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IN NEED - by FOXI 4 (F, FF)

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on: January 12, 2021, 12:11:15 PM
(The author does not condone underage sex. This story is fictional and offered to adult readers)





                                                                                                                        IN NEED

    Cara looked at the bills piling up on her desk. It had been a rough year for her and her husband who ran a business that was quickly failing because of the Covid-19 crises. Both worked hard to make ends meet but it seemed that no matter what they tried it wasn't enough. They had been married only five years and she loved him so much but the business was making them both stressed out.

    Cara was 25 years old and knew that she was helping her husband as much as she could, doing odd jobs. He had already laid off several people and was now shorthanded doing all the work himself. So Cara worked hard in any function he needed. She was beautiful with long legs and a slim body that she kept in shape. In college she modeled to earn more money. Mostly catalog clothing and underwear. But the photographers were good ones and after months of shoots she had several good portfolios. Her friend Lana told her to get back into it again. At least she could make enough to get by. But she was hesitant knowing that her modeling days were when she was younger and in college. Though she hadn't changed that much at all she still felt hesitant to give it a try not wanting to be rejected.

    Lana called her knowing that she was looking for any work that would put food on the table and get the business in the black. On the phone she sounded excited.

    "I saw an ad in the city paper, Cara. Listen to this. Models wanted. Please send resume and portfolio online. We will contact you. Brandt Agency." Said Lana. "You think you might be interested? I know you used to model, Cara. You're still a looker. You have to try it again."

    Cara loved Lana for helping. She wasn't sure if she was ready for such a move. Yes, she did love doing shoots but she had no idea what this agency was all about and she had to talk to her husband first. When Cara first modeled she had long flowing black hair and her features were slightly different being a younger woman. Now she had cut her hair short which showed her long neck and she still had a tight body with small firm breasts. She could do it, but would they want a 25 year old? These days they sought much younger models who they could train and shoot all kinds of products with.

    She thanked her friend and went out to get the paper finding the ad and seeing the website noted. She went on and saw how classy the agency was in the heart of the city. They represented several major magazines and companies. Some of the models they showed were stunningly beautiful. She felt intimidated by their sexy looks. Cara pulled out her portfolios looking through them remembering every shoot and how it made her feel. She loved doing it and liked the photographers who made her look even more ravishing on film.

    She looked at the bills and knew she had to at least try. That night she talked to James, her husband and he thought it was a good idea.

    "At this point I'm considering working for McDonalds. Only joking. Give it a try, honey. You're perfect for it. You look amazing." She smiled and kissed him.

    The next day Cara chose the best portfolio and downloaded the pictures along with her resume. Then sent them to the agency. Days went by without a word and she lost hope of getting a call back. The email came the following day and she read it excitedly.

    "Ms. Wilson. We looked at your portfolio and resume and wish to set up an interview for Thursday this week if that is possible. Please call us with confirmation at this number." It gave the number and Cara called it. She got a secretary and confirmed the appointment. She felt nervous, excited and afraid all at the same time. It had been so long since she had done anything like this. They needed the money so badly and this just might be the break they needed. She told James and they celebrated with take out from their favorite restaurant and a bottle of champagne.

    Cara got ready, showering and making herself look good. She wore her little black dress which enhanced her body and styled her hair. She was ready with portfolios in hand and a taxi waiting for her. The Brandt building was in the heart of the city surrounded by posh outlets and swanky restaurants. The front door was brass and had a doorman who opened it for her. Inside was plush with metal and leather furniture. She went to the front desk and announced herself.

    "I'll let them know." Said the young girl looking her up and down. "Miss Delia, your appointment is here, a Miss Wilson." She said softly.

    Soon a tall shapely woman with long blonde hair walked through the doors and held her hand out, Cara took it shaking it.

    "My name is Delia. I'm in charge of hiring and Model placements for the agency. You're early. I like that. Come with me, Cara." Cara followed her as the woman key carded her way back into the offices. The place was beautiful with photo's of models all over the walls along with famous magazines showing them. Most of the publications she recognized. Some were a surprise. She saw Playboy and other men's magazines. Also others that were in a foreign language but showed half naked models on the cover. Delia showed her into her office and told her to sit as she went around her desk to face her.

    "You are as beautiful as the pictures you sent me. I'm happy about that. Sometimes models past their prime send us younger sets of themselves hoping for another shot at the business. Very sad. Your portfolio was beautiful. When did you shoot them?" Asked Delia looking at her closely.

    Cara knew that she had to tell the truth despite the little change in her appearance.

    "I was in college. I had long hair and, well, looked younger." She said softly. Delia pulled up the portfolio Cara sent them and looked at each picture.

    "Beautiful. Other than your new hair style you look the same. Who was the photographer?" Asked Delia seeing how excellent each shot was.

    "That set was done by Ron Ettinger. I was lucky to do a shoot with him. It was for Elle." Said Cara.

    "Wow. Nice. He is a very hot photographer, even now. I like everything I see. As you could see walking through the hallway the walls are covered by numerous photos of our girls and magazines from companies we do work for. The days of catalog shoots are going the way of the Dodo. So I cannot offer you something like that. What are your thoughts?" She asked.

    "I really don't know. I have done some underwear and swimsuit shoots. I could do those if you have them." Said Cara suddenly feeling that she might not fit in after all.

    Delia nodded and sat back. She studied the photos again and turned back to Cara.

    "Could you stand up for me, Cara and let me look at you?" She asked. Cara did letting her see her in the short tight dress.  "Turn for me."

    She did and Delia told her to sit again.

    "You have a nice body and you obviously take care of yourself. I can see why they used you for underwear and swimsuit shoots. Your body is perfect for them. Can I ask why you want to come back into the business?" Asked Delia.

    Cara told her of their hardships and the need for more money. It was a desperate plea that wasn't unnoticed by the woman.

    "Before I consider hiring you there are some things you need to know. Our agency works for a varied group of companies. We have everyone from Sports Illustrated to Playboy to Glamour. Giving you underwear and swimsuit shoots will get you money but maybe not as much as you might need. We rarely get the underwear offers but do lots of swimwear. It pays on the lower scale of about five hundred to one thousand a shoot depending who your working for. The real money comes from semi-nude and soft shoots. Men's magazines pay premium for the models and you could easily make several thousand or more a week. You certainly have the body for it." Said Delia looking her over.

    Cara licked her lips nervously. It was not what she wanted. Besides her husband might take offense from his wife posing nude. Though the money would certainly come in handy, it was not enough to give up her dignity.

    "Can I do the swimsuits for now? Lets see where that goes before I make a decision of any kind." Said Cara hoping that she didn't just put the death blow to her interview.

