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                                                                                                        CHAPTER ONE

    Abi cried out as she felt the chair leg slide inside her pussy. She was so horny and her mom had left to get groceries giving all the time she needed to play.
The chair was just one of her toys to get off on around the house. She noticed the legs firm long roundness and realized its potential and had to have it inside her. She pushed her long blonde hair out of her face as she slid down on the upside down chair. The leg slowly entered her inch by inch and she couldn't help but moan loudly knowing that the neighbors on either side of them could possibly hear her cries of pleasure. Especially Mr. Reynolds the building landlord. He was a total perv and she often teased him knowing that he wanted her.

    She took the leg deeper than before feeling it create new roadways into her very wet pussy. She reached up cupping her firm breast pinching her nipple as she started to fuck the chair. God, it was so deep. She had half its length inside her as she moved up and down. She closed her eyes thinking about cocks and pussies as well as other things her mom would be shocked to learn. But she couldn't help it. She was so hot that anything would have made her cum. Abi's nipples were so sensitive that the mere touch made her squirt making the chair leg slippery with her juices.

    She held onto the kitchen table as she fucked harder pushing down squirting again onto the floor. She knew all this mess had to be cleaned up before her mom came back. Abi had just turned 18 and still felt as though she were in high school. While her friends were getting jobs and some even getting married she remained with her mom feeling more secure doing so. The world outside scared her and she was in no hurry to go out into it. She was building up for another orgasm. She pulled her bra down exposing her right breast twisting her nipple making her groan. She felt her pussy muscles tighten on the chair leg as she squirted. She remained still breathing heavily her heart pounding in her chest. She looked down and her eyes widened in surprise. The entire chair leg was inside her. She pulled herself off it amazed that she had done such a thing knowing that it had to be ten inches long.

    She pulled her soaked panties on and began the chore of cleaning up after herself. She was still so horny but time was passing quickly and her mom would be home shortly. She would save more pleasures for bedtime.


    Beth Davis piled the groceries into the car and sat in the drivers seat not starting the car. Instead she thought of Abi and how she seemed to be changing right in front of her eyes. She was so beautiful and such a darling daughter. Yet she wasn't a very social butterfly. She never remembered her having boyfriends or close friends to talk with. At that age Beth had gone through a dozen boyfriends and had even more friends than she could count. Yet Abi didn't seem to mind her isolation. What worried her the most was the girls sexual activities. It wasn't normal for a girl her age to be...playing with themselves so much. Granted she masturbated when she needed to but Abi did so every day. At night she could hear Abi moaning softly making her wonder what was making her so sexual. What was she thinking about during her masturbation? God, she didn't want to know.

    She often found wet panties in the laundry or spots of cum on the floor that Abi obviously missed. The girls bedsheets were always wet. She sighed heavily knowing that it was an impossible situation. The girl was eighteen and needed to figure it out herself like she did. Beth was beautiful looking. She and Abi looked like sisters and were often mistaken as such. Beth had short auburn hair and green eyes that many men loved. She didn't date anymore. Didn't need to. She had a fuck buddy at the gym who gave her what she needed when called. He was ten years younger than she was and could last all day if she wanted him to. She had been propositioned often by men and women and offered to join a sex club somehow associated with the gym. Many members were in it. But she turned it down knowing that it would take over her life if she let it. Sex was like that for her and was obviously like that for Abi. She started the car and drove home.

    Abi stared out the window watching out for her mother. It seemed Mr. Reynolds was also. She could see him staring out his window with one hand rubbing his crotch slowly. Despite his being a creepy guy she often liked to tease and flirt with him. Not that she liked him it just led to her having a better orgasm later thinking about it. She was sure that Mr. Reynolds liked it too. Her mom pulled into the driveway and she rushed out to help her with the bags of groceries. She peeked over at Mr. Reynolds watching and made sure to bend over enticingly for him giving him a good view of her tight little ass. She figured one day they would find the man dead from a heart attack.

    "Hey, baby." Said Beth smiling at her. "Give me a hand with the groceries." Beth saw Mr. Reynolds staring at Abi's cute butt and slowly shook her head in wonder at the creep. At least he had good taste. After bringing in the food Beth looked around to see if anything untoward happened while she was gone. She saw a towel recently thrown into the laundry that she only put out that very morning. It smelled of cum. Beth really needed to talk with her baby girl. Then she noticed something else that she had never seen before. One of the legs of a kitchen chair was darker than the rest. She held her breath as she approached the table and chairs pulling the one chair out and seeing wetness beneath. Her mind tried to visualize what it was being used for and she closed her eyes knowing what her daughter did.

    She put the chair back and went about putting food away wanting to forget everything she had just seen or imagined.


    Darlene Mayberry the other neighbor who lived on the other side of them was watching Abi getting more bags from the car. She, like Mr. Reynolds liked to watch both the mother and daughter with interests. Darlene was a teacher in high school and knew Abi well. She liked seeing the girl in her classes, liked looking at her beautiful body as she walked past her into the class. There were so many girls that she loved looking at and some were very willing to show her more if she wanted them to. Several times during the school week she would keep one or two of her favorites after school to teach them extra subjects. She liked watching them obey her in everything she wanted them to do. Like French kissing each other or licking pussy. Darlene would show them how to perform such sexual delights properly. Her only regret was that Abi was not one of her little followers. She certainly wanted her more than any other girl in school. But Abi never seemed to be inclined in that direction.

    Living next door to the girl and her mother was like a special treat for Darlene. She got to watch them daily. Even spying Abi masturbating one time inside her garage using a screwdriver handle. The girl forgot to close the garage door completely allowing Darlene a slivered view of how hot the girl was. She was ready for anything that was for sure. Seeing the handle of the screwdriver sliding deep inside her magnificent pussy made her cum right on the spot. Her goal was to seduce her one way or another before old man Reynolds got ahold of her. If she was going to be turned into a filthy little slut it would be her job not a dirty old man. The mother was another challenge. She had known Beth for years. When Beth's husband died she was the first one over to console her, hug her, and draw her into her loving arms. The feel of the woman was incredible though she'd rather have younger morsels like Abi.

    In any case she remained patient knowing at some time she would have her chance with one or the other. She looked at herself in the mirror knowing that she was a bit older but still appealing. Her body slim and good in all the right places. She made sure to stay fit. You never know when a student might need extra help.


    Henry Reynolds knew he was a dirty old man but didn't give a rats ass. He liked hot little sluts like Abi and her mom who often teased and flirted driving him mad with lust. One day...oh yeah, it was coming that's for sure. Especially for Abi who seemed to like torturing him with her lewd gestures. Some day there would come a time when he would get his thick cock inside her tight little pussy. Then she'd know who was boss. He would teach her how to please him like the whores on line did. He knew he wasn't handsome or rich. Neither was he fit with a gut that he swore he would get rid of but never did. But one thing he did have that most girls loved was his cock. It was long and thick just right for Abi and her mom. He stared out the window watching Abi collect the remnants of the groceries. Abi stopped looked right at him and licked her lower lip driving him crazy.

                                                                                                           CHAPTER TWO

    Beth was tired and sleepy from work and groceries and just wanted to go to bed. Abi was already in her room with the door closed ready for sleep, but Beth knew otherwise. It was a nightly ritual with Abi that made Beth very aware of her sexual longings. It had been years since her loving husband died and only recently that her friend at the gym satisfied her when she needed it. Even still it was never enough for her. He had other women that needed him also. Sometimes months would go by before her number, so to speak, was up. Lucky bastard, she thought. Must be nice to be wanted. She snuggled into the covers covering her head and closing her eyes when she heard the first moan. Abi was starting earlier tonight. Considering the length of the chair leg and the dampness on it Abi was not yet satisfied. Beth tried to cover her ears but it was useless. Abi was moaning softly but steadily making Beth very aware of her own sex. What could the child be thinking of that would make her so insatiable? Beth squeezed her legs together feeling the pressure on her clit making her groan. She would not do this at the same time as Abi. That would be very wrong but she couldn't help feeling her body respond in kind. She covered her ears harder.

    Abi rubbed her pussy against the bedpost loving the hardness pressing against her clit. On all fours she moved up and down the phallic looking bedpost which slid wetly through her vaginal lips and clit. She moaned as she pushed harder. She saw in her mind Mr. Reynolds rubbing his cock through his pants. She was making him do it. He wanted her so badly. If he were in the room with her now she would easily succumb to his desires. Abi knew she was such a bad girl and relished the thought that it only made her wanting sex even more. Her mom was in the room next to hers but she didn't care if she heard her moans. The heat that filled her body was beyond caring what her mom thought.

