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on: April 28, 2021, 01:00:46 PM
Recently, a 2018 post of mine resurfaced in which I answered a survey.  I had answered a question about the most sexual partners I had at one time - approximately 11 guys.  Had I recalled this post was still 'out there', I would have deleted it.  It doesn't cast me in the best light.  In January 2018, I had written about that night of March 1998 and shared it with a friend here, so it was still tucked away in a folder in my PM's.  I deleted a few paragraphs toward the end, it is noted at that spot in the story.

I have a few "not very proud moments" in my life.  This is one of them.  I was young, I was carefree.  I had a wonderful time.  And I don't regret it.

As with most of my stories from so long ago, the dialogue is not verbatim, but gives a good indication of what was being communicated between individuals at the time.


A lifelong friend and I were in Florida staying at her grandmas house south of Fort Lauderdale during her spring break from college.  It made it affordable going there and having a place to stay.  We just had to drive a car down from Michigan.  The house was only a mile from the beach. 

Kim always had a thing for black guys.  She had dated a guy in h.s. and another one somewhere along the way.  And, she had just broken up with a guy at college prior to our trip.

Once we got to Florida, we spent most of our time at the beach enjoying the sun, surf and sand.  We frequented a place on the beach near a bar where we could easily replenish our drinks.  Kim was sweet talking the bartender and would come back with 2 for the price of one drinks.  One time she came back mentioning she had just met a really cute guy and she planned to come back at 10:00 that night to have a drink.  I was fine with that.   

We went home and got ready, had dinner with her grandma, and drove back to the bar.  We were there for maybe half an hour before he arrived.  He was a very attractive black guy and seemed really nice.  Kim and he were hitting it off pretty well.  He and his baseball team were visiting from a college in Missouri.  It was their colleges spring break also, but their baseball team used it as spring training.  I could tell he was an athlete by his build.  He had one drink while we had a few.

Shortly after, a guy approached the table and was introduced as one of the other ball players.  I'll call him Jeff, but I don't actually remember his name.  He was also black and was tall, about 6'6", also very fit.  He sat down and we talked.  He seemed very nice and had a great smile.  Jeff asked me to dance, and Kim and her guy joined us.  It was fun, but I felt like people were staring at the two white girls with the black guys.  Maybe it was just me.  I had a fun time.

A bit later, the 4 of us went for a walk along the beach and Jeff tried holding my hand.  I lied when I said I had a boyfriend and wasn't comfortable doing that.  He was fine with it and we talked as Kim and her guy were 30 feet in front of us with his arm around her.  Then they stopped and started kissing. 


Jeff felt the same way and we turned around and walked halfway back to the bar and sat in the sand talking and listening to the waves lap the shore.  I had a really nice time talking with him.  I ended up reaching over and holding his hand.  I leaned into him but blamed it on being tired and a long day, not that I felt like getting close to him.  He put his arm around me.  I was considering what to do if he tried to progress things.  I decided I would proceed if he tried.  Just then Kim and her guy came walking back.  The guys had a midnight curfew and needed to hurry back to their hotel.  We parted ways but not before Kim arranged to meet and hang out on the beach the following day after their practice.  I told Jeff I had a nice time and he gave me a kiss on the cheek telling me that he did too.

We got to the beach some time around noon and Kim's guy showed up about an hour later.  The two of them went running out in the water leaving me alone.  Jeff came walking up with 3 other guys.  He introduced them all as I looked up trying to shield my eyes from the sun.  They were all good looking and all in great shape.  I got the feeling they were enjoying looking at me in my bathing suit.  They ended up all going in the water and were acting silly with Kim and the other guy.  Kim waved me down to the water and we were all soon body-surfing the waves into shore.  We had fun with them all.

Kim arranged to meet her guy at the bar again that night.  I was a bit disappointed when Jeff just gave me a wave and said, "Bye."

