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Surprise! (MF, 1st, creampie, exhib, oral, pett, piv, teen)

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Chapter 1: Interview

"Hi Kelly," said Martin Felt from behind the camera. He had a low, soothing voice. "Welcome to Distressed Dilettantes." Martin was older, in his late fifties, but he still kept fit. He had reason to think he was reasonably attractive.

Kelly Langston, Martin's latest find, was sitting at the foot of a king-sized bed. The perky blue-eyed blonde looked very young, like she could be in junior high school. She waved at the camera with the fingers of one hand and said, "Hi," in a high, soft voice. Her tale of the tape right before the shoot put her at 4'11" with 34" B-cup breasts, a 22" waist, and 34" hips. That would look good on the website. She couldn't weigh more than 80 pounds dripping wet. Her nipples stood erect against her Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt.

Martin always made sure the set was a little chilly at the start of a shoot. The lights and whatnot warmed the place up fast. Her legs, in a pair of tight blue jeans, were tightly, nervously crossed. Her legs were so short, they dangled. She was wearing black socks. Martin had asked her before starting the camera to take her boots off and get comfortable. She'd seen no reason to object. "And how old are you?" asked Martin.

"I'm nineteen years old," answered Kelly.

"Okay, this is the part where you hold up your driver's license and social security card for us," said Martin. "That's good. You can put them away now." She fussed with her wallet. She finally threw them into her purse, closed it, and put it on the floor. "Can you tell us why you're here today, Kelly?" asked Martin.

"I'm here for an interview," Kelly ventured.

"What kind of interview?" asked Martin.

"An interview... about... my sex life?" Kelly stammered.

"An honest interview," said Martin. "You know I can tell if you're lying, right?"

"I won't try to stupidly lie," said Kelly a bit resignedly, looking straight at the camera.

"Okay, here's $250." Martin handed over the cash. "You'll get the other half at the end of the interview."

"Okay," said Kelly. She paused to open her purse and stuff the five fifties into her wallet. She closed everything and looked at the camera.

"First question," said Martin. "What made you want to talk about your sex life on camera?"

"The... money?" said Kelly.

"Other than that," said Martin.

"I don't know... um," said Kelly. "A lot of things. I quit my job last week because it's too many hours for school and not enough money. I need to quickly pay my room and board soon or they'll kick me out of the dorm. I tried to urgently get financial aid or a student loan, but that's a long shot because of my parent's debt."

"We met when you were waiting in line outside the financial aid center, didn't we?"

"Yes, you and your flyers. I'd seen you around before."

Kelly had found one of Martin's flyers during freshman orientation. It was up on a telephone pole across the street from the university gates. She remembered being astonished and frightened. It was seedy-looking, printed in black and white on neon card stock, and had been rained upon. It said, "Women: Having money problems? Need cash? It's easy to make $500 to $5,000 in only a few hours of your time. We will pay you $500 just for a candid video interview. Just answer a few personal questions and walk away minutes later with $500 or more in your pocket! Does it sound too good to be true? Call (897) 383-5268 and hear how easily your money problems can vanish." There was a line of tear-off phone numbers across the bottom, and some of them had been torn off! It gave her a nervous feeling in her abdomen.

In her dorm hall's shared toilet stall that night, she played with herself. She ran the back of her electric shaver across her clitoris thinking about the consequences of the mangled flyer. She thought about the nasty lost girls who tore off those numbers. She thought about what they had been forced to do to get that cash. She imagined herself outside student services with her checking account overdrawn. She would have only one day left to pay her tuition, room, and board. She imagined the football player who usually sat in front of her in English Lit. He was probably one of their performers. She would have to suck his dick. It was way too big, and he would force it deeper than she'd ever had to before. Then he'd pick her up off the floor and yank down her panties. "No!" she'd cry, but then they'd wave a huge wad of bills at her. She knew she would need it all to avoid losing her dorm room, her classes, and her future. She grabbed the wad of cash and closed her eyes. As she felt her well-hung classmate's erect penis slide between her thighs, she came explosively with a grunt. Luckily, she was sitting on the open toilet, so the mess mostly dripped into there.

The flyers were a nasty campus fixture, positing an evil, exploitative underworld hovering just outside the university gates. They would go up everywhere overnight and then slowly be torn down piecemeal by the campus police. She would give herself a thrill that would later fuel one of her late night bathroom visits. She would surreptitiously tear off a number, or sometimes take the whole flyer. Months later, but still in her freshman year, she'd noticed Martin walking around campus putting up the flyers. She'd been disappointed that he'd looked so banal.

 "Yes, I remember seeing you waiting in line," said Martin. "My eyes were instantly drawn to you."

"You accosted me," Kelly complained, and then looked down at her stockinged feet, smiling gently.

"I just said 'hey beautiful,' and you are a very beautiful young lady, Kelly," said Martin. "You were like a swan among geese." It was that voice, that deep, comforting, lighthearted voice that had changed her first impression of him. He was funny and utterly disarming. At the end of their conversation, he'd begged her again to call him. If she didn't, he threatened to kill himself in improbable ways. "I'll eat only my own flyers until you call. You see, I'm starting right now." He tore off a corner with his teeth, chewed it and swallowed it. "If you never call, I'll slowly die of malnutrition. It's like a hunger strike, but with flyers. Call me," he pleaded as she'd disappeared through the threshold of the financial aid center. She'd looked back to see him walking away, uninterested in talking to any of the other girls behind her.

"So, in a word, ladies and gentlemen, Kelly is distressed," said Martin. "If she doesn't pay for her dorm by tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow," Kelly confirmed. It was an exaggeration, but it didn't hurt for people to think she was less of a total whore. "Wait a minute. Girls watch your website?"

"Of course they do, Kelly," said Martin. "Other women love to watch young women like yourself talk about their early experiences, perhaps make a few new experiences. Haven't you ever watched porn?"

"Of course not," said Kelly, "I don't have the money for that!"

"And yes," said Martin, "yes of course. Porn always costs money to make, right folks? And the money people pay to see Kelly, here, for example, will go to keep her in her dorm room. She's out on the street tomorrow without this money," concluded Martin. "Now second question, have you ever appeared on camera before, talking about sex?"

"No," said Kelly.

"Have ever you taken off your clothes in front of the camera?" said Martin.

"No!" answered Kelly incredulously.

"Ever appeared with a naked man in front of a camera?" asked Martin.

"No! Martin-" said Kelly, annoyed.

"Ever done anything sexual in front of a camera?"

"No," she said in frustration.

"Still photographs or videos?" asked Martin.

"No, Martin, No. En oh," said Kelly, opening her eyes wide and staring Martin down.

"So you'd say you were a dilettante in this business?" asked Martin.

"Y... Oh, that's the name of your website." Kelly smiled briefly. "No, I mean yes, Martin. I'm not even a dilettante," she said emphatically. "I'm a none-a-tante."

"Stunning," said Martin, "and smart, too. She's clearly a university student, folks. She's teaching me new words. Now I'll have to buy that domain, too." Martin took a deep breath. "Okay Kelly, take a deep breath. What about sex?"

"What about it?" said Kelly innocently.

"Have you ever had any boyfriends? Or girlfriends?" asked Martin.

"No girlfriends! At least not sexual ones," Kelly established. "But I've had four boyfriends."

"And by 'had,' you mean?" asked Martin.

"No, you dirty. Not the first one, at least," said Kelly, smirking. He was good at drawing her out.

"Tell us about the first one. Tell us about what you did when you wanted to be... romantic," prompted Martin.

"Well, we'd sit in his parent's car, and use spit and hands," said Kelly.

"On you?" asked Martin.

"No him!" Kelly clarified. She was feeling itchy.

"And did he ejaculate when you did this? Produce semen?" asked Martin.

"Yes, I know what to... I know how to do it," Kelly assured Martin.

"Was that it with boyfriend number one?" asked Martin.

"No, I... used my mouth?" said Kelly uncertainly.

"You fellated him?" asked Martin.

"No, he wasn't a fish, I didn't filet him," said Kelly. Now he was being silly.

"You put your mouth on his penis?" clarified Martin.

"Yes," said Kelly. The lights were warm. She was getting damp.

"Put it into your mouth?" asked Martin.

"Yes, I know what to do. It was all in my mouth," said Kelly.

"Did you suck on it?" asked Martin.

"No," said Kelly, like it was some perversion. "Just in and out of my mouth."

"And he would ejaculate?" asked Martin.

"I know how to completely do it," said Kelly like she was talking to a child.

"Ejaculate in your mouth?" asked Martin.

"That's where it was," Kelly told him like she was talking to an idiot.

"What did you do with it?" asked Martin.

"I spat it out," said Kelly. "What else would you... no, don't tell me-"

"Well, some women swallow it." The look on Kelly's face at that moment of the video is priceless. "Some women pull the penis out of their mouth at the last moment. They let it spray all over their face or chest, you know, their breasts. If there's more than one woman involved-"

"Please, no, stop Martin," pleaded Kelly, throwing up her hands in a warding gesture.

"I didn't mean to give you brain damage," said Martin.

"Yeah, you're giving me brain damage," Kelly agreed, chuckling. She was thinking of the entire football team spraying their semen onto her face and bare breasts all at once.

"So, in short, you gave him blowjobs," clarified Martin.

"Yes, blowjobs," confirmed Kelly.

"So, why didn't it work out with boyfriend number one?" asked Martin.

"Well, he wanted to right away put it in and all, but-"

"Put his penis in your vagina," clarified Martin.

"What else would we be talking about? No-" Kelly's hands flew up to ward again.

"Some people put the penis into the anus-"

"Stop. We're not talking about that. I've heard about it," Kelly said with a sneer.

"You've never done it?" asked Martin.

"BMs come out of there!" Kelly informed him, annoyed, as if that closed the case on that subject. At the same time she was thinking of that linebacker in her English class enslaving her, as she sometimes did. She imagined him punishing her for not letting him do it to her in the front by putting it in... back there. She would pass out from the pain of having all her guts forced backwards while he felt such nasty pleasure. When he finished, she would throw it up. It would come spilling out of her mouth as she choked on it. Then, to stop him, she would promise to let him do anything he wanted. She squirmed and recrossed her legs on the bed the other way. This gave frame freezers that one frame of her jeans pulled tight across her pudendum.

"Okay, getting back to why you broke up with boyfriend number one," said Martin.

"Well, we kissed, but..." Kelly made a rubbing motion of her hand over her torso, over her breasts, over her crotch.

"He wouldn't stimulate you?" asked Martin.

"He wouldn't, but that's not why," Kelly said. "He told the entire school that we did it, but we didn't."

"Did people believe him?" asked Martin.

"Well, nobody believed him," said Kelly, recalling the blessed relief. "Except Steve."

"Who was Steve?" asked Martin.

"My second boyfriend," said Kelly. She nodded and pointed off camera at Martin, and they said, "aha!" at the same time.

"So he approaches you, and he wants it too?" asked Martin.

"Something like that," said Kelly.

"So you gave it to him?" asked Martin.

"No, not right away," Kelly smiled. She rocked her legs and ass back and forth on the bed a few times.

"So what did you do with him instead?" asked Martin.

"A LOT of blowjobs," said Kelly.

"And he stimulated you?" asked Martin.

"Sometimes," answered Kelly. She immediately thought of that one time in Steve's parent's truck. He had sucked on her breast and jiggled and jiggled down there. She had howled out her soul and had a fit for several seconds. That was the most powerful, and the first time she hadn't done it with her own hand.

"What would he do?" asked Martin.

"He would touch me with his hands..." said Kelly, daydreaming.

"Where?" asked Martin.

"Everywhere," enthused Kelly.

"On your vulva, your clitoris?" asked Martin.

"My clit, yes," Kelly confirmed. Her abdomen thrilled with tension. She was feeling empty and getting juicy. She looked right into the camera and confirmed, "My clit." She imagined hundreds of men groaning and showering their computer screens with their stuff as she said this. She adjusted her t-shirt so it was tight in the front and licked her lips.

"And his mouth?" asked Martin.

"We tried cunnlingless a couple of times-"

"It's pronounced cunnilingus," said Martin.

"Cunni-... yeah that," Kelly said.

"What happened?"

"Well both times he said it smells awful down there and tastes awful and I should wash more often," said Kelly.

"I want to punch him," said Martin.

"Yeah, I know, right?" They were on the same page about how to handle these types of crimes. "The second time, he tried it anyways, and stopped right away, and said he was going to right away throw up," said Kelly.

"The little bitch," said Martin. "As if dicks tasted like candy canes."

"I know, right?" A fist came on camera from off screen and they bumped fists.

"And you had sex with him anyway?" asked Martin.

Kelly put her fists on her hips. "He was all right with his hands, okay?"

"Okay, so tell us how you lost your virginity," said Martin.

"Well, I'd seen him flirting with other girls at school," Kelly began. "We had been progressing, you know, but I would always stop him and blow him off. And of course, he had been begging for it constantly since the moment we met, which should have given me a clue in the first place. I was stupid, and young, and I thought this would 'seal the deal.' So I had him take me to this state park near our town, to the back entrance. There were some tight groves of trees and bushes in there. I picked a place that was very private. I laid out the picnic blanket. And of course we started kissing, and fussing, and clothes came off, and after he gave me a good one-"

"He gave you an orgasm?" asked Martin.

"Yes, a good one, with his hand. We were both all worked up, and I said 'climb on!' and he did right away."

"Wait, did you actually say, 'climb on!'?" asked Martin.

"No, I don't remember exactly what I said," said Kelly.

"Details matter," said Martin. "Try to remember."

Kelly continued, "Anyways, He thrashed like a caught fish, and before I could think, when's it going to for gosh sakes start? I mean, I knew he was in, but. Anyways, I feel this warmth! And he had done it already!"

"He'd ejaculated into your vagina?" asked Martin.

"Yeah!" confirmed Kelly.

"Were you on birth control?" asked Martin.

"No, my parents didn't know anything about it," said Kelly.

"So what did you do?" asked Martin.

"I cursed him and yelled at him that he should have pulled it out like we talked," said Kelly.

"That takes some skill to do correctly-"

"WELL I KNOW THAT NOW!" Kelly insisted.

"All right," said Martin, lowering the temperature. "What happened then?"

"He broke up with me the next day!" said Kelly.

"The fucker," said Martin.

"And I worried like hell for a week before I got my period," said Kelly.

"Well, that's a relief," said Martin. "So screw Steve. What about boyfriend number three?"

Kelly laughed and rolled around on the bed and clapped her hands at that. "Yeah, screw Steve!" She was feeling frisky as hell.

"So boyfriend number three, I had figured it out by then," recounted Kelly. "I was like 'you don't go down on me'," here she pointed to her crotch, "I don't go down on you." She put the circle of her hand in front of her mouth, feigning a blowjob. "He loved my blowjobs. Absolutely LOVED them. Oh the sounds he'd make. It would get me ready."

"Good plan! Did he behave?" asked Martin.

"Not really," said Kelly. "He'd go down on me just as long as it took me to really get jumpy and need SOMETHING, and then he'd stop and put it in, and I always let him because I needed it bad. But then, boom! And he'd just lay there, so I'd play with myself to finally get the rest of the way. At least he'd make it slippery."

"And by boom! are we talking a minute, two minutes?" asked Martin.

"Like a minute," Kelly said.

"Oh dear," said Martin.

"I figured it was not enough time, but I loved him, and I thought we were going to always get married. I thought with all these guys that we'd go to college and then get married."

"So what happened?" asked Martin.

"So we had gone hiking, like really camping hiking with tents and all. I had gone off, but he felt sick that morning and stayed behind. I twisted my ankle after half an hour, so I turned around and headed back to camp. When I get there, I hear this AAH! AAH! AAH! and there he was, in our tent, with Isabella fucking Rossini!"

"So what did you do?" asked Martin.

"I broke up with him," said Kelly, again looking at Martin as if he were a complete idiot.

"It looked for a moment like you could have killed them," said Martin.

"I cried," said Kelly, getting red-eyed thinking about it. "I cried my eyes out."

Martin needed to change the subject quickly. "Is that what she really sounded like?"

"That's EXACTLY what she sounded like," Kelly grinned. "So I used to happily go all around the school after that going AAH! AAH! AAH! and getting big laughs. Every time I saw them, I would wave and say AAH! AAH! AAH! It was hilarious!"

"Sounds like you got some pretty good revenge," said Martin.

"Yeah, she changed schools, and it wasn't any fun doing it just to him," Kelly said.

"You are one evil bitch when you want to be," said Martin. "Remind me not to get on your bad side."

"You'd better not," said Kelly, waving her finger at him.

"Okay, boyfriend number four," said Martin.

"I had it ALL figured out," said Kelly. "First, I would blow him. Then he would go down on me, and he would stay down."

"Finally we're getting somewhere," said Martin.

"Well, not quite, because..." Kelly sighed. "His tongue was like a dead fish between my legs. It would thrash around randomly and slowly get cold and dry."

"You," said Martin, "are a poet of discontent."

"Yeah, well," Kelly stopped jiggling around on the bed, looked at Martin, and smiled. "So anyways, I would cut my losses, and suck him until he had another erection, and do it."

"Have you ever climaxed from intercourse?" asked Martin.

"No," said Kelly. "But he tried hard. He could last?"

"How long would you two go at it?"

"Sometimes longer than five minutes," Kelly said proudly.

"Well, okay," said Martin. "And then you'd masturbate yourself?"

"Yeah," said Kelly matter-of-factly, "because he was exhausted. I mean he would work it, and I would keep saying 'I'm getting close,' but we never got there."

"And where did he go?" asked Martin.

"I went off to college," said Kelly.

"And you're a sophomore, so, you haven't had sex in two years," said Martin.

"Well, I'm always doing the end of it anyways," said Kelly. "If you look at it that way, not much has changed."

"Well, that's our interview," said Martin, "and here's your other $250."

"That was easy," Kelly smiled, taking the money and fussing with her purse to stash it.

"And here's another $500 ready and waiting for you," said Martin. "Would you like to discuss how you could earn it?"

(To be continued)
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Chapter 2: Negotiation

An additional $500 was fanned out in Martin's hands. It looked nice. Kelly thought for a moment. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to at least listen," she said.

"I'll pay you this additional $500 for showing us your naked body," said Martin.

Kelly looked at him levelly.

"OR I'll pay you the $500 to give a handjob or a blowjob," said Martin.

"To you?" Kelly asked with a smirk. "This is what you had planned all along, didn't you?"

"Kelly, I would LOVE to get a blowjob from you today," Martin sighed heavily. "But sadly, I have male talent here who gets paid whether he works or not. Scott, would you come out here?" A tall, lean silver-haired man appeared. He was dressed in a t-shirt, running shorts, and sneakers, all dark colored. He looked like one of those older movie stars to Kelly. He was fucking ancient, but you'd do him. He had tight abs and lean but muscular arms and legs. As he approached, he towered over her, sitting on the bed, his head seeming to brush the ceiling. He sat on his haunches right next to her, eye to eye. He looked delighted and had a delightful smile. "Scott, this is Kelly."

"Honored," Scott said and shook hands with her. His hands were easily twice the size of hers.

"How tall are you?" Kelly asked.

"Around this time of day, I'm 6'8"," said Scott. "I shrink about an inch during the day. You don't have a boyfriend right now? 'Cause I've heard enough. I want to be your boyfriend."

"You're my dad's age!" Kelly argued.

"What you see is what you get," Scott said.

"Hold on," said Martin. "I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend."

Scott turned to Martin. "What about Jenny? Your wife, Jenny?" He turned back to Kelly. "He's married."

"You nasty man!" Kelly wagged her finger at Martin gleefully. "I'm going to freaking tell your wife!"

"But I'm getting you for her," Martin pleaded.

Kelly put out her hands towards Martin and laughed. "Get away!" she laughed. "Stay away from me!"

"You heard her story, Martin, Christ!" said Scott mock-horrified. "She's not into any of that perverted stuff you do over there!"

"Well, lest we emove-ray any incentive from the situation, can you save your marriage proposal until after the shoot? You're on my clock."

"You're right, I'm sorry Martin," Scott said. He turned to Kelly and said from the heart, "I'm not kidding, I'm in love. Whatever you decide to do today is perfectly fine. If you decide to go further, I'll take care of you."

Kelly felt Scott's promise down to her toes. She felt like she was falling for him. She thought of introducing him to her parents. Wuh! That was a wake-up call. Still, she wanted to stay. "Both," she said. Did that just come out of her mouth?

"Were you saying you want to do both things?" Martin smiled.

"That's what I said," said Kelly. It had been what she'd said, after all. It was impulsive. But she'd been impulsive before. She thought of all the boys that would lose their loads when she got naked and made Scott cum on her face.

"You want to show us your naked body, and you want to blow Scott?" Martin confirmed.

"Look, I've blown far less worthy men than Scott, and not only boyfriends," Kelly said. She was not some lightweight, like Martin was treating her. She'd been in a camper bed or two.

"Let's talk about more money," said Martin. "You can do some of these things in parallel and make more money at the same time."

