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Time for camping (MF Cons)

coldday · 372

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on: November 22, 2022, 04:58:30 AM
Dara and I reached our destination after about 15 minutes of walking. The sun was still high in the summer sky. The buzz of insects could be heard but none could be seen. The air was warm enough to cause a few drops of sweat off our brows. The sky’s reflection in the lake caused a shimmer that made it seem like a portal to another dimension. The surrounding Timothy grass was tall and green and untouched making it seem inviting.

“Ok. Are you ready for this?” I asked.

“For what?” eyebrow arching.

“Follow my lead,” as I pulled on my black T-shirt over my head barring my chest. Laying it down flat and spread out, I unbuttoned my Levi’s and skinned them off. They joined my shirt on the ground so I didn’t have to lay directly on the grass. I tried not to look at Dara as I arranged myself naked on my clothes next to the pristine lake in full sun worship mode. I could hear very little movement from her at first but eventually after a few minutes, sounds of her shirt and other clothing being removed could be heard. I strained not to look but to just enjoy the warmth of the sun and the lack of bugs.

When she laid down next to me, close but not close enough to touch, I looked over. She was as naked as I was but instead of laying out and soaking up every inch of the sun, her arms were crossed and her knees were pulled up with her ankles crossed, limiting my view of her stunning body that I so desired to see and touch.

I closed my eyes and tried to move my attention to somewhere else beside the naked beauty laying next to me trying to hide her charms. Instead I began to imagine taking her back to my hotel room after we were done.

“Would you like to go up to my room? We don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to. We can just order room service.”


We took the stairs up to the fourth floor. I let her walk first and I was now applauding my decision since her tight ass was working the stairs inside her leggings at exactly head height. I suspected no panties underneath.

My imagination went straight to my cock. The more I tried to ignore it, the harder it got. My penis flushed bright red and stood straight up. I nervously glanced sideways at Dara. She was looking directly at my turgid member.  That made it even harder. I thought I might cum just from her watching me get hard. The color was now approaching purple and my balls were pulled up tight and desiring to be touched.

She surprised me with “Do you just want to fuck and get it over with?” Her arms moved down to the sides of her body fully displaying the large beautifully formed globes. My eye seized on the view of nipples. They were already stiff and had turned from her natural dusky brown to bright red. Then she very slowly lowered her raised crossed feet to the ground. When her feet touched the ground, she moved her knees apart, spreading her legs. And as her knees touched the ground her vagina split apart just enough for me to see a shadow of her slit. I almost came on my stomach and I hadn’t touched myself yet.

“Yes. Let’s fuck.”

I turn quickly to my hands and knees and slowly, deliberately crawl towards Dara. My shadow soon covers her creamy skin. My hand pinches a nipple between a finger and a thumb and I pull up. The nipple stretches and hardens even more. The whole breast is even pulled up slightly but I don’t pull too hard. Releasing the nipple, I continue my crawl. I stop when my straining member is centered between her split cleft. The mound is totally shaved and smooth. It is a beautiful sight. I can now see the moisture on her pussy lips. One drop and then another leak out and run down towards her ass.

I think about the hotel room again.

As soon as the door closes you jump into my arms and wrap your legs around my back. You kiss me hard on the mouth. I kiss you back. Your chest feels hot against my chest. Your pelvis grinds against my stomach. I press back. The heat radiates from us. It makes me hard. As my erection rises, it presses into your softness. I feel the muscles under your skin. My firmly grip you, one on each ass cheek.

You pull back from my mouth at the same time as I do because we feel the moisture drip from your folds. It soaks my pants and your leggings! We look into each other’s eyes and we both laugh wildly. You unwrap your legs and hop down from my arms. Without missing a beat, you skin your leggings off in one smooth motion. I notice there are no panties in sight. I grin big as I bend down to remove my pants and my boxer briefs, looking up as I bend over I see your smooth mound again.

I had seen the top swell of it the week before in a pic where you pulled down your panties enough for me to see your bikini line and that you shave yourself smooth but not enough to see my real desire.

Suddenly I see the split of your pussy for the first time. You step back and pose as I straighten up. Showing off how hot you know you are and knowing how much I love your body. I can smell the scent of your desire more strongly now. It is an intoxicating perfume. I want it.

