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on: January 14, 2022, 06:37:11 AM
Wrote my first fictional porn story during my holiday break.

Did I ever tell you I had have a thing for Bill Clinton?

(Gasp!) Does Tommy know? ???

I've written fictional stories before, but it's been a long time. 

To think it was just 11 months earlier that I volunteered to help out with my district's congressional candidates campaign, and now here I am standing in the oval office. The man that was about to step through the door, I was admiring playing his saxophone 3 years prior at a Democratic fund raiser on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel. And it was from that moment, every time I saw him on television, I would have not such pure thoughts about him.
When the door opened, I felt my stomach drop. The flood of 5 individuals following behind the President were all talking at once. President Clinton stood erect and walked with a purpose to his desk, his face blank as he concentrated on them all. He sat and when he looked up to see me standing across the room, he smiled. I swear, his left eye actually twinkled. The voices of his staffers continued on until he held his hand up, without breaking eye contact with me.
"That'll be all for now, everybody. Let's talk about NAFTA after lunch, get me more data from the FBI on  last years hate crimes, and send a congratulatory letter to Justice Ginsburg on the appointment." When someone started talking, the President turned his head and repeated with a smile, "That will be all for now." With mouths clamped shut, the staffers all exited the office and their chatter resumed amongst themselves before the door had latched shut.
Looking from the now closed door to him, I found his eyes looking at not me, but up and down my body. When his eyes finally settled on mine, my heart skipped a beat.
"You must be Jules. I've heard you've been doing some great things over at the Capitol. Really good things for your congresswoman."
"Thank you, Mr. President" I said, raising my chin a bit, while also unconsciously pushing my chest out a bit, taking a deep breath.
"Normally it's the President's Personnel office that hires for the White House, but with someone as bright as you, I thought it would be a good idea to offer you a position personally," he said while fingering a cigar, "and hopefully, make it less likely that you'll turn us down. We could use your sharp mind and fresh ideas."
"I'd be honored, Mr. President sir."
One month later I found myself in the Oval Office late in the day placing reports on the President's desk. I was about to turn and leave when the side door opened and the President walked in. His face immediately breaking into a smile.
"Well, isn't this a surprise, my superstar staffer dropping off what I'm sure is another stellar report. That is the report on alternative energy, correct?"
"Yes it is sir," I said proudly, "And I hope you find the information helpful with your decision."
The President walked to a little table against the wall that held a few glasses and a couple of bottles. He removed the top from the decanter and turned toward me, "Bourbon," he asked raising one eye brow and a smile.
"It's my favorite, but I really shouldn't."
"Jules, the President of the United States is offering you some of the finest bourbon that the state of Kentucky has to offer, compliments of it's fine senator Sloane. You really should partake."
"Thank you sir," I smiled.
Before I knew it, we were four drinks in. Glancing at my watch it was 5:30pm. I don't recall when, but the President had moved to be sitting next to me on the couch, he brushed some hair away from my face and behind my ear.  I looked at him, thinking that was a bit inappropriate but didn't say anything. His smile showed he didn't care. He then reached over and put a finger at the top of my blouse and fingered the button. Before I knew it he had undone a few buttons and pulled one side of my shirt away, peeking in at my bra..

"Who are you wearing the sexy underthings for, Jules?"

"Nobody, sir,"

He chuckled and said, "Well, it's a shame nobody gets to see such pretty things, why don't you show me the rest."

And there in the Oval Office, I stood up and undressed down to my bra and underwear as the President watched while sipping his bourbon, a smile always on his face. When I was done, he held out his hand to me, which I took and he guided me toward him. Reaching down, he lowered my underwear, stood up and slid them into his pants pockets, then undid his belt and dropped his pants along with his underwear, telling me to feel his penis. As I reached for him, he began removing my bra.  When I had him hard, he took a step back and sat down.

"I think you know what to do sweetheart," he said smiling, and again I swear his eye twinkled.

