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My Evening with Death (MF, reluc, magic, violence, Vamp)

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Backpacking Diary

Dear Diary,

I have been wanting to write this down for a long time.  So, here it goes.

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Allison, but everyone calls me Ally.  I was born July 15th, 1982 in Miami Florida to two wonderful parents.  I have spent my entire life in the pursuit of finding a man and getting married.  School was never really a big priority for me.  I mean, I went to college and graduated with a Bachelor's in Phycology, but I never really did anything with it.  My youth was filled with days by the pool and at the beach.  Once I turned 18 I started becoming a bit of a Gym rat.  Men don't want anything but a tight body.  At least, none of the ones I grew up around.  Yep, you had to have big tits, a tight ass, and a flat tummy.  Smart, but not too smart.  And willing to be a total freak in the sheets.

Seriously Diary, I spent so much time worrying about being to fat and not good enough.  It took over my entire life.  I went through several men throughout my 20's trying to find the one who would take care of me and make all my dreams come true.  A lot of them were losers.  Or so I thought at the time.  They either didn't have any money to begin with or where going into careers that I seemed to think were dead ends.  I wanted a business man.  Someone who would take on the world and earn crazy amounts of cash that I could spend.  It was all I ever wanted. I thought.

At about 24, I meet such a man.  He had graduated with a business degree and went into real estate.  We got married immediately and for 2 years he made money hand over fist.  It was an amazing time.  But then...the market crash of 2008 happened.  Our money was tied up in property mostly and the value went to nothing almost overnight.  We sold what we could for pennies on the dollar and had to file for bankruptcy.  We moved into a small apartment in a not so nice part of town.  That is when the drinking started for him.

"I am a failure" he would constantly say while chugging whatever cheap liquor he had that evening.  For the most part he was harmless, but when he got good and drunk, that was another story.  Mostly he would want to have sex.  Rough sex.  I would try to give him what he wanted, but more often than not he couldn't get hard from being so drunk.  This would upset him and then he would take it out on me.  Hitting me in places where others could see.  It was a horrible time.

A year passed with regular beatings when one night it got really bad.  So bad that one of our neighbors called the police.  When they arrived I was just going to say that I had fallen and there was no problem.  I was completely afraid to say anything bad for what he might do to me.  I didn't have to.  Apparently the same neighbor that called the police had spoken with the building manager and gotten camera recordings from in the building.  Specifically in the laundry room of the building where he had beaten me and tried to rape me.  There it was.  In full color.  Him hitting me, pulling my clothes off, trying to fuck me.  But once again he couldn't get hard and then just beat me some more out of frustration.  There was no denying it.

The police hauled him off.  The neighbors wife was a nurse and she patched me up and insisted I go to the hospital.  We had no money and no insurance so I said I would be fine.  I called my parents that night and the next morning my mother and father picked me up and took me home.  The day after that my parents setup a meeting with a divorce lawyer and we went through the process.  It took an additional year, but I was finally free.  Free of that horrible man that I would would make all my dreams come true.  Instead, it was a total nightmare.  I was lost.  Not sure what to do.  One night I found myself watching a movie from my past that I had not seen in years.  Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I had seen the movie a couple of times when I was younger, but for some reason during this viewing I was absolutely captivated.  I couldn't get enough.  I began going through other titles.  Interview with a Vampire, Blade, Queen of the Damned, Nosferatu, and several others.  It got to where movies were not enough.  So I began reading.  Combing through different texts, articles, and internet searches.  I hadn't done this much reading since college.  I was obsessed with the idea of Vampires.  After months of reading and researching I decided that I wanted to go visit the source.  Or at least the source that I had read about.  Romania.

I spent 2 months planning, shopping, and packing.  My parents were pretty well off and thought that a trip would be a great way to reset my mind.  They thought I would be going to Ibiza, or the Bahamas, or some other tropical destination.  I honestly didn't want them to know about my hunger for the darkness.

Finally, in the summer of 2011, I was ready.  I had my bags packed, and my plane tickets purchased.  My parents dropped me off at Miami International and helped me inside.  I gave them both big hugs and kisses before I dropped my bags at check-in and headed towards the security checkpoint.  Little did I know at the time that it would be the last time I would see them.

