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Daddy. ( m17/F18, M/F, Inc? )

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on: January 11, 2021, 10:28:22 PM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Daddy. by Francesca Loren

( m17/f18, M/F, Inc? )

I met Daniel Richardson at school, it was like love at first sight. He was tall, handsome, good sense of humour, he worked out, and not forgetting he drove a Porcshe and his daddy was a billionaire, or so the rumours went. All very good reasons to date him, but it was like he was the one for me, I would have fell in love with him no matter what.

I was over a year older than him, and me seeing someone younger than myself raised a few eye brows in school, but I just didn’t care, I loved him.

Marriage of the Year, Not.

I was just short of seventeen when he got me pregnant, he did the right thing and asked me to marry him and we were all set to spend the rest of our lives together, when my mother found out I was seeing Daniel, she tried all sorts to try and split us up.

Then when I got pregnant she made an appointment for me to have an abortion telling me there was a history of mental illness in his family. When she found out I was going to marry him her imagination went into overdrive. I mean everything from being devil worshippers to Russian spy's, the things she was coming out with I seriously thought my mother was having a nervous breakdown, I thought she had gone crazy.

Then I learned from Daniel, his father wasn’t too happy about the marriage either and I felt the marriage was doomed before it had even happened. That’s when Daniel said to hell with them lets just go and get hitched in Vegas, so that’s exactly what we did, not the kind of wedding I had dreamed of but at least we were married and that’s all that mattered, even if the witnesses were all dressed as Elvis, it was something to tell our grand kids one day.

When my mother found out she went ballistic and spent a whole day smashing the house up, that’s when I found out she had dated Daniel’s father.

Daniel’s father on the other hand was delighted we had gotten married, when we went to see him to tell him the news he took me in his arms and said welcome to the family, and the only thing he seemed disappointed about was that he hadn’t been able to throw a big wedding for us.

“I wasn’t sure you would be happy about us getting married Mr Richardson, I thought you had said we were too young“,

“I said, I thought Daniel was too young, I wasn’t sure he was ready for the responsibility of being married and having a kid, but I guess I was wrong, he did the right thing and married you, I just wish you had let me organise a big wedding for you” he told me,

“well we just thought it was for the best, we weren’t sure if you approved of the wedding, and, well my mother wasn’t happy when we told her”,

“Yeah well I guess that would be my fault” Mr Richardson told me,

“what do you mean” I asked,

“well I don’t know if your mother ever told you but we dated once and well, we didn’t part on very good terms” he told me with tone of sadness.

Well we didn’t get a big wedding but Mr Richardson more than made up for it with the belated wedding present, he bought us a house, well, when I say a house, there was the house, the pool house, the ten car garage, the orchard, the stables, acres of land, there was even servants quarters, I’m not sure how much he paid, but it was definitely in the millions.

Married Life.

Daniel finished school then went to work for his father.

I always felt welcome whenever I visited Mr Richardson’s house.

At first I always called him Mr Richardson,

“you don’t have to call me Mr Richardson I’m not your teacher” he told me,

I laughed nervously, “what would you like me to call you, sir, Michael, Mick, dad, what” I asked,

“Errr not Mick, but apart from that anything you want, you can call me dad if your happy with that”,

“I’d like that, I never had a dad” I told him,

“Well that’s settled, did you never know who your father was”,

“No, my mother never told me” I replied,

“Really” Mr Richardson told me, like he was deep in thought,

“Do you know who he is” I asked,

“No I’m afraid not, me and your mother had stopped seeing each other, I saw her at a few functions I was attending, I was seriously thinking about trying to get back together with her, then I saw her and she was pregnant with you, I figured she was seeing someone so I kept my distance” he told me

“I even wondered for a while if I might have been the father of her child, you I mean, I even employed a private investigator to check it out, he said you were born on 23rd of January” he continued,

“Yeah that’s right” I told him,

“Me and your mother split up on new years eve, who knows if things had been different, if I had known your mother wasn’t staying with your father, maybe I would have tried getting back with her, who knows I might have ended up being your step dad”,

“Yeah but if you had, I wouldn’t have met Daniel” I told him,

After that Michael was either dad or more often than not daddy, I loved finally being able to call someone daddy and Mr Richardson was never too busy to spend time with me and the baby, when she arrived.

I had the child, a little girl and the first four or five years were the happiest in my life, but things gradually started to change. Daniel spent more working away leaving me at home alone with the baby, and as time passed we grew apart.

I really wasn’t happy and Daniel kept complaining about money.

I went to visit Mr Richardson every few weeks and I think he began to realise I wasn’t very happy, we were sat talking one day and I was complaining about being stuck in the house all the time and Daniel being away, and I also let it slip Daniel was worried about money.

Michael said he was stepping back from the company and planned to spend more time at home and why didn’t I come and stay. At the time I wasn’t getting on too well with my mother who still hadn’t forgiven me for marrying Daniel, I didn’t have many friends so I accepted.

Shannon loved visiting her grandfather, he had horses, pony's, two swimming pools, he had everything, and a cook and several maids, we were treated like royalty, and I hadn’t been as happy in years. I spent a lot of time with Michael and we became very good friends, well more than friends. He was like a father to me, but there was something else, we both knew there was an attraction between us, we never mentioned it but I could see it when he looked at me and I’m sure he knew my feelings toward him.

Mr Richardson asked what money problems we had but I didn’t want to talk out of school,

“If Daniel has money problems I might be able to help him, he is my son and I worry about him, I won’t let him know you’ve said anything”he told me.

I eventually told Mr Richardson, Daniel had refinanced the house, “I know he didn’t want to do it, it being your wedding gift and all, so I figure he must be in some financial trouble” I told him,

“leave it with me, I will get someone to make a few discreet inquiries” he told me,

The Divorce.

