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Our Game Discovered (Exh)

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on: January 05, 2023, 04:37:50 AM
Jacksonville KOA

We took our bikes into town and rode around visiting many shops before riding the East Coast Greenway. We returned to the RV before sunset and made steak on the grill. Afterward, we went for a walk around the campground to walk-off our meal. Along the way we stopped and talked to a few different people. One person that we met was Brad, who had rented one of the tiny cottages the KOA had to offer while he looked at houses in the area. His cottage was directly across from our campsite. When Brad heard me speak, he turned and looked at me for a moment before Dan explained my speech impairment. Dan told Brad he had invited a few other couples to enjoy a fire later and asked if he’d like to join us. He said that he would like that. Only one other couple and Brad showed up. We all sat around the fire chit-chatting and having some laughs for a couple of hours before everyone dispersed about 10 o'clock, heading back to their campsites.

Dan and I spent the next day at the beach and had dinner at a nice restaurant in town, arriving back at the RV about 5 pm. As we exited the car, Brad happened to be walking by and asked how our day was. Dan answered that it was nice and when Brad looked at me, I just smiled and nodded. I didn’t miss that he had stolen a glance toward my unbuttoned long sleeve sun shirt that was slightly opened, revealing my bathing suit top.

Turning his attention to Dan he asked if there would be another gathering at the campfire. Dan told him we had no other plans other than resting a bit and going for a walk, and that a fire sounded great.

We went inside to change. Once inside, I told Dan about Brad checking me out for longer than necessary. Dan made a comment about maybe giving him a better peek later on. He gave a little laugh as he said this, while all I could think about was the Arkansas Flash. We changed and went for a walk around the campground. When we got back to the camper, I noticed the drape in the bedroom was pulled back from the window. A shiver ran through me thinking about doing it.

An hour after dark, Dan built a fire while I poured us drinks. Brad joined us along with one of the couples from the day before, Pam and JIm. Also, a 30 something guy, Ryan, from the campsite next to ours came walking over with a camping chair and a drink. We sat up talking, with Dan translating for me when needed. I started with bourbon as I normally do, but having recovered from a sinus infection a week prior, I just wasn’t feeling it. I switched to gin and tonic after a while. Then Pam and Jim pulled out Fireball along with little red solo cups but the size of shot glasses. It was about 10 o’clock when Pam and Jim said goodnight, walking back to their camper along with an empty fifth of Fireball.

On rare occasions, when Dan and I get drinking, I will say inappropriate things to him in the presence of others. Most times I do it to see how he will recover from what I say. Other times, just because I’m in a playful mood. This night, I decided to do it for both reasons.

“I think I’m going to shower and put on some lingerie to get you in the mood later.”

The guys looked at Dan as he answered me. “Sure babe, if you’d like to go to the beach tomorrow, I’m game.”

”And maybe I’ll change it in front of the window, showing the goodies to these boys, like in Hot Springs. I noticed you pulled the drape open.”

“Julie was wondering if either of you might be able to recommend a beach.”

Brad spoke up. “Just a bit south is St. Augustine. There’s a good chance you’ll see sea turtles, dolphins, and a lot of endangered birds. It’s like a nature sanctuary and a beach all wrapped up in one.”

I smiled and nodded. Then turned to Dan and said, “Yes, I think as soon as one of them leaves, I’m going to put on a show for the other. Much more brazen than before. Is it okay with you if I strip for one of them?”

“Sounds good to me,” Dan said and looking at the guys said, “Looks like she wants to try St. Augustine.”

Over the next half hour, I made a few other comments. Nothing too bad. One of the raunchiest things I said was telling Dan I might get out my dildo and asked if he would like to watch me play with it later. Even suggesting I play with it in the bedroom with one of them watching.

The older guy, Brad, mentioned he was going to call it a night. He stood up and said goodnight to all of us, then walked across the street to his cabin.

Ryan said he was going to finish his beer and turn in also.

“Looks like no show tonight,” I said.

Dan answered, “Sure, head on in and get ready for bed, hon. I’ll just sit out here until the fire burns down a bit more. I’ll join you in a bit.”

