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Put in my Place (FFF, BDSM, blackmail, humiliation)

Valley Vixin · 1486

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on: January 02, 2021, 10:16:36 AM

Grace McCarthy had it all.  She had been raised the daughter of wealth in China, and been granted the opportunity to study abroad.  At University in Canada she earned her Bachelors in Education and discovered a world that offered more opportunity and less restrictions than she had dreamed of.  The ticket to it was not hard to find.  She met Vincent McCarthy, a redheaded Canadian geek who thought her cold Chinese perfection was the ultimate altar to worship from afar, or as near as possible.  Making him her husband seemed the easiest path to what she desired, and honestly his skill with women was so limited as his physical demands that it was less of a burden than Party membership had been in the People's Republic of China for people in the monied class.

Teaching in Canada was less easy than she expected, the children didn't simply accept what they were told, and some had the temerity to point out when she was wrong in one of the parts of the material, she was less than strong on, and less inclined to improve her knowledge than simply bluff past the weakness.  This did not matter.  Grace had her path to the Administration mapped out.  She required the honours program as her own, because with such students being overwhelmingly self motivating and self directing, all she had to do was play them off against each other and they would drive themselves to success, or she could turn them against each other if one seemed too weak to succeed without aid until the offending student withdrew from the program to deposit their less inspiring numbers on another teacher.  Of such tactics were perfect records made in China, and if the west was too weak to learn them, well that is why the few rule and the many serve.

The call to meet with the Principal about the new year was perfectly according to plan.  She had been called in with the expectation to hear about the honours program assignment but was surprised to see not just Mr Xiang but that stuck up red headed cow Jan Thomas there as well.  Jan was everything she hated about Canada.  She was a flaming liberal, determined to see that every child, no matter how poorly suited to it, was prepared to reach for the highest honours and highest stations.  The fact that only the wealthiest could ever make anything of those opportunities was apparently lost on her, and the fact that those disadvantaged children, once raised to the elites in her meritocracy fantasy would have zero loyalty to the system itself and be more of a threat than a boon was totally lost on her.  It also irked her to no end that the long red hair, bosoms out of some bad Anime and bright blue eyes caught every male eye to the point that her own classical and cold beauty was no longer the weapon she needed it to be to control the social situations that determined real power in the workplace.

Mr Xiang was smiling at both of them when she came in.  Grace was raised in the Middle Kingdom, she read what Jan missed.  His smile on Jan was paternal and proud, his smile on her was polite and measured.  Her blood ran cold.  This was not to script. 

"Ladies, I am glad to have this private moment to address a concern before it became a matter of public embarrassment that could lead to misunderstandings between valued educators" Jan's face went through a visible series of shock, then concern, followed by almost dogged determination.  She had zero control over her facial expressions and showed her mood like no well brought up child would dream of, let alone a grown woman in a competitive society.  She had no idea who was being called on the carpet, but with growing fear Grace did.

Mr Xiang continued. "As you know, our graduating class is under tremendous pressure to succeed.  The opportunity for scholarship and placement in the right schools determines what doors will open, and what doors will close for the rest of their lives.  The right educator can make a real difference in outcome for those students with great potential who have not yet developed all the skills and discipline required to bring those potentials to reality.  Two of my parents have expressed a fear that of children who have gone through each of your classes, one showed real improvement in both outcome and attitude, and the other a growing frustration and dwindling effort.  To put it bluntly, Grace, they have asked that their children be removed from your class, and placed in Jan's."

Jan looked embarrassed,  The flash of pride had been impossible to conceal and Grace's hatred had burned hot and bright for one shining instant it reached her face in a sneer that Mr Xiang caught.

Looking at her sternly, Mr Xiang gave his correction.  "Grace, you are an intelligent capable educator, but you have not put the effort into continuous improvement.  You have been focused on advancing your position not your abilities, where Jan has been continually upgrading her skills and working to find new ways of engaging with students whose learning styles do not respond to the techniques that we are all taught to reach the majority of students.  That is why she will be running the Honours Program here in the school.  I suggest you learn from her example, and in a few years when she is ready to move up to Vice Principal you might be ready to take over for her."

There it was, Grace's dream being taken away and offered to that big titted goody two shoes as a prize for being too stupid to realize that the children were product not people, and wasting her time pretending the lower orders actually mattered.  Hatred flowered in her then.  She would see this bitch broken if it was the last thing she ever did.


