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Cryptid Crisis Part 1 < UA, fff, incest,M+f MF, beast, rape, public,m>

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 This is a work of fiction, all characters and images are over 18 and no mythical beasts were harmed in the telling of this story.

Cryptid Crisis < Ua, fff, incest, M+f mf, mf fff/beast, rape public
~ Springer Mountain  TrailHead,  Start Point North bound~

*****************  DAY 1  *********************

Meet  Alimaya "Mules Will " Whitefeather.

 She is of the First Nation,  an Native American,  Red skin.. Indian.. feather, not dot.. yea..  that's how she often described herself. She is Navajo. Well half.
 Her father Joseph is full blooded.  Her mother however was a full blooded New Yorker. Helena Makris had been her name, 7the generation Greek section of Brooklyn NY.  Bay RidgeJoe was a 6'4"  250 lbs "Central Casting' dream for a native American, Dark hair, skin, stoically  handsome, and owned one  Native Casino in Arizona where they lived, and another in Utah.
  Honestly, Ali considered him the most handsome man she knew. Helena was 5'9" 135lbs, olive skinned, dark haired Greek Goddess. She was also a Doctor of Anthropology specializing in ancient cultures, and well known author of several books on the evolution of native tribes and their attempts to preserve their culture.

That explained Alimaya's genius level IQ. 179.   It did not explain why as of yesterday, her 13th birthday, she   still stood a mere 4'10 and generously weighed 90 pounds. 
While possessing her parents black hair, and 'red' brown skin, she had her mothers deep blue eyes. She believed her height deficit as extremely unfair, a cruel trick of the ancestors. The other cruel reality was her chest was still nearly flat chested. Just slight swells, with dark brown nipples and areola.  Her mother had a magnificent 34C  chest, curvy and oozed sexy.Compared to Alimaya, Keira Knightly had a huge rack.

Despite her mother's assurances that the ' tittie fairy ' could come one day, Ali wasn't holding out hope.The bright side of her 13th birthday was she got the three presents she wanted most in the whole wide world.  She'd been schooled at the Tesseract School outside of Paradise Valley  AZ, she despised her 'snooty' classmates and High Horse attitude because they were rich. She was too, actually  but that wasn't as important to her as her Native culture. So Birthday wish one, let her go to a public school.
Unfortunately they moved to Georgia that winter so her father could help the Pawnee Nation start up  a casino of their own.Her test scores, however, instead of placing her in 8th grade with her age group, but her in 11th.  There would be that social hurdle to deal with in the fall.
Wish two complete the Triple Crown Hiking patch. She'd done the Pacific Crest Trail with her Grandfather and father when she was 10At 11 they did the Continental divide trail, with both her parents.Now, she wanted that last patch.  The Appalachian Trail,l completing all three, before starting school in September.The catch was she wanted to  do it alone.

After much debate and argument, her parents relented, reluctantly.  With tons of conditions, and  her dad got her the best equipment money could buy.  Her great great grandfather even gave her his old Marine K-Bar knife. He'd been a Marine Code Talker in world war II, he wanted to keep her safe after all. They'd also taught her the 'Warriors Parth'. ancient ways of war, not used since the 1800's. and before.  She was an adept pupil.They worried, but she was also smart, and it was  the Navajo way, but usually  for male braves as they came of age.

Third wish was to lose her virginity.  Which she sort of did last night. Her father flew her BFF's Stacy and Randy <Miranda> from Arizona to Georgia for her party, There were the usual 13th Bday things, movies, dinner, make-up, clothes shopping. a raid on dad's liquor cabinet,  and Stacys' birthday present, a nice 18inch long 18 inch diameter,  purple clear jell  double headed dildo.

Well relaxed and just a bit tipsy, the girls were soon naked, and exploring each other's bodies, every crack and crevice.  Every wet opening, Every orifice tasted and enjoyed and  craved more.As Randy sat on Ali's face, Stacy worked the  head into Ali's eager pussy.  Once halfway in, she worked fast and hard and Ali's screams were lost, muffled in Randy's soaked pussy. Ali's nails digging into her thighs as they both came within seconds of each otherSo 'technically' her hymen was popped.

As she caught her breath, Stacy moved around and incerted the other end into her rectum, crawling her hips towards Ali's.In moments,Stacy's blonde triangle of pubic hair was touching Ali's perfectly bald pussy mound.. Stacy taught her how to grind their clits together and rock her hips, and shift her knees. working the double headed dildo into them both.One vagnially, one anally.

Randy had moved so she could get a closer view, her nose inches from her friend's grinding pelvis . All it took was one lick on their touching clits to set them both off.In the end, the girls pretty much passed out,  Randy and Alimaya now locked on the large toy, each end filling their now, no longer virgin ass's Ali drifted off after maybe her twentieth orgasm, imaging a real male cock inside her. She also was feeling mildly guilty, that thoughts of father there were on her mind as she finally went to sleep.

That's the way her mother found them at 530am when she went to wake them to catch Stacy and Randy's flight.  Simply smiling to herself she backed down the steps of the second floor of the company paid for,  temporary house they'd been put up in.
Deciding to not shock and embarrass them, thinking back to her own teenage years, which had been wilder than this, growing up on the nude beaches of Greece with, let's just say, very loving parents. Very.

Making more noise this time and calling out, by the time she'd reached to the top the girls had their sleep shirts on, and had put the toy, 'somewhere'. A lewd smile came to her face as she inwardly hoped it was hidden inside her daughter.Feeling the night of drinking and newly discovered  orgasms are the best sleeping aid.

In the end, the girls made it to their flight just in the nick of time and tearful goodbyes,  Alimaya  waved to her friends as they boarded then set off on her adventure.
Reaching the  Starting trailhead at Springer Mountain, signing in, her father insisted on one more double check of her Custom fitted Osprey Levity class 45 Liter backpack.  Parallax silver and blue trimmed it was all she could to do hide the giant sex toy she'd stowed there last minute, but she managed it. She wasn't sure he'd be shocked, she'd seen her mothers toy collection was much more extensive ,and almost twice as large.She was more worried he'd ban it for the extra 1.6 pounds it added to her pack. On the trail weight was life.

Ali was confident she could handle it.  Being the fastest, and the smallest member of her track team, even being a contender for Arizona State Champ in 100m  dash as well as the 200m. Also was close second for the high jump, having powerful muscular legs for her petite size.

Once satisfied her parents hugged her, and kissed her, and hugged her again, her mother almost in tears.Making it only two steps before her father called back and handed her a medicine bag, blacked doe skin, and a beaded turtle on his flap. She knew it was handmade. It also had a white feather in the ties.He also handed her a leather headband, with a buffalo concho and white feather  two adjustable straps hanging down her left side.

"Seriously dad?" she protested and rolled her eyes. " You KNOW what my 'Trail name' will be if I wear this?"

 He just smiled. " You're the one who wanted to be traditional."

This would actually be the only traditional thing she carried, besides the medicine bag. Sighing in resignation, both parents hugged her again.

"You can take it off once we leave." her mother whispered.

" I Plan to." Alimaya assured her. With an unusually intimate kiss, her  mother gave her one final once over.
The day was warm and on trail you packed very, very light, so Ali was wearing a skin tight dark blue pair of women's athletic shorts which left nothing to the imagination, and showed her muscular 13 year old, perfect ass, and was displaying her vulva lips in moist detail. A tight, and really not needed gray sports bra. Shoulding into her pack, her mother was a bit more relieved that it covered her daughters ass, mostly and her great great grandfathers K-Bar was strapped, quick draw style, handle down, on her right strap,

Finally slipping her head band on, blowing a kiss to her folks, and a wink to her mother, she bounded up the trail, the 35 lbs of equipment spread evenly through her backpack. Her adventure had begun

**** First day"Tramily & Trail names"

Many hikers, headed the same way at about the same pace, can tend to walk miles, day and even months together and form long lasting bonds. Some like the solitary path. Alimaya was a fan of both.  Growing up on the Navajo Nation Reservation on the Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico border, with a limited population, then going to a private boarding school. Well, let's just say she was anxious to meet new people, new people who were NOT her own people.

It was a bit before noon and the sign in trail head was packed.   She watched her parents drive away and started to size up her 'trail mates' . Inevitably groups that move about the same pace tend to stick together and depending on if they're just a day tripper,  Sectional, or Through'.. human's clumped.

Once she was signed in and the clerk gave her a double take as this tiny girl signed in as a Solo Through  North Bound. Then noted the two patches on her backpack and shrugged. 
 Ali once she was signed in,  she set out, forgetting about her headband headed up the trail. Initially it was not a complicated trail at first and if you stayed on the main path, it wasn't too taxing, but the hundreds of side trails and going off was the real challenge, but she knew to pace herself.
Taking her time she watched and smiled and listened. Knowing  where the shelters were located,  Spaced about a day's walk apart, they were first come first serve, they were handy for those surprise rain storms. Some even had fireplaces.. Most had fire pits and log seats.

Taking her time, this was wonderful. Beautiful and relaxing, She  loved the scent of the great outdoors, the sounds, the breeze on her body. Although where she grew was hot and dry, this was warm and moist at the moment. Sweating already, she let her mind replay her 'birthday party' last night. She'd loved their taste, their touch, their scent. Part of her wish'd  she'd have had time to talk to her mother about it.  Having seen her mother making out with her friends many many times. She was certain mom would have some good advice about girl on girl love.

Of course thinking about that all day had made her horny as hell.Arriving about an hour and a half to the shelter, she was the only one there.  She decided to help the others if they needed it. Moving about 50 yards into the woods, it took her about 15 minutes to get her hammock up. Taking out her new toy, she contemplated playing with it now, but the chance of someone coming was too much.
Stowing her toy on her hammock she took the rest, then went back to the shelter ring,  and in another few minutes had a nice fire going.  Standing in the smoke to help hide her scent for the mosquitos that would come at sundown and sun up. Most First Nation people didn't have  big problems with them but occasionally they got bit. But the smoke helps.From her Medicine bag, she pulled some mint leaves and a portable triangle stand and started making herself some hot mint tea.
Sitting on a chair cut log, feet up, warming the fire when the first waves started to arrive.  First, was actually a very attractive couple, and their very attractive son and daughter. Ali guessed the girl was maybe her age, and the boy a bit older, and they were all very pretty.  Blondes all athletic, fit and all had killer smiles. They were followed by  an older white gentleman, and his big red Irish Setter, panting and wagging his tail as he followed his master.
"Nice fire.' the dad said letting his backpack fall heavily to the ground, and his family did the same.

Grinning, she spread her arms, " Have a seat, put your feet up it helps." she  smiled. Her grin faded as three 20-something' frat boy types approached, loudly, beers in hands.

"Wow, nice fire. You do that Pocahontas?" the taller of the asked, swaying a bit.

Frowning, she shot him a withering look.  "She was Powhatan . I am Navajo." she said simply.

"Huh?"  He looked baffled, and exchanged confused looks with his buddies

"She was a Powhatan, East coast, My tribe is Navajo. West coast, Different languages, different cultures..." she arched her eyebrows.

"What are you saying?"

Shaking her head " I'm saying you're everything we've come to expect from the public education system....."

Everyone laughed  hard, except for the boys who just looked at each other, confused.

They were attractive, bit wearing clothes that were too tight, and those stupid boat shoes.  They were going to be very uncomfortable. She grinned.
By sun down, 27 people had arrived, and Alimaya helped them all rearrange their packs,  shifting the weight so the hips and legs bore most of the weight, not the lower back. She also shared a few stores of the other two Trails, and just a 'bit' of why she was going this alone.
Also, to her annoyance, the nickname she'd dreaded."Pocahontas" had stuck. * Thanks dad...* she groaned inwardly

Trail names were common, as you often didn't give your real name,  information, etc,   The family had been dubbed ' the Swiss Family Robinson. Despite them being from Finland ' The gentleman with the Irish Setter was named  Clifford and Clifford's dad.  Everyone seemed to delight in this activity. And Honestly, Trail bonds lasted. She was still close with the 'Tramily' she'd made on the other two adventures.  Of course she was a child then, Not all grown up like she is now.The Frat boys.. were simply called.. "The Chads."

She also gave the 'do's and don'ts" etiquette, etc.  Told them about 'Trail Magic' Coolers left along the path that are free.  What to send home at their town run.which for many was a lot.Things  they SHOULD have researched before they began this. adventure. Then about 9pm while still all gathered around the fire, she explained about Trail Midnight, which was between nine and ten pm.

Finally bidding all good night she slipped away to her hammock. Starting a small fire for herself, she slipped out of her sweaty clothes and ran a line over the fire letting them dry and get smoke covered.Kicking off her shoes, she stretched, arching her back and delighting in the feel of the warm fire on her bare skin.Finishing her tea she lay on her hammock, and pulled her little friend out. "mmmmm... hello beautiful... " she purred as she licked one end, Sliding in, her eyes closed, and moaning as she rocked her hips up to meet it as she worked the broad head into her soaked pussy.   She was so wet, it left a damp spot on her hammock fabrictHer mind racing as she imagined who would be the first real cock inside her. Suddenly her fathers face flashed in her mind, and she wanted to push the image away.
 But no luck, deeper and deeper she worked the 18 inch toy into her hungry pussy, and worked to keep her moans to a low level, as to not carry to the group. Forcing the imagine of her father filling her newly awakened pussy from her mind, she let the thought of the 'Robinson' men take it's place."Mmmmmm.... " she purred, shoving it deeper, then all the way to the tip, then all the way back in, building speed, biting her bottom lip and her hips rose up to meet her latex lover's increasingly more intense thrusts.

