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on: September 28, 2021, 06:00:40 AM
Some know this and others don%u2019t, but I was in the army for six years. During my time in the army, I deployed overseas twice. Once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. Just going to share a story of two soldiers relieving stress in a very stressful environment.

Taken by my driver: Me on the left chatting with a friend during a urinalysis before deployment.

I had been stuck in that truck for over two hours before we finally pulled into the compound. Even though we had finally arrived, we couldn%u2019t just get out and walk around. We had to go through security and go to the clearing barrels and unload our weapons. Once me and my driver had our weapons cleared, I had to climb on top of the humvee and clear out main weapon which was a large fifty caliber machine gun.

After all weapons were cleared we were able to pull in further and park our trucks in a temporary staging area. There were seven trucks in our convoy and when we parked them, we did so in a manner that made an open square in the middle. This was added security because not too far away was were local nationals parked their trucks. They would deliver all kinds of things from food and water to fuel. They were searched, and allowed to conduct business, but that didn%u2019t mean we trusted them. They usually had to stay in the staging area for a long time before being let in completely, and then they needed an escort.

There was also Bradley unit and other military trucks parked in their own little three hundred and sixty security circles. We could here music playing from some, and guys were throwing a football around and laughing. It was pretty easy to assume these units were all here for the same reason. About fifteen kilometers away there was some old ruins that allied forces were using as a weapons range. Even though we%u2019ve been in a combat zone for seven months, military standards require us to be qualified with our weapons in order to go on missions. This range is to make sure that not only do our weapons work, but that we are proficient with them as well.

The honest truth about this is that it is a waste of time and resources. In order for a military unit to be supplied with ammunition, we have to report on rounds expended. So even though we get into firefights all the time, they want us to go to the range and expend as many old rounds as we can so that we can get a new supply in. As time goes by, ammunition gets beat up, and it can cause misfires and you don%u2019t want that when your in a firefight. So we are basically getting rid of all our old ammunition at this pointless range. Hell, we got ambushed on our way to the compound we were currently at. It was a quick roadside bomb and some shooting back and forth and the only real damage done was a busted window and a couple flat tires.

To say that we were relieved to finally be on some safer ground would be an understatement. Another understatement would be to say that when other soldiers see our trucks roll by with the words military police painted on the side, they turn and watch. It gets their attention for several reasons, but in a combat zone it gets them looking because unlike combat units, military police have us in them. Engineers, infantry, and tank units did not have women when I was in, so when we%u2019re around, the guys look, and yes we notice. We try to play it off, we try to pretend we don%u2019t notice or care, but we see the guys nudging their buddies, we see the finger pointing and head nodding. We don%u2019t do anything flashy or even close to sexual, but it seems like taking off our body armor and helmets gets the same attention as if we were stripping down to nothing. However, we get really good at ignoring it and just getting on with business like the soldiers we are.

Once we have all our gear staged and we%u2019ve been briefed, we basically have down time until we have to get geared up and go to the range the next day. So our soldiers hunker down and relax while they can. Some break out their own music, while others get together for a game of spades. I check in with the soldiers in my truck to make sure their good with everything, and then me and two other females grab our assault pack and after informing our squad leader our plans, we head out to find this compound%u2019s MP unit. This place has something we don%u2019t have at ours yet. A hard trailer with hot showers. The showers we have at our compound is a tent with metal grates all over the floor, and the water comes out like a misting spray bottle. It works, but just barely. So when we heard about these, we were not going to miss the opportunity.

The three of us walked passed the soldiers standing around their Bradley tanks and a few were going to say something, but I heard one say the woman in the middle, that was me, was a NCO, or non-commissioned officer, so I had some rank that most of them needed to respect. This saves us from them just yelling out to us to come and chat. We don%u2019t worry about being cat called or harassed, but most guys just want to say hi and talk a little. Most of these guys just want to interact with us because it%u2019s been months since they%u2019ve seen one of us, or had a chance for talk. We weren%u2019t having any of that today, as we just wanted to go take a good hot shower.

We found the MP unit quite quickly, and when we checked in with their operations NCO, he was more than happy to allow us to use their showers. It was basically just across an opening where a basketball hoop had been set up. We went inside, and immediately ran into a few females from the local MP unit. I introduced us to them, and they all said hello, and one gave a quick demonstration of how it worked. There were three handles to turn. One hot, one cold, and one in the middle that shuts the flow off so your not wasting water. You get your temp, then get wet. Shut off the water, soap up, and then turn the water back on and rinse off. It was so hard not to just stand there under the hot water and soak it all in, but these were not ours, and I wanted us to respect there stuff. So it was a very nice showers, but it could have been so much better.

Once we were done, we grabbed our gear and headed back to our unit in the staging area. When we got back, a few of the soldiers had headed to the chow hall, and some went to go check out the post exchange store. The rest stayed behind to keep an eye on everyone%u2019s gear, some were sleeping while other did whatever. I put my things in my truck, and then went to check to see where my guys had gone. Sergeant B., a team leader from another truck, pointed over to the Bradley unit and said my guys were over there with his. I made sure my stuff was secured before walking over to where sergeant B. had pointed.