It was difficult to balance two lives.  On the one hand I was a wife and mother, a teacher and community volunteer.  I was that good girl every mother wanted, or wanted their son to bring home.  Sure I looked more like Jessica Rabbit than Scarlet Johansen, but I still made my husband the trophy wife he liked to show off to his executive rivals at company functions, it just took a lot of gym time and track time to keep my figure trim as my curves sought to turn every spare calorie into a little extra padding on what was lush to start with.

  The second side of me would shock husband, daughters, and coworkers alike.  I was My Lady's adoring slave.  To call me her dog would be better.  I crawled at her feet, I begged for her discipline.  I had been violated in every hole, served her in every way imaginable, been whipped, clamped, and even peed on by her and begged for more.  She had trained me to exist only to serve her, then she had proven that mastery by having me sell my mouth, and then my ass for her amusement.  I found myself crawling to her, money in my teeth, hoping that she would take the cash from my lips and allow me to place those lips upon her perfect pussy and receive the reward for whoring myself for her.

I had achieved something of a balance I thought.  My Lady had been striving to improve my life by dealing with my pride where it was not helping me, but hurting me.  I had a less than satisfactory relationship with my daughters prior to My Lady's intervention.  Does it sound stupid?  We could not break the old routines, the old fights until My Lady ordered me to.  Learning that being submissive to My Lady and actually listening to my daughters needs, rather than fixing their problems, lessened the strife and deepened the relationship.  It was unfortunate for me that my pride leaked out when I spoke of my appointment to be the new Honours teacher.

My Lady mused "I don't think it was a good idea to dress Grace down in front of you.  I agree the students need you as the better teacher, but dressing her down in front of you must have been deeply humiliating for her."

I snapped without thinking "That flat chested, skinny assed smirking little rich girl Chinese princess got away with pretending to do her job for far too long.  She deserved to be put in her place, and I absolutely adored watching."  I know that sounded unprofessional, and catty, but I can't stand people who half ass their jobs. 

People who are so very good at playing political games to rise in the workplace without ever doing the job they are there for have always pissed me off.  I am no good at political games, and honestly think if you don't like your job you should find another one, not dump the work on the rest of us.

My Lady smiled.  How did I not see the danger?

You know Jan, I think you have been building up a lot of stress lately.  I think it's time you burned a little off.  I think if you please me very well tonight, I might just find it in my heart to set up an extra special session where I share you with another, particularly demanding Mistress or two.

She dressed me.  I had wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs of leather, with clips to attach to each other or external apparatus.  I had stockings and garter set in black, as My Lady thought it set off my very pale skin and red hair nicely, black leather collar with four steel rings set in front, sides and rear over the buckle.  I had also a blindfold, and my earpods in.  The slut tape was playing. 

I was being transported to a house to be given to “A couple of stern Mistresses who know how to adjust my attitude”, but I would not know where I was, or who I was being given to ahead of time.  It could be anyone.  It could be someone I know, or a complete stranger.  Part of what was being done to me was reminding me I was My Lady’s property and not a person with any say in what happens to me.  I had been, difficult.  This was to remind me.

The slut tape was working.  My ear buds carried a loop of the many confessions My Lady has torn out of me.  Begging to whore for her, begging to be pissed on, begging to kiss her feet, her ass, her pussy.  Begging to be used in every hole, begging to be whipped, begging to be displayed, begging to be sold.  My voice, my confessions, reminders that I was not a proud independent woman for My Lady, I was a whore, a slave, an animal.  Like any livestock I could be sold, or bred at my owners discretion.

I was otherwise naked in the car, and for all I knew being paraded before half the town.  Not that it is much of a town, but that only increases the odds of anyone seeing me knowing who I am.  There are not so many 48G redheads running loose in the wild after all.  I was aroused.  My Lady occasionally flicked a nipple with her fingers to keep me anxious, or stroked my stocking clad thigh to make me whimper in helpless lust.  She played me like a musical instrument, and knew my helplessness was a part of what I needed to feel in her presence.

She kept my earbuds in, but turned the volume down as she got out of the car, and pulled me from it.  She clipped a leash to my collar and walked me forward.

“Remember the rules.  No permanent damage, no permanent marks, her safe word is spoilsport, her safe sign is opening and closing either fist three times quickly when she is gagged.  No pictures.  She is mine.  My property will not be devalued in any way, or the transgressors will be destroyed.”

I heard a voice, cold, hungry, and something else, almost familiar perhaps?