The flight was long with 2 different plane changes along the way before I landed in my final destination of Targu Mures, Romania.  The city was beautiful and just like the pictures I had see on the web.  I was extremely jet lagged, so I decided to stay in a local hotel for a couple of days to get my head straight before heading up to the Carpathian Mountains which was about a 6 hours car ride away from me at that point.

I spent the first day sleeping.  It was the best sleep I have ever had.  I woke up refreshed and alive in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time.  The second day I spent going around to local shops and restaurants.  I stood out like a sore thumb with my light brown hair and my tanned skin.  The people were very friendly and the food was amazing.  I thought about staying another day or two, but I was ready to take my trip to the next location.  The Carpathian Mountains.

I was warned by one of the hotel clerks not to go, but I was determined to see this wonderful place that I had learned so much about.  I rented a small car and drove up.  Taking my time, stopping off at different spots to either rest, or eat.  After about 7 hours I had arrived at a local bed and breakfast.  I decided to stay in as it was starting to get dark.  Start fresh in the morning.

The next day I was setup with a tour group that would go around to different old castles.  Liptovsky Hradok, Castle or Eger, Hrad Reviste, and even Bran Castle.  Bran Castle was apparently the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula and was the one I was most excited to see.  The tour took the entire day and included a lunch.  I was captivated by all the old stone and beautiful views.  Words can not describe how I felt that day.  I felt like a new woman.

Afterwards the tour guide invited everyone to have dinner at a local tavern.  He said that he would be happy to speak more about not only the castles we had seen, but also additional ones.  I and three others accepted.  We had a chance to go get changed and we met later at the tavern.  We spoke mostly of history and local traditions while we ate and drank.  We talked about lots of things, but I still hungered to know one thing.

"So...what about the Vampire's" I said trying to sound semi playful.  The entire room went quiet.  I looked around and everyone was staring at me.  After a few moments other conversations resumed and the tour guide continued on with a different subject.  I didn't want to be rude so I just went with it.  After a couple of hours the tour guide and I were the only ones left.  "Hey.  I am sorry about earlier.  I didn't mean to offend".  He finished his beer and then glared at me, "You shouldn't ask about such things.  Pretty girl like you should be more careful".  I was slightly annoyed, but decided the best thing to do was to let it go for the time being.  "I am going.  You can get back to your room okay?" he asked standing up.  I nodded my head, "Yes.  I still have some drink left and will be calling it a night soon".  He nodded with approval and left.

The table I sat at was in a back corner of the bar and I really had no intention of going to bed yet.  It was still early.  I gestured to the bartender as the guide had been doing throughout the night and I asked for another drink.  Within a couple of minutes he brought over two drinks.  "I only asked for one sir" I said to him pulling one of the glasses close.  "Yes ma'am.  The gentleman wishes to join you".  He gestured to a different corner to a dark figure.  He had long hair, couldn't tell the color at the time.  He also had long black pants and an un-tucked button up shirt that looked to be black as well.  He leaned forward into the light and smiled.

He was insanely handsome.  Light skin and dark pools for eyes.  The shirt was for sure black.  I couldn't help but nod to invite him over.  When he stood, he seemed to almost touch the ceiling he was so tall.  He had a slender but muscular build and seemed to walk in slow motion towards me.  His hair flowed through the air looking almost weightless.  When he reached my table, he bowed.  He actually bowed and introduced himself.  "My lady.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Count Dragos and I humbly request to sit and drink with you this fine evening".  He extended his hand to take mine.  Without thinking I place my hand in his and he kiss it softly.  "Please...have a seat", I said shaking a little.  As he went to sit, the chair seemed to almost move on its own.  He was captivating.

"May I have your name my dear?" he said speaking softly, but confident with a hypnotic tone.  "Allison, but most people call me Ally" I replied.  "Allison.  It is my great pleasure to meet you.  Where are you from?  Tell me about yourself.  If you don't mind that is?".  I didn't mind.  As a matter of fact, I wanted to tell him.  Not just where I was from, or even basic details.  I wanted to tell him everything.  All of it.  I must have spoken for two hours.  I even told him the name of the first boy I had sex with.  Tommy Doyle.  "Why am I telling you all of this?" I asked out loud.  "You did seem like you wanted to talk" he replied with a smile.  "Now.  Let's talk about the question you asked earlier tonight" he leaned in and whispered, "About Vampires.  What do you know about them?".

