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The Lifeguard (Ff underage teen )

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on: August 31, 2021, 01:02:56 AM
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Amanda Plum looked over what she considered her demesne, the Hilldale Rec Pool. She'd been a lifeguard since her fifteenth birthday and now at twenty-two was considered the last of the old guard. She'd finished up her final year at college with a degree in child psychology and looked over the kids in the pool wondering how many she'd be treating in the next few years.

She had a job lined up at the Markman Clinic up in Silverton but it didn't start for a few more months. The pay was more than enough to get her out of her parents' house and on her own. "Stop running," she shouted to a pair of little girls who dashed off the grassy area and onto the concrete around the pool.

The girls stopped immediately and began walking at a fast pace. They looked to be about eight or nine with cute little bubble butts. Amanda had to drag her eyes away and shook her head, she'd always been shy with boys and nervous with girls, she suspected she was a lesbian but never had the courage to pursue her thoughts. As much as she was in charge at the pool, in social settings she found herself shy and tongue-tied.

Her eyes swept over the pool again and to the deep-end where a lanky girl with long legs and small but firm little breasts climbed the ladder to the high dive. It was the biggest platform in the state with three levels, the top most ten meters up. Very few had the daring to jump from there.

The girl climbed past the first level, past the second, and up to the third without even slowing down. Her swimsuit climbed precariously up her crotch and Amanda knew she should avert her eyes, the girl was probably only twelve or thirteen but Amanda found she couldn't stop looking.

The girl walked to the edge of the platform, looked over the pool, almost as if to make sure every eye was looking at her. Then turned walked two steps back, balanced for a moment on her toes, and then took two fast steps to the edge and plummeted off, spinning as she went. She hit the water with barely a splash and Amanda found herself applauding and managed to stop herself quickly although noted that quite a few others were doing the same, mostly boys and men but a few of the adult women who had a strange, almost glow in their eyes.

The girl emerged from under the water, whipped her long hair with a twist of her head, and swam over to the side of the pool near where Amanda sat in the high tower. The girl half lifted herself out of the water and looked up at Amanda, "Amanda, right?"

Amanda felt her breath catch in her throat as she looked down at the girl, the swimsuit was pulled taut against her skin, her nipples were standing straight out, from the cold of the water, and her breasts seemed somehow larger than they first appeared.

Amanda nodded her head.

"I'm Jane Cooper. You went to school with my older sister Katherine."

The flood of memories hit Amanda like a cold shower. The name made her shiver in fear but also with something else. The most popular girl in school, the cheerleader, captain of the softball team, beautiful Katherine Cooper. She'd been so tall with such a body, her hair, perfect, her skin flawless. She'd ruled the school even as a freshman. Amanda had been terrified of the girl but also hero worshiped her like many others. There'd been rumors of dating teachers but nothing ever proven, certainly Katherine never dated any high school boys. She'd come to Senior Prom with a second year law student from back east, some Ivy League school.

Jane pulled herself completely from the water and moved next to Amanda who continued to look down at the girl's nipples, feeling her heart racing in her chest, and a strange dizziness. She had to brace herself as she almost swayed right out of the tower when Jane put a hand on Amanda's thigh and gave it a firm squeeze.

"My sister always said you were a great swimmer, the second best athlete in school."

Amanda's body suddenly felt alive, she was damp, wet between her legs in an instant as the firm grip of the girl traced gently up her leg. Amanda bit her lip, her nostrils flared, and her eyes dilated, "Thank you, Jane."

"I thought I'd introduce myself," said Jane, her hand now tracing up high on Amanda's leg, almost to the crotch of her one-piece lifeguard suit. "You're going to be here all summer, right?"

Amanda tried to speak but nothing came out of her mouth, there was only the girl's hand, so close to her kitty, she was breathing hard, almost panting.

"Right?" asked Jane again, a smug look on her face.

"Yes," finally gasped Amanda. "All summer."

"Good," said Jane. "Katherine is starting law school next year and our parents are back east helping her get settled in. I've got the place all to myself."

"What ... what grade are you?" said Amanda her breathing still ragged as the girl's fingers began tapping gently, the pinky touching very near her naughty place in gentle little taps.

"I'm in eighth grade," said Jane with a smile.

"That makes you thirteen ... oh ... god," the last as Jane's pinky touched a particularly sensitive spot.

"Yep, just last month," said Jane with a grin. "Well, gotta go, can't distract you from your duties but I'm sure I'll be seeing much more of you, right?"

Amanda nodded her head and bit her lip but said nothing.

