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on: May 01, 2021, 07:00:39 PM
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Neither the author nor this website condone underage sex among persons under 18 years of age in real life.


Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Child Bride (, and picks up where that story leaves off.


Friday, 12 November 1880.

This being the start of a new journal book, I suppose I should introduce myself and my traveling companions. I looked back to the start of my previous journal book, started the day after my wedding. How naive and joyous I was then! Now I'm again joyous to be free of Willard's abuse, I suppose, but also melancholy. I left a lot of friends, loved ones, and family behind in my escape.

My name is Athalia Smith. I'm thirteen years old, having been born on August 29 in 1867. I was married off when I was thirteen years and nineteen days old. I was initially happy to be married to the most prosperous farmer in Utah until I learned the truth. The rule in his house was that any male, including the dogs in the yard, could enjoy me or any of my wives whenever they wanted to. This was supposedly aid in procreating children for the farm. I knew it also gave Willard a tickle to do it. He would encourage his sons to put their wives into the deal and have them be fucked blind as well. It was a regular free whorehouse, and that's giving whorehouses a bad name. I've stayed in at least one far better and saner than Willard's home.

I'm four foot something and still skinny from hard and honest daily work in the farmyard. My breasts are still on the small side, but growing. My hair is brown. My motte, what little there is of it, is also brown. If you saw me naked, you wouldn't mistake me for a boy, barely. That's the shape I form.

Dear future reader, if you wish to cleave to the righteous path in life, please read no further. Although the pleasures of matrimony are given by God himself and are the birthright of all ladies, I am no longer a lady.

I am a slut, a whore, a trollop. I started out enjoying my husband. The next evening I enjoyed his son even though he knocked me near unconscious and burned my skin with his cigar. The evening after that, I enjoyed his next older son, who I am now running away with. I've enjoyed, and by enjoyed, I mean a peak crisis and all, his sons. Well, all except one who is too inept a lover to ever be allowed between the legs of any woman. I enjoyed all Willard's field hands one at a time and sometimes all together. Also, I enjoyed all Willard's immediate neighbors at his direction. I also enjoyed a number of vendors in the great metropolis of Salt Lake City. A tumble with me is worth a 150 pound anvil, for example. Willard bought our sumptuous room and board at the fanciest whorehouse in town by making me read my private diaries to the crowd of them like some trained monkey while they molested me. I loved every instant of it. And that's not the worst of it. I also enjoyed all the dogs in the yard. Their spunk is so much hotter than a man's, and the base of their penis swells to hold it all in at great pressure. The feeling is so delicious it appalls me the Devil can grant it. What hope can woman have of salvation at the mercy of such pleasures as these?

So as you can see, I've been abused, but I am also damned. I want spunk up in me so desperately I must have it very regular! Luckily the men with me understand this and help me with this. Abe is my main lover. He is a sweet, simple giant of a man, and quite proportional. Every time he does me, especially in the back, I'm both extremely pleasured and punished for my adulterous crime. He is innocent, sweet, and gentle and generous to all of us. I love him. Richard is mostly Dierdre's husband, and is my other lover. He is Willard's second oldest son. He is nothing like his father. Women are more than chattel to him. He values us, our minds as well as our bodies. He loves his voluptuous and increasingly pregnant wife Dierdre with a passion. No surprise there. Who would shake a bare branch like me with a blossoming fruit tree like her around? Regardless, he seems to enjoy me anyway. Perhaps I remind him of his six-year-old daughter Marta, who travels with us, or even his three-year-old son Benny. That was completely a joke. Richard is a noble and god-fearing man, not a pervert like Willard.

Along with the men, the daughter, and the son, there is our fruit tree, Dierdre. Yes, I have lain with her too. Did you not expect it? My depravity knows no bounds! I have suckled the seed of my other lovers out of her cunny-hole. I've suckled her button until she squealed her crisis, and had her do the same to me. I've put my fingers everywhere in her. As she gets closer to bearing, I'm fitting more fingers in her. Soon, my whole hand will go in. I've pleasured women before in this way. I've lapped at her back channel and thrust my tongue up where things usually only come out of. She's kissed me afterwards. She's done the same to me. I have fully corrupted and damned her, the poor woman. I can't help it. Her fruit is more succulent, her love cries more poignant, than any other.

