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Even Robots Need Love too (MF+, Sci fi, ws) (could be the start of a new series)

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  • You would think anything this fun would be illegal

Love is truly blind. It makes fools of us all, alongside time and death. But what if....?

   Doctor Thomas Fariel was dying. The leading most authority on robotics and synthetics. At ten years old, he created a fully functional prosthetic arm out of an Erector set for his sister who lost her arm in a freak car accident. At twelve he was accepted in the universes most prestigious Technological university. At fifteen he was almost expelled for creating an almost perfect replica of a female body, to sneak into the ladies locker room in. At sixteen he graduated after creating a synthetic humanoid robot that can survive even the surface of the sun. After that, his achievements piled up, to now, as he lay dying in the corporations research infirmary, his latest iteration of his original design was harvesting exotic matter from inside wormholes.

  But under the surface of it all, he harbored a deep desire. He truly hated the aging process and the ravages of time. He lost his parents to disease, his sister to a failed experiment, and his wife and kids to an off world plague. No, what he hated most was the weakness of the natural machine that was the human body. His body was almost entirely artificial, except his brain and genitals, but even then it was wearing out, and out of date. The company was still in love with their golden boy researcher, but his designs were edging closer and closer to that moral gray line, and despite all that he has given them, keeping him alive was at the lowest point of the corporations priority list. No, he knew it was time for him to be put to pasture, actually a long time past due. But he had things he wanted to do before he died officially. His life support systems were registering his artificial heart beat was weakening, as the long life battery was losing power. The machines in his lab quietly whirred to life as per programming doing the things he had set them up to do....

  The funeral was huge. Almost the entire scientific community from all over the universe attended. It was a bigger affair than most leaders or celebrities get. His body was atomized, as per his will, to join his family as cosmic dust. It was a sad day, but life moves on.....

A month later, in the shadows of the corporation...

A few machines sprang to life, tucked away with the other prototypes of the good doctors works in a long forgotten storage unit. The entire building was treated as a shrine to the good doctor, even the offices becoming a museum of sorts. His sisters robotic arm was on display, the toys he played with, and the many journals filled with his ideas and theories. Students from the tech universities are almost required to spend time there, to soak in the doctors knowledge he left behind. Rooms playing holo-vids of his many lectures when he did the college tours would be packed full of up and coming scientists, inventors and researchers. The once forgotten storage unit, left to rot away quietly, was always a hive of activity to rival the company's halls itself. Security picked up odd energy readings from a unit in the storage complex, and sent a drone in to investigate.

 Inside the unit, machines were using some of the most advanced technology, some that rivaled the latest and greatest. If the universe were actually interested enough to search the unit, they would have collectively shit a ton of bricks. Nano machines, that were still in the theoretical stage were building something. Soon, what was created was a man....

At the Ford Memorial Space port, a handsome man of mid twenties approached the security checkpoint. He gave the android his papers, scanning "her" systems passively as to not alarm the poor overworked android. The bio scans showed an above average human male, named Adam Corialin, twenty five, recent graduate of the local tech college. His space bound ticket was looking more and more like a system wide tour than any actual destination. The android smiled at him, as he was allowed to board the space elevator, heading to the star dock. The ship he was going on was popular with the nerds and science geeks, since it was like a sightseeing tour cruise of the new anomalies and weird things going on in the system. Adam wanted to see them when he was alive, but his old body would not have allowed him an extended space trip.

His rented cabin, for the entire trip was upper class, but no where near first class, just as he planned it. If anyone knew who he really was, it would be a huge hassle, and quite frankly would ruin his plans to finish his bucket list. The ship was set to depart later in the day, so he took in some of the ships on board entertainment. Dining for lunch in the nice dining hall, and playing games in the arcade. He found himself in the ship's library when he met her.

Cynthia Wellbring, unfortunate heiress to the Wellbring research group, both famous and notorious for their research practices was bored as all fuck. The slender twenty one year old was forced by her mother and father to get out of the lab, and see the universe before becoming chained down to her work. She could care less about see what the plebs who were not on the cusp of surpassing the greatest robotics genius ever were interested in seeing. She met the man once, at a lecture and the competitive fires in her were stoked to a blaze. Every one of his crack pot ideas were not only proven feasible, but more practical than their normal in the box counterparts. It infuriated her that his senile old brain could churn out a quantum power source, not for the good of mankind, but to power his automatic fucking coffee maker. Coffee, for all of fucks sake. He could have ended the earths energy problems long ago with it, and when asked why, he said it was for us to figure it out for ourselves, because nothing worth having was given freely. The gall of the man. It pissed her off so bad that her panties were perpetually soaked.