Kelly was not looking at Martin anymore but into Scott's eyes, his hazel eyes. They were scorched with electric streaks of brown. "I'm listening," she said.

"We'll give you an additional $500 if you have an orgasm on camera. You can use your fingers. If you want, we have an incredible selection of toys, all new in their packages. We even have bigger things like a Sybian and a fucking machine. Whatever you want, solo. OR, you can earn the same $500 if Scott gives you oral sex."

"Not just one," said Scott, dreaming into Kelly's pale blue eyes. "As many as you want. More than you've ever imagined."

Kelly sat up straight and pulled on Scott to come closer. He went onto his knees in front of her. He had one giant arm around her waist. His giant head was in her lap. "I'll take the oral, please."

"Yes! Thank you God," said Scott.

"Can I do both? For both amounts?" asked Kelly.

"No, this is one or the other," said Martin. "But the good news is you can come back and do the other one. You'll make more money, because you'll be getting paid $500 for getting naked each time. And if you want to come in, and you want Scott here, what do you say Scott?"

"Anytime, I'll be here to take care of you," said Scott, resting on Kelly's lap. He was looking so peaceful. This was all being caught on video.

"How about you pay me?" said Martin.

"I don't care, but you should play fair," said Scott.

"If you don't pay him, I won't do it," said Kelly.

"Well, that settles that," said Martin.

"Marry me," said Scott.

"On your OWN time, please," said Martin. "Porn marriages are seldom happy, Kelly."

"Don't worry about me," said Kelly. "Could you imagine him meeting my parents? You are, how old are you?"

"Fifty," said Scott.

"ONE year younger than my dad," said Kelly. "Oh, and here, mom and dad, here's the zillion porn movies he's made. And I hope you like all his tattoos and piercings all laid out there. Oh yeah. That would be a fun conversation."

"What's your major?" asked Scott.

"Mathematics," said Kelly.

"Fascinating," said Martin. "Are you any good at it?"

Kelly scrunched her nose at him, "Fuck you, Martin! My GPA is 3.0."

"That's good," said Scott from her lap.

"Kelly," said Martin, "I'm very sorry to have doubted you. You're about to need your math skills, because now we're talking big money. We're already up to an additional $1,500 for the naked, the blowjob, and the orgasm."

"Orgasms," said Scott.

"I stand corrected," said Martin. "You can make an additional $1,000 for making love to Scott, letting him make love to you. We're talking about his penis in your vagina. That's a total of $2,500. Additionally, you must blow him off, and you must also have an orgasm from him before the sex. Our female subscribers especially appreciate fairness."

"This will be easy," Scott told her.

"Before the sex?" said Kelly. "I don't orgasm during sex. We've established that." Then aside to Scott, "But will you... after?"

"Absolutely," said Scott.

"Hmm," said Kelly, with a panicky look, "Yes, okay." She talked downwards to Scott, "But you'll use protection, right?"

"I can show you my health certificate," said Scott. "I'm clean."

"I'm not on birth control," said Kelly.

"I thought you said you were on the pill," said Martin.

"I used to at one time be on the pill. But the pill costs money. Which I don't have," said Kelly. "And there was no reason."

"Oh. Well. That's a problem," said Martin. "Our subscribers want to see a creampie."

"What's that?" asked Kelly.

"That's Scott's semen coming out of you," said Martin.

"How are we going to possibly manage that?" asked Kelly.

"Let me take care of that," said Scott.

"But no, guys, I'll get pregnant," said Kelly.

"If you don't do the creampie, Kelly," said Martin, "I can only offer you an additional $500, not $1,000.  A morning after pill costs fifty bucks at the free clinic. Why not make another $450?"

"That's hardly fair," said Kelly. "And my parents are Catholic. If they ever found out..."

"But you were on the pill," said Martin.

"Were you born in a barn?" asked Kelly. "In the Catholic church, use of the pill is frowned upon but people look the other way. Everybody needs birth control. But the morning after pill can kill a live fetus, which is abortion, tantamount to murder. It's absolutely unforgivable."

"Well, you learn something new every day," said Martin. "So how about $500 and Scott pulls out, which he very much knows how to do. He can put it anywhere you want."

"On my face and breasts, please," said Kelly with a grin. "I've never had it there. It sounds hot."

"A facial for the lady," said Scott. "Your wish is my command."

"Okay, so it's $2,000, you two go at it, anything you want. I get full nudity, one blowjob orgasm for Scott, and at least one orgasm for Kelly before the sex. Then there's another orgasm for Scott where he pulls out and sprays it on your lovely face and tits."

"Don't be coarse," said Kelly, "Yes. And one after the sex."

"What?" said Martin.

"An orgasm," said Kelly.

"I'll handle it," said Scott. "So happily."

"I'm happy to capture that special moment. Like I said, you two can just act naturally. Now, I'm going to have to take Scott there to my office. We were not expecting him to do this much. We need to negotiate for his services. I'm sure not going to do that in front of you, considering the money you already cost me." They all laughed. "Scott would have paid me!"

"I almost did it," said Scott.

"Anyway," said Martin. "Camera off, now. Shouldn't take long. Have some tea over there. Don't touch any cameras or lights. Play with the toys if you want. We'll be right back." Kelly smiled at Martin and Scott as they left the room together.

Martin ushered Scott into his office and closed and locked the door. Scott began, "It feels cruel to cum inside her after all her very real concerns and fears we discussed."

"Look," said Martin, "You and I know it's just a harmless prank, easily fixed. And the shock and awe can work only once. We do it and we do whatever it takes to clean it up for her. We all live happily ever after."

"She's a fireball," said Scott. "She could crush our nuts with a sledgehammer before we get a chance to explain. We may not get a chance to explain. Look, I'm not going to do it unless you pay her the extra $500."

"I was going to do that anyway," said Martin.

"I would hope so," said Scott. "AND fifty bucks for a morning after pill. AND buy anything else she wants, up to a total of an additional $500."

"You're breaking my balls, Scott," said Martin. "I've got a business to run here."

"How popular do you think she's going to be?" argued Scott, "How much money will it rake in if you can make it right with her? Calm her down? Give us time to explain? Make her listen to reason? Get her back in here?"

"Okay, you're being persuasive," said Martin.

"Wow, I must be getting better," said Scott.

"No, she's magic," said Martin. "We both know it. If we can keep her, grow her, I think we'll be printing money."

"I'm going to marry her," said Scott. "Wait and see."

"My friend, you are WAAAAAAAY too freaky for that one. If you even get her in your bed, which, I'll bet you a hundred dollars," said Martin.

"I'll take that bet," said Scott. "Give me a month."

"Send me a photo, all prim and proper, with clothing... or not. Hi from Scott's bed! And the money's yours."

"Two to one odds," said Scott.

"Fuck you, you've got all the incentive. One to two odds," said Martin.

"Even is fine."

"That's better."

(To be continued)
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Chapter 3: Ecstasy

Scott and Kelly cuddled arm-in-arm on the bed. Martin handed her the wad of bills and said, "Here's $1,000. You'll get the other half at the end, just like before."

"Okay," said Kelly. She was rich. She counted it reverently. She felt like she was sliding rapidly down a steep slope. She'd rarely seen $100 bills, and never this many. She stuffed them carefully into her billfold.

Scott thrilled inside as he watched her fumble with the bills. She was so cute he could die.

"Kids, here's how it's going to go," said Martin. "There will be a bunch of cameras going. I'll be using this Steadicam rig. I'll give you verbal directions of what to do next. If you want to joke with me off camera, or give me crap about my direction, go right ahead. Our subscribers love that stuff. Ready?"

Scott looked into Kelly's eyes, "I'm ready if you're ready." She looked up at him, relaxed, trusting. Scott didn't like it at all that they were going to trick her. Not this one. Harmless, yes, but he never wanted this trusting look to go away. He wanted her right here, nestled under his arm and trusting him, forever.

Kelly met Scott's gaze. There was a moment of calm. She closed her eyes and felt him against her, firm, warm, his breath calm in him. She'd never felt more safe than in this moment, in this crazy place, and she felt free, completely free. She opened her eyes and looked into the glaring eye of Martin's camera. "Okay, yes, I'm ready."

"Cameras on," said Martin. "Kelly, would you please count to three and clap?"

"One, two, three." Kelly clapped.

 "Great," said Martin, licking his lips. "Kelly, why don't you let Scott help you get undressed?"

It had been so easy, so careless, Kelly thought. Every pervert would now know the details of her sex life. It would be out there forever. At least, they would know her sex life before this moment. She felt dizzy, transfixed by this bright eye, like she was jumping off a high cliff. She felt Scott's warm hands caress her and knew she was not alone. Looking at the brown carpet, she made herself stand up. She made herself unbutton her jeans, made herself unzip.

Scott fell to his knees in front of her. She was so delicious and shy. She let him pull her jeans slowly down over her hips. Her panties were going with them. She held onto her panties like a tug-of-war game and self-consciously pulled them back up. Scott, Martin and the camera got a quick glimpse of her bare shaved pudenda before it was again hidden.

Scott continued to gently and lovingly slip her jeans off the rest of the way. Her hand resting her weight on his shoulder, she lifted her feet for him, one, then the other. She was paying close attention to him, even though at the same time she was shutting out the world. This resonance he felt with her had always been present in the best lovemaking he'd ever had. He folded her jeans neatly, reverently, and set them aside. He stroked his hands up and down her legs. This was special, he felt strongly. Regardless, he took a breath. He needed to be cool and somewhat professional about this. She especially was counting on him to be steady. He said, "So far so good. Look at these marvelous legs."

Kelly was on edge, and at the same time, so drawn to Scott. She felt herself tremble with nerves and excitement. Just his warm soft hands stroking along her outer thighs was making her weak.

Always before, boys had pushed and rushed her past everything. They had pushed her past the moment, pushed her past her own hopes and dreams. They had pushed her to what they wanted, which was to pump their hot, slippery load somewhere. Into her mouth. Into her hole. And then they slept. And she had accepted this as what life was like, what boys were like, what sex was like. Trying to make them slow down, pay attention. Them reckless, heedless, going anyway. Empty, isolated moments of tantalizing, unfulfilled bliss.

Kelly felt Scott as still and steady, enjoying this moment with her like forever. Scott was a man. He was really her first man; she felt that deeply. Such a different feeling to be here with him. He was a man the same age as her father, and at this she cringed. But he was so unlike her father. Scott was dangerous in an intoxicating way. Here, now, she felt his smooth hands caress her legs, savoring every detail. She felt his hot desiring breath on her face and neck. She felt his proximity. She felt worshipped. She felt fully a woman in the warm caress of his hands.

Scott stood, and as he did, he slipped Kelly's t-shirt off her. Without thinking, she threw up her arms like a child being undressed, helpless in his care. She was suddenly naked from the waist up. She reflexively grabbed and guarded her breasts in her arms. Then she looked at Scott and slowly, with an effort of will, lowered her arms. She did it for Scott, to give herself to him. And yes, she did it for Martin and his hot watching eye, nasty peeping Martin. And yes, she even did it for the millions of masturbating men. She felt their excitement spike. Young boys touched themselves uncertainly for the first time. Ancient men tugged out their last few moments of pleasure. Now every pervert would know her breasts, their shape, her nipples. Standing there naked from the waist up, she glanced away from Scott at Martin's roving camera eye.

Scott watched as Kelly lowered her arms and surrendered her firm breasts and pink nipples to him. Her body was lean. Her breasts were cherubic with the blush of youth. Her nipples were puckered sharply erect. The promises so eloquently made by the dents in her t-shirt had been spectacularly kept.

"I knew you had a nice body, Kelly, but wow, I feel like we've struck gold," said Martin.

"Isn't she spectacular?" marveled Scott.

Kelly nervously bent down and ungracefully pulled off one sock and then the other. As she swayed, the world was now in on the joke of her boobs. She had her two jiggling little blobs of jello, so inadequate. She handed her socks to Scott, for some reason. He locked eyes with her, gently kissed them, and set them aside on her growing pile of clothes.

Martin, holding and looking into the Steadicam with one arm, reached out.

Kelly suddenly felt Martin's hand cradle her left breast, stroke the nipple. He did it with such nonchalance, like shaking hands, but it left a mark on her. He'd made it beautiful. This faceless man with the head of a camera had touched her intimately. He had stroked her, sparked her, touched her for the world to see.

"Nice," said Martin, "so perky."

"Heh," said Kelly, still in shock. "Thank you."

"May I?" asked Scott, but he didn't wait for an answer.

His mouth on her right teat, hot, wet, urgent, sent a bolt of lightning straight to her baby hole. "Oh, ohmygod!" she shuddered. A moan almost escaped her. She choked on it. She had at least some remaining pride. How could she be this much of a dirty slut and not know? She was a slut, though, a whore in fact, who had sold her skin and so much more. Scott would take her and use her for his pleasure. Her loins thrilled electrically at the thought of him ramming it into her. She had sold herself to him and an awaiting army of urgent masturbating men. She shut her eyes against Martin's all-seeing eye. She focused on the shocks and tingles flying through her body from Scott's sucking mouth, his tweaking fingertips. She needed to calm down. She wanted this. She needed the money. She wanted Scott. Even Martin's hands on her had driven her crazy. She had to face the truth that she was a horny slut and a whore, bought and sold. She took a deep breath, and a whimper escaped her.

Oh that whimper! Scott reverently tasted one teat while stroking the other nipple with his fingers. It was a little salty, sweaty. What did they say? Glowing. He gently mouthed more and more of it. She hadn't been expecting to do this. She wasn't primped for a date, like all the campus girls he had worked with were. She was 100% natural coed straight off the reserve. She smelled like a coed. Tasted like a coed. Scott couldn't define why. "I could suck on these perfect ones all day," he enthused.

Kelly looked at him. She could be chill. It was only a little boob sucking, for God's sake. She wasn't in grade school. She smiled and played along, "Sounds fun!"

Scott stepped aside for Martin's camera. "Kelly, could you turn around? That's right, facing away from me. Now pull your panties down slowly." Kelly reached for her panties. She had undressed a million times before in her life, so she pulled them down. "That's great, yes, just take them off." She clumsily stepped out of them and handed them to Scott. He was her attendant. She watched him as he put them up to his face and nose and inhaled deeply. More like a great big pervert, she chuckled, but hers. The wet whore's pervert.

Oh, God, thought Scott. Her panties smelled of pure excitement, that was the new stuff, and dorm food. Her panties were unmistakably tangy, plus cafeteria, plus shared bathroom, plus lecture hall. It brought back memories for Scott. It was uncanny. There were worlds in her smell.

"Scott, you okay buddy?" said Martin.

"Oh yes," said Scott.

"Kelly, please bend over at the waist," said Martin, steadying his rig on the floor and wetting his lips. "Now reach around and pull your cheeks apart."

They wanted to look at her shit hole! She grimaced and did as instructed. She just knew she must have some fleck or streak of BM she'd missed. "Oh lovely, lovely sight," said Martin. "Shaved, nice and neat."

"Your viewers like looking at where a girl's soil comes out?" Kelly asked.

"You're showing us both barrels, darling. Look how wet your little pussy is. It's dripping!" said Martin.

"Well I could tell from these," said Scott. Martin's camera panned up to Scott's face, and Kelly's panties next to them. The crotch was soaked.

Scott reached a finger and casually stroked it up and down her wet slot. She jumped, then steadied herself. "She is so juicy!" enthused Scott. He smelled his finger, tasted it. Pure tangy wet excitement.

She was staring at the wall. She just had to keep calm, like it was a doctor's appointment. Except instead of a doctor, it was a silent watching eye. Beyond that were a million masturbating men. She felt they must be stroking faster, getting closer.

Scott's finger roved to her BM hole. She straightened sharply and swept her arm behind herself, but Scott had already pulled his finger back. "No, that's... no, don't touch that," she pleaded to him.

"Perfectly fine," said Scott, holding up his hands in truce.

"Our subscribers love to even look at it, darling," Martin said. "It's a sensitive one."

It tingled from where Scott had rubbed his finger, coated with her slime, on it. She swallowed. She was falling. She could handle this.

"I got hard touching them," Scott admitted. She glanced over, and there was a definite bump in the front of his running shorts.

"Okay, now, Kelly, focus," said Martin. "Turn and sit on the bed. And scoot back. A little farther. Okay, now, spread your legs."

This part was not a doctor's appointment. It was her and Martin's approaching eye. She opened her legs with determination. She could feel a million men bend forward to memorize her loins and stroke, stroke, stroke excitedly. Their penises were throbbing and leaking precum just like Steve used to.

Martin gently directed her, "Pull your lips apart."

There were no secrets left to a whore. Her hands fumbled down and she held herself as the camera stared, everyone stared. The approaching camera's gaze was hot, raking her body with its intensity. The light was hot, exposing her utterly. Martin's fingers were suddenly on her, in her wetness, before she could think. She jerked at the violation, then relaxed, resigned. The camera owned her whore body. She shut her eyes in shame. She felt a sick, excited thrill as Martin's fingers on her wet core stimulated her nastily. She knew her army of perverts saw her pleasure clearly in her helpless nasty grimace.

"Nice little pussy. Super tiny," he observed.

"May I?" asked Scott's voice, and from nowhere, his long fingers replaced the others stroking into her slick hole. "A little pussy for a little girl."

She yearned as Scott's smooth fingers stroked her slick opening and lips in a circular motion. She wanted to curl up around him and just feel him. "Thanks?" she murmured. "You like that?" Her body filled with electric shocks as his mouth again latched onto her teat and his finger stroked her. "Ah! Huh-huh," as one big long finger plunged into her slick grasping slit. "Mmmm!" Her excitement was building rapidly. Her body was awake after long denial. This was a man handling her, savoring her. "You're going to almost make me do it," she moaned. "If you keep doing that, you know, with your finger..." she informed him unsteadily.

"That's okay," said Scott reassuringly. "You won't run out of them."

"Kelly," said Martin, wetting his lips, "Just tell us if you orgasm, that's a darling."

"I'm pretty close," Kelly fretted as Scott's impossibly big mouth sucked and pleasured one entire breast. His impossibly long finger plunged and ravaged her slick hole. "I'm feeling close."

The camera was close and hot on her as the stimulation continued, a million eyes watching. "I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" Kelly squeaked. She panted through the aftershocks. "That was great!" she thrilled. That wasn't so hard. The finger kept plunging. Electric shocks ran through her from Scott's mouth wetly enjoying her tit. Her breath was ragged. Was she going to cum again? Like a freight train. "Ooooowww," she moaned. "I came!" she panted in surprise. A familiar clamminess spread on her ass. She sat up with a jolt and Scott stopped. "I'm sorry, I wet the bed," she admitted.

"Wow, look at all that," Martin thrilled, probing the camera at it. "You covered it!"

"Sorry," she smiled nervously. "Sometimes I'm messy when I have one."

"That's wonderful," Martin assured her. "Nothing to worry about. People like to watch it. They know you're having fun."

"Heh," she said. Scott had fetched a towel. She patted on the damp spot and put it under her butt.

"Kelly, are you with us, sweetheart?" said Martin, his light glaring. "Now it's time for you to show us your oral skills. Whenever you're ready, honey." She roused, came to her senses. "Start by getting on your knees. Down there on the floor. And pull down his shorts."

It was enormous, and excited, and leaking a little. "You like me?" Kelly asked Scott.

"So very much," answered Scott, smiling at her and stepping out of his shorts and boxer briefs.

She could handle this. This was a man-sized penis. She was a pro. She had done it a hundred times. This was just scaled up. She spit, tongued it, and made it slick so it would go down easy. Then she attempted it. Her mouth needed to be wider. It was hard for her to keep her throat open at the same time. She choked it down. Her eyes watered. She was a pro. This was like her first time putting a cock down her throat. It had felt big going down then, too, and the first dozen times. She could get used to this. She coughed it out, spit going everywhere. She cleared her throat. God, it was thick! And freaking long, too. She had gotten maybe a little more than half of it down.

"Wow, that is not bad," said Martin, filming.

"It's great!" said Scott encouragingly. This little lady had it going on. She was trying so hard for him. Correct that. He shouldn't get too carried away. There was money involved. But he could hope.

Kelly returned to her task. In, "Lll!" Out, "Eeck!" It was all wet and spitty, good. The tears flowed. "Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!" She was getting it all down now. It felt like it was touching her stomach. The tears flowed.

"Man, that is super good!" Scott moaned. She was right on his member as surprisingly few had done it before, and he was a professional porn star. He wanted this one in his bed all the time. He would do anything.

"Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!"

"Look at that," said Martin. "She was not kidding."

"Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!"

"I was already so worked up," said Scott. "I really could go practically anytime."

"Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!"

"Let me capture more of this," said Martin.

"Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!"

"C'mon, man!" begged Scott. "I'm a professional, but Jesus fuck!"

"Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!"

"All right," said Martin. "Go ahead."

"Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck! Lll! Eeck!"

"Kelly, I'm about to," whimpered Scott, "Where?"


