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Life Can Be a Dream (MF, light torture)

MintJulie · 166

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on: April 13, 2023, 03:57:19 PM
We were in the bedroom at 11pm.  I told him to take a pill because I wanted f'd extra hard tonight.  He said he had an idea and we walked in the closest. He picked out some lingerie for me.  I went in the bathroom and changed.  When I came out he was in his underwear, and he had some long underwear in his hand. He told me to hold my hands out.  I was laughing and asked what the plan was.  He told me to just hold my hands out.  I did and he tied the bottom of each leg around each wrist.  I could move my arms with no problem.  I asked what now.  He tied the top into a big knot.  I still wasn't following it.  Then he had me walk over to the bedroom door.  He positioned me so I was about 6" from it, with my back to it.  He had me raise my hands as he opened the door slightly.  I knew then what his plan was.  He maneuvered the upper knotted portion over the top of the door so it was hanging on the opposite side, with a little effort, he closed the door.  I was restrained with my arms up in the air, back to the door.

He took a step back, admiring his work.  "I think that will do nicely," he said.

Dan walked into the closet and I could hear him undressing.  When he came out a couple of minutes later he had the nipple suction toys.  He undid the clip between my breasts allowing the cups to fall to the sides. Dan lifted each breast and licked them, wetting around the nipple and areola, then applied the devices.  While I do enjoy our playtime with them, it just looks so gross.  Over the next few minutes he had them extended to the point it was getting uncomfortable.  I told him so.  He went into the closest and came back with some more toys.  One of them being a little whip with about 20 leather strands.

"Where did that come from?"

"I bought it to surprise you with someday.  And today's that day."

Stepping close, he reached down and slid his hand inside my undies and ran a finger along my sex, slightly pushing a finger in to touch my folds.  "When you say you wan't fucked hard, do you want me to be extra rough with you?" 

I nodded. 

He held up the whip and let the very tips of the 6" strands tickle the top of my boob.  He inserted a finger in me down below.  I let out a little gasp.  "Remember on your 45th birthday when I gave you 45 spankings. Do you remember how red your tits and ass were from me spanking them?" 

"Yes," I answered.

"Should we see if I can get them more red?"  He began pumping his finger in and out of me.  "I'm getting so hard thinking about whipping your tits, just tell me when to stop. Okay?"

"Okay," I said.

He reached down and turned the nipple suction device a couple of turns.   "Ow, no more," I said. 

Then still holding the suction tube in his hand, he lifted my breast up and out away from my body, stretching the upper flesh outward.  He raised the hand holding the whip.  "Ready," he asked.  And without giving me time to respond, he brought the whip down across the top of my breasts.

"Oh my god," I screamed.

He pulled up and outward, almost touching my chin, my back involuntarily arching away from the door.  He kept pulling until I could arch any further.   

"I'm going to strike the underside," he said.  "Ready?"

Again, not waiting for me to respond, he flicked his wrist up and the strands struck my tender underside.  I screamed.

Without waiting for me to recover, he flicked the whip again on the underside.   "Ow, stop," I screamed.  He let go of the tube containing my nipple, my breast dropped and bounced back against my body.

"Let's see how the lash marks develop while we give your other tit a workout."   I looked down at top of my left breast and the red lines were starting to reveal themselves from the first strike of the whip.

Dan grabbed the cylinder containing my right nipple.  "No need to tell me to stop, I'll do the same to this side."

The first lash came and I tried not to scream.  Then the two to the underside and I screamed both times.  He stopped as promised.  Releasing my breast, he dropped the whip to the ground.  He lifted my left breast by the nipple and examined the underside.  "Oh my," he said, "That's pretty."  Then slapped each side of the my breasts.

I looked down and the top of my breast and the red was spreading outward from the lines of the lash marks.

"Are you enjoying this," he asked as he turned the lever, drawing more of my nipple in. 