    She closed her eyes rubbing faster feeling her body respond as she began to orgasm squirting hard against the post. She pushed back rotating her bottom hitting all the right spots as she came again. When she finally stopped the post was dripping wet. She got off the bed and moved toward the window facing Mr. Reynolds house. She pulled back the curtain and was shocked to see him facing her from his window. At first she was going to cover up but remained naked before him. She saw him stare at her with an intense look his hand immediately going to his cock. She felt her heart booming and her body reacting to this sexy voyeurism. She should close the curtains but suddenly didn't want to. She reached up and cupped her breasts pulling on her nipples making Mr. Reynolds unzip his pants and pull out the biggest cock she had ever seen. He began to jerk off before her pulling on his swollen cock elated that he finally got to see her the way he had fantasized. Here she was naked before him looking incredible and so fucking hot. Abi felt her body become electric every fiber fueled by sex. She loved looking at him jerking off for her. She left the window and got a chair to put before the window sitting and spreading her legs. She knew that this was what he wanted. She knew that what she was doing was wrong in every way but in the heat of the moment she lost all control and wanted to cum along with him.

    Reynolds couldn't believe she was allowing him to see her this way. It was what he had always wanted and here she was right before him spread wide open like the little slut she was. He jerked harder as she reached down to play with her smooth pussy driving him mad with pleasure. She closed her eyes her head tilted back as she rubbed her clit. He wanted to go over and fuck her so badly. But he must have patience for this one. He started to cum his body shaking as he stroked his cock harder feeling his hot sperm hitting the window before him.

    Abi saw this and came hard too loving that she did this to him. She made him orgasm and it made her feel so good. She stood and closed the curtains seeing the lurid smile on his face.


    Beth awoke early getting ready for work and being very quiet so as not to wake her daughter who she knew had a very busy night masturbating. She was out of control and needed a sit down with her mother sooner than later. She took a shower and when done she wrapped a towel about her nakedness loving the feeling. The units in the condo's were very close together, so close that one could reach out and shake hands with their neighbor next door through the window. Upstairs in her bedroom she had forgotten to close her blinds all the way and took off the towel to dress. She felt the light breeze make her nipples harden and it sent a shiver of pleasure straight to her pussy.

    God, she had to get laid and soon. When she turned to get her panties she could see Darlene Mayberry staring right at her from the opposite window of her unit. At first Beth stood shocked that the woman was watching her. But Darlene never moved watching her smiling and licking her lips. Beth stood motionless for a second or two before reacting. She quickly shut the shade her heart beating hard and her body electrified by the encounter. She was certainly awake now. She sat on her bed and thought about what had happened. Darlene was watching her.

    She knew the woman was a reputable teacher in high school and never once imagined her as a...voyeur? A peeping Tom? Darlene had licked her lips in a sexual way making Beth shiver in disgust? Or, what? God, she had to get a grip on her thinking. The woman was older but pretty and kept her body in good shape. Beth had never imagined the woman being so turned on by her. She hardly spoke to the woman. Obviously Darlene liked what she saw.

    She had licked her lips.

    Beth as if in a haze got dressed and went to work. Throughout the day she could think of nothing else but of Darlene licking her lips. What concerned her was that her pussy was so very wet.


    Abi awoke to intense quiet. Her mother was at work and she was again alone in the house. Her mind immediately thought about what she could do sexually. She couldn't help it. She seemed to be in a constant stage of horniness. Maybe she should take her moms advice and find a boyfriend or girlfriend, someone to share her sexy time with. She took a shower and soaped her body up all shiny and silky. Her breasts though small were just right for her petite slim build and she loved to wash them with soap and slide her fingers over her hard nipples. When she was done she shaved what few hairs were on her pussy making it smooth. She stared at her body in the mirror liking what she saw and knowing that another day of pleasure awaited her but as to what that might be was uncertain so far.

    She walked through the house looking for something to play with, to use in her adventures. She stopped at the chair and shook her head. No that was yesterday today had to be something different. Frustrated and horny she turned on the television and sat on the sofa watching. She found some soft porn and watched it eagerly getting herself even hotter. She looked at the arm of the sofa and remembered seeing a girl on line rubbing her pussy on it. It was a new idea and one worth trying out. The movie was heating up with an older woman seducing a younger girl kissing her. Abi ran to get a towel putting onto the arm of the couch. Stripping off her clothing she straddled the arm coming in contact with the rough towel and began to hump it slowly rubbing her clit against the material. Mmmm, it was good and she was loving the feeling. She pulled her nipples as she rubbed harder. It was working so nicely and soon she was squirting her juices onto the towel. She slowed to a stop thinking she wanted so much more. Then she thought of Mr. Reynolds. Maybe he was waiting for her to reappear at the window.

    Abi ran to her room and pulled the curtain aside. She was right, he was standing there waiting for her. He gave her a smile and pointed at the window for her to open it up. She did feeling the cool air wash over her nakedness. She wasn't afraid of Mr. Reynolds even though her mom called him a creep.

    "Good girl. You are so beautiful, Abi." He said as he began to unbuckle his pants before her. "Did you like what you saw last night, Abi?"

    She felt his eyes all over her particularly her pussy. She liked that. She nodded knowing that she really liked seeing his huge cock.

    "Would you like to see it again, baby girl?" He asked letting his pants fall to the floor.

    She felt her heart beat quicker, her breath catch as he pulled his underwear down revealing himself to her. She stared at it liking the size of it, the thickness of it. She bit her bottom lip imagining what it would feel like in her.

    "Touch yourself, Abi. I want to watch you." He said stroking his cock.

    She did cupping her breasts and squeezing them. She moaned loving the feeling it gave her. Her pussy was already soaked from her earlier orgasm.

    "Play with your pussy, girl. Don't tease me. I want to see pink." He said in an authoritative way.

    Abi did as he commanded reaching down and sliding her fingers over her pussy spreading them wide for him to see. Her clit was so swollen and large.

    "That's it, baby girl. Show daddy what you got. You have no idea how long I've been waiting on you to come around. Bet you've been thinking about my big cock, huh baby?" He said stroking it slowly now that it was hard as a rock.

    "Yes." Said Abi barely above a whisper but heard by him making him smile lewdly at her. Her body was so sensitive so hot at what was happening that she was tempted to go over to his house and let him have her anyway he liked, but she needed to be cautious. No need to hurry.

    "Bet you're hot all the time, Abi. You need to be cared for. You need my cock inside you, fucking you hard." He said watching her almost swoon from the intense sexual banter that seemed to be turning her on. "Turn for me. Let me see that tight little ass of yours."

    She did, slowly, teasingly. He whistled making her smile.

    "Bend over baby girl show me your little rosebud." He said again in a commanding voice. Abi did reaching back and opening her ass cheeks wide for him.

    "That's so damn beautiful. Ever have anything inside that beautiful ass, Abi?"  He asked her.

    She shook her head no and he smiled.

    "You'd love a thick cock in that ass. It was meant for my cock. Baby I wish you'd come over. We could have such fun. Just think of all the things we could do. You need this." He said pulling on his cock.

    She was so very tempted but knew it would be a bad decision despite her heated condition. She shook her head no making him grin hugely.

    "Afraid, aren't you, baby girl. You know that if you come here I'll teach you to like sex even more. I would make you do everything for me and I mean everything. C'mon Abi, let me dirty you up." He said.

    Abi moaned as she pulled her clit. She wanted to be dirtied up, wanted to let him use her. But somehow her mom would find out for sure. No, it would be better this way...for now.

    "Cum for me, baby girl. Show me how you cum." He said making her rub faster. She could feel her pussy tightening and her orgasm building and soon she cried out squirting all over the window sill. She watched as he also began to cum hard his thick seed splashing all over.

    Abi was breathing quickly, her body on fire as she continued to rub herself.

    "Yeah, you're one helluva hot one aren't you, Abi. Can't stop can you? Wonder what your moms like if you're that hot. Bet she has a rockin body just like yours. Ever see it, baby girl?" He asked wanting her to remain until he got hard again.

    Abi thought about what he was asking her. Was her mom out of bounds here? Was he asking too much? She had seen her mom plenty of times naked and she knew that she had a beautiful body. No doubt Mr. Reynolds wanted her too. She imagined what it would look like with her mom taking his cock.

    "She's beautiful." Said Abi seeing the mans cock begin its resurrection.

    "Yeah, I know she is. Just as hot as you, baby girl. Love to have both of you at the same time. Fuck, that would be the ultimate wet dream." He said seeing her reaction.

    Abi closed her eyes trying to envision such a union and immediately began to cum, hard. Mr. Reynolds was a very dirty man.

    "I've got to go now." Said Abi not wanting to talk with him further. He made her think of doing things that were very dirty and she came.

    "Oh, Abi. I thought we had just started? You can't go, baby girl. I want you to play with yourself more. Love watching you cum." He said almost pleadingly.

    She shook her head no and closed the window and drew the curtains blocking him out completely.

                                                                                                      CHAPTER THREE

    For the rest of the day Abi did little. Her mind was still seeing the dirty things between Mr. Reynolds and her. What bothered her most was his fertile imagination and all the dirty things he wanted her to do. She heard her mom pull into the driveway and rushed out to greet her.

    "How's my girl, today." She aske hugging her tightly feeling that something was not quite right.

    "It was good, mom. Really." She said helping her mom get her work materials from the car.

    "I think tonight would be a good night for takeout, don't you?" She asked giving her daughters hand a soft squeeze.

