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The Massage (F pleasured)

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on: February 18, 2021, 12:21:26 PM

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So today marks 5 years since my arrival to Kristens Board. Yay me. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would participate on a sex talk forum, let alone become a moderator of it.

To celebrate my 5 years here, I thought I might follow the path of our gorgeous 2020 POY and give the boys a naughty picture of me to look at. But as someone that is always trying to recruit new members, I reconsidered, thinking a picture of my cootchy or chichis might scare people away. We can't have that.

Instead, I decided that I would post a story of a sexual experience. But what to write about? Well, a couple of weeks back I came across an old PM I sent to Liz where I told her of my naughty weekend. So, I went and refound that PM a couple of days ago. And since then I have rewritten it with a bit more embellishment of details in some parts to give more life to the story. The original message to Liz was not so long and much less descriptive. And, reader beware, I left some of my more colorful language in there that I normally wouldn't post publicly on the board. Hey, it was girl talk, and this time in our friendship we had degenerated to talking like that with each other.

Prior to the telling of the story, I should first fill some of you in that don't much about my past, and where I was in regards to my relationship status when I sent the message to Liz in fall of 2016. You see, I had started dating a woman shortly after I joined KB. She was, in fact, the first female I ever dated. Prior to that, I had only dated men. About 4 months into my relationship with Kim, the topic came up of me missing the experience of making love to a man. Long story short, we opened our bed to a friend of hers. He was what she referred to as her "friend with benefits", I referred to him as her "booty call". He was someone she spent time with prior to us dating. No commitments, no dating, no morning after breakfast, no 'I want you to meet my mother'. It was just sex. Wham! Bam! thank you Sam! Oh, and be a dear and lock the door on your way out. All she would have to do is make a phone call when she got the urge. If he was free, he'd pay the lady a visit. Sometimes it was once a month, sometimes once a week, other times she didn't see him for a few months. She met him at an upscale restaurant one night where he tended bar. Kim was in her early 40's at the time. Booty boy Greg, was about 8 years her junior. He was quite the guy. I'll have to consider writing about meeting Greg and how it came to be in more detail. Hmmm, but should I talk about his 28 year old brother that tagged along with his Greg when paying Kim and I a visit? Okay, who just called me a cougar?

Back to my message I had sent to Liz. She knew of our plans for the weekend, as I had told her a few days prior. She told me she wanted a PM from me first thing Monday morning.

Setting up the scene for you the reader, this was what I expected of my weekend......
Kim and I were going into downtown Detroit for one night, maybe two. We were staying at a hotel-casino. Blackjack in the early evening, then up to our room for a couples massage (something we had been doing for the previous couple months), followed by a visit from Greg, aka booty boy, after he got off his shift. We'd get up the next morning, have breakfast, a little more time at the tables, then home. Or stay for another day, nothing was set in stone.


Happy Monday girly,

Well, we had a fun night on Saturday. It didn't go as expected, but in the end it more than worked out.

First of all, I won $200 playing blackjack. Kim broke even. Or so she thought. What she doesn't know is that when she went to the bathroom, I slipped $100 in chips in her piles because she was thinking about quitting. I didn't want to be done so early. ;)

Greg cancelled on us earlier in the day. :(   He had something come up and was apologetic to Kim. THAT, was what I was really looking forward to. I was soooo looking forward to wrapping my legs around him and just getting f*cked hard for a couple of hours.

After blackjack we went to the room to chill for an hour before the masseurs came up. Kim had requested the same guys as last month. But one of them no longer worked there so it was her guy from last time, Ken, and a new guy.

I discovered afterward that when Kim left to 'go to the bathroom' while playing blackjack that she actually met with Ken. She gave him some special instructions for the night, unbeknownst to me.

I was nervous because I was going to have my first totally nude massage If Kim was going to do it as she had the last few times, whatever, I could do it too. I'm a big girl and the masseurs we'd had our previous visits are all very professional.

At the knock on the door, the butterflies in my stomach really took flight. Kim let them in and we greeted them, Ken and Brian. Ken was going to massage Kim, Brian was to do me. With my back to them, I took off the robe and laid down with the towel wrapped around my waist. He undid the towel and asked me to lift up so he could remove it. I expected him to cover my bottom, like every other massage I have had when I at least had underwear on. Nope, not this time. I was naked for two strangers and my friend. I looked over at Kim and she had a towel over her bottom. "WTF," I was thinking, but didn't say anything. The lights were on the dimmest setting and the window we were facing had the shades fully open. We had a beautiful view of the city of Detroit all lit up, it's so pretty, I love city skylines at night. Not as pretty as a sunset, but what is.

Kim instructed them as she did last time to give a full body massage and we would let them know if we were uncomfortable with anything.