“Okay, I guess it is showtime. And you’re sure you’re okay with this?”

“Sure, babe. I got Ryan to keep me company, at least until he finishes his beer.”

I stood up and said goodbye to Ryan. And walked into the motorhome. I was on shaky legs as I went up the stairs. I was definitely under the influence, having mixed gin with bourbon and too many Fireball shots.

I walked back into the camper and went pee. When I came out, I walked into the bedroom and turned on the main light along with the wall sconces, lighting the room as much as possible, and shut the door. I walked over to the radio and turned it on.

What I didn’t know is that Brad had returned to the campfire. So there were two men outside my bedroom window watching.

My nerves were on status level 10, but I was so excited. In my mind, I thought of how it would seem innocent enough to my watcher, and as though I was not doing it on purpose. My alcohol induced mind was going places but I told myself to keep it all in check.

I slipped my shorts down over my hips and lowered them down my legs, I stepped out of them, picked them up, then folded them. During camper life without a washer dryer, you tend to wear some things multiple days in a row. I reached for the hem of my shirt and lifted, first baring my stomach, then my bra. This shirt would also be worn again, having only had it on for a few hours. It did smell of smoke from the fire though.

I turned away from the window to the drawer where I keep my socks, bras, underwear, and very few pieces of lingerie. I pulled out a one piece lace babydoll teddy and laid it on the bed. I removed my bra and lowered my underwear. At no time did I face the window, they just had a nude profile of me. I stepped into the teddy and pulled it up my legs. Now at my hips, I feigned trouble getting the material situated properly, I was looking down at it as I straightened it. I know I was giving Ryan a nice side view of my breasts. I pulled the fabric up, slipping my arms into the spaghetti straps, then adjusted the front over my breasts. In the mirror on the opposite side of the bed, I examined how it looked on me. I turned first right, then left, my front side now facing toward the window. I made an adjustment at the hem of my right butt cheek, then looked at myself again.

I slipped the straps back off and took off the teddy. I turned toward the drawer and bent at the waist, giving a clear view of my bum. I pulled out a pair of sheer panties that has snaps at the crotch. They are Dan’s favorites. I put them on with my back to the window. I pulled out a short white lace nightgown that was very sheer. It has three buttons up the front. I put it on.  I love it, but I wanted to perform one more outfit change. I took off the nightgown but left the panties on.

I folded the nighty quickly and put it back in the drawer. Then I noticed something at the back of my drawer. It was my black dildo. My biggest dildo. Did I dare? My mind was saying no, but the alcohol buzz was saying yes. I reached into the drawer, wrapping my hands around it, then I came to my senses and released it. I reached in and pulled out my cupless shelf bra. Another favorite of Dan’s. I took my time putting it on. It supported me from under the breasts to just shy of my nipples. It lifts my boobs and leaves my areolas and nipples on display. A feast for their eyes.

I looked at myself in the mirror, first turning one way, then the other, which was toward the window.

I decided to go outside so I slipped on a t-shirt. I stepped into my shorts and put on a light jacket to hide that my nipples were trying to tear a hole through the t-shirt. I slipped on my boat shoes and walked outside.

Once again, I had left the light on in the bedroom. As I walked the 25 feet to the campfire, I noticed it was Brad sitting there. Ryan was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey babe,” Dan said.

“Oh my god. Dan, the curtains are open.”

“Um Jules,” Dan said hesitantly, “Brad can understand you. Maybe better than I can.”

“No he can’t.”

“Yes I can, Julie, and you mentioned earlier that you would put on a show once one of us left, I left. When I saw you go inside I came back.”

I was dumbfounded. NOBODY can understand me in the first encounter of meeting me. NOBODY. I just stared at him.

“Your show didn’t disappoint. I got a nice look at your boobies, but not down yonder.”

I know he couldn’t see my face blush in the fire light.

“He repeated everything you said earlier,” Dan began.

“But how,” I asked. “I don’t understand.”