"Oh huh-huh FUUUUUUUCK!" cried Scott, ejaculating explosively down Kelly's throat as she held it all in. That was spectacular, maybe the best he'd ever had. Certainly the most surprising windfall. It was from this sweet-faced young blonde.

She had been so full of Scott's dick, she hadn't been able to back off and catch it in her mouth like usual. Instead, it had shot straight and hot, pulse after pulse, into her stomach. It felt right. He was a man, not a boy. His load belonged there. "Guuuuuh!" said Kelly, coming off it. She smiled in triumph and wiped her tears.

"Oh my fucking God!" said Scott, "I need a nap. That was beyond good. Marry me, Kelly."

"On your own time," said Martin. "No rest for the wicked."

Scott gently lifted Kelly to her feet. He sat her on the edge of the bed. He spread her legs gently, stroking her inner thighs reverently with his smooth warm hands. He crouched between her legs, looking at her, smiling at her. Martin's roving eye looked over Scott's shoulder at her.

She didn't want to say anything embarrassing. She was already a total whore. She put her hand gently on the top of Scott's head and looked away from Martin's eye. She caught her breath as Scott's hot wet mouth kissed her bits, correction, French kissed her bits. Wow! She put both her hands on him and looked down. What was he doing to her? Her eyes squeezed shut. It was just so good she couldn't stand it. She couldn't withstand it. She was falling through space.

"How are you feeling, Kelly?" asked Martin.

"F-Fuck!" whimpered Kelly. "Good!"

"Not a dying fish?" asked Martin.

"Nnnuh..." moaned Kelly. "I don't... mmm..." She felt her whole body writhe and stretch like a cat against Scott's teasing tongue and sucking mouth. "Mmm... HUH... I'm gonna cum!"

"Go ahead, Kelly," coaxed Martin.

"Ohgodohgodohgod!" Kelly cried, writhing against Scott's mouth. He stayed with her. "I did it." She felt another one building right away. "NNHmmm!" Scott slowly backed away from her. She was throbbing wet and shaking.

"Can I do it more?" asked Scott.

"Fuck yeah!" she cried, dragging him by the hair back to her cooch. Oh my fucking God, she thought.

Martin kept taping. Kelly was in a world of pleasure, her hips dancing and thrusting as she came. Scott rode the beast of her pelvis, keeping her pleasure steady and extreme. The minutes went by as Kelly whimpered out orgasms. She moaned out more orgasms. She cried out yet more orgasms. She howled out orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than the previous. The camera caught her raw, a natural unvarnished delightful girl bathed in pleasure, christened in pleasure. She was becoming a woman before their eyes.

Kelly gasped and jumped away as if bitten, and shuddered again. "I can't-" she faltered. She had been fully a creature of sensation, immersed in a world of pleasure. She hadn't imagined it could ever be this good. It had consumed her, the straining utter urgency, the crashing thunder of utter release. Primal animal sounds had flown out of her throat as if from someone else, someone possessed. In the quiet, trickling wet between her clenched, quivering thighs, she felt a consuming yearning emptiness eating at her core. "I need-" she whimpered, and then faltered.

Scott loomed over her on the bed. She felt the warm push of his penis against her wet slot. "Yes!" she cried. She was aware he was too big for her. She didn't freaking care. He could tear her in half. Each ragged half would die fulfilled, quenched.

Enormous hot pressure as Scott's firm, slick penis filled her entrance. It ached! It kept going in! There was no room! Oh God! She was so full! She felt the skin all around her hole tug into her slickly. She felt pressing deep in her guts as he stretched her hole utterly. "Gaaa!" she cried in distress.

It started, the throbbing in her whole pelvis and guts as Scott moved in her. The terrible ache. All this was new. Scott was MUCH bigger than the boys who had visited her hole before. There was a hot ache, and a punching, and terrible slick sensation.

Scott was in heaven. Kelly was such a tight ride. Yet so far, she was taking him like a champ. Most importantly, it was his sassy blonde underneath him, spread for him. She was grimacing and dealing with his size. It would get better. He kept moving in her tight slick hole. If he didn't, she would pop him right out of there.

Kelly came to her senses. Scott was quite the handful! Or the hole-full! Scott had settled down to enjoying her, a beatific smile on his face, her big boy. Yes dear sir, my hole is good, she thought. My men squirt quick. There's always hope at the beginning. Scott is a real man, a nice man, finally! This was different. But one thing was the same. Her hole was broken. It was not his fault that her hole was broken. After some more of his excited punching and stretching, the ache began to subside. She'd better say something. "This is feeling real good," she whimpered to Scott.

"I'm glad," he told her, smiling, feeling great enjoyment.

The camera light shone and glared at them. The pushing was pushing her somewhere. Kelly felt it was really, really moving her. "Oh, hmm." This was unexpected. "I'm already close!" she announced, amazed.

"The licking helps," said Martin.

"You'd better believe it," said Kelly, eyes lidded. "Uhh!" She licked her lips. "I'm close," she said. "I'm closer! Oh my God! Oh my God! Ohh! I'm cumming..." she groaned with a smile. It didn't stop. "I'm cumming... huh!" she squeaked. "I came," she breathed and smiled in amazement, puffing.

"Kelly, is that the first time you've had an orgasm during intercourse?" asked Martin.

"Right," she breathed, her brow furrowed. Her eyes were shut. She felt him deeply. Scott's continuous thrusts in her rocked her.

"You just got to witness little Kelly having an orgasm for the first time during sexual intercourse," said Martin. "You can show your grand-kids, Kelly. Here's when it happened."

"Ha ha fuck you Martin," smiled Kelly. She was beyond being concerned about anything at the moment.

"How did it feel, Scott?" asked Martin.

"Wonderful! Wet," said Scott.

"Again?" asked Martin.

"Oh yeah," said Scott.

"Uh..." said Kelly, her voice cracking. "I'm close again! Haha!"

"Do it, Kelly," said Martin. "Get there. Our viewing audience is rooting for you."

Kelly felt all their eyes raking her naked spread legs. She felt them hearing her lewd noises. She felt them stroking faster as she took Scott's giant prick like the bitch whore she was. She felt them squirting their seed towards her. She was whimpering, gasping, so close, not there, but she couldn't again, could she? She surrendered with a howl, "AAAAUGH!" The orgasm swept over her like a storm, more powerful than anything. She shuddered, shook, thrashed away from Scott. Pee flew everywhere.

Kelly came to her senses, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" she stammered.

Scott reassured, "I love it." He wiped them off with the towel.

"It's time for a new bedspread," said Martin. "Let's go to the couch. Drink some water, Kelly. Yes, that whole bottle of water. Keep drinking. Yes."

Scott carried Kelly over to the couch and set her on his lap. "Let's try reverse cowgirl." Scott slathered some cool lube on Kelly's bits and some on his own dick as well. "Sit facing the camera. Yes, like that. This way, if you pee again, you'll pee on Scott, not yourself."

"You're disgusting!" said Kelly with a smile.

"Aren't you glad there are men like Scott around for girls like you to piss on?" Martin teased.

"You're horrible," said Kelly. "You'd better stay back, or I'll get the camera. Uuuuuh!" This as Scott pushed into her.

"Now just bounce," said Martin. Kelly tried to work her hips. It was awkward. It was difficult to squat or push up with her legs either. "That's fine, just take it slow, get used to it."

This was feeling better. That aching pushing was back. Could Scott be in her even deeper? She looked over her shoulder at Scott. He smiled at her and stroked her cheek lovingly. "You're doing great," he said.

"Lean back into him. Great," said Martin. "Now we can really see you."

Kelly felt the hot eye of the camera on her. Now they could see everything, Scott's penis going into her, her hole, her clitoris, everything. They could see her tits. They could see her look of slutty excitement as she looked at Martin, looked at them. She could feel them squirting their hot jizz as she gave them everything. "I'm close," she announced. This was becoming a regular thing. She faltered in her rhythm as she felt it coming, then it subsided. She worked some more, and got close, she was about to announce she was cumming, then her foot slipped. "Dang!" she said.

"Let me take over for a while," said Scott.

He held her by the butt with both hands. He pistoned up into her like a jackhammer. It was bumping. It was punchy. It was slick. It was the most excruciating pleasure. "Oh yeah-ah-hahah-hahah-hahah-hahah-HAHAH!!" She felt, dizzy, faint. Scott slowed down and stopped. She came off him and curled up onto the couch, panting. "I came so much..." she whimpered.

 "Let's try another position," said Martin.

Scott lifted her, put her ass over her knees on the couch. She felt his dick pushing in. He was pushing into her backside! No, it was just her regular hole, just underneath. "Animals do it this way!" she complained. Scott was fully in her, oh so deep. She felt so open, so nasty and open. She felt so open, and he was so deep.

"It's okay," Scott soothed.

This was perverted. "Don't get my butt juice on you," warned Kelly. "I will NOT lick it off."

"Good to know," said Scott.

Oh God, he was so deep. Everyone was seeing her being bred like an animal, like a bitch dog in heat.

"Are you feeling good?" asked Scott.

"Yeah?" Kelly ventured. His thrusts sped up. He was smacking her ass. Smack! Smack! Smack! It vibrated her and filled her. Electric shocks exploded in her. "Huuuh! Haaaa!" A crying out orgasm escaped her. Perfect for a bitch whore, she thought. As the relentless pounding thrusting pleasure continued she howled, "I'm coming AGAIN! AAAAAAHUH!" Every stroke was filling her and stretching her and shaking all the pleasure straight into her until it exploded. "NAAAAAAH!" She couldn't believe it. She was made to be Scott's bitch in heat. "GUUUUH!" Sparks flew through her. He was so insistent! Her big dog was enjoying his bitch, wasn't he? His snarling, cumming bitch.

Suddenly, she wanted him to do it. Breed her. Fill her. Thinking it made her orgasm, "NNNNNGH!" But no, he was going to stop. She was getting birth control at the student clinic TOMORROW. "URRRR!" She wanted his jism deep in her so badly, "NNNNAAAH!!" so badly. She would have it. How many days? She would ask. "HUH-HWAAAAAH!" She would have it. She would have every freaking drop after this one time. "AAAAAHNN!" She could feel him tensing, ready, so delicious. "MMMMM!!" Almost. Maybe he would? She wanted it desperately. She wanted it with every cell.

Scott had felt Kelly's tight cunt surrender to him. It shuddered and gripped him as she howled in orgasm again and again. Here, he had a firm grip on her tight little butt, and she was turned away from him. It was more impersonal. Her body teased him, coaxed him. He knew she owned him. She had infinite power over him. It was time to give her everything. Cumming in her would be so fucking satisfying. He steeled himself. He could feel that her whole body was thirsting for it, waiting for it, trembling for it, coaxing it from him, he knew it, he felt it. This was the moment. Deep in her tiny cunt. Take it all! His hips locked into her. "RAAAAAH!"

Kelly thrilled. Scott's penis pulsed hot, wet, everywhere deep and fulfilling inside her. It filled her, stunned her with joy. She moaned. She woke up. She leaped off the couch like she had been burned.

She had been burned! "What did you do?" Kelly demanded. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

(To be continued)
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Chapter 4: Door

Semen splashed out of Kelly onto the floor. She ran to the bathroom, sobbing, trailing cum, and slammed the door shut. They heard the door lock.

Martin chased after her. "Okay, cameras off."

"Kelly!" shouted Scott through the door, "I'm sterile!"

"Go away!" Kelly shouted through the door.

"I have no sperm!" Scott shouted.

"Fuck you, you lying bastard!" she shouted.

"I'm not lying! I have a doctor report to show you," Scott said. He slid the paper under the door. "Why do you think I get hired for this kind of thing? Do you think Martin needs the legal liability of a woman getting pregnant?"

"It was a prank," called Martin. "This is my fault. Blame me. Scott tried to call it off."

"You mean you planned this all along?" Kelly cried. "You fucking bastards!"

"We didn't lie to you!" said Martin. "You said no sperm. No sperm went into you. You asked for no sperm, you got no sperm. Just not the way you expected. Look, I know you're upset and we should have told you Scott has no sperm. But our subscribers don't like it when our male talent has no sperm, even though many have vasectomies. It's just part of the movie."

"You're still disgusting creeps," said Kelly. She was calming down a little.

"Look," said Martin. "All the other girls who come here have seen porn. We're easy enough to find on the Internet. All the other girls check our site and find out that this is what we're known for. But when the time comes, their performances are fake. This was real. It's honestly the first time someone has actually been tricked," he lied. "I didn't know how much pain this would cause you. I'm really sorry. I'm never going to do this again. If I think the girl might not understand, I'm going to explain it beforehand. It's not worth hurting someone's feelings like this."

"It was a horrible thing to fucking do," said Kelly through the door.

"What can I do to make up for tricking you?" asked Martin. "More money?"

"IF you're not lying about Scott being sterile," Kelly said, "a thousand dollars."

"Done!" said Martin. He had two thousand ready. They were new bills, so they fit easily under the door.

After a minute, the door opened a crack. "Bring me my clothes," said Kelly. Scott gave her clothes to her, neatly folded, through the crack. Kelly shut the door.

A couple of minutes later, Kelly came out of the bathroom fully clothed and gave them both a dark look. She grabbed her purse and sat down to put on her boots.

While she was doing that, Martin asked, "Can I call you next week, just to see how you're doing?"

"No," said Kelly curtly, not looking up.

Kelly got up and went to the door. Scott held it shut and said, "I promise I'll make it up to you if you let me. Let me bring another smile to that face."

Kelly looked at Scott with determination and pulled open the door. Scott didn't stop her.

"Goodbye, Scott," she said. The door fell closed behind her.

(To be continued)
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Chapter 5: Regret

Scott and the whole sordid episode clung to her skin, invaded her nostrils and taste buds. She still felt a memory of Scott, especially in her pussy muscles. It took Kelly a day and a half to wash it out of her life. To forget the immediate smell and feel of it. On the second day after the shoot, she woke up and instantly resolved two things. She needed a boyfriend who would satisfy her and keep her out of trouble like she’d had. She needed a powerful and very pleasurable vibrator. Better than a man would be good.

Finding the right boyfriend would be a longer term project. As to the other, she had some time before class, and she had an idea of where to go.

Kelly walked into the Sexy Lady Boutique. It had been a short walk from her dorm. She weaved through the displays of lingerie in the front ranging from tasteful but flattering to positively nasty. She walked through a section of the store that had cute kitty-cat body suits. They could be any Halloween costume. Behind that was what she assumed was some kind of weird fetish clothing. She walked into the back room where the sex toys were sold.

A young woman not much older than her greeted her. “I’m Martha. What can I do for you?”

“Kelly. I want to buy a vibrator,” said Kelly forthrightly. She’d planned what she would say.

“Wonderful,” said Martha. “What did you have in mind?”

“I know what I need,” Kelly replied, “but I’ve never owned one.”

“Well,” said Martha, “we have these very simple pink vibrators for first time buyers. Just twist the end like this, and you’re in business.” Martha twisted it and it started up with a “Vvvvv!” and then stopped when she twisted it off. “They’re durable, and cheap, too. Not waterproof, though.”

It didn’t look to Kelly like this hard pink plastic wand would be up to the task of making her forget Scott. “What else do you have?” she asked.

“Well, these rabbit style vibrators are very popular,” Martha said. She picked one up and pointed out its features to Kelly. “You see, this part goes in, and this part stays outside on your...” She grabbed the vibrator around the shaft. She turned the vibrator on, “Vvvvv!” so the bunny part was wiggling like crazy. Then she slid it into her grasp so the bunny rabbit pressed up against the web of her hand. “See?”

Kelly nodded.

“There are some,” Martha said, picking up another similar looking model, “that also do this.” She flipped a switch, and the shaft part, the part that would go inside her, diddled around. There were also a bunch of pearl-like little balls inside the middle of the shaft that spun around. That was a lot of stuff going on.

It looked a lot more persuasive than the first one. But she realized she would have to trust Martha and get more specific about what she was after. Kelly leaned close to Martha and whispered, “I need one that’s better than a man.”

Martha leaned a little closer and whispered back. “As far as I’m concerned, they’re all better than a man.”

Kelly snickered at this notion. “Yeah, who needs them?”

“Amen to that,” Martha smiled.

A couple in their thirties entered the back room. Hand-in-hand, they browsed the various products noncommittally. Kelly ignored them. She and Martha were leaning very close, whispering. Martha had such kind eyes. She had the feeling she could be great friends with Martha excepting she worked in a filthy sex shop. But what was she thinking? What she herself had done was much, much worse.

“Did I say something wrong?” Martha whispered.

“No I was just thinking about...” Kelly’s face grew even darker as she whispered, “forgetting.”

“We can find you the right toy,” whispered Martha. “But what none of these toys can give you is companionship.”

This was a lost cause, Kelly realized. Why did she even come in here?

Martha saw her falling expression and held up a finger. “But, but… Have you considered a woman instead?” Martha smiled awkwardly at her.

Kelly had walked right into this. Hell’s bells. Martha was one of those. Martha was a very sweet, kind, and admirable… lesbian. Kelly had a heart, though. Martha looked utterly vulnerable. Kelly knew that feeling. She refused to make it worse. “I… uh… really, haven’t but...”

Martha backpedaled. “I’m sorry, I don’t know…” she slapped her hand to her eyes. “I don’t hit on shoppers, at least I never have before. I should have seen you’re not interested. Heh heh. Can we forget I said what I said?”

It was fun to be desired, even by a woman. “I’m flattered,” Kelly said. “If I was interested in… that… you’d be my choice. I was thinking earlier, we could be good friends.”

“I was thinking the same thing!” exclaimed Martha, as if Kelly had read her mind. She hastened to add, “And I have lots of completely platonic girlfriends, I mean vagina-having… just regular friends. It’s perfectly normal for women like me to, you know, have just regular friends.”

“I would like that,” said Kelly. She really would. Martha was smart, funny, and worldly. This was a girl, a woman, whatever, who could help her make better decisions in life. She thought forward to the moment she had to tell Martha about the whore part. No. She could never. Not with anybody.

“But for now,” said Martha confidently, “let’s find you a vibrator that can make you forget about men FOREVER.” They snickered conspiratorially. She was a really good friend.

“That’s a tall order,” said the man right behind her. Kelly just about jumped through the roof. She whirled around to address the couple.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take him anywhere,” joked the wife, or girlfriend. There was a ring on her finger. Wife.

“Oh my fuckin’ God! Oh my fuckin’ God!!” the man whirled and bent over as if she’d kicked him in the crotch.

“What?” asked the bewildered wife, now truly astonished and embarrassed by the man.

“It’s her!” the man exclaimed. “Look!”

The wife looked up at Kelly. Then she blanched. “Fuck me sideways, I mean it’s a pleasure to meet… well, you’re probably...” the woman stammered holding out a hand to shake.

And then it dawned on Kelly. She was fucked. She had been recognized.

Without a backward glance, she scooted out of the small toy-filled room. She pushed her way through the perverse clothing and was out on the busy street. She ran.

After a few blocks, she walked. What did she expect? It was a sex store and she’d done a sex thing. Of course she’d been recognized. She was truly an idiot.

She ordered something online. One of those rabbit-y twirly ones Martha had shown her.

The next day, Kelly was walking back towards her usual study desk in the library. The Twerp appeared in front of her. Usually he just blocked her way for a moment and complimented whatever she was wearing. Today he was not moving and had a confident look on his face. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I beg your pardon?” Kelly said acidly with an acid glare. She could probably take this little turd in a fight.

“I saw your video,” Twerp said simply.

Kelly’s blood froze. “Get out of my way or I’ll call a librarian,” she offered.

“You could probably get expelled for what you did,” Twerp said. “If anybody found out.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Kelly glared.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Twerp argued. “But you know what?” he smirked, “I’m not gonna.” He added, “Not today.” He cut her off again. “For a kiss.”

Kelly kneed Twerp in the groin. Crying out soundlessly, he crumpled. “Crawl off and die,” she said, and strode past him.

The rest of the day was uneventful, except for thoughts of Scott.

In the evening of the next day, she saw her mother was trying to reach her. This never happened. The news couldn’t be good. She called back as requested.

Her mother’s voice was filled with concern. “Boopie, what have you done?” she cried. “We got a call from a boy in your class… we didn’t believe. So I made Jack look. He cried. You made your father cry,” she concluded angrily.

“Mom,” Kelly stammered. This was her worst nightmare. “They were going to kick me out of the dorm. And you… couldn’t...”

“YOU’RE BLAMING US?!” her mother shrieked.

Kelly hung up. She couldn’t take it. Everything was shit. She cried.

Another couple of days went by uneventfully, except for irritating thoughts of Scott. Her rabbit thing emailed her and said it was back ordered. She fumed. She had practically busted her shaver. It tormented her now, randomly shutting off when she got real close. It went from being her reliable little buddy in a time of desperate need to being a horrific self-torture device. She would stomp on it and burn it in the quad as soon as the rabbit arrived.

As Kelly was walking to class, a boy shouted across the commons to her, “Hey!”

She didn’t know him, and kept walking. Maybe he was yelling to someone else.

