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E-Massage (MF)

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on: October 18, 2022, 06:53:20 PM
This is a fictional story of a young masseuse and her client. Hope you enjoy.


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Reply #1 on: October 18, 2022, 06:53:59 PM
Hey guys. I wanted to tell you all about something that happened a last week. I think you will find the story worth the read. I’ll try to keep it short.

Before I get into it, a little about me. I’m a type-A workoholic who works in mergers and acquisitions for a prominent firm in New York City. Super exciting, I know. I’m in my early thirties with no wife or kids. Why? Because I just don’t have the time. I’ll date a girl for a few months and then move on. It is just something keep my parents off my back and fill my time when I’m not at work or at the gym. I’m six-one, just shy of 200lbs, dark hair, blue eyes, bla bla. Enough about me. Onto the story.

So I’m dating this girl, and I guess I would say, if I had to admit it, that I was feeling her a little more than the usual girls I date, but ultimately, she left just as things were getting serious, saying I just didn’t have the time for her or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention, but anyways, I was feeling a little off. I hit the gym up a little harder than normal to blow off some energy, but that wasn’t working. I considered joining Tinder, so I could find a fling to get this girl off my mind, but that just wasn’t me. I’ve dated plenty of women and had my player days, but I’ve never just hooked up with some chick I never knew, so I scratched that idea off the plate. The idea of going to the clubs wasn’t exactly appealing at my age, so I took my parents advice and drove upstate to the family lake house to get some R&R.

After a few days, I was feeling fairly restless. I had ran the lake and gone downhill mountain biking. I had hit the gym and relaxed in our sauna. It was winter, so the jet ski and boat was lifted and hibernated at our doc, and I had no interest in getting it down. After the second night of jerking off to porn and watching movies, I was feeling a need to get out of the house. I was suppose to be relaxing, but as I was going over a proposal for work, I was just feeling all knotted up with tension and stifled energy. I needed something more aggressive to help me relax.

I searched online for something to do, but I was out in the sticks, so there wasn’t much. They didn’t even have a theatre or anything close-by in the town I was in, except some biker bars. The closest city was about an hour away, and it was more like a large town than anything metropolitan. I was scanning for something to do. It was a Saturday night, so I saw a few clubs were open, but that still wasn’t my scene. I checked out what was playing, but nothing looked interesting. Then I saw a few late night massage parlors were open, and I realized that might be just the thing I needed. There was a cozy Thai parlor that had rave reviews with a picture of lovely older lady on the Yelp page. The reviews noted her authentic Thai technique of getting on the table to put her weight on the client, squeezing and stretching the client in a very Thai, yet sports massage, type of technique, which sounded exactly like what I needed.

I drove the hour and fifteen minutes to the parlor and quickly came inside to escape the freezing cold of the night. The entrance was thankfully very warm, and there was a young girl behind the counter who was hunched over and too preoccupied with her phone to notice me. She was  slightly moving in rhythm to the music playing in her AirPods. She had dark, straight hair that was covering her face, and as I approached the counter, I could see down her blouse. She had petite and toned arms, typical of her youth, but her breasts were ample, hanging away from her petite torso, creating a deep crevasse of cleavage. She shivered and goosebumps rose along her arms from the gush of cold air that finally hit her. She looked up and was startled to see me there. “Oh I’m so sorry,” she said, as she pulled the AirPods from her ears. “I didn’t hear you come in.” She was staring up at me with her large, brown eyes, in a daze, somewhat transfixed on my blue eyes. “Wow, you have really amazing eyes sir,” she exclaimed.

I was surprised at her candor. As she stood up, her hair settled away from her face, and her shoulders pulled back, allowing me to see her in her entirety. She was an attractive girl in her late teens to early twenties with large eyes and full lips on a petite, heart-shaped face that enhanced her youth. She was maybe five-four and a hundred and twenty pounds with a lot of that in her chest. She had on a white, button-up shirt that was hugging her waist and cupping her large breasts. Underneath, she had on a black string-top. Just as I was about to thank her, a man came out the door to the back, and I stepped aside so he could pay. Shortly after, an older woman in her fifties came out all bundled up in preparation for the cold. The two exchanged platitudes for her services, and she left the parlor. Just as the man was finishing his transaction, another man came out and stood inline. I gestured for him to step ahead of me, and he obliged. As he was being rung up, the older woman I had seen on the Yelp page came through the door to the back. She was maybe five foot and darker toned than the girl behind the counter. The gentleman thanked her again, and she smiled, as he left the establishment. As I waited for the young lady to finish closing the register, the old woman spoke to her in Thai. Then she turned to me and asked, “How can I help you?”

