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Paid whore (wife,exhib, voy,M+F)

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on: June 17, 2021, 07:25:33 AM
This is the story of how my wife became a whore to a rich old man and his friends.....and how their adventures spiced up our love life.

Chapter 1.

Its not every guy who can say his lady is a 'working girl'
I'm ok with it, we both are. She's always treated well and her 'clients' are all clean and well mannered, nobody too weird. She has a small group of discreet older gentleman.
For how this began I will have to go back several months to the height of June, it was during a heatwave as I recall.....

My name is glen I'm 47, my wife sue is 3 years younger than me. She's beautiful, long black hair contrasting sharply with a clear pale complexion, big brown eyes, medium build, 5'5" a bit on the curvy side but thats more to love, the most amazing big tittiies with impressive nipples that stick right out.

It all began as I say, during a heatwave back in June. Temperatures during the day rarely dropped below 30c for several weeks, most unusual for the uk.
Sue had been talking about some volunteer work for a while and had seen an advert for a volunteer driver which is a scheme ran by the local council.

After looking in detail at what it entailed we both agreed it would be a good thing for her. Get her out the house meeting people, and she loves helping others so it was ideal.
My job is at the power station, where I've worked since 18. We are ok for money so she was happy to volunteer.
Give something back to the community.
Once registered with all forms filled in the folk who run the scheme contact you by phone and give you details of the 'client' which was usually an old lady or gent that needed someone to take them to hospital/doctors etc.
I recall laughing at the word client when I first heard it being used to describe each person who needed help, we both did actually.
I used to make jokes about her going to see to her clients needs..... little did we know at the time.

I got home from work one day to see a happy sue after her first job, she told me all about it.
A sweet old lady called doris who needed a lift to a hospital appointment in goole, they got on well, Doris being very chatty on the way there and back.
Sue was very pleased with herself for successfully completing the first job, she said it gave her a sense of pride especially doing something for free. Although, there is a petrol allowance which covers any fuel costs also we discovered that most folk were very generous and gave tips too.

They mainly placed sue with other ladies but occasionally there would be men. Again usually elderly.
It was one of these men that turned out to be a guy named Desmond or des as he likes to be called, a man my wife now knows rather well.
She met him around a month after joining the volunteer driver scheme.
Des is 74 a slim mousy man, bespectacled with receding grey hair, quite short at an inch less than sue.
He's well off, big house in the country, top of range bmw on the driveway. It was a mystery to us how he qualified for the scheme.
That initial 'job' for him was to take him to hospital to have a sprained ankle looked at, just a check up appointment. Obviously he was unable to drive so we figured that, and the fact he was elderly got him the volunteer transport.

That first meeting with sue made a big impression on her. He behaved well, quite charming although she later confessed that his eyes were all over her and he was flirting a little.
At the time she just put it down to the fact he was a 'typical guy' and perhaps fancied his chances.
He made an impression for another reason too. He offered her a part time job as a cleaner/home help.

Desmond's wife had died several years earlier, and finding himself alone had been difficult. The housework for such a big home got on top of him so..... would she like to do it? He would pay above the going rate?
Her first thought had been to decline as she would not be able to do as much volunteer driving but at the time she told him she'd think about it.
Later while we discussed the pros and cons of a part time job she decided to go for it. It was only 2 afternoons a week so wouldn't miss much driving.

And so, after working the days out with des and informing volunteer driving which days she'd be unavailable, my sue went off to work for des. The two afternoons were Monday and Thursday 1 while 6.

Everything seemed ok as far as I was aware. Sue was quite happy with the work and true to his word des paid over the going rate.
Then, about 3 weeks after going to work for him I came home to find her in a strange mood, she was quiet and withdrawn as though deep in thought the entire evening.
I couldn't get it out of her what was wrong, she just clamped up.
Then, the next morning at breakfast she had something to tell me.....

I must admit, when she first told me my initial reaction was anger.
Ever since going to work for des it became obvious to sue that he was more interested in her than the work she did.
"He's been like it since day one"
Sue said
"Always watching me, complimenting me on my hair....and other things.... flirting basically....all the time"
She explained how he would sit in the room where she was cleaning and watch her work. She went on,  describing individual instances when something had happened
"This one time just last week I noticed...."
She paused grinning, clearly not upset but finding it amusing
"Well, he's sat there watching me as usual and I'm down on my knees dusting the TV cabinet with my back to him..... so you can imagine the view he had"

I nod, imagining my wife's shapely ass swaying to and thro as she cleaned
"When I get up and turn around...he's got a bulge in his pants and his hand is in his lap"
My eyes widen
"Really?!....was he.... touching himself?"
Sue can see I'm getting angry and puts a hand on mine, reassuring.

"it's alright glen"
She says in a calm voice
"He's harmless really....just a bit enthusiastic....he's lonely"
She tells me there's been other things happen too, like he's quite touchy feely, always getting close to her and one time recently actually pinched her bottom.
As I listen I can see in her demeanor that she doesn't seem to mind the attentions of this lonely old man, she actually finds his attempts at flirting quite amusing.
Not only that she appears to be finding it exciting telling me about it.
Then she tells me the latest thing that's happened just yesterday, it's what she was deep in thought about.
A proposition.

I listened carefully to what sue had to say.
Des had made her an offer to 'think about'. She normally made £40 a shift but he'd offered her double if she would do something for him.
"He wants me do one room....just one..... wearing a sexy outfit" 
Noticing the amused look in her eyes as she tells me, taking in my surprised look.

"He bought the stuff already....knows what size I am just from's a french maids outfit"
Sue laughs
"Can you believe that?"

There was something in the way she was talking, the tone and the way she looked....I just knew she'd already decided. I'd calmed down a lot from my initial reaction, seeing sue was not upset by his attentions.
Also I think it's time I revealed a little secret about sue. She is an exhibitionist.
When we were younger she loved being watched, it's her kink. We would go to some local woodland that was popular with dog walkers, she used to get so excited while we fooled around knowing there could be a guy watching us.
Then, one time there was a guy stood watching. He was partially hidden in amongst the foliage but it was clear what he was doing. Sue got very excited and wanted to go all the way, which we did.

This man watching us came out of his hiding place. He was quite old, desmond's age. He had his pants down and his dick out playing with himself while he watched us fuck.
It turned us both on tremendously but especially sue, she was wild that day.
We often returned and did see the same old man several more times. There was no physical interaction between us, we just enjoyed putting on a show while he played with himself.

Years later we experimented with net porn. Joined a site and posted pics of sue.
She loved posing and loved the idea of guys wanking over her image. It went a stage further when she suggested I show my best friend some of her pictures. He's a boob man and loves sues 40E beauties.
Again there was no interaction, we didn't have a threesome it was just the thought of him looking at her pictures that turned us both on.

This, what she was being offered now, I could see had rekindled some of those old feelings. And as I thought of sue, there in this old man's home, being ogled in a skimpy outfit.....I couldn't help being turned on myself.
After all, it wasn't as though she was going to run off with him it was just a bit of harmless fun.

Looking her in the eye I asked the question
"Are you going to do it?"
Sue didn't answer right away, she stared back into me searching my eyes.
Then, finding no sign of my initial anger she squeezed my hand and smiled warmly before saying
"Why's just a bit of fun....and I get double long as your ok with it?"
She already knew I was, having seen within me the same excitement that dwelt in her.

That night we made love like we hadn't done for a long time, she was insatiable. I spent most of the next day nursing aching balls.
Although shy and reserved openly, there's another side to sue that once aroused can take you by surprise.
Clearly the thought of parading around in a sexy outfit for a man old enough to be her father....had pushed the right button.

The next time she went to desmonds, it was a thursday, I was a bundle of nerves all day. Working the day shift I was home before sue.
Spent most of the time staring at the clock, wondering what was happening at Desmond's house. Had she done it already? What would Desmond be doing right now? Would he expose himself to her like that old guy in the woods many years ago?
Eventually my sue did return. Coming in with a big smile on her face, pleased and relieved it appeared to have gone well I embraced her, squeezing tight. We kissed and then sat down at the kitchen table while she told me what had happened.
I listened with rising excitement, to what she had to say.

Desmond had already been informed of my wife's decision by text message the previous day. He was very pleased that sue had said yes and was very excited when she turned up for work that day.
Her cleaning routine was as normal until the last room which was the living room. In one corner there is a antique victorian screen for undressing. She was directed to change behind this after being paid the double amount, apparently des trusted her enough to get the delicate business of payment out of the way up front.
"I was going to ask him for the money first anyway"
She told me
"But fortunately I didn't have to"
She went on, explaining what it felt like undressing in desmonds living room..... getting into the sexy outfit.
It turned out to be a perfect fit, all credit to desmonds accurate eye for a figure.

Sue described coming out from behind the screen and the look on her employers face.
"I'm stood there in this tiny black dress with the white apron, fishnets, high acre of cleavage on show....and a feather duster"
Desmond is wide eyed to say the least

Seeing his excited reaction she smiles coyly and in a sexy voice asks
"Will this do?"
Desmond just stares for a moment then says
"Oh my dear look amazing....your beautiful"
He goes on to compliment her figure, adding that he adores how the costume shows her curves.
There is just one condition for the next hours cleaning. She is to pretend he is not there, no matter what he's doing she is to ignore it.
Said sue
"It was too late to back out now so I just said yes.....I kind of had an idea anyway.....what he was going to be doing"
She gives me a knowing look and a wicked grin.

I can feel myself hardening up as she's telling me about this. I know what's coming.
Sue told me that while she went about cleaning, hoovering etc des sat in a corner of the room...watching.....with his hand down the front of his pants....
"He know..... playing with it while watching me"
She lets out a little laugh then goes on to describe how she felt excited about what he was doing, so she starts to put on a show, exagerates her movements teasing him. Takes extra time down on her knees cleaning the hearth/coffee table etc.

