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on: April 25, 2022, 07:35:50 PM
(The author does not condone underage sex of any kind. This story is for entertainment purposes only and is meant for those over 18)




                                                                                                                          TO MY SISTER

    Dear Angela,

    I know it's been awhile since I last contacted you and instead of emailing you I decided to write you an actual letter. I know, its a bit old fashioned but it seems to mean more these days. Paul and I have been married for over ten years and it seems like only yesterday. Little Matthew is growing fast. At such a young age he's almost as tall as me. He's so very handsome like his dad.
    We've always shared everything together, everything! I know your secrets and you know mine. Ever since we found out about sex we both followed the same path. No matter how crazy that road led us. Paul seems to be heading into unique sexual territory with me. His fantasies are, to say the least, moving into taboo areas that I had no idea he even considered.
    Since we experimented with sex together they don't shock me but only make me wonder where he is going. We have both done naughty things to say the least. We practiced kissing together. Touched each other many times during the night while our parents slept and even went on double dates so we could watch each other have sex. They were the absolute best times I think I've ever had.
    Last night Paul started to tell me his dirty fantasies while having sex. I have to say I really love his mind. But last nights fantasies were different.......


    "God, baby that's so damn good." Said Paul as Leah sucked his cock. Her hand had a grasp on it pumping it up and down as she sucked the large purplish head in her mouth. Paul rubbed her pussy from behind making her moan while she licked him.

    "I'm so wet, Paul. You're driving me crazy." She whispered before she took him in her mouth again.

    He knew he was making her insane with lust. She loved it when he toyed with her pussy and ass while she sucked him into hardness. It was exactly what he wanted before telling her a fantasy which she usually liked as foreplay.

    "A young boy wants to have sex with you, baby. He's been watching you for such a long time. He masturbates with you in mind." Said Paul feeling her body change from his comment. She pushed against his fingers and sucked harder on his cock. "He needs you to teach him about sex, Leah. His cock is soft right now but I know you can make it hard."

    Paul rubbed her pussy with his thumb making her moan. She began to move over it feeling it against her clit. Soon like some cock rising to the occasion he slowly straightened it.

    "That's it, baby. Your making his cock so hard. He needs your pussy right now." Said Paul making himself want to cum from what she was doing.

    "It's such a tiny cock." Said Leah still moving against it rotating her ass over it as he held it in place.

    "Yes, Leah, tiny but so ready to slip inside your wet pussy." He groaned as she licked his pee hole then took him completely inside her mouth.

    "He's so young, darling. I don't want to hurt him." She said playing the game with him now. Her body was on fire. She would do anything for Paul now.

    "He's always wanted you, Leah. Fuck him, baby. Make him cum." Said Paul as he finally felt her body lower itself on his rigid thumb pushing down hard to get as much of it as possible.

    "Ohhhh, Paul, he's so hard in me. I want to make him cum so badly." She said as she rotated onto the thumb as if it were the boys cock. She was soaking wet and he could feel her wet vaginal muscles squeezing his thumb.

    "That's it, Leah. He's loving everything you're doing to him." Paul pushed his thumb upwards to match her every thrust against it. Leah moaned and he felt her first orgasm of the night her body shaking and her pussy tightened with hot juices pouring from her pussy onto his hand.

    "Ohhh, Paul he feels so good in me. I want him deeper." She said this pushing down even harder.

    "He wants to ass fuck you, baby. He's always wanted to. Teach him darling." Said Paul knowing that she would do just that. Leah rose up feeling the thumb slip from her pussy and then adjusted herself as she lowered her body onto it again but this time against her asshole. Her wetness allowed Paul's thumb to slip in easily making her groan in pleasure.

    "Yessss, so good." Said Leah as she ground against his digit deep inside her ass. "Tell me his name, baby. Who is my lover?" She asked as she fucked hard loving the feeling.

    "His name is Matthew."



