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The Neighbor (M/MM/Anal/bi)

LeoBlade84SRQ · 554

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Offline LeoBlade84SRQ

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on: January 13, 2023, 10:12:58 PM
This story is a work of fiction.  Any names or details are a coincidence and not intentional.  I hope you enjoy the story.

I am a 38 year old white male who stands at about 6'2", short brown hair with a little bit a gray sprinkled in, and hazel eyes.  Been married for a little over 10 years to a wonderful woman named Sally.  We live in a quiet neighborhood in a nice little one story 2,000 sqft home with a small pool with a fenced in back yard.  Our house is at the end of one of the side streets next to one other similar home.  Both are backed up to some trees with nothing really behind that for at least a mile or two.

The wife and I were pretty adventurous sexually.  Outside of what we have done just the two us, which included things like role play, light BDSM, public sex, anal, and some others actions.  We also ventured out into the world of swinging.  We had played with a few couples doing different activities.  Watching, swapping, and other such activities.  We had even done a threesome with another woman that my wife had been chatting with for a while.  They both surprised me one afternoon coming home from work.  We also did a threesome with another man that she also had chatted with for a couple weeks.  Was a pretty nice guy and we had a really good time.

Lately, she has been wanting to venture out and play by herself and then come home and tell me about it.  After a long time of talking about it, I agreed as long as I knew where she was and at least an idea how long she would be.  She was smart and careful and I trusted her.  She told me that I was free to play by myself as well, but I hadn't had the chance yet.

We always talked about our fantasies, but one I had not told her about yet was wanting to play with another man.  Even as free and as open as we were with each other, I was nervous about saying it out loud.

Our neighbors were really nice people.  They had a teenage son Bobby.  About 18 years old.  Always on the go with sports or friends.  Could hear him coming and going all the time.  The wife was a gorgeous woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.  She stood about 5'3" and had a nice set of tits.  Her name was Patricia.  If I had to guess they were a strong set of D's, but wasn't sure.  My wife was planning on trying to root through her closet during one of our visits but could never sneak away long enough to not be noticed.  The husband was tall and broad.  Taller than even I was standing at about 6'5".  Short black hard with a natural tan and brown eyes.  He worked out a lot in his garage.  They were very nice people and both my wife and I wanted badly to sleep with them.  They new we were swingers, but never really showed any interest in joining in.

Though both my wife and I were interested in the couple, I was very interested in the husband.  His name was Philip...Phil he liked to be called.  We had flipped hosting little get togethers at each others pools and I always couldn't wait to see what he would be wearing.  He generally wore short cut swim shorts that fit pretty tightly on him.  Not only could you see the great curve in his round ass.  But you could also see the outline of the anaconda cock he was not very successfully hiding.  I caught myself several times staring at it, thinking about what it would be like to have it in my mouth.  What his balls might taste like.  It would always get me turned on.

It was a Saturday morning and I was mowing the lawn.  I wanted to get it done so that I could spend the rest of the day by the pool.  I had just purchased a new thong bikini I wanted to try out.  Plus it would be a nice way to cool off.  The wife was inside picking out an outfit for the night.  She was going out to a hotel later to a gangbang that she setup earlier that week.  It was going to be her and 4 other guys that she had fucked a few times already so I felt comfortable with her going to get proper fucked.  Not only that she would be out all night probably into the next morning.  That meant I would have the whole house to myself.  "Score" I said as I turned the mower to finish up the last stretch of grass.  I looked up and my neighbor was walking over waving at me.

He was in shorts and a tank top.  His typical workout clothing.  He was very sweaty and was looking very sexy.  I released the push mower so that it would shut off.  "Hey there Phil...what's up?" I called out as he continued to walk towards me.  "Nothing much.  Just finished up my workout and wanted to come over and see if you had any plans tonight with the wife or anything?".  "Actually no.  Wife is going out tonight with some friends so I am kind of living the bachelor life for a night.  What's up?" I asked.  "Well.  If you don't have anything planned.  I am also rocking it alone tonight.  Bobby is staying over at a buddies place, and Patricia left this morning for a girls weekend.  Was wondering if you wanted to maybe grill some steaks and have a few beers just the two of us?" he asked with a smile.  I instantly got excited.  I had not spent any alone time with Phil before so this was great.  I calmed myself and replied "That sounds great.  I am just finishing up some yardwork right now and was going to go lay by the pool.  I could get cleaned up and we could run to the store and get supplies".  "No need.  I have beer and steaks all set.  Bobby has already left and Patricia is leaving in about an hour.  When is Sally leaving?" He asked.  "Oh, she will be leaving soon.  She is just finishing up packing right now.  Why don't you come on over after Patricia leaves and we will hang out".  "Sounds perfect, see you in an hour!" he said as he turned and walked back to his garage.