    Delia smiled and nodded. "That is  very wise decision. But I will try to get you over to the dark side where all the money is, Cara. Doing those would help your cause much faster." She leaned forward and shook Cara's hand. "Welcome to Brandt's."

    Cara looked at Delia. The woman was positively stunning and sent out waves of a sexual aura that seemed to fill the room. Cara felt as if she were floating on air. She was excited to be modeling again.

    "We will need you to sign a five year contract with us. It's standard in the industry. We certainly don't want our top models going over to our competition do we?" She said. "Once that's done I will give you a tour of the place and the studios where you will be doing most of your work."

    For the next hour they went through the paperwork and though it was tedious at best she didn't mind at all. Her mind was filled with new photo shoots and the excitement it gave her like it did back in college. When they were done Delia took her on the tour. The place was large and the studios took up the entire third floor of the building. Several girls were there already preparing for a shoot. They looked up seeing Delia and smiling. They all were wearing skimpy swimsuits that barely covered their privates and Cara had to look away slightly embarrassed.

    "How's my girls?" Asked Delia hugging and kissing each one in turn. They looked over at Cara and nodded.

    "You're so beautiful." Said one who was wearing a white micro bikini that did little to cover her nipples and pussy. "Are you working for the agency?" She asked.

    "Yes, this is Cara Wilson. She will be starting very soon with us." Said Delia announcing it.

    "I want to work with her." Said another looking at Cara taking her in. "We would work really well together." She said smiling.

    "I'll see what I can do, Tori. Have a good photo shoot, girls." She said leading Cara out and towards the studios.

    "Don't mind them. They are very competitive and are often looking for the best jobs. They get paid quite well, by the way. Tori earned six figures last year." Said Delia making a point.

    Cara was amazed and couldn't imagine making that much. The girl was making more than her husband did in a good year with the business. Delia showed her three out of the four studios. They were empty at the moment but would be used throughout the day. The fourth was being used and Delia hesitated.

    "John Franken is in there doing a shoot for Raw magazine. Yes, it a men's magazine and one of our top models, Alina is doing it. Would you like to see it? I will warn you, she will be quite naked."

    Cara not wanting to look ridiculous and taking some sort of moral high ground nodded. She was actually interested and curious to see it. They entered the large space filled with lighting, camera's and stage props. Though the room was very dark the center of the room was lit by lighting and on a center staged set was Alina, naked and posing for Fraken who was giving her commands and motivating her as he took endless shots of her.

    "Good girl, show me more, Alina. Yes, that's the shot they want. Give me some pink, girl." he said loudly not noticing Delia and Cara in the room standing in the shadows. Cara was rooted to the spot watching this stunning woman posing in very erotic ways before the photographer who was coaxing her to do more.

    "She's beautiful, isn't she?" Whispered Delia moving close to Cara. Cara nodded her eyes glued to the girl who was now on all fours raising her ass high. There was nothing hidden in her movements and it was almost a sexual act in itself. Cara could not take her eyes off her. She was beautiful and so sexual it was like a wave crashing over her making her a bit horny seeing it.

    "Come on, Cara." Said Delia taking her hand and leading her out but not before Franken saw her. Back in Delia's office the woman hugged her and congratulated her.

    "I will call you as soon as possible. I really want to see you work. I'm very much looking forward to it." She said kissing Cara's cheek. Cara was in another world. Her mind was racing with all that had happened in the space of a few hours. She had been hired by an agency and told she was beautiful. She left in a haze still not imagining it ever happened and took a cab home.

    Franken entered Delia's office giving her a questioning look. "Who is that beauty?" He asked.

    "Her name is Cara Wilson. She did some modeling in college. Worked with some great photographers. She is a sexy thing isn't she?" Said Delia looking up at him smiling like a Cheshire cat.

    "What is she willing to do, Delia? Please tell me she'll do anything and I'll kiss you." He said, hoping.

    "Hold that kiss, John. She's like a brand new penny in the business. Lets give her some space and we'll work together on her. Move her in the right direction. I want to see her doing the dirty stuff too. You know me?" She said sexily. “I’d love to have a taste of that gorgeous thing.”

    "Yeah, I do. Good. Set her up on a swimsuit shoot. We'll start her off slow and build it up as quick as possible. Tori came up to me after the shoot with Allina. She wants in on the shoot with the new girl. That just might give us a sneak peek at what she will allow us to do.” He said.

    "Ok. Just remember I don't want to scare this girl away. Easy going, big boy." She laughed. "I'll set it up."

    Suddenly his boring day was filled with hope seeing this new girl again.

                                                 THE FIRST SHOOT AT BRAND'TS

    Cara lay in bed basking in her successful interview and hiring. She still couldn’t believe she was a Brand’t model. She wondered what they would have her do on her first shoot. She remembered the three models wearing barely nothing at all. They were all so beautiful. Could she even consider wearing such an outfit? They might ask her to. If she refused it could mean a very short career for her. Then she thought of Alina, naked her body fully displayed. The pictures would be seen by so many horny men. She was surprised that it actually affected her seeing her like that. Her body heated up knowing how erotic it was.

    Could she go that far? Delia said she would tempt her towards doing it. Big money was surely a way of doing that. She had to consider, James in all of this to. She could not embarrass him or even think of putting their marriage at risk. But even now his business was putting a strain on it. Would she be in the right to use her beauty to try and save it?

    She couldn’t sleep and went into the living room so as not to wake James. She opened her laptop and decided to look up some of the magazines she was not familiar with that she saw on the walls. She looked up Raw the men’s magazine and saw what they specialized in. There were any number of beautiful girls in stages of undress also some sets of lesbians and couples. It was porn to be certain. Then she remembered the names of the several foreign magazines and tried those. One was called Innocent beauties a French publication and showed images of hardcore models doing everything that any porn star would do.

    At first it shocked her that the Brand’t Agency would do such filth. But she remembered seeing her image in a magazine that featured nudity. She wore a bathing suit but never knew that other women would grace the same magazine nude. It was obvious that Brand’t did everything. No doubt making them as successful as they were. She looked at the sexual images trying to see herself in them. She gave a soft laugh wondering what James would say seeing his wife taking another mans penis in her mouth? She found herself touching her nipples without realizing she was doing it. She caught herself and knew she would have to watch herself closely in this new job. It was so simple to get caught up in it all. The job was like a drug. It was so easy.

    The next morning she got and email from Delia.

    “Looks like your first session is on Friday with John Franken doing some swimwear. I’d suggest getting a wax job, Cara and keeping it that way. Keep the receipt we will cover it. Come at 8am sharp, lovely girl. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you on the shoot.”