    ......So you see Angela how sensitive this is to me. He told me it was our son, Matthew. At least I think that was his intent. I have never said to him that incest fantasies were not allowed but he certainly shocked me. Though I finished having sex with him the outcome was not as intense as I would have loved it to be. But it was more subdued to say the least. I think he realized his mistake in using our sons name and that it affected me. Considering that I was fantasizing about a boy wasn't my issue. I for one like a dirty fantasy and especially taboo ones at that.
    I guess it just caught me by surprise. I felt bad that his efforts to drive me sexually crazy failed in the end but I made sure to fuck him good non-the-less. You're probably thinking that my reaction was uncalled for and a bit hypocritical. We played sexual games together as sisters. I know, I'm stupid to think that Matthew wouldn't be fair game after that. I guess it was just that Paul actually thought it up and wanted me to play along.
    This will be one I will have to reconsider in the future. After last night I cannot look at our son the same way. His good looks and hard little body only make my mind work like Paul would have wanted me to. I will send you another letter as soon as I find out how far my actions will take me when it comes to Matthew.

    Love from sis


    Paul said little after their session the next morning realizing that he might have gone too far with his fantasy. Leah never commented on it instead smiled and kissed him good morning as she had always done.

    "Weekend coming up, Leah. Lets go out to eat Friday night and party the rest of the time. I'm sure Matthew would love that." He said being very careful not to allude to their previous evenings fantasy. Leah smiled and nodded.

    "Sounds good to me. Lets all eat at Tommy's Restaurant. Matthew loves that place." She said knowing that Paul was trying so hard to be very careful and she loved him for it. He knew he screwed and was trying to make up for it. He left for work and Matthew caught the bus to school. She got ready to start work herself going into her office at home.
Leah found herself thinking about the sex that night and how incredible it was up until the point he mentioned Matthews name. She wondered what the real reason was for the sudden change in her sexy mood. Was it because she had already committed incest with her own sister? Was it some form of guilt after all these years? Her sister never felt that way, in fact she loved talking about it.

    Then she realized what the truth was. She was afraid of continuing the incestual relationships in her own family. The more she thought about it the less she felt guilt. Her sister and her were always so close despite being lovers. Certainly the same circumstances could be made for Matthew too. She needed more time to consider such a fantasy. Maybe, just maybe the next sexy session with Paul would be vastly different. She knew that in his mind it was only foreplay, but to Leah it had been reality.


Dear Angela,

I'm continuing my letter from the last I sent you. I loved the card that you sent me. The picture of Matthew and me hugging with a heart drawn about us. You're so bad, girl. He is a handsome hunk isn't he? Well we had our special weekend and surprise! Paul  followed me into the ladies room and fucked the hell out of me. I tried to not be so vocal as he drove that magnificent cock inside me but I fear the other ladies who entered thought I was having some kind of seizure. All in all it was wild and needed. Matthew was delivered to Aunties house for the night leaving us to continue our play time. I know what your thinking. Did Paul bring up Matthew in any fantasy? No, he didn't. I did.
We were making love and he was about to start on a fantasy that he knew turned me on but I cut him short saying that this night was special and it was my turn to relate a hot fantasy. I told him that I was going to teach a young boy how to have sex and suddenly his cock grew another inch, I swear! He probably thought I would rename the boy but to his surprise I kept the original fantasy name, Matthew.
Angela, I thought he was going to cum right there. Again we played with me sucking his lovely cock and him using his thumb as if it were the boys cock. Now it was a mutual and I really loved sliding down on his thumb. I must have orgasmed ten times.
I told him that I was going to suck Matthews small cock and lick his ass and that pretty much did it for him as he exploded in my mouth. Suffice to say we seem to have a new favorite in our fantasies.


    "Matthew, clean your room, sweetheart. You know I hate it when I have to climb over mounds of stuff." Said Leah smiling as the boy gladly ran to his room. She loved watching him, especially now that he was the prime subject of their fantasies. Every time it featured their son it grew into wilder, kinkier sex. She was enjoying as much as Paul. The idea of her fucking a boy obvious drove him wild with passion. It was now her passion too.

    Paul left to go play golf with his buddies from work giving her some free time with Matthew. The boy was happy all the time and that was enough for Leah. She walked towards his room hoping to watch him clean it and stopped short hearing the boy moaning softly. She stepped closer to his doorway hoping to not be heard or seen and saw him lying on his bed with his pants down around his ankles. She caught her breath as she saw that he was jerking off using her panties from the laundry. He had his cock in hand pulling it back and forth using her silken panties that were wrapped about it. Soon he was cumming hard.

    Quickly she made her way back down to the kitchen hoping that he had not seen her. After several long minutes he came downstairs and sat at the table watching her.
Trying to act normal was difficult but she had to do so.

