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For a moment I thought I made a huge mistake, but then realized it was anything

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 As we said goodbye to our neighbors after a fun evening of dinner, drinks and good conversation, I couldn't take my eyes off of my wife's tight little ass she sauntered across the lawn and down the driveway towards the back gate. She was pretty drunk and that meant she was feeling sexy and lacking inhibitions and most importantly, she was going to be my obedient, dirty, little, slut. Once we were behind the gate she began removing her clothes, dropping each item as she went.
  She pushed open the sliding glass door to our bedroom and climbed onto our bed with her head and shoulders down and her round ass perched up in the air. I slapped her ass nice and hard as I went by and told her not to move. I put on some random porn and took out a few of her toys and a bottle of lube. Stepping up in size I used each of the dildos on her as she watched the people fucking in the video. At one point I her a moan that told me she enjoyed something in the video and when I looked it was a guy about to share his wife with a stranger.
  We had swapped with other couples several times, but had never really discussed the cuckold thing. Seeing her reaction to the video and knowing she would be more likely to share her desires when drunk I asked her if she liked that and is it something she would want to do. She didn't answer right away but I could feel her pushing back onto her big dildo harder and I knew the answer. So I asked again "do you want me to watch you fuck a stranger?" Again no answer but a soft moan. The I said "you want a strangers big cock inside you don't you?" And that time she said "yes". I said that I didn't hear her and asked her the same question several more times getting a slightly more assertive "yes" each time until finally she answered "Yes I want you to watch me fuck a strangers big cock and I want him to make me his little slut!"
   After hearing her say she wanted a stranger I began fucking her and continued talking dirty. I told her if she really wanted that I would be happy to make it happen. We eventually both came and after cleaning up went to bed. The next day I asked her if she meant what she said during sex because I meant what I said. She sort of brushed off the question but didn't say no. The next couple of times we had sex I asked her again if she wanted a stranger and she said yes even when I told her I was serious and was going to make it happen.
  I was so turned on by the idea of watching her fuck a stranger that I started looking for the right guy. My plan was to wait a couple months to hopefully make it a surprise and that's what I did. It didn't take me long to find a hung guy willing to help me make her fantasy a reality. I had everything planned and made a reservation for a room at a nice hotel in the area. I told my wife I was going to have our house sprayed for termites and that we had to be out of the house for 24 hours and we may as well go out and have a nice time.
  After dinner we went to the hotel and had some drinks. I told her I had bought a few things for her and handed her a little bag and told her to go put it on. She put on the little lace teddy and looked amazing. Then I told her to close her eyes and when she did I put a blindfold on her which she seemed to like. I led her over to the bed and had her lay down as I took out the restraints I bought for the occasion. After I finished making sure she securely tied to each corner of the bed I just sat in the chair and looked at her. Then I took out her wand and turned it to the low setting and left it laying against her pussy. I took my clothes off and put my cock in her mouth which she happily began to suck.
  After teasing her pussy for a while I sat down again and just looked at her. She began to ask "aren't you going to fuck me?" Eventually told her to stop asking questions and to take what she gets and be grateful for it. I made her suck my cock again and used the wand to rub her pussy. Once she was really getting into it I pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned the wand off. She was laying there grinding the air waiting for me to do something for her hungry pussy. That's when I decided it was time to let him in.
  I opened the door to the adjoining room and he was ready with his massive cock already semi hard and a smile on his face. I reminded him to be quiet with a finger to my lips and he nodded in agreement. I put some porn on to make a little noise in the room so it was less likely she would hear anything that might give the surprise away. I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed as he leaned over and began kissing her thighs working his way up to her pussy. As he pulled back he looked at me as if to say she tastes so good and the I watched him get between her legs with his huge cock hanging down the head lightly grazing her pussy. She was moving her hips wanting what she thought was my cock and he grabbed his dick and ran the head up and down her lips until finally he entered her.
  When he entered her she started flailing saying "wtf get off of me get off of me!" I jumped up and almost panicked thinking I had just made a huge mistake, but quickly took control of the situation and started whispering I'm her ear to relax and just trust me. I told her I would never put her in any danger. She began to calm down and I motioned for him to proceed. She whimpered a bit as he entered her again, but I could tell they weren't in protest. He was fucking her good and she was taking most of his big cock and loving it. While he fucked her she sucked me off and swallowed my cum until she began to shake and tremble as she had a powerful orgasm. Once she came he jerked off onto her tits and went back to the other room never to be seen by her.
  We had sex a couple more times after he left and although for a minute I thought I had screwed up really bad, it turned out to be one of the hottest experiences we have had