Brian did a GREAT job on my back side. My back, legs and bum all just melted in his hands. When he was done, he held a towel over my bum and asked me to roll over. He kept the towel over me as I rolled, and covered my privy's up. That put me at ease enough that I didn't even give a thought to my breasts exposed to him.

He gave me a nice face massage and then shoulders and both arms before moving to my upper chest. I could feel my nipples were erect. He drizzled a bit of warm oil on me between my breasts and began to massage them. He soon focused all attention on my nipples, spending a lot of time on them. Gentle at first and then more intense. I was feeling uncomfortable about it and how it was totally unprofessional for a massage. As I mentioned above, I later found out later she put him up to it. But I couldn't really deny how much I was enjoying it and could feel myself getting hot down lower. He would squeeze and pull up gently.  GAWD, the slippery oil and tugging was a wonderful combination. When he moved on to my ribs, my nips were like, "hey come back." I squirmed when he touched the sides of my midsection, letting him know I was ticklish. So he just rubbed softly on my belly and sides. He stopped and moved to my feet. Kim noticed and told Brian that I love to have my feet done and to give plenty of extra attention to them. He spent a glorious 5 minutes on my toes and arches and heals and ankles. The sprained ankle from two weeks ago was feeling like heaven in his hands. My feet are always sore because of running. He eventually moved on to my calves. I noticed as he lifted my calf a bit that he moved my leg out a couple of inches. He did the same with the other leg too. Subtle enough that he didn't think I would notice, but I did. I'm on to your game mister, I thought as I brought my legs back together.

Ken asked if we'd like hot towels on our faces and Kim answered yes for both of us. Brian kept massaging my thighs as Ken put hot towels on our faces. It wrapped under my chin, on to my cheeks, and up over my eyes and forehead, leaving my mouth and nose exposed. It felt sooooo good. Kim said how wonderful it felt and I agreed.

Brian came up higher on my legs within a few inches from my lady parts and asked if he may remove my towel. I hesitated for a bit before letting him know it would be okay. While at the same time bringing my legs tighter together even more. He removed the towel leaving me naked to him and Ken.

Brian told me I was very beautiful and I thanked him. He progressed from my hips inward to softly rubbing up to my belly to his hands coming down and around my pubic hair, and then down further to very closely pass by my labia. He massaged and rubbed around 'the area' for a couple of minutes. During that time my excitement had increased and I could feel my clitoris swelling. I felt the slightest breeze, making me realize she was exposed to the room. I actually think the breeze I felt was him blowing softly on me. But it was so slight, I couldn't say for sure. I was embarrassed having my most intimate part visible, but I felt a little comfort that my face was covered by the towel. At least he couldn't see my cheeks turning fire engine red from the blushing. I kept thinking, they're professionals, Jules. Just go with it.

I was startled when Kim whispered in my ear, "Julie, don't be startled, I'm going to kiss you."

She had gotten off her table and was standing next to me. She placed her hands gently on my shoulders. I was about to remove the towel when I felt her mouth on mine and she started kissing me. At that same time Brian began running his thumbs up and down my labia, massaging me there. I could feel his thumbs opening and closing me. He stopped for a minute and put his hands on my thighs for me to open my legs. I resisted. Kim stopped kissing and whispered, "I told them what I want them to do for you, love. Let him move you to the position I instructed him. Okay? It will be okay baby, I promise you. This night is for you. I'm sorry that Greg couldn't join us."

I sat thinking for a moment and finally nodded. But that last comment about Greg mad me think what might be planned. There was no way I was allowing these guys to have sex with me.

Brian lifted me at the knees, this caused my feet to slide up the table a bit. He slid his hands to the outside of my knees and guided my knees away from each other. My legs naturally fell to the sides and I was opened up for him. I could feel the cool air of the room on my p*. Brian resumed massaging on the inside of my thighs and slowly worked his way higher while Kim's lips returned to mine briefly. She stopped for a second and removed my hot towel (that had become cold), but her guy was ready with another one. He applied it and her lips were on me again. Brian was rubbing the area between my labia and upper thighs and then moved to my lips again. He was applying pressure and rubbing in a circular motion that was totally opening me up to him, and it was TOTALLY feeling wonderful.

I felt warm oil drizzled on my chest between my boobs. I had all but forgotten about Kim's masseur. A moment later his hands were on my breasts.

As though it was all choreographed, when Ken started playing with my nipples, Brian's thumbs began massaging on my inner parts. Holding me open, a thumb was going from the top to the bottom and I felt I was going to O in a minute or so, I knew I couldn't not at this pace. Kim stopped kissing me and said to someone else, "it's okay, very very gentle." I felt Brian's finger slide deep inside me and massaged inside of me. I let out a little grunt at first and then a long low moan. After a bit, she broke the kiss again and said, "he's going to do it in your butt Julie. Just relax now."