Your hand grabs your soaking wet leggings from the ground, wrapping them around my cock, and using them to jerk me off. I work to stave off the inevitable eruption. Your hand has not yet in our lives touched my cock but it is so close. Only the thin fabric of your heavily programmed leggings and the moisture that dropped from your pussy separate your skin from my erection. You watch my hardon intently. You are so focused. I believe while jerking me off you are creating my own cum inside of you. I look down to your legs and see dropping moisture. I smell cum but I haven't yet. Your eyes light up when I spurt over your leggings and hand and breasts. Such lovely breasts. I have loved them since that first pic.

It makes you want to get me hard all over again and jump on my cock until it touches your cervix and my balls are resting on your ass!! Even that barely moderated your desire for fucking me silly!!!

You want to cum together with me buried in your pussy!!!! You want to stay on top of my penis until it is so soft, it will no longer stay inside your gorgeous vagina!!!!! And when it falls out, soft, you want my cum running out of you, down your leg, and back on top of my cock!!!!!!

And then you can't help but to jump off my lap and take my member in your mouth to suck our fluids off it!!!!!!! And then you jump back into my lap, force your tongue inside my mouth, causing us both to swallow the cum and your fluids you captured and saved in your mouth, at the same time!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure but I think time stopped.

“What are you waiting for? Please fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I don’t wait. I move down, wetting the head, thinking that it is so tight and I am so excited that I will have to work my stiffness in slowly. Using her natural lubrication as much as possible.

I woke up with a smile, a beautiful memory and a steel hard erection. I could masturbate. I could get up and pee. Or I could slowly hold my rock hard cock and remember last night…

Dara and I had been at the movies. The theater was very, very extremely dark. We sat in the back. The movie was interesting but slow. Our elbows kept lightly touching on the arm rest…

My hand moved so slowly. I didn’t want to cum. I wanted it to last. I wanted to relive the entire memory… and I wanted to save all my cum for Dara when I saw her again tonight. A few times I thought the energy between us became visible sparks, when our elbows touched.

I leaned over, brushed back her long back tresses and put my lips near her ear.

“Take off your panties and give them to me,” I whispered.

She turned to look at me, eyes wide with fear, questioning.

“Do you trust me?”

My skin was hot, lubricated by a prodigious amount of pre-cum. I grasped it so hard. It felt divine in my hand.

Nodding and apprehensive, she slowly so slowly reached down with both hands, flipped up just the very sides of her skirt, so nothing was visible. Hooked her hands in the sides of her panties. And instead of lifting her hips, wiggled them side to side while pulling them down, I'm sure to be more demure.  My first ever view of her panties was so shocking when they were in my hand. I expected yellow thong and instead of low cut, cotton, 1970’s erotica.

I love it when Dara surprises me. The fact that she took her panties off in public and handed them to me. And then even more the style. She continues to surprise. Thinking made me harder. How was that possible?

We kissed a few times. I touched her a few times, a leg, her arm, the side of her stomach. I even brushed the side of her breast. After like 20 minutes I could smell the effect it was having, I thought a few times her lovely scent was so strong I could taste it. Her breathing was so slow, a few times I thought it stopped.

...After the movie, we walked back to my pickup in the parking garage. Slowly arm in arm. Her panties in my pocket. Stopping to kiss a few times, tongues dueling. When I unlocked the passenger door, I could see the flush running up her chest to her neck.

“Are you ready? Here? Please say yes.”

She nodded as I opened the door. I moved her next to the seat, inside the open door, back to me. Lightly pushing the middle of her back, immediately knew exactly what I expected, what I wanted. She bent at the waist… and shocking me once again her right hand reached back and flipped her skirt up over her back.

My first view of her ass almost gave me a heart attack. It was perfect, round, it was pale, the tan lines visible in the sterile parking garage lights. I could hear voices and people walking. She turned her head and looked back up at me. The pleasure evident in her expression.

