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on: September 08, 2022, 03:10:44 AM

When I was a nineteen-year-old college freshman, my father died. He had been out in our driveway shoveling snow and a massive heart attack took him right out. I left school to be with my mother. My grandparents, aunt, and Uncle were there as well. Everyone but my cousin Barbara. She didn’t show up until the day of the funeral and to my dismay, she brought a date.

It was her latest boyfriend. Someone she was dating at school. She told me the only reason she brought him was she didn’t have a car and he offered to drive. I thought take the fucking bus, that’s what I did.

The funeral was held in my grandparents' town, about 90 miles from where Barbara and I grew up. There was a cemetery there that held the remains of several generatioåns of my dad’s family. Lots of family and friends made their appearance at my grandparent’s home. It was well after dark before the last guest left.

My mother couldn’t face sleeping alone in the bed she had so often shared with my dad, so Barbara volunteered to sleep with her. The boyfriend and I were offered the fourth bedroom, but one look at the small bed in there, and I said I’d sleep on the couch downstairs.

Sometime during the night, I felt someone crawl under the blanket with me. It was Barbara, of course.

“Your mother’s sound asleep,” she whispered.

I just put my arm around her.

“I’m so sorry about Billy. That was very thoughtless of me. He’s leaving in the morning and I’ll take a bus back to school Sunday.”

Again, I said nothing but just held her tight.

She pulled my face until she could see my eyes. “You know I have boyfriends, right?”

I nodded my head. “What we have is special and secret and can never be anything but secret, you know that, right?”

I just looked in her eyes and said not a word. I just slipped my hands under her cotton pajama top and began to caress her naked back. My one thigh was pressed between hers and she started to grind on me.

“We can’t do anything on grandma’s couch!” She whispered.

I slid one hand down her back and into her pajama bottoms to caress her ass. Then we heard a noise on the steps and froze. In the dim light, we could just make out grandpa coming slowly down the stairs. There was just a little light coming in the living room window. Grandpa paused at the bottom step, glanced our way, and then turned into the kitchen. That room lit up when we heard the refrigerator door open.

We couldn’t do a thing except hope the darkness would protect us from discovery. Of course, this didn’t stop me from taking one of her hands and moving it to my erection. Even in the dim light, I could see her glaring at me. But I held her hand in place and gently moved my dick against it.

A few moments later, Grandpa was on his way back up the stairs. When we heard his bedroom door close Barbara whispered, “Behave yourself!” But a nineteen-year-old dick wants what a nineteen-year-old dick wants. I increased my movement and she wrapped her hand around my erection.

“We can’t make a mess here.”

I kept thrusting.

“Listen, I’ll take care of you, but if I puke you take the blame and clean it up.”

I was about to burst at the thought. Barbara helped me pull my pajama bottoms down and then she took me in her mouth. My god was this bliss. She had blown me many times before, but never let me cum in her mouth. She released me long enough to whisper, “Give a girl a little warning.”

I said “Warning,” almost immediately. Her lips were around my dick in a flash and as her tongue swirled around the underside of my erection I came, and came and came and she swallowed every last drop. Then she kissed me driving her spunk-favored tongue deep into my mouth.

I could feel the hardness of her nipples through two layers of cloth. She was grinding against my thigh with increased pressure. She trembled a bit, then I slid a hand down between her legs and brought her off again.

“God, I can’t believe I have to crawl back in bed with your mother.”

I held her tight.

“Smell my fingers.”

Oh my, they sure smelled of pussy.

“I’ll have to stop in the bathroom and freshen up down there before getting back into bed. You better wash your hands in the kitchen in case you get too close to someone in the morning.”

She gave me a kiss that brought me hard again, but then she left.

Her boyfriend left the next morning. Probably wondered why she didn’t sneak in to visit him during the night. We had four days before heading back to school. We had sex nine times, not counting the blow job.