Both facing and facing away.
"My boobs were wobbling like crazy while I scrubbed"
She laughs.
Sue was clearly enjoying her little show and was also enjoying telling me about it.
I listened with more than just a growing fascination.
The best bit was yet to come.
"So, I'm about 20 minutes into the cleaning and I'm polishing the glass doors of a cabinet with my back to him.....but I can see his reflection..."
At this point she leans forward and lowers her voice, for some crazy reason! There's only us in the house.
"I can see des and he's got it out... he's sat there in the corner with it out wanking.....over me"

Sue does as instructed and ignores him, continuing with the polishing.
But she can see him in the reflection
"Suddenly he quickens up, fisting it fast you know.....then he's jerking into a wad of tissues....I can hear a muffled groan....he's come....he came over me"
By now I'm rock hard at the image of a guy tossing off to my wife, I have to say something
"Oh fuck yes!......what did you do?"
She can see how turned on I'm becoming..... gives me that knowing look again.

"just kept on cleaning.....while he cleans himself up"
For the remaining time des just sits there, still watching but not touching himself anymore.
Then, at the end of the shift before she gets changed back he asks another favour....
He wants to take some pictures of her in the uniform
"I didn't see any harm"
Sue said.
She lets him take the pictures then gets back into her own clothes. Des thanks her profusely and tells her she's made his day.....and that was that.
But, that was not all.
Sue stands up and right there in the kitchen proceeds to unbutton her skirt pulls it down. Then pulls her panties down and shows me....shows me how wet she has got from the experience.
Glancing down I see the gusset of her panties is clearly damp. Reaching forward as she stands before me legs apart, feeling between, she gasps as my fingers find her wet slit.....she's soaking.
"Oh my god"
I exclaim at the wet, hot sensation met by my fingers as they probe.

"I want you"
With these 3 little words, sue bends herself over the kitchen table... waiting for me.
She doesn't wait long. I fuck her hard and fast in our kitchen, close to the window where anyone passing could see. Its noisy, vigorous and most of all is literally.... fucking amazing.
We have not done it like that since our early days together, it feels so... Intense.

After we're through and cleaned up we sit and talk about our new elderly friend. Sue points out that he has the costume which came with its own skimpy black panties, the ones she was wearing that afternoon, they will be wet too.
"He's got my scent"
Sue tells me excitedly
"He's probably doing it right now while sniffing those panties"
She flashes me a wicked grin
"Dirty old man"
I say grinning back. Hearing those words she looks meaningfully into my eyes while fumbling at my pants belt, undoing it, helping herself to what's growing inside.
She gets it out, staring down with fascination as I get hard in her toying hand.
Then looking back into my eyes, giving me such a gaze of pure lust

"yes...dirty old man...he's going to be sniffing your wife's pussy while wanking....what do you think of that?"
I shudder and let out a gasp at Sue's attentions and wicked words
"I let another man play with himself while watching me work this afternoon....I made him come....and I loved it"
I can't take anymore, going to get up I say
"Let's go upstairs"
We do. We spend a couple of hours upstairs.
During that time sue talks dirty while we do it, teasing me about des.
Afterwards I'm practically walking with a limp, sue was wild once again. This elderly admirer was really spicing things up between the sheets.
But more was to come.

Des asked the next day by text if sue would mind dressing up in the maids outfit again on the  following Monday, she didn't mind at all. Even told him in the text back that she was looking forward to it.
Her words of encouragement spurred this lonely old man along and it wasn't much longer before another more personal request was made.
An offer that would take things to the next level, further than we had ever gone before.

Along with the exhibitionism, one of our other kinks was the possibility of a threesome. It was something we'd discussed years ago in regard to my best friend and the picture sharing episode.
But, at the time sue was just too nervous. Also my friend is married and devoted to his wife so there was no chance really.
She knew that thoughts of watching her with another man turned me on immensely.
Desmonds next request would eventually lead to a unique opportunity in our sex life.

The following week past with sue going to desmonds on the monday and thursday. Both times like before, he masturbated while watching her in the outfit.
This time however on the thursday as sue changed back into her normal clothes des sheepishly made his next move. Talking to her from just the other side of the screen he asked if she would think about something over the weekend.
It was just a simple little thing that he would like her to do for him, wouldn't take long.
He would pay her a straight £100 if she went ahead with it. £40 for the normal cleaning shift and another £ give him a 'helping hand' while wearing the costume....

My heart almost leapt out my chest as she told me this latest offer. To think of her..... actually doing that to another guy....
I was both turned on and a little in shock at the idea. Seeing the look on her face as she told me it was clear sue had already made up her mind.
Over the weekend we fucked like bunnies. The idea of her giving a handjob to des, a huge source of excitement for us both.
She notified him of her decision by text to which des replied enthusiastically, thanking her and saying he was looking forward to it.

Monday came around and I found myself after being once more on the day shift, waiting for sue to come home after 6.
Wondering from room to room glancing at clocks, imagining what she would be doing at certain times. I know she got dressed up for the last hour so after 5 was of great interest.
Would they do it straight away? Or wait while right at the end? Would she use lubricant? Would des come quick?
It was a long hour....

Eventually my wife returned. Again with that triumphant smug grin etched on her face.
Coming into the kitchen, closing the front door she stood there grinning for a moment. Then pulled 5 £20 notes out her pocket, waving them between us
"Easy money"
She said, letting out a little giggle.

She says while putting hand bag on the table
"...that was interesting....quite liberating really"
I put the kettle on while sue seats herself at the kitchen table.
Making us both a coffee, joining her as she begins to tell me what happened.....

The shift had gone as normal (strange what we regarded as normal nowadays) with sue waiting while the last hour then getting changed into the maids outfit.
Continuing dusting, hoovering etc while des eyed her up.
This time however he made no attempt to touch himself. She did notice a bulge in his pants though, with the occasional glance.
About half way through the work des suddenly spoke up
She looks over at where he was sat to see him standing up, the bulge now all too obvious.
"Would you please follow me to the bathroom my dear"
He walks off somewhat awkwardly, towards the downstairs bathroom and sue dutifully follows.

"so....we both get in there"
Sue tells me
"And he goes to stand facing the know...right up against it...I go and stand next to him on his right"
She has a sip of coffee, keeping the suspense going she can see I'm eager to hear.
"He undoes the pants...pulls em down...I can see it bulging his underwear...looks pretty hard...then he turns and I can see he's like... really excited...face is red... breathing quicker...."
She clears her throat, another sip of coffee then goes on.
I'm hardening up at the image of her...with the bathroom.

"He just sort of stares at me for a second then glances down at my boobs....I mean...their practically bursting out this little outfit....he looks back up and says...sue my love could I have a feel of them while you do it?"

She gives that little laugh, then asks if I'm enjoying myself listening to this? To which I nod grinning, then continues.
"So I thought...why not? I'll get them out....might speed things along"

Sue scoops her boobs out the skimpy uniform and stands there next to des bare chested. The old guys face is a picture, eyes like saucers.
"Well....he's all over them in no a kid in a candy while he's got his face in my tits i pull his underwear down....get hold of it and start wanking him"
She pauses again here, enjoying the effect this information is having on me. Giggling then saying
"Oh glen should see your face"
I tell her I'm as hard as rock and I'm taking her upstairs after this.
She giggles again then continues telling me, describing his cock. Its a bit smaller than mine and curved like a banana, despite his age it was rock hard. His balls are really hairy and they hang quite low....she played with them as well.

"There's a bottle of baby oil on the bath side so I figured it was for him oiled up then really went to town on up a healthy rhythm...oh you shoulda heard him groan at the's a good job nobody lives close by"
She laughs then has another drink before finishing the story.

Des came after about a minute of hard wanking from my wife, apparently making a lot of noise, and it turns out he's a heavy cummer
"There was loads of it"
Sue tells me proudly
"Goes all over the bath"
I ask if he makes more than me to which she nods matter of factly
"Never seen as's like he'd been saving it for me...which I suppose he might have done... anyway when it's over I put my boobs away while he wipes himself clean.....then I shower his spunk off the bath....all done and dusted"
Sue grins with that smug wicked look in her eye.....
Then we go upstairs.

During our love making that evening she talks dirty again, reminding me of what she's been upto with des.
Its an intense session during which we both climax multiple times.
This is amazing, just like we're teenagers again.
Afterwards sue brings something up that I too have been thinking about.....a lot.

"glen..... you know what he's going to ask soon don't you?"
She turns to look at me as we lay side by side in bed.
I nod, turning to look back
"What will you do?"
A ghost of a grin forms on her face
"What do you think I should do?"
Despite our recent activity I feel stirrings down below once again, as images flash across my mind...dirty old man desmond.... fucking my wife. Pausing for just a second before replying, there's not much hesitation
"I know what I'd like you to do"
Her grin broadens as her hand finds my stiffening cock, the same hand she used to wank des off not long ago.

"A yes it is then"
She moves in for a kiss, slow deep and meaningful, before sliding over on top of me.....and off we go again...

It was to be precisely 3 more times of wanking des into his empty bath, before his passion for sue got the better of him and gave him the courage to ask the question.
A question we knew was coming.

Before that however, sue had an idea of how to spice desmonds handjob sessions up for us.
Des had been asking questions about me. He knew sue was married but hadn't shown much interest in her other half till popping that all important question. Main one of course....did I know what she was doing to him?
Sue answered truthfully to which des acted surprised
"Really?....and he's alright with it?"
She tells him that I'm more than ok with it, I find it a turn on....we both do.
"Oh really?"
Des lights up at this new information
"So you enjoy doing this for me? And you tell your husband....glen? All about it when you get home?"
Sue agrees, telling him I can't keep my hands off her when she's been to see him.

As they talk about me, sue has the idea and asks des if it would be ok to do it.
He agrees it's an excellent idea.....

The last time that she wanks him, I have a treat in store for when she comes back.
Half way through telling me about her day at desmonds, sue gets her mobile out
"Got something for you love"

Fumbling with the touch screen she then hands the phone to me
"Just press play"
She says grinning.
I do so and the video jerks into life. Its Desmond's viewpoint, he's holding my wife's phone filming her wanking him off. She's stood as described right up next to him with her tits out, they are glistening with his saliva. I can hear a slick rapid squelching noise in the background, then my wife's giggle echoing in the confines of the bathroom
The camera pans up a little to her face, she's grinning and biting her lower lip glancing wickedly into the lense before looking down at what she's doing. The camera view follows her gaze to a curved hard looking cock appearing and disappearing rapidly in sues clenched fist, the slick noise gets louder as the camera does a close up. Desmonds cock glistens, it's bright pink and circumsized
"Fuck me!"