    "Oh yeah." Said Abi following her mom into the house.

    Beth was going to speak with Abi tonight about her sexual activity but decided not to. The day was already turned upside down from this mornings little revelation concerning Darlene Mayberry. It affected her to the point that she could barely get anything done at work. Try as she might she could not understand why it bothered her so much. She kept putting off the obvious answer knowing full well that it somehow turned her on. It had been awhile since she had sex and seeing the woman stare at her nakedness made her very aware of what she was lacking.

    She had never been interested in another woman sexually though her late husband spoke of it often in their fantasies and she liked it. Still it was the woman's smile, her licking her lips that made her body tremble in ... what? Desire? She stopped what she was doing to consider it. Did the actual event turn her on? It did something to her, making her work day a total waste. She wondered if the woman had been watching her for some time since they had moved into the condo units three years ago.

    It was possible. She knew old Reynolds liked watching her. At times she could swear that he was grabbing his crotch. She smiled at the thought. It was time for bed and she heard Abi close the door to her bedroom but this time she didn't start her nightly ritual of masturbation. That was different. She made sure the blinds were closed this time as she undressed. Naked she stared at her body in the full length mirror. She looked good. No flabbiness anywhere. Tight everywhere.

    She shut the lights off and stood by the bed staring at the window in the darkness. She moved slowly cursing herself for doing this crazy thing and opened the blinds. There stood Darlene naked looking straight at her. Beth swallowed hard knowing that her act of coming to the window naked was possibly in this woman mind an act of permission to look at her. The woman's body was beautiful and shapely. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. Beth could hear her heart beating loudly her body electrified by the moment.

    Darlene brought her fingers to her mouth wetting them and reaching down to run them over her pussy. She spread her legs a bit wider for Beth to see. Beth remained still unable to move. Her mind told her to close the blinds and go to bed but her body was rooted to the spot tingling with unexplained sexual heat. This was her neighbor performing an act of masturbation for her and she could not turn away from it. She knew she should leave but her pussy was so wet and Darlene so dirty in her performance.

    Beth leaned closer to the window unable to stop herself pressing her breasts against the window pane. Darlene kissed her window running her tongue up and down it leaving a trail of saliva in her wake. Beth knew what the act was. If Darlene were here now she would be licking her all over with that tongue. Darlene pointed to her pussy then to Beth wanting her to do what she was doing but Beth hesitated. This was not okay. In fact it was so wrong in so many ways. She felt her will dissipating quickly. Part of her wanting to shut the blinds, the other half wanted to do as Darlene wanted her to do. She backed away from the window seeing the tiny smudges left from her nipples on the glass.

    Darlene's fingers were moving inside her now glistening wet from her pussy. Beth knew she was making the woman orgasm. She could not fathom doing that to another female. She reached up to close the blinds but again hesitated. The woman was so close to cumming. She lingered in front of the window watching Darlene with bated breath as she began squirt. Darlene rested her head against the glass still pumping fingers into her drenched pussy. When she looked at Beth she mouthed the words, thank you. Beth pulled the blinds closed.

    She climbed into bed naked. The image of Darlene filling her mind. She had to admit to herself that she had witnessed the most erotic thing she had ever seen. She reached down and touched her pussy. Her clit was so swollen and her pussy wet. She closed her eyes begging for sleep to take her. It never came.


    Darlene watched the blinds close wishing that Beth remained. It would have been so wonderful to have her. Then she would have a straight shot at Abi who she really wanted. But the mother was hot too and from what she saw ready for more sexual excitement in her life. She just didn't know it yet. She put on her robe and went to get her cell phone. She hit a recall number and a male voice answered.

    "Hello, bitch." He laughed and Darlene smiled. "How did it go? Did it happen as you expected?" Said Reynolds.

    "Better actually. She lingered at the window naked while I masturbated for her right to the end." Said Darlene.

    "Wow. Would have liked to have seen that. My plans are working out also. Abi likes to play games. So far she does what I say but still has limits. I'm real close to fucking that little hottie. God she's beautiful. I know you want your tongue in her tight pussy. I'm working on it." He said.

    "Just don't ruin her you bastard. I know you and I know your friends. You'll turn her into a worn out whore in no time." Said Darlene harshly.

    "Don't get all worked up Darlene. I'll leave enough of that fine piece for you to enjoy. Abi wants it all I can tell. Even talked about her mom. But I might have gone a bit far on that one." Said Reynolds.

    "Great, I knew you'd fuck it up. We're supposed to be working together on this, remember?" She said.

    "Yeah, yeah I know. Don't worry I’ll eat my hat if the little slut doesn't come to the window tomorrow. She’s  curious and addicted to sex. I'm offering her something new and naughty. She likes it." He said.

    "I have a feeling the mom's not far behind. God, she's got a fine body." Said Darlene feeling her pussy wetting all over again.

    "Better than the high school girls you train?" Laughed Reynolds.

    "Nothing is better than they are. Except maybe, Abi." Said Darlene.

                                                                                                       CHAPTER FOUR

    Beth left for work the next morning but not before staring at Darlenes condo. The windows were dark and empty looking. She was probably at school teaching. Beth felt her body tingle with the memory of the night before. How far would she have gone if her moral compass didn’t kick in? Darlene was beautiful, her body sensuous and full. Beth could not get it out of her mind. Especially Darlenes wet fingers moving in and out of her pussy as she looked at Beth. She did that to her. As she drove she couldn’t wait for night to come.

    Abi sat at the kitchen table staring at her room and the window. She knew that if she opened it he would be there waiting, tempting her to do very sexy things. Her heart told her to stay far away from Mr. Reynolds but her mind and body wanted to experience so much more with him. She liked the way he talked to her, dirty and sexy. Liked how it made her feel. She stood knowing that a powerful force was pushing her towards her room. One she could not ignore. She took all her clothes off and pulled the curtains aside.

    He was there cock in hand with the window open, waiting just for her. She drew in a breath felt her body respond to him, his cock and his leering smile. She opened her window.

    “There’s my girl all ready to play.” Said Reynolds rubbing his balls.

    Abi could not take her eyes from his actions. She bit her bottom lip sliding her hand between her legs.

    “Like what you see don’t you honey?” He said seeing her nod slowly. “Imagine how good it would feel sliding deep inside you, baby girl.”

    It was all she thought about and knew she was only steps away from taking up his offer. Her fingers rubbed her clit making her moan softly.

    “That’s it baby rub that pussy for me. Bet it’s all nice and wet just for me. Show me baby, show daddy how wet you are inside.” He said to her.

    Abi slid two fingers deep inside her pussy and pulled them out glistening wet showing him. She would do anything for him right now. Her body was on fire.

    “Oh yeah, that’s nice. Probably just like your moms pussy. Imagine how nice and wet she gets. Like mother like daughter. Finger your pussy baby girl. Get it ready for me.” He said smiling and jerking his thick cock.

    Abi did sliding her fingers deep over and over making her lean against the window frame to stay upright from the pleasure of it. Her legs were shaking and her body responding to his filthy talk. His cock was so big she didn’t think she could fit it into her. But imagined doing so often.

    “Fuck, your beautiful. Come over, baby. We have all day to play no one to bother us. I want to fuck you so bad.” He said seeing her hand moving faster between her legs.

    She knew she wanted to. But she was afraid. Afraid that she would love it too much and never want it to end. She was so horny.

    “C’mon, darling, come over so daddy can lick your pussy and slide this hard cock inside you. You know you want it. We can fuck all day long.” He said staring into her eyes.

    Abi wanted it so badly. She nodded and closed the window dressed and left the house. She saw him waiting in the doorway to his house smiling. She entered knowing that what she was about to do would change her life forever.


    Beth worked hard trying to concentrate on other things besides Darlene. When the phone rang she picked it up thinking it was one of her clients but it was, to her surprise, Darlene.

    “Hi, Beth. I hope I’m not interrupting you at work?” She said softly making Beth breathe quicker her body surprisingly excited.

    “No, no not at all.” Said Beth barely getting the words out.

    “Good. I just wanted to thank you for last night. I know you must think me a perv or something watching you. But I can’t help myself, Beth. You’re so beautiful.” Said Darlene.

    Beth had no words her mind racing with images of what happened. The woman was calling her, explaining why she masturbated to her nakedness.

    “I think I understand, Darlene but I’m not that kind of woman to play such games. I’m sorry.” Said Beth hating herself for brushing the woman’s feelings aside. More, she wasn’t sure she believed anything she had just told Darlene. The woman was having a definite affect on her.

    “Beth, I think you loved watching me last night. I think if you stayed at the window longer you would have started masturbating with me. You’re so fucking beautiful, Beth. I hope you show yourself again to me tonight. I’ll be waiting.” Said Darlene and hung up.

    Beth held the phone tightly finally realizing that her call had ended. She hung up and closed her eyes. Was Darlene right about her? Was her perception of how sexy Beth was true? It had been so long since anyone thought of her in such a way. Darlene would be waiting for her tonight. Would she show herself like the night before? She reached down between her legs and felt how damp her panties were. That was her answer.