When I got there, I wasn%u2019t noticed right away, but my driver who I call Yeti, and Sergeant B's driver were playing spades with two soldiers from the Bradley unit. There were about another half dozen guys standing and sitting nearby all smoking, chatting and watching the card game. They had a few packs of cigarettes on the table so they were obviously gambling. I learned that certain packs of cigarettes were better than others based on whether or not if they have a state sticker on them. Ones that don%u2019t have this sticker are bought at the post exchange shop, and are usually stale tasting or something. Having family buy cigarettes and then mailing them is a much preferred method and leads to a better quality cigarette, or so I had been told.

It wasn%u2019t too long before somebody finally noticed me, and one of the Bradley guys said hello to me. I came around the back of the tank and stood just behind my driver. Me being there suddenly made all the guys move about like they were suddenly uncomfortable. I don%u2019t know how long my guys were there playing cards, but I figured my being there made everybody conscience about what they are going to talk about. Most of these guys might not have seen a woman in months, so now they felt they couldn%u2019t talk about whatever they wanted. Not only was I there, but I%u2019m also a sergeant, so that made them add a little extra caution.

My gunner who I call Kazi, saw me but didn%u2019t get up and using my nickname, welcomed me to the group, %u201CHey Boss Lady, pull up a gas can, Yeti's getting his ass kicked.%u201D

%u201CDoing better than I was with you as my partner, he can at least tell the difference between clubs and spades%u201D Yeti said back. These two gave each other crap all the time, and I found their back and fourths to be very entertaining. Kazi had a bit of a quicker wit about him, so he usually came out on top.

I declined taking a seat, and just watched the game I didn%u2019t really understand. Now that I was officially acknowledged as being there by my own guys, I could see the other starting to relax and go back about their own business. It didn%u2019t take as long as I thought it would before some of them started to talk with me.

%u201CWhere you from sergeant?%u201D one of the first guys to have noticed me there asked kind of awkwardly. I wasn%u2019t sure if he was just trying to talk to me to make me feel part of the group, or if he was doing it to calm himself down.

%u201CWisconsin,%u201D was all I said back to him.

The next few questions and statements, predictably, had to deal with cheese and the green bay packers. I pretty much just blew these things off because I%u2019ve heard them all before and had this conversation thousands of time already.

%u201Cyes it does get really cold.%u201D

%u201Cyes, I eat cheese.%u201D

%u201CYes I do know what a cheese curd is.%u201D

%u201CNo, I don%u2019t know who those players are.%u201D

%u201Cdon%u2019t you dare call me a fucking cheesehead, and I do not own a stupid foam cheese hat.%u201D

%u201CMy dad is a big fan, I%u2019m more fair weather fan.%u201D

After all their Wisconsin knowledge had been used up, they stood there quiet. We watched the card game unfold, and then they dealt out the cards again. I watched as my driver went through his cards and told them a number, then the next guy, and the next until they all said a number. I had no clue what they were doing, and the other guy who had seen me standing there asked if I knew how to play.

%u201CNo, I see them playing this all the time but I%u2019ve no clue,%u201D I said to him, and he came up closer to me to explain how the game worked. I honestly didn%u2019t care, but my guys were here and I was going to stay nearby them and root them on, because that%u2019s what you do when you%u2019re in a team. As this guy talked me through the game, he kept getting closer and closer to me. He finally got too close for me to be comfortable and I stuck my hand up between our faces.

%u201Cback the fuck up out of my AO troop.%u201D I barked at him quite loudly. Loud enough that everybody looked at him. Kazi stood up and Yeti was quick to follow.

%u201CSorry sergeant,%u201D was all he said and walked away. Since he went away quick, and I knew his buddies were going to give him hell for this later, I let it drop and decided not to take it any further.

However, from my right I hear this guy start to yell at this soldier as he started to walk away. Immediately all the soldiers from the Bradley unit were on their feet look in the direction of this voice. Around the front of the Bradley tank, came another soldier. By the way all these guys were acting, it was easy to assume this guy had some rank to him. I stood there looking as the soldier ran up to him and then stood at the position of attention. My suspicions were confirmed, and this guy was an officer of some sort.

%u201CWhat the fuck are you doing to that female, that she needs to put you in your place?%u201D he barked at him. The soldier just stood there explaining that he got too close to me while explaining the game of spades. After that, the officer told him to leave, and then he approached the rest of us. As he got closer he put everybody at ease and said to carry on with the game. He watched them lay out cards before looking over at me. I was quite annoyed to be honest, because I had already handled the problem, but this fucking guy decided to jump in and push it further. I decided that he was probably just trying to flex rank.

%u201CAre we going to have any issues with him sergeant?%u201D he finally asked me.

%u201CNo sir,%u201D I said to him, %u201C no harm done, just got too close for my comfort. I handled it the way I wanted, and let it drop.%u201D

%u201CGood to hear sergeant,%u201D he said, and then began talking with his soldiers about the game. He talked to them a little bit about plays being made, and made a few jokes about never losing a card game. He seemed really laid back for an officer, as a lot wont talk with soldiers like he was doing. My own lieutenant would converse with us every so often, but not like what this guy was doing. All the soldiers from the Bradley unit acted like this was completely normal, so maybe that was just how it is in these types of units, or maybe he was just that laid back and just got along with his troops in a way I wasn%u2019t used to. If that is the case, and I assumed it was, it definitely got my attention in a way I was not expecting.

