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Julie after work (MF cheat)

loco4401 · 353

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Offline loco4401

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on: March 18, 2023, 05:31:57 AM
My shift on the railway had ended and i was heading back home to a shit house relationship where sex had really become few and far between times.
The money was good on the job easy to pull in close to 90k before tax esp working afternoon and a lot of overtime.
As the relationship sex wise with the current partner i had been having some fun with other women from time to time that i had meet online or a old flame from high school that was preggers with the 2nd child after spilting from her husband.
Now on this night after work had finished i was waiting on the 1am train to take me home and had gone into the crew office to chat with who ever was on duty.
In the room was this pretty sub par looking woman who was talking to the night manager at the time when i came in.
After a short time the train arrived to take us home and the trip took close to an hour due to the need to stop at all the stations and the woman came into the same car as me and sat beside me up stairs where there was the 2 and 3 seats at the end of the car.
 It was during this trip home i got to learn her name which was julie and she lived about 20 mins away and like me was talking about the lack of sex in our lives.
As i was sitting there talking and looking around there wasnt many people onboard the car that we were in and i started to rub up her leg getting higher with my finger strokes along her jeans.
We continued talking about sex and things that we had done while my fingers were slowly stroking her pussy area on the outside of the jeans .
Before my stop came to the major station i sugested to her to get off and head up to the car park and wait for me while i went to the servo near by and grabbed a box a condoms.
I headed back to the car park that was 6 or 7 levels high and found a set of stairs that had no camera watching them and had julie come into the stairs.
Being 2am in the morning there really wasnt a risk of being caught in the far stairwell with so few cars around.
I started kissing her as my fingers went inside the jeans and panties and found a very hairy pussy like u found in a 70's porn film and she hadnt really taken care of her self down there with all that hair.
With my fingers now dripping i had her place her hands on the railing and got her to spread her legs and pushed my condom covered cock deep inside her wet pussy.
Fucking her from behind lasted only a short time till i blew my load and pulled out and then throwing the condom away.
I said good bye after getting her number leaving her to walk back to the platform and to wait an hour for the next train.
The following day i sent her a message to meet up with her again after work at the station i got off at and sure enough she meet me in the car park for me to fuck her again with a condom.
I have more to tell about julie if you guys would like to hear more of this crazy chick.
If i can work it later a photo or 2 of julie fucking her self with a 330ml glass bottle both doing the thin neck and the wide base.
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Offline Pornhubby

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Reply #1 on: March 18, 2023, 06:13:46 AM
Correct story codes for over 18 adults is MF. mf means UA.

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Reply #2 on: March 18, 2023, 03:02:35 PM
You've gotta watch out for those girls named Julie.

As Pornhubby mentioned, your coding was wrong.  I changed it for you.

We look forward to your future contributions, please read the rules for posting stories.

A woo (#1) for your story loco.

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Offline loco4401

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Reply #3 on: March 19, 2023, 02:20:03 AM
Sorry for not using capital letters in the title and thanks for fixing it.
Its the first time i have written such a story so im still learning.