I exclaim as the camera is pulled back again giving a view of my wife's tits wobbling as she does it.
Then I hear her voice amidst Desmond's groans of pleasure, she's talking to me.
"Look what I'm doing glen..... I'm guna make him come....guna make this dirty old man come....aren't i des?"

A groan from behind the camera followed by his desperate sounding voice
"Oh god.....oh god your good....keep going......keep going.... aaahhhhh" 
Sue watches me intently while I watch the video, unbeknown to me, her hand slips up her skirt..... rubbing herself through damp panties...
My wife's voice again, at the point of his climax, hand speeding up to a blur.
"Come on des.....that's it....come on baby.....give me that creamy spunk..... thaaats it"
Des makes a tremendously loud groaning noise and I see him humping my wife's hand, jerking as thick ropes of cum fly off the end of his cock, splattering the tiles.
Sue squeels with delight
"Oh glen..... honey.....look what I've done.....look what I've made him do....."

I can hear des panting in the background as she takes the phone from his shaking hands. Turning the camera around she does a selfie view, showing me a splatter of pearly cum on the back of one hand.
Then as I watch awestruck she brings the hand up to her mouth and while staring seductively into the lense....licks desmonds cum off.

Watching her do that.....I'm beside myself with excitement..... practically coming in my pants.
Shortly after she licks the cum the video ends abruptly, desmonds heavy panting cut short.
Looking slowly up from the still silent screen I meet my wife's gaze, saying the first thing that comes to mind
"Holy shit that's hot"
She gazes back at me, a meaningful look. Then, gets up out her chair and takes me by the hand
"Come on honey.....let's take care of that"
She says glancing at the obvious bulge in my pants, then leads me to the stairs....and up to our bedroom....

Its the best yet.
Afterwards I'm left feeling tired and dizzy. This doesn't seem real, how far we've come in a short space of time with des.
We get cleaned up and dressed, go back down stairs this time sitting in the lounge side by side on sofa. I start the conversation with my surprise at her tasting another guys cum.
Did it taste different from mine? And other intelligent, excitement fuelled questions follow.
Sue admits to me now that the money is secondary. She enjoys what she's doing. Always coming away from desmonds with a wet pussy.

The exhibitionist side of her is taking over and it wants more.
"Oh I'm not guna do it for free"
She says
"The money is a bonus.....what I like best though is seeing him all desperate like know in the bathroom....that noise he makes when he comes....while I've got him in my's like I've got this power over him"
She giggles then glances at me.
"Then there's you....that's the best of all.... your at home thinking about me and what I'm doing"
She sucks in a breath exaggerating the noise
"It just really gets me off thinking about you.... and now we've gone further haven't we? can see me doing it now....we've never gone this far before...."
I agree.

There has been other instances when we've come close. I once asked her many years ago during the woodland walk days, what if that old guy had come right up to us? Wanted you to touch him? Wank him?
At the time she wouldn't say yes or no but the way she looked at me I just knew there was a lot more to my sue than met the eye, she hid it well. But now all these years later it was being revealed.

There was something very important we had to discuss that evening too.
She'd kept this bit from me till the end.
Waiting while the conversation had got up to what I felt while watching the video, what I was thinking?
I'd just finished describing or trying to describe anyway, how exciting it had been especially the look she gave while licking his cum.
"Well...I got a thrill being filmed too...."
She trails off then, as though gathering thoughts
"Glen? know that question we knew he was going to ask?....
Suddenly adrenaline fills my veins, my heart begins to pound. Looking at her sharply, expectantly

A grin begins to form on sues face as she gazes back
I know instantly, and so does she.
What we both want
"When did he ask?"
She told me it was that afternoon before leaving for the weekend, after she'd done him over the bath.
I asked the question I already knew the answer to
"You guna to do it?"
Sue just nods while grinning
A surge of excitement barrels through me.... realising it's actually going to happen....sue is going to let des fuck her.....

Chapter 2 to follow.

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Reply #1 on: June 18, 2021, 06:42:21 AM
Chapter 2.

That weekend our home was a hive of excitement and anticipation the atmosphere.... electric.
The thought of another man doing it with sue was driving me to distraction. We were both very strongly affected, excited yes but also nervous.
The 'odd jobs' sue had already been doing for him had softened the blow a little and we knew what was coming but, it was still a very big thing for us.

Sue had texted des that friday morning after the thursday shift. Telling him yes to the proposal and adding she was looking forward to it.
His response was as usual very enthusiastic, thanking her profusely and telling her how much he too was looking forward to it.
He texted the fine details which, at this point, were incidental. Only one thing stood out like a sore thumb, so obvious that we had both overlooked it. He wanted her bareback, no condom.
Apart from being a little paranoid about the pregnancy possiblity, sue was fine with it
"I suppose I'm just being daft"
She said as we scrutinized the fine detail text.

"I'm not exactly a spring chicken and I'm on the pill...we do it all the time bareback..... so....yeah....just being silly"
Shrugging her doubts off she glanced at me, noticing my thoughtful look, frowning then asking if I'm ok with it?
So deep in the excitement of what was going to happen I had completely missed the actual 'mechanics' of the act itself..... another man's cum in my wife's pussy....
I must admit it did excite me but, I was thinking of the health issue?
Voicing my concerns about this sue reassured me that she had observed no evidence of him seeing anyone else and that she firmly believed he hadn't slept with another woman since his wife had died.

"Remember I clean for him, bathroom, bedroom the lot...I'd see some sign of another woman... wouldn't I?"
Nodding, I could see her point
"He's just a lonely old guy looking for some..... someone to relieve those...pent up urges"
She giggles
"It'll be ok?"
She squeezes my hand, looking me in the eye smilling warmly
Smiling back
"I suppose I'm being silly now"

She squeezes again then says
"Its a big thing for us both....but exciting too"
I see that wicked spark in her eye and I'm reminded what she is like between the sheets.....dull ache in my groin a reminder of the previous nights activity, grinning I lean forward and kiss her then say
"Don't go giving the poor guy a heart attack will you"
We both burst into giggles at this and our humour lightens the mood.
Going through the rest of the details is quite fun for us both sat there on the sofa staring at desmonds long text with the dozen X kisses at the end.

The act itself is to take place on monday at the last hour of the shift. She is to change into the maids outfit right at the start of the shift then at last hour instead of following him to the bathroom she will follow him to the bedroom.
Des will pay her £200 for that hour. Effectively hiring my wife out for that period of time. He will also still pay the £40 for her shift and even round it up to £250 for the whole thing.
Another condition is no holes barred he can use her whole body as he pleases and do it as many times as he can in the time they have.

This isn't a problem either. Once sue gets going she can easily wear me out and she has taken it in her ass many times although she does prefer it in her pussy.
Its all ok and more importantly we are comfortable with desmonds arrangements.
Sue trusts him and I'm happy with her judgement.

That weekend flies by. It is indeed a very exciting time and we make love often...with the thought of monday looming....and all what that day brings.
I find myself full of questions, getting erect every time I talk about it to her
Do you think he'll make you come?
Wonder if he'll want you to suck him off?
Do you think he'll come in you or on you?
What if he wants to do it in your bum?

Dumb questions yes, but when your full of excited energy.... you can't help it.

Monday does come around. That morning when I kiss her goodbye, squeezing her tight against me, I'm full of emotions. She tells me she loves me and I her. Then I'm gone to work as though it's a normal day.
But it's far from normal.
Part of me wants to go back home and tell her to call it off, the other part wants to go with her to desmonds and him fucking her.

I'm so mixed up now its actually going to happen. Before it was just her hand but now....
I try and concentrate on work but I fail. Even my workmates notice, a few ask if I'm ok? Wonder what they'd say if I told the truth? Perhaps some of them would 'want a go' with sue.
My concentration lapses so much that it becomes impossible to do my job safely so I end up claiming to be unwell, making out I have a migraine.
Driving home I run a red light, narrowly missing a bus of all things. Harsh blaring of horn making me jump back into my senses. I need to get a grip, she'll be fine.... she'll be fine...I just need to get home.

Managing to get back home in one piece first thing I do is stare at the clock 3.45...the car clocks wrong that said 3.50 shit! Another 5 minutes added onto the 2 hours plus I've to wait. Time slows down to a stop, my mind in a turmoil of excitement and anxiety.
Desperate for the time to pass but not knowing what to do my thoughts turn to my needs, I'm so turned on I need some relief.
Going upstairs to the bedroom, watching some porn on my tablet..... wanking myself off.
It does help, I feel better, more focused.

Trusting myself in the car again, going for a long drive listening to music. Finally able to calm down a little.
I don't remember much of where I drove but it's a long time before I get back. Upon my return the kitchen clock says 5.30 they'll be doing it right now.....
For the next hour I return to my agitated state, pacing, staring at clocks. Erections come and go as my mind wonders back and forth.
But eventually, agonisingly slowly the time passes and I hear sues fiesta pull onto our driveway.
She's back!
I almost dare'nt look her in the eye as she comes into the kitchen.
She looks a little flushed and her hair is messy but otherwise ok. As I watch, relief washes over me as I see that gorgeous wicked grin of hers come shinning through.

Rushing forward we hug tightly
"I've missed you"
I say with meaning. She squeezes me hard back then says
"Missed you too you big softie"
Letting go I move back so she can get in, putting her bag on the table, I expect our usual routine of sitting down and talking about what's happened over a coffee but sue just stands there for a moment before saying
"Erm.....I think I'd better get a shower....I'm a bit..."

Sue glances down at herself
" know"
Realisation rams home, the obvious doing a fine job of sneaking up on me once again.
"Oh...I see"
I'm suddenly fascinated
"You erm...I mean.....he...did it in you?"
The grin broadens...biting her lower lip before replying with a nod.

I have to see.
I have to see it.
"Can I have a look?"