I straddled him and reached down to grab hold of his erection and guided him to my opening,  swirling the head around in my folds, making myself wetter, my body preparing itself for him. I nestled the head to my opening and lowered myself, taking him very slowly, inch by inch. I began riding up and down on him, not taking his full length yet. My hands rested on his shoulders to steady myself. My head still a bit foggy from the previous drinks.  I caught a glimpse of a secret service agent walking by the door, but he didn't look in.

I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling, riding him slowly. I felt his hands on my breasts that were inches from his face. "You've got some great tits on you baby," he said fondling them. He rubbed them softly all over before concentrating just on my peaks. He rolled my nipples in his fingers and grabbed the tips of my breast roughly between his fingers causing me to open my eyes. He pulled me to him until our lips were together and he kissed me. My mouth opened returning the kiss tenderly.

After a minute or so, he began to lean forward more into a sitting position. I leaned back away slightly. Putting his arm around me he pulled me tight into him so that our my chest was pressed to his shirt and tie. He kissed me hard again. He started to stand up and I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck. The President stood up, holding me with his other hand under my left thigh. Without thinking, I wrapped my legs around his waist to better support myself, locking my ankles behind him just above his buttocks. I was now fully impaled on him, feeling his entire length. I had not been touched so deep in such a long time. I moaned and tried pulling myself up by his neck. I was unsuccessful and lowered back down, bringing forth another loud moan from my throat.

He took two steps to his desk and sat my bottom down on it. "I’ve been thinking about fucking you since I first laid eyes on you."
“Me too, sir,” I said.

With the desk supporting my weight, he began rocking back and forth into me. Our chests still smashed together, our lips coming together again. Me opening my mouth wide for him and allowing his long tongue to aggressively invade my mouth, kissing me hard. My tongue fighting back his tongue's attack. The kisses alone caused me to moan loudly. His thrusting pace of his penis increased and I began rocking back toward him. I heard things on the desk tipping over from the rocking motion. This pace continued for a couple of minutes when I felt the heat in my chest and it start to lower down my abdomen. I moaned knowing my time was very close and began a string of whimpers as I tried to break the kiss. He held me tight at the back of my head. I started panting and moaning and whimpering loudly and uncontrollably at the feeling. I locked my ankles tighter behind him. He seemed to go a little deeper just as the heat crashed into my lower parts where he was penetrating me. It felt like my sex had just exploded around his shaft. My vaginal canal tried squeezing him, forcing him out of me. I was almost making crying noises into his mouth at the feeling I was experiencing. And it seemed to last forever. I finally got free of his mouth and released my arms from around his neck. Leaning back , I put my hands on the desk to support my upper body.  On occasion, he would reach forward and fondle one of my breasts and then, out of nowhere, he' began to slap them with an open hand. I reached forward to block the attack.  He told he me to get my hand back out of the way. I did as he told me.

"You need punished for thinking about having sex with a married man.  Arch your back and push your tits out to me, young lady."

I looked at him and he raised his eyebrows as if to say, "Well, I'm waiting," then did as asked. After each slap I'd flinch back and he'd hold his hand up waiting for me to push my chest out toward him.The action stung badly each time he did it. Each breast received a half dozen slaps before he finally stopped.

I thought he was going to back away from me, but he continued stroking in and out. I was sensitive after the orgasm I had just had, but at the same time, I was slowly recuperating from it. I found myself staring up at him, he was smiling at me with a shit eating grin. I returned a look of unsureness at what I had just experienced. It had all been so good.  I could feel my face presenting a beet red color with heat.

“How long have you wanted this fucking from me, Jules.”
“Since the moment I first saw you on Mackinac Island a few years ago, sir.”
“You are a little slut. I knew you were the moment I laid eyes on you,” he said in his Arkansas accent.

The President pulled me to him and picked me up again. I again wrapped my arms around his neck. Fully impaled on him, he carried me to a large leather chair at the center of the room and lowered me down. With my bottom barely on the edge, I released my grip on him and leaned back, my upper shoulders resting into the seat back and my head bent forward awkwardly.