Lieutenant Harrison. He was laughing and joking with his guys like any other soldier, and some of them were even poking fun at him. Nothing that I would say was insulting or disrespectful for an officer, but most officers that I dealt with wouldn%u2019t stand for a private or specialist, or even some sergeants making fun of them. All this time, I kept looking at him, watching him, and it was fascinating to me. It made me smile at him, and I felt an almost immediately attraction to him. He wasn%u2019t really tall, but he had nice broad shoulders, and a thick neck. His voice wasn%u2019t real deep, but it carried well. He had a nice jawline and I little divot in his chin. Although I couldn%u2019t see it, by looking this hips, I assumed he had a nice looking butt. He was indeed quite attractive to me.

He finally spoke to me again, and asked if we were here for the range like they were. He asked what compound we were originally staying at. When I told him, he immediately asked me if I knew of the helicopter team known as blackjack who were based there.

%u201COh yes sir, blackjack 2-1 gave us an escort half way here.%u201D I said to him.

%u201COh, I know those guys,%u201D he said, %u201Cgreat crew, and excellent at their job.%u201D

We continued to talk across the card game for a few minutes about how I knew these pilots, and how he met them. As we talked, we both seemed to make our way closer to each other. Soon I found myself leaning my back against the Bradley tank with this lieutenant standing next to me. Our conversation had moved from the pilots to a city nearby that we both had missions in.

"I have to give you MPs credit for driving around in the city with those trucks.%u201D He said. %u201CI mean you basically patrol the MSRs and wait to get ambushed.%u201D

Taking the compliment, and knocking my knuckles against the tank I said, %u201Cthanks, it would be nice to have some extra armor, but we have maneuverability and speed in our trucks.%u201D

%u201CDon%u2019t talk shit about the bradley there sergeant, they%u2019ve got plenty of maneuverability, and in the open, they move pretty quick, just not so much in urban environments %u201D he said with a gorgeous little smile on his face, that made my core heat up.

%u201CYeah?%u201D I asked turning to him, %u201CI%u2019ve never been inside one of these things before, they have a lot of room inside?%u201D

He turned to face me, %u201Cthey%u2019ve got plenty of room for what we need them for.%u201D

It just clicked, and I could tell by the looking in his eye, that if we were alone, he would have taken my right then and there, and I would have enjoyed letting him have me. It had been seven months in this country and longer since I had been with a man, and he was just what I needed. He was more mature acting than these other buffoons and he was by far the best looking one there, and the fact he was so personable, and casual for an officer made him prime choice. The best part was, it would be a one time thing, and then we%u2019d probably never see each other again. It couldn%u2019t get much more perfect than this.

The only problem was, there were soldiers everywhere. There was no way, that we would be able to sneak off together without raising a few eyebrows. I didn%u2019t need my soldiers to come snooping around to make sure I%u2019m ok, and I definitely didn%u2019t want any of his soldiers to follow thinking they could go next. There is always the fear that things could get out of hand fast especially if these guys aren%u2019t into morals or ethics.

I didn%u2019t want to pass up this chance, but I had no clue how to let him know I was willing and wanting, without being obvious. I was fairly confident that he knew I was thinking the same thing he was, but again, I had no clue how to confirm this without letting everybody around us know. I turned away from him back towards the card game which had started again but with new players from the Bradley unit. I guess my guys won in the end.

Then the simplest answer came to me, %u201Ccan I see inside one of these?%u201D

%u201CSure,%u201D he said and started walking to the back of the tank, and called out to one of the soldiers playing cards, %u201CI%u2019m gonna show her the inside of your rig, hope you cleaned up.%u201D

%u201CYes sir,%u201D he said, %u201Cshe%u2019s always to standards.%u201D

He lead the way to the back of the tank, and opened a smallish hatch door. I stuck my head inside and took a quick look around before he said I could go inside. Careful not to trip or hit my head and make a fool of myself, I climbed inside the back. It did have more space than I thought it would, but I couldn%u2019t stand up straight at all. I figured most of the time they were in here, they were either sitting or crawling. I was basically squatting while I moved around, and took a look. Soon he joined me inside, but he moved around on his knees, and when I looked at him, he had another sexy smile on his face.

He pointed to a seat, and explained to me that%u2019s where the driver sat, then he slid open a round hatch and showed where the gunner and team leader sat. I couldn%u2019t have cared less about what he was showing, me as I hardly took my eyes off of him. He kept that smile on his face the entire time.

Wanting to play with him a little bit, I gave him a smile back, %u201Chow bigs the gun?%u201D

There was no confusion as to what I was getting at, %u201CI like to think it%u2019s big enough.%u201D

That answer tells me he%u2019s probably average size, but I couldn%u2019t care less, I just wanted it. I moved closer to him and being as bold as I ever had been reached out and cupped his crotch. I could feel he was rock hard through his pants. Like most guys I knew, he was going commando, so it was just his pants and then his cock. I was thrilled to feel him so hard, and if it hadn%u2019t been a thousand degrees inside the back of this tank, and a bunch of guys just outside, I would have pulled him out right there.