Letting herself build a good orgasm, she slid her other hand to the opposite end of the double headed dildo, and maneuvers that end into her willing ass.
"Oh fuuuuuuuck yes!" she groaned, louder than she'd meant to as her orgasm came crashing into her like a tidal wave.  Panting and sweating,  her hands fell limp to her sides, the toy still incerted as deep as she could manage, her pussy and ass both pulsing, and her juices freely flowing.

Some time later, her breathing coming back to normal, the "Chads' voices  echoing through the thick trees."Assholes." she muttered.

Suddenly a loud 'SNAP"  startled her as a branch broke under someone's weight. She jumped  up, grabbing her great grandfather's knife and came to a defensive stance, knife in her left hand, point back, behind her arm, and her right hand held out and open, legs slightly spread centering her balance. The didlo still held inside both holes by suction.
 Scanning the tree line and listening., her head cocked to one side,  her one dark hair braid, disheveled, but hanging down the center of her spine.Holding  her breath she waited for the next sound.

Naked, by the fire,  dildo stuck inside of her, and the knife at the ready, she had waited. Another light sound came from the dark, then another, then another,Bracing,  she exhaled, ready to strike,

A bush shook and a raccoon came waddling out, sniffing the air and giving her  a confused look, sniffed once more, and kept on past the light of her fire.
Mouth agape, she started laughing, leaning over and catching her toy with her free hand, and placed it back in her pack.Embedding the knife in the tree again, she slid into hre hammock, legs still quivering from her intense orgasm.

Laying naked in the woods, the gentle breeze caressing her skin, she drifted off, very happy and very excited for her adventure.

**** DAY 2 *****  'Something is out there'

Alimaya awoke and tried to process the changes in her environment since she'd drifted off to sleep First it was still dark, ok, good.Second, the fire was bigger, and crackling. Third.. was that fish she smelled?
Forth, WHAT was this warm liquid all over her hips and pubic mound??? It was the color of Elmer's glue but with the consistency of maple syrup, just not as sticky.Fifth, there was a dense, dense fog hanging all about, She could barely see the  campfire,  just ten feet away. Only its rising red and orange heat tower visible

Sitting up slowly, the gooey puddle slid slowly down her  bare pussy and thighs.* is this cum?* her eyes flew open.Only having seen cum on the porn she'd been watching the last few years, this looked thicker, and there was so much. Like a quart maybe?It coated her from her navel to her pussy to her thighs to both hips.The scent.. the scent was, taking her breath away. So strong, so primal,  She suddenly  snapped back the moment, and looked about frantically. Looking for whomever had left this deposit.No one was around and the fog was too thick.

She scooped up some, and tasted it.The taste was intoxicating, and her breath  quickened, and she looked about again. It was pitch black out there, only the light from her fire, illuminating her, and ruining her night vision. Her heart was pounding. The cum was still warm. Whoever it was, had to be close still.  Someone snuck up on her, stoked her fire, cooked three big fishes,  then jerked off all over her, and she'd never heard a thing.

Torn between being horrified and really turned on, her thoughts were racing, her heart was pounding and her breath was in short gasps.Should she run to the shelter? Naked and cum covered.No, if this person meant to harm her, they'd have done it by now.

"Ok, fine." she decided. "You deserve another show." show, she grinned and reached for her toy.

Hearing nothing,  she moved closer to the fire and the huge load of semen flowed down now, sending a shiver through her. Scooping up a handful  of the strangers thick cum, she licked her hand, and shuddered. This tasted amazing, she closed her eyes "Hnnnnnnnn" Still looking out, seeing and hearing nothing but dense fog, she coated the dildo's head, closed her eyes, and slid the head into her drenched pussy.

"Oh yes...." she purred as she began to fuck her self in front of her mystery sprem donator.  She had never been so turned on in her entire life. Granted, she was only 13, but still, this was a milestone And she was loving it.The idea of a stranger stroking his cock looking at her... the same stranger that jerked off on has she slept. Well, that was it. She came. HARD! Squealing as her body rocked by the light of the fire as her orgasm nearly made her pass out it was so intense.

From the mist, she heard what she thought was a freight train, low, grumbling, were those breaths? What the hell was so big it sounded like that? The sound grew louder and she opened her eyes slowly, looking in the direction of the sound, but only seeing fog.Suddenly, from the mist, a huge rope of cum came flying at her like from a fire hose splattering on her chin and neck.Gasping, the next  blast landed on her nose, and mouth, then another on her chest, then her belly.

She was in shock. How close was he ? She could still smell his overpowering male scent, and she heard a low  chuckle, like Jabba the Hutt's laugh, so low it vibrated her chest, and she came again at the sheer naughtiness of this, it was dirty, obscene. She Loved it!!

When her body stopped shuddering, she removed the soaked dildo with a squelching sound.  She was panting. Her mind racing.  Did men really come THIS much? She had to look it up when she got back to the world. 
The taste of his cum was like a drug, she just wanted more and more.  She scooped as much as she could into her mouth.  Was there what ? A quart ? She was coated from her nose to her mid thigh.Hoping her mystery sperm donor would show himself, she waited by the fire for several minutes as her heart slowed down finally so she stood. Her legs were weak. Making back to her hammock and setting her toy back in the sleeve. and looking down at her naked cum covered body. Wow.  Two days ago she was a virgin. Well technically she still was.  But she hoped to change that soon

She knew there was a stream about an hour North but this was REALLY visible. Checking her phone it was 0505.. Likely no one would be up yet.
One the Trail, one didn't bathe every day or even every week, But all this cum, she did need to rinse off at least.  Taking a deep breath, and a big chance, she padded naked back to the shelter. The fog was still thick as hell, but she used the dull red glow of the shelter's dying fire to guide on. There was one lonely street light but it too was obscured and dull yellow.

Approaching quietly she could hear snoring. Nodding, she went to the back where the water refill station was. Listening one last time she gently pulled the lever and cold water began to flow slowly from the spicket.  Quickly, she began to rinse off, starting at her feet and just splashing the cool water onto her body when from behind her she heard. "Well good morning." a pleasant voice said.

She turned to see the beautiful blonde Kristen. The 'Robinson' sister.  She was also naked.  Alimaya was instantly jealous. Kristen's pale smooth body was curvy and well toned. A cheerleader's body with perfectly up turned 32 B breasts with wide, pink nipples.

Remaining calm, she stood and faced her. Kristen was almost a foot taller than her and was also 13, her brother was 14, and just as tall, blonde and beautiful."You're up early." she observed. Kristen smelled like sex. As she was sure, did she. " And a nice sleep shirt." she smirked

Smirking, the tall blonde looked at her from head to toe " I always sleep in the nude." she shrugged. ``See we shop at the same store." her smile widening.
Ali grinned back, she nodded. "At least we wear it well."

Kristen laughed, then covered her mouth, and looked towards the Shelter. No sound, and the fog was thicker somehow now."We should hurry. You need help?"
Grinning wider. Ali nodded. "Sure." and bent back down, as Kristen bent with her, and the girls began to use handfuls of cool water.Kristen's skin was SO soft under her fingers. and the goose bumps were adorable on her.

"What do you have all over you?" Kristen drew her hand back, and  examined the mystery cum between two fingers.
"Honestly, I have no idea." she admitted. "Woke up with it all over me."

Tasting it, she smacked her lips and nodded. " Did  a moose jack off on you?"

Ali laughed as her hands explored her new friend.  Kristen continued to scoop the strangers thick cum from her face, until she finally leaned in and kissed her cheek softly. "Mmmmm" Ali purred.

Turning to her, Ali wrapped her arms around her neck and they pressed their naked wet bodies together. They moaned and melted into the kiss. Ali let her hand slide to the blonde triangle.
The tall blonde moaned as Ali's finger probed inside her wet drenched pussy. SO she had just had sex.

"Kristen?"  Her mothers voice whispered through the wall, The girls giggled. and drew apart, knowing smiles exchanged between them.
"Coming momma." she kissed Ali again, and lowered her voice. "Talk later."

Ali nodded  and removed her finger, tasting the combined juices of Kristen and whoever had filled her.Then she vanished into the thick fog.

Finishing rinsing the stranger's thick cum from her body as best she could, she padded back to her camp, the fish smelling delicious.Deciding to 'air' dry, she only slid on her trail runner shoes, took down her Bear Bag, and hammock, and secured her camp.
Taking the time to debone and eat one of the Largemouth bass.  A very big breakfast for a trail walk.  Sipping her tea and finishing her breakfast,  she rose, and the grey light of dawn was now peaking below the horizon, and the fog was slowly releasing it's hold on the ground, so she decided she should get dressed.

It felt strange, unnatural to be dressed again. Even though her small running shorts and sports bra left little to the imagination, she missed the breeze on her bare skin.All packed she left her backpack and took the other two fish back to the shelter.
People were up and moving, and performing various morning rituals. Everyone was surprised to see the little girl bring in two skinned, and cooked fish.
She shrugged when asked and told them to enjoy, making sure she saved a portion for 'The Robinson's' and of course Clifford, who was now her best friend.
The days' hike was beautiful and uneventful.

 The fog burned off about mid day, and the day was warm, a nice mountain breeze was coming and going.Getting to know the "Robinson's' better was wonderful and she loved all four of them.
 Even Mr Clifford and his dog, who was on her heels after she'd given him fish

.The "Chads" were still drunk, and needed help more than once, and she had to give them her water more than once.  They were charming, at times, but annoying, cocky and demeaning most of the time. A couple times they even grabbed her ass as she helped them. She didn't slap their hands like her instinct told her to.  But she let it pass. They 'WERE' handsome, athlete types. but SUCH assholes.

This time they arrived at the next shelter, which she discovered the Chads were 'shelter hopping' meaning  they'd brought nothing to sleep in. Counting on their being room in a shelter. Sometimes there was NO room,  and it was first cum first serve.  sighing, she went about getting to know more about her trail mates,  She was really liking the whole Robinson family. He was a firefighter in Queen NYC, so she shared her mother being from Brooklyn.Kristen was indeed a cheerleader,  and her brother a track star, like her.

They played with Clifford and of course at lunch she kept giving him beef jerky, yep, friend for life.

By the time they reached the shelter on night two, most everyone was exhausted.   Again Alimaya took a moment, found the water refill, went about 50 yards into the woods, set up her hammock, and prepared a small fire pit,  Finished her last bottle of water, refilled it, and again made a cup of hot mint tea.
Going back to the shelter everyone was  resting, and laying down feet up. Smiling and lazy hand on Kristen's bare shoulder in an affectionate pass by. She was wearing a similar pair of shorts only white and soaked with sweat, more see through than her's. Darn it. Her own sports bar, also white, was also nearly see through.
*Damn she's hot* Alimaya admitted. * Damn they're all hot* looking from father to son, to mother to daughter.

Once dinner was complete an the social Trail folk gathered around the fire,  Kristen sitting very close to Alimaya. Soon, the 'ghost' stories came out and the tales of missing hikers, and the 15 murders that had occured here since it's opening in 1937.
 For the population that's actually a pretty good record.Of course nearly 4000 people per year go missing, but only about thirty or so are 'cold cases'   Yes Alimaya had to present this data to her parents to persuade them to let her go alone* Of course* she mused * I've been here one night and already had a stranger jerk off on me.* her grin spread as she thought * and I want MORE*

Inevitably the lore turned to 'Bigfoot' and all of those sightings. 
  Merely grinning and sipping her tea, Ali would shake her head as the wild rumors and fictional tales ran wild.  Finally, the shorters, stockier 'Chad' saw her scoffing "Ok Pocahontas, you're shaking your head. What do the Indians know about it ?"

They were passing around a bottle of something as all eyes fell to her. Taking a deep breath, she launched into her Great grandfather's stories of the Genoskwa.

"I thought it was called Sakatswatch," Taller Chad said.

"That's the Canadian word, my people call them Genoskwa. or Forest People."

"People?? They're mindless monsters. Killers' Tall Chad counterd.

"OH, tell me ONE time a Gensokwa has taken a life." Arching an eyebrow in defiance.

A look of confusion came over his face and his friends seemed to be communing, sharing the three brain cells amongst themselves.

"Oh, that movie in the 70s. That Bobby Creek something..." Mid sized Chad piped up.

She shook her head. "He never killed anyone, and they shot him first." she pointed out

"Yea but.." he tried to counter..."But the movies have him a cold blooded monster.

Smirking,  " They also say the white man had the best interest if the indedinous people in mind when they forced us on the reservations." She shrugged, and everyone fell silent. " They ALSO said the Earth would End in 2012 and by 1999 we'd have a moon base.. so there's that.'' She tried to lighten the mood.An uneasy laugh rippled through the fire circle.

The stories went on, and it was late and everyone was tired, so people started to drift away. Ali was hoping for a chance to make out with Kristen,  with whom she'd been cuddled next to all night.  AS they stood, Mr Cliffored asked for her help in walking Clifford,  Kissing Ali on the cheek with a whispered 'See you later" she went off to walk the big red dog.

Bidding everyone good night she made her way back to her  hammock, and lit her fire. As the fire blazed, she slid out of her trailrunners, then bra and shorts, hanging them up above the fire to smoke dry.

She again stretched, arms wide and eyes closed inhaling the scent of the fire, and the forest, the sounds of the insects, small creatures, and avians filling her senses. The gentle breeze felt wonderful against her bare skin, her tiny dark nipples fully erect from the breeze and the sheer joy of being naked outside.
Waiting a few minutes, she took her blanket, and lay it on the ground between the fire and the edge of the woods.The tent sights were either mowed grass or soft dirt.  Shaped like cul de sacs'  with two to four tent spots, and a fire pit in the center.  She was the only 'tent' here.

Not wanting her unknown sperm donor to get the wrong idea, she spread her legs wide, wanting there to be no question in the strangers mind, that she was willing. Waiting till the sounds of the shelter died down, she was actually expecting Kristen to pay a visit, but she, alas, did not.