Though it is not something I'm used to, it is something Kim and I have been experimenting with. So this wouldn't be my first time. And besides, I was enjoying myself too much.

I felt his finger exit my p*, it disappeared completely and then returned down lower. He rubbed my perineum and moved down further. He teased me for a moment with a very slippery tip of a finger back and forth across my opening. He stopped and I could feel pressure being applied. I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly relaxed as best I could. He must have put fresh oil on it or something because it was warm and SO slippery entering me. He was very slow and gentle. I just let my whole body relax and focused on allowing my butt muscles to just relax around his finger. It felt so good. I let out an involuntary loud moan. I felt his other finger rubbing up and down my front and it also entered me. Kim's hand that was softly rubbing my belly slid down to my clitoris and began rubbing it. All that and Ken playing perfectly with my nipples was too much.

I was anxious about orgasming in front of two strangers. I held it back as long as I could, and because of that, I think what was about to happen was so much more intense. After not even a minute of this torture, I was VERY loud when it rocked every inch of my body. The guys lowered the intensity, but never removed their hands from my intimate parts.

Then all at once, Ken stopped playing with my breasts and began rubbing my shoulders softly, while Brian's fingers pulled out and he guided my legs back into a straight position on the table and took my feet in his hands, my legs still shaking in his hand a bit. And someone laid a towel over my midsection. I laid there enjoying it and recovering from the whole experience, with an occasional aftershock shiver.

I so wanted a cock in me right then. If it was in the plans, I wanted to be turned around and put on all fours and just let them use my body as long as they wanted. I was ready to just be a slut to these two strangers for a night. I felt so freaking naughty with bad thoughts right then.

Ken's touch disappeared and I could hear him in the bathroom turning on the jet tub and filling it with water. It was about 10 minutes more with time being spent between my two feet when Brian removed the towel from my face. I let my eyes acclimate after being closed for so long. I started to sit up but he told me to relax and lifted me in his arms. I put my arm around him and cuddled into his shoulder. He carried me into the bathroom. Kim was in the jacuzzi tub already. He lowered me into the tub and turned off the light. They told us to enjoy the rest of the evening and walked out the door. There were candles scattered around the bathroom. There was some soft piano music playing from her phone. Kim pulled me to her and I laid back against her between her legs. We could hear the guys trying to be as quietly as possible as they broke down the tables and packed their stuff. A minute or two later we heard the door to the hallway close shut. I just closed my eyes as she told me what a beautiful sight I was.

We were in the hottub for a half hour and were feeling pruney. We eventually pulled the drain and stood up, showered and then crawled in to the bed. Kim had brought along some toys for the evening. I'm going to be sore for a few more days. Pleasantly sore.

And, I also told you I was going to try to do something new. Welp, I chickened out when it came time to play with her bum hole. nope nope un-uh. She can touch me there, but I can't touch her there.

Kim later told me it cost her $200 extra for what she had them do to me. OMG, DID I JUST PAY FOR SEXUAL FAVORS?

So get this. Next morning. We go down for brunch after sleeping until 10am. We're eating and her masseur, Ken, comes walking by with a plate of food. Kim freaking invites him to sit with us and he does. He's really a nice guy, but good god...........I was a little embarrassed. During our meal, Kim asks if he does private massages away from the casino and he says he does. I'm thinking dear god, don't bring up anything from last night. Well she ended up getting his phone number and he said he needs at least two weeks notice for a private session. His wife also does massages and mentioned she specializes in massages similar to what we received last night. I was about to die and am just shoveling food in my mouth so I don't have to say anything in response, and Kim replied, 'We will definitely book you, Julie fucking loved it." She looked at me and says, "Right?" With both of them looking at me, what was I suppose to say? With a very red face and a mouthful of food, I just nodded.

He finished his meal and said he needed to get going. After we said our goodbye's, she looked at me with a smile and waved his card at me and laughs.

So how was your weekend, Ms Elizabeth?

**** The End

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Reply #1 on: February 18, 2021, 01:12:09 PM
Thank you for another drool inducing story.

I do not want you to ever again tell us you're not a very good storyteller, otherwise you will have to be punished for lying.  :-*

And congrats on your 5-year anniversary!
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That sounded amazing.  Love a good body rub, but usually from guys I know.  I've had professional massages before, but never full on nude. I could say that I would have loved to experience that, but in reality, I would have been freaking out.  Take my towel, nope nopity nope.  Flip over topless to massage the girls... how about a kick in the stones buddy...

Pics are pics, stories that make you feel what your talking about is so much better.

Congrats on 5 years, and thanks for sharing... by the way do you still have his card?? Asking for a friend.

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Holy Moly. Your true stories are so hot.

I have to wonder what you'd come up with if you turned to fiction. Maybe someday.... ;D

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I lived too sheltered of a life. I needed this so bad. Thank u