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Lingam (MF, mascons)

Jaime Austin · 415

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Offline Jaime Austin

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on: May 06, 2022, 10:52:50 PM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.

Once everyone was gone and we’d locked up, Sonja and I headed to our usual massage room.
“Want me to give you a few minutes?” I asked. After all, I had seen her completely nude the previous Friday.
“No, I’m going to give you a few minutes. Your turn on the table.”
She walked out of the room without looking back, which is good or she would have seen my chin on the floor. I wouldn’t say I rushed to take off my clothes, but I sure didn’t dawdle. By the time she returned, I was naked under the blanket.
“Which massage oil do you prefer?” She asked.
“Are you driving me home?”
“I can.”
“Then hit me with the good stuff.” THC-infused massage oil was a gift from the gods.
She started on my shoulders, as anyone would, but when she worked her way down my back she kept going and gave my glutes a serious workout. I was, for all intents and purposes, lying nude on the table in front of her and I felt a certain tingling in my loins.
“Time to roll over,” she said as if reading it from a manual. What was left of my cover fell to the floor.
“Nothing I haven’t seen before,” she said calmly and made no move to cover me up.
She started at my neck and worked down my chest, paying special attention to my nipples. By now my dick was making its presence known. Not a full-blown erection, but not a limp piece of flesh either.
She switched to my feet, first the left, then the right. An expert foot massage is a thing of beauty and it really helped to relax me. Of course, once her hands started moving up my legs to my thighs, I was fully erect and ready for anything she had in mind.
To try and keep myself under control, I kept my eyes closed at all times. The room lights were dim and the only thing I was aware of was her magical touch. I thought for a moment that I felt a breath of air on my dick, but then well-oiled hands cupped my balls and gently massaged them. Finally, she took hold of my shaft. In a very soft voice, she said, “Just relax and concentrate all your tension right here.” And on the word here, she gave me a light squeeze.
Never in my life had my dick received such loving attention. She stroked me, pulled me, circled the base of my glans with a finger then ran her well-oiled palm over the tip of my dick. My orgasm, when it came, felt like it was arriving on a freight train coming from a great distance. The build-up was slow, but then stream after stream of glorious discharge sprang from a well deep inside me. She caught much of it in her hand and continued to stroke me. I felt moisture from the tip of my cock down to my balls, over them and my asshole. I never gave a thought to the mess we were creating.
Finally, my erection faded into memory, she let go, only to return with a warm cloth to clean me up. I felt a warm blanket being spread over me and at the last moment she said, “You just lie there as long as you need.”
I opened my eyes, expecting to see her naked, with massage oil glistening on her breasts. But she was still in her smock with the name tag. She smiled and then left.

I relaxed until the warmth started to fade from the blanket. Part of me wanted to go to her, naked as I was, and put my arms around her. I wanted to bury my face in her hair, drink in her scent and cover her with kisses.
But then I thought, “What if this was a test. Maybe she wants to see if I can experience what our “special” clients experience and remain professional. God, I hated that thought. I was in love. I knew it to my core. Or was I? Maybe it was the euphoria of the moment clouding my emotions. I was fond of Sonja. No two ways about it. I was very attracted to her. After our dinner at Ruby’s last week, I was ready to make love to her all night.
I decided to play it safe and got dressed.
She was sitting in her office when I found her.
“Worth a $40 tip?”
“And then some.”
“Well, we aim to please at the Lady Bits Spa.”
I laughed. “You know I wish your mom had gone with that name.”
“Not sure the good citizens of San Clemente would agree with you. I’d offer to take you to dinner again, but I’ve got plans.”
My disappointment flashed across my face.
“I only get every other Friday night off. Time to go home and feed my mom. I’ll drop you on the way.”
I felt like an idiot but was greatly relieved. If she could tell I wanted more from her, she sure didn’t let it show.

“Lingam” is an excerpt from my novel, “MILF City,” currently available as a Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon. You can read the first six chapters on line for free.
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