                                                                                                                       CHAPTER FIVE

    Abi lay upon the bed her legs wide as Mr. Reynolds knelt between them licking her pussy. She cried out as he nibbled her clit while sliding two fingers inside her wiggling them making her arch her back squirting hard.

    "Yeah that's the way, baby girl. Move for me. Rotate that tight little ass on my fingers." He said going back to licking her pussy. The girl tasted incredible and was he going to use her until she could take no more. He was determined to make her his in every way.

    Abi ground her ass against his fingers driving them deeper. She was in heaven. He was making her cum over and over. Everything he said was filthy and exciting to her. It only enhanced her experience. Reynolds pulled away from the most perfect pussy he had ever seen. It was open and wet like a flower.

    "Come here, Abi suck my cock, baby. I want that sweet mouth on it." He said seeing her rise from the bed and get on her knees before him. Abi grabbed his cock running her fingers up and down its length. Then she began to suck it deep inside her warm wet mouth making Reynolds groan. He held her head still as he began to fuck her mouth making her gag at times.

    "Fucking perfect." He said as he felt her tongue swab his cock every time he pulled back. The girl was everything and more than he ever expected. Once he broke her in then he would call his buddies and let them use her to. She was prime flesh for a certainty. He pulled out of her mouth before he shot his load which he wanted in her pussy.

    "Get on the bed, sweetheart and spread those legs wide. Daddy's going to fuck you now." He said as he maneuvered himself between her legs. He knew she was new to this and was going to take his sweet time breaking her in. He pushed her legs wider as he placed his cock head against her pussy. "Relax, Abi. Daddy going to make you feel really good."

    Abi closed her eyes feeling his huge cock slide up and down her vaginal lips rubbing over her clit and making her moan. Then came the pain. He pushed into her his cock head slipping inside making her groan.

    "It's ok, baby girl. Just relax. It's going to feel incredible real soo." Said Reynolds loving the tightness of her pussy squeezing him like a vise.

    He pushed deeper seeing the painful look on her face and then slowly began to fuck her. She was so wet that he was gliding nicely with half his cock buried inside her. Abi had never felt anything like it before. It was filling her up to the brim, stretching her beyond what she thought capable. It hurt in the beginning and then a slow warmth began to grow inside her until every thrust was nothing but pleasure to her.

    "Now you're loving it aren't you baby girl?" Asked Reynolds holding her waist as he moved faster now that she was opening up to him.

    "Yessss." Said Abi moving her ass upwards to meet the thrusts of his cock. Inch by inch he pushed into her tight pussy until he felt his balls slapping against her ass. She was taking every inch of him and he loved it. She was a fast learner.

    "That's it, Abi fuck me baby, show daddy how much you love his cock." Said Reynolds as he drove his cock harder into this insatiable girl. Abi moved fast too pushing her body up to meet him and cumming hard around his cock making it more slippery for Reynolds. Soon Reynolds cried out pulling her to him tightly as he unloaded his cum inside the sweetest pussy ever. Abi cried out feeling his hot sperm filling her making her orgasm.

    Reynolds pulled out of her leaving her gaping wide and loving the view of his cum pouring out of her. Abi lay there her mind a haze of pleasure. She was breathing heavily her breasts rising and falling her nipples hard points.

    "That was incredible, Abi. How does it feel to finally get fucked?" He asked as he saw her juices dripping off his cock.

    "I want more." She said softly making his cock begin an immediate resurrection.

    "Turnover, baby. Raise that ass high for me." She did and he moved behind her taking in her incredible beauty and her beautiful ass. He pushed his cock back into her feeling how slippery she was filled with his cum. He started to fuck her again driving deep and making her moan like a bitch in heat.


    When Beth got home Abi was laying on the couch asleep. She quietly moved about the house not wanting to disturb her. Her daughter looked almost little again as she lay peacefully before her. Like a angel. She kissed her forehead and went about making supper. Abi awoke looking tired like she had worked all day and Beth went over to sit next to her on the couch.

    "I think someone was tired. You okay, darling?" Asked Beth.

    "Yeah, I'm fine mom. Didn't get much sleep last night that's all. " Said Abi hating to lie to her mom. When she left Reynolds house she lay in bed thinking about all the things he was going to have her do for him. Things that she only saw on line in porno's. Some beyond that. All making her hornier than ever. She wanted to stay with him but her mom was coming home and neither wanted any grief. She remembered Reynolds asking her about her mom. Sexy dirty things. Especially while he was fucking her making her response back just as dirty in the moment.

    "I worry about you, Abi. You never go anywhere. You need to get out, enjoy life, meet people." Said her mom.

    "I'm ok, mom, really. I like what I'm doing and promise to do more." She said smiling knowing already that she was doing far more than her mother ever expected.

    "I'm here if you want to talk, baby." Said Beth kissing her daughters face. "C'mon, suppers ready."

    It was late and both were ready for bed. Abi unlike her usual routine closed her door and fell fast asleep. Beth took a needed shower making a point to shave her pussy hair into a nice thin strip that looked positively sexy. She dried off and looked at herself in the mirror. All her workout at the gym was well worth the pain and effort. She shut the light off and stood before her bed. The window was just a few feet away beckoning to her. She reached up and touched her breasts making her nipples harden as she pulled them making her moan. God, what was she thinking? She believed the woman put some sort of sexual spell on her. She had been so horny all day and now at the time she knew she could experience something hot and different she was stalling. Why? It was all she could think of ever since the first time and the phone call.

    She moved to the window hesitating, knowing without doubt that Darlene would be there waiting for her, wanting her. She opened the blinds. Darlene was there in all her glory, naked staring right at her nakedness. Darlene's window was opened wide and she motioned for Beth to do the same. Beth breathed deeply trying hard to control her senses but was failing badly. She opened the window.

    "That's better, darling. I can see your luscious body better." Said Darlene toying with her breast.

    Beth moved close to the open window wanting Darlene to see her better. It was her first step into the woman's seduction.

    "I don't know what you want me to do." Said Beth feeling all her senses on overload.

    "Oh, Beth you know what to do. You're a sexy woman. You've been married and fucked for years. Your body needs this now that your alone. Touch yourself, Beth. I want to see you pleasure yourself." Said Darlene bending her head to lick her own nipple. Beth's world was spinning wildly as she reached up to cup her breasts making sure to pull her sensitive nipples hard. She moaned aloud making Darlene smile.

    "Such a good girl. That's it Beth, darling pull those beautiful nipples for me." Said Darlene beginning to rub her pussy against the window sill. Beth closed her eyes loving the feeling that was intensified by another person watching her. Not a man but a woman which made it all the more taboo for her.

    When she opened her eyes she saw Darlene moving against the window sill her pussy was so wet. Beth did the same feeling the hard wood press against her swollen clit sending electric waves of pleasure shooting straight through her.

    "Ohhhh, god. That feels so good." She said seeing Darlene lick her lips.

    "Oh, darling you don't know the pleasures we could have together. I have sex toys and other things that would make you cum all night long. All you have to do is come over here and join me. I wont bite. Maybe a little. Let me ravish your body, Beth. I could fuck you all night long. Would you like that?" Said Darlene seeing her words hit Beth dead on making the woman rub harder on the sill.

    Beth heard the words that made her start to cum shooting a spray of cum all over the sill. She knew that if she went over there she would be a slave to this woman's pleasures. Would that be a bad thing? She needed to find out. But not tonight.

    "I want to, Darlene but I'm afraid right now." Said Beth seeing the disappointment cross Darlene' face.

    "It's alright, Beth. Take your time. I can wait. I want you, darling. I want to fuck you so bad." Said Darlene reaching down and picking up a large black dildo and rubbing it against her pussy. Beth saw the size of the cock and knew that she wanted it to. It was so big and thick and all she had to do was go over the woman's house.

    "Imagine feeling this slide inside that hot pussy of yours, darling. You would cum all night long. I have even bigger ones that I know you would love." Said Darlene on a roll now that she had the woman in her control.

    Beth closed her eyes seeing that beautiful cock fucking her. Darlene fucking her. Her body was on fire wanting all of it.

    "I'd want you on all fours, like a dog as I fuck you, Beth. Pushing this beauty deep inside you over and over." Said Darlene knowing that her words were bringing about their desired effect. Beth was rubbing her clit faster as she pushed against the window sill.

    "Can you at least come over so I can kiss you. I want you so badly." Said Darlene all but begging her. Beth knew that if she went over she would not come back until morning.

    "One kiss?" Replied Beth unsure of herself and knowing the dangers of being seduced by Darlene. She donned a robe and slippers knowing that it was late enough for no one to be up. She walked to Darlene's house next door seeing her waiting for her leading her inside. Darlene pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard her tongue entering her mouth dancing with hers. Beth melted into her her body in heat from such contact. When Darlene pulled back Beth noticed Darlene was still naked but sporting a strap on dildo. The very same dildo she had showed her. It was rubbing up against her its huge thickness teasing her.