But he persisted. “Hey distressed dilettante!” Then he made a squealing imitation, “I'm coming AGAIN! AAAAAAHUH!” The boys and girls sitting around him about pissed themselves with laughter.

Kelly scrupulously ignored him and kept walking.

He was on a roll. “I will NOT lick it off!” he shouted. Boys and girls were falling out of their chairs over there. Probably actually pissing themselves.

Kelly hid in the library for the rest of the day.

The next day, she received a letter from the University. “The Dean of Mathematics and a representative from Student Services urgently request to meet with you.” There was a date and time at the end of this week. There was rigmarole about calling to reschedule if she absolutely had to. The letter went on, “This meeting may be in regard to bullying you’ve recently suffered on campus. This is not a hearing or official action of any kind for any reason.” Why did they send a letter then? “We’re merely concerned about you and want to offer our support.” That probably meant it was a hearing and she was going to be expelled. Well, she’d done it to herself. This was why women always got the short end of the stick. Fucking bastards!

Kelly sat sullenly in the dean’s outer office until she was called in. The dean was perhaps sixty years old, bald, and jolly looking. He wasn’t smiling now though. He had a sympathetic look on his face as if to say, “I know your pain.”

In a chair next to him sat a woman in a tweed pantsuit, graying hair, immaculately put together. Kelly, on the other hand, looked a wreck. Her world was falling apart, she wasn’t sleeping, and she couldn’t get her fucking shaver to stay on. “Come in, dear,” the woman invited.

When Kelly sat in the obvious chair across from them, the woman said, “I’m Anna, and you are Kelly.” Kelly loved it when people told her her own name, NOT.

“I’m Biff,” the Dean piped up. He looked jolly for a second, and then it subsided back to concerned. His eyes flicked down her body. It could just be a nervous tick.

“My, you look every bit as fresh and lively as…” the woman, Anna, blushed and looked off to the side. She’d watched the video. She sighed and continued, “...your file suggests.” Staring not into Kelly’s eyes but lower, the woman licked her lips. Okay.

“Kelly,” said the Dean brightly. He was also now looking right at her tits, and sweeping lower. The pervert. They’d both watched it.

“Kelly,” the woman interrupted him. She looked straight into Kelly’s eyes, no detours. “You’re not in any trouble. Quite the opposite.”

“I feel like this is my fault, our fault,” the Dean offered contritely. “We’ve been trying to keep these parasites off our campus for years.”

“Be that as it may,” interrupted the woman. “We’re here… what we’re trying to say is that you’ve done nothing wrong. People who have been in the adult industry, that is, people who have been exploited, also have a right to an education.”

“On the other hand,” said Dean Biff, “the boy who called your parents? He’s been permanently expelled, which is too good for him. Blackmail is a second degree felony. Not to mention attempted rape. It’s people like him that boil my blood. Do you need a campus police officer to… walk you to class? What I’m trying to ascertain...”

“We want to provide you whatever support you need to have a happy and productive remainder of your school year,” Anna pronounced. It sounded scripted.

“And then you want me to leave,” Kelly concluded.

“NO!” said Dean Biff, almost jumping out of his chair. “No no no no no!” he sighed. “Look, I’ve been bullied. I know how it hurts.” He put a fist on his heart. Right there. He stared at her fixedly. “Don’t let them win. We’ll help. You will graduate if it’s the last thing I ever do in my career. I will open this vein-”

“No need to get melodramatic,” Anna cautioned him. Turning to Kelly, she said, “You can see the dean is passionate about this, as am I.” Full eye sweep from Anna. Lesbian much?

“I’m afraid your point is moot,” said Kelly. “I’ll be out of money soon. My mother and I… well, we’re not speaking. And they can’t help me anyway. So-”

“We’re aware of your financial situation,” Dean Biff said. He stared at her, convincingly, then his gaze flicked down her body and looked quickly to the side. He’d definitely watched the video. More than once, the fucking pervert. Anna wet her lips again. Both of them. She should set Anna up with Martha.

Somehow, Kelly survived the meeting. When she had money concerns again, they made her promise to schedule a meeting with the Dean. He would “help her find a resolution.” Yeah right, probably under his desk. But that was unkind. She believed these people were well meaning. She was also really squicked out at the barely restrained lust they had for her. Her video was turning regular good people into twisted demons of lust. She felt guilty. She got business cards from both of them. They came with exhortations to call either of them at any time of the day or night about anything. Nope. She got a brochure for the rape crisis center. It went along with a pile of that kind of ass-covering mumbo jumbo she would never have time to read.

She walked out of there. She hadn’t been expelled. Now life was harder. Her life could have been greatly simplified. She could have gotten a low paying job, worked full time. She would make enough to get by that way. Simplify. Stabilize. Now she would have to ace math exams while dweebs moaned and laughed at her. Things were more fucked up than ever.

She was trying to remember the basics of Conformal Analysis when there was a knock on her dorm door. She wasn’t expecting anybody. Hesitantly, she opened it.

It was Martha. “Hi,” she said awkwardly, and waved. She was carrying a present, all gift-wrapped.

Kelly was horrified. “How did you find me?” she wailed.

“You used your real name. In the video?” Martha said. “I looked you up in the student directory. Look, I don’t want to intrude, but I thought you might need a friend.” She quickly added, “A regular old friend.”

It dawned on Kelly that Martha had gone to extraordinary lengths. She felt bad to get upset given Martha had scoured the town looking for her. “Come in,” said Kelly. She shut the door after her.

“This is for you.” Martha handed her the gift.

Politely, Kelly opened it immediately. It was an elaborate and very expensive-looking sex toy. In fact, there was still a price tag on the back. Seven hundred and sixty dollars. Kelly’s jaw dropped. Realizing she was being rude to even look at the price, she clapped her mouth shut. “Thank you!” she stammered. No more half-broken shaver! This was a freaking life preserver. “I need this!” She laughed. “What is it?”

The label said “Vibro-Thrust! Water Play Edition.”

“Well, you left in such a hurry,” Martha began. “Marty and Suzi, they were mortified. Truly mortified. They’ve been customers at the store for years. They’re really good people. We are all so sorry we made you feel uncomfortable. So I took it upon myself. Because we’re friends, right? I told the store owner what happened. He was double-mortified. I did some research. Make that a lot of research. He told me anything, anything in the store. He wanted to hire a private detective, but I said absolutely not, you’ll terrify her… you.” She beamed. “So I found you!”

Kelly teared up a little. There were regular, good people trying to do the right thing. Going incredibly out of their way to do the right thing. “Thank you,” she said simply.

The thing had a giant instruction booklet. “Well, I’m not an expert on dicks, as you know,” they both had a sisterly snicker at that. “But so I’m told, this is the father of all… it’s incredibly fucking good. You can use it anywhere. It has all kinds of crazy vibration modes and thrusting patterns if you want to get into all that. That’s right. You’re a math genius. So you’ll master this thing by tomorrow probably.”

“I wouldn’t say genius,” said Kelly.

“But the really interesting thing is, have you got a shower?” asked Martha.

“This is a dorm,” replied Kelly. “Indeed I have a shower.”

“Well what you do, (ahem) so I’m told, is you stick this guy to your shower wall with this suction cup at the ‘right height.’ Then you flick this switch.”

The switch said, “Responsive Mode.” The thing jumped when Martha switched it on. Then it moved slightly, tentatively, at random intervals.

“What this guy does, if it’s in a real live woman, is act like a man is, you know, doing you. It’s in my hand right now, so it’s just confused, aren’t you little guy?” The thing shifted as if to agree with Martha’s statement. “This thing can thrust, it warms and maintains itself at body temperature, it is crazy detailed. And so, as you know, as a woman gets closer, there are physiological changes. This thing can detect all that. So when you’re getting ready or whatever, it’ll act the like the guy is like ‘oh, baby!’ Hah.” Martha used a really low voice for the “oh, baby!” part. They both laughed.

“In short, it’s your robotic man replacement,” said Martha. She handed it to Kelly. It jerked.

Kelly switched it off. No reason to waste the batteries on this bad boy.

“And, it’s fully rechargeable,” Martha said. "Here’s the charger. You just stand it up in the thing. It charges by induction, like your electric toothbrush."

“It looks kind of artistic,” said Kelly. “I wish I could leave it out. But I can charge it under my bed. I already do that with my laptop. Well thank you! I don't know what to say. Maybe we could hang out sometime soon. I'll give you a review.”

“The owner would be happy to meet you if you don’t mind,” said Martha.

“I have to be so suspicious of attention these days,” said Kelly. “Maybe later.”

(To be continued)
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Chapter 6: Briefly, Prudence

Martha and Kelly made plans to meet for coffee later in the week. Then she was left alone with… the thing. Her roommate Becky Ann would be gone for hours. Beth and Julie were at a concert all evening. There was no time like the present. But she had homework to do.

But none of it was due tomorrow, so fuck it. She deserved this.

Kelly took the thing along with the instruction manual and the complimentary bottle of Ultra Lube 5000 into the communal bathroom. The tiny blonde scooted it lower on the shower wall to match pussy height backing onto it. She pushed hard to really stick it. With the water off, the suction cup worked well. She panicked because she thought she had inadvertently made the thing into a new bathroom fixture. Her roommates would all see this elaborate perverted sex toy she had. If life wasn’t bad enough! She would die then. But she found the release valve. It popped right off. Whew! Okay, she stuck it back on the shower wall.

She clicked on the Responsive Mode switch. It just sat there, neutrally. If it were a man, it would be about half erect. What the heck, she thought, she’d give it a little test. The dimensions of this thing were not modest. In fact, it reminded her of Scott. Fuck him to death. This was just a toy. “Lll!” she wolfed it down her throat a bit. Wow! It leaped and throbbed just like a real dick would do under the circumstances. She slid off it. It was more erect. And it also had a pulse. Pulse. Pulse. It was happy. This was surreal.

She slathered the lube all over it, which made it just a bit happier. She painted up her cooch pretty thoroughly as well. Some lube spilled onto the shower floor. She rinsed it away so she wouldn’t slip. Otherwise, she could see the headline now, “Porn Actress Dies in Shower Sex Toy Mishap.”

Kelly backed onto the toy gently, rubbed her opening on the tip. It throbbed. Nice. She teased and poked her opening for a while with it. It was very warm, a little hot even. It felt great. She was actually getting pretty close to cumming. The thing was getting harder, too, like the feel of her opening right there was exciting it.

Okay, time to take that head. It was pretty stiff, so she pushed firmly, and it was in. It felt good. She had her hands well braced on the opposite wall. She was now going to fuck herself silly on this thing. It was throbbing. Time to take it all. Oh, it filled her, throbbing. She kept pushing until she was pretty much full. Then boom! The thing elongated and thrust into her, rocked into her pussy like it owned her. “Gaaaa!” she croaked wordlessly.

It was off to the races, faster than any man. It filled her, took her shamelessly, urgently, continuously. It raped her. “Oh! … Oh! … YEEEEEAH!!” it was a good orgasm that rippled through her body. This robot had certainly beat four out of five boyfriends already. “YAAAAA!” It started thrusting in about four inches FARTHER. It was MASSIVE. She was already close again. It reminded her of, she wouldn’t say it, “SCOTT!!!! OH FUCK ME! NNNNNGH!”

“SCOTT! AAAAAEAH! TAKE ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKER! UUGH! I’M YOUR DIRTY WHORE! OHGOD! NNNUH!” Now that the floodgates were open, all the frustration Kelly had been feeling about Scott came pouring out of her along with her passionate squirts. She was coming to terms with it. She was cumming.

An hour later, she was sitting on the floor of the shower. Her pussy had that ache it had after she’d taken Scott that day, except more scraped up. It had been good. It had been really good. It had been better than any self-service imaginable. She hadn’t stopped croaking out Scott’s name even as she went hoarse from her cries.

That part had to stop! She named her toy Prudence, after the quality. She didn’t want to shout any man’s name while using that thing. Think of the embarrassment if she happened to date a guy with the same name. So Prudence it became, or Pru for short.

While she was in her Incompleteness and Undecidability class, a new text message came to her phone. The number was new, not in her address book. "It's Scott. I got your number from Martin. I was concerned because of all the attention. I wanted to give you my number in case you wanted to talk." She frowned and went back to taking notes on the lecture.

That evening, she was three orgasms into her shower stall date with Prudence. Barely started. She looked at the message again. She remembered the look of overwhelming pleasure on Scott's face as he thrust into her for the first time. She remembered the shaft of Scott's cock in her, disappearing, disappearing. "SCOTT!" she cried in shaking, quivering orgasm. She was dripping onto the floor. She almost fell over. Her renaming was not going well.

“Are you… ohmygod,” said her roommate Becky Ann, who had needed to pee.

“Wait!” she tried to tell her toy. “I’m… ha! Ah! AAAH!” She’d had a nasty fantasy that had persisted for a week of almost this exact thing. With infinite resolve, she slid off the thrusting member. Becky Ann stared at it, transfixed. It was erect. Throbbing. Unsatisfied looking. Kelly looked at her roommate guiltily. “This is embarrassing,” she said. “It’s a toy.”

“It looks alive,” Becky Ann wondered. “Not that I’ve… seen...”

“You’ve never seen a boy’s dick?” Kelly said skeptically.

“Well, once or twice,” said Becky Ann. “But not a full… sized...”

“Well, this one is pretty big as they go,” said Kelly. “In my limited experience, that is.”

“Limited, hah,” Becky Ann snickered. “We all know.”

It was like a punch in the gut. “I’m not...” She was going to say she wasn’t a dirty slut, a whore. But she was a dirty slut and a whore who’d sold her body to millions of furiously masturbating men. And she’d sold it to women too, if Martha and Anna were any indication. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“If I had a man like that,” Becky Ann breathed, “I wouldn’t be hanging out here on a Saturday night, even with that thing.”

“It’s complicated,” Kelly said.

“Look, I’ve never had a boyfriend, so I can’t judge,” said Becky Ann. “But he asked you to marry him, and you’re going to have his baby. Are you going to raise it alone?”

“What??” Kelly gasped. “What gave you that idea?” Then, “You watched the whole thing?”

“We all did,” said Becky Ann. “It’s happening everywhere on campus. About halfway through, a boy from dorm two put his hand on my leg and I punched him. That was right after your first ever orgasm from intercourse. But he wasn’t the only one. All the guys there just assumed since I was your roommate I had loose morals as well.”

“I’m so sorry you had to suffer that, Becky Ann,” said Kelly. “I’m not having his baby.”

“You don’t mean,” Becky Ann said with horror.

“No, no, no, no,” said Kelly. “It’s all movie magic. Staged.” It seemed the simplest explanation.

“Wow, you’re a good actress,” said Becky Ann. “I thought you were going to kill them!”

“That part was real, but it was about something else,” Kelly said. This lie was getting too elaborate. She needed to change the subject. “So, I thought you weren’t going to be home for another hour.”

“Oh shit! I’m sorry to barge in,” Becky Ann, said. “I expect you have to train… and porn star stuff like that...” Then her eyes widened. “I’ve gotta pee right now!” She leaped into the bathroom stall. Whoosh! Went her pants and panties. Splash! Fsssssh! A big sigh as she continued to hiss a torrent into the toilet. When she was down to drips and squirts, she said, “Why are you here on a Saturday night? Was it all a lie? It seemed so real, what you had. Not that I’d know. It made me want to know, though. Really bad. I’ve been kind of jumping out of my skin ever since.”

“I don’t know,” said Kelly. “Does it sound like a good idea to you to marry a porn star?”

“I about pissed myself when you joked about introducing him to your mom and dad,” Becky Ann said. “We all did.” She paused. “It seemed so real. Really you. Like we were seeing things nobody should ever see.” Then more softly, she said. “It felt so dirty.”

Kelly didn’t know what to say. “It was,” she stammered.

“So aren’t you going to at least...” Becky Ann stammered. Fuck his brains out? Gorge on his cum? “Date him a little?”

“No,” said Kelly firmly.

“Kelly, could I ask your advice? You’re the expert,” said Becky Ann.

“How?” Kelly asked.

“How should I prepare to… have a boyfriend?” Becky Ann asked. “I’m not ready to. But it looked… there are skills and everything. Watching you do the stuff, I felt like I could never.”

“It takes a little practice,” said Kelly. “You could start with a toy.”

Kelly took a spot on the closed toilet seat out of sight of the shower stall and coached Becky Ann, who was in the shower stall. “It’s not… ugh… getting in!” Becky Ann said in frustration.

Face red with embarrassment, Kelly went to have a look at the problem. Becky Ann was a slightly chubby girl of medium height with great big breasts. She had that Southern Mediterranean cast to her skin, a jet black bob of hair, and a furry, uncultivated muff. She eyed Kelly with frustration. “No, Becky Ann, you have to use a lot more lube. Not just a drop. All over. That’s right, and all over the thing, too.” She retreated to the toilet stall.

“I’m a mess!” Becky Ann complained.

“It’s a messy business,” said Kelly. “Hang in there. Are you pushing?”

“I’m pushing,” said Becky Ann. “Oh, it stings!”

“Keep pushing,” said Kelly. Then it started, quiet and quick. Vrr-vrr-vrr… Interesting. The dang thing was very adaptable to the situation, apparently.

“I feel funny,” said Becky Ann. “OH-oh-OH-oh-OH-oh-OH-oh-OH!” she cried.

“Now you’re cooking,” said Kelly. “I’ll leave you to it.” She left the bathroom, returned to their dorm room, and sat against the door. She’d done a good thing, hadn’t she? Kelly smirked. At least Becky Ann would never settle for any of the bad sex she’d had to suffer through. That had to be a good deed. Now where was that math homework that needed doing?

About half an hour later, there was a commotion in the hall. Kelly, fearing the worst, flew to her door and opened it. It was Julie, looking into the bathroom. “Becky Ann,” Julie cried, “what the actual fuck?!”

From the bathroom, she heard Becky Ann respond, “Wait! OHHHHhhhh! Okay, NNNGH!”

“You’re...” Julie began. Then, “This is a communal bathroom.”

“Ohmygod, I’m so embarrassed!” said Becky Ann.

“Well, take your friend… big… friend… and scamper. I need to take a dump,” said Julie. “Well?”

“It won’t come off!” Becky Ann insisted.

Julie disappeared into the bathroom. Kelly raced across the hall and barged in after her. “Don’t hurt it!”

“I might have known!” said the tiny Latina, whirling on Kelly. “You know she’s never had a boy. Grooming her to be the next distressed dilettante?” Julie sneered.

“Julie, that’s cruel,” said Becky Ann. “It was my idea.”

“Baby’s growing up,” said Julie, stroking a hand through her crew-cut. “I need to crap really bad, ladies, so could you give me some privacy?”

“You know what, we’ll leave it here,” said Becky Ann. “Try it if you want.”

“Get out,” said Julie. The roommates left Julie to her crapping.

Twenty minutes later, Becky Ann poked Kelly on the shoulder and snickered, “She hasn’t come out yet.” They went and cracked the bathroom door open.

It was filled with steam and the shower was running. Julie was mewing, “Oh! Yeah! Fuck me Ronnie! Ohgod!” Kelly peeked. The tiny crew-cut Latina was backed fully onto the thing, teeth bared in a grimace of pleasure, her hands bracing her. Her shaved mons dripped with moist pleasure as the tool chugged in her. They shut the door again.

The next morning, Kelly went in to brush her teeth. “What’s this thing?” Beth asked from the shower.

“What does it look like?” asked Kelly.

“Is this a?” Beth stammered. “Its perverted,” she said. Beth was a very thin, very black religious studies major. Very straight-laced. Her daddy was a preacher, and his, and so forth. She was the only one of the four girls sharing this bathroom not yet in on their conspiracy.

Kelly decided that just for logistical ease, she should try to help her along. “It’s not perverted. It’s just a massager for tense muscles. It’s wonderful. You look tense.”

“A relaxing massage does sound good about now,” said Beth innocently. Her curly tuft of bush looked like she trimmed it.

“Okay then, let’s help you out. I’m just going to put this massage oil on here, so it’s all slippery. Now just… forget it. You’ll be fine. Line yourself up. Let me adjust the height. Perfect. Now bend over.”

“Isn’t this my…?” asked Beth.

“Don’t be a wuss,” said Kelly. “Push back on it.”

Beth was clearly flustered, her eyes a little wild. She’d never admit it, but she knew exactly what she was doing. “You’re the expert,” she whimpered.

The chaste little bible-thumper had watched her porn video! Had anybody not seen the fucking thing?!

She was losing focus. Beth was whimpering like it was her wedding night while pushing back on the thing. Eyes shut tight. All sensation. If she kept going like that, she was going to get it, all right. The thing sprang to life. Whump! Whump! Whump! It seemed more excited than usual. Maybe it knew it had a naughty little bible-thumper spitted on it. “Oh my Lord CHRIST!” Beth wailed in rapture. Blushing, Kelly left her to it.

About an hour later, Kelly started to get worried. Beth had still not come out. She cracked the bathroom door to make sure Beth was okay. “OOH! OHH! AAH! AAH! EEE! HAAH!!” Beth screamed.