I watched him walk away, staring intently at his ass until he disappeared into his garage.  I started up the mower and hurriedly finished mowing the grass.  Once I finished I put the mower away and blew the driveway and sidewalk off.  I was so glad I edged the grass first and then mowed.  Made cutting a lot easier.  I stepped inside to our mudroom where out washer and dryer were and stripped down.  Once I had my dirty yard clothes in the hamper, I stepped through another door into the kitchen and continued to the master bedroom completely naked.  As I walked in, I saw a small overnight bag on the bed which was Sally's for the evening.  I turned and stepped through a hallway that had our his/her closets that led to our master bathroom.  She was in there getting the last of her makeup on.  She was wearing a very short, tight white and pink dress that left very little to the imagination.  She had on no bra and was practically spilling out of it.  Her ass was also hanging out of the bottom.  If it hadn't of been for the white G-String she was wearing you could have been able to see her freshly shaven pussy.

I gave a her a smack on the ass and kiss on the cheek before I turned on the shower and jumped in.  "Ready for tonight honey" I asked lathering up my hair.  "Yep.  All set.  I am so ready to be fucked like a whore baby.  I am super turned on right now" she said bouncing up and down.  "What are you going to do while I am gone baby?" she asked.  "Oh.  Phil came over and offered up a guys night with steaks and beer.  Patricia and Bobby are out for the weekend so we are gonna hang out starting in an hour".  "Oh fun! Well, I am heading out.  You boys have fun" she leaned into the shower and kissed me goodbye.  "You have fun too honey and be safe.  Text me when you get to the hotel room ok".  "You know I will" she shouted from the bedroom picking up her bag.  I heard the door to the garage shut and my phone dinged to let me know that the garage had opened.  After another minute it dinged again to let me know the garage was closed.

I finished up my shower and dried off.  I checked my phone and saw that Phil would be over in less than 10 minutes.  I slid on my new thong bikini and a pair of shorts over that as well as a Hawaiian button up short sleeved shirt.  I walked out to the kitchen and got down some beer glasses, plates, and utensils for the food.  Then I went outside and made sure that the grill was in good working order.  I heard the doorbell ring and went back inside to answer it.  It was Phil, hands full.  I quickly opened the door and reached out a helping hand.  "Dude.  I would have helped you over with this stuff" I said grabbing the two cases of beer.  "I always tend to do too much" he said with a smile stepping in.  I put the beer in the fridge and grabbed two.  Popped the tops and handed one to Phil.  After the first sip Phil looked around a bit and said "Sally gone already?".  "Yep, left about 20 minutes ago" I replied taking another sip.  "So she is going to hang out with friend huh?" he asked probing for information.  "Yeah.  A few guy friends" I took another sip knowing he wanted to know more.  "What are their plans tonight" he smiled sipping his beer "If you don't mind me asking".  I actually didn't mind.  They knew we were swingers so there was really no harm in telling him.  "They are going to have a gangbang and fuck her brains out" I said bluntly.

Phil almost choked on his beer.  "Wow.  I guess I should be surprised but I for real wasn't expecting that" he said.  I took out my phone and scrolled to a private folder and pulled up some pictures from past fuck sessions that Sally had sent me and started to show him.  "Here, check this out" I said as he leaned over.  One picture was her in-between two guys, one in her ass and the other in her pussy.  Then another with her giving two guys a double blowjob.  Then another where she was being fucked doggy style by a huge black cock.  "Wow" he cleared his throat "That is crazy".  "I will be getting these pictures throughout the night tonight" I told him finishing up my beer and reaching in the fridge for another one for the both of us.  "Man.  You guys sure are free with your sexuality.  I have for sure had some fantasies that Patricia and I have talked about, but haven't done" he said.  "Yet" I replied with a wink.  He laughed "Since we are being honest, both Patricia and I have hand a fantasy about Sally".  I wasn't surprised.  Sally was extremely attractive and put out a natural sexy vibe.  I thought I would test the waters and ask "What? No fantasies about me?".  Phil blushed.  I couldn't believe it, he blushed.  "Well of course Patricia has talked about you before.  Wanting to taken by you" he said trying to dismiss it.