    "Hungry, little man." She asked seeing him nod. His face was a bit flushed and she smiled. Mostly she was somewhat taken with the fact that he was using her panties. It seemed the son did not fall far from the incest tree. He was thinking of her. As hard as she tried  pussy was wet thinking about it. She was quite horny after seeing him. His cock was bigger than she remembered. He was growing up way to fast. She fed him and all the while he watched her every move. Today she wore her gym tights that conformed to her body like a second skin giving Matthew a nice look at her shapely form.

    Leah didn't mind the looks and the little touches he gave himself when he thought she wasn't looking. It seemed that her boy was infatuated with her. Later in the day she looked for him and found him once again in his bedroom masturbating. She watched as he knelt on his bed her panties before him as he jerked off. His body was beautiful and her first proper view of his cock made her want to join him in masturbation. She went downstairs and found her own private place pulling her tights down and rubbing her pussy until she squirted all over the floor. She thought of Matthew the whole time.

    That night Paul was amorous and a bit drunk from lots of drinks with his friends at the club. Matthew was asleep and Paul's hands were everywhere on her.

    "Oh, my. Someone's horny." She said as he began to pull on her nipples making her gasp aloud in pleasure. They undressed quickly and he threw her down on the bed spreading her legs wide and began to lick her pussy making Leah moan.

    "God, baby your so damn wet. You taste good too." Said Paul nibbling on her clit and making her ass rise from the bed. "Can't wait to see Matthew licking this pussy."

    Leah heard him and the image made her cum, hard. She could see Matthew between her legs licking her and wanting so bad to push his hard little cock inside her.

    "Mmmmm, love to feel his tongue on me, baby." She said making him lick all the harder.

    Soon Paul was on top of her his cock sliding inside deep inside her pussy making her gasp. He was ramming into her so hard that she came instantly as did he. Suddenly he pulled out and rolled over on his side of the bed and within a minute was fast asleep. She lay there looking at him wanting more, so much more now that she was warmed up to a boiling point. Pissed she got her robe and stormed out of the room.

    She went downstairs and got a stiff drink downing it quickly liking the burning liquid going down her throat. Then she looked back up the stairs at Matthews room. Her body was so hot and ready. She knew what she wanted and began to climb the stairs. She stood before her boys room fighting a war with her body and common sense. She reached for the door knob knowing that her hot sexy feeling would win out. She opened the door and saw his sleeping form under the sheet. On the floor were her used panties and she picked them up.

    They were soaked with his sperm. She brought it up to her nose smelling him. She dropped them back so he could use them again. He was deep in sleep and did not feel the sheet being pulled down revealing his hard body to her. Leah licked her lips as she looked at his underwear and the bulge within. How many times had he masturbated about her? She wanted so much to pull it out and suck it into hardness.

    She reached out touching the bulge feeling the semi hardness. She slowly lifted the edge of his underwear looking at his beautiful cock. Still he hadn't even stirred making her even more bold in her actions. Too bad Paul was dead drunk. He of all people would have appreciated this. Slowly, carefully she began to move his underwear down his legs until they were at the bottom of the bed and her son was naked before her. Now she had a better view of him and loved seeing his cock fully exposed. She bent down and licked out with the tip of her tongue over his cock head. Her actions sent shockwaves of pleasure running through her as she did such a forbidden thing. What she was doing was so very wrong but she had done it before and the image of her sister licking her nipples as she rubbed her pussy made it so much easier to accept.

    This was her baby boy who already had the hots for her. Becoming even bolder, she reached out encircling his hardening cock with her fingers. Now she had more room to do what she really wanted. She leaned in taking his stiffening cock into her mouth slowly sucking him. She heard him moan softly in his sleep making her smile. He tasted so good and she loved feeling his cock get hard in her mouth. Leah was careful barely sucking hard at all. Soon his cock was fully erect and she loved how it felt in her mouth. She was sucking Matthew just like the fantasies. He groaned and she could feel his body shake as he began to cum. He squirted inside her mouth and Leah swallowed it enjoying the salty taste of him. She cleaned him with her tongue and put the sheet back over him as she stood.