Retrieving her toy from her hammock she lay on her back and began slowly rubbing the large head against her rapidly moistening pussy lips, Thoughts of Kristen's tongue running the moist length, probing her tight anus.Moans escaped her lips as her other hand began to caress her clitorus. She'd discovered she was enjoying bringing her to the point of explosion, then stopping, letting the build up ebb, then start all over again. By the third time, she'd lost control and just  exploded, maybe more loudly than she'd intended Damn that felt good.

Her breath finally slowed back to normal,  and she was hoping that would have attacked his attention.  Nothing.

Rolling onto her hands and knees, ass towards the pitch black forest, she angled the double headed dildo, slipping one end into her eager rectum, then the other into her wet and still hungry pussy.

"Oh yes..." she hissed as the toys filled her,  idly, she imagined  Mr Robinson and his son in each hole like that. Their hands gripping and caressing her as they drove in and out of her. Her thoughts drifted, running over various ways to make that happen, from just walking up and jumping them to letting them take her, rough and primal. Both made her so damned horny.
 Having pushed both ends as deep as they could go in both holes, she again began assaulting her little clit and soon, another wave of deep,  hard orgasm rushed over her. Panting, her eyes closed she heard a rustling in the woods behind her.  Was he here?  Her heart started pounding and she closed her eyes tighter,  Removing the dildo and letting it fall, she didn't want anything  slowing his access

Working her finger into her hole she moaned and wiggled her hips, The sound of branches moving grew louder "Fuck me...." she breathed, and wiggld her hips again.
The sudden feel of a big wet tongue lapping at her pussy sent an electric spark through her body and a mini orgasm rocked her to the core. The lapping was eager and fast and his nose was cold....*wait what?
 Cold nose?* she thought as she turned to look at who was behind her eating her pussy.

"Shit! Clifford no!" she yelled at the huge Irish Setter happily dining on her wet pussy.  Starting to crawl away from him,  he followed a few paces until, just as she cleared him he jumped onto her hips pinning her, his powerful front legs wrapping around her waist.

"No no no no no!!" she yelled but he wasn't listening. She tried to get free but he weighed more than she did. She felt his hips begin to pump rapidly as she squirmed and wriggled, trying to escape, but her movements just seated her more closely to his thrusting cock "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She shouted as this hard, red cock pushed its way into her open pussy.
 " Nooo.. Ohhhhh........." her protest changed to surprise and pleasure as the hard cock entered her without ceremony, pretense or romance.  Utterly primal.
She came, Hard.

"oh.. my.. god..." she gasped as the big dog pounded into her relentlessly.  The orgasm didn't stop. Clifford held her hips firmly as he jackhammered into her pussy,, a constant flow of his clear semen soaking her inner thighs. His drooling tongue dripped saliva onto her shoulder..

"Oh my god..." she managed. She was horrified.  Her first live cock, was a dog. "I.. I lost my virginity.. to  a dog..." she almost laughed

She should be repulsed, she should be ashamed and disgusted. But she was cumming, hard, still. She didn't want this to stop.Clifford pounded her hard and fast, she was shuddering. having no idea how long he'd been pounding her, she felt a huge bulge start to press against  her swollen and drenched pussy.  "The knot..." she realized  she'd seen it many times at home, but never even considered ever experiencing it.

 ", Clifford..."she managed. "Go home.. " she tried feebly. Really not wanting him to.

"WHOA!" she screamed as the knot, just  as wide as her fist, forced its way in. The still rolling orgasm, ramped to max as her body shook and shuddered as the tennis ball sized knot began to fill her pussy with canine cum.Shivering and nearly convulsing, Alimaya passed out from the orgsamic tsunami that crashed down on her.

****  DAY 3 ****Early morning.

Ali slowly blinked her eyes and took stock of her surroundings. More  fog
She was still on all fours, face on the ground, ass in the air.  Clifford was nowhere to be found.

There was a large fire crackingly not far away and the scent of some meat cooking  wafted her way. But the fog was again so thick she could barely see past her arm.Her pussy was still throbbing, and it felt strange. Wet, but more so. Reaching back, she discovered her ass, pussy and much of her lower back, was coated in the same thick, gooey cum from yesterday morning

Slipping her hand inside her slightly gaping pussy the canine cum was different, more tacky, not as thick as the strangers.A small wave of disappointment washed over her, as she realized she'd been naked, vulnerable, and exposed, all he  had to do was slide into her and he didn't. Just jerked off onto her exposed ass.
The other reality that hit her like a freight train, was she'd just lost her virginity with a dog."I lost my virginity to a dog...." she whispered, again not sure if it was horror or joy.
She giggled as she replayed the scene in her mind. Replayed it, and nodded in resignation/ How he just took her, pure animal instinct.  She had never thought the idea would turn her on so much. She never thought she'd be actively planning to do it again, and again.
Then there was this gallon of goo on her ass, 
What was that about? Was a moose sneaking up and cumming all over her?

This was NOT the way her last Trail hike had played out in her mind.

Moving closer the the fire, she saw three skinned and now cooked rabbits  "What the fuck..."But damn it smelled good.Sighing,  she decided to sneak back to the shelter and use the water spicket to clean off. What she really wanted was to just leave the strangers cum on her, but she knew she'd need to be not so gooey as she hiked.

Wondering if this was going to be a nightly thing, she debated bringing an  extra water bottle with her, the chances of being caught naked at the Shelter would grow every trip. Even yesterday, at least it was Kristen, who she really hoped would be there again.

She'd camped about 50 yards away down the dirt path, mostly so she could be loud when she played with herself, She'd never dreamed she'd have a spectator or .. a four legged visitor. * God who will show up tomorrow?* Not only was it still dark , the fog was even more dense as she walked, Hell at this rate she could walk straight into the shelter and no one would noticeAt this shelter, the water spicket was behind the out house. One of the few 'flushies' on the trail,

Unisexed,  with ten stalls and 5 sinks, adn a missor running the length of the sink side of walls.  The stalls did have doors at least.Listening for a moment, it sounded empty.  Tip toeing in, she gave another listen, and flipped the light switch, 'Click click'.  \ "Burnt out I guess." she sighed, that was ok, she could manage.

There were no doors and entrances on both ends were open , so the thick fog bank had invaded even here.  It wasn't quite pitch black but it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust, and she made her way to the sink, nd turning on the hot water and began rinsing herself off,  Pausing to scoop more of the delicious strangers cum into her mouth. As she finished and was sufficiently clean, at least as close as she could  she turned to leave when she heard the light switch click several times

"Hmmm light must be out."  Mr Clifford's  voice came through the fog. She could only make out his tall dark outline " Who's there?"
"AH.. it's Alimaya." she said, confident he could not see she was naked, he'd have to be up close. "I was just rinsing off."

"I understand. " he sighed. " Me, I'm just old, I have to pee five times a night." he laughed, "If I can find the damned thing,"

She could see him groping about blindly.

"Plus I left my glasses in my tent' he sighed. " Alimaya, would you be a deer and point me in the right direction?"

She froze and tried not audibly gulp. "AH, sure." she stepped tenitily closer to the tall blurry shape.In the daylight he was a handsome white man in his 50's or early 60's . A shaved head, but gray mustache and goatee revealed his advanced years.  His body was just as fit,if not more so, of men half his age. A thick patch of gray chest hair covered him like an old werewolf, For an old man, he was kind of sexy.

"Come on Mister C." she said and took his hand

"Thank you dear. Should have brought my damned glasses."  he lamented ."It's alright, this mountain fog is unforgiving. " she assured him. Starting to walk out she froze as she saw flashlight beams and heard the drunken voices of the Chads coming towards the out house.

"Oh shit." she tiny naked girl whispered and darted back in ran back into the stall with Mr Clifford, 

"Alimaya? What's wrong?"

"The Chads" she whispered

The flashlight beam started to sweep the stalls, and she jumped onto the commode, wrapping her legs around Mr Clifford's legs, she knew if the Chads saw her dark skin and tiny feet they'd know it was her in there. What she failed to consider, first he had just began to relieve himself, second, she'd just pulled his half hard cock right into her face. The scent was amazing, manly, and strong. Not nearly as strong as her midnight sperm donor, but still arousing, despite her fear of being caught  she found her pussy moistening.

" OH.... ah...Are you scared of them?" his voice took on a slight defensive tone.

"I'm NAKED..." she hissed

"Oh. OH.. " his voice rose

"Hey, who's that?" a gruff voice called out, and the light shone directly on Mr Clifford's legs, Missing Ali's wrapped around his knees.

"Just me, Mr. Clifford." he called out, " Ya mind?

"Oh yea.." the light clicked off and they tried the light switch, to no avail.  "Shit, lights are out."

'I have to pee bad..." he bent and whispered,  gripping the base of his cock tightly, as it was rubbing against her face as she clung to him.
Swallowing, she closed her eyes, and nodded.

 He tried to guide it down but she was too close, and although the first streams were aimed down they sprayed  her belly and bare pussy. Her eyes flew wide and her mouth gaped open, as a silent scream  shook her lungs.And... she came.

Eyes wide in horror and shame and confusion, she stared up at Mr Clifford, whose face mirrored hers. A mixture of shock and horror and lust stared back at her.His cock sprayed her at point black range and her mind raced through a thousand thoughts at once. Chief amongst them, why wasn't she revolted. Why wasn't she backing away,  The hot piss was pungent but erotic,  The last two days, she'd just been used.

 Primally.  First his dog, now him. Although he wasb;t  being cruel, or mean, the Chads would most likely ... but not him.This was not what she'd pictured the early days of her sex life being likeNow her nose was an inch away  from a grown man's pissing cock, And she was wet as hell.

She's seen porn where women, ,mostly German porn, bathed and drank pee from scores of men.  She wasn't repulsed by it, just never thought about it,  But she  was, here it was.  And here she went.

He was still peeing when she reached down and pulled the flowing cock into her mouth. The urine flow as hot, and slightly bitter, but slightly sweet too. Mr Clifford took a surprised deep breath and his eyes widened even wider as she stared at her in disbelief. Swallowing as fast as she could she found herself overwhelmed with  how utterly dirty this was.

Growing up, her parents were hardly  prudish, or oppressive, nor were they shy about expressing their affection, or even their sexlives. Now, at 13, Alimaya found her hormones  taking nearly full control and she was running purely on instinct  Primal desire. Maybe the canine last night activated it? Awaked  her 'Spirit Animal.'

* Yeah if my Spirit Animal is a Bitch IN heat* she mused, as she savored her first, male cock in her mouth.

 Even loved this pee. She could feel him stiffening, felt the last of his flow of urine slowed then stopped. She scuked and then licked it clean. Having no idea, why now, that her sexual flood gates were open, she was finding herself arroused by being claimed, taken, subjected.

 Used.She wanted this man inside her.

Leaning back from his now hard and throbbing cock,  she unfolded her legs releasing him and guided him to a sitting position on the commode. Her front half coated with his pee, and her little pussy was flowing like an open faucet. Wordlessly they moved, their breathing ragged. Once he was seated, she turned her back to him, and lowered her hungry pussy onto his nice hard, HUMAN cock.Her eyes closed and biting down on her lower lip she impaled herself inch by inch, until he she was sitting on the base."Oh yes... finally..." she whispered.

"Oh Ali..." he breathed in her ear. Nodding she began to raise up, and lower herself back down slowly, enjoying ever inch

The voices of the Chads, just out side slowly faded,  But she before she tuned them out, she heard one of them saying he was torn as to wanting the fuck the blonde, or the squaw first. * The squaw*  her mind answered before she could stop herself.Then it all faded as the sheer joy of this hard cock she was riding. It felt so good, so right.

 An invisible blush crossed her face as she quietly thought the dog was better, but in a  different way. She wanted more of both. Mister Clifford grabbed her hips and shoved her all the way to the base.
 She stifled a squeek, with both hands over her mouth, as she instinctively began to grind and rotate her hips onto him, her juices drenching his lap.Being small and flexible, she drew her legs up onto his, and and he got the hint, and  wrapped her legs up, holding her entire body now, he began to  pound her up and down on his cock,

She was getting fucked, by a human. She loved it. She didn't even know his real name, hell she didn't even know the DOG's real name...  Fitting she mused, she lost her virginity to a man and his dog, whose name she didn't know. Making a point now, not to ever learn their real names.

 By her third big orgasm,  she was quivering in his arms, folded like a small native pretzel, he whispered in her ear. "I'm going to cum."

Her eyes still shut, she nodded "Do it.. fill me..."  she hissed

With a stifled groan, he slammed her down hard as his legs shook, as she felt her first human cock explode inside her, her orgasm  shook her and a high pitched keening escaped from her lips as he lost his grip on her legs and she flopped down on his lap, still cumming, and still impaled on his cock.

"Oh my god..." she whispered.

"Are you ok?" he asked quietly, and she immediately nodded.

"Yes thank you." she purred and lay back, his arms encircling her.

They listened but didn't hear the boys any longer. She could hear the sharp whistles of the 'morning birds'. It was still dark, but sunrise would be soon.

Reluctantly, she pushed herself off of him, she did something she'd see while cruising porn,and spun and took his cum covered cock in her mouth, cleaning him.The taste was intoxicating, as she tasted the blending of his cum and her's. Such a unique flavor, it was yummy, tangy.

He shuddered and his cock twitched as the last drops of his semen was urged out.

"Thank you..." she whispered and kissed his cheek. and dashed out the door. Thankfully the fog was still thick and she sped around the spicket and very quickly washed the now dried but pungent pee from her body. She  hated to admit that was one of the hottest things she'd ever seen or felt and something she never thought or even entertained.

