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Sci fi deathmatch

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on: June 22, 2022, 08:17:35 PM
Boredom at work spawned some serious questions, so I will post a legendary match up. Some knowledge would be helpful but in all honesty this is a nerd fight.

Today's Question:

Sci-fi horror alien movie monster fight,

The Predator (Species: Yautja) Vs. The Quiet Ones aliens.

Who would win, The Predator has a full hunting party of 10, and they come across the Quiet Ones meteor. The predators are fully armed with all the loadout cannon to the books, comics and movies and are seasoned skilled hunters (most of the stories around predators are of the hunting party being a training day for the young hunters trying to earn their spot in the clan.)

The Quiet One aliens are not hindered in any way and will start with 10 of them as an even matching with the Predators.

Who will win?

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