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Florida Fun (MF)

coldday · 191

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Offline coldday

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on: January 22, 2023, 05:24:28 AM
Asian Pearl

In Florida between duty stations, I had a month off. I had been SCUBA diving everyday- everything, wrecks, reefs, freshwater caves, with sharks… even swam a guided tour of manatees with some biologists from the University. Finally my dive computer says ‘take a day off’ and “you are obsessive-compulsive”. Wow, the things they do with computers these days.So I’m headed to the beach. I’m old enough now to wear sunscreen and generally a sun-protection shirt. Can’t let a sunburn slow me down- live while you are alive, sleep when you are dead.

I liked the wind of my face, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and sometimes I liked the people. Usually I’m a solitary sort, but every now and again, I become outgoing, personable and uninhibited. It’s just not my normal state. And you can never say what causes the extrovert part to kick in, sometimes alcohol, sometimes adrenaline, sometimes meeting the perfect person.

Today I didn’t have any expectations, I was just going to chill. I brought a Tom Clancy book with me- my favorite one- The Hunt for Red October. It was amazing in its day. Military Intelligence (i know, an oxymoron) actually tracked him down after it was published to find how the fuck he knew that shit. He said I hang out in bars near submarine bases right after submarines come home from deployment and listen to the sailors talk. I saw him speak at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island once; in front of a few thousand military officers in uniform. He raised the roof. Everyone left feeling super proud and super patriotic.

Arrive at the beach with all the essentials, and someone immediately catches my eye- this blonde in a bikini with a very curvy bum is playing paddle ball with her friends. Makes me want to pop on my sunglasses and perv out over her. But I don’t. I start reading and then I’m off thinking about this memory- deployed to the Western Pacific and the crazy scary thing that happened when I was only 22 years old. Back in that day, the only thing more crazy than on duty was off duty. I routinely told myself, if I die doing this then at least I don’t have to work tomorrow.

Anyways the day passes and I hop in the ocean during peak heat to cool off a bit. As evening rolls up, I fish a cold hard seltzer from the cooler to wash down the day. The sun is setting behind me and is probably a beautiful site, but I’m still watching the waves roll in. Thinking about what to get for dinner, I pack up and head out. Quick stop at the open air shower and I plan for street tacos. Just need to get the salt water off.

As I’m washing, I suddenly feel this immense peace. Like everything is perfect, the water temp is perfect; the sienna sky is perfect; I’m casually washing and I pull my trunks out to get some sand out of the nether region- without really paying attention. For some reason that I can’t quite understand, I was semi-hard. Maybe it was precognition. Suddenly there is a gasp. I snap my shorts back in place, now embarrassed. The blonde from today is also showering- I was sure that I was totally alone.

“Sorry,” I offer. “I didn’t mean to offend you. I thought I was alone.”

“You didn’t. That is a ‘proper dick!’ But love, oh boy, you're hairy!! I'd request some manscaping, you don't have to shave or wax, but trim that down a bit.”

My eyebrows jump all the up my forehead. I’m speechless for a moment.

“I’ll get right on that. But can I have some dinner first?”

“Sure. What is on the menu?”

“My plan was street tacos but if you join me, there is another place… Asian Pearl. We should shower and dress up a bit. But I hear it’s tasty. Very tasty.”

“Are you asking me out? To taste an Asian pearl?”

“I’ve heard when it hits your tongue in just the right spot, it sends you over the edge.” 

“You are a cheeky one, mister. I don’t even know your name.”

“Sorry. I guess when you called me love after seeing my… you know… it emboldened me. It’s Michael btw.”

“Shelleigh. Just Shelleigh.”

“Nice to meet you ‘just Shelleigh’. Do you need a ride or should we meet there?”

“Oh. I need a ride.” I think she winked but it was well after sunset now. Hard to tell. This talk was keeping me semi. I hoped for more banter on the way.

10 minutes later

We are in my rental, a four wheel drive, that I used for beach diving.

“As I mentioned we need to freshen up a little first, do we stop at yours first or mine?”

“What kind of freshening up?”

“I was thinking I needed a shower and … also to finish what I started. I can’t walk into a restaurant like this.” My erection is practically touching the steering wheel.

S looks down, licks her lips, and suggests, “Maybe I can help with that… if you want.”

“The over-excited part or the hairy part?”

“We will have to see.”

The Regency

20 minutes later

We walk in my suite, on the top floor of the hotel. “Make yourself at home. I can hurry so you don’t have to wait long… or you can join me and neither one of us will care how long it takes. You choose.”

I head for the facilities, dropping my shorts along the way; also whipping off my shirt just before heading out of sight, into the bathroom. I can’t decide if I want S to follow or not- I mean obviously I do- want what the tan line looks like for that ass; and spend some quality time with her thighs squeezing my ears because of overwhelming feelings of pleasure. BUT I also like the dance, the flirting, the anticipation…

Thinking about Shelleigh licking an Asian pearl was making me hard, or any pearl… I just wanted to watch… for a while… and then move up behind her while she’s lying between another woman’s legs. Long tan legs spread out with Shelleigh’s blonde mane covering her lower abs; breast visible above, gravity keeping them spread, one on either side, nipples flushed and hard; face, eyes closed, mouth pursed, trying to keep the moans in; hair flowing onto the pillow. Shelleigh’s almost flat on the bed with her head and upper back up enough to get her dainty mouth right on Asian woman’s pleasure spot; her butt cheeks are pale, tans lines bisecting each glute, perfectly formed, just the right size for a massive bounce when riding in the saddle, legs very slightly spread, a perfectly formed cleft just visible below, looks shaved from behind but with a few days of stubble, like it hadn’t been touched up. I wanna push those legs wider, climb between them and grab the base of my cock so I can use it like a paint brush, sliding the helmet, that is leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, up and down that slit, that is damp with moisture.

Ok. Need to reign that imagination in. There will be no cumming into my own hand in the shower. Still not sure if Shelleigh is following my naked butt, because if she does, I’m pushing her up onto the bath counter stop, spreading her fine, fine legs, and drilling my rod deep into her growler in one stroke. Every part of my body is tingling, especially my testicles; I am aching for  relief. I hope she wants me half as bad as I want her.

I’m turning on the water, adjusting the temperature just right, preparing to get in.

“Do you need a hand in there?” she asks from just outside the door. She sounds so close I’m pretty sure she is standing at the door looking at me from behind. I don’t turn around.

“I want you in here so bad it hurts… but…”

“But? But!!!!!! Are you kidding me?” she complains.

“It’s just this thing I have. When we get together it will be amazing. I know that. But right now the anticipation, having not kissed you for the first time, not grabbed your ass for the first time, not seen you naked for the first time, not buried myself testicles deep in the sweet pussy for the first time… it’s causing me the most exquisite pain. Like I never understood BDSM but I think at this moment, I get a part of it… the denial, the waiting, the anticipation.

“This might be too graphic to say aloud, but I am leaking so much right now, that there is a strand of it from the head of my penis all the way to my knee.