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Story about a girl named Honey, was a series

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on: December 27, 2022, 06:26:36 AM
Hello! I remember reading a series of stories with the main character named Honey. I recall her friend was named Yuri, and in one intensifies they went on a school trip to a museum where Honey had sex with a fertility statue. Doing that have her a dick, and to get rid she got her teacher pregnant.

I know that were more stories in the series too, including a time travel take where she goes back in time and helps her parents make an older brother for her.

Any insights are appreciated!

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Reply #1 on: March 25, 2023, 10:47:06 PM
dude, think i found it. Hope you actually check back to see it.
Author: Honey Moon
Title: Sweet Tales of Honey
Part: 03
Universe: Peachtree Academy
dont know if i can link it. Buts its on

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Reply #2 on: March 26, 2023, 12:24:53 PM
Sweet Tales of Honey is a 13 part story in a folder under the author's main listing of stories. It's the fourth one down from Parent Directory.

There are a bunch of other stories by the same author, including a 5-part story (in the sixth folder down from Parent Directory) called The Secret Life of Yuriko Yomamata

Offline Bob smith

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Reply #3 on: November 20, 2023, 04:33:23 AM
Thank you both for finding this! Is there somewhere else this can be found at? I have tried various ways of opening the stories but keep getting 404 errors in the xyz site.

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Reply #4 on: November 20, 2023, 05:12:31 AM

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Reply #5 on: November 20, 2023, 06:11:56 AM
Try the archive.


I might still have the ASSTR torrent on my comp, no promises, as I cleaned it out of the banned content.

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Reply #6 on: November 20, 2023, 12:41:46 PM
Try the archive.

The .xyz archive shows 404 messages for every text file in the Sweet Tales Of Honey folder (at least the ones I tried, about a dozen).

Strange, because I know the links to the parts of this story were valid as recently as September. I've also run across this on other folders there recently, some of which I know were available before.

The good news is that has a backup of from 2021, and Sweet Tales Of Honey seems to be available. I only checked part 1 but it is available, as of today anyway. It's not the fastest loading site so be patient.

Sweet Tales of Honey

To see other works by the same author, click "Parent Directory" from the link above.