Sue hesitates just a second, then begins unbuttoning her skirt. Letting it drop to the floor.
"Don't think there'll be much to see ....I wiped most off but..."
As Sue's talking she's pulling her white cotton panties down, I can see the gusset is wet
"He comes loads so.... It did feel a bit sticky on the way back"
With the panties pulled down a little and one foot up on a chair she gently opens up her pussy for me to see.

Sue is bald downstairs, always has been since first going out together....a neat little pink slit.
Dried cum is smeared on the insides of her upper thighs, pussy itself is glistening with juices....a small bead of pearly white slowly emerges...
I'm suddenly gripped by a wave of excitement, abruptly aware of how hard I've become...
"Oh yeah...I see what you mean"
Looking back up I meet her gaze, a look of delicious mischief flashes across those big brown eyes....she sees the effect it's had on me. Seeing what that dirty old man has done to my girl.
Just then, in the background the living room clock chimes once....6.30.... in that instant the spell is broken as sue puts her foot back down and pulls the panties back up
"Well....I'd better go and get clean"
With that she goes off upstairs to get a shower, leaving me alone with my thoughts.... again.

Fortunately sue is not long and we are soon seated at the kitchen table, steaming cups of coffee on hand.
I had a dozen questions, but let her tell me what happened first....

Sue begins after a sip of coffee
"I get changed into the uniform as usual...still behind that old screen which I thought was odd...must be a thing he has for screens or something... in the text he asks me to follow him to the bedroom"

Listening with fascination and growing excitement, my coffee remains untouched.
Sue describes everything in detail. How at first, they had sat on the bed and kissed while he fondled her boobs. How she'd undressed for him, striptease style one garment at a time slowly, just leaving the fishnets on.
"By then"
She tells me
"He was naked...I couldn't stop staring at that curved dick of know... wondering what its going to feel's so different from yours...anyway..."

Continuing, she describes being instructed to suck him. Sitting on the bed while he stood playing with her hair gasping as she went to work on his curious dick.
"He keeps saying...oh god your good....good girl.....oh your a good girl"
Sue giggles, has another sip of coffee and goes on.....while I shift position in my chair alleviating some pressure on a painful hard on.

"at one point I think he's guna come in my mouth....he gets all excited clutching my hair..... groaning....but then he pulls out....he's a bit breathless but asks me to get on all fours on the bed....which I do"
An image of my wife naked on another man's bed flashes across my mind.....

"He gets on the bed behind me and starts licking my asshole"
Sue giggles.
"It really tickles at first but then he puts a finger in my pussy....that's when I start to enjoy feels good"
At this point I notice her studying my eyes carefully, looking for any sign of jealousy, finding none sue continues
"So he fingers me for a's really getting good...I suppose I was making some know...but then he stops the fingering and moves up into position....I can feel it starting to push inside...then all of a sudden it's in... and he's fucking me"
I ask what it feels like compared to mine, Is it very different?

"Yes....with it being that shape its rubbing me differently but that first time it's in I don't get much chance to feel him properly.....he comes after just a few strokes"
She describes feeling the torrent of hot cum pumping inside her, desmonds cries of pleasure, being held tightly.

"it's a strange feeling....I've only been with you and now here is this other man holding me tight... calling out my name.....while he...."
She trails off going quiet for a second, then looking at me smiles shyly.
Sue carries on telling me of her first time with desmond. After he's come in her he licks her out, tasting his own creampie.
She's instructed to suck him again. Breathing life back into the old guys limp dick. She soon has him hard and, after a good deal of vigorous tongue work, is rewarded with a mouthful.
I ask if it tastes different than mine?
"'s a stronger taste....I like yours better"
She winks and goes on to describe what happened next.

"Well....after that I kinda think it's over you know...I mean he's no spring chicken and that's twice in half an hour...we talk for a about 10 minutes just sat there nude on his bed"
Frowning, I ask what about?
"About us and me...our history...have we done anything like this before?"
Sue tells him about the old guy in the woods and the pictures I took of her etc.
Des listens carefully, asks the odd question then finishes up by saying he thinks we are a wonderful couple and have a strong trusting relationship.

"So then he starts playing with my boobs again... saying how beautiful they are...he leans in and has a while he's having a go on them I just start playing with his dick...I'm not instructed to but...I suppose it's just instinct"

She's amazed to feel him getting hard again.
"I mean seriously?....wonder what he was like at 20!"
At this point he asks her to lay back on the bed. Sue has a sip from her mug and seems a little hesitant to continue, pausing for a moment.
I'm about to ask if she's ok when she continues
"He does it again on top of me on the bed....comes in me again"
There's not much description to this one, almost like she's avoiding it.

Sue has answered several of my questions within her description but there is a few left. I save the most important one for last
Did he make her come?
At this she smiles coyly and says
"I knew you were guna ask me that"
Turns out that dirty old man des did get one out of her right at the end while he fucked her missionary on the bed

"I just sort of let myself go....I was thinking of you and how hard you would be getting.... imagining me with des....and then it just happened...came up on me real quick"
That's why she was reluctant to go into detail about that last one. Reassuring sue, I tell her I'm fine with it. More than fine. I tell her I'm more turned on right now listening to her description...than I've ever been....I want to know everything. She grins and I see that wicked mischievous spark flash across her eyes.
"Good.... because I wanted to tell you everything"

Sue proceeds to do just that, sitting there with that smug grin explaining how she came hard on another guys dick. A dirty old man no less, old enough to be her father.
How she loved being used, being this man's slut....his paid whore...

It reaches a point where I can take no more. Standing up I reach for her hand and whisk her off up to our bedroom.
There, while I fuck her, she continues the dirty talk.... telling me how good it felt when des came in her.... filling her up with his creamy old man spunk.....
Suffice to say, we both come hard together and it doesn't take long.

Afterwards, we lay there bathed in sweat, smelling of sex. Discussing our exciting new situation.
Sue confesses that this is the most turned on she's been in her life.
I agree, telling her about coming home from work early and having to wank myself off. She finds this of particular interest and suggests something special for the next 'visit' to demonds, I listen to her hushed words....with growing excitement.....

Chapter 3 to follow.

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Chapter 3.

The next time sue went to visit des it was thursday and the start of a week off work for me. We decided to try and keep busy to take our minds off what was coming.
Too much time had been dwelt already on the subject, my balls constantly ached these days from sues energetic affections....not that I was complaining but if I were to make it through to early evening I was going to need distracting.
We spent that morning out walking in the countryside then afterwards went into town shopping. Sue has a lot of disposable income these days and had decided to treat herself to some new clothes.
After dinner I went to work on some DIY projects around the garden.
At 12.40 she came out to say bye, it was time to leave for desmonds.

We hugged and kissed like on the monday, saying we loved each other.
Then she was gone.
I was determined this time not to get distracted until the time was right, I wasn't going to spend all day clock watching.
Throwing my full concentration into work proved immensely difficult but I did manage to block thoughts of her.....with him....out until it was nearly time.
Finishing everything on my DIY to do list by 4.42.

Yes!....just 18 minutes to tear my hair out in and then....
Then indeed.
This was going to be awesome.
Since sue revealed her idea to me on the monday I'd been obsessed with what was going to happen. She'd texted des with the suggestion and he'd loved it too, saying he was looking forward to it.
As 5 came and went I was literally shaking with nervous excitement, my mind flooded with thoughts and images of them together doing it.
I was just checking my mobile was fully charged for the eighth time when it rang in my hand, the initial vibration before sound making me jump, heart leaping up into my was 5.23....the caller ID said.... SUE.

Hesitating just a second, watching dreamlike as a shaking finger that didn't seem to belong to me, slid the answer icon to green.
My wife's voice, loud and clear...breathless words fill my ear
"Glen......glen?.....oh god honey.....aaahhh"
A man can be heard groaning and grunting close by amidst the constant rhythmic squeek of bedsprings.
Rushing up stairs to the bathroom, sue is still talking in my ear, her words rushed out between rapid breaths
"He's in me glen.....des.....he's fucking me.... Oh god yes"
Getting in the bathroom I stand facing the bath, pulling my already hard dick out my pants wanking it, my voice is shaky
"Oh yes!.... sue.....I'm stroking it now"

Stood there over the bath phone to my ear, having to slow down and take it easy I'm so turned on I want to come straight away. Sues voice again
"Aahhhh.... oh glen....yes..... he's..... he's guna do it..."
I hear the groans from des intensify, squeek of bedsprings louder, faster.
"Oh shit"
The words fall out my mouth as I listen awestruck to my sue about to be filled by another man.
Her voice again this time directed at des
"Come on baby....come on....give me it"
Her words almost drowned out by Desmond's final loud groan......the bedsprings have stopped and there is complete silence for a few seconds.... before the heavy breathing resumes from both of them.

Sue has a few more words for des then turns her attention to me
"YES!...thats it baby.....thats it.....fuck.....YES"
Desmonds whimpering in the background
"Oh honey..... he's coming....I can feel it inside me right now.....I want yours too....stroke it glen.....make it come" 
Its too late I'm already coming, pumping my dick hard, letting out a loud groan..... panting into the phone.
"Oh god.....YES!"
Sue overemphasizes the word yes, squealing it out with glee at making both of us come together.

She tells me that I'm a good boy, we both are, then says she's looking forward to seeing me soon.
Then hangs up.
I'm left standing over my bath still panting from the experience, phone in hand, pants and underwear around my knees and spunk all over the bath. I feel amazing, that just felt so right. Absolutely fucking awesome.
I feel I have to say something, even if it is to an empty room
"Holy... fucking...shit!"
Yeap, that's just about the perfect thing to say to yourself after wanking off while listening to your wife getting fucked by another guy.
Putting the phone down, I proceed to clean up. Myself first then the bath.
Sue will be home within the hour.

That hour passes predictably slow. My thoughts are on one thing now, no diy project is going to distract me this time. And so, I'm resigned to nursing a hard on buried in thoughts and images of what dirty des is doing to my wife.

She does eventually come home. Sue is barely through the door before I'm on her.
Kissing passionately, pressing her up against the wall, heats rising fast between us. I quickly find myself on top of her right there on the kitchen floor having quickly removed my pants and underwear sue is still fully clothed, skirt hitched up wet panties pulled to one side. I don't wait for her to get cleaned up this time. She hesitstes just a second, asking questioningly
"Wait....are you sure?..... I'm not clean"
Sues breathless words rushed out as the tip of my throbbing cock nudges her slick opening....I can feel how wet she is. At this point I just don't care if she's not clean.