"Well.  Nothing but what I have seen in movies, and read in books and on the internet" I said.  He chuckled a little, "Well.  At least you are honest.  Most of you American's like to act as if movies make you experts on the subject" he held his hands up and became a little animated, "Oh, I am the Vampire killer Westley Snipes...Ooooo, look at me".  I couldn't help but laugh at his joke.  "It is a little ridiculous, but the movies are entertaining" I exclaimed.  "Yes yes...I do however enjoy your...what is his name?" he looked down at the table thinking for a moment and then popped up suddenly.  "Gary Old man...he is very good".  I chuckled at his pronunciation of the actors name, "Oldman" I politely corrected.  "Ah yes.  Forgive.  Oldman.  I do like him" he laughed.

We were in the bar for a long time before the bartender came over and told us he was closing up for the evening.  "How much for my tab?" I asked pulling out my wallet.  "No miss.  The gentleman has settled your bill for the evening".  The Count smiled, stood, and offered his hand.  "May I walk you home?".  I was hesitant to walk with this stranger, but something about him made me feel safe.  I took his hand and we left the bar.  The place I was staying at wasn't far.  About a 5 minute walk.  The air was cool and the moon was out as we walked.  He even offered his coat to me as it was a bit cold.  "Aren't you cold" I asked.  "Yes, but the cold doesn't bother me" he replied.  Shortly we came to the door of my room.  I turned and handed his coat back.  "Thank you for a wonderful evening".  "It was my pleasure.  I do have a request.  I am hosting a party at my home tomorrow evening and would love for you to attend.  Do you have any previous engagements?".  I couldn't help but immediately answer, "I am free and would love to come".  This made him smile.  "Wonderful.  I will send a car for you tomorrow evening to pick you up right here.  Do you have a gown?".  I quickly went through what I brought and the closest thing I had was a blue dress.  "I think I have something that will work".  He stood and considered my words for a moment, "Do not worry.  I will arrange something for you.  I will take my leave and look forward to tomorrow evening".  He bowed again and then disappeared into the night.

I barely slept at all that night, and when I did, I dreamed of the tall stranger.  I dreamed of dancing around a ballroom with him over and over.  I would wake up feeling hot and turned on.  I had never felt so horny in all of my life.  I must have masturbated 4 times throughout the night.  Each time having a more and more powerful release.  What was strange is that the dreams were always the same and they had nothing to do with sex.  Just the two of us dancing.  What about that got me so turned on I wasn't sure. 

Morning came and i got into my shower.  One again I was dripping wet and aching for an intimate touch.  Once again placed my fingers on my clit and began to rub and finger myself.  It didn't take long for me to climax.  It was an almost crippling orgasm.  I held onto the shower grab bar with all I had to keep from falling.  Once I was able to stand unassisted again I finished up my shower, got dressed and headed down for breakfast.  The owners of the B&B were engaged in a serious conversation when I sat down to eat.  The stopped and came up to me quickly.

"Where you the last to see Silviu last night?" they asked sounding almost desperate.  Silviu was the tour guide from the day before.  "Yes.  He left at around 9 last night.  I stayed behind at the bar for a couple of more hours and then walked back.  Did something happen" I asked as I ate.  "His wife called this morning.  He never made it home".  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  "Everyone is out looking for him now" they continued and then stepped away to finish their conversation.

I spent the rest of the day trying to find out more about the strange man from last night and also more about the missing tour guide.  No one knew anything about the Count and details were scattered at best about the tour guide.  The day went by quickly.  I was back at my room with my blue dress out when there was a knock at my door.  When I answered, it was a finely dressed gentleman with a large box.  "Lady Allison?" he asked.  I nodded and he handed me the box.  "From the Count for tonight.  The car will pick you up in an hour".  He bowed, turned, and walked away.  I shut my door and laid the box on the edge of the bed and opened it.  It was a fabulous red ball gown with black lace and a low cut neck line.  It was beautiful.  I searched around in my bags and couldn't find appropriate underwear to match such an outfit.  Everything I brought was "boring" and it was too late to shop for anything.  I decided to just go without underwear since the gown covered me very well anyway.