I stepped forward and asked if it wasn’t too late for a massage, as I knew the hour was growing late; it was almost ten. She said she could do a thirty minute massage, but that was it, or she could book me for tomorrow. I insisted that I wanted a full ninety minutes and mentioned that I traveled over an hour away, and I asked if she wouldn’t mind making an exception and staying over. Before I could offer her anything, she said she couldn’t do ninety minutes, that she had to get home to her husband. I insisted, and I told her I could pay her double the price. She looked over my shoulder at my Audi RS7 parked in front of her shop, and she knew I wasn’t playing around. She spoke to her daughter in Thai, and they got into a heated argument, that the old woman quickly extinguished. “Yes, very well sir,” she said. “You pay now, and I will take you to the back.” As I paid the young girl, the old woman locked the door and turned off the ‘Open’ sign, and then she escorted me back.

The place was well furnished and decorated, letting me know I wasn’t in some trashy establishment. The lighting was low and warm. The furnishings looked authentic and tropical. As I passed by the thick beds with plush blankets and thick mattresses, and when I saw the rolls of clothes next to warmers, I could tell they spared no expense and that this massage was going to live up to my expectations after reading the rave reviews.

She led me to a changing room, and asked me to put all my clothes in the locker. She sat a folded robe on top of a linen basket and placed some slippers next to it, saying that she would be back to get me. As I changed, I could hear them arguing in Thai, so I didn’t know what I was saying, except a few times when the young girl broke from her family’s language, saying how it wasn’t fair and that her plans were ruined now. Shortly after the commotion stopped, the woman knocked on the door and escorted me to the massage room. “I’m very sorry sir, but I must go. This is no problem,” she explained. “My granddaughter, Aree. She is very good. I trained her. She is the best. She will gladly do your massage. This is okay?” I hadn’t read anything in the reviews about any of the other masseuses, so I didn’t know what to expect, but at this point, I would have taken anything, so I nodded, as she led me into the room. “Please sir, your can hang your robe there.” I was expecting her to leave the room, but she gestured to the hanger, so I took off my robe in front of her and hung it on the door. “Yes, very nice sir. Now, please, I tuck you in,” she said, as she gestured to the bed and held up the sheets. I crawled in the bed and laid face down, as she covered my body with the thick heated blankets. The room was warm in the mid to high seventies, and the thick blankets and table was also warmed. The weight of the warm blankets felt immediately relaxing. “Aree will be right in sir. Please, enjoy your massage,” she said, as she exited the room. There was relaxing ambiance playing in the background, dim, warm lighting and candles lit in the corner wafting aromatherapy. It was a soothing environment. Things were starting off right.

There was a knock at the door, and I heard the voice of Aree announcing her entrance. Being face down, I couldn’t see much except her black pant-legs and her manicured, French-tipped toes in her sandals, as she entered. “Hello Mr. Hathaway,” she said, as she entered the room. “Is the temperature comfortable for you in here? My grandma tends to keep it a little warm.” I told her I was fine, and she continued. “Do you have any areas on your body that needs extra attention or that I should stay away from?” I told her nothing in particular was needing attention or was troubling me, so she moved on. She rolled the top comforter down my body and set it aside, leaving a thick sheet over my body. She traced her hand down my body to make first contact, before she moved to my back. She began pushing on my body, kneading it in her hands and squeezing my muscles like she was ringing out a sponge. She worked down my back to my legs and then back up to my arms. She asked me how the pressure was, and then she asked me what I did for a living and what I was doing in the area, if I was just visiting, and so I explained who I was and why I was in the area. “That’s interesting,” she said. “And is your wife and children back at the lake house Mr. Hathaway?”

“Colin is fine,” I said, as I continued with a sigh. “And there is no wife or kids. I’m kind of married to my work.”

“How depressing,” she said candidly, as she continued to work my body.

I chuckled. “Yeah, well, maybe it is.” There was a pause before I interrupted the silence. “Sorry I interrupted your plans. Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your time. I’m a good tipper!”