This is our traveling party except for our four stallions, who I DO NOT fraternize with. I've seen what they carry.


On Tuesday the ninth, Deirdre awakened me with a kiss in the morning, wanting to talk to me. She wanted my permission to take Abe as a lover. She had reasoned it out with Richard already. She thought it was somewhat unfair that as matters stood, Richard would have both of us, but Abe only me. There was also the very practical matter that she was depending on Abe to defend her children, perhaps even raise them if we three perished, and yet there was no bond of flesh between them. I asked her were there any other reasons, and she said no.

I told her I thought her reasoning was all well and practical, but unless she was already burning in her loins for Abe, I was against it. Matters would be worse if there was a falling out between them for any reason. It might even tear the fragile party apart. Better to trust to my boundless appetite to keep everybody well sated than to add a relationship that, although convenient, might become a depressing chore in the future. And then there was Abe to consider. It was possible that he might not be very interested in the idea.

While Richard engaged the children to prepare for the days travels, Deirdre and I grabbed Abe and walked with him out of sight around some tall rocks to speak with him out of earshot of the children. Because of my advice to her, Deirdre did not mention the practical aspects, which Abe could well figure anyway, and it does not flatter a man to be the subject of a matter of convenience.

Deirdre said to him truthfully that she had been uncommonly attracted to him these past few days, and had asked her husband’s permission, and that Richard thought it good and practical, provided there was real attraction on his part. She understood that I was much more beautiful than her, which she was just exaggerating, and that she would understand if, despite her attraction, he didn’t want to at all, or might only want to every once in a while for a change of pace along the long road. She also mentioned her pregnant belly, which might be not to his liking.

Abe, as I expected, because he was both gallant and lusty, said that he could abide the rules they already had, but that he had become hard every time he had traded more than a few words with Deirdre these past few days, and then he said some little observations, the way she tipped her head when she was unsure of a thing, the way she smiled and her eyes danced when she watched her children play. For a simple man, Abe was wonderful romantic.

Their eyes locked. I knew there was nothing more to be said. Abe drew Deirdre to him like a feather and they kissed greedily. I stood up and walked around the rocks to where I could see Richard and his children jumping around gleefully, clearly lost in play for the next hour at least if uninterrupted. I walked back to Abe and Deirdre, and could see just since I left, they had got a passion on, because all four hands were roving. I left them then, to go fetch a blanket for them to lie on. I knew they would need it.

By the time I returned with the blanket, Abe was up under Deirdre’s dress, and doing a good job by the look of it, for she was leaned back against the rock, her eyes squeezed shut, whimpering softly, and her legs were trembling. I spread out the blanket for them. I asked Deirdre was Abe her first man other than Richard, and she whimpered yes. I just got quiet then, and watched Deirdre getting her cunny licked and climaxing repeatedly on the mouth of the second man that ever touched her. She was powerfully excited.

Soon, Deirdre had a big climax and got too sensitive to be touched any more down there for a while. Abe opened his trousers and wanted to push right into her then, but Deirdre wanted to return the favor, and while she slowly teased him a bit with her tongue and mouth, she invited him to use her this way any time he wanted, and also in the bunghole, which was much harder than it was for me to do, but still, she wanted him to know he was welcome in all parts of her, and she would have him there gladly.

With that, she lay on her back on the blanket, fussed a bit so the rock wasn’t poking too hard, pulled up her dress, and spread for Abe for the first time. Abe shuffled over on his knees, his cock hard and throbbing, with a look of lust in his eyes I don’t think I had ever seen before. As he worked his cock into her, I confess I lost control and put a hand into my bloomers to relieve myself.

The rock was perfect to help them couple, for Deirdre rested in a circular depression that pushed up her hips and cunny and allowed room, even with her baby bump, for Abe to lie over her gently and plow her nice and firm. When I saw the perfection of the arrangement, my hand fussed at my cunny harder, for I could see that Deirdre was in for a nice hard satisfying plowing her first time with Abe.