I had just finished getting ready when a knock at the door and voice called out, "Lady Allison.  Your car is here".  I took one last look at myself and then bounded out the door.  There was a long limo waiting with the drive standing by the rear door.  He bowed and opened it up for me to get in.  "Have a good time Miss" one of the owners of the B&B called out as I stepped into the car.

We drove through thick forest and over unpaved roads.  We drove deep into the mountains until we came upon a castle.  It wasn't one that I had seen in my research before.  It was similar in architecture to the others that I have visited, but it looked older...a lot older.  Still beautiful and well kept.  Well rolled through a massive door up into a courtyard and pulled up to a grand front staircase with a long red carpet rolled out and candles lit.  The limo came to stop at the carpet.  The driver got out and opened the door for me to get out.  "Just inside my Lady.  Your host is waiting".  I saw no other party guests yet so I figured that I must be late.  I carefully but quickly went up the stairs and through the large doors.

Inside was an opulent room with large paintings and intricately carved banisters and other sculptures of wood and marble.  As I continued to walk I marveled at the artwork along the hallway until I came to what appeared to be a ballroom.  Large dark marble floor, tall vaulted ceiling with a massive black chandelier lit up with what seemed like hundreds of candles.  Off in the corner my tall dark strangers was standing holding a glass of what appeared to be wine.  He began to walk towards me.  I all of sudden was very aware of the fact that not only was I not wearing any panties, but that I was starting to get wet again.  The closer he got, the wetter I became.

Once he was just a few feet away from me he bowed "My Lady Allison.  Welcome to my humble home".  I had never been in such polite company before so I did the only thing I could think of.  I curtsied, bowed my head, "Thank you Count for having me this evening".  Having me...why did I say it like that?  As I stood he smiled.  I hoped I had done it right.  I looked around and asked him, "Am I the first here?  Where is everyone?".  He chuckled, "What do you mean?  Everyone is hear.  Everyone that needs to be that is".  I didn't understand.  He said a party.  Parties usually mean several people having fun together.  Did he just invite me?  I was starting to get uncomfortable at the thought that I was out in the middle of nowhere, in a far away country, with a strange man that I barely knew.

"Would you dance with me?" he offered his hand.  My fear began to subside as I reached out to take his hand.  As soon I touched him, the most wonderful dark tone of music began to play.  He took me into his strong arms and we began to dance.  Around and around we waltzed.  Our eyes locked onto each other.  It felt as though he was hypnotizing me.  It seemed to go on for hours and I didn't want it to end.

From the entrance to the ballroom I heard something and we stopped dancing as the Count looked towards the door.  "Excuse me Count...Dinner is served".  The servant bowed and left.  The Count looked at me, "Hungry my dear?".  I wasn't, but I nodded and followed him to the dinning room.  The table was long and could seat at least 50 people.  There were two seats set and ready for us.  He pulled my chair out to allow me to sit first and then sat himself.  He clapped his hands together once and a door flung open with two servants each carrying a tray.  The trays were placed in front of use and the lids were removed.  In front of the Count was a large glass goblet filled with what looked to be a dark red wine.  In front of me was the same goblet, but empty.  I was confused by this as he took as sip from his glass.

"So my dear.  You are looking for Vampire's are you not?".  I wasn't sure where this was going, but I nodded.  "Why do you ask Count?" I inquired.  He smiled.  "What if I told you that you met one last night?  What would you say to that?".  I went through the previous evening in my head and tried to think of who he could be talking about.  After a while, "Come on.  You are smarter than this.  You know of whom I speak".  After another minute it hit me.  I felt so stupid at first, but then very frightened.  "Y...Yo...You?" I could barely speak.  He smiled and stood.  "I am the one that you seek.  The creature of the night.  The dark being that you crave so".  I was stunned to silence.  He leaned down and put his hand on mine softly.  "Do not fear me.  I mean you no harm of any kind.  More I want to see what your...intentions are".  I was confused at the statement.  "My...intentions?" I asked.

He sat back into his seat and took another sip of his drink.  "Your intentions, yes.  Many like you have traveled in search of my kind.  I have seen many.  Historians, Mythologists, so called Intellectuals of all kinds.  All of them starting with something noble.  Like knowledge for instance.  But all of them wanted the same thing...immortality.  I looked into their hearts and saw their jealous nature.  They were all unworthy.  So what I am asking is...what are your intentions for wanting to meet me?".  I thought about his question for a while and came to the only answer that felt right and true.