    She licked her lips still tasting her boys cum and left his room closing the door behind her. She had done it and did not in the least feel guilty. Her boy made her cum too. She had squirted when he came in her mouth. Her body was still crying out for more.



Just wanted to thank you for the gift you sent me. I'm wearing your underwear even now. Nice sexy lace that I can imagine you wearing. Guess you knew I needed another pair since Matthew has mine for his personal use. I did something very naughty, sis. I'm sure you can guess what it is knowing me so well and the topic of past conversations. I snuck into my sons room last night and while he slept sucked his cock. I made my baby boy cum in mommy's mouth. What's amazing about it is that he never woke up. God, that boy sleeps like the dead. Oh, Angela he felt so good in my mouth. His cock is perfect and he cums so nicely. If only you were here. Bet his Auntie would love a taste of him. I know you.
I tried not to give in to my naughty feelings but my body won out. I'm a bit afraid to let this go further knowing that the consequences could be disastrous. I don't want him hating me, though I doubt that would happen. I know he lusts for me. The cum stains on my panties prove that don't they, Angela? I will keep a low profile never letting my son know about my silent invasion into his room and underwear. I may do it again.


    Paul woke up feeling like he hit a brick wall. His mouth was so dry he couldn't get his tongue off the roof of his mouth. 'God, what a mess I am', he said to himself. He went downstairs to find Leah feeding Matthew his Sunday pancakes. Both looked happy.

    "Well if it isn't the missing daddy from the golf course." Said Leah jokingly but giving him the evil eye. "How are you feeling,"  she said a bit louder making him wince.

    "Please lower your voice a bit." He said as he sat across from Matthew. She put a plate before him and he stared at it. He pushed it away. Leah was not happy with him and for Matthew to see him in such a condition made her furious.

    "Just leave it." She said softly. He could see that she was sore at him and he closed his eyes ready to fall asleep right in the chair.

    "Leah, last night..." He never finished the question.

    "Was not important. Lets just say you were lacking." She said giving him a sour look. Leah had no idea what was happening to him as of late but she would not deal with it here before Matthew. Matthew got up from the table and left to go upstairs. He didn't want to be around them when the tone of the conversation was beginning to get ominous.

    "I'm sorry." Was all Paul could say.

    "Seems like that's all I hear nowadays. You were so drunk last night you literally passed out during sex. Really, Paul? Not only that, you came home so late that Matthew was already asleep and hadn't seen his dad all day." She tossed the food on his plate in the trash.

    He knew when to leave and did so trying not to make her more upset. But after awhile Leah calmed down and now worried about Matthew. Hopefully he didn't hear the altercation between them. She went upstairs after hearing Paul leave in the car. He was on the bed reading and didn't hear her come in.

    "OK, buddy?" She asked and he nodded. "Whatcha reading?" She asked making him smile. He showed her the book. She didn't recognize the title but it showed a buxom woman on the cover. It looked very much like a sex novel but she gave it back without comment. He had gone through enough already.

    "Mom can I ask you a question? It's about sex stuff." He said the last words almost in a whisper. She could see he was embarrassed and sat on the bed next to him.

    "Sure, honey. You can ask me anything." She said messing up his hair. He licked his lips and got enough courage to finally speak.

    "Is it possible to have an orgasm when you're sleeping?" He asked her. Leah almost gave herself away by laughing knowing what had caused that.

    "Yes, baby, it is. They call it a wet dream. Boys your age have them a lot." She said.

    "Why? I mean I don't ask for them. Not that I know." He said smiling awkwardly.

    Now she did laugh. It was so adorable and he so very serious.

    "If you don't have an outlet to get rid of your sperm, the body does it for you." She said softly. "Are you having wet dreams, baby?" She asked.

    "Yeah, I think so. Last night I was wet everywhere. It's OK right, mom?" He asked again.

    "Yes, darling. It's perfectly alright. Have as many as you want. If you feel that you have to have an orgasm you can masturbate too. Even girls do that." She said sweetly so as not to embarrass him further.

    "Wow, really? Do know, masturbate, mom?" He asked suddenly aware that he may have gone to far.

    "Yes, baby, I do. I like it a lot. I hope you do to." She said getting up from his bed and seeing his mind imagining her doing it. More fodder for his fertile mind for masturbating.

    She left him to ponder over her words hoping that as soon as she left he would pull his pants down and jerk off. No sooner down the stairs she heard him moaning.