When he didn%u2019t move, and let me feel him, I breathed deep and heavy, %u201Cglad to see you%u2019re enjoying yourself sir.%u201D

%u201COh yes, never seen the inside of a rig look so fucking good.%u201D He said which made my face heat up. He moved his hips slightly so he was basically dry humping my palm. I wanted to take him so badly right then and there. I wanted to see it, taste it, feel it bare.

I leaned in to his ear and whispered, %u201Ckeep him ready for me, I%u2019ll be back around 2200 (10:00 p.m.) if that works for you?%u201D

He grunted and pulled his head back, %u201CI can make that work, you better be here sergeant.%u201D

%u201CI%u2019ll be here" I said and regrettably let go of him. As I made my way passed him he reach out and cupped my ass and gave it a hard squeeze. I hadn%u2019t really been expecting it so it made me gasp a little in surprise. I looked back at him and froze so he could get a good feel of me, and I could enjoy his hand on me a bit longer. I bite my lip and eventually made my way out.

When we finally climbed out, we had both been sweating for two reasons, but mostly because it was so hot in there. It wasn%u2019t much better outside the Bradley, but at least there was airflow so it felt cooler. I looked at a few of the guys as they watched us both climb out, and the looks we were getting, we might as well had had sex. I don%u2019t really blame them, we were alone, and then we emerge covered in sweat and breathing heavy. I just rolled my eyes at them, and because what just happened put me in a very good mood, I gave them a quick smirk, and shook me head. This got a few smiles and laughs from them, but I didn%u2019t mind at all. I was too excited about what was going to happen, and I didn%u2019t care what they thought right now. I was even willing to go along with any jokes they might say, but considering that he was still a lieutenant, I don%u2019t think they felt comfortable adding him into any dirty jokes.

%u201CThanks for showing me around in there Sir,%u201D I said and then looked to my guys still playing cards, %u201CI%u2019m heading back to the truck, good luck at the cards.%u201D

%u201CAlright, see ya Boss Lady,%u201D was all I got and a quick wave of the hand without them even looking at me.

I gave the lieutenant a quick look before turning and walking back to our staging area. I wanted to sway my hips, I wanted to pull up my uniform top and show my ass to him, but I was fairly certain he wasn%u2019t the only one watching me go, so I just marched back to my truck.

I don%u2019t know what he did after I left, or how long my guys stayed there playing cards. All I knew was that I was horny as hell, and so turned on, it took all my will power not to masturbate while I had the truck to myself. However, I kept staring at my watch over and over again hoping it would jump the four hours instantly. I would have tried to sleep for a bit, but my mind was all over the place.

Eventually, I was able to put myself into a book and distract myself from the ever slow moving time. When my guys did finally return, they were chatting about the card game with Sergeant B's driver. They noisily climbed into he truck and started talking to me. We talked about them going to the shop to get snacks, or whether or not the chow hall was still serving. I mindlessly told them to make sure their weapons were ready and cleaned for tomorrow even though I already knew they were. It was just a lot of noise to me, and I just wanted time to disappear.

After what seemed an eternity, it was dark and the time was getting near. Most of the people were sleeping on cots or in their trucks already, but some were up smoking and talking. I kept looking at my watch, and there was about half an hour left before I was to go meet him. Both of my guys were sleeping in the truck when I noticed a figure standing near the back of the Bradley tank that we agreed to meet by. He stood there smoking a cigarette as I watched the glow light up and then lower to his side. I wasn%u2019t completely sure whether or not it was him, but I figured it had to be. I had no problem heading over earlier than expected, but if it wasn%u2019t him I was not sure if that would cause any problems.

I decided, that I%u2019d risk it and go see if it was him. I climbed out of the truck and after saying hello to a few of the soldiers in my unit that were still awake, I headed over to where the porta potties were. I shivered even though it was mid sixties, but the temperature swing from one hundred and ten degrees to sixty something made it feel like winter. I made a large exaggerated circle that took me near to where he was. When I got close enough, I heard him speak.

%u201Csergeant Shiela? Was hoping you%u2019d notice me here.%u201D he said and flicked the cigarette. %u201CI don%u2019t really smoke, but I thought I%u2019d get your attention.%u201D

%u201CWorked like a charm, sir.%u201D I said to him and got closer. The smell of smoke hung around him pretty strong, but I was already in full throttle that I really didn%u2019t care. %u201CWhat%u2019s the plan?%u201D

%u201CFollow,%u201D was all he said I did exactly that.

He lead me away from our meeting spot and around the back of all the other Bradleys. We got to one that was parked next to a giant Hesco wall, which was basically enormous sand bags stacked up. He lead me between the tank and the wall, and it was just enough room for us to stand facing each other.

%u201CBest I can do,%u201D he said.