He resumed penetrating me and wasn't about to stop. I couldn't bring myself to try and stop him. I hadn't felt this way in a long time. I tried to lean forward and kiss him again, wanting his tongue in my mouth, but it was so uncomfortable, I leaned right back after a moment. With my legs still wrapped around him, I used them to pull him into me, encouraging him to fuck me harder.

He smiled at me and said, "I'm going to dump a huge fucking load in to you."
I just shook my head and mumbled, "No. Not inside please.”
He began rocking into me harder, touching me deeply. After a couple of minutes, my legs were tiring and I could feel my ankles loosening behind him. He could feel it also. He stopped thrusting momentarily and slid his arms down between my legs and his body. Reaching forward with the crook of his elbows under the crook of my knees, He leaned forward. This forced my knees back, almost to my shoulders, but that was short lived as my calves slid along his biceps down to his wrists, leaving my legs spread uncomfortably wide and vulgarly exposed to him. He grabbed my wrists, pinning them to the arms of the chair. I was completely immobilized the way he had me, and totally at his mercy. My bottom was upturned toward him, much more accessible to him. I looked at his long penis invading my pussy.  The President stood up a bit taller and leaned forward – looming over me - and began his descent into me until our pubic areas met.  He quickened his pace up and down into me. How he could have such a quick pace in that position had me baffled. But the depth at which he was touching, I had never been touched there. It hurt but it also felt so good.

"Oh my god," I moaned confusingly , at the feelings I was experiencing.

"The First Lady really likes me to fuck her like this,," he said in his southern drawl as his full length slammed down into me. I noticed three sounds. First, the slapping sound from our sex pounding together, a slapping sound of his testicles that were swinging up against my butt cheeks, and lastly the squishy sound of my wetness.

The President continued on like this for what seemed like a couple of minutes and I became very vocal. Things started to get fuzzy and I seemed to become almost delirious making nonsensical comments and then realized that saliva was actually running from my mouth. What the fuck I thought. For a quick second I thought I might be stroking out. 

What seemed like from nowhere my tummy got very warm and built into a rolling ball of fire centering between my sex and my belly button, it sat there and got hotter, when all at once it made it's way quickly to my sex and I screamed uncontrollably as I orgasmed and continued to scream as his penetrations continued. The sensations rolled on as he continued penetrating me and I couldn't pant fast enough, I could feel my face and chest burning up from heat. My breasts felt like they were on fire. I sensed there was a sheen of sweat on my forehead that I couldn't wipe away. I kept altering my look from his penetrating erection which was just a foot away from my face, and his eyes. I was open mouthed panting fast and hard trying to regain control of my body, but it was seeming to be of no use.

The President finally slowed his pace, likely due to his own exhaustion, which allowed me to partially recuperate. I finally was able to speak. "You have to stop sir, it's starting to hurt. And I'm so uncomfortable, my back is starting to hurt."

Unseen, my view blocked because of the most powerful man in the world between my spread legs, I heard a voice.
“Excuse me Mr. President, but the first lady has left the residence and she may be heading this way.”
“Thank you, Mike,” the President responded.  I then heard the door close as the advisor left the office.

The President was completely inside of me when he stopped. "Okay baby. I'm almost done."

I was almost folded in half, completely immobilized by him with my knees spread wide by his strong arms, and my wrists being held to the seat cushion. The President began backing out of me. I felt a wave of relief that he had finally stopped.
My eyes locked on his penis as he pulled out of me painstakingly slow. His erection was beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off it as I continued breathing hard, still trying to recover. He seemed so big around and his protruding veins wrapped around his shaft, like heavy vines wrapping around a tree. He had brought me so much pleasure over the last 10 minutes. His length seemed to go on forever until his purple head finally emerged. My insides appeared to protest its departure by seeming to hold on to the head, gripping on to it, pulling at it, until finally releasing it. It was like it was turning me inside out. My pink and brown folds recoiled back to lay exposed between my spread lips.  I looked at his hardness, the head seemed to be about the size of a small egg.
I was anticipating the release of my wrists along with the President assisting me in getting my legs down to the floor. Instead, he laid his erection within the length of my sex between my spread labia. It reminded me of a hotdog in a bun, as my labia seemed to want to wrap up around his hardness. The President began rubbing his length up and down slowly, his penis head nudging my clitoris on each upward stroke.