So there we were, Abe plowing hard atop Deirdre and fairly glowing with lust, Deirdre grunting in satisfaction at the force of Abe’s plowing and the close satisfaction of him on her, and me at a somewhat discreet distance watching, inflamed by the passion of it, and fussing hard with my wet cunny. I peeked out past the hill to see Richard sitting, smiling at the children playing. For a while, we all enjoyed thoroughly, Deirdre climaxing with a whimper and a thrill every few moments, her legs sometimes kicking out, me worked up enough to mostly keep up with her, but quieter, and Abe a machine of lust plowing in a fast steady rhythm.

Abe couldn’t last forever at this, and soon he paused hard on his down stroke, and his hips thrilled and pumped a little, and I knew from my times with him that he was intent and busy shooting a great big batch of hot seed into Deirdre then. For her part, her legs shot out as she felt his climax and then shook gently in climax as well. From their movements I could almost feel it filling her deliciously to bursting. For my part, I was so enthralled by the perfect delight of the time they just shared I was transfixed, and my hand on my cunny had stopped.


Saturday, 13 November 1880.

Later on Tuesday the ninth, the four adults sat down with the children to explain our new arrangement lest they see something and become concerned that something was amiss. I started by telling them that Deirdre had taken on Abe as a second husband just as I had taken Abe, and now he and Richard were husbands to both Deirdre and I.

Benny looked at Marta for guidance in all this, and Marta opined that it seemed like something that balanced out very well, but she had questions. Was Abe her daddy now too? Abe replied that for safety, the children both needed to mind all four of us adults at all times, but Abe knew he might never be as special to them as their real daddy. However they ended up feeling about him was fine with him. Marta felt this was a suitable reply, and nodded to Benny.

Marta’s next question was if Abe and Richard would be kissing and stuff like Deirdre and I did. She was getting a little used to it, but she confessed it still surprised her a little whenever she saw it happen. She quickly said she hoped so, because that would make everything very even. Deirdre and I added joking encouragement to this notion, but both men said firmly no, they would be like normal brothers, not like the special relationship Deirdre and I had. With that, the matter was dealt with.

Our first night of lovemaking after this major change was haphazard. Both Richard and I wanted to give Abe and Deirdre time to seal their bond, so those two wandered off with a bedroll while Richard and I put the children to bed and then talked around the fire. We heard some real noise coming from those two, auspiciously we figured, and it made us grateful we spoke to the kids. We wanted them assured that good things were happening for all concerned.

About an hour and a half later, Abe staggered up to the fire wearing only trousers and covered in sweat. He told Richard that Deirdre wanted him, and sat down. Richard left to see to Deirdre. I asked Abe how it was going, and he said they were all over each other in the best and most exciting way, and he hoped I wasn’t feeling left out. I said that I trusted that they would all get back around to me eventually. We then heard Deirdre making some noise with Richard, which inspired us to cuddle up and do some kissing by the fire.

Just as Abe was about to give me another climax with his finger in my cunny, Richard reappeared out of the dark. He sat and told us that Deirdre was very happy with Abe, which made all of us smile, and that she wanted the two of us with her now. So Abe and I went to her and left Richard by the fire.

When Abe and I got to Deirdre’s bedroll, she wanted to sit on my face and kiss and touch with Abe while Abe had me in the cunny. Deirdre climbed out of the bedroll and put on her jacket while I did the opposite. I asked Abe whether he was ready to see some of how girls make love together, and he said yes. He was trying to act casual, but I could tell he was very excited.

I lay down in a large wet spot in Deirdre’s bedroll, and she sat on my face. My Lord, she was wet all up and down her thighs and sloppy with spunk. Rivers of it ran out of her cunny and onto my face and down my cheeks. As I was licking and sucking her button, I had to snort my nose every once in a while to keep it from running up my nose, and it made her giggle when I did this.

In the meantime, Abe started licking me, and he was wonderfully good at it. I didn’t know because I’d never had occasion for him to do it to me yet. I climaxed right away, and when I did, Deirdre thrilled, and I came to my senses with spunk from Deirdre’s cunny all over my face, up my nose, and into my eyes, so much that she got off and wiped my face and then herself with a cold wet rag before continuing.