I looked behind me, and I could see my unit from where I stood, but it was completely dark where we were. I turned back to him, and even though we were basically alone, I knew sound would traveled so we still needed quiet, so I whispered, %u201Cgood enough for me.%u201D

I got right up into his chest and my hands went for his belt and the buttons on his pants. The buckle jingled a little too loud for my liking, but I wasn%u2019t going to be deterred. He used one hand to try and help, but I could do this my self, and the buttons popped open easily under my fingers. I reached in and in the dark, my finger wrapped around his half hard cock, and it felt amazing. It was hot in my palm as I pulled him free of his slacks and he breathed heavy when I started stroking him slow. Because it felt so cold outside, he felt even hotter than it should have. He pulled on my shirt as I enjoyed having him in my hand, working his shaft slowly, and he snaked a hand up to my breast. He took a few second to push the front of my bra up and over my chest exposing me to him. He cupped my breast for a bit before giving a nipple a quick pinch between fingers, which brought out a small squeak of pleasure from me followed by a slight giggle.

He was fully hard in no time at all, and I thought he was much bigger than average, but then again, I was buzzing about what was happening. When I say he was hard, I don%u2019t mean he was erect, I mean he was HARD. If I didn%u2019t know better, I%u2019d have thought there was actual bone in his cock. His pants had slid down his thighs a bit, so I could easily use my other hand and play with his balls. He let out a little grunt when I began playing with both hands, and I wasn%u2019t sure if it was because I might have been a bit rough with his boys, or if he just wasn%u2019t expecting it. Either way I began to go a bit easier on him. He let go of my breast and began working on my belt. I should have taken it off back at the truck, but its uniform plus I was distracted by impure thoughts, so I wasn%u2019t thinking straight.

He wasn%u2019t as good as I was, so I had to release his balls, and help him out with my buttons. I got the front of my pants wide open, and he wiggled his fingers down under my panties and cured a finger around me. He pressed hard against me and I immediately began grinding against his hand. I was soaking wet so his fingertip easily sliding up into me just enough to get me breathing extra hard. With one hand I gripped his shoulder and dropped my head against his chest as he continued to finger me. I was lost in his hand so much, and was so focused on grinding my pelvis against it, that I had forgotten I was stroking his rock hard cock. I slowly began to move my hand again, but I felt clumsy because I hadn%u2019t felt the strong hand of a man on me in so long, I had nearly forgotten just how amazing it felt.

I slowly regained some composure and began focusing on what I was doing to him. He was breathing heavy and hard with me. I felt him breathing in my ear, and I wasn%u2019t sure if I should pick my head up because he probably would have kissed me. I%u2019ve nothing against some kissing, but I knew his mouth would taste like an ashtray, so I kept my head where it was against his chest.

He took a deep breath and in a low growl he said, %u201Cthis is fun, but I want to fuck you so fucking bad.%u201D

Next things know he was digging his hand deeper down jammed his finger as deep inside me as he could go with it. I all but jumped up onto my tiptoes and if I handed bit down on his shoulder I would have moaned quite loudly. After the shock he gave me, all I was doing was shaking my head yes and mumbling %u201Cuh-huh.%u201D

I should have known things were going to well, and that I really shouldn%u2019t have gotten my hope up. To be honest this wasn%u2019t the first time an opportunity had presented itself. It had happened a few times before, but every time, something happened. He got called away by somebody, or I did, or a rocket or mortar would land someplace within the compound, and we would have to split before anything really got going. This time was different though. I was moments away from it, I literally had victory in my hands, but just like all the times before, something happened.

I wasn%u2019t even able to get my pants down when we heard somebody calling out somebodies name. We both froze and I did my best to hold my breath, and then there it was. I recognized my driver%u2019s voice immediately as he called out my name while heading over to the porta potties.

%u201CFuck!%u201D I was instantly annoyed with him, but he didn%u2019t know, and there must be some reason he was looking for me. I so badly wanted to ignore it, stay and finish, but if I didn%u2019t answer soon, and he would go back telling whoever that he couldn%u2019t find me, then that would lead to some serious problems. Yet I almost didn%u2019t care, I was so close to him. He was basically inside me already, what%u2019s a few more minutes to finish?

Still, I knew I had to leave without my prize, %u201CWhat the fuck? Why now?%u201D

%u201CWell this fucking sucks, but you better get going,%u201D he said and pulled his hand out of my pants, and I was instantly sad to have it gone. I felt like grabbing his wrist and putting his hand back.

%u201CI just%u2026I just%u2026" I was stuttering and fumbling over my words and I half turned away, and then I turned back to him like I was lost and not sure which way I was supposed to go.

As quick as I could I bent at the waist and took him into my mouth. He made a very shocked, but pleasant noise to me, but it%u2019s what I felt in my mouth that really had me going. The tangy bitterness lit up my taste buds and the thin, smooth layer of skin over what felt like granite was amazing. I was immediately grateful that he had made sure to clean up before our meeting because I could taste some soap left over on him. I playfully squeezed that wonder head between my tongue and the roof of my mouth and suckled hungrily on his cock. I worked my head for three good slow pumps and sucked hard on his cock before pulling him out. I gave his cock head one quick lick for one last taste before standing straight, and then I began to adjust my bra back over my breasts.

%u201CThat is not fucking fair.%u201D He said to me and he looked stunned at my sudden actions.