"Well.  No pressure, but if you two ever had questions or wanted to try some stuff.  Just let us know" I said still seeing he had something else on his mind.  Could he have had a fantasy about me?  I figured I would change the subject and get him a little more drunk and loose to see if I could get more info out of him.  "Let's go hang in the pool" I suggested.  He nodded and we both grabbed a second beer each and headed outside.  He was already wearing a pair of his usual swim shorts which again were fitted perfectly to his tight butt and seemingly big cock.  Once we stepped onto the lanai my phone started to ring.  I pulled it out of my back pocket and saw it was Sally making a facetime call.  I answered and was staring at one of the guys that was attending her gangbang.  "Hey man.  Sally asked me to give you a call and let you know she made it ok" he said "She would have called herself, but she is a little busy" he turned the phone to show my wife on her knees already deep throating a massive black cock.

"Looks like she is already having a good time" I said as I chuckled already getting a little turned on at not just the site of her on her knees with the cock in her mouth.  Wanting to be the one on his knees servicing the thick member.  Sally stopped sucking for a moment and turned towards the camera and waved "Hey baby.  I am here with the boys and I am ok".  One of the men grabbed her head, turned it back towards their cock and shoved it in her mouth, "Shut up bitch and get to work on this dick" he said.  The fourth man came into view and pulled her dress the rest of the way up to just above her waist and started spanking her, "You gone take some pipe tonight slut" he said switching from one cheek to the next.  The camera turned back to the guy who called, "So yeah she is all set man.  We will take care of her" he said.  "Sounds good.  Make sure you fuck her good for me.  Tell her I said to be a good little whore for you guys" I told him.  "You hear that bitch.  Your man wants you to be a good little whore for us".  I could hear her moaning in the background.  "She heard you man.  She just has a big cock in her mouth and fingers in her pussy" he said.  "I expect pictures throughout the night" I told him.  "You got it. Bye" he said hanging up the phone.

I put the phone back in my pocket and looked at Phil.  The look on his face was both shocked and turned on.  "Dude.  So they are gonna just bang the shit out of your wife tonight?  And you are okay with that?" he asked.  "Oh yeah man.  They are gonna fuck her real good.  She had this fantasy of not only getting screwed by four guys, but doing it in a dingy motel room like she is a real whore that works the streets.  They are going to fuck every hole multiple times, take turns and also go at the same time.  Make her get face down on the carpet, on the nasty bed sheets, and even take her into the bathroom and fuck her on the floor near the toilet.  They also said something about going up to the roof or somewhere around the motel that is outside and fuck her in public".  He face was now turning more to being aroused.  "Wow.  I just don't even know how to process all of that.  And you are okay with all of it?" he asked again.  "Yeah.  She has been with each of these guys a few times each and a couple of them at the same time a couple of times.  We all met up at a restaurant about a week ago so everyone would get a chance to meet before hand and pick out the motel.  It's this seedy place about 20-25 minutes from here that she picked out.  All the guys are super respectful and treat her really well.  They all get tested regularly.  It's all good man".

Phil stood sipping his beer quietly for a little while.  "You okay" I asked.  He looked up "Yeah....just....trying to process all of that" he said.  I figured I would try to focus his mind elsewhere.  "Let's get in the pool and relax a bit before we fire up the grill.  What do you say?".  He perked up a little, "Yeah, that sounds good".  He pulled his shirt off revealing his muscled upper body.  You could see where all that working out was going.  He jumped into the pool and when he came back up I couldn't help but be intoxicated by the sun light bouncing off of the water running down his chest.  "Come on in, the water is fine" he said gesturing to me.  I pulled my Hawaiian shirt off, took my phone out and set it on the outdoor table, then began to pull my shorts off exposing my new bright yellow thong bikini.

