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Wonderful Paintball with Goblins (M+F, nc, rp, nonhuman, superheroine)

Valley Vixin · 98

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Wonderful Paintball with Goblins

Diana Prince looked at the security camera images.  The blur’s defeating the mundane security argued magic was involved.  The scuttering/scurrying motion, the pack like motion of the shadows set up an instinctive fear in the amazing Amazon.  Deep in her core, a horror awoke, a racial fear even her divine blood wasn’t immune to. 

“Goblins!”  She muttered. 

The shadows swarmed over the police, ignoring their guns, the shots shown in silence on the video only feed blasted into the air around the blurs without any effect.  The goblins cut into the half dozen police and blood sprayed.

Half the size of a human, faster than a wolf, more savage than a lion, hunting with intelligence and cruelty beyond that of any mere animal, the goblins cut through the police without slowing or stopping.  What they did to men was mere butchery, what they did to women was far worse.

Turning to the IDAC officers, she gave what was unmistakably a command.

“Get all of our people off this.  Get all the police to withdraw.  Nothing human can stop them.  They are faster and stronger than any human, and their magic makes technology almost useless against them.  Electricity will not work around them, explosives will sometimes refuse to go off, sometimes go off on their own.  They are chaos made evil flesh.  What they do to men is unspeakable, but better than what they do to women.  This is a job for Wonder Woman.  I will contact her.”

While Diana usually informed and advised, when she chose instead to command, the question of her rank and authority oddly never came up.  The senior staff simply accepted it as obvious that their field staff could not deal with this, and focused on keeping human law enforcement out of the way.

Diana took the time to finish her shift as if nothing was going on.  In reality she was remembering her training.  Training about the greatest enemies of the Amazons.  The ancient Amazons were warrior women whose strength was beyond that of mortal men, whose skill was beyond that of mortal men, and whose beauty and pride were a challenge that no mortal men could help but dream of making submit and owning sexually.

There were worse things than men, and the magic that made the Amazons belonged to the goddesses Artemis and Hera.  There were other powers as old as the gods, worlds that brushed against our own and sometimes allowed passage.  The realms of fairy were one.  The ancient elves were powerful, subtle and often cruel.  They learned to avoid the Amazons for fear of their terrible reprisals.  The beauty of the elves was the light of fairy, but where there was light, there was also shadow.  As beautiful as the elves was the hideousness of the goblin, as noble and refined as the elves was the savagery and barbarism of the goblin.  Where elves were gifted with eternal life, ethereal beauty, both men and women almost divine in their beauty, goblins were male only, able to breed with any female sentient, and filled with nothing but lust to possess and degrade the women of other, more beautiful, more civilized races.

The highest prize was an Amazon.  The great warrior women, born to a society that used men only as breeding slaves, crippled at birth and kept as little better than field beasts, Amazon men were not only less than Amazons women, they were less than the free human men they were taken from.  For an Amazon to be superior to males was simply a truth.  To own men was no different than owning cattle.  The male was inferior, easily conquered, and beneath notice.  The goblins had no women of their own, because all women were their own.  The Amazons were proud as goddesses, more beautiful than elves, more bountifully curved than humans, and they were strong.  So strong they could survive the use and abuse of goblins long enough to endure decades or centuries of being reduced to nothing but a mindless sex slave, begging for the degradation of their goblin masters.

Magic is cruel, and nothing comes without cost.  Goblins were given the sexual desire of Pan, the predatory desire of Aries, and addictive sperm.  Women that had been exposed to goblin sperm became addicted to it.  More powerful than any drug, more powerful than any spell, it ate the will and left behind nothing but desire for more, the need to accept, and insist on more and harder useage.  This combined with the fertility of the goblin race meant that stolen humans birthed no more than a handful of babies before dying, elves no more than a dozen, but a captured Amazon could live for centuries.