He started saying some more, but I wasn%u2019t really listening to him because I was frustrated with having to deal with my bra. Whenever it gets pushed up like this, it never really feels comfortable without having to basically redo it. I didn%u2019t need comfort, I needed function, and for it to look normal under my shirt, so I just let it go when it seemed like it was in place, and then worked my pants. I told him to stay put, which felt a bit odd telling a lieutenant what to do, but he just smiled and said he hoped that I hurry back. I jogged out from our little hiding place and jogged over to my driver, who was a bit shocked that I didn%u2019t come out of one of the porta potties.

%u201COh, where were you?%u201D he asked

%u201CDon%u2019t fucking worry about it%u201D I told him.

He looked over at the Bradley%u2019s and laughed, %u201Cwhatever you say Boss Lady.%u201D

I ignored him and didn%u2019t care if he had figured it out, he wouldn%u2019t say anything, but about half way back to our truck, I heard somebody calling for lieutenant Harrison which meant that whatever was going on, wasn%u2019t just exclusive to my MP unit. I started to run and my driver followed suit. When we got back I got together with the rest of the leadership team, and we had a briefing about a General who wanted to go with us to the range. I was instantly pissed that this is what ruined everything. Some asshole General wanted to come watch us burn through ammunition so I got denied my prize. I wasn%u2019t getting absolutely ravaged because some jackass wanted to pretend he was a soldier. Then again, maybe there was still a chance that something could happen yet tonight, so I wasn%u2019t completely out of hope.

That was until I remembered how these briefings went. A lot of wasted time, a lot of pointless chatter, and all these assholes want to makes jokes and talk stupid crap. I had made a comment about this whole things becoming a dog and pony show, so when they realized that I was fuming, I%u2019m guessing they assumed it was because of that. This also made them leave me out of any of their damn jokes. It was forty-five fucking minutes before they finally called an end to the briefing, and it didn%u2019t take me looking over at the Bradley%u2019s to know that this night was completely ruined. I walked over to my truck, and climbed on the front of it , and saw flashlights and heard a lot of talking coming from the Bradleys, and that was it.

I climbed down off the hood of the truck and sat in my seat. I could still feel his hand on me, his finger pushing inside me, and I so desperately wanted to feel it live again. I wanted him so bad, but it just wasn%u2019t going to happen. I told my driver and gunner to clean their gear up quick and then get some sleep. It was going to be a ridiculous day coming up, and I was not going to have a good night.

But don%u2019t worry boys and girls, this was not the end of me and LT Harrison.
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Amazing story Shiela.

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In the morning, I sat on the roof of my humvee eating a granola bar and drinking my coffee. My guys were taking their time getting up and ready for the day. I have always gotten up early, I like the feeling of never being rushed. I always have plenty of time to get all I need done before the day truly begins. My soldier’s didn’t care for it because that usually meant they were up early too.

I was in quite a sour mood that morning and for good reason. It was only made worse as I watched the Bradley unit pack up and leave. I couldn’t tell who was who when they began to leave, so if he had tried to get my attention before or while they left, I didn’t notice. I just sat there watching the noisy track vehicles drive off, with a chip on my shoulder. I had no idea who this General was, but I hated him, and had zero respect for his fucking stars.

My squad leader came by doing checks and making sure I knew the plan for the day. My guys had everything all set to go last night, so they could sleep, and chill out until the last possible moment. My squad leader hated that, but we were set, so he really had nothing to complain about. Didn’t stop him from making a shit ton of noise disrupting my guys sleep. Never understood why some leaders hated to see soldiers sleeping.

After he left, my Lieutenant and platoon sergeant came by with this General. I showed this decrepit old fuck the barest of respect, just enough to keep my ass out of trouble, and then they moved on. Now I was pissed again, and unfortunately my guys suffered a bit for it because my bad mood woke them up and kept them up.

It was about an hour later that we started to leave. We had zero problems getting there, and we spent the whole day driving our trucks back and forth down the dirt path fiting everything we had at the broken down old buildings and stone walls that had some targets painted on them. There were a few plastic targets out there to that were mostly missing. We spent hours just shooting everything, and I will say it was quite therapeutic to my bad mood. Even got to fire my grenade launcher a few times, and that even put a smile on my face.

The only problem was, that every time my truck did a run, when we got to the end, we would do a u-turn right next to a bunch if Bradley tanks. Was it them, I had no clue, but my attitude said it definitely was. I kept trying to see, but they all had full gear on, so I couldn’t tell at all. I was just pointlessly torturing myself, because even if he was there, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. So as the day went on, I did my best to ignore it and move on, which was quite difficult especially when they would start firing. No ignoring that racket.

We eventually left, and headed back to the compound and we’d stay there until morning. Because we were now technically low on ammunition, we had to head to the armory at this location and get more. We ended up with probably double what we went there with originally. Then it was back to the staging area to split up everything, and then call it a day.

We had ended up parking where the Bradleys were last time, but when we got back, I immediately saw a cluster of them parked almost where we were before. It’s like we had switched spots. I got excited in more ways than one, but it didn’t mean that’s this was his unit. Even if it was, I doubt going over there asking for LT Harrison would be beneficial to secrecy. I once again want sure what to do about it. I just sat on top of my truck drinking water, holding a book that I couldn’t keep focused on and thought about how I could go check.