    Cara held her breath knowing that it was the same handsome photographer who did Alina. She felt her heart racing. She needed to be perfect for him. She had to remember that it was not her shoot. It was the agencies. The photographer was the boss and all she had to do was listen to him. She made an appointment at the best spa in the city. If she was going to show so much of her body in a swimsuit she wanted it to be flawless.

    Friday seemed to come so slowly and Cara was so nervous. She took a bag for her clothing and other stuff knowing that the agency would have its own makeup person. She took a cab into the city and walked into the agency where Delia waited for her.

    "There's my girl, early as usual. Good. John's waiting for you in Studio two. You know where that is. Carol, our makeup artist is going to see you first. Get into this routine, Cara. You will be doing often. I'll drop in to see how everything's going. Don't be nervous. Your beautiful, you'll look great for the camera and John is a pro. Just do whatever he tells you. When he's done come to the office I'll have your check waiting for you." Said Delia kissing her cheek.

    "Already?" Asked Cara surprised.

    "Of course, silly girl. We pay per photo shoot. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, you also get a signing bonus. Come see me after." Said Delia giving her a big smile.

    Cara couldn't believe it. Maybe she would have enough to take care of the worst of the bills. She hurried to the third floor and saw a woman who had to be Carol sitting and working on the girl she met the other day, Tori. Tori gave her a big smile and clapped her hands.

    "Hey, new girl. We're working together today. Really hot swimsuit session." She said happily. Tori was tall and slim the perfect model. Her long dark hair flowed to her tight butt and she sat naked before Carol who was applying makeup to her face and dabbing some on her breasts.

    Cara couldn't help but smile. So she would be doing the photo shoot with Tori who was already proficient at modeling. She hoped the girl didn't make her look to awfully bad. Carol nodded to her. She was a pretty girl and very good at her trade.

    "Get naked Cara. I have to touch up any blemishes and do your face. Just sit in the chair next to Tori. Tori watched as Cara undressed her eyes looking at every exposed bit of flesh. Once Cara was naked, a feeling that was both awkward and stimulating, Tori licked her lips.

    "Cara, you're so beautiful. Look at her little tit's Carol, aren't they just perfect." Said Tori looking at Cara.

    Carol did and agreed finishing up with Tori who jumped up from the chair and went to get her swimsuits that were laying out near her. Carol went to Cara who felt a bit embarrassed letting a stranger see her naked. It was foolish but it had been so long ago that she posed.

    "Ok, Cara. Lets see how you look. She had her stand and walked around her and whistled. "I guess I don't have to do much with you. Your body is so nice. Lets see your breasts. Cara stood before the woman allowing her to touch them and look closely at them.

    "Again, perfect. Love your nipples. They will look great in the suits. Good you have your pussy cleaned up. Well, girl I guess all I have to do is apply makeup to your face and even that is near flawless. I think you're trying to put me out of a job." Which made them both laugh.

    She had her sit again while she did her work and Cara watched Tori try on her outfits. They were small and almost to revealing but they weren't like the micro's she saw the other day. She should look very good in them or at least she hoped so for John. When Carol was done she brought her over to her swimsuits. They were all arranged in order.

    "You have three and so does Tori. This will be for Beach Bunny magazine. I know, not the best title for a publication, but they do a huge business overseas. Their still in the 80's over there. Try them on. If you need some help just ask Tori. The girl knows her stuff." Said Carol squeezing her hand.

    Cara tried the first one feeling the silky fabric cover her breasts and bottom. Thank god she had a wax job like Delia told her to do otherwise it would have been impossible to wear. She looked in the mirror and liked what she saw. Here was a 25 year old woman wearing suits a teenager would have and looking great. They all fit similarly and she could see her nipples poking against the thin fabric. She bit her bottom lip knowing that people who bought the magazine would be able to see them quite clearly. She wouldn't tell James. God he would freak. The more she looked at herself, the more she liked how she looked.

    Tori came over and stood side by side with her looking in the mirror. She wore her suit as if it were a second skin. Cara could make out the outline of her pussy perfectly. The girl was stunning.

    "Wow. You look great." Said Tori. "love your nipples. I wish mine showed like that. I have small ones that almost go flat in a swimsuit, but my pussy shows well, don't you think?" She asked her. Cara could only nod. The girl was priceless and so cute it was hard not to like her.

    "Ok, girls let go." Yelled John from the open door of the studio. Cara followed Tori trying to do what she did. She climbed upon a small stage with a green backdrop. She had seen those before in movies. They would put images to them that looked all to real with the people in them. John stood before them camera in hand. He looked at Tori nodding his approval and then to Cara smiling and giving a thumbs up.

    "Alright, give me a pose, hands on hips, straighten out, close together. Friends at the beach." He said as he started to take a series of shots. He yelled out other commands and Cara obeyed without a thought as she turned giving him a good shot of her ass and then Tori. He moved closer to Tori making sure to capture her pussy that was beautifully outlined in the material and then Cara getting her hard little nipples. Cara was aware of where the camera was aimed and tried to focus on other things knowing that she was posing for men's magazine. They would expect a hot look.

    "Ok, next suit. Come on, lets go girls." He said. John saw Delia come into the studio and move to him.

    "How's our girl doing?" She asked.

    "Looking good. Damn she's got great nipples. She’s really nice in the shots. Got a plan I worked out with Tori who as you can expect was all for it. I love her. She's such a dirty girl." He laughed.

    "I'll be watching. Remember what I said, John. Be easy." She kissed him and moved into the shadows to watch.

    The girls came back and Delia saw how Cara wore the suit so well. It was like a second skin on her and this one was a bit smaller showing off more of her tight ass. They posed again and John had Tori move closer to Cara touching hips and putting arms around each other.

    Cara felt her body warm up much to quickly doing such a thing. She felt Tori's hand rest just above her ass pulling her closer as John took pictures. Cara could feel the silky smoothness of her skin on hers. She was never one to consider another woman as a sexual partner but something about this place and Tori made her very aware of how hot she was getting.

    "Ok, turn to face each other, holding each other, look into each others eyes. That's it, keep that pose, move a bit closer." He said as he snapped off more shots. Cara was breathing quicker. Tori was almost in her face, her full lips parted her eyes looking into hers. Her body was pressed close enough so that they were breast to breast and it made Cara's nipples swell even more pushing hard against the fabric. Tori made a point of moving just a bit rubbing her own nipples on Cara's. Cara was fighting to keep focus. She had never done anything like this before and it was distracting her in a very sexual way.