Dear Angela,

I have to tell you about last night. Matthew wanted to know about masturbation and wet dreams. Poor baby loves them both. But I plan on helping him along the way. Just call me the midnight angel. So later when both Paul and Matthew were sleeping I snuck into his room again. My heart was racing, Angela. The feeling is so intense and wild. Just knowing that I'm seeing him to suck his beautiful cock is enough to make me cum. I peeked in like before to see that he did half the work for me. His covers were kicked off and his underwear askew no doubt from playing with himself.
I sat on the bed looking at my darling prince seeing that handsome boy and his hard body just waiting on me. Believe me when I tell you that I have so many fantasies with him in them, so many things I want to share with him, teach him. I slowly pulled his underwear off and stared at his dripping cock. His cum was still leaking out onto his stomach. I touch that cock so softly making him sigh in his sleep. What must he be dreaming when I touch him? Is it me? I hope so.
I cupped his small testicles feeling how soft they were. Then grasped that lovely cock slowly moving it up and down. He moaned and opened his legs wider but did not awake. His cock grew instantly hard. That's when I began to suck him.
Oh, Angela, its feels so good in my mouth. I wish you were here with me to enjoy this to. I would love to see you suck his cock. He was moaning regularly now and I feared that he would finally wake up, but again he did not. Soon he grunted and I felt his cock expand in my mouth as he squirted so much of his cum on my tongue and down my throat.
I'm such a bad mother but I can't help it. He's too much of a sexual magnet for me and he doesn't even know it...yet.


    Leah moved about the house as if in a dream. By day she was wife and mother. At night she was a whore caring for her husband and now a secret lover, her son. It was all she thought about. She replayed different scenarios in her mind, sexy depraved fantasies that she wanted so very much to fulfill. Paul had no idea what she was dreaming of and never would and poor Matthew was getting the best wet dreams as she sucked his cock.

    "Honey I'm heading out." Said Paul upset at himself for disappointing Leah.

    Leah went up to him and hugged him ending with a kiss. "I love you, you know. Despite the dumb things you sometimes do." She smiled and he looked as if a huge weight had been taken from him. He kissed her again and left. She watched him drive away and waited for Matthew to come downstairs for breakfast. He did shortly after sitting at the table watching her move about the kitchen.

    "How's my little prince this morning?" She asked seeing him stare at her.

    "OK, mom. Can I tell you something and you won't get mad?" He asked sheepishly. She stopped and nodded. "I had another wet dream last night. Two nights in a row, mom. I wake up and my underwear is off and the sheets are a mess. What's happening, mom. Am I OK?"

    She licked her lips and sat across from the table taking his hands in hers.

    "Nothing is wrong with you, darling. It's perfectly natural. What do you think of when you have these...dreams, or when you masturbate?" She asked seeing his face turn a bright red.

    "Mom...I can't tell you." He said embarrassed.

    "You said you needed someone to talk to, to help you. Well, here I am. You can tell me anything, Matthew." She said giving him a smile.

    "Yeah, I know, mom. But this is different. If I told you, you would really be mad." He said as she squeezed his hands in hers.

    "Try me." She said urging him on.

    "I...I sometimes think" He said this softly hoping she would miss it entirely. But she didn't and she felt her heart skip a beat despite knowing that was the case. Hearing it from her babies own mouth was different and so wonderful. Her body was warming up fast and her pussy getting so wet.

    "You think of me, darling?" She said calmly knowing that he would simply shut down if she showed anger, which was not going to happen. "What do you think about with me?"

    Matthew looked down at his bowl of cereal not wanting to look her in the eyes. He knew he was going to be in big trouble if he told her but she was insistent.

    "You know, sex stuff." He said.

    "You have dreams about having sex with me, Matthew?" She asked rubbing his hands.

    He nodded hoping she wouldn't probe further, but she did.

    "Tell me everything, baby. Mom really wants to know." She said sweetly trying to give him confidence. Mostly wanting him to feel it was easy telling her these things.

    He squirmed in his chair and she could see he was getting uncomfortable with this line of questioning. But she wanted to hear it from his own lips. She needed to know what he wanted to do with her sexually.

    "I think of you...naked. Sometimes I touch you." He said closing his eyes.