Telling her so, she squeels with delight as I push it in her, experiencing my first sloppy seconds with my own wife.
I can feel it in her, she's so wet. Sue goes wild, I have never felt her like this before. She talks dirty for the brief few minutes it takes us both to climax.
Telling me she wants mine, begging me to add mine to his....and I a screaming climax that almost brings my head off... leaving me dizzy and both of us panting breathless in each others arms.

Later that night after several more sessions we discuss what happened.
Sue tells me that after the phone call they did it another 2 times, he didn't use her mouth this time just her pussy.
She excitedly tells me how turned on she gets when another man comes in her, knowing that I'm imagining it all and playing with myself back at home.
Although this time of course we went a step further, with me being able to toss off while listening to her doing it with him.
It had been the best night of sex we'd ever had together. What was now clear, we both had found our ultimate kink....our mutual fetish.
Much more was to come.

I feel at this stage i must point out that at no time during my wife's new 'job' did sue or myself or des suggest a threesome.
The prospect had occured to us however and we did discuss it. Sue felt the same as me. Because she was being paid it felt more business like. If des had been a good friend then it would be different, but he was her a way her boss.
Both myself and sue were very happy to keep things just how they were for the moment. I loved hearing about her exploits with des and she loved telling me all about it. However we do enjoy much more than that, for example the phone call while they did it and the video she took were just the beginning.

The weeks rolled past and our sex life just got better and better.
Sue was making £500 a week which was about what I got at the power station so we had 2 full time wages coming in. With all the extra money we purchased a decent camcorder and tripod set up.
That's when things really got going.
Around the third week of being desmonds whore sue took the camera to his house and with his approval filmed their hour together.
For the first time I was able to see.....and hear... everything.
Des was at first reluctant to be filmed as once the camera was trained on his bed and the session began he had difficulty getting hard. Turns out he's a little camera shy.
But he soon overcame any nerves with the help of my sues oral skills, and went on to be quite the porn star.

The camera had been positioned near the bed head aimed across and down it so it was a good wide view.
We both watched the footage from our bed immediately after sue had come home. She commented here and there with excited words of
"Oh yeah.... you'll like this bit....he's about to come"
And while giggling
"Oh yes....look at his face....he's spunking in me right now"

All the while playing with my hard dick under the covers.
That first time i saw it, watching her being fucked by another man....I just came in her hand after a few minutes.
Couldn't help it, I was just so turned on.
At one stage I got to see her come on his cock. They were doing it doggy style second time, facing the camera. Oh god that look on her face as he made her come..... priceless!
There is no more an erotic sight than watching your wife get off on another guys dick. Especially one much older, it appears that the encounter with that old guy in the woods all those years ago had done something to me too....but much more was to follow....things were about to really take off...

Chapter 4 to follow.

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Chapter 4.

A month had passed since that first 'filmed' visit to desmonds, and there had been one important change.
Sue was now taking care of 2 elderly gents needs.
It turned out that des had a friend called Arthur. She came home one day and told me all about him and Desmond's new proposal.
Des had shyly confessed to showing pictures of her to his friend in the past and that arthur had shown a keen interest both in sues appearance and also what she did for his friend.
Arthur is 71 and mostly wheelchair bound, only able to walk very short distances as he has bad knees and hips.
He's also married, has been to the same woman for some 50 years.
Arthur is devoted to his long time wife and they are still very much in love but....
She is not interested in sex anymore, hasn't been for many years, this contrasts sharply with arthurs high sex drive.

So, for the past several years old art has been a porn addict....a secret one of course making sure his wife doesn't find out.
He openly admits to des that he 'does it' himself several times a week watching porn while his wife is out.

It was Arthur's predicament that prompted des to suggest something to his friend.
A little arrangement.
At first art was reluctant, he really does love his wife. But I suppose the urge is sometimes just too strong.
Arthur finally agreed to see sue if that was ok with her?
Well, my sue is an in for a penny in for a pound kind of girl. She readily agreed, knowing I would be ok with it.
I was more than ok with it.
The thought of her with two old men......I was walking around with a permanent hard on.
Although it wasn't quite how I imagined. When the arrangements were finalised it appeared that Arthur was quite shy and she would be alone with him, it wasn't to be a threesome with des.

The details came through as before in a long text to sue. This way we had a record of what was to happen, the fee etc. The fee was negotiable. Des always made sue feel comfortable about the money side.
Art had offered £50 for a 'favour'.
Apparently, and to us astonishingly, art had never received a blowjob.
In all his life the man had never been sucked off! His wife considered it dirty.

Des was a little embarrassed at his friends offer of £50, he thought it too low. Knowing how good sue is with her tongue he offered to smooth things over with an extra £25, not telling his friend.
Apparently art was not as well off as des and also he has a joint bank account with his wife so any sizeable regular withdrawals would be noticed. Sue accepted the offer although as she had already mentioned, it was not primarily about the money.
This was about the thrill of being used.
The act itself would take place on a monday evening. This was a time when art and des usually met up. Desmonds ankle now being better he would drive to art's, pick him up and take him back to his house for a drink and a chat about the weeks goings on.
It was the perfect cover.

So, when everything was settled, off went my sue one monday evening at 7, to care for her new client.
She excitedly described what happened after arriving back just 45 minutes later. It was so quick at first I thought something had gone wrong, it takes 15 minutes to get to desmonds so she'd only been there a short time.

Sue hadn't bothered getting too dressed up, it had not been requested but sue felt it appropriate to wear something that was kind of formal but also a little revealing. Going for a secretary look, grey above the knee figure hugging skirt, black stockings underneath. High heels of course. Black long sleeve blouse with a few too many buttons undone and a black lacy bra of the type that squashes them together to create that oh so sexy, beautiful deep cleavage.
Sue looked awesome.
She described arriving and knocking on Desmond's door, being warmly greeted by des and invited in...

"We say our hello's he's his usual cheery self....invites me through to the living room and introduces Arthur...there he is sat in the wheelchair.... looking terrified"
She has a little giggle then goes on describing arts appearance. He's overweight, can't gauge his height properly as he's sat down. Wispy, receding white hair a plump round face and small beady eyes.

"You know that kids art show that was on years ago? Forgotten its name....but the guy who did it was called Tony hart...looks just like him"
She went on to describe saying hello and shaking hands with art. She can feel him trembling.
"I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable at how anxious he is you know? it's my I'm eager to put him at ease"
Des chats with them both for a moment then suggests they use his office. He wheels art ahead of her down a short corridor and off to the right into a large room filled with stocked bookshelves, a desk and computer.

"Good choice of clothing eh? did I know"
She giggles again.
"Well.....then des leaves us alone saying to his friend before leaving... you'll be fine art sue will look after you"
Those first few seconds after he's gone are the worst sue tells me.
She feels very uncomfortable just knowing that arthur is so anxious, after all....he's never been with anyone but his wife of 50 years and never had a blowjob before.
She decides it's up to her to take control of the situation, he needs to be mothered, taken care of.

Sue starts with a warm smile, locking eyes with her client.
When she speaks it's in a calm, quiet but confident tone.
"I know it's your first time's alright honey....just relax....."
Sue tells him he'll be ok and that like des says, she will take care of him.
"I can see he's really i put my hand on his face....gently stroke him......then lean down and kiss him on the lips real slow....taking my time"
As they are kissing her hand finds its way down into arts lap.
"He jumps a little at my touch....and draws in this sharp breath through his nose"

They break off the kiss and a red faced Arthur aopologieses for his own nervous state, telling sue that he's only ever been touched by his wife.
Sue looks him in the eye, she can feel it growing in his pants at her touch. Bringing her other hand forward, planting a finger upon arts moving lips, stopping him mid sentence, he was babbling about how he shouldn't be this nervous.....
"'s alright's alright"
Getting down on her knees between Arthur's legs, now looking up at him
"Your wife may not like doing this....but I do....just relax....thaaats it"

She carefully undoes his pants, slipping a hand into arts underwear and grasping hold his growing dick.
"'s big already but quickly getting bigger as I'm holding it.... wanking it....he draws in another sharp breath and whispers.....oh god"
I ask her to describe his cock asking if it's bigger than mine? To which she giggles, going a little red with embarrassment
"I'm afraid to say....yes honey....a good takes him a little while to get fully hard but I'd say a couple inches longer than yours and the head is quite's purple and uncircumcised"
I do feel a twinge of jealousy at this information but it quickly passes as sue goes on describing her time with Arthur.

"Anyway....I've never had an uncircumcised one before's kind of fascinating"
She giggles
"I roll back the foreskin and there's this quite handsome tasty looking I took in"
My wife describes sucking on this exciting new toy, tasting it, rolling her tongue around it feeling it get harder.
"Arts groaning a lot straight away.....and panting.... saying oh god......oh my god...over and over"

He doesn't last long, sue estimates just a minute or two
"The quickest 75 quid I've ever made"
She says with a smug grin, then describes the moment he comes in her mouth, telling me that art tastes better than des but not as good as me, he also does not produce as much as des
"I swallow it all down while he's panting and groaning..... The guys bright red afterwards.... almost turning purple"
She finds this quite amusing
"Its a wonder you didn't give the poor man a heart attack"
I say, giggling along with her.
When he's recovered sufficiently to speak, he thanks sue profusely telling her it was amazing and the best experience he's had in many years, also can he see her again same time next week?
"So....that's another one for the books"
She says proudly.

Arthur's needs are satisfied every Monday evening from then on, always the same thing.....a blowjob in Desmond's office. He never asks for anything else.
Agreeing to service art does open the door for more possibilities however.....
Des mentions another 2 of his close friends who are very interested in my wife's talents.

These 2 friends are also destined to become sues regulars.
The first, a retired doctor of Chinese decent is the oldest of her little group. Dr Phillip Chen is 82 years old and still very active in the trouser department. He is a widower like des and lives in the same village.
His regular slot becomes a tuesday morning, he's an early riser and asks to meet at 8am which is no problem for us.
Dr Chen is very polite and quiet but certainly not shy. Des had informed him before they met of the situation with sue and her hubby, how I like to watch. So, the very next meeting after that initial appointment he agrees to be filmed....and I get to see sue being fucked by yet another guy.

