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Hero rescues two enslaved girls. Becomes their new master.

summerss · 103

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Offline summerss

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A man saves 2 girls from kidnapper. Main character lived in isolated location.
The girls were trained to report on each other's misbehavior everyday and punished everyday; their master would punish no matter what they did. They were always guilty. Girls ask him to continue that practice. They assume a trained position when reporting. In that scene girl confessed after being snitched on that she acted out on purpose so that she can be punished. The main character's punishment of them was less severe, i think it was light spanking.

Another scene Main character tells them to clean up, checks on them to see one girl licking out other ass and he is shocked. He tells them that's dirty and they explain old master made them do it like this. (Not sure if it was because master did them anally). He then changes rule and they lick each other but clean asses normally first.

Other details that i'm not sure of:
That the kidnapper died in car accident. That the girls were also in car accident. That he died on the way to get supplies and that's why girls were alone. It might have been snowing or during a storm when accident happened. Story might have been set in Alaska.  Hero might have lived in Cabin.
The anal scene could have been full on scat instead of rimming/analingus.  The girls may have been trained to the point they forgotten their names/identity. Main character might have had law enforcement friend investigating and found out who girls were and on reveal of their past lives girls wanted to stay with him throwing away their old lives. One of the girls could have been college aged sorority or cheerleader with rich parents. Main character might have recognized one of them in a news report of kidnapping.

I was sure i read this on and posted request there was well but found nothing. An Uncle Jim authored story was close in theme but not it. I was binging on asstr stories at the time too so am trying posting here to find story. Been mastering advanced search and extended Boolean search with no luck for months.
Any stories similar to this would be appreciated too as reading them might jog my memory. I have fetish for Heroes rescuing girls and being rewarded by being allowed to the same kinky stuff kidnapper was doing.

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Reply #1 on: March 11, 2023, 07:30:28 AM
This sounds like it may have been either NC and/or UA. In which case,, it most likely won't be here.

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