I was staying at Michael’s house for two months, I only saw Daniel once in that time he came to his fathers house said hello to Shannon, told me he had meetings in the city and was staying at a hotel save commuting in every day, then he left, didn’t even get a kiss goodbye, not even Shannon.

It was then I started to think the marriage was coming to an end, two days later while Shannon was at school he came by the house again and told me he had been thinking and had decided the marriage wasn’t working, he told me he wanted me to come into the city the next afternoon, and we could sort out a divorce settlement with the company lawyers.

And he also said he didn’t want his father getting involved and asked me to move out suggesting I go and stay with my mother, then he left.

I started packing mine and Shannon’s things.

“What’s happening” Mr Richardson asked when he saw the cases,

“Oh I was thinking about going seeing my mother”,

“What’s happened”,

“I just thought”,

“With you and Daniel, what’s happening”,

“Err well, he wants a divorce” I said and started crying,

Mr Richardson took me in his arms and comforted me telling me not to worry everything would turn out alright.

He got the maids to take our cases back to our rooms and sat me down,

“do you want to fight to keep him” he asked,

“i think its too late for that” I answered,

“I hate to say it but he isn’t worth fighting for, your better off without him” he told me,

Then Mr Richardson asked me exactly what Daniel had said, so I told him.

“do you think I should get a lawyer, Daniel said the company lawyers would deal with it, I’m not sure”,

“don’t worry you don’t need a lawyer, company lawyers will deal with it” he told me,

“yeah but they will be representing Daniel” I said,

“really” he replied grinning,

“well yeah I guess” I answered,

“your my daughter in law and the mother of my grand child, company lawyers will be representing you, they just don’t know it yet, and neither does Daniel” 

Mr Richardson then told me what to expect when I got to the office, he told me to say nothing just listen and see what divorce settlement Daniel was going to offer me, and he told me not to worry it would be like a negotiation, Daniel would name a price then he would make a counter offer on my behalf and we would meet somewhere in the middle.

We arrived at the office and were told the meeting would be in the boardroom, I entered about ten minutes late like Michael told me to and was shown to a seat on one side of the boardroom table facing Daniel and seven lawyers, Daniel started telling me the lawyers would draw up a divorce settlement, then his father came into the room.

“Dad what are you doing here, I thought you were at home today”,

“Oh don’t mind me, you carry on” he said standing at the head of the table sipping his coffee,

Daniel kept blustering obviously anxious about his father being there Michael just looked out the window.

“Daniel , if the marriage is over, its over, no need to drag this out any longer than is necessary, cut the bullshit and make her a settlement offer so she can decide whether to accept it or not” Mr Richardson told him,

“Well, I propose to split the joint account evenly and make a one off payment of two hundred thousand dollars”,

“Is that your offer” Michael asked,

“Yeah” Daniel replied,

“She wants the house and half the joint account”,

“Dad we don’t own the house we had to refinance it months ago”

“Yeah I’ve seen the paperwork and it took me ten seconds to figure out you were planning on divorcing your wife and were trying to secret away the assets before you started divorce proceedings, if I can figure that out so can a judge, if this goes to court Daniel she will get the house and the money, do the right thing and make the settlement”,

“Mr Richardson its not that easy, the house has been refinanced it doesn’t actually belong to Daniel and his wife any more, all the paperwork is done Cassie signed all the paperwork and she has copies” Daniels lawyer said,

“Mr Russo, I suggest you start undoing the paperwork and un-refinancing the house, so that my son can hand it over in a divorce settlement, because if you can’t you will never work as a lawyer again as long as you live, and you will probably end up doing jail time, and my son will probably end up sharing a cell with you”,

“I can assure you everything is perfectly legal” Mr Russo replied,

“I hope so Mr Russo because your going to be up against the best legal team money can buy” Mr Richardson said pulling the chair from the table and sitting next to me.

“One other question, why the hell are all my lawyers sat on that side of the table”,

“Well we thought, your son told us”,

“you work for my son now”,

“Well no Mr Richardson”,

Suddenly all the lawyer stood and started moving round the table.

“not you Mr Russo, and you Miss Steel.

Micheal dialled on his phone and asked for his secretary to come in, a few seconds later a smartly dressed woman in her 40s entered followed by two uniformed men,

“Miss Cole can you take Miss Steel to her office while she writes her letter of resignation and then escort her from the building”,

“What the hell, Daniel, say something”,

Daniel made to talk but his father spoke over him , “resigning will look better on your resume Miss Steel, being sacked will make it difficult for you to get a job in the future, but if you would prefer it”,

“Dad you can’t”,

“I can’t” Michael asked,

“Miss Steel go and write your letter of resignation now, or your legal career will be over as of today”,

The woman looked like she could have killed but she stood and went with Miss Cole and the two men in uniform.

“Now Mr Russo can you undo this refinancing arrangement you have done on the house or will my lawyers have to deal with it”,

“I’m not sure if your son has the money to settle the financing and take back the deeds, I suppose I could try”,

“Good get it done and then make a start on your resignation letter”,

“You want me to undo all the work I’ve done on your sons behalf and then write my resignation letter” Mr Russo asked laughing uncomfortably,

“Yeah, it sounds a lot better than jail, doesn’t it” Michael said,

“Get it done quick, I will give you a good reference, and you will still have a legal career, fuck it up and you will be lucky to get a job chasing ambulances”,

“Yes Mr Richardson”, the man answered,

“Well go on” he said motioning to the door,

Mr Richardson then told the remaining lawyers he wanted them to help Mr Russo undo the refinancing of the house, then draw up a divorce settlement of the house and half the joint account, he told them he wanted his daughter in law and his grand daughter well taken care of, then when the paperworks drawn up send copies to me and Daniel to sign.