Jane crossed her arms over her chest, a stern look coming to her eyes as they narrowed and her lips came together, "I said, right?"

Amanda nodded again, now she felt her heart beating in her chest not from excitement but fear. The girl was terrifying with that look, "Right."

"Right, what?"

"Right, you'll be seeing all of me, I mean more of me, I mean yes, I'll be here all summer."

"Good," said Jane with a smirk, turned, and walked away, her firm little butt, that of an athlete, bouncing as she went.
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Reply #1 on: August 31, 2021, 12:47:38 PM

This is a well crafted story.

If the intent of this was to both tease and titillate, then mission accomplished.

I do hope there will be more to come.

Welcome to KB NancyB. A WOO for posting your story.

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Reply #2 on: September 12, 2021, 11:23:26 PM
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

The sound of water turning off in the shower startled Amanda from her reverie. She stood directly in front of her locker, eyes almost glassy as she stared at the wavy reflection in the metallic door. She shook her head and frowned, trying to shake the image of Jane Cooper from her mind. The girl rising up from the pool, her swimsuit tight against a pair of ripe breasts. "No," she said to herself firmly.

"What?" asked Jasmine as she came into the lifeguard's locker room from the adjacent shower.

"Oh, nothing," said Amanda, again shaking her head. "Just thinking about heading to work after summer. I've got a job at the Markman Clinic. This'll be my last summer here I guess."

"Too bad," said Jasmine, a chubby Asian girl with a pretty smile and bright green eyes. "Everybody loves you. I remember when you taught life-saving to me when I was in middle-school. You're the best."

Amanda felt herself turning red as the just graduated senior looked her in the eyes. Amanda found that she couldn't hold the gaze and her eyes drifted down to the girl's thickish body, large boobs, big thighs, a pouty kitty with large lips. "No," said Amanda again, quickly turning around to get her clothes out of the locker.

"Well," said Jasmine as she threw her towel in the big hamper in the corner of the room. "I'll miss you at least. And I know a lot of the boys will as well. I wish I was as skinny as you."

Amanda took her top out from the locker, a loose fitting, blue pullover and slipped it over her head. "It's all the swimming and exercise. Besides, I wish I had boobs like you. Mine are teeny-tiny."

Jasmine laughed, "You're lucky. I got mine before my twelfth birthday and my friends' fathers started hitting on me right after. Pervs. And the moms all hated me too, even though I didn't do anything thing wrong. It sucks having big ones." With that the girl lifted one large breast and looked down at it. "Of course, being able to suck your own nipple has its advantages!"

Amanda gasped but couldn't help but turn around as the girl stuck out a long tongue almost enough to touch the nipple. "I'd have to be a gymnast to do that," said Amanda looking down at her own chest, she didn't even need a bra and kept her swim suit on underneath her clothes anyway. It made her uncomfortable to undress in front of the other girls.

The next words popped out of Amanda's mouth before she could stop them, "Sort of like that Jane Cooper. She's so pretty, it's hard to believe she's only thirteen."

Jasmine's eyes narrowed as she looked carefully at Amanda, "You knew her sister, right, Katherine Cooper. She's a legend."

Amanda nodded her head as she slipped a pair of shorts over her one-piece, sat down on the bench, and began to put on her sandals, "Yeah, Katherine was queen of the school. She was a year younger than me but ...."

"But what?" asked Jasmine, still carefully watching Amanda with interest, there was something odd going on there, but the older girl had always been a bit of a strange bird. Pretty enough, just awkward.

"She just seemed older, more mature, like one of the teachers, even then. Everyone sort of worshiped her. State Champion softball two years running, captain of the cheerleaders. You know, Miss Perfect. Jane is sort of like that already, I guess. I'll never be that pretty."

Jasmine watched the older girl, slouched over, her skin was lovely and clear, such a pretty face, but she never went out with boys, even when that handsome Kyle Powers hit on her last year. He was the boy everyone wanted. Jasmine had fucked him just because, even though she had a boyfriend, but Amanda hadn't even seemed to notice Kyle's advances. The Asian girl smiled and came over to pat Amanda on the back. "Listen, Amanda, it's OK to like anyone you like, but I'd stay away from Jane Cooper. She's bad news, my little sister is in her class. And, she is only thirteen, you could get in trouble."

Amanda's eyes widened, she stood quickly, and pulled away from Jasmine, "I ... I don't know what you're talking about. Just because I notice a girl is pretty doesn't mean anything."

Jasmine pulled her hand back, "Fine, fine. You're early tomorrow?"