Beth jumped when Kelly caught her eye. “I’m sorry, I’ll stop now,” she apologized.

“You’ve been going at it this whole time?” asked Kelly.

“Yes,” said Beth in a very small voice, contrite. She gingerly slid off the thing, which looked positively worn out. It sagged. She turned on the shower and washed all her evidence down the drain. “Okay, you can keep it in here,” she said gently. “I don’t mind.” She peed quickly and left. Kelly peed and followed her out.

Only two days passed before a strict schedule was worked out among the four bathroom-sharers. Kelly would charge it under her bed overnight. She would stick it on the wall in the morning. She had bathroom privacy between eight in the morning and ten. Julie had dibs on ten to noon. Becky Ann had noon to two. Beth brought up the rear with two to four. Starting again, Julie had four to six. Becky Ann had six to eight. Beth had eight to ten. And Kelly would finish off the evening ten to midnight then recharge it until morning. It was acceptable for one of the other girls to come in to grab their toothbrush or use the can while another girl was availing herself. They had to shower sometime during their turns, no exceptions.

(To be continued)
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Chapter 7: Academic Relief

A week later, Kelly’s tuition came due. She handled it badly. Normally, her parents would have already paid it, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t. At least, they weren’t. This was the final notice, all in pink and red. She had been too anxious about paying the large sum to preview what it would do to her bank account. After paying it, her bank balance was three dollars. Well, at least it wasn’t overdrawn.

Kelly tried to think clearly about how to fix the problem. She couldn’t afford tampons, anything. She had no money to buy lube, and they were running out quickly. She figured she could get the girls to cover that. But she couldn’t even afford to eat breakfast the next morning.

She wasn’t going to call her parents. She was too proud for that. She was way too proud to call Scott and ask him for money, though she knew in her heart he would give her anything she needed with no strings attached. No. And she would not mooch off her friends like a vagrant. Another girl in the dorms did that for only a couple of weeks last year. She was still a pariah.

That left only one choice. She called the office of Biff Hutcherson, the Dean of Mathematics, and reached his secretary. “I need to meet with him urgently about my finances,” she said.

“He’s almost out the door,” said the lady, “But I’ll ask if he has any time this week.” This week! Kelly began to panic.

A minute later, the lady returned to the phone. “The Dean will see you as soon as you can get over here. Be quick about it, please.”

“I thought you were going to close,” said Kelly.

“Well, I’m leaving,” said the lady, “but he’s staying late to meet with you. Great lengths and all that. Would open a vein. Heh. Don’t be concerned. He doesn’t mean it literally, remember that.”

“That’s a load off my mind,” joked Kelly. The woman had already hung up.

Kelly was completely out of breath by the time she made it to the Dean’s office. The Dean answered the outer office door all by himself, and then locked it behind her. “Come in! Come in!” he enthused. “Catch your breath. My you look so sanguine… and vigorous.” Full body check.

Well, he could ogle her all he wanted as long as he solved her cash problem. “Dean Hutcherson,” Kelly began.

“Biff! Please call me Biff,” he soothed. “My friends call me Biff. I consider you a friend, Kelly.” Another full body check. “Can I get you a glass of water or anything?”

“No, thank you,” she said. Kelly told the Dean about her money problems. “So you see, I don’t even have enough money to buy breakfast tomorrow morning.”

The Dean opened one of his desk drawers, pulled out a document, and signed it. “This is a dining contract. It’s a gift to you from the School of Mathematics completely free of charge. You can present this temporarily at any cafeteria on campus. I believe the larger ones always have three choices each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll get a laminated card to replace this in about a week. Problem solved!” Biff smiled broadly. He was his own cheerleader. “And might I say Kelly,” he said, doing another full body check, “your teachers all rave about you. I’m proud to help such an excellent student.”

It was so kind and generous, but not nearly enough. “Thank you so much, Dean-”

“Biff! Call me Biff. B-i-f-f.” he chortled.

“All right… Biff… your gift is kind and generous, but not nearly enough,” Kelly informed him.

“What do you mean?” he asked, genuinely confused. “You have a roof over your head, tuition all paid, three meals a day. Covered!”

“But I need money for toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, you name it,” argued Kelly.

“Ho ho,” said Biff, “students today. Couldn’t conceive of roughing it. Can’t you borrow such things from your friends?”

“Yes, but only temporarily,” said Kelly. “It adds up, Biff! Feminine products.”

“Perfume?” he asked.

“No, tampons!” said Kelly. “Unless you want me to leave drops of menstrual blood all over the math department.”

“Hah hah! What a joker!” said Biff. “I wasn’t saying that at all. I wasn’t talking about things coming from your...” He swallowed hard, loosened his necktie, and undressed her methodically with his eyes.

“My cooch?” suggested Kelly.

“Hah hah you’re such a forthright young lady,” he declared, wiping his brow with his handkerchief. “Now Kelly, let’s be serious for a moment.” His expression was grave. “It’s very difficult for the school to give you any cash. Dining services are no problem. The fact of the matter is, many of the students that have come before you have gotten by with less.”

“Sure, in the Middle Ages!” Kelly argued. “I guess that wasn’t a problem then, because women weren’t allowed to go to university!”

“Hah hah! Oh you’re such a lively girl. So witty and lively,” Biff praised with twinkling eyes. “I could talk to you all night, ahem, all day long. All the time! Hah hah!” Then Biff sobered up. “But I see your point. The world is always, heh, updating. Modern times require modern thinking. Although the department itself can’t give cash...”

“I’m listening carefully,” said Kelly.

“Well, it’s true, of course, that a girl, a woman, should be able to afford nice things, should she not?”

“I don’t need nice,” said Kelly. “I need survivable.”

“And you have more than a full load of classes, difficult classes,” said Biff. “It was the right decision for you to give up that low-paying part time job of yours.”

“You HAVE been checking up on me, haven’t you,” Kelly said.

“I hope you’re not offended,” said Biff.

“Is this leading somewhere?” asked Kelly.

“Oh yes,” said Biff. “There’s only one logical solution. What you need is a job that pays you handsomely for little or no work.”

“No duh!” said Kelly. “But this is starting to sound like the work we’re trying to keep me away from.”

“Oh! Hah hah!” chortled Biff. “It’s true we have to keep you far away from cameras, don’t we? Hah hah! Away from the limelight. But I do have another idea. I’m not really sure I should mention it, though.”

“What, is it illegal?” she asked.

“It doesn’t have to be,” said Biff in an earnest tone.

“I’m not sure I like the sound of that,” said Kelly.

“Well, that’s why I was so reluctant to mention it,” said Biff.

“C’mon,” said Kelly. This was the point where he was going to ask her to blow him, or make wee-wee on his face, or some other perverse old man activity. “Spit it out,” she dared him.

“No,” Biff moaned. “It would be wrong. You’re a student, such a promising student, in my charge, in my care. I would rather open this vein-”

“I’ll come over there and open that vein myself if you don’t spit it out!” hissed Kelly.

“Okay, if you insist,” said Biff. If he were a cat, he’d be purring. He’d make a good cat. “I understand that many actresses involved in the adult industry make a lot of money simply by accompanying a man to a party. These men will pay hundreds of dollars, you see, to be seen in the company of such an attractive woman. It helps them in business dealings and so forth. Completely worth it to them. Lucrative for the girl, excuse me, woman! Hah hah! All she has to do is wear a revealing but not immodest dress, have a lovely dinner, and perhaps attend a boring but alcohol-fueled party afterward. You’re underage, so you could drink sodas. I’m sure they have them. I’m sure they do.”

“I’m trying to think,” said Kelly. “How would I ever find any of these men. Do you know any?”

“Indeed I do,” said Biff. “I’m well-connected in such circles.”

Kelly mused, Biff the procurer, who would have thought?

“As it happens, I’m in need of an escort this very evening for a trivial affair,” Biff said. “It wouldn’t take even an hour, I’d expect.”

Now we’ll see how real this is, thought Kelly. “How much will you pay me?”

“That depends on what you’re willing to do,” said Biff.

“What do you mean exactly?” asked Kelly.

“I’ll pay you a thousand dollars,” Biff blurted.

“I’m in,” said Kelly. “Who do I have to kill?”

“Oh, hah hah! Oh, you’re such a delightful joker, Kelly!” chortled Biff. “All you would have to do to earn the thousand dollars is take the first step in getting ready for any fancy dinner or party.” His voice softened, “But here, in my presence.” He slid an envelope that was conveniently already on his desk out to the front toward Kelly.

Kelly stood up and walked over to Biff’s desk. His lustful eye-raking of her body was completely unrestrained now. She picked up the envelope and counted the money. Indeed, it was a thousand dollars. Ten Benjamins. She set the money back down on his desk. “What exactly do you mean by ‘take the first step’? You’re being cryptic again.”

“Undress for me,” Biff said.

“That’s it?” asked Kelly. “Just undress for you?”

“Yes, and,” Biff pointed his index and middle fingers down towards the surface of his desk and spread them. “Like you did in the video.”

“Sounds like a deal,” said Kelly, nodding and smiling. “Wait a second. No cameras in here, right? Because if it turns out there are, I know where your veins live.”

Biff looked back at her with great earnestness. “My precious young lady! Didn’t I say that I’d do whatever it took to keep you far away from the harsh glare of cameras?” Excitement was raw on his face. “This is only for me and my own private memories.” Shifting to a more professorial tone, he said, “Having such a thing exist would be a constant risk to my career. Either morally or in terms of the risk to me, I simply wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I did such a thing. I would open this vein-”

“Save your blood,” interrupted Kelly with an nasty look and grin. “You’re going to need all you’ve got for your dick.” She grabbed the envelope, went back to her chair, and stuffed it into her purse. She shucked her coat and started unbuttoning her blouse, getting undressed for the man.

“Wait, wait wait,” said Biff.

“Getting cold feet?” asked Kelly. “No refunds.”

“Far from it,” Biff husked. “Would you mind coming over here and sitting in front of me?” He rolled his chair back from his desk until he backed into the wall behind him with a thunk. His right hand was stroking his penis through his slacks. Now that she thought of it, she hadn’t seen that hand for a while.

Kelly strode over to Biff’s desk like a porn star, ‘cause she was a fucken’ porn star. She sat down right in front of him, hiked up her skirt, and spread her legs. There was a very good view of her panties and the dent where her vulva lay.

“Oh so good,” Biff groaned, stroking the front of his pants faster. “Now slowly my dear, slowly, remove your clothes. Please, it will only take a few minutes more.”

“Sure thing, Biff,” said Kelly, slowing way down. “Now I want you to do something for me.”

“What, my sweet darling?” Biff moaned, halfway to rapture.

“Repeat after me: I like watching the naked pussies of my young students.” He did.

Kelly slipped off her blouse and said, “I get hard and touch my dick when they show me their pretty pink titties.”

Biff repeated the phrase, and then asked in a quiet voice, “Angel, may I take out my thing and stroke it openly? I don’t want to offend.”

“Why Biff, I never thought you’d ask,” Kelly said. She stood up, naked from the waist up. Her pert titties bounced. “By all means. And don’t use that scratchy zipper hole. I want britches and undies down to your knees, mister.”

“Ohhh,” said Biff, thrilled beyond speech by her nasty talk.

“Here, let me help,” she said. She walked right up to him and helped him struggle to his feet. Her nipples teased his, as they were about the same diminutive height. She knelt and slipped down his pants and underwear. He was not bad. She’d seen smaller. It saluted her rigidly as she addressed it. The head was dripping wet with precum. She could suck him, but he hadn’t asked for that, hadn’t paid for that. She stood up and backed away, sit and spread on the desk again. He was standing, showing his penis to her now, stroking with great excitement while watching her.

She kicked off her shoes and went to work on her socks. “Your dick is beautiful, Biff.”

“Th-th-ha-honey,” Biff said, stammering with excitement.

Her socks removed, she unbuttoned her skirt, stood, and slid it slowly down her legs to the floor. “Now it’s just my panties, deanie-weenie.”

“Please don’t call me that,” groaned Biff.

“Sorry,” said Kelly, “just an experiment. So would you like me to pull them down slowly? Or would you like me to maybe bend over your desk and slide them down? You can see both my naked holes real well that way.”

“Oh, the latter! The latter!” Biff enthused, stroking, stroking.

Kelly could hear Biff’s huffs of increasing excitement as she bent over his desk and slid her panties down. “Now Biff, don’t be a stranger. Come over here with that big dong of yours and spank my ass! Spank it!” A moment later, she felt Biff’s hard penis and its wet tip stroke excitedly up her ass cheek.

After three or four strokes, he spanked it once, then backed away. “Thank you,” he whimpered.

“Would you like the front view now?” Kelly asked.

“Oh, yes!” was the reply.

Kelly turned around and sat back on the desk. She spread her legs. Her vulva lips were already parting, engorged with excitement. Not bad for just being watched by an old man! She was proud of her responsiveness. She stretched her lips out tight with a pair of fingers, fully baring her glistening vulva. “Look what you’ve done to me Biff,” she said. “Look how wet and horny you’ve made me.”

Biff groaned with growing excitement. Shaking with ecstasy, he panted, “Angel, can I ask just one more thing?”

“Of course,” Kelly said.

“Can I… um… put my… uh… product on you?” Biff panted.

“On, not in,” said Kelly. “Maybe… yes get in really close here… maybe next time, if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you fuck me in the ass. You didn’t see that on the video!”

“Oh! God!” cried Biff. A nice big thin squirt splashed all over her vulva and vaginal opening. He leaned in close, and another, thicker emission dribbled out and ran in rivulets from her bare shaved pudenda down her vulva and pooled in her ass crack. Biff was a very excited old man.

They laughed together then, he with joy, and she because he was so joyful. “You’re not half bad, Biff,” said Kelly. That was by far the easiest and most fun grand she’d ever made. Well, the easiest. She tried not to think of Scott.

(To be continued)
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Chapter 8: The Dam Bursts

Kelly threw herself down on her bed and put her pillow over her head. She had been harassed all over campus today with catcalls. Lines from her video were shouted back at her, crude imitations made of her orgasmic shrieks. Worse yet, it was only 3 PM. Beth was in the middle of her first ride of the day on Scotty. On the first ride, she always took her entire two hours. No, she wouldn’t have a chance to seek comfort from Scotty for another seven whole hours. At least, not that Scotty, she thought suddenly.

She gritted her teeth and selected Scott’s number.

“It’s you,” he said gently, reverently. It was as if she were a small woodland creature he was trying not to startle.

“You’re right, it’s bad,” she said in an overwhelmed monotone.

“Let me buy you coffee,” he said, so gentle, so smooth.

She wanted to curl up in his arms and sleep. At the same time, she was never going to get her life together until she’d forgotten him.

Fuck it. Coffee is coffee. And she needed to clearly remind herself why they should not date. “Okay,” she muttered, then more strongly, “Plato’s coffee in fifteen minutes?” Wait, she looked like a wreck. “Sorry, in an hour?”

“That’s next to campus. You’ll be safe from harassment there?” he asked.

“You’re a real porn star,” she snickered, “you’re the one they’ll mob.”

“I’m flattered you think so, but people don’t care about the male talent,” he said. “It’s all you.”

“Oh yeah?” she argued. “I’ve got fifty freshman and sophomore girls on my dorm floor that would beg to completely differ.”

“Well… uh...” Had she just flustered Scott? “It’s you, ten to one. So I’ll pick you up.”

“Okay,” Kelly said. It came bursting out of her before she even thought about it or could stop herself.

Kelly stood at the street corner in a tight black knit dress and matching black clutch. The outfit was  borrowed from a girl two doors down. She had on a big black pair of sunglasses she’d bought. She was so nervous, she was dancing around like she had to pee.

Scott pulled up in an old Mercedes. “There you are.” She dived into the passenger seat like she was making a getaway. Scott carefully pulled into the flow of traffic.

She looked over at him and went weak and wet. Good thing she was wearing these giant shades.

“You look beautiful,” Scott offered. “I didn’t know you dressed for class so formally.”

Kelly’s face fell. Cover and cool both easily blown. “Sometimes,” she argued. NOT. She glanced at him again as he drove. He looked more distinguished than she remembered. “Where are we going?” she asked.

“My house,” said Scott.

Kelly froze. Her eyes went wide behind her sunglasses. She stammered, “No! I mean… I don’t know… I promised myself...”

“Do you feel unsafe with me?” asked Scott, glancing at her and returning to his driving. “Physically unsafe? I hope… you know...” he sounded wounded.

It was not her safety she was concerned with, but her resolve. But that was top secret, or it was game over. And he had a point about public places. The last thing she needed was someone to see them together. Take pictures, videos, before they could escape. All over her social media. And then her parents would drive up here. What would a normal girl say? “It’s… quick.”

Scott grinned, “Is there a protocol to having coffee in my kitchen?”

Kelly was out of excuses. She fiddled with the clasp on her borrowed clutch.

They wound up into the hills. As they took the turns, Scott’s giant hand ended up on her thigh. She thought to object. But then how ludicrous was it for her to object to his hand touching the outside of her body? His massive penis had opened her up into a real woman deep in her soul. It struck her as infinitely petty. Then again, consent is never automatic. She wasn’t his chattel. It felt so damn good. She should really say something.

As she was debating with herself, he pulled up into his driveway. They went through his front gate and were greeted by two big energetic dogs, bigger than Kelly. As soon as they saw Scott their tails wagged furiously and they jumped and licked at him exuberantly. Kelly backed against the gate, frightened of getting hurt. Scott was a giant tall shield protecting her from their onslaught.

The dogs found Kelly hiding behind Scott and joyously fell down on their backs. They were smiling, if dogs smile, tongues lolling, tails sweeping the dirt. Kelly patted their bellies. They were boys. Make that excited boys. Kelly blushed as she patted and petted them. She didn’t want to be reminded of erect penises just now.

“This black lab is Bonker. The pit bull is Clifton. Don’t worry, they’re gentle,” said Scott. “They sure like you! They fell over and surrendered my house to you, and they’ve never met you before. I guess they see right away how happy I am that you’re here.”

“They’re outside dogs?” asked Kelly.

“They have a door,” he said. “Come on in.” They kicked off their shoes at the door. The living room had a spectacular floor-to-ceiling view of the valley. The kitchen was off to the side. A counter pierced the wall between them and formed a sort of breakfast nook. Scott turned into the kitchen. Despite her desire to appear reluctant, Kelly danced into the living room. She dug her toes into the fluffy carpet and fell into one of the giant fluffy leather couches. It snuggled her. She felt hugged and comforted.

The dogs, eyes and tongues dancing, followed her closely, hoping for more rubs. “Bonker. Clifton,” Scott called gently. The dogs made a U-turn and disappeared into the kitchen. “Dark roast?” asked Scott.

“Yes please,” called Kelly, looking at the view. She could see her dorm from here. One of those two buildings, at least. She heard the sound of an espresso machine coming from the kitchen.

“Cream?” he asked.


Scott and the dogs arrived at the couch. Scott held two giant mugs of coffee. The dogs, who were apparently not allowed on the couches, groveled and scooched around happily at their feet. “Sorry, everything around here is… me-sized,” Scott said, sitting next to her, towering over her. It had been less obvious in the car. Here, sitting next to him, he was massive, and muscular, and gentle. The cup he handed her was a big deep bowl of coffee. It made her feel even more like a child.

She sipped it. “It’s good. If I drank all this, I’d bounce off the walls.”

“Don’t feel obligated,” he assured her.

She set the giant vessel down on a giant coaster on the side table. Scott put a giant arm around her. The dogs cuddled and warmed her bare feet. It was so good being here, where she was never supposed to be. She burst into tears and started sobbing. Scott held her gently. Her sobbing became uncontrolled. Snot poured out of her nose and bubbled in her mouth. Scott pressed endless fresh tissues into her hands.

Afterwards, she was just breathing. A light snowfall of tissues had scattered all around her. The dogs looked up at her questioningly. They had left the tissues alone. They were good dogs.

“Can I show you the deck?” he asked.


He wrapped her up in a blanket from the couch. Carried her lightly through the sliding glass doors. Set her down on a deck chair next to the triangular swimming pool. The dogs joined them. The sun was getting low in the sky. The clouds were starting to color. She shrugged off the blanket. It wasn’t cold out here. There was a hot tub. She checked under the lid. It was piping hot. “Mmm. I’m tempted,” she said idly.

“Be my guest,” said Scott. “Should I take off the cover?”

“I don’t have a bathing suit,” she lamented.

“I can offer you these,” he said. He held up a huge pair of swimming trunks from the back of the chair.

She laughed. “No.” She stood up and slipped out of her slinky borrowed dress. She thought, what the hell am I doing? She slid down her pastel cotton panties to reveal her freshly-shaved motte. The complex look of strong emotion on Scott’s face was the best thing to happen to her in weeks. He came to his senses and hopped to the task of removing the hot tub lid for her.