Just as she finished a voice behind her spoke up. "Well well, Pokahontas."  the shorter Chad smirked. "Bath time eh?"

She tried to stay calm, and act like it was no big deal, but his eyes were devouring her. She knew if she let him know this bothered her, he'd use it as a weapon.  Normalize it

"Yes, you should try it some time." she shot back.

"You look like a little boy." he sneered

"Humm.. you too."  she shrugged.Then nodded. " Maybe once I hit puberty I'll have boobs as big as yours."  she said dryly.

He was the flabbiest of the three. His face darkened but beforre he could respond, she darted away into the mist.Losing him in seconds, she ran back to her camp and quickly dressed.  Well, what there was of her clothes, ony her sports bar and track shorts, left little to the imagination. Breaking down her camp quickly and eating her share of one rabbit and cutting up a half haunch for later, she brought it all back to the shelter.

*** DAWN *****

Once everyone was up and about, and again shocked how this tiny little teen managed to trap, cook and dress three rabbits. Giving a full half to the Robinsons  &  Mr Clifford and his big red dog. Then letting the rest of Tramily s share, even the Chads.

Clifforf of came came right to her, licking and nuzzling her, and got the bone scraps, and Mr Clifford gave her a wink.The Chads just kept learning and whispering.Thinking about the wonderful fucking Mr C and his dog had given her last night and this morning got her worked up again,.Even the annoying and cocky Chad seeing her naked, staring at her with lust, was getting her going.

 She  had to focus.

Showing everyone how to store their food, and reminding them to hang it HIGH in a tree in case a bear, or mountain lion. got wind.The third day's track was a bit slower for those who were not as used to it. The Chads fell way behind.   Alimaya found herself waiting at rest points to make sure everyone had made it.
During the walk, she and Kristen got to talk more. After their groping session, getting closer and sharing more intimate details

"So, when you walked Clifford yesterday, did he.. ya know.. get frisky?" she finally asked.

The talk blonde's pale complexion  blushed pink :What do you mean? She asked seemingly innocence.

"Ya know.. did he, " she looked around to make sure  they were out of ear shot " you .. try to lick you?" Kristen was only a few months older, but at nearly a foot taller, she and Ali fell into a comfortable 'Big sister little sister' roleLaughing, and diverting. she placed a hand on Ali's shoulder. "Oh hey call do that? Didn't you have dogs growing up ?"

Shaking her head " We had Rez dogs, but we didn't own any."

"Why" Kristen lowered her voice." Did he try with you?" she grinned eagerly.

It was Ali's turn to blush thankfully her ear and part of her chest just flushed slightly.

"That would be wrong." she insisted.  She liked Kristen, and wanted her BAD, but sharing the fact she'd lost her cherri to a dog, then his master, might be over sharing at this point. 

Standing up and looking down, an eyebrow arched. "So?"

Ali looked at her, unsure where this was going.  " So he didn't?"

Smirking, she leaned down as they walked and kissed on the forehead.  Earning them hoots and cheers from the ChadsFrowning, she turned, walking sure footedly backwards, effortlessly "Hey,  man-boobs! "she spoke loudly to chunky Chad .

 " You know how The People wink to you pale faces?" smirking

He smirked and  turned his back,  pulling his shorts down, he mooned her and spread his sweaty ass cheeks, presenting his tight drown rectum. Everyone laughed and Ali cocked her head, knelt down and grabbed a small pebble from the soil, still kneeling, closing her right eye, she winged the stone , In a few seconds, she small stone  at blinding speed and it impacted squarely into  his rectum.A high pitched howl, which wound into a scream and he fell face first into the soft earth.

Alimaya stayed that way, taking in the whole scene.  She hadn't meant to throw it THAT hard, she admitted, inwardly. But damn that was funny.
The whole group turned to  regard the tiny girl who just laid low a man, well boy, twice her size. The pawl of silence hung in the foggy mist and for what felt like an galactic year, nothing happened. Finally, Mister C started laughing deep from the belly

The avalanche started there  and even the other two Chads started laughing,

"Shut man" he whimpered , then looked at Ali. "You bitch!" he snapped.  But she just shrugged innocently

"Hey, It was self defense. " she defended herslf. " You should never point something that big, it might  be loaded. "  She shrugged  and gave him a evil look. " I mean It DID smell like a a dead whommbat in the bathroom after you left."

HIs anger growing, as he became more steady on ihs feet, gently pulling his shorts up.Seeing a weapon to use, she sneered and was  still neaning over.
"OH yea why were you naked at the shower last night ?

 puffing, up proud of outing her.

"AH, well you said you thought I was a litle boy".  She arched her eyebrow.  " Is that what you were hoping for ?"
His face redened and he tried to take a step forward.

At the same time, Mr Robinson, his son, Mr Clifford, and even Clifford took  a warning step.

"That's enough boys." Mr Cliffords deep voice was firm and finaly   "A little gitl just kickrf you butt. " he laughed  'Well, sort of" this sarked a new round of laughter from the group.

Standing close,  to her Kristen whispered.  " Ok that was perfect."

Ali smiled " Hey he started it."

"Just watch your back" she cautioned

Ali shurgged. "I'll be ok." she assred her

A few steps later, she lened in "WHy were you naked at the out house?"

She shrugged " Had to rinse off. It was late."

"Uh huh. LIk e were  naked yesterday? again she drew close. " Like all tha cum on you yesterday?

Looking at her they walked, and shifted her backpack, as she whispered " He came all over my ass this moring." she confided in her.

"Ooo.. hot. Who is it?"

Ali frowned " I have NO idea, never heard a thing." she admiited.

"he  snuck up on an Indrian?" She asked increduoiulay

"I know right." she shurrgged

They both loughed.

The next leg of the trip was a bit further to the shelter , so Kristen volunteered to go with her to set up for the others . Kristoph voluteerned to come along too. Quickly the three healthy athletic teens made good time, taking severel shortcuts,

"How'd you know those short cuts were there?"Kristen asked.

Alimaya shrugged."  It's simple really, Pointing to moss on one side.  'That's the North side," she shrugged. "We're headed north bound."
Kristen and Kristof exhanged impressed looks.

:How'd you know that?" Kristof asked

She gave him a disgusted but patient look. "Helloooooooo  Indian"

As they walked, the usual small talk, life stories, life goals, the usual.Arriving at the shelter, about an hour before dark, there were already a half dozen "South Bounders' there and were struggiing to fet the fire Ali grinned and went to scout out her camp site. and finally found a isolated  camp on the east side.
As she began to set up her hammock, and again no rain fly,  Kristen started to set her small two man tent.Ali looked at her and cocked her head. "I"m staying with you tonight, see if we can find your midnight visitor." she smiled and knealt  to start setting up her tent.

"Ah.. what visitor?" Krstof  asked suspiciously,

Kristen shushed him. " Hush boy child. This is girly stuff"

"Uh huh." he gave them a look where which said he was dubious at best.

She moved to his arms and layed a hand on his well built and sweaty chest. "Don't worry big brother." she nuzzled his neck, a bit more affecitate e than a brother and sister should. Well maybe. Who was she to judge? " You're not loosing me. " and she kissed him on the cheek

"Ok, girls nigiht." Ali grinned " I like it." Her mind raced with possibilities with the flirting they'd done the last few days, this could be a fun night.
Once camp was set and a small fire started, they warmed up the rabbits and had a good banquet. 

"How did you catch and clean these in one night,? Kristof asked

Again she looked at him with that cocked head puppy look " Helloooooooooo Indian." she smirked and all three laughed
Setting their packs down at Ali's  They found a spot on the other side to Kristof,  maybe 50 ft away.

 Now their packs were off, it was very obvious how well built the kids were, and turned heads when they came back to the Shelter.There were the usual greetings and hello's and talk about the South bound trail, how long they'd been on the trail.Some one notied the two other trail patches on Ali's pack, which made her a bit of a celerity.

She shared her rabbit, with them , which nearly elevated her to god like status.Several asked what her Tribe was, and actaully two knew the difference, Better than her own group.

Also, feeling sorry for the Southies, she helped them with their fire, and soon there was nice warm roaring fire."Wow," a pretty woman in her mid 40's  with  short, 'lesbian' type hair and stricking green eyes.

"Fire and rabbits for dinner/, how'd you manage that little one? her smile was genuie, and warm.

Before she could answer,  Both Kristen and Krostof  answered. "  Hello.......... Indian."   All three burst out laughing.

The chat was nice, talking to people besides they're own 'group'   They shared the best places for 'Trail Magic', as well as the worst. It was a little after dark when their group caught up, sweating, panting exhausted, the "Robinson" parents huged and kissed their kids, and Clifford when straight to Ali, licking and nuzzeling her, and she hugged him, laughing.and enjoying his attention.

"Well, I guess he missed you."  Mister C smiled and came to pet him, letting his hand subtilly touch her shoulder, it looked innocent. But it sent a jolt down her body, as the two cocks that had been inside were were right here. She wondered if he knew his dog did that. She wondered if she could to them both together.

Standing, she smiled and let her hand run across his arm as she went to join the group. Lucky for the Chads, there was room in the shelter tonight. She ponited out to The Chads, that space was not always gaurenteed.  They shrugged it off.  So did she.
Around the fire the talk was pleasant, but quickly turned to the 'strange sounds' in the forest,

"And we say some big guy running around out there." an older man, wearing an old faded fishing hat said.

"What you mean like Big foot?" the taller Chad chortaled.

"Not saying that." the old man shook his head. "Just saying we say a very tall man, on his own by a river just about sun down 'bout a month back."

The Chads laughed, but the others took this in somberly.

Which prompted them to an all night Big Foot discussion, culminating again with Alimaya explained to HER people, the Saskwatch, or the Genoskwa,  known as Forest People, were once friends with The People < the Natives> and lived in harmony,

"When did that change?" the older woman, who she'd learned was named  Helena,  asked.

Ali shrugged "When the white men drove us off our land." she said simply.  An uncomfortable silence fall over the group, until Ali tried to lighten the mood. "That's ok, you all spend all your money in OUR casinos, so we're square." she grinned, which led to a round of laughter around the campfire.

The talk turned back to Big Foot, with of course the Chads swearing he was a blood thirsty monster, to which Ali pointed out there's never in all Americn history, been a record death by a Genaskwa.

"What abour that time in Arkansas? You know, that movie n the 70's?" Chunky Chad  brought up.

" As I recalll, they shot him first, before he tore up the house." she shrugged.

"OH what to you know, you're like 12,."

"13." she corrected neurally.

He waved his hand dismissively.

This was followed by a round of surprse at her age, even though she was short, it seemed she carried her self older .

Camp midnight rolled along, about 930pm and after bidding everyone a goodnight,  she and Kristen walked hand in hand back to their camp

"Ok, so what were you doing before all this started?" as she ingited the fire and fanned it.
She couldn't see Ali blush, but she she was silent  Kristen turned, awaiting an answer, finally standing , towering over her. "Well ? Spill it?"

Swallowing, "I was....  playing with my self."  blushing ears to chest.
Kristen let out a deep belly laugh, Ali was sure they could hear her all they back to the first shetler, actually holding on to her perfect flat pale stomach.
Ali was embarrased, but when Kristen stopped laughing,  she had a smile from ear to ear. "Well then, I guess we'd better get started then." and with that, slipped her sports bar off, then dropped her running shorts

Ali's grin matched hers and followed suit. Now the two girls, total opposites,  one 5'10, blonde and pale, the other 4'10  black hair, and dark, native american skin. Eacn beautiful in thier own right.
Kristen pulled her close amd having to bend slightly, kissed her,long, passionatly, wrapping one hand with a hand ful of her soft black hair
They both moaned as the kiss, and Ali began to run her hands up her sides, and Kristen followed suit.

Pausing only long enough to throw down her blankey, the girls collapsed on top and devoured each other.  Tongues and hands explored every orafice and crevace.  Ali loved her taste, so heady, so musky from the sweat.  SO delicious.

And damn this girl knew how to use her tongue. She hit all the right buttons, and when she wiggled her finger into her rectum, that was her first orgasm of the night.
Moving around to return the favor, he nessstled inbetween Kristens legs, and dove her tongue eagery into her dripping pussy, she took her time savoring her taste, and Kristen's pussy dripped with clear, juicy fluid. It was delicious.
"Fingers.... " Kristen breathed, " More fingers."

Ali happily complied and worked more and more fingers, until all four were easliy inside.  Working her four fingers and and out of Kristen, with increasing speed. Her cries of joy waising, her hips bucking "More..." the tall blond hissed, and moaned in delight as the smaller girls fist, once inside, they both orgasmed at the same time..

Ali pushed her fist deeper and deeper into her friends pussy, and she could feel it throbbing, and flooding her hand.
Several minutes later Kristen came hard, her toes curling, and fists digging into the ground.
 Slowly Ali withdrew her and, then began licking it clean.

"MMMm that was just what I needed " Kristn purred and she snuggled close to Ali, the smaller girl absently stroked her perfect, up turned 34b's

"MMM indeed." Ali agreed. " But you like boys too. I smelled it on you the other day.'

"Yes, but you do too I bet." she teased but missed her blush in the dark. "Oh wait, before we fall asleep, she hopped, pulling loose a piece of tree brack, and began scooping up and scattering fire ash all around their little blanket.
"At least we'll get a look at his boot style." she nodded as she finished.

"I'm impressed, you must have a little indian in you." Ali nodded.

Kristen laughed deeply, 'I did have a little indian in me. "

"Oh hush." and half heartedlly smacked her ." Ya Amazon jerk, " she said through a laugh.

"Excuse me Pochahontas, my grandpa is from Finland, I'lm a Valkery  "  she  said with pride.