    "Great, last suit, girls." He said watching Cara move quickly. That's when he noticed the bottom of her suit. There was a very damp spot on it and he smiled. The girl was getting into it alright. She was going to be a real winner for them. They came back and Tori took her place as before and so did Cara holding her close.

    "Cara turn and show me your back and Tori place your hands just above her butt as you hug her." He commanded and Cara, already in a hot state felt her move into her hugging her, sliding her hands almost to her ass which in this new suit was almost exposed.

    "Perfect, so nice. Now Cara switch and do the same pose." He said. They both turned around and Cara ran her hands lower down Tori's back to her tight little ass. She closed her eyes trying to think of something else, but it was impossible. She had her hands on Tori's cute butt and it seemed that John was taking his time getting the shots making her linger on them.

    "Ok, for the last shots. Lie on the beach, girls, heads touching, bodies close, legs slightly opened, eyes closed. Perfect." He moved about them clicking off endless shots. Cara felt him move above her getting closeups of her face, her breasts and especially her bottom. Her breathing was excited and she needed to calm herself down. Tori moved her head to face Cara and John to Cara to do the same. "Now make it look as if your going to kiss her, Cara." He said and Cara heard him but it wasn't registering clearly. Did he say kiss her?

    She took a deep breath and kissed her lightly as John caught the shot. Tori not one to be outdone kissed her back but more fully making Cara give a sharp intake. She felt the girls lips on hers, a full on kiss, hot and sexy. John got it all. When she broke off Tori looked at her.

    "Cara, you’re so fucking hot.” She said. Cara lay there unmoving wondering how the kiss affected her. It had mesmerized her, made her tingle all over and she promised herself that she would keep this job in check, but after this session she realized how difficult it was going to be.

    Cara dressed and grabbed her bag. She went to Delia's office. Her mind was still spinning over the shoot and the feelings she had which she knew were not good ones. Tori was a sexy girl and having her body against hers and then kissing her was almost too much. She was getting amazingly wet from it all.

    "Come in, Cara. I saw some of your set. Wow. You were so good. John told me that he would shoot you anytime. Very professional." Said Delia smiling.

    Cara was happy that it went so well and that was good for her staying there, but she was more concerned about these new feelings, ones she hadn't felt in some time. Her body was humming with sexual tension and the wetness of her pussy proved it. What was happening to her?

    "Thank you, Delia. That means a lot to me." Said Cara. Delia placed a check in front of her. Cara picked it up and felt her breath stop. It was a check for twenty eight hundred dollars.

    "That's your bonus and session all in one, Cara. Just think, if you were to accept some harder type sessions you could easily double that. But I know that your not into that, yet. A girl can dream." Said Delia standing. "I'm guessing that the check will pay a lot of past due bills, Cara."

    Cara nodded still shocked at the amount. She had worked no more than a few hours and she was holding a sizable check. Despite what transpired at the shoot it was surely worth it.

    "Thank you, Delia. It will help." Said Cara standing. Delia moved to her, hugging her and kissing her cheek.

    "Good. I'll have more work for you soon. Those pictures are going to set the world on fire. At least in France." They both laughed and Cara left to go home. She hoped that James had a little time for her. She was going to make him fuck her until he couldn't walk.


    It had been a few days without word from the agency. She had hoped that more work would quickly come. She wanted to get back into the studio and make money despite the sexy feelings it brought about. It made her feel...alive. She had done nothing wrong that James would need to worry about, but the feelings that surfaced were new and she needed to understand them. The check paid for quite a few bills making James happy.

    She got a call from Delia later in the day.

    "Cara, you think you might be able to come in? We have a shoot scheduled and the girl who was scheduled had to cancel at the last minute. Its a good account and it pays really well. If you're interested come in I'll give you the scoop on it." Said Delia.

    Cara told her she would be right in. She told James and he kissed her goodbye. She got a cab and made it in record time to the agency. She had her own key card now and let herself in. Delia was waiting.

    "You're a godsend, Cara. Damn girl did this once before and I think it's time to part ways. Let me tell you about the shoot. If you don't want to do it just say so. It's for American Babes Illustrated. It's a magazine sold throughout Europe. Guess they like American women. The swimsuits are small, really small. I know you said that you weren't interested in doing something naughty, but it pays three grand, Cara. You're the first person I thought of." Said Delia.

    The amount took Cara's breath away. It would pay the rest of the bills and even apply a small amount towards James business. She hesitated knowing that she was breaking her rule about such risqué  photos but she didn't put them into this bind financially, James did. The swimsuits might be small but at least she wouldn’t be naked.

    "I'll do it for you, Delia. It's the least I can do after giving me this job." Said Cara, feeling very nervous about how it would look. Delia hugged her and thanked her.

    "Come on, were late already and Philip is already in a mood. He's the photographer. A good one and has made many a girl popular. Just do all he asks." said Delia leaving her at the dressing room.

    Carol was waiting and sighed deeply seeing Cara.

    "It's my perfect girl. Guess I'll just pack up now and go home." She joked and hugged Cara. "Heard you wowed them at the last shoot. It was all Tori talked about. She said you were so damned hot. Well keep that hotness going, girl. You have Philip doing the shots today. He likes his girls in the mood." She said making Cara wonder if this was a good idea. She let Carol do her thing and looked at the several suits all lined up on the table. They were just little bits of cloth barely able to cover her. God, she could never tell James about this session. Thank god the magazine was in other countries.

    She tried on the first one looking in the mirror. The top was two postage stamp sized pieces that barely covered her nipples which were swollen already. The bottom was a tiny triangle just covering her pussy. Her ass was bare with a string running down the crack of it. She looked great but it was about as close to naked as one could get. She heard the door to the studio open and a young man enter the room.

    "You're the new girl, Cara. Delia told me about you. I can't wait to work with you. She said you were really professional. Come on, lets get to work." He said. He was handsome with a days worth of stubble on his face. He had the bluest eyes and Cara felt her pulse race knowing that she would be posing for this hunk of a man. He led her to the stage that was well lit. There was a towel on the floor made to look like a beach and in the background scenes of someplace hot and sunny.

    "Cara please lay on the towel, good girl. Make believe your sunning yourself on the beaches of France or Mexico. Arms at your sides, good. Legs just slightly open." He said and Cara did so knowing that he was getting a great view of her in the tiny bottom.

    "Perfect." He said moving close and shooting several pictures. "Eyes closed, good girl." This went on for another ten minutes and he told her to wear the next suit. "You're doing great, Cara." He said smiling at her and she quickly did so. The new suit was made of a thinner more shiny fabric that hid very little. Cara could see her nipples outlined in detail against the fabric and her pussy was boldly visible against the shiny cloth. She hesitated going back out but knew it was far too late for regrets now. He saw her and whistled making her blush.