Even the will of an Amazon had limits, no greater humiliation could an Amazon know than to have that will eroded by constant use of the Goblin cum, to have her entire nervous system rewired to know ever greater pleasure from Goblin use until she would gladly betray not just herself but her sisters for the chance to be used just one more time by her Goblin masters.  To be an Amazon, reduced to slavery by a creature half the size of a man, broken not by sword or spear, not by whip or spell, but by foot long goblin cock, and the sperm that made the very power of her Amazon body into a weapon against her will.

No, Goblins were wiped out by the Amazons at any cost when encountered.  Goblin nests were wiped out, and the women in them given a more merciful end than the Goblins would have left them.  Amazons could not allow Goblin’s to exist in the world.


Blix was a goblin with a mission.  The nuclear testing of the humans had weakened the barrier between the world of man and the world of fairy.  The fairy realm became a blight where the human weapons had tainted the life of both worlds through their violation of the fundamental laws.  The blight belonged to the goblins, for the noble elves dared not enter it to hunt them.

Blix found his way into the land of iron and poison, a land forbidden to his kind when humanity turned away from magic and made the worlds so much harder to cross.  The human world, full of powerless women, huge breasts and no magic.  It was a legend for goblins, and Blix found the way back!

The humans had some sort of magic wand that made thunder and tossed sling shots, like arrowheads without arrows.  They punched deep but lacked iron or magic to kill, and they were used by warriors so slow and weak that they fell to goblin claws faster than deer.

Better, one of them had been a female!  Taken back to the warehouse, the dozen goblins delighted in the screams, moans, the wetness and the yielding bouncy firmness.  Titties, glorious human titties for goblin tongues and teeth!

The blonde policewoman was cooing in a corner, Flarf was sawing his goblin cock into her ass as Blix turned the new weapon in his hands. It was made of plastic, lighter than the iron that was poison to goblins, yet nearly as hard.  The policewoman had taught Blix and the goblins how to use it after they had raped her into submission, then into addiction.  Now the goblins were armed better than an elven Wild Hunt, better than and Amazon war party.

Gifted with the magic to blur their sight, they had the power to slip past any barrier, slip past any ward, and with their speed and strength they could tear a bear apart in less seconds than it took to roar its defiance, now they wielded the new “guns” of humanity, they were unbeatable!


Wonder Woman followed the scrapes and scratches in the walls.  Goblin’s didn’t just run along the ground.  Hunting packs took to the trees, to better ambush pursuers.  In the city, the goblins took to the concrete walls like so many spiders.  The police couldn’t read the signs, without technology they were almost useless, untrained compared to the Amazons of her island.  Wonder Woman wasn’t just an Amazon, she was the best of them.  A goddess birthed by the Amazons, a living weapon who was given to the world of man to become the Defender of All Women.  She was hunting a predator that was a threat to all women.

She stood outside the warehouse, listening to the laughter of goblins and the screaming of a ravaged woman.  Doubtless the missing body, the policewoman taken from the police blocking force, had not been lucky enough to die.

It would be easy to assume the gang rape was distracting the goblins, and to walk in the door, but goblins had survived for millennia by using anger and overconfidence to deliver their enemies to them.  Wonder Woman smiled.  She did not, after all, need a door.

Listening carefully, ignoring the sounds of sex, the taunting, the casual cruelty of male lust expressed in its lowest and most degrading form, she listened for the scrape of claw, the catch of breath, until she heard them.  Watchers at the front and back doors in the rafters.  Doubtless ready withs some trap for anyone going in through front or back door. 

Silently snarling, Wonder Woman accelerated to full speed and hit the concrete wall at the far end from the ravaged woman.  It would not do to kill her with concrete fragments when her magic lasso offered the only chance to restore her broken mind once rescued from the goblins.

She exploded through the wall like a tank cannon.  Blix took a moment to appreciate the sight, the glorious sight that no goblin, that no male could possibly be prepared for.

A goddess.  Golden eagles on a red corset framed the greatest tits in the known world, raven dark hair waved like a wing behind her, held in place by a gold tiara marking her as queen and goddess.  Strong arms clad in heavy braciers marked her as a warrior, even as the star spangled blue pants stretched across the finest birthing hips and most spankable ass Blix had ever seen.