Laughing again . " Fair enough " and wrapped her self around the tall blonde and they kissed and lay back down together.

They lay there petting, and caressing, and talking, sharing parts of their lives,  It was nice, only Stacy and Randy were this close to her back home. she was happy to have another girlfriend, especially a hot one like Kristen.
Wrapped up together they finally drifed off, their many intense orgasms exhausting them.  They' d wanted to stay awake to see if they could catch Ali's  midnigtht sperm donor, but eventually they both drifted in a deep happy slumber.

************Day 4 ***********************
Early morning.

Ali felt a warmth on her cheek and hi, as she forced herself awake, blinking and getting her bearing.
Still pitch black outside, night sounds filled her ears, not moring birds,  the fire was roaring, and three giant muskee fish were guttted and roasting. The fire burnt off the fog around them, but beyond the fire's heat, the fog was thick at ever. and zero visibilty.
And of course, she and Kristen were coated with thick, creamy cum. It was all over her shoulder, cheek, chin, and side. Kristen was covered from her long slnder neck, both perfect breasts were slathered in it, and if covred all the way down to her short, blonde triangle of pubic hair.

She sighed deeply.  "Kris, " she whispered and shook her gently. " We got hit again."

Kristen worked herself awake, blinking herself awake. "Wha.. what?"  shaking her head and feeling her chest. "OH.. I see..''  rubbing some between her fingers. Then tasting some. "I don't believe it, this the best tasting cum I've ever had...."  Kristen blinked in surprise.

"You've tasted a lot of cum?" Ali asked, almost jeaalous.

Kristen just smiled and began to lik Ali's face and chin free of cum
Purring, the closed her eyes and enjoyed the tongue bath, and when she finished, she returned the favor, taking extra time to clean, lick and nibbled her breasts, spending extra time gently bitting her very erect nipples.

Kristen moaned in delight, as Ali slid down her muscular belly and even sucked on her naval, making her giggle, and held her head.
Finally sliding down to her sopping wet pussy, she dove in with delight, loving the sweet, sticky juice, and this time with out needing to asked, she begen working her fingers into the blonde's willing, wet pussy.

Moaning louder and her hips rising, her breath ragged, "Fuck you're good at that..."

"I"m fast learner." Ali griinned up at her, her chin coated with clear pussy juice.

"You learned well baby..." she smiled and lowered her head, letting her tine friend's fist work its majick.
Within a few minutes,  Kristen came hard, screaming through clenched teeth.

Pleased with herself Ali propped herself up, a pussy eatin grin. " I love your taste Kris." she beamed.

Kristen arched an eyebrow. "I guess so, you gave a pet name;" she grinnred.

" I guess I did"  Ali shrugged. "We should get cleaned up before people start waking up. "

"Didn't work out so good for you yesterday." Kristen teased.

Ali blushed and grinned. "Well. yes and know." she shrugged.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Some bad, some was.. pretty good."  She smiled and looked at the fish

Kristen's eye followed, then widened.  "Holy shit, what are those? Dinosaurs?"

Ali shook her head. " No, just muskee's.  Found in a lot of rivers and lakes around here."

"Wow  we don't a lot of those in Queens."  Kristen said, still in awe.

"Probably not, " Ali agreed

Looking down to their blacket they both froze. There, in the ash,  were indeed tracks from their night time visitor They both swallowed, mouths agape.  Then looked to each other, then back to the prints.
There were several around the firepit and of course, around their blanket. They were bare foot. They were also nearly 15 inches long.

"No fucking way."  Kristen shook her head in disbelef

"No fucking kidding." Alimaya's jaw was wide open. "I always thought those stories my grandpa told were just faire tales."

"T... this... is a real honest to god Big Foot, isn't it?" she swallowed nervously

Numbly, Ali nodded.

:"You mean, a big foot has been watching, us, and came all over us last night?"

Again Alimaya nodded. " I guess so."

"Ok, I'm not sure If I'm horrifed or turned on." Kristen admitted.

"I know, right?" ALi replied numbly.  " I fucked my self with my dildo, in front of him , he was 10 feet away."

"Wow.." the tall blond said.  "That hot.. and scary."

Still staring at the print. she could only nod, and unconsciously her left hand slid to her pussy, she was shocked, and not, to find it dripping. With drawing her and to see, her fingers were coated with he own juice's,

"My god, you're drenched." Kristen's eyes widened. " I guess you're turned on huh?"

"I guess so."  she nodded still numb.

They sat there for several minutes, until Kristen finally shook her head back to the present., and began kicking the ash foot prints away.  Turning to Alimaya. "IF the Chads see these, they'll be back with a Frat full of drunken morons, looking to get a trophy. "

Ali bit her lip and nodded. "Right."  she looked up earnestly "We can't tell anyone about this, anyone at all." her eyes pleading.

Kris regarded her for several heartbeats.  then nodded ." Yeah, I love my brother, but he'll want to write a biology paper or something. " she frowned., and hugged Ali tight. " It's our secret.", then they kissed again

****** DAWN Day 4  The girls camp ************

They managed to get the water spigot, rinse off and get back with out anyone seeing , at least they thought.  The whole time they spoke about that this all meant. The sheer magnitude of evidence, if it could be a hoax, if so where did the gallon of semen come from, How did it shoot ten feet? Nothing about the evidence pointed to hoax. Especially the scent, no way to fake that.
"Or the taste of his cum. What does that mean? It's delicious, like really really, almost addictive."

"Really ?"

Kristen nodded "Really it's amazing!" she licked her lips subconsciously.

"How much cum have you had?"

Kristen blushed and grinned slyly, "Enough." 

They got dressed, and broke down their camp,  and making sure no trace of their visitors foot prints totally gone.  Then they took down the wooded A frame the fish cooked on, then ate their share, and skinned and divided it into portions for their group and some for the South Bounders
Again everyone was amazed the tiny native girl was able to produce, and Kris confirmed what the  girl snuck off this morning. and came back with them.

Legend confirmed  They ate and Ali re-checked packs for those who asked for it.
This leg of the journey, began to ascend, becoming steeper.. So Ali stayed with the 'pack' to help guide them, watch every ones water intake.
The temperature was higher today, and the mountain fog  off quickly and before 10am every one was sweating.  Ali noted jealously, hat Kristen' lighter colored short and bar quickly turned nearly transparent,

 * Damn she looked so hot, and she' MY girlfriend. * she thought to herself as they made their way up the mountain,
There were a lot of breaks, and lots of her rubbing peoples feet, and at 13 years old, she became the de facto  'mom' of the group.
She took time play with Clifford,  and talked to Mr. C,  telling him quietly how much she enjoyed the other morning, and  would try to find more time for him. He  was very grateful, and said he looked forward to it.
They reached the shelter with a couple hours of daylight left, the 'men folk' set out to find more fallen timber
Ali showed people some tricks for sore muscle, and made tea for any who wanted it,  Many did.

The night's talk was once again filled with talk of Big Foot as everyone's imaginations ran rampant after the old man's statement.

Both Ali and Kris tried to divert, and assure everyone's focus, and assure them, if they were nice to the Genaskwa, they'd be nice to you.
There was still some arguement from the Chads,  and a few of the South Bounders reports hearing noises at night, and big branches broken.
Also someTrail Magick had been left,  in way of cooked deer and boar, further north,

"Saved some of our newbies, much needed protine." one older gentlemen spoke. " Not sayin' it was no Big Foot, but it was in the MIDDLE,  between the shelters." he added.

This left the group of about 40 a buzz with chatter, and Ali and Kristen exhanged nervous glances, hopeing they could keep their friends secret  from the group.
The chatter went on late into the night, and again Kristen and Ali camped together.

Around 10ish, Kristen kissed her parents, then her brother and headed back to their camp,  Not even bothering with her tent this time, the girls would share the hammock, if they gor that far.

Stripping down, totally naked then stitting on cut logs around the fire they reheated some rabbits, and more tea, and chatted some more, worried about the Chads,
and both confessing that  they really, relally wantef the Genoskwa the see them naked again, and to touch them, man handle them.

They had no idea, until the reality of having aomeone watch them, the cum all over them, had been driving them crazy all day.
The talk turned into petting and kissing,, that turned into another wonderful sixty-nine., Ali was on top of Kristen, their tongues and fingers exploring.  It didn't take long before they were both squeaking, and giggling, and shuddering. For Ali her orgasm   came crashing into her when Kristen had shoved two fingers in her ass and two in her pussy.

Ali lay on top of her taller lover, panting and smiling,
"I like the finger thing." she said dreamily.

"Mmmm Just wait till I get my whole hand up both holes. "


"Practice practice practice beautiful." she grinned and gave her still dripping pussy a lick.

Ali shuddered and then  they paused, hearing batches breaking as someone approached them

"Is someone comming?" Kristen asked, pulling her face away,  luoking back upside down  " Oh no. Not now. go way boy. Go on, NO, NO!"

Ali had began to press herself up and off of Krsten , when she flelt the tall blond's arms try to pry away  and push up, then she felt the first assault of he big wet toungue and the cold nose press against her ass.

"Oh no Clifford!" She squealed and pushed her self up on all fours, intending to crawl away, but the  big red Irish Setter was too fast, and pounced on her, his tail swiffing like helocopter,

Kris pushed on his chest telling him no, but her was on a mission.

'Oh no! Clifford..." Ali whined as the big red dog clasped her tiny hips, and began blindly thrusting his stiff, pink and red doggy cock at her upturned ass
"Not now!  Not again."  she tried to escape his firm hold.

"Again?" Kristen asked sill beneath her,, and stopped pushing him off her.

"Just get him off me." Ali pleaded.

"So he's always fucked you??' Kristen watched in fascination as his long dripping cock left rivulets on her chin and neck as he drew closer and to Ali's soaked pussy.
" He.. he ambushed me the other night,  like now...  You can't see be being fucked by a dog!!!" there was a plea in voice,

Grinning, Kristen reached up and took hold of the dogs blindlly thrusting cock, and her smile grew wider as she guided his pulsing cock right into her pussy.

"OOhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Ali cried out as the dog pistoning into her

" There.. Now I've seen a dog fucking your brains out.  No need to hide it any more.' and she began liking Ali's clit and the dog's flowing pre cum.

Alimaya whimpered  as Clifford's cock drove into her with a will, She couldn't' t help but moan in delight.

"You love it don't you?" Kristen urged as she watched to dogs cock slamming into her friend just inches away.  "Don't you?" she flecked her tongue against her clit, making her yip.

"Y... yes...." she squeaked. 

"Good, I love watching you being this dogs bitch!!" she continued her assaults' on Ali's pussy.

With this 'permission'  Alimay relaxed and let her self enjoy the animalistic pounding, which she really did love. She began moaning and rocking back against him.
 "Oh yes...." she moaned louder. " I never knew I loved being a bitch, but I do."

"Good, me too."  Kristen confessed between licks.

"mmmm " Ali dove into Kristen's sloppy wet cunt.   She let her self be taken like an animal while she ate her friends pussy, and she teased and licked  her clit, and running her tongue along the dogs thrusting cock, and cupped his knot. Holding it as he filled her little friend. Enjoying the view she relished in this wonderful forbidden act,  She loved forbidden. Maybe now this taboo was shattered, she could tell Alimaya about her other secrets.

Clifford rammed into Ali for several long minutes, and her juiced flowed into Kristen's hungry mouth She watched as the knot began to push it's massive bulk into Ali's stretching's pussy.. It was beautiful, Like a huge pink and red lemon being shoved inside her. 
"Oh fuck yes I love the knot...." Ali hissed and worked her way down on it
"That's it beautiful.. take that knot." Kris encouraged.

Clifford the dog pushed and pulled and in a few minutes it popped in, and Ali's orgasm flooded Kris's face as she came, her scream lost in the tall blonde's wet vagina. which set her off bucking up into Ali's face as Clifford's cum began to flow in earnest. Kristen loved cum all cum,  girl cum, boy cum, dog cum. All of it.

Ali shuddered and squealed as the knot drove her over the edge, but her screams were lost inside Kristen's wet pussy.  The vibration and the pure eroitc dirtyness of the act of 69ing with a hot girl as a dog mounted her was one of the hottest things she's ever experitnced. Her smaller orgasm rippled through her and her legs clamped ointo  Alimaya's head as they both shook.

Clifford's knot was well entrenched and filling Ali's teen womb with a costandt flow of canine cum.
 Panting and exhasuted they lay that way for a long, long time..

Fially,  Clifford''s knot finally relaxed and slipped out, causing Ali to moan again, as trails of cum spilled out onto Kristens face and she greedily swallowed and let the rest coat her face.

Cliffford moved away and cleaned himself as the girls remained in that position, finallly passsing out. Ali's thoughts filled with the joy of behing mounted, the joy of having Kristen watch, the thrill of thinking that maybe their big stranger was watching.
With that in her mind, she slept

****************** DAY 5  Alimaya's camp (***********************
                            few hours before dawn

 Krtisten slowly woke up, aware her face was warm.and wet.   Smacking her lips she realized her face was covered in cum. Swallowing and blinking her eye open her next was Ali's beautiful little pussy , still slightly red and swollen  It too was slathered in that thick sticky slightly off colored cum.
Giving her pussy a playful lick Ali moaned and shifted , and Kristen rolled gently to one side, laying Ali on her back, gently, she whispered " Ali... he got us again."

Besides them was a roaring fire, and two skinned and cooked rabbits.

"Mmmmm" Ali groaned and shifted as Kristen kissed her eay down to her half awake friends pussy.. "That's the best alarm clock ever."
 she purred.
With in minutes she came, hands full of Kritens blond hair in her hands.