    "Cara, you are beautiful, really girl." He said sweetly. She lay back down and he again put her through the paces. "Turn over, Cara, head to the side, eyes closed, that's it. Great ass, Cara." He said not even realizing he said it to the new girl. Cara stopped and looked at him. He put his hands up apologizing immediately.

    "Sorry, Cara. I'm so used to talking about the models bodies in a shoot and it just naturally comes out. The girls like it because they know their hot and it inspires them to do more in the shoot. I know you're not used to it, apologies." He repeated. “Please forgive me.”

    Cara liked that he thought about her and was sorry for saying what he did. She didn't want to be different from the others and make people overly cautious around her. The fact was she was glad he thought her beautiful. It was another vindication that she still had it even to a young hunk like him.

    "It's alright, Philip. I guess I was just a bit taken aback at the comment even though it was really a compliment. Thank you. You do whatever you have always done. I'm a big girl I think I can handle sexy comments." She smiled at him and he nodded at her with his winning smile that sent waves of pleasure shooting through her. She caught herself realizing that her thoughts should be on James not on Philip. It was happening again. The shoot was bringing out a new side to her. The sexual tone of the shoot was overwhelming.

    "Good, I'm glad you're alright with it. Lets start again. Can you raise that beautiful ass a bit higher." He said laughing and so did Cara liking him all the more. She did knowing it was a very sexy pose, one that gave the viewer the idea she was ready for sex. Her tiny bikini bottom barely covered her pussy and raising her ass pulled the string ever tighter. She knew he could see her asshole and part of her pussy. He moved behind her and took numerous shots capturing her body, especially between her legs.

    "Incredible, Cara. So hot. The readers of American Babes will love you, that's for sure. Ok, turn back over. It's time for the money shots. Arms above your head as if reaching out, head turned to your left, eyes closed and spread your legs wide, Cara." He said watching her closely, seeing her do it with a bit of hesitation, but finally opening her legs wide. Her body was stunning, the top slipped just enough to show a little nipple and her bottom was pulled tight enough to reveal most of her pussy and all of her asshole.

    Cara knew what he was looking at, could feel his eyes on her body, on her pussy. She felt a tremor of excitement knowing it. He was a very sexy man and he was looking at her like no man ever did besides her husband. She licked her lips and kept her eyes closed. She didn't think she could look at him staring at her. Her body was on display before him and she found it both stimulating and frightening.

    "Cara, bring your legs back just a bit more." Asked Philip moving within a few feet of her snapping shots as the cloth that covered her all but slid away revealing her wet open pussy. Cara stifled a moan trying desperately to hide her hot feelings. Philip could see that the girl was very turned on. He only needed a few more great shots. He knew that she wasn’t interested in doing nude shots but the client wanted some. He had to ask since this was a very important publication for the agency.

    "You are so incredible, Cara. My god, Delia was right about you. You are special. Do you think you could give me a couple pictures nude? I know I'm asking a lot, but Delia needs this account and you’re  just the person to get it with that body of yours." He said waiting, hoping. He could see her face change, her mind working through this dilemma.

    Cara was not in a good place to refuse. She was so turned on doing this shoot and he knew it. Her pictures would never be seen in this country and Delia needed the account. She reasoned that doing it only once wouldn’t conflict with her conscience, but deep down she knew that was false. She saw Philip waiting patiently wanting her to pose for him. She knew she should say no, but her body told her otherwise. She didn't want James to know about this, ever. She undid the top and pulled off the bottom quickly before she could change her mind. She saw his face, his smile and the camera aimed at her. She was naked before this man and it hit her hard. She closed her eyes thinking of James, anything but of Philip who was staring right at her body.

    "You're so hot, baby girl." He said as he moved closer. "Spread your legs again, Cara. Let me see how sexy you are." He said knowing that he had her now. Cara’s body was tingling all over as she opened her legs wide. Her pussy was so sensitive and so very wet. He laid down on the floor before her the camera aimed right at her pussy snapping off shot after shot. "Bring the back more, baby. Show me more." He said talking to her like he did to all the other girls. Being naked heightened her awareness of him near her. His dirty talk and where he aimed his shots made her so very horny, the very mood she had promised to control. It wasn’t working at all.

    "Such a wet pussy, Cara. I'm glad you're liking this. Get on all fours, girl lets give them a preview of what it would be like to fuck you." He said now uninhibited. The words hit her hard, making her realize how sexual the session really was. Would those that saw her really want to fuck her? She was going to make men want her like that.  Cara was all sexed up for anything a feeling she hadn’t had in years. Philip was bringing it out in her. She got on all fours raising her ass and spreading her legs as she rested her head on the floor. He smiled. This girl has done that position before. He smiled knowing he was getting her to be the hot he needed for him and he didn’t have to work overly hard getting her there. Delia was going to love this. He loved it. Cara was incredibly beautiful and he could feel his cock hardening looking at her in this sexy position.

    "Fucking nice, Cara. You're going to make them cum all over the place." He said. She closed her eyes imagining men jerking off to her. It was too much to contemplate. He took more pictures and finally called the shoot. Philip helped her up. She was shaking and he gave her his coat. Cara could not look at him. She suddenly felt wrong about being so exposed. Yet her body was still on fire wanting more. God, she had to control her feelings.

    "You did great." He said seeing her blush knowing what she just did before him. "That my girl, was the sexiest session I ever had. You were meant for this, Cara. Use what you have, don't let it go to waste. So many would love to see you like you were tonight." He led her to the changing room and Carol saw Cara's face and immediately went to her helping her get dressed. When Philip left she hugged Cara who began to tear up. There was really no excuse for what she allowed herself to do. It was slutty behavior. What frightened her most was that she liked it.

    "Are you alright, Cara?" Asked Carol looking concerned. Cara nodded wiping her eyes.

    "Just finding out something very new about myself. I'll be alright, thanks, Carol." Carol said she would walk her to Delia's office. Carol gave Delia a worried look and left.

    "How did the shoot go?" She asked seeing how distraught Cara looked.

    "I'm not really sure. Philip was happy." She said looking down and not meeting Delia's eyes. Delia had her sit down and poured her a strong drink from the small bar behind her.

    "Tell me what happened?" Asked Delia and Cara did, in detail. Delia was at first delighted knowing that Cara did nudity. She couldn’t wait to see the pictures. But she couldn't say that without sounding callous and consoled her instead.

