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Author Topic: Stone Foundation (Mgg, Incest, Innocent, Orgy) unfinished work  (Read 4923 times)
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« on: November 05, 2010, 07:18:14 PM »

Okay this is a first attempt. Story is pure fiction. I take no responsability for those who can't accept or think of any thing like this happening real or fiction.

Stone Foundation

This is a story of a man who for years was the stone foundation for his family and community.

I started working when I was 16, supporting my family, and brothers, and extended family. Even the church was aware of my deeds. As luck had it I was always at the lead of anything I tried, money just flew my way as work and investments grew. Taking care of everyone, and thinking of them first. As I approached my 50th birthday, and my wealth was to that I didn’t have work anymore, I decided to retire, my health was in peak condition, tanned strong, full head of blond short crew-cut hair and a full goatee, my big brown puppy dog eyes and white smile, standing at 6’3”, steady 180lbs, the envy of any Hollywood hunk. I never married tempted a few times but, I was always busy with work or doing a service project for the area.

My inner needs were always last, and my true dark fantasies were hidden. Times I know I would stare and check out the young females around town, making sure no one saw. Well retirement was great, time now I said for ME; I set about making financial plans to care for those of my family and church, and a major account to allow me to do as I always dreamed.

First to purchase, and have the sailboat built I wanted, the builders informed me it would be 2 years to build, and cost of my dream boat was around $2.5 million. At that cost I thought I should take lessons and find a resort with a similar sailboat to practice with. Searching I found such a resort in the Bahamas. Checking and reading about the school near by teaching sailing and certification class’s, prefect place, even had white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, not to mention a clothing optional dress code at the resort. Smiling to myself, I always liked sunbathing nude, now to live nude, except for when I was in sailing school. I flew down and registered and bought one of the resort Townhomes, real nice each had its own hot tub and open air atrium, lots of Spanish white stucco décor. People were friendly and open, from the first time I visited. The resort had mostly couples, and younger than me.

Arrangements were set, I would start school next time I flew down and stay for 6 weeks, the school had three 6 week class’s I needed to take. The local marina had a sailboat like the one I was having built, only theirs was smaller, and I could lease it till mine was ready. I moved into my townhome and bought items I wanted, a true bachelor pad I would say. All the newest Electronics out there. A true geek heaven.

Sailing school was a snap, and the instructors were also from the resort townhomes I live in. I was a fast learner, and always first to do what the lesson was. As I finished each section of sailing school, and took the tests and certification class’s the instructors became like friends and enjoyed parties and dinners or cookouts with me. One couple noticed my eyes always watched the younger girls, and roamed as some would sunbath while we sailed, since I was a single male I did stand out with most of the other students, which were always couples.

Times between the 6 week class’s I would fly home and other places, Once I flew to see progress of my sailboat, a Lagoon 67’ is a impressive boat, and large, being a catamaran the right/starboard hull is a main master cabin, the left/port hull is 2 cabins with galley between. The size of this boat has to be seen the really understand. I have decided to Name her, “TERRA FIRMA”, means solid ground. Waves don’t affect this boat, it is stable and fast, made for sailing around the world and pleasure.

Well I have just finished the last class and taken final certification class. I lease the smaller version of my sailboat to practice with and use till my boat is finished. I am usually sailing around the islands and having a few friends on board to enjoy the life, mostly the instructors or other friends I have meet from the resort or townhomes. Like I said before everyone around here is attached or a couple, I stand out as a single male hunk, I don’t mess around with married or couples, even though they have offered, and even while in the resort area pool and hot tub have offered me a hand job and more. Being a nudist and the others nude brings out situations that become hard to explain, sometimes.

As it would happen this is the end of May, with summer starting and vacationer’s starting to lease townhomes and families arriving. Some of the instructors have their own children arrive from back in the states. Sam and Jackie one couple I am close to, have two daughters one 16 and one 9. Jackie their mom is a knock out, she’s the one that keeps offering me favors and, hugs me every chance she gets. Amy her 16 year old daughter, is a copy of mom, HOT, and wild, not real happy since no boys her age are around here. Now Cindy the 9 year old is HOTTER still and open, and asks questions that I have trouble replying to, since she’s so young and her questions are ones an older girl would ask or want to ask. Cindy like her mom also loves to hug and touch, always trying to sit on my lap and snuggle; now this is difficult since she loves the no clothes idea and runs around naked. God I try to keep those dark thoughts down.

Friday is here and I do my regular routine, working out and running the beach, then a swim, and hot tub after to sooth the muscles, and relax. Jackie knows my routines and usually joins me or catches up at the hot tub with a few drinks. Today she’s there with Cindy in tow holding drinks and smiling, except for Jackie which is dressed. Telling me she has to take Amy into town for shopping, and that she wants me to watch Cindy for the day. Looking at Cindy I strain to control my secret wanting, and slip into the hot tub to hide anything unexpected. I tell Jackie that I’m not sure about me being the right person to look after Cindy, Jackie just laughs and says, Hell Steve you’re the only one around I trust with her. Besides she just adores you always wanting to know more about you, and always next to you when you’re around.