Long legs, such magnificent long legs, the finest steed a goblin could know, stretched between scarlet warrior boots and star spangled ass, this wasn’t just an Amazon, this was a walking temple of Fuck.  This wasn’t a woman, this was The Woman.

The goddess spoke, her blue eyes blazing like lightning, her rich red cocksucking lips marked a face that shone with pride, with unconquerable defiance, with utter contempt for Blix and all his kind.

“I am Wonder Woman, and I will see your kind wiped out for crimes against women.  In the name of all the Amazons, I will end you.”

Blix felt two things jerk.  The Glock in his hand, and the cock in his pants.  Bullets from a dozen goblins hammered into the Amazon, but although they had sufficed to kill the humans who could not hope to be fast enough to hit the goblins in return, the Amazon simply stood there and swatted the bullets aside with her bracers as if to demonstrate her superiority, her immunity to their attacks before making her own.

Striding forward, she proved to be able to bat bullets aside as she closed and shattered skulls with hands and feet as she met the goblins with the skill of one of the ancient Amazons, but the strength of Hercules.

Blix was a goblin, not a berserker.  He and the roof goblins bolted for the door as the goblins on the ground got destroyed by the mightiest Amazon any goblin had ever known.  When she turned to face him, Blix reloaded and pointed his pistol at the naked policewoman.

In  a flash, the Amazon moved to protect the vulnerable fucked out human, and Blix fired as he fled, spending bullets to buy time to make it to the roof door and escape.  She was not going to kill him, not until he fucked her.  Oh how he wanted to fuck her.  Never had his cock wanted anything so much as this Wonder Woman.

A goddess, a true goddess given the pride of all women.  To break her, to fuck her into submission would be to subdue and degrade every woman, to have her begging for his cock would be to have a goddess on her knees before the lowest of goblins!

That it was impossible mattered not.  A goblin who didn’t think with his cock was no goblin at all.  Death was inevitable, but pussy belonged to the bold alone.  Blix was bold.  Wonder Woman would be his.

Running through the city, Blix looked for someplace green enough he could use his goblin magic to make a door home. There was a green space, a field called “Splatter Blaster Paintball”, and Blix lead his goblins to it.  Among the green of life, Goblin magic could cover their tracks even from an Amazon.

As he ran, he felt the slap and splatter of something on his hide.  A fat boy under a blanket net with fake leaves had hit him with a dozen shots from something like a gun.  A short fat tube like a rifle, with a huge bottle on the back, and smaller bottle below.

Two of his goblins grabbed the boy, and one broke the gun in half in anger but Blix stopped them before they could gut the human.  They caught a second boy in hiding, also with another of these odd, slow guns.  Both boys were held to the ground, ready to be gutted.

Blix looked at the paint on his body, spattered like cum from a goblin’s cock, and stuck a claw under the boys chin and turned his face up to face Blix.

“What do you call these cum shooting things?”  Blix asked the boy.

“Paintball guns, sir.”  The terrified human said, peeing himself in fear.
“Where do I get these, paintball guns, little human?”  Blix asked.  “Help me get them, and you will live.”

The human answered in a panic.  “Amazon sir.  I order them on Amazon!  You can get them delivered next day.”

Blix began laughing.  Dragging the boy into the building that was used as a hide on this “paintball” field, Blix just had to laugh. He was going to use Amazon to get him the guns that would allow him to use an Amazon, indeed, the Amazon.

Truly, the gods loved him!

I am the conservative good girl I was raised to be.  I am the submissive slut I was born to be. 
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Wonder Woman: Girls Gone Goblin

Wonder Woman was not having a good week.  It was one disaster after another.  First she responded to an urgent call about an out of control commuter train headed for a section of elevated track that had mysteriously suffered one section of concrete pillars simply collapsing.  Flying at top speed, Wonder Woman was able to get ahead of the train, to reach down and manually force the brakes closed to begin to drag the train's speed down, then get ahead of it and bring it gently to a stop.  Straining her every muscle to allow her to slow the train without doing so fast enough to derail caused her to use her flight powers plus the resistance of her boots upon the rails both in controlled measure.  She had to ignore petty distractions.