    "Are you sure you want to leave?" Asked Darlene removing Beth's robe slowly sexily letting it drop to the floor. She pulled her in again kissing her reaching up and cupping Beth's breasts squeezing. Beth moaned into her mouth loving what she was doing to her. "Turn around, Beth."

    Beth hesitated knowing what she had in mind. But knowing it was far too late to turn back. Her body demanded satisfaction. She turned and felt Darlene move closer the dildo sliding between her thighs rubbing back and forth making her cry out in pleasure. Then it happened. Darlene pushed it into her wet pussy sliding it deep making Beth groan.

    "That's it Beth take every inch of it. You were made for this." Said Darlene reaching around Beth grabbing her breasts and pulling her nipples as she fucked her. Every inch was inside her and Beth pushed back wanting more. Darlene knew she owned her now, could make her do anything for her. The hot wet sounds of Beth's juicy pussy filled the foyer. Beth pushed back slamming her ass against the needed cock feeling every inch stretch her wider.

    "Ohhh, god, Darlene. Fuck me, please fuck me." Begged Beth knowing that Darlene could have her anytime she wanted now.

                                                                                                                                 CHAPTER SIX

    Beth made it to her bed just after midnight sore and drained from the pleasures Darlene gave her. Never in her life had she felt such pleasure. She had loved her husband but he could not compare with Darlene. The woman fucked her for hours even using another dildo to fuck her ass. Beth would have allowed anything. She tried to sleep but realized that she wanted to go back and do it all over again like some little slut. She took a sleeping pill and hoped it would work or else going to work would be a waste of time. Her pussy was dripping wet and her ass was sore but so well used by Darlene. It was the first time she had ever cum by anal fucking. She closed her eyes and with time finally drifted off to sleep.

    Abi woke up to find her mom in the kitchen early humming some tune she didn't recognize. She was certainly happy.

    "Mornin, mom." Said Abi wearing only a t shirt. She was quite naked beneath it. Her nipples were poking against the thin material. Beth noticed and smiled. She went over and hugged her kissing her forehead.

    "Good morning to you. Figured you could use a good breakfast for once. She put the plate in front of Abi seeing the surprised look.

    "Wow, mom. Thanks." She dug into the food while Beth got ready for work.

    "Honey, I might be late coming home tonight. Don't wait up. I might be very late. We're doing inventory and that always takes time." Said Beth hating to lie to her. Darlene wanted her over immediately after work. She could hide her car in her garage until she was ready to leave. Darlene had plans for her and Beth was excited and wondering what sexy thing she had in mind for her. Whatever it was she would do it. Darlene wanted her to be submissive and she would do just that.

    "Okay, mom." Said Abi finishing the food and running to hug her mom again. Abi held longer this time wanting her to know that she loved her. Beth pulled away touching Abi's face softly. She left and Abi got ready for Reynolds. He wanted her fully shaved and smooth. No pussy hair at all. Then he wanted her in a ponytail.

    "I want you to look like a young girl for me and from now on you call me daddy, got that my little beauty?" She smiled and found it exciting to play this game with him. When she was done she looked in the mirror realizing how very young it made her look. She threw on some clothes and went next door seeing him waiting. But to her surprise he was not alone. Darlene Mayberry her old school teacher was there. She smiled at Abi taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom.

    "Mmmm, look at you all dolled up like a little girl. I like it." Said Darlene inspecting her as Reynolds sat and watched.

    Abi was confused and turned to Reynolds who sat back smiling.

    "You have a new lesson today, sweetheart. Darlene is going to train you to do some nice dirty things. Don't worry, baby girl you'll have all the cock you can handle. Do you trust me, Abi?" He said seeing her biting her lower lip. She nodded as Darlene saw her prize and was not going to wait one more second.

    "Take off your clothes, Abi. I want to see your sexy body." Said Darlene licking her lips. Abi did standing naked before both of them. "God, look at that. Such a tight sexy thing aren't you. Just like your mother. hot. Turn for me, baby girl."

    Abi did feeling Darlene's fingers touching her as she did.

    "So silky smooth, Jack." She placed her hand between Abi's legs making her jump a bit. "So wet to."

    Abi had never kissed another girl never mind had one touch her like this. Some girls at the school played both sides of the field often asking her out. But she felt awkward accepting even though it was tempting to see what it would be like. Darlene obviously liked girls and was certainly wanting her.

    "Get on the bed, baby. On your back and open those long legs wide for me." Commanded Darlene. "She take all of your cock, Jack?"

    He nodded. "Every inch of it wanting more."

    "Good girl." Darlene took her clothes off showing her body to Abi who stared at her in wonder. "Ever think about fucking another girl, honey?"

    Abi shook her head no.

    "I'll show you what you were missing." Said Darlene who moved upon the bed between Abi's legs and began to lick her pussy. Abi moaned as she felt the woman slide her tongue inside her pussy. "Damn she taste so good." She licked her from clit to ass making Abi moan, Then she concentrated on her clit making the girl grab her head pulling it tighter against her.

    "She's learning fast." Said Reynolds who was not undressing. When he was naked he climbed on the bed aiming his cock at Abi's mouth. The girl was into another orgasm when he pushed into her mouth. "That's a good girl. Now you're getting the picture, Abi. This is what you were born to do."

    Darlene was flicking her own clit as she sucked on Abi's. She was loving this and couldn't wait to fuck the girl.

    "'re lovin my attention aren't you, Abi? I'm going to fuck you so good you'll never want to go home." Said Darlene who moved from the bed putting on the strap on dildo, the very one she fucked Abi's mother with the night before. Mother and daughter. She had them both. Reynolds watched as Darlene moved between the girls legs again but this time she held the cock rubbing up and down the girls slit. Abi was sucking Reynolds deep and licking him as he pulled out. Abi couldn't believe she was going to be fucked by her teacher in high school.

    "Open your legs wider, honey. Now back a bit. Good girl." Said Darlene as she pushed into the girl without effort. Reynolds cock had already pioneered the way into Abi opening her up nicely. Abi grunted with the huge intrusion and soon felt Darlene fucking her hard driving the thick cock as deep as she could get it.

    "Look at that. Fucking beautiful." Said Reynolds watching Darlene fucking the girl. The thick dildo disappeared entirely into the girl with every thrust making Abi moan around Reynolds cock. Soon she was squirting over and over as Darlene never let up.

    "Nicest piece of pussy I've ever fucked. With the exception of your mother, baby girl." Said Darlene seeing the look on Abi's face turn from pure lust to confusion. Did Abi hear her correctly? Did she say she fucked mom? Darlene smiled and nodded seeing the shock on the girls face.

   "Your mom is incredible, baby girl. Takes cock as good as you. Jack hasn't had her yet but that's going to happen real soon." Said Darlene as she began to suck on the girls nipples as she fucked her. Abi cried out in orgasm again.

    "Get on the bed, Darlene. Abi straddle her like a good girl." He commanded seeing the look on Abi's face return to a lustful state. Darlene lay back the black cock standing straight up covered in cum. Abi mounted her and slid down onto the cock moaning in pleasure. Reynolds moved behind Abi his cock poised at her asshole that was beckoning to him covered in her own cum. He pushed into her asshole making her grunt in pain and slid several inches in before starting to fuck her. He could feel the dildo rubbing against him only separated by a thin layer of skin. Abi closed her eyes accepting what they were doing to her. She had never experienced anything like it. Both her holes were filled to the brim and she was loving it.

    In a steady momentum both Darlene and Reynolds began to fuck her in a steady motion. Abi felt Darlene pulling her nipples making it even more delicious.

    "Like this, baby girl?" Asked Darlene seeing the girls mouth open moaning softly. "So like her mother." Said Darlene wanting to see her reaction to such news.

    "You fucked my mom?" Asked Abi now pushing back against Reynolds cock wanting it deeper in her ass.

    "Yes, baby. Last night while you were asleep she came over and I fucked her pussy and ass for hours. I never saw a woman squirt that much but she was a real slut for me." Said Darlene driving the dildo harder into the girl.

    Abi couldn't believe what she was hearing. Not her mom. No way. Miss Mayberry must be telling her dirty fantasies like Reynolds often did. Both were now slamming into her hard fucking her like an engine piston. She started to squirt over and over crying out in absolute pleasure. When Reynolds came he sunk his cock deep squirting his hot cum inside her bowels. When they were both done they left her on the bed spread legged with cum pouring from her asshole.

    "You can have her when she sucks my pussy. I want that sexy mouth on my cunt. When I cum in her mouth your gang of losers can have her and do all the filthy things you've got planned for her." Said Darlene moving towards the bed. Reynold laughed. He was going to have the mother too. One big gangbang to remember. His buddies were total pigs and would use both mother and daughter like whores. He watched as Darlene straddled Abi's face lowering her pussy onto her mouth.

    "Lick me, Abi. Make me cum." Commanded Darlene. Abi had never done this before but wanted to please Miss Mayberry and began to lick her especially her clit.

    "Lick harder, baby slide that tongue right inside my pussy and asshole. Such a good girl. That's it." She ground down onto Abi's face moving back and forth until she cried out squirting all over Abi's face and mouth.