“I’m not agreeing to this” Daniel told him,

“You will do right by your wife and my grand daughter or else”,

Mr Richardson sat quietly while a secretary brought fresh coffee in for us,

“Daniel I want my daughter in law and my grand daughter well taken care of, I blame myself for the way you’ve turned out, I should have took you in hand a long time ago instead I let your mother spoil you and let her fill your head with nonsense”,

“don’t speak about my mother” Daniel told him,

“I overheard her talking to you once telling you you’d be running the company one day, and you would make a damn sight better job than I ever would, I should have put a stop to it there and then”,

“Well maybe she had a point, maybe I would make a better job of running the company, best decision you ever made was stepping back from the company dad, I don’t know why you don’t just let me run the company”,

“You couldn’t run a pissing competition if you was the only one entered for it, you wouldn’t have the first idea about running this company”, 

Daniel was seething at this news, and some of the lawyers looked like they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare.

“You will sign the divorce settlement or you will start looking for another job”,

Daniel gave a half hearted laugh, “maybe I should look for another job with someone who will pay me what I’m worth”,

“What your worth, you get paid 300 thousand dollars a year just to turn up, and and that’s exactly what you do, if you made the effort to earn a dime of that money maybe I would have given you some responsibility, but you didn’t, I’ve stepped back from the company, but don’t ever think your gonna be running it one day because you ain’t”,

Your wife gets the house and half of what’s in the joint account, if necessary I will buy the house back off you, as long as she gets the house, but if I do you no longer work for this company, the house is worth about six million, that’s a good deal more than I started out with, if you think you can do a better job than me take the money and start up on your own and I will deal with the divorce settlement, if that’s what you want”,

Daniel was considering the offer,

“You will never run the company Daniel, I can make a money transfer for six million here and now” Mr Richardson told him,

“Yes, fine” Daniel said,

Mr Richardson gestured to one of his lawyers, “Bill soon as the deeds to the house are signed over and Daniel signs the settlement to my daughter in law make the money transfer, come on up to the house when you’ve drawn up the settlement and Cassie can sign it”,


“Yes Mr Richardson”

Michael took my arm and I stood up, unsure what exactly had happened

In the car on the way back to Mr Richardson’s house I asked what exactly was going to happen why was he going to pay for the house,

Im never going to let Daniel take over the company, to be honest he’s a liability, if he wasn’t my son I would have fired him years ago, he thinks he’s got what it takes to run a company well now he’s got enough money to give it a try, don’t worry you will get the house, and half of what’s in the joint account, its a good settlement

Yeah but you shouldn’t have to pay Daniel for the house, Its not like I need a big house like that anyway

You need to think about your daughter, my grand daughter, and to be honest its a good deal for the company, Daniel gets paid 300 thousand a year working for the company, I would pay him 400 thousand if he went and worked somewhere else

Michael grinned and put his arm round me, and hugged me to him, that son of mine is a fool, your the best thing that ever happened to him , and if you the house is too big for you you can always rent it out or sell it, I can talk to a realtor friend of mine see if he has any potential buyers, probably best to rent it out, that way you get an income and still have an asset

Yeah I guess I should look for somewhere smaller


Well I’m gonna have to get a place

There’s no rush , besides who’s gonna play tennis with me if you move out,

I grinned, yeah but we cant stay with you forever,

Why not

Well Daniel’s gonna be my ex husband won’t it be a bit strange,

Lets be honest Daniel hasn’t been much of a husband the last few months your still gonna be my daughter in law and the mother of my grand daughter
Yeah but I’m not gonna be your daughter in law

“The hell you ain’t” he told me hugging me tighter, “and I don’t ever want you saying any different, undersatand”,


Yes what

Yes daddy

Shannon was out in the pool, like always, when we got back and we had lunch in the pool house and I told her me and her father had decided it would be better if we split up,

Hes a total jerk shannon said,

don’t speak like that about your father young lady sorry micheal

Sorry mr richardson

Im with you hes a jerk, and im still your grandfather not mr richardson, or micheal he said looking at me

Yes daddy

Yes granddad

Rest of the week we spent by the pool mostly or in town shopping, getting ready for shannon going back to school

When she went back to school it was just me and micheal and we were getting much closer, and our relationship was begining to get a little confused it was like half the time he was like my dad and half the time he was like my boyfriend, nothing had ever happened between us but we would hug and sometimes we would wrestle whemn he would tickle me, but it wasn’t like a father daughter wrestleing and it excited me wondering if anything would ever happen between us, then one day we were out at the tennis courts and he was beating me again, when suddenly he called a ball in when it wasn’t

Daddy stop cheating I told him

Then he did it again

Daddy that was out

Third time

DADDY stop cheating I said laughing and giggling

And when we changed ends

Your such a bad loser,

Your such a terrible cheay daddy I told him, it was like I couldn’t say a sentence without adding daddy into it,

The game was carrying on like this for at least half an hour and I was ghetting giddy

Then we changed ends and he started tickling me and well we were real close and our lips were real close and we both knew what we wanted to do

But we didn’t, we carried on playing and the fooling around got worse, if things had carried on much longer we would have ended up ripping each others cloths off but shannon came home from school

The next day he asked if I wanted to play tennis promise you aint gonna cheat daddy

I never cheat

We played tennis, we got all hot and sweaty and out of breath and I could hardly breath from keep laughing, then he started calling balls in when they were out, daddy stop cheating I told him.