"Count...I came in search of you and your kind for one reason.  I was drawn to the darkness.  All my life I have lived for someone else and never for myself.  I wanted to please others and have them be my leader.  This has left me with nothing but heartache and a feeling of emptiness.  The only things that have brought me joy in the last year have been researching your kind.  Trying to get a taste of the darkness and power you must feel.  The control of your own life.  I can't tell you that I came here in search of immortality, but I also cannot tell that I didn't.  I am not sure that I am worthy of such a gift.  But I would truly like to understand you".  My words flowed like water and every letter was true.

The Count considered my words for a long while.  Several minutes went by with him sipping from his glass.  He then leaned forward, "As you may have guessed.  I am testing you.  So far you have done very well.  I do, however, have one more test for you.  It will tell me if you are ready".  I wasn't sure how to react, but deep inside my inner voice was speaking to me, "I am ready".  He sat back in his chair and snapped his fingers.  Once again the doors flung open and the servants were bringing in a blindfolded man.  It was Silviu, the tour guide.

He looked as though he had been beaten badly and had a bandage around his neck.  "You remember you guide...don't you?" he asked knowing the answer already.  I nodded.  He stood and grabbed the tour guide and pushed him down onto the table in front of me.  "Do you know what he was planning last night?".  Silviu was clearly crying through his blindfold and mumbling incoherently.  "No" I replied.  The Count leaned over Silviu's ear and whispered, "Tell her".  His tone was scary, but also sexy.

Silviu began to speak, "I followed the two of you back to your room.  As soon as you went inside, I crept up to your bedroom window and watched you undress and go to bed.  For an hour I watched as you tossed and turned, eventually you fell asleep.  I opened the window and crept in".  I was stunned as he spoke.  This fucker was in my room last night?  How did I not know?  The Count bent the guides hands backwards, "Tell her what you tried to do".  After screaming in pain, the guide continued.  "I crawled in the window and then stood at the foot of the bed.  You were in a t-shirt and a white pair of panties.  You were still tossing and turning, but fast asleep.  I carefully lifted up your shirt to get a look at your tits.  I don't remember anything after that".  The Count looked at my stunned face.  I felt violated, embarrassed, but most of all...I was furious.

"Now that you know what he did.  Let's hear some details about him" the Count turned back to the guides ear and whispered "Tell us about you and your family".  Again, his tone while whispering to Silviu was scary, but sexy.  "My wife and I have three children and not a lot of money.  I have made a huge mistake".  The Count bent his hand again...this time harder.  "NO" he said in a louder tone that seemed to shake the walls, "Tell us your truth".  Silviu cried more and then continued.  "My wife is old and fat and unattractive.  We haven't had sex in years and I don't want to.  Not with her.  When I saw the lady join my tour group yesterday.  I...I...I wanted her.  I wanted her anyway I could get her.  I am so sorry".  The Count looked at me, "Now my dear.  I leave it to you.  What shall we do to punish this man?  What is it that you desire?  What is it that he truly deserves?".

I sat in silence going over the story I was just told.  Hearing that he wanted me.  That he followed me and intended to what...rape me?  Doesn't want his wife anymore?  At first all I could feel was the same feeling of helplessness that I used to feel with my ex-husband.  Feeling like I had to submit to his pain...his will.  All because he was going through a rough time.  I stood and began to speak.  "You don't deserve your wife and your children.  You don't deserve love.  You don't deserve this life you have.  You deserve to suffer".  The Count repeated, "What should we do?".  I thought for a long time it seemed.  "Let him go".  I couldn't believe I said it.  I wanted to hurt him in the worst way.  I wanted to rage all of my past feelings and take it out on him.  But somewhere deep down I knew.  That wouldn't fix it.

The Count smiled.  "Very good my dear...very good.  You are in control of not only your mind, but your own heart.  Rage does not define you.  We will let this one go.  But first...".  The Count lifted the guide off of the table and removed the blindfold covering his eyes and looked directly into them.  "You Silviu shall go forth from here to your home.  You will tell your lovely wife what you have done.  Then, you will tell everyone what kind of a man that you truly are and you won't stop until every person in the village knows.  I will never hear of you trying anything like this again.  For if I do...I will not be as kind as the lady has been to you tonight".  He spoke so clearly and in a tone that was hypnotic.  She felt herself gush a little with wetness from between her legs.