Distraction like two goblins popping up and spraying her back and legs with paintballs.  When the Princess of Themyscira turned to face them, the goblins were gone, and she had to search for wounded among the passengers.

That night in the shower, she found her breasts were unusually sensitive, and she found herself remembering her lost loves.  Almost without thinking, she began to masturbate and soon had a crushing orgasm, causing her to fall to the floor.  Had it been that long, why was it so intense?

Responding to a call of police under fire, Wonder Woman descended upon the scene to find a lone policewoman firing desperately into the shadows as her vest took round after round of what looked like paintballs.  Two male officers were down and screaming from wounds to their legs that looked like claw marks.

Moving to block the policewoman with her body, Wonder Woman picked her up and with a superhuman leap, carried her to the cover of the next corner.  The white goo all over the weeping policewoman's front got all over Wonder Woman's arms and chest, soaking slowly through fabric that would have resisted a sniper rifle.  One more leap allowed her to extract the two male officers and she quickly bound their wounds using their own shirts, making sure they would not bleed out.  Another goblin attack, but their magic allowed them to blend in too easily, and they dispersed in every direction.  She had driven them off, but not caught them.  She would have to hunt them as soon as she had time to spare.

Last night she dreamed of goblins.  Dreamed of goblins capturing Amazons.  Dreamed of all the terrible things they did to humiliate the proud warrior women.  Dreamed of being raped by them, being ridden like a pack animal by them, being trained like a performing animal by them.  She woke up wet, with her fingers inside herself.  What was going on?  Where were these dreams coming from?  She lit incense and ritually purified her quarters.  Using the ancient ritual magic of the Amazons, she warded her room.  Perhaps Circe or some other sorcerer was sending her disturbing dreams?

It didn't work.  The dreams returned every night.  It was like they were coming from inside her.

The bank robbery was unusually violent because it was done with super powers.  The attackers had powered armour, and brought with them drones to carry the loot from the bank away.  EMP weapons had disabled cameras and vehicles on every approach so the police were unable to respond effectively.  Wonder Woman entered through the window, pulling the roller shutters down and back through the window so no one inside would be injured, and so all the glass would blast out into the streets.  She was concerned about hostages inside the bank, not about surprise.

A hail of flechettes from a magnetic accelerator mounted to one of the battle armoured troopers lanced out faster than sound, but she deflected them away.  Years of experience and reflexes belonging on a goddess allowed her to deflect each in such a way as to not bounce into one of the cowering  hostages.  Flashing out with the lasso of Hestia, she grabbed one of the more distant thugs who was pointing his weapon at the hostages and pulled him through the thug closest to her.  She pulled too hard,  The thug closest to her fell in an unconscious heap, but the one she pulled had an obviously shattered limb bent the wrong way.  He was screaming incoherently.  The Amazon was having a hard time fighting her arousal, denying the building sexual pressure was leaving her on the edge of murder.

With a snarl, she closed on the other five attackers.  She didn't bother to block.  She revelled in the punishment of the rounds impacting her chest and belly.  One flechette struck her nipple and she almost came in her panties at the delicious pain.  For one second, she saw a grinning goblin face biting into her nipple.  A backhand, too hard!  Put another battlesuited figure into the wall, hopefully the wall was an interior wall of gyprock and wood, not concrete, or he might not live.  Two more restrained punches shattered the power packs of the retreating supervillains and put them down, still breathing, but trapped in dead armour.

Whirling with an instinct that had never failed her, Wonder Woman brought up her braciers to block a hail of incoming fire.  The rounds spattered over her braciers, covering her face, and her heaving breasts in white goo.  The goblins stood in the doorway.  One of them cupped his crotch, whipped out his engorged penis, almost a third his three foot height and called out.

"Next time, you can get it from the source!"