"Good morning." Kristen grinned, the cum on her face sticking to to them both. and making a wet spot in the blanket.
"MMM good morning."  Ali grinned back,  " He came again I see."  scooping some of the cum off if her face, and tasting it." You're right, this is delicious."

"Why do you suppose he doesn't just take us?"  Kris asked as she got to her feet.

"No idea, he's had every chance." she shrugged/

"Maybe he's a gay vouyer big foot?"  taking Ali's hand and headed to wash off todays deposit

Agaain it  was early enough they avoided anyone awake to see the two naked teens washing out in public, talking, touching, tssting. Ali was loving the closeness, the intimacy they were sharing.   All this, and the idea they were TRYING to get a Big Foot to moleste them in their sleep. That was such a far out thought
That was sureal.  Obsurd.  It HAD to be something or someone else making those tracks.  Right?

Dressing and striking camp, they again shared their 'gift; with the other hikers and again Kristen went on and on about Alimaya's early morning foraging skills.
 Setting ouy just after sun up, the morning was, again cool, and foggy, the higher they went the longer the fog lingered.

Bt about 9 it had pretty much all burned away. but to Ali and Kris every branch snap,  of rustle of leaves caught their attention.

The two  ranged way a head of the main body, as it were. They weren't really in any order, or hurry. Most people at an even pace can hike 8  to 15 miles per day.
 The Shelters were set up approximatly ten miles apart. There were also split trails,  and side paths, 'Easy trails' and 'expert trails.'  but ended up at the same place.

As they walked Ali ended up sharing everything with Kristen,  After all, she's seen her being fucked by a dog and loved it. They ranged far ahead of the group, being smaller, lightr and in excellent shape. soon they far ahead  and pretty much alone.
 She  confessed her attraction to Kriten's  brother and her partens. 

Kristen giggled and even though they were too were attracted to her.
When asked if that wierded her out she laughed deeply..
"Oh Ali." she said through a smile.

Then she hit Ali with a bomb shell. Even though they were alone in the woods, only the wind in the trees and birds distrubing the silence, Kristen took the smaller girl in her arms, kissed her slowly, then whispered in her ear " I fuck my brother and parents too...." her breath, hot in AIi's ear and those words made her instant;y wet.

"You.. you what??" she managed.

As they walked, Kristen told her that she and her family had been having sex with each other, a lot, they also enjoyed the family dog.
Ali's jaw hit the forest floor in shock and arousal.

She explained how they were usually nudists and the rest just came naturally, and they all loved it, and they ALL wanted a turn with Alimaya.
The idea of being a 'pet' to the tall, blonde beautiful 'Robinson' family thrillered her beyond measure.

They talked as they went, Kristen sharing dirty little secrets and plans, and got closer and closer.

The girls were on a medium trail branch, and quite islotaed.  They spotted a watter fall and small pond a few hundred yards off the trail.
A huge smile spread across her face. " Let's go skinny dipping. You've got me all worked up."

"OK!" Kristen enthusiastically agreed.


It took about 20 minutes to climb up, it was pretty steep. but lush and green and beautiul, and that weird painter guy needed to make it a portriat. Alimaya had shed her pack and was naked in seoonds and dove into the pond like an otter.

Kristen laughing, followed suit. and soon the tall pale blonde was swimming and laughing next to her diminutive  dark skinned dark haired beautiful young lover. This was to Ali paradice, naked in natue with a hot woman, and the promise of her hot family later.

They frolliced for about ten minutes before Ali couldn't take it, and pushed Kris onto her back and began diving into her pussy with wantan abandon.

Kristens pale skin aginst the green moss covered rock was idellic and worthy of a painting. Add Alimaya's dark skin between her legs and the sight was breathtaking.

In seconds, Ali's fingers found their way into Kristen's pussy, then ass as her moans echoed though the wilderness. Ali could feel her own fingers through the thin membrane, as three of her fingers were in Kristens ass and four fingers in her pussy, the tall blond's hips were bucking and the amazing scene brought her to a quick orgasm,

She screamed ss it hit her like a tidal wave and her high pitchted wail echoed through the trees.

As the sounds of her cry faded it was answered by a low, vibraating roar, which both girls felt in their belly's.  The hair in the back of their necks stood up in a primal reaction to the obvious predators yell.
 They froze.
All sounds in the forest froze. No birds, no bugs,  nothing.  His cry finally faded through the trees.

Then, from what seemed like down the mountain, they heard four loud 'knocks'. Someone hitting a log against a tree., come though the trees.
"Are there two of them" Ali whispred, both her hands still inside Kristen.

"Sounds like it..." she whispered.
Slowly, Ali removed her hands from her girlfriend and Kristen couldn't help but moan a bit more. but quicky stiffled it. " Do you think they're close?"

Ali shook her head. "No way to tll really." nodding up the mountain, 'But the  roar came from that way,  and the knocking from that way. looking down the mountain.

Sprnger Mountain was just shy of 3800 feet so the trail wound it's way up gently making the angles not too sharpe,  so as not to exhaust the hikers.
They were close to a trailhead which was a 'Town Stop"  but it was on the other side of the mountain. about 4 hours walk from here

"They're awfully close to a town..." Ali said out loud

"We... we should go." Kris said as she gathered her clothes

Ali noddedm: "yeah probably right"
Last night, in the dark the idea of a 'big foot' coming and molesting them seemed hot. Today, with that primal roar that shook them both to their souls, it seemed less a good idea.

That roar... it was like being at the Zoo, and the lion goes off and everything below them on the food chain froze. Alimaya knew she was dwon the list on the food chain.
She'd never, ever heard of any story of the Forest People harming a human, like ever, and the way her grandfather spoke they were 'drinking buddiies.  Still that sound struck a cord with her, frieghtening, and exciting her at the same time.

They dressed and made their way down the steep slope.
Ali was pretty sure footed, and usually Kristen was too,, but a rock shifted, and Kristen went tumbling down the  about 20 feet with a chorus of sqeals and ouches.
Rushing to her side, she as ok, mostly, but her ankle was bruised and starting to swell already.

There was always an emergecy line at the Sheltersm and it took over two hours to help her get there and she called for help. The cell phones had no service, but she texted her folks anyway, sometmes texts made it when calls did not.

Ali knew a bit of first aid, and evey shelter bad a basic kit, and in a few minutes Alimaya had her friends naked wrapped, iced and elevated.
Holding her hand and assuring her, she waited unitil the Rangers arrived on a  six wheeled gator.about an hour later. It was one of those models that had a stretcher on one side

Watching as they loaded her up and took the hospital information, and promised to tell her family when they got there. With a final kiss and knowing glance, they ped off, her wrapped ankle secure.

He thoughts were a tornado of a hundred things. That sound still echoed in her head. The feeling, the fear, the excitment, She still had Kirstens taste on her lips, her scent on her hands.

Thoughts of the rest of the Robinson family' as potetial lovers, the ida of them all four watching her with the dog. Having both father and son inside her whil Kris and Mom watched. What an amazing  13th birthday week this was turning out to be

Kristen's family arrived, sweating and panting, they'd gotten the text. Convincing them to wait as she called the Rangers, and they were coming to get them and take them the hospital they took Kristen. She gave them her number and they promsed to call as soon as they knew anything.
They hugged her good bye when the Rangers arrived, hugged her like family, like lovers. She loved it.

Wtching as they rode away, worried about Kristen, and very sad about her prospects for tonight. Now having second thoughts about putting on a show for her night time voyuer. Was that roar in reply to Kristens scream? Was it a teritiory warning?

It was so much fun the last few nights, when it was dark, and he was't yelling.
Sighing, she retired to her hammock, a part from the main area.
The 'team' started to trickle in,

She told everyone what happened and EvERYONE had heard the 'roar' and the knocking.
 Explaining it away as maybe a bear, and Kristens high pitch scream sounded just like  a panther, she played that off.

A llittle later Mr Clifford and his beautiful Irish Setter came in, But the dog was not lookig well either. Mr Clifford explained that while playing in a stream,  the dog ate something dead, and had food poisoning. Ali knew from the Rez, this was common and he'd be better tomorrow most likely.
* Damn, another lover out of action.* she thought to herself * Maybe I can sneak to Mr Cliffords tent tonight? But what if Clifford is better and mounts me in front of him?*  That thought  both scared and excited her.

The camp, both North and South Bounders could only talk about the roar, and several heard the knocking.
Everyone had a different oppinion, but everyone seemed to buy the 'bear' 'panter'  story for the sounds, but she admitted he had no head about the knocking sound. She didn't try to bluff with the 'woodpecker' theory. Maybe stags rutting ?  Several latched onto that story. No one really wanted to believe it was a 'big foot' here in Georgia.

She sat and ate with Mr Clifford and his dog, finding it thrilling this man and his dog were the first, REAL penis's inside her and she had NO idea what their names were. That made her pretty wet.

As the sun was settig, and the big foot chatter raged on, her phone buzzed, and it was Mrs Robinson, Kris was fine mild sprain. They were going to stay in town and would be back in the morning., and they'd understand if she went on. She assured them she'd be waiting at the trail head at the Town Stop shuttle stop.
 SIghing, but relieved it wasn't bad she shared the news with the group and everyone was relieved, Well, the "Chads' seemed indifferent but everyone elsed was relieved.
As they ate diner and everyone was on edge to every branch and twig snap casued alarm. Poor Clifford was worhtless as he was busy being sick all night.
At some point, she subcosciously reached for her medicine bag, usually around her neck.. Her eyes widened as she found it gone, instinctively she patted herself down. Nothing.
Retracing her day she sighed and rolled her eyes.  "Damn it. I left it at the pond." she muttered, remembering taking it off  before skinny dipping with Kris.
"Shit." she muttered again.

"You ok?" Mr Clifford asked.

Shaking her head. " Yeaj, I just realized  I dropping something carrying Kristen here." she blew out her breath, standing slowly.

" not gping after it now? it's almost dark" he protested.

She waved  hand. "It'lll just be a couple hours, easy shot.'" she assured him "I'll be fast like a bunny." she winked.

He took her arm gently, and pulled her close her two long black hair braids dangling down, slightly disheveled " Damn you're beautful." he whispered.  "Come by my tent when you get back?"

She leaned close and whispered in his ear. " I really want you to fuck me again tonight."  and nipped his ear lobe, playfully.
They were both smiling, then she stood, she notced 'chubby' Chad was watching them. HIs hungry eyes devouring her, a snear on his petulent face.
 She smirked and stuck her tongue out at him.  Then turned back to Mr Clifford.  "I'll be back soon." she assured him, and vanished into the sunset and darkening forest,

The forest animals were back to their usual chitters, and howls and hoots. THESE sounds she knew. it took her just about an hour to make it back to the pond,
THe moon was almost full, maybe two more nights, so she had good light where the tree canopy was sparce. It was still a litttle humid and a bit muggy, even though the mountain fog was creeping up.already,t it was still nice out.

She looked at the spot she'd stripped off today, and sure enough, there was her Medicine Bag. 
Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she picked it up, sniffed it, checked  the contents, everything was there. Looking at the rock, where just hours ago, her face had been burried in Kristens delicious pussy.  Closing her eyes she remembered her perfect pale skin against the deep rich green of the mossy rock had her flowing again. Thinking about riding Mr Cliffords cock when she got back had her hearr racing. Hoping his dog felt better by the time she got back.

It was a beautiful night, and she was hornry again, the pool was too beutiful to pass up, so in an instant she was naked, had undone her braids, so her long black hair hung down to the middle of her back. With a shake, she dove in

Loving the feel of the night air on her naked skin, the breeze in her hair. She loved nature. She loved being naked in nature.

The water felt good, clensing. It helped her focus,  She floated on her back, eyes closed, fantacies racing through her mind. Memories  It was nice relaxing, sexy. Erotic She let her self drift. Day dream ?  Evening dream maybe ? She heard a branch snap. Sh sniffed the air but did not detect the odor a few days ago.
More branches. No those were foot steps, leaves crunching several foot steps.

"Shit" she muttered.  It was just past sun down, who the hell was out here, off trail this late?

"Well well..." the older Chad's voice came from the shadows. " You were right bro, she's already naked and ready."

"Told ya bro." the chubbier one replied

"Guye!  Get the fuck out of here I'm just washing my hair for fucks sake." she said in an irritated voice.

"OH that's a great idea, we all need a bath." The middle Chad nudged the others

"I mean it guys...." she growled as they all three began to strip off their shorts, and shirts.  Chubby of course was wearing a golf stle shirt. Seriously, who wears a golf shirt while hiking?

In momnents they were all three naked and all three sporting enormous hard on's.

She began to swim towards her clothes, but they, one at time 'cannon balled' in around her.. Causing her to submerge to avoid them.

Cry's of 'whoo hoo's and yee-hah's " echoed in the valley, but she knew it would be like a big echo chamber and scatter the sound.
 Hands grabbed her shoulders and dunked her. She wasn't ready, and ended up swallowing a lot of pond water. It must have been spring fed, as it was clean and pretty clear. Surfacing,  and spittting out water and sputtering, another pair of hands grabbed her and tossed her way up in the air, he feet clearing the surface by several feet, and she flayed around as she splashed back down. As soon as she surfaced she was grabbed again

"STOP!!" She yelled as she was tossed in the air again like a doll. They were all over 6 feet tall, she wasn't even 5 feet " Guys! I'm 13 remember?!?"  as she was tossed sideways this time and rough hands caught her and dunked her. Again causing her to sputter.

"Yea, but if you like that old man's cock, you'll love ours!" Taller Chad said, holding her by her arms face to face

"NO!" she screamed and tried to kick, but the other two grabbed a leg each. Using that moment, he threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potato's and carry her to the same flat, mossy rock she'd enjoyed Kristen's body on earlier today. She pounded futally on his back and tried to claw his ass cheeks, but the jerk had like buns of steel or something. "Damn it let me go!!"  she screamed as she pounded on him.