Phil's eyes were fixed on my tiny swimsuit as I walked towards the pool.  I felt so sexy strutting around the pool having my neighbor watching me.  I stepped down into the pool and submerged myself.  When I came up I was only a few feet away from Phil.  "Nice suit.  Where did you get it" he asked sounding a little nervous.  "Oh this online retailer that Sally and I shop at for some of our more risque clothing.  I can send you the site if you want" I said with a bit of an evil smile.  We continued to chat about random topics all while sipping beer.  The conversation drifted from sports, to the economy, to the neighborhood.  We had a couple of people that we both didn't really like as they were HOA fiends.  They was call people out if their grass just one centimeter higher than it was supposed to be.  I had recently received a notice for not taking my trashcans in fast enough on trash day.  I was running a little late coming home from work and Sally was running errands so they sat out an extra 30 minutes.  "Ridiculous" I shouted.

We had run through the few beers that we had brought out so I decided I would go in and get some more.  I could feel his eyes on me as I walked up the steps of the pool, water slowly dripping off of me.  My bright yellow thong even brighter in the sun.  "Need anything other than beer?" I asked grabbing a towel to dry off.  He took an extra second to answer as I was bending over while drying.  "NO" he almost shouted "Just the beer is fine for now".  I went inside with our beer bucket and dumped out the watery ice.  I placed about 8 beers inside and refilled the ice to keep them cold.  It was then I thought that I would need to put on some sunscreen.  It wasn't often that I laid out with a thong or even naked so my ass was not used to this kind of sun exposure.  I grabbed some sun tan lotion from a cabinet close by.  I picked up the beer bucket and walked back outside and set it by the pool.  Phil saw the sun tan lotion and said "I think I need some of that too".  He got out the same way I had just done by using the steps, grabbed a towel and dried off.  I handed him the bottle and he started applying it on his arms and chest.  Now I was the one staring.

It was almost as if his hands were moving in slow motion as he rubbed the sun lotion on his body.  Making little circles working it into his skin.  I was brought back from my trance when he handed the bottle to me and asked "Would you mind putting some on my back?  If you aren't comfortable I understand".  I took the bottle and squirted some of the lotion in my palm, "No problem at all Phil".  He turned his back to me and I began to apply.  I moved slowly across his back, feeling every muscle and curve.  I put more lotion on and used both hands.  I made my way slowly down to the small of his back and before I could ask he worked the waist line of his suit down a couple more inches.  "Do you mind getting there too?" he asked.  I continued down "sure".  I could see the beginning of the crack of his ass.  I massaged the lotion everywhere that I could.  Sadly I finished, "You are all set".  I began to apply to myself and he picked the bottle back up and started to put some in his hand, "Do you need help with your back?" he asked.  I got excited, but held onto myself replying "If you don't mind that would be helpful".  He made a motion with his hand that instructed me to turn around.  "Yes daddy" I thought to myself as I began to turn.

He started massaging the sun lotion into my shoulders and back.  To my surprise he was moving just as slowly, if not slower than I was.  "Was he enjoying this?" I wondered.  I was also applying on my chest as he worked my back.  As he got lower, I was beginning to get aroused.  Willing him to keep going.  As he got to my lower back, just above the waistband of my thong, he gently began to roll the waistband down a couple of inches.  "Is this okay" he asked.  I could sense the excitement in his voice.  "Yeah, that is fine" I replied continuing to will him to keep going.  He rubbed more lotion around where my waistband was previously.  When he was satisfied he gently rolled it back into place, slightly pulling it up.  It cause the fabric that was running between my cheeks to go in further which really started to get me hot.  I tried to start to calm down, telling myself that he was done now, but I heard him put more lotion in his hand.  Then I felt his hands start to massage my cheeks.  "Is this okay" he asked sounding more sure of himself and also a hint of a sexy voice.

I stopped applying lotion completely at this point and turned my head to look over my shoulder.  "Yes...thank you...wouldn't want that to burn" I said in a sensual tone.  As he rubbed I slowly started to spread my legs out so that he could reach more.  His hands were teasing the outside of the crack of my cheeks, moving down to the inside of my thighs.  A couple of times he brushed against my balls which almost caused me to moan.  He had clearly finished applying lotion but he hadn't stopped massaging my butt.  Running his hands up and down, in and out of my inner thigh.  My cock was starting to press against the front of my bikini.  "I have a confession to make" he started to speak continuing to rub my glutes, "For a while now, I have been watching you.  Watching you in your pool when you sunbathe.  Watching you when you forget to close your bedroom curtains while you get dressed.  Watching you do yard work.  I find myself getting so turned on by the site of you".  He paused both speaking and rubbing for a moment.  "What?" I asked.  "I find myself masturbating" he finally said.  "Seeing you in this thong today just sent me over the edge and all I wanted to do was touch you".