At one point we were changing nds and he started tickling me again and our mouths wer so close I thought they had to touch but they didn’t

Then micheal got a call

We were walking back up to the house and Mr Richardson had his arm round my shoulder, it was the happiest I had been in years

Up at the house one of his lawyers was waiting with the divorce paperwork for me to sign

Micheal wouldnt let me sign till he had read it completely and was satisfied with all the details, then he let me sign and I was a single woman once more.

Then we went back to play some more tennis

“son of mines a god damn fool to let you get away, 

“yeah well I wasn’t good enough for him

Like I say hes a god damn fool, hes never going to meet anyone better than you, your beutiful, smart, cute ass”

“daddy stop being naughty” I screeched, giggling

Micheal bent down and kissed me, this wasn’t an accident

It was just a simple kiss on the lips

I look up wondering if this was alright, I was single now but he was my father in law, well ex father in law, were we allowed, but when his lips came back to mine my lips opened and we began to kiss properly, he was older than me obviously, old enough to be my father but he was tall and strong and it felt good being in his arms

I liked calling him daddy and him treating me like a daughter, no I didn’t like it I loved it I craved it, but the thought of our relationship being even more than that excited me

I love you cassie he gasped

I love you daddy I replied,

I was feeling a little stupid that I had called him daddy, the way he was kissing me wasn’t the way a daddy kisses, but I just couldn’t kick the habit even now when posibly our relationship was changing, I wanted us to be more than father and daughterb in law but I didn’t want to lose that entirely

The kissing progressed and we were on the grass kissing and I was moaning feeling his body pressed against mine and I could feel his excitement against me, I felt micheal hand up my tennis skirt pulling at my panties and lifted myself up trying to make it easier for him without even thinking, it was like my body was on auto pilot

Micheal had managed to get my panties down round my knees, his lips left mine and he was between my legs which I was kicking out trying to get my panties off, then I felt him kiss me between my legs, he was kissing me and tasting me and I just lay back and let my excitement mount, danial had been a good lover when we were married, well for the first several years he was, but maicheal was way better, I was so wet and I was moaning

“Oh daddy” I kept saying over and over

I pushed my self against his toungue and gasped as I had my first orgasm with a man in nearly two years, I was gasping for breath, then micheal was kissing me again and then I felt him pushing into me, he was bigger than danial, not much bigger but enough for me to grab hold of him so he took his time, but micheal wasn’t the kind to rush, I felt him gently pushing into me

“oh daddy” I groaned, mentally telling myself off for keep saying that work, calling him daddy was fine most of the time but not now, not while we were doing this

He gradually sank more and more of himself into my body, and I couldn’t help but moan at the size of him, he wasn’t massive but it was more than enough for me, and if im honest a little smaller would have been just fine but mr richardson took his time and didn’t rush and he never hurt me, finally he was completely inside me and he gently began to make love to me, taking his time and only becoming more forceful whaen I encouraged him to do so, I could feel myself getting nearer to my final destination

“oh yes daddy” I said pulling him to me, I began to feel my myself go all funny inside and knew I was close then suddenly a wave of sexual pleasure washed over me

“daddy I cried out almost in shock as I climaxed, surprised just how forcefully it effected, I wasn’t sure wherther it was that micheal was a better lover and he was doing something danial didn’t or whether it was the fact that I was doing this with a man who wasn’t just, not my husband but it was my husbands father

Oh daddy, I sighed,

I love you cassie he whispered in my ear,

“i love you daddy” I said almost weeping with frustration at keep saying the word

“its getting late shannon woill be home soon “ he told me and tucked himself back into his shorts, then he helped me up

“i really do love you, I hope I haven’t spoilt things between us he said kissing me gently

I felt a little embarrassed by what we had done out in the open air, the property wasn’t overlooked and the servants knew to stay away unless they were called but we had still done what we had done, my father in law and me, and we had done it outside on a tennis court in the middle of the day,

We stood there holding each other me with my head reasting against his chest and him stroking my hair telling me how much he loved me, then we heard shannon calling us

We quickly let go of each other and I retrieved my panties and put them on and went to meet shannon


I went to visit my mother a few days later, when I told her I had divorced danial she was the hapiest I had seen her in the last ten years, telling me she was so glad

When I told her I got the house and half the joint account she was even more happy

She even said she would come and visit us, she had never visited the house in all the time I was married

“Oh we arent living there at the moment, I plan to rent the house out” I told her

“so where are you living” she asked

“we are staying with danials father”

Straight away my mother started talking like a crazy woman, I had to get away from that man, he was evil, they were all mad, gangsters, they all worked for the mafia, it would have been funny if it wasn’t so serious,

“im not listening to this, micheal is really nice, he isnt mad, he isnt a ganster, and if you werent so crazy you would still be with him, just because you messed up and lost him doesnt mean hes a bad person”

I cpould see it in her eyes she was thinking of something else to accuse him of

“hes your father”

“jesus mom, what next hes the devil”

No he really is your father

I just picked up my bag and walked out, I didn’t want to hear the lies anymore and if im honest it upset me because I would have really liked micheal to have been my father, and I couldn’t help wondering who my real father was, what kind of a low life must he have been for her to keep it from me all these years

I hated my mother, I hated her lies, but most of all I hated her for being so spiteful, she knew I idolised micheal sjhe must have known I would have loved him to have been my father, she was saying he was my father to be just to be spiteful

I knew she was lieing, I would have felt upset if she had told me micheal wasn’t my father, but telling me he was when I knew he wasn’t that was just mean and horrible, I never wanted to speak to her again as long as I lived.

I wasn’t sure whether what me and micheal were doing was right or not, it didn’t feel entirely right but I didn’t want it to stop I loved him and I wanted to be with him, but I was worried nwhat shannon would say if she found out so we keptb it secret.