As she slipped into the barely bearable hot water, he said, “I’ll be right back.” She looked over at the dogs, lounging near asleep in the lengthening shadows. When they saw her looking at them, they both got up expectantly and came over. One at a time, they lapped at the steaming water. Mmm. Kelly soup was good, apparently. They lay down again within easy petting or scratching distance.

Scott re-emerged in swim trunks and slipped in beside her. They watched the sunset together. “My dogs are never like this,” he said. “They treat you like a better me.”

“That’s because I am,” she sighed. When no argument came from him, she tried to provoke him further. “This is, no doubt, where you corner all your women. How’s the seduction playbook going?”

“Actually, no,” he said. “This is an aftercare place. I like my women juicy, and this tends to cook it out of them." His hands touched and roved her body. A finger slickly slipped into her cunt. “Not you, though,” he concluded. He lifted her and set her on his lap. Here was the one and only original, tightly erecting his trunks across her ass.


He lifted her out of the tub, water steaming from their bodies. They went dripping and patting through the double sliding doors and took a sharp right into the master bedroom. Scott pushed the door shut with his heel. The dogs laid against it, clunk, clunk, as if in protest.

He laid her out like a China setting on the dark green and vermilion bedspread. He shucked off his trunks. They were both still a little wet, dripping on each other as they kissed, steaming. She felt his bucking, writhing urgency and her own. He slid down her body to face her vulva.

“No,” she said firmly. “Get in here. You can show me you’re the best lover ever later. Get in here. I’ve been dreaming of your cock in me for weeks.”

Her legs pinned and pointing toward opposite corners of the ceiling, he was on her, in her, ravenous. The fire of each for the other consumed them both. “UUUHHH!” she orgasmed. “And another thing! You’d better leave a load deep inside me! I didn’t spend all this money on birth control for nothing! UNNNNH! FUUUUUCK! AAAAIIII!”

Afterwards, as they were holding each other, so relaxed and complete, Kelly got a text message. Reluctantly, she looked at it. It was from Beth. “Where are you?” it read. “Julie is willing to yield you half an hour now for a half hour tonight.”

Should she tell her? She smiled diabolically. “Are you okay?” asked Scott.

“With the original,” she typed. And… send. Her phone rang.

It was Beth. Kelly put it on speaker. “We talked about this! There are good men, godly men on this campus who want to court you righteously! Scott is an irredeemable sinner who’s certainly going to hell!”

“I’m fifty years old, and I’ve already been to hell,” Scott told her. “I did two tours in Afghanistan.”

“Oh my God, can he hear us?” asked Beth. “I’m so sorry mister… Scott… I didn’t mean to offend. I’ve been taught better than this to respect my elders… veterans… I’m sure you understand my concern for my friend under the circumstances.”

“I do,” he said, and looking at the phone, he said, “Beth... and I appreciate your concern. You’re a good friend to Kelly.” Kelly thought she heard an audible gasp from Beth when he called her by name. “You should know, first of all, that Kelly is blameless in this. My world-class seductive powers easily overwhelm an innocent like Kelly. The extraordinary pleasure I give in lovemaking binds her to me eternally. It’s not a reflection on her morals at all, you see.”

“I see,” Beth practically moaned.

“You can probably tell even over the phone that she had no choice but to fall under my spell,” he growled.

Beth hung up without another word. Scott and Kelly busted a gut laughing.

A minute later, Kelly got a text message from Beth. “The three of us must meet urgently and discuss this.”

“She wants to meet you,” Kelly giggled.

“I bet,” said Scott.

They made love at odd intervals during the night. Sometimes it was rough and animal. Sometimes it was gentle, loving, and almost a continuation of sleeping in each other’s arms.

At dawn, Kelly, lying in a pool of sweat, shattered by orgasms, said, “I know it can’t be this good forever.”

“I know,” said Scott. “One day, I’ll die, and you’ll live on.”

“Before that,” she said.

“No, it gets better and better,” said Scott.

“Better than this?!” she demanded incredulously.

“For at least ten years,” he said.

“That’s forever!” she wondered.

“I know, right?”

(To be continued)
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Author’s note: Thanks to an anonymous fan for some of the ideas and themes in this chapter!

Chapter 9: Truth and Consequences

She recognized him right away from the video. The scale of him in person -- wow. He was tall. “Hello, I’m Becky Ann, Kelly’s roommate,” she said. “I’m sure she’s sorry she’s late. We expect her any minute.”

“Thanks for fetching me when I called your room,” said Scott.

The massive scale of the man! And knowing what was underneath. The muscles! The... ohgod. And now the smell of him. Freshly showered, with just a hint of something that made her weak in her tummy, in her knees.

Becky Ann turned away from him abruptly and said in a quavering voice, “Come this way." She was mapping a way in her head to sneak him and stuff him into their dorm room. If she didn’t handle this properly, their whole floor, and perhaps other floors, might be alerted. Then there would be mayhem. Into the stairwell, which NOBODY used except for smoking weed. It was a don’t ask, don’t tell zone.

He was in good shape, too. He wasn’t even breathing hard by the time they reached the fifth floor landing. She was ready to pitch her lunch. “This way,” she burbled. Three doors, and then boom! Into their dorm room. Safe and sound.

“I need to take a leak, if you don’t mind,” said Scott. “Us old people need our bathroom breaks, you know.”

Becky Ann started to sweat. She didn’t like confrontation. “It’s a shared bathroom,” she explained. “Let me go and check if the coast is clear.” She knew it wasn’t. She added, “YOU STAY HERE. With the door closed. Where you won’t be seen.”

She left the dorm room. If she could have locked him in there, she would have. She cracked the bathroom door to find that Beth was taking every minute of her time today. “Jesus Scotty! Carry me home! Lead me and rule me! Oh heavenly stud, take me to the promised land!  Oh Lord God! Praise be! AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!” Yes, Beth was unswerving in the complete and punctual use of her time.

Back in the dorm room, Scott’s ears perked up. He was pretty sure he heard the throes of orgasmic ecstasy coming from the hallway. It sounded like his name and the Lord’s were being taken in vain. Good company. Well, Kelly had mentioned that he had a multitude of fans on this floor. One of them apparently shared a bathroom with Kelly and Becky Ann.

“Um! AHEM! Beth!” urged Becky Ann.

“Wha wa?” Beth was deep in the arms of rapture. She slid off of Scotty. It pulsed on the wall and looked frustrated. It looked like it wanted to finish what Beth had started.

“We have a problem,” Becky Ann said. “Scott is here, and he needs to use the toilet.”

“Scott?!” cried Beth. “As in… Scott Scott?!”

“Yes,” said Becky Ann. “Kelly’s Scott.”

“Very well. Even sinners need to pee. It shouldn’t be on your carpet,” said Beth, “I’ll take some of Kelly’s time later. Bet she won’t be using it!” They both burst into giggles. Beth grabbed her clothes and wrapped herself in a towel. She scampered for the room she shared with Julie across the corridor.

Becky Ann returned to her room. Scott was there looking at Kelly’s mathematics textbooks, looking impressed. “Coast is clear,” she singsonged. Becky Ann smuggled him across the hall to the bathroom. She stood guard as casually as she could manage at the door.

If there were lesbian whorehouses, they would smell like Kelly's shared bathroom, Scott concluded. Mmm, yum. It smelled like a sweet young lesbian whorehouse, at that. It smelled like the girls sharing this place were all at a fever pitch of excitement. He fancied he could smell all their individual scents. He could certainly pick out Kelly's, yum! He barely got his business done in the toilet before a massive stiffy impeded any possible further progress. His curiosity piqued, he took a good look around the place. He couldn't miss the expensive toy stuck to the shower wall. He took a big whiff of the tip. Freshly used mere moments ago. He would have to be extra careful. He was in the den of some young tigresses here.

Becky Ann smuggled Scott back into the dorm room. “Kelly should be here any moment,” she encouraged him. He sat on Kelly’s bed. Becky Ann sat at her study desk with her chair turned around to face Scott. She felt a need to entertain him. She looked around uncertainly. “Well it’s not a secret that everybody in the school has seen it. So... I liked your video with Kelly.”

“You’re very kind,” said Scott. He smirked. “What was your favorite part?”

The image flooded Becky Ann’s mind of Kelly spread and pinned like a bug on Scott. Spread, speared with his slippery pounding dick, grabbing her arms, her grimace of pleasure and orgasm. “The part where you have your head on her lap and ask her to marry you.”

“Aw,” said Scott. “I like that part too.”

There was a knock on the door. “That’s her!” said Becky Ann with relief. But no. Kelly would just walk in. Becky Ann opened the door.

It was Beth and Julie from next door. “Hi!” said Julie brightly. The fiery Latina was excited to see Scott over Becky Ann’s shoulder.

Beth looked more reserved. “We’ve come to… check on things,” she said. The two young ladies took a seat on Becky Ann’s bed across from Scott.

As he met the girls, Scott got a distinct whiff that Beth was the one who had just now been loudly abusing herself. He smelled the young pheromones steaming off all three of Kelly’s roommates. Yikes! He crossed his legs to try to hide the surge in his insistent erection. He felt like a wolf invited to a hen party. Make that a whole floor of hens. Beth was a tall, thin, proud young black woman. She looked like a nun and smelled like she’d just been ridden hard and put away wet. Scott shut his eyes, made a short prayer for strength, and opened them again.

“I feel like I already know you,” said Julie lustily. Ronnie was halfway across the country at another school, and here was her wet dream come to life. Fuck Ronnie. Fuck him all to hell.

“Has… Kelly talked about me?” offered Scott, not wanting to assume. How deep would the shit be if Kelly’s roommates concluded he was hitting on them?

“No, you silly, the video,” said Julie. “The one where you hammered Kelly to within an inch of her life.”

“Julie!” Beth scolded. “Wash your mouth out!”

“Kelly said the baby was a special effect,” blurted Becky Ann. Julie regarded him with open lust. Beth was trying to conceal hers.

What the hell was Becky Ann talking about? Oh, must be... “You mean the… uh… ejaculation?” he asked nervously.

“What else?” confirmed Becky Ann, like he was trying to be evasive by playing dumb.

Scott relaxed. “In a sense, yes,” Scott said. “Some time ago, I had a vasectomy.” When he saw confusion on some of their faces, he continued. “That’s an operation where a man’s vas deferens tubes are cut and tied off. The the man’s sperm can’t reach and mix with the seminal fluid. So my seminal fluid, my ejaculate, has no sperm in it. I’m sterile.”

Becky Ann asked, “So you have to take hormones to keep your… you know?”

“No,” said Scott, “The operation doesn’t affect hormones at all. I still produce sperm, even. They just can’t get out.”

Julie demanded, “Why do women do all this complicated stuff when men can just do that?”

“Vasectomies can be hard to reverse,” said Scott.

“But you’re convinced you can reverse yours so you can give Kelly...” Beth paused for an obvious wet dream moment, “pregnancy?”

“Uh, we haven’t gotten that far,” said Scott.

“Beth, chill,” said Julie. “We are not your parishioners.”

“Kelly said your penis was a special effect,” blurted Becky Ann.

“Why would she say that?” asked Scott, caught off guard. What do these little girls chatter about all night?

“C’mon,” said Julie, oozing with skepticism, “it must be a trick of the camera or something.”

“Nope,” said Scott, feeling like he was digging some kind of hole for himself.

“You already told us about the fake semen,” said Becky Ann.

“It’s not fake semen,” Scott clarified. “It’s real semen that doesn’t have any sperm in it. You know the company that made your sex toy? They used my penis as a model. Partly. Mostly.”

“What sex toy?” Julie gaped, horrified he knew their dirty secret.

“You say my dick is fake, and then you gaslight me about your shared sex toy?” he tutted at them. “Ladies, please.”

“Sorry,” said Julie. “You’re right, we have a toy.”

“Kelly owns it,” Beth accused.

“I only did it because they were doing it,” said Becky Ann.

“You slut, you were the first one!” snarled Julie.

“Stop this nonsense,” scolded Beth. The girls looked contrite.

“Well, if matters are as you say, we’ll know,” said Beth, making a come hither gesture with her hand. “Let’s examine you, then.” She said it like she was going to test him on his bible verses.

“I beg your pardon?” said Scott, too shrilly. Three naive-looking college coeds were demanding he expose himself to them. His reasoning faculties were slowly collapsing under the strain of it.

“Yes, that would settle it,” agreed Julie, nodding.

“Yes,” concluded Becky Ann, staring at his crossed legs and swallowing hard.

“You know? Okay. Sure,” said Scott. He knew it was crazy. But they had impugned his manhood. He had a personal and professional reputation to uphold. If Kelly ever found out, surely she’d understand. He stood up and slid down his yoga pants and boxer briefs in a single motion. Always prepared. Out it sprang gloriously erect, almost smacking them in their faces in the crowded dorm room.

The three girls gasped. Their eyes glinted with artistic and erotic reverence. There was flushing and blushing. He’d seen it before. “So it is real,” said Beth, as if it were the Holy Grail.

“Can we touch it?” asked Julie.

“What now?” said Scott. “Don’t believe your eyes?”

Julie was the first to grip it. Right around the middle. “It’s better,” she said to the others.

Becky Ann gripped it near the head. Composure was not a thing in this circumstance. It pulsed and bucked helplessly in their hands.

Beth gripped it near the base and felt its exciting hardness.

Kelly strolled in, jumped in surprise, and shouted, “WHAT in HELL’S DICKENS is GOING ON here?!”

Kelly’s three bathroom mates looked at her, froze, and turned ashen. Scott flinched but was held in place by the three coeds with vice-like grips on his penis. Julie babbled, “It started when Scott said the toy was based on him.”

“No,” said Beth, “It started because Becky Ann said that you said his penis was a special effect.”

“I never said any such thing!” demanded Kelly.

“I lied, I’m sorry,” said Becky Ann.

“And YOU!” said Kelly, turning on Scott again. “You’re older than all their ages put together!”

“And you’re a math major?” he asked rhetorically.

“You know what I mean!” fumed Kelly.

Scott spanked the three coeds' hands until they let go. He said, “I’ve been shamelessly exploited by your bathroom toy mates.” He turned to them and said, “No more dick for you.”

Kelly blushed darkly at the revelation her sex toy had been revealed to him. “It was before your time,” she assured him.

“It’s okay, it’s not a sin,” Scott insisted. “And this… did not look right, I admit. But it was a harmless discussion that got out of hand.”

“It looked very well in hand to me,” Kelly said crossly. “Shame on all of you!”

“It was our fault,” Beth assured Kelly. “Your love, though sinful, seems genuine. Your boyfriend, as he said to me on the phone, casts the devil’s own spell. We were weak. He didn’t make us do anything. It’s just the pull of the devil in him. If you like, I could try to cast it out.”

Kelly was suddenly amused, “How would you go about that, Beth?”

Beth thought for a moment. “I will have to think on it.”

“Would it involve touching his dick?” asked Kelly.

“I will have to think on it,” Beth said firmly.

Later, in Scott’s bed, cradled in his arms, Kelly felt exasperated. “How is our relationship supposed to work if it’s literally your job to bang women?”

“Many marriages in the porn industry are open marriages,” said Scott. “The rules have to be the same for both partners for it to be fair. All I would need is an agreement that we would each tell the other who we were banging and when. That’s easy for me, because I have a shooting schedule. We have to have proof that the person we’re going to be banging is safe. Or we have to use a condom. In my case, we always have papers, and some producers use condoms beyond that to be extra-safe. I’m permanently fixed, but you’d have to have a plan to stay safe from unwanted pregnancy. Either stay on that birth control, or whatever. That’s about it. Oh, and children. We’d have to figure out children.”

“You want me to have children?” asked Kelly.

“No,” said Scott. “In case you want children.”

“I don’t want any children,” Kelly said firmly.

“That’s what you say now,” said Scott.

“That’s my answer,” said Kelly. “It’s unequivocal.”

“Trust me,” said Scott. “People often change their minds about such things. If it’s not discussed, or it’s off limits, it can ruin a long-term relationship.”

“Whatever,” said Kelly. “I’ll think about it.”

On Saturday evening, Scott brought Kelly to a party. It was hosted by Martin and a few other notable porn producers in the area. There were producers, directors, hangers on, and lots of male and female talent. Scott warned her in advance. A lot of business was done at these parties, so it was important for him to attend. There was a lot of human contact, everything from flirting to public sex. It was common for female talent especially to be passed around like popcorn at these gatherings.

Scott assured her and Martin had assured him that Kelly would be immune to any unwanted attentions. Mostly, it was female talent needing to give out free samples to get hired. Although Kelly wasn’t looking for work, there might be confusion. Kelly felt bad for Scott. Not only did he have to find work. He had to babysit her all evening. She was determined to not need a babysitter.

Kelly was approached by what must have been every porn producer and director at the party. It was mostly very cordial. She realized how hugely successful her video with Scott had been. Everyone was licking their chops to hire her. Everyone had seen her video. They made crass comments to her about it, as if she were a piece of meat. Even Martin made a sotto voice offer to her to lose her anal virginity on camera with Scott. The offer was ten grand to her and an additional five grand to Scott. It was an awful lot of money. She actually had to go to the bathroom and hyperventilate. She told Martin she would think about it and talk to Scott.

Near the end of the evening, everyone was stoned or drunk except Kelly. Scott and Martin were nowhere to be found. A short stocky producer had been following her, jostling her, sidling up to her for a while. They hadn’t talked about any projects. He was just quietly doing this harassment. Near the cookie table, she felt his presence again behind her and off to the side. This time, he deftly slipped a hand into her panties. He rammed a finger into her asshole up to the first knuckle.

Kelly’s reaction was immediate. Her elbow flew back behind her and hit him in the face. Later she learned that she’d broken his nose. He was enraged, but people nearby who knew her status at the party intervened. Somebody drove the hapless fellow to the emergency room. She got high fives from several people about that, especially female talent. Even so, she felt violated. It was an ugly episode.

The morning after the incident, Kelly's phone rang. It was a new number. A distinguished woman’s voice said, "Miss Kelly Langston? I'm Vaasanaa Moolak, marketing manager of the Human Entertainment Division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation."

Kelly swallowed, uncertain what would follow. "Yes? Wait... you mean you’re the ‘Share and Enjoy’ people?"

“That’s us,” Vaasanaa replied.

“You made my dildo!” Kelly exclaimed.

“It’s hardly a mere dildo, Miss Langston,” Vaasanaa protested.

Kelly giggled. “You think I don’t know that? Woof!”

"Yes. Well. About that,” the lady continued. “Our technicians noted an anomaly regarding your Vibra-Thrust product for the discerning woman. It has been connecting for software updates at least eight times per day."

Kelly was mortified. They could watch her and all her bathroom buddies cum on their little computer graphs! She knew she shouldn’t have given the dong their wifi password. She knew she shouldn’t have  clicked yes when it asked whether she’d be willing to share “diagnostic information.” Sure, like diagnosing we’re all sluts for plastic cock, more like it. "I... if... if that's a problem, I can tone it down," she stammered.

"No, that's not a problem at all,” the lady assured her. “Rather, I'd like to congratulate you on your... robust enthusiasm… for our product. Now, Miss Langston, as to the reason for my call. We looked at your warranty data. Finding that you’re an adult actress, we'd like to make you a business offer.”

Now Kelly was double-mortified. She knew she shouldn’t have sent in that stupid postcard. But it had free postage on it! She couldn’t waste free postage. “Uhh...” Kelly stammered. “I don’t do that anymore.”

The lady continued undeterred. “Our marketing division would like to make a modest video tutorial, and we think you would be a perfect fit."

"Oh, no video,” said Kelly. “No video.”

“These would be tastefully done, Miss Langston, not porn. We wouldn’t be appealing to anybody’s base prurient interests with these instructional videos. They’d be merely instructional. They’d be for women. Purchasers of our product. Discerning women. Not even lesbians. Well… hardly ever lesbians, at least. The point is, they would be tastefully done. They wouldn’t show your face or any other distinguishing features. Just the pelvic area. And internally with a special camera rig. Though I suppose if someone studied your other videos… but no. Completely anonymous, I assure you.”

“Let me get this straight,” said Kelly. “You want to put a camera up my hoo-hoo?”

“Just a small one, Miss Langston. Unobtrusive,” the lady assured her. “We wouldn’t want to interfere with your enjoyment. In fact, the point is to show… well, now, I’m probably getting into too much detail over the phone.”

There was this rhythmic noise on the phone. Almost as if the lady was maybe... but no, this was a serious business call. Then again, these were the people who might.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not just me,” Kelly confessed. “It’s also my roommate and the girls next door to us that we share a bathroom with. I let them all share it.”

The lady had a tinkling laugh, suitable perhaps for a cocktail party. “Mmm. Mmhm. We’re well aware of your heh, “sharing and enjoying” so to speak, with your bathroom cohort, Miss Langston. Just another reason why our business relationship would be a match made in heaven. Mmm, really, heaven.”

“Wait one country parsec!” exclaimed Kelly, “You know about the four of us? But how?”

“Telemetry,” the lady answered simply.

“Tele-who-what?” asked a confused Kelly.