    Beth drove her car into Darlene's garage and quickly went inside the house. There was no way anyone could have seen her. Darlene was waiting, naked several dildo's on the bed of various sizes and shapes. Beth smiled knowing that each one would be used on her throughout the night.

    "Nice to have you back, lover. Been waiting for you. My poor pussy needs your attention." Said Darlene. Beth began to remove her clothing letting Darlene watch her every move until she stood before her naked. Darlene chose the same dildo she had fucked Abi with only hours earlier. It was still covered in Beth's daughters cum.

    "Come here, Beth." She placed the dildo before her on the edge of the bed. "Suck this cock."

    Beth moved forward as if in a dream her body in heat all day thinking about this night. She knelt on the bed leaning forward and began to suck the cock as if it had been a real one.

    "Does it taste good, lover?" Asked Darlene and Beth nodded as she licked it from top to bottom then took it in her mouth. Darlene reached for another dildo one that was oddly shaped with a ball near the end of it and moved behind Beth rubbing up and down her pussy and ass. Beth moaned feeling the cock touching all the right places. God, she had been waiting for this all day long. Suddenly she felt the tip of the cock slide inside her pussy. Darlene was pushing it deeper until it stopped at the ball near the end. She started to fuck Beth who moved her ass back trying to capture more of the cock.

    "Knew you'd like that cock. It's a very special one, lover. Take it deeper." Said Darlene. Beth moved back harder feeling the thicker part of the dildo stretching her pussy wider. Suddenly it slipped inside making her groan in pleasure as it stretched her pussy so wide.

    "It feels so good, don't stop, Darlene." Said Beth going back to sucking the huge black cock. Darlene wasn't about to stop as she moved the cock in and out of Beth's pussy making sure to slide the ball out and drive it back in. Cum was dripping from Beth's pussy making it slippery and easier to fuck her with the dildo. Darlene had the pump in her hand ready to add more size to the dildo the air line connected to it.  She began to squeeze the bulb watching as the dildo increased in size. Beth could feel it expanding making her cry out and cumming hard.

    "Can you take more, lover? Want me to make it larger?" She asked and Beth nodded.

    "Yes, fuck me more." She moaned as Darlene squeezed the bulb several more times almost doubling the dildo's size and the ball at the end. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."  Yelled Beth as she felt the huge cock. Then it begin to deflate inside her. Darlene watched as the huge cock shrunk to normal size again. She pulled it out of Beth showing her what it was. Beth never saw anything like it before.

    "It's a dog dildo, lover. You just fucked Fido and loved it." Said Darlene showing her the wetness all over it especially the knot on the end. Beth was amazed at how kinky it was to do so and yes she did love how it felt and told Darlene. Darlene pulled her close and kissed her touching her body everywhere as she did so.

    "I love doing this." Said Beth resolving herself to the fact that she loved women. Darlene had showed her that girl sex was incredible and so hot in every way.

    "Maybe someday you'll see Abi doing the same thing. That is if she weren't such a shut in." Said Darlene throwing out the bait. Wanting to get Beth interested in such possibilities.

    Beth thought about what Darlene said. It was true that the girl did very little socially. But doing what they had just done she could never imagine Abi doing.

    "Maybe when she gets older she can make up her own mind about what she likes for sex.." Said Beth kissing Darlene back.

    "I'm sure with her looks and great body she'll have no trouble finding a sexual partner or two." Said Darlene grabbing another dildo.

    "She is pretty awesome looking isn't she?" Said Beth feeling the new dildo sliding over her breasts and nipples making her moan. This conversation which had now included Abi was making her nervous. But what surprised her was it also made her excited. She knew it was wrong to think of a daughter in such a way as Darlene did but Darlene seemed to want to include Abi in their sex games.

    "I'd fuck her. Such a tight little beauty." Said Darlene sliding the dildo lower until it was between Beth's legs. Beth arched her back crying out as the dildo touched her clit. God, it was so sensitive.

    "You might be a little to jaded for Abi." Then she remembered the chair leg. Abi was already experimenting with sex. Was Darlene seeing something she wasn't

    “Maybe, maybe not. If she’s like her mother then she would be an incredible fuck. A girl can dream, darling” said Darlene knowing how delicious Beths daughters pussy tasted and how she fucked like a little demon. She poised the dildo against Beths asshole.

    “Ready, darling?” Asked Darlene seeing Beth spread her legs wider. “Yes you are.” Beth felt the dildo slide inside her ass making her moan and push back loving the feeling of anal sex.

    "Ohhh, Darlene, that feels so damn good in my ass." Said Beth already starting to fuck back against Darlene who was fucking nice and slow, taking her time and pushing it so deep.

    "Mmmm, look at you taking that big cock all the way in your ass. This is what you were made for. I'm sure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Said Darlene sliding into Beth faster watching her asshole pull in and out with the dildo.

    Beth couldn't get the images out of her mind that Darlene had put there about her baby girl and now she was saying that she was the same as she. Beth couldn't think straight anymore. The pleasures Darlene was giving her were so intense even topics about Abi seemed to be part of the experience. Beth pushed back harder feeling Darlene's fingers that held the dildo. She had every inch inside her. God, she was such a slut. But she loved it, craved it now that she had a taste for Darlene's kind of loving. If Darlene got off on talking about her daughter wouldn't it be only right that she allow her such fantasies? Darlene had given her a new sex life that she hadn't known was possible. She started to cum. Her pussy pulsed with cum dripping out running down her thighs and asshole.

    Darlene didn't let up but slid the cock hard into Beth's ass making the woman groan in delight. Beth loved what she was doing to her and wanted to please her. Darlene was obviously the dominant one in this relationship and Beth liked the arrangement.

    "That's it, lover push back as I fuck you. So beautiful, so hot. I know you'd like to see Abi doing this, see her cumming in pleasure. Her tight little body writhing on the bed squirting her love juices everywhere knowing that her mom is watching her." Said Darlene pushing the boundaries even further.

    "Ohhhh, God..." Cried out Beth seeing the images and cumming hard. Her baby girl was now part of their fantasies and she liked it.


    "I think she's ready." Said Darlene on the phone to Reynolds. It was late and Beth had gone home.

    "Really? You work fast girl. I still have a little bit to go yet but I think our Abi is getting the idea fast that mom is more than she appears to be. I want them in the same room. I have several guys just chomping on the bit to get to them." Said Reynolds.

    "Mmmmm, I can't wait to see that, Jack. Am I going to be part of the fun?" She asked making Reynolds cock start to harden.

    "Didn't think you were into guys. Only lezzie shit." Said Reynolds giving a small laugh.

    "I'm into everything foolish man. Whatever makes me cum. Besides I can't wait to see them both in the same room fucking and sucking all that cock. Damn I'm getting wet just thinking about it." Said Darlene sliding her hand inside her panties.

    "Hell, They'll be doing more than sucking and fucking, Darlene. I've got lots planned for this event." Said Reynolds pulling out his cock and stroking it.

    "I heard about the last one you did on the student I sent you. Poor girl couldn't walk for a week. She told me all the sick shit you bastards made her do." Said Darlene laughing.

    "Did she also tell you that she was begging for more. The guys couldn't keep up with the little slut." Laughed Reynolds remembering the girl. Young, petite, incredible body that had already been tasted by Darlene before shipping her over to him. Three men had their way with the little beauty. She was fucked everywhere spit roasted and double penetrated over and over. They filled her with cum. They even made her do other things that made the girl squirt until she nearly passed out.

    "Yes, I know. She told me you had her do Freddie's dog you sick bastard." Said Darlene imagining such a union.

    "Hey, I just let things roll. You know me. Look I've got a plan. Here me out. This is what I think we should do but it's going to take a week or so to put it all together." He told her and she liked it.

    "God, I don't think I can wait a week, Jack. But I'll do my part. You better damn do yours." She said and hung up leaving him holding his cock.

                                                                                                                          CHAPTER SEVEN

    Beth came into the house quietly trying not to wake Abi. She had stayed out way past midnight and knew that the girl would wonder why. She turned on the light in the kitchen and cried out in surprise seeing Abi awake and sitting at the kitchen table.

    "Morning mom. Where have you been all night?" Asked Abi giving her a serious look.

    Beth unable to form words at first finally got her mouth to speak.

    "Just taking some time to relax. Went for a walk. You know all that tense stuff at work. Just wanted to wind down." Said Beth feeling her heart hammer in her chest knowing that Abi wasn't stupid and knew something was up.

    "Walking in the city after midnight? Really, mom? I think we both need to sit down and have a serious conversation." Said Abi making Beth wonder who was the mom and who the daughter. They went into the living room and sat on the couch. Beth licked her lips nervously as if a teenager who just got caught drinking liquor.

    "Some one told me that you were having sex with Miss Mayberry next door. Is it true, mom?" Asked Abi nicely, not wanting to berate her but to just find out if it were true.

    All the breath seemed to go out of her as she stumbled for words. Her child wanted to know something she was hoping to keep very quiet. But it seemed someone told her her deepest secret. Who could possibly know? She was very discreet. Beth knew the best answer was a true one.