When we arrived he was sitting at a table waiting for us.  We had some drinks and then the three of us danced a bit together.  A bit later one of his other teammates we met on the beach earlier showed up.  I was a bit disappointed it wasn't Jeff.  But it was okay, I spoke with this new guy while Kim became more friendly with her guy.  They were getting cuddly and very close and acting giddy and touchy in the booth.  The guy I was speaking with was funny and very cute.  He had me laughing a lot.  I was starting to like him.

Kim suggested we go for another walk.  It was about 11:30.  I figured it would be okay instead of stuck in the bar.  I also assumed we'd be heading home in 1/2 hour because of their curfew.  Kim and her guy were walking in front of us.  The guy I was with tried to hold my hand and I let him.  It was just a beautiful night and I was enjoying his company.   

In a darker section up the beach, Kim and her guy stopped and started kissing.  The guy with me turned to me and put his arms around me.  He wanted to kiss me but I wasn't sure.  I had never kissed a black guy, not that that was a problem, but I didn't want to lead him on.  I suggested we just sit down.  I sat down and he got behind me with his legs to my sides.  He began to rub my shoulders, back, and neck.  His big hands were powerful but gentle, and it felt great.  He leaned forward and gave me kiss on my neck.  I tilted my head letting him know I didn't want that.  He moved to the other side of my neck and pulled me back into him as his big soft lips sent goosebumps across my body.  I allowed it to continue.  His hands came around to the sides of my stomach.  I pulled my knees up and held them to my chest to prevent him from trying to feel me up.  He reached forward and stroked my bare legs as he continued kissing my neck and shoulder.  I closed my eyes enjoying his touch and kisses.

We were interrupted by laughter.  We looked over and Kim and her guy were undressing.  They were going swimming.  She yelled to us, "Come on Julie, let's go swimming."  I could make out her dropping her shorts and pulling her shirt over her head.  I saw him do the same.  Then I saw her remove her bra and underwear.  He also removed his.

"Shall we," my guy asked.

"Oh, no, I don't think so," I answered laughing nervously.

"Oh, come on, you have a bra and underwear on, right?  It's dark out here, nobody will see a thing.  Nobody is even around.  We'll have our underwear on."

After a bit more prodding and Kim yelling for me to join her, I finally agreed.  I was worried my white lace bra would be see through when wet, but figured it was dark enough out.  The guy I was with stood up and removed his shirt.  He was unzipping his shorts as I stood up.  I pulled my top over my head and, with his back to me, I unsnapped my shorts and slid them off.  I set my clothes on my sandals.

He took my hand and led me down to the water . It was dark out, but I still felt very exposed in my bra and cotton bikini underwear.  When my feet touched the water I said, "Oh no, that's cold.  I'm not going in."

Kim yelled, "Haul her butt in here, she'll get used to it.  It feels great."

Before I knew it, I was scooped up in a strong set of arms.  All three of them were laughing as I playfully screamed "no" and was asking him to please put me down. 

He cradled me as he walked to deeper waters. I put an arm around him because I felt like I was slipping.  I could feel his eyes looking down at my barely covered chest. Soon it was up to his waist and the occasional wave would hit my hanging bottom.

"Okay, okay, let my legs down, I can't go in slowly, just drop my legs," I said.  And he did.  I was up to my belly in water.

The temperature wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Kim and her guy were another 20 feet further in and it was up to their chests.  We walked further in too.  I wanted to remain close to Kim, but they were kissing again and getting intimate.  So we walked away from them a bit. 

My guy soon put his hands on my shoulders, turned me around and began to kiss me.  I just went with it.  He was holding me tight against him and his hard body was keeping me warm.  I got more into the kiss.  I was getting into the whole thing actually.  My mind started to wander of where this would lead.

His hands were getting very feely on my body and came up  my back and was playing with my bra strap.  My hook was in the front.  He was feeling for a clasp at the back.  "How does this thing undo," he said in frustration.

I told him it doesn't need to be undone.