Unfortunatly my mother didn’t keep it secret she had phoned shannon and told her micheal was her grandfather,

She came to me and said her grandmother had called her and she was saying crazy stuff what did she say I asked

“she said micheal was my grandfather”

“so I said, duh I know hes my grandfather”,

“then she said, no hes your mothers father”

“so I said, hes my dads father”

“so grandma said, I know but hes your mothers father as well”

I was furious, it was bad enough that my mother had lied to me but to tell shannon was beyond cruel

“so is grandad really your father, that would make you and dad brother and sister”

“ no sweetheart he isnt my dad, your grandmother is just being cruel or shes gone totally mad”

“why would she say he was if he wasn’t, you can tell me if he is I wont, well, I wont be upset with you, you know if dad is your brother”

“hes not my father and your dad isnt my brother, shes teling lies”

“are you sure”

“yeah im sure, you need a good memory if your gonna tell lies”

“what do you mean" she asked

“Years ago before I even met your father, it was coming up to new years day and as usual my mother never celebrated new years and she wouldnt let me go to my friends and said I wasn’t allowed to celebrate new year”,

I asked her why she hated new years so much and she told me she had broken up with the love of her life at a new years party and they never spoke again, it had ruined her life,

And when I married your father micheal told me he had been in love with your grandmother and they broke up on new years day

So grandfather was in love with grandma

Yeah and then they broke up and grandma decided to go out and get pregnant by someone else, micheal wanted to get back with her but next time he saw her she was pregnant with another mans kid, I was born on the 2nd january, micheal cant be my father

So why is she saying he is your father

Shes just being spiteful, she ruined her own life with micheal and now she doesnt want micheal or me to be happy

Mom are you sleeping with grandad

Shannon , I just stared at her, trying to thimnk of something to say that wasn’t a lie

Mom I know you and grandad have the hots for each other im not blind

“we like each other, we don’t have the hots for each other” I lied

“yeah right mom if yiou say so, but you need to stop undressing each other with your eyes if you havnt got the hots for each other”

“we do not undress each other with our eyes”

“mom your not married to dad anymore you can see who you want, and if he isnt your dad go for it”

“what so you think I should start sleeping with your grandfather”

“Oh my god you have, havent you”

“shannon you have such a filthy mind I told nher ashamed that my daughter would suggest such a thing and even more ashamed that she was right”

Shannon was grinning like a cheshire cat, sure she had caught her mother out



“you might wanna check”

“what do you mean check”

“well check just in case grandma hasn’t lost it, you might want to get a DNA test”

“micheal isnt my father and im not sleeping with him”

“if you say so mom” she said still grinning.

All I could do was blush, I felt like she could read me like a book and I couldn’t have felt more busted by my own daughter if she had photographs of me and her grandfather in fla grenti

I was gonna tear a strip off my mother when I got hold of her but I needed to talk to micheal first and I wasn’t looking forward to it

Shannon was going to a friends house so we would be alone but I made sure to tell her not to mention anything to anyone

“Mom im not going to tell ebveryone my mom and da are brother and sister am I”

That night I had dinner with micheal and after everything was cleared away and the servants left we were finally alone,

“can I speak to you daddy” I asked, still not able to shake off calling him daddy, it wasn’t the most appropriate thing to call him considering what I was about to ask him

Micheal took me in his arms “course you can sweetheart” he told me settling down on the back of a sofa and pulling me to him, cupping the cheeks of my bottom with his hands

“daddy behave” I said half heartedly trying to push his hands away

I explained what my mother had told me, and that she had told shannon and shannon suspected we were sleeping together,

Micheal appologised for not being more discreet in front of shannon but again said the last time he had slept with my mother was on new years eve, “not really a day you can forget” he told me

I know your not my dad but maybe we should get a DNA test just to make sure

“fine by me, i wish I was your father, well I wished I was your father but the dates never added, but if you want to have a DNA test to make sure I can get it done no problem”

“i don’t know how you go about it” I told him

“ive got a pretty good idea how it works got a friend with a clinic specialises in DNA testing, you would need a sample from your mother to get an absolutely accurate result, but from what I know of the testing a sample from us two would give us a pretty good idea if we could be related”

“how accurate is it” I asked, back then DNA testing was pretty new not like today

“Very, I will make a few phone calls tomorrow”

“thank you daddy” I said, “Ugghhh I keep saying that”

“you might have to call me daddy if the results come back positive” he said grinning

“daddy be serious, Uggghhhh” I said, this was beginning to be embarrassing keep calling him daddy, I knew it was a waste of time getting the test I knew he couldn’t be my father but I was still excited at having the test, or perhaps it was micheals hands up my skirt stroking my bottom through my panties

Shannon wasn’t due home for another few hours

“hey we better make the most of things, we might not be able to fool around if I am your father, better make hay while the suns shining” micheal said lifting me up and carrying me toward the bedroom

“daddy” I squealed.

Michael made a few calls the following day and it was arranged for a doctor to come to the house later that week, he took the samples and left them, me and michealm were sure he wasn’t my father but justb in case he wanted to use a different doctor rather than use the testing companies doctors.

Michael had a private detective he had used for years and trusted to take the samples and delivered them to the testing company himself, and michael made sure the results were prioritised.

All we had to do was wait for the results.

I hadnt forgotten my mother I had calmed down somewhat but I was still furious with her and drove over to confront her and to tell her not to contact me or shannon again

“what the hell were you thinking, telling shannon michael was my father” I asked,

“well you werent listening to me”

“yes I was, I was listening to you telling me lies”

“im not telling lies its the truth”

“no its a lie, michael told me you broke up on new years,I was born in january how does that work”

I watched as my mother searched for another lie.