    "Yes, baby. I've been seeing her. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. You should have known and not been told by someone else." Said Beth reaching out holding Abi's hands.

    "I think you should know something, mom. Something that I think is going on that has to do with the both of us." Said Abi moving closer to her mom tears forming in her eyes. "Mr. Reynolds and I have been having sex. Also Miss Mayberry was there once and fucked me." Said Abi seeing the shock on her moms face.

    "What? Baby, they did, what?" Came Beth's faltering voice.

    "I think they both planned to seduce us, mom. Somehow I have the feeling that they are planning more with us." Said Abi feeling her moms hands shaking.

    Beth remembered all the words that filled her head, placed there by Darlene about her daughter. Dirty scenarios that included all of them. Now she knew why.

    "Baby, tell me what Mr. Reynolds did with you. It's ok, baby. I just want to know how far he's taken you sexually. Please Abi." She asked seeing the doubt on Abi's face about telling her mom all the dirty things she did with Mr. Reynolds.

    "He did everything to me, mom. He fucked my pussy and ass and taught me to suck his cock. Then Miss Mayberry came and did the same to me. She made me lick her pussy." Said Abi feeling her body tingle with the memory of it. Her pussy was starting to get wet just telling her mother.

    Beth closed her eyes trying to imagine her daughter doing all those things.

    "Did they hurt you, baby?" She asked holding her hands tighter.

    "No, mom. I liked all of it. Especially when Mr. Reynolds fucked my ass. His cock is so big, mom." Said Abi seeing her moms eyes widen. "It felt incredible and he made me cum so much."

    "How big, baby?" She asked more out of curiosity about the older man than worry.

    Abi spread her hands wide making her mom gasp in surprise.

    "You took all that in your ass, Baby?" Asked Beth surprised.

    Abi smiled and nodded. "Every inch of it."

    "Oh my god, baby. I guess you had one helluva sex education over the past weeks. So have I it seems. Darlene did all those things to me also, baby girl and like you I loved it. But you're right something is up with the two of them and it has to do with the both of us. I need to ask, honey. Do you still want to see old Reynolds?" Asked Beth knowing it was her daughters choice to have sex with whomever she wished.

    Abi thought about it and finally came to a conclusion. "Yes, I like him. I especially like his cock. He talks about you all the time. He wants to fuck you real bad." Said Abi laughing.

    "He does? Guess he wants everything from us doesn't he? Mother and daughter in his little harem including Darlene. Darlene wants to fuck you too, but I guess she's already done that hasn't she."

    Abi nodded. "Now I know why you like going over there, bad mommy." Laughed Abi. They hugged and Abi knew she loved her mom even more now that they both shared a very sexy secret.

    "What do you think they have planned for us, mom?" Asked Abi.

    "I don't know, baby. But one thing is certain it has to do with sex." Said Beth seeing her baby girl now all grown up for the first time.


    Beth got the call at work. She was expecting it. It was Darlene.

    "Hi my little sexy thing. How's my girl doing after last night?" She asked making Beth feel the heat rising just listening to her.

    "Everything is perfect, Darlene. You're perfect." Said Beth getting up and closing the door to her office.

    "Mmmm, I wouldn't go that far. Listen, Beth I'm having a sexy party tomorrow night and would really like you to attend. Lots of hot guys and of" She laughed. Darlene knew that she might be pushing things a bit too fast but she had to know what Beth's limits were in their relationship. So far their were none.

    "Sounds very interesting. These hot guys, they expecting to fuck me, Darlene?" She asked straight out.

    "Well it wouldn't be much of a sex party if they didn't besides I told them all about you. I said you were the sexiest fucking girl I ever met. That made them harder than a diamond." Laughed Darlene.

    Beth felt her pussy dampen quickly talking to Darlene. The idea that strange men wanted to fuck her seemed crazy, but at the same time incredibly erotic. It made her question what sort of woman was she turning into.

    "What time?" Asked Beth knowing that Darlene would be grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    "I'll call and let you know, darling. Oh, Beth you won't regret this. You're going to love this. I can't wait to see you getting sexed up by these guys." She said. Darlene hung up and the phone rang as soon as she put the phone down. It was Abi.

    "Mom, guess who called me?" Asked Abi.

    "Let me guess, Darlene." She said.

    "Yeah. How did you know?" Asked Abi.

    "Because I just got off the phone with her. She invited me to a sex party. In reality an orgy with me in the leading role." Said Beth.

    "And me, mom. She told me that there would be plenty of hot guys wanting to fuck me. That she would do a show with me to get them all hard. Imagine?" Said Abi.

    "I think I know where this is going, sweetheart. They want the both of us to show up surprised. The men and Darlene want to see us being fucked in the same room. I think that's the plan. Mother daughter entertainment. "I'll be home shortly, baby."

    Beth drove home and Abi greeted her at the door. They sat together and Abi wanted to talk immediately.

    "Wow. Now I know why Reynolds told me all those fantasies about me and you. They were so dirty." Said Abi feeling her body temperature rise just thinking about them.

    "Darlene did the same thing, honey. Did they turn you on, baby? Tell mom the truth." Asked Beth wanting to know the answer more than anything.

    "It did...a little. I was being fucked and my body was in pleasure mode. Mr. Reynolds said so many things, half I wasn't hearing. But the ones about you did make me cum a lot. Sorry, mom." Said Abi looking guilty.

    Best touched her face. Her daughter was special and no matter what she did she loved her.
    "It's alright, Abi. Darlene did the same to me. Told me all kinds of things using you in her fantasies to get to me. They did. I couldn't help it. It was in the heat of the moment. But I was very turned on by what she said. I'm sorry, baby." Said Beth.

    "Well what are we going to do about this party?" Asked Abi looking excited.

    "Attend." Said her mom equally excited.


    "Beth, come over at 9PM tonight. Dress sexy, darling. No underwear. You won't need it, trust me." Said Darlene.

    "I'll be there, Darlene. Can't wait." Said Beth feeling her pussy tingling already. Abi came into the room and smiled.

    "Just got my marching orders from Mr. Reynolds to go over to Darlene's house at 8:30 tonight. No underwear. He wants me to give the guys east access to my body." Said Abi smiling.

    "Sounds like they want to get started with you first and bring me in after. Oh, baby you sure you want all those men all over you?" Asked her mom.

    Abi thought about what they had in mind for her and her mom. The idea of them using them together was so hot and sexy she had no problem wanting to try it.

    "I guess I don't mind. What could they do to me that Mr. Reynolds and Miss Mayberry hadn't done already." Said Abi.

    "Does it bother you that we'll be in the same room having sex? Watching each other. That's what they want." Asked Beth knowing that after tonight they would have a new feeling towards each other after performing sex in front of each other.

    "I don't know, mom. You're so beautiful. How can it be bad seeing you do things that make me so hot. Will it make you feel funny seeing me have sex?" Asked Abi.

    "No, baby. In fact I'm looking forward to it." She said softly.


    Beth sat alone in her house. Abi had gone over to Darlene's house as planned leaving her to contemplate what was happening to their lives. Darlene masterminded this entire event. Beth had been seduced by the woman and Reynolds did his part turning Abi into his little sex slave. Now they were both caught in a sexual web by the both of them. Beth watched the clock knowing that she would be walking over to Darlene's house to offer herself to complete strangers, men who intended to use her sexually.

    She wondered what they were making Abi do even as she thought these things. It seemed Abi enjoyed the adventure, the sex they offered her. Beth did too but had not expected Abi to be part of it. Darlene's fantasies which included Abi drew her deeper into the woman's dark desires. She knew what they wanted. Hoped would happen while having sex and doing things in the moment. Beth was afraid of what she might do knowing how hot and horny she got widening the possibilities of her imagination and doing anything Darlene asked of her.
    Abi excepted anything they did to her. To her it was all a new experience. Beth understood quite well. She had done the same thing at her age. But she did not think Abi truly understood what their filthy minds had in store for them both. Beth would have to be the anchor keeping the sex as normal as possible and making sure their taboo desires never happened. Beth felt her pulse race as the clock moved closer to nine PM. Soon she would be fucking and doing things that would make her cum so hard.

    Could she be in the same room with her daughter? Let her see what she did behind closed doors? Let Abi see these men use her like a whore? The thought of Abi watching her made her tingle all over excitedly. It was a strange feeling, one she had never contemplated and certainly one she would never have in her fantasies if it wasn't for Darlene. It was something out of a erotic dream. A desire used only for the enhancement of her pleasure but one never actually performed. Still it made her pussy very wet and she felt ashamed of herself for even thinking it.

    No matter what will happen this night she had to be strong and determined to not fall into the temptation they had planned for them. It was time to go. She stood breathing fast and excitedly. Her body was so hot and horny already. She went next door seeing Darlene waiting for her in the doorway.

    "There's my girl. Right on time." Said Darlene taking her hand and leading her inside stopping in the foyer. Beth could hear the moans and laughter of the men, hear Abi crying out in pleasure. Her body shook with desire at hearing it.