He said it did.  He reached between us and felt both breasts.  Before I could object any further, he pulled the cups of my bra to the side, exposing my breasts and ruining my bra.  He pulled me to him and his lips were back on mine.  My breasts were smashed against his chest.  At first I was scared as my mind processed what he had just done.  I came to the conclusion that I've had one nighters before and would go with it, even if he was approaching it the wrong way.  I felt guilty and thought in my mind that if he was a white guy, I possibly would have taken my bra off before coming in the water.  As I thought more about it, it turned me on that the guy had just ripped my bra off.  There was just something about it.  His hunger of wanting to see me, maybe.

His hands slid down my back and into my underwear.  He cupped both cheeks and pulled me up and into him.  I wasn't sure if I wanted this or not.  It was that I had never been with a black guy that was causing my conflicting emotions.  I thought of the time, it was possibly a way out.

Breaking the kiss I said, "Don't you guys have to be back for curfew?"

"Nope, coaches just told us to be safe tonight and cancelled our morning practice.  We've got all night."

Our lips met again.  We kissed as he kneaded my butt.  I was now getting into it and decided I would sleep with him if it got that far.  And with that settled, I let my legs separate and wrapped them around his waist, letting him know where my mind was.  Holding me under my thighs to him, he lowered me a bit and I could feel his penis rubbing against my crotch.  Yep, we were going to have sex, I thought.

Our kissing became more aggressive.  He leaned back and looked at me.  My breasts were still below water and he walked to shallow water, he wanted to see my upper body better.  I kept my arms around his neck as he lifted at the waist until my breast were in front of his face and took one in his mouth. 

We must have been visible to Kim because I heard her yell.  "Having fun yet, Julie?"

I was enjoying the softest set of lips ever as they were gently sucking my breasts in the open air.  He stopped and lowered me a bit so we were face to face again.  He reached down to my underwear again.  I could feel his hand at the fabric on my waist.  "These need to come off too," he said.

I brought our lips together and hummed in his mouth, "Mmm-hmmm."  Yep, I wanted him now.

He gathered the side waistband in both hands and ripped my underwear apart.

A huge surge shot through me having my underwear removed in this fashion.  I kissed him with more passion.  That encouraged him and he ripped the other side and pulled them free.  He tossed them into the water away from us.  I let go of him for a moment and took what was left of my bra off and let it go in the water.  I was now naked with my legs wrapped around a black guy in the Atlantic Ocean.  My body was covered in goosebumps pressed up against him.

He said, "Oh baby, we are going to have so much fun tonight." 

"I think we are."

He started walking up to the beach, my legs still around him, my arms around his neck, our lips locked.  His hands supporting my bottom holding me tight to him.  In my mind I envisioned what a beautiful sight we must be to look at.  The contrast of dark and white.

We got to about knee depth and he let me down.  Our lips separated and with my body out of the water, I suddenly felt very exposed.  I was afraid of people walking the beach seeing us.  He must not have been because he grabbed his waistband and bent forward lowering his shorts and tossed them aside to be lost in the ocean with my two pieces. 

It had crossed my mind earlier, but now the thought hit me.  I had heard about black guys before and wondered... no..... more like worried, how big it was. It was dark out.  His skin was dark.  I couldn't really tell.  He pulled me to him and I could feel it pressing against my stomach.

"Play with it," he told me.

I reached between our bodies and felt it.  It was big, but not like I was fearing.  I was a bit relieved at that as I began stroking it in my hand while we continued kissing.  A minute later he said, "Look at your friend."  I looked and as I focused on what I was seeing, my guy continued with, "do you do that?"

Kim was on her knees in front of her guy.  I didn't answer.  I took him by the hand and walked to ankle deep water.  I gave him one more kiss and then got on my knees in front of him and took him in my mouth.  The funny thing about the waves coming in and back out is that it was washing away the sand beneath my knees.  I began to slowly sink.  I suggested we go up on the dry beach.  Kim and her guy must have had the same idea because they were soon up by their clothes.  Her on her knees again.  Even with the darkness, I felt very out in the open and suggested we go somewhere.  My guy yelled to the other two.  "We're going back to the room."