Hannah had her hand around my erection the whole time I was telling the story. Jane was lying next to us masturbating. She watched closely as Hannah moved to take me in her mouth. It didn’t take long before I was coming and she was swallowing. I could hear Jane’s whimpered orgasm as Hannah moved to kiss my lips. Her mouth was half full of my cum and I had to swallow it. I was half grossed out, half ridiculously turned on, especially when I felt Jane’s lips around my half-erect dick.

“One day I have to meet this cousin of yours,” Hannah said.

“Me, too,” Jane mumbled, not releasing me.

We were in a bedroom in Cyril Joannou’s home. It was the day of his funeral.

When Otto picked me up in San Salvador, he told me that much had happened. The big news was that Hannah’s husband had died. He’d been battling pancreatic cancer, and that’s a fight no one wins. Hannah and Jane had flown directly to Quito from Mexico City. The other news was that Cyril had arranged a new ID for me. I was to become Michael Newly. Son of Jerry and Ester Newly. Nice touch that, giving me parents whose names matched mine. The only hitch and this was a big one, the ID came with a UK passport.

“What the fuck?” I said this out loud.

“You can’t go back to the States, kid. No matter what you called yourself, there are too many people on the hunt.”

Seems Otto and Cyril had come up with this plan together. My backstory was that I was born in England, but raised in the States, graduated from Rutgers — someone had been paying attention to my lies — and had the same degrees and certifications I used in California. Only I also had a license to practice massage therapy in the United Kingdom.

I did not attend the funeral. It was private, but why take risks? Otto and Hannah scattered Cyril’s ashes into the ocean and then returned to the house.

Otto had smuggled me into the country in a private plane. We skipped Quito entirely and landed at a private landing strip near Olon, Ecuador. The Pennsylvania State Trooper had followed the girls to Quito, but then left when he heard that a Michael Newsom had crossed the border into Guatemala. Thank you, Eddie. Thank you Jane for making Eddy love you so much to do this for us.

The girls and I were staying in guest quarters. Otto had taken over the master suite and behaved as if the place belonged to him. Turns out it did. Cyril was living on Otto’s largess since his financial disgrace. Seems everything was Otto’s now.

The house had two verandas facing the ocean. The girls and I enjoyed a breakfast of fruit, pastries, and rich South American coffee on the upstairs level. Then one of Otto’s goons arrived. I guess goon is an unfair term, but Otto surrounded himself with beefy protectors and goon was as good a word as any.

“Dr. Furtwaengler asks you to join him in the study.” He didn’t talk like a goon, I’ll give him that. And he pronounced Otto’s last name as if it were spelled with a V rather than a W.

“Let us get some clothes on first,” Hannah said. The girls were wearing robes over nothing and I was in a pair of boxers.

“He said now.” Maybe goon was justified.

“What’s he a doctor of?” I quietly asked Hannah.

“Beats fuck all out of me.”

You entered the study from the same veranda we were dining on, so it had a lovely view of the ocean. Otto sat behind a desk that looked seaworthy itself. He was also wearing a robe. An expensive one that left much of his hairy chest exposed.

The study was an interior room, the only windows being the French doors to the veranda. The walls were covered in bookcases. Some were full of books but there was plenty of room for photos. Most of them were of Hannah. In fact, the room almost looked like a shrine, there were so many pictures of Hannah alone or with Cyril, taken at glamorous locations from Rome to London to Paris and others too exotic for me to recognize.

“The first order of business is to sell this fucking place. I’ve got a real estate agent coming later this morning. When Cyril said he was buying a place in Ecuador, I envisioned a townhouse or condo in Quito, not this godforsaken tourist trap.”

“It’s a lovely home,” Hannah countered.

“Do you want to live here? I thought not. I greatly prefer your place in San Clemente.”

Otto sat with one of his men standing on either side of him, as though he might be in danger from the three of us.

“Second order of business is Mr. Newsom here.” He waved a small packet in the air. “This contains the keys to your new life. Passport and assorted documents. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Mr. Michael Newly.”