I got dark, and my guys were snoring up a storm, and I was still sitting on my truck. I had been finally able to get into my book, and had a book light on, and as it turned out, that light would be the answer. Because as I read, I suddenly heard somebody say my name as they walked over to my truck. LT Harrison, came up and leaned against my truck. I was almost for a loss for words, but I was able to say hello, and ask how he knew it was me.

“I wasn’t sure, but when I saw the military police, I thought I’d come find out.” Then he tells me, “as I got closer to you, the light, shows off most of your face. I was quite positive it was you.”

I put my stuff down and slid off the truck to stand next to him. I looked around and because we had switched spots, we no longer had that wall to help conceal our activity. There was no way we’d get away with it between a truck and the wall, so I was scanning the area for ideas. I’ve heard that some use porta potties, but I wouldn’t do that to save my life, and getting with this man just might do that.

He stood there saying nothing until I stopped looking around and quietly asked. “Have a plan?”

He looked relieve and softly laughed, “I was worried you may not want to anymore.”

“God damn right I want to,” I laughed back still trying to be quiet.

Again, just like last time all he said was “follow", and I was on his heels. He didn’t sneak this way or that, we just went straight to the back of one of the bradleys and he opened that tiny back door, and moved aside telling me to climb in. I got to the door and hesitated for a bit. I didn’t know who was in there, but I couldn’t really see him setting me up, but then again. I met him about twenty four hours ago.

He did take notice, and put a hand on me and said to relax, and that I would be fine if I still wanted to go through with it. He started to close the door and say something about trying to find some other place, and that told me all I really needed to know, and I tried very hard to be quiet climbing in. He followed me in pretty quick but he didn’t seem to care at all about noise, and then closed the hatch. When that happened. It was pitch black in there, but he soon turned on a light in the corner. He was squatting like I was this time, and when we faced each other, we wasted no time.

I tore at my own clothes at nearly the same time he started on his. I worried about foreplay and stuff, because unlike the day before. I had been sitting in a hot truck sweating my ass off. I was very much aware of how I may smell. The thing is. After so many months there, everything just kind of smells if dust. I hoped he found it to be the same way if he tried to do something oral. However in this situation, I doubt anything is going to smell of dust. (I don’t know why I’m mentioning this, it’s just what I remember thinking)

It was quite awkward doing this squatting like we were, but this was it and I didn’t care how it might look, I wanted it more than my next breath of air. Since I was wearing panties, it would be very obvious to him if or when he saw them. He of course was not wearing underwear, and when his pants fell, I wanted to grab it right away. We both still had our pants on around our legs, because taking off our boots would have just been wasted time.

Normally I’d have been on my knees pleasing him having him make those wonderful deep sound guys make. Those grunts and groans and wanted to hear how good it felt, but not only did I not want to put him in my mouth for fear of the aforementioned odor, I just wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to get right at it and feel that sensation of utter fullness, and every sensation that comes with it.

We had both taken our uniform tops off, but I kept my t-shirt on, but he took his off. So he stood there naked except for where his pants bunched up around his calves just above his boots, and I was wearing my bra and t-shirt with my pants around my legs just like his. He was rock hard and his cock was swinging this way and that as we got ourselves situated. Again my need to grab it and stroke him was pushed aside.

He began to ask how I would be comfortable doing this, when I spun around facing away. I still hand my panties on, but when I stuck my ass at him, both our hands tore at them to get them down. His hands felt so good touching my butt and my legs. He laid one hand on my back and I thought for a second, that he might so something oral on me, but when I looked behind me, he was just staring at my backside. The light he had turned on was right behind him, so he had a very clear view. He stroked his cock while he rubbed my ass and then pulled my butt cheek to the side which I knew gave him an open view of me. I gave him a little gasp and smile over my shoulder, but I don’t think he even looked at my face, which I didn’t mind at all.

He spent so much time looking, that I was very close to both begging him and screaming at him to fuck me. Then I realized a problem, the ceiling in this metal box was too low, and with me squatting like I was, he could get a good position. So I told him to wait a second, and I pulled my pants up just to my knees, and then got down on all fours. When I looked back at him, I could just barely see the smile on his face. It was a little awkward with his pants down like they were, but where there’s a will, there is a way.

He didn’t get on his knees, but he pulled his pants up just enough to straddle my legs. He put his hand back on my ass, and then I felt him rubbing the head of his cock on me. Oh my fucking god how I missed such a sweet sensation. The sliding up and down with the occasional rubbing of my clit. That, breath holding moment when he gets right at my entrance, and all it would take was a forward thrust. But then he slides it some more. I’m actually pushing back at him at this point trying to get him to just do it. Teasing can be fun, but at this point its torture and starting to get annoying but there was no way I was going to stop now.