After that, Deirdre was less runny as I continued to suck her, and they kissed, and Abe started to have me by the cunny, which felt wonderful, and also I was fairly itching for it. Abe lasted a good long time, and before too long I was climaxing regularly, and Deirdre could feel my excitement through my mouth and she started climaxing regularly too, and plus she and Abe were kissing up a storm and he was fondling Deirdre’s great big breasts (well, bigger than mine) and my teeny breasts (which still felt very good and helped me climax more).

Finally, Abe strained in me, and I felt maybe a little warmth. Not surprising he had almost nothing left considering I’d been swallowing his spunk running from Deirdre’s cunny for the past hour.

Deirdre and I switched so that Abe could have her again and she could lick me. Deirdre’s tongue felt wonderful on me, since I had been missing her, and I began climaxing. Abe kissed me passionately, and seemed very inspired both by being in Deirdre and by Deirdre loving me. It was dark, so he felt with his hands what was happening between Deirdre and me and was excited by it.

After a while, I became too sensitive to be touched any more, so I climbed off of Deirdre’s face. The two of them stopped as well, exhausted but happy. Deirdre said she was sure she would be sore the next day. I told her we would prepare our back holes for the men, and she agreed it was a good plan. She got up to send Richard to us, being quite sure she wanted no more that night. She would sit and watch the night while the three of us got some rest or more lovemaking, whichever we wanted.

Richard arrived back and we three cuddled up and went fast asleep, a nice big man on each side of me, heaven! Abe woke up a few times that night, as he tended to, and had me nice, and by then Richard was awake and hard and had me too, then the three of us would fall back asleep. This happened twice.


Sunday, 14 November 1880.

In the morning, Deirdre stayed with the children while both men had me twice with nice big morning batches. It was glorious! I felt like yelling loud, but bit my toy instead, not wanting to attract the children’s attention.

Over the next several days, Deirdre was the blushing bride, and therefore the subject of both Abe’s ardor and Richard’s reassurance. This tended to have me a bit lonely for all three of them, but I knew it was just temporary. Both Deirdre’s holes were kept a little sore from this much attention!

Even one time apiece each evening from our two men were much more attention than Deirdre was used to, which had mostly been limited to one evening a week with Richard alone and another evening with the two of us. Richard had been charged with siring other women six evenings a week, so even though he and Deirdre had often slept together, Richard generally had little poking energy left for her on the other evenings.

I am at a much higher pitch from Deirdre. I need significant lovemaking from each man as well as significant loving from Deirdre each day to not feel too lonely. Ideally, I want much, much more from all three of them, as much as they can give.

After the honeymoon, we settled into an evening pattern of half an hour of just Deirdre and me while the men put the children to bed, then each man would visit us and have me then Deirdre and then sometimes me again. Sometime Deirdre and I would play with each other while the man was loving one of us, and sometimes we would just cuddle against the loving couple while it happened. Once each man did Deirdre, she would watch over the camp, and the two men would sleep with me, often waking me up a few times.

In the mornings, waking up with both men, they would both have me a couple of times one after the other. Deirdre would sleep or nap significantly during the day while we drove the wagon. This kept Deirdre’s cheeks rosy, kept my cheeks rosy, and was plenty of work for the men, but not too much work.

Sometimes we did unusual things because somebody got an itch to. One night, the men got an itch to have Deirdre at the same time. Abe would take her cunny while Richard took her bunghole. I got Deirdre all prepared. We did it by the fire so I could advise Deirdre, since I had been through it several times by then. I gave her my toy so that she would not cry out and awaken the children.

They did it first thing, which made it easier for them to remain hard and climax even though it was harder to move. Deirdre thought it was a very interesting experience but did not climax. She had too much pain from her bunghole and the difficult and slow movements. Richard climaxed first and then pulled out. Abe rolled her over and finished the normal way in her.

The men have done me at the same time several times now and have gotten pretty good at it. I straddle Abe while he has me in the cunny and then Richard takes my bunghole from the rear. Sometimes it is the reverse. I will generally climax continuously in the pitch dark while they have me this way, and will bite my toy fiercely. I have always made sure that if they wanted it they would do it first thing so they were big and hard. One time so far they have climaxed in me at almost the same time. That was especially glorious!

(To be continued)
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