    "You like thinking about me naked? Does that make you want to masturbate?" She asked. Again, he nodded. "Where do you touch me, baby?"

    "Everywhere. Mostly your tits." He said this and realized how pathetic he sounded. But his mom was not upset in any way. Maybe she didn't mind. Could she be OK with this?

    "Daddy likes my breasts too, sweetheart. I want you to know that its alright that you think of me when you touch yourself. I want my boy to be happy. Are you alright with that, Matthew? Mommy says its alright to think of her in a sexy way." She said finally making him smile.

    "Really? I love you mom. Your so cool." He said getting up from the table and quickly heading to his room. She could easily imagine him jerking off as soon as he got inside. Her pussy was dripping wet from the conversation and she knew that if she didn't take care of herself quickly she would march right up to Matthews room and fuck him to death. She smiled at that.



Dear Leah,

As your hot insane sister I cannot wait to visit you in the future. My God what is happening to you, girl? You've turned into a sex fanatic and I love it. What are your plans now that he confessed to using you in his masturbation fantasies? I can give you some advice. Since Paul is acting stupid, so what else is new, I'd teach Matthew how to fuck and make him my new go to fuck buddy. God, sis, I'm mopping up my cum every time I get a letter from you. Hubby must be thinking I have a lover Yeah, like I have time for that. My two daughters are a handful and remind me of us at their ages.
You think you have sexy issues at home, well I caught them both practicing kissing, tongues and all. I said nothing since that's how we started. I'm thinking that incest is in our blood, really sis. We seem to head down that road with each generation. You may not know this and maybe I shouldn't tell you but since you're already involved with Matthew I can no longer see the harm in telling you.
You know those times when you woke up not finding me in bed. Well mom and dad got me and took me to their bed. It happened almost nightly, Leah. Both wanted me so badly and they used me even at that age. They were such good lovers. Why they never took you is beyond me. They had to know how hot you were at that age.  But they settled with me and I loved every bit of it. So if you ever feel ashamed or ridden with guilt think of me. I wouldn't have traded that time for the world.


    Matthews birthday was coming up and Leah wanted to be sure that Paul would be there for him. His mind seemed to be occupied elsewhere and she needed to be firm on it.

    "It's important, Paul. I know you're going golfing again with your buddies but this is far more important. Please no drinking and be home on time." She all but begged him.

    "Yeah, I know babe. I'll be there for Matthew, don't you worry." He said before walking out the door with his golf clubs in hand. She watched him throw the clubs in the trunk and speed off. What was happening to him? Something had changed and not for the better. But right not her priority was Matthew. Though he was too old, in a sense, for a real birthday bash, she wanted to make it special non-the-less. She bought him something he had said he wanted and wrapped it and made the card out from mom and dad even though dad had nothing to do with it.

    The day was going by way to fast and Paul had not returned. She tried calling him but he would not pick up. Frustrated and trying to look happy on this special day she called Matthew downstairs. It was going to be a private party with just the parents and him. She made a cake and had his gift on the table next to it. He saw everything giving her a big smile and then looked about.

    "Where's Dad?" He asked already knowing the answer.

    "He'll be along. He's running a bit late that's all." She said. She knew the way he left that he would not be home. "Come on birthday boy blow out the candles and make a really good wish."

    He did and grabbed his present already knowing what it was. He gave her a hug and she kissed his cheek.

    "I hope you wished for something really good." Said Leah seeing that he was looking at her and smiling.

    "I did, but I doubt it will come true, mom." He said. She wondered what that wish was. Maybe he was receiving it in the night and just didn't realize it was fulfilled.

    "Is it something you can tell your sexy mom?" She said jokingly making him laugh.

    "Well...maybe." He said shyly not wanting to look disgusting to his own mom.

    "Well, tell me. You never know. Sometimes moms can make dreams come true." She said kissing his head.

    "OK, but you have to promise not to say anything to dad, or get mad at me." He said quickly. "Remember when we were talking about sex stuff last time. I told you that I think about your tits? Could I see them, mom?" He said looking at her with hope in his eyes.

    Leah felt her pulse quicken and her pussy get very warm. Was this going to be another step closer to her handsome son. Paul was not interested and acting badly. Why not at least please her son.

    "OK, honey, but not down here. Wouldn't want your dad to walk in on me showing you my breasts. Besides this is private between you and me, alright?" She said taking his hand. Matthew was so excited he couldn't wait to get upstairs.