I waited a moment and asked "Is that all you want to do is touch?".  He walked around so that he was standing in front of me, dropping the bottle of lotion on the table as he passed it.  Since he was a couple of inches taller than me I had to look up a little to connect with his eyes as he pressed close against me.  Then, we kissed.  Both of us running our hands all over each others bodies, pulling each other in as close as we could.  Pulling deeper into our kiss.  He tasted like the beer we had been drinking, but somehow better.  I could feel his member pressed against mine and both of us were beginning to get hard from the friction.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I wanted his cock and I wanted it now.  I continued to kiss him as I reached down and untied his shorts and began to pull them down.  When I couldn't get them any lower I broke the kiss to finish pulling them down.  Once he stepped out of them I looked up and realized I was now face to "face" with his cock.  It was beautiful.  Not one stitch of hair completely smooth on his shaft and balls.  I could see he had a bit of pre-cum starting to drip out from the tip.  I stuck my tongue out and licked it off to taste it.  It was sweet and salty on my tongue.  I wanted more.

I picked up this huge shaft and started to stroke it.  He was pretty thick but I could still close my hand enough for my fingers to touch...barely.  I took the tip into my mouth and began to suck.  He spread his legs a little to steady himself and began to moan in pleasure, "Oh...oh yes...this...this is what I wanted".  This egged me on as I took more of his cock into my mouth.  I was about halfway down when his head touched the back of my throat.  I had played with some of my wife's dildos in the past that were just as long, if not longer than he was and I was always able to take the whole thing.  This gave me confidence that I could do the same with him.  Being a bit cheeky I pulled his cock all the way out and looked up at him.  "Can Patricia take all of you?" I asked.  He looked down at me almost looking confused, "No.  She gags when she gets to about where you just were" he replied.  I smiled and then shoved his dick in my mouth.  I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me until his entire shaft was down my throat and my nose was pressed against his belly.  "HOOOOOOLY FUCK!" he yelled out.  I held him in my throat for as long as I could stand it and then pulled it out gasping for air.  "How was that" I asked.

He put his right hand on my head and said "Again".  I picked the throbbing cock back up and throated it again, but this time he was pushing my head down on him.  I began fondling his balls at the same time.  I came back up for air, got a quick breathe and he shoved me back down, "Jesus fuck" he said in pleasure.  We went through this process a few times.  Me coming up for air and then him shoving his cock back down my throat.  I couldn't believe how good it felt finally having a real dick in my mouth.  He tasted even better than I had hoped.  After he let me up for air again I took in a breathe and then shoved his balls in my mouth while I worked his shaft, sucking each one in turn, getting them soaking with my spit.  "How are you so good at this" he asked between moans.  I slowly pulled the testicle out of my mouth, sucking hard as it fell free.  "I practice with Sally's toys every once in a while.  Pretending it's you" I said smiling and then placing the other ball in my mouth.  As I sucked on it he looked down and was starting to try to say something but changed his mind.  I stopped sucking and asked "What?".  "Nothing" he said.  "No.  Go on.  Did you want me to do something?" I egged him on.  "Well...there is one thing".  "What is it?".  "You won't do it" he said shaking his head.  "Come on...try me" I replied.  " a finger in my ass?".  I chuckled a bit cause this is something Sally and I did to each other all the time.  "Turn around and bend over" I commanded.

Phil was visibly excited as he turned around.  He grabbed a chair and used it to steady himself as he bent over and spread his legs.  He tight muscular ass was now at eye level.  I took my towel and laid it down so that I would have something soft under my knees.  I placed my hands on his ass and began to massage his glutes.  His cock and balls still dripping with my spit swaying back and forth.  I ran my right index finger from top of the crack of his cheeks down across his butthole.  I moved it slowly and as I brushed it he jumped a little.  I put the finger in my mouth and coated it in spit before placing it back on his anus and massaging the spit covered finger around and across the opening.  I repeated this process a couple of times, slowly pressing my finger a little deeper each time.  I pressed all the way down until my finger couldn't go any deeper.  I began to wriggle it around massaging the inside of his ass while using my left hand to stroke his cock from behind.  He moaned and gyrated his hips, pushing back against my hand wanting me to go deeper.  I pulled my finger out and added my middle finger covering it in spit first and then shoving two fingers deep inside him.  He moaned wildly.  "Yes...yes...finger fuck my ass!" he called out.  I stopped moving my fingers around but kept them in his hole and said "I think it's time we took this to the bedroom".