"In good time." she assured her and tossed her down on the rock. Hard.  Thankfully her training taught her to roll and  tuck her head. but damn her ass hurt. She she scrambled to a sitting position, she face to cock with three swollen throbbing college frat boy dicks.

The taller Chad had the biggest, She had no real way to measure or gauge it, but it was about half as long as her double headed toy, and twice as thick.
Chubby Chad had a short but very thick cock. She wasn't sure she could get both hands around it.  It protruded just past his bulging belly.

Medium Chad's as long and slender and already dripping.

"No, guys. Please." she shook her head and tried to back away.

Chubby Chad grabbed her hair " You busted my ass with that dame rock;" he spat. " I think it's only fair you kiss it make it better. "

The other two grabbed her arms and hair as he released her, he turned and spread his cheeks his still bruised pucked anus pointing right at her face.

"What?? No fucking way!" she growled. " You sick fucks.!" With that one of them shoved her face right into him.

"You do a good job now 'Pochohontas'" one behind her said as he held her face in place. 
She struggled and screamed, which he seemed to like, her nose actaully penetrated his rectum, "Uch" she managed.  It was a combiation of sweat and pond water.

They pulled to her to her knees easily and rough fingers began to push and probe at her ass and another had reached around to her bare pussy.

"Oh she's got a nice smooth little cunt"

Despite her self she moaned as the fingers began to penetrate her.  She tried to scream, but they were lost in the chubby chads ass.
Suddenly he spun, and shoved his thick hard cock towards her mouth.

 She tried to avoic the blunt object, about as thick as a summer sausage she guessed,  Someone held her head frimly by the her hair at the base of skull,  immobilizing her and he grabbed her jaw forcing her mouth open, and he forced his thick cock into her mouth.

"No teeth now little squaw." he chided.

She did think, just for the briefest moments about biting down, but the other two woud just beat the hell out of her most likely.  Still moaning and squirming against the invading fingers, her eyes widend as someone shoved two fingers into her tight little ass.  Despite he attempts to scream,  she moaned and her body instinctivly rocked her hips against it.

"Damn she's wet has hell" the Chad fingering her pussy announced. * Damn it he's right* she thought. Her head was being forced up and down on the thick cock in her mouth., striking her gag reflex several times, but she faught it off.  Was this was the first real cock she's sucked  she realized.  * My first blowjob and I'm being raped. Great* her mind muttered

"She's really getting into it" Chuby Chad laughed as he took over control of her head, shoving the thick log all the way to the base. Saliva flowed down her chin and even out of her nose. Her tiny arms febbly shoving against his thick thighs.  It was no use.

So many 'lecture's' on how to survive a rape ran through her mind.  One, fight like Hell.  She was 4'10 on a good day and maybe 90 pounds after dinner, a tiny' slip' of a girl.she was often called. She stood not chance against 3 young college athelets.

Two,  RUN. She couldn't run or escape. She WAS likely faster, and more sure footed, and could likely loose them in the woods. Naked. No shoes. No, not a good idea either.

Three, relax and go with it.

Her eyes were shut tight already, and her hips were betraying her revuslion of being forced into this. But damn it, why was her body reacting like this?

"Alright bro, lay down, time for payback." the tallest Chad said and pulled her away and Chubby Chad lay on his back. They turned her away, so her back was to him and began to force her down in a  squating position. She immeditatly realized what they intended .

"No, no guys he's too big!!" she squirmed and struggled fruitlessly.  Mid sized Chad scooped a handful of her flowing pussy juice, * damn it why the hell am I so WET?* she demanded of herself. Herself had no answer

He smeared the juice over her anus, and worked two fingers into her tight anal cavity
"No please." she shook her head as they forrced her down,

The thick head pushed agasint her ass, but she hitched her hips, rocking back and it slid the length of her soaked pussy. She shivered and gasped.

"Yea, she wants it...." Mid sized Chad nodded and grabbed her by chin.  " Don't you ? You horny little squaw slut ?"

She growled and spit in his face.. He laughed and in flash slapped her open handed, so hard a white light flashed behind her eyes, and she waited for the little birds and swirling stars  to circling her head like on the old catoons. She was still stunned when he spit back in her face. Fillowed by Taller Chad spitting too, then he rubbed it all over her dazed face.

As she was still not back 'on line'  Chubby Chad shifted her ass forward and just pulled her down on this huge cock.

She screamed,  There was sharp pain, mixed with a an odd and confusing and totally disconnected sensation of pleasure and fullfillment.

The pain wasn't excrutiating, She'd been shoving things up her ass for awhile, but not this thick, not that fast and with more then just her won pussy juice as lube.

"Oh damn that's a tight ass!!" Chubby Chad exclaimed, as she was impaled to the thick base

"Ahhhhhhhhhh." she screamed through gritted teeth. Her nails digging into his hips as she was sitting on his cock her head back, eyes still shut tight.

"Yea,"  Tall chad grabbed her throat, but rather then cutting off her windpipe, he cradled it between his thumb and first finger, and pressed agasint her carotid arteries, cutting off blood flow, not oxygen. " You like that little ass being filled don't you?" and spit on her face again.
And damn the ancestors. She came.

It was a low squeal, again through clenched teeth, and her pussy began throbbing, and her ass clutched and squeezed the thick prick inside of her.

"Dude...she's cumming." Chubby Chad said in surprise.

The Chads laughed,  and shifted positions. " Then she's ready for more I'd say."  Tall Chad said still holding her throat,  he knealt between her legs and began rubbing his big cock head against her drenched pussy. She squealed, but as she tried to back away, but he squeezed her throat harder, making her eyes start to bulge slightly.

"I know you want this you little bitch." he rasped." This close she could smell alcohol on his breath as he spit again oh her face as he choaked her and rubbed his cock against her damned hungry pussy.

* Damn it, not like this. *  her mind screamed *I'm not supposed to be liking this.* she protested as tall Chad shoved his hard cock into her pussy.

Just like that, against her will, she had two hard cocks in her.
Something she'd wanted, dreamed of, fanticized about, imagined having Kristen's dad and brother do this to her. But now, these three, who didn't like her, didn't respect her... were just using her. Teaching her her place.

As this thought hit her, Mid sized Chad stood and began slapping her face with his slender cock, He  had little drips of  precum leaking from the head which smeared across her cheek.
Seconds later, she had all three holes filled.

And damn her slutty body, she came again.

 The boys took a while to get into a rhythym each doing their own thing at first but her little body was being pushed and rocked in different directions as they each tried to use her seperatly,

Finally, with some coordination they were getting it.   She did't want to admit it, But this felt good, once the initial shock and pain of the anal penetration passed and melted into fullfild bliss.  She found herself loving the 'full' feeling in her ass. She sensation of that thick log pushing in and out of her ass, rubbing through the thin membrain against the cock ramming in and out of her pussy.

Accasionally she'd let a moan, or a purr escape as she was riding an ebb and flow wave of emotional and orgasmic tibal waves. Biting her lower lip as she surrendered to the three cock assault. She faught off the instinct to reach up and pinch her own nipples.

Chubby grabbed her tiny hips tight and pulled her down again hard to the base of his cock "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuck...." he shuddered as his fat cock began to spurt load after load into her now eager ass. He lay there a momen then Tall Chad simply stood. Lifing her in one easy effortless motion now she hung impaled on his cock her wet pussy and clit mashing against his pelvis.  Another orgasm rippled through her and she found herself biting into his shoulder with joy not anger.

He chuckled as he bounced her  a few more times onto him. Wringing two more small orgasms from her.

Then he lay on his back, so she was now riding him 'cowgirl' style', her hands on his chest, in both hornyness and part anger she pinched his nipples as hard as she could.

"Ouch! Bitch!:" he almost laughed  "I see waht you want." he sneared nad returned the favor. Fire flew through her chest as jolts of pain and pleasure shot through her body, and on instinct, she began grinding her hips down down on him. Her pussy juice flooding his pelvis.

"Get in that ass bro." he told Midsized Chad, who didn't need to be told twice.

  She was already leaning slightly forward so medium Chad's long slender cock slid into her cum filled ass easily. Try as she might she could not hold back her moan of pleasure.

* Ancestors...I'm being fucked by three men at once. They're taking turns on me....* her mind flashed. And damn it.. as soon as she thought it, with tall Chad now twisting her tiny nipples, she came again, squeaking, eyes slammed shut, biting her lower lip

This didn't last long as Chubby Chad shoved his softening fat cock into her mouth, and she got to taste his cum and her her fluid on his thick prick. Thankfully she'd gone poo hours ago. That thought was not so sexy.

This was damn it. Why was she turned on by being raped ??  They just, took her.  She couldn't stop them,

*Damn that feels good.*  her mind whispered as the two cocks began to alternate in and out. She finally opened her eyes as another little orgasm raced from her pussy to to her brain. All she could see was Chubby Chads belly.

"That's it slut" tall Chad leered. " You love it don't you?

She couldn't talk with her mouth full. He wiped the cum on her face, the white slime a sharp contrast on her dark skin. Then laughed as he slapped her face with this thick fleshy cock.

Warming to the feeling, despite her anger, she began to move in time with their thrusting. Not able to conceal her moans any longer, she let them happen as the frat boys used her hard. Medium Chad pounded into her ass with a will, this long thin cock ramming into the depths of her bowels. She loved it.

The boys began to shake about the same time, and she felt them explode, one in er ass, one in her pussy, and she came once again.  The feel of their cum filing her womb and her has was intoxicating.

"Oh fuck yea baby... take that cum!!!"   Tall Chad grunted "You know you love it."

Damn it , she did.

Middle Chad pulled of her ass and wiped his cock on her tiny bare ass, and as he finished,  tall Chad lifted her off of him and let her crumple there on the rock, panting, shivering, and cum running from her ass with two loads of cum, and one load oozing from her pussy.
"You're a damn good little luck Pochahontas."  Tall Chad laughed " Maybe we just wait here and keep using you all night...."  he sneered." this little slut needs a good fucking"

At that there was a soft 'thunk' and tall Chad was knocked off his feet  "Ouch!  FUCK " he muttered as a rock the size of a baseball hit him in the head.
Seconds later another rock came from the darkness knocking medium Chad on his ass.   Chubby Chad was looking round when another rock stuck him.

"What the fuck man!!?!"  Tall Chad growled pushing himself to his feet, fists balled up ready for a fight.

Suddenly from close by, three hard knocks  on tree echoed and the scent she knew from nights before filled her nostrils.

"Who the fuck is out there?" Tall Chad growled finding his clothes

The others were following suit when the roar shook them to their souls.   Hairs stood up on back of necks, hearts stopped.  Chubby Chad wet himself.
 Alimaya's heart was racing, She manged to push her self up, to a sitting postion. Her pussy and her ass were throbbing, and still kind of hungry.
She she turned, the boys were gone. Like, totally. She hadn't even heard them leave.

Turning back to the dark,  her heart was about burst out of her chest.

Seemlessly and suddenly,  where there was darkness, there was someone.  A huge someone. Her jaw was open, her eyes as wide a saucers.
His scent was overpowering. But in a good way.

 7 maybe 8 feet tall,  The moonlight  hinted a red brown hair all over.  His face, also covered in hair, lookes a lot like the 'Harry and the Hendersons."  Unlike the TV and movie versons he did NOT have glowing red eyes or smell like rotting fish, he just smelled 'feral'.
 Every step he took closer to her, the ground shook and she could feel the vibration in the rock..
 Her gaze was locked his.

Intesnse dark eyes locked hers.

 She was now, literlly frozen in fear, terror, and excitment.  She was naked, cum leaking out of her, drying on her face, and she was now in arms reach of a real, live,  Genaskwa.

Their eyes were locked on each other for a long, long time.  She swallowed.

"Ah.....Hi?" she grinned weakly.

The giant hulking creature stared down at her.
He grunted " Hi." he said. His voice sounding very much like her grandfathers "Hell of a night? huh?"

Thats when she fainted.

Cryptid Crisis  Part II   < Ua,beast,>
~ Springer Mountain -

Day 5 in the Appalachian Trail. North BoundLate Evening,  pond and waterfall North of  Shelter 6
***The giant hulking creature stared down at her.He grunted " Hi." he said. His voice sounding very much like her grandfather's "Hell of a night ?huh?"
That's when she fainted.

Alimaya awoke slowly. She was warm. Like wrapped in an electric blanket. By her ear, a low base drum was beating slowly. * boom boom... boom boom... boom boom.*  Her brain struggled to come back on line.  Was Kristen alright ?What was that scent? Strong, musky, manly, natural.  Replying to her night, she tried to make sense of where she was. The Chads had been raping her, but she kind of liked it. What the hell was wrong with her.. then..then.. is that a penis poking me in the back ?Then her eyes flew open and she looked left, 

She was being cradled in the arms of a giant Genoskwa.  What the white men called BigFoot."Ancestors Balls!!" she screamed and jumped up, he didn't try to stop her 

She was in the woods, then she remembered. Appalcian trail.   She was naked.  As she stood, rivulets of the Chads cum flowed from her ass and pussy. The beast was regarding her neutrally. He was 'scary' still.  Like a statue.Her eyes darted back and forth, trying to plan a way out. Where to run.  His legs would catch in no time. She swallowed and took a step back. Just to the left of the massive creature, where her clothes and trail runners and medicine bag, folded and piled neatly.iHe blinked finally " You ok?"  again his accent sounded like every Native American  you've seen in those 60s and 70's movies.

She blinked and swallowed. " you.... you talk." she stammered.
He shrugged. " You talk," he countered. 