Two other goblins threw hand grenades at hostages scattered throughout the bank.  Wonder Woman aborted her charge at the goblins to save the citizens.  With a flick of her arms she whipped the lasso of truth to bounce the one grenade deep into the vault, and she dove on the second, to cover its blast with her body.  Both failed to detonate.  They were props.  Wonder Woman cursed.  That damned goblin had beaten her again!

The thought of the goblins beating her lit a fire in the Defender of All Women and she dug her fingers into the ground so hard she tore into the hardwood floor to the concrete beneath.  It was the only way to keep her fingers from her sex.  The paintballs were filled with goblin cum!  She had been exposed how many times?  So had the two policewomen she had rescued.  What happened to them?  Were the legends true about its ability to break women's wills, to turn them into mindless fuck meat for the goblins to use, breeders of the next generation of predators to all races of women?

She had her magic lasso, surely she could fix any mental compulsion?  She would find the policewomen and fix them.  Right after she fixed herself.

Returning to her home, for once not waiting for police and ambulance to care for the wounded, she stripped and showered.  Taking the lasso of truth into the shower to wash off the goblin cum that crusted her.  She bound herself in the lasso and scrubbed the goblin cum off.

"I will not bow to any man.  I am the Defender of All Women.  I am Wonder Woman.  I don't want any hard throbbing green goblin cock to suck deep in my throat, to choke me, to make me gag, to cum in my mouth, down my throat, over my tits."
 Unnoticed, she had dropped the lasso of truth as her fingers worked her own breasts feverishly.  Dropping her fingers into her own sex, not lightly caressing and stroking in her usual way, she drove her fingers into a pussy already open and wet.

"I don't need goblin cock raping my pussy, filling my womb with their vile SEEEEEEEEEEEED!"  Wonder woman cried as she fell to the floor, face down, ass up, fingers inside her pussy as she dreamed of hard potent goblin cocks planting their seed deep in her Amazon womb, breeding her.

Reaching out to the Lasso of Hestia, the Lasso of Truth, sghe wrapped it around her wrist and tried to command herself, tried to speak what she thought was the truth, what she needed to be the truth.

"I don't need any goblin cock. I don't need their cum in all my holes.  I don't need them to bind and punish me."  She tried to say each of the things she needed to be true, but the Lasso of Hestia bound the user to speak the truth.  She could use it to compel others, but she had to speak the compulsion.  While she held the lasso, the one thing she could not do was lie.  She could free any other woman from the compulsions already inside her, but she could not free herself.  Her body was already changing, her nipples already leaking milk to feed the goblin babies her womb was prepping itself for.  As long as the goblins existed, this compulsion would grow. She had to find and free the two policewomen the goblins already spattered with their cum filled paintballs, then she needed to kill the goblins.  Not capture, not imprison. Kill.  Only then would she be free.

Fingers working in her sex frantically, she wept as she came a second time to the vision of herself being raped by goblins in every hole at once.  Her cum shot out like the spray from her shower head, while her tears streamed in silent, soul wrenching agony to be lost in her showers spray.

She had to end it, while she still wanted to end it.

I am the conservative good girl I was raised to be.  I am the submissive slut I was born to be. 
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Wonderful Paintball with Goblins 2
Battle, Victory, and Truth

Diana had trained with the Amazons before she trained in man’s world with the advanced technology of the US intelligence and defense agencies, she had learned to hunt beasts beyond mortal ken using the senses the goddesses gave her, and the training of thousands of years of warrior tradition.  Goblins could hide their tracks using magic, this was true, but two of the targets she was tracking were human.  The two policewomen that the Goblins had encountered had either already been ravished, or had been exposed to the same Goblin cum and its will breaking addiction and aphrodisiac properties.  If her will as an Amazon, as a living goddess was being tested, surely these mortal women would be worse off.