The Count dropped the guide on the floor and then gestured to one of the servants who quickly picked him up and took him outside.  He sat back into his chair and then finished off his glass of red liquid and then looked at me.  "Well my dear it seems as though you are ready".  He stood again and held out his hand to take mine.  I blindly took it and asked, "Ready for what?".  He lead me out of the dining room and up some stairs to a hallway.  About halfway down we turned into an open door to a large bedroom.  What did he think was going to happen?  Did he think that now I was going to sleep with him?  What was surprising was that I wanted to.  I shouldn't have wanted to, but I wanted him badly.  All my dreams and the dancing and even getting revenge on the prick guide lead me here.

He shut the door and then walked towards me.  "Do you like the dress?".  The question surprised me a bit but I answered, "It's beautiful.  Fit for a princess".  "Fit for a Queen my dear" he replied touching my bare shoulder.  He came in close and I closed my eyes.  The kiss we shared was a deep one.  I felt as though I was floating.  His hands roamed around on the dress and without much effort the dress fell to the floor.  There I was...naked.  He regarded my body and ran his finger tips up and down over my shoulders, then my arms, then my stomach and my legs.  His touch was so soft and sensual.

He stepped back for a moment and ran his right index finger down along the buttons of his shirt and they began to pop off one by one until he reached the end.  He pulled the shirt off revealing his pale, muscled chest.  I stepped close to him and place my hands on his pecks felt his entire front.  It was as though he was chiseled out of white marble, but yet...soft marble.  I kissed his chest and he held me.  I couldn't take it any longer.  My hands made their way down to his pants.  I unbuttoned them and they fell free.  When I looked down I saw the most beautiful cock that I had ever seem.  I took him into my hand and began to stroke it.  I felt him start to get hard in my hand.  I wanted him terribly.  He lifted my chin so that he could look into my eyes, "Are you sure?  Are you sure that this is what you want?".  I stared deep into the dark pools of his eyes and nodded, "Yes".

With that he picked me up and carried me to the bed.  He laid me down and climbed on top of me.  He took his dick and positioned it against my soaking pussy and pressed inside of me.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he plunged deeper inside of me.  Once he was all the way inside he began to pump.  His cock seemed to vibrate inside of me as he thrusted which caused me to grind hard into him trying to push him deeper.  When rolled around on the bed for a long time never losing our embrace.  I started to feel his cock start to pulsate.  I knew he was close and so was I.  As we began to climax together he grabbed my head and pulled it to one side exposing my neck.  He opened his mouth and I could now clearly see his fangs.  I arched my neck forward willing him to bite down...and he did.

As his teeth plunged into my neck and began to take in my blood our orgasm's rocked out bodies.  It was pain mixed with extreme pleasure and I never wanted it to end.  Once our bodies calmed themselves he broke his bite.  My blood was spilling out onto the bed.  He took his right index finger and cut himself on his chest and leaned forward to my face.  I instantly opened my mouth and as his freshly cut flesh touched my lips, I began to drink.  It was as though I was drinking life itself.  The mostly delicious drink you have ever had, times 1000.  He lifted off and away from my mouth and softly grabbed my chin as he had done before, "Now you are like me my darling.  We will be together for all time".  I threw my arms around him and kissed him.  Then I rolled ontop of him and pushed his cock back inside of me.  It was unreal how he was so hard so fast.  I rode him hard.  He grabbed my hips and pulled down with each thrust.  We spent the entire rest of the night in his bed.  Fucking and drinking each others blood.  I was now his and he mine.  I was a Vampire.  A creature of the night.  I would never have to fear any man ever again.

That night seems so long ago now.  Time passes differently when you are immortal.  Seems like yesterday I left home to come to this wonderful place.  I am so happy here with my love.  I must go now.  I have to go see an old aquiantence tonight.  Seems as though he can't control himself around young women on his tours.  Till next time diary.

To Be Continue???

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Reply #1 on: February 05, 2023, 09:02:57 PM
I really enjoyed this!  Well done!

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Reply #2 on: February 07, 2023, 09:10:58 PM
I really enjoyed this!  Well done!

Thank you.  Glad you enjoyed it!