“Any relation to Anthony?” Hannah asked. Otto just laughed while Jane and I exchanged a blank look.

“Now Mr. Newly,” Otto continued. “Are you familiar with the phrase TANSTAAFL?”

I shook my head no.

“How can you be with such an illiterate child?” Otto demanded of Hannah.

She made no reply.

“It’s from a book called ‘The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress,’ by Robert A. Heinlein. There’s probably a copy in this room you may take with you if you like. It means There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. I hold before you your new life, but there are strings attached.”

“Otto,” Hannah started to say but he cut her off.

“No one gives a royal fart for your opinion, Hannah. You and this boy have run out of options, you have.”

Hanna started to speak again, but Otto shot to his feet. “Are you wearing panties?” he shouted at Hannah.

She shook her head no.

“If you were, I would have my men rip them from you and shove them in your mouth. If you can’t shut up Mr. Newly’s pants will have to do.”

The three of us exchanged confused looks.

Otto continued: “I’ve made arrangements to get Mr. Newly to London. I established a bank account in your name with ten thousand pounds in it. Should be enough to get you started. You’ll be leaving here,” he said, looking at his watch, “in just under two hours.”

“You ladies will be my guests here tonight. We’ll be leaving for California tomorrow.”

He sat still for a few moments, as though waiting for his words to sink in.

“I’m sure that all sounds satisfactory to the three of you. Before I tell you my conditions, let me tell you what happens if you fail to cooperate. The first thing is someone will place a call to our friend in the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol informing him of Micheal’s new identity and location. I understand the consequences of this will be quite severe. As for you lovely ladies, let us just say your futures will not be bright. You do not want to test me.”

Again he paused.

“First off, I will accompany you to California, ladies, where Hannah and I will be wed.”

“No!” Hannah cried.

“His shorts, her mouth.” Otto barked to his men and before it registered on me one man had my arms pinned behind my back and the other was whisking my boxers down. I was released with a forceful shove that said don’t fuck with us. The man with my boxers balled them up and stuffed them in Hannah’s mouth. She was too shocked to resist.

“Now I can’t get what I really want from you, Hannah. I would need a time machine for that. I’ve been waiting twenty years to sink my dick into you, so I’ll have to settle for what’s left. Get those robes off them!” He barked to his men. In a flash, both women were completely naked.

Otto walked from behind his desk, approached me, and grabbed my limp dick. “Such love and devotion for this?” He said tugging on me. “When I think of what lengths these women have gone to save your pathetic ass, it just makes me sick.” He dropped my dick as if he had accidentally touched dog shit.

He walked up to Jane and began to fondle her breasts. She stood still as though there was a gun pointed at her.

“Nice. Very nice. High and firm. I imagine Hannah’s were like that when we first met. Oh, I saw them on the beach and by the pool many times. Watched my dear friend Cyril slobber all over them.” He moved to Hannah. “But now I’ll have to settle for these,” he said taking a handful of one breast. “Not that they aren’t lovely, but it's clearly not the same.” He reached a second hand back to Jane’s chest.

Otto opened his robe to reveal a sizable erect penis. It seemed rooted in hair and indeed his chest and belly were thick with it. He looked at my limp dick and shook his head. “Not a fair comparison. Not fair at all. God bless Viagra.”

“Now Jane,” he said with a pleasant tone of voice, “would you be so good to bring our young friend’s love machine to life?”

Jane started to cry.

“Oh don’t be afraid, girl,” he said putting an arm around her. “No one’s going to hurt you. My men have no interest in you ladies. You should see the women they fuck. You’re no temptation at all. And I’m sure this is nothing new to you, so be a good girl and suck him off.” Nothing pleasant in those last three words.

I kept thinking to myself, just pretend this is role play. Hannah said Jane and Ron got into some mild S&M role-play with their friends. I tried to will those thoughts to her, not wanting to say anything out loud. Jane wiped her tears and began to jack me off. With her hand still wrapped around my dick, she slowly dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. I just kept staring at a picture of Hannah posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone in the room. Not my friends and certainly not my enemies.