Despite his age this Dr Chen is quite virile and obviously very experienced. He brings sue off 3 times during that hour.....oh is so hot to see.
The old guy only comes once, right near the end making sue beg for it which she excitedly does. He likes to be called 'sir' while they are doing it.
The hottest scene is where he comes in her pussy doggy style at the end of the session with my sue staring into the camera lense, flushed and panting, tits wobbling to Dr Chen's ever quickening thrusts.

Responding to the good dr's goading, her words pushed out through rushed breath's
"Oh god yes.....please.... please sir.....please sir...I want it"
Seconds later he unloads in her.
Sue closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide, letting out a loud squeal of delight.
She admits, while we watch the video in bed....sue gently playing with my stiff swollen cock under the sheets.....that as he squirted hot spunk inside her she was coming again.... knowing I was going to see this....
Like so many times in the past and yet to be, I can't hold back, she grins wickedly as I curse out loud and come in her hand.
This, is our ultimate fantasy fullfiled. The exhibitionist and the voyeur.
And it just keeps getting better....

The second of Desmond's friends is a big tall guy called Eric who is 69. My wife's first meeting with him proves embarrassing because he is the only one of the group who we knew before.
A popular, well liked guy often seen walking his granddaughters golden Labrador around our village. He lives only a short distance from us and like Arthur, is married.
We've spoken many times in the past, usually bumping into him while out walking, chatting about the weather or local issues....small talk really.

Des had shown him a picture of sue all dressed up in the maids outfit but he just hadn't recognised her like that. It had been arranged that their meeting place would be at Desmond's as eric was married and his wife at home they would need somewhere private to go. Des kindly volunteered his spare bedroom.
So, as she was ushered into Desmond's living room one evening to meet her new client both her and eric turned bright red.
Fortunately they both saw the funny side and were able to overcome the initial shock.
"Well...can you imagine it?....the look on Eric's face"
Sue laughs out loud as she tells me.

There is several minutes of awkward embarrassment between them but sue reassures a glowing eric that his secret is safe with her, she won't tell as long as he doesn't....they can keep each others secrets.
In the end it all works out fine, with both sue and eric getting to know each other much better in Desmond's back bedroom.
Like Arthur, eric has a big one but puts it to better use, bringing her off twice and delivering two huge creampies.

Eric is reluctant to be filmed at first but is brought round by Desmond's reassurance that it's ok, we are 100% trustworthy and only keep the footage for our own entertainment.
What a strange but exciting experience it is one late evening, laid in bed with sue while i watch a video of her being fucked by the kindly old man I regularly say hello to and make small talk with.
And of course, we do still bump into him regularly out with the dog.
That first time he wonders into view with Bella in's myself and eric who go red with embarrassment, sue takes it in her stride.
However we soon get over it and eric pulls us to one side away from prying ears. He shakes my hand and tells me how lucky I am for having such a beautiful lady. And how happy she makes him feel.

It makes a powerful impression upon me as I've never met any of them in the flesh before, always a video or an exciting account from's different to actually meet and interact with them in person.
I'm very impressed with eric and what he has to say about my wife.
So much so that it prompts me to suggest something to sue, something I've been thinking about for a long time

We had discussed the possibility of myself being present at one of her appointment's in the past but decided it wouldn't be appropriate as these were paying clients.
But the pair of us meeting eric like that and getting on so well had spawned an idea in my mind of how we could make it happen.
What if we offered a free session.....for all the clients together....a one off gangbang?.....

Chapter 5 to follow.

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Chapter 5.

It was Monday evening, 7.30pm exactly, as we pulled onto Desmond's large driveway.
Now mid October and already dark, sue parked her fiesta alongside Desmond's BMW 5 series and switched the engine and lights off.
Staring out into the dark I could see 2 other cars on the driveway, a jaguar and a ford mondeo. The jag was Dr Chen's , mondeo belonged to eric. It was monday so Arthur would have been given a lift here by des.....all present and correct.
I felt tense....and excited.

"You alright?"

As soft and gentle as her voice is, I was still startled by sues enquiry.....deep in thought.
My mind had wondered back to a week earlier when this 'special' appointment was agreed.
Our idea about a one off freebie had of course gone down well with the old boys club. Only the shy arthur had been reluctant but finally agreed after some friendly encouragement from the others. It was arranged for Monday evening because this was the usual night art would be at desmonds so would not arouse any suspicion from his wife......if only she knew what her loving husband was getting upto.

We had come so far since June and now were about to make our ultimate fantasy a reality.
Originally I was angry when sue first told me about desmonds advances but that anger soon melted away when I realised she was getting turned by his attentions, seeing this in her sparked those old feelings we used to share being watched in the woods many moons ago. After that, one thing led to another.....and here we were this evening.
Turning to look at sue, her eyes twinkling in the gloom
I reply
"I was just thinking about how all this came about.... who'd have thought we'd be doing this now tonight?"
She leans in for a kiss, lips touch mine soft and gentle. It's a special moment between us, I've never felt closer to my wife
Breaking off she says

"Love you"
I tell her I love her back.
"Come on you big softie....don't want to keep the boys waiting do we?"
She begins getting out the car, I follow and we walk hand in hand upto the front door.

Desmond opened the door and greeted us both with a warm smile, voices and laughter can be heard in the background it sounds like a room full even though I know there's only another 3 guys back there....a sudden jolt of anxiety hits me and a voice in the back of my mind shouts
'what are you doing?!!'

But just then Desmond's voice interrupts
"Hello my's so nice to see you again"
He takes sues hand and kisses the back of it, then, looking past her at me his smile broadens
" nice to finally meet you in's an honour"
Replying that it's nice to meet him too we shake hands and then are invited in.
Led down a short hallway into a large well equipped kitchen then through to the lounge, as we approach the voices become quiet.
Walking into a large spacious lounge the first thing I notice is arthur in his wheelchair and bizzarely I must stifle a fit of the giggles.... strange how they creep up on you in the most serious of situations. I'm finding the moment humorous because he does indeed look just like tony hart exactly as sue described, the resemblance is uncanny.

I'm greeted by warm smiles and pleasent hello's as we all become acquainted, although of course, we already know eric who we bumped into just yesterday.
I'm most surprised by Dr Chen who I know is a whopping 82 but doesn't look a day over 60, in fact of the group he looks the youngest. I shake hands with each man in turn and receive lots of glowing comments about sue, who is  turning bright red with all the nice things being said.
It's now also, that I notice, with her body language, how she's looking around at the guys, her smile..... everything really....she's loving this....all eyes on her.
Sue has chosen her secretary look for this most special occasion....the guys....and myself....can't keep our eyes off her.

Trying desperately to keep the nervous excitement under control I talk with the others about 'normal' things at first. Des has brought us both a drink, red wine for sue beer for me.
We sit on the sofa side by side, husband and wife together in this most unusual situation. Every few minutes I find my mind racing, images flashing what is to come.
After around half hour the conversation about normal things inevitably begins to dry up and it's des that takes the lead forward.

He remarks about eric and how we knew him already, the embarrassment of that first meeting between him and sue, it's light hearted initially, with the others laughing along with us and asking what did she think etc when first realising who he was?
But just like that, with one comment from des.....the whole atmosphere changes instantly.
Grinning at sue he says
"You soon got over that embarrassment though....didn't you sue?....and you eric"
He briefly turns to his friend, giving him a knowing look then adds
"I heard you.....even above eric and those squeeky certainly do make a delightful noise my dear"

At this sue blushes a little, glances at me then replies
"Well....I couldn't help it....eric is quite.... persuasive"
Laughter again, joining them I look around at these elderly men.....who all know my wife..... intimately....and it is with little surprise that I feel myself hardening up as I watch them..... watching her.
Sat on the sofa, sue on my right. Sitting on the sofa opposite from left to right Dr Chen, Desmond then Eric.
Art is in his wheelchair close by next to eric.
A brief and awkward moment of silence falls upon the room after laughter dies away, again it's Desmond that takes us forward.

Standing up, putting his drink down on the coffee table between us he says
"Well.....i think we are all eager to get on"
Looking around at the others he adds
"Aren't we gentlemen?"
A murmur from the others, one 'definitely', a 'yes please' and a nod from art.
Adrenaline fills my veins as excitement reaches boiling point.....this is it.
We are asked where we'd like to 'do it'. The main bedroom is mentioned by des but it's sue that surprises everyone by suggesting that this room is as good as any.
Des hesitates for a moment then, looking thoughtful, he agrees and comments about the light being better in here and more room too.
He wonders over to the bay window where a box ottoman sits, opens it and retrieves a large padded quilt then with erics help moves the coffee table, making a large space available between the sofa's. Here the quilt is laid down..... ready for sue.

"There....that should make things more comfortable"
We both stand as he approaches, asking me if I want to set up my camera?

I've brought the camera and tripod which is going to remain fixed upon the quilt but I also plan to use my mobile phone to film close ups.
Setting it up....I'm all fingers and thumbs. Glancing around I see that des and sue are already in each others arms kissing....the others beggining to gather round.
'oh's's really happening'
That voice deep inside me again.
Throat feels so dry, heart thumping in my ears, hands trembling while I fumble the cameras on button and aim it.
Looking at the screen, checking the little green record light is flashing, timer counting seconds away.
Looking back up, they are still kissing but now eric is up close behind her groping sues bum then as I watch he begins kissing the back of her neck and shoulders....I know this drives her nuts and she responds with a muffled moan through desmond's mouth, her hand moves back between erics legs and I hear him gasp at her touch.

Getting the mobile out and beginning to film I stand watching the spectacle unfold, the situation in desmond's lounge has changed so rapidly from a group of people having a normal conversation over a drink to.....this....I'm awash with excitement and nervous's progressing so quickly.