My Lady continued.  “Remember well the pictures I took as security, and remember the model release you signed.  Should you post anything, or take anything, I can release what I have with impunity, while you can be punished for anything you release.  Do not trifle with me, I rent her body to you to use, but I will not see my property devalued.”

I felt hands running over my ass, spreading my cheeks, heard soft giggling as my rectum was examined.  Other hands flicked the leash up and down, causing it to spank my breasts and tug my chin as I stood helplessly in the cold outside someone’s door.

“Rest assured, we will have your property ready to return, and reclaim our deposit of photos and model release.  Also rest assured, her attitude will be as well adjusted as she will be well used.”  The voice belonged to the one holding the leash a mature woman, one with precise, almost textbook diction. The giggling was from another, possibly younger woman.

That voice, I swear the hint of accent, I swear I knew it from somewhere.

I was brought into the room, house, being dragged up the steps.  A riding crop slapped the underside of my breast to tell me when to step forward as the steps were very broad, and more than one step forward was required for each step up.

“Up cow!”  and a ringing slap to my breast would tell me to step up.  As we got to the door, I tripped on the doorway and the two women caught me and put me on all fours safely if roughly.

“Crawl cow, and moo for us!”  They called.  Both had an accent, the over precise diction of English as a second language mastered by a Chinese speaker.  One was definitely familiar, but the two riding crops punishing my ass as I was made to crawl mooing around the room again and again were distracting me.

I was finally told to hold still, and nipple clamps with a connecting chain were hung on my nipples.  A heavy cow bell was put on that.  I whimpered at the pain, but I wasn’t going to be permitted to suffer in any form of stoicism, as the younger one began to rub my pussy, and work a small egg vibrator inside me.

“Who is a needy white cunt?”  The older voice asked.

“I am a needy white cunt!”  I responded. 

I felt lube being pushed into my tight asshole, two long nailed fingers working my tight little hole without much in the way of mercy.  Giggling I heard the younger voice calling out.

“She is really tight but stretches nicely!  I knew she was a tight ass, but it looks like she really enjoys being stretched out!”

I groaned, the vibrator and those fingers in my ass were really working on my resolve.  I could not see them, could not hear them clearly, the slut tape was playing in my earpods, my own voice begging to be used, begging to be punished, begging to be whored out.  I was lost in a world of cruelty and lust, and I knew the lust was my own.

“What are you good for?”  The older voice asked.  I didn’t know what to say.  I mean, with My Lady I knew what she wanted to hear, but I didn’t even know who I was talking to, I had no idea what they wanted to hear, or what they wanted from me!

“To please, to do what I am told!”  I cried out the safest things I could think of, but they were not good enough.  I felt the riding crop slap the cow bell, and it rang to the sound of my cries as the screw clamps punished my nipples savagely as the dangling bell was struck.

“Useless cow!  You are good for nothing but licking boots!”  She removed the leash and affixed a second cowbell to my collar in its place.  I felt her force my face down to what were obviously leather boots. I began to kiss and lick them as she plied my back with the riding crop.

The vibrator went to high speed as I plug was forced in my ass.  Something hung from it, wobbling, dangling and heavy enough to tug on the plug.

I kissed and licked the boots as she laughed.  The other hands were on me again, this time putting something in my hair, a tiara?  No, I felt the floppy fabric something on top.  Ears, I had ears put on me.

I heard the young voice laughing.  “Oh my, she really is a cow isn’t she?”

Dragged up from the boots to between her legs, I could feel the heat and smell the need of a pussy right in front of me.

“Make yourself useful, show me how you make everyone like you.”  There was real hatred and lust in that voice.  I swear I knew it.

She grabbed my long red hair with one hand and ground me into her pussy. I lapped at it like the desperate animal I was.  It is an interesting sensation, to have to eat a pussy you cannot see.  What do I know about it?  Unshaved, the tight curls of hair are coarse so probably dark, which fits with the Chinese accents.  Small.  Her pussy had delicate lips and a clit that when aroused did not stand up as tall, but spread slightly wider than I was used to.  Less of a thumb and more of a flower bud inside fleshy sensitive petals.

I can’t deny how wonderful it felt to kiss my way up to her clit and suck it as I used my fingers to work inside of her hot tight little pussy.

“You love this, don’t you whore?”  The voice demanded.

I whimpered and mumbled my agreement.

“You would love it if I pimped you out to the entire staff, to your entire class, wouldn’t you?  Miss goody two tits fat titted white WHORE!”  She screamed as she came.

I sucked and lapped at her cum as my mind went white in fear.  She knew me.  She knew me from the school.  I had a terrible feeling I knew who My Lady had rented me to.  The one woman who would give anything to see me brought down.  Grace.