    "Abi....." Said Beth and Darlene put her finger to Beth's lips stopping her.

    "Your baby girl is fine and really enjoying herself, darling." Said Darlene who had pushed Beth against the wall feeling her body everywhere making her moan. "Lets get you ready for your fun, shall we?"

    Beth felt Darlene's hand slide up her dress to her pussy running her finger over her clit.

    "God, you're soaked, baby. Guess you really want to be part of this don't you. Maybe we will see your fantasies come true." Said Darlene kissing her hard her tongue twisting with Beth's. Beth felt fingers sliding inside her making her cum immediately. Her clit was so swollen that the mere touch drove her wild.

    "Ohhh, Darlene..." Said Beth in a sexy whisper. Soon their clothes were pilled on the floor and Darlene was between Beth's legs licking her pussy. Beth could barely stand feeling her world spinning with nothing but pleasure. Darlene's tongue licked her clit and nibbled it driving Beth crazy then slid down pushing it into her ass making Beth grind down on the woman's face. Darlene stood pressing against Beth kissing her.

    "I think your ready, darling. Come on lets drive the men crazy and especially Abi." Said Darlene taking Beth by the hand. The sounds of sex were undeniable and the smell of it. Liquor bottles were lined along the floor leading into Darlene's bedroom. That's when Beth saw her daughter. Darlene moved behind Beth her body pressed against her back her hands reaching around cupping her breasts.

    Beth swallowed hard seeing her baby girl being used by three men. She recognized Reynolds but the other two were complete strangers. They were older like Reynolds and were quite naked. They had Abi on all fours with one beneath her feeding her pussy with cock and the other fucking her ass while Reynolds pushed his cock into her daughters mouth.

    "Mmmmm, there's a beautiful sight to behold." Said Darlene pulling Beth's nipples while kissing her neck. "Look how much cock your daughter can handle in that tight little body. She loves it, mommy."

    Beth watched her daughter perform. Her body was being used by these men. Their huge cocks were driving her insane sexually. Abi was sucking Reynolds cock deep inside her mouth while pushing back against the men who were giving her the ultimate pleasure. Abi hadn't seen Beth yet so involved she was making these men happy.

    "She'll want to see you do the same thing. I want you to show your daughter how hot you are, Beth." Said Darlene making Beth moan in pleasure as she twisted her nipples. Beth was moving back against Darlene her ass bumping the woman's pussy. "The men want to fuck you so bad, Baby."

    Abi cried out as the man ass fucking her began to cum. The one beneath was fucking her hard and fast while Reynolds fed her his cock.

    "Fuck that's so damn good." Cried out the man cumming in Abi's ass. He did not pull out but kept fucking her making his cum drip from her asshole. Reynolds was watching Beth seeing Darlene get her in the spirit of things. The woman was positively merciless when it came to seducing someone. She was like a pit bull never letting go until she got what she wanted. His cock grew larger in Abi's mouth at the sight of Beth. He had always wanted her. Now he was going to have her. He pulled out of Abi's wet mouth. Her turned the girls face toward her mothers.

    "Look who's enjoying watching you, baby girl. Look how wet her pussy is. I think mommy likes you like this." Said Reynolds sliding his thumb inside Abi's mouth feeling her tongue twirling around it as she sucked it. Abi watched her mom saw the lust on her face and Darlene pulling her beautiful nipples.

    Abi cried out slamming her ass back getting as much cock inside her as she could as she came, squirting hard.

    "That's it, Abi, I knew you'd get into it. Such a sweet sexy thing like you. Fuck her hard boys while I get the mom ready." He said to the two men.

    Abi watched as her mom was placed on the bed near her. Beth's legs were spread wide and Reynolds moved in.

    "I've been waiting so long to get your pussy, Beth." He said as he drove his cock deep inside her making her cry out in pain then pleasure as he began to fuck her hard.

    "Bring those legs back, baby I want every inch inside that incredible cunt." Said Reynolds seeing Darlene putting her strap on together with the huge black dildo. He smiled knowing what they were going to do with her.

    Beth came hard as he fucked her so deep and hard making her squirt everywhere. He pushed her legs even further back driving his cock down and in. Cum was dripping from Beth's pussy down to her asshole.

    "Fuck me." Cried Beth as he pumped her faster making her legs shake as she came over and over. Abi watched seeing her mother so hot and beautiful as Reynolds fucked her. She closed her eyes imagining what it would be like...and stopped, cursing herself for even thinking of doing such a thing. But the cocks inside her were driving her mad with lust and every scenario was running through her mind.

    Beth looked up at her daughter seeing her watching. Her mother was being fucked right in front of her. Reynolds cock was covered in her pussy juice and Abi could see everything. Beth closed her eyes concentrating on Reynolds incredible cock and trying not to think of Abi. But the more she hungered for cock the more those filthy images of her daughter and her filled her mind. She fought against it wanting only the immediate pleasures happening to her but they remained.

    Darlene got on the bed and lay down the huge black dildo standing straight up.

    "Come to me, Bath." Said Darlene holding her arms out to her. Beth felt Reynolds cock slip from her and she went to Darlene. "Push it inside you, darling."

    Beth straddled her and moved down on the cock feeling it stretching her nicely. Reynolds moved behind her and placed the tip of his cock against her wet asshole.

    Reynolds pushed into her ass making her gasp in pain and then pleasure as he slid all the way inside her. Both Darlene and Reynolds began to fuck her slowly moving like synchronized machines. Beth loved the feelings she was getting. They were filling her to the brim and she was taking it. Faster they fucked making her orgasm squirting around the huge dildo.

    "Look, Abi how much your mom can take inside her." Said Reynolds fucking her beautiful ass as she pushed back wanting more. Abi did feeling her pulse quicken at the sight. There was her mom being fucked in both her holes like she was only moments before.

    "Fuck me." Cried out Beth as they moved faster and pushed deeper to satisfy her.  Beth couldn't help what she was feeling. Even with her daughter present it had taken her over. She knew what they wanted from them and as hard as it was to fight against it she felt she was losing. Just seeing Abi watching her heightened her sexual pleasure. It was so taboo and kinky that all she could do was to right it like a wave.

    Abi felt the men's cocks expanding and ready to cum inside her. She moved back against them both until they both cried out shooting their load inside her.

    The night went on with the men and Darlene using both Beth and Abi anyway they wanted. Reynolds knew that it was time. He pulled out of Abi's pussy and made her kneel on the bed facing her mom who was being positioned in the same way by Darlene. The men leaned against the wall jerking off as they smiled at Reynolds.

    Darlene was behind Beth sliding her fingers deep inside her pussy from behind making Beth moan.

    "Beth, darling, look at Abi. Look how incredibly beautiful she is, so sexy and so ready." Said Darlene pumping her finger deeper. Beth did. Her heart was thumping so hard in her chest. She knew that they had won. She was going to fight against the urge to do as they wanted but it was impossible. Her body was in heat and all she wanted was pleasure. All the dirty images were coming back seeing her daughter in front of her. Her mind was filled with them. She closed her eyes loving what Darlene was doing to her as she pushed four fingers deep inside her sopping pussy.

    Reynolds was doing the same to Abi. His fingers were sliding inside her ass making her rotate her ass back against his fingers.

    "Look how sensual your mom is Abi. This is what she was made for. Every time she looks at you she cums like crazy, baby girl. What do you think about that?" Asked Reynolds sliding his fingers in and out faster.

    Abi was going to cum and looked at her mom as she did so. She squirted all over the bed making it even more slippery for Reynold to fuck her ass.

    "I think that's the answer isn't it, Abi. Tell me, baby girl, does your mom make you horny for her?" Asked Reynolds.

    Abi moaned as he slid another finger inside her ass. "Yes....I like seeing her." She said in a whisper making him smile.

    Beth raised her ass higher letting Darlene have her, wanting more. But Darlene wanted something in return.

    "I want to hear you tell me you want her, darling. I know she makes you cum just looking at her." Said Darlene pulling her fingers from Beth's pussy making her groan in displeasure. She knew if she said the words her world would change, her relationship with her daughter different.

    "Please..." Begged Beth pushing back wanting those magical fingers inside her. Darlene kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

    "Tell me."

    Beth closed her eyes feeling defeated, taken over by their lust for her and Abi.

    "I...want her." She said softly. Darlene pushed her fingers back inside Beth's wet pussy causing her to squirt hard. Reynolds winked at Darlene who nodded back and both got off the bed leaving Beth and Abi facing each other. Reynolds nodded to the other men who smiled back knowingly.

    "Get the camera, Darlene. I want pictures of this." Darlene left the room quickly not wanting to miss anything. As soon as she closed the door she heard the men groan in pleasure. Darlene knew what had happened and she rushed to get the camera. She smiled wickedly happy with her results.

                                                                                                                                      THE END








    (Author will add more on. Keep watching for more)
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Geez! Another exciting Foxi story. So looking forward to the rest of this one.

Will our intrepid reporter end up getting a "taste" after the interview? ;D

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