while bending slightly and positioning my calves to his shoulders.  He grasped the front of my shins holding my calves tight to his body, and stood up, lifting my bum upward.  The good thing about this position is it lifted my lower back off my arms, so that they were no longer crushing into my back. 

He thrusted in and out of me, flexing his hips forward and backward.  At one point he stopped and reached forward to my bra.  The clasp was in front, a little hook and loop between the cups.  Easily enough to undo, but he hooked a finger at the clasp and pulled forcefully, bending and breaking the clasp.  He flipped both unsecured cups off my chest, exposing my breasts to his eyes.

"Nice tits," he had said before grabbing at my shins again and resuming penetrating in and out of me.

I looked down my body toward him, with my my breasts jiggling around in the forefront of my vision.  His eyes never really leaving them.  Soon he was breathing a bit harder, I knew he was near his time.  I was on birth control and didn't care that he was going to cum in me.   I again was loudly vocalizing the enjoyment I was experiencing.

I could hear the guys in the other room yelling words of encouragement.  "That-a-boy J.J." amongst other more obscene things.  I could also hear Jill and Crystal saying something, but not making out what it was.

My orgasm crashed over me with wave after wave rippling through my body.  It was the best O of the night and the longest as I pulsed around him while his veiny penis worked a miracle on my insides.  I'm glad I had that last one before he finished.  The sensations had just started to subside when J.J. pulled out and lowered my legs around him and guided my feet to the floor.  I was looking up at him as he stood over me, his erection stood up so tall, it's head a dark red.  Blue veins engulfing it like vines or a tree crawling up it toward the sunlight..  J.J. lifted a leg over mine to rest his knee next to my hip on the bed.  I felt his tight sack pressing into my thigh.  Grabbing himself, he hadn't even stroked himself three times when thick spurts of his ejaculation pulsed out.  The first hit under my chin and across my neck.  Subsequent spurts found my breasts and stomach.  He seemed to aim to cover as much of me as he could, including depositing some into my pubic hairs.    It was all over my front side.  It seemed to never end.  An obscene amount covered me.  He continued stroking until he was completely spent.  He coaxed out the remainder from his shaft and wiped the final syrupy drips onto my upper thigh before standing up.

"Fuck, that was great, Julie" he said as he backed away.  I closed my eyes and rolled slightly to my side, taking the pressure off my lower back and allowing my arms to move a bit.  I expected him to release me as I laid there.

A few moments later the door opened.  The muffled sounds from the other room now much clearer.  I opened my eyes to see him walking into the main part of the suite in only his pants.  He was greeted by his coworkers with cheers as J.J. raised his arms victoriously. 

He had left the door wide open.  Everyone I could see through the door was looking into the room, Crystal included.  The realization dawned on her and she started yelling at J.J. as she, and a moment later, Jill rushed into the room, closing the door behind them.

"Are you okay," Crystal asked. 

I told her I was.   

"These guys are fucking pigs," she replied.

I remained quiet as she fidgeted getting the belt off me.  Jill had gone in the bathroom to get a wash cloth.  "Those fucking assholes," Crystal was mumbling under her breath. 

Jill came back and was wiping down the mess that J.J. had made on my front side as I sat up.  My arms were aching.  Crystal was trying to secure my bra, but we discovered it was beyond repair.  Instead she picked up my dress and walked into the bathroom with it.  Much of the semen had ended up on it when I had rolled on to my side.

Jill asked where my underwear was and I said they were on the floor behind the chair.  She looked but couldn't find them.

"Let's just get the hell out of here," Crystal said as they both helped me into my dress.

I made a final attempt of placing the cups of my bra over myself, figuring the dress would keep them in place long enough.   When we were ready, we walked out.  All eyes were on us including the two bosses that must have returned at some point.  We turned and walked toward the door without a word.

J.J. said, "Bye Julie."  I looked back.  "Thanks for the souvenir," he said, holding my underwear.  He tossed them on the coffee table.  I turned to get them and realized they landed next to another pair of underwear.  It was Crystal's pink thong.  Whoever was holding my hand, Crystal I think, pulled me toward the door.  I turned and the three of us walked out.

When we got in the elevator, Crystal asked again if I was alright.  I said, "Crys, I'm fantastic.  I just had the most wonderful sex of my life!" 

"It certainly sounded like you did."

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