“We can see that you generally climb on first in the morning and last at night. At least, those episodes correlate definitively with your height, estimated vaginal tone, responsiveness, and… uh… endurance.”

“Guilty as charged,” Kelly whimpered in shame.

“Now your girl number two is an interesting case. Petite, good vaginal tone, clearly no stranger to men, and responsive! All you young ladies, so responsive! It’s an inspiration, I’ll tell you. Excuse me.” A muffled shriek in the background.

“Thank you?” offered Kelly.

“And the third girl. Medium height. A little portly. Vagina brand new to begin with. We busted the seal on that bitch! Oh, pardon. I mean, what an honor. Her endurance is rapidly improving. Highly motivated! We’re so honored that she deflowered herself on our device. We have so little telemetry on that! If I don’t get a chance to meet her, you should tell her. Why, her telemetry alone caused us to change our entire thrust profile leading up to the event. More sidling, tapping, teasing, making sure everything is nice and lubricious, and then WHAP!”

Kelly jumped in response to the woman’s sudden shout.

“Clean breakage,” the lady continued. “Excuse me a moment.” The phone muffled, but Kelly could still distinctly hear, “Fuck me, fuck me, OH YEAH NNNNNGH!” The woman returned to the line. “And the fourth one, tall, thin, must be another virgin, so tight! But little or no hymen. Good vaginal tone from the outset. And Lord, her devotion is almost spiritual, it’s like yoga, or some ascetic regimen! All her sessions are so strictly timed. Always exactly two hours, amazing, her stamina, and for a near-virgin! She resists longer and longer, then from there, bam, bam, bam! Orgasms like clockwork. It would be fascinating to meet her.”

“Well, she is very spiritual,” Kelly offered.

The rhythmic noise became more pronounced. “Do you think they might be persuaded… to join you in this endeavor? Excuse me,” the lady said and the phone muffled. Through the muffling, Kelly could hear the woman shout, “Oh! Jesus Christ! OHHHH!” After a moment, the lady returned to the line. “Well, yes… what were we discussing? Oh yes! Your friends! Could you all drop by our corporate offices at, say, 3 PM today? We’ll send a car.”

“Well, I can come,” said Kelly. “I’ll try to round up the others.”

“Yes, come, cum, Cum, CUM – CUMMMM!” screeched the lady. “Oh excuse me, I have Tourette, or something today. My, it’s hot. And one more thing, Miss Langston. A point of curiosity. Why have none of you used the ejaculation feature? It’s generally very popular. True, refills can be pricey if not bought in bulk. We have great volume discounts, though. And you can use regular water-based lubricants as well in a pinch. Your ejaculation reservoir is still full.”

“The what feature?” Kelly exclaimed.

“The ejaculation feature,” the lady repeated. “Just press the blue button twice on the remote control. The device enters a simulated male excitement phase ending in an ejaculation.”

“Neat,” said Kelly, smiling diabolically. “You can ask us at 3 PM.”

“Very well, see you at three.” She hung up. What an odd lady, Kelly thought.

Kelly rushed into the bathroom. Becky Ann had worn herself out and gone for lunch. She had about half an hour before it was Beth’s turn. Beth was punctual and uncompromising, like the lady said.

After fifteen minutes of indulging in frequent orgasms from Scotty’s thrusts, it was time to experiment. She clicked the blue button on the remote control twice. Immediately she felt a change, like that shiver a guy makes sometimes when he realizes he’s going to cum. Then oh yeah, he’s helpless, pounding her like a machine, WAS a machine, strokes shortening. She orgasmed again because the anticipation was killing her. After that, strokes shortening to a mania of fucking. “Knock me up, Scotty!” she shrieked, orgasming again. And then BAM! A blink of quiet. Then she felt it distinctly. Hot pulsing jets! Bam! Bam! She shrieked and shook in orgasm like an epileptic fit. It was just so damn satisfying. It had been timed perfectly right to her excitement, better than any man could do.

When Scotty was done breeding its bitch, she fell to her haunches in the shower. The white fluid splashed out of her all over. All over her dress, which she hadn’t removed. She’d just pulled her panties to her knees, lifted the back of her dress, and climbed on. She’d been worried about the time. It was all over her sneakers. All over. So good. She didn’t give a damn. All was right with the world.

A short time later, the four bathroom mates sat together in the back of the limousine. They were on their way to Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Becky Ann confirmed, “Are you sure they’ll give us all.. you know… one of them… just for talking? No strings attached?”

“I’m certain,” Kelly lied. The lady had been super excited at the prospect of meeting all of them together. She’d make Kelly an honest woman. Kelly was sure of it.

(To be continued)
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Chapter 10: Starts with a Bang

The four dorm mates sat on one side of the conference table. Across from them sat Vaasanaa, the woman who’d called Kelly, and two of her colleagues. The women looked like they could be her older sisters, or maybe a bit older. But all South Asian women looked younger than they actually were to Kelly. Their skin was enviably good. Vaasanaa was a tall, severe-looking and beautiful woman. She introduced her colleagues. “This is Ratidaa, head of our engineering department.” The engineer was a petite woman, delicately pretty behind large high power glasses. She scowled at Kelly and ignored the others. “This is Lataa, head of our customer service. She’s the one you’ll be working most closely with. That is, if you choose to work with us.” Lataa was a curvy woman. She looked much friendlier than the other two. Kelly was happy about that. “In case you’re wondering,” said Vaasanaa. “The three of us founded Sirius Cybernetics together right out of college, the University of Delhi.”

Becky Ann asked, “Is it true you used Scott, you know Kelly’s boyfriend Scott, as a model for… you know… the DEVICE?”

“You mean Scott Miller?” asked Vaasanaa. Then, looking at Kelly, “Scott is your boyfriend? But...”

“Yes, he is,” Ratidaa growled. “Let’s move on.”

“That’s so cool!” said Becky Ann. Since she was on a roll, she said, “The real thing feels much better. I shouldn’t have said that. I meant, in your hand, I mean my hand. I’ll shut up now.”

“You too?” Ratidaa scowled at Becky Ann. “The man slut.”

“To be fair, we all touched it,” said Julie. Beth hid her face in her hands, mortified.

“That’s right,” said Kelly. “I came back to my dorm room, and these three skanks had a hold of my boyfriend’s dick. I believe I can call you all, in good conscience, skanks for that. Anyways, he got a talking to, you’d better believe.”

“You broke up with him?” Ratidaa asked hopefully.

“No, he’s a charmer,” said Kelly. Ratidaa returned to her scowl.

“Kelly told us we’d each get one, you know, of the devices, just for coming to talk,” said Beth.

“Uh, well, okay,” Vaasanaa smiled. She got three Vibro-Thrusts out of a cabinet in the conference room’s credenza. She slid them across the conference table to the girls. The three girls looked at the boxes like new love was right on the horizon.

“To be in our instructional video,” said Lataa, “we’d like to offer you each two thousand dollars.”

“I’m in!” said Becky Ann, grinning at her Vibro-Thrust all new in its box.

“Wait, ladies,” said Kelly. “Let a professional handle this. I don’t want you making the same mistakes I did.” She asked Lataa, “No faces or other distinguishing features will appear in the video, correct?”

“None of you have any distinctive birthmarks or tattoos?” asked Lataa. The girls all shook their heads. “Then no, you’ll all be completely anonymous, I assure you.”

“It’s anonymous and pays two thousand dollars? I’m in!” Julie grinned.

“It would really be ideal to have all four of you,” said Lataa.

The three girls looked expectantly at Beth. “Well… I suppose to do the Lord’s work I must be with sinners rather than saints. I’ll do it.”

“When can we start?” asked Becky Ann, dollar signs in her eyes.

“We could start shooting right now, if you all have time,” said Lataa. “Give us an hour to set up the studio.”

Kelly looked at her cohort, who were all nodding. “Okay, let’s start right now if you feed us dinner,” Kelly said.

“You’ve got a deal,” said Lataa.

What followed were several afternoons of shooting that extended into the late evenings, sometimes after midnight. Although most days each of the four girls would get scenes, there was a lot of waiting in between. A lot of waiting. The girls brought homework to the shoots to stay busy. The girls had to remain nude on the set in case they were needed for a scene. Luckily the set was kept nice and warm.

It was an environment filled with distractions. There was one of the four of them orgasming her heart out on a Vibro-Thrust. There was one cameraman and one camerawoman. There were producers, script people, and who-knows-whatsis people all milling around while these orgasms were happening. Many of these people, mostly men, but some women, were openly masturbating.

Beth asked Lataa, “All these people touching themselves, it’s unseemly. Is it necessary?”

Lataa stopped masturbating herself for a moment to explain. “This is an adult film crew. We need them because of their expertise in shooting scenes like these. We need them to capture the energy and allure of the device. You and your friends are doing great. Trust me, this is the way things are done. It’s critical that we maintain an atmosphere of horniness and open sexual abandon.”

Beth approached Kelly about it. “What is going on here?”

Kelly confirmed, “Oh yeah, she’s absolutely right. While Martin was filming Scott and me, he jerked off. When he finished, he nearly hit me with his stuff. I was distracted from that, you can imagine. I didn’t know whether it was just him, but I guess it’s practically everyone behind the scenes. Looks like the sound girl isn’t playing with herself.”

“That’s one sane person, at least,” said Beth.

Milling around all these crewpeople was a young hardworking lass of Indian extraction who always had a smile for everyone. She brought coffee, donuts, and other goodies. But mostly, she sucked the dicks or licked the pussies of anyone who wanted it, just like that. Lataa said she was the “fluffer,” another staple of an adult video set. Lataa explained, “You ladies never need it. But say one of you needs to shoot a scene and is not very excited about it. Say it’s the end of a long night of shooting. It’s Utsaah’s job to get you in the mood and keep you in the mood. We need her here. Because guaranteed, if we hadn’t hired her for this, very bad karma. One of you girls would need her, and everything would grind to a halt.”

One night, Beth was particularly restless. She’d done all her homework and crosswords besides. The tall slender ebony bible-thumper hadn’t got a turn on the Vibro-Thrust all day. She’d watched countless men of all shapes and sizes touch themselves. When they finished they’d grunt and ejaculate into their used coffee cup or some other convenient receptacle. Sometimes Utsaah would be there to help and swallow. All this observation of horniness and orgasming with no release herself was driving Beth up the wall.

Beth wandered off to use the restroom, and Kelly kept an eye on her. The restrooms were in a dark corner of the set. Before Beth got there, Utsaah intercepted her. Kelly knew what Utsaah was asking her. Did she need anything, anything at all? There was a low couch there in the semi-darkness. Utsaah led Beth over to the couch and pushed her into a sitting position. Utsaah then fell gracefully to her haunches, grabbed both Beth’s legs, and snacked on Beth’s vulva.

Beth immediately clapped both hands over her mouth to stifle a cry. Within a minute, she was buried in the couch and shaking like an epileptic under Utsaah’s expert ministrations. Kelly supposed it made sense they would hire an expert lesbian to help with the shoot. Beth sure seemed to be having some nasty, nasty fun over there. Kelly looked back to her math homework. She wanted to give her friend a bit of privacy in which to handle her restlessness.

By Thursday evening, Lataa had plenty of footage. Each of the girls was paid her two thousand dollars with a $200 bonus. They could wrap the shoot early because the four girls had been so reliably excitable and orgasmic.

This was a relief to Kelly. She could put twenty-two hundred dollars into her dwindling bank account. And she didn’t have to reschedule her date with Scott and perhaps get unwelcome questions.

On Friday night, Scott curled around Kelly on his couch. They had glasses of red wine. “I’m not old enough to drink this,” Kelly protested.

“Poppycock,” said Scott. “All over Europe, little kids drink wine with dinner all the time. It’s considered good for the digestion.”

“Well… okay, I guess... if it’s European,” Kelly said. Then, “Bleh! This tastes like grape juice and vinegar had a baby that shat in my mouth!”

The front door opened and Kelly saw the scowling engineering lady, Ratidaa, stroll into Scott’s house. “What are you doing here?!” Kelly accused. The dogs ran to Ratidaa excitedly, tails wagging, all excited, the traitors.

“You!” Ratidaa growled at Kelly. “I’m here to play with the dogs as we agreed."

“Uh… could there be a more convenient time?” asked Scott.

Ratidaa made an abrupt left down the basement stairs, followed by the dogs. The door slammed shut behind them.

“Maybe we should go out to dinner,” said Scott.

“Why does she have a key to your house?” Kelly demanded.

“She’s my ex-girlfriend. We broke up months ago. But the dogs like her, and I needed someone to take care of them. I had to go away for a few weeks for a shoot. So it has been a convenient arrangement. Kind of uncomfortable. It’s like shared custody of kids, I suppose. I’ll talk to her and get my key back from her. I’m sorry about this.”

From down the basement stairs and through the door, Ratidaa yelled “Bonker! Bad dog! No! Wait! Oh Bonker! Oh!”

“Is she okay down there?” Kelly asked.

“She’s fine,” said Scott abruptly. “Let’s go to dinner,” Scott repeated, fairly dragging Kelly out of the house. She supposed it was reasonable for him to want to get away from his crazy ex-girlfriend even though she appeared to be in some distress.

When they got back to the house, it was dark. The dogs greeted them lazily at the door, then went to the living room floor to fall asleep. Ratidaa had washed and put away the dishes, which was kind of creepy. At least she wasn’t there anymore. Scott carried Kelly to the bedroom and shut the door.

The next day, Kelly got a call from Anna, the old lesbian from student services. “I’ve heard a disturbing report about one of your rapists, the one they call Scott. He was seen in the vicinity of your dorm,” Anna cautioned her.

“I call him Scott, too. Scott is not a rapist,” said Kelly. Nobody had better mess with him for messing with her. “Instead, I am a whore.” It was getting easier to say. “Scott is also a whore. We are whores together.” Kelly giggled, “We’re a cohort.”

“Kelly, I need to see you in my office immediately. I have an urgent matter to discuss with you,” Anna said.

“Okay,” said Kelly. “See you in fifteen minutes.” She glanced over at herself in the mirror. “Make that an hour.”

“Very well, but please hurry,” said Anna and hung up.

Kelly showed up at Anna’s office in a slinky black dress Scott had bought her for adult film parties. She had showered, because she’d heard somewhere that lesbians like their women very clean. No makeup, because again, she’d heard a rumor. That’s right, she was fishing for another easy grand. By the way Anna had slobbered for her last time, all she would need to do is breathe on her a little. Maybe allow Anna to touch her feet or some weird lesbian shit. These university staff folks seemed to be up for it, and she needed the money.

Unless she wanted to start asking Scott for money, which she decidedly didn’t. She wanted to be able to make a clean break from Scott just as soon as she could come to her senses. When he was not with her, she became more realistic about the long term cost of being with him. It meant never seeing her parents again. It meant never seeing any of her friends from back home. It meant a whole host of new friends who wanted to stick a finger up her butt. Or stick, God forbid, other appendages. Those costs.

“Hello, Kelly!” said Anna, ushering her into her office and locking the door. “My, aren’t you looking pretty, I would say beautiful!” Anna ushered her to a chair in front of her desk. The tall elegant lesbian eye-raped her once nice and hard on the way. Facing her and making significant eye contact, Anna made her way around her desk and sat in her desk chair.

Anna gathered herself and gave Kelly a look of concern. “It has come to my attention that Dean Hutcherson may have been inappropriate with some students. Would you know anything about that?”

“Biff?” said Kelly, jumping to her feet and putting her palms on Anna’s desk. “Not Biff! Biff is a saint!”

“Kelly, please sit down,” said Anna. Reluctantly, she sat. “So you HAVE met with him privately,” Anna concluded.

“Not intentionally,” said Kelly. “He stayed late just to meet with me. I was desperate and urgently needed help. It’s true that nobody else was around then, but that’s incidental. I didn’t have enough money to buy breakfast the next morning, Ms… uh… Lemure. This wasn’t some kind of fake emergency.”

“Settle down, Kelly,” Anna said, giving her another healthy eye sweep above and below. “Nobody accused you of faking anything.”

“I should hope not,” Kelly said firmly.

“What exactly was your interaction with Dean Hutcherson?” asked Anna. “Try to be as specific as possible.”

“Well, I told him about the no breakfast thing. He just signed a paper and gave me a dining contract for free,” said Kelly. “Like I said, he’s a saint.”

“And was that the entire interaction?” asked Anna.

“Heck no,” said Kelly. “I told him I needed money for incidentals. He’s such an old-timey fellow he thought I meant perfume. Us women know that like my mom used to say ‘not just paper for the tooter, but paper for the cooter’.”

“Is that what you actually said?” asked Anna in horror.

“Heck no, that’s just between us girls. I believe I said ‘feminine products’. Anyways, he proceeded to give me sage advice on how I might find temporary employment that suited both my time constraints and my strengths as an employee. I found this advice very helpful. He even set me up with some work.”

“What exactly did this work entail?” Anna asked suspiciously.

“Math tutoring,” said Kelly. But she thought, if by ‘math’ you meant ‘sex’ and by ‘tutoring’ you meant ‘teasing’, smiling innocently.

“Well, that was very good of him,” Anna sighed.

“I thought so,” said Kelly, scooting down in her chair and letting her knees fall to either side. Now Anna could get a good look at her panties. Sure enough, the old lesbian’s eyes locked helplessly on target.

“You’re such a delightful girl, Kelly.” Anna was trying not to drool.

Kelly wiggled her legs around, flashing her panties even more. “We should play a game or something now,” said Kelly. “I walked all the way over here.”

“Okay,” said Anna. “You need money, right?”

“Sure,” said Kelly happily. “Absolutely I do.”

“We’ll play ‘The Price Is Right’,” said Anna. “I’ll guess the price of your possessions there. If I’m close, say within twenty percent, you have to hand them over temporarily. And you get the money I estimated regardless. How about it?”

“Sounds great!” said Kelly.

“I bet you paid around two-fifty for that dress,” said Anna.

“You’re right!” confirmed Kelly, “Two seventy!”

“Great, here’s the money.” Anna counted five fifties out on her desk. “Try to keep it down. Now, give me the dress.”

“You’re not kidding,” said Kelly, scootching out of her dress. “You’ll give it back though, right?”

“Certainly,” said Anna. “How would you be able to leave, otherwise?”

“Okay, good,” said Kelly, handing Anna her dress. Anna flipped it out straight and hung it over a chair. Kelly was left wearing panties and flats.

“Your flats look new as well. I bet they were about a hundred?” asked Anna.

“You’d bet right,” said Kelly. Anna counted out two more fifties onto her desk. Kelly handed over her shoes.

“Your panties look like they came in a set,” said Anna. “Four dollars?”

“You’re right,” said Kelly. “but I think I should charge a markup.”

“Why don’t we make it an even fifty?” said Anna, laying out another fifty.

“More than fair,” said Kelly, climbing out of her panties and handing them over. She stood there naked. Anna balled up the offered panties, put them to her nose, and with eyes closed, huffed in their scent. She’d just showered and put them on before leaving the dorm. But there was probably some of her scent on them for the old perv. “I should have left my old ones on.”

“Next time, feel free to do so,” said Anna, still whiffing the panties. Perhaps this could turn into a regular gig, thought Kelly. Wednesday is panty huffing night at the main administration building.

“Now your vulva, you got for free, if I’m not mistaken,” said Anna, smiling at Kelly. “But you should get a markup as before, if you want.”

“I already have four hundred bucks,” said Kelly. “And I want to grow my market share. You can have it at list price.”

The elegant tall woman with silver hair and the young petite blonde smiled at each other. Anna said, “Sit back on your chair then, young lady.” Kelly sat down, scooted her ass forward, and let her knees fall to either side. Anna prowled around her desk and crouched between her legs dexterously, a hunting tigress. The worshipful lesbian slid her arms underneath Kelly's legs and grabbed her haunches firmly.

The way Anna lovingly teased Kelly’s entire clitoral area with tongue and lips, it was reverent. It was ardent. It was intensely sexual at a thrilling but not shrill pitch. In a word, it was perfect. Kelly clapped both hands to her mouth before she bawled out her orgasm and alerted the whole building. Now she knew how Beth had felt that day.

Kelly was relaxed and glowing from her orgasm. Anna rose and went to get something out of her desk drawer. It was a ball gag. “I think you’re going to need this,” she said. “Just let go of my hair when you can’t take any more orgasms, and I’ll pause for a few minutes. Perhaps you can reciprocate then if you’d like.”

The next morning, Kelly awakened relaxed and perfect. Her ferocious ninety minute back-and-forth with Anna yesterday evening had done wonders for her clarity of mind as well as her pocketbook. Her problem was clear to her. She would have to deal with Scott having sex with all kinds of women. Hungry women. Unscrupulous women. Women who might try to cut her out of Scott’s life. Women she hated. Women he hated. It was a job. How would she ever get used to this? She concluded that she would need practice. Progressive steps. She had the perfect steps in mind.

At breakfast with Scott later that morning at her favorite waffle joint, she said, “Honey, I need to get used to you fucking other people.”

“Yes,” said Scott.