I put one palm on each cheek. The feeling was so lovely. My fingers were reaching up her back spread wide, kneading, feeling the soft skin and the powerful muscles underneath. My thumbs reached down towards her hole. I pulled the cheeks apart. I could now see the round little rim winking up at me. Down below was the object of my desire. Her pussy had already split open. I could see the red lips and the pink inside. Her fluids were dripping down her right leg.

I quickly unbuttoned my Levi’s and freed my erection. Sensing we could get caught at any time, In one quick smooth thrust it was completely buried as deep as it would go. I waited momentarily fully inside… and then started to thrust, five times, ten times. Quickly, faster, harder, the need was so strong. That damn French film about lesbian love was two hours long. I had been dating for two weeks. We hadn’t fucked until now. We would make love later but now we had to fuck before someone arrived.

After the climax, we drove back to her apartment. My hand on the stick of my pickup. Her hand on top of mine, like she was holding holding my shaft.


SP: Are you busy this afternoon?
DD: Maybe. Why?
SP: I picked some things up and have something planned.
DD: Uh oh. What things?
SP: Are you busy this afternoon?
DD: I am now. Come on over.

When I arrived, Dara was wearing her normal uniform of leggings and tank top. She leapt into my arms and wrapped her legs around me. I had to wrap my arms around her to keep her from falling. Eventually I would get used to catching her. And it did give me an opportunity to put my hands on her taut ass.

After a quick kiss, we hopped in my pick up truck. A few hours later we pulled off the dirt and gravel road, throwing some gravel from the dirt and gravel road into the parking lot. We were at a little known parking lot near the Canadian border that served as the start of a gorgeous hike into a remote mountain lake. The sun was just cresting above the pine trees in the early morning. The temperature was crisp even though it was midsummer due the altitude but would be warm by midday.

We grabbed our backpacks and coffee drinks, locked the car and started our walk up the narrow dirt trail that would ultimately be a six mile hike.

“Dara, are you ready for this?”

“What are you talking about? I’m a lot more fit than you!” turning and lifting her shirt to show the abs hidden underneath.

“Ok. Let’s go.” I replied, shouldering my pack and starting out at a brisk pace so we could warm up.

“Yes. Let’s go,” rising to the challenge Dara walked boldly around me and started to pump like it was cardio day at the gym, with her pack centered on her back.

I looked admiringly down at her gray leggings covering that very desirable ass. Needing to focus to have any chance of keeping up, I lowered my head and started to focus. This would be a long morning but the reward would be well worth it.

It was just after lunch when we arrived at the campsite overlooking an untouched and seldom visited mountain lake. Lunch had been sandwiches and cokes sitting beside the trail. There was plenty of time to get camp ready for night.

“So do you want to know the real reason we came all this way?” I asked with a twinkle in my eye.

“There is a better reason than being this far away from people? I love the silence. I think being so far from people makes my mind quiet… so quiet that I can hear myself think.”

“Come on.” I dropped my pack and started to run to the water’s edge. I pulled my t-shirt off on the way. By the time I was there, my Levi’s and boxer briefs were skinned down, showing Dara my naked ass. I continued to run into the pristine but bitterly cold mountain water. As soon as the water was deep enough I dived in fully. The water immediately caused my penis to shrink but the overall feeling was stimulating.

Treading water, I turned to look back at the shore. Dara was standing by the edge. Her shirt was off but nothing else… and the look on her face said skepticism.

“Don’t worry! You don’t have anything that will shrink! Get nude and get in!” I yelled.

She slowly reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Victoria Secret I noticed. But also barely able to contain the tremendous globes. I saw the look of embarrassment on her face so I turned and started swimming away to give her some privacy.

I slowly swam breaststroke style to the far shore. Before I arrived I could hear Dara swimming hard and fast to catch up. The shore wasn’t too far away so I stopped swimming and found I could touch the bottom. The soft mud felt odd on my feet as they sunk in slightly. Looking back the sun glinted off her strong shoulders as she her crawl skipping every other breath for speed brought her close.

When within a few feet, she stopped swimming. Her face was red from effort and I knew she wouldn’t be cold now. Her breath was ragged and panting to recover. A smile seemed like it could be permanent. She was neck deep in the water but could touch. I was crouched down so our heads were at the same level, partially floating but partially standing in the warm soft soft mud that enveloped my feet.