She made a heavy sigh, as if she was able to release some animosity. “Oh it’s okay. It is no big deal. I was just looking forward to going dancing with my friends tonight, but my grandmother is right; we could use the extra money,” she said, as she climbed up on the bed, Thai-style, and straddled my legs with her knees. She pushed on my back, squeezing with her full weight into my body, which felt nice. Plus, I preferred the constant contact. “How’s the pressure Colin?” I told her it was perfect, and she continued working. After some time passed, I could hear her breathing deepening, as she was working hard and getting into the massage. The thick sheet allowed her to get traction on my muscles, and she squeezed and pressed on them with her petite yet impressively strong hands. “You must work out a lot,” she complemented. I thanked her and mentioned that I did do a lot of different activities and spent some time in the gym when I wasn’t woking. “Uhhh, this music is killing me,” she announced, as she crawled off the bed. “Do you mind if I put on something else?” The ambience was relaxing, but I didn’t mind accommodating her. I could hear her fumbling through some tracks until she settled on some slow, chill, electric music. “That’s better she said,” and then I heard her drink some water before returning to my body.

She rolled the sheet back down my body to the top of my glutes, exposing my back. She walked around the bed, tracing her hand on my back, as she moved the sheet back on the other side. I could hear the sound of massage oil sliding between her hands. She reached under the table and brought the scent to my nose, filling them with a mature fragrance of vanilla and lavender. “Smells good, right,” she asked? I nodded, and then she stood at the head of the bed and shot her hands down my back all the way to my glutes in one fast move electrifying my spine before she circled her hands slowly back to my shoulders and began massaging my muscles. “How was that,” she asked? And I nodded with satisfaction.

She was trained well by her grandmother. That was clear. She worked her hands into my body with undulating motions that was perplexing to me, but managed to quickly relax my body. She was only working on my back for twenty to thirty minutes when I could tell her breathing was changing. It wasn’t just rhythmic and deep like someone in the midst of a mild workout. It was almost idiopathic in a medically therapeutic way, as if she was releasing heat trapped from within her core. Her massage technique changed, as if she was gripping my flesh with need and desire. It still felt good, even if it was a little less organized and purposeful. I could tell she was getting more and more into the contact of the massage, starting to use her whole body. She kept leaning against me, pressing her chest against my body, as she reached across the table using her forearms and weight to knead my muscles.

Then I felt a few drips of perspiration hit my back. “Wow, I am getting hot,” she suddenly proclaimed. “Is it getting hot in here?” I just shrugged, as the warm room felt perfect to my naked body, but she was clearly struggling. “Just a second,” she said. She broke contact with me, and from the corner of my eye, I could see her feet in the dimly lit room. In short time, her white, button-up shirt fell to the floor, and I could see the patches of wet spots on her shirt from her perspiration. Following the shirt was her black bra. Then I heard a zipper, and her black pants fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. Her change in attire quickened my heart. I heard her take a big drink of water. “Oh my god. That is so much better,” she said, as she freed her body from the stifling clothes and let out a sigh from having her thirst quenched. She fumbled through her music and put on some slow EDM. She worked some more massage oil between her hands and found my back with her warm hands, working the oil into my muscles. “You have a nice body Mr. Hathaway. I mean Colin,” she giggled. I told her she did too. “Awww, you are so sweet.”

I could tell she was tripping off of something. If I had to guess, I would say she had downed a few pills with her water—assuming it was water. I didn’t smell alcohol, and she didn’t seem inebriated. As she leaned into my body, I could feel the heat and perspiration from her skin. From the way her demeanor changed, the increase in her candor, taking off the hot clothes, the heat from her body, her increased use of her contact with my body, all rubbing up on me, I was sure as shit that she was tripping on ecstasy. I wasn’t exactly complaining about this. I was even getting a contact buzz, or maybe it was just a placebo effect, or maybe it was just having a young girl half naked massaging me that was getting me worked up, but whatever it was, again, I wasn’t complaining. It felt good to be touched, to get the massage, and to be touched in such a needy way.

She uncovered my leg one at a time and worked down my body. As she leaned forward, I could feel the softness of her breasts pressing into my body where there was once thick, supportive material. They were supple, and not to be mistaken for extra body fat, as she was lean, and yet, they were perky from her youthful skin. I could feel the firm tip of her erect nipples through her string top pressing into my side, and from what I could tell, she was keenly aware of the intentional contact. “How does that feel Colin? Is it still good pressure?” I nodded. As she moved around my body, moving in front of my face, I could only see her nude legs.