Thankfully I didn’t have to deal with it for . It wasn’t like it was a surprise either. His hand moved to my hip, and his feet shuffled forward. That’s when I held my breath and waited for it. He pushed and my breath left me through clenched teeth as he stretched me. My arms almost gave out from both the sudden jolt of the stretching, and the satisfying pressure of have him inside me. He moved slow and methodically get all slicked up from my soaked pussy and working his way deeper. He was breathing heavy and moaning so loud. He kept saying “holy shit,” and “so good", which was obviously music to my ears.

He felt absolutely amazing and I made sure to let him know. His cock was so ridged hard, and so thick, and it felt like he belonged there. I couldn’t ever remember feeling a guy that hard before, it almost didn’t feel real, but that heat was very familiar. Not just heat from him, but my entire body seemed to slowly light up like furnace. The more he thrust, the hotter that furnace got. He kept moaning and speaking of how great I felt, and how fucking sexy I was. I was panting and moaning like an animal while I happily took what he was giving me. I also couldn’t keep mouth shut and kept telling him over and over that he felt huge, his dick felt so amazing, and he fucked so good, and not a single word was a lie.

He started going a little harder, and the sound of him impacting my ass filled the small space. The pressure, and sensation of utter fullness when he was deep inside me, followed by the shallow emptiness when he pulled out, seemed attack my nerves at the same time, causing a dizzying tornado of feelings in my body. When I thought to I was squeezing him for all I was worth, and he would groan loudly. I was loving every second of it, every inch of his cock, and I was a sloppy mess from him fucking me. It had been so long, and this was the better than I had expected it to be.

He had both hands on my ass and fucking me with a perfect steady pace. It want overly hard or super fast, but just the right speed with depth. Every impact of his hips, and thrust jolted me, and I was so close to the end. I dropped myself onto on elbow and I started to rubbed my clit hard. That furnace inside me roared to life at the combination. I was so fucking close when he said he was going to cum. I wanted it so god damn bad. Just a few more seconds. I kept repeating for him to keep going, keep fucking me.

I wanted to feel him cum inside me. I felt that would throw me right over the edge, but at the last second he pulled out and shot a hot load on my ass and leg. It landed all over my panties and pants, but I hadn’t realized yet as I was way too busy. I was so close, but with him gone, I could feel it slipping. I kept going with my fingers, and moaning for him to keep going, even though he was done. I opened my eyes to see a pool of drool under my face, but I didn’t give a shit about how I looked at that moment, I just wanted to finish and get my O. My fingers were bringing it back pretty quick and I was about to finish without his help.

No warning at all, he grabs my hip, and with one quick searching poke, he throws himself back inside me. I let out such a guttural grunt at his sudden penetration that I wasn’t even sure that sound came from me. After that surprise, I again focused on him, and I could tell by his thrusts, he was struggling, but I couldn’t have been more appreciative of his efforts. I could feel he wasn’t as hard as before, but it didn’t matter. His cock still felt perfect, and his hand moving up and down my body worked like a charm, and I came. I let my upper body just hit the floor and I just stayed there while my body did it’s own convulsive thing. I don’t really remembering moving, but I remember him sliding out, then my hips hitting the floor, and rolling up on my side. I have no clue what he did after, nor did I care much, I was just floating in a calm, soft, void.

As I laid there, and started focusing on things around me, catching my breath, I told him, “I can’t put into words just how great that felt.”

He laughed and agreed with me. Turns out he had the same kind of day that I did, “After you got called away last night, I was pretty irritated that we didn’t get a chance to finish, and the way you left it, didn’t help at all.”

I Laughed a little remembering what I had done, and shook my head yes while just staring at the ceiling, “Had a really bad fucking day, but this made it all worth it.”

I sat up and that was when I realized the mess he had made on my clothes. I looked at his and pointed it all out. He apologized, but didn’t have any answers as to what I was supposed to do about it. So after everything, I still ended up taking off my boots, so I could remove my pants and underwear, which, I let him have. I had a very hard time not laughing at the look he gave me, but took them and set them on a rucksack in the corner. He then gave me some baby wipes for me to clean up, which I happily gave back to him when I was done. As we got dressed, I asked where everybody was, and he told me that most of the tank crews were off to the rec. center on the compound to watch some movies, so they would be gone for several hours. It worked out great for us.

Once I was fully clothed, minus my undergarment, he opened the hatch and we climbed out. Everything felt different. The night seemed cooler, and the stars brighter. The lights over the local national’s delivery trucks weren’t so annoying. I felt like I had just woken up after the best sleep of my life, and everything just felt right.

He climbed out and stood next to me for a while, and like me just looked around. After a few minutes, a turned to him, and said, “thank you for the wonderful evening sir,”

He had a good laugh and turned to me, but before he could say anything, I gave him a hug. He returned it, and it felt so good. Everything felt better already, so that hug felt amazing, and so did the kiss after. That whole time we didn’t kiss once, and I felt I had to, like the whole night might have felt unfinished if I didn’t. I backed away from him, and after telling each other good luck and to be safe, I turned, walked away, and never saw him again.

I think about that smoking hot night so many times, and I am so glad I did it. I’ve had several one night stands, but none have ever, or will ever compare that steamy night in the bank of a fucking tank. I do wish I knew he was ok, and he made it home safe. If for whatever reason I somehow run into him again, I would definitely have another go at him.

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