Using her computer access, she tracked the phones of the two policewomen.  Sure enough both of them had moved to the same location before going off the air.  They might not be there anymore, but that is where the goblins met them.  While Goblins might be able to pass traceless as fog when on the hunt, they were careless as drunken frat boys when there was a woman available.  They would make mistakes, and be trackable.  She was Wonder Woman, she was the Defender of All Women.  With her Lasso of Truth, Hestia’s golden lariat, she could break the horrible and degrading magic of the goblins on those women and defeat the goblin menace.

Dropping from the sky with the silence of a shadow, the bronzed skin of the goddess and the gold highlights of her costume reflected the moonlight, while the dark iron of her bracers merely highlighted the shadows that defined the muscles of a born warrior.  She moved with the grace and hunger of a jungle predator as she stalked towards Splatter Blaster Paintball, and her destiny.

Blix watched as his goblins spit roasted the two policewomen.  Proud women warriors of this realm, the power of goblin cum could not be resisted, and now they were sucking eagerly on the deflated cocks of the Goblins that had already used them, eager to ready them to take them again, and again, until their very consciousness was lost to the power of goblin fucking.  He smiled, they were doubtless already pregnant.  Their scent told him that much, but that would only make them more desperate to please their goblin masters.  After a few children they would wear out and die, but until their death, they would beg only to be taken again, used just one more time by the great green goblin cocks that broke them.

Blix felt his own cock hardening, but he would not lower himself to use these women.  There was only one woman for him.  Wonder Woman.  His sperm alone had filled every paintball.  His sperm alone had been used to infect, addict, and obsess the Champion of the Amazons.  He would wait for her.  She could not resist.  She was the proudest woman in existence, a goddess walking the earth, a power so far beyond mortal men let alone lowly goblin as to be a sacrilege even to think about defying her.  He would defile her, despoil her, break her, breed her.  He would train her to beg for him, fight for him, and bear him on her back like a riding beast, even as he bred her like the lowly female animal he would teach her she was.  His cock twitched, as if sensing his prey approached.  He thought about warning his men, but he didn’t have time.

Diana punched though the wall far away from the doors.  She struck no pose, made no speech.  She was not here as a heroine, but a warrior.  She was the wrath of the Amazons, the rage of oppressed women, she was the embodiment of women’s unleashed potential.   The two goblins raping the police women in the middle of the paintball building’s warehouse like interior range were lassoed by the neck and whipped into the back wall so hard they never knew they were attacked.  She used that force to propel her between the two desperate policewomen, still whimpering their outrage and emptiness as their beloved rapists were yanked unceremoniously from their ravaged womanhood.  Two palm heel strikes banished the two goblins receiving oral refreshers to blessed unconsciousness almost before they could understand they were under attack.

A dozen goblins descended on the Amazon from all sides with claws and fangs.  Striking faster than tigers, stronger than bears, with the low cunning of the beast and many years of savage learning, they moved as a very storm of claw and fang.  In this whirlwind of death and hunger that would have rendered any normal hero, any Elven Knight or Amazon warrior into bloody components.  This storm of fang and claw broke upon Wonder Woman.  She was no normal hero, no Amazon warrior.  She was a living goddess.  Born to the Queen of the Amazons, sired by Zeus the Thunderer, god of the storm itself, she feared no storm because it flowed in her veins.

With a primal scream of rage, she met storm with storm, rage with rage, the hunger of the goblins to conquer and defile met the hunger of Wonder Woman to be free and proud.  Blood from shattered jaws, screams from shattered limbs, and the low wet sounds of broken bodies filled the warehouse as Diana, daughter of Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons, showed the Goblins the difference between their inhuman power, and the rage of a living goddess.

One goblin got a bite on her shoulder, his fangs digging deep, but she ignored the pain as she slammed one into the wall, back kicked another through the fake building of the paintball course, before reaching back to grab the one that dug his fangs into her tender flesh, but could not pierce it.

She pinched his neck until he squealed, then stuffed him face first into a garbage can in a casual demonstration of her power.

Covered in goblin blood and Amazon sweat, she looked like the goddess she was.  The promise of woman triumphant, the glory and unconquered defender of all women.  Truly, a Wonder Woman.