“My mother had a stroke shortly after my sister was born, I was only 5. I don’t even remember her speaking normally. She speaks almost identical to you. Subtle difference, but not so much I couldn’t immediately pick up on them.”

“Why didn’t you say something,” I asked.

“I speak 4 languages. German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Plus I know sign language. I never let people know I can understand them. I find out a lot of interesting things. Like with you and Dan tonight. I really took enjoyment in the game you two were playing. It probably wouldn’t have happened if you knew I could understand you.”

I felt a little betrayed. Like we had been spied on.

“So you’re an exhibitionist. I would like to thank you for the show. Too bad the dildo didn’t come into play like you mentioned.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had someone here that I could communicate with but I didn’t have the slightest idea of what to say to him. Dan and I were caught, and it was all my fault for talking like I was.

“I really would have liked to have gotten a peek at your pussy,” he said.

And at that, I knew I had nothing to say to the man. I said to Dan, “I’m going to bed.” I turned and walked into the camper. Inside I closed the drape over the window and turned off the light.

I laid there for a few minutes, fuming at first. Then I wondered why. The pussy comment had nothing to do with it. We had been caught playing, it was embarrassing.

Dan came in a few minutes later.

“When did he tell you he could understand me,” I asked.

“Right after you got dressed, just before you came out.”

“Nobody can understand me. Nobody.”

“I know, I was blown away.”

We laid talking for a bit. I found out Ryan had walked away as soon as I had taken off my bra and panties, so he saw me also. Dan fell asleep pretty quickly, I laid awake for most of the night.

The next day we went down to St. Augustine. It was a little windy and cold, so we just walked along the beach and then walked around town. We didn’t see any sea life unfortunately. When we got back to the RV, we discovered Ryan had left the campground, as he had told us he would. Brad’s car was still there. A little while later, I heard him outside talking to someone else.

Dan and I went for a walk, as we made our way back to our site, Brad appeared from his cabin.

“Good evening folks,” he said with a smile.

“Hi,” we both responded. Then out of my mouth came, “We’re having a fire later if you’d like to join us.”

He seemed surprised by this, but answered, “That sounds very nice, thank you. I’ll be there.”

About 10:30 with Dan and Brad both sitting by the fire, I went inside the camper and took a quick shower.  Walking into the bedroom acting like I didn’t know they were watching, I gave a full frontal view of my body toward the window as I toweled off, then applied lotion. With a surge of adrenaline coursing through my body I turned and reached in the drawer. I pulled out my dildo and sat on the corner of the bed closest to the window, with my legs open a little, giving Brad a look at my lower region.. I looked at the dildo, unsure of what to do. I ran a hand up it and then leaned forward giving it a kiss on the head, then slid the head down over my breasts, across my stomach, and down between my legs, just barely brushing its length along my lips.

I looked up at the window suddenly, staring out for a moment, acting as though I had just noticed the drape pulled to the side.. I quickly reached forward and pulled the drape closed. I laid back on the bed and let the dildo take me to happy land knowing that just 10 feet away, separated by a thin piece of fabric and glass, my husband and another man knew what I was doing inside the camper.

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Woo  ;D

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Reply #2 on: January 05, 2023, 05:52:44 AM

Not used to somebody cheating at "Jules and Dan" game nights.

How cautious are you going to be from now on? Might have to start saying things and watching for reactions.

Definitely a Woo

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Owe you another woo. You guys are fun

one of the originals

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We need Dan and Jules to go on a camping world tour  :emot_kiss:

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Woo #1450

Love you.


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WOO #1451 As soon as you revealed you were being understood I started laughing. Your sexy flashing story became a comedy.

To have you repeat the flash the next night made the story sexy again. Glad you made it to your happy place too. You're one hot lady. :emot_kiss:

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Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
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Telling someone last night about your campground fun and come back on to find this. Fun nights. Thank you again. Are you back to Florida yet. Chris has my number.

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Great story I wonder what would have happened if wile you were sitting there by the camp fire if you had showed Brad you pussy it sure would have been interesting

Pussy oh how sweet it is