 She of course attended his funeral, at first to spit on his grave, and later alone in the dead of the night, piss on it. But she could not find enough energy to direct all of her rage at him. She knew she was not mad at him, but mostly at herself that she was so far below him on the scientific mountain, that if he peed on her from above, she would think it rain. No, she was just not there at the moment to change the world. She doodled a design in her notebook, to improve the synthetic muscle fiber he designed by forty percent. But at the cost of having to constantly be fed matter, almost like living tissue. She was thirsty, as the captain of the ship announced that the ship would be departing in thirty minutes, and that everyone needed to be secured in their cabins or in their seats until it was clear to move about. She sighed as she quickly left her cabin to go get food and fresh air.

Adam was carrying a tray of food and a stack of books under his arm. He always wanted to read them, but never had the free time to. He really did not NEED to eat, but his systems allowed him the pleasures of good meals, while breaking the food down to its base matter, and using the matter to store it or repair any damage his body received. He was lost in thought, listening to music playing in the auditory receptors in his head, enjoying life, when his sensors felt a minor pressure. "Hey shit for brains, watch where you going you big meat brick!" A woman was on the floor under his frame, having just been bulldozed by him and rubbing her ass.

Shifting his load, he frees up an arm and pulls the woman swiftly to her feet. She yelped angrily at the rough treatment, but marveled at his warm, but firm grip. He did not even bruise her skin, despite being pulled up quickly from the floor. In his mind he had to readjust the strength output, because no matter how you looked at it, no ordinary human could pull up a woman who weighed less than a hundred and ten pounds quickly and effectively like that.

"Sorry about that, my mind was elsewhere." He apologized to the woman, while scanning her to see if there was any lasting damage. Despite a small bruise forming on her ass, she was the picture of health, even if she was a little anemic and dehydrated. He figured she was like all the other lab rats on board, working to death, only to be made to get away for a little while, to avoid the rampant "death by overwork."

Softening her attitude when she took a good look at the meat wall she walked into, and to her he was a living meat wall, chiseled chin, fiercely strong looking upper body, one could almost correctly guess he did not belong on a ship full of nerds, but her inquisitive brain noted the stack of books under his arm, which were way to advanced for a muscle brained jock. Those books were the bibles of most of the scientific community. The holy texts in which even the simplest of idea's could be made into a grand advancement. A rival in the field has appeared, and she felt that fire burning in her chest and panties. "Oh, what do we have here, a brainy jock?" she asked semi playfully, but fully invested in dropping the man to a level below her in standing.

"Alright, What is Hassman's fifth law of robotics in an omni directional field?" She asked, knowing not many people would know the answer, unless they were truly devotee's to the science.

"All mechanical motion must expend any form of energy to move beyond the dimensions of normal space. But his theory was disproved by many due in part that robotic motion cannot be limited to the range of human motion, unless its design is correlated to a humans. so any motion that is not limited by range of motion will always expend the same amount of energy regardless of direction of movement. But I truly believe that the simplest answer and the most correct is "The motion is as the parts allow." Because hypothetical theories on infinite motion is useless because there is no way, even with any sort of testing, with the closest we could get to it, to prove or disprove it." He finished, taking a sip of his iced coffee.

Her jaw and panties hit the floor. She knew Hassman's fifth law was a long running scientific joke, the man even said so in many lectures he gave before he died. He put it out there to inspire someone to challenge it and rework it. A treasure hunt along with a challenge. Only two scientists had ever completely debunked it. Dr. Fariel was the only one to give that most correct, exact answer. It would be cited as the darkest day in the doctors long career. How could a new comer challenge the fifth law as if he had the wisdom and experience to? The entire community shunned the very young doctor, until someone pissed off enough to actually get off their lazy asses to challenge the doctor did so, only to prove the doctor correct. From then on the doctor was no longer shunned and given a voice to spread his word far and wide.

But Dr. Wellbring was having none of it. No one has shot through her challenges before. Most of the time the other nerds and researchers were too busy looking at her tits and ass to offer such an efficient defense to it. This pissed her off to horny levels unseen in humans before. She needed to completely dominate this meat brick. She had to own him down to his core. Not just to set an example to the other men around her, but to make sure her voice is no long dismissed because it had a cute body attached. Adam was perplexed. Courtship in his previous life was sharing conversations of science over take out in their labs, or helping each other research on those long nights of work. To Adam, sex was just a thing living things did to make babies. He missed his wife and kids, and loved them dearly, but both of their works kept them out of the bed more times than it put them in it together. But they died on that planet, after an unknown disease was released from an ancient crypt, killing the entire colony, until it was eradicated, and a new colony was built. So he did not realize that she was horny as all fuck, despite his scans telling him of her heightened sexual hormone levels, and her flushing skin, and the increasing dampness of her panties.