All four of us got dressed, me with only my shorts and top.  We walked back past the bar and another quarter mile further.  We crossed the street and entered a hotel lobby, my top clinging me because of putting my top on while I was wet.  I felt like I was basically topless walking through the lobby.

The two guys shared a room.  It was a disaster.  When we entered, they threw some stuff off the bed on to the floor and turned on a radio.  Kim's guy turned to me and said, "what are you waiting for, get them clothes off girl."  The light between the beds was on, as was a light over a sitting table.  Kim already had her shirt off, her tan lines highlighting her breasts.  Her guy had his shirt off and they began kissing.  My guy came over and grabbed the hem of my shirt and I raised my hands allowing him to lift it over my head.  I was much tanner than Kim, my tan lines highlighted my breasts even more so. Kim's guy said, "Oh damn, that's nice bro.  You gonna have fun with them titties."

My guy then sat down on the bed and pulled me to him, looked up with a big smile, and making a joke about ripping my bra and underwear, said, "I promise I won't ruin these."  He unsnapped my shorts, lowered my zipper, and  worked them over my hips, his face very close to my stomach, and let the shorts drop to the floor.  I stepped out of them. 

"Damn," he said.

"Let me see," his friend said.  My guy turned me around to face the friend.  He looked me up and down.  My breasts in a white triangle and the red peaks of my breasts centered.  My pubic hair framed in a white triangle of untanned skin.  I liked the reaction my body was having on him. 

"Damn, you girls are something."

I turned back around and he began touching me.  I noticed how big his hands were as he rubbed up and down my legs.  He was feeling my whole body as I stood before him.  Kim's guy made another comment about my butt.  I turned my head to look at him and Kim had him in her mouth.  He was looking at me smiling.  I made the suggestion to turn the lights off but it fell on deaf ears.

My guy's hand was playing with my breast as his other hand began playing with my vagina.  He had no idea what he was doing.  Then his finger slipped in and he made a comment about the warmth and began to slide it in and out.  He lifted one of my legs to the bed, opening me for him as he continued his finger penetration.  His face was a foot away looking very closely at his actions.  Kim's guy made another derogatory comment to me.  I pushed the hand away and took a step back.

"Can we turn the lights off please," I said again and went over to the light by the table.  When I turned around my guy was finishing undressing and I was getting my first look at him.  He was very fit and he had hardened up.  I looked at Kim.  The contrast of her tanned skin with her dark skinned guy really struck me then.  I walked between the beds to turn off the other light.  But my guy grabbed me and pulled me to him.  He began kissing my breasts again and was squeezing my butt holding me tight to him.

He guided me to sit on the bed and stood in front of me.  I told him he needed a condom, even though I had done it earlier.  He got up and got one from somewhere and put it on in front of me.  I took him in my mouth and fondles his testicles, he got much harder.  A few minutes later I laid back on the bed.  I requested once again that the light be turned off but was ignored.  I got more in the center of the bed and he crawled up between my legs and held himself to me.  He just jabbed at me a couple of times.  His actions confirmed that this was his first time.

"Let me," I said before he hurt me.  I reached down and took him in my hand and guided him in.  "You need to go slow at first," I instructed him, making eye contact with him to be sure he understood. He nodded.  He felt very good inside of me.  I closed my eyes and just planned to enjoy it.

He was very awkward in his movements but he was getting the job done for me.  When I had my orgasm he told me I was beautiful and asked if he hurt me.  I said I was fine.  He continued doing his awkward movement and I looked over at Kim and her guy, she was sitting atop him with him laying down.  I told my guy to stop and we could try it like that.  I wanted to make his first time somewhat enjoyable.

We changed positions and I got on him.  He liked it much better and liked playing with my breasts as I rode him.  He had a huge smile on his face.  He ejaculated and I kept going until I had another orgasm.  He again asked me if I was okay.  I explained I was fine.