“We saw each other again” my mother,

“no you didn’t, you lost the man you loved and your scared he might love me”

“no its not like that”

“yes it is mother, tell me again why is it you never celebrate new year, yeah I know michael is telling me the truth because you told me the exact same thing”

“you can get a DNA test”

“we already have” I told her,

“you cant have”

“well we have”

“you cant have you would know if you’d had a test” she told me,

That was the first time I started to doubt myself, the look on her face, I didn’t really think michael was my father but suddenly there was a niggling little doubt in my mind.

“im leaving, don’t try and contact me and don’t contact shannon either I told her and walked out

Micheal had the results fast tracked, it can be done in hors now but it took awhile back then but we got the results about a week later

Michael handed me the nevelope,

“what do they say” I asked,

“i havent looked”he told me

I studied the envelope, it was unopened

didn’t they tell you

“company who did the testing have a very strict privacy policy, they never tell anyone the results, they put them in an envelope and send them out with their own couriers, they don’t even use the mail, sure you don’t wanna go upstairs one final time just in case” micheael said grinning broadly

“daddy behave, this is serious”

“well go on then open it lets see”

I kept studying the envelope

“i don’t want to look” I said,

“give itb to me “michael said reaching for the envelope

“no I don’t want you to look” I said snatching the envelope away

Michael looked at me strangly,

“not much point haveingb the test if we aint gonna look at the results”

“i know but, I don’t want to know, I love what you do to me, but” I told him

Michael looked at me a smile on his face

“i know your not really my dad, but I kind of like not knowing for sure, chances of me being your daughter are tiny but I don’t want to lose that, I like the idea of you being my daddy even if its not true, I know im being stupid I just cant explain it”

“no your not being stupid and you don’t need to explain it, I know im going to be dissapointed whatever the results” michael told me,

“dissapointed” I asked, I knew I would be, but I couldn’t understand how michael would be

“I know I didn’t see your mother after that new years party, but im still going to be dissapointed when I see it in black and white that your not my daughter, and however unlikely it is that you are my daughter I’m not sure I could stop wanting you if you were my daughter”

Shannon was staying overnight at a friends that night, michael locked the results in his safe and daddy carried me to bed,

For the past week or so michael had been joking about us making love to each other while we had the chance, but now we werent joking about it, however unlikely we didn’t want to know for sure, the envelope remained in his safe for weeks unopened.

We put the DNA results to the back of our minds and got on with our lives, untill my mother interferred again.

I had changed shannons phone so she didn’t have her number and I refused to talk to her if she rang me, my mother decided to post a letter to shannon instead, I had expected it but she had sent it to her school instead of to michaels house.

“grandma is still bat shit crazy, says she doesnt believe you’ve had a test” she announced handing me the letter

“im going to kill that woman, ”

“I thought you were going to get a DNA test”

“weve had a test done”

“well what are the results”

“well we havent actually looked at the results”

“ugh, how come”

“I kinda like the idea of micheal being my dad, I know he isn’t but I don’t want to find out he deffinettly isn’t my dad

So look he might be your dad she replied

Yeah but I don’t want to find out he is my dad

How come shannon asked

Well I like micheal in a different way

Oh my god you really do have the hots for grandad

I blushed embarrassed and totally unable to tell her I didn’t

“so what do you want, do you want him to be your dad, or do you want him to be your lover”

“shannon, don’t call your grandad that” I said feeling myself flush with embarrassment

“come on mom which do you want, what do you want the results to say”

“i don’t know”

“you must know”

“i would love him to be my dad, I know he isnt but I would love it if he was, but”

“hes superman in bed”

“Shannon, cut ity out it isn’t funny” I told her, “you wouldnt understand” I told her.

“yes I do, you want him to be your dad, you just don’t want to stop playing mommy’s and daddies with him”.

I was too ashamed to admit it but Shannon was right in an ideal world that was exactly what I wanted
Shannon was eleven years old and she was sounding more grown up than I was.
"ive told you we arent seeing each other, we just loke each other a lot"

“so what did grandma say when you told her grandad says the last time they spoke was new years” shannon asked

oh i dont know

“oh mom your hopeless, you need to trip her up, catch her out in a lie”

“and how do I do that”

“let me question her”

“oh no I don’t want her talking to you”

“why whats she gonna say she hasn’t already said”

“i just don’t want you seeing her right now”

“mom even if you don’t want to know, I have a right to know if my mom and dad are brother and sister, I want to talk to grandma, we need to find out why shes doing this, let me talk to grandma I can get the truth out of her”

“oh really, you been taking detective classes in school”

“come on mom if you find out you can stop sneaking around”

“we havent been sneaking around

Come on mom you and grandad have been sleeping wioth each other for months”

“we have not been sleeping with each other for months

“alright maybe not for months but you’ve definettly been seeing each other for weeks”

I just stared at shannon and she smiled

“how long have you known” I asked her,

“about thirty seconds” she told me,

“what do you mean thirty seconds”

“ you just told me, I suspected, I just had to get you to admit it”

“you sneaky little”

“i sure am, now are you going to let me speak to grandma”

I had to admit shannon stood a better chance of getting the truth out of her grandmother than I did, so reluctantly I agreed,

Interrogating Grandma.

I drove out to see my mother with shannon and I let her do most of the talking. actually she pretty much did all the talking, I figured her grandmother would be a harder nut to crack than I was, but it was worth a try.