Jane’s ministrations resulted in an erect penis. She released me and my shiny member was pointed at the ceiling. Otto stood before me and actually rubbed his dick against mine. He was proud that his was fatter and longer, but all I noticed was the veins bulging and what looked like a very weathered foreskin, a piece of leather that had seen much abuse.

He turned to Jane. “It will be easier for your friend if my cock were wet.”

It was clear he meant to rape Hannah right in front of us. I don’t think Hannah realized that until now and she turned to flee. Otto’s men quickly secured her and Jane went back to her knees to do as she was told.

Otto’s men forced Hannah onto the huge desk face down. They did this with such precision that I was certain this scene was nothing new to them and that today’s events were fully planned. Perhaps even rehearsed. There was a soft popping sound as Otto suddenly pulled away from Jane. He moved behind Hannah and was quickly taking her from the rear.

His first thrust seemed to require some effort, but he was quick to find his stride. The men let go of Hannah and she braced herself against the desk with her arms. Otto reached forward to roughly caress her breasts. Then Otto shouted, “Everyone out!”

His men escorted us back to our room. Jane threw her arms around me and was sobbing hysterically. I was in a state of shock myself. Unable to process what had happened. What was happening still and what was yet to come? I held Jane as best I could.

I think we both discovered at about the same time that I was still erect. I guess the 29-year-old penis wants what the 29-year-old penis wants. I felt no real craving for sex. I doubt Jane did either, but still, we went to the bed and began to fuck. I know there are angry fucks, joyful fucks. Drunken fucks, high-as-a-kite fucks. Even fucks against your own will. But this was a sorrowful fuck. Sex as a dirge. Sex as a sacrifice to the horrors of this world.

I don’t know if either of us experienced orgasms. I just know we stopped after a time. By then we were both crying, both miserable. Then Hannah came into the room. Not a look at either one of us. She just passed through into the bathroom where we heard her turn on the shower.

“What have I done, Jane? What have I done?”

She had no words of comfort for me. Wouldn’t even meet my gaze.

Hannah was in the bathroom for some time. We heard the hair dryer run and then stop and she still didn’t come out. Finally, she came into the room wearing a towel. Her face was made up, complete with lipstick and eye shadow. She never once looked at us as she dropped the towel, donned a bra and panties, and then a dress she took from the closet.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes drifted to where they met mine, reflected in the glass. It was only the briefest of glances and then she left the room.

Jane slipped on a dress and followed her out. I just sat naked on the bed my head full of shock and guilt and fear. Plus an overriding feeling of helplessness. I thought about all the destruction I had left in my wake.

Starting back in Pennsylvania where Madison was murdered because of me. My mother and my cousin Barbara, who were abandoned by me and left to wonder endlessly as to my fate. Then there was Sonja, whose heart I had broken and now Hannah, forced to marry a man she hated just to keep me safe. How could one guy, without any intention of doing harm, have fucked up so completely?

Jane came back with instructions for me. I was to shower and dress and pack a bag with the clothes Hannah had bought for me in Mexico City. A driver would be taking me to the airport in Quito as soon as I was ready.
When I was stuck in San Salvador for all those weeks, I wrote two letters. One each for my mother and my cousin Barbara. I asked Jane if she would mail them for me and she agreed. “Make sure there’s no way these can be traced back to you. No return address and mail them from someplace other than LA.” She understood.

Hannah was nowhere to be found when I climbed into the black Toyota Highlander. Otto only spared one of his men for the drive. I’m sure he knew I would fully cooperate. It took us four hours to reach Quito. There his man hung around until I boarded an Avianca Airlines Airbus and then I was off to London. With a layover and plane change in Bogota, I landed at Heathrow around 7:30 PM the next day.

This is an excerpt from my novel "Escape From Surf City" to be released 9/16/22 on Amazon.