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The Joy of Christmas (M/F, bro/sis, incest, oral, creampie)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

                It was Christmas Eve, I was just laying on my bed watching TV in my bedroom. All I had on was a pair of black shorts, I was only dressed this way, because I felt too warm with the furnace running. There was a knock on my door, it was my Sister, Missy. She came into my room to find me laying there. We have been living together ever since our mother had passed away. Missy was wearing only a purple shirt, and a pair of white pantyhose.

               “Hey, Rick. What are you doing, Honey?”, she asked as she looked down at me laying down. I laughed at my sister's goofy question.

                  “What does it look like, silly? I'm watching TV. Do you want to keep me company?”, I asked her to which she smiled, got into bed with me, then laid her head down on my belly. The way she was dressed, plus the fact that she was laying her long, brown head of hair across my belly was turning me on. My cock started to stir in my shorts, Missy's soft hair upon my skin was making me horny. I believe that it was quite noticeable to her, for she moved to place her head down on my erect cock, buried under my shorts.

                   It didn't take long for Missy to yank my shorts down, put my dick in her mouth, and started to suck me off. While, she was doing that, I was feeling her bubble butt in her white pantyhose. Eventually, I noticed that she wasn't wearing any  panties underneath her pantyhose. Being bold, I ripped open her pantyhose, it freed her ass, and hairy pussy, I took my finger, moisten it inside my mouth, and stuck it in her asshole. Missy, with my dick still in her mouth, grunted as I anal fucked her with my finger. My sister's mouth felt terrific, as she sucked my cock, up and down, trying to deep throat me, too.

                 Once I finished probing her asshole, I got my finger up inside Missy's hairy pussy, she loved feeling that there as well. Missy sucked my cock still, as I fingered her juicy wet pussy, all the sounds of us playing with each other drowned out the sound of the TV, I really didn't care as I was having better entertainment coming from my sister's mouth and wet, creamy, hairy bush. Missy let go of my cock, she laid back down on her back, legs spread wide I knew what she wanted. My face went down into her massive pile of curly dark brown pubic hair, Missy was pleased as I licked every strand of public hair, with my tongue. I spread her lips wide to tongue fuck her sweet, furry honey patch.

                          “Oh my God, Rick! Keep licking me Honey! Hit that sweet spot, Baby! Please don't stop!”, Missy cried out in ecstasy, as I continued to lick her hairy bush. Missy, during all of this now, took off her shirt to free her double D tits, because she was in her forties, they sagged a little, but I didn't care. Tits are tits, and Missy's were still perfect in my eyes. I'm no longer youthful myself at 46, but I can still get it up and fuck with the best with them.

                           Not long after, I had to fuck her pussy, I came up from in-between Missy's pussy and shoved my cock inside her wet cunt. Her eyes grew wide as always, she has loved my dick for such a long time, she just keeps wanting it more and more, we may be siblings, but we still have a hungry desire for each other. While fucking my sister, I realized that I still had the TV on and that it was still Christmas Eve. I looked up to see "A Charlie Brown Christmas", playing on TV. Memories of Christmas past filled my head of Missy and I growing up as kids with mom and dad, all of us sitting around the Christmas tree opening up presents. Gifts of toys, clothes, music and movies, what a joy it was. This Christmas I'm giving my sister my cock deep inside her 43 year old pussy, times have certainly changed.

                    Besides the Christmas specials on TV, Christmas decorations all around, Christmas music playing, and the snow falling outside, this time of year is special to Missy and myself, for it was 25 years ago tonight I had taken Missy's virginity for her. She was 18, and I was 21, it was after we had attended a Christmas party together with some friends from school. Missy had too much to drink (I know, underage drinking is not good, but nobody was caught), so since I was driving, I made sure to stay sober.

                      She was trying to forget about the break up with her boyfriend the weekend before Christmas, so she decided to load up on the booze flavored punch at the party. You may have guessed it, one thing lead to another, Missy was blitzed. To save her for embarrassing herself I took her home. Our parents were out at a Christmas party themselves for our father's workplace, so they were going to be gone for awhile, and they didn't need to see Missy drunk at 18. Being the good brother, I got her upstairs to her bedroom, she was so plastered that she was laughing like crazy, talking incoherently, but the thing was she wasn't thinking straight.

                   She was trying to get me to fuck her. Fighting off her advances as best I could, I was able to get her to stop trying to molest me. First, I got out her nightie, second, I took off her shoes, then I got off her red dress, next I rolled down her red pantyhose from her, finally I took off her red bra, she was left in only her red panties. Looking at Missy, half naked, drunk, plus horny as fuck, I could have taken advantage of her, but I didn't, I knew better. As best as I could, I got Missy into her nightie, she laid herself down, lucky for me she had fallen asleep. This was my chance to get into my room before she woke up. Flipping through the channels on my TV, I thought for sure I heard Missy crying out in pain. Sure enough when I left my room, I found Missy getting sick into the toilet.

                         “Jesus Christ, why am I so dumb? Why did he leave me for? Why am I not good for boys?”, Missy said crying her eyes out. Doing my best to calm her down, I got her cleaned up, gave her medicine for her upset stomach, plus her headache, then put her back to bed. Before I left Missy held my hand to beg,

                     “Please, stay with me for the night, stay until I fall asleep. Rick, you're the only one who cares about me”, it was all I needed to hear that made me stay with her. I got into her bed with her. Missy decided to snuggle up towards me, being considerete, I held my sister within my arms, and then we drifted off to sleep. Fifteen minutes had only past when I felt her warm butt up against my dick, of course it got hard, knowing that I had a female body up against me. Trying so hard to make sure that she didn't know that it was there, I tried to turn over, unfortunately it was to late for Missy started stirring in her sleep, making my cock push up against her panties until my hard erection was into her ass crack.

                     Missy's hand reached over to see what was poking her bottom, sure enough she knew what it was. Her 18 year old hand started to stroke it in my underwear, until she freed it from it's confines, my dick popped out to smack her on the ass. Missy gasped, turned over to see it in the moonlight shining into her bedroom. Taking a hold of my prick, she stroked it for a few minutes, then wrapped her mouth around it to suck me off. How could I stop her now? I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I just let her have it, just to get it done and out of her system. Blowing her brother's dick shouldn't be all that bad, I figured that once I came, she'd finish then everything would go back to normal, or so I thought.

                        Missy, lowered her panties, taking them off, she then took it upon herself to stick my cock inside her pussy. She winced out in pain, breaking her own hymen on her brother's cock, she stayed on my dick to fuck her virgin pussy. I wanted to resist, but I didn't, it just happened, I didn't want to make it even worse when she was upset over her break up. Holding onto Missy's waist while she was still riding my cock, I allowed our encounter to continue. Thoughts rushed through my head as our incestous love making was still happening. Still thinking, I wondered if I really did love my Sister, Missy? Could it be all of those 18 years of her life, I was always in love with her? It must've been true, I never stopped her that night, and here we are now some 25 years later, still fucking, living together as lovers, parents gone, but our love was still alive.

                      I came inside her pussy, Missy has always loved having incestous sperm fill her, and it has never stopped. Missy, unfortunately, cannot have kids, but it was fine with us, we didn't need any off spring from in-breading to know how much we love each other, especially during the Christmas season. Missy and I stayed in bed until 9:30, when we got up to go get cleaned up, then we stayed up late to watch Christmas movies until midnight. Christmas will always be my favorite time of the year.

The End