She worked her way back up my legs into the sides of my glutes. I had powerful glutes from playing sports as a young man and from the weight training and activities I did now. I loved a good glute massage, so as she worked her way to my hips and the sides of my pelvis, I didn’t object. “Is this okay Mr. Hathaway? I don’t want to miss any muscles,” she said, as she worked her digits into the meat of my glutes. Before I could answer, she continued anyways, “I love to get my butt massaged, and I’m sure you do too. Right Mr. Hathaway. I mean Colin. Plus, you have a great butt for an older guy, so you don’t mind, right?” I told her that she was fine continuing. “Okay good,” she said. “I want you to be comfortable. I’m just really comfortable with you, but I just want us both to be equally comfortable.” I said I understand and agree. I said how I was perfectly comfortable, and she was doing an excellent job. “Awww, you are so sweet.”

She worked on my glutes, really massaging and kneading them, which felt amazing. Then she moved up my back to my arms and worked them. When she got to my hands, she found them to be hot and clammy from getting worked up. She worked her fingers into my hands and worked the stress from the small muscles there. Her small fingers intertwined with my thick fingers, and for a moment, I couldn’t help but want to reach for her, to hold her hand. I was clearly getting into my massage much more than I was expecting and getting turned on, but then Aree climbed back on the table and straddled my legs. This time I could feel her bare legs against mine, and as she worked her hands into my back, pressing her weight into me, she slowly sank her body into the top of my thighs. Her perspiring body was slippery against my thighs, so she kept bucking her hips forward into my glutes to maintain her position. I could feel the top of her thighs and the bottom edge of her butt against my skin, and I didn’t know if she was in a thong or in some boy shorts underwear, but it was getting me hard thinking about her sitting on me half naked. I think she was getting especially worked up from the contact too because she was moving her hips along my legs, as she pressed her weight into me, and she was lowering her torso down to the point that she was practically rubbing her breasts against my back. “How do I feel,” she asked? “Does this feel good?” I didn’t know how to respond. I just nodded. She leaned down into my ear, “I think I’m ready for you to turn over Mr. Hathaway.”

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Reply #2 on: October 18, 2022, 06:56:08 PM
I was a little apprehensive because I could feel my hard-on pressing into the mattress, but as she crawled off of me, I slowly turned over and assumed a position on the bed. She was turned away, putting some Rufus on her music player. I looked over, and I could see the glow of her body in the dimly lit room. Her body was glistening from the candle light dancing off the dew of perspiration all over her skin. Her thin, black, string top was clutching her small torso and clearly struggling to hold up her breasts. Her top terminated just above her navel. She had on a black string thong, the style with the triangle in the back that shaped the curve of her perfectly round ass. She was moving her hips to the music, sipping some water, mindlessly spacing out, as I got myself situated. I faced supine and said I was ready. She turned around and smirked, as she clearly saw my rock-hard cock pointing to my navel, obvious in its outline under the sheet covering it. She turned back around and got a small wedge to put under my knees, and then she grabbed a warm, damp towelette from the warmer and placed it over my eyes, which felt relaxing and eased the awkwardness of my erection. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

I heard the subtle sound of something dropping on the ground, but I didn’t realize what it was until later. She moved to my head and began massaging my neck, pulling my muscles to length. She ran her fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp. Then she began rolling the sheet off of my chest and down my body, but as she leaned forward to roll it down to my navel, her bare breasts pressed to the top of my head and parted along my ears. The gull on this girl; I couldn’t believe her, but I didn’t say anything, as her breasts swayed against the sides of my face. She began massaging my shoulders and chest. The sensual nature of her touch was intoxicating.

She moved around to the side of the bed to continue to massage my arm, working her way down to my finger tips, pulling on them one at a time. She moved my arm out to my side and bent it up, so she could stretch my chest while tracing the curve of my pec where it met my ribs. When she was done, she moved my arm back to my side before moving to the other side of my body to repeat the same. Once finished there, she kept my top uncovered and then moved down to my thigh, squeezing it like a sponge before she uncovered my whole lower limb, frogging my leg, so she could tuck the sheet into my crotch, pushing the material against my balls. As she worked on my leg, her hip kept rub up against the side of my hand just barely hanging on the edge of the mattress. She seemed to subtly, but intentionally be using her body to push my hand off the mattress and eventually that is what happened. With it hanging off the bed, she subtly walked her body back into my relaxed hand. The second I felt her warm flesh against my hand, I couldn’t help but subtly caress her soft skin. She pushed back and my arm came out more, dropping lower, opening my palm such that I was basically cupping her cheek. She clearly wanted me to do it, but I just slowly began caressing and kneading her bare ass. “Is this okay,” I asked in a low, quiet voice?