    "Cara, look at me." Said Delia sitting close to her. "What you did tonight was a release. It was freedom. You found out that you could let yourself go. Don't ruin it by feeling guilty for the pleasure it brought you. Philip told me you were superb and for him to say that is a miracle in itself. He rarely says anything about the girls. You must have really impressed him, Cara. So don't beat yourself up about the nudity. I can't wait to see them. I might even hang one in my office, right there." She pointed to an empty spot on the wall. Both laughed and Cara took a sip of the drink which was heaven sent.

    "Thank you, Delia. That does help a bit. I can't help but feel like I cheated on my husband by showing Philip my body. Does that sound stupid?" Cara asked her.

    "You love your husband, Cara?" Delia asked her. Cara nodded. "Well hand him this when you go home and then ask yourself if it was worth it tonight." She handed the check over to her and Cara stared at it like it wasn't real. It was for four grand, not three as originally agreed upon. Cara looked at her confused.

    "Baby, you saved me tonight. That account with American Babes is worth a lot to us. You just kept it in house with that session. You're worth every penny." Cara began to cry and Delia held her as she sobbed. The girl was torturing herself about being naked before another man. The truth was that she liked it, a lot and it scared her knowing it. Philip told Delia about how wet she got. She pulled her closer loving the feel of her against her body.

    "It's alright, Cara. You were wonderful tonight. Go home and celebrate with your husband.” Said Delia kissing her lightly on the lips. Cara felt her heart skip a beat from the kiss, even though it was not intended to be sexual. She loved Delia and all she was doing for her. She had to take stock of her life after tonight. She needed to understand her feelings and what she did on the stage before another man other than her husband. Delia got her a cab and hoped that they didn’t go too far tonight.

                                                                                             TAKING STOCK

    Over the weekend Cara stayed close to James, helping him and finding time to have sex together. He loved that she was so attentive to his needs. She wanted him so badly after the last session knowing that she had done something that he would never approve of. So she made it up to him as well as to herself in the bedroom doing things that drove him crazy with lust.

    She allowed him anything, another change in her. She was always a missionary girl and sometimes doggie style on special occasions. He didn’t seem to mind but she could tell he was dissatisfied even though she made him cum. Their lovemaking was dull and uninspired. Over the weekend this had changed and he could see it telling her how dirty sexy she was and she loved it.

    Cara knew what caused these feelings, knew that it was the sessions, the air thick with sexual undertones driving her body mad with animalistic passion she had all but forgotten. The agency seemed to produce such emotions with every photo shoot and she was letting her body dictate where it should go. Afterwards, she felt guilt and shame. It was like torture and pleasure all rolled up into one. Cara knew she couldn't stop it once she felt those hot stirrings. She seemed to be going down this debauched path knowing that at some point it would lead her to do something she would really regret. It was like a drug habit to her, one she seemed to want and need.

    While making love to James the many scenes of the sessions filled her mind. Tori pressed against her, the swimsuits so tight against her body, rubbing and provoking feelings and finally, Philip, handsome and looking at her nakedness. Even the friendly kiss from Delia made her want to cum and she did as James fucked her hard, her legs around his waist sending his cock even deeper.

    There was no news from Brand't Agency in days and she wondered if her crying before Delia made them reevaluate their use of her in the business. She felt sick thinking it. Then she began to get several jobs at once. More swimsuit shots for numerous magazines since Summer was close at hand. Delia gave her the boring ones that paid far less than the naughty ones. Cara was grateful and the money very helpful, but she found herself yearning for something more. She knew the ones that she wanted hating herself for desiring them.

    After one of the sessions she went to see Delia at her office. As usual Delia smiled and greeted her with a big hug and a light kiss on her lips that Cara liked and expected.

    "How's my favorite model? Did you have a good session?" She asked.

    "Good, Delia. I liked today. It was fun. I wanted to ask you something, I think I would like to do some more work like the job I did with Philip." She said softly. Delia had been waiting on the girl to come around. She purposefully gave her lackluster jobs to make her realize her potential and also to claim her sexuality. Now Cara was pushing herself without Delia's help. It must have been quite a struggle to get to this point for the girl.

    "Why the change?" Asked Delia showing her happiness in Cara’s decision.

    "It's hard to explain. The money of course, but..." Delia finished for her.

    "It's very sexual. All the girls who do that work tell me it overwhelms them, makes them feel and do things they only fantasize about. You're feeling it aren't you, Cara?" asked Delia. Cara nodded.

    "Yes, it’s all I seem to think about. Even when I make love to my husband all I see are the images of me doing the things in the sessions. I guess you're right about it overcoming your life." said Cara liking that she could pour out her feelings to Delia who really understood what was happening to her. “I feel like I’m changing into some sort of sex addict. I’m really so unsure of myself right now, Delia.”

    "Cara, I knew you'd love it the very first day you came into the building. It was like an aura around you. The fact that your pussy was wet at both sessions confirmed it. You were made for this, honey and it's nothing to be ashamed of. You have to remember this is only a job so don't let it carry over to your married life. Think of it this way. When you do a sexy session its simply fantasy, not real at all. You're doing it for the many subscribers who buy that certain magazine. If you have fun doing it all the better, Cara. If it makes you wet and hot go home and use that sexual energy on your husband. It could only enhance your marriage." Said Delia.

    Cara listened and agreed immediately with Delia who seemed to sort out her feelings and worries. She was giving her permission to do everything she really desired deep down. She needed to separate her life at home and the one at the agency. Cara would be a loving wife at home and at work be whatever they wanted her to be without the guilty feelings that she always felt after a job.

    "Thank you, Delia. I was so worried about all of it. Now I know how foolish I was beating myself up the way I did." Said Cara. Delia went to her and hugged her tightly, holding her close and Cara liked it. Delia pulled back looking into Cara's eyes.

    "Do you want me to set up another session with one of the racier magazines, baby?" She asked loving her body against her. Cara nodded. Her breathing had quickened knowing that Delia was so close. She could smell her perfume, her body so hot and sexy. "Good girl. I want you to be happy, Cara. If you like this session I'll set up more if you want it." She leaned in kissing Cara fully, pressing herself against her harder, the kiss hot and sexy. Cara melted into her and the kiss reciprocating knowing she had wanted this all along. When Delia broke off the kiss she reached up and touched Cara's face.

    "Such a beautiful girl finally finding herself. I can't wait to see how far you'll go, darling." Delia went and sat behind her desk feeling her pussy flutter in excitement. She could have had Cara right there on the spot but she wanted her dirtied up a bit more before she fucked her. Cara understood that hot kiss, knew that Delia wanted her. Why didn’t she make love to her right there? Cara’s emotions were in a whirl. She saw James in her mind and quickly blocked him out. He could not be here with her, ever.

    "I'll call you, Cara, soon. I love you, darling. I can't wait to see you bloom." She said.