"Yeah," said Amanda as she bit her lip and turned toward the door leading to the main entrance of the recreation complex. "You're early also?"

"No, I'm off tomorrow. I'll see you Thursday I guess."

"OK, see you then," said Amanda and beat a hasty retreat, her heart beating fast in her chest for some reason and she just knew she wanted to leave. "I'm not a lesbo," she thought as she exited the locker room. She made her way past the entrance, waving at Karl Pickins sitting at the front desk looking at one of his Dungeon and Dragons books as he waited to check ID badges of the people coming in to make sure they were members. "Bye, Karl."

The boy barely looked up, "Bye, Amanda. See you tomorrow."

Another moment and she was out the front door and heading toward the large parking lot. Staff had to park all the way at the far end so as not to take up spaces for the community members using the complex. She spotted her parent's old car, the canary yellow Subaru wagon. God, it was hideous but most of the money went to paying for her college so she didn't complain. "One day," she said to herself.

"One day, what?" came the familiar voice of Jane Cooper who stood under a nearby tree smoking a cigarette with another girl, this one tall and skinny with black hair and too much eye-shadow, purple with sparkles.

Amanda stopped in tracks and looked at the ground, "One day I'll have my own car." She pointed to the Subaru and suddenly felt deeply ashamed of her family's lack of money.

"Dad says he'll get me a Tesla when I turn fifteen, in two years, and can get a learner's permit," said Jane with a smile. "Do you like Elon Musk? I think he's a pompous asshole but the cars are pretty cool."

Amanda shrugged and continued to look at the ground, "My dad thinks he's like a genius or something and he did build that spaceship thing."

Jane laughed, "Dildo ship, yeah. Whatever. Listen, Mandy. Slash's mom is a meth-head and forgot to pick us up, probably stoned out of her mind, getting gang-banged by a bunch of drug-dealers. You'll take us home right?"

Amanda felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest and she wanted desperately to refuse but only managed to squeak out a little grunt that might be taken as a no.

"Good," said Jane, hooking her arm under Amanda's, and walking to the car. "Can I drive?"

"No!" said Amanda opening her eyes wide. "You're only thirteen!"

Amanda laughed, "I'm probably a better driver than you. On my grandpa's farm in Wyoming I've been driving tractors and trucks since I was like nine."

"Well ..." said Amanda as she let herself be led to the car, the firm grip on her arm seeming to not only steer her body but her mind.

"I'm just kidding, stupid-head," said Jane while rolling her eyes at the other girl, Slash couldn't possibly be her real name, could it? "I don't want you to get arrested, what fun could I have with you then?"

A moment later they were at the car and Amanda pushed the button to unlock it, a single beep coming from the vehicle as the lights flashed.

"You have to double-push to open all the doors, dumb-dumb," chastised Jane with a grin and then looked at her friend. "I can't take Mandy anywhere. She's always making me look bad."

"I'm sorry," said Amanda quickly pushing the button twice to unlock all the doors.

She jumped in the front seat, fastened her seat belt, put the key in the ignition, started the car, and then turned to look at the passenger seat and found it empty. She craned her head to look back at the girls and saw Jane pushing Slash against the seat with one hand, while her other buried itself under the girl's short skirt. Slash met Amanda's gaze, almost fear in her eyes, as she bit her lip and gave off a little grunt.

Jane suddenly turned and looked at Amanda with an almost feral gaze, like a wild dog ready to rip out the threat of its prey, "What the fuck are you looking at?" Her arm began little sawing motions as she manipulated Slash beneath her skirt.

"I ... I ... I don't know where to go?"

"Let's take Slash home first. She lives over on Richmond Ave, 422. It's about five minutes from here. She should get off by then, and if not, fuck her."

Slash gave off a little whimper and her head rolled back onto the seat, "Oh god, Jane, I love you."

Amanda whipped around to the front and backed out, with short little jerking steps.

"Jesus fucking Christ," said Jane in a firm voice. "Stop driving like a pussy. Go!"

Amanda pushed her foot down and the car was off with a shriek of rubber on pavement. She knew where Richmond was and tried to focus on driving, rather than the increasingly loud moans coming from the back seat. She felt very damp, wet, excited. She closed her eyes, suddenly the image of herself in the backseat, being manipulated by Jane came to her mind and she almost ran a stop sign, jamming on the brakes just in the nick of time. "I'm sorry," she blurted out quickly before Jane could yell. "I'm sorry. I'll do better."

Then they were off again and it took all of Amanda's efforts not to look in the back seat as the noises grew louder and more frantic.
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Omg I need the rest of this

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Great work!