He smiled, and apologized again, trying to extract himself from the situation, but she was like a hungry wolf stalking her prey. She would not stop asking his opinions on various scientific matters, from past theories to current experiments. She even started talking about her work in organic machinery. That piqued his interest, as before his death, he had ideas that he had written in a journal that apparently no one has read yet. The idea of a fully organic machine that mimics a living thing was intriguing, since living things at the cellular level would be classified as machine like. But putting it in practical use aside from militaristic use, would be hard, as it would mean a huge shift from inorganic machinery, adaptable to near limitless situations. His greatest thought for its use would obviously be making planets uninhabitable, habitable, as the living machines could be adapted to any environment, and then once establish, work to change it for human habitation. But in his mind that would at least be a hundred years off from now.

Loud thumps from outside the hull, indicated that the ship was preparing to depart. He made it back to his cabin with her, and they continued their back and forth, as the ship began its hour long coast to the designated jump spot. By the time the ship was ready to jump, they were kissing and fondling each other. All thoughts of stopping left her mind, as his kisses and caresses were working her into a sexual frenzy, that not even the latest of toys in her drawer could do. He however was rapidly downloading porno, analyzing it for pointers as to what to do next. He started to kiss her neck, then all over her breasts. He was licking, kissing and in certain spots, nibbling her body on his way to her honey pot. She was already close to climax, as he kissed around her sex, and thighs, but not directly attacking her pussy.

The ship was in line with others, waiting its turn to jump as after a few minutes of his mouth foreplay, he dove into her super wet pussy. First he tongued her slit, watching it open fully, then attacked her clit with little kisses, bites and then actually sucking it between his lips. Her body could not hold back, as he was sprayed with her juices, and a little pee. She came gloriously, panting and moaning formulae to try and organize her thoughts. It was not helping, as he pulled her to him by her hips. His synthetic penis, while looking and feeling no different than any other mans, could grow, expand or  even spin like a drill. He could produce a semen like discharge, but he was a few steps away from creating sperm. His internal programming was going over his old genetic code, trying to assemble something like actual sperm, to simulate impregnation, but right now, she would have to make do with a kind of sweet, slightly salty mix of fluids. He lined his cock up with her virgin cunt, and as the ship pulled forward to the jump gate, he could see, by jacking into the ships outside sensors, he waited for the jump to start before thrusting into her.

The ship groaned a little, as the jump sling began, and as the ship achieved terminal velocity, and beyond in a split second, he pushed his cock all the way inside her. The feeling of acceleration, mixed with the sudden intrusion of a penis for the first time sent her over the edge.

"Oh fuck, oh holy goddess of science fuck! Tear me apart with that magic cock!" she screamed her litany of sexy swears as he thrust into her balls deep, as the ship did buffer its passengers from the full effects of faster than light travel, in this moment, she could feel the speed, along with the fullness of his cock coursing into and through her body. He was using only an eighth of his strength but even that was more than enough to make her head flop around with each thrust. Only a small minor trickle of blood, and their mixed juices dripping onto the sheets was the evidence of what he was doing to her as they were traveling out of the milky way to their first stop on the cruise. Her mind was breaking. His cock and the motion of the ship was doing the trick, robbing her of will or reason as he pounded that large meat stick into her once virgin pussy. He could cum at any time, but the nanomachines simulating nerves were working at full power, and he could "feel" his machine cock pushing into her, his cock being grasped by her greedy, wanton pussy, the level of moisture inside, her increasing blood flow to her pussy, and the rising temperature from it. She on the other hand was gone. She died a few little deaths, before the ship slowed to normal speed, and returned to normal space. Her body gave out after her last orgasm, and he could go on like this for hours, days even, but he thought it would be rude, and started his own orgasm, which pumped a nutrient rich fluid into her, one that would be absorbed, helping her body, and also keeping her vagina healthy and clean. Since it would be awhile before they arrived at their first stop, he covered them up with the blanket and took a nap with her.

If this was the start of a great trip, he would have taken it long before he died......

TBC or not?

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Hopefully TBC, great job!