“are you coming to stay” my mother asked,

“no weve just come to talk, get this thing sorted”

“what do you mean get this sorted just have a DNA test”

“Grandma why are you saying you saw Mr Richardson again after the new years party, when he says the last time you spoke to each other was new years day”

“all you need to do is have a DNA test”

“why, why should they have a DNA test, they don’t believe Mr Richardson is moms father” shannon asked

“give them a reason, tell them why you think grandad is moms father”

My mother didn’t answer
“mom just wants to know why you hate Mr Richardson so much”

“i don’t hate him, he hasn’t done anything wrong”

“well if he hasn’t done anything wrong” shannon said letting the sentence trail off,

“it was my fault, it was all my fault”

“well come on, they wont have a DNA test unless you give them a reason”

“i slept with Michael, after the new years party”

“well grandad says you never spoke to each other aftrer the party, so one of you is telling lies”

“i did a stupid thing, it was a mistake”

“your still not telling us what happened grandma”

“im too ashamed to talk about it” my mother said folding her arms defiently signifying she wasn’t prepared to say any more”

“fine, in that case mom wont agree to the test

“but she has to, either that or just move out you have the house you don’t need to live with michael”

“mom likes mr richardsons company whats wrong with that“

“Nothing as long as she doesnt fall in love with him, but she will, I know she will”

“so your jelous”

“no” my mother answered, “well, yes I am jelous, ive always loved michael, but that not why im doing this, hes her father I don’t want them to”

“ what happened after the new years party, start talking or we are walking” shannon said,

I must admit I was very impressed by my daughter, she hadnt got the truth out of her grandmother, yet, but the way she was handling herself was amazing, I would have given up by now and waalked out.

“i saw michael at a funtion a few months after the party, he was drunk,

“michael never gets drunk I told my mother

Not now maybe and he didn’t when we were together, but after we broke up he started drinking heavily, his father was still alive back then and he got their driver to take michael home”

“and then what happened shannon asked

But her grandmother didn’t answe she looked truly ashamed of herself

Come on grandma spill the beans or we are leaving

Well I followed them back to the house, it was his fathers house back then, I know it was a stupid thing to do but I just had to see him, there was an electronic lock and the code hadnt been changed so I let myself in and went to michaels room

Errr, then what shannon asked, michael was on the bed passed out, I just wanted to get back together with him

I hoped he would wake up and find me in his bed but he wouldnt wake

Ok then, and then what happened grandma shannon said slowly drawing out her question like she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer

I loved him I wanted him to find me in his bed,

You can not be serious grandma shannon told her

I was drunk

Way to go grandma statutory rape and a DUI, did you rob any banks on the way home, night as well tell us everything

don’t say that It wasn’t rape I loved him

sorry grandma but it works both ways, If it was the other way round and he broke into your home and had sex with you while you were passed out it would be rape

i just stpood there in a daze unsure if i was really hearing this from my mother

So why didn’t you stay with michael, why didn’t you tell him

I couldn’t get him to wake up and suddenly it didn’t seem such a good idea so I left, then when I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t tell him

If he had come to me and we had got back together I would have told him, but if I had gone to him he would have thought I did it to trap him, to get my hands on his families money, he would have just thought I was a gold digger after his money

You could have still told him, even if you waited till mom was eighteen you could have told him, you could have told your daughter

I was too ashamed to admit what I had done

Shannon stood up and took my arm, come on mom lets get out of here

Where are you going her grandmother asked, what are you going to do

Mom needs some time to think, so unless you have anything else to say, like appologising we are going to go home and talk about this

What do you mean home you cant go back to michaels not after what ive told you

If hes her dad why wouldnt she want to talk to her father

But you cant leave now not after ive told you everything, ive told you the truth, have you any idea how embarrassing it is for me

You didn’t tell us the truth grandma, I got the truth out of you
I just stood open mouthed as I began to fully realise what she had done,

When will I see you again my mother asked,

im sure we will be in touch but for now mom doesnt want to talk to you and neither do I shannon told her

But what about me

Jesus grandma dont you ever stop thinking about yourself

You mind your language young lady your not too old to go over my knee and get your backside spanked

No shes not too old for that, but I am, and im and if you ever lay ha hand on my daughter so help me god I will make you wish you hadnt I told my mother hugging shannon to me

I am so proud of you I said kissing her forehead, I always knew she was smart but I never really figured she was this smart, hell she should have been working for the police force

We left my mother shrugging and sighing wondering why we werent hugging and kissing her and being more sympathetic to  her

Shannon told me to start the car and drive, I did as she was telling me, and about a quarter mile downn the road she told me to pull over, she said sjhe didn’t want me driving while I had all this on my mind

We sat silently for an hour before she would let me drive back to michaels house

Back at michaels house I went up stairs and shannon followed me, I sat on my bed unable to think straight

So michael is my father

He might be your father, your assuming grandma is telling you the truth

Why would she lie

Because she can if shes telling the truth now shes been telling you lies for like thirty years

I believe her

i think we better talk to grandad see if he thinks its possible shes telling the truth

yeah i guess i told her

im not sure why but i felt a little shy with michaerl despite the fact we had been sleeping together the last few weeks, im not sure whether it was the fact he really could be my dad or that shannon was still doing most of the talking

she told her grandfather what my mom had said, he still wasnt sure but he thought it was possible, he had seen my mother at a funtion and he had got drunk but thats all he remembered

"i guess we have to look at the results" michael said finally,

"its the only way of knowing for sure"shannon said

but what if michael really is my father

youve not done anything wrong mom

mom youve got three options, firstly you look at the results and he isnt your father and you can carry on like before, shamnnon told me

secondly you look at the results and he is your father, in which case you had a kid with your half brother and youve been sleeping with your father shannon continued,

three options, you said three options

let me look at the results, it effects me as much as you two if not more, i think i have a right to see them

and if michael is my dad what then

option three is i see the results, just me

but what if he is my father

i wont tell you if he is or he isnt, that way you can carry on seeing each other and still thinking he could be your dad, but you will never know for sure either bway and you will never need to know, unless you plan to have children, in that case you get another DNA test done

but we would be commiting incest if michael is my father,

if he is your father youve already commited incest with your father, and youve had a child with your half brother,