Smiling like a goddess of mercy, unlike the almost berserk warrior of moments before, she took her lasso and bound the two women.

“Please, please Wonder Woman.  Let us go with them.  We need them, we LOVE them!”  The once proud but now broken policewomen begged to be allowed to go with the defeated goblins, rather than be returned to freedom.

Wonder Woman knew the magic that was in them.  She knew this was worse than man’s oppression of women because it was not external force compelling them to submit, but a corruption of woman’s own power to turn what ought to be the source of her pride and ambition into a desire to serve, to be used and even abused by these vile goblins just for another taste of that vile corrupting magic goblin cum.  She could not curse Aries enough for fathering the race on an Elven concubine in the Age of Myth, and unleashing them on the women of every race as his vengeance for resisting him.

Her magic was stronger, her will was greater.  She bent her will upon the two women now, and used the power of Hestia’s Lariat to burn the Goblin magic from them.

“You will not desire goblins any more.  They have no power over you.  You will not be aroused by goblins any more.  The thought of lying with them disgusts you.  You will turn your weapons upon goblins if you ever see them again.  You cannot be tamed by them.  You cannot love them.  You do not desire them.  You would NEVER submit to them.  Goblins are nothing to you.”

Wonder Woman’s voice was like the thunder of her father, like the iron of her weapons, and her eyes flashed with all the rage of a warrior and all the command of a Queen.

The two policewomen dressed and supported each other as they left the building, never to look back.  Diana drew her sword, and moved to finish the goblins.  She was a superheroine not a murder, but these goblins were a danger the other heroes could not understand.  No one who was not an Amazon could understand the threat they were to all women.  For any woman to be safe, the goblins must die.  She moved towards the goblins when the sound of clapping came from behind her.

Blix the goblin stood alone, his cock hard and jutting a full foot from his green body.  He laughed low and throaty.

“A nice speech, too bad you don’t believe it.  Go ahead, you can kill the other goblins if you want.  It won’t help.  The only cum that has touched you has been mine.  The only cum that can satisfy you is mine.  The only cum you can’t live without is mine.  Go ahead, kill me, and free yourself if you can.”  Blix stroked his cock, and waved it at her.

Wonder Woman lashed out with her Lasso of Truth and bound Blix.

“What have you done to me?”  She screamed as she lifted him in her arms, ready to crush him, to dash him through the concrete of the floor, binding him with her lasso to tell the truth she demanded.

“What did I do to you Wonder-Whore?  I taught you your place.  I taught you your purpose.  I taught you the truth.  You lost the second my cum soaked into you.  Your body understands, you pussy is weeping right now, soaking through your slut pants bad enough I can smell it.  Your big tits are so swollen now with milk I can see you barely fit in your costume.  All ready for goblin mouths to suck on.  You are so ready to be fucked full of a hundred goblin babies, you will be my breeding bitch until I have an army of untouchable and unbeatable goblin sons to tear down those haughty Fairy Queens, then your precious Amazons, then this human world of yours until every woman is a goblin fuck toy!”

Diana screamed so loud the stunned goblins were shocked back to consciousness.  The lasso spoke only truth.

Blix, still bound, advanced on Wonder Woman who backed away now in fear from the swaying cock of the three foot goblin, even though his arms were tightly bound by her, and the magic of her lasso compelled him to obey every command she gave.

“What is it going to be Wonder-Whore?  Are you going to use your magic to make me free you?  Or are you going to use your magic to tell me to take you, to break you, to make you my breeding bitch?  Which is it, proud Amazon, or goblin fuck meat?”

Wonder Woman picked him up again, tears of rage in her eyes, and drove her mouth onto his cock.

Falling to her knees, she let her will collapse and the magic lasso released Blix who grabbed the proud Princess of Power and began to throat fuck her.  He reached down and freed her massive milkers for his claws and enjoyed the growing hunger and desperation of her blowjob.  Knowing she wasn’t broken yet, he pulled her off his cock and slapped her face a half dozen times, sneering at her.  Wrapping the lasso around her as he was bound himself, he bound them both in the truth magic of her greatest weapon.