"Ow, you have to stop turning it. It's hurting."

"I'm sorry, baby.  I'll take them off."  And he slowly began turning the little lever in the opposite direction until my nipple fell free of it. Ahhh, relief.  It ached, but a good ache.  My nipple looked obscenely long. Dan leaned forward and took it between his lips and sucked on it, while licking the long nipple that protruded into his mouth.

He backed off and removed the cylinder from my other nipple.  He again, took the nipple into his mouth.  He licked softly.

Dan reached down and slid a hand in my underwear.  "Oh, Jules, you are a hot mess, baby."  I was, my sex felt so hot and wet.  "I think you're enjoying me abusing your tits."

"No," I said, "I just want you. in me."

He looked at me and leaned in, kissing me.  Our tongues licked each others softly, I let out little moans, as did he.  When he backed away, he said, "Be right back," then he got down on his knees in front of me.  Grabbing the narrow waistband going around the top of my hip, he began pulling my underwear down.  When they hit the floor, he helped me step out of them.  "Spread your legs for me," he instructed me.  I moved each foot outward.

His hands went to the sides of my sex, each thumb reached inward to my labia, he applied pressure and pulled outward.  A moment later he was licking my folds.  Looking down, all I could see was his forehead and head.  My eye took in my breasts, which were both red with lash marks, my nipples long and seemingly long.  My breast were jiggling from what he was doing down below, making my upper body squirm.  My orgasm was about to hit, I closed my eyes expecting to get lost in it, oddly it was not special at all, like I felt nothing. 

I felt Dan's thumbs retreat, but his tongue remained, battering away at my clitoris.  I didn't realize he was reaching up and grabbed my nipples, my orgasm seemed to start again as he twisted them between his fingers.  I screamed as I had another unsensational orgasm, but I did feel a slight mixture of pain and pleasure. 

Dan released my nipples and kept swirling his tongue around my clitoris as a second wave swept over me.  He backed away and stood up. 

"Are you ready to get fucked now," he asked.

I nodded, breathlessly I said, "Please."

With a little maneuvering, he entered me, my legs wrapped around his back.  He lifting under my bottom, holding me against the door.  He began thrusting up into me.  Being suspended as I was, I was fully impaled on him, taking his full length with each stroke.  My breasts were smashed against his chest.  The raw freshly whipped flesh of my breasts were rubbing against his coarse chest hair.  It felt like he was holding a torch to my chest.   I came again.  I screamed, but not that it was involuntary, I know he likes it when I'm vocal during my orgasms.  I was starting to get sore and told him so, I asked him I could finish him in my mouth.

I don't really remember him getting me down. Next I knew I was on the bed with my head tilted back off the mattress.  I was looking at Dan upside down as he walked toward me with the whip in hand.

"Please don't hit my boobs..."  Cutting me off, Dan's put his erection to my mouth, wet with my juices.  He started rocking his hips slowly, letting me acclimate. He took his time, slowly using my mouth for his pleasure. My own juices coated my lips and were running down my cheeks.

"Ready," he asked.

I had forgotten about the whip in hand, but when it struck. I yelled. Muffled sounds came out due to him filling my mouth.

"Fuck, your scream felt great on my cock."

He kept up the slow rocking motion, his testicles bouncing off my nose and eyes.   A few moments later, when he was touching the back of my throat, the whip crashed down, across the full of my other breasts.  One of the strands hit my nipple.  I have never felt such pain. I notices how much my scream vibrated around his erection. 

He began the slow rocking in and out again. I started to cry. If he knew I was crying, he likely would have stopped. He wouldn't want to hurt me this bad.  But he was only focused on his pleasure right now.  I was happy that he was enjoying it.  But I wanted it to stop.  I was so confused.