"yeas but we didnt know

"you still dont know, grandma could still be lieing"

"shannon has a right to know, michael said getting up and heading for the safe

he passed me the envelope and told me it was up to me, either i looked or i let shannon look, but someone had to

i took the envelope and studied it a few moments and pastedf it to shannon

shannon opened it and sat studying the contents,

i watched her face looking for something that would give away what the envelope contained, but there was nothing, she could make a fortune playing poker, she gave nothing away

well i asked when she folded the paper and returned it to the envelope

well what

what does it say

neither of you really want to know what it says, you chose option three, i get to see the results just me she said and quickly stood and tookn the envelope and placed it in the fire,

the fire had always been been just for show, it never got cold enough to need a fire where richard lived, but it always looked good having an open fire even ewhen thev air conditioning was on, but it came in usefull at that moment

i looked at the envelope going up in flames

shannon you shouldnt have i told her

come on mom you never wanted to look at the results, you want grandad to be your father but you want to carry on sleeping with him, well this way you can, you dont know, and if you change your mind you can always get fresh DNA tests,

grandad can i borrow your car

my car michael asked

yeah and your driver unless you trust me to drive withoutb a licensce, i need to go see gradma

errr yeah sure thing he said looking toward me

i wasnt sure of anything anymore and just shrugged

in the first year i must have asked ahannon a dozen times what the results had said and she refused to tell me, her arguement was me and michael would be unhappy whatever the results so we were better off not knowing, i even tried telling her i was going to have his baby try and get her to tell me but she said the deal was if i planned to have michaels child i could get another test done

i tried finding out what she had said to my mother but she just told me shannon had forbid her ta;lking about me and richard, my mother never had a problem talking before but whatever sahhannon had said to her it worked and she just flatly refused to talk about it

i guess me and michael figured if he was ,y father shannon would have told me, i mean if she knew somethingb like that surely she would have told me, she must have kept quiet because the results showed he wasnt my father.

it was three years later we finally had another test done, i had been under the weather for afew weeks and then i missed a period, shannon still wouldnt tell me what the results had said so we had no choice but to get them done, im five months pregnant now and i still havent looked at the results

they say ignorance is bliss, not sure i believe that but sometimes its better than knowing for sure, i guess when the baby is born me and michael will look at the results find out once and for all if he is my father and we have already decided even if he is we are going to carry on being together, we have been lovers for over three years and we have a child on the way, it would be silly to stop seeing each other now.

incest is incest, just because you dont know your related doesnt mean its not, and i would be lieing if i said i wasnt a little excited about the child i am carrying possibly being my little brother or sister, still we dont know that yet, baby is due in august and i guess then we will find out for sure.

The End

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Reply #1 on: January 12, 2021, 07:22:09 PM
Hot Story, :emot_thdrool: very well done, :emot_penis:
had a few spelling errors but i knew what you meant to say.

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what a great story.. i wonder.. did the idea or possibility of being related add excitement to the relationship? hmm

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Reply #3 on: January 13, 2021, 03:58:05 PM
hope it added excitement, as for the spelling mistakes and bad grammer - i'm not sure half of what i write is going to stay up on the board so i'm not inclined to spend too much time going through the stories

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well. i hope your stories do stay. the spelling and punctuation wasn't that bad at all and i'm sure a fast check thru a "spellcheck" would clean that all up fast. i see you wrote about incest and age difference. what are your other likes as far as topics in writing?

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mother/son, father/daughter, dogs, pretty much anything as long as its believable, anything except rape and violence.

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Floren. I enjoyed reading this story. It held my interest as it unfolded, and loved the HEA.

There is no right or wrong way to write a story, every one has there own method.

However, below, please accept it as constructive criticism.
It felt to me that you had an idea how you wanted this story to go, so you got it all out as quick as you could, and that’s fine, because its also an writing method. To me, anything that works for you is an accepted method.

Sit on it for a month or two, then go back to it and polish it up. This break gives your mind a chance to distance itself from what you wrote and reset itself. If you re read what you wrote close to when you wrote it, your mind makes the correction to what your actually seeing. In other words, if you wrote ‘soid’ you may see it as ‘said’.

Another way to critique your work is to read it out loud, you will hear when what your saying doesn’t make sense or the grammar needs a bit of a shine. Also someone mentioned spell check.

There are also writing programs out there to help you, I use scrivener. It’s not that expensive, and you can download the app to your tablet, or phone, while have the program on your laptop or computer, and will save and sync across your media devices through the cloud. However the scrivener app is only available for iPad and iPhone.

Like I said, I loved the story, but you can give the characters more flesh and bones if you describe them more. Painting a picture in the readers mind, it enables them to connect with the characters more.

When I met Jacob Masters, I realised what a poor imitation of his father Ryan was. Although a man of few words, Jacob had a way that his sheer presence commanded the attention of the whole room. Although that’s not hard for him to pull off. Being over six foot tall, easy on the eye, well built, dressed in a power suit, with well groomed hair as dark as midnight and piercing blue eyes that held your attention when they landed on you.
My heart raced when they landed on me, and my breath shallowed. Close to panting to be honest. Shit. I so wanted to make a positive first meeting.

Also Shannons age should be more 14 than 11, she acts mature, and she has a shy sly and cunning way to extract information out of people, and resolve conflict.

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