    Cara got the call two days later. Delia wanted her to take care of a Japanese publication called, 'Happy Girls', a very popular magazine filled with soft and hard sex. Their own photographer would do the shoot. Cara felt her pussy immediately get wet. She found herself working around the house thinking of nothing else. She even looked up the website of the publication seeing the many girls all displayed sexually in every possible position. Some were hardcore shots, girls with girls, guys and so on. She looked at all of it imagining herself on the same pages making men and women want her.

    Her life was certainly changing.

    The day of the shoot she arrived early. She had prepared herself the night before, shaving and pampering her body. She wanted the magazine photographer to appreciate her, want her. Delia met her and licked her lips.

    "Oh my, you are quite early. I think someone is very excited." She took her into her office and shut the door behind them. Then immediately turned to Cara taking her into her arms kissing her hard, her tongue mingling with Cara's who wanted her so much. Delia reached up palming Cara's breast pulling her nipple and making her moan.

    "I've been waiting for you. I want you so badly, Cara." Said Delia sliding her hand lower putting it between Cara's legs making her shake in passion. Cara wanted this too. It was all she could think about the past few days. They were hot and ready for each other and Delia wanted to make sure she got Cara in the right mood before the shoot. It was going to be an eye opening experience for Cara. She knew Yakimoto well. Knew that he liked very kinky sex. The dirtier the better and she allowed it.

    "Ohhh, Delia." Said Cara softly feeling the woman's hand slide inside her pants cupping her very wet pussy. They kissed as Delia rubbed her clit making her hump her hand slowly loving it.

    "When you get done with the shoot, come to me. I want to fuck you, baby. You know I do." Said Delia who couldn't get enough of the girl. Cara nodded and felt Delia remove her hand that was covered in her juices then lick them clean.
    She left the office walking down the hall wanting to turn around and get back to Delia. She wanted her to have her and she was so hot for it. My god, what was happening to her? She wanted to make love to another woman. She saw Carol who gave her a big smile. She got undressed and sat before her.

    "This isn't the girl I saw at the Philips session. You look radiant, Cara. Something happened? You're excited." Said Carol touching up Cara's nipples making her softly moan. She was like a bitch in heat and everyone around her could see it and feel it. She thought of James and how she was another woman once she walked through the agency doors. She could not be his wife inside this sanctuary. She had to turn off her outside life. Delia was teaching her well. Carol could see the change, the heat radiating from the girl.

    "I'm feeling great, Carol. Can't wait to do the shoot." Said Cara trying to concentrate over the urges that were already overtaking her. It was certainly going to benefit the photographer of the shoot. She couldn't wait until the session was over to get back to Delia. Her touches and kisses offered so much more.

    "Mr. Yakimoso is the photographer today. He's been here before, Cara. Several of the girls swear by him. I don't know how you got him this time, but the girls who usually are his regulators are going to hate you for stealing him away." She laughed. "He's a dirty old man, for sure. Likes to make his girls do very dirty things before the camera. That's what makes his magazine so popular. You sure you're up for someone like him?" She asked doing Cara's face.

    Cara smiled and nodded. "Yes, I think so. Guess we'll find out." When Carol was done Cara leaned towards her giving her a quick kiss surprising her.

    "Well, I guess you are ready, girl." She said handing her the clothing she would be wearing for the session. It was a small see through lacy panty and bra set.

    "That's it, Carol? One change?" She was surprised.

    "Oh you won't be wearing it long. It's more a prop. You better wipe up first. You don't want to stain it before you go on." Said Carol staring at Cara's soaked pussy. "Let me." She said grabbing a small cotton cloth. Carol approached her and began to dab at her pussy making sure to wipe several times over her clit that was so swollen. Cara closed her eyes loving the feeling and knowing that Carol could see her reaction. Carol continued to clean her sliding the cloth over her slit and digging in with her fingers that lingered over her opening.

    "There, much better." She said moving closer and kissing Cara. "I like this new girl." She said sending her into the studio with a light tap on her butt.

    Cara walked in and saw the set. It was a wild combination of children's stuffed animals and toys around a bed. The lighting was bright and warm. Yakimoso saw her and smiled. He shook her hand and motioned her to the bed. He was not very tall, an older man of about 60ish and bald. But he had sharp clear eyes that seemed to take in everything.

    "You are very beautiful. I hope we can achieve satisfaction today in our session." He said politely. He grabbed a camera and aimed it at her. Cara posed, her body stretched out and her legs slightly parted giving him a good shot of her. He moved quickly taking numerous angle shots especially between her legs. He certainly was not shy about it. He knew what he wanted and Cara liked that.

   "Please, on your knees facing me. Legs apart." Cara did so keeping straight pushing her chest out as he took more photographs of her. So far he wasn't at all asking her to do anything unusual. But that was soon to change. "Please turn for me and get on all fours. Yes, that's wonderful." He said softly. "You are a very beautiful woman. I am very lucky to have you." He said this so nicely that Cara thanked him back.

    "Your body is superb. Open your legs more let me see you." He said getting within a foot of her capturing her pussy through the lacy panties. "You are very wet. Does this excite you?" He asked. Cara nodded, wanting very much to please the older man. She no longer felt shame in displaying herself before the photographers. She wanted to open up here at the agency. She was finally finding her true self.

    "Please remove your clothing. Lay back and spread your legs very wide. Let me get some shots of your very wet pussy." He said making her moan softly as she did so knowing that he was slowly taking her temperature and seeing that she was getting warmer by the second. She spread her legs very wide feeling her pussy lips open revealing her pink insides all wet and dripping down her thighs. Before she would have felt guilt and horror at herself but not now. She watched the little man lay before her, inches from her pussy taking endless shots of her.

    "Open your pussy to me, Cara. Pull lips apart so Yakimoso can see inside." He said waiting with camera aimed. Cara did so separating her lips opening herself to him. It was such a dirty thing to do, something she never even considered with her husband. He told her to pull back the hood on her clit and she did so making her tremble almost making her squirt.

    "So very nice. See that toy over there, the one by your head, the big teddy bear. Get him, Cara. Lay next to him." She saw the huge fluffy realistic looking bear and pulled him towards her lying side by side with him. He was so soft and warm from the lights.

    "Make love to him, Cara. Kiss, touch, rub yourself on him." He said excitedly taking more pictures. At first Cara thought she heard wrong. He wanted her to use the bear as a sexual toy? She licked her lips touching the bear trying to imagine it being alive and wanting her. She had never done anything remotely close to such a fantasy as this. Carol was so right about Mr. Yakimoso. He was a very dirty old man. Her body reacted as she knew it would. She began to kiss the face of the bear and its long snout and the tip of its plastic nose. Her body moved on its own accord rubbing against its soft body making her close her eyes as she moved up and down. She was making love to the bear doll before this man letting herself go, the way Delia told her to.