I got off and sat there not knowing what to do.  My guy tried getting me to kiss him and I suggested him throwing away the condom and getting cleaned up.  He went in the bathroom as I sat there while Kim changed positions and got on her knees for her guy.  They began again and he looked at me and said, "I'm going to fuck you when I'm done with her.  K?  I know you didn't enjoy my boy that much.  You'll enjoy me."

I was thinking more along the lines of getting out of there.  My guy came back in and grabbed another condom, put it on and said, "Get it hard again."  I took him in my hand and played with him.

"Put it in her mouth," Kim's guy said, referring to Kim.  My guy turned around and knelt on the bed  in front of Kim and presented himself to her.  She took it in her mouth, now being penetrated by two of them.  Her guy exited her and came over to me and told me to get on all fours on the bed.  I said, "No."

He said, "Oh yes you are."  He pulled me up off the bed, spun me around and pushed me face first on the bed.  "On all fours girl."

I looked back and Kim said from the other bed.  "Just do it Julie, it'll be our secret."  Then she took him back in her mouth.  I laid there.  Gee thanks for the support, I thought.

He grabbed me at my waist and lifted my midsection in the air, until I was up on my knees.  He spread my legs and knelt on the bed between them and entered me.  He was a bit bigger than the other guy, but not what I would call huge.  He was massaging my butt as he went in and out.  I was accepting what was happening and began to get into it a little bit.  Far worse had happened in my life, this was just sex and it was already happening, I figured I'd enjoy it. 

Then Kim said, "Aren't you glad we hooked up with these guys Julie?"  I turned to find her and the other guy watching us.  She was sitting on the edge of the bed, he next to Kim.  She was reaching over stroking him trying to get him hard again.  They continued watching me and it turned me on.

The guy started calling me names as he continued...'A good white slut' and referring to my vagina by the 'p' and 'c' words.  And saying how I loved his 'n***er dick', telling me I'd never want a white c*ck again.  Him talking like that added to the moment.  He gave me two strong vocal orgasms as my friend and the other guy looked on.  He eventually finished.  Before he pulled out he slapped me hard on the cheek and told me, "I knew you'd love me fucking you," and backed away.  I was about to get up and go in the bathroom, but the guy that I was originally with quickly took his place.

I had my head on a pillow looking toward the headboard as he continued.  I was close to having another orgasm when there was a commotion.  Well, not a commotion, but some more guys entered the room.  Other members of the baseball team had come in through the adjoining room. 

"We brought back some entertainment boys," Kim's guy announced.  I crawled away and curled up against the head board covering myself with a pillow.  There, standing in the room at the foot of the bed, were 3 of their teammates, alternating looks between me, trying to hide myself behind a tiny pillow, to Kim on her hands and knees with her guy behind her.  One of them white, the other 2 were black. 

Kim and I exchanged looks.  She got a smile on her face and nodded.  I shook my head.  Then my guy ripped the pillow from me and said, "back on your fucking knees girl, I wasn't done fucking that pussy yet."  Our just retired virgin was now being the macho guy in front of his friends.  I got on my knees facing the three newcomers.  As I was entered from behind, I watched his friends undress to reveal 3 growing erections.  The door opened and a few other teammates walked in.

And here, I will redact much of my original writing.  I'm sure you get the picture.
Jeff (the guy from the first night) showed up at one point.  Sometime later he took me to the adjoining room, which was his.  And there the two us us stayed.

Jeff and I were about to have sex and he said he'd forgotten a condom.  I asked him if he was STD free, he said he was, I told him he didn't need one if he didn't want to.  I laid back and he got on top of me.  Soon I had my ankles locked behind his back.  During that time, someone came in the room looking for 'the other slut' and Jeff yelled for them to get out and to shut the door on the way.

He started kissing me.  My first kiss since leaving the beach. Sex with him was slow and tender.  The best of the night.  The best in a long time.  We finished and got in the tiny hotel shower and washed each other.  I came out with a towel wrapped around myself.  As I passed the once again open door leading to the other room I saw Kim on her knees in front of two guys stroking them.  We removed our towels and laid down, Jeff cuddling up behind me, his arms holding me close.  I felt like crying.  I felt so guilty.  He was treating me so kindly for all he had observed me doing with his friends.