“Why didn’t you wait?” she accused.

“I wasn’t far away. And I wanted to put a little pressure on you. I told you stress increases the number of neural connections in your brain, right?”

She pretended to be mad but the pleasure on her face betrayed it as an act. She was enjoying this, I was pleased to see. Suddenly a hand briefly swiped the head of my penis batting it sideways and realized that I was completely and fully erect. I got quiet. She kept talking, I think using it as a distraction and hoping I wouldn’t notice. Not even talking about anything important. Just nervous talking about inconsequential stuff.

She paused her conversation and looked into my eyes. Then she twirled around backward quickly throwing her arms out under the water. One caught me in the crotch again like she planned it this time hitting the full length of my erection again, batting it sideways but feeling the entire length as it moved by, like she wanted to feel it but be able to pretend it was an accident.

She finished the twirl with her back to me and then backed up into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her waist and put my lips close to her ear. A wet strand of black hair ended up in my mouth but I ignored it. I felt her rib cage expand and contract with each breath as I listened to her breathing. My hand entered autopilot and started to slowly slide up her body until they cupped and lifted each breast, as if weighing them in the water. And then they continued until a finger and a thumb could grab each extremely hard nipple and gently pull.

My hands didn’t rest but started to slide back down, off her breasts and down her stomach. When they reached her bikini line and didn’t stop, she twirled in surprise. Now facing me she leaned in and tilted her head. We kissed but it wasn’t soft or slow, her tongue quickly pushed inside my mouth with desire, seeking to duel with my tongue.

And then remembering how I swam across the lake and left her, she jumped back from our kiss and started to swim back to the original shore, wondering how much pain my lingering desire would cause me,

As we set up the tent, two more hikers approached up the trail. One older male with long hair and a young female in a bright bikini top.

I walked uphill to the stand of trees above the camp to gather some firewood. Turning to survey the valley I saw the naked butts of two people wading into the lake in the same place we had started our swim. I averted my eyes and returned to camp. The firewood could wait awhile.

“We will have to get the firewood later. They are down there skinny dipping.”

Dara looked up but I couldn’t interpret the look on her face.

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Reply #1 on: November 22, 2022, 06:40:00 PM
To be continued?

Enjoying it so far

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Reply #2 on: November 24, 2022, 07:43:38 PM

Part II

I wake up and I have a feeling... I think you know the one. I listen for your breathing. I can barely hear it but I see the silhouette of your shape. You are on your side with your back to me. It is a very nice shape. Should I touch you or myself? I want to touch you but I think you are asleep. I don't want to wake you. But you do something special for me, something no one else has ever done. Being with you, being inside you feels so... perfect.

One hand reaches out to you. I touch your back. You stir but barely. My hand slides around, over your arm. You have shaved the hair off. I love that. Feeling the skin, thinking about you shaving, there and other places.It adds to my desire. My hand continues its travels to the side of your breast. I think you might be awake now. So I slide my body close. My breath warms your neck. My wood brushes the crack of your ass. My hand moves forward seeking a nipple. It finds the left one. It is my favorite nipple. It always seems so hard when I find it. I gently squeeze and tug so see if it can get any harder and more swollen. It has a mind of its own like it would like to be touched twice a day and three times on Sundays. It must be the horny nipple.

I kiss your neck as I slide your pajamas down to the top of your curves. Your crack is now half visible and my straining penis moves into that spot. The tip is already leaking an impressive amount of pre excitement. It only does that for you, whether you are in person with me or on camera with me while I travel.

[You would think on camera sex wouldn’t be as good but now that you have embraced it, we have found ways to make it beyond imagination. It now seems... spiritual. The first time you teased me on camera with full nudity, I removed my boxer briefs so you could judge your effect. But I didn’t touch myself. You looked at my dick and you licked your lips. Strawberry flavored I remember. I thought at the time I could taste the flavor. Ten minutes into your performance I spurted and surprised both us because it was only from the show, not a single touch of my hand. I did not know that was possible. You looked at me and what emerged was like a cat watching the cream being poured into a bowl. That look caused... I could tell you what you did to cause that but perhaps I should save that for a later story.]