Truth be told Steve she has a crush on you. And I believe you also have one on her. I see your always watching her, and when I see you watching her you are trying to hide your lust, which is always showing itself, as Jackie sticks a finger up, making me aware she knows Cindy gets me aroused.

Jackie leans over and whispers “I told Cindy she can do anything with you she wants” making a point to let her eyes tell me that that means Cindy is going to do more than a girl her age should. I try to speak and Jackie places a finger on my lips enjoy her Steve I want you to do this with her, just be careful and not hurt her or let others see, when you get to the point of wanting her, completely, take her to your home and there she’s all yours. Oh by the way you should know she’s been using dildos and vibrators since she was 7, so she’s not a true virgin. You’re her first man. Jackie stands up smiling, tells us to have fun, making sure she winks at me, and kiss’s Cindy and a last whisper to Cindy about something. Alone with Cindy, she stands there holding my drink a Hurricane, as she sips a few times and hands me the drink she slides into the hot tub across from me.

Now you have to understand this girl is only 9 years old, she’s so hot blonde hair blowing like it’s alive bluest eye I have ever seen, she’s a tanned Goddess, smooth and prefect, nude she stand on the steps in the hot tub her legs apart I see the smooth slit of her young pussy I am able to see her nipple too hard, no breasts yet, her mom small breasted, God I love small breasts. Cindy tilts her head to a side, and walks over to me, her hands under the water, feeling around, they find my cock already hard her fingers grasp around as far as they can her smile as her hand strokes and fondles under the water.

She softly speaks; we need to go to your place. Steve I want you. Mom said I can stay with you all day and even spend the night since I will be yours after I fuck you. God I tried to have control to hide my dark desires only to find others see them, and now to give me a dream a Golden treasure.

Taking the drink I swallow most of it gulping it, and then offering it to my little angle, her hand fast under the water stroking my cock 10” and thick her finger barely able to wrap around it. Cindy smiles and drinks the rest, licking her lips, still stroking my cock. Amazed she’s so bold and forward, I agree and move to stand up my cock moving from the water hard her hand stroking it openly as it appears, her eyes wide she sees my cock hard in the open for first time, she’s seen it before but never hard and so straight and throbbing. She guides me from the tub holding my cock like a leash as we walk quickly down the path towards my townhome, a few couples see her holding my erection and smile, they know, Jackie had to tell them as we walk past all they say is enjoy you two, Jackie your mom said you’d be his soon enough.

Like a dream I walk towards my townhome, Cindy guiding me holding my cock, as she leads me on, we are stopped by one of her best friends, a cute 7 year old Asian girl, named Cleo. Cleo smiles, as she reaches out with her own hand and takes hold of my cock also, they both drag me fast down the path to my home.

Cleo’s mom cheers, like this has been an advent that everyone has been waiting for. I’m delirious with thoughts of pure lust, two girls only 9 and 7 taking me by the cock to do with me as they and I want, with everyone’s approval and blessings.

At my townhome the door which is never locked swings open as the two nymphs drag me inside to the master bedroom with the king-size bed black satin sheets and pillows. We all climb up in to the middle of the bed, their hunger for my cock as each takes my cock into their mouth and tongues licking the length. I lay there on my back while these two horny children take turns with my throbbing shaft. Watching them seeing their hands freely fondling my cock and balls each also fingers on their own bare clits moaning wet. Cindy says I’m first as she moves and straddles my manhood, facing me she lowers her bare pussy towards my cock hard mushroom head. As she lowers and the head touches her bare flesh Cleo moves and sits firmly over my face letting me taste her 7 year old pussy my tongue flicking the sweetness, Cindy pushes down as she slowly spreads her lips and my cock enters, stretching the bare lips wide, she slowly sinks lower, as my cock goes deeper inside her. My mind is gone knowing a 9 year old is now impaled on my 10” cock and a 7 year old is grinding her bare pussy in my face both wanting to fuck me so bad they scream my name and beg to be fucked.


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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 04:07:10 PM »

Such a great start to a story and then the guy has to have a 10 inch cock?  Come on...that sort of thing is where I always stop reading a story. 
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« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2010, 04:23:48 PM »

Like I said it's unfinished, what size of cock should he have?

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« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2010, 08:41:22 PM »

If you want to write a size story, its your story go for it. But on a personal preference, I agree with Brenda though. Especially when the story features girls as young as in your story. Lines like:

My mind is gone knowing a 9 year old is now impaled on my 10” cock

makes me feel less sympathetic towards the protagonist. Lines like that above tend to come off to me as cold and particularly cruel. Dealing with the depiction of minors alone, lines like that can come off a bit torturous and emotional disregardful of children. And if we wanted that, we would be on SirSnuff's site not Kristen's. The guy is already described as a ideal, if you want him to be above average, fine, but 10" is overkill  - real life or in fiction.

Oh, and could you please add a size tag next time to the description so us with issues with schlong size can know to avoid it?
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