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Reply #60 on: June 21, 2022, 10:13:22 AM
Dear Assbottle, A$mode, dominus, DOMINUS,  Creepy, recaha (“a reach”), and a few others.

The primary directive of KB, established in 2007 by Grm himself, is that “no threatening or intimidating behavior will be tolerated. “

This is the second time in a week that you have used a handgun analogy, with graphics, directed at me. And I find this PM you sent me overnight (my time) to be the most singularly threatening and inappropriate communication I have ever received here, in 14 years on this board.

I take this as an implied threat of physical violence, which is the definition of assault. Causing a harmful apprehension.

And I’m putting this out there, so everybody else on the board can see your colors, and understand what they’re dealing with when you stalk them, and spam them, and PM them, and all the other stuff that you do.

I request the administrators and moderators to take action. If they refuse to, it is likely because I don’t have a pussy. Because if you sent something like this to Shiela, you would be out of this place so fast, you wouldn’t even know what hit you.  But because I have a penis, maybe you’re safe.

Don’t forget who you’re dealing with. I’m a Texan. We wrote the book on gun violence. I’m an attorney. You don’t have any reason to make an enemy out of me. But you’re doing it. I take threats seriously. I have won more bar fights than bars you have ever been inside.



 :D :D

Saddle up, old man  8)
For the life of me, I never sent that.
I live thousand of miles away, have left my old workplace so consider me unemployed. I can hardly take a bus to a different part of the city, what makes you think I can travel to another continent. & Guns, really ? Granted that I made an analogy. but never with me wielding one. I can't get a wooden sculpt or a mobile cover shaped like one, let alone a real one. I myself have a distaste for unnecessary and avoidable conflict, hence address you as sir, despite every nickname you call me.
The last time I ever PMed you was sometime mid-February, when after reading your posts with a cool head, and indeed realizing my shortcomings, I sent an apology message, which to this date I have no clue whether was delivered to you or not, before making The Reason Why, where I did say that you had indeed been right, I had meant it when I said that, hence had posted it in G.D. initially.
As I had accepted the facts for what they were.
You were right, always right...
It's just my foolishness that I've been unable to realise it until now...
Also, about the shaming thing you pointed out...
I had always thought that I was writing (typing) compliments, never even knowing, that, thanks to my ASD which you pointed out, and hence I discovered, (Thanks for that), All those messages were screwed and twisted and would come out as such.
I made the mistake of judging your judgement, thinking that you were just biased against me as you hated my guts,
But I afterwards got an impartial 3rd party opinion, which made me see that you said nothing incorrect.
You have no reason to believe me, neither does anyone else, still for what it's worth, I AM NOT DOMINUS!

With that quote, you proved that you're not him either.
whoever he/she/they is, is just stirring up things against me.
Also, that "a reach" is not me either, I never talk anything remotely related to faith.
I admit to A$model and Creepy, but both are long gone, deleted more than a couple of months ago.
I only have one account and this is it, and has been so ever since then.

Frankly, The only thing I can do is stay away, and so I shall.
for the next 10-12 days I'll stay away from the board.
If in that time, again something happens, it is not related to me.
As I said, you have no reason, so it's your choice as to whether believe me or not.

P.S. "You don’t have any reason to make an enemy out of me" you say I don't, but you forget some things
*the daily booing. Which even though I no longer believe you're behind it, for a long time, I did, as, I was told that you yourself have more than one account.
and by someone who has known you ever since you first joined.
*the beastly comment about Miss Sarah.

If you don’t like me, then keep your distance!

So relatable. —> https:/    /   mIPhpGPHibU