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Underage and pedo content rules explained.

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on: February 20, 2021, 08:40:30 PM
Kristen Board Rules are found in numerous locations on KB, depending on subject matter... fiction, real life (“RL”), photos, vids, incest, beasty, etc.

The most common question we moderators receive is “why can’t I post this [story, photo, link] involving a minor (under 18)?”  To put it together in a semi-logical way, this explanation may help.  To the extent this explanation contradicts a posted rule, the posted rule prevails (I am only human).  To get started, we must go to a forum board, in a galaxy far far away...

KB got started in 2006, touting an open forum for discussion of ideas among consenting adults. No topics were considered off-limits, and everyone was expected to give leniency and respect to the opinions of others. Even opinion you might vehemently disagree with.

The one area that the board ruled early on would not be tolerated was something called “extreme pedo.“ This was ultimately agreed to be defined as being sexual content involving anyone under the age of 13 or pre-pubescent.

As the years progressed, legal difficulties and liabilities arose as the Internet evolved. It was decided from a legal standpoint, that it was against the forum’s interest to host discussions and photographs of illegal activities. And subjects like rape, incest, bestiality, and pedophilia, all developed their own rules.

Fast forward to 2019, and the board was in a predicament. Numerous other websites began to forbid underaged materials, and the resultant charge of new members moving their stories and pedo discussions here, threatened to turn KB into the “pedo forum.“ After much discussion and arguments, an agreement was made for the following basic rules.

1. No posting about real life criminal activity, including criminal sexual acts.  “I raped a girl in California.”

2. No posting about real life sexual activity, or individuals, under the age of 18.  “I had sex with my sister in the 7th grade.”

3. No posting sexual fantasies or stories involving anyone under the age of 13 or pre-pubescent (whichever is older). This includes “background stories“ or the clever use of math, or describing a prepubescent character as a 13-year-old. The moderators aren’t idiots, you’re not an idiot, so don’t push the envelope.

4. No posting photographs of minors (under 18). Sure, a Sear’s catalog training bra commercial is “legal,” but we don’t want it here.

5. No posting beastie photos, or other photos of real life criminal sexual activity.  Beasty, RL NC, snuff, etc.

6.  Finally, KB is a collaborative board.  We are not an archive.  Do not repost the work of third parties.  Plagiarism is not tolerated.  Respect the copyright and creative work product of others. 

Report any violations of the foregoing to the moderators

So, if that sounds too difficult, there are a few workarounds to these rules.

1. You can usually post a link to stories and otherwise legal photos for content otherwise prohibited by the rule.  So, if you want to post a photo of Girl Scout cookies, just post a link instead.  See the Links forum... it has dozens of links to stories that would not be accepted for publication here.  There are a few sites that are banned on KB.  You will get an error message “” if you try to hotlink to one of those.

2.  Go with a fictional story, rather than a RL one.  You can post an erotic fiction story about sleeping with your sister in the 7th grade.  You just can’t give a “RL” description of your actual experience in doing so.

So isn’t this a bit of absurdity you ask?  At times, yes.  It’s not a perfect system, it’s just the one that’s worked best, for now.

The rationale is two-fold.  First, we don’t want to be the Pedo Bear forum.  Yes, people like underaged materials.  Fortunately, you have many other hosting and reading opportunities, if this is what you want.  Don’t post extreme pedo here, or you will be removed to the cupboard.

Second, many of our members have been the victim of sexual assault and molestation.  We require story codes in the subject line, to give them advanced warning of content.

Finally, pedos will be pedos.  And photos of cute children can serve as a trigger.  We’ve decided to have no photos of underaged children, even fully dressed ones, for that reason.

If you have any questions, please contact a moderator.  Comments are disabled.
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