He looked back at me with a bit of a nervous look and nodded in agreement.  I pull my fingers out and stood up.  I grabbed his hand and led him back to the master bedroom.  I felt him staring at my thong that I was still wearing, but it wouldn't be for long.  Once we cleared the door I shut it and pushed him over to the bed while kissing him wildly.  Once we reached the bed I stopped and took a step back and turned around so that he would be looking at my back.  I seductively took both my hands and placed them on my waistband and then looked over my shoulder at him, "I think I need help getting this off".  He walked forward and began to reach out.  I swatted his hands away, "On your knees first" I said.  He got down on his knees and reached out again to which I swatted again.  "With your mouth".  He nodded and leaned forward and I could feel his tongue searching for my waistband.  Once he found it he bit down and started to pull down.  I helped by pushing down.  I could feel the fabric slowly exiting from between my cheeks.  He pulled all the way down to my feet and I stepped out.  He sat back up still on his knees.  I turned back facing him and stepped forward and placed my shaft on his face.  He began to run his tongue up and down my cock, getting it wet with his spit.  After a few moment he took the shaft in his right hand and looked like he was about to put it in his mouth, but he paused.  "Something wrong" I asked.  "I have never done anything like this.  I haven't even practiced anything like this before".

"You will do fine", I grabbed the back of his head and started to pull him down slowly on top of my cock.  He opened his mouth and the head slipped in.  He began to suck softly, pulling the cock out and then pushing it back in.  He didn't go very deep with it.  Only a couple of inches, but what he was doing felt so good.  "Yeah...just like that...suck it nice a slow" I instructed.  He started gaining confidence and tried pulling more of my cock in.  I wasn't as long as he was, but it wasn't much of a difference.  He couldn't take the whole thing as he gagged a little over halfway down and backed off.  "That's okay.  You are doing fine.  Just keep sucking and practicing.  You will be able to take it all one day" I reassured him.  He massaged my balls and continued to suck.  I started to feel a probing finger working its way back to my backdoor.  "Get it wet first" I said as he got closer.  He backed off and stuck the finger in his mouth in place of my dick.  I grabbed his hand, "Keep that cock in your mouth" I commanded and I sucked his finger to get it wet as he went back to sucking.

Once I felt like his finger was wet enough I pulled it out of my mouth and let go.  He probed back to my opening and start to massage the finger into me.  "Oh...yes...put it in" I moaned as he start penetrating my anus.  He massaged my insides slowly and I could feel my cock throbbing inside of his mouth as he continued to suck.  After a few minutes of this he pulled my dick out of his mouth and looked up at me.  "I want you" he said standing slowly never letting go of my shaft.  Once he was all the way up, he kissed me, let got of my dick, turned around and got onto the bed on all fours.  He looked back at me, "Please...Please fuck my ass".

I went over to Sally's bedside table and opened the top drawer.  It's were she kept her lube and assorted sex toys.  I grabbed one of the bottles of lube.  Strawberry was on the label.  I closed the drawer and walked back around behind him pouring the lube on my cock and rubbing it in.  I climbed up onto the bed behind his open and willing ass and poured more of the lube into his hole, massaging it in with one finger, then two.  Making sure he was fully lubed.  Once I was satisfied I took the tip of my cock and place it in the tight opening and started to slowly press in.  It took a few minutes even to just get the head of my cock in.  He was extremely tight.  I was sure he had not done any kind of anal play before.  Finally, I was able to get halfway in, occasionally pulling out a little and pouring more lube on my shaft.  Then, I was all the way in.  "How do that feel?" I asked start to slowly fuck him.  "Oh god....yes...fuck me....fuck my ass....yes" he called out.

