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Worst thing you did when you were super horny?

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Reply #15 on: May 12, 2021, 02:19:20 AM
A lot of people have done some sexual extravagant When super horny? What's the worst/best thing you've done?

I can't think of anything extravagant.
Super Horny? I've been horny as most people have.  But not super horny. Well, I guess I can remember one time.

(So this ended up being a two part story. The latter part is the 'super horny' part, I figure I'd add the prequel because it came to mind in typing the 'super horny' paragraph.)

I went to my aunt, uncle and cousins house with our family for the day. Some of their cousins from their mom's side of the family were there also. All of us kids (about 6 of us) went on a bike ride from the house into a local metropark. I was riding my aunt's bike. We rode for a while on smooth cement and then we turned off payment on to a path through the woods. The bumpy dirt  path caused the bike to 'vibrate' and it traveled right through up to the seat. Some feelings down yonder started to happen. I tried standing to alleviate what was going on, but couldn't go for long like that. When I sat back down it got to be too much. I pulled over and let a couple of people pass me so I was the last of the group. I started riding again and soon had to stand again, or else.  I stood as long as I could, then when I sat back down it was like sitting on an electrical live wire. IT happened. And it was at that same time everybody stopped in the path to look at a deer standing just off the path in the woods. I passed them all and kept going as my happy time continued. I tried recreating the event on the ride back to the house but couldn't.

Now the super horny part.
Fast forward about 8 years, I was dating a guy that had a motorcycle and when he suggested we go for a ride, it was the moment I sat down behind him that the bicycle ride from 8 years prior came crashing back to my memory. It was a harley and the rev of the engine vibrated the bike right through to the seat.  The ride didn't get me to happy land, but it did come close.  When we arrived back at his house I basically pulled him inside my house and tore at his belt to open his jeans.  I told him to get them off as I dropped my shorts and underwear. He was shocked by it all because it was the first time we had sex and I had rebuffed his advance just 24 hours earlier. I was super horny and couldn't wait for him to get inside me. From that point on it ended up being a complete disappointment.

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Reply #16 on: May 12, 2021, 12:31:26 PM
I was 19, a freshman in college incoming football star, who happened to be a math wiz. I took a job tutoring a girl. Let's just I took advantage of the crush she and her mother had on me.

Individually or a delightful threesome?

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Reply #17 on: May 12, 2021, 05:47:26 PM
I think that is the exact picture that I commented on in the thread.  Did you go find it, or are you just showing me what youd like me to be doing right now 😉

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Reply #18 on: May 12, 2021, 11:47:30 PM
I think that is the exact picture that I commented on in the thread.  Did you go find it, or are you just showing me what youd like me to be doing right now 😉

Yes.    :emot_thdrool: :emot_thdrool: :emot_thdrool:

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Reply #19 on: May 28, 2021, 12:17:10 PM
A getaway with my wife at the time, sis and hubby with us. Nothing special but a long bus ride to that had me and missus zonk off. I woke with a stiffy. It wouldn't go away so I woke up wifey and asked for help. Bugger off she said ah course. So my hand in my trousers it was. Not finished yet when sis came up the aisle to use the potty. Leaned in to say something to us and saw me working it. Ah, my luck.
Bus full of people, how'd I get found out. Dummy. Made a mess before it was over though.

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Reply #20 on: May 31, 2021, 01:34:26 AM
On the way back from a sports trip, I started to feel sick so I was moved down to the front seat near the driver as there would be better air flow.  After a while I started to feel better, but now the vibration of the bus along the road moving up the seat was starting to make me feel tingly, as we were travailing the feeling between my leg’s had finally pushed the quizzy feeling way and now I am sat there squirming, I don’t know when I did it but I felt my hand pushing my hand grinding into my knickers under my skirt. 

I was trying to be discreet as I finally cum I saw that the driver was looking at me, I know he saw me and what I was doing and it made me feel really dirty, knowing this old man had watched me.

As we were gathering our things and leaving saying thank you, he smiled looked me right in the eye’s and told me it was his pleasure.