“Tell me Wonder-Slut, what do you want to be, a free Amazon, or my goblin fuck-meat?  TELL ME!”  Blix commanded.

“Goblin fuck-meat! Make me your goblin fuck-meat master!” The Defender of All Women begged on her knees.

Blix pushed her face into the ground and pulled off her star spangled panties and bound her proud arms up behind her back.  Rubbing his goblin bitch breaker on her proud Amazon pussy, he gave the Goddess one last chance at freedom.

“Beg for it Wonder Bitch, beg to be my breeding bitch or I won’t give you the fucking you need.  I will go back to Fairy and leave you to go insane without the cum you are already addicted to.”  Blix demanded, rubbing his cock over her delicate feminine blossom.

“Please fuck me master!  Make me your breeding bitch!”  Wonder Woman screamed, the blood of Zeus carried unrivaled power, but it also carried a sex drive the Ruler of Olympus never controlled, and Wonder Woman never admitted.  Her need was as great as her power, and her ability to control it was weakened by her long denial.  She pushed back onto his cock, impaling herself with a scream.

Blix began to pound into her pussy, feeling the proud Amazon’s trained body milk his cock better than the dreams of Aphrodite.  The other goblins she had defeated crawled over, the first planting his lips and fangs on her glorious goddess breasts and sucking so hard he drew milk from the already primed breeding bitch.  Wonder Woman opened her mouth to moan, and a third goblin climbed on the seconds shoulders, long enough to stuff his cock into Wonder Woman’s mouth.

The goblins fucked Wonder Woman until she was so cock drunk she allowed herself to be ridden by Blix, using her lasso around her tits as the reins, he rode her shoulders like a pony into Fairy, with her hands bound behind her back with her own star spangled pants.

She was not seen again for years.

The gate to from Fairy opened up, and a huge Hobgoblin, the same green goblin shape given herculean power and the almost inhuman beauty of  his mother’s blood stalked into the abandoned paintball factory.  Behind him six naked elven women, bodies muscled in lithe perfection as only Fairy Knights could be, carried in a bound Amazon goddess.  She was moaning and struggling, trying to reach the Hobgoblin with an empty eyed hunger that caused her to clench and unclench her thighs in wordless, mindless lust.

The Hobgoblin kissed her, and she sucked his tongue into her mouth before he pulled his mouth off and replaced her gag.  He took up the Lasso of Truth and placed his own compulsions on her.

“I’m sorry mother.  Your lust was just too much.  You were mother to a dozen of us, the new Goblin Kings, and your blood will breed strong as we bring down these proud elven knights and the Fairy Queens beyond, but if we keep you in Fairy, you will kill us all.  Dad was right, you were passion no human could handle, you just about Snu-snu’d us into extinction.  We can’t keep up with you mother.  You really are a Wonder among women.  As much as I hate to do it, I have to free you.  Goodbye mother.  Never come to Fairy, and we will never come back.

Forget about Goblins.  You do not need Goblin cum.  You do not want Goblin cum.  You do not love to be fucked by goblins, you do not need to be fucked by goblins, you do not want to be fucked by goblins.”

Wonder Woman screamed, her body thrashing, trying and failing to resist his commands, the mercy, if you can call it that, of what was left of the Goblin race.

“Forget about us mother.  Forget all about the goblins who broke you, the goblins who bred you, and forget about us, dearest mother.  I am afraid, at the end, you were just too much woman for us.”

The Hobgoblin lead his once proud elven slave girls back into fairy, leaving behind a mother that would forget him, even if no goblin would ever forget the Goddess they broke so badly her hunger nearly fucked them to death.

Wonder Woman came to slowly, examining her uniform, her weapons, and feeling the health and matchless vitality of her body in perfect order.  She was confused and, sad?  About what she couldn’t say.  Shaking her head, she set off into the night.  The world never stopped turning, and there was always another battle waiting for Wonder Woman.

I am the conservative good girl I was raised to be.  I am the submissive slut I was born to be. 
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