Every few pumps I would pour a little more lube on my cock to keep things going.  I slowly increased my pump frequency.  Each time Phil's moans would get a little louder, "Fuck yes...harder...harder...fuck my ass harder".  I obliged and began to pound his ass harder, and harder, faster and faster.  My balls were slapping into him hard.  I fucked him for at least a half an hour before my orgasm started to build.  "I'm about to cum" I called out.  "CUM INSIDE ME!" he yelled as loud as he could.  This sent me over the edge and my hot load exploded into his ass.  I stayed inside him for a few more moments, letting my cock finish spasming until I slowly pulled out.  The tip of my dick was still dripping in cum.  I stepped back as he got off of the bed and my cum and the strawberry lube started to flow out of his ass and down the inside of his leg.  He had a hard time standing, but managed ok.  I immediately climbed onto the bed on all fours and stuck my ass up in the air.  "My turn.  Put that monster where it belongs".

Phil grabbed the bottle of lube and coated his raging cock in the sweet smelling lubricant.  He stepped forward and did as I did before slowly working the lube into my hole.  He found that mine was more lose than his.  "Wow.  Do you practice anal too?" he asked.  "I sure do" I replied with a smile.  He placed his cock against my hole and started to push it inside of me.  He pretty quickly was able to push all the way in.  His cock filled my ass all the way.  It was painful, but in a really really good way.  "Now...fuck me" I called out.  He began to pump, and almost like any virgin would do he started to go fast and hard quickly.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he began to fuck me harder and harder.  I was amazed he didn't cum quickly.  His stamina was insane.  He fucked me doggy for about 20 or so minutes before I needed to change positions.  "Let me turn over" I said as he pulled out still rock hard.  I rolled over and pulled my shaft and balls up and lifted my legs.  He stepped back up, placed more lube on his cock and pushed back inside of me.  He fucked like a hammer, pounding hard into my ass.

Another 20 or so minutes went by and I could feel his cock starting to spasm.  "I want you to cum in my mouth" I called out.  This surprised him a little, but he pulled out of me quickly and got of off the bed.  I slid down onto the floor quickly as he lunged forward and shoved his cock down my throat.  Within second of him doing this his cock surged with cum.  Filling my throat with Strawberry flavored jizz.  "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" I hummed as he continued to pump more cum into my willing throat.  I had to swallow at least once as there was so much cum.  Once it felt like he was done I started to suck to get the last of it out of him.  He was shaking as I did this.  Once I was satisfied I pulled his cock out and sat back.

It was quiet in the room for about 15 minutes before he spoke up.  "I can't believe we just did that".  "Do you regret it" I asked.  "That's the thing.  No.  I don't regret it.  And what's more...I can't wait to do it again".  "Good.  I can't tell you how much I wanted this Phil".  He looked at me, "Me too".  We cleaned each other up in the shower with the occasional make out session.  Dried off and just wore towels.  We walked back outside to start working on the steaks and my phone had just dinged with a text message.  "Do you think that is your wife" he asked.  "Only one way to find out" I said picking it up.

There were several photo messages.  All different positions and rooms.  Her face down on the nasty carpet in the room.  Her on the crusty sheets of the bed being double teamed.  Her next to the toilet being face fucked.  There was even one that appeared to be some kind of Janitors closet with a text under it that said "Maintenance".  Sally looked so happy in all of the photos.  She was truly getting what she wanted.  To be fucked like the little whore she was.  Phil and I got extremely turned on from looking at all of the pictures that we decided to hold off on the steaks and go back to bed.  We spent the whole evening and night fucking over and over again.  It wasn't until about 6 AM that we decided to call it.  We went out to the kitchen and the steaks had been sitting out all night.  We never did get to those.  "Guess we will have to throw those out" he said.  "Sorry about that" I said not sorry at all.  "No worries.  Let me know the next time Sally is going out ok.  I want to do this again" he said gathering up his stuff.  "For sure...Same to you" I replied.  Before he left he kissed me again and smacked my ass.

I went back to the bathroom and showered off.  As I was doing so I heard my phone go off with an alert that the garage was opening.  I looked at the clock.  It was 7 AM.  Sally came into the bathroom and dropped her bag.  She stripped out of her clothes and got into the shower with me.  She was filthy.  Dirt and dried cum was all over her.  Her masquera was running and her lipstick smeared.  She hugged me and closed her eyes.  "Have a good time honey" I asked holding her.  She lifted her head, "Very much.  We want to get together and do it again next month.  Would that be okay?".  "Absolutely".  She smiled, "Did you and Phil have a good time?".  I smiled "A very good time".  "You will have to tell me about it" She said.  "You first..."

To Be Continued???

I suggest that you also read the below story that tells what happened with the wife!
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Damn good story. Very well written. Thank you.