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More fun with julie (MF CHEAT )

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on: March 19, 2023, 04:51:04 AM
Julie had become the nightly booty call when i was coming home from work it didnt matter about the time and even of a day time when my partner had gone off to work we would meet up in that railway car park bend her over and do a quick fuck from behind.
During the summer we headed to a walk near by that was on the far side of a lake and had a board walk to walk where the mangroves were as it was salt water and there was a area where you could sit to the side.
It was there i learnt just how lose she was as i could fit my hand into her wet pussy and get her off fisting her lose pussy as she wasnt overly tight.
She wasnt the best at giving a blow job so i never worried about that too much as it was more fun just bending her over and just fucking her from behind.
In wanting to try and eat her pussy it wasnt that great with the 1970's porn star bush so we took a pair of siccors to it and gave it trim in the stair well of the car park and ate the pussy a few times but it wasnt as good as trying to eat one shaven.
We ended up fucking in some other places like a building that had become disused as the padlocks on the gate had a railway padlock as they still needed to gain access.
So watching out for broken glass on the floor we found a spot where she knew the drill just bend over and have a quick fuck and leave again.
After a few months of using condoms she wanted a kid to love and be a single mummy and not have me do anything with the child other then to be a sperm donnor which was a easy thing to do.
So afterwork meet up fuck and blow a load into her and just wait and see what happens but as the months went by she never did get knocked up lucky for me but she was good as my cum dump.
After a while in 2015 i got told to leave the home because it turns out the partner was fucking this married guy and he was getting a divorce and she wanted him in the house.
So i found this dump of a place where my son lived with me of a weekend him on the top of the bunk bed and me down the bottom which carried on for a while till i moved into the unit beside.
When my son wasnt with me i had cum dump come over and gave her a key as i basicly saw her as just a cheap fuck to have around of a night time.
It was here that she got into telling me about fucking her self with them alco pop glass drink bottles as she didnt have anywhere to hide a dildo or a vibe at home.
So beside my hand we got into fucking her with glass bottles which she enjoyed getting off on from time to time.
Now cum dump im sure had a few issues up there in the head as she wasnt working and some times would go home from the car park with my cum dripping down her legs and show up the next night not having showered and turned like angry when i was chatting to other females who i wasnt fucking and im sure she did damage to my motorbike seat which she ended up paying for.
When i kicked her out of my life i dont know what happened to cum dump julie as im sure she went on to find other guys to fuck her and use her in the same way just like a cheap hooker.
I still havent worked out how i can attach a photo of the glass bottle in her pussy maybe somebody can tell me how as it doesnt show her face and only just shows the bottle in her

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Reply #1 on: August 18, 2023, 03:06:29 PM
thanks for the story/ cool to have a "no strings" piece. i thought for sure the story was going to lead into your son bangin her as well