“Tell me you got that!”  Grace shouted, it was her voice.  There was no doubt now, but I didn’t know what she was talking about.  All I heard was giggling.

Grace pushed me back off her pussy and I heard her step into something.  She was talking again.

“I was wrong, you aren’t just good at boot licking.  I wonder if you are as good a professional ass kisser in the bedroom as you are in the staff room.  Why don’t you get that pretty pink tongue up my golden ass and find out?”

The other woman, who was it?  Dragged me by the nipple chain cowbell and by my hair until my face was pushed into Graces ass.  She was leaning forward over something, and thrusting her ass out to me.

I pushed her cheeks apart, letting my hands appreciate how tight and perfect her little ass was.  Like an apple, its shape was far different from my own prominent heart shaped ass, but it was small and perfect just the same.  I parted her cheeks and kissed between them.

One of my ear pods had fallen out, and I could hear sounds.  Clicking sounds.  Camera sounds.  I went cold all over again.  Pictures were forbidden.  Pictures could cost me husband, family, teaching job, even my volunteering as a Girl Guide Leader.  Grace had someone taking pictures!

My tongue pushed in little circles into Graces ass, letting her delicate rosebud flower under my homage.  She was putting me in my place and letting me know that I was nothing to her but an ass licking animal to be used and abused at her whim.  I gloried in it.  I shouldn’t, but My Lady had taught me the truth, I desired to be humbled by her, and anyone she chose to sell me to.  Even Grace.

I came.  The vibrator in my pussy can get the blame, or credit, but much of it had to do with knowing Grace had the power to destroy me utterly and no reason not to.  How messed up is that?  She was glorying in her total power over me, her total superiority to me (even though professionally she really was utterly half-assed at her job), and I was glorying in her dominance just as much.

I pushed my tongue into her ass, fucking it with my tongue, forcing it to let me in.  Clearly her husband Vince had never been granted access since it was tighter than I could believe, fighting my tongue relentlessly for entry.  I reached around and began to play with her clit and pull her back into my face.

Grace began to grind back against me, her breath coming ragged.

“Oh fuck, ass licking whore!  Oh fuck!”  She pushed back into me savagely, making the cow bells at my neck and on my belly ring, tugging the chain on my nipples painfully.

She finally came in silence, her body arching and snapping, shaking like she was having a seizure.  Finally she yanked me off her ass so hard by my hair the blindfold came off.

I fell to the ground, looking at Grace, and her student teacher.  The student teacher had her camera phone in one hand and a magic wand in the other working her pussy.

Grace was straightening from the couch with a wild look on her face, a body covered in sweat, and a strap on dildo hanging from her waist.  It was not human.  It looked like it belonged on a bull.

“Hello Jan!”  Grace cooed, waving the big black bull cock dildo in front of my face.  “I am so glad you could finally see us.  Do you like this?  I mean what do you get to put a cow in her place but what a cow should be getting.  Besides, you are such a damned tight ass, it is almost a public service to loosen you up!”

Grace pushed it into my mouth and choked me on it as she continued.

“Now get it nice and wet, because it is going up your ass.  You should thank Bao for all the lube and stretching.  I know, when I am done with your mouth, you can use it to show her how much you want to thank her.  You know how you are always saying it is your duty to inspire the student teachers, well now you can finally do it”

Grace was laughing with lust and cruelty as she pulled me off the huge, strange headed cock.

Bao was working more lube into my ass as she pulled the cow tail plug out, then moved in front of me.

Bao sat on the ground and scooted forward, allowing me to prostrate myself, my face in her pussy, and my ass raised up to offer Grace and her strap the chance to treat me like the white cow she always called me.

The vibrator sang its song of pleasure in my needy pussy, but my whole body was on fire with submission already.  The pain in my nipples, the welts on my skin, each just raised the voltage of my jagged and overstressed nerves so every sensation had a razor edge that sliced what little control I had to bleeding ribbons.

I looked Bao in the eyes, and traced her much more generously portioned and plump pussy lips with my tongue, caressing her labia with my adoring fingers.  She giggled as I tasted her, and whimpered in appreciation of her beautiful pussy, even as I felt Grace push the bull cock against my poor abused butt hole.

The head was NOT tapered.  It was a brutal almost flat piece of black rubber she pushed into my tight sphincter.  I whimpered into Bao’s pussy as Grace’s little sing song voice called from behind me.