Agan she blinked. This was SURREAL. " But you're .... you're a.... a.. "

He chuckled deep in his chest." Sasquatch  Genoskwa, Yeti, Harry men, wild men Yowie, Meh-Teh,Orang Pandek..... Big foot... yep. That's us. We call ourselves Forest People." he said then stood for about a half an hour.

She watched him stand up and up and up.  This close, she realized he wasn't AS tall as he seemed earlier.  Maybe only about 6'5"  His hair was reddish brown and he was definitely male, as a very thick member was visible in the moonlight. it was about half hard, she noted.

She swallowed again, as her newly awakened slut brain took note and her recently plowed pussy pulsed with energy. "I thought you'd be taller."  she said ,surprising herself.

Again he snorted and she felt the vibration in her bare chest. " I an only 15 years old.. What's your excuse?"  Was he smiling, or scowling? She really couldn't tell. Once he said that, she could now hear the youthful tone in his voice. "I'm 13.. and I'm a girl, we're supposed to be small." she almost stamped her foot.It briefly occurred to her she was standing naked in front of a fearsome monster. But she felt totally at home and despite the initial shock of a BigFoot talking...

He nodded somberly

"You.. you're the one that's been..." she paused, not sure which way to put it."  Been leaving me at night?"
He nodded, merely grunting in affirmation. 

"Thank you. Do you always go around giving little girls random forest creatures?"

Grunting, he regarded her for a moment."Not always. Was more for you trail mates. Many of them did not pack enough food."
She cocked head " How did you know that?"He sniffed twice, this massive nostrils flared " You kidding, with this nose?? How you think we been avoiding the white man for five hundred years?"

She took just a second, then exploded in laughter. He chuckled, which sounded like the whump whump whump of a huge helicopter.
"Suppose there is that." she finally got a hold of herself. 

"Besides, after the show you gave me. Was the least I could do." 

She blushed all the way down to her toes,  thankfully her dark skin didn't show too much, but her heart sped up."Yea... ah... "she swallowed, and remembered she was naked, all of a sudden, but fought off the urge to cover up. " Sorry?"

It was his turn to cock his massive head."For what?"

"Well, being so brazen I suppose"  she swallowed. "I didn't know you were out there at first."

He nodded. " Ah. " She could see his cock swelling with them standing. She was face to 'face' with it.   "And after you knew?"

She swallowed and blushed deeper. "Well..." it was harder  to tease and taunt a 6'5' juvenile Genoskwa with him stranding 6 feet away.And the scent was so strong. Like being inside a boys locker room inside a sauna. "I mean... your people and mine were always friends according to grandfather." her foot shifted and her hands folded behind her back.

He nodded again "Aha  Diné Bikéyah. " He'd used the ancient word for the Navajo land.  " West..." he shook his head. " Few trees. too hot." his face grimaced. " Not many of us of the Skye Path out here. More Fire Path territory."

"Fire Path?" her brain switched gears again. Shock to sexy, to education she hoped she didn't faint again. "Skye Path?"

Our People walk different Paths, Skye Path is knowledge, spirit, soul.  FIRE Path..." he shook his head. " They are more aggressive,  They crave power, territory,  strength."  he paused thoughtfully. 'That jerk they made the movie about in Fauke Arkansas." he nodded. " he was Fire Path. He was always an asshole, my father said."

"Wait? You 've seen movies???" she asked incredulously. 

He nodded. " Yea, the guys on the Rez have a Drive-in, and we also go there to watch TV,  use the phones, things like that."
Ali was blown away." I don't believe it." she shook her head. " You guys use technology??"

"Uh hum" he nodded. " Dad has a pretty good stock portfolio too." she shrugged.

"Who do you think funds National Forests and Preserves? Can't have the white men making strip malls out of our best places."

"Oh." she blinked as she thought about that." I suppose that makes sense."  she sighed. "I'm kind of blown away.  Grandfather never mentioned any of this."
"No need. We prefer to live in our forests, but we evolve as the world evolves." he explained.

A silence fell over them for a moment as they regarded each other. Her naked still, him... well, Him. " So ah.. now what happens?" she asked trying not to stare at his lengthening cock. Which was huge.

"What do you mean?"

"Am I your prisoner or something?"

His face grew dark and his brow furrowed." Skye Path  do not take prisoners.`` His voice was firm.
She gulped and involuntarily stepped back.

He took a deep breath and stepped back as well, aware of how his presence was affecting her. He held his hands up flat. " You may come or go as you wish."  He sat back down trying to look less aggressive." We do not impose ourselves on others."

She blinked and took that in. " Is.. is that why you only.. well, came on me, instead of taking me ?" she gulped again, That was so weird to say out loud.
"That is not our way. We do not just take."

"Even though you could?  I couldn't have stopped you." she swallowed, and inched closer.
"Especially, since you could not." his voice was adimate. 

"Well..." she took a step closer.  * WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ALI? * her brain screamed as her just raped pussy was dripping.* He's Genoskwa. Not even human.  But, neither was Clifford and he took your virginity.* her mind pointed out. Stupid mind. "Well, what if...." she swallowed again. "..if it was offered."

"Hummph. That is a different matter." he stood again, his cock not sticking straight out. It looked human, but larger, thicker, and he was uncircumcised. * Of course he's not Jewish* her brain chimed in. It looked to be about the size and width of a summer sausage.  The big ones in the store.She swallowed again, and stepped closer.  Her juices were running down her thighs at marathon speed.  He regarded her with deep dark eyes, which were very brown she noticed/"There is more to it, than simply sex." he said somberly.

"What do you mean?" unable to take her eyes off of his massive erect cock.

"With The People," he put a huge hand to his chest." We are so few, when a female becomes lover to one, she becomes lover to all." he said simply.

"W.. what??"

He nodded. " Once you have my scent, any of The People can track your scent, and mate with you."
She shook her head and her eyes narrowed. " You're saying...if you fuck me, ALL Genoskwa will come fuck me??" her jaw dropping.
"Well, not ALL will come, but if your scent is picked up, they may find you." He said somberly.

"Didn't you already mark me every morning ?" he began to worry.
He shook his head. "That was so I could find you. Once my seed is inside you, your scent will change, and we all can find you."

She took a deep breath, and swallowed. " Can our species even interbreed?" 

He shrugged. "It is rare, but possible.  The scion's of The People and Humans always look human, just ... bigger.. and have our attributes. "

That was a lot MORE for her thirteen year old brain to process.Her mind ran a checklist for this week.From her girlfriends ,to the canine, to Mr Clifford,  to Kristen, to the Chads to being covered in Genoskwa cum every night...Now, staring at nearly a 15 inch long Genoskwa cock inches away from her nose, being told she could possibly be gangbanged by a clan of them.It occurred to her that standing up, she was almost in perfect position to take him in her mouth with a slight lean.  

Taking a deep breath her gaze still fixed on his cock. " Ok." nodding slowly.

"You'll be used as property you know." he added, reaching for her head with one huge hand.

Again she nodded.  His hand engulfed her entire head and gently bent towards the tip of his cock, she reached and pulled back the massive foreskin. The head was flat, like a horses, and this thick white cum was already dripping from the wide slit."I want to be used...." he breathed and licked his pre-cum emmission. 

A low rumble of approval escaped his throat and she let her jaw open as wide as she could manage to get head in her mouth. She moaned and her eyes fluttered closed as the pure 'forbidden' ness of this act overwhelmed her.  Being taken by the dog was one thing, but this. Was a whole new level of wrong.SO why did it feel so right?

 Only able to take a few inches into her mouth, he let her do the work, bobbing her head on and off of his cock, still only resting one hand on her head.She was overwhelmed by the  moment. *By the Ancestors I'm sucking the cock of a Genoskwa.* her brain screamed.HIs scent was overwhelming her senses.  SO manly, so natural  and his cum tasted better from the source. What was happening to her?

Her tiny mouth was stretched fully around his cock and rivulets of thick pre-cum were dripping out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. This was not how she imagined her Trail Walk would go.

Her mouth was salivating  all over his cock, and coating it with a clear sheen, when she pulled her mouth away for a moment, ropes of spit and cum trailed, still connecting them.  It fell to her chin and throat,  She was a sloppy mess, and it felt great.  She tried to imagine life as sex toy to the Big Foot population and her mind spun, what would her parents think?  Would Mom join ?

Her thoughts were interrupted as he guided her to her feet. The adolescent Big Foot, was in reality just slightly taller than her father, but his width and proportions were, well, just, bigger. Hisyes were locked on hers as he began to work one thick finger into her wet cunt.Ali moaned, her eyes closed and her legs spread on instinct as the huge harry  Forest Person worked his finger in and out of her. "Oh,... yes...... more..." she gasped.

His own deep rumble of a moan answered hers as his finger sunk in easily , with the boys cum still in her, as well as her own flowing juices.Speeding up his finger went deeper and deeper, his finger  went in all the way to the knuckle"Oh my.. " whimpered.  "so.. so. good." With ease, his index finger slid back and wiggled its way into her still open ass.

"oh yea.... yes... my ass.. yes..." she moaned and her hips gyrated onto his strong fingers as we manipulated her easily. In a few minutes her first orgams wracked her body, her knees giving way, and she would have collapsed but his firm hand held her in place.
"Whoa..." he panted.  Her eyes fluttering open and fixing on his somewhat in-human face, yet very human eyes, " That was...  intense." 

That low rumble of a chuckle deep in his chest vibrated hers as well as he lifted her easily, and lowered her down on his thich, wide cock,  Never breaking eye contact, her eyes widened as the broad, flat head nestled into the folds of her drenched pussy.  The cum from the Chads earllier rape left her well lubricated."oh.. Oh my god....oh oh..." he breathed slowly as the thick head began to slide into her hungry puasy.

 * My God I'm being fucked by a Genoskwa...^ as her brain screamed that, her body rocked in orgasm as she rank lower and lower onto his massive member. "oh fuck ..." she shuddered, and he growled as he let her impale herself. He let a thick thumb caress her tiny, pointy nipples as she cried out, her orgasm

shook her body. WIth each inch  she sunk down, another explosion ripped through her.Her screaming was now unintelligible  babble as in moments, she sank all the way to the base, her clit slamming into hus heavy pelvis, his fur covering her lower half of her thighs, her hands clutched as his massive muscled chest, gripping tufts of thick brownish/red hair. It was softer than she'd imagined, like baby soft. That surprised her a bit. But  she used the fur as an anchor as she rotated her hips, grinding down all the way onto his huge cock.She was so full.  The orgasm would not stop.  Eyes clamped shut she buried her face in his fur.  Eventually she slowed down, the orgams ebbed, she was panting, and her body was slick with sweat.

Finally looking into his eyes again, her mouth was open in awe.  "Wow....." he breathed out as she spoke "that... I ..  ah..  wow...." she strutted. 

His massive head nodded. "Not done."  there was a mirth to his voice,  Standing up, her ass resting on his strong forearm, she squealed as gravity drove her down onto his cock further.  Clasping her arms around his neck and shoulders, she hung on as he began to rock his hips, pulling partiall out, then thrusting back into her.He was grunting with pleasure and all she could manage was a series of repeating squeaks in time with each of his thrusts.She'd not been fucked a lot, well, ok yes this week she had, but not that many lovers,  and this Genoskwa fucked like no other. The animalistic ferver like Clifford had mounted her with,  and a gentleness of Mr Clifford,  mixed with the pure lust of the
Chads all mixed together, that a  cock as big as all of them together, she was getting her little teenaged brains fucked out.

Having no idea how long he'd been pounding her, she was only vaguely aware of his change in tempo,  followed by a low bellow as his grip tightened on her hips It felt like a fire hose went off inside her as his load of cum sprayed into her vaginal canal, Which touched off another orgasm for Alimaya. It was so warm and hit her uterine wall with such force, she was worried it might be bruised.  And there was so much.  She thought he must have unloaded for a full minute.

Her eyes never left his as the shock and joy flooded through her."Wow... " she panted again. "I mean just..  wow..." 
He nodded. " I knew you would be ...." he paused for the right word. " ... as your people say..a 'good lay'." 
She giggled as he let her  down onto her back on the flat rock the Chad's had raped her on earlier.

He remained inside her for a while, the size felt wonderful. She was so full.   The glow of her orgasm was making her almost giddy. All she could really say was "Wow".... she was laughing. That was about all she could manage. "Just wow...." 

They lay there  for a long while, Recovering  her wits and he, quite pleased with himself.Finally she collected her clothes and he scooped her up easily, cradling her in one arm and began moving back towards camp. She felt warm, and safe and was amazed at how easily he moved through the woods.  Only a few times did he actually make a noise, or step on a branch.  She thought she moved silently, but she had nothing on him.

Before she knew it, she was back at her camp. He set her down gently, and she set her clothes aside."That was fast." she remarked.

He just nodded as he began to build a fire with startling dexterity. Checking her phone in her backpack, she found it was just a little after midnight, That trip to the waterfall should have taken at least an hour.Damn how fast could he move?

"So.. now what?" she asked, grabbing her water bottle, and chugging several long gulps, and offered it to him. He declined. with two sticks, rubbing them very very fast, they smoked, then flamed and in under 1 minute the fire was going. Another minute it was blazing."Now...?" he asked.

"Yeah now?  Guessing you're not joining our trail pack." she grinned and drank again. Damn she was thirsty. She could still feel his cum running down her thighs. Warm and sticky.

He grunted. " Not sure they're ready for my existence." his voice even.

She nodded and looked towards the direction of the shelter.  It was far enough away, they could not see the fire but the voices carried through the trees.
"Probably not." when she turned back to him. He was gone.  Not a sound.

She chuffed out a sigh of frustration and annoyance. "Men...."


Beth Anne



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Part II added

For a link to my stories, please click here

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Hope to read more!  Great job