“Of course,” she said. “I said how much I loved a good butt massage.” I continued to squeeze and knead her glutes. “Mmmm, that feels really good Mr. Hathaway. You should be a masseuse.” Without warning, she quickly covered up my leg and came around to the other side to start on my other leg. Once she was in position, she reached back and moved my wrist off the bed and backed her butt up into my palm, so I could continue to massage her ass. “You have to get both sides,” she said.

It was clear by the nature of her massaging technique and the way her hips were moving and her feet were dancing below her that she was dealing with some inner stimulus. The ecstasy was rolling hard in her body, and my touch was just bringing it out of her that much more. That much was obvious from her breathing and her touch. She was leaning forward in long massaging strokes, pressing and running her bare breasts against my thigh. She seemed very hot and bothered, and I had to say that I was feeling the same. I could feel my cock flexing and bouncing off of my navel, still trapped under the sheet.

Then she moved quickly and purposefully away from my grip and quickly covered back up my leg. She lifted my legs and pulled out the wedge pillow under my knees. There was a pause with no contact from her, and then I could feel her crawling up on the bed. She was straddling my torso and using the sheet and her weight to squeeze my legs hard, again, like she was ringing out my muscles like they were sponges. She worked her way down my legs, walking her knees forward until her hands got to my ankles, and then she lowered her body to my thighs and pushed her body back while gripped my ankles, pressing her ass firmly back against my balls and the base of my cock. She began undulating her hips and grinding her ass and pussy against my hard meet just teasingly separated by the sheet. “Mmmmm, your body feels good Mr. Hathaway. Does this feel good?” I wasn’t going to object. It felt amazing, so of course I said she felt amazing. She moved her hips back and began grinding her vulva and ass along the length of my shaft, clearly working herself up to a bit of a frenzy. “God dam that feels so good,” she said candidly.

She quickly marched her knees back on the bed until she positioned them into my armpits, resting her shins on my shoulders. She moved her torso down to mine and pressed her hanging breasts against my abs, rubbing the supple jugs into my oily skin. She slowly pulled back the sheet and exposed my cock to the open air of the room. It was no sooner out from the sheet than it was slid into her hot mouth. I should say, in her burning hot mouth because her core was febrile. I don’t know if her grandmother also trained her oral skills, but she had talent. She quickly engulfed most of my cock and began eagerly sucking and tonguing everything she swallowed.

My eyes were still covered by the warm compress, so I couldn’t see anything, but after a few minutes, some of her perspiration hit my chin. She had my shoulders pinned, but I was able to reach around and pull off the compress. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the low glow of the room, but to my surprise, I realized her bare pussy was just a few inches above my face. The drops that I thought were perspiration was actually the dew of her juices hanging in a string from the tip of her clit. She had a tuft of black, stringy hair above her bald snatch. Her vulva was puffy and red. Her inner lips looked swollen and stifling between her puffy, outer labia. There was an accumulation of clear, sugary dew collecting along the ridge of her lips and running down and off of her clit. I could smell the musky aroma of her cunt like an aphrodisiac just inches away from my nose that was mixing with the sugary vanilla lavender of the massage oil, and it instantly made my mouth water. I stuck out my tongue and gathered the dew on the tip, swallowing the sample. I wanted more. I leaned my head up and outstretched my tongue just enough to swipe the dew from the tip of her hood. She immediately felt the contact and separated her knees and pushed her wet cunt back into my face. Without hesitation, I went to town lapping at her pussy. She moaned hard against my cock to the point that it forced her to release my meat from her mouth, so she could get out all her air. “Ohhhh shit that feels so fucking good.” With a hand still gripping my cock, she postured up and buried my face between her ass with my nose pressed against her sphincter. She began grinding her vulva on my mouth and puckered anus on my nose, rubbing her clit along my tongue and lips. Her pace picked up quickly and within a minute she was orgasming on my mouth, convulsing her hips in spasms, as she cried out my name.