“Uh oh, it doesn’t fit.  What is that thing you are always telling me?  Sometimes you have to STRETCH and GROW to accept new things!”  She snarled as she pushed into me.

I screamed.  My ring yielded in a flash of pain that shook me to my core.  I would have safe worded if I could, but by the time my brain and voice were restored, she was in, and the pain was bearable.

“What a whore, what a cow.  Honestly, what decent woman can take a bull cock up the ass?  How do you even notice your poor husband in any of your holes at all?”  Grace laughed.

I stuck my tongue up Bao’s pussy and buried my face in her vagina to hide my blush and my tears.  Grace poured more ice cold lube on the shaft and kept working it in.

I was tracing inside Bao’s labia to circle her clit, my face mashing inelegantly against her with every punishing thrust of graces, but the dildo was moving freely in me now and my own heat was rising.  Gods help me, I was getting turned on by my worst enemy raping my ass with an animal cock.

I began to suck Bao’s clit as she began to work her plump golden tits, she really was a lot lovelier than grace, although in a short curvy way.  Her face had almost an innocence about it as I brought her close to orgasm.  You would never know she was getting off on the abuse and degradation of a coworker, because she looked like an angel from some Chinese peasant paradise.

Grace was grunting “Fucking whore, fucking whore!”  Like a mantra rising in tone as she approached her own orgasm pounding me into submission.  She came and collapsed on me, pushing me into Bao’s pussy and making the dildo pull inside me in a way that caused the vibrator to be suddenly compressed against my clit from the inside.

Grace bit my shoulders, bit my neck, as I sucked Bao’s clit hard, causing Bao to cum pushing hard into my face and depriving me of breath.

Grace pulled out, not ungently considering her earlier usage, and pulled me to my knees.

“Clean me.”  She stated, and I looked up into her eyes as I licked the foulness of my ass and the lube off her big black bull cock.  Honestly, I would have been worried about that in my pussy; the fact I took it in my ass is hard to credit, even feeling the ache I knew would be far worse tomorrow, and for the next few days.

Grace went to clean up and call for My Lady to come pick up her animal.  Bao was kissing me, and letting me cry as she took the nipple clamps off my nipples.  She kissed away my tears and soon had me sucking on her own nipples in thanks.  When My Lady finally arrived, she let me finish giving Bao a much slower and more sensual use of my tongue and devotion than the brutal grinding one she got while I was being sodomized.

As My Lady was wrapping me in my coat, she tsked over the bite marks, and inspected my asshole with a certain concern, but let it pass with a sigh and head shake.  She asked me one question.

“Slave, were my rules followed?”  You do not give half answers to My Lady.  You do not lie, you do not give half truths.

“There were pictures.”  I said, not looking up.

My Lady smiled.

“Grace, I know I have the school principals’ email correctly because I got it from Jan, but all I have is your husband’s work email.  If I am going to send him the pictures of you serving my pussy and taking my toys, I think it might cost him his job as well as you yours if I do it through his work.”

Grace began to protest.

Bao began to cry.  She was in those photos too and having them get back to her family in China would not be good.

My Lady spoke. 

“I gave you a few simple rules.  You bent them with the damage to my property, then you broke them utterly with the damage to my properties value when you took pictures. I won’t have that.  I will see you destroy them and delete the accounts they were stored on or I will destroy both your lives before I leave this house.  These are my rules, and I do rule.”

Ten minutes later, the deeds were done, and My Lady was explaining the cost.

“Now Grace, since you are the one who made the choice, you are the one who will bear the cost.  My company is holding a retirement party.  The old manager is retiring, and he really is a filthy pig of a chauvinist, but has been a decent manager.  I think he would really appreciate a nice Chinese stripper to come and strip for the party, and then take him to his office to really give him a good send off.  I know he loves to pop those little blue pills, so expect the old boy to really put on a show for the lads in the office.  Then we can call this done, Okay?”

Grace looked down, then knelt down to kiss My Lady’s feet.

“Yes ma’am, sorry ma’am.  I won’t cause any trouble ma’am.”  Grace said.  Bao hurried to kneel beside her and kiss the other foot just as devoutly.  I guess I would not have any trouble at work from them about this evening.

I had been put in my place, but only so far as My Lady willed it be so.

I am the conservative good girl I was raised to be.  I am the submissive slut I was born to be. 
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Reply #1 on: January 02, 2021, 01:58:56 PM
Excellent story.

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Reply #2 on: August 22, 2022, 07:28:41 PM
great story! Love it!