"Does that feel good, baby? Your cunt feels like soft velvet."

I didn't respond as he continued rubbing his length back down against my folds while my lips remained parted for him. I tilted my head softly to the side, giving in to what he was doing. It actually felt fantastic, almost like a massage. But my back and neck were still hurting a bit.

He repeated the action for about a minute, smoothly and expertly, when I heard a door open.
“For crying out loud, Bill. In the Oval Office again? You can’t be serious.”

I looked wide eyed into the President's eyes realizing the First Lady had discovered us. The President got a smirk on his face.
He kept rubbing his length along my sex as he answered the intruder, “Hillary, I’m just wrapping things up with my friend from the great state of Michigan.”
The First Lady then appeared over his shoulder, looking down on me, our eyes locking. She stood to the side of us. “We have fucking dinner with the Speaker of the House and his wife in 10 minutes, Bill,” she said in a disgusted tone, not breaking the glare she was giving me.
He didn’t respond. I could see a little quiver in his upper body as he gritted his teeth. He slid forward one final time, his shaft fully nestled between my lips until the head extended just past my clitoris. The purple head hovered there just above my pubic hairs. Folded almost in half as I was, the head was less than 12 inches from my face. The President remained still, holding me at my wrists. I couldn't move an inch even if I tried. He looked into my eyes as his jaw tightened. I knew then that he was about to ejaculate. My eyes looked down to his erection. It was like I was looking down the barrel of a gun. I didn't have the energy to protest. The penis head was a deep purple with a glass like surface from being so taut.

"Open wide," the President said through gritted teeth.

I saw a couple of quick quivers or pulses from it then saw the fluid explode from the head. I clamped my mouth and eyes closed.

The first burst hit me on the cheek and part of my nose, as did the second. I could feel the pulsing from the underside of his shaft reverberating in my folds. It almost felt like the beat of a distant drum being played on my sex. The third spurt hit my lower lip, but mainly on my chin. Subsequent spurts landed on my breasts and my belly. When the barrage finally stopped and I realized he had not hit my eyes, I opened them thinking it was over. I looked down at his penis. I watched as a large quantity flowed slowly from the head tip of his penis, him purposefully allowing it to ooze into my folds that were still open to him. He used that as a lubricant and laid his erection back against my insides, caressing it up and down the length a few more times. It felt so slippery to me. This action caused him to emit another large flow of cum that he again deposited between my labia minora.  I could see his body tighten a bit and his penis appear to flex, first lifting, then lowering. The action repeated itself a couple of times. He was trying to coax out more.  Another glob emerged from the head, the President positioning it an inch above my exposed asshole. It turned into a long drip reaching down to touch my wrinkly opening, us connected by that fluid for a moment before it broke free from him and settled there.

I looked up at the President, he was looking at my body, admiring his handiwork. I too surveyed my body. There were two thick yellowish strings across my breasts and a smaller string on my upper stomach. My belly button contained a small pool of his fluid. I could only imagine how much more had hit my face. Nobody had ever given me a facial before. I looked back up at him.

"You're more beautiful right now than I've ever seen you," he said. "You look good like this, baby. I wish I had a picture to remember this moment."
“Bullshit, she looks like a fucking whore,” the First Lady said. “Which I think we can all agree, she is.”  The First Lady then said to someone else that must have been in the room. “Get a rag, the slut needs cleaned up and can't walk out of here in her current state, the press will see her for sure.”
I felt a trail of his cum running down my cheek and across my lips. Involuntarily, I opened my mouth slightly and lightly licked the right side of my upper lip clean. The corners of his lips curled up.