    When they got to his room she had him sit on the bed to watch. His eyes were glued on her. He was smiling and excited. She stood before him ready to show him her body, nervous but equally excited.

    "Ready?" She asked and he nodded. She pulled the t shirt over her head leaving her with a bra on. He stared at her breasts like someone who was starving. Reaching back she unhooked her bra and pulled it off slowly. Her breasts were bared before him, her nipples swollen hard making for a perfect view of her.

    "Wow." He said. Unable to say much more. He just kept staring at them.

    "Is this what you think of when you play with your cock, baby?" She said seeing him respond in surprise.

    "Oh yeah, mom. But I never imagined really seeing them." Said Matthew.

    "Want to touch them? Then you'll know what they really feel like." Said Leah moving closer until she was inches from him. He reached up with both hands cupping both breasts making Leah want to moan from the feel of him.

    "So soft, mom." He said as he rubbed them making her nipples even harder.

    "You can pull my nipples if you like. But be easy their very sensitive, baby." She said feeling his fingers pull them softly twisting them. Now she did moan.

    "Does it feel good, mom?" He asked seeing that she was breathing harder. Leah nodded.

    "Yes, baby you're making mommy feel very good. I bet you want to play with your cock, don't you, honey?" She asked as he continued to rub her breasts.

    "Yes. I really want to." She smiled and kissed his face.

    "I would love to watch you, darling. While you're doing it would you like to see me completely naked?" She asked as he began to undo his pants pulling them down. The look on his face when she asked him was priceless. It was a one of complete happiness.

    "You'll show me, mom? Everything?" He asked as he pulled his underwear down revealing his hard cock.

    "Anything for my baby boy." She said as she also took her jeans off and then her underwear revealing her wet pussy to him. It was smooth and hairless and he could see all of her. He started to jerk off as she posed for him letting him enjoy her as he masturbated. She loved watching him do it especially knowing it was her that was turning him on.

    "You're so pretty, mom. Your body is so nice." He said as he sat on the edge of the bed within inches of her nakedness.

    "I'm glad you like it, darling. Would you like mom to help you, make you feel even better?" She asked him. Matthew couldn't think of anything better than this but he was so wrong.

    Leah knelt before him pulling his hand away from his cock. He watched as she replaced it with her own hand and he almost fainted from the sight of it and how much better it felt from her doing it.

    "Like what Mommy's doing, baby?" She asked softly as he began to move his body against her stroking hand. He nodded closing his eyes as she continued. He felt so good to Leah, his cock rock hard and so smooth. Soon he was moaning and she knew it was time. She lowered her mouth on his cock sucking him as he exploded. His cum filled her mouth and she swallowed it as he shook in orgasm. When his breathing finally calmed she began to jerk his cock again seeing that he was still very hard.

    "You had your mouth on my cock, mom. It felt so good." He said as she continued stroking him.

    "Come here, baby." She motioned him to her and she pulled his face to hers kissing his lips and face. "Kiss mommy, baby."

    He felt her lips on his, her mouth open and hot, her tongue moving with his and thought he had gone to heaven. They kissed over and over and she licked his nipples and lower finally taking his cock once again in her mouth. When she pulled away for a second she made him lie flat on the bed.

    "I have another surprise for the birthday boy. Would you like it?" She asked knowing that he would allow her anything. She moved above him her pussy just over his stiff cock. "Would you like mommy to teach you how to fuck?"

    He was at a loss for words and nodded seeing videos of people fucking online. But he never in his wildest dreams imagined his mom doing it with him. She was so incredibly beautiful to. She lowered herself onto him feeling his cock enter her wetness and saw him close his eyes as he groaned aloud. She began to fuck him slowly, tenderly wanting him to feel every inch of her. She squeezed his cock as she rode him making him moan over and over. Leah loved the feel of him inside her and began to cum squirting over his cock with her hot juices. She moved faster now wanted his cum inside her. She leaned down and began to kiss him hard as she fucked him. His body was responding easily to her and soon he cried out as he came inside her pussy.

    "That's it, lover fill me with your cum." She said as she continued to move above him. When she climbed off him his cock was finally beginning to shrivel and he just lay there in awe of her and what she did to him.

