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Afterburn (FM, horror, nec)

Rajah Dodger · 179

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Offline Rajah Dodger

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on: September 09, 2022, 04:36:12 AM
Afterburn, by Rajah Dodger (c) 2009

     Rebecca woke up blurry-eyed with a headache, burning inside, and Walter's cock filling her.  He was hardly moving at all, just shifting when she breathed, obviously playing his little game of making her work for it.  That was no problem, as hard inside her as he was, and she wriggled and hunched against him.  Her wrists strained, held outstretched, but she didn't care about that, teetering on the edge and clenching inside, thrusting her pelvis up until his cock hit just the right spots and she came, that wonderful prickling heat flowing through her body.  He stayed hard, and Rebecca opened her eyes.

     And screamed, looking into the sightless bulging eyes above her face.  In a rush she suddenly recalled where she was, then screamed again, trying to squirm away from the stiff dead cock keeping her filled.

     *** *** ***

     It had been a chilly December afternoon, but only on the outside.  Inside the apartment, Rebecca was quite warm and getting warmer, thanks to the efforts of her husband's insurance agent.

     "Oh yes, Walter, just like that!"  Surprisingly, the man was not only a wizard with figures at work, he knew his way all around her figure and had been proving it enthusiastically for two months now.  Today they were in their second hour of an extended lunch break for him, and after exercising his tongue Walter was back to stirring her inside with his cock, getting ready to fill her again.

     The squeaking of the bed masked the traffic sounds outside, and as Rebecca looked past Walter's head she realized it had masked a lot more.  Marching through the bedroom door was her husband, Henry - but not the husband she had kissed to work that morning.  The look of rage on his face transformed him into something primal and ugly, more animal than human.  "Henry!" she screamed, slapping Walter on the back, but Walter was too busy coming to take notice, or perhaps just assumed she was calling her husband's name from habit.  Her husband rushed the bed waving his arms as Walter yelled out his climax, spurting inside while Rebecca was frozen in panic.  Then Henry did something she could never have imagined.  He reared back and slammed his foot into Walter's ass, so hard that Walter's cock slammed up against her cervix.  She shrieked, once, and passed out.

     *** *** ***

     Fully awake now, Rebecca swallowed and tried to hold her stomach down.  Oh god, she thought, I just fucked a dead man.  Worse, it hadn't been enough.  For some reason Walter's cock was still swollen and stiff inside, and she could feel every ridge and wrinkle.  Rebecca opened her eyes and this time saw the ugly mangled crater in the side of Walter's head - had her husband really done that?  She couldn't push the body off; her hands and feet were outstretched and held in place.  Henry must have done that as well. 

     She wondered how her husband had found out about her and Walter.  Henry was such a mild person, the way he burst in on them was totally out of character.  Who'd have thought he had so much anger in him?  The feral look in his eyes came back to her and Rebecca shuddered.  Bad idea - that just made Walter's cock shift inside, and her body was obscenely insisting on being turned on by it.

     Rebecca felt her stomach lurch again.  She desperately needed to get out from under Walter's body before something really disgusting happened.  Trying to clench her stomach to hold things in place made his cock move inside her, and she moaned helplessly trying to hold herself between the conflicting responses and needs.

     Walter's body was cooling off, clammy against her sweaty breasts and stomach.  The good news was that she wasn't feeling so overwhelmingly turned on.  The bad news was that now she needed to get to the bathroom, and that need was growing fast.

     Traffic sounds suddenly entered the room, then shut off with the clap of the front door closing.


     There was no answer, but who else could it be?  He was going to untie her and get her out of here, she thought with a rush of grateful relief.

     Now that her husband had returned, she felt even more soiled by the continued pressure of Walter atop and inside her.  And her need to get to the bathroom was ten times more urgent.


     Why wasn't he responding?  Okay, he'd caught her acting like a whore and left her to prove it to herself.  Surely he'd taught her whatever lesson he intended.  Her stomach and bladder were both complaining now, and Walter's weight and penetration were more than she could bear.


     Surely he was going to let her go...

/ END /

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Reply #1 on: September 10, 2022, 10:03:27 PM
That was darkly erotic. Good ending... leave the reader wondering or making up his or her own outcome

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