Dr Chen is now joining the action, stood right up next to her left side, groping her tits.
A moment later she breaks off kissing with des and let's her head flop back while eric nibbles her neck. Des moves back a little and begins undoing sues blouse buttons, Dr Chen follows desmond's lead and starts on the skirt, undoing buttons.....
My wife's outer clothing is soon removed leaving her looking stunning in just black lacy bra, skimpy panties and stockings.
She glances at me occasionally, that look in her eyes says it all.....
The vixen is loving this.....all these hands exploring.....all eyes on her.

Des, Eric and the Dr quickly undress. Art is understandably slower, struggling a little to stand up sue sees him and goes to help, helping hand out the chair then bends right over to undo his pants for him. Seeing the opportunity eric goes for it but Dr Chen is quicker, getting down on his knees behind sue pulling her panties down and thrusting his face eagerly between my wife's ample cheeks.... gorging himself on pussy and ass. Sue responds with a gasp and a cheeky look back over her shoulder before continuing with art.

Moving forward, filming with the mobile I capture the moment she gets arts pants and underwear down. Going right in for a close up sue looks straight into the lense, her face flushed, an excited hungry she grasps arts big cock and takes the end into her mouth. Art groans at her attentions, lowering himself slowly back down into the chair she follows him down not letting go.
Sue has told me before how much she likes sucking arts cock and now I can see for myself up close exactly what she means.....and boy....does she mean it.
Looking into the lense she keeps taking the big purple head out and licking it, flicking her tongue quickly back and forth making the old man shudder and gasp.....then plunging it back in.... head bobbing rapidly up and down.....oh fuck! This is so hot to watch!

Glancing back at Sue's rear, a slurping noise can be heard, the good Dr tucking in....sue opens her legs wider giving him better access. Des has moved up right next to me and is going for sues bra strap, undoing it coaxing it off her arms as she relaxes on art briefly.....her big 40E titties now bare but not for long.... being quickly clothed with a hand each from des and Eric who has taken up position opposite. A moan from sue, the sound muffled by a mouthful of cock.
The hard on in my pants is aching, I'm shaking with excitement, so turned on I feel dizzy.....this is the best ever..... nothing comes close.

Des and eric are hard as rock too and presenting theirs to her but sue sticks with art, not letting go.
She's rapidly driving him to the edge, the old boy is going bright red, he's panting and has that excited desperate look, clutching my wife's hair.
We all know he's about to lose it.
Des comments first with a murmur
"Oh yes"
Then Eric chimes in
"Oh yeah.....she's guna make him....come on art give her a drink old lad"

A second later arts groan fills the room.....he pushes forward as Sue's bobbing head comes slowly to a stop....the groan turns into a high pitched 'aaahhhh'.
She keeps her eyes open while he fills her mouth but I don't see her throat working, giving me a clue as to what she's going to do next.
Amidst cheers and excited comments from the others I move back a little giving her has just about finished.....sue slowly withdraws letting his big purple head flop out her's glistening with saliva and cum....a little still oozing out..... raising her head and turning to face me sue opens her mouth wide..... revealing arts cum..... showing me her prize briefly before swallowing it all down....

I capture everything on the phone, noting that wicked look of mischief in her eyes as she leaves art panting in his chair and moves on to Eric and des.
They move up close to her standing side by side, eagerly presenting their stiff cocks.
Sue does not hesitate, taking it in turns to suck first Eric's then Desmond's. With sue still bent over and recieving oral from the Dr I now focus the camera on what he is doing.
Getting up close to sues rear, he is happily embedded between her cheeks slurping away....a wet....busy noise.
Amid groans of pleasure from the two up front, watching as the Dr slowly withdraws his red face from between sues cheeks.....he's a little out of breath and his lips and chin glisten with saliva and her juices.
Grinning up at me he makes a comment about sue tasting good then stands up.

There now follows what should have been a comical moment as the Dr tries to enter sue from behind, comical because he is quite short in height and with her in this position she's just too high up for him.....but I'm not in the state of mind for giggles's hard to put into words accurately what my state of mind is.
I don't think I've ever been this excited before.

After 2 unsuccessful attempts he suggests she gets on her knees on the duvet, this she does.
Briefly and reluctantly letting go the 2 boys up front, getting down onto all fours, then quickly surrounded once again, eric and des knelt before her.
She's soon greedily sucking away while the Dr gets into position behind, grasping her hips tightly...... sinking his 82 year old stiffy slowly into my wife's tight moist pussy.
Taking erics dick out her mouth sue briefly glances back at Dr chen, giving him such a lusty look that I mumble out the words
"Oh....fuck yes"
Hardly recognising my own voice.
So focused on what they're doing and holding my phone steady I fail to notice art manouvering his chair next to me, he makes me jump a little.

Glancing up he apologises then goes on to make a comment about her looking so delicious in that position.
I find art quite friendly and immediately take a liking to him, bizzarely falling into casual conversation with the old man while filming. It's only short but does take some of the sexual tension away.
Exchanging words while watching this spectacle of sue being used by 3 elderly men.....she begins to moan..... backing onto Dr Chen.... clearly getting more excited by the second.

I know she's building up to something special, I can see the back of her neck is flushed red, cheeks bevelled inwards as she sucks hard on Desmond's cock both him and eric twisting and pinching her shaking nipples.
Sues ever louder moans interrupted by des throwing his head back and groaning out loud then uttering the words
"Oh god.....that feels good"
She's really going to town on him and a ripple of excitement goes through the little group as they expectantly await des losing it, but I know my wife very well and I've already noted how close she money is on her....I'm not to be disappointed.
The Dr knows too and he goes for it, thrusting forwards hard against her back strokes, pounding into her with such force and vigour anyone would think she was being fucked by a 19 year old.

Nudging art, looking down while grinning I tell him
"She's going"
He stares back at sue excitedly whispering the words
"Oh yes"
It's now I notice, kind of absently, that he's playing with himself. Wanking it back to hard while focusing his full attention on sue being brought to orgasm for the first time this evening.

Seconds later she takes Desmond's dick out her mouth and throws her head back, eyes screwed tightly shut mouth wide open. Excited comments from the two men she's been sucking
"Oh god yes"
From Eric and a
"Go on doc fuck her...give her it"
From des.
The other 2 men are silent except for rythmic grunts from the Dr. Seeing his opportunity he lunges forward over her back, grabbing a handful of lush black hair and pulling, forcing sues head back further.
She was already on the brink but this does the trick, she loves her hair pulled.
Sue emits a loud deep pitched gutteral scream as a powerful climax floods through her.
Her whole body shakes then suddenly all is still for several seconds, nobody speaks or even seems to breathe, a moment as though froze in time.....a perfect moment.

My wife never comes quietly and has been known to 'gush' but what I see surprises even me.
The silence is abruptly interrupted by a watery, squirting noise. The Dr looks down and pulls back a little to see sues juices flowing over his glistening dick, dripping off his balls, some too is running down her legs and dripping onto the duvet cover.

I'm in awe, all I can do is concentrate on holding the phone as steady as possible in my shaking hands.
Dr Chen looks up grinning, his one word
Sets the others off as they quickly realise what's happening.
I hear different comments but in my awestruck state I'm unsure who even made them. I'm aware of Eric and des still on their knees, moving back to have a look.
There's a
"Oh shit look at that"
And a
"We have a gusher!"
Plus much praise for the Dr who quickly points out that it was a joint effort. His comment makes us all laugh but soon our attention is back on sue who is panting, and slowly laying down on her side staring around at us with a bewildered look

She manages the words between quick breaths, gathering composure she looks down at the wetness between her legs and on the cover
"Oh shit....sorry"
Sue giggles, going redder clearly embarrassed for the mess she's made.

It's Eric that speaks for us all when he says
"Shit honey don't apologise....that was are amazing"
There's a murmur of agreement through the group and before she can stop him a cheeky des is bent down licking the juices off her ass. She quickly puts a hand down between her legs preventing him going further
"Ooh des.... no.....just a minute's a bit sensitive"
He withdraws, licking his lips.
For the the next few moments there's a brief lull in the excitement as sue takes a minute to rest. A light hearted chat fills the gap, with lots of comments from the guys about her gushing.
Only Eric has witnessed it before with his wife many years ago when first dating her. Sue admits that it doesn't happen often with her, she has to be very turned on......this announcement leads to a ripple of excitement amongst the boys.

Sue looks about herself, at all the stiff cocks pointed at her. Smilling in that smug mischievous way that always sparks a tingle deep down in my balls, she gets slowly back up onto her knees. Dr Chen is closest, leaning forward a little she takes his cock into her mouth causing him to gasp and close his eyes, running hands through her hair. Meanwhile eric takes up position opposite Dr Chen waiting his turn for a lick, des moves around back. He waists no time, guiding himself in and begining to fuck her making a comment about how wet she is, how tight and hot.

Des doesn't hold back, he's fucking sue hard and fast making lots of grunting noises and beginning to curse, the sense of urgency tangible. I noted earlier while sue had him in her mouth that he was close so now it soon becomes apparent to everyone he's going to produce our first cream pie of the night.
The guys begin to cheer him on, even sue takes the cock out her mouth and looking back at a rapidly thrusting des, goads him.
Her voice barely audible above the excitable jeers of the group
"Come on honey.....come on....that's it....go on do it"
Suddenly Desmond's trademark roaring groan tears through the other voices, drowning them out. Only art right next to me can be heard saying
"Oh god"
While stroking his big cock, staring fervently at the scene unfolding before us.

There's a brief moment of silence as des pushes into her hard, gripping sues hips tightly in a climax spasm, eyes tight shut face screwed up and bright red.
It's broken by sue who opens her mouth wide in a gasp, a look of excitement and relief spreads across her face.
Grinning with satisfaction, her words not much more than a whisper
"Oh shit.... yes!"

It's at this exact moment while des the dirty old man is pumping hot cum deep inside her that she looks directly at me, eyes full of mischief and lust. I almost come in my pants right there and then, not for the first time this evening I have to steady my shaking phone hand with the other......this is beyond any experience I've ever had..... we've ever had.
Sue, amid excited comments from the others, mouths the words 'i love you' silently to me. In that moment I feel her love like I've never felt it before....we are complete.