No sooner did she cum than she dismounted from my face and crawled down my body. Squatting over my hips, she quickly lifted my cock to her pussy and buried her ass down on my cock. The length of my cock was welcomed to her young, tight pussy that was burning hot and dripping wet. She began bobbing up and down on my cock, as I looked at the shape of her heart shaped ass tapering to a tiny torso. I was in heaven. She circled her hips and stroked my cock back and forth, bending it down to my thighs, as she gripped my cock with her pussy, jerking me off. My erection was quickly getting so rock hard that she needed to spin around. She braced herself on my hips, as she bounced her ass hard against my pelvis, crashing down hard. “Oh my god Colin, your cock feels so good,” she moaned. She got down to her knees and pressed back, burying my cock deep within her burning core. She grabbed my wrists and moved my hands to her breasts. “Touch me,” she begged, and I began kneading her breasts in my hands, as she rode my cock. My finger tips worked up to her erect nipples, and I circled the tender tips between my fingers. “Oh yes! Harder!” I gripped on her nipples, and the harder the better, as the sensations only seemed to amplify the waves rolling through her body. “Ohh shit yeah!” She grabbed her breast from my hand and clutched the back of my head, lowering her body, she forced her breast in my mouth. As her ass lifted off of my cock, I instinctively lifted my hips and got on my feet, so I could fuck her. As I aggressively sucked on her tit, I pumped her pussy. “Ohh shit Colin! You are going to make me cum!” The second I heard that I reached up and gripped her ass, as I began pounding her pussy from below. With her tit in my mouth and her body tensing in a brace against my thrusts, she quickly reached her orgasm and began moaning aloud once more, pushing her pussy back against my cock and burying my rod deep inside of her with her weight. Her tight, clenching pussy gripping my cock, as she road out her orgasm.

“Oh my god Colin,” she exclaimed, when she finally caught her breath. “Ohh ohh, never twice,” she chuckled in disbelief, giggling with euphoria. She dropped down suddenly, pressing her breasts to my face, as she quickly found my mouth and began making out with me. There was lust, appreciation, and the drugs, all feeding the desire and urgency of her lips and tongue. I began stroking my cock back and forth in her pussy, and she postured her hips back up in the air, so I could have better access to thrust. She moaned behind our kiss, as I picked up the pace. I was close to my own orgasm, so my thrusts were gaining speed and power, spanking her pussy with each crash against her clit. I had her ass gripped in my hands, so I could target each thrust. She couldn’t keep her mouth to mine any more and took in a gulp of air before moaning rhythmically in my ear with her cheek pressed to mine. I was getting close to cumming, so I warned her. “In my mouth,” she quietly begged in my ear. Well, that made me lose control. A few thrusts, and I called out that I was cumming. In a flash, she lifted her hips off of my cock and crawled down the bed. She swallowed my cock, just missing the first spurt, as I unloaded streams of cum in her mouth. She eagerly, and I say, very very eagerly swallowed my cum like she was dying of thirst, as I grunted and moaned. The heat of her mouth and the vibrations of her moans of satisfaction only heightened my orgasm, as my cock spasmed the last bits of cum from my balls.

She continued to suck on my cock, drawing all the cum from the tip, as she wrapped her lips around the shaft to gather up the remains cum that had seeped out from the corners of her mouth. She withdrew my cock and used the flat, broad surface of her tongue to stroke the sides clean, even cleaning the ring of her white cum from the base of my cock. “Mmmmmm delicious,” she said, as she finished.

She crawled back up my body and found my mouth and made out with me, laying her body on mine, her breasts smashed between our torsos. She broke free and looked at me in the eyes. “Mmmmm, that was hot. You’re fun,” she said smirking. She slowly crawled off my body and the bed and slowly tip-toed to the door cracking it open and flooding the room with some of the light from the hall. “Well, are you coming,” she asked? I quickly got up and followed her down the hall to the wood shower room where I fucked her from behind before she pulled my cock out of her and guided it up to her sphincter, finishing me off by letting me cum in her ass.

After we showered off, I changed into my clothes, and with her dressed in a robe, she walked me out to the front. I had already paid, but I pulled out my wallet and generously tipped her, also writing the address to my lake house on a business card. “I’ll be there all week,” I said, as I handed it to her. I leaned down to kiss her and then I took off. The next evening, I got a knock on the door, and there she was in a little dress with her waist synched and her bust practically pouring out. I scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom, throwing her on the bed before joining her for another amazing session of hot sex. She was just what I needed to recenter my mind, and who knows, if she is as amazing out of bed, as she is in bed, then we could have a future.

The End
That was a short one, but hoped you enjoyed it. -Ash