My traveling hand moved South while my lips nibbled on your neck and ear. Your pajamas were only down a bit. No panties. Only the top half of your butt was showing so I knew your vagina wasn't visible yet but the mound above, the part you shave, probably was. My hand stopped just below your belly button. Such a nice spot. My shaft continued to slide up and down between your upper cheeks. I waited. Eventually I could smell your desire. I knew you were aching for me to move my hand farther. You were fully awake now. Your breathing had become short and ragged. You wiggled your hips up and down, hoping that teasing my inflamed member would get you what you wanted. I could feel the temperature of your abdomen rise, the coal furnace had been started and the miners were busy shoveling the fuel into the flames as fast as they could. A drop of sweat appeared on your upper lip. It tasted salty when I ran into your mouth. You moaned and blurted, "Steve! touch me goddammit. I need to be touched!"

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Reply #3 on: November 24, 2022, 07:45:59 PM
A few months later...

I was finding it hard to sleep. The room was covered in her energy. I was so shifted. All I could see was the static in the air…. She called it her ‘blanket’. I  preferred stealth mode myself and didn’t broadcast so much. She was more like an angry defiant teenager that wanted the world to conform to the way she thought it should be. I was a bit more of a realist, looking for changes that could be made...but without notice… a butterfly's wings in China sort of thing. Afterall we were all powerful enough to save people that didn’t want to be saved. The first step is always admitting you have a problem. Humanity wasn’t there yet. So time to learn, to train, to grow, to teach…

I could hear her breathing, regular and shallow. Definitely asleep. I reached out my hand and touched the small of her back. She was nestled under the covers, always fighting the cold. She needed to take baths to warm up. I preferred standing up in the shower with her hand wrapped around me occasionally. She had on thick fleece pajama pants and a heavy long sleeve shirt. Her skin did feel a little cold. I slid over close, facing her but not touching her. I knew my body heat would rapidly warm under the covers.

Eventually 5 AM arrived and I couldn’t stay in bed anymore. I slipped out of bed and pulled the covers back up over her. I grabbed my shoes, keys and a room card. Starbucks was open now. I couldn’t quite remember Dara’s favorite drink. I knew it wasn’t coffee or espresso but I knew she liked caffeine. I had never heard her talk about drinking soda but she was impressed when I said that I once lost 5 lbs by stopping my consumption of Dr. Pepper.

I remembered a previous trip to Lake Cuomo...

...So I guess I had to go for the best American approximation of espresso, French pastries and fresh squeezed orange juice. We didn’t have the lake, or the mountains for the Ferraris and $10,000+ bicycles here but it was a good hotel in an interesting region.

Savannah, GA has always been a place on my bucket list since I read the book and watched the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I knew that some cities just have a more interesting program. They have a richer history. They have more flaws in their program to find and exploit. I fully expected this to be one of those cities.

While I appreciated the consistency of Starbucks coffee as a vendor, I knew that local was always more interesting…. People, programming, etc. Three choices popped up on my phone: The Coffee Fox 4.6 stars, Foundry Coffee Pub 4.6 stars and Foxy Loxy Cafe 4.7 stars. So Loxy it is for sure ironically bc I once called her Louisiana Lightning for a number of reasons and then compared her to oxycontin. That became Loxy, an inside pet name. I still wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. I mostly avoided nicknames with her because I loved saying ‘Dara’ to her so much.

Breakfast check, lead on a new haunted house to check out check, back to sleeping beauty check. Perhaps I could get her warm enough to get naked. If not we could still meditate together. And often that was better than sex anyways… but it didn’t get rid of that need deep in my balls. Only my balls touching her ass did that.

When I returned, her eyes were open as I came in the door, peeking out from deep under the covers, eagerly wondering what I had brought her.

“I was going to tell you that you had fuck me before getting breakfast but I can never say no to you.” Her only response was that eyebrow. Someday I was going to learn what that meant.

She got out of bed and pulled on a thick dark robe to see what treasures were in my bag of treats. I patted her ass and kissed her on the neck. Her scent was raising my desire for more.

“Food, bath, and haunted house? Or can I interest you in 6 inches of pleasure for the next half an hour?”
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Reply #5 on: November 24, 2022, 08:52:30 PM
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