    “So very nice, use him, love him.” He said softly taking frame after frame as Cara began to rub her pussy against the Bear. She licked his face planted kisses on his snout as she did so. Then she climbed atop him moving her body back and forth. The act was so dirty so kinky making like she was fucking the Bear. She moaned as she felt her first orgasm hit her hard, squirting all over the fur. It felt so good. She had just cum before a stranger and it only excited her more.

    Yakimoto loved this girl. She was performing well beyond his expectations. He would push her even further.

    “Move your body onto his face. Ride him, Cara. Take him inside  you.” He said as he knelt watching her his camera ready. Like one obsessed she moved over the bears face the long plastic snout hard and perfect as she rubbed against it. She closed her eyes loving the feel of its hard surface as she moaned and squirted again. She couldn’t stop.

    “Take inside you.” Repeated Yakimoto.

    Cara knew what he wanted. He wanted her to fuck the snout. It certainly was long and it widened considerably at the base. She knew she could handle some of it. She was tight and her husband was not a big man in the penis department. She moved over it lowering herself down taking it inside her. It was stretching her the more she pushed down. It felt so damn good inside her. She began to fuck it slowly her pussy opening up more and more.

    “Play with nipples. Show Yakimoto how sexy you are.” He said driving her on in his kinky fantasy. She reached up and began to play with her swollen nipples. God it felt so good. The plastic snout was deep inside her as she began to grind her ass onto it. Yakimoto moved closer to watch her, his camera not being used at the moment. He was mesmerized by Cara. He loved what this beauty was doing for him.

    "Deeper, all the way down onto him, my dear." He said softly in her ear. "Open yourself to the pleasure he is giving you."

    Cara lost in her pleasures pushed down harder feeling the wide base of the snout stretching her to her limit. She had never had something so big inside her and Yakimoto was demanding it. She cried out as she felt his hand on her breast, pulling her nipple softly. She couldn't believe she was allowing him to do so. She moved up and down on the bear feeling the snout slip deeper until she was touching the fur beneath. He moved back and started to take pictures, especially where her pussy touched the base of the snout. It was soaking wet from her juices. Cara was moving up and down faster and harder accepting the entire snout.

    Yakimoto continued to push her making her fuck other toys and finally masturbate for him as he captured her squirting in a succession of endless orgasms. When the shoot was finished he handed her a wipe cloth.

    "I will always ask for you, Cara. You are a most willing model. I believe this will be the highlight of next months magazine. Thank you." He said and gave a slight bow. Cara still on a sexual high nodded and moved quickly to the dressing room where Carol awaited. Upon seeing Cara she knew that Yakimoto had used her well. Carol could see the wetness on the inside of her thighs and the swollen redness of her pussy.

    "Lets clean you up, Cara. Can't have you going back to Delia looking like you were just gangbanged.”  Carol helped her and kissed her several times making sure she knew that she also wanted her. Cara walked down the hall to Delia's office. When she walked in Delia was waiting for her naked and wearing a strap on dildo. The plastic cock was large, much bigger than her husbands cock.

    "Shut the door and lock it, Cara." She said. The desk top was completely cleared off and Cara knew that she was meant to occupy that space while Delia fucked her. She removed her clothes again for the second time that day standing before Delia as if in a dream. They moved together and Cara knew that she would allow her anything.  She didn't think about James or anything about her marriage. This needed to be separate, her life, her pleasures. She laid upon the desk, Delia positioning her the way she wanted her, her soft sensual words calming her and heating her up.  She felt Delia's mouth on her pussy licking her and making her immediately cum. she knew that this was now part of her new life within the agency. She would never share it with James. This was the start with Delia. Soon more would want her, share her. Delia would make sure of it now that she was going to fuck her and make Cara her a willing sexual model in the agency.

    She felt fingers inside her pushing deep opening her up for what was soon to come. Delia was sucking her clit making her moan loudly and raise her ass off the desk. She was now two different people. A wife and companion to James and a model filled with sexual passion for the Agency. She did not want to chose one over the other. She started to squirt and Delia encouraged her as she kept sliding more fingers inside her. Delia removed her fingers and placed the huge dildo against her wet opening. This was to be a pivotal moment, she was going to allow someone other than her husband to fuck her. She could stop it but she didn’t want to. She spread her legs wide and felt the thick cock slide deliciously inside her. She moaned feeling it create new roads into her, stretching her so nicely hitting every pleasure zone.

    “That’s it, Cara take every inch.” Said Delia softly. She began to fuck her slowly loving how the girl was already into it. Cara was moving her body beneath Delia, raising her ass upwards taking more of the plastic cock. It felt incredible, better than anything she had ever had. Delia was fully inside her pussy the base of the strap on hitting her ass as she fucked her. Cara closed her eyes, her body trembling knowing that James could never satisfy her like this or fill her so fully.

    "You have all of it inside that hot little pussy, baby. Fuck me now. Feel how good that big cock is." Said Delia. "I'll make sure you get a whole lot more in the future my sexy girl. Nice big cock to stretch that beautiful pussy out right."  Cara cried out in orgasm listening to Delia, imagining strange men using her with thick cocks, taking her in every hole as she fantasized. She wanted what Delia wanted of her. Delia fucked harder slamming against her now the dildo covered in Cara's pussy cream. She was taking this cock well and soon would want bigger cock.

    Delia loved how this girl was changing, becoming what they wanted. She would now use her for any number of special sessions that clients paid handsomely for. Cara was going to be their new go to girl. Delia would groom her and set her up in hardcore sessions with men and women. That was where the real money was. Some of the girls who were already doing it would love to use her. Delia was going to take her deep inside her world, make her love it, want everything that would be offered. Then when she was jaded enough make her do dogs and horses and anything the clients wished. Delia fucked her harder, the huge dildo sliding easily in and out of Cara who was moaning and grinding back against her.

    "Ohhhhhh....Delia, ughhhhhh..god its so good." Cried out Cara cumming hard her body shaking and wracked with pleasure after pleasure. Then she felt the dildo slip from her sopping pussy and move downwards pushing against her asshole. Cara looked at Delia knowing what she was going to do next, wanting it. Delia smiled and pushed into her making her groan as the huge dildo began its long journey into her asshole..

    Delia was right. This was what she was made for. She would perfect it and do anything that Delia asked of her from now on. Once she was in want of pleasure not understanding what her body needed and craved. Now her needs were being satisfied over and over. This was where she belonged.

                                                                                                                               THE END









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