Suddenly, my tender and elongated nipples felt like they were in a clamp.  Dan was pulling on them.  The previous pain of the whip hitting my nipple paled in comparison.  My scream was endless. Where I had the breath for it, I didn't know.  He told me to keep screaming until he came, that the sensation felt great on his cock.  He pulled harder hoping I would scream louder.  The pain intensified, he said he was close.  I couldn't catch my breath.  "Yeah baby, keep screaming" he said.  Then the lashes began again.  From one breast to the other.  I kept screaming.  "I'm close," he kept saying.

Then I woke up.

****YES, I know this is listed in TRUE STORIES, but it is true that I dreamed it, plus what follows is true.   
****Sorry if you felt deceived, but I kinda sorta hinted at it in the title

Then I woke up.

Dan was shaking me. I looked at him, trying to figure out what had just happened.  "Hey, are you okay.  You were tossing and kicking.  Bad dream, babe?"

Tears were running down my face, not that he could see, but I wiped them away using the sheet.

I took a deep breath and was just relieved it was all a dream.   I sniffed.  He could tell then that I was crying.

"Hey, hey, hey, come here."  He moved closer and hugged me.  "It's okay.  You're okay.  It was just a dream."

My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest.  I looked at my watch, trying to focus on it. 105 beats per minute. I put my arm back down and told him to just hold me tighter.  And we cuddled like that.

"Do you want to talk about it," he asked.

I shook my head.  "No, just hold me."   The dream being so fresh and vivid in my mind, I couldn't help but think about it.  I moved my leg a bit, trying to get more comfortable. I felt a little slickness down below.  I reached down and put my hand in my underwear. I was grotesquely wet.  My mind wouldn't let the dream go, and that my body reacted to it seemed so wrong. 

"Can I get you some water or anything else," Dan offered.

"I just want you right now," I said, tilting my head and kissing him.  The kiss started tenderly and over the next minute turned into more urgent, a hunger.  I became very aggressive and I eventually parted our lips and said, "I need fucked, right now."   I reached down to the front of his underwear, only to discover he was nowhere near hard.  I let out a little sigh of disappointment, but began playing with him.

Dan half rolled away and arching his body up off the mattress, slid his underwear down and off. 

My hand went back to him, stroking him, trying to get him hard.  His hand reached down and touched me, my wetness.  I could tell he was shocked by what he discovered.  His penis flinched in my hand.  I became more aggressive, too aggressive, I pulled a little hard.

"Ugh," he said in discomfort.

I threw the covers back and took him in my mouth.  He grew in my mouth.  His hands were trying to reach for me, my body, but on my hands and knees he couldn't.  I only had him in my mouth for a half minute, but still had a bit more to go.  I crawled off the bed and said, "Finish getting hard."  I walked over and locked the door to the bedroom.  Coming back to the bed, I turned on the nightstand light.  He was stroking himself, now almost hard.  He looked up and down my body.

I slid my underwear off and lifted my tank top pj shirt over my head.  I crawled on the bed and straddled him. I'm going to be a cowgirl tonight, I thought. 

Dan held himself pointing straight up, I maneuvered over him and he guided the head into me. Once inside, he let go as I lowered down on him.  I was so overly lubricated, he easily slipped fully into me.  When I raised up, there was squishy noises, which I'm always self conscious of. But it didn't matter to me now.

"Your pussy is on fire," he said, too loudly.

"Shhh," I said, reaching down and putting my finger to his lips.  And I started bouncing up and down on him.

His hands came up and grabbed my breasts, gently, the way I like him to touch me.  As our little session went on, he got more aggressive.  I thought back to the dream.  To the whip, which we don't own.   I started feeling extremely hot, like it was 110 degrees in the room.  The abuse of my breasts at the forefront of my mind.  A little too rough of a pinch of my nipple brought me back to the present. "Ouch," I said.    He apologized as his hands retreated to find a place on my hips and sides of my thighs.

"It's okay," I said. "I liked it."