The guys continue with their crude words, watching des dump a load in sue.
There's a "yeeeehaaaa" from eric.
While art next to me is saying
"oh that's gotta feel good"
while continuing to wank himself
Dr Chen is looking around and asking if anyone got some tissue while grinning.
We do indeed need plenty of tissues, as we watch, cum begins dripping down onto the cover below. I move position for a close up, holding the phone right up close.
Later, while reviewing the footage my own words of 'holy shit' can be heard in the background as I gaze upon Desmond's cum leaking out sues pussy and running down her thigh, indeed if you look closely you can see his balls twitching as it pumps into her.

I knew he was a heavy cummer but to see it up close like that is awesome.
He holds her tightly for a moment longer, making sure she gets all of it. Then, panting and sweaty des pulls out and let's her go with a cheeky slap on sues ass. I capture the moment his glistening cock slides out followed by a gush of pearly cum.
The guys get closer too for a good look with Eric's comment
"Oh shit made a mess"
Followed by more from the others about sues face and how happy she looks. Some eyes are on me too and I feel I must say something. Looking directly at sue I ask
"That feel good honey?"
She grins back and says
"Oh god yeah!"
Looking around at the guys i say the first thing that comes to mind
"Who's next?"

It's Eric that responds, asking sue to lay down on her back.
He's very eager and doesn't bother to wipe away the left overs of desmond's time with sue. The change over happens so fast for her, one guy finished another just getting started. Eric quickly building up a healthy rythum....oh shit.....that noise!
A freshly used spunked up pussy being used again.... there's no mistaking that sound.

Initially moving back for a wide angle shot getting them both in full length on the duvet I then move up close to capture the moment they kiss. It's deep and full of passion, earning a
"oh yes"
from Dr Chen who's knelt close by.
Art too murmurs something but I can't quite make it out, his voice being drowned out by a sudden loud moan of delight from my wife as she breaks off the kiss throwing her head back eyes screwed shut as Eric pounds away.
She's going's all too much for her.....the sensation of des unloading and now Eric straight into her.
He's a big guy too, easily as big as art I'm guessing 9".
Moving back again to get a full body shot, sues hands are on Eric's rapidly clenching ass cheeks, fingernails digging into the flesh.

"Oh shit"
The words fall out my mouth as I film it, what an awesome sight!
A man old enough to be my wife's father..... fucking her to orgasm right in front of doesn't get any better.
I just stand there watching with the others for next few minutes, desmond's lounge filled with noises of sex. Grunts and curses from eric, breathless moans and gasps from sue and that ever present rythmic schlock... schlock...schlock.....from between them.

Because of their position there's little else to do for the others than to watch, all of them except me playing with themselves as they do so.....I suspect that if I did so much as touch the bulge in my pants.....I would just come straight away.
Eric keeps going with his rapid pounding a moment longer before we are all rewarded with the desperate high pitched cries of sue as another powerful orgasm tears through her. It's truly intense, so fucking awesome to witness. Eric comes just after.....load number 2 delivered.
They take a moment just laid there sweaty and panting, exchanging more kisses. By the look on her face and the way she's kissing him I would say that Eric is her favourite.....there's not a hint of jealousy in me.....I'm too deeply entrenched within excitement and lust to care.

Eric eventually peels himself away from the loving arms and legs of my wife. We really do need tissues this time, it's all over her pussy, thighs and duvet cover.
Next up is art, who's been patiently watching and wanking but now wants to dip his in too. He's never been in her pussy before due to his disability but watching all this has given him an appetite.
He opts for sue on top cowgirl as this will be the best position to avoid any pain, and sue promises to ride him gently.

We all watch him carefully get out the wheelchair and lay down, then gather round as sue straddles and slowly lowers herself onto arts big pulsing cock.
With a lusty sigh as she stettles herself down and a satisfying wriggle of the begins again.
In this position the other 3 are able to enjoy her at the same time. Eric and Dr Chen stand above art letting sue go to work on their cocks tasting her own juices from Eric and bringing him back to life.
Meanwhile des is exploring the business end, getting up close to watch arts thick cock sliding in and out Sue's pussy, as I film getting up close too, he wets his finger and gently begins to probe her asshole.

Sue reacts with an excited muffled moan, she leans forward arching her back then takes Eric's fat dick out her mouth, looks over her shoulder and says in a seductive voice
"Push it in"
Filming right up close I observe desmond's middle finger slowly disappearing in my wife's ass. Sue closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide, with nose wrinkled and a look of concentration she gasps
"Oh god....yes!"

Is it possible to cum in your pants without touching? Just by watching something? At that moment I realise that the answer is yes, and I must do all I can to concentrate on not getting myself wet, realising the slightest touch would send me over the edge. I wonder, at this I going to make it through to the end....
For the next several minutes sue rides art while being finger fucked in the ass. This just keeps getting better.
With the sensations from her lower half and Eric and the Dr playing with her nipples, it all once again proves too much for sue and she comes hard in a screaming climax breaking the promise with art not to be too rough. Bucking hips hard and fast on top of him I actually see him wince with pain but fortunately there's enough pleasure wafting up from his loins to care and he comes too, shortly afterwards..... creampie number 3.

Next up is Dr Chen who has her missionary style, it's a very erotic scene watching her fuck with the elderly Chinese doctor, the others gathered around on their knees, hard ons waving from side to side as they shift positions, taking turns with my wife's mouth.
The energetic doc spends a good 15 minutes solidly thrusting, both him and sue bathed in sweat.
He only stops when she comes on his cock once more in a screaming climax.

A loud cheer goes up in the group and I wonder, not for the first time, what anyone walking past the house might be thinking is going on inside here?
The doctor somehow holds onto his load, saving it up for later.
There is indeed a later for despite their ages these older gentleman certainly can tango, they have so much stamina and vigour it's actually quite surprising.
They just keep going.
For the next 2 hours, they take turns on my wife. Resting a little half way through. During this short period we fall into easy conversation. Any shyness or reluctance to talk about intimate things long since gone.
I feel closer to them, fully relaxed in their presence. When I'd first met them all I was more nervous than anything else but's as though we've all known each other many years.

Sue and myself talk with them openly about our sex lives, we tell them more about the old stranger encounter in the woods and also the picture sharing etc. The guys too reveal more about themselves. It's only around 10 minutes conversation but it brings us all that bit closer.
A bond forms, an unusual bond between a middle aged couple and 4 elderly men, but a rather special bond none the less.

After our 'break' the action begins again with sue on all fours and des on her rear while the other 3 take turns with her mouth in that classic spit roast style.
Each man comes in her pussy at least once more, eric manages another 3 times. I hope I'm still that virile when I'm his age.
My groin aches so much, I've been rock hard for hours and need relief, but I must wait until the others have finished.

Dr Chen is the final one, he's saved his up for right at the end. He wants to use her mouth and sue eagerly takes him in, sucking greedily making the good Dr come within one minute, swallowing everything down while staring into the camera lense of my mobile phone held in a shaky hand just inches away.

I do get my relief.
After seeing to the Dr and taking a sip of wine sue looks about her at the exhausted elderly men, all now slumped on sofas in various stages of tiredness. A smug grin forms as she surveys what she's done to them, then turns to me eyes settling on my obvious bulge.
The smug grin turns to a sly one as she slinks over to where I am still holding the phone filming her.
"Now it's your turn honey"
Those words I've longed to hear..... finally.

Without hesitation sue gets down on her knees and, with me filming, she quickly has my dick out my pants and in her mouth.
I last all of 10 seconds, I've never come as quick. The result of watching this most erotic spectacle for the last 3 hours.
She looks directly up at me making eye contact all the time I'm coming, not flinching one bit at the sensation of her mouth being filled with my cum, just staring back up at me with that mischievous glint in her eyes.
I barely hear the others cheering and clapping and the comment by des of
"He didn't last long"
Is not heard by me at the time, only on playback. I'm too far gone, too lost in the intense climax and relief.
My head almost comes off as I part with it, and it leaves me dizzy, light headed.
I don't even notice her showing the contents of her mouth to the camera before swallowing it, that too is a surprise on playback.

Afterwards we sit and chat for a little while, the guys absently cleaning themselves with wet wipes handed out by des.
Sue however is a different matter it's going to take more than a few wet wipes for her to clean up.....she is covered in it, even her hair is matted.
Des offers the use of his shower which sue readily accepts. Before disappearing towards the bathroom she gives a kiss to both eric and the Dr and bids them a good night, as they announce they must be leaving.
They thank her and myself and express their eagerness to have a copy of the nights footage asap.
This I promise.
During the time sue is showering I talk easily with des and art. There's no awkwardness or holding back in conversation. Both men have nothing but praise for sue and compliment me on how strong our relationship is, noting that special love between myself and sue.
Even going as far to say that they are envious of what we have together, that they have never met a woman like her.
Both make mention of those two sides she has. Openly a little shy, timid even, kind and generous, ladylike.
But, then there's that other side she keeps carefully hidden.....the wild side.

As I listen to their high praises I can't help but beam with pride and I realise also that these men have come to know her as I know all of her....both sides.
We say our goodbyes on desmond's doorstep half hour later, my sue now all clean and smelling fresh.
Desmond, always the cheeky one, smacks her hard on the ass as she turns to leave and says
"You take care of him tonight sue won't you.....I'm sure he's got plenty left"
She turns back to glance at des answering him with
"Oh....don't worry about that des"
Then looking back meaningfully at me as we continue to walk hand in hand to the car
"I will"
Her words so soft but said with such a look of lust that I'm fully hard again by the time I've got the seatbelt on.

We drive off into the night, our first gangbang freebie has been an ultimate success.

Sue does indeed 'take care' of me that night.....and into the wee small hours.

The end.


That first time with all the old boys at once is like a drug. We are both in awe for a week afterwards at what we've experienced.
What started out as a 'one off' quickly becomes a regular thing.
Once a month in fact.
Now in January, we are preparing for our 4th time soon.
And there has been an addition to the group, from November my sue has been relieving 5 old men.
The newcomer is a guy called Liam who is a good friend of art, he's even more shy than art and has so far refused to be filmed, although des thinks he can talk him around.
At 60 he's the youngest of our special group.

Sue continues to be a devoted wife to me.....and a devoted whore to the old boys club.

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what a great story. loved the openness of it all. no secrets.