    "That was the best present ever." He said making them both laugh.



Dear Angela,

Best news ever my darling. Matthew and I are now lovers. We fucked like rabbits throughout the day and since his father hadn't showed up until midnight, dead drunk and pathetic, I left him in the bedroom out cold on the bed and slept with Matthew. I say slept, but we did little of it. He uses me like some sex toy fucking me everywhere and I love it. My poor asshole is so sore from him fucking me there. He says its much tighter and he likes how I squeeze him. I like it to. I've never cum so much in years. Though his cock is small compared to Paul's he is still able to make me cum.
Please come visit soon before I wear myself out with his loving. Maybe you can share him with me. I'm sure he would love to fuck you. I told him how beautiful you were. Maybe we could do a three way and really teach him some new tricks. I can just imagine his face as we make love before him. Come soon, sis. I miss you so badly.


                                                                                                                                  ONE YEAR LATER

    The divorce was finalized and Leah couldn't wait to get back home to Matthew. It had almost taken the life out of her contending with Paul. His lawyers were ruthless but her more so and she ended up with half his money and the house and Matthew stayed with her. He had become a great lover using her the way she liked it and she in turn taught him many more things. Even Angela made several return visits to let him use her. He would make us do all sorts of dirty things to each other as he watched pulling on his cock.

    Angela loved him and his dirty mind. I did also.

    "Honey." she yelled coming through the door. She heard him racing down the steps with Max the dog. They got him the very day that she left Paul. He was a beautiful animal and breed. He was their protector in case Paul had ideas of coming back. Both felt safe with Max. Matthew immediately kissed Leah passionately knowing that she was his forever now and his alone. Both ran upstairs throwing off clothing with Matthew moving between her legs. His cock was rock hard and when he pushed into Leah she cried out in orgasm immediately.

    "Angela is coming to visit next week." Leah said barely able to get the words out as he fucked her hard. He was a better lover than his dad. He never failed to make her cum.

    "Good." He said rolling me over and lifting my ass high pushing his cock back inside me. "She promised to let me see her fuck Max."

    Indeed she did and she wondered about her sanity when she said it. But Angela was always the wild one and Max was such a handsome beast. Leah saw his cock and it was magnificent and so huge.

    "I know, baby. I can't wait to see her fuck him." She said as he moved from her pussy to her ass driving into her barely letting Leah catch a breath. She cried out as he slid all the way inside her his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. God it felt so good.

    "I want you to do it too, for me." He said slamming into Leah as she put her face against the bed feeling his cock beginning to expand.

    "Yes, baby, I will just for you my darling boy." Max was going to be well cared for by two beautiful women. He moaned and jerked and shuttered as he pushed deeper cumming hard.

    Max was watching them from the doorway of the bedroom and Matthew saw him and smiled.

    "Come here, Max." He called out and pulled Leah to the edge of the bed turning her onto her back and spreading Leah's legs wide. "Come on, lick that beautiful pussy." He commanded Max who already had his head between Leah's thighs. Matthew watched jerking his cock all the while. Max's tongue was spectacular running over Leah's pussy and ass. She grabbed his collar pulling him into her harder as his tongue slid inside her wetness twirling and dipping so deeply making her cum.

    "Such a good boy." Said Leah writhing in pleasure upon the bed as he made her cum twice more squirting over his mouth and face.

    "Look, mom." Said Matthew pointing below the dog. Max's cock was fully exposed hanging down dripping onto the floor. It was red and swollen and so big. "I think he's ready to fuck you, mom." Said Matthew smiling at her.

    Leah gave him a wicked grin and turned over raising her ass high. Then she tapped her ass getting Max's attention.

    "Anything for my boy." She said as she felt the bed bounce from Max's sudden appearance upon it. She felt him mount her, his front legs circling her waist pulling her back against his swollen cock. Then she felt it enter her. It was stretching her so wide. She had never felt anything so big inside her. He began to fuck her and she looked at Matthew who watched on in pleasure.

                                                                                                                                    THE END




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I really like the format of the story through letters to her sister. It is a nice change of pace.  Good interactions of husband and wife also. How his lack of finishing sends her looking for more. And once she finds it she continually needs it. Well done and allows for the gradual build up to what I imagine will be more than just blowjobs.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Wow...another masterpiece. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Foxi