“I don’t want to jump into the deep end of watching you with people I despise,” said Kelly.

“Uh-huh,” said Scott, reading his article.

“That’s why I want you to fuck my dorm friends,” concluded Kelly.

“Huh?” said Scott, slamming down the sports section.

“I know for certain they want to. And they’re good people. The best. They deserve your fucking more than anyone.”

(To be continued)
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Chapter 11: Bankrupt Again

Now that her parents weren’t paying them, these student loans kept draining her bank account dry. If she didn’t or couldn’t pay, her credit would be ruined forever. There was nothing legal she could do about them, either. She’d talked to the free student legal services about that to make sure. She just had to pay. Just to stay afloat, her bank account was again near zero.

She would need another ten thousand dollars to even catch up on the payments. Eventually, the loan company had contacted her directly after her parents had stopped paying. Martin’s offer to lose her anal virginity on camera with Scott loomed large in her thinking. It was the kind of money that could save her financially. Nobody else was offering her nearly that much for one day of work. She couldn’t spare much time to solve this if she wanted to save her grades as well. How much worse could the teasing get? The answer was none. Maybe Biff and Anna would be mad at her, but she didn’t think so. More likely, they’d perv like hell on the new video and want her even more.

The part where it sounded like a very bad idea was the actual doing of it part. Scott’s dick especially wouldn’t fit up there. It was dirty, so she’d be in pain and smell her own crap for an hour or whatever. And she could hear the teasing from Martin already, “Lord, Kelly, what did you eat?” Unless they washed her insides out beforehand, which Scott had told her about. It sounded awful. And even then, more crap would come down, making the washing out just an extra torture. She had no illusions this would be an easy ten grand.

Over dinner at his place, Kelly mentioned the idea to Scott. “At the party, Martin offered me ten grand to lose my anal virginity on camera. He offered you five grand to help me do it.”

“Hah hah that guy,” replied Scott, taking another bite of food. “He never gives up.”

“I’m considering it,” she muttered.

“Sweetheart, I thought you never wanted to… what’s going on with you?” Scott asked.

“It’s my student debt,” said Kelly. “My parents stopped paying it. So it’s ten thousand dollars or bye-bye to my credit forever.”

Scott swallowed hard. “I’ll pay it.”

“I can’t let you do that,” said Kelly.

“I’ll lend you the money, then,” proposed Scott.

Kelly blew up. “You’re as bad as my parents! You think you can use it to control me? I can make my own money! I can tell Martin to hire another male talent!” Tears flew from her eyes. She got up and ran out onto the back deck, the dogs chasing happily after her.

“I’m sorry,” Scott said from the sliding doorway. “I’m sorry. I was just trying to help. I know you can handle your own problems without any help from me. I just hate to see you tormented like this. And I know I’m an idiot. But I want to make forever plans with you, Kelly Langston. I want to make your problems my problems. I want to wake up every morning in bed next to you, and go to bed with you every night. I want to make your life heaven. I want you to become Kelly Miller.”

“No way that’s ever happening,” said Kelly, turning toward him and wiping her tears. “Too many L’s.”


The next day, Kelly strolled into the back room of the Sexy Lady Boutique. As usual, Martha was there by herself. “Hey, you want to go for coffee?” Kelly asked the curvy lesbian redhead. Seeing Martha again, Kelly was struck by her appearance. This even though her friend was wearing just a plain blouse, jeans, and sneakers. It had probably been the ninety minutes she’d spent with Anna. Kelly couldn’t help wondering how good it would be with Martha. Probably even better. For one thing, she knew Martha was a hell of a lot more fun than Anna.

“Let me check,” said Martha. She returned from the employees only part of the shop and said, “He’ll let me go on break. His one condition was that you meet him when you get back. He’s harmless. He just wants to meet you.”

“Sure,” said Kelly.

“Then let’s go,” said Martha.

They walked down to Plato’s Coffee a block away and sat in a corner in the back. Even so, some demented kid stood up and shouted at them, "NNNNNGH!"

To his credit, the coffee shop proprietor came out from behind the counter and went over to the other table. “I can’t have you harassing my customers,” he said. “Kindly leave.” The group, five boys, did so, coffees in hand. The proprietor came up to their table and said, “I’m terribly sorry. They’ve caused trouble in here before. Next time I’ll turn them away.”

“Thanks for your concern,” said Kelly.

Eyes twinkling, the kindly old man said, “We must protect our famous movie star.”

God damn it! He’d seen the video! Was it everybody? Literally everybody?

But she couldn’t be mad at him. It was the kindest, gentlest way a man had perved on her since this entire thing began. And why shouldn’t she make a kindly old man happy? He seemed genuinely moved to meet her in the flesh and was being very polite. She stood up, hugged him close, mmm, he smelled like coffee. She whispered all sexy in his ear, “It was all just for you.”

He smiled a big smile at her, bowed, and scampered off joyfully, as much as a man his age could scamper. “By the look of him, I bet you’ll get free coffee next time,” Martha chuckled.

Kelly shared her money troubles with Martha. She shared also her plan, or at least the butt-painful one, she had undertaken to solve said troubles. “I’m also looking for part time work,” said Kelly. “I’m worried nobody will hire me anymore because of the video.”

“Ron will hire you,” Martha said simply. “That’s our boss. He pays well, too. Twenty dollars an hour.”

“Wow, that’s more than twice what I earned before,” said Kelly.

“It’s hard to find good reliable people to work in a sex toy shop,” said Martha.

“But wouldn’t I be stealing hours from you?” Kelly asked.

“I can only work forty hours a week, and Ron wants to extend the hours,” said Martha. “Ask him when you talk to him.”

“Oh Martha,” said Kelly. The petite young blonde leaned in to give her friend a friendly peck on the cheek. Only inches away, face to face, she thought of the lesbian thing. Martha was standing her ground, a shy smile growing, her breathing quickening. Fuck it, I want this, Kelly thought, and kissed her full on the lips. She tasted like strawberries. The “I want you” kiss quickly turned into a hot mutual tongue rape kiss that held and held. Finally, they broke, panting. Kelly never thought she’d ever be kissing a girl, and meaning it, really meaning it.

“I want to believe you meant that,” said Martha.

“I changed my mind from before,” said Kelly.

“What changed your mind?” Martha asked.

Kelly didn’t want to get into what she’d recently done for money. Instead, she told a half-truth. “I was recently on the set of a porn shoot. A friend of mine did it with some other girl, and it looked like fun to me.”

“So you just want to have fun with me?” asked Martha.

“Friendly,” said Kelly, “Yes. Friendly fun, for now. What do I know? But you know what I said. If I was ever interested in that, you’d be my choice. I wasn’t lying. You’re my choice, if you want to.”

“I want to,” said Martha, and they dove in for another great big long mutual tongue rape. Kelly was getting towards squirting wet. They broke up again, panting. Martha said, “It’s time to go back.”

“When do you get off work?” asked Kelly.

“Five,” said Martha. “Meet me at the shop then?”

“Yes,” said Kelly. “Where should we go? Not the dorm.”

“I’ll take you to my place,” said Martha.

They gulped down the rest of their coffee and staggered out of there. “You’re a lucky girl, Martha,” said the old shopkeeper. The extra twinkle in his eye let them know he’d enjoyed watching their little smooch fest.

“I know it Rinaldo,” said Martha waving back to him. “See you again soon.”

“Anytime,” said Rinaldo. “You young ladies always will be safe and welcome in my shop.”

Martha and Kelly walked hand-in-hand to the Sexy Lady Boutique. Martha led Kelly back to Ron’s office. “So this is the great Kelly Langston,” said Ron. Kelly took a seat in front of his desk. Martha left them there to go mind the shop.

“How’s that Vibro-Thrust treating you?” Ron asked. The question was just a tiny bit creepy given the expectant smile that accompanied it.

“My friends and I had many happy hours with it,” Kelly said. “Now they all have their own.”

“You speak in the past tense,” Ron pointed out.

“That’s because I shipped mine to my mom,” said Kelly. “No offense. I would have kept it, except that the inventor of the thing is my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, you see. I was afraid she would do something to mine that would sabotage my vagina. They’re connected to all of them, you know.”

“I didn’t know,” said Ron. “Good to know. She sounds vengeful.”

“Every time she sees me, she points her finger at me and says, ‘YOU!’. So I’m not gonna risk a ride. At least, not on my own one,” said Kelly. "Would you?"

“Not on your life! But what about your mother?” asked Ron. “Isn’t she in danger?”

Kelly waved a hand. “She’ll know it’s not me from the telepathy.”

“It can read your mind?” asked Ron, incredulous.

“Worse, it can read your orgasms,” said Kelly.

“Well, thank you for dropping by. It was wonderful meeting you,” said Ron, standing up. Kelly saw his stiffy.

Kelly stayed seated. “I want a job.”

Ron sat down again. “What, working here? I would think you’d be too busy being an escort or something.”

“I do some of that,” said Kelly, “but I want an honest job.”

“It’s refreshing to hear it called that,” said Ron. “I’ll tell you what. We’ll try you out for a week, part time mind you. I’ll pay you the full starting wage of twenty dollars an hour. Then we’ll see. Fair enough?”

“I won’t let you down Mr… uh… Ron,” said Kelly earnestly.

“I’m counting on you not letting me down,” said Ron, again with that creepy smile.

There was a moment of awkward silence between them.

“You’re an escort, right?” asked Ron.

“I would never mention or try anything inappropriate with the customers,” said Kelly.

“Oh, no, I know you wouldn’t. I’m sure that will all work out great,” said Ron. “But if you don’t mind me asking...”

“Anything,” said Kelly with a smile.

“Just looking at you, talking to you, has got me up, so to speak,” said Ron.

“I know what you’re saying,” Kelly prompted.

“Now, I could just slowly climb down. Don’t worry about me. I used to be a Boy Scout,” said Ron. “But I was wondering how much you’d charge to fly me down, so to speak. With your mouth.”

“Well, since you were so kind and gave me the nice toy,” said Kelly.

“Yes?” said Ron expectantly.

“And since you’ve been so nice and agreed to try me out for the job,” said Kelly.


“And since you used to be a Boy Scout,” she said.

“C’mon, Kelly, please,” Ron said.

“I’m not done yet. And since I want to show you in no uncertain terms I won’t let you down,” Kelly said.

“I’m dying here,” said Ron.

“A hundred dollars,” said Kelly.

“That’s a hell of a deal,” said Ron. He got five twenties out of his desk. Kelly grabbed them and stuffed them into her wallet. Then she got on her hands and knees and crawled around his desk like a wildcat.

He unzipped. She said, “No, no, no. I want your pants and panties down to your knees at least, Mr. Boy Scout. No scratchy zippers near my blowjob.” Ron smiled and willingly complied, and sat back down. He was right. He had a rock hard pecker about the size and shape of boyfriend number three. Easy. She got between his knees and gulped it down. Blowing Scott had made blowing dicks like this child’s play. As she bobbed on him and swizzled her tongue lasciviously, she cradled and stroked his balls with one hand. This used to get boyfriend three off in no time.

Ron appeared to be no different. He gripped the table and groaned with effort. Kelly heard him mutter, “twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five” under his breath. He was desperately trying to hang on.

“Sold another one!” Martha said from the doorway. Ron and Kelly both jumped. The desk hid Kelly from view. “Where’s Kelly?” Martha asked.

“Oh… hum…” said Ron, “She’s in the can! She had to go to the can.”

“Looks like you need to go, too,” said Martha.

“Yes...” Ron groaned. “That… just trying to be polite to our guest.”

“So are you going to give her a tryout?” asked Martha.

“YES!” cried Ron, “Yes… you don’t know… how eager I was… to try her out! Look, can I catch up to you in a few minutes? I need to concentrate on, you know… Uhh...”

“Oh, sure,” said Martha, and wandered off.

Ron’s hands flew off his desk and gripped Kelly’s hair firmly. He ejaculated powerfully and copiously down her throat. Kelly swallowed a couple of times. Mothers and saints! He hadn’t cum like that since his twenties. It was literal heaven. She’d made him feel like a sex god, too. And look at her, an honest-to-god knockout kneeling under his desk, licking his cum off her fingers.


At five o’clock on the dot, Martha walked out the front door of the Sexy Lady Boutique. She found Kelly leaning against the storefront looking hot in a tight skimpy black asymmetrical dress and waffle stompers. Some jerk from across the street shouted at her, “You’re selling it on the street now, whore?!”

“Bite me!” screamed Kelly.

Martha flipped him the bird and cried, “Fuck off!” She turned to Kelly and said in a much friendlier tone, “You should have come into the store."

“No, I can deal with these morons,” Kelly replied. “I’m getting good at it.”

“I don’t want you to have to, and you are...” Martha’s voice trailed off. Kelly looked at her with doe eyes and a wry, shy smile. It was her succulent shape as she pushed off the wall and stood there. Martha figured she’d better say something. Something about the intense romantic and sexual feelings Kelly had just elicited in her. She caught herself. “I like your outfit.”

“Oh, this,” said Kelly, laughing nervously.

There is a Cupid for lesbians. It’s the same size as those little babies, but it’s a butch dyke with bat wings. It’s dressed in black leather with lots of tattoos and piercings. Her arrows have barbs all the way down the shaft. That’s the way Martha felt in that moment. She was never getting the fucking thing out.

Martha reached tentatively for Kelly’s hand. “Can I...”

Kelly reached up to stroke Martha’s cheek. “You silly.” Then she kissed her. Their bodies smashed together like two powerful magnets, arms tight around each other, plunging tongues. Kelly lifted one leg and wrapped it around the backs of Martha’s.

“Hey, get a room,” a man called from across the street. They whirled to confront him, but saw it was just a smiling man who didn’t know them. Plus, it was good advice. They walked off hand in hand to Martha’s place, which was in a boarding house near campus.

Martha had four roommates, two men and two women, all college-age. They were in their shared kitchen together chatting while one was making his dinner. It was at the back of the second floor of the two story house where they all lived. Climate change was the topic when Kelly’s orgasmic cries were first heard. Louder and louder, they came reverberating down the hallway from Martha’s room. The roommates fell silent, smiled, and raised their eyebrows at one another. The guys especially were having trouble maintaining their composure. Bertrand bit his knuckle, and the women teased him in whispers. The other guy, Steve, fished out some index cards and a Sharpie.

The cries died down half an hour later, and Martha appeared to get two of her beers. She passed them to get to the fridge. They all simultaneously held up index cards with tens written on them, like the Olympics. Martha blushed deeply and retreated with her beers.

In Martha’s bedroom, curled up in her bed, Kelly and Martha ignored the world. After the beers, it was time for Martha to make some noise her roommates had never heard before. It wasn’t because she hadn’t had other lovers in there. “I feel like I’m bad,” Kelly shared. “I’ve only had boyfriends before except once.”

“How can you say that?” scolded Martha. “It’s you I want between my legs. I’ve never felt this way about a lover before.” She realized she’d said more than she’d wanted to. To hide her embarrassment and fear, she showered Kelly’s face with kisses.

In between more frantic times, they kissed for hours. Martha was more handsy, stroking Kelly’s body, her taut breasts, so unlike her full bouncy ones. Martha rubbed Kelly’s back. She grabbed her taut ass. She used her fingers to make slow love in Kelly’s holes while she kissed her face, neck, and breasts. Every part of her couldn’t get enough of every part of Kelly. In turn, she let Kelly try anything she wanted with her. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the middle of the night, Kelly woke up in the moonlight when Kelly started licking her. It felt so good! She pulled Martha’s hips over her face and joined her in an unrestrained bout of clit kissing. When they were cuddling afterwards, Martha confessed, “I woke up desperate. I had to taste you again, feel you move under my mouth.”

Kelly held Martha’s face in her small hands. “Martha, you can wake me up and have me anytime.” They kissed again, passionately. The kissing led to other things with fingers and tongues and holding hands over mouths and shushing.

In the morning, Kelly was awakened by being penetrated by something long, girthy, and cold. It was Martha looming over her, thrusting her hips, penetrating her with something. She orgasmed. It got warmer. The long, slow fucking went on and on. Martha’s dick stayed rock hard, no surprise. It started to feel to Kelly like a part of Martha. She could feel Martha’s love slowly tapping and squeezing out a rhythm on her back wall. She orgasmed again and again and again until she lost all sense of time. “Shouldn’t I do something for you?” she finally asked.

“Sweetheart, I just came seven times fucking your sweet pussy,” Martha answered. "You know those times I slow down and grunt and grunt like a fucking pig? That's me cumming from fucking you."

"I thought you were just getting tired," sighed Kelly. "Please keep going and cum in me again," she whimpered. It took a while and several more orgasms wrung out of Kelly, but Martha did.

By then it was getting to be late morning. Martha showed Kelly her device. It was a double dildo with a sharp turn in it. Kelly’s end was like a big fat dick. Martha’s end was shorter and much girthier. “This end sticks in my pussy nice and tight so I can fuck you as hard as I want to. It jerks my clit and feels wonderful as I fuck you. I like it in the mornings.”

"Fuck me whenever you want to," said Kelly. "I like it."

"I gathered that from the noises you made and the puddle of grool you left in my bed," said Martha.

"Sorry about that," said Kelly.

"I'll  treasure it," said Martha. "I want you to douse every square inch of my bed just the same."

They dressed and emerged from Martha’s room. She found that her goofy roommates had left the index cards in front of her door. They found a couple of the roommates, the women Sandra and Night, in the kitchen. “Hi Martha, Hi Ten,” they greeted. Her roommates went to the trade school across town and not the university. They didn’t know Kelly.

“You’ve never given any of my guests nicknames before,” said Martha.

“We can tell she’s a keeper,” Night said simply.

“And now we see she’s fuckin’ hot, too,” said Sandra.

Then the lovers went to Kelly’s favorite waffle place for breakfast, Kelly’s treat.


Friday evening, Kelly was riding Scott to an astounding series of orgasms on his couch. Their lovemaking just got better and better, like he said it would. As she was reaching ever so close to her next, the front door unlocked and Ratidaa strolled in. “AAHH!!” cried Kelly, hustling to cover herself.

“That’s it, honey, just- Ratidaa!” cried Scott. “You said you were done doing this! And where did you get that key?!”

“I found it,” said Ratidaa. “I’m here to see the dogs. Oh, and, to tell you two there’s no hard feelings. Not anymore. I have a new boyfriend. And Scott, I have a new men’s toy I’ve been developing. I think you could give helpful feedback. It’s a thousand dollars for a day of your time. Are you willing?” The dogs milled, rubbed, and scooched against her, the turncoats.

“Will you give the keys back?” Scott asked.

“Yes,” said Ratidaa.

“All the keys?” asked Scott.

“Yes,” said Ratidaa.

“And if you find more, throw them away instead of using them?” asked Scott.

“Yes,” said Ratidaa.

“We can meet in the park if you want the dogs for an afternoon,” said Scott.

“That would be wonderful,” said Ratidaa.

“Wonderful,” said Scott. “I’ll take the job.”

“Wonderful,” said Ratidaa. “I’ll be in touch.” And with that, she turned left and bounced down the basement stairs. The dogs bounded after her.

After the basement door slammed shut, Kelly asked, “Why the hell did you do that? Maybe she’s made something that will cut your dick off.”

“I’ll be fine,” said Scott. “If she hurts me, their company would be kaput, and her partners would choke her to death.”

"But that would be after the part where SHE CUTS YOUR DICK OFF!" Kelly persisted.

“I’ll be fine,” Scott soothed, and made to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom.

“No you don’t, mister,” Kelly insisted. “I'm not going to move my ride because of your crazy vengeful ex, no way. She can move.” She returned to undulating her hips and stroking herself in and out of Scott. On her face was the intense concentration of extreme pleasure.

From down the basement stairs, cries from Ratidaa wrestling with the dogs wafted up. “Clifton! Oh, you, Clifton! Not up there! Bonker, hang on! Clifton! So aggressive today, sweetie pie! Ughhhh!”


The next day, Kelly set up regular dates with Biff and Anna. Biff was every Wednesday evening. Anna was every other Tuesday evening.

As expected, Scott caved in and agreed to book the gig with Martin. It was only after this that Kelly returned to the dread of Scott’s giant dick breaking her anus. But the die was cast. Martin’s own dick was smaller and would have been a smarter choice. She bet Martin would be all for the idea, the perv. But it was too late now, and she didn’t trust Martin by himself anyway. She was an idiot, and she would pay. She’d probably have to wear an adult diaper for the rest of her life.

(To be continued)
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This is a great series Sweetums.

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Thanks! Kelly is huge fun to write. Brilliant stuff keeps falling out of her mouth!

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She won't marry him because there would be too many Ls in her name? That's funny! She's a hoot.
Still waiting for the dorm mates to try the real thing...

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Still waiting for the dorm mates to try the real thing...


In terms of the marriage proposal, this is a non-answer. She can marry him just fine without changing her last name. Fun fact, my second wife did this with her first husband for similar reasons, in that case alliteration. She kept her maiden name, but the names are different, of course. She was not as much of an innocent wit as Kelly, either.
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