"I've never done anything like this before, it was just supposed to be one guy, the rest....  it just happened," I said, trying to explain my actions he had been witness to for the last hour or so.  He didn't answer.  A moment later he kissed me on the back of the head and asked me to roll over.  He pulled me close to him, our bodies tight to each other, our legs intertwined, and we started to kiss.  Then we broke it off and I cuddled into his shoulder and closed my eyes.  Kim was still entertaining the others when I fell asleep.

I woke up about 6 am, so did Jeff.  Speaking very quietly, I told him I needed to go and he said he wanted to see me later.  I asked, "Why?"  He told me he really liked me and didn't care what had happened last night.  I gave him a kiss and agreed on a place (but I never showed up).  Then I quietly went in to the other room and woke Kim.  She was laying in bed with two guys.  None of them had on clothes, no sheets, no covers, the high temperature in the room was keeping them warm. 

We found our shorts, she found her shirt.  It was so messy with clothes and baseball stuff strewn about everywhere.  She couldn't find her underwear.  I couldn't find my shirt.  One of the guys was starting to stir.  Kim whispered, "Just wear this," and threw me a t shirt.  I wasn't that worried about losing my top, so I put the t shirt on and tiptoed toward the door.  Jeff was standing in the doorway to the adjoining room.  He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him and kissed me.  "See you later beautiful," he whispered.  I walked to the door.  Kim followed.

I stepped in the hallway as Kim followed behind me.  Three men were walking down the hall observing us as she closed the door softly.  The men stepped aside allowing us adequate room to pass by.  It dawned on me that they were likely the guys coaches because two of them had on polo shirts with a college name on it.  One said, "Good morning ladies."  We just walked by without a response and quickly found our way out the front of the hotel. 

Back at the bar we discovered Kim's car had been towed.  On the walk back to her grandmas, Kim looked at me and said, "The walk of shame," and laughed. "Oh my God, wasn't that great?"

I didn't answer.  I couldn't help thinking about Jeff but knew then I wouldn't see him later that day.

So, I lost my underwear, a bra, and a cute top that night.  But I gained a Jackson State baseball tee and had enough sex to last me 6 months.  I kept that shirt for about 4 years as a spare pajama top and a lounge-around-the-house top.  I got rid of it when my soon to be fiancĂ©e moved in to my apartment.  A few weeks later he asked where that 'JSU' shirt was.  I had thrown it out because I felt bad wearing it around my future husband.   

"I spilled bleach on it and threw it away," I answered.     

"You looked so cute in it." 

If he only knew how I came to acquire it.
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Knew this would be hot. Ah Jules you are a great story teller
 It was like seeing the movie in my mind as I read your account.

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First, I agree with Bob. You are a helluva good storyteller!

Second, I love the way you own it.

I have a few "not very proud moments" in my life.  This is one of them.  I was young, I was carefree.  I had a wonderful time.  And I don't regret it.

Believe me when I say, I know about 'not very proud moments' (most of us have them whether we admit it or not) that I don't regret. It's almost a contradiction, but I get it, and I'm proud of you.

A big WOO for MJ.

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I'm going to apologise for being "that guy" here. I read it, and I had this nagging feeling in my mind, each time you showed any kind of reluctance: "Was she raped?" It's still nagging, even though you eased up each time.

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"Was she raped?"

No, I was not.

There were some posts a long time ago that brought up rape, and where some female members confessed to being raped. I recall commenting something to the effect of 'while there were situations I found myself in I wasn't completely comfortable with, I never viewed it as being raped.'  It was of this time and another time a couple of years earlier that I was referring to.
But, I can imagine other friends of ours viewing it differently if they found themselves in that predicament with Kim.

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Thank you for the clarification, MJ. I'll admit, as an outside party to this, it was hard to determine if this was consensual, hence the nagging feeling.

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