"If I knew you liked the taste, we could have avoided making this mess, doll.  Maybe next time you stop by."
The President loosened his grip on my wrists and slowly helped me lower my feet to the ground. God did my legs ache as he did this. My hands reached to the arms of the chair for support. My butt rested on the edge of the chair, steading myself. My legs felt like jello as they touched the ground to each side of him, and then they began to ache even more.

As the President stepped out of the way, I found the First Lady’s Chief of Staff and the President’s secretary looking at me, taking in my body. Cum was on my face, boobs and belly. As I slowly sat up, I could feel it running down my frontside. I rested there lewdly with my legs slightly spread and turned out to the sides because my legs still ached so badly that I couldn't really feel them due to the strain my legs and hips had just endured. I actually believed I may never walk normally again. I could feel the fluids that were in my folds break free and run down the inside of my thigh.

I remained motionless, recovering as the President walked over to where his pants were and put them on.

Trying to get my senses about me, I could feel some more of his fluid tickle my upper lip. I involuntarily licked at it.  The first lady being the only person witnessing my action.
“I assume this will be the last time I ever see this trash in the White House, Bill.”
“You’re the boss, Hill," the President answered smiling at her, without giving me so much as a glance.
My eyes locked with the First Lady. She looked down over my body again, shaking her head in disgust. I too looked down, seeing what everybody else was seeing, and I was now aware of a thin string of cum dripping from my chin down to my breasts, my breasts that had large red hand prints on the side of them because of his earlier slaps.  Cum ran from my belly leaving a trail and amassing in the hairs at the top of my pubic triangle. I also felt the tickle at the inside of my thigh, not sure if the others could see it.

Before I knew it, everybody was exiting the room. A moment later, two secret service agents walked in and surveyed the room, their eyes briefly looking at me. They were followed by a woman carrying a wet cloth and a dry towel. She was a new intern that had started working in the White House about a week ago, I recall her name being Monica. She walked over to me and gave me the most vicious look. She dropped the wet cloth on me and laid the towel on the side table. Without saying a word, she walked back out of the office.
I quickly cleaned myself up and got dressed, being observed by the two secret service agents as I did so. They escorted me back to my desk where I found two empty bankers boxes sitting on the chair. The President's Chief of Staff was suddenly at my side.

"We appreciate your time with our staff, but your Congresswoman has requested your services back at her office going forward."

My time at the White House was over.

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Reply #1 on: January 14, 2022, 12:25:10 PM
Well that was a morning wake up! I'm in awe of your vivid description. I could almost smell the aroma of sex in the air filling the Oval Office. Big WOO for that one Jules.

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Reply #2 on: January 14, 2022, 04:20:40 PM
Bill Clinton?   :o   Was it because he plays the sax?  8)  Fun that you brought Hillary into your story. Did I miss mention of a cigar?  ;D

Like msslave mentioned, a morning wake up story for sure.

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Reply #3 on: January 15, 2022, 12:13:29 PM
Yes, eagle-eye, you did.

"Normally it's the President's Personnel office that hires for the White House, but with someone as bright as you, I thought it would be a good idea to offer you a position personally," he said while fingering a cigar, "and hopefully, make it less likely that you'll turn us down. We could use your sharp mind and fresh ideas."

I'm so proud of you MJ. Are you starting to believe me now?  :-*

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Reply #4 on: January 15, 2022, 02:23:51 PM
This is sexy as hell. Loved it from start to finish. Woo

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Reply #5 on: January 18, 2022, 08:04:19 PM

I've written fictional stories before, but it's been a long time.

Absolutely no reason to wait that long before you write the next.  :emot_urck:

That was a fabulous story. Easy to read, with lots of great details and a credible story to bind them together.

Woo from me.

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Reply #6 on: January 20, 2022, 04:47:22 PM
Fabulous and sexy story MJ.  Loved the Monica reference.  Woo to you.

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