I reached forward with my hands to grip the top of the headboard, this was helping me to balance myself as I raised and lowered on him.  The way I was leaning over him left my breasts hanging down in front of him, like two punching bags.  Swaying. 

"Slap my tits," I said.

Not thinking he heard me correctly, he asked me, "What?!"

Still rocking up and down on him, I repeated myself.  "Slap my boobs.  Like you did that time on my birthday."

Just saying this, I could feel my nipples start to ache, and a heat growing low in my stomach.

"Don't stop, until I ask you to."

He tapped the side of my boob.  Barely a tap.

"Slap each, as hard as you can.  Try to hurt me.  Make it sting," I said urgently.

I closed my eyes, I didn't want to see it coming.  I could feel him tense up and a split second later, his hand struck the side of my breast.  It hurt, but not as bad as I was expecting. 

I smiled, eyes still closed, "Now the other one."  His left hand didn't strike as hard as the right.

"Don't stop.  All over both of my boobs." 

On about the 6th slap, he hit the underside of my boob.  It hurt.  I screamed a bit.

He stopped. 

"Don't stop.  Slap my other boob, on the under side.  Just like you did."

It also hurt.   I then realized I had stopped my rocking on him.  I started moving again.  After a few more slaps, I asked him to please stop and not strike me until I tell him to again.  My orgasm was approaching, I needed to sit up.

Still bouncing on him, I sat up straight and put my arms behind my head, arching my back toward him.  The ball of fire was building, ready to exploded and spread through my body.

"Your tits are so red already, Jules."

My breathing had picked up. 

"Grab my nipples. Pinch them hard and hold them firmly."  He did, holding his hands still, while I continued bouncing. The downward weight of my breasts trying to pull the nipple free from his hand.

I screamed as I came.  Bringing my hands forward and grabbing his wrists, freeing my breasts from his hands.  I leaned all the way forward until our chests met, my rocking back and forth not stopping, trying to continue riding his wonderful hardness.

"Help me," I begged.  His arms going down to my hips and helping my movement up and down movement continue. My sex convulsing around his erection.  The orgasm continued for what seemed like a minute.

Afterward, I just laid there, his hands slid to my back, to wrap around me, to hold me.  It felt so good.

"I need to finish you," I said.

"No you don't.  I'm fine. Let's just lay like this. This is nice."

But my legs were aching and I wanted him to finish.  "Nope, get out of bed," I said, while rolling off of him.  He crawled out of bed and stood there as I laid across the bed crosswise, tilting my head back, hanging over the mattress like in my dream. 

"My neck is still sore, so just a few inches.  And tickle and lightly rub my boobs while we do this."

His erection entered my mouth.which was overly wet from my juices, as were his testicles that were on my face.  So gross, maybe this wasn't a good idea.  Like the dream, too much of my own fluids now coated my lips.  I forgot about that quickly as his finger tips began tickling the skin of my boobs.  The tips of his fingers tracing circles around my areoles and nipple. It felt wonderful. 

I tried reaching to stroke him, but it just wasn't working.  Then he took himself in his hand, leaving just the head in my mouth, he began stroking his shaft. My fingers took the place of his on my breast, I touched them the way I like to. Then I reached down and played with my sex.  All the while I gave soft licks to the tip of his swelled penis head.

It wasn't long before he warned me, "I'm cummin baby."

I think there was more volume there than ever before.  His penis would just keep spasming and more would come out. 

I got up and washed my face and got back into bed.  My back to him, his arm wrapped around me.  It felt so perfect.

"Do you want to tell me about the dream?"

"In the morning, just hold me right now," I whispered. 

And on our walk the next morning, I told him about the dream, "I'm going to write about it."
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Reply #1 on: April 13, 2023, 06:01:33 PM
WOO #1580!

I don't know which was hotter, the dream oro the switch to RL. Dang I've never had such a realistic, let alone remembered it.

Then to switch to live action...OH BABY! You are one great graphic writer. Glad the dream ended well.

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